How Your Life Can Change In One Year After Swallowing The Red Pill

It was a year ago during my last semester at college.  I had a cute, bubbly girl over at my apartment for dinner.  We had been on a date the week before and had kissed lightly in the car as I dropped her off.  I had planned to make my great grandmother’s spaghetti sauce recipe, hoping I’d impress her enough to charm my way into her pants.  As I stood near my kitchen stove stirring the sauce, she dropped a bomb in my face.

“We’re not having sex tonight, so don’t even try.”

Needless to say, I didn’t end up scoring with that girl one year ago.  I got her into the bedroom by playing guitar (I wasn’t a total moron), but was too much of a coward to escalate the interaction further.  I rationalized in my own mind that it was too early to push for sex, and that she was a nice girl who “wasn’t like that.”  She studied abroad in Australia for most of 2013 – and I’ll bet she racked up plenty of notches during the year.  Frustrated with my lack of success, I turned to Google.

I explicitly remember typing, “What to do when a girl says we’re not having sex,” into my search bar.  All of a sudden, the world was swung wide open to me.  I stumbled across blogs like Roissy and Roosh, and didn’t move from my computer chair for probably the next five hours as all the explanations for my lack of success with girls were explained to me in beautiful, concise words.

Little did I know at the time, but these websites that promoted what I later found out was the “Red Pill Belief” would completely change my life around.  Thankfully, the knowledge I gained was far more than the ability to simply put my dick into more girls.  It changed my life and provided me explanations for my struggles in many facets of life.  It is difficult to write things like this and admit how much I struggled and failed prior to this, but I couldn’t be more grateful.  It has taught me to be a better man and has allowed me to lay a path down that will bring me the most happiness.

Seeing as this is my first post at Return Of Kings for the calendar year, I thought it would be appropriate to recap how far I’ve come in my one year since the doors were swung open by swallowing the red pill.


This is the most obvious one, and likely the reason that most guys stumble across the red pill.

When I first found red pill sites, I was 21 years old.  I had really only been with one girl my entire life.  I had no idea how attraction worked or no real knowledge as how to understand females.  I was fortunately not the awkward guy learning pickup – I had the social skills, but not the attraction part of it.  The knowledge contained within sites like Return Of Kings teaches you functional skills with women.  It teaches you how to build yourself into a better man so that women are naturally going to gravitate towards you.  Knowing all of the lines, negs, and LMR tactics in the world won’t necessarily do you a lot of good without the inner frame that you are worthy of attracting beautiful women.

Through the red pill, I learned that if I built my life in the right way, I’m more than worthy of having a beautiful woman, or many beautiful women, in my life.



Since dropping 85 pounds in high school, I’ve always been a bit of a fitness nut.  I raced endurance sports in college such as triathlon.  I lifted weights at the gym 3-4 times a week.  However, I suspect my “workout plan” was what many guys who aren’t getting results are doing.  I’d walk into the gym, think of a few different exercises, try to remember the last time I’d done them, and then go perform them.  3 sets of 10, barely getting heavier with the weight, always fearing I’d throw a shoulder out of socket or hurt my knees while squatting.  I never  tracked my weight, diet, or bothered to log anything for that matter.

No longer.  Every detail of my workout is meticulously logged in a journal and then expectations for the next round are set.  Now, when I’m finishing up my second workout of the day, every set is done to the point it takes every fiber of my being to complete my final repetition.  The majority of my food is made at home in my own kitchen, cutting out all of the garbage that fast food contains.

I’ve also noticed that as I’ve pushed myself harder, my worries about injuries have lessened.  I no longer fear the squat or shoulder press.  Thanks to the red pill, the amount of weight I can lift, my body composition, and diet have never been better.

Cultivating Beneficial Hobbies And Ridding Yourself Of Poison


As mentioned, I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for a while.  Some of my other hobbies include guitar, writing, cars, and technology.  I was fortunate that I had some “cool” hobbies when taking the red pill.

There was a time, long ago though, that I played a lot of video games.  World of Warcraft?  Give me 14 hours a day, please.  I played Halo, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty competitively, as if I was an athlete.


Occasionally, I had desires to relapse and fire up the good ‘ol WoW account.  No longer.  I’ve realized that as a man, you must be improving and challenging yourself.  Things that take you out of reality, such as cable TV and video games, simply distract you from the pathetic state that your life is currently in.  It may make you feel better to watch reality shows like Jersey Shore, but ultimately you’re simply hamsterizing your own existence away.

The red pill has taught me to continue to cultivate current hobbies, and develop new ones.  My guitar practice sessions are structured to challenge myself more and more.  I try to write everyday at my personal blog.  I’ve also taken a few self defense classes and am starting to learn some Polish for my upcoming trip to Europe.

Thanks to the red pill, I’ve learned bettering and working on yourself every day will make yourself feel better, and raise your status in the eyes of others.

The 40 Hour Week

I was so thrilled to start my first full-time job out of college in February.  It only took me about six months to realize what everyone around here preaches – working at the mercy of a corporation sucks.  Truthfully, my job is not that bad at all.  My bosses are awesome, I usually enjoy the work, and the pay is good.

But something felt off. It never made sense to me – I thought it was bullshit that I was getting raped on taxes, and never getting any benefit from paying thousands and thousands of dollars to Uncle Sam every year.  Through the red pill, I’ve realized that American society is built upon a form of legal slavery.  The high powers want us all to report to work every day, so that they can continue to live their lavish lifestyles.  We continue to slave away because we have to in order to continue to fund our lavish lifestyles.

The hardest part is getting out.  I’m still struggling with coming to the reality that I will be miserable working in corporate America for the rest of my life.  It’s a tough pill to swallow, because everyone in my life encouraged me to go to college and get a job.  I actually got a job – so I’m far ahead of most current college grads, yet I don’t feel happy.  I feel like I signed up to fight a war…a war to give my heart and soul to my career to barely make it by.

That’s not a battle I’m going to fight.  I’ve been able to lay down a plan, and I’m hoping to be out of the corporate world by the time I’m 30.  I may adjust that if I feel my sanity slipping further and further down the hole.

Thanks to the red pill, I’ve realized that I don’t have to sell my soul completely.


I had never thought about leaving California, much less America.  From what everyone had ever told me, America was the best place in the world to live.  “The girls are the most beautiful!  They’re independent!  They don’t care what you think!  They can’t cook so you can eat out all the time!  They LOVE cats!”

These days, I simply play the game of the American girl.  I show them just enough interest so that they’re intrigued.  I escalate physically at the opportune times on our date.  I seed something back at my house that they just “have” to see.  Once back home, I pour them another drink and show them the item of interest.  I then tell them I want to play them a song on guitar – conveniently located in the bedroom.  It’s a monotonous routine, yet it gets me my nut at the end of the day.  However, if I do anything out of the ordinary, that sets me off as either a creep or a nice guy, neither of which are attractive to girls in America.

My eyes have been opened recently to travel.  I have no evidence besides the words of others, but I’ve realized I must see the world and see what else is out there.  I just booked my first trip to Europe last week – a week each in Poland and Czech Republic.

Thanks to the red pill, I have hope that girls in other parts of the world will outdo their American counterparts in every way.



There is a sense of community amongst this part of the Internet.  Lots of guys who have never had the answers, and simply want to improve their lives.  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some fellow bloggers in recent months and have had nothing but great things to say about them.  I consider them friends whom I can talk to about things that I can’t talk about at work, with blue pill friends, or even my family.

The red pill has taught me that the American world has made it tough on men, but yet, I’m not alone. 

And…neither are you.  For those of you reading this that are just having your eyes opened to the thought processes of the red pill, understand that it is a very difficult journey.  It will take all of your will power, motivation, and courage to shed yourself of the beliefs you have been taught your whole life.  If you can stomach it though, you can improve your life in ways that are unimaginable.

A year ago, if you’d told me I’d sleep with as many girls as I have, be as in good of shape as I am in, have come this far already with blogging, or that I’d be taking two weeks off work to adventure in Europe by myself, I would have laughed in your face.  I will say this, though: the red pill is a better meal than anything you ate at the dinner table this holiday season.

On Christmas Day, I sent out a mass ping text to tons of girls, including the girl I mentioned in the beginning of this post.  We got to talking about travels and what we’ve been doing for the last year.  We are going to meet up for some drinks next week.

If she says, “We’re not having sex tonight,” during the date, I doubt I’ll be able to contain the look of glee from spreading across my face.

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119 thoughts on “How Your Life Can Change In One Year After Swallowing The Red Pill”

  1. Women and manginas hate sites like this precisely because it sets people like you free.
    Which is why it is vital to spread the word.
    Have a happy and prosperous 2014.

    1. Love to hear stories like this. You have a way to get paid, and a way to get laid. Your goal is to be financially independent by 30. This is a goal any man can achieve.
      You have described our system of taxation and consumer spending in an easy to understand way, and it is very much slavery to buy BMWs and McMansions early in your career. Avoid being a sperm donor and human wallet. Build up to investing 70 cents on each dollar you earn, and you will never want for money (or pussy). Great article. Have a great trip to Czech Republic.

      1. I have largely had financial independence most of my life in the sense that I was (and am) cheap and this allowed me to walk away from employers that treated me too badly. I doubt troublemaker will be financially independent by 30 in the sense that he won’t have to work another day in his life. In theory, it’s possible if the guy is smart and then retires to a VERY low cost country but he’d have to lay low (pardon the pun) and live VERY frugally. In addition, financial circumstances change and places such as Costa Rica are no longer the super low cost places they were even 20 years ago.
        Next, regarding not becoming human wallet. Even if he can charm his way into psycho women’s pants for “free”, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. I have numerous friends tell me of psycho girls tracking them down, making up false stories to the police (consider Zimmerman’s girlfriend), or even just plain giving him a roofie and walking off with a kidney.

  2. Good for you and good luck in 2014. Like you, I have all my video games to charity last year. As I approach 30, I felt it rather pathetic for a 30 yr old man to spend his weekends playing TDM in MW3 while drinking a six pack.

  3. I ingested the red pill at 29. I can only imagine what would be of my life I had done it at 21.
    I specifically remember one girl who I got to my apt, saying that we would have no sex that day. And we didn’t. Now, I have at least 3 phrases and a couple tricks that could do the job.

    1. That phrase “we wont have sex today” probably said with a smug the most annoying. Like wow, you want me so bad and having sex with me must be a blessing for you !
      Next time, tell them you never have sex before marriage.

        1. heh i just smile, cause it always ends up happening, and then right before you play just the tip you get the “im on my period” LMR.
          I found a line on roosh’s forum, slap her on the ass and say “well go to the bathroom and come back”…to my astonishment, worked like a fucking charm.
          Because of this site, roosh’s forum, and may like it, holy shit my games exploded, i’ve still got some fear, but i need to realize its a learned failure.

  4. I wonder why people who call this site “the worst place on the internet” don’t ever mention articles like this of men improving themselves… Oh, that’s right. They don’t give fuck about men. To them, men trying to improve themselves is ‘sexist’, where as women being complete bitches is ’empowerment’.

      1. It ain’t my life.
        I happily laugh in the faces of feminazis and their weak beta males.
        Their strength is only ever borrowed from real men. As soon as we opt to withdraw our support from them they crumble.
        Which is why they hate websites such as this.

        1. good for you, seriously. its hard to find people like you cept in places like this, but in real life i don’t see many people acting strong and standing up for what they think is right, or just simply not caring about what others say.

    1. People hate, it’s a really natural habit to smash down the ones that deviate from the path of the herd (even if that herd is about to walk off a cliff).
      Many find it easier to just strike down anything that is different to what they are accustomed to and have invested time in than to stop see that a new way (perhaps better) is worth investing in. That’s why so few of the population throughout the history invested time and risked their lives to find new things, new paths etc. Even when the new path proves good, the inertia of the herd will still be smacking down the peers that detach from the herd.
      So I just ignore such nonsense until they threaten my way of life, as if they do you need to fight them with everything you got for your right of freedom.

  5. This is everything RoK stands for. Men discovering their potential and working on exercising it.
    You just wait until the long-term results take a hold. Life will be ripe, I can assure you.
    Just never rest on your laurels. As the great Garry Kasparov would suggest, constantly work to improve your position.

  6. Great post. I can relate. I’s always great to hear about others success. May the next year bring you even more!

  7. Congratulations for the level of maturity, for your age. ROK/redpill concept, I found just 2 months ago, makes me re-think my entire life. I’m 45, married, one daughter, Porto Portugal.

  8. “…I’m more than worthy of having a beautiful woman, or many beautiful women, in my life.”
    That word “worthy” is triggering for me—reminds me of Cosmo, RedBook, Oprah and the rest of the self-esteem industrial complex’s faux wisdom bullshit.
    If you bring beautiful women into your life, you will have them. If you don’t, you won’t. The concept of worthiness just doesn’t even apply.

    1. Its OK to consider yourself “worthy” in some circumstances.
      Its like arrogance. Some people in life have earned the right to be arrogant SOBs because they have earned that right through their track record or their talent.
      People like General Patton, Vince Lombardi, Brian Clough and Sebastian Vettel can be as arrogant as they like.
      Some people have egos and some people have ego problems.

  9. Congratulations for the level of maturity, for your age. ROK/redpill concept, I found just 2 months ago, makes me re-think my entire life. I’m 45, married, one daughter, Porto, Portugal. Happy new year !

      1. It’s only too late once the butchers take out your prostate and slice the nerves going to your most vital organ. Until then, go forth and fornicate! By any means necessary! Onwards!

  10. ” It will take all of your will power, motivation, and courage to shed yourself of the beliefs you have been taught your whole life.”
    Strange, it took me less than 30 seconds…took me long enough to find the Red Pill though.
    Nice read. Is very similar to my own experience.

    1. Me too.
      I can’t understand why anyone would go back to the blue pill life once they have seen what is possible once they reject it.
      I say that as someone who only took the red pill a few years ago and who had quite a lot of pussy and success in my blue pill days. God knows why maybe I have just always been lucky.
      So if someone like me who was only slightly damaged by feminism can reject the blue pill life then anyone can.

  11. Similar situation here my friend. At a certain point, you see some things and life that keep erking you and you wonder why. These things build up and eventually there is a tipping point, you starting asking questions, and suddenly you come across a list of 16 commandments of poon.
    God blesseth the manosphere.

  12. To me taking the red pill does mean all of those things, it also means that men and women are biologically different, and that feminism isn’t really all that it purports to be, there are also a host of issues facing men that do not get any attention, to me after I took the red pill, I’ve decided to go my own way.

    1. Feminism literally means (in a literal sense) seeing the world in terms of what pleases women. So when a feminist says she “only” wants equality, she means equality as defined by what women would want in equality.
      For example, let’s say you wanted equality in that you liked NASCAR so everyone should get “free” government subsidized NASCAR tickets. To yourself, this seems reasonable. You’re advocating it _equally_, right? It’s the fatal flaw of the golden rule.
      But even that definition of “feminist equality” is flawed because feminists always backpedal even on their limited definition of equality and come up with gotchas and “neverminds” when it doesn’t suit them. When women fail to live up to equality, they may tsk tsk it and say move on but if a man does? Well, break out a federal billion dollar program to make the men change!
      So the golden rule and a notion of personal “fairness” is the garden of sociopaths. Feminism is a mere exaggeration of chivalrous patronage where patriarchal men protect women at all costs including from logic itself.

      1. Indeed, and the first step to waking up is noticing and exposing this gross double standard.

        1. Er, no. Men’s rights advocates have also been advocating for this as well. But in addition, read the actual article you cite: “Feminist response in opposition to the idea of giving men an opt-out of child support has been swift and passionate, including from many writers and publications I deeply respect”
          That’s the author herself acknowledging that feminism, as a movement, is anti-male and the few “nice” feminists out there are an aberration.
          Something else rather amusing about the article is how the author tells a story of how her struggling single mother survived off of child-support from a duped adoptive father. It was possible even back then, as now, for even single mothers to find men. It wasn’t easy by any shot, but personal ads existed back then and women who could smile and be friendly to men could find a decent breadwinning man without subterfuge. I know several such women who were war widows who remarried quite quickly and even a few single mothers.
          In the modern era, mainstream feminists are addicted to welfare, affirmative action, and “child” support because they are so unpleasant towards men and simultaneously incompetent that they need to exploit children and extreme chivalrous patronage to get by.

        2. Feminists are by no means a monolithic group, as that article’s appearance on Salon, one of the most popular feminist sites, will attest. There isn’t full consensus on the issue but most feminists feel that men should not have the right to opt out of paying for unwanted offspring until women have the same right by way of state-subsidized abortions in every state. So it’s not a question of denying access (to men opting out), but until women have full access to “opting out,” no one should have it.
          Many feminists over the years have raised the equality issue including Joyce Arthur in an op-ed in 2005:, and Cathy Young who first raised the issue in a Salon piece dating back to 2000, way before MRAs had anything to say about it (or the movement even began): The principle behind child support is that it’s NOT for the mother’s benefit, but for the benefit of the child.
          I’m ignoring all your other off-topic statements because it’s common for misogynists to complain about misandry. But the irony is that they are the reason that both misandry and feminism exist. If society had been egalitarian to start with, there would not be a need for extreme corrective action.

        3. As a final point, just as there is no consensus among women or feminists, there is also no consensus among men. Both contain warring factions. Some men (usually social conservatives and religious fundamentalists) are trying to curb women’s abortion rights and access; other men are trying to expand access to abortion to include men: Differences are more regional and cultural than they are gender-specific. Men who live in egalitarian places tend to support the tenets of feminism (such as reproductive choice) most strongly.

        4. Now the “gotchas!” begin (reminds me of that “free” vacation I got for sitting through a timeshare presentation.) Lisa, I’ve been discussing this issue and feminism for a LONG time and nearly every time feminists get pinned down, they weasel out and claim that feminism can’t be defined. Or that their support for a particular issue has a ridiculous contingency. In this case, that women should get state subsidized abortions. Yet, women already have a variety of opt out options such as “safe havens” for infant abandonment in most states, adoption, and even welfare is an option for women who don’t have the funds to support unwanted children.
          And you know this. But you hope we’re dumb enough not to notice. Really. Lisa. I should be insulted but I’m rather amused because this is so predictable. Of COURSE a feminist says they don’t hate men or support men and then weasels around it. Because they don’t seriously mean it. They never do otherwise they wouldn’t belong to a man-hating gender movement derived from chivalrous patronage rather than from genuine attempts at equality. Your closing statement demonstrates this when you imply that the “extreme corrective action” is for women. But how much corrective action towards equality has really happened? Affirmative action is a joke. Women still get preferential seats on lifeboats (google Costa Concordia.) Feminism is a hate movement, plain and simple. But Cathy Young apologizes for it in the hopes of salvaging its credibility.

        5. Hahahaha! What Lisa means by “egalitarian places”, she means Western Europe. Google “malmo crime wave” and the future attitudes of the inhabitants of these places towards women.
          My Polish friends who live in Sweden tell me the non-western men have a nickname for Swedish men and women: “Kittens”. Because they’re so easy to rape and rob.
          What feminists agree universally on are goodies for women. Which is to be expected of an ideology that literally means seeing the world in terms of what women want. However, western patriarchy has engaged in chivalry which patronized women and therefore that’s the only way such an ideology of feminism would have its hand held.
          I remember during the 80’s when it was expected that feminism would take over the planet and there would be gogo’s music playing in every radio. OK, they ARE playing in a lot of places around the world but culturally, the opposite is occurring: Non-western peoples and attitudes are taking over the west rather than the other way around.
          Don’t expect the men here to die fighting against them.

        6. No, the point is that women should not have to carry a pregnancy to term if they don’t want to. Just like men should not have to pay for a child that they don’t want to. It’s not that feminism can’t be defined. It’s that feminists are not a hive mind. Even on this misogynstic site there are men who are for “traditional patriarchy” that forces women to breed more, and some men who are for nihilism and “game” and who are allergic to fatherhood. But you would never, ever accuse men with competing agendas of being “evasive” for not all sharing the same opinion. It’s hypocritical.

        7. Lisa, you have merely reiterated many of your points but let’s address the single red herring once and for all: Guaranteed free abortion to end pregnancy is NOT the same thing as walking away from parenthood. Granted, I see your point that men merely walking away from a born child isn’t the same thing as a woman going through an abortion or pregnancy to then put it up for adoption or abandonment but even if the abortion clinic was free and they had a luxury spa to boot, the situation would still not be equivalent. (whew!) Women would still have to go through the abortion or childbirth. So your claim that until there’s “free” abortion clinics that men should be stuck with the bill is goalpost moving. You’re just creating a high standard in order to rationalize away sticking men with parenthood while women get away with walking away from it, literally, regardless of abortion rights in most states.
          That leads us to your reiteration of the “benefit of the child and thus, society”. What a joke. We already have “subsidized” child-support: Welfare mothers. Ironically, it’s not free abortions that most young women (feminists or not) crave today but rather society to foot the bill for unwed motherhood or get it from someone else. Rather than benefitting society, their offspring commits crimes and sucks the life out of society.
          New, fun observation: There’s an almost darwinistic quality to how the policy works. Men who buy into women as trustworthy or equals and believes the women when they say they’ll get an abortion, or to not use a condom because she’s on the pill, etc. are taken to the cleaners. The smart men learn to distrust women. Welfare has skyrocketed, rather than decreased (as promised) by these child-support policies because as smart men opt out then the dumb “baby daddies” wind up getting women knocked up and not having money and just live in prison happily. Some of them have 2 dozen kids.
          How many of their offspring do you think will live up to feminist principles?
          I’m not sure if the female moral supremacy is a joke or not but it’s amusing that you rationalize inequality for men on an issue (access to walking away from parenthood) and wind up supporting a policy that harms children and all in a western society that feminists bash on a regular basis. I guess that is moral supremacy in the sense that you don’t let reality get in the way of your beliefs. At least while it lasts. Feminism is a grand scale of 20 something women acting like brats until 20 years later when they’re 40 and then men don’t please them anymore and they can’t figure out what happened. This whole notion of feminine equality in most of the west is maybe 50 years old or so. The Roman empire was around for millennia. 50 years is not the same thing as millennia. There’s a reason why there are few matriarchies have have lasted long enough for historical notice.

        8. “Women would still have to go through the abortion or childbirth. So your claim that until there’s “free” abortion clinics that men should be stuck with the bill is goalpost moving. You’re just creating a high standard in order to rationalize awa y sticki ng men with parenthood while women get away with walking away from it, literally, regardless of abortion rights in most states.”
          No, I am not. I don’t support repealing abortion rights, and I DO support men’s right to choose as well. Just because I understand the initial rationale behind child support doesn’t mean that I don’t support amending it today so that men can opt out in the proposed 2-week window or have a say in a woman having an abortion. There is no goalpost moving. You are simply incapable of seeing both sides of an issue, and then taking a stance. i.e. objectivity, therefore it infuriates you when someone else demonstrates this. Pointing out the history behind a policy does not mean that you are opposed to making amendments. What you are trying to do is censor it, and only see one side expressed.
          I am childfree. Frankly, from a personal standpoint, more abortions are a good thing! Whether the man OR the woman is instigating it. They have been linked to a lower crime rate. That doesn’t mean I can’t see why policies were initially enacted to benefit a child.

        9. I missed something Lisa: I disagree with you categorizing this site as “misogynistic”. Let’s ponder that most men on this site spend a great deal of energy trying to find ways to have sex, and relationships, with women. Yes, they may criticize women but that’s not necessarily misogynistic. On the flip side, they say many nice things about foreign women and therefore praise women. They also criticize men and not just because they are sympathetic with feminists. They advise men to improve themselves overall to simply be a better person. In many ways, this site mirrors feminism except that the men here are a lot more responsible. They don’t buy into wallowing and waiting for the matriarchy to bail them out. Feminism, however, is all about the government (namely, taxpaying men) bailing out women. It’s learned helplessness.
          But sure, let’s ponder the different types of feminists out there: Most are simply the spoiled gimme girls. Then there’s the man haters. Then there are a few who claim to be for “egalitarianism” but only after society gives women every goody they want and then maybe, just maybe, men should be treated as human beings. Oh, and maybe a few apologists such as Cathy Young who say that feminism has to stop man hating but until then, let’s give it a chance.
          Sure, all of that is different but in terms of egalitarianism, worthless.

        10. “I disagree with you categorizing this site as “misogynistic”.
          OK, you can do that, but you’re wrong.
          Samples of highly-rated comments on this site or actual article excerpts: “Women are nothing more than cum-dump stations. Nothing more. A true “Alpha” would never limit himself to one single vag.”
          “its not fair to force companies to employ and pay for substandard female workers that bleed 5 days a month”
          “If there is one defining feature that separates men and women it can be summed up in one word… loyalty. Why? Because women have none.”
          I could actually go on for hours, but you get the idea.
          If someone perceives those comments as misogynistic, I’m sure they are just imagining things.
          Or you are being a typical male and blatantly denying anything that is not in your self-interest to acknowledge. All the men here seem to share a common thread of hypocrisy and inability to be objective where it doesn’t advance their agenda.

        11. Lisa, i never implied that you supported repealing abortion rights. I merely observed that terminating pregnancy wasn’t the same as terminating parental rights.
          Heck, Lisa, I’ve been debating this since before you were born most likely back in the early 90’s. Back then, it was inconceivable that anyone should have a legal right to abandon a child at a police station but times have changed. Upon that basis alone, without abortion, walking away from parenthood for men has egalitarian merit. We live in an era when women, even with abortion rights and subsidies through planned parenthood, welfare, “child” support, and affirmative action are throwing so many dead babies into dumpsters that a chivalrous society legalized women abandoning babies. What more will it take to placate women lest they act even worse?
          What I knew so far was that you “supported” opt-out for men but then set conditions that were unlikely to pass (free abortions for all women). This isn’t just unlikely in an era where abortion is still a hot topic but funding issues as well. In case you haven’t noticed, healthcare funding is a mess right now. That’s goalpost moving and a “cheap” trick. And I, and we, see right through it.
          In addition, even as you paid a little lip service to egalitarianism you trotted out good ol’ chivalrous rationalizations such as the best interests of the child, etc. to justify sticking the bill on men. Of course, nevermind that not aborting a child is considered by many to also be in the best interests of the child. Or opposing feminism itself.
          I recall reading Playboy back in the 70’s when Hugh Hefner donated to NOW and promised that women, once fully liberated, would be responsible adults and men would be freed from providing for them. What a joke. We’re living in a post feminist world and the cat (meow!) is out of the bag in terms of feminists trying to claim that it’s an egalitarian movement. It was obvious 100 years ago it wasn’t, but it had the benefit of a doubt back then.
          No more.

        12. “What I knew so far was that you “supported” opt-out for men but then set conditions that were unlikely to pass (free abortions for all women).” Why shouldn’t they? Abortions are covered by the province where I live (in Canada). It’s not like there is no precedent for this.
          “In addition, even as you paid a little lip service to egalitarianism you trotted out good ol’ chivalrous rationalizations such as the best interests of the child, etc. to justify sticking the bill on men.” Who is sticking the bill on men? If men are allowed to walk away from paying for the kid, then how is he getting stuck with the bill? Oh, that’s right – he’s not. You just can’t placate right-wing men because they won’t be satisfied until women are barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen getting backhanded again. No wonder your women are the likeliest to file for divorce.
          “I recall reading Playboy back in the 70’s when Hugh Hefner donated to NOW and promised that women, once fully liberated, would be responsible adults and men would be freed from providing for them.” We’re living in an era that women are beginning to pay alimony to men (although alimony is extremely unlikely to be paid to anyone). Among millenials, the wage gap has almost completely closed and women outearn men in major cities. What more do you want? We are **trying** to be fully independent here. It would be helpful if you supported us instead of telling us to stop working so a man can take a job. With the progress we are making it won’t be long before men can completely walk away from fatherhood. Then you can stop bitching.

        13. Whether or not “single payer” healthcare ever gets implemented in the USA (unlikely), free abortions are a goalpost movement game for reasons already stated.
          You accused me of off-topic statements yet you bring up the opinions of “right wing” men as a strawman. In answer to your question, hypothetically if men are allowed to walk away then they won’t get stuck with the bill, of course. But you had already weaseled out supporting that with the above contingency.
          Arguing that a few women have paid alimony to men as if that implies any major change is another distraction. Queen Elizabeth 1 was a woman. Did that have any major implications for women’s equality at the time? Regarding women getting paid more. Affirmative action handout jobs are meaningless indicators of actual equality (and no, demanding men respect women as equals even as the women get handout jobs as a rationalization for more handout jobs for women is a self-fulfilling prophesy in case you want to try that.)
          I laughed out loud at your claim of you “we” trying to be independent: Government subsidized abortions. Affirmative action handout jobs. “Child” support. Welfare mothers. And tons of unwed mothers who refused to marry because they wanted 1950’s breadwinning men. If they were trying any less hard, they’d be houseplants.
          It’s not misogyny to observe that feminism’s grab for goodies is neither equality nor independence from the western male patriarchy. It’s just an observation of reality.
          In answer to your final personal questions directed at me: We wouldn’t advocate telling you to stop working so men could take the job if you were actually BEING independent rather than paying lip service at “trying” and then demanding individual men and taxpayers pick up the bill anyway. So what more do I want? I guess feminists to actually be something other than damsels in distress playing pretend equality in western white male controlled nations.

        14. Affirmative action’s implementation would not have been necessary had men not been like yourself and had a history of being morally bankrupt and discriminatory. It’s misandry, yes, and it’s based on historical fact, much like racial profiling is (don’t think you’ll argue with that one, though. Men are inherently self-serving and hypocritical where need be.) In the absence of coersion they usually prove to be simply incapable of fairness.
          Hopefully in the future it can be abolished.
          Welfare was actually established during The Great Depression because men, women and children were starving. Not that you care; men are far less capable of empathy than women are, which is why they are far more likely to demonstrate Dark Triad traits. In any case, this predates feminism.

        15. Lisa, I just had this funny closing thought (for the night)
          Even if, through some kind of magic, every woman was guaranteed a six figure income and “free healthcare” and a big comfy home issued to them a birth…
          Half of you would still demand “traditional” “real” men provide and pay for you and the other half would blow it and then demand the taxpayer and men foot the bill for her “bay-bees” lest they starve to death.
          And I just read your recent response and that’s largely what has happened. You need affirmative action because you’re a victim, blah blah blah, and maybe someday you can handle it but for now, you’re helpless. Yeah, I won’t get my hopes up that western white woman feminism will ever change. And sure, feminists sympathize with the plight of blacks when they buy African blood diamonds. What A Joke.

        16. Another thought I was having is of case studies of sociopaths. I’ve done some research on the subject (having dealt with sociopaths) but also enjoyed the portrayal of Tony Soprano. In the show and in real life, sociopaths are masters of rationalization: They see themselves as simply being fair which helps them to avoid feelings of guilt. They find ways to portray other people as oppressors or flawed (and everyone has flaws) and highlight their positive traits and then find ways to “level the playing field.” Or they project themselves onto others and claim “better him than me” and that since the other person would probably do the same in their place, they “have it coming” to them. And if they don’t, then they’re stupid suckers.
          I know people like this, of both genders, and this is how they think to a T.
          It also perfectly describes feminism and all the rationalizations you made today for goodies for women being unconditional while arguing for stuff for men only if a certain “trigger” occurred or contingency was met and then claiming to be an egalitarian which you then rationalize into fairness (which is a different thing) To yourself, where the world revolves around your sense of self importance, sure it makes sense.
          This is why it’s good for men to travel and meet foreign women. We can handle expanding our world and challenging our notion of ourselves. But western women who wind up alone and unmarried, they won’t take such a trip because it’s too far out of their comfort zone of patronizing chivalrous white guys.

        17. Lisa, final thought for the night:
          I acknowledge I was stating you are behaving like an amoral sociopath as a slur but simultaneously, in terms of results, it’s often a good thing. Many sociopaths are able to use their ability to act selfishly without hesitation as a useful tool to become successful in business and even personal life. Many “players” are sociopaths because they are able to deal with rejection and manipulation of others without any regrets. CEO’s are notoriously sociopaths.
          So if you have managed to channel this self-serving “egalitarian” philosophy into a means for supreme personal success, I congratulate you. On the other hand, if you haven’t parlayed this philosophy into personal success then I would suggest therapy. I’ve engaged in various forms of therapy myself to better understand my worldview for personal, and relationship, empowerment.
          Cheers and night.

        18. We’re not “helpless”; advanced economies have remained so with women entering the workforce en masse. For every woman claiming benefits two more are supporting her with their taxes (including myself). To assume that every single mother out there is on welfare is a level of willful idiocy that I can’t quite comprehend. Sure, there are people on welfare, but that has always been the case and will always be so. People fall on hard times. It happens.
          As for half of women wanting to be lazy and sit at home while hubby works and porks the secretary, I’m sure you’re right that there will always be women who want that. That’s kind of the whole point of feminism; you get to make a choice. If you want to gamble away your career and livelihood and then regret it, go to town!

        19. Hello Lisa. You claim that advanced economies have remained so is a matter of opinion. My working class parents could afford to buy a home in the USA with a 20 year loan and employers treated people a heck of a lot better. 1 income households, or at least women working part-time, was a lot more feasible back then. I never said every single mother out there was on welfare which makes that claim a strawman. I am making the case that women cannot be independent when a majority of them need traditional breadwinning men, “child” support, welfare, and affirmative action. There’s a safety net and a hammock and your “equality” position seems to be that women, as a group, will need handouts for the indefinite future.
          Hubby porks the secretary? Really? The vast majority of men then, as now, were proletariat workers busting their butts so their spouses, and children, could have better lives. Bourgeoises feminists “pork” bad boys and blow their mad money on fashion designer shoes and blood diamonds.
          What this discussion reveals, Lisa, is that always when a feminist is asked to detail her beliefs she quickly reveals that she wants more goodies and “hard times” handouts for women paid for by men NOW (as the organization name implies) while men are told to just deal with life and get by. It always happens that way even with the nicest of them (at the start). I’m amused although not surprised that this discussion turned out to happen the same way. I’m so surprised that you wound up with that paradigm. A philosophy that defines “equality” in terms of what women want being selfish. Gee, who would have thought. Again.
          Thanks for the back and forth and I’ll continue to reply but at this point, my lack of surprise is becoming less and less surprising.

        20. You make some interesting points about sociopaths PKUSA. “They see themselves as simply being fair which helps them to avoid feelings of guilt.”
          Being someone who is absurdly prone to feelings of guilt and regret I’ve found it hard to conceive of people who are not able to feel these things. You suggest that sociopaths can but they’re better able to dismiss such ‘useless’ emotions.
          I suspect I’m not saying anything new by suggesting that by far, in terms of evo-psych, men have the ‘advantage’ here and women who’ve failed to resist the siren song of their ‘advantage’ (in terms of SMV) are desperate to redress the balance, in the name of ‘equality’. What a mess!

        21. A woman friend of mine claimed that men were inferior because our left and right portions of our brains talk less to each other. But as anyone can tell you, getting real work done requires the ability to focus out distractions and focus upon a core issue. Few are able to multitask effectively.
          Female sociopaths have been created by a state and society that encouraged them to see men as disposable resources. In other words, if you hang out with eagles you become an eagle, if you hang out with sociopaths or a society that encourages you to think as such, you find a way.
          So feminists on this forum who post their rationalizations, I think, feel guilt and concern that they’ll be found out (sociopath tests continually ask the subject if they are focused upon how they are viewed by other people while most people worry about popularity and their public persona a lot less.) they’re worried that their house of cards might come crashing down. So they throw out their little tricks such as saying that feminism isn’t man hating and it’s about equality so just wait a few centuries and then men can have equality (but women get “equality” now.) It’s lucy teasing Charlie Brown with the football but at least Lucy in the cartoon is honest with herself about the deception.
          I refer to calling out sociopaths as bursting the bubble (I’ve done this before). Male or female, when a person has figured them out AND convinced a few other people, they live in a state of fear that they might get called out again at any time. It deeply troubles them because the point for sociopaths is to get security and control people. If people can’t be controlled then… they’re just like the rest of us.
          And they HATE that because they like to think they’re special and rules don’t apply to them.

        22. Well thank you for more interesting insights. Hmmm, didn’t take long, I mean, that was recent research that suggests better right brain/left brain communication in women, if I’m not mistaken.
          I thought most feminists, most people with a sociopathic agenda, were hostile toward brain studies… Think of Dorian Gray’s portrait locked away in the attic, when he could bring himself to look upon it he noted, effectively, how ineffectual was the censure of his peers by comparison to seeing the real state of his soul.
          I suspect though that Big Data will probably have much more impact than brain studies. I think you’ll be able to tell a lot more about a person’s ‘soul’ merely from a single week of their internet activity (not to mention shopping habits etc) than you could from ten years worth of FMRI examinations.

        23. “most people worry about popularity and their public persona a lot less.”
          A lot less than people who are sociopaths I daresay, but all things relative there seems to be quite a spectrum of sociopathy. I’m sure I’m aware, or perhaps retrospectively aware, of such traits in myself but for the most part I feel as though I live in something like a parallel universe to most people.
          If you were to go to the Theodore Dalrymple Forum and particularly the third comment by ‘Caleb’ on ‘what about the man’s responsibility?’ under feminism, Caleb refers to the Pareto principle, I quote:
          “Long-lasting, sustainable societies realised that these biological issues are an absolute nightmare for a society and need to be restricted in some sense. Otherwise, what you end up with is a kind of pareto principle where certain men reap a disproportionate share of the pie. Women, biologically, will tend to end up as part of a harem, be it a soft harem (e.g. modern “playas”/PUAs) or a hard harem (e.g. polygamous marriages, such as in the Middle East), or there is cuckoldry. There is a reason that most successful societies enshrine monogamy, chastity, fidelity, etc”
          Well, without becoming tooooo long winded, suffice to say I feel as though I’m something of a spectator of the world as tragedy… A lot of the time anyway.

        24. Oh, and I see advice on ‘Game’ more as a cynical patronising tokenistic ‘after the horse has bolted’ extension of the ‘franchise’ (harem) to the hitherto ‘losers’… The real house of cards is a Pornzi Scheme of both sexes. The manosphere left it’s recruiting campaign far too late.

        25. So, a pregnancy does not create a child? A living, moving person, growing inside a woman has less right to live than the woman herself. Why? Because she considers herself more important? Consider that you are in a room that is running out of air with another woman. She has the right to kill you to save herself? You might say that it is different because you both have an equal right to live, but what if one of you are ill, or in a functioning coma? Only a feminist would say that she or any woman can choose to end a life to save hers or her body. Really? The issue of child support is also disturbing. If a guy wants the woman to keep a child and she aborts it, it is her choice. Or if he wants her to get rid of it, its still her choice and yet he has no choice when it comes to paying child support. WHAT?

  13. dude, your gonna love czech, been there done that, though its too cold there this time of year for my taste. though its strikingly beautiful (but freezing)
    written sitting comfortably in hawaii

  14. Great post…. one piece of advice…
    A day job is like a heroin addiction….
    “I’m hoping to be out of the corporate world by the time I’m 30”
    ain’t gonna work….. now apply the correct strategies…
    came across this lot the other day… very inspiring

  15. Nice article! I wish I had discovered these “secrets” when I was 21. The girl who started you off on your journey by saying the two of you wouldn’t be having sex that night reminds me of a former girlfriend from a few years back. She got offended by my cavalier attitude one night and haughtily announced that I would not be getting any pussy that night.
    Funny thing is that I had several booty-callable women in my phone and proceeded to dial one right in front of her and set up a bang date right in front of her. As I turned to leave her house, I casually tossed at her “Oh, I’m fucking tonight. I was hoping it would be you…..but, if not, it’ll be someone else. Cheers!” and did my best Captain Rhett Butler impersonation sauntering out the door and out into the night. The look of shock and surprise on her face was priceless as she realized the one thing she thought she could hold over my head to control me was useless.
    Needless to say, she never tried to play the pussy-control game on me again. Ah, good times!

  16. THISSS !!
    This is me in the beginning stages ! I’ve always been social, i’ve got a decent notch count, but the quality wasn’t there. I’ve never been so interested in the red pill alpha lifestyle. I’m 27 beginning to question the corporate job I have and I’m already looking for another, i’ve improved on my fitness the last year, my game is slowly but surely becoming better (especially your “we aren’t having sex part).
    I see the world for what it is (even though I’m still fighting some of the old brainwashing) and I want out !! I live in socal, but my god are we getting shafted out here. I might as well be on welfare but I want to become financially independent.
    Hey trouble maker if you’d like to bounce ideas and views off each other i’d greatly appreciate some feedback !

  17. great post. ive found rooshs site and other manosphere bloggers 2 yrs ago and glad i found it. but at least you made changes, having all this knowledge is good but i have to put it to action. this year all aspects of game is what i want to improve. education money training social n seduction skills and itll be hard an tiresome(which is why i procrastinated) but itll be worth it.
    wish me luck

    1. … And dont forget that white women are oppressing black men! We gotta stand up for the black man against those crazy crackers!

  18. Cheers mate! And congrats on your red pill transformation. It’s easy to see how impressively far you’ve come on your journey, and set quite the humble precedent for the rest of us to strive for. Tell me though, how did you manage to muster all your willpower, motivation, and especially, especially courage to…stop playing ‘vids so much? Failing that, perhaps you can guide me by showing how you made the mind blowing mental transformation of
    believing you should go to college ’cause other people said so, to believing foreign women are better ’cause other people said so. But I understand if you can’t get back to me because you know, we’ve all
    been drafted into a war here so fight on we must! And a war zone it is indeed, where a brave young soul such as yourself is only granted the paltry luxury of a mere 8 YEAR PLAN! Truly, tomorrow is guaranteed to no man. But alas, wo is me, I must end this soon. I cannot afford internet service, for all my money goes to taxes that give me nothing, and I mean nothing in return. Look at all the nothing I have because of taxes. A university education, roads to
    drive on, food to eat, water to drink, and electricity to power my computer generated diatribe. Taxes are in no way involved with any of those things, amiright? Nay I say, Nay! My time has come. My massa
    has called. As you know, we are all but slaves here in America. So sad is my plight. Freedom is but an illusion. By the way, did you say one, or two weeks in Europe?

  19. It’s repeated often in any zen and taoist texts, but is fitting for this article: an easy thing is not a thing worth doing.
    If it is hard, you’re on the right track

  20. nice article. this comment in particular struck a chord:
    “There is a sense of community amongst this part of the Internet. Lots
    of guys who have never had the answers, and simply want to improve their
    lives. “

  21. Red pill has nothing to do with how many notches you get. At 21 you had one notch. I had give or take 15 notches when I graduated high school at 17 and somewhere around 25 by the age of 21. The only problem was I was blue pill to the core. I put up with so much shit.
    Now that I have fully evolved into the red pill mindset I get far less poon than I did as a blue pill. My willingness to tolerate bullshit is nonexistent and women are 99% bullshit. Also it is much harder to bed 8+ women in 2014 than it was in 1994.
    There was a time not so long ago that when a young man broke up with a woman (or vice-versa) several women would seek him out. It was much easier then. Now a high quality man has to compete for women below his level.

        1. I feel very old when I have to interact with gen y millennial retards. It is like talking to illegal immigrants.

      1. The numbers of high quality american women are falling fast. What used to be a 6-7 is now a fat opinionated woman. The thirsty dudes are chasing fat low quality pussy like that with the same fervor once reserved for good looking girls creating a false rating among women.
        I know one woman that is 40. She is a 5.5 at best. I have known her for 20+ years and 20 yrs ago she was a 7. She is recently divorced and despite a gut that hangs over her pants several inches she just told me “she still has it” because good looking guys are always trying to come on to her.
        I’m surprised I have to explain on this site but here it is.
        Demand for an inferior product creates an environment where the consumer has only two options:
        -pay more for the same level of quality you have always purchased
        -pay the same for an inferior product

        1. Thats a pretty good analogy. Also applying the law of supply and demand into the equation..then even the inferior products are becoming low in supply and high in demand due to the excess supply of thirsty simps. We need a war, and send more of these thugs /criminals into the prisons to get these ratios back to normal.

        2. I’m not sure sending more people to prison is the answer. America already has more people in prison than almost the rest of the world combined. It is not a numbers problem. It is a culture problem.
          I think the answer lies in men reclaiming masculinity and ending legal protections from all special interest groups i.e. feminism, racism, gays, religious protections for only certain groups…etc..etc….
          White european men allowed this to get fucked it up BUT they are also the only way out of this mess. It is not a white supremacy thing but an issue of population. I think black men have already been conquered by “liberal ideas” making them irrelevant in their own communities and I think the same tactics are being deployed against white men as I type this.

  22. Hey man what part of cali are you in. I’ve been doing daygame for the last 2.5 years and I went through my red pill moment about a year ago. Life turns upside down when it happens, it’s great.

  23. All the “feminist” sites offer is mediocrity and snark. At least most of the men’s sites offer all-round improvement. One thing I can’t recommend highly enough, and I am sure Roosh doesn’t mind a dead guy getting a plug, is to listen to Black Philip by Patrice O’Neal. They are on You Tube and it is basically Patrice discussing how men can fix their relationships by understanding the female mindset. He explains things very clearly and you will NEVER look at yours or anyone else’s relationships the same way again.

  24. Sometimes I think I just don’t “get it” – the red pill. My first exposure to red pill was back in 2008 when I read “The Game”. I love sites like ROK, read the forums at RooshV, and have read other PUA stuff in years since. It’s a hobby. Still, most would say I’m still an omega. I think I have difficulty putting theories/concepts into action.

    1. Here is a simple experiment. Next time you are about to be in the presence of some non family member females spend a few minutes focusing on your strength.
      A useful affirmation is to simply say “I am strong”.
      When I use that affirmation my voice lowers in tone, my body language becomes more assured and women go a little bit cuckoo.
      I think of that exercise as Red Pill 101.

  25. Took the Red Pill about half a year ago now and everything you’ve said here ticked a box for me.
    Great job Trouble.Maker, keep it up.

    1. The Mens movement needs to become a voting bloc to gain our rights back. Time to come out of the shadows.

      1. Well, “rights” makes you sound like an MRA. I think the best thing we can do is focus on expanding the community and creating better individuals. Being exclusive will be important in my opinion, the masses aren’t concerned with the problems of first world white men who want more pussy and more money and healthier bodies than they already are. It’s not our right. It’s not a woman’s right to have all the things they’ve won today either, they just went out and got it.

        1. Er, Buddy women didn’t “go out and get anything”. Chivalrous western men gave it to them and usually as part of a larger agenda. Women’s equal pay groups were subsidized by large companies looking to LOWER wages overall (and they sure succeeded) by filling the factories full of cheap labor (and with outsourcing and immigration policies, modern women who “won” so-called equality will get 50 year payment plans for a condo.)
          Socialists, Stalinists, and radical lesbians funded the modern women’s movement. There’s a term they used for lesbians and straight men leftists: useful dupes. They all thought they were going to get something for nothing and someone else would be thrown under the bus. Eventually, everyone is thrown under the bus.
          “Won?” Imagine if men simply said no to giving women equal rights and their white male privileged husbands told them to stay home. That would be the end of it. It should have been the end of it.

        2. I’m not arguing on how women came to be in positions of power, I’m just saying being a whiny little activist protesting and asking for rights back won’t do anything. Gotta go out and get it. No one gives a shit who’s right, who’s wrong. You either win or you don’t.

        3. Yet Buddy, the term “whiny little activist protesting and asking for rights” is a perfect description of the feminist movement. Down to a T. I proposed above that it was in certain political interests to hand such rights to women rather than these women winning them.
          It’s ironic that even as feminists criticize the bad ol’ patriarchy as being oppressive, that’s the kind of mindset that you have just described: Not caring about who’s right or wrong. Might equals right. Don’t “whine” but rather take action and be brutes about it.
          Turn on the TV and see how women are treated in non-western countries and that’s precisely what you have described and perhaps feminists, in the long run, will be a lot happier with men after that thinking takes over.

    I got 2 paragraphs into this artice, and had to stop.
    There are 2 sentences that match up completely.
    “We are not having sex tonite, so don’t even try”… and
    “She studied in Australia”
    As I covered many times in the “Sydney sucks for men” article. Anything to do with Australian women is likely to end in tears, and there is something about Australian girls attitudes that somehow seeps into the personalities of girls who are there for as short as a few months.
    I live in Asia, and do a lot of internet dating. As soon as a girl tells me she studied/worked in Australia, I drop her like a hot potato. And the worst possible girls are the Australian born asians who roll up to asia, thinking they are going to get the same flock of mangina orbiters satisfying their every attention-whoring whim.
    And then suddenly they are competing against thousands of women who are slimmer, sweeter, younger looking (because they haven’t baked their skin in the sun for 20 years), and far more open to sex.
    I suggest to all my ROK bretheren, is to avoid any girl who has ever had any connection to Australia for more than 1 month.
    Better read the rest of the article now.

    1. I’m from Melbourne (Aus) and I can’t believe how accurate your description is. That’s why I prefer women from countries outside of my own!

    2. Same or worse here in the USA bro. I live in a city of 500,000 and anything over a 6 is pretty much unapproachable. Very cliqueish. People here call me a defeatist, or tell me to move, thats great advice unless you have a house and job here. Love SE asia but most nobody to travel with totally sucks. Cant even find a wing. Its depressing. I like reading about everyone elses success, and it does drive me to improve myself even more but Im starting to think I may try to stop reading these blogs and get off the internet a bit, try to find some other shit to do. Once you go Red Pill, things just get more and more depressing the more you learn about a females true nature.

      1. You don’t really need a wingman in Asia. Most of my best nights in KL and HK, I was rolling solo.
        And to a certain extent, its better that way, because it forces you to talk to people, rather than being a wallflower. And not just chicks. You generally meet some interesting dudes getting around these parts of the world.
        My strategy is to pick a bunch of girls. Wait till the ugly duckling goes to the bar/bathroom, and then pick her off. Tune her up, and then infiltrate the group.
        And if all else fails, go to the girly bars.

    3. Really? I visited Brisbane back in 2004. I can’t believe it’s been that long! Anyway, I met some Aussie girl in a bar, had sex with her like 2 hours later. The next morning she had her bf come pick her up at MY hotel. That was pretty sweet. I guess I just proved your point. lol

      1. You have the upper hand over most of us Aussies, since all girls seem to love some foreign cock when opportunity presents itself. Especially those girls who have never travelled further than Bali, and thus it gives them a bit of vicarious world travel and romance.
        But, you are right – you proved my point in that Aussie girls will treat their men worse than their pets. Right from the day you meet them, until the day they kick your heart out your ass, they will do all they can to instill in your the feeling that you are not worthy…. and that getting access to their beaver is like winning the lotto.

  27. Last year (18) was when I realized that something was terribly wrong with women and our society. since then for me it’s been a journey to find the red pill. I started out in the MRA forums, but they mostly complained about how horrible women are and got NOTHING done, which basically made everyone who read those sites miserable and angry. Then I found ROK and the red pill, and I can definitely say it’s changed my mind and lifestyle for the better. Huge thanks to Writers like Trouble.Maker, Roosh, Tuthmosis, Lawdogger and everyone else, you guys are opening up so many peoples minds to the truth.

  28. >cute, bubbly girl
    jokes aside, i enjoyed your article. nice to read of how people benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of many individuals on this site

  29. I was on board with this until I started reading about the job. I’m a bit new to this site, but if what I’m reading is correct then taking the red pill means you whine and snivel about your job?
    In my world, you better be working to be the man. That’s what an alpha male is. Whining about some liberal bullshit of corporate slavework is just an excuse. You can run around rocking it out with your cock out, but if you can’t do the same thing at work and in your every day life then you’re nothing but a poser.

    1. Tell ya what – YOU go “run around rocking it with your cock out” in Corporate America in 2014 and come back and tell me how far that got ya bro..

    2. I’m an engineer too, as is the author.
      It isn’t whining and sniveling when one realizes they are keep themselves from reaching their potential and simply living a very dreary routine day in & day out.
      Also, being around beta coworkers (after understanding the differences following accepting truths about men/women/etc) is a drain and irritating at times.
      Working is fine but no reason a man can’t drive himself to achieve more.

  30. Adam Asnyk
    Oh, Void Complaints
    trans. Jarek Zawadzki
    Oh, void complaints and vain endeavor,
    Abortive woes and fruitless pain.
    The past no miracle will ever
    Return to former life again.
    The world shall never, backward going,
    Return your scanty dreams, no chance!
    No sharpened sword, no fire a-glowing
    May stop the rushing thought’s advance.
    It is the living we must follow,
    And leave the former life beneath.
    Abandon the persistence hollow,
    Shake off the withered laurel wreath!
    Unstopped the waves of life proceeding!
    No aid in protests you may raise.
    Oh, useless wrath and futile pleading!
    The world shall follow its own ways.

  31. Adam Asnyk
    Oh, Void Complaints
    trans. Jarek Zawadzki
    Oh, void complaints and vain endeavor,
    Abortive woes and fruitless pain.
    The past no miracle will ever
    Return to former life again.
    The world shall never, backward going,
    Return your scanty dreams, no chance!
    No sharpened sword, no fire a-glowing
    May stop the rushing thought’s advance.
    It is the living we must follow,
    And leave the former life beneath.
    Abandon the persistence hollow,
    Shake off the withered laurel wreath!
    Unstopped the waves of life proceeding!
    No aid in protests you may raise.
    Oh, useless wrath and futile pleading!
    The world shall follow its own ways.

  32. Great post. I really like the idea of having “items of interest” that make a girl want to go back to your flat. What sort of items do you use?

  33. Wanna know what also will help?
    Laying off the manosphere. Oh, don’t get me wrong, sites like RoK have their uses but if you’re spending 80 percent of your time on RoK or anything similar instead of getting shit done, you’re still not gonna be much better off in the future.
    Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to lay off the manosphere and start getting shit done. Reading about becoming a man is not the same as becoming a man.

  34. I’ve had high hopes for this site since the beginning. So called
    ‘misogynists’ and so called ‘army of Elam’s
    flying monkeys’ are effectively spreading red pills through out the
    I call it children of feminism are coming back to euthanize it’s creator.

  35. I already had this type of thinking but I had never really met anybody who’s thoughts coincided with mine in this particular manner. Now that I know I’m not crazy, I’m goin in hard!

  36. So my question to you is this – besides getting laid regularly, traveling to Europe (presumably to get laid even more regularly), quitting your job day job, and becoming a gym rat, what are the long term benefits of this, “red pill”?

  37. “This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up on your fedora site and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you go to the real world and I show you just how deep your own ignorance goes.”
    Because you’ve never even fucking *touched* a red pill.

  38. WTF… Why is ‘red pill’ not taught in middle school. When the girls go off to learn about their periods, they should take the boys and give them all red pills. I’m a week into the Manosphere, and it is cleaning up a lot of shit. Why is that I look at a good looking women in a bikini and feel shame for thinking I wanna fuck her brains out? Now, I know. I am ready to swallow the pill whole with a glass of good whiskey, and not look back.

  39. ” she says, “We’re not having sex tonight, so don’t even try”
    Translation: “I’m not going to infect you with whatever incurable diseases I have in my stink box”
    I’d be smiling too. Remember that condoms do not prevent STDs.

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