Why You Should Broaden Your Romantic Options

A German political party has recently found itself in the media spotlight as a result of a pornographic affiliation. The source of that affiliation is Ina Groll (aka “Kitty Blair”), a pornstar featured in many of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany’s promotional campaigns. Groll has been relieved of her duties by the NDP, though not merely because of her pornographic career (which everyone had been aware of). Rather, it was the revelation of Groll’s participation in a specific scene that ended her budding career as a political campaigner. In that scene (contained in “Kitty Delivers Sperm”, one of her recent movies), Groll had sex with a black male actor.


Ina Groll, who goes under the porn name ‘Kitty Blair’, had been widely featured in a high-profile campaign by the National Democratic Party of Germany (NDP).

She encouraged men to join the party by standing outside election polls dressed in revealing outfits. As the face of NPD, Ms Groll attended promotional events and starred on posters, while making friends with many senior neo-Nazis across Germany. But the blonde model has now been fired after senior NDP officals watched her latest porn film – and discovered she had slept with a black man.

Party officials were apparently willing to turn a blind eye to Ms Groll’s career choice, which saw her star naked in a number of adult films.

But they could not ignore her sexual encounter with the black male in her latest movie, titled Kitty Discovers Sperm.
And once Ms Groll’s actions were made public, a Facebook page was even formed to remove her from the party.

One member of the party wrote: ‘Those who sell their body for money and disgrace their race have no place in our party.’
Following lengthy discussions and a party meeting, NDP officials decided to sever all ties with the porn star.

This kind of thing perplexes me. Groll was a hardcore pornstar known for pushing some boundaries on camera, but none of that was enough to get her into trouble. These men were willing to associate with this woman when she’d been known for participating in numerous gangbangs and engaging in regular ass-to-mouth and urination play on camera, but a single scene with a black male was too much to take? A woman who gets pissed on and willingly slobbers all over unclean penises that have recently been removed from her posterior is fit to serve as the face of your political party, but a woman who has plain old intercourse with a black male is a problem?


Such aversion to interracial unions is not rare, but is it rational or is it just another limiting belief? Red pill males have different views on how the mating game should be approached, but I honestly think that these variations have no impact on the final answer to that question.

Let’s say that you’ve recently taken the red pill and seen the world for what it is. You decide that, while the truths you’re coming to understand about the nature of the modern mating game are not easy to come to terms with, you are going to accept them and make the most of them. You intend to “enjoy the decline”, as they say. What does such a man have the gain from the availability of interracial pairings?


A whole lot. The modern mating game has been defined by the prevalence of women who are becoming increasingly free and open in the spread of their sexuality, a trend that is very good for young men looking to enjoy themselves and find sexual gratification. These women come in all colors – any given young man in this position can expect to often run into young, attractive, sexually free women who are not of their given ethnicity. A man who is not open to interracial unions severely limits his romantic options and decreases his potential to receive the sexual gratification he might be seeking. Broader options lead to more opportunities for fulfillment.


Granted, not all red pill men are like this so let us consider another scenario. In this hypothetical, you have come to understand the truths about the nature of the modern mating game and you still don’t like them. Unlike our previous hypothetical male, however, you don’t merely decide to “enjoy the decline”. You want to resist it by embracing a more traditional approach to masculinity and romance. You want to find a good woman and raise a good, sizable family in accordance with this. What does this man have to gain from the availability of interracial pairings?


The answer is the same as before: a whole lot. Women who desire a more traditional approach to relationships and family formation exist all over the world and do still persist in great numbers, but they do not all share the same ethnicity or race. A man looking for such a woman only increases his chances of success by remaining open to interracial unions. This reality is especially pertinent for men of certain backgrounds: if you’re a western male of, say, European heritage, you stand to gain more than many men of other backgrounds in other parts of the world by broadening your horizons in your search for a more traditional partner. You come from a part of the world and belong to a demographic in which traditionalism (along with the women who prefer to abide by it) is arguably less common than anywhere else: looking outside of the box ought to be your imperative if you want to make that traditional approach a focus in your romantic life.


At the end of the day, men truly concerned with self-improvement have little to gain by opposing interracial unions. We live in a world that is more connected and accessible than ever before, and that means that our planet’s many diverse populations are more interconnected as well. Our predecessors seeking romantic gratification had to hope that they’d find a suitable mate in their town or region. Now, men can transcend those boundaries in search of what they really want.

Why erect another boundary in the form of race? Many dialogues in the manosphere attempt to do just, and I believe this to be a mistake. Any man (regardless of his background) truly concerned with romantic self-improvement should have no time for such limiting beliefs. I see men wasting tremendous amounts of energy getting upset at the prospect of interracial unions, but where does that get you? Why not spend that time and energy transcending cultural, racial and geographical boundaries and gaining access to a world full of attractive women who are interested in you? Why not spend that time and energy broadening your horizons and increasing your chances of finding what you want romantically? Why waste time getting upset when you can be getting yours and making your own romantic self-improvement a reality?


There are entire continents filled with women who may not share your ethnicity, but may potentially be more capable than others of providing the kind of relationship that would make you happy. Go find them. The world is your oyster, and you should treat it as such. Broaden your options, find what you want, and make it yours. Don’t let inconsequential distinctions get in the way of your improvement.

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  1. Our resident cultural marxist poster (Athlone McGinnis) urges men of European decent to bed down with anyone other than women of European decent. Big surprise; lol.

    1. He’s right. White women have become the worst fucking bitches on the planet. So what is a white guy to do? White supremacist men are the biggest manginas of all. Why shouldn’t we white men go for sexy brown and black women?
      Personally, black women turn me on the most. I’d like to see an article talking about what kind of game a white guy needs to get a black girl. I don’t think anyone has ever done an article like that on RoK before.

      1. Nah, the black chick are by far the worst. At least where I live anyway. The white bitches get worse all the time though. I prefer Asians the most.

        1. Black women may be quite arrogant and haughty, but I think some of them are open to interracial relations with white men. It just takes the right approach. And that is what I am asking. What kind of game or approach do white guys need when they approach black women?

        2. Asian women definitely make the best wives. But in terms of raw sexual power, nothing beats black women. Nothing is more animalistic and sexual than a black woman.

        3. The sisters these days are VERY open to dating and mating with alpha white males…….TRUST ME on this one.

        4. In my experience, you need to act ridiculously alpha with black chicks (even the light-skinned ones which I prefer) — the shit testing is unreal and they almost seem to crave the threat of violence …

        5. Please, do elaborate more. So act ridiculously alpha. Then bring her back to your room. And then what? Get very rough with her, even somewhat violent? Please elaborate a bit more by what you mean “threat of violence”?

        6. They act tough but they are soft as new born kittens on the inside. Don’t believe the “strong black woman” you see on TV.

        7. There are some cases like that. They have a hard shell; but, once you get inside, they are marshmallows. However, don’t be fooled……..there are some straight-up, hardcore, gangsta-ass bitches too……and yes, they will straight up cut you if you step too far the wrong way.

        8. The username, picture, and this post all combine to make one of the greatest things I’ve seen on ROK.

        9. This Lauren London interview pretty much sums up every yellowbone I have hooked up with:
          “Menace II Society is my shit! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience-store worker. He had me from that gunshot [laughs]. He was ’hood, and I loved that.”

        10. Do you have Asperger’s or something? I’m just talking about always maintaining the mental frame of a stone cold killer, you don’t have to actually do anything … the most important thing is that you can NEVER break this frame …

        11. He’s saying he doesn’t like black chicks, I don’t think he cares if they’re open to interracial relations or not 😉

        12. As a white guy with a black chick fetish (even married one), don’t mess with the American ones, ignore them. Go to Kenya, Ghana, or Haiti. You can either go there and let them approach you or you can meet them through Afrointroductions. You still need to know game though or they will take advantage of you. Just remember that you are the scarce commodity in their country, not them.

        13. nasty nappy headed hoes is what non-mixed black women are in general.if you like nappy hair go ahead and get with a pure black chick.if you like broad shoulders,go ahead.

        14. if youre gay.
          asian women=neotony.femininity.delicate.petite.small.silky hair,full lips.
          dimorphism.black women tend to have coarse hair and broad shoulders,manly shapes.

        15. There was an article a couple months back on it here.
          Ive found even quite attractive black women to be quite approachable.
          One even told me she likes “vanilla men” lol.
          I think if black women stepped up their game a little — ease up and moderate on the whole ghetto loudness and rap / thug lifestyle – and the strong, independent woman thang a little – they could start meeting a lot of pretty cool white men.

        16. I have been with black women of varying backgrounds from wealthy to ghetto and have never met such a woman. Not saying you are wrong but I would say meeting such a woman is so unlikely that it is not really a concern.

      2. It’s been done. By the same author I believe. You’ll probably find it if you do a search.

      3. Black woman here. Black women are told not to approach or initiate contact with men. Within our culture, we are used to men being forward and upfront with.
        Many Black women usually date within their race. But there are some, mostly 18-30 age group, who date other races of men. I’m 23 and mostly date White or Latino men and most of my Black female friends date or marry outside of their race.

      4. It depends more on the country than on their skin color, foreign women adapt exceptionally fast and soon behave just like white girls. Go for brown or black women if you want, everybody is free to pick the kind of women he’s the most attracted to.
        As for the article, write it, everybody can submit an article.

      5. I remember there was one posted, I think, don’t remember the name exactly. Some months ago.

      6. its basically white men haording all the self ahting hypergamous ethnic sluts,using their race privelage and colonial status,thus haording all the desirable women of a aprticular race while their own men get nothing or very little.thats what IR is,a way for white men to hoard coloured women,and also keep white women away from brown men by shaming them.you white men are sneaky,but smart bastards I’ll have to give that to you.

        1. Well, no one is twisting brown people’s arms and telling them to flood white societies. Of course white men don’t like you dating their women just like other men wouldn’t appreciate me dating their women. At the same time, white women tend to not be as willing to date interracially as other women (at least according to data acquired dating sites like POF). Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me.
          But I think we can perhaps both agree that maybe separating the races would be good thing?

        2. “At the same time, white women tend to not be as willing to date interracially as other women”
          Depends on where you live I guess. Most “liberal” areas you’ll see white women dating IR. It’s by no means common, but not really uncommon if you get my meaning.

        3. No, it’s not. But its is uncommon relative to the propensity of other women to date outside of their race. And these non-white women, I must say, usually date white men, much to my chagrin. This assertion is supported by a POF (or maybe it was Match.com?) study I read and it syncs up with my own observation here in “backwoods” Houston, Texas.
          I’ve joined dating sites and have easily been solicited more by non-white women. However, that again lines up with the data. The data also says that as a white man I’m more likely to get a response from a white woman. No one is claiming that non-white men can’t easily get white women.

        4. I’m a goodlooking boricua like all of my people.I have fucked alot of white women,many of them hot and I’m not making this up.white girls throw themselves at me,and my own kind are a little harder.but ultimately I prefer my own.
          I like women that have similar eye colour,hair colour,and skin as me aswell as features.Thus Castizo types and some eurasian bitches.I look white with dark hair basically.I got
          Almond Shaped eyes,but nothing that makes people think I’m eurasian or mexican or something.most normal people prefer women that look like them,speak like them,and follow the same religion as them.
          I got nothing agaisnt white people.most of my friends are white as is my babyMomma.I am all for mixing in small amounts but still preserving the races at large.I’m a fan of biodiversity,but still believe you can create nice new strains by mixing two strains.Eurasians,mulattos,boricuas..gorgeous.
          would you turn down Willow Smith?
          I am merely saying the game is rigged.IR would be all cool if everyone had an equal playing field.its notsour grapes because I look white and can use white privelage to get self hating ethnic women.
          but it isn’t.an average looking white guy can slay asian women,dark skinned black women and some pred amerindian mestiza women,but an ethnic man ahs to be above average in looks,status or finances to get a mediocre white girl.thats all I’m saying.white men can date out easily,while white women are very endogamous in aplces where whites are a minority.
          now if an average looking brown man were to go to a all white town in Iowa..he would slay.

        5. POF,and OKcupid etc are for 30 yr old hags that are educated and whitewashed.it isnt an accuratte potrayal of what the desirable women of those races want.most latina young women find white men lame,feminine etc
          mulatta bitches almost always date dark skinned black men or latinos at most.only Paisa church going latinas marry white men.it isn’t the hot young bitches.thats rare as fuck.their with a Cholo Gangbanger or a black dude.
          yall do got asian and Desi bitches ,I’ll give you that.

      1. Yes, most of his posts do seem tiresomely predictable with respect to folks of European decent.
        Having said that, every now and then he will write a post “off topic” that is worthwhile.
        I suspect that most of his limitations as a writer are a product of the political limitations of his education. Only time will tell us whether he will be able to break free of those limitations. The jury is still out.

    2. Did you even read the article? The writer never said to “bed down with anyone other than women of European decent”. What is is saying is; don’t limit yourself to women of you own ethnic background, quote: “A man who is not open to interracial unions severely limits his romantic options and decreases his potential to receive the sexual gratification he might be seeking.”

      1. Ah, so he was proposing threesomes then? I totally missed that angle of his argument. Mea culpa.
        Hmmm, I may need to rethink my opinion of the article then.

  2. As a white guy, once you’ve hooked up with other ethnic women, it’s tough to go back to the wonder bread girls. I mean how many people REALLY love vanilla ice cream?? Some of the best sex I’ve had was always with hispanic and asian women.

    1. Yes, white women disgust me. Now that I’ve tried Asian women, and specifically darker skinned asian women from southeast asia and India, I can never go back to white women. I fucking hate white women.

      1. And they age terribly-I’ve seen white girls in their 20’s where I live that look closer to 40. You start seeing all those deep lines on their faces. Even the ones that hold up better than most start going downhill fast after 35. Asian and latin girls age much slower-they can be in their 40’s and still look great.

        1. You’re seriously bringing ageing into it? Maybe you haven’t seen older latino/asian women. Boy are you in for a shock.

        2. meh still age better then indian girls. Lest latinas dont get that hairy,fat and darkened eyes. Least they keep some of that ass in the right way…hell even white girls have better curves then indian girls. Only problem with them is their skin doesnt hold up well thanx to their party lifestyle. Especially among brits whom get roscea.

      2. You hate white women? The only women that can actually give you children that will look like you, you hate. The women who resemble your mother and grandmother and other blood relations, you hate. All because you fetishize other races of women for your own (fleeting) debased amusement. I actually don’t blame non-white men for hating white men like yourself.

  3. The NPD is not just the “far right”, it’s the neo Nazi party in Germany… Of course they had to let that porn star go! Now if a German man was filmed with an Asian woman, for instance, I doubt anyone would have cared. Because ….. that’s “conquering” whereas the black man with the white woman was the Germans being “conquered”.
    Let’s not forget that the Germans word for “to get” is a verb form of the word “war”.

    1. You got it wrong – the german word “Krieg” (war) is derived from “kriegen” (to get, to acquire) because a war is the acquisition of resources by force.

    2. Kind of silly, she didn’t marry him, it was a nasty and degrading porno. But these White Socialists have their own version of female worship

      1. yes, white supremacists worship white women, even though white women are the most disgusting, vile, trashy whores on the planet. That is why I said that white supremacist men are the biggest manginas and betas.

  4. Great article. I am a white man who prefers black women, to be honest. White women disgust me. There’s nothing more sexy than a black woman with her sexy curves, her big ass, godDAMN I can rock out all night long with a sexy black woman and cum like 5 times. But with a white woman, even an “attractive” white woman, I can’t even get an erection.
    Thank you for writing this article. Could you also talk about what kind of game a white man needs to get a black woman? I’m assume a white guy would have to have ultra-swag style of game. Most white guys are too fucking beta for black women, and so I’d guess that if you want to get black girls, you got to really become hyper-masculine.

    1. You don’t need an “ultra-swag” style of game to get with the RIGHT KIND OF BLACK WOMEN. Just be an alpha dude who has his shit together. Trust me — that’s all it takes. If she requires you to “have swag” keep moving on past her.

      1. But what if it is the “ghetto trash” kind of black woman that turns me on? I know there are plenty of “nice” black girls who are responsible and work good jobs, etc. But I am looking for a raw sexual animal power, and it seems that ghetto black girls have that more than any other kind of woman.
        So, as a white guy, what kind of game do I need to pick up the ghetto thug types of black women?

        1. If that is what you crave…..then ALPHA, ALPHA, ALPHA. Have your shit wired tight and take and tolerate no shit….I repeat….TAKE AND TOLERATE NO SHIT from these women. But, be careful for what you wish…..you may get it.

        2. Sell drugs. Stay strapped and shoot fools when you have to.
          Real hood chicks want a real hood guy. Be ready to kill or be killed at the drop of a hat . If you’re not a killer who lives in a warzone they’ll smell the bitch in ya.

        3. Also enjoy your STD’s. Also enjoy dealing with her kids.
          You’re basically asking how to bone the chicks that gangsters bone. Worth it? Not to me.
          Give me a black girl who knows her dad and reads books. The instinct for good hard fucking can’t be too deep beneath the surface.

        4. For some, yes………that is true. But, for others, a strong, silent, alpha who has his shit wired tight and doesn’t take or tolerate shit from anyone will make their pussies sopping wet. Many of these women are tired of the worthless-ass thugs and are looking for something different…..something better. In other words, hypergamy at work.

      2. From what I’ve seen, only Black dudes, and maybe some Latino dudes need swag to get with Black women. All a White guy needs to do is learn to “sang” a single Isley Brothers song, and they’ll be in like Flynn. I’ve seen it happen.

    2. “Most white guys are too fucking beta for black women, and so I’d guess that if you want to get black girls, you got to really become hyper-masculine.”
      And patient. I don’t know how much you screen for looks, but the ratio of ugly black girls to ones worth dating is overwhelming. 150 to 1. At least. She’d probably end up being a light skin sister in the end, or half-black. But full on beautiful? I can count on one hand the number of beautiful 100% black girls I’ve met in my life.
      You’ve got your favorite flavor, which is subjective, so I can’t say you’re wrong. But summing up 90% of them: halitosis, fat, ghetto and vulgar, with a big appetite for drama. If dating that is alpha, then beta is looking pretty tempting.

      1. I have to agree. I live near Atlanta where there are lots of “sistas” and you’re right.
        Add in the number of women who flake as well (not 10s even, just average women) and it’s an uphill challenge to go that route.

      2. Your ratio seems accurate, most aren’t feminine at all, and the very few feminine ones I’ve seen were light skinned.

    3. “But with a white woman, even an “attractive” white woman, I can’t even get an erection.”
      Christ. You are a fucking walking embarrassment to your ancestors and a laughable limpdick to boot. You’re like those guys who claim that they’re attracted to fatties and only date women with “meat on their bones” because they lack the self-esteem and confidence to talk to an 8.5 who isn’t built like a fucking water buffalo.

    4. Dude, post high school, all you have to do as a white male to get a black chick, is to stay out of jail……
      And get a job. Where you’ll inevitably be higher up the hierarchy than 95% of the black women who work there, and in 90% of the cases, higher up than her daddy as well.
      Of course, high school is where it’s at for black girls, since they’re all baby mamas by the time they were supposed to graduate…
      I guess I’m exaggerating and stereotyping a tiny bit, but there’s definitely something to it. The idea that one needs to be some uber alpha Jay-Z gangsta to get with a black girl, is only true if one the girl in question is Beyonce.
      Due to the semi-official policy of keeping as many black males locked up and out of contention for as much of their virile youth as possible, and of using the remainder of them as cannonfodder for progressive feelgood experiments, the number of black girls who wash up in the arms of betas is large and growing. They may be as banged up as the target end of a gunnery range by the time they get there, but get there they do. In every city I’ve been to in the past decade or more; both in America and Europe.

  5. I don’t think guys on here have any problem getting with non-white chicks; white dudes have always gotten with chicks of other races.
    Being pissy about a woman straying from her race is the natural reaction for all men, it is like a public betrayal. Like it or not everyone is naturally a little “racist”.

  6. Go for what makes your dick hard.
    If you are afraid to follow your heart, then you are a pussy anyway.

    1. I think bitches are bitches whatever colour they are. There are good and bad in every race. I know some very good white ladies, and I know some absolute trash bags that are Asian and Russian. It just depends on how lucky or unlucky you are.

  7. What Athlone doesn’t understand is that certain groups have a lot to lose from interracial pairings (White men, Asian men) and certain groups have everything to gain (Black men, Hispanic men, Arab, Indian, etc.).
    Pretty much all the non-white men in the world have a white woman fetish (Whether this is a product of Western beauty standards or is a natural phenomenon is irrelevant. Even Roosh V himself has a white girl fetish that he can’t deny). The white blonde blue eyed chick is a quintessential hot chick staple in nearly every man’s “to-do list” so-to-speak. White men are mostly attracted to white women, so we have everything to lose by accepting interracial relationships and nothing of note to gain. Non-white and non-asian men however have everything to gain from this: white women.

      1. This article is evil. The writer is simply serving as a tool for the jews and their lackey, richard coudenhove kalergi, who promoted racemixing,to accomplish white genocide and enthrone a jewish master race

        1. You should go join Golden Dawn and Right Sector in the fight for Ukraine. They echo your sentiments and are trying to start and ethno-state in eastern Ukraine. They are looking for recruits, it’s your big chance!

    1. pussy is pussy, whether white, brown, black,yellow etc. Stop putting white women on a pedestal

      1. Where did I put white women on a pedestal? I’m just talking about the effects that an increase in IR dating would have on the SMP

        1. Right about here…

          …The white blonde blue eyed chick is THE quintessential hot chick staple in nearly every man’s “to-do list” so-to-speak

          …if memory serves

        2. Uh, that’s a fact. I didn’t make it that way. The skinny blonde blue eyed chick with big tits is the stereotype of the hot white girl (hence why most female pornstars are either blonde or dyed blonde) that the media puts forth and non-white men and white men alike eat it up. I’m blond myself so I actually prefer red heads and darker haired paled skinned chicks.

        3. That’s not putting it on a pedestal?
          It sounds like a simple preference to me. Order and rank, order and rank. Is your mind incapable of distinguishing between the concept of “order and rank” (hierarchical views with respect to races of women) with the notion of being a servile beta orbiter? I mean, honestly, here. That’s lackluster even in terms of normal internet sophistry.
          It’s like everyone who doesn’t have a PC notion about race who thinks that their women are better must be, going by your logic, busting out the pedestal.

        4. Sounds like an assertion without evidence. You assert that all men want to do a blonde-haired/blue-eyed chick, and your evidence is hollywood? Weak. Asserting that one kind of woman is higher on men’s lists than others is pedestalizing them.

        5. And how exactly are the appearance preferences of males objectively measured? What standard is used to determine that “nearly every man” wants to do a “blond blue-eyed” chick? If you’re just going to assert that, and provide nothing but anecdotes to back it up, you’re pedestalizing them.

        6. You don’t understand what pedestalizing is. That’s when you think one group of women is somehow morally exempt and above the behaviors common to all women such as hypergamy. Blonde white women have the same tendencies that all women do, and I never said anything to the contrary.

        7. I never said anything to the contrary.

          Then, with all other things being equal, if such women have, as you say, the same tendencies, why should men prefer them? The answer to that (I think we would both agree) is the Media/Hollywood’s portrayal of them.
          If you’re just going to parrot out the same preference that the media gives us, you’re doing the same thing that the media does, you’re pedestalizing a specific type of women.
          Better to not assert a preference if you’ve nothing to back it up, than to repeat nonsense that makes one group of women feel they have license to misbehave.

        8. There have been studies on it. Some of them were probably biased though. It’s one of the perks of power and control; you can say “We’re the best ever”, and it becomes true just because you said it.
          Personally, I’ll pass though. Team Yellow Fever.

        9. Try arguing my point instead of some straw man.
          I never claimed his opinion was objective. I just claimed that “order and rank” does not equal ‘pedestalizaton’ (in the loathsome betaish sense of the word).

        10. Anthropologists have come to the following conclusion about female attractiveness (finding the studies at this time of night would be cumbersome): white/caucasian females are preferred amongst all races, hair color does seem to play a role also (fair hair>dark hair) as has been established by neuroimaging (fMRI) and other research protocols.
          Caucasian blond chick is biologically hottest, hollywood just made this more prevalent. EvoPsycholoy has I am sure things to say about this.

        11. Uh, no.
          Simply because someone has an opinion about being the best and that opinion is subjective, that doesn’t render the opinion meaningless.

        12. I prefer those types of women because I think they are the most attractive. Me thinking they are the most attractive does not amount to me giving them “pussy passes” or anything of the sort.
          And you confuse cause and effect. WHY does Hollywood “portray” such women in such a way? You act like they just picked Nordic women at random to idealize when in fact they are idealized because they are so uniquely beautiful. Like it just as easily could have been Oprah that Hollywood could have ‘pedestalized’ if only it weren’t for “racism” and “Western beauty standards.”

        13. I think there is something to the Platonic idea of the ‘Golden Ratio’; I’ve heard that a younger Shania Twain is one of the closet to approximating this ideal of beauty. People can boohoo it and say it’s “social construct” all they want; but people who look more like Shania Twain will always be desired by more men (outliers, notwithstanding) than women who look like Roseanne or Sheila Jackson Lee.

        14. Well, I’d put it more like this:
          They seem to–for WHATEVER the reason– be more in demand than any other type GIVEN the law of averages. People like to say it’s because of white men imposing some beauty standard. There perhaps could be something to that as much of our sexuality is psychological. But I don’t think it’s plastic enough to simply make fat women who look like Australoids more attractive than Marilynn Monroe or Pamela Anderson (in her prime) or Naomi Watts. I just don’t think you can reduce all of Monroe’s desirability (on a global scale) to “society.” At some point, the “fascist” we know as nature comes into play.

        15. Exactly; Hollywood was exploiting something within nature. Not creating human nature.

        16. “Anthropologists have come to the following conclusion about female attractiveness (finding the studies at this time of night would be cumbersome): white/caucasian females are preferred amongst all races, hair color does seem to play a role also (fair hair>dark hair) as has been established by neuroimaging (fMRI) and other research protocols.”
          Come on. You guys can’t keep saying stuff without providing a citation.

        17. He’s not putting them on a pedestal. He’s stating they’re a limited resource he’s unwilling to share. The less pussy available to others (due to race or whatever) the more pussy available to him. Good old self interest is all.

        18. I have to agree. There’s something to be said about “exposure” as well.
          Early sexual experiences also play a role in shaping your preferences.

        19. White men are overwhelmingly the one’s who like them.
          White people are the dominant race, I think it’s just that simple. Some of the attraction is in the novelty and taboo of it all as well, for non-whites.

        20. We may say such with some validity can as long as Claudia Schiffer clones (and plenty of lesser white women, provided that they are not fat and even then…) have no trouble securing a date with any race they practically wish (particularly black men if they’re overweight) while there are countless single black women (who aren’t ghetto) who non-black men really do not want anything to do with (no offense). (I actually feel sorry for many of these women.)
          It’s not exactly reducible to some empirical thing the way a science experiment may be, but it can still be legitimately said, I think.

        21. The white woman is already facing a precipitous decline in the international sexual marketplace. I’d say 40 years ago, Scandinavia is was the ideal place for the female beauty prototype. Brazil has pretty much replaced them in every category. I guarantee you, no one goes to Brazil to look for the square jawed, boyish looking Gisele Bundchen types. Gisele Bundchen being a model superstar is less about beauty and more about homosexual fashion designers trying to perpetuate their version of female beauty (androgynous boy types) onto women and men. If you look at Matthew McCounaughey’s wife, that is the standard men will increasingly start to look for it, albeit a light lighter, more so the Adriana Lima types, whose a quarter black Caribbean. Give me an Adriana Lima any day over a pasty square jawed Gisele.

        22. So why is it that white men do well in Asia (where they are not the dominant race) while Asian men do rather poorly in Western societies? Sorry to break it to you, but sexual attraction (i.e. nature itself) is not reducible to Marxist ideology (the ‘haves’ oppressing the ‘have nots’).

        23. “Better to not assert a preference if you’ve nothing to back it up…”
          Exactly. A simple google search turned up several studies contradicting the ‘Nordic Theory’
          “Contradicting the old adage that gentlemen prefer blondes, almost a third of the men polled (33.1%) said they find women with brown hair most attractive. Blondes (29.5%) edged out women with black hair (28.6%) for second place while redheads were preferred by a meagre 8.8% of the men surveyed.”
          “A research study at Florida State University also reveals that men prefer brunettes over blondes by a rate of 46 to 19 percent.”
          The only places where I could find anything remotely scientific, regarding the desirability of blonde hair/blue eyes, were here:
          and in the spirit of full disclosure, here:
          The only other ‘research’ I found were message board conversations, similar to the one we’re having now.
          I have no illusion that everyone here is ‘Alpha’ though everyone here would swear, on his mother’s grave, he’s ‘Red Pill’ but veiling ‘pure aryan’ talking points and attempting to pass them off as ‘science’ is essentially admitting you’re Blue Pill. Men deal in absolutes with scant regard for conjecture like…

          …The white blonde blue eyed chick is THE quintessential hot chick staple in nearly every man’s “to-do list” so-to-speak

          Especially if there’s information available that contradicts your conjecture.
          That said, with regard to anyone else who actually buys Nordicism, take two of these and call me in the morning…

        24. I think that may be true to some degree. But, unlike disingenuous racial egalitarians, I’m not blaming such trends on Brazilian “oppression” or “beauty standards” or anything so childish and two-faced and self-deluding. I think the trend towards Brazilian women that you describe (assuming it is true) is likely an effect directly related to the first trend you described which is indeed “the precipitous decline” of white women (both physically and behaviorally).
          I suspect (although it’s not scientific, admittedly, but then none of this is) that white women were much more attractive (less obese, for one) fifty years ago and that Brazilian women were likely less attractive (and less mixed given the rising rates of miscegenation since the 1960s). I can remember a time when most white men wouldn’t even consider dating a “slanty-eyed” Asian woman; it was almost gross (I’m in my early 30s). Now, it’s practically an out ‘n’ out fetish and in many ways I think that fetish is a response to the pig-like state of white women compared to how their mothers and grandmothers were in their salad days.
          I’m not one to claim that racial dominance is permanent by any means. I’m a man among the ruins, after all.

        25. They are recognized globally as dominant. Popular media plays a role in this as well.
          It’s not about “oppression,” how did you get that out of my comment?
          I think you have too much of an ego investment in the topic. You won’t except anything outside of purely “we’re the best there ever was, that’s why.”
          I believe wanting to hear this is born out of insecurity.

        26. That is absolutely true. However, I just can’t imagine that someone would keep wanting to fuck people who are just like them. Biologically us hominids are not programmed to do that. Of course there are big losers in the international marketplace such as Asian men and Black women, but for the life of me if you’re a white man who could fuck Adriana Lima types, who in the world would choose some pasty fast aging Nordic type over her? I guarantee you, if most white men were given the option they’d take the former. Women are attracted to pheromones from men that are most different from theirs. The further away you are genetically from her, the more attractive your sweat will smell. This is a scientific fact. I for one am no fan of Culti-Marxism nor the liberals but these scientific facts can not be denied. Entire European diseases were named after royal inbreeding such as the “Hapsburg Jaw” that of course affected
          “Die Habsburger von Osterreich” and Hemophilia which affected Victoria’s Saxe-Coburg and Gotha line and infamously the Romanovs. Even Queen Victoria during her later years was fucking a dark skinned Indian man during the nadir of racial nationalism. I’d say fucking your own is a formation of state nationalism and less about biological improvement. Here’s a picture of the Hapsburg Jaw.

        27. They are not dominant in the media in South Korea. This is first hand experience. Yet, they do very well in such places.
          As far as my opinion and the motive behind it goes, I can’t disprove your accusation which renders it a childish one within the context of a civilized discussion.
          At any rate, back to logic, here…
          If you’d stop and think for a moment instead of lashing out at me for airing my honest observations, as a “racist,” I’d much prefer it, really, if people found my race to be repulsive, actually. Sadly for me, that’s not the way it seems to work. Furthermore, I think the “ego”-driven whites would be the ones gleefully going on about how well white men do at such and such place. As you can see, I’m not at all keen on the idea of interracial dating even though I’m not exactly an out ‘n’ out Stormfronter.

        28. Who were the demographic Hollywood was selling to?
          You know they also portray women as strong willed, rational, and completely bad ass motherfuckers that run circles around men any day of the week.
          I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t consider this “within nature.”
          Cherry pick much?

        29. So why are Bollywood types Aryan/Indo-European instead of Dravidian (the racial type that is far more numerous within that country)? Why do images of Scandinavian women outsell images of African models worldwide? I’m not trying to be mean, here, I just think the Marxist explanations (“beauty is all a ‘social construct’”) are completely dubious.

        30. “That is absolutely true. However, I just can’t imagine that someone would keep wanting to fuck people who are just like them.”
          You must not get East Asians, very well, then.
          “Biologically us hominids are not programmed to do that.”
          I’m detecting some is/ought, fallacy, here. Furthermore, if we were not “programmed” to do that to at least some degree, why is “racism” always a problem. Why do men get jealous at seeing their women go off with other men. (This is universal, I don’t care how much people want to pretend it’s just a white male thing; it’s not. As a white male with blond hair and light eyes that lived in East Asia, believe me, I saw plenty of East Asian men UNDERSTANDABLY sneer at me because of the attention I received at times.)
          “Of course there are big losers in the international marketplace such as Asian men and Black women, but for the life of me if you’re a white man who could fuck Adriana Lima types, who in the world would choose some pasty fast aging Nordic type over her?”
          I wouldn’t. But now you’re smart enough to know you’ve just given me a false dichotomy now, aren’t you?
          “I guarantee you, if most white men were given the option
          they’d take the former.”
          Well, certainly!
          “Women are attracted to pheromones from men that are most different from theirs.”
          Perhaps. The perpetuation of a culture (one that I love) is not, though. As much as I like to be desired by certain types of women, female animalistic lust and its consummation is way down my list of priorities, at least in the grand scheme of my philosophical worldview. I’m hardly that gyno-centric.
          “The further away you are genetically from her, the more attractive your sweat will smell. This is a scientific fact.”
          Except that “attractive” by definition is subjective.
          “I for one am no fan of Culti-Marxism nor the liberals but these scientific facts can not be denied.”
          Scientific ‘facts’ cannot be, I suppose. Your interpretation of the significance of scientific observation is easily in question, though.
          “Entire European diseases were named after royal inbreeding such as the “Hapsburg Jaw” that of course affected
          “Die Habsburger von Osterreich” and Hemophilia which affected Victoria’s Saxe-Coburg and Gotha line and infamously the Romanovs.”
          On the whole, though, Europeans are far less inbred than many other racial groups who the PC police would fret about becoming extinct. One of the reasons black dysgenics is so real, in fact, may have much to do with all the (admittedly unverified) inbreeding that likely goes on in ‘the hood’ as all the baby mammas fight over the big buck of the block. Just like in sub-Saharan Africa.
          Simply because inbreeding is a real concern does not make miscegenation some sort of desirable end. Again, I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that that line of thinking is a fallacy. Just getting it out there, though.

        31. Yeah sure, but breeding with a white woman whose values are probably corrupted to the core to perpetuate white kids to live in a world where you value a dying culture is a losing proposition. A proposition that will most likely end in heartbreak and financial loss for thinking this is 1954 instead of 2014. Of course, I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise. However, most white women you meet will never possess the values you do, and in fact will have been used and recycled by guys like me. So fine, marry that if it suffices your values and perpetuation of a dying culture. Jew or no Jew, culture is a rapidly transforming paradigm that’s not bound to perpetual sameness through-out the millennia. Again, if you want to live a life like Sisyphus and keep pushing a bolder up a hill that you’ll never surmount then you’ll be miserable and for who? Who are you carrying those bricks for? Mr. Dead White Man circa whatthefuckever?

        32. Studies have shown that Blonde females are deemed the most attractive and less melanin is females to be more attractive. Less so for makes unfortunately. Not sure I agree with that as a pure blood Aryan but that is what most studies indicate. I think Muhammad Ali had it right in his respect to inter racial dating but I could care less. I despise how the media pushes it but when I see the self loathing of fellow Caucasians I want them to suffer just to know how good they had it. Any notion of self preservation is a delusion. I’m getting that Kazarian Zionist Jewish blood right into my progeny so they want have to suffer the fate

        33. “Yeah sure, but breeding with a white woman whose values are probably corrupted to the core to perpetuate white kids to live in a world where you value a dying
          culture is a losing proposition.”
          1) Not all white women are that way just everyone is quick to point out that not all black men are thugs. If exceptions to the rule can be trumpeted around in a fallacious way, certainly I can appeal to the notion in a logical way?
          2) Culture is not static. There is no guarantee that white people will remain in this pathetic state indefinitely. No one here has some Hegelian crystal ball.
          3) I don’t want children who do not look like me even if banging their mother gave me some fleeting moments of sexual bliss.
          “A proposition that will most likely end in heartbreak and financial loss for thinking this is 1954 instead of 2014.”
          You think I’m that naïve after the amount of correspondence we’ve already had?
          “Of course, I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise. However, most white women you meet will never possess the values you do, and in fact will have been used and recycled by guys like me.”
          That’s probably true. But I’d rather my line end than give up on getting what I want how I want. I’ve thought out the contingencies, believe me.
          “So fine, marry that if it suffices your values and perpetuation of a dying culture.”
          I didn’t say I was set on marrying. But that’s the ideal I shoot for. Again, I’m not a fool. I love my race. I don’t sentimentalize the state of white women and put on rose-colored glasses.
          “Jew or no Jew, culture is a rapidly transforming paradigm that’s not bound to perpetual sameness through-out the millennia.”
          Again, I would like for whites what East Asians have. This whole “culture is always changing” ignores that East Asians prove that globalization does not have to equal mass miscegenation and racial death.
          “Again, if you want to live a life like Sisyphus and keep pushing a bolder up a hill that you’ll never surmount then you’ll be miserable and for who?”
          Life is not about modern notions of “happiness” in my mind. That’s not what gives it meaning. Pursuing easy pussy may be fun, but it’s not fulfilling or meaningful, either.
          “Who are you carrying those bricks for? Mr. Dead White Man circa whatthefuckever?”

        34. Fair enough. However, your estimation of racial inclusiveness amongst East Asians is over-estimated to a degree. East Asian men are losers in the international sexual marketplace, their women are not. Literally for most Indian men, no matter what they achieve, they can’t land someone outside of their own. They have 0 options and except for making Indian women culturally obligated to marry them. I’ve had a couple Indian women in my life, and trust me, they marry Indian men and fuck who they want. Your attitude towards being like East Indians is a little pathetic to me, no disrespect. A weak simp like culture worthy of being dominated by stronger men, having to shame their women into marrying them who’d otherwise fuck men of other nationalities and races. If you can’t attract a woman based off of your own natural attractiveness and ruggedness whilst having her legally obligated to fuck you screams of desperation. Again if nature is left to its own devices, those who were meant to breed will breed.

        35. Except that without political correctness (which shields white males’ criticism of other races of men), the attractiveness of non-white men (if attraction is about status) diminishes greatly. Much of the white woman’s desire to breed out (and according to POF, they are still the race of women LEAST LIKELY to breed out) has to do with highly imposed measures to get them to hate their culture and PC handcuffs white men, in particular, from being able to respond without having their lives ruined. Sure, there is a raw animalistic attraction some white women have for blacks and Arabs and mestizos; but you can’t tell me that’s not amped up and toyed with, for example, by masking the fact that blacks have a lower IQ while pumping them up on the media to be seen as “cool” (while other races of men– other “oppressed minorities”) are often ignored.
          You comparing me to an Indian male is rather laughable, with all due respect. (Particularly in light of the fact that I can and have had luck with non-white women in my younger days when I was less thoughtful.) Indian men are also not battling PC and distortions about their history and identity in the same way whites are within their historical homelands.

        36. I’m no fan of the Cultural Marxists either, but let me get this straight Political Correctness causes white women or others to fuck black or brown men, and without it, they’d otherwise forego fucking these black and brown and rush straight back into the arms of their beloved white male saviors? Lol. If that’s the case, why aren’t these women fucking Asian and Indian men? I guess the fact that white women could be genuinely attracted to any other man outside of their own race, “absolutely has to be the work of the Jew” (lol). This is what I’m extrapolating from your comment.

        37. All I’ve claimed to give is my opinion (along with logical reasoning) resulting from my own observations. When critiquing culture, “heresay” can be completely valid. As far as Triple OG’s citation goes, I notice how QUICKLY you leap at that (when it can easily be critiqued and further qualified), yet if I were to refer you to a (a rather large and well-qualified) book like The Bell Curve, you find a reason to punch the brakes indefinitely a priori.
          Your whole article is just a self-serving opinion. Yet, my opinions and claims don’t carry any weight because they are “conjecture.” My, oh my…

        38. Inter-racial dating is pushed by globalisation, friend. It’s a brave new (small) world.If you’re exposed to different circumstances (in this case different races of women) long enough, you’ll start to appreciate that variety is the spice of life. Globalisation is here to stay. Racial homogeneity is dying. Buck up and accept it or catch the next suicide train to hell.

        39. Perhaps, and this is mere speculation, racism was invented to keep slave populations mentally in check. Just supposition, though.

        40. As Lance has already mentioned, white people enjoy/ed supremacy for hundreds of years. Surely, you didn’t think that was supposed to last forever.

        41. There’s no race of men within any territory that’s just happy to give away their women. If anything, whites are least “racist” in terms of this whole interracial thing. East Asians and Nigerians would probably freak if their cities began to look like London or Paris or Amsterdam.

        42. It’s not easy to recover from the thinking that exists amongst a sizeable population of white men. I’m actually going to levy the same criticism against white men that I do of a lot of inner city blacks, and that is possessing a… victim mentality. Being a victim these days is all the rage, so much that even white supremacist groups have taken up the banner of so-called “white genocide.” Nothing could be more laughable, as if swarms of “brothas” from Crenshaw are driving into the burbs and massacring whites wholesale. White America is way to well armed for that and secondly, your women fucking other men does not constitute “genocide,” since genocide is an act of violent force. Farrakhan and David Duke are cut from the same cloth.

        43. Uh, no, I didn’t/don’t. What’s your point? That, therefore, giving a toss about my race is stupid while other races should (because they do) care about their race?

        44. Nigerians should be happy if their shithole cities remotely resembled London, Paris or Amsterdam. And East Asians have the complacency of Americans to thank for watching our jobs go over there whilst doing nothing. Western Civilization, even with diverse urban populations (that’s the reason they’re called “International Cities”) are the model for the rest of the world.

        45. Last I checked, Asian men were not marketed as cool. Secondly, I never reduced ALL of white females’ attraction to non-white men to cultural Marxism. Not by a longshot. White women dating blacks and Asian women going for whites speaks to something that I think transcends cultural conditioning. That doesn’t mean that cultural conditioning isn’t playing a HUGE role in PUSHING people in such directions and it doesn’t mean that white or Asian men have to like it, either. And really, why should they (if they do have their eye on the long term)? I made this all pretty clear, with all due respect. Please read more carefully next time.

        46. I do agree that many blacks have a victim mentality and I do believe that they should (as some have) rise above it. However, my problem lies with the fact that the mentality has been ingrained over 400 years and it is not exactly simple to overcome. That being said, blacks must make a choice. Choose to forget the victim mentality that is used as a crutch and an excuse for mediocrity. But I do not believe the effects of slavery and discrimination are completely gone…but I think race relations have come a far, far way since the 60’s.

        47. You’re entitled to care. However, I think you’re standpoint is coming from a place of superiority, rather than love for your race. And, as was said by multiple persons, you sound very bitter, almost distraught. But I will give you this – your passion is commendable. Way better than apathy.

        48. Then why isn’t Japan or South Korea swamped with massive immigration? “Globalization” and it’s specific effects are not some cosmic inevitability. They are the result of real value judgments collectives of people make.

        49. I’m a black Jamaican. I’ve been to the United States more times than I can count, and I’m actually a future immigrant and I hold permanent residence in the U.S. I’m just finishing up law school in Jamaica then I’ll be on my way to see what life is truly like up there in the 1st world (lol). (yes I know certain users will not like this lol). But I have received immensely favourable attention from American women, including white women. I’ve been to Germany (I think you have some German heritage) and it was the same. German, Russian, Swiss girls were all over my friend an I (he’s also a black Jamaican). I think it’s mostly because of my nationality and my accent, not necessarily my race. But I’m not complaining. Thank God for Bob Marley and Usain Bolt lol

        50. Lol. I’m an immigrant. I’m Jamaican but hold a U.S. green card. Don’t worry, I won’t add to your immigration problem just yet. Just finishing up law school in Jamaica first. Looking forward to truly testing the many theories espoused on this website pertaining to race and dating. Thus far, on my many travels to the Land of the Free, I’ve received very favourable attention from the white females you hold in such high regard. Should be very interesting. Europe is where I see myself living in the long run so I shouldn’t cause too much trouble for you lol.

        51. Partially right, and partially wrong. Yes, if this is alluding to Jewish power in the West and pushing immigration, yes and no. The British started importing East and West Indians into England in the 1950s when English subjects moved up the economic ladder. Great Britain was a world power with global subjects, why shouldn’t someone who was deemed a “subject of the crown” be given an option upon the collapse of British rule in India or the decline of British power in Jamaica? Of course these are the Queen’s subjects too, but I’m imaging, different “rights” should have been applied to them.
          With France it was the same thing, the collapse of the Empire, left France with the dilemma of conferring French citizenship to people who were citizens of the French Colonial Empire, again if these people were citizens of French rule, should they not have been given an option? Jews didn’t push either but they do traditionally hold lax attitudes towards immigration. Germany has always been on a friendly basis with the Turks at least since the 1870s. Turkey was an ally to them during both World Wars. Certain Jews are culpable for Cultural Marxism but blaming them for every single thing, right down to white women not wanting to have children is a little absurd at this point.

        52. Oh, and maybe the reason Japan or South Korea hasn’t caught on yet is that globalisation is a process…it won’t happen at the same pace or to the same degree everywhere. However, I know several Jamaicans who live in Japan. They tell me Japan is always grateful for English teachers so I imagine that their aversion to immigrants may be a bit overstated on your part.

        53. You’re in a hurry to go be “oppressed” by “white racists” and breed with some white whores (for what appears to be, given your posturing, bragging rights) instead of living in your own country and breeding with your own women, I see. And you’re black. Shocker.
          But thanks for the non-sequitur to my previous post. Always fun having a non-linear discussion with a man barely able to contain his hard-on.

        54. Yeah sure. I’d forego the Hentai and Sushi for a glass of Chenin Blanc on a Spring Paris day, cuddled with a beautiful French girl any day.

        55. What can I say? I want to experience different things. I have zero intentions of having children with white women. Personally, I prefer women of colour. I’d definitely hook up with white women, though. As for oppression, I believe blacks tent do overstate racism while whites tend to understate it. I’ve even worked with some Jews one summer in New York. Was a good experience. Thankfully, I’m not totally cynical about race relations. If someone doesn’t like me because I’m black, so what? I can’t be worried about what I can’t change. I’ll just enjoy life and live in as many countries as I can. I should probably get off this forum and study for my Land Law exam I have on Wednesday…

        56. No offense, but I think “experiencing different things” as some positive is, in general (exceptions notwithstanding), a bit of a one-sided trade as far as racial integration goes.
          The fact of the matter is that no large demographic of men is going to be happy to see their women with other men. Your demographic is certainly included even if you deny that.

        57. I hope you’re aware that white supremacy was in a big part due to slave labour which funded the industrial revolution. Also, in more modern times, immigrants have spurred on technological advances in America (Manhattan Project a famous example). Don’t be fooled, I hold no grudges against white people. Slavery is over. It happened. Can’t hold modern whites for something they weren’t here to witness. I wasn’t there, neither were you. Life goes on! That being said, you do need to lighten up, I think. But hey, to each his own.

        58. Speak for yourself, I’m of Hispanic decent but I could care less if some white or black or purple dude learned Spanish via Rosetta stone and picked him up a Dominican Chick. You got the scarcity mindset, You haven’t diversified your game enough to transcend race and bang different races. In turn you have to stick to your own kind. I’ve banged girls of all races and its not easy. You have to tailor your game to cultural norms of that girls race sometimes. I think you’re afraid to put in the work so you rather ball hog your women

        59. Studies have shown that people refer to nameless unsourced studies are usually making it all up. Vague references to meta-studies (most studies) are usually included.
          Btw… pure blood Aryan? Are you sure mate?

        60. Dude, we Brazilians have been mixing since the 1500’s (yeah, hundreds of years ago). I can guarantee you that Brazilians in the 1960s looked pretty much the same as they look now.
          Which means looking very diverse – you can’t really guess the genetic ancestry of a Brazilian just looking at it. Some blonde blue eyed people are actually mixed, some people that look totally black are more than 70% european, etc… Check this article discussion genetic studies about the Brazilian population:

        61. When it comes to white girls I much prefer voluptuous, brunette Mediterranean or Eastern European looking girls. Try not to make the mistake of imprinting your opinions on the rest of the world.

        62. Hollywood portrays a lot of things a lot of ways. It is down to the prejudices of those who control Hollywood. White people, gays, feminists, the USG and so on and so forth. It reflects their ideals, not the ideals of the world. Hollywood always has been huge propaganda machine.

        63. I agree with you. And I have to say, I have not found Super-Models to be attractive for a long time. They represent some gay designer’s idea of beauty, not a mans. They are too thin and boyish, as you say.

        64. By “blacks” do you mean Afro-Americans? Or do you refer to “blacks” of varying cultures and nationalities across six continents?

        65. Many Americans actually support “free trade” and unlimited illegal and legal immigration knowing it is going to depress wages. These idiots consider themselves “conservatives”. What they wish to conserve other than the profits of multinationals I don’t know.

        66. This is the study he is alluding to, not the actual study, the article doesn’t like to it but I will dig it up and post it when I have time. The study found that it is the facial symmetry of European women that make them the most attractive to men. The fact that the most successful black models are Somalis, most of whom have Indo-European facial features due to gene flow from Arabia, lends even more credence to the findings. Now Athelone, you may proceed to call me a racist. http://madamenoire.com/171857/okay-scientists-say-they-can-determine-who-is-the-most-beautiful/

        67. and whose to say it won’t continue for several more centuries? The 20th century had a tremendously negative impact on the European gene pool………..the best of our race were killed in two wars. The success of the Frankfurt School in perpetuating a huge mind fuck of the West and the decadent values of the Enlightenment (universalism in particular) coming to full fruition created a pathological self-loathing in the West no where more so than America but the Europeans are coming out from under the ether. Every major European leaders, even Merckel, have admitted that multiculturalism has not only failed but was doomed to failure. France, the birthplace of the Enlightenment, may very well see the National Front take power in the next election. Far Right parties are surging across the continent and most interestingly Germany is looking away from America and to the East. A German-Russian Allliance? I wouldn’t count the West out quite yet.

        68. Actually “racism” was invented by Trotsky. Prior to Trotsky and later the Frankfurt School what is now referred to as racism was rightly considered a natural and healthy love of one’s race. Racial consciousness is innate. Infants recognize race. Racism was invented to keep slave populations mentally in check? Doesn’t even warrant a response.

        69. Lance, you are absolutely correct. While White men have legitimate grievances such as affirmative action and other anti-white government policies we allowed it to happen. White men have allowed themselves to be silenced out of fear of occupational loss or social ostracization. Regarding white genocide, when most whites speak of it they are referring to demographic decline, the birth dearth. I understand why there are some white women that are engaging in interracial relationships. White men have bought into the bullshit narrative that Whites are uniquely evil and we should commit, figuratively, collective suicide. Women and men respect and are attracted to strength. White men need to stop apologizing and stop pedestalizing other racists, i.e. the teabaggers desperate need to have their views validated by black men such as Benjamin Carson or whomever their new fetish is this week. The defeatism and whining has to stop. We did this to ourselves. No one else is to blame, the world is a place of perpetual struggle and we have withdrawn from it. Time to return to the battlefield (figuratively of course).

        70. Yes, the Germans trained the Russians in modern tactics along with equipping them. However, there won’t be a Russo-German alliance, Bismarck won’t be arising from his grave. Bismarck as am I, am a realist. Europe as the center of the world is coming to an end. Russia has a profound distrust of Europeans. Great Britain and France both took the side of the Muslim Ottomans against Christian Russia during the Crimean War. Russia never has and never will trust Europe, and rightfully so. Also, Europe is fractioned along ethnic lines as well, doesn’t matter if they’re white. There won’t be some Pan-White Europa,
          “ain’t” happening.
          The very notion is something that emanates from the camps of American white nationalists who are ignorant of Europe’s ethnic and cultural differences. Teutons and Slavs have always hated other. There are regional, cultural and ethnic differences amongst Euros themselves not to mention the immigrants. It’s like saying all Africans should get along because they’re mostly all black, while ignoring the vast tribal differences and enmities. The National Front is a joke and so are the far right parties in Deutschland. European civilization as a dominant force won’t be continuing under the auspices of Europeans. Russia under the Slavs will be a power, but they never will share this power with Europe. No continent is painted in broad strokes of white, yellow or black. It’s rarely that simple. Just like the German officer in Stalingrad once wrote, “we have been dispersed into the vast Russian steppe,” so will Europe be dispersed into the world.

        71. Lance, humans have been fucking other humans just like them for millennia which is why we have races. Race is, after all, just an extended family. You can’t compare me banging some broad from Naples with Charles 2 banging his 2nd cousin. While there is such a thing as hybrid vigor (you have discussed before) any farm kid knows that you don’t cross certain breeds because the offspring will be more susceptible to certain deformities or diseases.

        72. Yeah, you are absolutely right. There are no constants in human behavior. Human behavior is totally unpredictable. Please note, that was intended as sarcasm.

        73. His preference as is mine European women. I prefer European-American/European women in part because of “cultural norms”.

        74. He was simply referring to a study (I posted the link). He is not “pedestalizing a specific type of women”. Is stating that men prefer thin women over obese women pedestalizing thing women?

        75. I am very well aware that historically Germans and Russians (some slavs are quite fond of Germans, the Croatians for example). Russia has two choices, look to an alliance with Europe or seek an alliance with China. A strong China which is now actively asserting territorial claims (I am sure you are aware that the Chinese have been tacitly colonizing parts of Siberia) is certainly not in the interest of Russia. Even the most prominent Russian in the Eurasia camp (can’t recall his name) has suggested an alliance with Germany. Calling the National Front a joke is a bit of a stretch. I am sure you have seen the polling. The far right in all of northern Europe is a joke, agreed. The Freedom Party in Austria is certainly not a joke. Jobbik is certainly not to be taken lightly. The Greek government feared Golden Dawn enough to arrest the leaders of the party on a wholly fabricated charge. America is collapsing and the Europeans, the entire world with the exception of Americans understand this. All the more reason for Europe to ally with Russia. You can’t compare pre 21st century Europe with contemporary Europe. Great Britain, France, Germany were once rivals engaged in a struggle to expand their empires. That is obviously not the case today. The EU, as rotten as it is, has set the table for a pan-European governing entity of some sort. We both know the nation state is not the historical norm. It arose during the 19th century. The Holy Roman Empire exist for 1000 years.Europeans, after two wars, have no desire to have a third go at it. If you are right, that West is on it’s deathbed the culture that you have expressed so much love for will disappear. Or do you not believe culture is organic?

        76. You know when you see those nazi German propaganda stencils with the Aryan male standing staunchly chest out and proud with his blonde hair combed back. Well yeah I look like that!

        77. “I can remember a time when most white men wouldn’t even consider dating a “slanty-eyed” Asian woman; it was almost gross (I’m in my early 30s). ”
          What backwoods town did you grow up in? I’m over 35 and have always heard of and observed white guys trying to date/bang everything from Asian (especially Asian) to Latin and Back; if for nothing else but fetish and curiosity.

        78. Studies schmuddies. Give me a topic and I’ll find you studies proving and disproving it.
          There is also a reason why sun tan lotion and tanning salons are a multibillion dollar industry across the globe…

        79. I’m sure you would; hankering for white women and the culture their men created aside, if you look at crime and social decay, what you’ve written does nothing to mitigate my point about European cities relative to East Asian cities.

        80. HIs “imprinting” goes along with a lot of other “imprinting.” It’s not unfounded “imprinting” even if your tastes differ.

        81. Here’s a thought: I don’t care what you think my motive is for caring about my race. Your feelings are completely irrelevant just as my feelings about why blacks care about their race are rightfully irrelevant to them.

        82. A large number of neuroimaging (fMRI) papers have been been shown in recent papers as a pseudo-science. Their methods involve comparing brain activity against baseline activity, but there is no standard human baseline, so comparing the results between individual subjects has proven to be useless. Some day they may learn how to use that tool to categorize human behavior, but they’re not there yet.
          So yeah, sorry, I don’t accept your attempted citation.

        83. Their bodies also reject organs from “pure” from people who are racially “pure.” So much for “race is just skin color.”

        84. Okay, fair enough.
          My point still stands that white genetics made South American populations more attractive.

        85. No, it’s not. I’ve actually lived and been to such places. Immigrants are less than 2% of their population and there is no sign of any “process” changing that. Good for them. They’re not selling the ground from under their children’s feet like whites have been guilted into doing. The “process” is only being forced upon European/historically white societies, for the most part.
          In hundreds of years, there will still be Asians and blacks who are not mixed. I’m skeptical that whites will even exist.

        86. Your personal preference and your reasons behind it have no bearing whatsoever on the 3+ billion other men in this world.
          Hollywood portrays such women in the way they do because of Marylin Monroe. They have a formula and they haven’t deviated from it for decades. Marylin was a draw because the country she lived/worked in, the majority of the population she was trying to sell herself to, was white.
          If, as people in this thread are saying, blond, white women are just the most attractive and there’s no broad spectrum of preference. Why is the U.S. not, as a country, a net exporter of white blond women? There’s lots of wealthy men in other countries who would love to use such women for movies, party decoration, etc. But Bollywood only shows women of that culture. Most other foreign movies I see do not feature the blond haired/blue-eyed nearly as much.
          You may have a point that I confused cause and effect w.r.t. hollywood, but I am not wrong in not presuming that the rest of the world prefers blondes.

        87. I understand that one would feel threatened to some degree by mass immigration. I can understand your point of view. Personally, I think the liberals support mass immigration because it will eventually enlarge their voting block. Is your problem with immigration itself or with immigration of unskilled persons?

        88. Your study is a pseudo-news blog page.
          Why should I believe the rest of your points have any merit?

        89. How about noticing trends on a personal level which corroborate such “racist” studies? I have a feeling you’d be coy and deny just about anything that demonstrated racial differences in a way that favored whites. You’re hardly a unique psychological type in that respect.
          White people tan to get a golden look because having golden skin from a tan enhances muscle tone and signals better signals fitness (assuming it’s there to begin with). They don’t want to be black or Mexican or (God forbid) Dravidian (sorry, they’re ugly people) or Australoid, necessarily.

        90. This study is complete trash. In fact I didn’t even see a study just somebody saying “scientists said”. Not only that, the conclusion drawn by the author of the piece is at best opposite to yours and at worst completely unrelated.
          And not surprising. Beauty is not objective and is driven by individual standards of value.

        91. Just like how they don’t dress “ghetto”, listen to Hip-Hop and talk all the slang to be black… Or you might also say that Indian people don’t use skin lightening creams to be white necessarily…
          Who can say why one individual does what they do, other than the individuals themselves?

        92. “Your personal preference and your reasons behind it have no bearing whatsoever on the 3+ billion other men in this world.”
          No, they don’t. Nor did I claim it did. It’s rather, that my personal preference seems to align (or even reflect) the personal preferences of other men whether you like it or not.
          portrays such women in the way they do because of Marylin Monroe. They
          have a formula and they haven’t deviated from it for decades.”
          What was the formula based on? They just pulled Marilyn Monroe out of a hat?
          was a draw because the country she lived/worked in, the majority of the
          population she was trying to sell herself to, was white.”
          Again, why are Bollywood types overwhelming of the Aryan variety and not Dravidian, then?
          Why do East Asians tell me how “beautiful” Marilyn Monroe is but not Beyonce? (No one is twisting the arms of these East Asians; and Beyonce’s music is more popular in South Korea today than any of Monroe’s films.)
          “If, as
          people in this thread are saying, blond, white women are just the most
          attractive and there’s no broad spectrum of preference. Why is the U.S.
          not, as a country, a net exporter of white blond women?”
          I didn’t say that preference didn’t deviate. I simply made the assertion that Nordic beauty is an ideal that seems have a lot of power to it that isn’t reducible to cultural Marxist hogwash.
          Why do (unattractive) white women get stalked by Middle Eastern men when they travel? Do you honestly think a show like Baywatch–as stupid as it was–would have generated the revenue that it did it if a bunch of short mestizas or dark-skinned Dravidian types made up the cast?
          “There’s lots of
          wealthy men in other countries who would love to use such women for
          movies, party decoration, etc. But Bollywood only shows women of that
          There is a huge absence of Dravidian types in Bollywood portrayals just as South American television has a shortage of indios and mestizos and an over representation of creoles and castizos (or mixed people with mostly castizo blood). I think that speaks to something about beauty just as black over representation in the NBA speaks to black ability even if some teams prefer to draft the odd white dude or Eastern European over some negro prospect.
          “Most other foreign movies I see do not feature the blond
          haired/blue-eyed nearly as much.”
          Yeah; so? You’re not telling me anything I don’t know.
          “You may have a point that I
          confused cause and effect w.r.t. hollywood, but I am not wrong in not
          presuming that the rest of the world prefers blondes.”
          I didn’t say that the rest of the world prefers blonds. I made a point about some Aryan ideal of beauty that seems to resonate more than other beauty.

        93. Translated: His tastes sync up with the tastes of many other men. And that speaks to something you don’t want to acknowledge or wish to obscure. If interracial dating (and interracial rape, for that matter) are any indicators, there are many more black men that oogle over white women than there are white men who do the same over black women. Outliers, be damned.

        94. White women talking like black women doesn’t mean that they want to be black women. It means that black cultural memes are peddled to them as cool.
          “Who can say why one individual does what they do, other than the individuals themselves?”
          It’s not as cryptic and mystifying as you’re making it out to be. I can’t believe I’m hearing this from a poster on a gaming site, of all places. lol

        95. My point is that the sale of skin lightening creams doesn’t mean a black person wants to white any more than the popularity of tanning salons or dressing “hip-hop” means you want to be black.
          Likewise, my comment does not imply mysticism – I am making the point that you cannot speak for white people, you can only speak for yourself. That is not cryptic, its a fact.

        96. Beauty is not objective, perhaps. But the study could still be speaking to trends which speaks to something significant about the culture (and inequality) which you refuse to acknowledge.

        97. “His tastes sync up with the tastes of many other men.”
          How can you possibly know this? You have no idea what the “tastes of many other men” are, you can only guess at them based on imperfect and incomplete information.

        98. “My point is that the sale of skin lightening creams doesn’t mean a black
          person wants to white any more than the popularity of tanning salons or
          dressing “hip-hop” means you want to be black.”
          I guess colored contacts, nose jobs, the removal of epicanthal folds in Asian women, and lighter (usually blond) hair coloring also happen at random? (Removing the folds from the eyes and acquiring a Caucasian bridge above the nose in addition to skin whitening is a big big deal in South Korea.) No stretching of plausible deniability, here? But semantics aside about “wanting to be white,” those easily observable trends regarding how non-whites alter their appearance certainly all points to some effort to approximate some ideal of beauty that fits whites like a glove, CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL. Whites aren’t trying to narrow their eyes or kink their hair or make themselves BLACK (as opposed to tan) in any sort of significant numbers that would fuel a whole industry of beauty products and surgeries.
          Again, last I checked, when white people tan, they become a sort of golden brown which actually accentuates their lighter hair and eyes. Not a mestizo brown or a black. At any rate, it’s all just a coincidence that a whole spectrum of societies past and present– from Latin America to Thailand to India to even America (despite PC) seem to value a lighter, more Aryan beauty (even if we do acknowledge other beauty) over say…whatever is considered “beautiful” inside a black ghetto?
          “Likewise, my comment does not imply mysticism – I am making the point
          that you cannot speak for white people, you can only speak for yourself.
          That is not cryptic, its a fact.”
          I don’t claim to speak for anyone else.
          That being said, I can generalize in whatever way I like. This site generalizes about women. I can generalize about race. In fact, generalizing about race isn’t even generalizing to as gross of a degree as generalizing about a whole sex of humans. Yet both modes of generalizing can be and often are very valid. You just don’t like me doing one so you say I “can’t” when clearly I can and will and will have some degree of success at convincing people of my ideas.
          I can’t know any individual motive FOR CERTAIN. But I can make very reasonable guesses by observing how the world seems to work around me. Again, this is a gaming site. You must know this.

        99. The “study” doesn’t do that. It just uses mathematical ratios (eye width to mouth etc.) to determine beauty and simply uses a white girl as an example. There is nothing here about trends or white chicks being the most beautiful

        100. Even if beauty is subjective, that doesn’t mean all “different varieties of beauty” are equally valued by humans. The most valued form of beauty facially does seem to point to the Golden Ratio the Greeks first articulated. And the races of man don’t all fit that ratio equally. Boohoo…White men still can’t jump. I’m not complaining.
          I mean, the beauty of a beach resort is “subjective.” That doesn’t mean that this rather large preference in humans for such a beach resort is meaningless or not speaking to something about nature.

        101. Find me one demographic of men eager to have their women go with other men. No such demographic exists.

        102. I mean I’m mixed race, and whatever “Aryan” in me, is the only factor that makes me perceptibly attractive to women? Really?

        103. Haha! You said it, the same can also be said for the German Aryan fad in the 1930s. Who’d have imagined they’d create a standard of beauty that favored themselves? Yeah imagine that. Power is attractive and always has been at least to women. This is why women could care less if some emaciated dweeb has blonde hair and blue eyes, if he projects weakness, his genes are done, at least for her. We are seeing a changing of the guard for female beauty standards. Blonde hair and blue eyes rarely do it for me. Pasty varicose skin doesn’t do it for me either. Those who possess the power will skew beauty standards to their favor, and mask it as “truth.” The Greeks also thought the world was flat and encouraged male soldiers to sleep with each other.

        104. “I’m sure you would; hankering for white women and the culture their men created aside.”
          I guess the fact that I’m mixed race and may have had ancestors contribute a great deal to Europe means nothing. I guess the one drop is alive and well. Also, just because someone may be related to you doesn’t entitle you to believe that you’re due some benefit. Your world view is very static and narrow. You view culture as something that is racial and tribal. If you prefer Asian cities the same can be said for you, why are you there in other cities which were built by men whom you aren’t related to? I don’t know what your experiences are, but from a previous mention of “Shania Twain” as possessing prototypical beauty, I’m guessing you’re from the Southern United States. You may run into illiterate blacks on a daily basis and your experience with other people may be skewed by your own personal experiences.

        105. Here is the original assertion that both myself and Triple OG Pimp C took issue with and that you are now trying to prove:

          Why You Should Broaden Your Romantic Options

          Anthropologists have come to the following conclusion about female attractiveness (finding the studies at this time of night would be cumbersome): white/caucasian females are preferred amongst all races, hair color does seem to play a role also (fair hair>dark hair) as has
          been established by neuroimaging (fMRI) and other research protocols. Caucasian blond chick is biologically hottest, hollywood just made this more prevalent.

          And from your article:

          Colgate is an 18-year-old white woman from the UK with blue eyes and blonde hair, but she isn’t considered the most beautiful woman in the world because of her typical European features according to the scientists.
          She is praised for having a very symmetrical face, going by the European standard.

          The study clearly states that a certain degree of facial symmetry is more objectively attractive (at least according to the researchers and the data they have obtained) than others. It does not claim that “caucasian blonde chick is biologically the hottest”, as the original assertion (which you are now trying to back) claimed and it does nothing to back up the original assertions about the superiority of fair hair. It only confirms the superiority of facial symmetry.
          So, with that said, can you please show me some substantiation for the claim that “caucasian blonde chick is biologically the hottest”? Because what you’ve shown me so far implies that “caucasian and non-caucasian brown haired chick is also biologically the hottest”, so long as she has a certain degree of facial symmetry.
          Furthermore, I have seen the actual study before. It focuses on facial features. We are talking here about female attractiveness as a whole, and we all know that facial features make up just one part of that equation – men are also looking at female bodies (legs, hips, chest, etc).
          You and some others in here are defending the assertion that a certain kind of woman (blonde, caucasian) is “biologically the hottest”. The source you’ve provided to back up that claim so far only discuss facial features (just a single component of female attractiveness) and, as I noted above, doesn’t actually make many racial distinctions (the girl it notes is considered most beautiful because of facial symmetry, not because of her blonde hair, blue eyes, or pale skin).
          Thus, if you’re going to really establish your claim regarding the objective supremacy of blonde cuacasian females, you’ll need to prove that they are more than just facially superior to other women since, as I just noted, facial features are not all that are taken into account when determining female attractiveness. Can you provide me with some sources that will prove this and establish your claim?

          You may now proceed to call me a racist.

          I’ll ask you to substantiate your claims. Don’t equate that with a charge of racism.

        106. yet if I were to refer you to a (rather large and well-qualified) book like The Bell Curve which addresses racial IQ disparities, you’d find a reason to punch the brakes immediately and indefinitely. You’d just sit on it and cherry pick some other sources.

          You seem certain that I would not be willing to accept any notion of there existing a discrepancy in IQ between different ethnic/racial groups.
          That’s a fairly big assumption to make (and I’m also not sure where the certainty behind it originates given your lack of familiarity with me and my perspectives on that issue), but I can see that it is central to the argument you’re making here in your bid to avoid citing your previous claims (or responding to the sources Triple OG Pimp C posted that directly challenged them). With that in mind, I’ll leave you to it.

        107. “I guess the fact that I’m mixed race and may have had ancestors
          contribute a great deal to Europe means nothing.”
          No, it doesn’t, really. I’m not trying to be mean, just honest. You’re not what I am and I’m not what you are. You’re “mixed” by definition. You said so yourself. That is YOUR identity and not mine. You’re not whatever I am plus something else (which is the common sort of MO for conceptualizing racial mongrels), you’re something else entirely (which I’m not saying is necessarily bad or wrong in some objective sense). But you don’t get to be me and my kind plus something else just as I don’t get to say I’m “mixed.” Let’s be fair and honest and straightforward, here. I can be such (and perhaps step on some toes), but I’m not trying to be mean-spirited.
          Just as Indians are allowed to exclude mixed people are not “native American” enough, whites should be able to self-define their group without controversy. No, this is not supremacy. This is honesty. This is me “being real” which is something most white people today are not because it’s more important to them that people like them than it is for them to be “real.”
          “I guess the one drop is
          alive and well.”
          Whites are far more tolerant of others than others are of others. Again, I refer to Indian nations in North America and their “blood laws,” sub-Saharan Africa’s tribalism (and slavery), East Asian “ethno-centricism,” Jewish/Israeli networking, black Americans going on about “high yella niggas” not being “real niggas,” etc., etc.
          But when a white man self-defines (as others are free to do without hardly any scrutiny), out comes the butt-hurt and the shameless attempts to guilt and shame such audacity. I gave you more credit than that.
          “Also, just because someone may be related to you
          doesn’t entitle you to believe that you’re due some benefit.”
          Right. Only, I’m not the entitled one, here. My feelings are based on my values; they’re not based on me thinking that the world owes me something.
          “Your world
          view is very static and narrow.”
          It’s really not, actually. It’s just not too common. Again, I want for my people what other people have without controversy. Granted, this view isn’t popular; but it’s not based on narrowness. I have friends of all backgrounds and I’ve done my share of traveling. Furthermore, you don’t know much about me other than the fact that I’m a “racist” traditional type who reads game blogs.
          “You view culture as something that is
          racial and tribal. If you prefer Asian cities the same can be said for
          you, why are you there in other cities which were built by men whom you
          aren’t related to?”
          Because I could make money there and “expand my mind.” I wasn’t pushing for them to expand immigration or forfeit their whole culture to Europeans like myself like minorities push for within Western societies. I wasn’t asking for government handouts or demanding “equal rights” let alone special affirmative action “rights.” I knew I was guest in someone else’s home. I was respectful. I learned the language as much as I could, adopted a “when in Rome” MO, etc. Trying to equate me living there with massive Third World immigration into the West (which is what you seem to be driving at) is laughable.
          “I don’t know what your experiences are, but from a
          previous mention of “Shania Twain” as possessing prototypical beauty,
          I’m guessing you’re from the Southern United States. You may run into
          illiterate blacks on a daily basis and your experience with other people
          may be skewed by your own personal experiences.”
          I am from the South. But I think you’d be surprised about my background if you got to know me. My best friend in college was not white. Some of my earliest girlfriends and crushes were not white. I was pretty liberal before I traveled to “expand” my mind, really.

        108. Actually, it favored Caucasians. The minute white men date black women at the same rate as black men date white women, I’ll begin to take your whole “beauty is just a meaningless construct” a bit more seriously.
          You sit there and pooh-pooh about my arguments, yet reality marches on corroborating them all while you plug your ears and close your eyes.
          Simply because it favored them doesn’t mean that it can’t be speaking to some truth, either, for that matter.

        109. Even by third party standards (Japan), Aryan features are more desirable than negro features. I guess the Japanese just like going along with the “racism.”

        110. “You seem certain that I would not be willing to accept any notion of
          there existing a discrepancy in IQ between different ethnic/racial
          What I’m certain of is that you were quick to write “debatable” while quick to jump on the bandwagon of some other less involved “study” that fit your worldview. Not exactly judicious. You know it; I know it. And at least seven other people know it.

        111. It’s easy in a macro-sense.
          I know that black women, for example, are less in demand than white women by virtue of the fact that there are tons of single ones and much fewer single white women, % wise.
          I know that Australian Aborginal women are not the paragon (in fact, the very notion of such a concept seems unintelligible given your “standards don’t exist” MO) of female beauty to most men because they are not hardly ever on the cover of any beauty magazine. People understandably don’t women that look like cavemen. None of this is a mystery to me but it must confound you. I guess it’s just “racism” but then I don’t see you settling down with a cave woman, yourself.

        112. Yeah, and it was a big part of the Roman Empire and Chinese Empires, too. That doesn’t mean that “slaves” “built” Rome or Imperial China. The men who had vision did that. The slaves were merely oxes. I’m not “for” slavery, but I don’t pretend that slaves created any civilization.

        113. He clearly put them on a pedestal as he said they are the top of the food chain of what every man of every race wants. Thats pretty much the definition of putting them on a pedestal. A very weak, lame, and beta way of seeing things.
          Especially since he is worried all the white girls will be taken away from him. Who gives a fuck who is dating who. If your a player about yours, you will be able to pull the girl you want plan and simple. It has nothing to do with all the good white girls being taken

        114. Did you really just link to madamenoire? Really? wow just…. wow and your using this as a source of factual information? just amazing…. and pathetic

        115. Black culture isn’t absolutely not peddled as being cool. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Black culture is routinely clowned in the media, television, and in movies. They put nonsense on televsion like love and hiphop and try to make everyone believe that all black people act that way.

        116. It’s past its mark, now, yeah. But you can’t sit there and tell me that MTV didn’t peddle black “hip hop” culture to white suburbanites as “cool.”

        117. It’s not a straw man if it is the original point. You can try to deviate from that, but the original point was…

          …The white blonde blue eyed chick is THE quintessential hot chick staple in nearly every man’s “to-do list” so-to-speak…

          That’s not personal preference, he’s blanket categorizing every male preference. So if you call my point a straw man, perhaps it’s because you’re actually off-topic.

        118. No, they don’t. Nor did I claim such preferences did. It’s rather, that my personal preferences seem to align (or even reflect) the same personal preferences within other men as well whether you like it or not.

          and then…

          I didn’t say that the rest of the world prefers blonds. I made a point about some Aryan ideal of beauty that seems to resonate more than other beauty.

          It seems you have some mental incoherence that needs some working out, I’ll leave you to it.

        119. “He clearly put them on a pedestal as he said they are the top of the food chain of what every man of every race wants.”
          If you want to make this about semantics, you’re just being silly. When people around here throw around the word “pedestal,” they mean it in regards to white knighting or engaging in beta-ish behavior.
          It does not logically follow that simply because someone thinks that white women are tops, that they are going to behave in a beta-ish way towards them.
          And the hypocrisy here is through the roof. Had he said this about some variety of non-white women, you likely wouldn’t have batted an eye as many of the male commentators here are by your definition of the word, “pedestaling” non-white women but it’s generally met with a round of applause by people like yourself (or at least it isn’t scrutinized) who want to demean white men who openly say that they think their women are the best.

        120. There’s no contradiction, there.
          I simply stated that I like the Aryan ideal (someone like Marilyn Monroe) and that that ideal is very popular (it resonates) globally and is probably more popular than any other ideal of beauty. It’s basically a cliché and it’s probably as much of cliché as Coca-Cola in terms of soda water in terms of recognition and popularity. That’s not the same as saying that EVERYONE loves Coca-Cola.
          So what I’m saying not the same as saying that the whole rest of the world (all the men in it) all prefer blonds over their own women, necessarily.
          You don’t deal in nuance and abstraction too well, do you?

        121. That belief must be why the world is so incomprehensible to left wingers. Their philosophical pedigree is to deny human nature, after all.

        122. Well said. I’ve actually seen period film of Nazi researchersresearchers conducting facial measurements of people in Asia to find the true Aryans!

        123. By your logic then, Black men are more attractive than White men.
          I hate to break it to you but science has moved on since Ancient Greece.

        124. one of europe’s biggest Haplogroup is E1b1b1.this is a african,namely ethiopian haplogroup.Hitler had this Haplogroup.it came about because Somali rapists migrated to southern europe and north africa and raped cavewomen(”neanderthal,cro magnids)and created a new race known as mediterenneans.later on, another haplogroup emerged from Somalia,the J haplogroup,it gave rise to J1 and J2 haplogroups wich are basically semites.this haplogroup is found all over southern europe.mainly because the pre-indo european populations had this haplogroup but also because Phoenician semite traders colonized southern europe for so long.
          so this indo-european nonsence is hogwash.Welsh people are just depigmented Cushitics.

        125. no,its the other way around.white peopel are depigmented ”mulattoes”,as the Cushitic peoples migrated into then populated by redheaded cavewomen(neanderthals), europe and raped them,creating a new race known as southern europeans.
          the Horner mulatto look is older than whites or arabs as a population.arabs are desert adapted ethiopians,while whites are half neanderthal ethiopians.
          even today Cushitic Genes are weaker than white genes.half somali kids almost always look totally like the other parent.blond hair btw,is a recent mutation in europeans starting circa 10,000 years ago.it only survived due to inbreeding.
          its a freak of nature trait.real indo europeans look like a latino ,iranian,arab etc

        126. No, that is not by my logic at all. I don’t know where you’re getting that from. And I’m sure you’re a regular ‘science’ expert who knows all about all the advances and how that disproves the wisdom of the Greeks. Though I doubt you even distinguish the concept of knowledge from wisdom.

        127. Whether the majority of my race agree with my mindset or not doesn’t make my statement any less true. That’s why this site is for Red Pillers, we will seldom share the same opinions of the majority my friend.

        128. The caste systems was based on race, well, the tone of one’s skin. The same is true in every other part of the world its is simply not formalized.

        129. We all have a certain physical ideal but there are some ideas of beauty are universal as with everything. The Greeks didn’t think the world was round. Pythaogras and Ptolemy (5 century BC) knew the earth was round. I believe it was Erastothenes that calculated the earth’s circumference to within a few hundred miles in the 3rd century B.C.

        130. You obviously didn’t read the link or my post. I stated it wasn’t the actual study. I have will post it especially for you.

        131. “Globalization” is here to stay”? That is a rather dubious contention, devolution seems to be catching on judging by the independence movements throughout European the E.U. may be close to being finished.

        132. Lance, a few years ago the head of the Hebrew Immigrant aid society was asked why his organization was still in existence since there were no more jews to export to Israel or the u.s. He responded that a diverse society in the u.s. is in the interests of the jews. It is increasingly looking like Adelson singlehandedly purchased amnesty. I have included a link to a petition funded by a jewish organization “Bend the Arc”, note the supporters of “immigration reform” at the bottom of the page, every major jewish organization is represented. Got to their websites and they state that immigration is a “jewish value”. Funny, these same organizations support Israel’s right to remain an ethno-state. http://www.entrydenied.org/

        133. You impute your opinions to a general class of people which is invalid. In this context, you cannot even know for what purpose white people or black people in general etc, make these changes. You change your argument to suit your bias. For you, if White people make themselves darker, it is for some as yet unexplained reason but if a Black person makes himself lighter it is to attempt to become White? You are in contradiction. We could easily say both White and Black people are seeking some middle ground between the two. Based on this, the ideal look is mixed race?
          What is laughable is your suggestion that skin whitening creams are unsafe but tanning is not? You have not heard of skin cancer I take it? Or sun induced aging? And you are unquestionably wrong – there is a huge industry in White people making themselves look darker. Go take a look at the tanning section of your local pharmacy. This industry is far larger than that for skin lightening creams. And btw, tanning makes you darker – and white women in particular are obsessed with it.
          What is also true, is that it is a mere fraction of people who are engaging in cosmetic surgery, using skin lighteners, etc. but you extrapolate from a few individuals to a group as a whole? Invalid. Furthermore my friend, did you know that White people also get nose jobs, lip enhancements (in a negroid manner), make their hair curly, get dreads etc. etc.? That said, I do not know a single Black person who uses skin lightening cream or has had their nose altered, outside of the occasional celebrity but virtually every White woman I know tries to make herself darker. And last I checked, these creams don’t make anyone White.
          Yes my friend you can “generalize” but you cannot use the extreme to suggest a general trend. There needs to be a significant basis to suggest a trend, not a handful of people. I have seen one celebrity who used cosmetic surgery to make herself look like a cat but obviously I wouldn’t make any inferences from that. Likewise, removing skinfolds is a) extreme and b) whites are not the only people without skin folds.

        134. Depends on where you are doesn’t it? Black men have always been very popular with White women in Europe. Not sure how you established your “rates” but I venture to guess that in the US, white women have greater exposure to white men than black men.
          Mate, stop bringing up the Greeks. Its embarrassing. They got loads of stuff wrong. Not their fault they were just getting started. But I will leave you with one example. Aristotelian Physics. However, some of Plato’s philosophy might explain your confusion about race, and why you shouldn’t place so much emphasis on your personal observations.

        135. Looks like we inhabit two very different worlds. It is becoming more and more obvious that you simply cherry pick the bits of information that support your worldview, add in some data plucked from the air and then reach a conclusion that doesn’t even follow from your own “evidence”.

        136. So you think you’d be just as likely to date an Aboriginal woman as a Swedish woman? Both races of people are just as likely to produce a “10”?

        137. “Depends on where you are doesn’t it? Black men have always been very popular with White women in Europe. Not sure how you established your “rates” but I venture to guess that in the US, white women have greater exposure to white men than black men.”
          I’m just simply stating a fact; which is that more white women date white men than black men even within a climate in which miscegenation is heavily promoted. You’re the one speculating without any “evidence” (that word you’re always throwing in my face) that perhaps black men would be more popular than white men if not for X.
          At any rate, my point was not about white men or black men; you brought that all up. My point was that more men seem interested in dating white women than black women. Yet, you want to pretend as though that is meaningless in terms of trying to define any sense of beauty.
          “Mate, stop bringing up the
          Greeks. Its embarrassing. They got loads of stuff wrong.”
          Doesn’t mean they got everything wrong. You’re the one who’s embarrassing, really, because it’s obvious you like to argue without knowing what you’re really talking about.
          “Not their
          fault they were just getting started. But I will leave you with one
          example. Aristotelian Physics.”
          Uh, I never brought up “Aristotilean Physics” to justify anything now, did I? And you accuse me of “cherry-picking”? You bring up something not even related to the argument at hand to try to dismiss the argument itself. Ridiculous.
          “However, some of Plato’s philosophy
          might explain your confusion about race, and why you shouldn’t place so
          much emphasis on your personal observations.”
          So are you putting words into my mouth now or what? Actually, my understanding of race has much more to do with scientific reality (which you would probably like to ignore) than any philosophy.

        138. “You impute your opinions to a general class of people which is invalid.”
          You’re trying to sound smart here and you’re just making a fool of yourself.
          Allow me to translate the pseudo-smart guy garble you’ve written above (as I have a gift for translating retard into sensible English): Your opinions are based upon generalizations which makes them invalid.
          Uh, no. Otherwise, the entire premise of this site would “invalid” if that logic held up.
          “In this context, you cannot even know for what purpose white people or black people in general etc, make these changes.”
          I never claimed to be able to know for certain. But it’s not outlandish to guess that people who are lightening their skin, wearing colored contact lenses, straightening their hair, widening their eyes (if they’re Asian), and adding a bridge above their nose (if they’re Asian) want to look more like light-skinned Caucasians.
          “You change
          your argument to suit your bias.”
          You have it ass backwards. My bias is a reflection of my reason which forms the basis of my arguments.
          “We could easily say both White and Black
          people are seeking some middle ground between the two. Based on this,
          the ideal look is mixed race?”
          We can say anything we want. It doesn’t mean that it rings true.
          “What is laughable is your suggestion
          that skin whitening creams are unsafe but tanning is not?”
          Skin lightening creams are often unsafe period. I’ve seen some dark-skinned Thais ruin themselves trying to be white. How unsafe tanning is for a specific white person had to do with the degree. I mean, eating is unsafe if it’s done to an excess.
          “You have not
          heard of skin cancer I take it?”
          No, I have never heard of skin cancer. Never.
          “Or sun induced aging?”
          Never heard of that one, either.
          “And you are
          unquestionably wrong – there is a huge industry in White people making
          themselves look darker. Go take a look at the tanning section of your
          local pharmacy.”
          So because I want a tan, that means I have secret desire to be a negro or a mulatto? That also means I want a big negro nose and blue/purplish gums? Is that really your logic, here?
          “This industry is far larger than that for skin
          lightening creams. And btw, tanning makes you darker – and white women
          in particular are obsessed with it.”
          Because they wish they were black; right.
          “What is also true, is that it
          is a mere fraction of people who are engaging in cosmetic surgery, using
          skin lighteners, etc. but you extrapolate from a few individuals to a
          group as a whole? Invalid.”
          I did not extrapolate from a few individuals that all individuals want to be a certain way. I simply made the observation that those individuals altering their appearance to mimic light-skinned Caucasians speaks to something.
          “Furthermore my friend, did you know that
          White people also get nose jobs, lip enhancements (in a negroid manner),
          make their hair curly, get dreads etc. etc.? ”
          White people want big stunted noses with wide nostrils? As far as big lips go, I didn’t know that was something unique to blacks.

        139. Absolutely incorrect, I am from Asia and never once I have encountered anyone with blonde girl preference (most people here watch Japanese porn). Yes it is true “white” women are the most desirable, but not blondes with blue eyes.
          If you have traveled, you’ll see that the most desirable women are Latin European, South American, Balkans, and Eastern European (yes some of them have blond hair and blue eyes, but by no means they resemble anything similar to blond-Western European nor Scandinavian).

        140. Then why are tanning saloon are booming in Western Europe and North American, skin whitening creams are famous because of Asian culture (people with light skin color are of higher rank-ruling class than those with darker skin-the working class), it has nothing to do with European women.

        141. The fact is, the same argument can be said to your statements. Wanting light skin color doesn’t make you trying to be “white”, lots of other races have light skin color. Wanting larger to have larger eyes doesn’t makes you want to be “white”, only asians have small eye every other race in the world have large eyes. Don’t think your statement with hair color is true, asians/ arabs/ indians will be ridiculed for having blonde hair. Having colored eyes also can’t be define as being white (depending on how you define white, because technically Caucasian derive from the mountain Caucasus, which located between Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Iran-none of which are considered white in English-speaking culture); Arabs have brown eyes, Afghanis and northern Indians have bright colored eyes.

        142. Well technically, Japan can’t be considered 3rd party, because historically Western culture have a huge impact on Japanesse culture

        143. That is true, but my problem with “white-men”, is how easily they bend the definition of being white, if it comes to attractive female.
          They claim South American models as “white” but, their footballers as latinos. They say Bollywood actress as “white” but the actors as indians. They consider french-middle eastern women as “white” but french-middle eastern footballers as arab.
          If anything it is “white-men” that have been stealing women all over the world by claiming them as “white”.

        144. I am from an Asian country and currently living in Europe; if your definition of European women is blonde with Scandinavian/ Western European look, then you have no problem. Those girls are only popular in English-speaking countries, even Western-European prefer the more ethnic-type European women (such as Latin, Balkans, eastern European).
          If what you mean by European women is Caucasian then you just claim maybe almost half of the world female population, because part of India, Arab-countries, eastern Europe, Balkans, Turkey, Armenia and many other countries nearby technically can be considered Caucasian.

        145. Not denying that Caucasian women are most desirable, but what you have failed to understand is the fact that not all Caucasian are European, many of them are geographically living in Asia, like India, Afghanistan, Central Asian countries, and several other neighboring countries.

        146. Bollywood is from north of India (where the “white” Indians come from), Dravidian have their own movies.
          This is exactly my problem with “white-men”, you claim Bollywood actress as “Aryan/Indo-European”. This is exactly how “white-men” “steal” women, by claiming them as their women.
          I am light skinned half-Indian half-Asian male, of course the female equivalence of me would be consider “white”, but if I were to go out with “white” women, people like you will complain saying that I am stealing “white” women.

        147. How about you not put words into my mouth first of all? Perhaps you shouldn’t respond to my points by quoting the words of someone else, no? Secondly, you’re talking completely past my point. Simply because I think European women are more attractive (as do many other men) than other women hardly means I’m “pedestalizing” them despite your sophomoric attempts to equate an honest personal evaluation of beauty with something akin to white knighting.
          If I think women are more attractive than men, by your stupid logic, I must be “pedestalizing” them.

        148. Most minority men want white women simply because white men continues to put them on a faulty pedestal. White women are the most unfaithful of women. But, if that is what you guys want then go for it. At least, you will get a blow job out of it.

        149. That was a study on a single woman, a woman with a gap in the middle of her lips with teeth showing through. There is no fucking way she proves european women are the most attractive.

        150. Anthropologists have frequently noted isolated non-white populations frequently consider whites ugly, in terms of facial features, hair and eye color, and yes, skin color. It’s not difficult to come across accounts, even today, of children who react in fear in places like rural india, africa, the americas etc. upon seeing white people.
          I’ve got one for you- if lighter hair is inherently more attractive on women, why is it that virtually every single, and I mean virtually EVERY population in which dark hair is uniform, the phenomenon of dying hair lighter never occurs? Why is it we can look at the art in places like the pre-contact Americas, east asia, etc. etc. and we find women with nothing but black hair? Why is it we often find black hair listed as an ideal of beauty even though it’s ubiquitous among them?
          I think I know why- you’re autistic and talking out of your ass.

        151. I was agreeing with you about the basic tendency we see around the world today, but then you go full fledged autistic when you say this:
          “At any rate, it’s all just a coincidence that a whole spectrum of
          societies past and present– from Latin America to Thailand to India to
          even America (despite PC) seem to value a lighter, more Aryan beauty
          (even if we do acknowledge other beauty) over say…whatever is
          considered “beautiful” inside a black ghetto?”
          Do they? Really? I really have to laugh at nuts like you who pine on about the incomparable beauty of white women (and of course, looking at some of your other essays here, “nordic” beauty of course, to say nothing of how you used the term “aryan” unironically) and make these historical and cross-cultural allusions- what are they? It’s frequently noted by anthropologists that isolated non-white populations, upon first contact with whites, think they’re ugly in terms of facial features, hair and eye color, and yes, even skin color. It’s not even just anthropologists, white tourists and such from around the world often note young children and even babies (in places like rural india and rural mestizo populations) react with fear upon seeing white people. You focus a lot on east asia too, and I have to ask, have you ever looked at how they depicted white people, particularly the japanese, after first contact? They often resemble jewish caricatures. The japanese did the same with the ainu, a people they long had contact with and are well known to be more caucasoid looking and lighter skinned, but as far as I can tell, they were never idealized by the japanese, they were always considered inferior and ugly, and they depicted them much how they did whites- oversized noses and harsh features, to the point of sometimes resembling neanderthals.
          You even go on about India and the preponderance of caucasoid beauty- well, I’m not sure if you weren’t aware of this, but India has had that caste system in place for millenia. And it’s not like many indian actresses and such to this very day have olive to light-medium brown skin and overwhelmingly black hair, and this frequently being the case if you look at classical indian art. I have never seen a depiction of a woman in classical indian art with anything but black hair, for one.
          Now, here’s the thing- I do think europeans (though hardly nordics) and similar populations are the most attractive (though I do not whatsoever think distinctively white features are most attractive), and beauty standards/preferences are far more complex than matters of “dominance”, but your solipsistic/sociopathic nordicism (or “aryanism” in your specific case) could hardly be more flimsy on a historical stage.

        152. Most studies don’t indicate that, you’re just a clueless aspie who’s never noticed how there’s never been a recorded instance of a pre-contract black-haired non-white people where the women dye their hair blonde and why there’s no paintings of women in pre-modern east asia with anything but black hair.

        153. Yeah, anime hardly exhibits “aryan” features, I think that’s just your autism flaring up. It’s an exaggerated art form based upon extremes of human neoteny (and pure fantasy, like the hair and eye colors that no human naturally has) that’s ultimately ethnically indistinct, even without the various idealizations of white-influenced features in Japan, anime would look virtually the same.
          Have you ever looked at how the Japanese depicted whites early on and the ainu, the latter of whom they NEVER idealized, despite the japanese looking more caucasoid than other east asians? I mentioned most of that in a longer comment, but it’s worth noting again. We could also talk about how east asians in the past (and at times even today) consider european white skin ugly due to it’s translucscency and proneness to discoloration.

    2. Actually what Athlone didn’t acknowledge was the ’88’ tank top. 88 (and 18) are often used by White Supremacist groups, especially in Germany. That she was actively supported by a group of White Supremacists, but shunned after having interracial sex, is not uncommon. White supremacists, especially those that would use the 88 reference, would call her a ‘mudshark’ after the interracial scene and consider her soiled goods. (As if being a porn actress had nothing to do with her being a cum dumpster)
      Personal opinion: I prefer white girls, maybe (Native) American Indian, or Asian. Nothing about their race directly, but black and hispanic girls don’t really get a rise out of mini-me. Top of the class though is Irish, Nordic (Sweden, Finalnd, Norway), or some parts of the former Soviet Bloc (e.g. Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia) for me. Some Dutch girls are awfully cute as well.
      Italians? Spanish? Greeks? Not really, except for maybe a couple outliers.

    3. I love how the above poster puts “Asian” men as having lots to loose. I find it funny how racially unaware Americans tend to be and I can guarantee that this poster is American.
      Asians are hardly even human, they only have to gain, even from Africans, by lessening their alien non-human bodies and faces (oriental/yellow eyes are very hard to loose even after generations of mating).
      Meanwhile, Arabs can be blonde in many cases, a Lebanese Arab with blonde hair is different than a Saudi Arab desert monkey. A Kurdish Iraqi (also technically an ‘Arab’) is going to be as Caucasian as someone from the nearby Caucausus Mountains) and similar to the neighboring black sea people.
      Indians are a whole another category and are 2 separate races: Aryan or Dravidian, each about 500 million or so each in present day India. This is relevant because both the original and neo-Nazis themselves use Sanskrit words on purpose and adopt the holiest and most widespread Hindu symbols such as shubh-tika, lal-tika (literally: reddot), the swas-tika and the word ‘Arya’ itself. This is because the Indian Aryans are what the “Indo” in the phrase “Indo-European people and languages” refers to but also the Hindu (aryan) religion is based on the Eddas.
      These are by and large, the same books as the Norse Eddas (for example). Hence the Nazi use of the Hindu word ‘swastika’ and not ‘hakenkreuz’ (which is the German word for the same symbol)
      Hearing an American talk about race (and their actually treating an Oriental barely-human thing as worthy of conversation, let alone respect), is a sure sign of something having gone seriously wrong. No European would talk about Orientals (“Asians” in this way.

      1. I don’t get the racism against Asians. And they do have a lot to lose from IR dating because in general women of other races aren’t attracted to Asian men but Asian women are desired by men of other races (and Asian women often are attracted to white men). Any loss of white women due to an increase in IR dating would probably result result in an increase of white men dating Asian women.

        1. Exactly.
          Interracial dating is a losing proposition for white men and Asian men. In the case of white men, it’s not necessarily a losing proposition in the short term as interracial dating gives them access to more women. (They don’t have the problems dating interracially that Asian men do.) But in the long term (in terms of white men who are interested in actually passing on an inheritance and having a homogeneous family and children that ACTUALLY look like them), it’s a complete loser. Despite what people say about white women being “the biggest cows” or “the most disgusting,” other men seem to have little objection to dating them.
          Also, I don’t get the “racism” against Asians, either (well, for the most part). They’re the least litigious race out there (aside from maybe upper class whites). Very live and let live. I guess their voting patterns annoy me (anti-white), but other than that I have no problems with them on an individual basis, typically.

        2. Gave you a thumbs up for having Friedrich der Grosse’s* portrait. My second favorite historical figure right after Jesus. Anyway white men are big winners in South America and Asia, how do you figure they are sexual losers in the international sexual marketplace? Why defend white women who could care less about you, who only sees you as a walking wallet?

        3. Thank you, Lance.
          “Why defend women in a demographic which includes say…my cousin, my sister, my mother, etc.?”
          A lot of it has to do with my perspective. I try to take a macro (philosophical/cultural) perspective instead of a self-serving hedonistic one. At the end of the day, hedonism has diminishing returns and often leads to unhappiness in life later on (at least within people who are intelligent and self-aware enough to be capable of such experiencing this empty feeling). I’m not perfect by any means but I don’t simply abandon white women out of (legitimate) resentment so many other (perhaps pathetic) white men do, here. Also, I’d like a son that looks like me and maybe even a daughter. I want children that look like my grandparents who will live on after I die. Abandoning white women will not accomplish that goal.
          I’ve done my share of traveling; what you say is true for sure.

    4. the arrogance of white males to assume hispanic,south asian,arabic,mediterenean and asian men all prefer white women is just a wrong assumption.Yes black men prefer white women over black women,because black women have nappy hair and the ratio of pretty to non pretty is low.but evene thiopian men prefer ethiopian women,ebcause the women are so god damn fine.
      Yes they may fuck white women,but they usually prefer their own for relationships and find them the hottest.
      its non white men that have alot to lose from IR.because all brown/yellow/black women prefer fat,ugly balding white cock over a handsome,tall,athletic man of their own race.its ethnic females that worship the white,not the males.
      if all men cashed in their white privelage card in Asia or brazil,peru etc all the men would have no women.because women are much more hypergamous.multiculturalism and IR is absically a way for white men to not only hoard all the white women(even though msot brown men do no eant them,they just don’t compare to brown women)but also haord all the ethnic hypergamous self-hating sluts for themselves and date up in terms of attractiveness degree.
      its a common site to see below average white guys with hot asian and Desi women.

    5. I read somewhere that people are getting uglier because they are ‘mixing’ races. I saw a whole picture essay of about 50 people, and rather than looking exotic, people actually were looking quite strange and unattractive.

      1. I think a sense of consistency within a race (a breeding population) smoothens (averages) out what are often ugly extremes over time and makes a group generally more attractive (provided that they had some attractive genetics to begin with and that those genetics are the ones proliferating). Racial mixing on a mass scale violates this principle.
        Occasionally, you’ll get some beautiful mixed people. But again, we have hard time with whole “exception to the rule” concept in the age of PC.

    6. I don’t understand your reasoning .”Certain groups have everything to gain” from dating a white woman? WHY? I’m a non-white guy and I prefer brown skinned women. Your are generalizing way too much.

      1. Well, why is it that most interracial relationships involve whites even though whites are still the least likely to miscegenate? I forgot where I read these stats, but that’s what the information I read conveyed (which corroborates my own observations). Whites were the most insular even though whites in interracial relationships made up the bulk of interracial relationships. That tells me that at some level white genetics are probably (“probably” being a key word, here) highly desired (even if on a sub-conscious level) even if you may exist as an outlier. It’s a valid interpretation of the data, at any rate.

        1. 15 % of peruvians have some Chinese ancestry,and its well known asian men are desired in latin america.latin america is for an asian man what asia is for a white guy.
          and actually the hugest interracial pairing in america is mestizos with white girls and mestizo women with white men(the numbers are roughly equal)but I wouldn’t consider that IR,since most mexicans in the southwest are Castizos.
          you don’t see men of other races with black women,because most black women don’t look like Jayne Kennedy or isabel correia but ugly nappy headed monkeys.
          but hot black women do get men of other ethnicities and they generally go for latinos.
          asian women don’t marry non white men so much because they are obsessed with white cock.that isn’t based on anything physical,because the white men they are getting with are usually unattractive.its a validation thing.
          whites=top power in finances,media,culture on earth so alot of people feel only a white person can validate them.

      2. “Your are generalizing way too much.”
        Says “mel” who frequents a gaming site that generalizes about women (among other things) in order to help guys get laid. Basically, generalizing is valid to you as long as the generalizations don’t offend your ego.

    7. What does a white man lose by marrying a superior non-white woman, one that is fitter, more feminine, will be a better mother, is better to have a conversation with, etc….than her white counterparts. And what does a white man lose by allowing minorities to help themselves all they want to the disgusting filth known as white American women.

      1. “What does a white man lose by marrying a superior non-white woman”
        Having progeny that are more related to him. If he mixes, he’ll have more in common (genetically) with some other random white than he will with his own son. Obviously, this applies to any race that miscegenates; not just whites.

        1. If you knew any science you would know that mixing genes is good. Gives you advantages. And there are some black and white people that have a higher % of congruent genes than among their families. Dumbass

        2. Right. Except that there are all sorts of ‘scientific’ studies that show mulattos as having lower IQs than whites.
          Mixing genes is good. I’m not advocating that people breed like ghetto negroes (who have a lot of inbreeding) or white trailer trash. But “mixing genes” is not the same as miscegenation. I’m an example of hybrid vigor and I’m still 100% European. My mother didn’t need to pro-create with some room temperature negro to achieve the feat of “mixing genes.”
          The Japanese seem to be doing fine compared to say Puerto Ricans or Middle Easterners (who are more “mixed”) or Mexicans (who are the epitome of a “mixed” nationality. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    8. The implication here is that white people are the superior race, the master race, the ubermensch. My friend you are not only a racist by definition, you are have a dangerous combination of ignorance and certainty combined with a selective historic amnesia.
      Have a seat on my couch young sir, lets talk about your childhood…

      1. Recently I was traveling and had to stop to use the restroom in Tennessee. I’m white, but I can assure you the people there I saw reminded me that my race most definitely has plenty of problems.
        It’s bad when you’re made uncomfortable just being somewhere around your own race. Reality check.

        1. No one is saying whites are all perfect. But their problems are no where near the problems that you see within “enriched” cultures (namely, black and mestizo cultures). In fact, pointing out their problems is “racist.”

    9. I’ve never been particularly drawn to white women or Anglo features. Black, Caribbean/Central and South American women are like crack to me. I found – after living in Asia for a few years – that I greatly prefer SE Asians to pale skinny boyishly shaped Northern Asians as well.
      Don’t get me wrong, a nice piece of ass is a nice piece of ass in any color. But when I think of my ‘ideal beauty’ the traditional blue eyed, blonde white woman, ain’t even a consideration.
      I think the average white guy falls into the “echo chamber trap” of being a member of the most dominant culture/primary producer and target of western media. Subsequently, because there is very little exposure to darker variations of female beauty; assumes/is conditioned to think there isn’t anything better.

    10. And white, Asian men are already at a great disadvantage because non-white men have lots more swag and game. And with the exception of spiky blonde hair dude from “You Got Served,” most don’t know how to “move” either.

        1. They ignore data that contradicts their worldview.
          There was another study (I wish I could find it but I think it was linked by VDARE) which showed that whites in America are the LEAST likely to miscegenate % wise (hence they’re “racist,” right?) but that MOST interracial couples involved a white, nonetheless. (The obvious implication from that data is that white mates are highly desirable despite all the talk around here about white men sucking and white women sucking blahblahblah…I mean, if the data actually matched what these anti-whites were saying it would be one thing, but it doesn’t.)

    11. I’m white (as the driven snow) and I opened up my options long ago and have gained much from it.

    12. Sorry but white blond women are no where even close to the top rank among women. Just because they are you personal preference doesn’t mean they are everyone. Its also an extrmely beat point of view to worry that there won’t be enough white girls left for the whit guys. Are you kidding with that nonsense? Makes me think you fear that you just are worth or can’t compete? Personally, I prefer mixed women whose ethnicity is hard to decern. like this I feel like Mixed people are by far the most attractive which makes it even more ridiculous that anyone would have a problem with interracial dating.

    13. That’s what I thought until I saw white, blonde, blue eyed women behaving like animals and taking cocks like it was your average Tuesday tv show. No thanks. Now I prefer much more latinas and asians.

    14. Spot on.
      The sexes are unequal, and the consequences of of sex are unequal. I can fuck around with zero negative consequences to my genes (race, if you will) whereas a white woman (recessive genes) who has sex with a black man (dominant genes) and gets pregnant propagates his genes at the expensive of hers and mine. I think if we’re honest, white men find the idea of white women having sex with black men to be revolting, even while we’re tapping women of all races.
      Given Germany’s experience as the loser of the most savage war ever fought, with state sanctioned rape as a policy of the victors which destroyed the ethnic cohesion of the nation– the consequences of which remain to this day– I can see how this would be an especially sensitive issue for a right wing party in that country.
      The allure of porn is that the viewer imagines he is participating in the sex, which would require the male viewer in this case to identify with a male of another race. Surely men can see this psychological conflict.

      WHITE MEN PUT WHITE WOMEN ON A FALSE PEDESTAL. They willingly fuck any man on the first date.

  8. I can understand their point. Interracial pairings often produce messed-up children. Mixed race girls seem to be more likely than white girls to end up being raging sluts. (One good example is Belle Knox.) And of the few gay guys I know personally, most seemed to be of mixed race of one kind or another.
    It’s gotten to the point where, as my alphatude has vastly increased, I’ve been avoiding interracial dating and exclusively hitting up white girls.

    1. When the parents are libtards and enter into an interracial marriage just for the social justice merit badge of course the kids wind up stupid and faggy.
      The problem is being raised in a libtard household, not having jumbled genes.

        1. Bottom of the white barrel + bottom of another barrel = bottom of a new mixed barrel. The mixing isn’t the problem. The problem is being at the bottom of the barrel. You’re talking inferior nature and inferior nurture.
          The scenario I outlined, two average libtards banding together fore the sole purpose of creating a mulatto is also stupid. Inferior/average nature and inferior nurture, since they’ll think the sun shines out of the kid’s ass just for being mixed.
          If two Olympians or two Nobel laureates of different colors interbred, the result would be better than you or me. Superior nature and superior nurture.
          If someone has top-shelf genes (being smart, running fast, etc), they’d be wasted on an average mate. The whole idea is don’t settle for average to get the color you want.
          If a white 6 who doesn’t understand a word I say thinks she’s too good for me, I’d rather go for an Asian 8 if she’s fucking literate. You seem to suggest than a lesser mate of the same color would yield a superior offspring by virtue of purity. So fucking retarded.
          Stupid is stupid is stupid, YOU fucking retard.
          Read a fucking book on genetics. There’s a middle ground between bleeding heart social justice faggery and thinking you’re part of the master race just because you can sunburn. Every race has superior and inferior specimens.

        2. “Every race has superior and inferior specimens.”
          Sure, but the RATES of demonstrated “superiority” and “inferiority” (your words) within races are not “equal” and you want to shoot the messenger of this truth. That’s the bottom line.
          You probably wish nature was that tidy and convenient because you have an ego to spare. It’s not, though. Just ask a homely Australian Aboriginal woman who you probably wouldn’t touch with a teen foot pole on account of her caveman-like features.

      1. Ostensible conservatives also date and adopt kids interracially, and screwed-up kids don’t seem to be any less likely than among libtards. Although it may be argued that white conservatives who do this have a strong libtard streak due to the fact they dated or (especially) adopted interracially in the first place.
        And unless they’re living in a place with few or no whites and have no choice, or the nonwhite partner is very attractive, whites who date interracially seem to be the bottom of the barrel, whether physically, psychologically, or both, and are rejected by their own race as partners.

  9. I moved to Santiago, Chile about a year and a half ago. Whilst in Chile, I began a relationship with a Chilean girl and it was by far the best relationship that I was in. She was a firecracker. I had to end it ultimately because I could not stay in Chile any longer.

  10. I made my third visit to the Philippines for 20 days in April. It had been about four years since my last visit.
    I’m always impressed by how authentic the people are there. I know, everyone is going to say I’m a walking ATM machine or they were just wanting to use me for money. Not once, did anyone ask me for a single peso and everyone, especially the woman I spent the bulk of my time with there, did everything to make me as comfortable as possible.
    I stayed on Luzon for my two prior trips, so for this one I wanted something different. I went to Mindanao, specifically General Santos. I knew it was going to be interesting since I was on a fully loaded Airbus A320 from Manila to Gensan – and I was the only white guy on the aircraft and surrounded by Muslims. Gensan doesn’t have the best reputation for tourism and it’s highly recommended for whites not to go there – all of Mindanao is considered pretty sketchy with some areas you just don’t go to.
    Getting to my point. The whole island of Mindanao has scheduled blackouts and Gensan is no exception. The woman I visited has no air condtioner and goes four hours a day without electricity in her apartment.
    She never complained once, about anything. 90 degrees with no fan in her apartment? No problem. Ants crawling on the floor? Well, that’s life, can’t do much about that. Roosters screetching and dogs barking all night? Business as usual. She works, and supports herself completely while paying the college tuition of her younger brother. She managed to get a bachelor’s degree in something useful while not drunk fucking her way through the process. She is the true definition of a strong independent, yet traditional, woman – the kind of woman that can display her independence without ever having to say a fucking word about how independent she is. There’s no fanfare, no “look at me, aren’t I awesome?!” There’s none of that shit. There’s a saying that generally those that do the most talking possess the least amount of talent. I, for one, love talent and it’s been a lifetime since I’ve experienced it.
    Contrast this with an American girl who will pitch a fucking five minute fit over getting screwed out of a tablespoon of whipped cream on her Starbucks frappe. There really is no going back to that shit. I can only put up with so much. I’ve got my local Asian and while she has her issues, she’s miles ahead of the local white women.
    I fly all the time, so the last thing I want to do, generally, is go flying across the Pacific and spend roughly 30 hours one-way at airports on my time off. I’m glad I made this last trip as it’s inspired me to get off my ass again and start traveling overseas all the time like I used to do.
    Athlone is dead on accurate here. Broaden your scope, and you won’t regret it.

    1. “I’m always impressed by how authentic the people are there.”
      This is my very favorite thing about leaving Anglo America, which I unaffectionately call ‘Murica. I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said 1,000 times already, but maybe it bears repeating. Our women are the absolute worst I’ve ever come across in my life. They literally make my skin crawl. Self-serving, often fat, usually with dyed hair, glib, manly, infertile, haughty, spoiled, bitchy, entitled…the list goes on.
      For me, it comes down to the decision of what’s most imporant to my own personal happiness. Do I sacrifice everything to permanently game some pasty chick, fighting a degenerate culture every step of the way, a chick who’s only going to screw me over and frivorce rape me in the end, all while being an insufferable, spoiled bitch to be around?
      Or accept that fact that there are women out there, largely, women of color, who because of differences in cutlure, can and do make me much happier, and are more than willing to fulfill their biological imperitive to become good mothers and wives?
      For me there’s a damn simple answer to that question, which is why I haven’t had a white girlfriend since 2001. Yes, pump and dumps, but that’s all they’re good for. Every true relationship I’ve had since 2001 has been with a woman of some ethnicity, and I have absolutely no regrets about it.
      And I’m not going back to the White Woman Plantation either.

      1. Exactly, I’ve had multiple opportunities to marry and impregnate various attractive western white women and the misery these people will cause you in your life IS NOT WORTH IT. These is why I believe that white supremacists (who are overwhelmingly white males) are serious masochists. Sure I get it “mud-sharks,” “race-traitors,” and the animus against Jewish feminists, yeah I get and understand the anger. But the glaring ignorance of white women’s mass participation and enmity against Western Civilization and thus men never strikes a chord in these people’s heads. In their minds, white women have never done any wrong, never given a false rape accusation, and worse can never do anything wrong. White supremacy is less about honoring the wonderful achievements of certain great white men and is really about, mass white pussy worship.
        And as long as the white western whore doesn’t fuck a brown, black or whatever hued dick, then she’s A ok with them. I’ve never seen a group of men stick it out for and cherish a group of women that absolutely despises them, their traditions and customs. Instead of going to countries like Brazil where the women are who tanned and far more beautiful would be great mothers, god-fearing and great helpmates, these men will die for the misplaced hope that one day the Anglo whore will return to being some idealistic cunt that never existed, and a role that she was all too willing to shed. It’s a reason why men don’t want to go to Sweden, Norway or Finland for the puss but instead are going to Latin America and Asia.

        1. The way I see it, I have two choices as a millennial man.
          Option 1 – Marry one of following American women: a single mom, a former/current whore, or a fat ass. Before anyone goes off about young 18-20 years, it’s pretty safe to assume they will fall under the whore category too and will have minimal desire at all to get married/start a family. I can marry one of these types and keep my line of the white race going, and take an extremely high risk of losing absolutely everything I’ve spent the last 10 years working my ass off for, and do this while being completely fucking miserable. I’ll have my white kids, but most likely a broken home. Pilots aren’t exactly known for having very successful marriages to begin with.
          Option 2- Marry a traditional attractive brown woman and have much better odds of having an in tact cohesive family unit. Children that will be mixed, but have two parents in the house, with a healthy environment. Everything is a risk, there’s no escaping that. Odds are much more in my favor that I could make this work though. For anyone to deny this would be severely lacking in common sense.
          If I ever decide to take this path, it goes without saying what I would choose.

        2. This is why I admire Matthew Mcconaughey. He married a beautiful brown Brazilian. His career took off while still married to this woman. She never seeks the limelight or competes with her husband but instead bore his children and is a compliant and dutiful wife. On the other hand, Tiger fucking Woods. He married a worthless au-pair gold-digging useless Nordic bitch that took a sizeable chunk of his fortune and was the main impetus for the decline of this great man. What was absolutely sickening was all the white beta males who rejoiced with envy upon the collapse of Tiger Woods. These men readily picked up the “you go girl” banners, praising a worthless dumb white bitch who ruined a great man. And for what because he got his dick wet with other women? So that entitles a bitch to $300 million? White men who don’t take the red-pill deserve everything they fucking get, and the same goes for black men.

        3. Very well said. They are not worth it, I’ve seen them screw my friends over, and I’ve seen them screw other men over my entire life. Luckily, I never fell victim to the predatory Anglobitch. There was always something that seemed unsavory about them ever since the time I reached late adolescence. I guess I just had good instincts to avoid getting snared by one. I also watched my Anglo sister destroy her life chasing bad boys and the party lifestyle in her 20s and watched how even my own mom’s relationships with men went. The proof is everywhere I look.
          You literally can’t make enough money or can’t do enough to satisfy them. I see dumb fucks try to do it all the time. It’s like throwing all the fruits of your labor down a black hole because Becky’s husband bought her this or that and now I’ve got to have one. Nevermind that you’re up to your neck in debt already and she already lives a life of luxury that would make even nobles of 100 years ago blush. Miss a payment and Miss Casper is out the door. And don’t you dare question her daliances with the poolboy and the guy at work and her ex-boyfriend. She’s got you by the balls, and one trip to the lawyer is all it takes to turn you into a slave for the rest of your life.

        4. –Quote– “You literally can’t make enough money or can’t do enough to satisfy them. I see dumb fucks try to do it all the time.”
          So much truth here. I watch guys do this shit all the time too. They run around like chickens with their asses on fire trying to do everything to make a bitch happy.
          The thing I always said to myself that kept me out of falling into this shit trap was, “What about me? Don’t I get to be happy too some-fucking-times?”
          American guys never seem to understand that THEY matter too. They literally slave their lives away trying to do the impossible – make an American woman happy. Short term it’s easy to do, but long term? Forget it. Hell, you can’t even make them content, nevermind happy.
          By the way, always liked your posts Relampago when you had a guest account. Glad you’ve joined up.

        5. –Quote– “So that entitles a bitch to $300 million? ”
          The amount of money these broads get completely blows my mind. A nanny that fucked Tiger Woods should not be worth well over a quarter of a billion dollars. How that can be justified is beyond me.

        6. Ive noticed this too with WNs. They really put their own women on a pedestal like no other. They will fight all these foreign men but dont seek to correct their womens behaviour like foreign men would, cause they are beta.
          WNs are the definition of white knight. Its good reason for that cause foreign men wont protect any hoes, just the good girls in their communities.
          Thats why we dont say black zulus or brown rajput or yellow samurai or red apache cause theyd slap their hoes out of the gene pool….cuz really who wants a hoe for a mom or wife.
          I get it. We humans are tribal and dont like our (desirable) women getting railed by a foreigner. But these women are hoes. Why care then. They are just toys to be passed around until they are used up, not for starting a family with. If it was a pretty chaste girl then yes,
          I can see the frustration like you would see in traditional communities.
          I have no problem with those want to stick with their own race,nothin wrong with keeping up that DNA linage. THis doesnt bother me as Im of mixed background.

        7. Haha, well said. I swore up and down that I’d never, ever get married or have kids…probably because I only dated other American women. I married a Brazilian, and, other than the fact that she gets pregnant every time she washes my drawers, I have zero regrets. I’d rather shoot myself in the dick than marry the absolute dumpster fire that is the typical American woman.

        8. Actually, Tiger Woods broke the bond of marriage. He did it to himself. Why da homey hatin’ on the fellow darkie?

        9. So…
          Wanting to preserve your race means that you’re the equivalent of a beta male who enables feminism? Last I checked, most white males (who enable shitty white female behavior) are beta PC types and not WNs.
          There’s a difference between loving and idealizing your race’s beauty (which mostly resides in its women) and being a prostrate beta white knight.

        10. It was time for me to come back. Too much good conversation and discussion on here for me not to be a part of it. By the way, I’ve enjoyed your posts to, and even have some quotes from them saved in a scrapbook I keep of things I think are worth writing down.
          I will be passing some of this wisdom that I’ve learned the hard way and picked up from other Red Pill men on to my son when he gets older, and if the baby I’m expecting now turns out to be another boy, I’ll be passing it on to him too. If my next child is a girl, at least I can take solace in the fact she won’t become a degenerate whore like she would have if she was born in ‘Murica.

        11. The great thing about Latinas is that having a family is a completely normal thing to them, and they’re happy to be good wives, good mothers and faithful partners. They don’t use children as weapons to be wielded in court and to make indentured servants out of men like Anglobitches.

        12. Once I experienced sex with a couple white women I didn’t chase them after them like I once did.
          I did it because I was curious and I needed to find out what white men have been hyping. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but the novelty wore off as soon as I busted a nut.
          Pussy is pussy to me. The prettier the better, whatever race.

        13. Feminism at its finest. That’s all this is really about when you think about it.
          Now they’re praising the bitch for getting a doctorate. Really? I woman who has millions in the bank, with all her needs taken care of, dating a billionaire, deserves praise for a fucking degree she’ll never use or need (not even STEM)?
          lol, gtfo here.

        14. I actually think race preservation, while understandable, is a wasted endeavor.
          The day you can control human nature is the day you can actuate this plan. If race were meant to be preserved it would happen organically, we’re long past that.
          If it gets your dick hard, fuck it.

        15. I’d be careful with that thinking, at least in the states. I’ve witnessed the other side of that coin here.

        16. Oh, I’m talking about Latinas in their own culture. Any woman that adapts to American culture is spoiled merchandise in my mind.

        17. I don’t control such things. That doesn’t mean that I chuck all sense of conviction to the wind, either, though.

        18. I understand your sentiments. But honestly, this is the world that we are living in and teetering towards. Every civilization has it day. Europeans had a nice long run from about 1492 when the Moors were expelled from Spain till about 1968 with the advent of the sexual revolution. If this world were so great and meant to be upheld, the other half of the white race (white women) would be lining up to maintain the Ancien Regime, but they aren’t. Ironically, Frederick the Great was the first to let the Jews into Prussia on massive scale, a proponent of globalization, a homosexual, 33rd degree freemason, and liberal in his linguistic and intellectual sentiments (Francophile) and an excellent Prussian warrior (about the only Teutonic aspect of his personality he expressed.) I think if he were alive today, he’d hardly be advocating for the world you are.

        19. Yep Matthew McConaughey is the man. During his Oscar acceptance speech he mentioned God a few times and the place went dead silent. Only thing worse ( in the eyes of hollywood ) would be if he said a gay slur. He’s the model for the “effortless Alpha”….

        20. You are truly alpha when you can be massively successful a and hated by Cultural Marxists and white nationalists. What a stud.

        21. 1492? You are forgetting about the Greeks (imagine if Alexander hadn’t have die so young and his generals wouldn’t have carved up his empire) and the Roman Empire.

        22. Lets not also forget the Egyptians, Parthians, Persians, Carthaginians, Ottomans, Mongols, various Chinese Empires, Japanese, Zulus, Aztecs… You get the idea. The pendulum swings one way and then the other. No one nation has a monopoly on everlasting Empire. They all have a beginning and an end and yes, the Sun will one day set on your Empire.

        23. Also be aware of their game. I’ve heard stories of them sabotaging condoms, so that they can get pregnant and be taken back to the states.

        24. What really gets me is that white supremacists keep saying “mass immigration into white lands.” Well let’s take a look, at the rest of the world where whites mass immigrated (which I have no issue with), South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Brazil, and Argentina etc. None of these places are indigenously European, but the world lives with it, no one even mentions it. However a few Jamaicans in London, Arabs in Paris or Turks in Berlin causes an uproar of “white genocide.” I’ve never seen more outlandish claims in my life. It’s simply unbelievable the context these people use “genocide” in. So if Becky willingly fucks Abdul and has a kid, that is “genocide,” and a “crime.” No one cared when Italians or Germans immigrated en-masse to Argentina or Brazil for a better life, but it’s an issue when browner people move to Europe. White nationalists, cannot possibly be nationalists except in Europe, since the places they live outside of Europe are not indigenously theirs, but they are rather white supremacists who will die holding the banner of white supremacy.

        25. There’s a difference between militarily conquering an area and dominating it and having slave morality imposed upon your kind so that they roll over and die (along with their culture).
          Whites were abused by Arab slave traders in the past. I’m actually a Slav (where the name for “slave” comes from). I’m not playing the victim game. Whites don’t have to play the victim game; apparently, for “minorities,” their Will to Power is “muh oppression gibes muh reps.” And decadent spineless white men roll over. I don’t like seeing any race of men roll over and die the way whites are. It’s pathetic, life-denying sickness.
          Are you one of those Marxist types that equates a military victory for land and resources with “stealing”?

        26. Carthage was destroyed by Rome never to rise again. The Zulus and the Aztecs had not even invented the wheel when Europeans came into contact with them. I don’t disagree with you that “the sun will one day set on your Empire” but I will do what I can to fight for it’s survival. Fighting and protecting your own, that is part of being a man, much more meaningful than penetrating as many women as possible.

        27. Many of you relish the thought of the end of Western Civilization. You should reconsider. The Chinese will not be as benevolent.

        28. The point is that all of those empires were destroyed or collapse. I mean look at the joke Rome is now. There is a life-cycle for empires and the Anglo-American empire will collapse. I am not saying I relish the end of it, far from it. But the current “superiority” of the white man will fade, the dominance of the white culture will fade and be replaced by something else. Lets not forget that a short while ago, it was the Ottomans who were the premier empire in the West. They had white people in European running for the hills!

    2. I have pretty much the same story with my black Latina girlfriend south of the border. She worked in a sweat shop for twenty years, and yet she still has the demeanor of someone walking into Disneyland. With the little money she makes, she pays her mother’s rent and puts herself through school. She has little and rarely, if ever, complains. Through all that, she is shy, respectful and polite.
      Whatever happens happens, but I’d rather take my chances with her than an entitled by product of American feminism. There is no pleasing the majority of these gals. Their attitude is simply this: You as the man are guilty; now upon up your wallet and shut the fuck up.
      If guys want to stay in the US and protect the sanctity of the white race, then go for it. And if you truly desire a white woman, then that’s what you should seek.
      But if any guy is afraid to date another type of woman (black, brown, etc) because of what the neighbors will say, then this man is an epic douche. You sold out your desires for public approval. You will have to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you didn’t have the balls to grab what you wanted in life.

    3. I was in GenSan a few years back. Its not a bad town, some nice coffeeshops, restaurants and malls. Not much for night life but its not far to Davao.
      Let me know next time you go. I was thinking of going back later this summer.

      1. I had a great time there. One of the highlights was watching the Pacquaio vs Bradly fight (Gensan being Manny’s hometown). The place shut down, tricycle drivers all piled into the restaurant. No one gave a damn, everything stopped. It was a pretty awesome experience.
        Lots of good looking chicks running around KCC/Veranza Mall and SM Mall too. Very easy place to meet women, whites are pretty scared of going there for the most part, so I was a bit of a novelty. I saw maybe a dozen white guys the entire time I was there – mostly all older guys with their wives/girlfriends.
        No real nightlife like you said, other than some the East Asia Royal Hotel.
        Don’t know when I’ll go back, won’t be too soon though.

  11. “This reality is especially pertinent for men of certain backgrounds: if you’re a western male of, say, European heritage, you stand to gain…”
    So true. Whites make up approximately 7 % of the worlds population. Give or take half are male, which leaves you with 3.5% of the WP is white female. Again of that 3.5% more than half aren’t Anglo-Saxon but; Slavs, Ashenazi Jews etc. Which leaves you with give or take 1% of the worlds population being white female. Of this group a significant part has feminist and non-traditional leanings. The ones not openly vocal about it atleast are influenced by it in one way or another. Again leaving you with 0.0000(you name it)1% of quality white females.
    Men that are fishing in that very small pond must realize that pulling quality is very difficult/pretty much impossible. However you look at it the numbers just aren’t in your favor.

    1. there are at least 1billion whites in the world, Europe has only like 10% non whites, there are like 200 million whites in the US, then count African whites, Latin American whites, Canadians, Australians etc. you would get to 1billion

      1. Even in your numbers are correct my point still stands. Doubling my original numbers wouldn’t make very much difference. My point is that the number of quality Anglo-Saxon women is infinitesimal. infinitesimal + infinitesimal = infinitesimal.

      2. this is the most accurate and up to date map of whites in europe(I checked it). When you add the 200 milion plus in north america and about 200 million in south america(thats right 1 in 3 latinos are full european). The number of foreigners is nothing really unless you head to certain urban areas, but nothing compared to canada usa an Australia.
        ps russia’s non white population is native considering all the tatars dagestanis chechnians inuits etc. Only slavics are native to its western part of the nation.
        You get well over a 1.1 billion whites. Perhaps 1.5 billion when considered mixed populations across the globe.

        1. It’s not about raw numbers; it’s about trends and breeding patterns and demographics in historically white areas. Taking those concepts into account when examining today’s phenomena, it’s safe to say there will still be Japanese in hundreds of years (as Japan is too “racist” to allow mass immigration on anything like the scale that “racist” European countries allow). The same does not hold true for Europeans (real Europeans, that is. They’re fast becoming extinct if you extract today’s trends over even just a century or two.

        2. It is not accurate at all. I live in the Czech Republic.
          3% of people are Gypsy (Indian origin)
          1% of people are Vietnamese
          Slovakia is pretty much the same, the language is so similar it could be considered a dialect of Czech.
          They have anywhere from 8-12% of Gypsy people.
          Hungary and Bulgaria also have like 10% of Gypsy people
          The thing is that when they count the population, they do not ask about ethnicity but only nationality, they can choose to be of the “gypsy” nationality even though there is not a Gypsy country so most of these people opt out to choose the Czech/Slovak nationality, hence the stats.
          There was a real research about the number of Gypsy people in Slovakia two years ago and the number they found out was 400k.
          I do not know that much about Latin America but since half of the Mexicans in the US claim they are white it is gonna be similar, there are probably a lot of white people in Latin America, but not as many as we think.

  12. Instead of sexing around and traveling exploiting women why dont you settle down and provide for the love of your life who suffers so much from oppression and has a much tougher job than you can imagine?

    Women have the hardest job in the world. Remember that.

    1. I’m shocked a greeting card company came up with this. Next thing you’ll tell me is that diamond companies suggest spending 3 month’s salary on engagement rings…oh that’s right…
      Wonder if dads will get the same honors come Father’s day-somehow I doubt it.

    2. What a faggot. Yeah “moms.” Bet there won’t be shit like this for father’s day. There won’t be a video detailing at any given moment a man my lose his children, that even though he can’t see his children he will go to jail if he doesn’t keep paying his ex-bitch. That even if temporarily unemployed he’ll still go to jail if he can’t pay. Yeah, that would be a great service announcement for father’s day.

    1. Aff’lon’ responds to this with a snappy “THERE IS NO NEED TO BE UPSET” gif in 3… 2… 1….

      1. haha you know McGinniss never fails to disappoint his gif meme coonery … they don’t call him RoK’s resident Stepin Fetchit for nothing!

  13. What is one of the things that differentiates women from men? – Options.
    Women have options in abundance. In fact, they are overwhelmed with them. This is why they can afford to be extremely picky, snobbish and haughty.
    If you want to mitigate this – There is no better way to give yourself more options. Especially options with non-western women. This is the most effective way to lower the value of western women.
    Fine article.

  14. Real men don’t give a fuck about fuck about a woman’s ethnicity when it comes to sex. The best pussies are the pink ones.

    1. Pounding stinkboxes is one thing; who you choose to procreate and carry on your genetic legacy with is quite another.
      (In b4 some faggot with “Who wants kids in today’s Western world, only blue pill betas reproduce! Enjoy the decline LOL”

  15. I don’t oppose interracial unions, but this article goes as far as to say that there is “a whole lot” to be gained by them, and into odd territory. Different races/genetypes have encoded within their DNA different diseases and vulnerabilities (as well as strengths). Diabetes, male pattern baldness, alzheimers, cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, susceptibility to collapsed lungs. There’s a whole shopping list of reasons completely seperate from any dubious “sociopolitical” reasons one might have, not to procreate interracially; none of them should necessarily stop you if you intend to be a committed parent in a loving relationship. But this is dating advice, not procreation advice. It really doesn’t matter. It surprises me to see an article like this on a site like this that is aware of the prolific sexual promiscuity of women, yet questions a party for considering political purity more important than a womans sexual history. People have different standards and opinions, to assume wrong or evil intent is a picture in your own minds eye.

    1. “It surprises me to see an article like this on a site like this that is
      aware of the prolific sexual promiscuity of women, yet questions a party
      for considering political purity more important than a womans sexual
      The commetariat here is schizophrenic at times. On the one hand, women are sexually promiscuous and this is all regrettable for civilization blahblahblah…that’s all acknowledged. I certainly acknowledge it. But then in the next breath, some (very few) women who do demonstrate some female virtue (i.e. they’re “prudish” or not easy) get condemned for being prudes or “stuck up” or whatever.
      Despite a great deal of posturing that goes on around here about merely giving slutty women what they deserve (as sort of an equilibrium), I think a large chunk of men here wouldn’t have it any other way regardless of how much they want to pretend they are victims of society or forced into behaving the way in which they do. They enjoy the decline while pretending to be noble at the same time.

  16. Pro Tip: if you want stronger smarter kids, find “new blood” to breed with. Human mutts are like dog mutts. If you are going to have kids on the basis of “muh progeny” then a woman from the “old world” is good breeding stock and she’ll act like a woman too (but she’ll expect you to be a real man so don’t forget that).
    The USDA Grade A American White Girl is the worst breeding choice. A life of flouride, high fructose, prescription drugs she never really needed and a head full of garbage makes for a woman unhealthy in both body and mind. They need to become extinct.
    I can hear people say “Oh but your kids will have……. brown skin!!” . OMG horror of horrors! Kids you don’t have to take to the beach.
    Every honorable fellow I have known, when hit with that “your kids will have brown skin” crap, will still say “Yeah but those are still my kids”.
    (Now if the woman you had the kids with is NOT brown – and neither are you, then you got trouble but that’s another issue entirely).

    1. Fucking exactly.
      If I breed with a girl who’s fit enough and smart enough, my kids will have stats similar to mine. If I raise them right, they’ll have all my best qualities and will one day surpass me. Looking at my relatives by blood and marriage, I know I’ve got a decent number of dominant traits, so any kid of mine would be recognizable as such. I wouldn’t accept an inferior mate of any race.
      It’s possible to be red pill, understand that race and IQ both exist, and not be a dick about it. I know a shitton of people with an ethnic makeup identical to my own for with whom I have nothing else in common. I’ve met some people from the other side of the planet who are cut from the same cloth I am.
      Being a total racist makes you just as stupid as the bleeding heart social justice idiots. There’s variation in every population.

    2. “if you want stronger smarter kids, find “new blood” to breed with.”
      Except that mixed race children (mulattos) have lower average IQs than white children. You’re trying to blur racial differences by misapplying the concept of “hybrid vigor.”

        1. Well, naturally. With all due respect, I have a hunch that no amount of evidence would ever convince you that the subject wasn’t debatable. Meanwhile, black athletic prowess, I’m sure, is self-evident. And I never even implied that all mixed children were mulattos. But I was talking about them particularly to explain the folly in assuming that race-mixing was tantamount to some “hybrid vigor” which is what deceptive cultural Marxists insinuate to people all the time.

        2. Don’t bother. Here’s how it works: That black men are superior athletically is a given fact. That there are differences between racial groups in intelligence that have unfortunate implications for people of African ancestry is racist hogwash and pseudoscience.

        3. Blacks have bigger junk. Obvious fact.
          Blacks have smaller brains. OMGZ, that is so so ignorant. *defriend*

        4. I think they’re under the impression that muskets, cannons, and large warships just fell from the sky one day and happened to land primarily in Europe.

        5. Meanwhile, black athletic prowess, I’m sure, is self-evident.

          Is it? I don’t recall making that statement, but I’d be intrigued to hear more about why you believe it.

          And I never even implied that all mixed children were mulattos.

          Well, you said this:

          Except that mixed race children (mulattos) have lower average IQs than white children.

          The structure of that sentence doesn’t really avoid the implication you claim you’re not making here. Perhaps you should have said:
          “Except that mulattos have lower average IQs than white children.”
          Neither assertion does much to aid in your bid to “explain the folly in assuming that race-mixing was tantamount to some form of ‘hybrid vigor’”, since there is ample evidence available to contradict the notion that the IQs of mixed individuals (mulattoes and others) are necessarily lower than those of white children.

        6. “Is it? I don’t recall making that statement, but I’d be intrigued to hear more about why you believe it.”
          I don’t recall attributing any such comment to you. But you’re being disingenuous if you’re going to ignore the general (and totally PC) feeling that acknowledges black athletic prowess over other races in certain areas.
          “And I never even implied that all mixed children were mulattos.
          Well, you said this:
          Except that mixed race children (mulattos) have lower average IQs than white children.”
          Because I was specifically talking about that variety of mixed race, not implying that ALL mixed race children are mulattoes. Do you just like to argue for the sake of arguing? Good grief.
          structure of that sentence doesn’t really avoid the implication you
          claim you’re not making here. Perhaps you should have said:
          “Except that mulattos have lower average IQs than white children.””
          Perhaps you should pick something substantive to argue about? I may make long posts, but at least I argue in good faith instead of trying to nitpick people’s sentence structure to score any type of points that I can.
          assertion does much to aid in your bid to “explain the folly in
          assuming that race-mixing was tantamount to some form of ‘hybrid
          vigor’”, since there is ample evidence available to contradict the
          notion that the IQs of mixed individuals (mulattoes and others) are
          necessarily lower than those of white children.”
          Right. It’s just “racism” (real scientific assertion, there) that holds them all back, right?

        7. White privilege in a nutshell. Only “minorities” have a right to inherit anything. Our inheritance is “privilege.”
          Thanks for the vernacular, Jews. (see Tim Wise, Frankfurt School, etc.)

  17. Why stop at race? Don’t limit yourself to one sex. There are plenty of men out there who will welcome your throbbing moanmaker. Why stop at species? Broaden your horizons and bend a sheep over a turnstile.

  18. I’ve never understood the whole racial bias thing, at least as far as it comes to women. If you like each other, what’s the problem?
    At best it shows an unreasoning hatred towards someone based solely upon their skin color – an extremely short-sighted and closed-minded attitude. At worst it fuels unnecessary violence and a locked mind.
    We men are supposed to be about improving ourselves and learning truth rather than promoting lies and foolishness. There are far better things in life to concentrate upon than the latter.

    1. Not only that, but there’s often an uncomfortable collectivist undertone in the racial arguments. Basically they seem to believe that because someone’s the same skin color as them, they have more of a right to mating with them than someone of a different color. It’s very tribalistic and I often wonder if it’s partially a holdover from our caveman days when there probably was scarcity and likely open warfare over that kind of shit.

  19. The problem as i see it is that left wing progressives are terrified of white people asserting pride in their heritage. They flood the West with immigrants, allow them to assert their identities in racial terms (black history etc..) But paint whites who do the same as racist. A term they have cleverly linked to fascism, hitler and the holocaust. This ends debate because racism is now a label which can destroy you. Interracial dating has never been a serious issue because it is comparatively rare and doesn’t appear to destroy heritage and culture in the way mass immigration is changing the West.

    1. That’s because most of the progs are useful idiots of evil shitbags whose goal is to subvert and destroy the existing social order and culture of whatever country they’ve taken root in to make it easier to seize power.

    2. No one gives a fuck about whites asserting their pride.
      The issue has always been about money/control. You want to be mad at someone, be mad at the wealthy among you who have cut you out of the loop.
      You’re an average slave, therefore you don’t matter.

      1. “No one gives a fuck about whites asserting their pride.”
        My white ass. Any assertion of white identity is “racist.” And being a “racist” can ruin your career.

      2. Yes left wing progressive types care very much about whites asserting pride for their heritage. They think it leads to fascism etc..
        I also recognize how the super wealthy are behind a lot of unwanted change. Its not an either/or situation, leftists and business work hand in hand to push immigration and feminism because it benefits them both.
        Anyway what do you advocate, a revolution?

    3. No offense, but I don’t think it is because they are terrified of white people asserting pride in their heritage, rather because white people are the only people dumb enough to agree with it

  20. I have to agree with this article. For some reason I seem to do well with latina women, just happened again Sunday in a mall, and that’s before they even know I speak spanish. Maybe because of having experience with them, who knows…
    You might be surprised how much you like being with a woman with a different cultural style and caramel skin. And also being treated differently if she’s an immigrant of another ethnicity.
    I wouldn’t say no to an attractive white woman, but I tell everyone (including women I meet) like this: I’m white, I’ve been white and been around ladies my whole life. I’m bored with it. 🙂
    Just break the ice and accept that you’ll have to deal with a few differences in background along the way and you’ll enjoy the benefits of it. Too many men are simply too afraid to get out of their comfort zones.
    PS: Wherever she’s from, get to know her language or culurally important things. You’ll get points right off the bat, it works great.
    A Cuban cashier told me the other day that most gringos don’t want to learn to speak spanish-so it was surprising and made her happy I do/want to learn more.
    In many cases I can tell from body language/first seeing me that expectation is that the woman looking at me thinks because I’m white I wouldn’t be interested her. One smile or one “hola” or “hi” and I’m in.

      1. But the problem here is we have too many pudgy Mexican women. Not quite what I was aiming for. 🙁
        Good looking latinas in the USA are more rare. Still have to go overseas.

  21. I think what we’re seeing is that for so-long, for about 4 to 5 centuries, white men have placed white women on pedestals. White female beauty was the best and still is as denoted by our media. However, what we are seeing is the protracted fall of the white woman, her non-existent purity that was so vetted once upon a time, her vanity and bullshit principles. The dramatic part of all of this, is the white man’s mass inability to cope with the over-leveraged faith and love he placed in his women, all to her gain and laughter. Yeah, Cultural Marxism may be responsible, but white women were willing co-agitators and participants with the Jewish feminists we all blame, and oh were they so willing to disrupt the system. Even through all of this, the concept of racial purity and racial female pedestalization only served her ends. I understand the want to “keep it in the race.”
    White people until about 1968 were the dominant world group. Being white is having a stake in the West and stake in being the in-group. Needless to say, this world no longer exists and the other half of the white race (white women) would never willingly go along with bringing that world back either. There won’t be a mass white savior to rescue the world that existed in 1914 or even 1954, it belongs to history now. Every woman exposed to western culture is somewhat vitiated, and black men for the longest have went elsewhere. You white men like to consider this as “black men trying to get back at white men,” but it could be further from the truth. Globalization is here, and so are mass communications. You can live in a world where you narrow your mating options to white women of the United States and Western Europe or even Slavic golddiggers, and if being miserable and used is worth “preserving the race” then have at it. Life is short and damned too short to be living in misery with an Anglo or Americanized Western European woman.

    1. Yeah, and also a great deal has to do with having no frame of reference with regards to women with a bit of color in their skin.
      The average Joe Smith never goes outside his state, much less the USA, and never learns what’s available outside our borders. He sheepishly settles for a 4 or 5.
      So many times Americans think average here is “beauty”, when in fact it’s depressing to see what’s around your here after you’ve experienced better.
      That in itself is worthy of an article.

    2. You can live in a world where you narrow your mating options to white
      women of the United States and Western Europe or even Slavic
      golddiggers, and if being miserable and used is worth “preserving the
      race” then have at it. Life is short and damned too short to be living
      in misery with an Anglo or Americanized Western European woman.

      Most of what you say makes sense — including about pedestalization — but I think you miss the point here. White alpha men generally have no problem getting mates among the few desirable white women left. You could see it as “narrow[ing] your mating options”, but actually, being alphas, their mating options are actually quite broad, and alphas don’t “live in misery” with a woman because they keep the women in line. Rather, it’s white beta males who are most likely to pedestalize white women and are also forced to either put up with nasty white women or expand their options to nonwhite women.

      1. Bullshit, I’ve been there and done that. You can’t legally be alpha with a white woman or any woman in the West. White women out of all of them, know their options, legally, financially and sexually. She knows how to leverage the system. Your mating are options are broad, but no one knows how to “stick it to you” in the courts and wallet quite like a white woman. I’ve had my share, and simply this world that is being conjured up where a mass of western white women will suddenly allow white men or any man a leg up over her legally, is non-existent.

      2. The average white man is beta, and made even more-so by the biased court system.
        Even those that enforce the laws are beta.

    3. I don’t think it was the pedestalization of white women that was the main culprit. I think it was the result of the will of European men everywhere slowly being eroded by the influences of destructive cultists (communists, marxists, etc.) that infiltrated the governments, massive suicidal wars that killed off millions of their own, and predatory commercial interests who promoted egalitarianism because it was good for business and later took over religious institutions that promoted traditionalism.
      After a few generations of white men being raised by strong independent “womyn” (who are encouraged to do whatever they want because they’re equal, while men are still told they must treat them like little princesses), the West is well and truly fucked.
      That being said, strong white alphas with game are still valued around the world.

      1. Shhh! You’re not talking about Jewish Extremists are you? Roosh will be on to you o.0

  22. Any suggestions for where in the world to go… 25 year old male looking for a traditional (ideally virgin) girl in the 15-20 range?

    1. If I that was my requirement, probably the Phillipines. But honestly, you’d do well in latin countries, but I doubt you’d find a virgin. Great women? Yes absolutely.
      Maybe Peru also if you don’t mind average looks.

      1. Thanks. Yeah, virgin is a little limiting. A nice old fashioned young women will do. Latin countries I think does make the most sense and I already know some Spanish, whereas in Asia I would be lost trying to establish a life for myself.

        1. English speakers are common in the Phillipines, and you’d be a hot item there as well. There are plenty of guy travel stories to spell out what you need to do.
          I’m partial to latinas myself but I won’t rule out a really sweet, traditional cute young Filipina; would easily be able to get a 22 yr old there (I’m older) if I wanted, even younger.

        2. Hmmm, I have some contemplating to do. Philippines sounds interesting. Are you familiar with Thailand or China? Either way, it’s nice to think there are options. The expectations of American women are unmeetable and I am not interested in jumping through hoops while juggling enflamed bowling pins in order to beg to secure a 6. That and the absurd cost of living and there really is no life for me here.

        3. Try swooptheworld.com and the Rooshv forums. These guys obviously were not going for virgins but in general you get a realistic view of traveling to some of those places.
          Remember Thailand is known for pay-to-play women. And women who scam several beta men at the same time. But I’ve heard there are great women there and that they treat men really well. A Thai cashier tried to set me up with her niece (well, not as cute as other Thai women 🙁 )
          Also check out the loveme.com sight for hundreds of filipina profiles, you can see what the average ones look like. Notice the average age ranges!
          That’s mostly what I know.

          Yes, I’m swimming in a sea of fat women and/or women with little approachability here in the USA, despite working on myself significantly. It’s getting worse by the year…planning on meeting a latina (immigrant) or going back overseas to see again.

        4. You sound inexperienced in world travel & meeting ladies that way. So I would very strongly suggest staying out of China. Thailand is okay, but a large change of culture from the U.S. You would probably meet someone in Thailand, but would not be in control of the situation. I still think for you that Philippines would be the best choice by far. Similiar culture, most young people speak English, and American men are in high demand.

        5. good luck learning chinese.but rural (emphasis on RURAL)china is as good as the phillipines.only language is a barrier.do not fucking go to shanghai for bitches.justa s you wouldn’t go the west ro east coast for a wife but rather Iowa or montana church- farm girls.

      2. Latina girls all(well all of course not but still) CHEAT like crazy.they are as whorish as their men.they just hide it to save their good repuation.
        yes they are sweet and sexy but not pure.

    2. Young lady in rural areas of the Philippines, especially on Mindanao island. Unless you have a fetish for a virgin, aim for a traditional lady in her early twenties, She will have enough of a hard life to actually appreciate a decent guy and will do anything she can to hold onto you.

  23. After spending my years forced to cohabitate with American white women, I can barely stand the sight of them. I have had enough of these self important manipulators to last several lifetimes. No mas.

  24. I am a black female lurker here. I don’t reply to posts because of your rules on females and I respect that, but I did want to help clear up some things concerning me with the opinions of black women. Just like other races of women, we are all different as night and day. Black women tend to be hostile as a defense mechanism created by black men who tend to be unfaithful and disrespectful. Most black women have had their self esteem ruined by the world’s view on beauty and destroy their looks. There are lots of baby mamas for these reasons: black men don’t marry; no one notices that other races have the same issue because they remarry faster and at a higher rate; and black women desire children and family life to create one they didn’t have. As far as loyal, you will not find many who are not. Black women are attracted to kindness and sincerity and if you can make one laugh you’re in the door. Black women only see white men as weak because the way white women dictate them and emasculate them publicly. No real women wants an alpha male but many will marry him because they see financial security. Black women are taught that if you marry for money you are a sand footed whore but white women are taught early on to only marry money, this explaining our loyalty toward our men who are mostly uninterested.
    I know many of you don’t have any first hand experience with us so please save your berating and opinions until after actually played with the fire. It’s only fair.

    1. Black male who refuses to talk to black females anymore. Not buying it, as a matter of factley almost none of my black friends say the exact same thing,”Black women are just flat out mean”. All my black friends BUT me are married to Hispanic and European women. All that neck rolling finger-snapping antagonism just isn’t want when i’m talking to woman and in reality we can find women are a bit chill and relaxed than to deal w/ a who will berate, raise hell and try as hard as they can to belittle black guys. Especially the successful ones

    2. American Black women often involve themselves with Black men who are disrespectful and unfaithful because they often seek out these types of men for procreation and relationships. Next look at the word self-esteem it begins with self, it’s how you feel about yourself. It’s not called others-esteem. Black women have an 80% OOW birthrate because they pursue criminals, thugs, and lowlifes, which takes them off the market as their sexual market value is diminished. Black men that don’t fit the typical thug caricature aren’t typically appealing to Black women until they are overweight, financially and mentally broken, and their thug lover has run on to impregnate more women. Black women with have kids from the same pool of loser men. White women and other races of women are typically taught to value substance in a man as Black women will value unmeasurable superficial markers such as how many pair of Air Jordan shoes he has, how big is his rims, or swagger. I am a black male, and I have plenty of experiences with American Black women. Looking for the rare in shape, childless, non violent, feminine Black women is like looking through a box of grenades to find a dud, or looking through a trash can to find a steak dinner. Thanks but no thanks I’ve got a passport.

      1. We should get a drink. That’s been my experiences. What’s your region of choice? I’m a latina guy

  25. Writing about race is a waste of time. When it comes to relationships, kids, and marriage, culture matters a lot.
    When it comes to just sex, just follow your boner. That’s what I do.

    1. Uh, culture is a by-product of race. An effect. Human DNA is prior to “culture.”

      1. That’s what I don’t understand about people saying everything is a product of social constructs and culture…. Where do these people think the culture and social constructs are coming from? The great Juju under the sea?

        1. Pretty much. They like to eliminate agency so that they can pretend we’re all equal. (Unless they want to assign whites some sort blame, that is.)

        2. Modern Western Culture finds its roots in Christianity/Judaism. Now the secular nihilist are loathe to admit such things so I have no idea where they claim it comes from.
          It has also been well demonstrated that moral/social costs for going against the prevalent culture are so strong as to outweigh any genetic predisposition that may exist when the minority group in question is exceptionally small. The result is rapid assimilation.
          The problem is that when the minority group achieves a critical mass (aka mass immigration) or the dominant culture fails to enforce the social/moral code (aka multiculturalism) the result has in all historical cases been … unpleasant.

  26. I think the characterization of white men seeking other options besides white women as beta or failures is misplaced. I grew up with these psycho white women controlling every aspect of life, especially “school.” I went along with their nonsense, being a cooperative good boy so I can be in their good graces. Now after ten years, I get to get on my hands and knees and plead for one to stop whoring herself so I can spend my free time with her and her smartphone? No thank you. Sorry I am not an Ivy League graduate with a six figure income and therefore a nice catch for their Facebook profile.

    1. I’d like to change “white women” to modern Western women. It’s moreso the culture than the skin color.

  27. Surprised no one mentioned that the picture posted comes from the movie Sajonara.. a 60’s classic if I am correct and a really good movie to watch 😛

  28. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
    ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White
    Nice to see ROK publishing articles advocating for White Genocide, just like everybody else.
    Nothing like supporting the ULTIMATE in Political Correctness and going along with the crowd to prove how ‘Alpha’ one is…….

    1. Easier for the guys who wrote the Zion Protocols and Frankfurt School Tenets to both fit in and thrive with the browning of white society.

        1. He should’ve wrote in on April 8th though. Halfway between April Fool’s and Tax Day.

    2. Is that you, Titus Didius Tacitus from VD’s blog?
      Dude, put down the bong. White people are alive and kickin’.

      1. Doesn’t change the fact that the attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
        ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        1. You assume that their is only one person posting all over the internet, just keep telling yourself it’s just 1 or 2 guys as you watch the Anti-White system collapse.

        2. Again, put down the bong. Whites are flourishing.
          You best consult the Good Book on this matter.
          John 4:1-42
          Jesus broke with societal and religious customs to honor the dignity of the Samaritan woman. He associated with a woman of mixed origins, a moral and social outsider, in public and asked her for a drink of water. He demonstrated dignity of the most highest degree-every person is precious.
          God has commanded his disciples to love all of humanity. When God communicates Himself, when He fills us with Himself, He fills us with His Divine Life, with His infinite Love, for He is Love. He confirms that we must share in this Divine nature for God to attract us to Himself because sharing His Grace is His nature.
          All men are equal in their natural dignity; human beings are NOT superior or inferior in this regard. Moreover, God created us in His likeness. As the children of God, we are redeemed by Christ, and bear witness to His divine calling and destiny, regardless of one’s group identity and locality on this Earth. To deny these truths is to deny the authority of God. God has identified His people as those who adhere to His ways, the brotherhood of humankind. God unifies humanity under His banner.
          From the beginning, this one Church has been marked by a great diversity which comes from both the variety of God’s gifts and the diversity of those who receive them. Within the unity of the People of God, a multiplicity of peoples and cultures is gathered together. Among the Church’s members, there are different gifts, offices, conditions, and ways of life. The great richness of such diversity is not opposed to the Church’s unity. Yet sin and the burden of its consequences constantly threaten the gift of unity. And so the Apostle has to exhort Christians to “maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

        3. Nobody is flooding Asian countries with non-Asians to ‘blend humanity’ in only Asian countries because of ‘the bible’.
          Nobody is flooding Black countries with non-Blacks to ‘blend humanity’ in only Black countries because of ‘the bible’.
          ONLY White countries are targeted like this and ONLY White people are told ‘the bible’ justifies this.
          It’s GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White.

        4. America is the beacon for multiculturalism. Blame European folk for that distinction.
          Pro-race is a codeword for anti-humanity.

        5. ‘multiculturalism’ is code for White Genocide.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        6. 1,074,000,000 white out of the 2,947,000,000 people in the aforementioned regions of China, India, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.
          Even if every single other country in the world were 100% nonwhite, which is clearly not the case, 1,074,000,000 white people is already 15.5% of the Earth’s 6.91 billion population, and since over 50% of the Earth (6.91 – 2.947 = 3.963 billion) was not included in the countries listed above, it’s fairly safe to assume that the whites in those regions would bring the total up to a fairly decent 18% or so, which is almost 1/5 of the world, which isn’t too bad when you consider that Han Chinese are about 19%, Indians are about 17%, blacks are about 18% (Africa’s population alone is 1.001 billion, but most of North Africa is Arab, Berber (arguably white), and “light brown”), with the final 28% being a mixture largely comprised of hispanic, arab, and southeast asian.
          Hardly a genocide. Checkmate.

        7. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  29. A good but strict gameplan option to save or address the problem would be:
    Slavic and Western white men fucking Black, Indian, and dark Latina women = Brown babies
    Black men fucking white Anglo, light skinned Latinas, Persian, Yellow Asian and Slavic women or any other lighter skinned women except light skinned Black women = Brown babies
    Persian, Indian, Latino and Arab men fucking white Anglo and white Slavic women = Brown babies
    Asian men fucking Black women = Brown babies
    Everywhere brown babies. The world would be full off brown babies, no racial problem and equality.
    Winners: Black men – with most options
    Losers: Asian men – with worst option

    1. LMAO
      Why doesn’t everyone start crapping altogether? That’s enough production of ‘brown babies’….

    2. Oh come on, they tried to solve the ‘race problem’ in Ancient India by having the White Aryans intermarry with the Black Dravidians.
      Today India is a dump.
      White Genocide won’t lead to ‘no racial problem and equality’ it will only create a Worldwide Calcutta slum.
      The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
      ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        1. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        2. You don’t have a country. You’re an ant in a colony. Do as your told and you won’t get sent to prison to experience the kind of minority sex that would blow your mind (if you don’t blow your brains out first).
          Don’t drop the soap!

        3. Again, the attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

    3. You won’t ever rid the world of human difference (and thus division amongst humans). Evolution will always bring about difference. Your worldview is swimming against the current of flux and nature which is inherently bend towards differentiation and inequality.
      What you do seem to want to try, though, is the McDonaldization of humanity. Thank the gods that nature has a way of pushing back against such schemes in the long run.

  30. Miscegenation isn’t really an issue for red pill men who aren’t looking to have kids. And where I live is like a Baskin-Robbins Store (San Diego) with 31 flavors of chicks walking around. But that being said, they’re mostly americanized (and we all know what that means).
    So crossing a border is a very real and feasible option – I just hit up TJ chicas who are mostly feminine and without attitude. A lot of HBs down there: while they may not be up to par lookswise with the top socal women, they’re pretty close and the character makes a huge difference. A short border crossing beats the hell out of moving to a different continent.

  31. Does marriage exist? I thought monogamy was unnatural.
    Ideally, every man should have a polygamous arrangement in life.
    5 wives from 5 different continents, and an unspecified number of mistresses. Fucking one woman’s holes for life is investment of too much power, control, emotion and time. Marriages fail simply because of monogamy. All religions which promote monogamous marriages should eradicate those laws. Women are incomplete, and men often seek marriages to ‘complete’ themselves.A single woman can never complete a man. A man needs options. Don’t know how men can endure monogamy within the context of marriage – it’s simply torture. All patriarchs were polygamous. Monogamy sucks like poison to the soul.

    1. Monogamy is “unnatural”? You’re only begging the question. What is “natural” and what is “unnatural.”

  32. Not another “Every single white woman ever to live is a horrible whore, go have kids with that lovely black/asian/whatever woman just as long as she isn’t white” article depicting all white women as scum.
    No I’m not a fucking woman, I’m just tired of these “White women all inherently evil, foreign women all inherently better” bullshit rhetoric.
    I’m all for self improvement, but not this racist shit.

    1. you do have a point here.Cause foreign girls are only feminine when you are masculine and aggressive, if you slip up,she will pounce on you harder then a white girl would.
      the white girl will at least love you when you are broke(ill give em that much).
      foreign girls really love money and status conscious….foreign girls are a hole different game.

    2. Exactly. It’s especially rich hearing all this “white women suck” garbage from a bunch of minorities, 99.8% of whom spend their free time chasing after and trying to “game” anything with white skin.

      1. Reading comprehension can be your friend, if you allow it.
        You’re a sexually frustrated white man, every time you see a white woman with a non-white man it rustles your jimmies. Sounds like a personal problem.
        Your lack of control over your sex life and women is your own crisis.
        Meanwhile your anger strengthens my orgasms when I paint your women’s tonsils with my seed.

        1. “Sounds like a personal problem.”
          It’s a civilizational problem, Dr. Freud.

  33. Marriage is for virgin women. All other women disqualify.
    Trust me, in earlier times, men and women lost their lives for the sake of virginity. In today’s times, women hungrily and eagerly hand it over the platter in their teens. Everywhere. Just find a virgin (not in the entitlement seeking westernized world), and get married. Stop talking about races. Complacency about female virginity is what actually destroyed marriages in the west. Most men have that “so what if she’s not a virgin” or the even worse “it’s ok if she’s been in a ‘relationship’ with one or two men only”… stop fooling yourselves. Virgins are the real deal. Virginity needs to be celebrated today, not like how sluthood is in those slutwalks. Men marrying virgins have the most successful marriages. Hell, those men will not be even on manosphere blogs because they’ve found their gems already. We’re talking manosphere jargon is because most of us have experiences or relationships with non-virgins.

    1. Nope, sorry, I want a chick does not have that new car smell, just a little bit of mileage is ideal.

  34. This article should be aptly named “The return of racial Nazism in Germany”.
    Not “why should you broaden your romantic options.” The story of the white trash pornstar and broadening your romantic options are non-related. It correlates more with the rise of racism in Modern Germany. People don’t like whites mixing with other races there anymore. They’re trying to save the purity of their race. It could’ve served as a more relevant idea for this post,which has now instead degenerated into a launch vehicle for interracial couplings.

    1. What else can you expect from a piece written by a devoted race-baiter like Athlone McGinnis, the Spike Lee of RoK?

  35. Ugh. Well, here comes the racism, appeals to authority and other logical fallacies.
    This article isn’t exactly original ROK material, but it’s solid.
    As for the racism, I give you *hybrid vigor* look it up.
    Personally, for me, I’m blond haired with blue eyes. So is my mom, and all my sisters. My preference is for dark skinned, dark eyed latinas. Nothing better for me, personally. I just don’t really prefer the ‘American’ look. It’s fine, as far as that goes, but the exoticism of foreign women makes them perpetually interesting, and American and Western European women are horrible to listen to, anyhow… but again, this is personal preference. No appeals to anything. No “everyone knows…” bs.

    1. Eugenics advises you to seek a caucasian (anglo-german + eastern-european makes for enough genetic complementarity), asian (south-east Asia) or Ashkenazi woman.

    2. ‘Hybrid vigor’ is Victorian era bunk. If it were true then Brown people would be constantly winning the Olympic weight lifting competitions.

    3. “Hybrid vigor” and miscegenation (which does result in a lower recorded IQ in certain cases) are not one in the same.

  36. Yeah, the continuation of the white race isn’t such a big deal after all, I mean sure we created modern civilization and invented just about everything and we’re pretty much the only ones interested in ‘social constructs’ like Free Speech, the Rule of Law, Innocent until proven guilty, Equal Rights – you know that kind of stuff….
    But man apart from that, I don’t know if we really bring much to the table……
    If a man’s house is broken he fixes it…………

  37. There are a few things I know for fact about interracial dating:
    1. Western countries LOVE foreign women and HATE foreign men. Women dating outside of their race is frowned upon outside of the hyper-progressive crowd. But white guys getting with every other flavor? Its all good man…
    2. Slavic and Balkan women love men who are slightly darker skinned than they are, but not black.
    3. Scandinavian women love Black guys. I have met Norwegian and Swedish women that wouldn’t give me the time of day but would throw themselves at black guys.
    4. If you are a racist white guy who hates minorities but accepts their women, odds are you had a oneitis in your past that fucked a minority, get over it.
    As a relatively light skinned hispanic, I am shiniest to Balkan and Slavic women. (Romania, Bosnia, Ukraine, etc.) These are the women I am always on the lookout for.
    If I was black I would get a one-way ticket to Norway/Sweden and bang blondes every other week and sire the next Joakim Noah.

    1. Dark skinned black men have it made in Scandinavia. Browner skinned men such as myself do extremely well in the following countries, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The thing that gets me about white men’s antithesis against white women veering outside of their race, is the concept that “only the Jew can convince my white queen that a black or non-white is attractive, and if we only removed the Jew, then all would be well.” This is false on a number fronts, way before the Jewish media, French women were notorious circa 1900 for fucking African colonials. The French started to hue the Gauls in the late 1890s. Secondly, the term Rhineland bastards became known when German women started fucking black occupying soldiers post-bellum (WWI). Yes Jews had some influence in these countries, even dominating the media and finance industries. However, these were periods of great racial nationalism. It somehow confuses white men to see their own with someone else. What they fail to understand, is this central tenant is that white standards of beauty are applied to women only. Tall dark and handsome has certainly evolved. It used to mean a tall white man with a tan, then Italian/Sicilian type, and eventually Persian, Arab and Black. N

      1. Ha. You know, I used to read your posts here and agree with most of them. But sure enough, you end up being just another chip-on-the-shoulder darkie who loves to down white women while bragging about how much white women supposedly love da blakk meat in the same breath.
        You can drop references to classical composers and your supposed respect for European history and culture all you want. End of the day, you’re no different from McGinnis.
        Just another ni66er.

        1. Now now, no need for the name calling lol. Congratulations you got my attention after all your comments against me. Now on to real talk, I don’t know whether you’re a man or woman mcg, but I understand your frustrations. However, my antithesis against the behavior of white women in the West as with other races of women in the West absolutely has nothing to do with their race, but everything to do with the culture of narcissism that they’re perpetuating. However, with that said there are many decent white women, but you know as well as I do, there is something seriously wrong. You seem like a decent person, cheer up.

    2. OK, so then where does the regular white dude go?
      Don’t tell me Asia. I don’t much dig Asian checks, except in Thailand, where there are mostly whores, unfortunately.

      1. Latin America. Really, just about anywhere in the world other than Western countries, and if you’re in a different Western country other than your native one (for instance, if you are an American guy in Germany), I’d assume that you could get some niche play with girls that have an Amerikaner fetish.

  38. Another great article from Athlone McGinnis, the crown jewel of Return of Kings.
    That being said, I completely agree. I am black and I don’t care about race. I will bang or marry any girl of any race that is attractive. At the end of the day, pussy is pussy. Guys who are caught up on Race are as Beta as they come. White men need to get over their hang up when it comes to race. White women don’t give a sheet about your outdated idea of racial superiority. I mean if you are a grown man and you still care what your parents think (as far as race), you need to grow a pair of balls and live your own life. The fact that some of you feel like it’s your duty to preserve your race is complete and utter idiocy. I personally don’t give a flying f-word, if the black race is preserved. I will be dead in 80 some years anyway. That being said, the way some of these Middle Eastern and Indian girls is looking, I might have to wife one of them up cus they are killing black and white girls right now(looks-wise).

    1. It’s a strange form of ‘Supremacy’ that just wants to be left alone.
      The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
      ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        1. Do you tell the Dalai Lama “What, too busy spreading Tibetan nationalist propaganda instead of jizzing around and spreading your seeds? Wanker.” or are you ONLY Anti-White
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        2. Wow. Did your own mom threaten you with a LYNCHING? Not surprised.
          Your own elites are still employing eugenic policies against your ilk and you have the gall NOT to keep them in check?

        3. 2nd Time,
          Do you tell the Dalai Lama “What, too busy spreading Tibetan nationalist propaganda instead of jizzing around and spreading your seeds? Wanker.” or are you ONLY Anti-White ?
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        1. You’re ONLY saying that because I’m White.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        2. “Humanity” is a code word for some of the most inhuman acts in history. The greatest of atrocities (Mao, Stalin) were done under the pretense of uniting and equalizing humanity.
          I actually respect human difference enough that I’m willing to let other groups of humans have their space to live their lives free of my influence of they wish. No where do I see non-whites giving whites this much. It’s always “racism” that they cry even while they maintain their own non-white strongholds. I can’t even safely walk down the neighborhood block where I grew up (which was once beautiful and white) due to demographic change. “Racism!”

        3. Calling disagreement ‘hate’ is childish.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        4. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  39. The article started one way, then diverged into a barely-related tangent, and then got topped with the obscure title of “Why You Should Broaden Your Romantic Options.” What the hell is going on?

  40. In general most people in the West have had it easy for a long time. Ease produces soft men and soft spoiled women. Mass media owned by the banking cartels and their multi-national corporations are at it 24/7 promoting racial hatred. Everything is overt and subtle manipulation into group think.

  41. The jew is spreading race mixing now.
    Go figure.
    BTW, how did this beta cunt make it to ROK?
    There go the property values.

  42. Met a beautiful older persian girl (24 I’m 19) from montreal in an airport the other day, definitely a first generation foreigner though, my conversation with her was so effortless compared to the typical american woman. She offered to buy me drinks, never shit test, and even kept things fresh by periodically speaking french to me. The best “girl game” I have ever experienced to date, so much so that I couldn’t help think that she was trying to abduct me and sell me into sex slavery. Never happened, she was just a genuine person and solidified my decision to leave the U.S. upon graduation. Learned the true meaning of the french kiss that day

    1. I mean no disrespect and that’s great that you got a “notch” or whatever, but I must question your thinking here a bit as I detect a bit of misplaced gratitude. She was genuine because she wanted to have sex with you? Is that your standard of “genuine”? Being easy? I mean, that’s cool that she wasn’t some Western cunt, but her digging you and you being all too happy to oblige is just a smooth transaction; nothing more. That’s not too indicative of her character in way that I’d necessarily consider “genuine.”

  43. Any time a Negro takes up the torch of leftist multicult “let’s all fuck til we’re the same color” nonsense, there is but one concern on his mind: solidifying and increasing his own access to white women. Plain and simple. The greater the decline in standards, the more potential access to the sugarpots of brainwashed, dying-to-be-trendy white women Jamal stands to gain. The Coconut Charlie responsible for this poorly written piece of p.c. flag-waving is certainly no exception — browse his most recent articles and you’ll find that interracial dating and facile race-baiting are absolute obsessions for him.
    Bottom line: the closer your culture is to the bottom of the socio-economic/IQ barrel (blacks, mestizos, Dravidians), the more you stand to gain from ceasless promoting of race-mixing; the closer your culture is to the zenith of human accomplishment and to universal desirability (whites, East Asians), the less you stand to gain.
    Black men, you can brag about your white girl notch counts all you want. Just remember: your “attractiveness” to white women is in direct correlation with today’s systematic cultural emasculation of “uncool” white males. It took the psychological handicapping of white men just to bring you anywhere close to the universal desirability enjoyed by white men — and even with all that pro-miscegenation media conditioning going on, the great majority of white women still prefer white men, both for relationships and for casual sex.

    1. We got it, you assume all of us prefer white women. By all means please, continue putting them on the pedestal.

      1. Yeah, keep pushing the meme that preferring your own kind and wanting to see your race survive is exactly the same as believing that your women are magically free from hypergamous instincts and entitled behavior. I’m sure it’ll catch on one of these days.

        1. Yeah sure, whatever you say man. Last time I checked whites were on the majority of the world’s land mass, in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia and Europe. As we all know the “white genocide” is very real. Every time Amy willingly barebacks Abdul sans birth control that is a form of genocide, second to none, not even the Armenians can hold a candle to that. You have my condolences.

        2. Yeah strange, I could have sworn I saw a crowd of them yesterday. Damn, I must be losing it. Who killed them off? Varying reports suggests, black dicks and beak nosed Jews.

        3. First off, it’s been quite well reported that whites are in the minority of the global population. The Guardian even claims that “Non-whites will be a majority in US and Europe by 2050”:
          Secondly, stay on point. How does wanting to preserve one’s race equate to putting one’s own women on some magical pedestal? Where did I state that white women were any less prone to entitled slut behavior or hypergamy than any other women?

        4. Ummm, pretty much assuming that all of us hued men prefer white women to increase our status. I’d take a Brazilian anyday, over pasty Jane. The height of arrogance is to assume that we want your women to somehow make us whole. Trust me, in the 21st century I don’t need a white woman to increase my status. Yeah, preserve the race, keep Amy away from Abdul. If she fucks him, remind her of how she’s worse than Stalin. Fucking miscegenists, they have the nerve right? While she’s on your pedestal, make sure you keep her bound and gaged. Wouldn’t want her to escape and start “committing genocide” again.

        5. I laughed from the gut when I read this. White supremacists are worst than Willy Loman when it comes to their bitches.
          They can’t fathom how obtaining a white woman isn’t the pinnacle of achievement for males of every other race because of how much they themselves love their ‘pure white’ bitches.

        6. “Ummm, pretty much assuming that all of us hued men prefer white women to increase our status.”
          Less an assumption than a lifetime’s worth of firsthand observations. Whites absolutely are a status bump for a minority — whether in LTR’s or merely as sexual conquests.
          “I’d take a Brazilian anyday, over pasty Jane.”
          Is this why so many of your posts here on RoK make reference to white women and the black man’s supposed ease of conquest with German and Scandinavian women? Is this why you’re constantly regurgitating all the European history you’ve swallowed and professing a reverence for European and European-derived culture?
          Still waiting for you to point out where I said anything about white women being angels who lack the ruinous impulses of other women…

        7. And the irony is that their women are most likely to rape them in the divorce and family courts, show ingratitude for his white knighting and generally resent and despise them. However, the white man’s burden must be carried on (white women), he must sacrifice for the race. White pride, world wide! Lol

        8. So my admiration for European culture has to result in me wanting to complete myself with a white woman? You can’t fathom that maybe I like sleeping with them, but probably never betrothing them? Not even thinking that half of me is inclined to European proclivities. Yeah, the one drop rule is alive and well. You never think that I’d possibly take a woman with tanner, or dare I say it, browner skin, than Ms. Nordic Varicose Veins? Yeah there are some white women I’d definitely keep, the Doutzen Kroes types, but she’s only apart of the broader options I keep myself open to.

        9. Here’s my impression of the modern black male:
          “White superiority is totally absurd! Now, let me get back to bragging about all the white hoes I’ve nailed while I go home to the predominantly white middle-class neighborhood that I’m starving myself to be able to afford to live in, and I go to my job at that white-owned company that my degree from a white educational institution made possible, along with all those quotas that white taxpayers helped vote into existence. Yeah, fuck white people!”

        10. Still waiting for you to point out how wishing to preserve one’s race and have children who resemble you equates to white knighting or denying white women’s natural instincts.
          Keep pushin’ dat meme, bro.

        11. I once saw a stationwagon full of American Indians at a gas station in the California desert. Also saw a few while passing through he Southwest. Even fucked a part-Sioux chick on and off for years.
          Therefore, all reports of American Indians being whittled down to near-extinction must be false.

        12. Because the desire to prevent your women from fucking men of other races, is in essence white knighting. What you can’t accomplish in game, you seek to accomplish by shame. Standards white men don’t apply to themselves in Asia, or anywhere else for that matter.

        13. Thumbs up for the Sioux girl, a rare feat. I’m sure, I hope you were using protection and not “genociding” the last Sioux. Collect any souvenirs?

        14. Or maybe an aversion to seeing your women with other types of men is simply a tribal instinct encoded within men of all races, but it’s only white men who are programmed to hang their heads in shame over it.
          “White knighting” refers to taking a woman’s side or automatically sticking up for her no matter what — a thinly disguised nice guy act in hopes of getting some easy thank-you pussy. This has nothing to do with anything I’ve said.
          Also, I’m not overly attracted to Asian women and I’m betting that there’s a strong correlation between the rise in Asian female/White male pairings and the increased lack of femininity in White Western cunts. These White men flock to Asian women because they display the qualities that are so sadly lacking in many of our own now.

        15. Dude no one gives a fuck when other men fuck their women. When’s the last time you’ve heard of a Colombian, Japanese or even Indian man killing or berating a white man for fucking his women? Maybe you think they should be “happy” with the addition of whiteness to their peoples, but in essence if a broad doesn’t want to fuck you, and trying to convince her to “have pride” and fuck you to uphold the race, then that is white knighting. You have to cock-block, shame and pedestalize to get these women in bed. If she prefers whites fine, if she prefers me, fuck you. Simple as that. 🙂

        16. I love how you’re assuming a lack of game on my part because I wish to see my race preserved. Ha. Talk about shaming techniques. “Get on board with the multiculti juggernaut or you’re a gameless pasty white boy loser who jus’ be hatin’ on da brothaz!”
          Oh, and Colombian, Indian and Japanese men are perfectly fine with seeing outs