6 Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst In The Western World

I summarized a lot of major problems in Australia in a previous article, and now some deep issues which are inherent to New Zealand need to be addressed.

As a native Kiwi (New Zealander), we tend to be inundated with a bit too much Joe Pesci syndrome (little guy who likes to beat up on the big guy) and always want to poke fun at Australia, our larger neighbor across the Tasman Sea. However, we need to look within to our own country’s shortfalls as well. Because unfortunately we have a major one.

As an experienced traveler to all continents of the globe except for Antarctica, I can say beyond all reasonable doubt that our women are probably the least desirable among all Western countries. Explanations follow below.

1. They Are Painfully Average

Women in New Zealand are incredibly average looking overall. Ladies who would merely be rated a soft “7” have incredible power in the nation’s sexual marketplace, while they wouldn’t even bother getting a second look in countries such as Argentina, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Poland, the Netherlands, or Japan.

Hell, even women among fellow Anglosphere countries like Australia, Canada, and the United States are consistently better looking than Kiwi girls. The website World Tinder Women even commented about how sub-par the women were in Auckland, insinuating how often they needed a left-swipe before good enough talent was found.

Case in point, just take a look at some of the women on offer from the first season of “The Bachelor: New Zealand.” Producers of the show said that “the caliber is very high” and that “our first bachelor will be a very lucky man.” What kind of mind-warping drugs were they on? Datura?

new zealand women

new zealand farmer

Kiwi blokes gotta take what they can get…

2. They Are Sluts

New Zealand women are considered to be the most promiscuous in the entire world. A survey by the condom maker Durex has reported that Kiwi women had an average of 20.4 sexual partners in their lifetime. And remember, that’s just an average. It means that friggin’ Cruise liner loads full of New Zealand women are getting banged up a LOT more than that.

By comparison, the global average was 7.3 sexual partners per woman. Astoundingly, New Zealand was the only country in the survey where women had more sexual partners than their men, a reflection of the huge twentysomething backpacker culture this country has on top of their general sluttiness.

The long-term consequences of rampant female promiscuity can be serious, and any women who has a notch count higher than 10 is a major red flag, especially for men who wish to have a healthy long-term relationship or marriage.

The higher the notch count a woman has, the less likely they will be able to pair bond well with a single man, especially after they have been repeatedly plugged in every hole by dozens of obnoxious alpha male bad-boy cocks throughout their teens and twenties (or beyond).

This shows in the personalities and traits of a lot of New Zealand women, who simply lack warmth, outward compassion, and good old-fashioned tender loving care to a lot of their men. In short, New Zealand women make extremely poor marriage prospects. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

3. They Are Aggressive And Profane

Excessive and shameless use of profanity is what I would consider one of New Zealand’s major social flaws. In fact, I would say it’s a toss up squarely between the Kiwi’s and Aussies who uses the word “cunt” per capita more than any other English-speaking country.

However, having traveled extensively in all of the six core nations which comprise the Anglosphere, I can say without doubt that New Zealand women have the worst language I have ever heard. Schoolyard insults like “fuck off ya dick” or “fuckwit” (a popular Kiwi insult) stay tried and true well into female adulthood, and it’s amazing how often they use the C-word as well.

Profanity amongst women is one of the most unfeminine and ungraceful things they can do, and it has been mentioned before that profanity is quite frequently a precursor to physical violence, or at least threats of physical violence.

The following animated video captures the spirit of, unfortunately, far too many New Zealand women whose femininity hangs by an extremely thin thread. For some minor background info, a woman named Karen got the wrong number and left this message on a receptionist’s phone who works for a large company, and the recording soon went viral in the country.

4. They Have Poor Style

New Zealand women, by and large, dress horribly. Teenage girls and even young adults often dress in ill-fitting attire, and many wear entirely unfeminine “wigger” style clothing such as hoodies and beanies for a greater part of the year.

Things don’t improve significantly once women are past age 23, and women will rarely ever be seen out in high heels or attractive skirts outside of business hours. Quasi-fashionable slut attire is generally just reserved for Friday and Saturday night, when they are anxiously awaiting to add to their stratospheric notch count with another cock.

Lots of New Zealand girls are also wannabe hippie types as well. These chicks tend to be dressed pitifully and often have thick (and incredibly smelly) dreadlocks. With all the other options men have in the world, give em’ a miss.


What happens when your country is the largest producer of Reggae music outside of Jamaica

5. They Are Too Masculine

What do you get when New Zealand women’s poor fashion, sailor talk, aggressiveness, “meh” looks, and a little bit too much feminist indoctrination get all rolled into one? The absolutely horrifying sight to behold which is New Zealand Women’s Rugby.

No other country on Earth pushes the most masculine of team sports, Rugby Union, onto it’s female youth than in New Zealand. The results of this obnoxious feminist “we can be just like the boys!” experiment are truly hideous.

Who in the right mind would ever find short-haired and butch women who are blurting out the Maori Haka chant to be either feminine, graceful, or alluring? New Zealand would like to try and tell you so, but I’ll see you on the next flight to Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, or Miami. You know, places where women actually look and act like women.


Tēnei te tangata pūhuruhuru! Nāna ne I tiki mai whakawhiti te rā! (This is the hairy man, who caused the sun to shine again for me!)

6. They Are Feminists And SJWs

Finally, as the country who first (and therefore first in idiocy) gave women the right to vote in 1893, is it any surprise that New Zealand women have been force fed via butt-chugging so much feminist and “social justice” juice their whole lives?

Try bringing up the inherent lack of virtues of diversity, immigration, and multiculturalism with a New Zealand lady and see how much time passes before you are called the dreaded r-word, followed by a colourful Kiwi insult of choice.

Like many other Western countries, the cancer of anti-white and white-guilt rhetoric is also growing in New Zealand, and such sentiment was demonstrated in how the “Pakeha Party” Facebook Page creator, David Ruck, was lambasted in the media and even accosted in his personal life by a rambling and foul-mouthed female SJW.

(Note for Non-Kiwis: “Pakeha” is the Maori word for white people, and the Pakeha Party was founded as a counter-balance for far too many race-based parties in New Zealand who look out for their race only. But of course, only white people can be “racist”.)


Women who come from literally anywhere else in the Western world are more attractive, more feminine, more graceful, more stylish, less profane, and less slutty than New Zealand. The only thing Kiwi women beat out on some of their contemporaries is on obesity rates, which is lower overall than in the United States. However, American women win out by being far more pleasant, feminine, and warm (can you believe it?). Especially the southern and mid-western girls.

It is truly eye opening for a lot of young New Zealand men to go abroad in their early 20s and find out that the overall quality of women is substantially higher than at home. This is quite sad, considering how New Zealand otherwise has astounding natural beauty and a quality of life which is squarely in the top 10% of the world.

In closing, for Kiwi men who believe in traditional masculinity and have more paleo-libertarian or conservative values, they are much better off finding a higher quality partner abroad. In fact, many men simply don’t come back.

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  1. “Ladies who would merely be rated a soft “7” have incredible power in the nation’s sexual marketplace, ”
    Hell – in other words

  2. “No other country on Earth pushes the most masculine of team sports, Rugby Union, onto it’s female youth than in New Zealand. The results of this obnoxious feminist “we can be just like the boys!” experiment are truly hideous.
    Who in the right mind would ever find short-haired and butch women who are blurting out the Maori Haka chant to be either feminine, graceful, or alluring?”
    I love Rugby, but I simply can’t stand women sticking their noses were they don’t belong.
    To give a refreshing perspective, this is a proper haka:

    Also, nice touch to have Richie’s face as avatar. Cheers.

  3. I’m not sure I agree with this. A friend of mine is working in NZ and is dating a Wellington girl who is a pretty feminine blonde girl. I was joking she looks like an elf lady from LOTR, the other day…
    Generalizations are dangerous. Everybody says Spanish women are beautiful, when I go there, all I see is this
    The following is considered (one of) the most beautiful women of Portugal:

    Czech girls… Yes, they are beautiful: ALL of them. The rest, it’s a matter of luck. And countryside girls will always be countryside girls, it doesn’t matter if they are kiwis or Texans, Polish or Irish. Stocky, brutish.. you know, the whole thing.

    1. Where did you take that image from (the Spanish woman)? It is hilarious.

        1. Haha, he dresses up so she will think that he’s completely batty but when she sees him she think’s he dressed up to look like a her fellow countrymen. The implication being that Spaniards dress completely gay

        2. I ended up getting the entire collection on VHS for about $5 at a hipster thrift shop. Probably to cerebral for ’em.
          Yeah, I still got some VHS tapes.

        3. You should move to NYC and open up a rental shop. I hear business is booming there.

        4. In thirty years they’ll come back in all the Hipster boutiques at twice the price.
          I just have to keep mine in good repair, then. I got my current one from my brother -it stopped working for him- but when I got it the machine worked just fine.
          I’ve had VCRs eat tapes before. But then I reeled the tape back into the cassette and it still worked. Still have the cassette too: a dozen or so Episodes of M*A*SH*
          Ethan Allan: VCR whisperer.

        5. I heard Disney tapes are going up in price. According to this article, a Beauty and The Beast tape can go up to $12000. Maybe overpriced, but it’s a good reason to fix your VCR player or else buy one, and definitely look in your basement and start evaluating all your VHS tapes. Hopefully in 30 years, Antiques Roadshow is still around.

        6. Dayum. A few years back my dad got rid of probably a hundred or so store-bought VHS tapes. I managed to squirrel away a few but still…
          Sounds like it will be a repeat of that time he sold his original Star Wars figures for a quarter each.

        7. And with Nintendo releasing its replica of the original NES this November, expect the old cartridges and the console itself to go up in price….like shooting hipsters in a barrel.

      1. It’s Miriam Margoyles, and don’t worry in real life she’s a lesbian

      2. Looks like some woman in a Spanish opera. That’s the thing I noticed with many Mediterranean women. They can be so gorgeous and sexy when they are young (starting from mid teens) but not so much when they are older.

    2. Is that Portuguese women Bruce Jenner’s long lost brother? She even has the same droopy eye.

      1. Hehe I know, right? I said something like that to a local guy who was talking about her and he was super mad at me for doing so. She’s kind of a national treasure, for them.
        Sara Sampaio is also a portuguese
        but they couldn’t care less. “Meh” is the typical attitude from guys, here. Bruce Jenner-looking Rita Pereira, “she’s a real woman”. It’s a different culture, I guess…

  4. As old as I am, I’m still surprised by what other guys can get their penises erect for.

    1. Me, too. I was once traveling in a certain Asian country and I met an expat kiwi couple on the train. They were both just as described in this article. We were surrounded by hot local women who would have thrown themselves on the tall, rugged, charming bloke if only the snarling pit bull were not in the way.
      Scenes like these demand some explanation. What the hell is going on out there?

    2. I’m 50 now, and I can’t even look at the slim pickings my own age in Canada. I couldn’t imagine cohabitating with one never mind trying to produce an erection.

  5. So if the kiwi women have the most sexual partners in the world, why isn’t the country in the top ten for divorced nations?

      1. Thank you for informing me but I was referring to this passage from the article
        The higher the notch count a woman has, the less likely they will be able to pair bond well with a single man, especially after they have been repeatedly plugged in every hole by dozens of obnoxious alpha male bad-boy cocks throughout their teens and twenties (or beyond).
        The marriage rate in NZ is till higher than the divorce rate.

        1. Guess when you get run through by a third of the town you have no illusions that new partners will be better than the one you are married to.

  6. “and any women who has a notch count higher than 10 is a major red flag”
    => Are you insane? More than 3 sexual partners is already a major red flag.

      1. well then you will probably stay single your entire life, unless you look abroad.

      2. 20? I had to read that again as I didn’t believe it at first. The average chick in New Zealand has had 20 different cawcks? 20? And this a woman in her early 20s I assume?
        No offense to the Anglos on here but, you guys need to straighten that shiit out.

        1. No offense taken as one of the plus points to western societies is a somewhat liberal attitude to sex, and I borderline hate my society for many other reasons. If I had my way sex would be more of an open topic and way more liberal. Prudish life is sad and I feel most people are not actually happy with it, but just accepting pressure from their society to act in a certain way.

        2. I’m going to hope that you are quite young, perhaps a teenager or from a cucked country like England or Sweden.
          Otherwise, you’re not thinking deeply.

        3. I’m totally in agreement, dude, but that last line is the funniest one on the whole phackin’ page.

    1. NZ is like a kind of giant lesbian hippy commune, if you can imagine such a thing…. then add in the indigenous problem, gang violence and guilty until proven innocent beta male driven police state…. brrggghhh…. such a beautiful geography too, but it’s always the people never the place…

      1. “It’s always the people, never the place.” Yes, the Western world has some of the most beautiful geography on earth. But our people make it almost unbearable.

      2. It sounds like what Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington would become as their own country.
        Hipster Island.

        1. Comparing NZ to the Pacific North-West is pretty spot on, from what I hear about those places.
          Beautiful, mountainous country full of temperate rainforests, lush farmland, and a sublime coastline.
          And a bunch of uber-liberal, feminist inhabitants. Yet also a few salt of the earth types living in the countryside.
          The culture of humility and understatement can be both good and bad.
          (I’m Kiwi btw.)

        2. The dreadlocks are a major boner-killer. Like the anti-Cialis or anti-Viagra..Droooooooooooooop.

        3. Absolutely. I hope SJWs decide that dreadlocks are racist cultural-appropriation so I don’t need to see nearly as many people wearing them. They’re disgusting.

        4. Don’t forget the single moms. Seattle is FULL of them. When I lived there I had a really hard time finding a woman over 25 who didn’t have a kid.

      3. This is terrible. I thought where I lived was bad in the US. My god!
        That audio of the woman in the article…holy shit! I’m speechless.
        The men there must be absolute pussies.

        1. The problem is, as soon as you stand up for anything you are immediately brow beaten, screamed at and shamed back into your “place”.
          Since there’s no solidarity amongst males here, there’s little a sole guy can do apart from being torn to shreds, forced into homelessness through unemployment or worse.

      4. I always knew there was something suspicous about all the claims of how beautiful New Zealand was. I always knew that if I moved there, I would be staring at some land whale in a suburban supermarket thinking, “where did all the great nature go?”

    2. Eh, more like anything over 1 is back in the pond you go shitskank. At least if you are even contemplating wifing that thing up.
      For random fucks who cares but if you are thinking of a wife, you also need to get very fuckig fundamentalist level selective. If a girl banged some other bloke a month ago and you put a bun in that oven, the kid is going to have that guys DNA too.

        1. Very little evidence?! There is NO evidence. This is called fetal microchimerism. Basically a fetus’ DNA can cross the placenta and stay in the woman’s body for decades. The theoretical explanation for this is that the woman’s body will then recognize the fetus and her immune system will help it, rather than attack it. That’s one theory, anyways. Either way, this is about fetal DNA, (which is 50% the mother’s ) not sperm. If this occurred every time a woman’s body ingested sperm, it would also occur every time she ate. I really like rare steak, am I to assume my DNA is now part bovine? Ridiculous!

        2. You decide for yourself man, I am just saying what I think and the rules I went by in picking my wife. The gene transfer thing may or may not be proven to be correct, in my view the evidence is starting to stack up, and no, it’s not just a theory.
          At the end of the day, the only ones who get a shit sandwich if you pick your wife badly is you and your future children. Each man should decide for themselves what risk they are willing to take in that endeavor, but it is probably the most important choice of ones life. Make it well.

        3. What do you mean no it’s not a theory? Of course it is. Is it proven fact? No. At best it’s a seriously shakey theory.

        4. It may be that the articles I read were incorrect in part at least perhaps to sensationalize, but I came away from them with the impression that there were some indications beyond pure speculation that this kind of effect would be present.
          Cellular biology etc is not my forte, I never specialized in it in any way.
          However, one can only rely on what information one has at hand to make ones choices.

        5. I am pretty happy choosing a girl from Poland to be my bride now of six years. She is awesome!

        6. There is no evidence that’s it’s ever been observerd to occur in humans; well none that I’m aware of anyway. Research has shown it happens in flys yes, but all we really have is speculation. I’m a microbiologist so it’s not my area of expertise but a friend of mine is a geneticist and thinks it’s bollocks. I’m skeptical at best. I’d appreciate a link to any articles you’ve read though as you’ve got my interest now.

    3. Well if the average is 20.3 in NZ, then the competition for the pretty with a cool/fun personality but wholesome nature women is going to be tough. Some of those beefy build female rugby players might have low partner scores though.

      1. Or high lesbian partner scores. Maybe that’s why NZ is apparently the only country where females have higher average partners than males.

        1. Yep quite possibly, if they are not overly appealing to the local men for a LTR. That would be an interesting stat to see. A lot of young NZanders backback overseas and quite possibly the NZ women score more sex with other tourists/foreigners than their traveling compatriot men to skew the numbers. If say 20% of the NZ men are getting the bulk of the nsa sex, maybe they are not getting picked up enough in a random sampling to balance out the average NZ woman’s score (but that would apply to more than just nz).
          Just read a link on here saying how there is a gender imbalance in NZ (shortage of men) so that makes the average difference even stranger and adds weight to lesbo/bi score.

        2. Wouldn’t surprise me. Us Kiwis love our “big OE”.
          Part of of it might just come down to averages though… high average partner count for women, while a minority of buff, sporty Kiwi blokes get a tonne of sex while others get barely any.
          Another factor which must be considered is that Kiwis just tend to be more honest and upfront. Maybe Kiwi girls just lie less about sex?
          Nah, they’re probably just sleeping around and enjoying the Hell out of the OE.
          I wonder if, on average, more Kiwi girls have and OE than Kiwi blokes? After all, it’s a pretty middle class-upper class and uni-educated thing, and there are probably more women at university than men.

    4. Agreed. To say 10 is an acceptable notch count? Imagine the assembly of all the men who banged her-it would look like the Round Table!
      I always had the idea that 2, 3 sexual partners are max notch count, having in mind that it has to happen in a female’s youth, and the persons were mentally sane.
      Still, let’s not forget that a virgin is like a needle in a haystack…a diamond-encrusted, gold needle in a haystack, particularly in these slut glorifying days.

      1. If you are talking about marriage, the only acceptable notch count is 0. And yes, you will have to get out of the west to find that in a woman above the age of consent (even if the age of consent is 16 where you are). I found my unicorn in a small town in the outer provinces of the Philippines.

        1. Not that I don’t agree-0 is an ideal score. I’m not into Phillippino women-white is the furthest I can go, preferably SE European, but I am blessed with living in a country that still holds on to some traditional values, and women are generally sane.
          Still, imagine a man who like me would settle only for a white woman in the West. Such an unfortunate fellow would just have to settle for a 2-notch count woman. It isn’t the end of the world, though I agree with your statement.

        2. My wife is considerably more white than I am (as far as skin tone). Our first date was going to the beach and she got sunburned while I did not. BTW, I am of Irish heritage with pale skin, red hair (when I had hair), and green eyes.

        3. You can have your virgin whilst I have a female who has some sexual experience. Sure I will pop a cherry gladly, but it won’t be a keeper. Stick with your virgin hype though, but there is a good chance she will have a time in her life when she will want to fuck around whether she is with you or not.

    5. Sad kids. You will probably end up with some cold christian type and be visiting brothels to get what you can’t at home.

      1. No, there will not be any sad kids. I am avoiding kids at all costs. As a man you don’t have a chance of not living in the brothel that is nowaday’s world. I wish I were only visiting brothels, but instead I have to live in it.

  7. How Western women calculate the number of sexual partners they’ve had, while participating in a “serious” scientific survey –
    “Hmm. That gangbang in Thailand doesn’t count, because I was on vacation. And I was drunk when I let all those guys fuck me in college. Weekend one-offs are like blowing your nose, they don’t count. Dog sex doesn’t count, because, well it’s DOG sex for fuck’s sake. Same for Tinder hook-ups. Those three cute underage boys I fucked while substitute teaching last summer at the junior high school, that was just boy-training, that doesn’t count. So let’s see…I’ve had eight serious orbiters over the years who bought me shit and gave me money whenever I let them fuck me. Two of them had small dicks, so that doesn’t count, because it’s not really sex. So the number is six. I’ve had six male sexual partners.”

    1. Had a conversation with a coworker recently. Told me how she never had a 1-night stand, then proceeded to list 3, and why they didn’t count

        1. <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be310p:….,……

        2. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!br306p:….,..

      1. She sounds like girls I knew in high school who had only been fucked in the ass, but claimed they were still virgins because the pussy hadn’t been penetrated.

        1. “She sounds like girls I knew in high school who had only been fucked in the ass, but claimed they were still virgins because the pussy hadn’t been penetrated.”
          Under Sharia Law muslime women have to be medically certified virgins upon marriage and there is no ‘faking it’ to a doctor. So when muzzie bitches mess around they either offer you a blowjob or their ass.

        2. Unfortunately for women, there are a number of ways your hymen can be broken without sex.

        3. <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!!be830p:….,….

        4. Yeah, like shoving a cock up there and then lying about it. That’s the most common way.

        5. dated a british woman once and she had a TON of muslim and indian friends that lived in london. what they do is screw around all they want in the west and there are doctors in england that specialize in REATTACHING the hymen so they can go back and claim to be virgins after multiple notch counts so their parents will be proud and their husbands don’t kill them on their wedding night (and also so they can get married as men in their cultures won’t marry non virgins). true story. she knew, MANY of them that did this.

        6. The daughters of oil sheiks slut around in the western countries and when they’re about to be married off do the same thing where they get surgically patched up so Haji doesn’t chop their head off.

        7. London is a the Godfuckistan of degenerate shitholes. It is run by an Emir. Any White females with a father remaining there will probably turn into cock carousel sluts when they grow up or if they don’t have a father will be used by Pakistani men as whores.

        8. There is no way to tell of a woman is a “certified virgin”. If you know anything about vagina’s you’d know that hymens can be broken through any number of things, none of which are even remotely related to sex. Some women are even born without them. Please don’t promote such bullshit ignorance.

        9. and thats why “self respecting” women in those countries avoid such activities

        10. Like horse riding, dance and gymnastics? What terrible unrespectable activities!!!

        11. White brain damage I take it Morrison? You can’t be anymore stupid can you? Some reading up on history, social sciences & family laws may really upset you 😭
          Hate them or love them , but credit where it is due , it was actually the world and Islamic Law that invented the modern thing we now call women’s Rights, while you white Europeans did not allow women to Get divorced & ostracised to town sex slabe sluts if they did and open to all kinds of abuse because they were sinners that god Hated, keep their kids, have a say in property and finances, allow women to live gracefully once divorced,and ostracised non virgin divorced women that no man would re marry, it was the Islamic world who progressed , changed and embraced marrying women after divorce, till this day it doesn’t have negative cultural connotations with orthodox Muslims and they have no issue marrying divorced women. it was the Islamic world in the 7th Century that gave them legal power to divorce for ANY reason, rights to keep any money they made with the Husband not allowed to touch or request or it, rights on violence and absuse with legal principles of state prosecution, right to have a say what happens with the kids after divorce

        12. White brain damage I take it Morrison? You can’t be anymore stupid can you? Some reading up on history, social sciences & family laws may really upset you 😭
          Hate them or love them , but credit where it is due , it was actually the world and Islamic Law that invented the modern thing we now call women’s Rights, while you white Europeans did not allow women to Get divorced & ostracised to town sex slabe sluts if they did and open to all kinds of abuse because they were sinners that god Hated, keep their kids, have a say in property and finances, allow women to live gracefully once divorced,and ostracised non virgin divorced women that no man would re marry, it was the Islamic world who progressed , changed and embraced marrying women after divorce, till this day it doesn’t have negative cultural connotations with orthodox Muslims and they have no issue marrying divorced women. it was the Islamic world in the 7th Century that gave them legal power to divorce for ANY reason, rights to keep any money they made with the Husband not allowed to touch or request or it, rights on violence and absuse with legal principles of state prosecution, right to have a say what happens with the kids after divorce LOL

        13. At no point in your incoherent rambling do you approximate anything resembling a coherent thought. And what’s even more pathetic is that my post was made a year ago so the fact you are trawling around to find things to comment on speaks volumes
          Go fuck yourself.

        1. I don’t really remember her rationale. Something stupid. I tend to mostly tune her out when she speaks. And by recently, I mean about 2 months ago.

        2. “I don’t really remember her rational. Something stupid. I tend to mostly tune her out when she speaks.” (Standard operating procedure).

        3. By her peers’ metric, she’s conservative. Her competition has been DP’d multiple times, or is so full of white guilt that she’ll sleep with any non-white as some form of mental apology.

      2. Its funny but true too often. Self serving logic though many will also say they are not embarrassed by their number but feel its fair to adjust because its not fair to be judged and once they have had one guy give them grief over it or break up with them over a high number, many will. I have heard women give the advice to others on…it doesn’t count if you or him were were drunk/high, or if he was a dud in bed, if it was a ONS or just a bj, on vacation, etc. Its not a lie if you set the criteria for what counts..right. With online hookup dating now sometimes even her gfs wont even know what she gets up to let alone her future fiance. For that NZ woman in the vid who said her # was between 25 and 50..I’d wager most men would make a mental calc of mid 40s.

        1. Yeh who knows. Given she was being interviewed on camera and she is DTF for fun type, the ‘less then 50’ line could have been an instinctive lower level number reply for anyone watching.

    2. This would make a great stand-up bit. Too bad Patrice O’Neil is dead. He would have been the only comic to have the courage to do it in the modern era.

      1. Let it rip, I say. Speak the truth in front of every female SJW who skulks nearby. She’ll turn beat red upon realizing her secrets are no longer secret, and she’ll head for the hills…either that or she’ll drop to her knees and suck your dick because you see right through her (which is exactly what she wants). And if she slinks away, yell out, “Is there no one else!!??!!?? (a la Brad Pitt, in the movie “Troy”). This will clear the room of SJW’s and make it safe for men to talk. Ah. Much better.

      2. Do you know why Patrice O’Neal became so outspoken when it came to women? Because when he was younger, he was total blue pill & tried to be nice and kind to women.
        Well after get screwed over by women, he swallowed the red pill & voila one of the funniest guys in modern times.

        1. I have yet to hear any comedian or red piller top the 12 episodes of the Black Phillip Show when it comes to women.

    3. Seems like only alpha bad boys and local celebrities (DJs, bartenders, college athletes, business owners, etc.) don’t fall into the clichès of the “doesn’t counts” categories where I live. Go fucking figure!

      1. Almost all women are NRNA – no rationality, no accountability. By their logic, I’ve only had two female sexual partners, because the rest of them were NRNA…

        1. Women are unscrupulous if it comes to sex. they suck anything, from horses to your cock and screw whatever they think they like (I am talking about NZ women)

    4. any women who has a notch count higher than 10 is a major red flag

      10?! Jeez usually 3 is my limit!

    5. I’ve realized this math checks out. Women will not count sex for many reasons.
      Meanwhile a dude counts his cock touching a mouth or vagina as good enough to count

    6. also having sex with other women before age of 21 doesn’t count either. Ok, 25… but that’s not sex because its with chicks

  8. If you think Canadian chicks are hotter or even slightly better looking, y’all better spend some time here. Especially Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

    1. Toronto chicks are a huge rip-off for the work you have to put in.
      Some of the most comfortable women on Earth, and yet they complain non-stop.

      1. I’ve been overseas for years now. There were two countries of which I would claim that I never met a person from there that I didn’t like. Australia and Canada. I like the English the most but there have been a few cunts. I worked with about 5-6 girls from Toronto a few years ago. I’m down to one country now; Australia. You can fill in the dots.
        And yes, the Toronto girls took unhappiness to the level of viciousness.

  9. I think women in the western world in general are far less physically attractive than they were back in the day. All one has to do is look at and movies television shows from the 1950’s to present. We’ve gone from Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors to Renee Zellweger and Meryl Streep, from Tina Louise and Barbara Eden to Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker.
    Aniston’s the luckiest Walmart cashier on the planet.
    As far as inner beauty, it’s all but disappeared in a lot of women – thanks to feminism’s hatred and brainwashing – the reason so many of todays women are so messed up.

      1. The problem is civilization, man. Here in the boonies it is a rare thing to see a feminist hag: maybe a dozen or so in the entire county.
        Although there is this one hipster-looking fellow who lives about a mile down the road…

      2. Yeah, I’ve been talking to some Russian women online. I can’t tell much difference. The ones I talk to seem like American women who just happen to speak Russian.

    1. Inner beauty. This is the big deal. As men we need to understand what we are not young forever, and that physical beauty is up to a certain point, secondary. But inner beauty is totally lost in the West and it is something that we will not recover even in decades. Current Western women are no more than subsidized wannabe-men with mini-penis.

      1. Yes, the inner beauty shows when you are incapacitated, when the shit hits the fan, when you loose your job, when you are old and frail, in other words when you, as a man, need someone who will not bolt in difficult times.

      2. Inner beauty is everything. Sad so many stupid little tittie tossers don’t realize this until it’s too late. It must be terrifying for a bubbleheaded siliconed Barbie doll who’s depended on her looks to get what she wants when the day comes, and she realizes for the first time she’s past the best before date, and younger bimbos are taking her place. What to do now?

        1. “What to do now?”
          Oh, I don’t know…Go for a 30 minute walk every day and stay south of a buck sixty? That’s all it takes to beat 85% of western women these days. The bar is so incredibly low.

        2. Really, it’s like these chicks actually try and be unattractive. A small portion of a day towards fitness and grooming would be all most of these females need to look decent, and in all honesty there isn’t that much more pressure on females in the west. I just think they have it too easy.

      3. While you might not be too fussed about it in your early-mid 20s or even in your 30s if you are just looking for nothing serious after a break up, but Inner beauty is a big deal in the long run. When the sex appeal fades and it will, a loving, respectful, feminine, stylish, affectionate, cool/sweet natured personality is going to help sustain the attraction. In NZ (and the rest of the west) this subset of women wont be floating around single for long unless they look something like those female rugby players.
        ‘will not recover even in decades.’ – its heavily influenced by the mother and the msm/pop culture, and I cant see things reversing from the path of the last 40 yrs. My grandfather lamented the change, and who knows how different young women will be like in 50 yrs time, but i guess the young men then wont know of anything different.

      4. I concur and with that also it helps to also cultivate one’s outer appearance all the same by resisting destructive behaviours like drinking, smoking, caffeine and excessive late nights etc. I am 31 yet look anything from 21 to 25 as I eschew the above activities and stay phusically active and eat well. That way you treat yourself as if you’re a vintage car or a thoroughbred racehorse and reap the benefits while the bimbos age like milk after 28; seeing how they become after that is absolutely hysterical to me because they effectively lose that one thing that makes them appealing given their ugly personalities.

      1. I shouldn’t be so nasty, but honest to goodness if you’re considered one of the world’s most beautiful women – goddamn it look the part.

    2. Yes, they are taught to have disdain for boys and males in general from a young age in the west.

      1. Yes, both are cruelly homely and very rugged looking. Aniston looks like Kato Kaelin in drag and Parker bears a strong resemblance to Bullwinkle.

    3. Can’t say I’ve ever met a woman with this “inner beauty” you speak of. I believe that is something naive men romanticize about when they are young and stupid or old, stupid and worthless these days.
      Sure I wish i could say it’s different but my lying eyes could never convince anyone.

      1. By inner beauty I simply mean a kind, generous, decent woman. In other words, a woman who isn’t a brainwashed, man hating, feminist shrew.
        You’re right, they’re few and far between.

    4. A lot of media execs are female these days. They are a lot more comfortable with Zellweger than an Irina Shayk type.

    5. I watched a Woody Allen movie from the 80’s recently. Blew me away how sweet and sexy the women were even as recently as a few decades ago. Contrast that to say Bridesmaids of today. God damn. Makes me sad.

  10. I haven’t been to New Zealand in a long-time but I did travel to both islands and and traveled from top to bottom over a few months.
    I did get laid and found the women to be pleasant.
    There were dress codes for most every night club establishment I went to. Did that change? People had to dress up or they wouldn’t let you in.
    Honestly, I didn’t find the women better or worst than any other country in the Anglo-sphere.

  11. “Karen wants her twenty dollars back” is my new favorite YouTube video.

        1. The Empire strikes back!

          Now, Manuel, what about these eyes, this smile, this body?

        2. Reminds me of how Austin Powers resisted the Fembots’ seduction attempt by envisioning “Margaret Thatcher on a cold day”
          Thanks for not posting the pic that is purportedly Merkel at a nude beach.

    1. I wouldn’t fuck that skank if I got paid $1000 to. What the fucks your point? That’s somehow attractive to you? You need to get out more, maybe catch a plane to some other country.

    2. Nuff said, what? Nuff said for which argument? She turned into a cow anyway after marrying Rod Stewart. Nuff said. And if you have to dial it back to 1991 for a big ‘Nuff Said’ zinger then isn’t that kind of telling?

  12. Article about New Zealand just as I finished an audio book that partially takes place in New Zealand (David Brin’s “Earth”).
    I’m Truman! Now if only I could find the door and get out of this crazy place into the real world…

    1. I have never seen an attractive Maori woman in my life. They seem generally replusive on the outside and inside. Hostile, loud, and brash.

  13. Sad, I have recommended my son to look for a Vietnamese or Phillipine catholic. Too bad it is so hard to go homegrown USA. Did not know NZ was so bad. It is supposed to be a good bug-out location for preppers.
    May a BYOB (bring-your-own-bride) kind of place.

    1. If you want intelligent grandchildren, I’d suggest sticking with the Orient rather than South East Asia

  14. Given what I’ve read here, I’m wondering if “Inzid” would have the highest proportion of potential red-pill males and closet MRAs.

  15. you guys are running out of countries to trash. Next up: Why Antarctic women are the worst in the world

        1. There is a great deal of ruin in any civilisation.
          Don’t focus on the exceptions. ; )

    1. Be ready for a half hour Olympic special on how she is fighting Fat/women/lesbian/ shaming.
      Be ready to turn off the Olympics after the first thirty minutes of SJW indocrination.

      1. Indeed. Like we’re seeing in all sports, I can no longer sit and watch this nonsense because we see how women (and feminized men) inject the feelings stories into the games (all games). We always have to hear some “touching” story about how person struggle with (pick something).
        There was a time when ESPN showed sports and talked about sports. Those days are gone.

    2. Holy shit dude! You really should include some eye bleach if you’re gonna put pictures like that up there. I may need an ice pick to restore my visual balance after that.

  16. I wouldn’t say NZ women are so unattractive. It is the make-up free capital of the western world though. Women here don’t typically spend hours getting dolled up.

  17. One of the best selling books in the UK was a series called ‘Crap Towns’. I really think a series slagging of the worlds worst women would go down really well – you know as a coffee table book – it would have to be called something different from ‘Don’t Bang New Zealand’ though

    1. “Have A Wank Instead – The global book on who you shouldn’t fuck”

  18. I can only imagine what the Maori men think of women doing the Haka. What a disgrace and yet another invasion into the male sphere. Disgusting. I’m an American but from what I understand the Haka is a very serious thing and not to be mocked, laughing and joking around is a big no no. The picture of the female rugby team is going to soften my dick for days. What a fucking joke.

    1. If big white women doing the Haka is not considered “white privilege”, then I don’t know what is. Or maybe I’m saying it because that is some cool shit. Those guys look scary as shit. Ditto Samoans and Fijians.

      1. There is no white privilege, never was, there is only female privilege. Feminists know this, thats why they constantly try to shift blame on to the currently most cucked people out there, namely white men.

    2. If you get a chance to watch “Whale Rider” check it out. It’s a really good film. Anyway the young actress performed the Haka. The directors asked permission from Maori elders for her to do it and it was granted to her and only her to perform it only for the film. The cast and crew also performed Maori chants to ward off bad luck because the actress was doing things female Maori are not supposed to do.

  19. Be sure to praise any fit hottie you encounter for standing out from the bloated obese land-whales who make up 2/3 of the population. Dating is so much harder now than in the 90s because there are so few to choose from. My expectations from women have been reduced to someone I can merely tolerate being around, not necessarily even like personally, who is merely fit and hot enough to bang and not trashy. Even finding that is a major challenge. I dont give a single shit about anything else, otherwise if I was waiting around for Miss Perfect, I’d never get laid.
    My favorite uncle who died a couple years back once gave me and my bros a speech about how sorry he felt for us now since so many bitches are fatasses.. he told me how back in the 70s bitches used to use pliers to get their ass-tight jeans on their hot skinny bodies.
    I’m telling you the next SJW movement is gonna be #FATPRIDE or #FATLIVESMATTER

    1. Body positive bullshit has been here already for a while man, that’s the same as fat pride.
      Nothing stops men from doing what I and many others have done, refuse the local offering and fucking import. Yeah it’s more expensive and you get to do a metric ton of paperwork but every time I leave the house and see the revolting skanks here locally, I’m happy I did. And I live in NL…
      For some reason people seem to think Dutch girls are somehow better than many others but with experience I can say that is fucking far from being helpful.
      98% troll level bad is still not a good deal. Some look half decent on a picture but In person they have the posture of a cooked noodle, muffin tops all of them, an accent that makes you want to smack them, and attitudes that are beyond ridiculously stupid.
      Sweden used to produce grade A pussy but now they should be nuked for the betterment of the human race.

      1. Most dutch girls do have bad posture. Yep.
        And flat asses and bad attitudes.

        1. Flat asses indeed. I think the posture is due to many of them being so tall. I notice the same thing with other tall women too.

    2. It is true. It was not too long ago that women were still women (would not dare go out of the house without makeup or decent clothes on). Today., many will go out in a robe, slippers, half dressed (pajamas), hair up, no make up, etc…they say it’s because they aren’t trying to impress anyone.
      No shit…because no one is impressed. They should start collecting cats, now, because no one is going to strike up a conversation with any of these women. It’s sad.

    3. Nice post. I’ve been ranting about the obesity for 20 years. I even think people used to think I was a crackpot over it. When 90% of the women are fat, it fucks up everything. It just kills the whole game. Now PUA legends are out jumping through hoops like morons for completely forgettable (but dude! not fat!) international 6’s. It’s all a joke. A big, FAT joke. And yeah, 70’s ass was hot.

  20. looking forward to your article on armenian and farsi sluts and how to bang them quickly . oy vey

  21. Speaking from personal experience of living in New Zealand, I totally agree with this article. When I was growing up and until I left at 25, I never once considered any of the women in NZ girlfriend or marriage material. Nope, I don’t have high standards, just acceptable ones which no one there was able to meet. I’ve got sisters and none of them are married because they have exactly the attitudes as the article describes. I always knew that I’d marry outside of NZ, if nothing else for my sanity.

  22. Ewwww….I’d hate to hear a Kiwi or even an Australian bitch moan during sex with those accents.

  23. I NEVER hesitate to tell a woman that says “I’m just like one of the guys!” thinking it’s somehow “cutting-edge” or a turn-on “Cool, then I’ll remember to treat you like one”!

    1. I rub my hands when they say that and tell them: ‘You have no idea of what you just got yourself into-those are famous last words’.

  24. New Zealand is an incredible naturally beautiful area, and is consistantly at the top of nature destinations, as well as best spots to survive the apocalypse. And it is one of the countries I wish to visit very soon.
    However, the women seem to be complete garbage. That makes sense though. You’re never going to find one place which excels at everything. It’s why the tight bodied 9’s never have high intelligence and an awesome personality. Everything is a tradeoff.
    Remember, Lord of the Rings was filmed here, partially selected because the natives used as extras look like Hobbits.

    1. “Remember, Lord of the Rings was filmed here, partially selected because the natives used as extras look like Hobbits.”
      Makes perfect sense.

  25. Am NZ’er. Can confirm that everything in this article is bang on 100% correct…and you Yanks though you had it bad

    1. we have some cattle in America as well. Grain fed and they eat a lot of it.

      1. I don’t think that cattle are a suitable sex substitute for women, even if they do weigh less.

    2. The Yanks do have it bad, as do the Canucks, and the Brits, and any other English speaking country. Even western Europe is an order of magnitude better than the Anglospunk.

    3. Yeah, sorry dude. Lift weights, become an alpha and maybe you will bag a 2%-er unicorn in NZ.

    4. The Yanks probably have it both worse and better, depending on where in the country you live.
      But of course we Kiwis tend to mimic the worse rather than the better of America.

  26. Looking at the picture of this team, I understand why they filmed the Lord of the Rings there. It was not hard to find extras for the Uruk-hai .

  27. geeze.. I thought a lot of american women looked like hogs. Takes care of that argument.

  28. Redundant article just replace New Zealand with X western country.
    Who cares about this shit?
    Im not travelling someplace for the purpose of fucking some chicks. I travel for the adventure and local culture.
    Just another dude whining about feminism and blaming the ills of the world on females.
    Fat, bitchy girls get no attention and I treat them with disdain and disrespect. If that means I don’t get pussy for months then screw it. I ain’t dependant on pussy for fullfillment

    1. I thought i would go on vacation to NZ .. I don’t want to hurt my eyes for gosh sakes. This is helpful.

    2. How very MGTOW of you. I always wanted to visit Australia as a whole. This was a pretty fun and helpful article. I also met a few back packers so am glad to hear where this falls with New Zealand as a whole.

    3. haha the LOCAL culture! the way the women behave is reflective OF THAT CULTURE…which is to say….western culture is pure SHITE! You should take more heed of articles such as this.

  29. This looks like the result of a founder effect. Does something about New Zealand’s history account for this, like from what parts of the UK or from what parts of the British social strata the early white settlers came from?

    1. Conscripts… Prisoners, a few prostitutes. The rest, farmers and merchants looking for a better life.
      Nobles didn’t leave their comfort zone, or they did it only in “major” interest areas, like India or Hong Kong.

    1. Islam is a mental illness so it’s a bit moot but one cannot help but be bemused and enraged at how they hamster-wheel/ do mental gymnastics whenever some Koranimal goes berserk with SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome).

      1. That’s a reference point judgement from inside vs outside the tribe. It is said for example that all Jewish women are neurotic. Of course they are perceived as such by an outsider. But within a jewish household it’s normal for a jewish woman to neurotically quack her flap until the damn paint peels.
        Also with hood negroes, what’s acceptable parenting within the culture is viewed by outsiders as enforced stupidity. No critical reading with children, no frame to sit, shut up and listen to dad lecture the tribe on the classics and no piano. Lacking all that, they may be viewed as retarded apes without culture who sometimes leave their kids on the hood of the car as the parent runs in to grab two 40 oz Colt 45’s and some blunts. But that’s all relative. The races and tribes have all survived thousands of years doing just as they do and everybody is fine so long as one race doesn’t try to police its standards onto another race. Whites still could stand to adopt some ways of blacks, like fucking. Whites need to pick up their numbers and smack and fuck their wives like their numbers depended on it. Go ahead, fuck your wife like the worst mannered hood jigaboo fiending for crack. If you’re white and have a frigid or prude wife and a house, shit rip that bitch a new one until you have rugrats in the windowsills. Breed motherfuckers. Niggrs and mexicans do it. Why the fuck can’t whites?
        But the point of jiihadists being mentally ill, also a relative observation. Their high breeding with a majority of their females combined with sharia keeping especially the true psycho bitches domesticated, and a lot of crazy genes slip through the cracks . The nurture of sharia still can’t arrest the nature of the select crazies being passed on when all can and must breed. Sharia is democracy for breeding. That they need sharia and cliterectomies on such a large scale indicates that many women in islamic tribes need that little extra straightjacketing to prevent them from letting loose with their genetic predisposition to go ape shit crazy.

        1. I’m going to have to disagree entirely with the last part of your exegesis on the basis that Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian political military ideology spawned by a schizophrenic, paedophilic, epileptic, cynophobic, athazagoraphobic, inbred, illiterate. They need Sharia because if not for the death penalty of apostasy and the inbreeding they would leave en mass as any society where it has taken root is exponentially more miserable, poorer, has worse quality of life in terms of scientific advances (within reason and not the stupid ‘modern conveniences’ that enslave people) and so on-quite simply, they are not equals to those whom live in or have founded societies on principles such as Hellenic philosophy, Christian values and humanism.
          There is no relativism-they are inferior intellectually, societally, morally et. cetera.

        2. Mother nature is laughing her socks off at you.
          I said it above and I’ll say it again – Islam is on the rise.
          It’s going to be terribly funny when something so inferior annihilates your oh so superior race.

        3. I would suggest you speak out of the proper orifice in this instance; I’m Greek and we withstood 4 centuries of Ottoman Turks and everything that went with it and then crushed them becoming the first nation to remove the yoke of Islam; pound for pound the Greeks are the greatest asskickers in history and stupid as they are-Muslims would know better than to fuck with us much less any other Orthodox Christian nation like Russia or Serbia.

        4. That civilisation died long ago. Open your eyes to the new world and acknowledge what’s happening.
          Greek fertility rate is 1.34. Lowest ever. Greek women are losing their ability to reproduce, and Muslims are coming in droves. Your entire race will be gone within a century.

        5. Ha-you’re a joke. We’ve been around for 10,000 years-we’re going nowhere.
          There are 10 million Greeks in the rest of the world-when push comes to shove the diaspora (and there are millions of us who are as fanatical for our culture/roots/nation) will come back and crush whoever fucks with us-wake up yourself.

        6. Greeks have never before had to face condoms, contraceptive pills, and abortions. The race is dying. That’s a fact. How can you claim to have a future when you can’t even replace your own population?!

        7. Friendly suggestion-your tinfoil hat needs adjusting. Go play on the highway like a good child.

        8. You don’t have a sensible answer, do you? Your population is culling itself by a third every generation and yet you dismiss me as crazy, shut your eyes, and bury your head in the sand.
          Being a man means facing up to reality. At least I have the courage to look my own race’s destiny in the eyes. You won’t find me cowering. I’m more the Spartan here than you’ll ever be with that attitude.

        9. Sensible answer? You’re running scared from the scary prophylactics and the like. Sure thing, Leonidas-you keep telling yourself that while I mock you for being an imbecile. It is apparent you have no concept of history because any existential threat to Greeks has been neutralised and will be neutralised-that’s fact that has been proven time and again.

        10. So you have faith that Greece will ban all forms of contraception and feminism in the near future? I don’t.
          Are you seriously telling me “she’ll be right, mate” just because your people have a proud history?!
          History is full of extinct civilisations. Remember that.
          In any case, I’m not running scared. Unless I get hit by a truck, I’ll have dozens of children before I die. How many Greeks can say the same?
          The future will belong to my descendants. Long after Greeks have culled themselves with contraception, it’s my great grandchildren who will be left to deal with the Muslims.
          If you want to prove me wrong, find a few Greek women and fill their wombs. Good luck with that.

        11. “Being a man means facing up to reality. At least I have the courage to look my own race’s destiny in the eyes. You won’t find me cowering. I’m more the Spartan here than you’ll ever be with that attitude.”
          You have an Asian wife and you are not Asian. What will your mixed children identify as, brave Spartan?

        12. Some bastard mongrel mixture-I’d sooner castrate myself than dilute my gene pool.

        13. They’ll identify as my children – descendants of the House Batchelor.
          They’ll also identify as citizens of the countries for which they hold citizenship, for what it’s worth. Yet why is it required to identify as anything more?

        14. No requirement at all. I just find it ironic you mock the demise of someone’s race/people then mount your high horse of contradiction.
          “looking your own race’s destiny in the eyes” and “Wont find me cowering” when you have chosen to end your own ancestry. Laughable.

        15. My ancestry is 4+ billion years old, and it’ll be around for long after the human species is gone too. I’m as solid in my ancestry and descentry as a man can be.

        16. Your ancestry ends with you. Your future is knocking up various third world women who offer themselves for the pay off to have a life out of extreme poverty.

        17. My bloodline’s membership in the Caucasian race – which was only a very short phase of my bloodline’s history – ends with me, yes. I’m comfortable with that. All I care about is that my own individual bloodline is passed on.
          I’m also comfortable with 3rd world hussies. I prefer them to Western women by a mile.
          They also genuinely like me in kind – they aren’t marrying me for my money. I’m tall, handsome, and charming. Girls like me for genuine reasons.
          Bye now

      2. Islam is on the rise. It doesn’t matter how crazy you think Muslims are, it’s Westerners who are on their back foot.

  30. Goddam they’re just feminized that’s all. No different from Nebraska farm girls, just the Kiwi island is a soverign white nation and it’s bound to be jooscrewed by the whole barrel of cult marx prepping for the next phase: dumping hoardes of cappucino and fudge complected refugees. What do you think the reggae mania being promoted is all about? It’s to get the dumb white ’empowered’ kiwi bitches to slut dance on the beaches when the boatloads of refugees come to harbor. NZ has turned its back on its civilizing white men, disposessing them and forking the place over to dumb empowered women. Their MSM simply plays violins to the whole culture wipe being done on the NZ islands.
    NZ’ers need to:
    1).Get that bitch queen’s face off their currency
    2).Stop dickchopping (circumcising) their men at once.
    3).Get the awful fluoride out of their water. Storm the shit and turn the fluoride spigots off. Peta activists pull more antics, climbing fences and whatnot to save ”ooh-ooh”monkeys from experimentation than the clean water people ever dared.
    4).CHHAUPADI. Yes those kiwi bachelorettes drivel from the mouth a bit much. Even on my dinky smartphone, I can smell their overflowing douche pails where they live. The utter spewage coming out of their mouths and I guess it’s seeing their tongues wiggle as they speak and I kid you not, my oldfactories are triggered. I can ‘smell’ the localle from whence they speak! I was raised around mouthy fembitches and the kiwi bitches talking, I swear I can actually smell their douche pail that is out of sight and around the corner. Call it transvexation of the senses, but my nose can actually smell the shit right through the phone.
    CHHAUPADI (which is Hindu for ‘untouchable’) – for those western noses out there that have been dulled by smelling your mommy’s and sisters’ douche pail vapors during your formative years, ‘chhaupadi’ is simply the practice of MENSTRUAL ISOLATION. Ergo, when the house bitches go on the rag, THEY MUST LEAVE. In Hindu traditions, ragging women must camp out for a week in a shed that’s downwind from the main residence. They’re unclean.
    Pussy doesn’t smell bad in and of itself, and ragging P might add a rancid ‘twang’ to the air as a ragging housemember passes by, but the smell of ragging P is invisibly powerful. It’s actually toxic to males who inhale too much of it. It kills their masculinity. That’s why so many ancient cultures simply branded the ragging women as ‘unclean’. The smell asphyxiates masculinity and it disrupts the man’s manly frame and order. It is like kryptonite to patriarchal frame. Look at the worst beta basketcases, the worst bitchwhipped provider men and look into their household bathrooms. The all too familiar ‘girl’s room funk’ lingers doesn’t it? It reeks up and down the hallway. And if you peek into the restroom at the ‘source’ of the odor, likely you see an open pail overflowing with spent maxi’s. Smells like real ‘girl power’ doesn’t it? You only notice the smell if you don’t live there and your oldfactory sensors haven’t been burned from it. Pity the little brother that makes his peempbutter sammitches on the kitchen counter adjacent to the helltoiletroom and then retreats to his bedroom to play pokemon. Talk about Chernobyl! You live in CHERNOBYL son!
    BUT HOW? How do you get the kiwi women to march out back into a shed or tent or yurt when the 27th rolls around? BABY STEPS, that’s how.
    NZ men, make it fun for your women to camp out back. Police the hell out of their luxuries and intoxicants but then break out with the kratom when the bitch starts spotting. Leave her a lovely dime bag of the stuff in her shed and she’ll dive right in there when it’s her time. She’ll also need a Bible, candles, 4 jugs water, crackers and a harmonica.

    1. Interesting. For me, you don’t need to go past #2. The most sure fire way to pussify a nation of men is to systematically mutilate their genitilia.

      1. Bollocks. Circumcised nations, if anything, are more aggressive. America is the only western nation where most men are circumcised, and is by no means the most pussified among us.
        Aside from the West, you have Israel, Muslim countries, Africa and some parts of Australasia. None of these areas are especially known for “pussification”, but many have been known for aggression.
        Note: I do not support circumcision. While I support a “warlike” attitude, I have no love for the wanton aggressiveness common in many parts of the circumcised world.

      2. I thought the “manosphere” had moved past the circumcision argument, especially the risible “mutilation” argument, because it was ridiculous and thus harming the cause.
        There are no downsides to the procedure, only advantages…and there’s some terrifying, nasty afflictions that can hit an uncircumcised male (and the cure for ’em is, essentially, circumcision).

        1. Horseshit. Anyone with running water can easily avoid potential diseases. We’re not a bunch of desert nomads.
          It’s a barbaric practice, and all the modern medical niceties don’t make it any less so.
          It’s only “harming the cause” because of the number of sensitive Americans who would rather not imagine that a mistake could have been made. Reminder: America is the only Western nation with widespread circumcision. I can assure you, in Canada, Oceania and Europe, there is no epidemic of “terrifying, nasty afflictions” affecting our dicks.

        2. Circumcised men are more susceptible to STDs (including HIV), and they also can’t masturbate very well. It’s truly a dumb procedure.

        3. Actually, you have that backwards.
          Circumcised men are far less susceptible to STDs, especially HIV.
          The foreskin not only retains disease but it is actually designed to absorb foreign agents.
          Currently, and disturbingly, medical research suggests that the foreskin is designed to absorb vaginal secretions containing a hormone that makes the man (mentally) grow artificially attached to the woman.
          From that, a foreskin is actually anathema to “red pill” uncircumcised men as it works to sucker ’em into putting women on a pedestal 🙁

        4. “Desert nomads”? Just FYI, Jews didn’t concoct circumcision.
          You’re letting feelings obscure facts.
          There are myriad blights that can befall uncircumcised males that aren’t curable/preventable with “running water”; running water isn’t going to stave off the foreskin working to effectively trap the penis within itself.
          “Running water” is also difficult to use to clean out the gunk that the foreskin traps in the early years before it is pliable.

        5. Honestly, some people say circumcision reduces HIV risk, others say it increases. Obviously, somebody is lying to fit their agenda. I don’t know who to believe.
          In any case, the foreskin is good for masturbation, and HIV risk can be utterly eliminated by taking a girl to a hospital and getting her tested prior to sex (which is what I do).
          So cicumcision is only useful for idiots. I have no need of it in my family.
          As for your final paragraph, it’s ridiculous. If you’re not interested in getting attached to your women then you’re a loser.

        6. Do you have any sorts of statistics to back this up? I have never heard of such a thing happening, and I live in a country where the vast majority do not circumcise.
          “running water isn’t going to stave off the foreskin working to effectively trap the penis within itself.”
          God/Nature must have done a terrible job at designing male genitalia if that were a common problem. I have heard of rare cases that a wee snip is necessary for baby boys because of malformation of the foreskin, but that is pretty much irrelevant to the mainline circumcision debate. The vast majority of people never have such issues, and yet circumcision advocates would have it be done universally as if merely having foreskin in the first place were a malformation or health issue.
          It’s an issue of sanitation, not surgery, the vast majoirty of the time. Otherwise I’m sure we’d see some sort of epidemic throughout the non-circumcised (intact) world, ie, most of the world, especially first world temperate countries.

        7. “”Desert nomads”? Just FYI, Jews didn’t concoct circumcision.”
          True. But most people circumcise based on Biblical/Quranic justification (actually, not even by the Quran, but the Hadiths), which goes back to the Jews.
          I am aware, however, that there were Egyptians, other Africans and Australasians who also practiced circumcision. It seems to have been very rare throughout temperate Eurasia, though I’m willing to hear counterexamples. (Colchians from what is now Georgia are one example, and for that reason the Greeks considered them to be of African/Egyptian origin.)

    2. “2).Stop dickchopping (circumcising) their men at once.”
      As far as I know, the vast majority of Kiwis are not circumcised. Source: I’m a Kiwi male.
      I think I knew one white guy who was circumcised, and he came from a Jehovah’s Witness family or something like that.
      Pacific Islanders may be circumcised at a higher rate, as I believe they were circumcised even before Christianity, but I’m pretty sure circumcision is very minor in NZ.
      “3).Get the awful fluoride out of their water.”
      Yes, we’re one of those countries which treats anti-fluoridation folk like conspiracy theorists. They fact that the vast majority of the world does not fluoridate, including the first world, and yet does not have an epidemic of tooth decay seems not to enter their minds.
      I realised this after living in Austria, and coming back to NZ and finding the water absolutely horrible, tasting as if it were bleached. It’s not only fluordated but chlorinated, compared to glacial Austrian water. Surprise surprise, Austrians hardly had rotting teeth falling out of their gums.

      1. Yes, we’re one of those countries which treats anti-fluoridation folk like conspiracy theorists.

        There are countries that are anti-fluoridation & chlorination? The USA is all about that fluoride & chlorine and those who question it tend to be regarded lower than the “chemtrail” folks. 🙁

        1. The only country in Europe which fluoridates over half its population is Ireland. Britain also has fluoridation to a limited degree.
          Many other European nations have outright banned it, and others offer fluoridation in an opt-in manner, such as table salt, rather than the wasteful, unethical opt-out fluoridation of the water supply.
          I think the US, Ireland, NZ, Australia and Singapore are the only first world nations I know of which fluoridate on a widespread scale. Maybe Canada, I don’t know.

        2. I dunno about all the health claims, personally. I won’t go there. However, water fluoridation is wasteful, unethical and unnecessary.

        3. Only the Republic of Ireland fluoridates – and it shows in the lobotomised political correctness of the faggot lovers who live there. Northern Ireland has never fluoridated… Could be one reason why gay “marriage” is still not permitted north of the border.

        4. Lol is there a correlation between fluoridation and homosex?
          Seems spurious to me.

        5. Spurious, I would expect. But there appears to be a connection between fluoridation and utter spinelessness in the target society.

        6. I dunno, is Europe more spineless than Ireland/the USA?
          Perhaps those countries which fluoridate are spineless, I couldn’t disagree with you there – but because those countries are often Western liberal democracies. I guess any correlation would be due to the fact that fluoridated countries are spineless, rather than spineless countries being so because of fluoridation.

        7. Whatever about the fluoride, of which I am a little suspicious, I think the EU has a lot to do with spinlessness in many European countries. It has made the native populations become materialistic and secular. Their sense of nation dulled to the point where their only celebration of national pride are sporting events or flag raisings.
          As a recent example demonstrates the Irish government are sending naval vessels to the Med, pulling refugees out of their boats 20-30 miles off the Libyan coast and drawing them hundreds of miles to Italy instead of dropping them back where they came from. We were treated to the figures the other day that the Irish navy had “saved” 10,000 of these moochers, terrorist cells included, as if it was something to be celebrated rather than decried. I’m sure they will be giving out medals to the fools on those boats.
          Russia is laughing.

        8. If only fluoridation were “opt-out” in the USA. Dunno how that’d be possible though, given the structure of municipal water systems.
          AFAIK, our only choices to dodge the fluoridation bullet are personal filtration and using alternatively sourced water (eg: well).

        9. The funny thing about the flouride /tooth decay argument is that, mostof the tooth decay is a result of sugar being in ALL THE FOOD. People who don’t eat any or very little sugar, don’t seem to have these problems, regardless of their fluoride exposure.

        10. That’s why I think fluoridation is unethical – you’re making people who don’t won’t fluoridation, pay both the cost for fluoridation and the cost to avoid it. Better just to let the pro-fluoridation folk pick up the tab themselves, in an opt-in manner such as fluoride pills, fluoridated salt or fluoridated bottled water.

    3. Yep, I’m a NZ male and have to make do with minimum wage despite being more qualified than most.

  31. The writers on this site really need to establish a consensus as to which country in the world has the worst women. It seems every week there’s a far too well thought out essay petitioning a new nation. I don’t doubt the sincerity though. Countries where women, for whatever reason, don’t like you, are undoubtedly the worst countries for you personally.

    1. Are you fucked in the head? Consensus is for wankers, SJW’s and mental retards,
      Every man for himself! Everyone should have their own opinion, fuck cucked consensus garbage.
      In my opinion the worst country in the west is Sweden, I don’t think I need to get into why. But in the world, the worst would be Africa as a whole, I’d never fuck any of them regardless of rewards or threats.

      1. I disagree, but I’m relieved to hear you’ve given this important issue some thought. Perhaps you should write an essay as to why Swedish women are “the absolute worst”. Depending on the strength of your arguments we could have a new contender.

        1. Have met loads of Swedish girls whilst travelling. There’s nothing wrong with their genetics, however the toxicity of feminism on steroids in their homeland ensures they all actually go out of their way to make themselves as unattractive as possible. Terrible hipster clothes, sneakers, torn shirts, gross bull ring piercings, ugly tatts… the list goes on and on. Roosh summed it up best, he described them as “tattooed burritos” – absolutely spot on! Remember, jealousy of female beauty is the spark that lit the fuse of feminism in the first place!
          My mate is a black American guy though and he plows the shit out of Swedish girls, they absolutely love the BBC… even he doesn’t rate them highly, but he just can’t turn down a “freebie”

        2. He’s undoubtedly referring to how slutty and feminist Swedish women are.

        3. How is there nothing wrong with the genetics of a feminist? After all, it’s our genetics that determine whether we’re susceptible to any particular behaviour, feminism included.
          I was raised by a feminist single mother and taught feminism, but feminism was incompatible with my genetics and I shrugged it off before long. Why don’t these Swedish women do the same?
          Of course feminism is a poison, but like all diseases – both psychological and physiological – the natural resistances to them are genetic. If the Swedes prove incapable of naturally resisting feminism then their society will crumble and give way to more robust races, such as the Arabs who have come now to replace the dying population.

        4. I think you are lost, go back to jezebel or xojane, you might find people more of your ilk there…

        5. Why do you say that?
          Your comment was retarded. “Women are like water.” No, they’re actual people with personalities and strategies of their own.
          You obviously don’t know the first thing about women, nor even humans.

        6. I find that with swedes they are very much feminist paradigms until they are on vacation. Take her and put her in Spain, or take her to La Paz cocaine bar in Bolivia, or drop her in the middle of NYC and her feminism will drop quicker than her thong and she will do her whorish best.
          Then when she goes home she will don her mantle of “all men are rapists again”

        7. I believe this to be absolutely true. However, it is not complete.
          Every time I meet a woman, if I spend more than a few weeks with her, say 3 or 4 dates, she will instantly start getting more interested in going to the gym, eating healthy, reading more. I don’t have to tell them. They just mimic the patterns of shit that I do.
          For women, growth means growth around a man. The problem is, for a man growth means learning, growing, trying new things. So where a woman is like ivy and will wrap around the masculine structure, the man is like the oak that continues to grow.
          After a few months a man might have new interests, new thoughts. Some things he believed when he met the woman he may no longer believe because the man is (or at least ought to) constantly be re-evaluating his ideas with the new info that the world gives him.
          Give a relationship a year and one of two things will happen. The man will be stunted to retain the form the woman grew around and in doing so eradicate his own masculinity and be filled with resentment which the woman will find unattractive and the man will find exhausting OR the man will grow into something new and the woman will come back with the whole bullshit “you aren’t the man I met”
          Of course I am not. I am a man. I learn and grow every day.
          So while I believe you are 100% correct in your statement, I do not believe that women are capable of further growth with a man (this might be why ideal couples are women in their 20’s and men in their 30’s or 50’s) A woman forms herself around a man. The only time she is capable of further growth is after she latches on to her new man.

        8. >>”a woman forms herself around a man”>>
          I once heard a preacher on some TV show describe this. He took out two pieces of modelling clay. One was blue and one was red. He described the union or ‘communion’ of man and woman as he pressed the different colored pieces of clay together. He described cohabitation as he began kneeding the clays together. Then he tried to separate the two clays to their original state. He pulled pieces of original colored bits and had a pile of varying hues of fragments but the re-separation of the colors wasn’t possible as he described the carnage of divorce. His donation plate grew large. I think what he was describing was a man being consumed by the pussy. When you hold frame and hold your ‘color’ if you will. You don’t smash your face into the woman’s bosom and climb into her twat. You only shoot a bit of your colored clay into her and she then takes on your characteristics. She accents and compliments you, becomes your beard and drops your progeny. A kid who grows up with a mom that is a beard to her old man sees primarily the beard.

      2. Sweden has neither real women nor real men, but what’s wrong with African chicks? (Specifically Negros, that is)
        If I had to pick just 1 wife then no, she wouldn’t be African. Yet thank the gods I don’t live in a world with such limited choices, and an African concubine sounds like a must-have in any real man’s harem.

        1. Genetically low IQ, annoying voices and manners etc, no boner. I just don’t find them attractive at all. Some African Americans in the USA are almost boner, but none of the black Africans are to me.

        2. I wouldn’t over-think the IQ thing. It’s deceptive. Ask yourself whether the majority of Caucasians you know are really very intelligent and you’ll see how silly your statement is.
          As for their looks, you’re probably just not used to them. If you spend some time in Africa then you WILL change your mind. That’s the way biology works.
          I’m not into African-Americans, though. I frankly hate most of them. THEY are the racist idiots, and ACTUAL Africans are nothing like them.
          I’ve been juggling which countries I’ll visit for bride hunting next year, and I’ve decided on Ethiopia for sure. Google it and you’ll see there’s some pretty hot girls there… amidst the poverty – but poverty just makes it easier to acquire a bride.
          I’ll settle with a girl like the photo below for sure. What do you reckon she is? I’d venture a 6 or 7. I bet she’s got great hips.

        3. The IQ thing is proven by multiple studies, and I do see a difference between Africans and Europeans and Asians etc that I know personally. That’s one of the reasons why I married a Japanese girl, to me it’s a deal breaker.
          Regarding African Americans I’m only commenting on looks so boner rating more or less. I don’t know any personally. I do know and have known quite a few Africans though.
          The girl in the picture to me rates about a 2, WNB, but each to their own.
          I’m not talking in general just my own personal opinion, and it’s just theoretical for me as I already found, imported and married exactly what I wanted.

        4. “I’ve been juggling which countries I’ll visit for bride hunting next year, and I’ve decided on Ethiopia for sure”
          Changing your stories again. You may have deleted the evidence but I remember. You’re so full of shit, what are your motives here?

        5. Corkscrew, that’s AVERAGE IQ. Not every single black African walking around has an IQ of 70. It might actually be closer to 80, all outside factors being eliminated and taking into account that African Americans have an average IQ of 85, and have on average 25% European ancestry.

        6. I know it’s the average, the thing to note is that while the bell curve distribution means it doesn’t apply to a single individual, it has also been shown that over several generations the tendency is to towards the mean of the genetic type, so even if you find a IQ 150 African and pair him with an IQ 150 African woman, their children are not likely to be born with IQ 150, but lower, and over successive generations it will most likely move toward the mean for their genetic type rather than stay high, and even less move beyond the exception. This has been studied for a long time.
          That’s why I am making children win a genetic type whose mean is higher than mine based on genetic type rather than lower. Of course it doesn’t guarantee anything but a raised chance statistically that my children and grandchildren will be of higher IQ than the world average and also the western average.
          There are thousands of pages of studied, some multigenerational and very detailed.

        7. Regression to the mean is familial, not racial. If two Africans, for example with average IQs of 130 and family average 130 have children, their children will have an IQ of 130. So long as assortative mating takes place, the IQ will not regress to 80 or 85 or 100 or whatever it might happen to be.

        8. While that may well be true, not sure if this has been studied. Any way to me it sounds practically speaking impossible to have the whole family of a potential bride IQ tested before deciding whether to marry her or not.
          Theoretically it would probably be as you say, but I think in terms of choosing a wife for the purpose of having children one should consider the potential effects on ones children’s future earning ability and chance of success.
          So that’s why I chose a wife with very good school performance, and parents to match and well educated and successful.

        9. The negro has the unique sickle cell trait for a reason. The sickle trait makes the carrier non suceptable to tropical diseases like malaria. The negros were intended to be custodians of the rainforest which provides 80% of the world’s supply of fresh oxygen. Yes there is architecture behind the races. Leave them be in the rainforest. The lion was king of the jungle until the advent of black man. Leave the purebloods be. They lived simple as subsistence foragers and hunter gatherers. Do not give them technology that is alien to them or they will overpopulate and defoliate the rainforest. The worst crime comitted was to drag them out of the bush and put them to work in industrial sweatshops in the icy north. Speak Detroit. You can’t put a price on industrial craftsmanship. Germanic/Swiss are the compulsive ‘metal magicians’ who should have been used to manufacture fine lathed machinery/cars. Black slaves were not the ideal choice for agricultural plantation work either. Asians are the best pick for tending large fields in the deciduous belts and steppe. And white man, a broad brush that covers many varied tribes, have many remarkable aptitudes and predispositions that are each in his own unique and exceptional. Turn to your dominant tribe and discover.

        10. Nice! That does make perfect sense indeed, and I admit that my previous comments were made without taking into account the specific average of the family in the clear way this does. Subconsciously I did clearly seem to account for it in my own selection which I find quite interesting.
          Most of the research I have read in more detail were not using this formula as far as I recall, and I did wonder how that would produce the smaller group specific differences that can clearly be observed in the data from tests.
          Thank you for this.

        11. No problem. Indeed, it’s quite clear that when it comes to IQ, genetics, and human biological differences, things aren’t exactly (*ahem*) black and white.

        12. Just here to troll people-I blocked that sad sack of shit as I didn’t want to subject my IQ to being lowered.

        13. This is shockingly dumb. By your logic, Caucasians shouldn’t have gone to the moon because we obviously don’t “naturally” belong there.
          You fail to realize that it’s in humanity’s nature to emigrate and adapt.
          If Caucasians can colonize the moon then they should if they want to. This is natural expansion.
          If Negros can colonize Europe then they should if they want to. This is equally natural, just as it’d be equally natural for Caucasians to resist said colonisation if they wanted to (but they barely appear to want to).
          This is humanity’s nature. To deny what I’m saying here is to show contempt for nature.

        14. And by the way, my “tribe” routinely elects leaders like Angela Merkel, Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. They’re appalling idiots.
          The day I turn to the Caucasian “tribe” for answers will be a fucking low day indeed.

        15. Yes, I changed my “story”. How stupid are you?! I explicitly stated that I was juggling ideas – which specifically means I’m openly stating that my plans are changing. So what exactly do you think I’m hiding?!
          My plan before was India/Egypt/Mongolia. Now my plan is just, so far, India/Ethiopia. Is that a satisfactory explanation for you? Haven’t you ever changed a plan before?
          I only bother to post this stuff online so I can get feedback, which I use as constructive criticism no matter whether its positive or negative. Yet it does help if the feedback is INTELLIGENT, so please make an effort.

        16. Even IF the lower on average IQ appears in Negros irrespective of education, that doesn’t mean much to the individual.
          See, there’s no “dumb gene” or anything of the sort. Children simply inherit intelligence from their parents (with a slight reshuffling) no matter what race their parents are. Do you understand this concept?
          The problem with Negros might not be that they have Negro blood, but simply that each individual Negro has dumber on average parents.
          This is important to realize because I have a very high IQ.
          What this means is let’s say (just for example) that your IQ is 125 and your Japanese wife’s IQ is 105. That’s a total of 230. Now halve it, and it’s reasonable to assume that your children’s IQ will be 115, with the boys slightly higher and the girls slightly lower, and also with some slight variation that occurred from genetic reshuffling.
          Now, if I’ve got an IQ of 150 and I select a Negro bride with an IQ of 90, that’s a total of 240, and halved that’s 120 IQ for my kids.
          What I’m saying is even if my wives are a little dumb, it’s still likely I’ll have very intelligent children. The fact that they’re half Negro won’t affect this truth.
          You might be thinking that I’d have even smarter children if I selected a Caucasian wife with an IQ closer to mine. However, you need to realize that Caucasian women with high IQs are having VERY few children nowadays (as in only 1 or 0). It’d be a reproductive disadvantage for me to invest in such a bride when I have the option of taking a handful of Negro or Mongoloid brides who will all willingly have a dozen kids.
          Moreover, the Caucasian women who WILL consent to have more children are typically the lower IQs that aren’t any smarter than a higher IQ Negro. So if I found a Caucasian bride who was willing to have a large family with me then there’s no inherent reason to assume my children would be any better off.
          Do you follow?
          As for the Negro girl in the photo, she’s way higher than a 2.
          Do you realize that a 0 is a land whale? So for a slender girl to be a 2, she’d need buck teeth and a lazy eye plus half her face burned off.
          A 5 is average. Below 5 is ugly. This girl has an average face yes, but she’s also got a good body from what I can tell. So a 5 face + an 8 body = an overall 6 or 7.
          Don’t underestimate the body, man. Firm round tits and perfectly shaped hips are way important.

        17. The last part ‘control your bitches’ is the key. Western countries where the women have been liberated and empowered immediately become ripe for the picking. The territory goes up for grabs. I personally never voted for Obama or Hillary. My uppity women did that. My tribe’s women elected Merkel, Obama and Hillary. But things are a changing. I never look to any of my own tribe’s mainstream so-called ‘leaders’ for answers. I rebuke them all. They’re largely globalist, collectivist, anti-patriarchal and have no loyalty to any tribe unless they’re jewish, then it’s their own cabal if they’re open politicians or even no-name administrators. I look to no one in mainstream politics for answers on anything. I’m too busy telling fellow tribesmen what the real answers are. And the refugees in Europe bear little resemblence to the traditional colonists that braved seas and journied, that forged new civilization in the virgin lands and reformed, re ordered or marginalized the cultures of the aboriginal inhabitants to clear the way for the colony. The current refugees in no way resemble Christopher Columbus. They’re unskilled, needy, downtrodden and easily radicalized hoardes of pawns being dumped into the European heartland like an invasive species being loosed into a control ecosystem. They’re being dumped, dispersed and nested in the host countries by women and jews in government and by judeo christian networks. Jews and judeo christians in government is therefore similar to women in government.

        18. So now you’re telling me to ignore most of my tribe? And you’re also blaming Jews, it seems? Why?
          Should I also ignore Roosh? He isn’t even remotely Caucasian, you know.
          No, the Middle Eastern and African immigrants swarming the West don’t look like Christopher Columbus, but neither do the Westerners facing obesity epidemics and sexual identity crises – the useless, fat, confused fucks. You don’t have to say it. I KNOW to ignore THEM!
          Yet who does that leave in my tribe to listen to? My mama’s a feminist bitch, my sister’s a feminist slut, my brother’s psychotic, and my father’s nowhere to be found. I’ve got no real friends, and all the guys at work are leftists. There’s nobody else even in my tribe!
          Have you considered the possibility that the Caucasian race isn’t as great as you’re making it out to be?!

        19. The math is not as simple as you make it out to be, jz95 linked this very good article going into it in more detail https://jaymans.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/regression-to-the-mean/
          To me that girl is a 2, and I would not touch her with a stick. To me 5 or below is WNB, and there are better looking chicks I would not bang than her. But that’s just me, because no boner. There are guys who absolutely don’t like Asian chicks who would probably think my wife scores very low on the scale as she is short and rather typical in terms of build and face for a Japanese girl.
          As for her intelligence she is in the top 1% of Japanese beyond any doubt, she was class and school champion in every subject except for sports all the way to and in part including university level.
          As for having many children, I don’t have limitless resources and time at my disposal so I am concentrating on quality over quantity.

        20. How does your imaginary East Asian wife and Asian daughters feel about your future make-believe Ethiopian booty hunting?
          Or perhaps you weren’t counting on someone calling you out on your false perspective in an attempt to legitimize your bullshit.
          I suppose you will delete these comments too.

        21. Aah. I’m going to put my finger on the problem here. That home you grew up in. It’s very telling. I’ll bet there were uncontained menstrual vapors from your mother and sister(s). The answer again is chhaupadi. If your mother had the modesty to recluse during her unclean time and if your father was knowledgable in the law to put down on her, then things would be much different. A stubborn woman will refuse to leave the residence during her unclean time. Men have been known to up and split with feminist women who refuse to contain their mensing and follow the strict domestic aparthend rule. Douche pail odor in the home is worse than animal flatulence. I lived next to a field that was regularly fertilized and the after smell was only temporary. But douche pail plumes likely drove your dad away. They create a perma smell that emasculates men. Muslims should also practice chhaupadi. Sharia alone isn’t enough. With mama’s spent maxi pads tossed under the sink (bitches do that kind of shit to mark their territory) there results bad chemistry in the home and thus many muslims are prime to become insane and easily have their insanity channeled into radicalized and suicidal endeavors. No Hindus are suicidal bombers that I know of.

        22. Agreed 100%.
          A little French Algerian, some nice Moroccan bitch? Yummy.
          ALso, once you clean up most Ethiopian bitches they look nice. Plus, you know an Ethiopian bitches are gonna swallow.

        23. yeah, I never bought the IQ thing either.
          For both the reason you state about everyone being a fucking moron anyway (though you put it more eloquently) and also…when did I start putting my cock in brains?
          In the brilliant words of Jon La Jole:
          I can’t have sex with your personality
          And I can’t put my penis in your college degree
          And I can’t shove my fist in your personality
          So why are you sharing all this information with me?

        24. While it will never happen, this should be top comment.
          Nearly every time I hear someone droning on about the great genetics of the white man and race purity they are a low functioning moron.
          I just don’t get it. I would say that within a very small margin of error, everytime I hear someone talk to me about procreation within the race and passing down white genes I am looking at them nearly crosseyed wondering why the fuck this person would think the world needs another one of them.
          I suspect the truth is that people who are intensely focused on race politics do so because somewhere in them they know they are truly inferior specimens, but that identification with a master race will let them play a victim card while feeling special.
          What they don’t realize is that they are doing the exact same thing that BLM does, that Feminists do, that fags do, etc. etc. etc
          Pure and unfettered individuality where one succeeds or fails on their own merit without connection to a group is, in turn, actually the best thing for the group.

        25. Just out of curiosity, why are you wife shopping. You seem to be fully aware of the downsides to western women and, I suspect, you also understand that women who come from a place where they are predisposed to the qualities you seek will need a constant strong hand to keep them that way or they will just wind up being a western woman with an accent.
          That strong hand, maintaining frame 24/7, is a big job. Why not, and I am not baiting you I really wonder, just say fuck it. We live in this world where sex is easy enough to get, food is readily available, there are inexpensive laundry services, house cleaning is inexpensive. What is a wife, even an excellent one, bringing to your table. The cost to you, both emotionally, financially and in the sense of having to be constantly vigilant, is sizeable. And when you have a large cost you really need to be sure that the bag of goods you are buying is something you really want.

        26. Quality over quantity is a viable option… only if it pays off and all your kids give you grandchildren. Good luck.

        27. Imaginary wife and daughters:
          They’re fine about it. Truly.
          My eldest daughter is turning 6 soon and she’s excited by all this talk of travel. I’ve promised to take her to a mega water fun-park in a foreign country.
          My wife is primarily concerned about money. She wants assurance that she won’t be forgotten when I marry younger more beautiful girls. I’ve assured her, and she’s satisfied.
          Are YOU satisfied?

        28. You know, when you dissect what Adolf Hitler actually believed, you get some interesting conclusions that no white supremecist seems capable of being aware of.
          On this point, I actually agree with Hitler:
          Hitler was a naturalist. He followed the laws of nature to their ultimate extreme and accepted scientific conclusions, just as I do.
          Now, it’s very important to realize that Hitler believed Caucasians were superior not out of blind faith, but because the hard evidence he reviewed to the best of his understanding appeared to PROVE Caucasians were superior.
          Of course, Hitler was wrong. He was wrong about a lot of things. His last moment was spent pulling the trigger on a pistol pointed at his head, so I have confidence that Hitler knew he was wrong in the end.
          See, Hitler invaded his neighbours and stole their possessions because of natural law – survival of the fittest, natural selection. He believed that if a man COULD do something and WANTED to do something then he SHOULD do it.
          This is very interesting, and it’s the part of Hitler’s reasoning that white supremecists miss.
          See, by Hitler’s reasoning, if Arabs CAN invade Germany and destroy the local population and replace them, and Arabs WANT to do that, then Hitler believed Arabs SHOULD do that.
          That’s the way the brand of naturalism that Hitler followed works. It’s a very intelligent and masculine idea, and it’s not at all stupid. It honours our natures – whether we’re Caucasian, Mongoloid, or Negro – and rewards any individual man for his weight in actual capability.
          This is very important to realize: Hitler believed a race/individual was superior only if they could PROVE their superiority through effective action. Have you ever seen a white supremecist prove his mettle through deed? I haven’t…

        29. I want to reproduce. That shouldn’t be so hard to understand.
          Also, I’m not convinced ANY woman would leave me after several years of marriage. I don’t need a “firm hand”. I’m a switched on Alpha male and several years marriage to me means 5+ babies… women just don’t walk out of such relationships.
          In any case, I’m considering settling somewhere in Africa or Asia. I won’t bring my wives to NZ, so having them Westernized isn’t an issue.
          Can I ask you: You’re aware that your sex drive and inclination towards casual sex is an evolved facet designed by natural selection to help you reproduce instinctively, so how does it feel to be a biological failure?
          Thanks to condoms, contraceptive pills, and abortion, I’d wager your casual sex has produced 0 offspring. Natural selection is now selecting against you because you’re failing at the single thing you’re designed by 4+ billion years of evolution to do. How does that feel?
          You’ve been given 1 task to do – reproduce – and yet you aren’t quite capable. How does that feel?
          You might’ve had a hundred children by now if you lived in, say, ancient Rome, surrounded by whores and slaves. It’s the fact that this is true that’s the reason men like you exist to begin with. Men who behaved as you do in ancestral populations once contributed greatly to natural selection. Not any more. You’ve become redundant, and your psychological morph is set for extinction unless you manually override your instincts and make an effort to reproduce.
          Men like you won’t exist in the future. That’s why I’m bride hunting. My bloodline is 4+ billion years old. I don’t intend for it to end forever in 60 short fucking years.
          Now, there’s a second valid reason: Since facets of our personality and sheer existence only have a means to evolve if they contribute to reproduction in some way, that means that a man is only validated in his being by reproducing.
          There are 2 ways to do this: Short term reproduction strategy (which you’re engaged in and failing in), and long term reproducion strategy. This is basically casual sex or getting married, or some combination of the 2 (i.e you’re married but fuck whores on the weekend).
          All of our natural psychological rewards are designed to trigger when we engage in 1 of these 2 reproduction strategy. That’s why you engage in casual sex – the instinct, when successfully pursued, is rewarded by your biology with a good feeling.
          Now, try to imagine how a man’s biology might reward him when he sees a sexy woman 9 months pregnant with his own child?
          Do you really think that humans have evolved to instinctively partake in the casual sex you’re engaged in solely for short term reward, but that there isn’t a greater reward for seeing girls actually pregnant with 100% your baby?!
          I can assure you, Lolknee, I feel better about my life than you ever will, because I’m seeing bellies swell and nature is rewarding me with a hit of ecstasy that’s better than any orgasm blown into the womb of a barren whore.
          That’s why I’m bride hunting. It’s both my reason for being, and its the most satisfying thing in a man’s life.
          In fact, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a man to experience this evolved facet of masculinity unless you hit the triggers by seeing pregnant wives.
          Let this be understood: I’ve experienced more facets of manhood than you ever will unless you reproduce and know it well.
          That’s why.

        30. Oh, and I delete my comments routinely every few months to prevent Google from summoning too much information about me
          I hope to be in India in December, by the way.
          People who have been following me know I’m already part way through my plans. I was in Thailand before where I conceived the idea, now I’m in New Zealand saving money to get to India.
          I’m not lying. You’ll look like an idiot next year if you insist I am…

        31. So this is your strategy. Travelling the globe and impregnating third world women. Good luck with that.

        32. As always, Bo Peep, thank you for the thoughtful response. As per usual, there are points here I agree and some I disagree with. That said, I always appreciate the thoroughness of your replies. This goes for the comment below which I will also respond to.
          First, let me say that of course, and it is obvious to any one with any sense, that if you are looking to procreate you should be wife hunting. Further, I know what you mean about being a switched on alpha. But even a woman who is a switched on nurturer is going to, from time to time, want a break from the kids needy bullshit. Maintaining a woman, I find, is a lot like raising a child. If you treat them right and teach them they can be excellent companions and people. However, it is a fulltime job. Further, you are betting pretty much everything you will ever have on this so stress is on. Granted, you are looking in places that drastically improve your odds (which I will get to a little later) and that is probably a smart thing, but I hope you don’t underestimate the job of maintaining a solid and stable marriage — even if you marry a unicorn.
          As you know, wrt your biological imperative ideas, I disagree with you most wholeheartedly. This is an absurd pseudoscience which is based on confirmation basis and isn’t taken seriously by anyone with any real scientific chops. We have had it out about this already and I don’t feel we need to go through the whole thing again. What you say about ancient Rome (and indeed all ancient civilizations) is true. You say that men like me won’t exist. I feel that if there were short necked giraffes they would be telling long necked giraffes that they don’t know what it is to be a real giraffe. In a nut shell, I feel like you haven’t fully evolved yet. It is not men like me that are disappearing from the world. I am the new evolution. The reason you are hunting primitive societies for primitive women is because you are seeking out a primitive life. You telling me that you think you will always feel more fulfilled and have a deeper range of masculinity is no different than an ape telling a human it doesn’t understand what it means to be a mammal. Your first order primary drives and, pure and simple, quaint and primitive to me and I will counter claim that you will never understand what it means to transcend your own particularity any more than a gorilla or a rock will. Here again, I feel we disagree. That is ok. It takes all kinds.
          I will, in turn, assure you that your life will always be, at best, a sad recreation of a time gone by and you will constantly miss out on what true fulfilment is because you are basing your fulfilment on other people (be them your ancestors or future progeny) rather than realizing your own divinity you are relishing in your animality. As the saying goes, man is half way between the apes and the gods (though I always liked the saying that man is the god who shits better) but that is a long path and as we evolve we get closer to the gods.
          Your biology counts for exactly nothing to anyone but you and only. That is ok too. I really wish you the best. You are obviously no dummy. You are also well spoken and I appreciate the chance to talk to you. Further, I wish you all the best with your life and hope your hunt for a wife and future offspring goes well. There are a few other points I would like to hit, but I think they are more interestingly put in context of your other comment.

        33. I think it is very fortuitous that you bring up the Hitler example. As usual, we both agree and disagree here. There is a lot of interesting things to Hitler’s thoughts that get overlooked…either by the white supremacists or the fervent anti Nazi, both for the same reason, they can’t look past the façade. Also, hitler was an effeminate weakling which explains a lot of his psychology and that too his hard too look past. But, like with most every large character, there are always multiple levels and it is almost always worth looking at them.
          The only substitution I would make here is to say that hitler TRIED to be a naturalist. However, in his weakness he made the mistake that many people make. He misunderstood what science is. Science begins in a place of ignorance and wonder. What Hitler has done, and indeed what I believe you have done to a degree, is that you have found a science that confirms your already held beliefs and have, in light of such, deemed it correct and have left out the wonder and ignorance that is the Hallmark of scientific exploration.
          The hard evidence that Hitler sees which makes him believe that Caucasians are a master race is symptomatic of the problem. If I have a contest and say whichever scientist most convincingly proves x idea correct I will, with the right incentive, get some very smart work with really hard to refute facts that proves it. Hell, I am pretty good at this and am formally trained in it. If you gave me an appropriate amount of time and incentive I could prove to you, in proper scientific form, just about any crackball idea. THis isn’t to put hitler down either. The science he was seeing was tight. However, there is no serious scientist who understands and knows his way around scientific method who doesn’t see right through it as blatant pandering and pseudo science…much like evolutionary psychology. The fact remains that the only reason it exists is because it confirms some peoples deeply held convictions…convictions which hold up a fragile psyche.
          Hitler was weak minded (not stupid….sensitive) and he was also what we might call here in the manosphere an uberbeta. As such, he created a series of psychological protections which made him feel uber alpha and masculine. This is what we call reaction formation. The truth of his weakness and insignificance was so painful and threatening to him that he needed to form, in reaction to this, a universe where the exact opposite was true. To this extent he destroyed ideas that were contrary to this reaction and rewarded ideas that supported it. It is, case and point, the worlds most destructive use of pathological insecurity to date.
          We do agree about the white supremacists. I feel the more fervent they are about their superiority based solely on them being white the more it turns out they are morons. Further, I feel this is the same pathology we see with BLM and blaming white people, Feminists and SJW’s and blaming the patriarchy and, indeed, Hitler’s notions of superiority based solely on ways in which he can be superior.
          Xenophanes brilliant said that if horses had gods those gods would look like horses. When someone is weak and insecure it is more often the case than not that in reaction to this they will claim that people like them are actually superior. When they find others who are weak and insecure in the same way (a million times easier now thanks to the internet) they will also believe it. Hitler’s notion of a superior race was nothing but a god that looked like a horse.
          Once again, Bo Peep, despite our disagreements it is always a pleasure to share ideas with you.

        34. “what I believe you have done to a degree, is that you have found a science that confirms your already held beliefs and have, in light of such, deemed it correct and have left out the wonder and ignorance that is the Hallmark of scientific exploration.”
          I know this isn’t true. I actually have a few – how should I say? – sexual persuasions that are completely derailed by my science.
          There are things I want to engage in and ways I want to be, but I ignore them and focus on wives and marriage because that’s what my science requires of me.
          However, I’m aware of the risk of only believing science that confirms your already held beliefs. I know it’s a real problem with humans, but it’s not a problem with me.
          “evolutionary psychology only exists because it confirms some peoples deeply held convictions…convictions which hold up a fragile psyche.”
          It’s unfortunate that you believe this. I hope I’ll change your mind over the years.
          In any case, you’ll soon learn that there’s nothing fragile about my psyche.
          “Hitler was weak minded”
          Why do you believe this?
          Hitler was highly charismatic. You’d know if you’d seen him doing a public speech. This is something that can’t really be faked. Charisma only exists when a person is hale.
          “Xenophanes brilliant said that if horses had gods those gods would look like horses.”
          When I picture a god, it looks like a giant pink pegasus with a rainbow mane.

        35. “I hope you don’t underestimate the job of maintaining a solid and stable marriage — even if you marry a unicorn.”
          You do realize I got married at 19 and am still married 10 years and 2 daughters later, right? Oh and she was no unicorn. She’s a proper touchy bitch, actually.
          However, despite she wasn’t an ideal bride, I’ve managed to get nearly everything out of her that I wanted, and now she’s consented to polygyny and isn’t threatening to leave me at all.
          Yeah, it has a lot to do with not marrying common Western girls. My wife is Thai. Yet, in my experience, maintaining a marriage isn’t as hard as everybody else seems to be saying. The secret is just to be intelligent, don’t abuse her, and feed her desires (basically, she desires money). Also, the man needs to remain in shape and sexy – very important. You need a visible 6 pack, no questions asked.
          “you will constantly miss out on what true fulfilment is because you are basing your fulfilment on other people (be them your ancestors or future progeny) rather than realizing your own divinity you are relishing in your animality.”
          It’s hard to gauge how much of evolutionary theory you’ll listen to, but still:
          In short, the only facets of life that have a means to evolve are facets that contribute to reproduction in some way. This is a law.
          Now, this means that everything you desire to do, you only desire to do it because, at some stage in your evolutionary history, doing that thing contributed to the reproductive success of your ancestors. That’s another law.
          This means that your every action is a deliberate step made by your genetics to move you closer towards reproduction. Law.
          It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, Lolknee – even if you choose to kill yourself – you’re running on auto-pilot to unconsciously try to reproduce. There’s no exception to this law, and no way to break it. It’s our genetic coding. You’ll have more luck flapping your arms and flying to the moon than you will trying to escape this law. It’s like the law of gravity, and that’s final.
          So the only question is how successful have you been at performing the sole task you’ve been given in life, Lolknee?
          The idea of ignoring reproduction and instead focusing on enjoying life is thus a joke for the ignorant. It’s literally impossible. You’re trying to reproduce, and you either succeed or fail. There’s nothing more to life than this. Absolutely nothing.
          For what it’s worth, by the way, I’m having a staggeringly huge amount of fun pursuing this goal. I want to see if I can truly accumulate somewhat a dozen wives and have over a hundred children. The prospect that I might succeed – and the recognition I’ll get if I do – amuses me beyond all description. I truly believe there’s no other goal in life that could bring me more satisfaction.
          For me, achieving this would make me happier than an Olympic gold medal, a billion USD, and a holiday trip to the moon all put together.
          I’ll be getting started in December, hopefully. I just need to scrape some money up. So stay tuned. This is going to be fucking funny.

      3. I’ve seen plenty of fine Ethiopian chicks though. I love that golden chocolate complexion

        1. I had an acquaintance that toured Africa. He came back saying that AIDS was so common that he was afraid to take off the condom to piss.

      4. I disagree, regarding seeking a consensus, but I’m glad you’ve put some thought into this. That’s interesting. Sweden, a westernized country, and Africa, an incredibly large and culturally/geographically diverse continent. So, is it the whole continent you take issue with, and if so, why? Have you visited a lot of African countries?

        1. Sweden is not westernized, it is Western European by ethnic and cultural standards.
          The Sweden I was born in doesn’t exist anymore since a good while, and it’s a horror show of feminazi laws and SJW tolerance garbage.
          Never been to nor intend to go to Africa, I know people from there and who live there currently as well and many of my family have visited, some several times and different places. I don’t find Africans physically attractive, nor do I care about their cultures, customs or languages. Quite simple really.
          As for consensus, it’s for women primarily. In my opinion the focus on having a consensus before anything can be done or changed is what’s rotting the west from the inside in a large part.
          Historically men have been making their decisions and taking action independently of any others opinions let alone a larger consensus.

      1. That’s a relief! I like the format, especially the graphics. Like a global heat map, the type epidemiologists use when predicting infectious disease outbreaks. Somebody put a lot of thought into this.

    2. If you read this site enough it becomes pretty clear that Anglo-sphere countries are the worst. Ideally learn a foreign language and explore other options.

    1. That and being able to move overseas for work.
      I’m not gonna lie though, I have a foreign girl at the moment, and have never even been with a Kiwi girl.

    2. Interesting article. It sounds like women all across western nations. They are getting everything that they’ve ever wanted, that checklist for men is getting longer and they are still very unhappy in their lives (happening in the U.S. as well).
      Our saving grace is that we’re a little bigger in size and we have a little diversity (blue states versus red states)…liberal cities versus conservative rural areas. We can only thank god for the conservative areas that still have hope because the liberal cities are lost. These cities will have the highest population of women over 40, no kids or husbands, own cats and they are very unhappy.
      I just ignore women who complain, today. They have it pretty good in life yet they keep on complaining (about everything).

      1. The check list is funny. Unfortunately I’ve done my share of online dating and the women list the kind of men that they are not interested in. I need to start posting these criteria on here because they are so pathetic. The reason these girls are still single becomes self evident when you read their checklist.
        The first date is no better, since you passed the first step of the vetting process, now is the first interview, you must pretend to be someone else if you want to get laid. Make up a bunch of crap about your exciting life playing sports on the weekends, holidays in the Alps, playing in a band, whatever else you can think of before she figures out that your boring.

        1. I just think young men need to stop trying to qualify themselves to women and they need to make more women step up to their standard. I see a lot of these young men trying acting like they are on a job interview when dating. That shit needs to end because women have become to entitled in this country (all western nations, really).
          More men need to pull women into their “qualifying circle” and start putting the screws to women. Let them know that they are on notice and you’ll let them know if they “made the cut”. I’ve never had any problems with a woman once I make this pitch. It’s all in attitude and confidence….let her know that she is qualifying…not the other way around on those dates, chats, etc…

        2. I’m from New Zealand. I joined a local dating site and used your avatar pic on it with the line “Is the no one else?” (There wasn’t)

  32. #5…Good God, almighty. Disgusting.
    Sorry, but if I wanted to bang a dude, I’d move to the Castro. Let’s not mix the chicken with the pork here.

    1. There is a similar push in Australia to get girls and women into playing Australian Football – even a new league fully subsidised of course to make it viable. It’s gross…

      1. The AFL are a sick and pathetic joke with their pandering-they’ve been foaming at the mouth for a player to come out as gay and having clubs change their guernseys to pink is disgusting. They’ve turned it truly into a real poof sport-and I notice how they no longer mock the real football as it is still an incredibly macho sport with the ultras and the like (despite some players prancing around and falling theatrically).

        1. The AFL is close to the biggest SJW body in Australia these days… shameful as it should be a masculine activity!

      2. Girls are starting to play Ruby in the US. I am profoundly bothered by this. Watching men play a sport that is rougher than American football is one thing. Why should we encourage our women to play a man’s sport? Of course we also have the popularity of women’s MMA, I just like it when the girls roll around but they really should not be doing MMA either.

        1. The only sports they should be playing are mud wrestling, foxy boxing and what I like to call ‘Steaking’ where they compete under timed conditions to grill me the best steak and the Domestic Decathlon with such glorious events as washing my socks, ironing, folding clothes, vacuuming and other such pursuits.

        2. Female sports are such fucking bullshit. If anything, women should be in gyms keeping themselves toned and attractive.
          As for MMA….that is the most fucking absurd thing out there.
          I am all for equality in sports. If women want to fight MMA they can fight in the same league as the men. Feel free. Same with WNBA. If some bitch can make the NBA go for it, a separate league?
          There is literally no such thing as a female athlete.

  33. As much as this site bags American women, they are way better than Aussie, Kiwi and British women. Would I marry one? No way. But they are the most feminine of the bunch… and they are pretty fun to pump and dump, unlike Aussie women they won’t bust your balls too much
    Have travelled a lot overseas and have even hooked up with a few… but I have never seen a Kiwi woman above a 7. Do they exist? Or are they a bit like the Loch Ness Monster?
    By the way, 20+ on AVERAGE? Jesus Christ. Considering how ugly the average Kiwi woman is, that is some crazy thirst out there…

    1. I suspect American women are better because they are a mix of British Isles and German, whereas the others are more purely British Isles. Their German blood tempers them from being completely insufferable.

    2. 20+ the average for NZ seems modest to me. It’s feral in NZ. Missing teeth is sexy in NZ. I know girls/guys with 500+ sex partners

  34. Thats what happens with islands.
    They need to kill a couple million ugly girls. And import several million pretty ones.
    Problem solved

    1. There may be something to that — consider the crappy women in Britain and Ireland. However, Japan is the other way, so I guess island genetic drift could go either way.

  35. Ouch! As a proud Kiwi, that hits where it hurts.
    But this is fair, sadly. Even the Christian homeschooling subculture (in which I move) seems less conservative here than in the States.
    The Nanny state is strong here. Gun laws are oppressive……taxes on goods and services are high…..libertarianism almost unheard of. Reasons I’m staying – strong family ties and the amazing scenery 😀

  36. Go to NZ for the mountains and lakes. About a year ago I watched Once were Warriors which had been meaning to see for a long time, and well, it paints a very bleak picture of NZ even worst than I had imagined after passing through the cities once or twice.

    1. I live here. That is 100% what it is like across the board. I’m surprised I am still alive.

      1. I’ve heard about places in outback Australia where they have a stretcher on standby at the pub to carry off people to hospital after fights..

        1. seems to be some islam growth here as well. It is a violent culture in NZ. Muslims do there recruiting in prisons here. Couple a violent culture like NZ with islam and you have some serious problems. Hopefully nothing happens. Lots of places you stay well clear of.

        2. Get the impression the maoris have more honour about them but that other group you mention as I have observed are just thugs and somewhat cowardly about it too.. Wonder if you ever carry any kind of weapon with you or have a plan to deal with a situation? I am lightly fight trained but really not enough to confront some kind of thug and the various events in Europe are making me think more about what I should possibly be carrying on my keyring or what other training should get into.

        3. Maori travelled from Taiwan to New Zealand in a little boat called a whaka. Crazy distance to travel in a little boat like that.
          NZ has a firearm’s ban, but I know people do have weapons concealed. You have too, there is too much violence. I would definitely carry something. Auckland is a place where I could see a potential of a terror attack or something. It’s the only big city in NZ. Can’t say I’m really trained for this. Not sure what to do regarding training.

        4. Am a bit aware of the connection between the Pacific Ocean places. Is impressive what our various forefathers used to do in boats. There is also that island out there called Tonga. Used to get some big bouncers at the clubs in Oz from those places, but nobody outside the south pacific would have heard of it. I was reading the weapons laws in Germany, and as regards knives, interestingly it is not about the size of the blade but whether you can open it with one hand or not. So if not, you’re probably just peeling fruit at a picnic, otherwise… You’re allowed to carry an electric shocker around in Germany but you know, one is used to taking keys, wallet, mobile, it’s an extra bulky thing to carry. Haven’t tested it on myself yet but have heard that it doesn’t cause much pain anyhow, the basic consumer devices that is. Will say that boxing in the ring with gloves does give one a bit more confidence with this all but I still don’t want trouble on the streets. Really is surprising to hear the damn mohomadeans have made it down there as if you don’t have enough disorder..

        5. Yeah I think the Maori were geniuses to travel that far. Of all the ancient epic boat journey’s I think the Maori would be at the top. They navigated an enormous distance in a small boat. Very impressive!
          I’m always following the news. Of course. I am far happier to be in New Zealand than Europe right now. I can’t believe what is happening in Europe. It’s insane. I think normal everyday Europeans have every right to have some self protection. To get in shape is a good idea but it looks you might need more than that. I would avoid the big cities in Europe if I was there. Hope the violence ends soon.

  37. <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!!be830p:….,…

  38. Ouch, my eyes! Those women are an affront to the senses. I’m living in Latvia where let’s just say the standards are somewhat higher.
    I think Ireland (where I lived previously) deserves a dishonourable mention alongside NZ. If you want women infused with full retard liberalism and SJW attributes, you’ll find them in superabundance there. It’s probably the most progressive liberal hole on the planet (even worse than Sweden), where the deranged natives are actually proud that they were the first nation on earth to bring in gay “marriage” by popular vote. I’m not sure what’s worse, that or their inexplicable and irrational sense of national pride.

    1. Hey, steady on….. oh I’m afraid you’re right about Ireland. 😐
      There are bastions of conservatism but most women have gone full libtard and any half-hot birds get so much attention from thirsty guys they are well above their station in life.
      I’m there at the moment. The Fag marriage vote was such a sham. “What’s the matter with two people in love, blah, blah, blah”. The amount of propaganda from the government and msm was horrendous. Many voted out of fear of being called “homophobic” or didn’t vote at all.
      At the moment have a few things to get out of the way and then thinking of ditching the place.

    2. I don’t know what happened to Ireland. It used to be the most conservative catholic country in Europe. In the last twenty years it’s gone completely nuts.

      1. SJWs took over the Catholic Church in the ’50s and ’60s and ruined it, which in turn ruined Catholics.
        The ruin has hit different places at different times, due to greater or lesser isolation and poverty; Poland and Mexico are going down the shitter as we speak.
        That said, I suspect Irish women have always been problematic. Even way back when, it was noted how their average age at marriage was significantly higher than the European average.

        1. Vatican II ripped the balls off of that sect of Christianity. Fortunately Orthodox Christianity retains its masculine virtue and you’d be decapitated if you tried to mess with it.

    3. Yes, I found Ireland to be worse than N.Z. using hard statistics. (Link)

    4. agreed about Ireland. My short time there was an interesting one. I had heard so much about Ireland but when I arrived until the moment I left I found it to be dreadfully boring, filled with terrible women and yawnable culture.
      The odd thing is I know a lot of Irish guys here (mostly from Cork city or Shannon) and they all seem very cool. I guess that is why they are here.

      1. Yes, if ever there was a country overrated for its culture, scenery, women and “craic”, it’s good old hyped to death, rain-lashed, queer-loving Ireland.

  39. There seems to be a correlation between standard of living and quality of women.

    1. I don’t know…my standard of living is quite high, but the amount of entitled cunty wildebeests I see shouldn’t be so frequent.

  40. Pretty damning indictment of Kiwi females – had no idea they were the town bike.
    Guess the grass is greener. When I grew sick and weary of American females, my father told me “If you want the best apple, don’t go to the barrel – go to the tree”. I ended up in Southern Germany and married a beautiful, conservative German girl. It’s been 20 years and we’re still together – she’s my best friend and I got no regrets.
    You give Kiwi females low marks compared to American females. I give American females low marks compared to German females…
    And I suppose every country bashes every other country as well… Northern Germans bag on Southern Germans, then they join up to shit talk the Austrians. Both Marvel Mash up to talk shit about the Swiss, and all 3 throw shade on the French and Italians… and so it goes.
    I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t even think the French like the French…
    Good article. Might save a guy a lot of future grief…

  41. Even asking a girl how many guys she has slept with, is a total taste of time.
    She will lie before she even considers the merits of telling the truth.
    And in any case, you shouldn’t care what the answer is.
    And furthermore, you should not listen to what they say, you should watch what they do.
    For example, I have met many girls who claim to be “down to earth”, but won’t hit the street without spending 30 mins getting decked out.
    Or, the girls who claim to be “good with money”, and then spend $50 getting flowers painted on their nails, which hold the latest $1400 smartphone, decorated with a $4500 Coach handbag.
    Watching women carefully will reveal the emptiness of their souls.

    1. Which is why most men don’t watch women carefully. It is not a pretty picture.

  42. Hamish Ragni !! Why don’t you go back to your country (INDIA).
    The land of the most beautiful women.

    1. It’s “Rangi”, which is Maori, and Hamish is a Scottish name.

  43. Prosperous nations can afford liberalism, liberalism creates a sense of entitlement. Those who feel entitled make no effort to hold up their own responsibility.

    1. Try demanding money from a third world country, in fact that third world country may be kicking you off your land because of some backhand deal or some natural resource was found…

  44. We had a kiwi exchange student in high school. She was a 6 at best, buy my friend went nuts over her….never understood why, she was blond but had short hair. Yuk.

  45. You must be smoking drugs about American women, just about every woman of child bearing age is a train wreck. While you say New Zealand woman are bad, cannot disagree with you there.
    I have visited Australia, the worst women seem to be the white Anglo ones, the ones from immigrant minorities are not that bad, but still far from ideal.

  46. Hahahahahahahahaha this made my day NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM NEW ZEALAND well except maybe their quality wool products wait is that why you all fuck sheep over there because they are more attractive than the women? If your going to try and fuck a Maori woman you might as well accept you are most probably bi sexual. HAHAHAHAHA NEW ZEALAND.

  47. Unfortunately, what we have all witnessed within this current age of humanity, is the true nature of women. Once society was infiltrated and take over by the the ‘powers that be’, men’s hands were tied behind their back and the females took full advantage of it. A 100 years ago, it was balanced. Yes, women could simply win a man’s love with nothing but looks and kindness like they can today, but the men OWNED the job market. An employed man with good values and the ability to support a family, attracted women and enabled that man to be able to find a good wife and marry. Today, when a female comes across a man that has a job and owns a house, she could careless. She doesn’t find it attractive any longer because she can do the same and her friend Betsy makes more money than most other men with her management job in Human Resources doing nothing.
    Today, women not only OWN the dating market, they also have guaranteed access to the job market as well with the help of the government and affirmative action/EEO laws. Heck, they also have access to tax payer money also to raise kids if they do not want a husband. They take full advantage of it without any mercy nor remorse. WE are the only men in all of human history that have had to live and probably die under feminism. Just as there were people born in the Soviet Union that lived and died knowing nothing but living under communism where men were reduced the same level as women. Unless this all ends soon somehow through some kind of economic collapse or apocalyptic event, we’ll all die never getting to experience life in a man’s world under natural law where we dominated over women and told them when to jump and how high.
    Women have without a doubt proven themselves to be nothing but adult children to me. Women simply could have rejected feminism and decided to stand by their men and refuse to work or even take jobs making more than men. They could have refused welfare and demanded that they only give birth to children in wedlock. But they didn’t. They have shown us men how they really are. Most women in America are whores. They have sex outside of marriage with multiple men and do so for personal gain, which is technically prostitution. When they do decide to marry, the man gets to marry a female that has had multiple dicks in her vagina, ejaculated on by multiple guys, is brainwashed with opposite values of what Christianity teaches, is entitled, clinically insane, and has divorce court laws on her side. Gee, what a prize.
    And at the root of the problem….jews. You can trace all of this back to the jews. They are the ones that infiltrated western civilization with their usurious financial empire and began financing the destruction of family and marriage to create their luciferian one-world-order.

    1. So basically “I’m pissed that I have to actually be a good human being with actual skills and good qualities to bag chicks instead of just relying on my job and income to woo their panties off like men did hundreds of years ago” is what you’re saying.
      You sound weak.

  48. “However, American women win out by being far more pleasant, feminine, and warm…”

  49. There is nothing wrong with New Zealand women. The article is way out of line.

    1. Who the hell are you kidding?!!!! NZ woman are monsters! I was born in that country and it was the sole reason for me leaving!

      1. Dude….take a pause to collect yourself, go back and carefully look at the picture I posted and breathe in the sarcasm.

        1. Duuuude, stop scaring us like that! Do you know how many trolls there are out there? We already have enough to worry about without female enslavement.

        2. There is no room for sarcasim with such a seriously fucked up issue such as New Zealand goats they call woman. It strikes at the heart of any rational logical man.

        3. there is always room for sarcasm….and Jello.
          Jesus, relax man. Some things suck and some things are great. If you are somewhere that sucks, change it.

        4. Well what sux is that men have let woman behave like this I think its pathetic really, men built everything woman have no fucking power and should be treated as such.

        5. I get what you are saying man, but it simply isn’t true. You say women have no fucking power and that is just objectively wrong.
          What you should say is that women OUGHT not have any power. Then you would be right. To deny what they have managed to accomplish in the last 50 years is just plain blind.
          The fact that something sucks, too, is not a reason to be upset. There are a few options. You can try your best every day to change things in a way that you believe they should be. That comes with a lot of danger and takes a lot of faith and, more often than not, will fail and your only real success will be a feeling that you did the right thing. That is not for me. I recognize this as a noble life, but it isn’t one I chose for myself.
          The second is to mope through life complaining about things and wishing they were different while never doing anything and just being a sad sack. That is a terrible and depressing life and not one I would ever want.
          Finally there is the option that I have chosen. To look out at the world and make an honest assessment of things, figure out what is going on, forget about your own beliefs of good and bad and find your own niche where you can be happy by manipulating the rules of the game to suit your desires.
          Do I wish the world was different? Yes, I do. But not enough that I am going to sacrifice my own happiness to fight the losing battle of changing it. I certainly am not going to sit around being a gloomy gus and feeling sorry for myself. So I have looked into myself and asked myself what I want, looked into the world and decided how I can make it possible and have moved in that direction.

        6. oh one last note…of course it sucks. When you were young did someone come up to you and promise you life would be fair and it wouldn’t suck? If so, they did you a disservice.
          I have known that life is unfair since I was a young child and also that if I play a passive observer to life it will eat me up and, ultimately, suck.
          Life is only good insofar as I make it that way. Wishing things were different does no good for anyone.

        7. I think what I was trying to say is woman only have power because faggoty weak men gave it to them without thinking of the long term consequences, the only power woman have is what men give them. Kinda like the power Hillary Clintons cuck husband gave her. Theres a reason our ancestors did not let woman into politics its because they fuck everything up and because politics is generally dirty business.

        1. It’s worse than you can imagine. I’m basically forced into low end employment because I tend to not tow the PC line that well and I don’t exactly fit the criteria for equal opportunity being a “white male”.
          One of these days I’ll just snap, sell my car and go to Australia I think. I hate this place, worse than you can imagine.

        2. Just sell drugs who cares dont even take that place seriously in anyway what so ever, just get others to do you’re dirty work etc

        3. New Zealand employers also hold white NZ males in disdain. The amount of PC crap they spew at the universities and out of the government propaganda machines. Then to add insult to injury half the staff in the government were not even born here. My ancestors fought and died for this country and they just spat in my fucking face.

        4. I would, but I don’t want a record as I want to get out of here. I’m over trying to make a life in this country.

        5. Doesnt make any difference I have a record the size of a bible and it does not affect any of my travel around asia at all, currently im living in Philippines was living in Thailand smashing all that pussy I have many bastard children now im doing it for the country.

        6. Yup my family lives there they like it there, I do not, I feel like im quite seperated and sometimes isolated that I have had no choice but to stay away its either I stay in Asia and get unlimited pussy or I slowly die an unhappy life in New Zealand only reason I would go back is to build a bug out house/property to ride motorbikes and game hunting no other reason.

        7. I’m talking to a couple of Japanese girls online. However it’s embarrassing explaining how little money I have because of the lack of employment opportunities in this country. Every time I look at job sites in Australia I see a ton of stuff that I am qualified for. But everyone here keeps going on about how tough it is to find work overseas and how I couldn’t make it etc and that I should keep looking here.

        8. Look for passive income online quit you’re job just tell the boss to get fucked and tell all the girls at you’re work to enjoy there cats.

        9. Good idea, I’m a web developer so I should start working on building some sites/apps that I can produce for profit. There’s little point working in this country, might just sell everything and go overseas anyway.

        10. If I went back now I would not even touch those bitches better off buying a blow up sex doll

        11. Hi dude, I’m from New Zealand. It is a rabid disgusting hell hole here. I would say I could count my real friends on my one hand. The women are vapid, and feminism PC culture is the final nail in the coffin. I had a good childhood here. Teenage, adult years have been painful. I’m surprised I’m still alive.

        12. Yes white men are under attack globally, its racist to be proud of you’re white culture, I say fuck them im proud to be white and if that makes me a racist well so be it. All men should just drop everything and leave, then we watch the societys collapse since it was men who built everything woman wont have a clue how to run it without the men. They will soon come crying for help and you watch the legs spread open faster than you can say the word “whore”

        13. Where are you from mate?
          I can definitely sympathise with what you say about childhood. I had a great childhood here too, having a sort of freedom that just isn’t common in most Western countries anymore. No dangerous animals, low crime, led to a lot of time running around the neighbourhood and in the forest rather than having helicopter parents or being taught by the TV. I would be happy to raise kids here if I was able to homeschool them.
          But I also agree with what you say about the vapid PC culture. I may be biased because I live in Dunedin (university town = Extra PC) but even out in the countryside feminism seems to be taken for granted, and there is no real masculine outlet except sport and binge-drinking. Not being sporty myself, I was basically an artfag as a teenager and drifted left-wing. I went on an exchange though, which ended up being very good for me, and eventually learned about places like this online.
          Good to see another countryman with perhaps similar experiences. Makes it feel less lonely down here. I do wonder though if there are a lot more people with similar thoughts/feeling who just don’t express themselves.

        14. I’m from Wellington.
          Childhood memories is something you really treasure as you get older.
          In NZ I am aware of the pussy pass here. It is very powerful. I doubt a young male would be given a fair trial here. There is corruption in NZ no doubt about it. I have been reading this website called e2nz.org.nz
          The website has lots of examples of evil things going on in NZ. I kind of think here in NZ a lot of people have this ‘positive thinking’ mantra where there is no such thing as dark sadistic crime. I think I cannot express myself properly with most people here as PC culture and a witch trial could follow suit as it did for Roosh if you express any unpopular thoughts. The idolising sports stars thing here is ridiculous.
          I can see that the regressive left here is taking over and imposing restrictions on freedom of speech. All the time here you will see NZers criticise americans because of the ‘right to bear arms’ 2nd amendment. It gets really boring, I think there could be some thought policing going on here.

    2. I’m quite frankly appealed at how misguided the article is 😉

  50. <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be310p:….,….

  51. I would leave NZ if I could afford to get out. Sadly I’m a white male so not high on the “employable” list here. Unless your parents are wealthy and then nepotism kicks in. Fuck this place.

    1. Some people are venturesome. When someone really wants to get out of a doldrum situation, they begin talking alot about it. They obscess and dwell on the prospects of voyaging and they map the world in their head. Colonizing cultures have large numbers of people with the ‘explorer’ trait whereas landlocked tribes lack the trait. Exploration runs in the blood. It’s a restless discontentedness to live as though you were kept in a hive or a pussy enclave. Often what we see with the modern Portugese and Dutch who were born venturers and explorers is that their women become empowered. Women always belch and bellow for need and thus stifle and postpone the venturesome endeavors of men. Man can keep frame and continue to plot the course but much subversion has been done to control western men through their women. A man who really wants to break out will hop a boat and just do it. But that takes a clear head fed by clean oxygen. Uncontaminated oxygen and a brain-flush ridding the vascular system of rancid menstrual ‘DOUCHE PAIL’ vapors. Get away and upwind from women who flagrantly menstruate as they mingle. Clear your lungs of the douche funk and the way will come to you. Call out and put the ragging women in their place and the way will be within your grasp my friend.

      1. Plus 1 for “exploration runs in the blood”.
        I definitely feel that way sometimes. Makes sense, as my ancestors all came from coastal regions of Northern Europe and ended up all over the New World. Even if I may not be the courageous explorer, that restlessness and love of travel is definitely there.
        I do wonder though if that same spirit of exploration is what has led to “feminism” in the broader sense… areas where men were away for months if not years at a time – fishing, whaling, trading, exploring – led to resilient and “strong, independent women, which worked for our traditional cultures (ie, Celtic, Norse, Saxon), but which in the modern world has led to feminism.
        “whereas landlocked tribes lack the trait”
        Might depend on the environment. I get the impression horse-riding cultures on the open grasslands have a similar spirit, though perhaps more suited to conquest rather than colonisation.

      1. Hutt Valley unfortunately. The land of opportunity. Also lived in Auckland and Wairarapa.

        1. …Bascially another country as far as I’m concerned. I’m from Dunedin and the North Island feels foreign while familiar in the same way as Australia does.

        2. Heading south to the good end of the counry? ; )
          I jest. Though to be fair, Central Otago is awesome. I imagine though, you’ll be moving overseas.

        3. I’ve thought about moving to Christchurch. I’ve got a sister there and a few friends. They’ve told me to come down but it seems really cold there.
          I’ll probably try to get a job in Australia, perhaps Sydney or Brisbane. I’ve got too many bad memories of this place to stay here, however the South Island might be another choice.

        4. I don’t know what sort of weather you like, but most of the South island is actually pretty good, as long as you’re on the eastern side of the Southern Alps. Colder Winters, definitely, but it’s not that wet, so you get long sunny Summer days. Though, once you get as far south as Dunedin, it’s pretty miserable.
          I don’t know much to be honest, but the cost of living should be cheaper in the South Island, and if you’d be doing trade work there should be work available, especially around Christchurch.
          Australia’s probably decent too, but while there’s work and you get paid high wages, it’s damn expensive too.
          In any case don’t take my word for it. I’m just a young fella at the tail end of his university years, and haven’t had much experience working other than seasonal work and the sort of hospitality jobs suited to students and travellers.

        5. I’m 30, graduated about 5 years ago. Struggled ever since really to find gainful employment though it’s probably more due to my personality, I’m quiet and keep to myself. I don’t really fit into NZ culture or white culture that well so I was thinking of hopefully marrying a Japanese and moving there.

        6. I live on the East Coast, and getting back to gizzy after being in Riga, Latvia where the gene pools of Germany Sweden and Russia collide was like the sauna before the icy pool of ageing angry profane snotty promiscuous unattractive feminist solo mums with two psycho ex-boyfriends each that awaited me when I got home. I went from having gorgeous Polish girls sidle down bars to talk to me to getting annoyed looks of contempt when I asked to get past some fucking landwhale in a bar. I always knew I was not going to marry some po-faced short-haired feminist kiwi cunt like my bitter baby boomer aunts, and so I didn’t. It’s amazing how hard they work to corrupt my feminine wife.

  52. I remember once running into a Kiwi woman when I studied during a semester abroad in Spain. The program I participated in put students from multiple countries in the same courses on language and culture. I met the girl in the computer lab. But the conversation didn’t last long. She wasn’t openly rude or hostile, but came off as apathetic and dismissive, as in “you’re a beta, so I won’t take this conversation further than need be” sort of way.
    She looked a lot like girl with the dreads in the photo above. Only she had long straight blonde hair and was slightly skinnier. To sum her up, she’s that 5-6 that thinks she’s a 10, so she act stuck up with you if you are not famous or a male 10.

    1. Yeah, this is pretty much true. You’re lucky to get a reply on a NZ or US dating site however if you try overseas dating, you often get a lot of attention from far more attractive and feminine women. Not to mention the women on the local dating sites are just used up old hags.

      1. They can all die lonely bitter woman, do NOT waste you’re time or resources on them.

  53. Western woman can go breed a barn full of dead cats for all I care, they fucked themselves out of the market completely.

  54. Can confirm. I dated a supposedly Christian girl from NZ but she ended up being anti-western feminist. NZ is basically the Sweden of Australasia but without all the hot girls.

    1. And I thought there was something wrong with me, then I travelled and turns out it wasnt me after all lol now I get unlimited pussy at a moments notice

  55. an outgoing French diplomat said so also (about 1999). paraphrasing:
    “they are ugly and dress like in the army”

  56. This sums up western women in general these days. Millenial women throw around the “c word” indiscriminately whereas their older sisters and mothers had particular disdain for it.
    It should not be a surprise though, one only need crack open their Bible to the first few pages of Genesis to find that Satan knew EXACTLY how do leverage the woman to get between man and God. He continues using the same script in different forms to this day.

  57. Ok lets just all agree that woman are annoying creatures in general with too many variables only good for blowing a load in then tossing like a used piece of toilet paper and for making babys.

  58. This is what happens when you combine middle to working class settlers (and all their wonderful habits), colonial insecurity, the lack of any kind of real conservatism, a culture which is at its heart liberal to radically left-wing, an unhealthy obsession with equality, an indigenous (pre-European) people with Scottish/Québecois/African-American-style oppressed minority syndrome who gravitate to left-wing ideas (trust me on this, I am one), and all sorts of other airy-fairy left-wing nonsense.
    Growing up here, I have always felt like an outsider, and since my political views moved from left-wing to a mixture of nationalism, paleolibertarianism & paleoconservatism, I have become more alienated from everyone else here. I mean it’s all very well & good to get drunk, party & have sex every weekend but it’s all they do. I honestly believe a totalitarian government would do well here.
    For the whole of this year I have been hoping that the anti-establishment political wave would come here, but people here are honestly so stupid. Voting here is like a choice between Kasich/Rubio & Hillary. Here in New Zealand I just feel so disaffected.
    Sorry, back to the women. I’m in my early 20s & of the three serious relationships I have had, they were all exactly like this (the last one I broke up with over a year ago when my views changed). Looking for a half-decent woman here is pretty much unicorn hunting. This is only a symptom of the wider degeneracy here in New Zealand. That’s why I laugh at people who want to come here to avoid societal collapse. Yeah, sure, it’s far away, but being here is like having President Bernie Sanders for the last 120 years. It’s crap.
    I’m seriously thinking of leaving the country for a few years & go to either Russia, Hungary or Cyprus. Problem is that being a Maori (indigenous/pre-European New Zealanders), I am deeply attached to this country, & thus I have no other country to go to. For that reason, if I do leave it would only be a temporary measure, but I really hope that New Zealanders snap out of this quickly, or this country will be lost.

  59. Honestly women in the UK are pretty bad. They would at least give NZ women a run for their money on a list for undesirable bitches that blue pill dudes settle for.

  60. let’s face facts, men……..western women are cookie cutter boring……my eyes are on china

  61. With the exception of number 2 & 6, I think New Zealand women are perfect for me.

  62. Coulda started and ended with 6.
    All the rest may be preferences, but to each his own. But 6 is pretty much the doom to mankind.
    Also, I was gonna say America had it worse, but then i recalled England. Then I realized each western country is kinda shit for women. Others suck too, but the west is saturated with an abundance of poor mates.

  63. AGREED!
    I’ve been to New Zealand, Auckland more especifically, and that is true. In more than a week travelling I didn’t saw any attractive girls! Amazing!
    At least there a lot of asian girls in town, who I believe are less masculine (though not pretty)

  64. You sound rather threatened. After reading this article I can only conclude New Zealand women are the worst in the world because they’ve had enough of matching with Jake the Muss on Tinder and won’t cook Kiwi men any damn eggs anymore.
    1893 was quite a while ago, maybe you could try coming into line with the social practices of our times? When you catch up you should check out television, I hear it’s pretty cool.
    In all seriousness it must be difficult waking up in the minority, especially one of your own weak and fearful design.

  65. Agree with this article – the average Kiwi woman I have met overseas has been pretty rank, and they are slutty as all hell. Still, have had some decent experiences. First one I met was in Bali when I was 19, she was only a 6 at best but my God she could tug a cock – best handjobs I have ever had!

  66. I was driving (Uber) a couple of months ago and I picked up these Kiwi women. One of them in the back seat, a maori woman, was drunk and kept looking at me going “Mmmm he’s cute, I’d rape him!”
    The most attractive Kiwi girls are the ones who move to Australia when they’re young- and that’s saying a lot!

    1. This site has really opened my eyes to Australia. I always pictured it filled with young hot women, relaxed surfer guys and grizzled old tough dudes in bars giving masculine advice. I know it is kind of a characature but I just pictured it like the mix between a hoping city, a surfer paradise and an old boxing club.
      I have seen, however, post after post describing it as a dystopia filled with effeminate men, fat women and one step away from outlawing masculinity.
      Is it really that terrible there?

  67. Jesus, no wonder Kiwi women are so ugly, look at how butt ugly the penisnazi author is! It looks as if his face were squished together in a vise!

    1. Hey Rangi, did your ugly Kiwi mother drop her big fat ass on your head? YOUR FACE looks squished!

      1. That’s not the author, it’s Richie McCaw. You’re just jealous because you’re so ugly you wear a Stormtrooper helmet.

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