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‘Kirill Was Here’ Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Feminism

Kirill Was Here. That is the calling card for the professional party photographer based in New York City. If you visit the Twitter feed or Facebook page by the same name and you will be immediately bombarded with photographs of half-naked and naked women at clubs and parties eagerly and voluntarily in a number of hyper sexualized situations. The “Champagne Facial” is a classic and a staple.

Basically the scantily clad or partially naked young woman willingly takes champagne to the face in a manner similar to getting cummed on, mouth agape, eagerly awaiting Kirill to pour it all over her face and tits while fellow party goes cheer her on. She knows what this is suggestive of, there is no mystery, and she loves the attention it gets her. The attention in the club as well as the attention it will later get online.


Kirill also goes by the moniker “The Slut Whisperer.” He is affectionately referred to as this by men and women alike. If you follow his Twitter feed, he routinely refers to women as sluts and posts his photographs of enthusiastic and excited women participating in any number of sexually provocative and suggestive acts. Pulling out their tits to have champagne, or even milk dumped all over them, lifting their dress and bending over to show the world their ass, sometimes as Krill or other party goes enjoy a cold beverage poured off it into their own mouth. All this publically in clubs or parties full of hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Not only are they cheered on by horned-up young men, but other women as well. Nobody seems put-off or disgusted in any way.

Kirill makes no bones about calling-out these same women for their slutty behaviors, then having the nerve to think they might deserve respect or good men by their sides. As a matter of fact, women almost seem to line up to be called sluts and strip down and perform for the camera. It is attention after all, and it seems to make absolutely no difference that it would be considered blatantly trashy attention whoring to anyone observing it. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Their behavior doesn’t take much prodding. Maybe they get a sticker as reward, not even a t-shirt. They know their fathers would be revolted by what ‘daddy’s little girl’ is up to tonight, and their mothers mortified that this is the same girl that kisses grandma on the cheek at Christmas dinner. Grandma, for that matter, would drop dead on the spot if she saw these photos. The women don’t care, they got five minutes of attention out of it. Five minutes of hooting and hollering from strangers for a potential lifetime of regret. But it is mens fault, right?


The concept is not new, of course. We all remember Girls Gone Wild and its creator, Joe Francis, who bought himself his own private island off revenue generated from desperate attention whoring females. Show your tits on film, sign this release, get a t-shirt. Hell, who wouldn’t jump at that!? He also seems to never have a problem having a bevy of beautiful women on his arm, despite being such a ‘monster.’ What do the feminists say about those women? Nothing.

Is all this sexual objectification? Absolutely. Is it right? Depends who you ask. But where it gets particularly shameful is the downright inability for so many women to accept the fact it is every bit their own fault as anyone holding the camera. As a matter of fact, it is the opinion of your author it is in fact predominantly their own fault.


That brings us to the article, ‘Is Kirill the Next Dov Charney or Terry Richardson?’ by a feminist named Shira Albagli. Charney, the founder and CEO of American Apparel, and fashion photographer Terry Richardson are known for their more risqué and suggestive images of women, and both were later accused of sexual assault. In her blog post she writes

“Kirill profits off of perpetuating rape culture (in which sexual assault is normalized, trivialized, and eroticized), as he jokes about drugging his friends. He profits off of exploiting and demeaning women, as he mocks their bodies. And he profits off of putting women in positions of powerlessness and vulnerability.”

Feminism was a once honorable cause that has since been corrupted and turned into a tool by women to facilitate their own selfish needs, and to brandish whenever they are exposed as the hypocrites they tend to be. They want the complete freedom and opportunity it provided, all while cherry picking the parts of ‘chivalry’ they seem to think they deserve. Use the recent example of feminists and their ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign. Chicago-based feminists Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle ask,

“If you really think about it, what’s the difference between a man’s nipples and a woman’s? Is it really just the extra breast tissue? Is it the fact that women’s nipples are paired with a vagina? What is it that is so horrible that caused SUCH hysteria?”

So, let’s get this straight, when women willingly expose their breasts in men’s magazines or at one of Kirills events, it is slut-shaming and victimization. But when feminists want to expose them in public, say at the beach, in front of children and families, perfectly fine. It all just depends what agenda they are preaching that month, ‘gender inequality’ or ‘rape culture.’


Feminists will tell you that it is all about empowering women, and they are as strong and capable to make their own decisions without male influence to create their own destiny as any man. Want to sleep around? Go for it. That is until it comes back to embarrass them, and now they were ‘taken advantage of’. Suddenly when women are clamoring to get a ‘Champagne Facial’ or willingly show-off their naked breasts, we are supposed to believe they went from strong and empowered, to weak and over-sexualized victims by no fault of their own. They were just hapless targets of mens ‘slut shaming’. It is never just the fact they are weak-minded attention whores.  Dress and behave as slutty and provocative as you want, but don’t you men dare sexualize us! Again incapable of accepting responsibility for their own behaviors.

In no way is Kirill, or this article for that matter, perpetuating ‘rape culture.’ Women do in fact have the ability to make their own decisions, and they are in fact capable of determining their own destiny without male influence just as feminists preach about. That is until that destiny is jeopardized by their own behaviors. Then it is the fault of men and their evil ‘slut shaming’ tactics. Nobody is saying that there are no evil men in this world, capable of unspeakable acts against women. Those men are monsters and should be castrated and have their balls thrown in the fire while they watch. However, many women willingly and openly expose and over-sexualize themselves, ‘slut-shame’ themselves. It is time they start accepting responsibility, and stop blaming wicked men when their own actions come back to bite them in their exposed ass. Kirill is only there to take the photographs, and the women love every second of it.

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