16 Cute Girls Who Hate My Guts Now (UPDATED)

If Fat Shaming Week inspired hate comments and nastygrams from fat girls and misfits, the epic shitstorm surrounding my 5 Reasons to Date a Girl With An Eating Disorder brought the hotties to the yard. Droves upon droves of thin—and supremely bangable—girls kept my Twitter feed sizzling for days with expressions of disappointment, rage, and pouty sadness. Many of their grievances were painfully repetitive, but the messaging wasn’t what was so striking. It was the sheer volume of serviceable talent that was astonishing. It seemed that, in one fell swoop, I’d unwittingly managed to infuriate every cute white girl in the Anglosphere. Fortunately, to paraphrase my dear old mother, “indifference is much worse than hate.”

This gallery is by no means comprehensive—and represents but a mere sampling of the many cute girls who decided to voice their opposition—so I apologize in advance to any girls who feel they should have made the cut. It was a very competitive selection process, and tough calls were common. Many “legit” chicks—who no guy would feel the least bit embarrassed to be caught with by his buddies—ended up on the cutting room floor. 

A Glimpse Into the Selection Process:

1. A girl got an “interview” if her avatar was on point.

If she looked cute in the tiny version of her icon, our judges opened her Twitter page in a new browser tab for closer inspection later on. If she had some impressionistic or emo picture that obscured a clear look at her face, she was automatically disqualified. The same went if she had a group picture where it was unclear which one was her.

2.  Examination of the profile picture.

Having passed the initial muster for having a tab opened, the girl’s primary picture underwent closer scrutiny. These were subjected to a thorough screening for every type of photographic subterfuge, including Myspace Angling and distorted contrast. If everything checked out there, she was officially entered in the “big dance.”

3. The elimination stages.

After several vetted profiles were up, the girls’ tabs began to go head-to-head. Sometimes this required that our judges scroll through a few selfies in their galleries to render close calls. Girls with several pictures, verifying their cuteness, had a decided advantage over avatar-only candidates.

4. New contestants were constantly added to the battle royal.

Girls who made it through an elimination stage went up against successive waves of candidates entering the fray, in an ongoing battle of attrition.

5. Final cut pro.

In the final round, intangibles came into play. Things like a nice hairdo, a sense of style, or a friendly face were factored in to narrow the finalist pool. Multiple pictures—which insulate the process against one lucky, flattering picture—were essential at this stage.

In no particular order:

1. Michele



2. Marcella



3. Hannah



4. Cassidy



5. Tori



6. Alina



7. Serena (NSFW)



8. Kara



9. Chloë



10. Anna the Sad Girl



11. Chloë 2


Chloe 2

12. Annalise



13. Unnamed Emo Chick



14. Katie



15. Alexandria



16. Catherine

Which is your favorite?

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423 thoughts on “16 Cute Girls Who Hate My Guts Now (UPDATED)”

  1. No wonder I have ugly groupies. Future articles I will write:
    -10 Reasons Why Models Are Horrible People
    -Girls Who Have Really Long Hair Are Stupid And Ugly
    -5 Reasons Why Skinny Girls Suck In Bed
    -Why You Should Never Date A Girl Who Loves Partying And Sucking Dick
    -Beautiful Women Should Be Imprisoned For Life For Offending Ugly People

        1. I love how that Cassidy chick ridicules the article and then like clockwork the hamster kicks in and she can’t hellllp but post her 4th place win in the cute constant… Keep spinning in that wheel sweetheart, maybe if enough idiots like you call for the abolition of free speech the psychos running the country will actually do it…

        2. All of these girls probably already had double digits or triple digit number of dicks. 99% of the guys these dicks belong to would smile at Tuth’s article and nod at the implied truth.

        3. Yeah. Real class act her. I imagine her prospective future employers would really be interested in a dumb cant wearing a sign hung around her neck cut from a cheap box of wine.

        4. And if that weird-looking faggot #12 is flanked by is any sort of metric, I don’t know who exactly to feel sorry for. I bet she’s even bigger than him, which would be an affront to nature!

    1. OMG!! These girls don’t have a clue. Always quick to react to something without reading it through and seeing the whole picture. Their reactions are very entertaining. It’s sad that they don’t realize that their outbursts of indignation mean nothing to the men on this site. It is entertaining fodder for all. BTW. Good choice on all the chicks. All are highly bangable. You just have to be able to ignore what’s coming out their mouths which isn’t hard. We do it all the time. Good post!

      1. many of them read the fucking article and actually know what happens when a person has an eating disorder which this guy obviously does not. i don’t think anyone on this site knows. all of his points are laughable and false, they DON’T WANT TO DATE ANYONE DUE TO THEIR INSECURITIES and they actually look a hella ton worse than others due to the lack of nutrients. y’all are all just assholes who thick the world revolves around how you think women and other beings to look, when they have a mind and personality that is far greater than any of you expect. ‘reading it through and seeing the whole picture’ just makes it seem as if there’s nothing wrong with a situation because you blame it on someone else’s ability to see the bullshit while you just let it slide on by.

        1. Mr. Valentine,
          It was derisive in nature. Obesity is about a trillion times more detrimental and yet our politically correct society wants to tell us it is an image issue instead of a health problem.

        2. Listen, to those of you who don’t get satire, when you read it, that’s unfortunate. But on a slightly serious note, people with eating disorders (fat or anorexic) have control over themselves to stop it. They choose not to. Just like you choose to drink when you are thirsty, you choose to eat when you are hungry, you choose to work out to stay in shape or you choose not to and become fat. Almost everything in life is a choice. You have the ultimate power within yourself to change your life for better or worse. When people say I don’t have a choice or I can’t control it, they are lying to themselves. If you can’t control yourself, you are insane and should be committed for the safety of yourself and others. The only person that can change you is you. No excuses. No sympathy. No matter where you are in life. It begins and ends with you.

        3. The truth hurts but here is the beautiful thing about the truth, no matter what you do, you can bury it, ignore it, hide it or rail against it…..it’s still the truth.

        4. Actually, if you have read any article about eating disorders you will find that you cannot control them. Initially, it IS the person’s choice to start starving themselves in various ways, but after a while, your body gets so used to it that a person loses control. The body will start rejecting food and nutrients. If you have bulimia, you will have no control and be unable to keep food down. They are not insane, and should not be committed. They need help, they are not lying to themselves, their body is seriously uncontrollable. So your “truth” is the farthest thing from it.

        5. Yeah. Funny? I dont seem to recall people having uncontrollable “eating disorders” when I was a kid growing up. (unless of course you are talking about those millions of people starving in India my mom always used to mention when I didnt finish my plate). Funny thing is there were not men walking around saying “I identify as a female” either. LOL LOL. Fucking dumbass internet society we have turned into.

        6. The articles are not meant to be satire comedy. They are the author’s genuine opinion. I have not drawn this conclusion myself but It has been stated by Tutmosis. If it were supposed to be comedic I would understand how some people could find it funny even if I didn’t myself. I suppose it is a joke that someone could write such a hideously ignorant and bigoted article.

        7. You may have noticed in recent years the internet and social media have made information and news more readily available to us as members of society. This means events and statistics on things such as eating disorders are more likely to come to your notice. It does not mean the people who suffer from eating disorders did not exist or that people who identify as the opposite gender did not exist, you simply may not have been aware of them. More people may be like this now than previously but this could be due to many changes in society, not simply because they chose to be that way.

        8. “Listen, to those of you who don’t get satire, when you read it, that’s unfortunate”
          I think most people have realized by now that the “eating disorders” was a stupid trolling joke. It’s not that they “don’t get the satire”, it just wasn’t funny.

        9. An eating disorder is a mental illness. And i’m not sure you understand the meaning of satire.

        10. So you say people who can’t control themselves are “insane”, so people with eating disorders who can’t control themselves anymore are “insane”. No shit sherlock thats why its called a fucking disorder its not just someone deciding to eat some cake or not have dessert eating disorders are disorders and people DO need help to get over them. For the safety of themselves and for the love of those in their life they DO need some professional help, all of this should be obvious but you say it in such a hateful way that makes it seem shameful. NOt everything is a choice, at least not simply, there is so much more to it psychologically, socially, physically, emotionally. In the end yes a person must decide that they will get better but that is only with the help and support of others, which isnt a shameful thing. People need help sometimes and that’s ok.
          also how is the article remotely satire? How is glorifying/dismissing/shaming real life disorders satire?
          use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize
          people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary
          politics and other topical issues.
          An eating disorder is not a vice, its a fucking disorder the people who have eating disorders dont need or deserve scorn they need help and support through whatever psychological or emotional issues that are causing the disorder.

        11. Just wait til life kicks you or your loved ones in the ass go join the military you heartless fuck

        12. Those of you who dont get satire duhskjvindndkkd. Please understand I hope an pray for your life to end along with the faggot who wrote this article and pretends to be masculine bc of his overly sexist exterior.

        13. Dont waste your words on Me. direct…I have a psychic feeling he is unattractive in every way possible and only finds sanctuary and platform on an all male internet site

        14. You clearly didn’t read the article. If it were false, the post wouldn’t have gotten such a huge traffic and outcry from all the thin girls.

    2. We should only imprison beautiful women if part of their time is served with conjugal visits.
      /not sure if I’m being sarcastic.

    3. can you scientifically prove any of those?
      no you cant its a fucking opinion and is posted to degrade someone for the choices they make for themselves and not for you.
      and i don’t think you’ve ever met a model so i know you will never have even relatively accurate facts.

      1. Reading such a post and then reading what it was replying to, I can see why feminists are known for their smarts and sense of humor!

    4. I think the difference between you and men who are successful with women is that they don’t need no misinterpretate everything a hot women says as a sigh of interest, because they will be receiving actual sings of interest from her.
      man, you and Turtmosis has takes self-delusion to a Whole nevel. You’re like of a neglected child who does evertything to piss his parents off, because negative attention is better than no attention.

      1. If you wish to be successful with women, you have to behave as we do. Do you think for one minute if we listened to what women actually say they want and it worked, we would do it?
        Men are practical, logical and rational beings, and we always try to do what works.
        But what women say they want in a man, ain’t reality.
        Hence, game.
        To say Roosh isn’t successful with women, is hamster spinning at it’s fucking best. I suppose Warren Buffet is actually a pavement dwelling bum also, yeah? Typical “small penis” and “mommie’s basement dwelling” nonsense. Change the fucking record, love..

        1. “Men are practical, logical and rational beings…”
          because writing silly, painfully obvious troll-articles is the a logical, rational and normal way to get a girls attention.
          “Do you think for one minute if we listened to what women actually say they want and it worked, we would do it?”
          I can see that. You’ve got it going on. Justin Bieber gets love letters and naked Photos from underage girls on a daily basis, but whats that compared to people like Turtmosis, who gets 5 Word long messages from women telling him he can’t write?
          And a successful ladies man surely needs to prove himself by writing articles like this ine, no?

        2. I fully agree to your first statement that “Men are practical, logical and rational beings…” and add that men are spiritual entities instead of beings. Surely you have to consent that a real woman wouldn’t have a fixation on Justin Bieber, a mere actor of sexualised boytoy fantasy lusted after by emotional wrecks, like that comparision. You wouldn’t be that kind, wouldn’t you?

        3. “Men are practical, logical and rational beings…”
          This was Ronans statement, not mine. I just quoted him, hence the quotation marks. as well as my own comment below.
          People like you makes a great advertisement for ROK.

        4. A real women does what she is told by her man…and likes every second of it.
          Thats all there is to know leah, you are allowed to leave now.

        5. I’m on Leah’s side; if you all were women you would probably hate your lives for having to endure the things YOU say yourselves

        6. “because writing silly, painfully obvious troll-articles is the a logical, rational and normal way to get a girls attention.”
          Everything isn’t about you, cupcake.

        7. “Everything isn’t about you, cupcake.”
          No, obviously not. Where in my comments do you see anything that implies that I think that?
          In the statement you quoted, I am mocking the way Turtmosis trolled ROK’s female readers, which obviously has nothing to do with me specifically.

        8. If I wanted to keep my conversations private from certain people, here’s the number one thing I would NOT be doing:
          having said conversations in an online, public forum the entire World has access to.
          But that’s just my and my silly girl-logic. I’m sure a rational man like you knows better, and I apologize for…erm, ‘eavesdropping’. Have a nice, sweety 🙂

        9. It IS silly girl-logic if you can’t understand that this post was not written for you. The fact that you read it (or that it is public so that you are able to read it) doesn’t mean he was writing for your consumption.
          Female solipsism at its finest, gentlemen.

      2. i clicked reply in the wrong place earlier damn, seriously Leah a girl as turned on as youare, it is a compliment to truthmosis i’m sure, hurry up to be his number 17 on the list. Would you get aroused enough to hook up with a guy who’s screenname is valentine? will you be his princess, and him your (un)manly charming prince? do you like romance?
        i repeat;
        like a comment here explained (sarcasm;) girls never hook up with guys they are furious with.
        I have to ask you Leah, are you sure you don’t like a good dominant spanking while having ANGRY SEX (I know you want it, you goood girl 😉

        1. “i clicked reply in the wrong place earlier damn…”
          Imagine if you had accidentally posted a reply like this to a homophobic fartbag like Roosh V. Man, that would’ve been golden.
          “seriously Leah a girl as turned on as youare, it is a compliment to truthmosis…”
          could you please explain to me how this level of self-delusion is even possible? I have yet to understand how people can even think this way.
          a certain level of wish fulfillment is understandable, but not when it defies all logic.

        2. Roosh is not a squareass, he would not give a damn for something like that, it would not disturb his mind for a second.
          So, when are you going to admit you love dirty, rough and ANGRY sex? answer the question
          (or are you heterophobic 😉

        3. He would. which is exactly what makes him an epic lolcow.
          quite a of few ROK writers have been providing great lulz lately. unintentionally of course.
          what’s the point of me answering your question? I’m a woman and women are, according to ROK, incabable of communicating their wishes directly, remember?
          I will though, if you answer mine.

        4. You have wishes, really? I am deeply sorry to hear that you are incapable of filling your void.
          I have to agree that there is no point for you to try answering any question, you better should change your life and not find simple gratification by unhappy ranting.

      1. Only misery comes from marrying men and that eventually turns you into an ugly homocidal/suicidal woman. Fuck marriage i dont want a nagging faggot man to ruin my life

    5. apparently one comment on buzzfeed refers to you as a “confessed rapist.”
      these folks are nut-so

    6. You’ll definitely feel the heat if you do proceed with writing articles on those topics….lol! But it will be fun!

    7. Why men who frequent this site and wrote these dimwitted articles should be tied up with their legs spread and their dick ripped off and eaten and then quartered because they are the real definition of the word “faggot”…not gay men. Hashtag 😜

    1. It appears all girls named Chloe are now putting the two little dots above the “e” in their names to look more interesting. Bet those dots aren’t on their birth certificates.

  2. #9 is a fake, note the twitter name, “ChloeGMortez” instead of MORETZ, and the verified icon is not correctly aligned on her twitter page. Man, I have way too much free time at work, today.

      1. My my, well that is impressive then! But be careful, as banging her would only be legal in certain states.

      2. She’s worshiped at 4chan, expect some trolling from the white knight omega types that hang out there.

  3. I don’t get it. They’re saying NOT to date a girl with an eating disorder? That sounds meaner than the original article.

    1. dont just date them for the reasons he put “better in bed” “have a better toned body” despite the fact hair and teeth are rotting out and you cant even prove that they’re better in bed. date them to help them, date them because you like them, his reasons are fucking dumb as shit and cant be proven at all and should NOT be reasons you date a girl with an eating disorder.

      1. Nope. Scientifically proven that thin girls are better than fatties. Sorry Edgar, back to the drawing board.

      2. Well, if you work on the basis that some bulimics have destroyed their gag reflex…
        Also, dating someone in order to ‘help’ them is a spectacularly bad idea. Learn from the chicks that have tried and failed to change an alpha; don’t let their stupidity be in vain.

        1. I used to think you couldn’t change a girl, but so long as you don’t care about “saving” them, they’ll change themselves in order to better please you. Even as a sorry beta I’ve noticed this.
          I can’t even begin to imagine how an Alpha could mould them.

      3. Well, if you work on the basis that some bulimics have destroyed their gag reflex…
        Also, dating someone in order to ‘help’ them is a spectacularly bad idea. Learn from the chicks that have tried and failed to change an alpha; don’t let their stupidity be in vain.

      4. Actually, I’ll date a girl for whatever reason I see fit, so kindly go fuck yourself.
        That’s like saying to a girl, “Date black guys, but NOT for their big dicks; date them because you have white guilt instead.”
        Did I mention go fuck yourself?

  4. I don’t get it. They’re saying NOT to date a girl with an eating disorder? That sounds meaner than the original article.

      1. The girl in the pic has an eating disorder, so realistically I should be hitting on her. That’s not sarcasm.

        1. Sad but in in today’s American times that pic is what’s considered as anorexic. Just because someone is thin compared to the majority of white American women doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder where in fact the disorder lies on the fat whales’ side.
          If I am 100 lbs overweight and I’m in a room where everyone else is 200 lbs overweight, that doesn’t make me “normal” or “average” weight. It still would make me as a fat ass.

      2. I can only fault #2 and #7 in your choices. #2 because she’s pulling an ugly face; the huge shoulders suggest a FGAS; and haven’t seen other pics.
        #7 is just far outclassed by the competition.

    1. Ha ha, love The Prisoner reference (marriage is The Village).
      Anyway, she’s a little sweetie if you love brunettes. Her voice is annoying as hell though, and I can’t help but wonder what her figure will be like after she splurts out a couple of kids, as they typically use childbirth as an excuse to let themselves go, but it’s all moot as I’m too old to care about youngins like her. But for the young fellers, make sure you love a woman’s face and character before you tie the knot, because that hot little bod typically goes to hell. Don’t fall in love with the ass because the ass doesn’t last.

      1. “love The Prisoner reference”
        I am Number 2, except when I’m feeling pissy.
        I was half hoping she’d notice that I’d linked her video and show up to declare: I am not a number, I am a free woman!
        “she’s a little sweetie if you love brunettes.”
        I partial to strawberry myself, but I note that of all the women who have proved beautiful enough to be retained in memory for years, even decades, the brunettes are actually in the majority. Go figure.
        “Her voice is annoying as hell’
        She’s actually got good pipes, but she hasn’t half figured out how to use them properly yet.
        “I can’t help but wonder what her figure will be like after she splurts out a couple of kids”
        I get the impression, from whatever subliminal signals, that she’s likely to go to pudge well before that.
        “I’m too old to care about youngins like her.”
        I may well be older than you, but I don’t think I’ll ever be that old.

  5. This is possibly one of the funniest posts I’ve seen here in a while. Because as we all know, women never hook up with guys they’re furious with. /sarcasm

  6. #7 has a man’s face and a basketball players shoulders; #9 has Nancy Pelosi’s lips (though is otherwise gorgeous); and, #13 has freaky, anime-esque eyes (to be fair, my 19 year old ballerina neighbor has freaky huge eyes in her Facebook pics, yet in person is overwhelmingly cute and fun as hell to hang out with).
    Beyond those critiques, the girls range from super pretty (#6), to smolderingly hot (#11) to downright adorable (#12).
    Not a bad list of newfound followers to have, bro 😉

  7. pic.twitter.com/3tPwoUaYlX
    From @cassidymorgan. She friendzones some poor sap for writing that sappy shit whilst her hamster spins furiously against the manosphere.

    1. “Boys like this do exist ladies.. So lucky to have a friend that’s been there for me for as long as I can remember”

    2. Damn. I’ve been triggered. 7 years ago I woul’ve wrote some shit like tha, and I probably have. I doubt I even can write like that anymore. I can imagine he’s being told by women that “no girl can turn down a guy as sweet as you.” Just like I was.

      1. My older sister was a stunning beauty back in the day. I asked her for dating advice on girls when I was 14, after being told by a female friend I’d crushed on that “I was good-looking, smart, funny, talented and nice. You’re such a great catch for a girl.”
        My sister sighed, and gave me the saddest, most patronising look. “Oh Bosch, i’m so sorry. That’s just something girls say when they have zero interest in a guy. They mean FOR ANOTHER GIRL.”
        In the next three years, I got very fit, and started running with a bad crowd, who taught me ‘Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’. Girls starting chasing me, and I have never looked back. I watched my sister ignore educated and wealthy simpering suitors only to marry an aggressively-alpha male who had no prospects.
        I don’t even remember who the girl I poured my heart out to was now, but, as far as I’m concerned, I deserved her scorn.

        1. That’s just sad. And you’d think being yourself would just weed the bad seeds out. It doesn’t exactly work when most are like that.

        2. I know a girl that was proposed to 6 times and turned them all down, even guys that got her a diamond ring. Shit, I didnt even wanna fuck her. Let her buy me dinner though. These bitches above arent hot looking at all. 5’s tops ..maybe

        3. This just goes to show just how utterly fucked in the head most women are.
          Most men are fishing in a lake filled poisoned with mercury. And while the fish may be beautiful, they’re completely toxic and insane.
          So yeah, you’re catching lots and lots of fish with your cruelty-laced bait but lookat all the fish in your net.
          They’re all poisonous. And don’t tell me women who reward evil with sex and punish good with scorn are not poisonous because they are.
          Whether they do it out of the delusion that evil equals strength or because they’re evil themselves, it doesn’t matter. They’re poisonous.
          So yeah, enjoy your poisoned tuna.
          I’d rather just go my own way and not play. It’s lonelier but healthier in the long term.

        4. You nailed it… Pretty poisons are not worth the soul-damage they cause.
          I’ll stick with self-development.

        5. I’m sorry, but I read that as a pile of defeatist, pessimistic, sanctimonius crap. You’re denying your own agency, and choosing to mentally-imprison yourself in isolation rather than risking human contact over being sent to a real prison on a theoretical rape charge.
          Women aren’t that complex in their attempted manipulation of a man, and you can choose to sexually-select women without the warning signs of toxicity (women’s studies education, excess weight, princess complex, abuse etc). I’m 42, have been with women regularly since I was 16, and have yet to have my life negatively-impacted to any huge degree by a woman’s need for drama by maintaining dominant frame and refusing to enable their bullshit.
          The alternative is simply taking your ball(s) and going home.

        6. It depends what your true inner self is, grasshopper.
          The ugly truth is; women want men, who’s offspring (=their sons) will have the heart to conquer the world.
          The dark triad comes to mind. You do not conquer the world if you are nice, respect the laws, avoid violence or respect the rights of others. You simply dont.
          If your inner self is like the emperor palpatine in star wars on the other hand, have no fear to reveal it to your women and you will be well rewarded.

        7. That actually did sound obi-wan-ish.
          Now I don’t think I really have to be “bad,” per-say. But I’m not “nice” either. I don’t let people run over me like I used to when I was younger.

        8. It’s funny-that thing the average guy allows to intimidate them, is really only made possible by well-placed makeup. If not for that she’d look like everybody else, yet it’s easy to put a person on a pedestal because of it.

        9. You just described black women to a tee, you gotta treat a black woman like shit to keep her

        10. Us men are very easily suckered in by visuals. Women are just clowns with their cheap facepaint, cheap tight pants and cheap high heels they use to rope us in.

    3. “Why freedom of speech should be revoked and men like this should get their dicks cut off”
      Hmmm, idiots like her make a damn good case for repealing the 19th Amendment.

      1. Personally, I think thse females all probably think they are hotter looking than they really are. Actually they arent really all that hot. And their attitudes make them even lamer.

      2. It’s not something I agree with and yet… I do feel like the only reason Obama won was because of the women that voted for him. And they didn’t vote for him because they thought he’d be best at fixing the economy, but because of his stances on birth control, abortions, especially on gay people since they’re basically also women-Romney women voters probably weren’t much better.
        Again, not saying I agree with that. But if it happened, I’d expect the original suffragettes to haunt today’s women and be like “Look what you did!”

    4. He deserves her humblebrag contempt for writing that. I’m not sure White Knights truly see the women they orbit for what they actually are, judging by the contents of her derpy mind she’s sharting all over Twitter. See ladies? Men are capable of judging both.
      WB, wouldn’t date.

      1. He’s basically where I was in the aforementioned 5-7 years ago. He needs to get fucked over (like I was) before he can break out of it. It’s better if it happens while he’s young, like it did me.

    5. “5-7 years ago I would’ve wrote some shit like that, and I probably have.”
      I was right. Found my old letter to this broad from 2007 on my computer. It’s pretty much the same thing as this. I’m holding on to it as a reminder of the fact that for the crime of talking to her, then leaving when she kept her back turned me (but not without crying when she couldn’t see me), then going to a party the next night where I “danced” with several of the fast girls there, that I found myself in the office the following tuesday for non-sexual harassment because my fun with these girls got around the school and the girl was jealous that I was happy with other women instead of at home crying over her.
      *WHEW* longest sentence ever.
      It’s also a reminder to never be such a wimp ever again.

      1. KNEW IT!! I have to congratulate myself for calling out “slut face” before reading your comment.

  8. I think #4 should be #1. And I also think #4 has anorexia, which is probably why she is so sensitive on this topic.

    1. She is a “rising star” apparently…
      Kick Ass 1 and 2
      Let the Right one In—not a bad vampire flick….

    2. She’s apparently in the “Carrie” remake too. Gotta say, she doesn’t look nearly as good in a lot of her other pics..

      1. Society greatly overrates the attractiveness of celebrities. I see girls in my day to day life that almost stop my heart, yet somehow we end up being repeatedly told Gwynneth Paltrow and that post-wall girl from friends are the hottest women alive.
        I’ve said it before but I’m convinced women get Wife Goggles for celebrities they age with.

    3. But in Tuthmosis’ world, she is just one of 16 somewhat attractive girls who hates him, nudge nudge.

  9. You guys are awesome! I think references to this site alone have quadrupled traffic to my feminist blog, and showing how you intimidate and objectify women who disagree with you instead of rationally addressing their concerns is going to help even more. I thought that feminism would taper off as men who thought like this slowly crawled out of their caves of entitlement and learned to exist in reality, but the people who contribute content to this site do a great job of showing why feminism is still necessary (and you do a great job of helping us bring more girls on board, too)! Thanks for “taking one for Team Feminism”. This is certainly my favorite hate group of 2013.

    1. Your hate is delicious. If I had to compare the two sites for which one actually expresses intense hatred, yours would win by a mile.

    2. Can you please state what your concerns are so we can rationally address them.
      BTW. none of us are ‘entitled’ we all appreciate the hard work a man needs to put in not just to snag some poon, but also build a cash pile that you ladies seem so drawn to. That’s what this website is all about.
      Just so we better understand the term, entitled is a girl who expects to carry on post separation, unemployed living in her husbands home, only without him living there.
      Rationally addressing that concern I’d say it’s called criminal fraud. We’re putting a stop to that, even if not a single reader here ever gets married.

      1. “none of us are ‘entitled’ we all appreciate the hard work a man needs to put in to…build a cash pile.”
        “do your 9-5 like it’s a commodity trade….. your hours for their
        money… take 3 hour lunch breaks, come in late and go home early…. if
        it’s a big company steal supplies, equipment, bandwidth, software, no
        benefits are off limits…. consume your holiday pay like the company
        is going bust next week and do as you please until you move on to better
        the only job i ever had, i spent 1/2 my day sleeping in the company
        car parked a few blocks up the road…. so i could work on my own shit
        at night…”
        Yep. Sounds like hard work. I guess I’m confused. If “entitled is a girl who expects to carry on post separation, unemployed living in her husbands home, only without him living there” also known to you as “criminal fraud,” why is it NOT criminal fraud to collect a paycheck to sleep in someone else’s car, steal from them, and write your own benefits package? Because you only participated in those behaviors while you were technically “employed”? Because it seems like pretty much the exact same thing. Except for the fact that it doesn’t sound like you were even putting out.

        1. A large amount of employment involves hanging around wasting time on the clock….that is one of the most demoralising things about employment… sitting there with nothing to do, but unable to go home…. or do something productive….
          you pay me for my time and give me not much to do… i take your money… you waste your supplies and resources, i will help myself to them…
          petty theft or what i might call leveraging the position i am in for my benefit is vastly different to the entitled attitude and all out fraud a woman takes throwing her hands in the air and walking out on a marriage….yet still expecting to get all the benefits.
          i didn’t expect to do nothing in the job i worked, i did the work and never had any complaints… but there was always oodles of time to kill….

    3. Emm, all men “objectify” women sweetheart, All of us. Get used to it, it’s been like since the dawn of time and it ain’t changing any time soon.
      For the record, nobody here hates women. We only hate the way the entitled, obnoxious women in the Anglosphere behave. And we’re sick of it.

      1. “For the record, nobody here hates women.”
        Hate? No. Fed up and exasperated? Yes.
        God bless with good women of my grandparents’ generation whose outlook on life was: “I kept the house clean and my husband kept it from falling apart.”

    4. showing how you intimidate and objectify women who disagree with you instead of rationally addressing their concerns

      Yes, because as the Twitter postings above — and all those warm, friendly comments left on the articles — show, feminists are just superb at “rationally addressing their concerns.”

    5. “you intimidate and objectify women who disagree with you instead of rationally addressing their concerns”
      I’ve argued with enough women enough times to realize that it’s futile.
      When they say they want to “talk about problems”, it means they want to talk and talk until you agree to their terms; they will accept nothing less. That’s why you can’t have a logical debate with a woman; logic does not come naturally to them. When they get you so riled that you yell and pound the table with your fist, it’s time to turn your back and walk away.
      Then they’ll taunt you with, “What, can’t you argue sensibly?!” Just ignore it and walk away.

    6. “you intimidate and objectify women who disagree with you instead of rationally addressing their concerns”
      I’ve argued with enough women enough times to realize that it’s futile.
      When they say they want to “talk about problems”, it means they want to talk and talk until you agree to their terms; they will accept nothing less. That’s why you can’t have a logical debate with a woman; logic does not come naturally to them. When they get you so riled that you yell and pound the table with your fist, it’s time to turn your back and walk away.
      Then they’ll taunt you with, “What, can’t you argue sensibly?!” Just ignore it and walk away.

    7. We just realise trying to rationally-address irrationality is a Sisyphean task.
      Have at your blog, but don’t pretend it’s anything greater than your attempt at transferring power from beautiful, attractive women to the ugly, overweight and bitter ones by levelling the playing field.

    8. And how exactly do you “rationally address the concerns” of a woman who wants to cut off your dick when you have a divergent opinion? By letting her? No wonder you don’t have many takers.
      Feminist concerns will never, ever be addressed because Feminism is a pure power grab justified by the lack of a standard of ‘equality’ that can never be achieved in the real world. It will never be ‘enough’ for Feminists, they will never declare ‘job done’, because equality is not the goal, its just the rationalization.
      Feminism though, is on the decline, for a number of reasons but none more important than the fact that Feminism is expensive and western nations will soon no longer be able to afford it.
      So enjoy the gravy train while its still running girly.

  10. Wow. Cassidy is why I say you need to do your research on women you meet before you go further. Disgusting! No respect for basic rights, and an advocate for mutilation. She’s in The Talk audience laughing at Catherine Kieu ‘s victim.

  11. Based on the comments, Anglo women would make great totalitarians…castration, censorship, murder, hate. Bet a good portion of these girls still got gina tingles from the thought of getting Rameseed by King Tuth.

    1. Based on the comments, Anglo women would make great totalitarians…castration, censorship, murder, hate.
      Women are natural commies. Repeal the 19th amendment.

  12. #1 – plenty of hope for humanity, no hope for the society that you have created
    #2 – wtf is wrong with people who take photos of themselves with their tongues out like a retarded dog
    #3 – this guy this horrible blah blah meow…what happened was that the slap of reality was too much for ya cutie
    #4 – freedom of speech revoked (for her!) and dicks cut off (or in her case, other parts cut out of her) – I judge this one to be too entitled to breed
    #5 – lolololol – the most sensible comment of the lot
    #6 – entitled and delusional – pot, kettle, black
    #7 – most fucked up – hey nice ass picture – sorry, were we talking about Two Girls One Cup?
    #8 – i could kill the man behind – is that a death-threat cutie? Because I could kill you too, dunno if I should tho
    #9 – whoever wrote this is disgusting – another victim of the slap of reality
    #10 – broken heart, just a little hamsterfied drama there
    #11 – disgusting…cleavage…yum yum yum!
    #12 – everyone needs a good smothering dancer-girl, you should be very flexible in bed
    #13 – not sure if serious, confused kitten – let me see how deep your rabbit-hole goes
    #14 – hurtful and ashamed, at yourself for secretly having this problem
    #15 – disgusting, glamorised, medical issue…boobies!
    #16 – disgusting – hey your fucktoy has his tongue out, why haven’t you joined him?
    I am seriously tempted to grab these sets of images and slap them up with this commentary on my blog. Pure comedic gold and an enlightening example of the female hamster in progress.

  13. I’m glad these girls are upset…
    1) They trash talk guys all the time without a blink of an eye.
    2) They friendzoned poor guys all the time and don’t realize how SADISTIC that is.
    And yet they expect us to feel sorry for them all the time.
    Welcome to the jungle ladies where lions are KINGS and females SHEEPS!

    1. “2) They friendzoned poor guys all the time and don’t realize how SADISTIC that is.”
      Any guy who remains friends with a girl that he was originally trying to fuck is a creepy loser and probably a date rapist waiting to happen.

      1. You don’t deserve your dick. There are plenty of clueless men here who think that women want what they say they do (nice guy), and they aren’t rapists in the making. Hell, you’re prolly one of them- you’re white knighting like crazy. Unless you’re a girl. It’s instinctual for these betas- there’s nothing wrong with it. The only thing that’s fucked up is that it doesn’t work, women treat these guys like shit, and women never tell them to stop. That’s tantamount to psychological abuse.

        1. like the comment above says(sarcasm;) girls never hook up with guys they are furious with.
          I have to ask leah, are you sure you don’t like a good dominant spanking while having ANGRY SEX (I know you want it, you goood girl 😉

    2. the friendzone doesn’t exist bro. at least not in the way you see it.
      a man isn’t entitled to a woman’s romantic feelings just because he’s nice to her. take off the fedora and see the real world. its one thing if you have an unrequited crush on someone (which can happen in men AND women wow shocker) but its different to feel entitled to someone’s romantic interest because you’re fucking nice. is being nice to someone just because you’re a decent human being so lost from this world that people have to assume that being kind to another automatically grants you some sort of romance with the person????

      1. I agree with what you’re saying here, but I’m afraid I’m not receptive to the tone of it. It isn’t about entitlement. It’s about women who allow potentially interested men to go through all the motions of courtship and reap the associated benefits, only to shoot them down when the issue of physical intimacy arises.

        1. It is about women who know exactly what they’re doing and laughing about it with their friends, pretending to be offended by a guy they know is into them when he figures it’s time for what he believes is a relationship to take the next step.
          Then bitching about “all these creeps hitting on me” on the internet, which is the female version of bragging.

        2. his quotes should be included in the next article about manginas, they are truly unreal, valentine as a screenname, joker

      2. So youve read a bunch of the bitchy Feminist articles about “nice guys” have you? I recognize the rationalisations.
        A sense of entitlement is not the main reason men get angry about the friendzone, or about the shitty “nice guy” advice they get from women. They get angry because they feel lied to and taken advantage of.

        1. No, you were correct as well. Just because one feels lied to doesn’t mean they were, per say.

        2. Dipwad “Edgar Valentine” cant quite figure it out. Lets see how she handles the male reaction someday when she cuckolds a man.

      3. Maybe the fact that you apparently wear a fedora in such a way that you cannot see, explains why you sound like such a fucking retard in every comment.
        Because you’re an idiot.
        In case you didn’t get that.
        Bro take off your fedora so you can see this comment bro.

      4. I was referring to dinner whores…the guy assumes a chance of getting laid while the girl sees him as a friend

      5. I love how these feminist cunts try to flip the “nice guy” complaint into some guy who thinks a girl should spread her legs for him because he held open a door for her or helped her when she was broken down on the side of the road. That’s not what we’re talking about, and you know it. We’re talking about girls who KNOW that a guy has feelings for her, and she uses those feelings to take advantage of him. The “Hey, could you do me a favor and walk my dog? I have an early class and I can’t make it home.” Or, “Hey, could you come and pick me and my friends up from the bar? We’re really drunk.” Or, “I don’t know what I’m gonna’ do. My rent is late, and I already spent my paycheck. If ONLY there was some kind person who could help me out…” These chicks know EXACTLY what they’re doing. They’re taking advantage of a guy who has feelings for her, and is too naive to know that he’s being used. And to add insult to injury, they pretend to be offended, and talk about how “creepy” he is when he finally works up the nerve to make a move. It’s funny that you want to talk about being a decent human being. From where I’m sitting, YOU, and the women who seem to think this is okay behavior are the true scum. If a guy used a woman like that, you’d be posting links all over facebook and calling on women to ban his site. Just more feminist hypocrisy.

        1. “That’s not what we’re talking about, and you know it.”
          You know what, they may actually not know that that isnt what we’re talking about. Sure, its possible that some Feminists are just using rhetorical debating tactics here, but don’t discount impact of the fundamentally skewed Feminist perspective.
          To fully accept a Feminist worldview requires miring oneself in a web of delusions. Some examples? They believe women are and were oppressed, they think there is minimal differences between the sexes, they believe that “equality” is achievable across a number of metrics where men and women have wildly different preferences and abilities, and they believe our society actually encourages and enables rape.
          Feminists also have a very strong sense of entitlement, thinking that things that other people have to produce just appear and are theirs by right. Because equality. And since “men and women are basically the same apart from their reproductive plumbing” its only natural they think we have strong senses of entitlement as well.

      1. “Househound” — I had to UrbanDictionary that shit.

        Hose Hound
        A person, frequently of the female persuation, who often seeks the cock.

        Thanks for the new word!

  14. #4 and #8.. could be a meal ticket.
    Just go onto Kickstarter and complain about all the threats of death and violence you got from those women simply for sharing the view that women with eating disorders should have a chance for love and a good shagging too! Orgasms shouldn’t be denied to them while they work through their eating disorder problem.
    Hopefully you too can garner 160k for your new program that helps match chicks who have eating disorders with men who will love them and date them through their personal problems.
    Tuthmosis Dating Online – Where the Famished come to Feast on Love!

    1. Brilliant this – and nail:hit:head – those trying to shame truthmosis are in reality deny love and acceptance for women w/ eating disorders.

  15. As a female I really wish these women would think before they open their mouths. If they disagree with the article, then at least have a reason with some validity or justification. Or don’t say anything at all and move on with your life. Sometimes they simply make us look worse when trying to make us look better. *Shakes head*

    1. MBC,
      I often think the worst thing to happen to women in all of human history is the internet. Why? Because it is a platform on which women can freely and openly express themselves without any censorship or “spin” being put on it before what they say reaches male eyes.
      And I can tell you. What women say on the internet is disgusting and disgraceful and very very damning in the eyes of us men. When I first started taking the time to read what women were saying on the web I thought they were joking.
      Their comments were so hate filled, so disgusting, so mentally disturbed for more than a month I thought this was one big JOKE.
      As I came to realise that they were expressing their ACTUAL THOUGHTS I became convinced 110% that many western women were mentally deranged psychopaths who were beyond redemption. So I looked for the ones who were still sane and ok.
      Guess what? There aren’t any in the west to speak of. Western women, even the “good ones” accept such sick ideas that women can commit crimes against men with impunity…and that runs at a rate of more than 99.9% in western women.
      Western women are psychopaths…they are sick people. Mentally deranged. And nothing is going to save them. They must be left to grow old with their cats and new generations of women must be taught to treat men with the respect they have earned and must be taught that men are entitled to the protection of the law as a right.
      I can assure you….5.5 years ago my claim women are mentally sick in the west was very loudly shouted down. Well? Take a look at these comments? Freedom of speech should be revoked? Mens penises should be cut off? This is not sick? This is not deranged?
      These women are NOT joking when they say women should be able to commit crimes against men with impunity. And to date not ONE western woman of note has objected to women committing crimes against men AND is willing to do her part to stop this from happening.

      1. I think a lot of women, especially the ones featured in this article, say things without actually thinking about it first. They seem to throw words out as if they are meaningless and will have no consequence. I agree, making threats and such harsh comments does seem slightly deranged. It is sad because I am sure not a single girl above would probably ever have the guts to cut a man’s penis off. That is where social platform’s come in handy because you have the ability to say these things behind a screen.
        I just find them hypocritical. Don’t sit there and say that somebody’s freedom of speech should be revoked and turn around to say “he should have his penis cut off”.
        I personally agree and disagree with points of the article. Most of the time the only criticism I have towards the opinions on ROK is the generalization that we are all the exact same. All women are the same, but we are not the EXACT same. I actually find it insulting to even be categorized with these women, but I don’t feel the need to express that because I don’t need somebody to validate that for me.
        I just wish that if any of these women actually disagreed with the article, that they had presented it with facts and justification. What exactly didn’t they agree with and why? I feel like these women only read whats on the surface, actually they probably only read the title of the article and then had a hissy fit.
        Oh well. Hopefully there are still some women out there that can restore some faith.

        1. “Oh well. Hopefully there are still some women out there that can restore some faith.”
          As men like Roosh and I point out, eastern european women are really very charming. I have dated about 20 in the last 5.5 years and had 5 favs. My fav#1 helped me save my life when I was suicidal. It is only western women who are hate filled evil shrews.
          “All women are the same, but we are not the EXACT same”
          Oh..so because western women are not EXACTLY the same it is ok for them to commit crimes against men. What is it with the stupidity of the argument “not all women are like that” and “not all women are the same”?
          What sort of crap is that? I have had it thrown are me THOUSANDS OF TIMES. It is completely meaningless as a defense to WESTERN WOMEN OPENLY CONDONE WOMEN COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST MEN…which is my point.

  16. God has blessed you truthmosis. time for you to become famous and be one large scale lucky fucker, banging ten fold, and only quality of your pick

  17. 1. Man face, has way too much testosterone coursing through her veins. If said was tranny wouldn’t argue. No tits / needs new ones (+2s) and jaw line way too defined and wide, shave it down
    2. Too much arm fat and eye covered by hair isn’t a good thing (women NEVER cover something they think is a strong physical attribute), needs nose job and mole removal
    3. Might be a tranny not sure when photos are blurry that’s always a bad sign and warning to stay away. Needs nose job.
    4. Strange hip to waist ratio, needs +2s and saddlebags
    5. Baggy sweatshirt = stay away. Horrible rat like hair needs brush
    6. Nose too big have no idea what rest of her looks like
    7. That girl is a walking STD factory, no need to evaluate further. I value my health would not touch.
    8. Zero femininity clueless on how to dress as a woman and looks like pot / pill head. Pig nose
    9. An actress that’s against free speech? Good thing she posted I definitely will never see any movie she’s in and will let all my friends know to boycott her movies
    10. Plain Jane to the extreme, horrible hair looks
    like Kurt Cobain
    11. Call her Wide Gap, could run a truck between her small and droopy tits. Needs +2s in the worst way and tone down the very wide hips, get to gym and do squats
    12. Looks about 14 no comment
    13. This girl definitely takes it in every hole,definitely has at least one STD, tons of makeup, bad hair job the list is endless
    14. Very bright filter = nose is huge and skin is bad / horrible hair job, looks like rat tips
    15. I like her the most, nice body, great cans (push up so might be fooled) and nice face. Looks like many Europeans I’ve encountered and some blond Latin women in parts of South America. Little worried about stomach area and picture taken so far back could hide problem areas
    16. Very different looking in main and avatar pic plus has loser looking boys surrounding her. Has pig nose, eyebrows fucked up looking from bad tweezing and lips too thin that’s why she is using the duck face cause her lips are almost non-existent

  18. I have to go with number 6 even though thats a professional photo. number 12 would be my next bet though of course would bang them all.

  19. Thanks to this article, a new vista of advanced research has opened up: studying the mismatch between avatars and full-sized photos. Let’s take No. 9 (Chloe). The photo says style, class and bangable, but the avatar, not so much. Alina (No. 6) seems to be auditioning for a re-make of “Carrie” in her avatar, but the photo says a 7 or 8 (despite the woolly cap). A bit worried about Serena (No. 7). She’s either Alanis Morissette’s long-lost sister (photo) or posing for Shemale of the Month (avatar). And on the subject of Ironic, writing “This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever read” next to *that* avatar … As for the photos in 2, 4 and 11 … they’ll soon be used to illustrate one of RoK’s articles on “what’s wrong with American women”. I was also surprised to find that Tuth’s tastes extend to Emo’s (No. 13), but then when you have so much love to share …

    1. No. 7 is a minor porn star, so like many of them in LA, she’s going for that shitty “American Apparel” look — too little makeup to improve their pasty skin color and the same hairstyle as a 6th grader.
      Walk around the Melrose and Sherman Oaks areas of LA or just scan through PornHub for the 18 / barely legal videos and you’ll see that same look repeatedly.

      1. Note the Updated version; even Alina agreed the cap wasn’t doing her any favors, so she changed her photo. Definitely trending as an 8 now.

  20. I particularly like the one who wants to make freedom of speech illegal because you hurt some fat chick’s feelings.
    Serious question: are all dictatorships the result of women wanting a Strong Man to worship?

  21. #4 is scary, she means what she says…probably been pumped and dumped once too many. #5 isn’t really angry, is very cute and looks good natured. I’d even take her to dinner if she was good in the sack.

      1. You sound jealous, sorry you’re no longer the most “speshul” woman around these parts.

        1. “Famous” would seem to pretty definitively mean that everyone had heard of her. She doesn’t seem to qualify. By your definition, she’s famous. My error.

      2. more famous than you , fat cunt . Now go and suck your hubs’dick ; what are you even doing here ? chasing fat delusional teenagers ?

  22. Who gives a fuck what they think. Yeah they’re cute and good for an hour, some two, but once they start all that thinking and talking shit, time to show them the door.

    1. Easier just to bang them at their place then leave. I don’t want these girls knowing where I live…

  23. Holy shit dude, Chloe Meritz is fiending for you! That’s so awesome I’m jealous. Cooking up some seriously misogynistic article ideas atm… Thanks for inspiring

    1. Chloe was great in Kick Ass, but it’s sheer fantasy that a petite girl could be such an efficient killer. Fun escapism though!

  24. “This is why freedom of speech should be revoked” says the hamster who posted her free thought on twitter, a platform designed to express free speech.

  25. I’ll admit to not wanting to bang #3 (creepy eyes) and #7 (the HB6 porn star). But for any of the other 14, I’m down.

  26. I just discovered this site today. And I admit, I haven’t yet read the article in question. But I suspect most these girls, if not all of them, have an eating disorder. I’m not sure about ranking them, even though they’re all lovely. But I have a few comments. 1: No reaction. But I like the motorcycle. 2: Morticia Addams. I think it’s the lacy black top. 3: Nothing. Went blank. 4: A self gift-rapped woman is to be avoided. Her comment proves it. 5: No reaction. But her tweet reads: lol lol lol, so I think she liked it. 6: Too young to rank. 7: Too Joan Crawford. 8: Also too young to rank. And the most anorexic. 9: Looks like an actress. 10: Has an acoustic gutiar. Will sing at will. 11: Is posed like a tent pole. Or tent stake. 12: Doesn’t realize Vanilla Ice is a has-been. 13: Blank. And too young. 14: In a bad mood. 15: Blank. No comment. 16: Both of them could do better.

  27. Only 1 of the girls threatened you with graphic violence and surprise surprise it was the most bull dykish bitch in the group

  28. Love all that hate speech. Rescind freedom of speech if you don’t agree? Genital mutilation? Death threats? May their tweets follow them to the End of Days!

  29. LOLy attention whoring so damn much. I just love how these girls say they hated the article, and then when they received the needed attention…totally got their panties wet. They are just not true to themselves.

  30. One reason to NOT date a girl with eating disorders: they reek gross, of puke and drying spittle.

  31. 4. Cassidy “Why freedom of speech should be revoked and men like this should get their dicks cut off”
    Violence is good? “freedom of speech should be revoked”?
    Remind me to laugh the next time some mouthy “Occupier” Liberal Womyn’s Studies Major gets her teeth knocked out by a male cop for not realizing that “freedom of speech should be revoked”.

  32. I wonder if any of these girls come to this site because I’d like to tell them something. Girls, you are all overweight and need to do better with the dieting. Every one of you needs to lose at least 15 lbs. and some of you need to lose 25 lbs. You should refrain from posting any pictures on Facebook until you are down to a normal weight.Chloe seems to have a lot of junk in her trunk and tiny titties.

  33. Nice list Tuth 😀
    Girl #15 is my favorite.
    And I find it hillarious that Girl #4 is bragging about being on this list.

    1. #4 is a classic example of a Starfucker. She undoubtedly gets oodles of real life attention from dozens of men, but all that is nothing in her mind compared to the *slight* e-fame she gets from being mentioned by Tut. She’s fantasizing about him right now.

  34. Upper class white women all of them… Clearly the eating dis9rder stereotype is there for a reason.

    1. Where are you from that you think these females are upper class? lol Upper class white females don’t have Facebook pages or bother with any of this crap. Most of these females here wouldn’t even qualify as middle class.

      1. It is easy to discern how much “class” these girls have by looking at what they post to Twitter/Facebook/comment sections. Class ain’t describe none of ’em.

      2. ” lol Upper class white females don’t have Facebook pages”
        This is not true. I know plenty of female one percenter offspring with facebook pages. It is the norm.

        1. I’m talking about the American 1%, the girls who qualify as part of the group of “American upper class white females”. I’m talking about girls who are most certainly well off and privileged even by American standards. I can’t think of one that doesn’t have a facebook profile.

        2. You’re never going to see the top females because they don’t post their pics all over the net or on Facebook. Unless you live in the same areas and are in the same circles your chance of running into any of them is about as likely as me running into some fat ghetto mama, which is like 0.You have to compete within your own class. A Heavyweight boxer doesn’t compete against someone in the Flyweight division.”Game” is all nonsense and will get you nowhere. You’re not going to get into a higher division anymore than the Flyweight will just because you think you can. I can sort you out quickly so what do you think a female whose radar is tuned to mate selection is going to do? The only value of game is when you’re dealing with a shy inept boy where you sort of push him to interact with females. It’s not the game nonsense but the fact that he’s trying to participate. It’s not that hard to get a female but you have to be in there first.

        3. I never said that “top females” (in a socio-economic sense) were regularly accessible to men outside of their social class. I’m well aware of that.
          I am saying, however, that they do tend to have facebook profiles and they do tend to put pictures on them. It simply isn’t the case that “upper-class white females don’t have facebook pages”.

  35. I do have some advice for Anna the Sad Girl. Honey, the reason that you’re sad is that you’re not getting enough of the old in-out in-out. You see, scientists have discovered that there are chemicals in semen that act as natural endorphins and are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream through the vaginal wall. Swallowing semen is good for you too. I know from experience with a gf years ago who was a professor at Obelin (ok don’t laugh) who loved sucking dick all the time and swallowing it that she was always happy. So Anna, you need to suck more dick and throw the prozac away.

  36. You are a fucking piece of shit writing things about women like this! What gives you the entitlement to say things like this simply because you are a man?

    1. I gave him the entitlement. Yes, I, Thomas Jefferson, have arisen from the dead to answer your question. Freedom of speech is every American’s birthright.

    2. The same entitlement that gives women the right to talk about Brad Pitt’s abs, Ryan Gosling’s smile, and the penises of Jon Hamm and Michael Fassbender, (despite their vocal protests about being constantly-objectified).
      Women: judging attractiveness when engaging in their sexual selection, but getting offended when men do the same.

      1. They really are something else, aren’t they?.
        Hamster logic “Oh you’re a disgusting PIG for saying she has nice boobs”
        Two minutes later on iPhone to one of her “girlfriends”..
        “OMG ..Like did you see Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love?…OMG what I would do to suck his cock right now..”

    3. Quick question: What’s worse, threats of murder and genital mutilation, or ranking people based on their looks?

    4. Hmmm…. 2 reasons…
      1. It’s fun. It truly is fun to see some skank get her panties (wet of course more on this in number 2) in a bunch over a post. The showcasing of complete self centeredness of the typical female in the West is a thing of unique ugliness and like a cochroach in the kitchen, there is a moral duty to shine a light upon it in all its prideful, spiteful, angry, solipisistic joy. NONE of the worlds real problems matter, oh no, what’s important is if little cupcake is offended over an idea she doesn’t agree with -yes- THAT is what really matters.
      2. While you’re reading this you are fighting obvious attraction and daddy issues. This we know as we have seen it before. You have no control over this and it is very entertaining for us to know that while you rage at things like this they secretly turn you on. Like watching a dog chase its tail or a kitten attack an image of itself in a mirror or chase a laser pointer. Free entertainment for those of us who understand the real nature of women in all their unglamourous, unconstrained best.
      That good enough cupcake?

    5. “What gives you the entitlement to say things like this simply because you are a man?”
      1. Freedom of speech.
      2. What he says is true.

  37. Who wants to bet that that guy with number 12, Analise, is getting absolutely zero play off her while she bangs (or at least diddles herself to the thought of) guys like Tut?
    Also, 12 of them have clear slut face.

    1. I have met a decent amount of cute girls with friends like that.
      100% of them were gay, or everyone thought they were gay.

  38. Tori was my favorite… Right up until I read her Tweets. Katie looks pretty good too but I’m afraid to read her tweets.

  39. Two girls locked their Twitter because of this post: #11 and #16. And #4, who originally called for our castration, posted a “Yay” for making this list. Positive attention from men > convictions posted while outraged.

      1. And yet she still publicly called attention to the fact that men were saying she’s good looking. “Ugh, just look at these assholes who think I’m SO HOT”

      2. I bet you have a koi tattooed on your arm. And a record collection. And skinny black jeans.

  40. This whole eating disorder thing I found a bit too tasteless, unfunny and shameless trolling with little payoff….
    Until now! This is was a great read! Bravo!!

    1. young “guys” today think they need to dress like fags to get a girl to notice them, sad state indeed.

  41. #4, posted about herself being at No 4 in your list…
    I was little confused and was wondering if she was serious or sarcastic… Then I realized.. Oh she’s women and I face-palmed…

  42. #1 – Perky salesgirl.
    #2 – Nice face, straight teeth.
    #3 – Wrestles with depression.
    #4 – Crossfit girl, rides the carousel.
    #5 – Pleased with her imagined superiority.
    #6 – Introspective Sea-Nymph.
    #7 – Whore, fucks like her life depends on it.
    #8 – Has trouble sleeping.
    #9 – Looks like Justin Bieber.
    #10 – Has no friends.
    #11 – Thinks she’s a fashionista.
    #12 – Thinks homos are swell.
    #13 – Daddy issues.
    #14 – Arguably the hottest chick there. Nice rack, jacked-up pouty-mouth.
    #15 – Photo taken while playing “Spot The Douche”…..it was a tie.

      1. If you’ve read the comments this far down can you play the “free time” card with any credibility?

  43. QUOTE: “Kara Buzzeo @KaraBuzzeo stated:
    “I could kill the man behind the ‘5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder’ ”
    Translation: “I want to fuck the author of this article.”

  44. I would force backdooral on 15, the more she struggles, the quicker i’d get off.

  45. I would force backdooral on 15, the more she struggles, the quicker i’d get off.

  46. This is a perfect example of why I love this site. This article both promotes the healthy and unconstrained male perspective, whilst simultaneously being hilarious and trolling the fuck out of uptight Feminists. And the trolling helps spread the article, which in turn helps renormalise the pre-Feminist male viewpoint.
    Tuthmosis sir, you are a genius.

  47. Alexandria – hands down… that shirt. The more they say they hate you the more likely they are jump on top of you. Ain’t female psychology great? 50 shades of not all women are like that anyone?

  48. Alexandria – hands down… that shirt. The more they say they hate you the more likely they are jump on top of you. Ain’t female psychology great? 50 shades of not all women are like that anyone?

    1. they like Irish men , when they ‘re smart and handsome , which sadly disqualify you . Now go to the gym ,fucker.

  49. Ha. These “cuties” are obviously in their early 20’s for the most. Wait until they hit 30 and they’ll pray for an eating disorder, parasite, or wasting disease to keep their bodies from turning to silly putty.
    The greatest eating disorder in the west is called A DIET. Most women ascribe to at least one diet. A diet is an mostly unnatrual way for women to justify eating pizza, cheese and chocolate without having to suffer the consequences of the calories.
    The girls can buy into the fem party platform and rail against eating disorders because they’re still thin. It’s easy for them. AGain, I suspect their attitudes will change when they hit mid-life and realize they no longer compete against the latest crop of 20 somethings. It’s such an obsession with WOMEN that I know one girl who’s actually paying thousands of dollars to inject herself with URINE! While not an eating disorder, per se, it is in my opinion an mental disorder, which most females seem to suffer from.
    Women should not hate on men for dealing with fallout of their own fucked up mental states. We simply respond to the new “normal” and adjust as necessary to find what we want in the morass of diseased, afflicted, damaged and perverted females.
    BTW, if a man can be arrested, tried and impassioned for the mere suggestion of sex with a non-existent, mythical, computer-generated supposedly under-age avatar, why can'[t we men go after these women who threaten men with physical violence? It’s time to lock them up and let them have a taste of their own medicine. I for one am ready, willing and able to put together a task force to find and prosecute these women who think the Internet provides them a shield from the violent behavior.

  50. Notice that, with the exception of one, most other comments were NOT favorited or retweeted more than once or twice. Leaves me with the impression that most who read the original article KNOW that what was said is true.

  51. I think I just lost 50 brain cells reading your bad attempt at “satire”. As someone trained in comedy, here’s what real comedians are taught – when you use “satire” as a form of comedy you still have to use it in moderation. Your entire blog isn’t satire anymore, it’s a full on war against women. Don’t take it badly, comedy just isn’t for you, try being a cleaner instead.

    1. Satire must be used in moderation you say? Are you familiar with, off the top of my head, “The Onion”, a popular humour publication that focuses pretty much entirely on the use of satire? I don’t think you paid very close attention during your “comedy training”.
      Based on this mistake I have to wonder if you even know what satire actually is. Is it satire if I call you an idiot? Or is it just a truthful statement of my opinion that happens to offend you?

  52. Just out of curiosity did any of these women get back to you after you turned the charm on and referred to them as ”cute”? No 4 was probably being sarcastic BTW.It would be interesting to see if they contradicted themselves by being flattered by your sexist list. Just so you know women with ED do not make good girlfriends. My mother has always been borderline anorexic and has never been able to maintain a steady relationship, her obsession with not eating too much food comes first and this is the case with all girls with ED sorry.

  53. I don’t know if this has been mentioned already, as I cannot bear to sift through the ridiculous arguments mounting over this lonely man; but you do realise that number 9 is a famous actress? (16 years of age I might add, making this article somehow even more inappropriate)

    1. She’s 16? That’s the age of consent. I’d shag her. Females don’t improve intellectually or emotionally after that age so why shag some old hag.

  54. Tuthmosis,
    ah yes…getting women to be really ANGRY with you works very well to make them want you all the more. At christmas 2009 I realised my guvmint was not going to kill me…and I told my fav#1 how I really felt….a usual beta-loser move. So she immediately dissed me for being so beta.
    A friend of mine suggested I date other women and rub her nose in it…so I did. She became my fav#3. A few months later I invited fav#3 to stay the weekend and she said yes. I had to fly in from london and I flew in to the airport not 5kms from where fav#1 lives…..I picked up a rental car rather than using public transport because fav#3 and I wanted to get out a bit.
    Anyway….I am at the airport and in “alpha on training wheels” style I text my fav#1 and say how said it is that I am about 5kms away picking up a car to go spend the weekend with fav#3…I wished her a good weekend! LOL!!
    Well? The stream of abuse I got from fav#1 on the following texts were HYSTERICAL. I laughed my head off. I was the most horrible man on the planet according to her. I even told her that I was laughing at her texts and was not taking her seriously. I told her that since I would be coming back to the airport on Monday I would have an hour to drop by her place before flying back to london, would she like to talk to me face to face. She says sure…remember. I have just told her that I am spending the weekend with her competition!
    So Monday I drop fav#3 at the train station and drive over to fav1#s place. She is all sheepish….I ask her why she tried to hate on me since it was so totally unbelievable….she said she was angry and jealous because I was seeing someone else….so I told her to get used to being angry and jealous because she had dissed me as a beta and now she was going to get the alpha treatment…no more beta treatment from me….
    And she was like “but I LIKE how you used to be, you used to be really sweet and really nice, now I HATE YOU because you are seeing this other woman!!”
    And I said “Exactly, I was Mr. Beta and you “liked” me but you dissed me. You thought I would run after you. You thought you could dominate and control me. Now I am alpha on training wheels you HATE ME…but you want me much more than you wanted me just 3 months ago…..we both know it. If you did not want me much more? You would not hate me. You would be indifferent to me dating fav#3.
    You brought this on yourself. You could have had me as the most beta and devoted of men like my wife did. You said no to that man and he is dead and gone and good riddance. Now? I will be an alpha and you love me or hate me….it really does not matter. And you will never, ever, get to dominate and control me. Are we clear?”
    She fought really hard to convince me to marry her in 2010…meaning convince me to have children with her….she was completely different towards me as an alpha…totally….she was MUCH more emotional towards me….women getting really angry at a man is a good thing…..placating women was one of the dumbest things I did all my adult life until 2010. Really. Trying to placate women? They just use it to dominate and control you.

  55. yep..just look at the level of hatred by women of men in the west….you do not hear women talk like this in germany….not ever.

  56. yep..just look at the level of hatred by women of men in the west….you do not hear women talk like this in germany….not ever.

  57. yep..just look at the level of hatred by women of men in the west….you do not hear women talk like this in germany….not ever.

  58. You pretend to be doling out ‘valuable advice’, but you seem to me just an overrated internet troll. You have so obviously created this particular article to desperately try and belittle women’s opinions by rating their value solely on their looks. Yeah power to the man! I feel so sorry for you that this is what you choose to put out into the world and how you make your money. I would expect more maturity and basic respect from a young teenager. Not sure whether to laugh at you or cry for humanity.

      1. If they didn’t have a hold on a bunch of delusional dudebro’s who eat this garbage up I would have a good laugh, but the whole thing is almost too incredible.

        1. Indeed. If writing an article called “16 cute women who hate my guts”, isn’t self-indulgence to the max, I don’t what is.

        2. Indeed. Turtmosis and his wannabes are convinced that the women listed in the article is secretly attracted to them or something. Franly, I have no idea how they made such a, erm…brilliant. deduction.

        3. But here you all are. Lurkin’ and a’ trollin’. Instead of being out with your nice guy boyfriends. I mean cats.

    1. Whereas women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family courts is just dandy and to be condoned and supported.
      Thank you for demonstrating your HATRED OF MEN on this site.

      1. Quite so, that rack needs revealing.
        Don’t overlook #2, I don’t think she’s getting enough appreciation.

  59. The feminazi irony is that women are the nastiest critics of chicks with eating disorders. Not just high school age chicks but 30-40 year old chicks in the workplace gossiping how the new skinny blond needs to go eat more. So fuk these twitter bitches…

  60. This game crap is all bullshit, you twatty losers. It’s easier to just fucking rape women. Fuck. Like, I mean, the end game is the same. Just force people to have sex with you instead of wasting time paying for meals & drinks. Do it right. Get what you want, when you want it. If you want sex, then fucking get it – consensual or not. What does it even matter? Naught. ‘Nother notch on the belt, motherfuckers.

  61. A quote that has been going through my head since reading this article is “It is no sign of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” It could very well be that there is some “skinny-shaming” involved in calling girls “anorexic.” If a girl doesn’t mob down her steak and potatoes like all her friends, she is a threat to them and has to be dealt with, right?

    1. You would be right if the article was advocating dating skinny women, but it wasn’t, it was advocating dating women with an Ed. Actual, diagnosed, sick anorexics.

  62. Don’t these stupid bitches realize that they’ve just all be negged. I predict that within the next six articles Tuthmosis writes, at least 5 of those girls will spread.

  63. Why women who obviously obsess about their looks hate it when someone drops the real on them. Or, how it’s ok to be and advocate violence as long as it’s against a man who has an opinion you don’t like.

    1. Attention whores rally around anything that draws more attention to THEM. ME ME ME ITS ABOUT WHAT I THINK ME ME MY OPINION ME DID I SAY ME?

  64. Look…. there is definitely a Buffet of beautiful woman to choose from. I’m not a fan of girls that are too alternate or two mainstream-im gonna have to choose Anna the sad girl. She is the girl next door yearning to be shown a good time. To be honest, I wouldn’t go near Alexandria or Katie, I think they would be so concerned with their appearance and posing that they would be dead roots and after you were done I think they would expect you to say thankyou. As for the rest, I’m sure most would suffice and are nice girls deep down-just missguided by single mothers.

  65. (Reposted from RooshV.com)
    Found this site through my local paper (expressing outrage about fat shaming week) and started my journey through the manosphere. So grateful to the feminists for pointing me in the right direction with their outrage! Very important stuff and amazing to get an truthful un-PC perspective on modern mans problems. I read through this and other sites like Chateau Hartisse and begin to understand my current problems with women through my beta male behavior both conscious and unconscious. I do get a decent share of female attention physically but have screwed it up, missed the signals or just dropped my nuts so many times in a misguided quest to be Colonel Nice Guy. All the while watching smaller, less attractive and moronic guys score effortlessly, in baffled frustration.
    On another note, somehow this same papers moderators published only a single comment – mine – on this popular feminist blog.

  66. #15, Alexandria, has one fine rack on her. To keep those twins fed, she surely does not have an eating disorder. I don’t see what her problem is with that article.

  67. This is absolutely disgusting and creepy. I would love to see a picture of you! I’m betting you’re an overweight loser who still is so disappointed with his life he must ruin the lives of others?

    1. You forgot “small penis”, “lives in his moms basement”, and “pathetic”.
      You really need to step up your game with the shaming.

    2. xD
      Your post is absolutely tired and overused. I don’t even have to see a picture of you! It’s a sure bet that you are an overweight (by far) loser who is disappointed that you don’t have the self-control to manage your calorie intake and output. You can’t handle the truth so you try to ruin it for others.

  68. I can’t pick just one favourite. My top three are Alexandria, Chloë (photo #9) and Hannah.

  69. Hmm. This is beyond retarded. I occasionally agree with some of your rants, but this post reads, looks and smells like the ultimate loser’s delusion. Do you actually believe what you’re writing, or you’re just doing it for the sake of stirring some shit and getting that page view counter a healthy bump?

  70. You guys are all perverts. Get a life. I mean a real one. This is some of the most disgusting stuff I have ever read. Do those girls know you have heir pictures up there?

    1. You trolls are all low self-esteem losers. Get even half a life. I mean one outside of worshiping Carrie Bradshaw. Your posts are some of the most juvenile stuff anyone has ever seen. Do you girls know how stupid you sound?

      1. I got half a life, thank you. I don’t think that you realize that it’s YOU who sounds stupid. “Trolls” was the worst insult you could think up? Really? And what is so mature about hating women, yet wanting to get laid and spending your time reading pointless crap like “Return Of Kings”? Did you even get through high school? Maybe you should google search that question to find an accurate an answer.
        p.s who the hell is Carrie Bradshaw? My hero’s are the members of the White Rose. Go research that “WWII”

        1. Your ‘heroes’ are traitors who betrayed their nation at it’s darkest hour.
          Support Treason much ?

        2. Interesting. So your a Neo Nazi? And yes, I support treason when the government is not doing it’s job properly.

        3. Translation “I will sell out my own people in time of war the moment I think we might not be winning”

        4. No. Translation: Violations of human rights are NOT expectable. READ THE ACTUAL PAMPHLETS. You obviouly have no idea what you are talking about. The Totalitarian Fascism you are following requires blind obedience. Wake up.

        5. ‘Violations of human rights’ Definition : Something people say when you lose.
          Holodomor, Katyn forest, Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima.
          The communists your ‘heroes’ fought to support slaughtered 100 million in less then 100 years and kept 1/3 of humanity behind the iron curtain for 50 years.
          P.S ‘Human rights’ are a social construct.

        6. If “Human Rights are a social construct” Then they are a good one. And if you are too stupid the understand the real meaning of human rights, that is your loss, not mine. It would be interesting to place you in a position where what you take for granted is taken away from you. Maybe then you might understand what “Human Rights” means. Not that it matters. People who don’t care about humanity never get anything done, so its not like your a threat or anything.
          I am not a Communist, I am a boarderline Communist: a Socialist or “Pinko” I do not admire or support the actions of Stalin. Holodomor and the Katyn Forest were part of Stalin’s horrendous dictatorship and have nothing to do with the White Rose.
          Dresden was part of the allies plan to END the War, and hey, it worked. The war was costing thousands of lives every day, not to mention that Germany started bombing civilian cities way before the allies did.
          I am disgusted to this day with the U.S’s action in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It was unnecessary and a waste of human life. They should be held as responsible for their actions as Stalin is recognized for his.

        7. The Germans opposed Stalin’s regime’. The so called ‘white rose’ hindered the German defence of Europe from Stalin’s raping hordes.
          As such the members of the criminal organization ‘white rose’ betrayed not only Germany but all of Europe, especially those caught behind the Iron Curtain and exposed to your friend Stalin’s reign of terror.
          You claim to abhor crimes of war but then defend the holocaust of the non-combatants of Dresden.
          Hypocrite much ?

        8. And you support Gemany simply because they opposed Stalin. What about the Holocaust? Do you even believe it happened? Funny that the only Holocaust you mentioned was apparently the one that occurred in Dresden.
          As for my “Friend Stalin” I have not denied that he was wrong, and quite frankly, evil. But was Hitler any better? You should read his famous book “Mein Kampf” in it he writes that if he had it his way, he would exterminate the Russian People and leave only a few thousand to be used as slaves. He wanted to take over Russia and eliminate the Russians so he could expand his “Lebensraum” or “Livingspace”. What a nice guy.
          Obviously you still haven’t read their Pamphlets. The White Rose were peaceful protesters. They used non-violent methods to promote their cause. The Nazi German State shed their blood because they did what scares liars the most: They spoke the truth. I see now how the likes of Stalin and Hitler came in to power. A bunch of blind citizens like you who spen their time reading garbage and taking sides on issues they don’t really know anything about. I feel sorry for you.

        9. 9 MILLION DEAD
          9 MILLION DEAD
          9 MILLION DEAD
          The Holodomor cost the lives of 9 MILLION White Christian Ukrainians in the 30’s, what about that ?
          What about your friend Stalin’s raping hordes who in one night in 1941 forced 1% of tiny Estonia’s population onto trains go to gulags, never to return ?
          It was Stalin, not Hitler who wanted to take over the World.
          You are just another ignorant sheep who goes along with whatever is trendy, Anti-White

        10. My, my, someone gets emotional easily. So emotional that they cannot see facts for what they are because the way they feel gets in the way. Your are right, famine is not expectable. I will state yet again, that “My Friend” STALIN WAS EVIL I do not condone anything that he did, and never have. But I will stick to my guns when I say Hitler was no better. He ordered and carried out the massacre of millions of Jews, Poles, Catholic priests, Protestant ministers, Gypsies, German citizens, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Russian Citizens, disabled persons, and anyone else who was considered racially impure or a threat to the Nazi state. Both Hitler and Stalin were poor excuses for human beings who brought disaster and death to their nations. (kind of I guess, Hitler was not even really a German, he was an Austrian)
          And what is up with the “Anti-White” thing??? It matters not to me whether or not an individual is black or white. Does it matter to you?
          And where did you get your screwed up convictions to begin with? The internet?

  71. This is literally the dumbest article/comments section I’ve ever read. Lol. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    1. Your response is the most cliche thing written by the stupidest person on the article/comments section, we have all ever read. Lol. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  72. 99.9% of the people (it seems like mostly men) on this article/other articles by this bigoted misogynistic moron, are disgusting. You all truly baffle me. I don’t understand how you could possibly think the way you do… were you just never educated or…? It’s truly astounding, almost fascinating… in a morbid kind of way.

    1. 99.9% of the people (it seems like mostly women) that respond negatively resort to the tired old “bigoted misogynistic moron who is disgusting” insult. You are just hiding behind “all women” since most of these articles are about women that choose to behave childishly (like responding with insults). We all understand why you think that way… You can’t accept that you are not perfect (much less far from it). It’s truly astounding, almost fascinating… in a sad kind of way.

      1. Of course most of the people responding negatively are woman. The author and anyone who agrees with him are being sexist… there are going to be negative responses. And the reason those insults are common is because the authors and yours behavior IS misogynistic and bigoted, it’s just fact. And no, these articles aren’t about woman who simply “behave childishly” they’re pure sexism and just overall ignorance. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you. And that shit about “not accepting we’re not perfect”… what? Of course we (we being anyone who disagrees with this authors ramblings) are not perfect… no one is, men, woman, trans* folks, non-binary folks, gender-fluid folks, white people, black people, asian people, adults, children, hetero-sexual people and non-hetero sexual people etc etc, no one is perfect. Everyone knows that so I don’t know where you’re getting that from. Even if I didn’t use insults to express my opinion (although I don’t know what you people expect when the author is literally degrading and dehumanizing not only my sex but in some cases men as well in nearly every single ‘article’ he produces) I know full well that most of the people on this page wouldn’t listen anyway. On the grounds that you people do not listen to fact, reason, or anger. You’re oblivious to all of it, you’re all so highly strung that once you form your sexist flawed opinion, nothing will change your mind.
        Why would our arguments persuade you anyway right? We’re just a bunch of woman and “mangina white nights”.

        1. __Psyche Psychoses__
          OpinionatedIndividual182 Said:

          Of course most of the people responding negatively are woman. The author and anyone who agrees with him are being sexist… there are going to be negative responses. And the reason those insults are common is because the authors and yours behavior IS misogynistic and bigoted, it’s just fact.

          Lol. You use the unsubstantiated opinion that the article is sexist to defend the proliferation of negative responses to be from women (because it is sexist against women and therefore they are the bulk of the resistance). It is typical of women that defend perverted “feminism” to rely on use such logical fallacy.
          Yes, “its just fact” because you say it is. Right. Deities are not to be questioned in this way (and you claim to not feel anyone who sees you as “less than perfect” are not to be vilified? More on this in a moment.)
          The truth is that very little, if any, of the articles on RoK are “misogynistic”. If anything, they praise women that understand how the bifurcation of gender translates to how roles differ between the genders. The movement for “equal opportunity” addresses this. It doesn’t translate to absolute and indivisible “equality”.
          __Proof of Impertinence__
          OpinionatedIndividual182 Said:

          And no, these articles aren’t about woman who simply “behave childishly” they’re pure sexism and just overall ignorance. If you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.

          It does take much for the defensive behavior of a condescending attitude to come out does it?
          The notion that the typical woman responder on RoK doesn’t behave childishly is ridiculous. Name-calling, insulting people, asking for maiming and death of an opponent in lieu of any substantiated counter-argument is absolutely the domain of immaturity. It is practically the modus operandi of every single “you go girl” advocate here. You are only fooling yourself if you stick to this claim that they are not behaving childishly.
          Please, the juvenile actions of women here are clear to even the most casual observer.
          __Perfect Straw Man__
          OpinionatedIndividual182 Said:

          And that shit about “not accepting we’re not perfect”… what? Of course we (we being anyone who disagrees with this authors ramblings) are not perfect… no one is, men, woman, trans* folks, non-binary folks, gender-fluid folks, white people, black people, asian people, adults, children, hetero-sexual people and non-hetero sexual people etc etc, no one is perfect. Everyone knows that so I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

          That’s about as weak as it gets.
          You are taking the quip about “perfection” literally, using that as a misrepresentation of your opposition, and proceeding to bash that position. That is a straw man argument and the expected tactic by someone who cannot refute the allegation.
          It should be apparent to anyone that a state of actual perfection is improbable. All you are doing is trying to deflect from the observation that women, who respond in hostility here, don’t like hearing ANY criticism about them or women in general. THAT describes a need to at least ignore one’s faults (and therefore, create an illusion of faultlessness, or “perfection”).
          To resort to the semantics this way is really just a juvenile tactic and demonstrates that you realize that the women here do behave in this delusional way.
          __Insult Assault__
          OpinionatedIndividual182 Said:

          Even if I didn’t use insults to express my opinion (although I don’t know what you people expect when the author is literally degrading and dehumanizing not only my sex but in some cases men as well in nearly every single ‘article’ he produces) I know full well that most of the people on this page wouldn’t listen anyway. On the grounds that your people do not listen to fact, reason, or anger. You’re oblivious to all of it, you’re all so highly strung that once you form your sexist flawed opinion, nothing will change your mind.

          You don’t use anything but insults because that is ALL that you have. You can attempt to camoflage your dearth of support by the usual self-justified indignation, but it’s a thin veil. None of these articles degrade or dehumanize women in general. The behaviors are voluntary and are restricted to those who CHOOSE to act those ways. It is not ALL women (or even a large part of women). If anything, it is the entitled and immature women of first world privilege that are the source of both the poor behavior and the equally ill-conceived criticism.
          People would listen if any of you actually had some semblance of solid and logical foundation. You, like your sisterhood, do NOT. Stop fooling yourself that you have any reasoning.
          As far as “anger”, it is typical that of the childish to think that their little fits of rage provide anything more than proof of what most of these articles talk about (well, besides a good deal of entertainment).
          Stop projecting your own inability to listen to reason or objectivity. No one is even trying to change your mind. We don’t have to since you know there is truth in what RoK talks about, and, your hostility fuelled “opinion” doesn’t count.
          __Just a Bird in a Guilty Cage__
          OpinionatedIndividual182 Said:

          Why would our arguments persuade you anyway right? We’re just a bunch of woman and “mangina white nights”.

          ROFL. That’s just a convenient excuse to not being able to provide any bit of reasonable argument in refutation.
          If you actually provided some sort of logical argument based on a real foundation you might have a point. Neither you nor your sisterhood really attempt to do this.

  73. Yes, sexism, yes, objectification, yes, all of that, but mostly, you have no taste in women. That list so wrong it breaks my heart.

  74. It’s hard to pick between Alexandria and Marcella. That would be some three way huh? Brunette blonde three ways are always awesome.

  75. You know women aren’t the passive creatures you believe they are. Women are some of the most powerful forthright humans on the planet, and your ego and general douchebaginess has lost you the respect of any of them who have a brain.

  76. hi fuck you. men like you are the fucking worst. go eat a dick or do some shit you do on your porn websites. You in-considerate piece of shit

  77. In the matrix of misunderstanding that most consider reality, the criticizers must themselves be criticized in order for a balance to be maintained. Here is my response to these particular criticizers.
    1:MICHELLE. She reminds me of the redhead from the original spiderman…I didn’t much care for her either. In retrospect, her comment seemed to be one of the most innocuous, though her pose (and comment) does strike me as a bit pretentious.
    2: MARCELLA. Given the gist of her post, i can only surmise that she has the IQ of burnt toast. Anyone with more than a modicum of objectivity can clearly see that your post, while provocative, has genuine merit. It’s a pity then that this glib gal can’t see past her own cosmetically enhanced nose to see past the title of your post.
    3: HANNAH: Her response was similar to Marcella’s, although she adds the obligatory emo driven response by implying that you are encouraging eating disorders. In the land of short bus riders, she would be the one holding up foot traffic.
    4:CASSIDY: She has arguably one of the worst comments on here. There is only one other that can possibly rival it in terms of sheer misandry, idiocy and of course banality. (more on that later) The thing that makes her comment possibly THE worst is the fact that not only was it misandrist in nature but completely anti free speech as well. Voltaire would probably SMH at her response.
    5: TORI: Given her terse response (consisting of ad nauseam acronyms) i take it she condescendingly considers your comment a farce; the colossal irony here is that her comment can and should inspire a similar reaction from others and in my case at least…does.
    6: ALINA: She is another pretentious twit, with the charge of polemics added to the list of her intellectual war crimes. She is also another one that can be accused of fulfilling the accusation she charged you with, given that her delusional nature likely inspires her to see delusion where none such exists (externally) except where it possibly does exist (internally)

    1. 7: SELENA: Neither her picture nor her response inspires me to believe she is someone that could debate the merits of binary economics or discuss the possible manifestations of M theory without her cranium rupturing from the neurosynaptic pressure. How ironic then that this obvious attention whore chooses to use the F word in addition to “up” in her commentary, given that she likely uses those words quite often in her social lexicon, and will likely add the words “knocked” and “the” one day, if she hasn’t already.
      8: KARA: She is the one i was referencing when i mentioned the “other worst comment” on here. Whether she was being jocular or not,

  78. Great article…and talk about attention whoring at its finest! Yes, it’s sad to see so many hurt feelings by this article yet as another person pointed out we don’t see these particular types of girls fat shaming the women who need it. Example: A woman had a couple of kids five years ago…so why are you still as big as a house? The kids grow up to be just as large as the mother…isn’t that just as irresponsible?

  79. Serena: “This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever read”. Really? More fucked up than having your Twatter picture be a shot of your ass with something purple hanging out of it?

  80. Glorifying eating disorders? What’s the pro of your girl having rotting teeth, foul smelling breath, burps that smell like ass and being too tired from lack of nutrients to suck your cock. Getcha head in the game boys.

  81. Oh who even gives a fuck? You can tell just by looking at these petty and shallow bitchwads that they all “short shame” short men, regardless of how good, accomplished, and decent of a man they are. So that’s how we treat fat bitches. And you CAN fix fat but you can’t fix short, so that’s just how it is! Tough shit!

  82. Eating disorder chicks make themselves throw up all the time and for them it’s a normal bodily function. What’s great about that is when she is on her knees giving you head, she can gag just enough to where you feel her puke on the tip of your cock.

  83. #7 – #13 should not have made the cut. #14-#16 should have been much higher.

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