The Anti-White Racism Of “Moderate” Muslims

It is no secret that anti-white racism is a growing trend and a default position in leftist circles nowadays, whether it is promoted by SJW types or white leftists themselves who, after 60 years of incessant propaganda, have bought into the guilt and now espouse self-hate in the name of “tolerance” brownie points.

It is also no secret that one of the primary targets of radical Islamic terrorists is the Western infidel. Who is “the west” exactly? That would be North America, Europe, and Australia—three predominantly white continents where radical Islam is a growing problem. The “refugee” invasion of countries with a high density of whites is all well established. However, there is a disturbing trend gone largely under the radar coming from the “moderate” Muslim crowd. It is the propensity to constantly bring up “white terrorism” immediately after an Islamic terrorist attack anywhere in the world. This comparison makes no logical sense, unless you understand the motive behind this underhanded tactic.

The comparison between whites and Muslims is a non-sequitir with no context. This is of course due to the fact that whites are a race while Muslims are not. There is no universal doctrine associated with being white, nor does one choose to be white. Contrary to Islam, which despite cultural differences within it, does subscribe universally to central doctrines. Being a Muslim is also a choice.

Much like Nazism, Islam is an oppressive political ideology, and much like Scientology, Islam is a religion that makes very large claims for itself. That means when one calls himself a Muslim, he is making a bold statement about his views on the nature of reality (the religious aspect), and the way in which the infidels should be treated under the Sharia (the political aspect.) Islam is not an inherent trait. In that sense, one cannot be bigoted against Muslims any more than one can be bigoted against Nazis or Scientologists.

Thus, until the “Islamophobia” crowd is prepared to condemn anti-Nazi bigotry or anti-Scientologist bigotry, there is no leg to stand on with this “Islamophobia” ploy. But this is not about Islamophobia, as it has already been fully debunked as a propaganda word used to deter infidels from criticizing Islam.

Latinos vs. Buddhists; Gang Violence

What we are now seeing by mainstream “moderate” Muslims is the constant comparison between whites and Muslims in terms of domestic terrorist attacks. Mainstream Muslim-American voices like those at the The Young Turks, pseudo-scholars like Reza Aslan, and the Hamas-affiliates at CAIR constantly take to Twitter after an Islamic terrorist attack to remind us of a grossly misleading FBI study from a few years ago. It essentially maintains the statistics show that the majority of terrorism in America is committed by white supremacists, so profiling Muslims under any circumstances is racist or bigoted. It states that “since 9/11”, white nationalists have killed more people on American soil than Jihadists have.

This is scandalous intellectual dishonesty that appears to be borne out of a deep-seated anti-white racism. That is the only explanation for this patently absurd apples to oranges comparison, which makes about as much sense as comparing Latinos to Buddhists in a study on gang violence. Nobody would accept a so-called study comparing those two demographics as credible, and a more logical comparison would be between Latinos and blacks (two races) on the topic of gang violence, or between Muslims and Buddhists (two religions) on the topic of terrorism. However, comparing a race to an ideology only makes sense if there is an inherent confirmation bias against one of the two demographics.

This tactic is simply another way for Islamists and radical leftists to “get at” white people, hoping that the white guilt narrative will continue to be an effective deterrent to speaking rationally about Islamic terrorism. However, for the sake of argument, let’s take this comparison between white supremacists and Muslims at face value, because it still does not bode well for the other side if you possess even nominal critical thinking skills.

In the first place, “since 9/11” is obviously a ridiculous phrase. 9/11 was the worst terrorist attack in American history, and it should count towards the total number of casualties. Omitting the casualties of 9/11 for the purposes of this study is akin to stating “if you don’t count the Armenian Genocide, then no Armenians died during the first World War” or “if you don’t count the Iraq War, then Americans haven’t killed many Iraqis recently.” (Coincidentally, one of the purveyors of the constant “white vs. Muslim” comparison, Cenk Uygur, is an Armenian Genocide denier himself.) If we are conducting a study, but outliers can be omitted at will for any or no reason simply to fit the agenda, then there is no end to the potential obscurantism and moving of the goalposts. The next time someone wants to have a discussion about right-wing terrorism, simply omit the Timothy McVeigh bombing and see if you are not accused of deploying a logical fallacy.

Let’s digress. The study found that “since 9/11”, white supremacists had killed 48 people on American soil compared to 26 killed by Muslims, as of 2015. Not withstanding 9/11/01, the study was clearly done before Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, where a Jihadist killed 49 people and Muslims instantly ran away with the lead. When you correctly include the Jihadist attack, and roll back the clock one day so as to include 9/11, it looks a bit more like this as of 2017:

Jihadists >3,200 deaths caused by terrorism since 9/10/01

White supremacists +/- 100-150 deaths caused by terrorism since 9/10/01

Per Capita

Finally, let’s also point out that 63% of the US population is white, and 1% of the US population is Muslim. As such, one has to stretch, skew, omit, and selectively edit a study to get 1% of the population’s terrorism offenses under that of the 63% majority, and they are still easily debunked. Note that all of a sudden the same intellectuals who claim blacks are “disproportionately” shot by police forget what per capita means on the topic of Islamic terrorism. Muslims should only be committing 1% of the total terrorism taking place on American soil – not 80%, 20%, or even 5%. Unfortunately, there is no amount of lying one could do to make their terrorism resume as bare as it should be.

The public figures who refer to this comparison most often are not stupid men, but they are vehemently dishonest. Reza Aslan is a PhD, Cenk Uygur is an attorney, and so are most of the Hamas-affiliates at CAIR. They know what per capita means, and they know that comparing whites to Muslims is a logical fallacy. One has to wonder if they are doing it primarily to advance the Islamist cause while pretending to be secularists, as a means to merely denigrate white people, or both.

A Silver Lining

The good news is there are earnest Muslims (or former Muslims) out there that place their allegiance to secularism, democracy, and western values before their allegiance to Islam, and who understand there is a unique problem with their faith at this moment in history. People like Maajid Nawaz and Aayan Hirsi Ali, who have both been classified as “anti-Muslim extremists” by the left wing hate group known as The Southern Poverty Law Center, are doing great work exposing Islamic extremism all over the world.

These are very brave people, but it is important to note they are not typically those who the mainstream media brands “moderate Muslims”, who are often just Islamists in disguise. They usually carry another moniker like “reformer”, and can usually be identified as those who are viciously demonized as sellouts and Uncle Toms by those same “moderate” Muslims that exhibit virulent anti-white racism.

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        Also, other terror attacks the author of this article refers to are likely false flags:
        In any case, when the government sponsors any crazy group, they will naturally rise to the forefront, gain power, volume, etc. as is the case with US-ISIS relations. The Syrian chemical attack was not done by Assad, it was an excuse for US intervention.

        1. IMO, one of the rare instances where thoroughly peer-reviewed material on Wikipedia still doesn’t move me beyond the hype of a flimsy conspiracy theory. Agree to disagree…there’s no actual truth to be mined here, and maybe that was the point/tactic…to confuse the meaning and the truth so much that the citizenry just gives up trying to understand the root logic.

    1. He was informed of what happened, looked like a deer in headlights, then kept reading a book to children…I dont think he knew anything(or it was the best performance ever and he shoulda received an Oscar)

      1. According to the official story. There are many possibilities. In any case, the real problem is powerful entities supporting terrorism. Trump’s travel ban completely ignored Saudi Arabia, the #1 source of terrorism, and in fact, the petrodollar relationship ensures that the US will continue to support it.

        1. Youll never know what really went down that day, unless some whistleblower with a death wish tells you something. best to forget it

        2. No, goyim! Iran is the biggest source of terrorism like Trump said!
          Didn’t you get the memo?
          Iran is responsible for 0 attacks – they are the worst. Believe me, folks.

      1. Trump: “When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one”
        Trump’s kids are Jewish or married to them. Trump has strong ties to Israel.

        1. It seems anytime he does something counter to his campaign promises, an extra dimension is added in an attempt to rationalize it all away.

        2. because it’s a meme.
          And you have to admit, he has a way of bumbling into the right solution so precisely that it’s almost like he’s not bumbling at all.
          I mean really, what’s a bit of overkill on a syrian airfield?What did it actually do?

    2. Bush can’t brush his own teeth. Israel carried out 9/11, and the Bush regime was full of dual citizens working for tribe.

        1. Oh since you have said it, and your word is absolutely infallible, I’ll ignore the 16 years worth of research and go and seek ‘professional help’ in that jewish-created pseudo-science of psychiatry/ psychology, thanks!

        2. Research done by who? Neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers who’ve been fired from all their academic positions and banished from all media such that they have to go to Iran to have a voice? Spare me the Jewish world conspiracy horseshit. The Jews aren’t the problem and Muslims don’t need any help with their monopoly on terrorism. They do just fine on their own.

        3. Well done for outting yourself. This forum is full of kikes. Or willful idiots who’d rather be on their knees for jews, and blame 70 IQ Muslims for everything than take on/ expose the organised crime syndicate we call the jews. All of this terrorism is jewish run, be it 9/11 under the dual citizen neo-cons and their creative-destruction ideology, and open obsession with requring a pearl-harbour type even for US/Israeli imperialism, or ISIS, which was created by the neo-cons (esp John McCain and his circle in the Pentagon), or even Wahabbism/ Salafism, which were created by the jewish-run British Empire just as they created funadmentalist (zionist) Christianity; even the House of Saud are jewish merchants installed by the British Empire, and they now run all of the Islamic publishing houses pushing Islamic barbarism. Go back further and the Islamic conquest of Spain is praised by Jewish historians as the work of jews, who wanted Europe to become Islamic, as they were treated better under Islam (even wiki admits this). Look at the Islamic invasion of Europe – it is wholly run by jews, and openly so. Look at refugee protests and they’re led by jewish groups, e.g Soros for one.
          Most of the terrorism is US/UK zionist governments running psychological-operations against their own public using imported Muslims as patsies. But you would rather believe the jewish media. Or are you going to sa the mainstream media isn’t jewish? Just as the central banking cartel isn’t jewish, and the leftist acedemics aren’t jewish, and the Frankfurt School wasn’t jewish, just as the Wall Street parasites like Goldman Sachs aren’t jewish, and the leading advertising agencies pushing multiculturalism and anti-white race mixing aren’t jewish.
          The holocaust is bullshit and you know it. Jews were obsessed with the figure 6 million as it is mentioned in their Babylonian Talmud as the death count which will proceed their messiah returning. The badly-build chimneys in the prisoner of war camps were created by jewish Marxists/ Soviets after WW2. It even took over 20 years for them to orgainse their hoax and bring it out to the public. There was no mention of mass deaths by jews until later. 250,000 jews died due to disease and the effects of war in those camps, yet the entire war was pushed/ started by zionists using Poland as a proxy.
          Dismissing people as neo-nazis is the calling card of every fucking micro-dicked, irritable-bowel-system-suffering hook-nosed shylock.

        4. Wow, I’ve really heard the entire Finkelstein/Galloway agenda in fast speed there. Nice work. Shocked you didn’t use the term “goyim” once though – the one anti-Semitic trope you missed. Your post was entertaining though. Say hi to the lizard people and to Ahmadinejad at his next holocaust denial conference, surely to be attending by many crackpot rogues like yourself. Shalom!

        5. Shhh. You will tear down the boogie man cited by all white gentile males who cant hack it and perform in the modern world. Its their “racism” in that its their built in excuse for not being able to perform. Failed gentile? Must be the Jews fault.
          Jews, making failed gentile men feel better about themselves through a victimhood complex for thousands of years.

        6. I will never understand the aversion to Jews by white nationalists. Approximately half of Jews are European anyway, so it must be a Christian solidarity thing.
          Prominent western Jews like Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz speak about the anti-white attitudes running rampant in the US, and we can all agree on radical Islam.
          I am a proud European, but the white nationalist section would and has turned on me in the comment section because I somewhat defend Israel – or at least keep my criticism of them in perspective. White nationalists and Neo-Nazis get into a feverish pitch about conspiracy theories allegedly perpetrated by other Europeans indigenous to Poland and Slavic states because they happen to not believe in Jesus Christ?

        7. Can a non-Jew who was born a Catholic but became an atheist be a Zionist and if so, how does that work?

        8. There are loads of ex-catholic athiests who are zionists… Clinton and the PoPodesta brothers all are. Zionism is just a the jewish crime syndicates plan to create their Israel-based messianic-lead world state. Jews themselves are pharisees and not Israelites, hence they support materialist ideologies like Marxism. It is a crime syndicate cult pretending to be a religion.

        9. Without getting into more ad hominems back and forth, I’d like to engage you in dialogue. We probably agree about anti-white racism, but disagree where it is primarily coming from. So let me ask you –
          Are the “70 IQ” Muslims responsible for their actions in any capacity, particularly the Iranian regime that is a sworn enemy of Israel, which hangs homosexuals from cranes among other 7th century penal codes, and persecutes religious minorities including Christians in their own country?
          What do you think of Press TV, a propaganda channel that is virulently anti-white (something which, according to you, they may actually share with Zionists.)
          Was Islam at fault for its bloodshed during the age of Muhammad, approximately 1300 years before the creation of the state of Israel? Were the Jews responsible for 500 years of Ottoman persecution of Christians?

  1. If I were Trump I would hire Ms Ali to do something for his administration… Her story is amazing. A real heroine. She checks all the PC boxes too i.e. female, black, atheist…

    1. And the left despises her. They get into a feverish fit of rage when you mention her name. A white female Muslim from New York called Linda Sarsour, who is an open advocate for Sharia law and yet still was a leader of the women’s march (the irony), basically put a fatwa on Ali’s head on Twitter.
      It’s just like being a black conservative. The armies of leftists will seek to destroy your life.

    2. Ms. Ali has some good ideas but she thinks our current decadent ways are the path to freedom instead of self-destruction. In the society of the 1700, prior to the French Revolution, Neither she nor most of us would have been welcomed. Our values are very different…

  2. They hate us like poison.
    They think of us as Crusaders, and ready to cut our fucking heads off, before we have the chance to utter “I am an Atheist, though”.

  3. We’re being “gaslighted” with this Mooslim immigration. We have the entire world to choose from and we’re taking in these folks. Madness

  4. In and around London, they are dealing with the consequences of 423 church closures in the past year, while 392 new mosques were added.
    It’s becoming clear that in some parts of the so-called secular world non-Muslims are unable to out-breed or out-organize their local Muslims and will lose their demographic supremacy within another generation or two. This is exactly why they reproduce at such incredibly high rates, and with the aid of their de facto ideological enemies (through taxes fed into the welfare state that houses and feeds a large % of them). For the most part, I think we can see how these Koran worshipers didn’t come to your town to be “friends.”
    Moreover, many believe a well-supported global population should be held to 1 billion or less. We’re massively over the tipping point, and these ideological battles are making it worse by encouraging over-breeding (Islam does it, La Raza promotes it endlessly, etc.); you get the gist.

    1. Wasnt that a mus brotherhood strategy from way back in the 1950s? Immigrate to the west, then outbreed the natives?

    2. Europe has been irrelevant for decades. Two World Wars took their most motivated men, the ones left are apathetic and/or afraid of their own shadow.
      As Muslim numbers grow and White numbers continue to crash, political power will shift to Islamic immigrants and once they have political power, what is left of White Europe can kiss its ass goodbye.

      1. And yet people fail to grasp the dysgenic effect that has taken place in Europe.
        Humans domesticated animals through selective breeding: they bred the more docile animals and slaughtered the more fierce and wild ones.
        Why do people think the same thing doesn’t work on humans?
        In a few generations, pigs went from wild boars with razor sharp tusks that would gore people in the woods to hairless pink pigs wallowing in the mud waiting to be slaughtered.
        The best of Europe died in battle or in labor camps.
        The ones left behind were – for the most part – the ones deemed unfit for duty: the physically lame, the insane, the politically unfit (communists who were imprisoned rather than conscripted).

        1. Humans domesticated animals through selective breeding: they bred the more docile animals and slaughtered the more fierce and wild ones. […] The best of Europe died in battle or in labor camps.

          This. Not only this but concepts of honor and valor, values given to them by previous generation, died along with them.
          The sad part is that there will be no “WWIII” in the conventional sense. The takeover will be nice and boring in most of the Anglosphere. No civil wars, No heroes; Just cowardice, passivity, denial, then acceptance.

        2. How complete do you deem the takeover to be right now?
          I feel like we’re in a giant pot and the lid is sliding into place on the pot.

        3. Western society has to be one of the most conformist and standardized societies that has ever existed. The West is the only society in the world where the masses watch Netflix and bicker about political correctness, while being surveilled by it’s own Gov’t 24/7/365.
          The lack of thought outside of mainstream media and Hollywood cliches condemns modern Americans to the same mass ignorance.
          Given the context, I’d say the takeover is pretty damn complete.

        4. Yes, I’ve noticed Western society has been homogenized / uniformized just in the last 15 or so years.
          I remember there being different sub-cultures in schools in the late 90s / early 2000s: preps, goths, jocks, nerds, skater kids, punks.
          Now? Not of that exists anymore. It’s all the same. Same music, same hobbies, same aspirations.

        5. Totally right.
          Everyone in school is just the same. A few tattoos, colorful dyed hair for the girls and ultra-liberal views in general.
          In germany they even have a ‘Kein Platz für Rechts’ poster on every school. (‘No place for right wingers’)

        6. Just to confuse your dysgenic idea a bit, even if it may have som merit: Sweden did not participate in either of the two wars. They must have kept all their best, able men. No?

        7. I prefer “KMFDM” – “Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid” – “no pity for the majority”

        8. The West is overpopulated with infantile consumers who are looking for quick self-gratification and lack the ability to think deeply about anything. Self-gratifiers will never make for good thinkers.

        9. Remember like 20 years ago, Rage Against the Machine, with lyrics like,
          “they got you thinkin’ that
          What ya need is what they selling
          Make you think that buying is rebelling”

          Don’t see that sentiment anymore…

        10. What always confused me about RATM is how their music was anti-authoritarian, anti-consumerism, anti-conformity, etc but the band members themselves were dye in the wool, Marxist Che lovers. Great band though.

        11. Yep, didn’t care for their politics (free Mumia) but damn if the Far Right could offer up a band with that level of energy…

        12. True, the only subculture nowadays is made up of kids getting their parents to buy them more and more expensive gadgets! It’s a culture of kids who have been shamed from infancy by media/teaches/weak parents.

        13. The heroes have been shown that heroism is never worth the effort. If a foreigner is attacking a neighbor that wants you dead or in chains, it’s not cowardice to let them fight it out while you move to a nicer neighborhood.

        14. I’d put it as 45% in France and Netherlands and maybe 30% in Germany. It’s a dangerous situation. Like it’s not that near to the lid being in place but conservatives should not relax at all as the left is so strong and omnipresent taking the eye off the ball they’ll slide that lid shut.

      2. I am still in a plausible denial of this. I cannot imagine Europeans ultimately electing to self-terminate as their organized religions lose sway over the younger generations. Perhaps I am am optimistic fool for thinking as much, but I just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning otherwise. I see the self-sabotage of political willpower bending to Islam under the banner of “tolerance” for an insular group who have no reciprocal tolerance for their hosts. I live in the United States and do not want to see us backslide by honoring expired medieval ideologies of any sort (Islam being one of them). I’m both fascinated and deeply disturbed by the 21st century rise of illogical theocratic political ideologies such as Islam and the mass brainwashing it creates in the weakminded. It has been very effective in terms of forced indoctrination, and it runs roughshod with the anti-white racism that this article focuses on.

        1. When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything
          For me what is incredible is that our social inertia has held for so long. If we are to regress, we will not (the West) go back to the Middle Ages, it would be a blessing if it were so, we are going back to the spirituality of the Vikings, The celts with their Wicker man and the old ages.

        2. Europe is finished, I moved out nearly 10 years back, at least my DNA has a chance of living on, even if it is mixed with Asian bloodlines.

    3. I think the global population is a big concern. Forget the environmental nonsense for a moment. It is about being vulnerable to attack and enslavement. Do you honestly think anyone outside of the cucked Anglo/European world actually gives a shit about human rights?

    4. I don’t believe that, the world can support as many productive people as it can breed. It’s the useless that are the problem. Dispose of all the Muslim non-whites, and the world would be a great place.
      Reducing the number of whites (that make everything) is just madness.

  5. Modern Muslims have religious conflicts with:
    Hindus in Kashmir
    Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, and Bosnia
    Atheists in Chechnya
    Baha’is in Iran
    Animists in Darfur
    Buddhists in Thailand
    Jews in Israel
    Each other in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen
    Why is Islam involved in more sectarian and religious conflicts than any other religion today? In fact, why is Islam the only religion in conflict with every single one of today’s major world religions?
    Islam is a fascistic, terrorist religion and it really is that simple.
    Moreover, it’s absolutely fascinating to watch Leftists crusade against sexism, fascism, homophobia, etc…but ardently support a religion that embodies literally ALL of these things.

      1. and the group that is in most direct opposition to everything the snowflakes stand for. (LGBTQWTF+, feminazism, multiculturalism, religious tolerance, etc…)

    1. Old Winston Churchill might’ve ruffled a few feathers, but he was a smart man, and documented his concerns around Muslims decades ago:
      “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”
      ― Winston S. Churchill, The River War

      1. Not a muslim, but:
        “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as
        his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine”
        That is 100% TRUE and FACT. Whether females accept it or not, reality doesn’t change. Again, the State or Government taking the role of MAN/MEN by giving females Entitlement, Freebies and “undeserved” Freedom and also “feeding” females on Tax Payers Money; doesn’t change the realty.
        PS: Guess females should be thankful to muslims not attacking/massacring the “lesbians” ! just like they attack(ed) gays.

        1. Agreed. But even well before islam existed (or known), every other civilization/religion said the same thing. Just type “Manu Smriti” in search engine. He is a scholar from Bharat who clearly stated that “female is a property of MAN (Father, Husband, Son) and shouldn’t be given freedom”. Well, I’ll call it as “undeserved” freedom.
          Don’t know how/why the western MEN allowed it to happen. Happened everywhere but more predominantly in the west. Maybe because of abundant resources, white knights pampering pussies etc.

        2. I guess two World Wars have wiped out the strongest of us and left over wusses who pandered to their females and caved in before their feminist aspirations. For the war effort itself it had become necessary to employ women in arms manufacture because the men were at the frontline and it’s all downhill since.

        3. It’s not so much that sentiment.
          Rather it is the Marxists, leftist, and socialists which we have to thank for modern Islam, and possibly the apathy of our own culture; the willingness to ‘go along to get along.’
          At the turn of the millennium, Islam was but one or two generations from nonexistence. The British and French Empires had all but squashed the religion not through force of arms but, bluntly, superior culture. The mohemadans were abandoning their faith, many to Christianity. No muslim in 1920 either remembered or cared about the Crusades.
          Then came the Marxists and the imbecilic “anti-Imperialism” movement, which through both internal and external political machinations, saw the empires fall and indoctrinated upon the world the foolish notion countries shouldn’t try to expand (an idea in no place previously held). Except, it should be noted, for the ‘glorious revolution.’
          Marxists began in earnest ‘educating’ the muslims about the evils of the Crusades, increasing enmity and solemnity behind a veil of false pretense. One has but to look upon the efforts of he progressive nations to ferment and bolster the nations and authorities in employ of the muslims; compared to their continuous and unending condemnation of Imperialism. The shoe-horning of policy and practice making defense costly and moralistically fatiguing to the honorable warriors doing the fighting.
          At a point, I made the assertion, “There are two ideologies responsible for all the death and destruction of the 20th century; Leftism and Islam.” However I have grown wiser and now know beyond rebuttable doubt, the only ideology deserving of blame is solely the armies public, secret, and unknowing of the secular left.

      2. I read that quote yesterday, once you spend a bit of time walking the pavements in France with them, watching them flip out on trains or in traffic, talking to them and seeing how their fanatic ways such the life out of things you will realise it is completely true. the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those
        who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world

    2. Amazing how fast they (Muslims and Lefties) come out to protest the Syrian chemical attacks, or the Trump travel ban, but the moment one of them commits yet another atrocity, they fall into a deafening silence. They appear to be the most self centered people I have ever seen.

    3. Care to explain why Islam is the fastest growing religion and is on target to surpass Christianity by 2050?

      1. Effective propaganda, oppressive governments, and Islamic invasion of infidel countries.
        There are 55 Muslim majority countries, where it’s adherents are breeding like rabbits, and in many of those countries it is ILLEGAL TO LEAVE ISLAM, so that “fastest growing” bs is a lot of bologna. A large portion of those 1.6 billion do not literally believe in Islam but are petrified to speak out.
        Muslims are also moving into non-Muslim countries and outbreeding the local populations. In war torn Muslims countries, oppressive Muslim forces force Christians to convert or die.
        There are also news stations like Al Jazeera and Press TV that have “news” in dozens of languages that appeal to lonely and disenfranchised young people all over the world, particularly conspiracy theorists.
        It’s not the “fastest growing” religion because it’s true (no, Muhammad didn’t fly to Heaven on a winged horse) or because Sharia is a great system of government.

        1. Something your analysis leaves out: Islam keeps family, tribe, and community together. It is a stabilizing social force which allows Muslims to generally have far lower divorce rates than the Western system of so-called liberty. It diverts hedonism. It promotes spirituality and life meaning through Sufism (which, contrary to mainstream perception IS mainstream Islam. See the Chechnya conference when Salafis were kicked out of the definition of Sunni: )
          So in a sense it is true. True enough, anyway.

        2. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. Yes, Islam is very traditional and in that sense, the more damaging parts of female nature is constrained. The problem is it is done by force or violence. Women are literally enslaved in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic “Republic” of Iran, and many other conservative Muslim countries. Black on white crime is rampant in America now, but that is not an excuse to bring back slavery.
          I’ll grant you that Islam has some useful philosophy about family and charity, but it comes with an enormous price tag – the fact that the benefits of Islam only applies to Muslims and kafir be damned. You called western liberty so-called. There is no country that is a perfect democracy, but the west is much closer than the Islamic world.

        3. I say so-called liberty because Imam Ali said: The slave of the desires is humiliated more than the slave of bondage.
          Aristotle also conceived of freedom not as the ability to follow one’s desires, but rather to direct oneself as their reason demanded.
          Liberty is to control the self, not the capacity to follow it to its hedonistic conclusion. For this reason, modern civilization entirely enslaves a man; in debt, in an endless hamster treadmill of hedonistic pursuit, in nihilism. Democracy is in fact a kind of slavery because it puts human desire ahead of truth.
          “The problem is it is done by force or violence. Women are literally enslaved in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic “Republic” of Iran, and many other conservative Muslim countries.”
          The vast majority of Muslims (including women) follow Islam entirely voluntarily. The reason you might find this shocking is because you probably think the majority of Islam is basically like ISIS, when this is not at all the case. Islam is the natural religion for man when you think it through.
          As regards, Iran, remember the Islamic revolution in Iran was overwhelmingly supported by the people, and it was almost entirely a peaceful revolution (there was fighting for like 2 or 3 days only and only a few deaths, in the final gasp of the Shah’s regime). Over 98% of the population voted to install the Ayatollah Khomeini as Guardian Jurist and his funeral is one of the largest ever recorded in history:
          See this documentary series “Ruhullah” for a pro-revolution POV:

        4. You had me going somewhat until the one really outlandish line about Islam being the “natural religion of man” or some such nonsense. There is no such thing as a natural religion – religions exist solely because of man’s fear of death. And as far as violent implications in the real world, Islam is the worst religion, i.e. the furthest from the best.
          Let me ask you this, do you support cutting off hands of thieves, throwing gays from rooftops, stoning adulterers, and beheading blasphemers? And if not, do you understand you are considered an apostate by conservative Muslims?

        5. “There is no such thing as a natural religion – religions exist solely because of man’s fear of death.”
          As far was we know, religion is as old as human beings themselves. Like it or not, religion is entirely *natural*, it is atheism that is unnatural to the human scheme. Think about it – atheism did not arise as a major force in the world until really the eighteenth century. This occurred because of a so-called turn from faith to reason. Thus at best atheism is more rational, but being more rational =/= more natural. (Personally I do not think atheism is rational, but I am granting the premise).
          Atheists usually have this story in their head about how the first people were irreligious and then someone made up a story and thereafter people for some irrational reason began to believe it. Thereafter, according to this story, religion proliferated and infected the human species. Unfortunately this theory has zero evidence and all evidence we have found is to the contrary. We have found religious symbols in Neanderthal burriel grounds. We don’t have any archeological evidence whatsoever of a single civilization or prehistoric tribe that existed without religion.
          The fear of death is natural in man, so this only supports the case that religion is natural. I believe you are conflating two issues; whether something is natural and whether it is rational. Whether religion is rational is another discussion for another time – I am only defending that it is natural.
          In regards to the rationality of religion I will say this though – even if the fear of death is the genesis of religion, this does not mean that religion does not have rational evidence for its truth. Medicine is also predicated on the fear of death/suffering, but it is still a valid field of knowledge because it has supporting evidence. The question is do central religious claims have evidence, not whether the genesis of religious thought is fear of death.
          My views on the Hudood (penal code) of Islam are slightly harsher than what you’ll find presented in this article, which by the way is in line with the classical tradition of scholarship (unlike ISIS et al):

        6. I skimmed the link, but saw enough within 5 minutes. I’m certainly not going to read an entire thesis that bloviates around the question. Okay, I get it, when strict Shariah law is applied there is less crime because people are petrified of the penal code under the Islamic state. My question is, in the rare 2% of cases (or whatever happy face you want to put on it), do you support the penal code or not?
          Just answer the question and own the barbarism. Stop trying to be something you’re not. This is the problem most people have with Muslims who come to the debate table. The easiest way to get a Muslim scholar to ramble incoherently for 20 minutes is to ask him if he supports the death penalty for apostasy.
          Yes or no?

        7. It seems my response to this comment and your response to my comment were deleted…RoK Mods?

      2. Each year, (formally) White Christian countries are importing millions of low-IQ foreigners who worship a pedophilic warlord and are paid to have a bunch of kids. The end.

      3. Pretty well established that the less industrialized nations have massive birth rates.
        Plus first world aid to them, and the welfare state these muslims use when they get here.

    4. And let’s be honest – it isn’t solely a religion, if one at all. It’s a political system under the guise of religious terminology.

      1. And as such, anyone opposed to Islam should stop calling it a religion. It should simply be known as a dangerous political ideology.
        And we shouldn’t call them muslims. They’re Mohammadens or Saracens.

        1. If they want to be called muslims, whatever. But yes – it a cultist, dangerous political ideology. Nothing more.

      2. It’s both. Yes, it’s the most politicized religion in modern history, but rest assured these people really do believe the crap in these texts. Even “moderate” western Muslims like Mehdi Hassan have stated that they LITERALLY believe Muhammad flew to heaven on a winged horse. Religion is the only reason Muslim suicide bombers detonate in a crowd of children in their own neighborhoods. Their fellow terrorists have clarified that they think they’re doing the innocent children killed a FAVOR by sending them to paradise before they could sin.

      1. I’d rather read about how Muhammad fucks Aisha, whilst she was still playing with dolls, in the Hadiths.

  6. To everyone who speaks german, here is a nice interview done by a sunni muslima who interviews an identitarian rapper. She tries to make him understand that germans are not allowed to use the word ‘blood’, ‘pride’ or ‘sweat’ because it’s literally Hitler.
    Furthermore she states that his lyrics reminds her of “how Goebbels talked in his speeches” and that he needs to lower his rhetorics.
    Just imagine a white guy going to Japan, making an interview with a japanese woman about how she is not allowed to use the word ‘pride’ and that nationalism in japan will not be tolerated by us white folks. You can’t imagine it, because it’s outrageous and ridiculous? Yeah, me neither.
    It’s just incredible. These pieces of shit come to our countries and instead of being thankful they tell us what to think and say. And nobody fights against this disease. Smdh. I hate my cucked countrymen.

      1. Dude, I can’t watch any of these videos in germany.
        Everything that is related to national socialism or identitarian movements is banned on german youtube.
        I’m to lazy to activate my VPN again.

        1. Everything that is related to national socialism or identitarian movements is banned on german youtube.

          Which should tell you all you need to know.

        2. He did nothing wrong. I even try to redpill people but they are too utterly brainwashed. I will move to Argentina, Uruguay, East Europe or Japan in the future.

        3. Censorship and jail, questioning the holocaust is time in jail, they still feel a gigantic terror towards the Germans. Argentina is still a white country despite the invasion of the brown brothers of Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.

        4. I can’t view them either because Discus has been broken for 6 months. It hides the links, then doesn’t pass on the new url. I can view it direct in Discus, but WP account is private, so no access that way either.

        5. So killing six million innocent people systamatically is not wrong? elaborate. I agree Hitler was not all evil, hell most of Natural Law here in the cultural cesspool of the USA is based off of nazi natural resource management and Stalin by far was much more evil he killed 17 Million people(the Ukrainian famine is included in this number) and the people still mourned when he died.

        6. What is wrong with you? Even if you’re an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who, from what I gather in the comment section, blames the Jews for radical Islamic terrorism and all other problems in the world, Hitler still killed up to 5 million non-Jews.
          Even if the entire Holocaust was a hoax and not 1 Jew died under the National Socialists (ridiculous), did he not kill millions of Gypsies, Poles, Slavs, homosexuals, and even dissenting Germans?

        7. They have a Wall Street jewish finnancier President at the moment so it won’t be white for long.

        8. People are definitely too black and white about him, it’s dangerous. He also built roads, established Volkswagen and did wonders for the economy following election. Went of course horribly wrong in the end invading every country etc but it’s misused by the MSM nowadays for unhealthy political purposes.

        9. Next they will be questioning the validity of shrunken heads, skin lampshades and soap made of Jews. Anti-Semite tinfoils I tell ya.

        1. Nah.. I mean the whole situation in general.
          That a people would willingly accept being demographically replaced.

        2. They actually speak about the ethnic replacement (‘Umvolkung’) but the muslima makes it clear that she thinks it’s a conspiracy theory (of course she knows that it is more than just that but she wont say it in public until germany is 50% islamic – the semites are all the same malicious and suspicious kind of people).

    1. Just one word: unverschämt.
      But I don’t blame her at all. Any journalist you watch on T.V. is just a puppet, his words, even if he does believe in them are just second hand ideas, put there by their bosses, we are hearing the non-sense the elites want the public to believe…

  7. Your logic is flawed. You can’t count the numbers of victims as the measure of terrorism for your “per capita” argument – you have to count the numbers of incidents. The Orlando shooting, for example, was committed by a single assailant. San Bernardino was committed by two. The fact that they claimed many victims doesn’t mean “more Muslims are killing people!!!” only that some individual Muslims have succeeded in killing many people.

    1. Good goy!
      The german youtuber Rayk Anders (who gets paid by german state talmudivision) made a video today on how it’s just ridiculous that islamist terrorists only kill a few (or dozens) with trucks and axes instead of getting control over an atomic plant instead.
      Because we need to understand: Terrosist attacks are not bad! It’s just part of their culture and actually – hey, it’s ridiculous! They are always just killing a few.
      LOL, he is pretty much begging on his knees to IS(rael) to kill more people in the future. Come on, guys! We need more dead people! Kill white cis-scum, common!

    2. No, my logic isn’t flawed at all.
      1. Yes, I can count the number of victims as the measure of terrorism, because I’m discrediting a study that claims that more people die at the hand of white nationalists than Islamists. And it’s a lie they get away with by using tricky language like “since 9/11”. See what “since 9/10” does to the total? Did you even read the article?
      2. You misunderstand what the per capita argument was. Even if I grant your illogical notion of ignoring the total number of casualties in favor of only the total number of attacks, only 1% of the terrorist attacks in America should have a Muslim assailant. But they account for almost half of terrorist attacks, totally irrespective of the death toll.

      1. dude she is an over the hill grandma who is here to stir the pot; would be great if the mods actually banned people again

        1. keep projecting. safe spaces are for women who cant handle reality. do you have any male kids or grandkids? you never answer any questions, bc youre here for a “conversation”, not an interview, right?

        2. Safe spaces are for scared boys like you, which is why you sit whining “where’s my mod! Waaaa!”

      2. Sorry, but that’s nonsense. I can use that flawed methodolgy to claim that because military veterans have been involved in high-body-count terrorist attacks and mass shootings, veterans pose a bigger threat to America than Muslim terrorists. I doubt many people would agree with that even though Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people. Also, it’s absurd to claim Muslims account for “half of the terrorist attacks in the country.”

        1. You can claim it’s “absurd” all day long. Count they bodies. They account for over half of terrorist attacks in America, and account for over 95% of the deaths caused by terrorism.
          For some reason you want to ignore the total death count? Fine. What don’t you understand that even if Muslims only made up 20% of the terrorist attacks in the country, it’d still be a ghastly figure? You do agree that Muslims account for more than 1% of terrorist attacks in the country, yes? If so, they are disproportionately likely to be terrorists.
          Learn some critical thinking skills or move to a Muslim country with your virtue signaling gibberish. You’d have a life expectancy of about 5 minutes.

        2. And for the record, Timothy McVeigh has become a buzzword for leftists. You dishonor the memory of those he killed by using him as fodder to excuse away Muslim terrorists. That attack happened about 18 years ago, and Anders Brevik happened 5 years ago. Their names always come up because those attacks are so rare we know the names.

        3. can use that flawed methodolgy to claim that because military veterans have been involved in high-body-count terrorist attacks and mass shootings, veterans pose a bigger threat to America than Muslim terrorists.

          It’s spelled ‘methodology’ and the difference is veterans won’t kill you if you draw a cartoon of their prophet.

        4. You’re losing the argument.
          Forget the total number of dead bodies and answer this question. Do Muslims account for more or less than 1% of terrorist attacks in America???

        5. Oklahoma City happened 18 years ago? 9/11 happened 15 years ago, but half of your article is complaining how it’s not fair to discount it. And then you want to appeal to emotion by whining that I’m “dishonoring their memory” by mentioning that they died? If you’re not mature enough to discuss your attempts at writing, don’t put it online.

        6. It depends on what you consider a terrorist attack. Just because a maladjusted gun-nut like Omar Mateen claimed he committed mass murder “for ISIS” doesn’t make it terrorism.

        7. Fantastic! And now we have another common leftist diversion. Now you, a random westerner on the internet, is going to tell us the real motive behind a terrorist attack. The terrorist could look into the camera and tell us, or pray to Allah on a 9-11 transcript. But no, that’s not really why he’s doing it. You know why he’s doing it though.
          That’s the difference between you and I. I’m not an armchair psychologist arrogant enough to tell a terrorist why he does the things he does. I take him at his word.

        8. Which mass killer murdered for clear ideological reasons, Omar Mateen, or Dylan Roof? This isn’t hard, you just don’t like it because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

        9. Both of them did. What is your point?
          I didn’t say Dylan Roof wasn’t a Christian or a white nationalist. He was. You are insisting Omar Mateen wasn’t an Islamic terrorist.
          Again, you fundamentally can’t grasp the point of the article. It wasn’t to defend white nationalist or Christian terrorists. It was to –
          A. Explain why Muslim terrorism is way out of proportion despite media lies.
          B. Explain why the white vs. Muslim comparison is a non-sequitir.

        10. Pretty sure Omar Mateen The Fag Slayer shot up that gay club because he saw it as the epitome of Western decadence and debauchery

        11. I grasp the point of your article, and I’ve explained, at length how your claims are inherently illogical. Resorting to claims of “media lies” isn’t going to give your writing any more credibility, sadly.

        12. Well, it’s generated around 100 comments in an hour, and scavenging the entire comment section you are the only person who has put the article down. And the entire comment section is having a field day with you. Please refer me to any of your work anywhere on the internet. I’d love to offer a critical analysis.
          I was really hoping that if there was disagreement and debate that it would be with an honest broker. You’re not dumb, you are coherent and well written. You are Cenk Uygur and Reza Aslan – intelligent but dishonest.

        13. Insisting that someone isn’t an honest broker simply because they disagree with you is a hallmark of an immature temperament.

        14. Your previous comments are littered with covert ad hominems – I believe what the left calls microaggressions. It’s not just a gentleman’s disagreement.
          I’ve stated you are an intelligent and well written person. It is just difficult to imagine someone likely with a triple digit IQ not knowing when they’ve refused 15 times to answer a simple question by using diversionary tactics. If you’re not dishonest, you’re in denial about the facts.

        15. Oh, “covert ad hominems” and “microaggressions” I hope you are able to muddle through somehow, and I apologize for turning you into such a victim with my mere words typed onto a screen.

        16. Lol? Your grammar and vocabulary are terrible. There’s a higher likelihood I’d hire you and I would never hire you for anything but labor work.

        17. I’m guessing a guy like you needs to hire help to do heavy lifting. Am I right or am I right?

        18. Intellectually dishonest, willfully ignorant, or just a troll?
          I’ll let the other readers decide. Good day!

        19. You LITERALLY complained to me about “micro-aggressions.” Sorry if you embarrassed yourself.

        20. Those aren’t microaggressions. They’re just aggressions. I’m not being sly or covert about it like you.
          I didn’t embarrass myself either. Very happy with the results or the article so far and you’ve been the comic relief sidebar portion.
          Still waiting to see a version of your work.

        21. I didn’t claim to have work, nor did I invite you to see it. Do you often say things, then imagine the person you were talking to said it and not you? Sort of odd…

        22. You do have a point however, the most troubled countries(war-torn, third world status, abuse of human rights eccetra) are Islam majority countries, with the exception of Indonesia. Today there was an attack on an Egyptian Church where 43 people were killed and the other day an Islamic terrorist killed 4 people and injured 15 in Stockholm Sweden, Over Christmas an Islamic terrorist drove a lorry into a Berlin Christmas market. Let us((trigger warning)) do some math;what is 1 percent of 1.6×10^9(billion)(the claimed number of extremists in Islam)? It is 1.8×10^7 (ten millions) even if the percentage is lower it would still be significant enough to have a drastic impact on the modern passive world. Let us get into ecology now; If an invasive species infiltrates an ecosystem and the native species does not develope some form of a deterrent, the invasive species will take over.Another thing about “oh so peaceful Islam” apostates are killed. I personally know a few ex-muslims and they cannot go back to their countries because they will be killed. The USA did not help much by stirring up the pot either. There are no winners in a religious war.

        23. Answer the damn questions already!
          Thanks for dropping in. We need people like you to sharpen our steel. Doesn’t mean you aren’t a faggot though.

      3. per capita murder rate is a valid measure to illuminate how likely people of certain groups are to commit violence

        1. Sorry, but that’s nonsense. If an Eskimo set off a nuclear bomb in Manhattan and killed 1.5 million people, you think that would mean eskimos were more likely to kill because they had such a high per capita body count? Clearly, that’s absurd, but that’s the exact argument you’re making. This is why ROK’s attempts at non girl-fucking articles generally come up short – the writers don’t have the ability to write credible academic papers.

        2. A good number of the contributors and readers on ROK are academics (with PhDs).
          We write here because obviously no Leftist-controlled academic journal would publish pieces expressing such opposing views.

        3. Ha ha, sure. It’s obvious from the well-reasoned arguments and high-caliber academic writing.

        4. “per capita murder rate is a valid measure to illuminate how likely people of certain groups are to commit violence”
          It’s an even better measure of how effective they are at murder. Discounting the casualties per attack, while focusing solely on the number of attacks, is ludicrous.

        5. Answer the question or concede you’ve lost the point and walk away.
          Do Muslims account for more or less than 1% of terrorist assailants in the US, irrespective of death count? If they hypothetically represent 10%, are they not 10x more likely to be a terrorist than they should be given they represent 1% of the population?

        6. Again, if you’re going to put writing online, grow a thicker skin. Continually insisting “you lost” and urging me to leave makes you look like a child. Are you a child?

        7. Again, what constitutes a terrorist attack? I could take plenty of the mass shootings committed by white American Christians over the last few years and claim they were “terrorism.” I’m confident they would be called terrorism had they been committed byva Muslim.

        8. You refuse to answer the question, because it’s the end of the argument for you. So now what you’ll do is exactly what a referred to in the article. Knowing that the numbers do not bode well for Muslims, you’ll constantly move the goalposts so as to imply that all those Muslim terrorist attacks weren’t really Islamic inspired, even though the radical Islamic terrorist told us it was.
          Your type of obscurantism is exactly who this article was written about.

        9. Lol, yes, you keep insisting “it’s the end of the argument.” That’s what people who can’t defend their claims always seem to say.

        10. Third talking point is to bring up Christians. Check. Although mentioning that they are “white” makes no sense because I didn’t talk about the race of the Islamic terrorists, so you might just be an anti-white racist.
          Now I might surprise you, because if a Christian terrorist tells us he’s doing in the name of Christianity I believe him. Anders Brevik was a Christian terrorist, and so were the 9 abortion clinic bombers in our country’s 240 year history.
          Doesn’t change the fact that Muslim terrorism is wildly out of proportion per their percentage of the US population.

        11. You dismiss my statements as “talking points” because you’re not able to defend your position with facts or logic.

        12. The difference is how they are reported by the media.
          Dylan Roof was paint as a hate filled bigot while the Boston marathon bombers were featured on the over of the Rolling Stone with untamed rocker hair and Omar Mateen killed 50 homos not because he hated faggots but because he was a victim of Christian society somehow.

        13. I’ve defended my position perfectly, and 98% of the people reading this article would agree that I’m talking circles around you.
          Bringing up irrelevant examples, diversions, dodging questions. The only thing left for you now is ad hominem attacks.
          I’m done with you, because you STILL haven’t answered whether Islamic terrorism is out of proportion. Your answer to that is to tell us you know better than the Islamic terrorist why he does what he does.

        14. Yes, 98% of the readers, who spend the majority of their day reading “How can I fuck more and hotter girls?! A discerning group of sophisticates to be sure.

        15. Muslim killers are always painted in a sympathetic light: he grew up in a wartorn area etc
          while white or asian killers like the Columbine shooters, Cho, Lanza, Laughner, Rodgers, Holmes are painted as wide-eyed hate filled monsters.

        16. How about Umpqua Community College – 9 dead. The shooter was resentful about all of the girls that weren’t fucking him (see how healthy ROK philosophy is?)

        17. Which church did he belong and did he specifically site his religuous beliefs for actions? Or did you simply slur and besmirch christians on a dubuous statememt as is SOP for you twats?
          A lot of coptic christians were murdered in church today. You enable those who did it.

        18. What church did the 9/11 hijackers belong to, and did they specifically “site” their religious beliefs for actions? Or did you simply slur and besmirch Muslims on a dubious statement which is SOP for you twats?
          It’s literally painful to pretend to write as poorly as you actually write. Take a class on how to fucking write.

        19. “What church did the 9/11 hijackers belong to…”
          None. Muslims do not attend a church you obtuse cunt.
          Your ignorance is deep and no amount of snark and asinine insults will hide that.

        20. I agree with you 100%. The eskimos have had their way for too long. And I agree, they are a nuclear threat. I don’t know how they have managed to stay under the radar all this time.

        21. It only takes ONE mass-casualty event to put Eskimos at the top of the per capita body count hit parade! Don’t trust them!!! They’re an especially sneaky people!!!

        22. I know, you’re right. Like if a weener dog bit my ankle, we should just kill all the weener dogs. Good comparison right?

        23. The example of a hypothetical Eskimo killing a million people is stupid.
          We don’t need hypothetical Islamic terrorists because we can count the real dead bodies. Islamic terrorists have killed over 3,100 people spanning 20-25 attacks on American soil since just the turn of the century. And that is 1% of the US population doing that.
          Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Atheists, and Eskimo terrorists don’t combine for even a small fraction of that number.
          Still trying to figure out if you’re just an intellectually dishonest troll or just an ignorant person with no critical thinking skills posing as the arbiter of what makes a writer an academic.

        24. LOL, the hypothetical Eskimo is “stupid” because it undermines your entire argument. You’re saying “total body count definitely counts when determining who is most dangerous on a per capita basis!!!” That’s your argument. In that case, the Eskimo setting off a nuclear bomb in Manhattan would make Eskimos the deadliest killers in America. If you don’t like it, you reject your own metric. Next time, think these things through BEFORE submitting your article. Have a friend read it first. Get advice. Make revisions. That’s what writers do.

        25. You are a ridiculous person with a very limited critical thinking skill set. I’d also suggest again that before you tell me how to write, you demonstrate a sample of your work. You can’t, because you’ve admitted you don’t write. You are the equivalent of the morbidly obese virgin whose admittedly never been with a girl giving PUA advice. This article is getting a lot of traffic in the first day and there is robust debate in the comment section, which is all any writer could ask for.
          Now, I’ll explain this one more time. Try to keep up –
          The total body count is a small point among many in the article, to expose a propaganda technique used by the mainstream media that lets Muslims off the hook too easily – the “since 9/11” trick.
          The larger point is that Muslims make up only 1% of the US population, but have committed dozens of isolated terrorist attacks irrespective of body counts. THAT is the point that you ran away from upwards of 15 times earlier, and now you’re back for more. So I’ll ask again. Do Muslims make up more than 1% of terrorist assailants in the US or less???

        26. Oh, so you can’t have an opinion on a film unless you’re a filmmaker? You can’t tell me if you like a meal or not unless you’re a chef? Clearly, I can have an opinion on your writing, and more specifically, your inability to support your premise with logic, regardless of whether or not I write myself. Comprende?
          Why is it ridiculous to say “terrorists attacks since 9/11” but then you go into a righteous rage when someone brings up Oklahoma City, which happened 2 years prior? You hang your entire argument on “total body count” until I point out to you that that’s an absurd metric, and now you claim it was a “small point?” You want to tell me to “try to keep up?” You need to grow up, and grow a thicker skin because right now, you just sound like a little whiny bitch.

        27. a number of nasty crimes against whites have been happening in Europe in the last few days and weeks but any muslim or african in the eyes of the politicians or msm is like endangered wildlife and the population is somehow beaten into submission to accept the situation.

  8. Then you have Assad, the most secular muslim leader you can find and west/ jews want to get rid of him in favour of radical sunni islamists

  9. I am seeing the globalist media in support of the attacks. Makes me wonder if they are actually in cahoots with one another and there opposition to one another is an act.

    1. Trump did 180, so sad, he is Bush 2.0 and looks like he is on a good path to make Israel great again

      1. Was Israel ever bad? I think Israel has done a wonderful job playing America for the fools we are. We are pretty much enslaved to them because no Republican can ever win without cucking for Israel – need to (((fund))) that election somehow !

        1. Bravo…! Good point My friend! Let’s see what will be the next step of president Jared..?! Israel FIRST, America second!! ( though I do believe that Donald J Trump has indeed some good intentions.. But president Jared decides over every important questions/promotions/whatnot.. And there is NO decision will be made without him!! ) Besides that, Trump is SURROUNDED by jews, that is the most important factor.. Yanks will need to realise, that those are USA/Israel dual citizens – Israel FIRST!!
          See: that swamp wasn’t drained AT ALL!! :((

    1. My question is, what would happen to terrorism rates if the US stopped giving ‘welfare aid’ to Muslim countries? Saudi Arabia has spent billions in building and repurchasing mosques and installing their own imams. I would also expect that the terrorism rates would fall if the US would stop bombing them overseas, as that is the cause of their hatred. The more they kill…

        1. Who was the US bombing when 911 happened? Or does your truth cover your expectations and assumptions what motivates islamic terrorism?
          Truth is those nations that border islamic ones are bloody. Truth is, islam is explicit of using terror as a weapon. You ignore those truths out of conveience or because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

        2. US interference in the ME predates 911. Naturally, they would find resistance. The CIA did 911, by the way.
          Truth is, US has been in a state of warfare for the majority of its history. Gadaffi wasn’t great, but the people had the highest standard of living under him and lived in peace and safety. The US killed him and installed their own puppet. See? It is the US’s fault. Also, correlation does not imply causality.

        3. Inteference, but not bombing? Ok. You are shifting goal posts and simply want a convenient scapegoat to blame people you don’t like. Jews, Americans, white people…
          US is to blame for everything if you want it to be mate. Whatever helps you sleep at night, but your still an apologist for islamic terrorism.

        4. The examples are plentiful. Here’s one:
          There are many kinds of interference and killing, bombing is just one. Hitler never killed anyone. See what I did there?
          Terrorism is a function of many factors. Islam isn’t the problem, Muslims are. The US is the #1 sponsor of terrorism by paying Muslim nations to terrorize.

        5. Dunno, the US is always bombing someone, hard for the rest of us to keep track. Why do you care what happens in a country half a world away from America? Let them kill each other as much as they like, a good semite, is a dead semite.

        6. Absolute nonsense. The “foreign policy” diversion falls apart when you look at the litany of horrors taking place in relatively non-interventionist countries like Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Canada, hell even Spain and India (Mumbai) in recent memory. The United States does often make the problem worse for itself, but the root problem is Islam. Apologists like you blame the 240 year old United States or even 70 year old Israel for a 1,500 year old problem.

        7. Terrorism is a function of several factors, only one of which is interventionism. The sponsoring of Wahhabi ideology can transfer anywhere in the world, as people can be transferred. There will always be an ideology that would be responsible for litany of horrors in all communities. Don’t you think that if those groups were backed, it would have similar results? Guess which group has most backing? If you need concrete evidence of Jewish evil:
          In any case, the so called horrors of Sharia needs no apology. Stoning cheaters to death and cutting the hands of thieves is a good thing. Obviously, there are caveats, but corporal punishments net the greatest utilitarian benefit to societies overall.

        8. A tinfoil hat wearing, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who is an advocate for Sharia law. Jews are evil but 7th century penal codes are great. I don’t have much else to say to you, other than please move to Syria then. I’ll pay for your ticket.

        9. Better to wear a tinfoil hat with ridicule, than a sheep for slaughter. People like you understand the complexities and nuances of schisms within their own communities, but then generalize others due to lack of knowledge without realizing.

        10. Facts matter when your making statements (especially when you keep injecting the word “truth” into it). You don’t know and cannot keep track? I believe you. So we can dismiss anything you say on the topic and ignore the scapegoating fall back.
          I don’t care if semites kill each other. Problem is they don’t to just semites and export it to places they don’t belong.

        11. Does anyone doubt the murderous ways of the Americans?
          You started your country off by killing the native population.
          Since then, it’s just been one mass slaughter after another.
          Civilized nations, don’t keep invading other countries.
          America, the only country in the world that went from barbarism to decadence, without passing through civilization.
          You can even destroy your own cities without any bombs, Detroit is one of the most fucked up places on the earth, 50% literacy. Even the Muslims can’t achieve this level of destruction.

          PS. you’re the person using the word ‘truth’, are you confused?

        12. Your wiki link refers ro the 98′ bombing of Iraq? Saddam was ignoring the resolutions that allowed him to remain in powere after invading Kuwait. Even Clinton couldn’t ignore that (as h did with so many other attacks). You are being more than a bit incoherent with your accusations and supporting evidence.
          Islam isn’t the problem, muslims are? Feel free to unpack that one.
          Looking at state sponsored terrorism I didn’t fnd much on US, but a slew of others you conveniently ignore, but you have your agenda and a skewed worldview to hold together.

        13. Specifics? The sweeping generalizations and the insertion of logical fallacies to support your opinion isn’t convincing that what you say is remotely true. No American indians are alive today? Diseaese killied most of the indians off, not warfare with whites in the old days, but something tells me your really not bothered with the facts. Just the narrative.
          Or you simply don’t know as you mentioned earlier.
          Detroit, Venzuela, California (WIP), Cuba, .. these places all have something in common. Dope it out.

        14. Typical US lies: Also: “The events that affected my soul in a direct way started in 1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped them in that. This bombardment began and many were killed and injured and others were terrorised and displaced.”-OBL. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Funding Israel in the 67 war, oil control etc are other factors. If I pay a hitman to kill someone, is it my fault? That is the US’s primary method of violence.
          Extremist groups are being funded far more than others by governments. In a free market of religion, I would expect it to be much different. Terrorism will naturally increase if those groups are being supported. Saudi Arabia, for example, has given billions to Wahhabi organizations.
          The US gives money to various countries, officially known as welfare. Let’s not delude ourselves as to what it really is. The US created ISIS and others. If you take things at face value only, you will not know truth:

    2. Good point, we really need some affirmative action here.
      Where can I sign up to drive a truck into a crowd of SJWs?

  10. Why is anyone here debating or arguing with SFC Sphinxor?
    It’s clear he or she or whatever it is, is a nut job with nothing better to do than side track men in what should be a genuine discussion.
    Sphinxor is like a leftist or politician; rather than answer a straight question with a straight answer, all you get is the run-around.

    1. You’re right.
      I had a nice thread with he/she yesterday regarding a movie of the week from back in the 70s, but all the other stuff was pure crap.

  11. This is still kind of a cucky article claiming “beliefs” in “muh constitution” and “values” actually means something.

    1. That was a very garbled sentence. If you’re going to throw out cheap manosphere buzzwords like cucky, try to be a little bit clearer.

  12. That cartoon is by far the best representation of “multiculturalism” I have ever seen.
    The headless cuckold isn’t so bad either.

    1. It’s even more on the nose when you see it in it’s entirety. The parts that were cut off show the girl’s dad struggling against police to go save his kid but he’s being arrested and accused of islamophobia while the cops ignore the muslim rapists.

  13. Moderates be damned, they will still send their kids to madrassa where they will be taught taliban,

  14. Most muslims are non-white and non-whites are vermin. Arabs, pakis and turks would be criminal, parasitic, civilization wrecking scum even if they abandoned their backwards, evil religion. America is being ruined by millions of nigger, spic, and beaner subhumans and they are all Christian, or at least nominally so. Race war and revolution are the only solutions. 14/88!!!!

    1. Fucking good point My man!!! These sissy boys do NOT see the big picture: Every MALE muslim from 13 yrs of age and up is a potential terrorist!!! Rule of thumb: their brain can turn at every second!!! Question is: who will stop the jew, who’s stirring the whole shite from the back..??! Anyways, people are waking up way to slowly… but the shit soon will hit the big fan..!

  15. Their dedication to Western values is NOT the issue. They can be dedicated to them in their own nations. Not mine.
    The West, including N. America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim otherwise is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.
    The reason those immigrants desperately needed to leave the third world is because the third world is a disaster THEY let happen.
    Non-whites chase DOWN whites because Whites provide the social, moral and literal capital that subsidizes their lives and makes them better — at the expense of Whites. It has to STOP

  16. Extremist muslims want to kill you. Behind closed doors, moderate muslims cheer at your child’s dead body, pay the extremist muslims (or their families) for their deeds, and get busy crying about islamophobia.

    1. Buddy if you think this you really need to meet more Muslims. We hate the extremists more than you hate them because they kill more Muslims than anyone else on top of making us look bad.

      1. Oh I better take you at your word then because it’s not like muslims were commanded by their prophet to lie to non believers to advance the faith at all costs. Wait a minute…
        If the generic muslim hated the extremists, there would be anti extremist protests instead of anti-islamophobia protests from your fellow ideologues. muslim countries wouldn’t all be quickly progressing to 100% muslim population at the expense of their Christian, jewish, and whatever others. No the fact is that every muslim chooses their definition of extremist to mean “someone who goes way too far even for me”, which basically boils down to if you or yours didn’t get hurt, you silently cheer that muslims are that much closer to world domination.

        1. Ayatollah Sistani called for a jihad against ISIS. 2 million Iraqis signed up.
          Read the Open Letter to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by leading Muslim scholars:
          Compilation of Muslim condemnations of ISIS:
          Muslims aren’t “protesting” ISIS and other terrorist groups, they are fighting them with guns because ISIS is slaughtering their children and blowing up suicide bombs in mosques. See this bomb blast in kuwait inside a mosque:
          As for how Islam spread, see this lecture:
          As I said, you probably have not talked to very many Muslims in your life so you’re living inside this media bubble. It’s really no different than how SJWs see the world with hysteric claims about the patriarchy, but you’re on the other extreme. This kind of aggressive rhetoric doesn’t help – dialogue does. Good day sir.

        2. Of course they are fighting: they are directly threatened by muslims that are slightly different. Odd how common that is. And the fact that muslim kill other muslims is a matter of location and available targets, and is hardly a redeeming quality of the death cult. I’m talking about the muslims that are safe and sound in our terribly WAAAAYCIST western countries. Not a peep out of them during terrorist attacks except for the usual “not all muslims mkay!”. That speaks volumes.

        3. Here is a link to an article about the European wars of religion which lasted for more than a bloody century. Millions of people were killed:

          Furthermore, within the last century the most barbaric wars in the entirety of history were fought on European soil. WW1 and WW2. Yet, you do not conclude that Europeans are an inherently barbaric race. And rightly so. And no, I am not implying that Christianity is inherently barbaric either, and I think the atheists who draw that conclusion are simplistic in their analyses of these events.
          Muslim in-fighting based on sect has not been a regular feature of Islamic civilization. Remember you’re talking about a 1400 year old civilization, if Muslims were so intolerant, they would have been slaughtering each other consistently throughout the centuries. That is not the case. The current bloodshed is being fanned by the U.S. who has a divide and conquer strategy. They are radicalizing Sunnis via their wahhabi cleric proxies in Saudia Arabia in order to balance the power against Shi’ite Iran. This has been in the works for more than 30 years (although the Wahhabi tie to Britain goes back two hundred years).
          The fact of the matter is that Muslims have been rational state actors for the vast majority of history, just like any other civilization.
          As for Muslims in the West not condemning terror attacks, I sent you a link with hundreds of condemnations, many of them from prominent American Imams and organizations:

          The reason why Muslims in the West cry about Islamophobia is because its what directly affects us. It allows fools like Sam Harris and Ayaan Hirsi Ali to convince otherwise good people like yourselves that Muslims are “out to getcha!” For a scholarly counter-narrative, see this link concerning the doctrine of Jihad in Islam by leading Muslim scholars:

        4. Oh the old “That one guy that one time was white, therefore White people do it too!!!!!!” War for war the muslims have whites beat (even though muslims are not a race so the comparison is flawed). Europeans just had better technology so of course the death toll was higher. Hey I guess that’s one benefit of remaining a 7th century savage. muslims are also the world champions in terrorism, pedophilia, incest, and rape. muslims move in, all of these SKYROCKET. Just look at Sweden. Hell they had to stop recording the race and religion of the perpetrators and arrest those who discuss it online because the pattern was way too blatent even for their leftwing news and government to hide. And yes I agree that these are all RATIONAL decisions. The muslims aren’t crazy, they CHOOSE with full knowledge of the consequences of these actions and always have. Just as you CHOOSE to belong to such an ideology. But you keep on with your muslim apologia, maybe you’ll be the one type of muslim the others don’t want to behead along with the rest of the civilized world.

        5. So I just posted a link to a wiki of the European wars of religion as an example of a series of wars that lasted for an ongoing century in which millions of people were killed and countless battles were fought. You don’t even read it. You sit there behind your keyboard with a response already on the tip of your fingers as soon as you read the first sentence of whatever I’ve said, and make zero attempt to actually process the information in an actual dialogue and instead just derail the topic.
          How about you at least acknowledge things that are clear fact like the prominent Muslim condemnations of ISIS/terrorist attacks. You are wrong about that – factually. I gave you a link with dozens of articles about top-scholars with wide influence. Red pill or SJW head-in-the-sand, the choice is yours.
          It’s okay to adjust your worldview.

        6. You’re right that I didn’t bother reading your wall o text links because even were they 100% true, my own lying eyes have seen enough evidence to the contrary that your tiny contribution would not move the needle back to blind allegiance to diversity. I also don’t expect you to change your mind based on the day after day mountains of evidence that your ideology is the worst thing to happen to human civilization since ritual sacrifice was first invented. And that includes communism. As for your prominent muslims, even Saudi Arabia denounces terrorism… while funding terrorists. It’s meaningless, especially when your congregation is quite familiar with the whole “lie to the unbelievers” part of the koran and know that a prominent man spouting the opposite of the general population’s beliefs can be quite useful while the muslims are a tiny minority. I’d suggest it was ok for you to change your worldview after the next 6 year old child is torn apart by a muslim truck of peace, but as muslims will kill you for abandoning your cult I understand your preference to self delude that islam isn’t about violent conquest. Good luck with that.

  17. “which makes about as much sense as comparing Latinos to Buddhists in a study on gang violence.”
    Interestingly enough,
    Lots of extremely violent Thai gangs, all Buddhist, all covered in Buddhist gang tattoos. They often fight with guns and machetes on the streets. But it isn’t widely publicized in English speaking media. You have to be here to know it’s going on.

  18. In this respect, it is hard to compare the U.S. to the rest of the world. The first group of Muslim immigrants by and large assimilated and became Americans. The Turks and Algerians in Europe never did. The current wave of Muslims worldwide never will anywhere.

  19. “Finally, let’s also point out that 63% of the American population is white, and 1% of the population is Muslim.”
    “All of a sudden the same intellectuals who claim blacks are disproportionately shot by police forget what per capita means. Muslims should only be committing 1% of the total terrorism in America. Not 80%, 20%, or even 5%. Unfortunately, there is no amount of lying one could do to get their terrorism resume as bare as it should be.”
    Yet you are counting 9/11 which happened by foreign nationals (mostly Saudis). Or Mossad depending on if you’re a truther.
    So let’s readjust the math: Muslims are 1/4 of the world’s population and therefore should account for 1/4th of all terrorist attacks.
    The guy who shot up the Pulse nightclub wasn’t a jihadist by any stretch of the imagination. He was mentally disturbed and likely gay himself. The FBI investigated him twice and other Muslims tipped them off several times.
    In any case, the fact that a disproportionate number of attacks come from Muslims does not at all account for the present political climate in the world, which is invariably contingent. Let’s talk in terms of the last two centuries rather than the last two decades, and you’ll find your conclusions considerably altered if you’re open minded about it.

  20. When bankers raped your country in 2008 where were the keyboard warriors ? whining behind their screens and bitchin’ about feminazis like usual. You’re no better than sjws if you can’t see that these false problems are a distraction from the real issue, that the economy is crumbling. Trump ain’t gonna shit about it because it’s too late. You should direct your anger towards the traitors that got you in this horrible mess.

  21. Moderate muslim or extreme, if you are not Muslim and are not a part of their religion, then you are not one of them, not part of the “in-group”, and you don’t matter to them, period. It’s the same attitude that most other religions have, except in the case of Islam there also happens to be large racial and other cultural differences as well, thus furthering the divide even more. Egalitarianism and multiculturalism is a Marxist, kumbaya, dope-smoking fantasy that has no basis in historic reality. Some things just don’t mix well together and our ancestors already knew this. We are supposed to be at the zenith of education and technology, yet we eschew simple truths that our forefathers knew long, long ago. How ironic.
    Remember, an extremist muslim wants to cut your head off. A moderate muslim wants the extremist to cut your head off.

  22. This is nothing new but many Muslims will pretend to be white when things suit them and Muslim at other times.

  23. I live in Canada and now the news here will deliberately go out of its way not to mention that the terrorist or any recent attacker came from the middle east or has right wing Islamic connection.

  24. Stopped ready after this gayest of sentences: Much like Nazism, Islam is an oppressive political ideology.

  25. I wouldn’t trade the truth of Political Islam for all the Hindus and Buddhists in Afghanistan and Pakistan!
    Ohhh riiiiight, there aren’t any.
    Not anymore..

  26. Diversity is chasing down the last white person. Europeans should read what happened to the native AMERICANS. That is their future.

  27. There is really little difference between a moderate moslem and a extremist moslem. They support or believe in the same thing. Killing or subjugating the infidels. And treat women as their property.

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