How To Deal With People Who Hate On Your Lifestyle

When it comes to being a bachelor, the best benefit—without question—is that one hundred percent of your free time is one-hundred percent yours. Outside of your professional obligations, not a single moment of your existence has to be spent doing anything you don’t want to do, nor does it have to be spent with people you deem unworthy.

A close second is that after all the bills are paid and your essentials are handled, then one hundred percent of the money remaining goes directly into your pocket. It’s all yours, and no one can ever take it away provided you make good decisions and act responsibly.

Lastly, everything is one hundred percent exactly the way you want it—all the time, every time. The fridge is stocked with the food you like to eat, the home bar has the liquor you like to drink, and everything in your home is there because you want it there—all details are at your discretion. You are the judge, jury, and executioner for any and all decisions that come your way; you are the sovereign of your own little empire.

It’s Good To Be King


For me, personally, I’m extremely fortunate that my chosen profession provides me with a comfortable income while giving me ample time off—with a minimum of two weeks off per month being typical. If I feel like working more and stacking some extra cash by picking up open time or extra trips—then I can do that too. However, I tend to treasure my leisure time over chasing money in most cases.

So, what does a guy do when his business is handled, his bank account is in the black, and he has adequate free time on his hands? Anything he fucking feels like doing is the answer. Aside from handling the basic necessities of life—shopping, the gym (yes, exercising is a necessity), and maintaining my assets—I’m free to do whatever I please.

My actions can’t be judged by anyone because I’m not beholden to anyone. I set the standards and expectations for my life. The responsibility of getting the job done—and carving out my own path to happiness—rests solely on my shoulders, and I welcome this responsibility with open arms.

But There’s Always A Catch

Unfortunately, as with all things in life, with the good comes the bad. And the bad with this situation is that people are going to fucking hate you, and they’re going to hate you a lot.

You know that buddy of yours who overlooked the fact that he married and impregnated some gutter slut who buried more bones than the Third Reich during her college years, and who is now, somehow, on a steady 10 pounds a year straight-to-the-thighs weight gainer diet despite the fact that her cooking skills are such shit that she almost burns their fucking house down anytime she toasts an English muffin? Yeah, he hates you.

And as for that couch-mammoth who possesses no redeeming qualities whatsoever? Now, she really hates your ass. When George W. Bush said: “They hate us for our freedom,” he wasn’t referring to Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. He was actually talking about obese women, and how they feel about the bachelors their boyfriends and husbands hang out with.

These women know that you have a very good thing going on, and they don’t want their bitch-boy husbands catching wind of this little fact. They will sit around saying things like: “Oh I feel so sorry for him, he’s going to die alone with no one to love him; he must be so lonely,” or, “He’s so immature, it’s no wonder why he hasn’t found a good woman.” They say this to their husbands, boyfriends, and fiances in order to brainwash these men into thinking they’re somehow getting a pretty sweet deal in life.

None of this, however, would stop most of these broads from sleeping with you if they thought they had half a chance. But lucky for you—and for your friends—they don’t have a chance, because as a guy who puts in the effort to succeed in life, you don’t have to resort to nailing fat married chicks with bad attitudes and back-titties who can’t even make an ice cream cone without fucking it up.

That’s work for an employee at Husband Enterprises right there, and I don’t work for that shitty dead-end company.


So your married friends hate you, their wives hate you, and your unmotivated single friends hate you; hell, even people you don’t know hate you. But what about the women you date? Yep, they hate you too, but not as much as they hate themselves for caring so much about some selfish asshole who doesn’t appreciate them.

The women who come in and out of my life quickly learn that what I say goes. If a woman wants to hang out with me, but I’m not in the mood to have her around, then she can fuck right off—plain and simple. I, quite obviously, have better things to do than spend time with her. And what are these better things, you may be wondering?

Doesn’t matter: if I decide it’s something better—no matter what it is—then it’s something better. End of discussion. If I want to stretch out on the couch and scratch my balls while blasting some ear-raping heavy metal; if I want hang out at my local general aviation airport, shoot the shit with the old timers, and go burn some holes in the sky for fun; hell, if want sit in total silence, drink some bourbon, and read all day—then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Dealing With A Female Example

Have you ever had a woman visiting your place for the first time and watched her as she looked around and examined everything? Did you pay close attention to her words and body language? And did you take note of her facial expressions while she was checking everything out?

If you were paying attention, then you probably noticed that she was plotting and scheming about how she’s going to completely destroy your life. Within 15 minutes of stepping into your place, she has already started making mental notes of all the shit she’s going to change if she traps you in a relationship.

She’s planning on replacing your blinds with pastel colored curtains, moving your drum set into the garage, putting pink fluffy floor mats in your bathroom, and deciding on a good spot to put “Baxter’s” cat litter pan—fuck her, and fuck “Baxter” too.


A girl I was seeing on and off fit this description perfectly. She was always hitting me up to hang out and sending me “whatcha doin?” or “when do you get back in town?” text messages. She was the typical self-serving, mid-twenties, strong and independent ladder climbing career chick that I always find myself dating for some reason.

To put it bluntly: I couldn’t fucking stand her, but she liked me a lot and made the majority of the effort in our so-called relationship—including giving me sex without too much of a headache.

Now, generally speaking, having sex with a standard issue strong-and-independent white woman is like visiting a cemetery in Alaska: it’s cold, depressing, and every hole is four feet wide, six feet deep, and smells like death. But this girl was a little bit better than average, so when she hinted at wanting to hang out with me one evening—I invited her over, and even agreed to her request to stay the night.

So she comes over and we go through all the normal motions. We exchanged pleasantries, I pretended to care about whatever she was talking about, we had a couple of stiff drinks, and then I gave her some stiff dick—all quite painless.

After the deed was done, we were laying in bed together and she had her head comfortably nestled on my shoulder. Believe it or not, I was actually quite content to have her there and was enjoying her company; our post-coital cuddling was very pleasant and I had no complaints… but then she started fucking talking again, and things started going downhill real fast from there.

Earlier in the day, I had started a James Bond marathon on Blu-ray. I had made my way through Dr. No and From Russia With Love, and was now due to watch my favorite film of the entire series: Goldfinger.

The main reason I agreed to let this girl come over in the first place was because I really wanted some pussy after watching the famous Ursula Andress scene from Dr. No.


So I’m laying there trying to chill and act somewhat gentlemanly, but this girl just wouldn’t shut the hell up. I tried listening to her—I really did. But then I zoned out and began fantasizing about making myself a Manhattan, plugging Goldfinger into the Blu-ray player, and then stretching out on my bed without anyone there hogging my space or annoying me with their nonsensical horseshit.

It also didn’t help matters that she didn’t look like Ursula Andress.

My feelings for this girl—someone who I was just intimate with a few minutes prior, mind you—had now turned into the same feelings I have towards a raccoon who has tipped over my trash cans and started rummaging through my garbage. In short: I wanted this fucking thing off my property…

Me: “Well, it’s about that time…” (while pushing her head off me and climbing out of bed)

Girl: “Time for what, babe?”

Me: “For you to get going, of course.”

Girl: “What? Why? Do you have something to do in the morning?”

Me: “Nope, I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow.”

Girl: (perplexed)… “Then why do I have to go? You said I could spend the night, why don’t you want me here?!”

Me: “Because I want to watch Goldfinger.”

Girl: “Huh? Is that a show on Netflix or something? What’s Goldfinger?”

Me: “It’s a James Bond movie with Sean Connery—its from the 1960s. I’ve seen it like 50 times, it’s one of my favorites.”

Girl: “You’re fucking kidding, right? It’s past midnight! You’re seriously kicking me out of here so you can watch some stupid fucking James Bond movie that you’ve already seen a bunch of times?!”

Me: “Pretty much.

“Girl: (cue the charm and bargaining tactics)… “Well, why don’t we cuddle up and watch it together? I’d love to watch James Bond with you.”

Me: “Shit ain’t happening.”

Girl: (with tears of frustration starting to form)… “Oh my God, why do you have to be such a fucking asshole! You said it was no problem for me to stay over! You never keep your word! I have no idea why I keep seeing you: You lie to me all the time, show me no respect, and treat me like I’m a piece of shit!

“Me: *Rips a hellacious fart while buck naked and bending over to pick her clothes up off the floor*

Girl: (shocked and now full-on crying)… “Oh! Real fucking nice, A.V. Yader! And thanks for pointing your hairy ass at me when you did that!”

Me: *Tosses the pile of clothes to her while trying desperately not to laugh*

Girl: “It’s not fucking funny, A.V. Yader!”

Me: *Completely loses it and laughs like a lunatic for about two minutes*

Girl: *Jumps out of bed, throws temper tantrum (which makes me laugh even harder), calls me every name in the book (nothing new there), gets dressed and leaves (thank you)…


So, was that kind of dick move on my part? Sure, but do you think my actions ruined things with this girl? During the course of her tantrum, she said that she never wanted to see me again—do you think that actually happened?

Did she keep her word and follow through on her threat to sever ties and cut all contact with me? Did she go off and find herself a ‘nice guy’ who would treat her right and show her the “respect she deserves”?

Of course she fucking didn’t. She texted me the very next day to resume her “I can’t believe you” blah blah blah bullshit. I was watching On Her Majesty’s Secret Service at the time, and still had 17 more Bond films to watch—so I was pretty busy and wasn’t able to text her back for a few days. But after about a week we’d slept together again.

That’s right: I fucked her, directed an ass-splitting fart at her, kicked her out my place, and apologized for none of it—yet nothing bad resulted from my behavior. In fact, when you do this type of crap to women, it just makes them try harder.

The sex will be more passionate and occur with greater frequency; they’ll be sweeter to you and show you more respect; they’ll even try to be decent people and attempt to impress you. And it’s so easy to make it all happen: all you have to do is disregard their feelings and do whatever the hell you want!

Outside Opinions Are Not Welcome

Grandpa Simpson is not a Red Pill role model

There’s always going to be pressure coming at you from all sides to do the “right thing.” It will come at you from acquaintances, coworkers, friends, family, and the women you date—all of whom think they have it all figured out and want nothing more than to bring you down to their level. This raises a question: What is the “right thing” in this day and age?

Did a guy who’s on the brink of getting divorce-raped by his unappreciative wife do the “right thing” when he put a ring on it without doing his due diligence first? When a woman destroys herself from a steady diet of loser cock and settles for a man she isn’t all that attracted to and doesn’t respect—is she doing the “right thing”?

Is it the “right thing” to bring children into the world only for them to be raised in a split household by a selfish and conniving single mother, and by a father who’s nothing more than a demoralized wallet stuck on the wrong side of the looking glass?

Is it the “right thing” to treat a self-absorbed career woman like pure gold, when in reality she’s just a step above pure shit? As all women descend further and further into moral turpitude, is it the “right thing” to show them respect just because they demand it, yet posses no qualities that actually command it?

Society says: “Yes sir, these are all the right things!” Funny, isn’t it? How everything that is supposedly the “right thing” for a man seems to be nothing more than a one-way ticket to shattered self-respect at best, or complete annihilation at worst. I

f a man is willing to tow the line and allow society to dictate his behavior, his decisions, and his values—then that man is on the fast-track to failure and ruin. The bottom line is this: being a crowd-pleaser will get you nowhere, and if people hate on you and think you’re an asshole for marching to the beat of your own drum—then fuck’em.

There is no “right thing” anymore.

In Closing

I’ve done a lot of talking about winners and losers in my work here on Return of Kings, but the fact of the matter is there are no winners in the modern dating game; and yes, this applies to women just as much as it applies to men. Women have never been more used and abused, more miserable, and more broken than they are right now.

From a surface observation, we think that women have it made: they have unlimited dating options, zero responsibility, and an army of ass-kissers who think they walk on water; yet the majority of these women are lonely, irresponsible, and dreadfully insecure. The modern woman is fully aware, deep down, that she isn’t worthy of being loved. Do you think the girl I kicked out of my place with a nose full of fart actually has it good?

Can you imagine going through life with such little dignity that you would not only tolerate being treated like shit, but actually crave it and require it? Do you know how fucked in the head you would have to be in order for that to seem like a sweet deal? Suffice it to say: that’s no way to live, and it’s certainly no way to procure respect. I wouldn’t trade places with her ass for anything.

She is in good company, though: there are millions upon millions of women just like her. If it weren’t for their noxious personalities and over-inflated egos, one might find it within himself to feel pity for these women, but that’s not in the cards at this stage in the game: the damage is done.


What one can do, however, is take solace in the fact that this poor behavior is simply a defense mechanism to sooth the festering rot and self-hatred trapped within—they’re compensating, plain and simple. Women and reality have a long history of not getting along with one another.

As for the women who aren’t compensating and actually believe in their own bullshit: they are either completely delusional, mentally ill, or both; and there’s certainly plenty of these types running around out there as well.

Granted, this information does nothing to make their behavior more tolerable. But it does help to reinforce that these women are, without a doubt, total fucking losers—they wouldn’t keep returning like boomerangs to be treated poorly if this wasn’t the case. They’re nothing to envy, and giving up the bachelor lifestyle for one is completely out of the question.

It’s not about winning anymore with women—you can’t win. At this stage, it’s all about not losing. There are a thousand ways to lose, but there’s only one way to not lose: become an unapologetic asshole (if you’re not one already). This is not some seduction strategy or game advice—it’s a life requirement.

It’s a survival tactic that will help you succeed during these turbulent times. I’m not suggesting you behave like I do, I can’t define your morals and I don’t want to—it’s on you to figure that out for yourself. What I am saying, though, is that you should never put your dignity and self-respect on the negotiating table. In other words: don’t be a spineless pussy.

People, especially women, will try to steamroller you if they think they can get away with it—don’t fucking let them, ever. You should only do what’s best for you and for the people you love, and, most importantly, who love you too and will always have your back. Everyone else be damned.

Lastly, don’t you ever worry about those people who decide to play the game and do the “right thing.” They won’t have any trouble finding you once their little dream world turns to shit and they need some guidance or moral support. All they’ll need to do is look down the road less traveled, and once they spot the guy that’s holding a bag full of money, doing whatever the fuck he wants with a smile on his face…

Then they’ll know when they’ve found you.

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411 thoughts on “How To Deal With People Who Hate On Your Lifestyle”

  1. great article, laughed my ass off about your evening.

    Oh I feel so sorry for him, he’s going to die alone with no one to love him; he must be so lonely,

    interesting that they say they pity you, yet say it in a way that is intended to hurt you. it’s moronic. right, girl, if i behave the way you want me to, i will no longer be alone and unhappy, because i’ll have you around to sweeten my life with your rhetorics.

    1. My favorite quote: “You know that buddy of yours who overlooked the fact that he married and impregnated some gutter slut who buried more bones than the Third Reich during her college years, and who is now, somehow, on a steady 10 pounds a year straight-to-the-thighs weight gainer diet despite the fact that her cooking skills are such shit that she almost burns their fucking house down anytime she toasts an English muffin? Yeah, he hates you.”
      Lol classic!

      1. I run into a lot of lumpenprole working class heroes who want to cop and self-righteous attitude when dealing “college-boy” and then turn into middle aged agnsty teens when the cock sucker they married runs off with the kids.

      2. A.V. Yader spills the greatest slam lines on ROK. Just for comedic value his articles are worth the read, but he sinks a lasting, classic message into each article with grace.

    2. Same thing happens with women. My response to the die alone comment is, “we all die alone”. Married women are both confused and terrified creatures. They can’t figure out how anyone can survive on their own and yet cling onto a bad marriage like a titanic survivor on the last life boat. Annoying bitches.

      1. Fixed: “Women are both confused and terrified creatures. They can’t figure out how anyone can survive on their own.”

    3. Which goes to say, THIS saying was told to me by my daughter’s mother (we never wed.): “That saddest part about a man’s life is what dies inside of him while he’s still alive.”
      Yep bitch, and you tried killing all that you could in me and I finally put a stop to it.

      1. wonderful example of that disgusting sentimentality. why are bitches so intent on making you feel sad all the time? wait. they are making you feel sad about you being different than they want you to be. they are making you feel sad because … they are sad.
        keep killin’, bro.

        1. It’s a roller coaster of passive aggressive shame/guilt tripping man. I’d say 80%+ of girls’ game has a core stemming from that battle tactic. You too Tom.

  2. Yes, that’s one way of dealing with the situation but ironically the key to this life is service. Service means that you live no for yourself alone, but to assist others. You will find this out some day.

    1. The problem with always living for others is twofold:
      1. The favor is never reciprocated. That only happens in the movies.
      2. You end up going crazy because you don’t satisfy your personal needs.

      1. If service sinks into servitude or slavery or poverty or lack or sacrifice of yourself, you are not in service any more. You are in some other mental/emotional space that is not healthy at all.

        1. Don’t forget that people who are raised or indoctrinated to believe that their lives are to be a service to others will be easy prey for manipulative persons.
          Service should be taught as being something you do for someone else because you voluntarily choose to help that person. It should never be taught as an obligation.

        2. indeed. it is a pleasure to help somebody, but when they start expecting it, i lose interest. the whole problem with the welfare state and feminism. you give a little bit and suddenly it is your obligation to give.

        3. wow have you got it backwards. spend more time reading and less time commenting on shit blogs like this one

        4. you don’t like this blog. i like this blog and i don’t like you. do us both a favor, put your opinion up your anus and leave, stupid slut.

        5. what am I supposed to feel when you call me a stupid slut?
          lol it’s like you have some bizarre delusional idea that I will listen to you or care what you think. men, amirite? hahahahahahahahahahaha

        6. lol. nope, he’s got it right, little libby. And you’re failing to run any interference for your masters.

    2. The key to life used to be starting and taking care of your family.
      That’s changed a lot, and the risk/reward ratio is completely screwed on the men’s side.
      Until that changes, lots of men will find it perfectly reasonable to do what the author is doing.
      Besides, one of the first articles I read on this site was by this author and something he said stuck with me for some reason (but I tend to remember odd things for no reason apparently).
      With my immediate family and the very tiny group of people I care about, I’m a winner. If someone close to me needs anything at all—I’m there for them with no questions asked. If they’re broken down on the side of the road at 2:00 AM, I’ll be there with flashlights, a bag of tools, and a thermos full of hot coffee. If my parents get too old to take care of themselves, I will do it for them. I would wipe my dad’s ass and feed him like a baby if it ever came down to it. And I would do it without complaining or feeling the slightest tinge of embarrassment. That’s one of the luxuries of being a great and selfless father—the unwavering loyalty of his sons. He will never set foot in a nursing home so long as I outlive him. Same for my mother.
      When dealing with people in general, I’m a winner. I’m never deliberately a dick to anyone that doesn’t deserve it. I’m polite to waitstaff, retail workers, and anyone I come in contact with in public. I see no reason to ruin someone’s day or be a power-tripping asshole to people for no reason. I tip well for good service, and give compliments to people that go above and beyond to please me. Only when necessary, will I become a ruthless cut-throat son of a bitch.
      He’s not living for himself…he’s just not living for a woman.

      1. Even a woman deserves a little bit of respect.
        He had sex with her and then farted in her face and from that he draws the grand conclusion that “when you do this type of crap to women, it just makes them try harder”. Which might be true for some low class women but certainly not true for all.
        And then he wonders why attracts just a certain type of women. The fact that he’s so uninhibited as to let himself fart on somebody’s face speaks more about him rather than the recipient.

        1. For the record—I didn’t fart in her face. I was pretty far away from her. The fact that she was laying in bed and I was off picking up her clothes should have clued you into that fact.
          “Which might be true for some low class women but certainly not true for all.”
          All women love a bit of drama.
          “And then he wonders why attracts just a certain type of women.”
          If you know where all the good girls are hiding in the U.S., then feel free to let us all know. We’ll be waiting.

        2. Even a woman deserves a little bit of respect.

          This woman threw her clothes off and willingly sleeps with a guy who treats her “badly.” She then returns and sleeps with him again.
          She’s getting the respect she has earned. If she had chosen to not sleep with him, guess what? She wouldn’t have been treated like that.

        3. If you know where all the good girls are hiding in the U.S., then feel free to let us all know.

          Is it a fair assumption to make that say, if you were looking for marriage, then the women you describe would be the last ones you’d ever consider marrying?

        4. So a hot naked lady is lying on your bed and you go: Hold on a second, babe, let me fold up my trousers?

        5. I’ve got no problem with fucking two easy, loose, women at once.
          But for such women to expect to be held up as paragons of virtue is silly and illogical.

        6. You’re focusing on how she took her clothes off rather than the fact the she willingly did so and came back to do it again after this supposedly horrible treatment.

        7. “If you know where all the good girls are hiding in the U.S., then feel free to let us all know.”
          Either where the wild things are or the merry old land of Oz.

        8. your so called good girl with high self esteem (who deserves respect) will exactly behave the same way with an alpha and won’t mind him farting on her….

        9. Let’s call this the FART TEST then. If you fart on her face and she comes back for more of your delicate aromas, you’re an alpha, if she doesn’t, you’re a beta … or ate too much beans! lol
          It is the male equivalent of the SHIT TEST.

        10. But going Dutch oven in bed is really not called for (except under extreme provocation).

        11. I can’t believe none of you have figured out that you’re attracting “bad” women BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD MEN AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL
          lmao what do I expect

        12. none of them want assholes such as yourself… lol I can’t believe no one has faced this simple fact yet

        13. lol. blaming men for your problems peeing standing up is no solution, little loser.

  3. This is always one area of human behavior that intrigues me because it is so “counter-intuitive” in the sense that the intuition is wrong.
    Assuming having some kind of relationship is a goal, you almost never win over a hater by talking to the hater. Kicking them out is the only way to move things along. If you want a relationship, they’ll bend. If you don’t, you’ve dealt with the trash. Either way you win.
    And this works for family as well as fuck-buddies.

  4. Letting of the asssplitting fart in her face cracked me up. But the article is spot on, how can you respect women when they reward people who disrespect them? Also the part about women telling their husbands and boyfriends about how you must be loser for being a bachelor to stop her man realising he may be happier that way is true, I hear women saying that shit all the time to guys.

  5. …”having sex with a standard issue strong-and-independent white woman is like visiting a cemetery in Alaska: it’s cold, depressing, and every hole is four feet wide, six feet deep, and smells like death.”
    My sides have left orbit. Im stealing this analogy.

  6. Its funny…how they try to impress you and even try to entertain you when you are just not feeling good or bored.
    women behave the same way beta males do in presence of alphas.
    Do what you want….don’t make them the centre of your life but keep hunting and you will be fucking a new chick every single week

    1. There is literally nothing wrong with passing gas. Your shaming language has no power here, shitlord :^)

        1. Personally, I am never ashamed of my farts. On a few special occasions I have even been proud of them. That was usually in an all male environment. But never shame.

  7. Haters gonna hate. Don’t even pay attention to them in the first place, problem solved.

  8. Brilliant article, I like the way you write!
    Haters gonna hate. Don’t pay attention to them in the first place, problem solved.

  9. “From a surface observation, we think that women have it made: they have unlimited dating options, zero responsibility, and an army of ass-kissers who think they walk on water; yet the majority of these women are lonely, irresponsible, and dreadfully insecure. The modern woman is fully aware, deep down, that she isn’t worthy of being loved.”
    This is the reason they hate a self-respecting man who is at peace with himself.
    It’s just biological reality… He can focus on self-improvement while watching James Bond films well into his 30s and 40s (50s?) if he so chooses, and still go off to some tropical island and find a sweet unassuming girl who would be more than happy to care for him up and down all-day long.
    She on the other hand has to deal with her depreciating self. She has to deal with her mind-numbing impulses to be liked by every other sycophant, while maintaining her looks long enough to snag a proxy wallet, and somehow accomplish all the pointless and impossible bullshit that society is telling her she needs to be a “stwong-imbepembant-hromin”.
    But this window of opportunity is shorter than she expects, once she hits that first wall at 26 she starts realizing that she’s going to have to behave like an actual thoughtful person… She might have to actually think before she does things… She might actually have to consider other people before herself sometimes! To so many millennial women this is Game Over.
    Don’t be fooled by women appearing to be happy chirpy socializers in public. Their whole lives are based on fucking lies! If she’s not lying to Maurie Povich about who’s the daddy, she’s lying to her fat-bitch friend about how stwong and imbepebant she is. Just enjoy your lives and don’t bother being a hater of women… It’s lame and pointless… They already hate themselves!
    My sympathies to any NAWALTs out there who have to deal with this shit-nado we call modern society.

    1. Quote — “He can focus on self-improvement while watching James Bond films well into his 30s and 40s (50s?) if he so chooses, and still go off to some
      tropical island and find a sweet unassuming girl who would be more than
      happy to care for him up and down all-day long.”
      You have unearthed my future plan in full detail… you just may be Superman after all.
      Great comment.

      1. A drunk immigrant at a bus-stop once told me that there are the Three Ws of Happiness.
        Good weather, good work, and good women.
        Good luck to the lot of us in finding all three.

        1. The odds of finding at least two of those things increases exponentially when you leave Sodom and Gommorah aka the West.

        2. I don’t any of those things could last for more than a few weeks.

        3. The first two are easy in the west if you apply yourself. We all know about the third however when it comes to western women…

        4. maybe in southern europe or California……Id much rather be in the kingdom of ayothayya right now banging Swedish /german tourists chicks not some CONservative WN pining for colonial paradises and concubines,but even I can see the faux liberal west is too toxic with its constant racial hostilities,oneupmanships,gay adovocacy…and i even support gays transexuals fully just not all this poltiicized PC crap,in thailand they can still have a tolerant society without losing their spiritual luster and morality)

        5. If you look for extra income of about 50-300 dollars daily for doing work over internet on your computer from home for several hours a day then try this…

    2. I actually agree with NAWALT, it seems irrational to assume AWALT because women were much more decent before they got brainwashed by feminism/progressivism, and not all women have that mindset/grew under those circumstances.

    3. I was just thinking about this over the weekend when a high school friend visited over the weekend. When she left TX she was already 30 years old but in just two years she’s started to get wrinkles and grey hair.
      Additionally, her coping mechanism is shit since she’s been prescribed weed for her “anxiety” meanwhile inside I’m laughing my ass off because she’s a woman in her 30’s still doing the same things basically since high school.
      So much for that California Sun helping to preserve youth and helping with a fresh start.

      1. But on Facebook I bet she looks like every day is vacation.
        Aging sucks for everybody, and I can honestly feel compassion when life sucks for good women, but the majority could use a serious reality-check.

    4. Good points I’d add that men once freed from being a provider unleash vast amounts of their productive energy and even with “divorce rape” they often thrive.
      Women is this position are little more than dependents of the state and alimony etc more often than not.

  10. What a hideous, depressing article, void of any real advice or insight.
    You fucked a girl, farted at her, and then threw her out of your flat after saying she could stay the night to watch Bond in peace. How ‘alpha’ of you. Clooney would be proud, my son.
    Congratulations, you are behaving like a scumbag and getting sex from a woman with no self esteem (yes, I know a lot of women are like that and it depresses me) – are we meant to be impressed or something?
    Fair enough, don’t marry one of these horrors, but there’s got to be a medium between committing to them and your disillusionment with the female of the species turning you into an abusive sadist who likes humiliating them, and then feels the need to post it here for validation.
    “lol look at me I don’t care so much that I wrote this big article about how much I don’t care”

      1. I know. It’s depressing isn’t it. I’ve seen it myself in my own life first hand that mild abuse trumps being too nice when it comes to dating.
        But just because someone lets you treat them like shit, doesn’t mean you should treat them like shit, does it?

        1. Ultimately you are in control of your situation. Some people are going to treat you like shit if you let them. These women are grown adults. If they don’t want to be treated like shit by the guys for which they spread their legs then they are free to stop spreading their legs.
          To defend such women is to be a white knight.

        2. “To defend such women is to be a white knight.”
          – I’m not defending them, I’m not suggesting anyone ‘protect’ them, I’m suggesting you have nothing to do with them. I’m suggesting that treating trash like trash, fucking people who you so obviously loathe, is an insult to the self; you can rationalize it all you want.
          This logic extrapolated out would reach a conclusion of “be as sadistic and abusive in every endevour as you can, and as long as nobody stops you, you need feel no guilt”.

        3. How is this sadistic?
          All he’s doing is kicking this woman out because he wants to do something he sees as more enjoyable.
          It is her fault, 100%, if she accepts this behavior and comes back for more.

        4. treating them like shit in order to attract them, that’s the weird part for me.
          treating somebody like shit because they behave like shit and you want to get rid of them? i have no quarrel with that.

        5. be as sadistic and abusive in every endevour as you can, and as long as nobody stops you, you need feel no guilt

          well, the question is how much guilt you actually do feel. if i can overcome guilt as an emotion, why wouldn’t i want to?

        6. Feeling guilt would first require viewing women as people. They are not, they are elaborate ejaculatory aides ( and will love you for treating them like one ).

        7. you don’t seem to get it do you???
          its not about treating her like shit…..its all about DOMINANCE & SUBMISSION……This is the basis of all female behavior in relation to men. Anything that conveys that you have more power over her or anything that puts her in a submisive position w.r.t you is what she craves.This is pre-programmed in the human female species.No one can change that coding system.

        8. I am sure she’s ignoring some Betatard’s “So when can we hang out?” text as we speak while she texts her closest slut friend about how “He just won’t take a hint!”.

        9. Yes it does, if you want pussy.
          Because this is how women are now. It’s how they’ve been conditioned by the fem centric society. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

        10. He (?) does have a point in why degrade yourself by associating with women you dislike. You don’t have to fuck them; there are billions more available.

        11. Forget it, you can’t knock sense into people if they’re not ready for it. One day his light bulb might switch on but that’s none of our business.

        12. What ever happened to consent? If someone want’s something who are YOU to say it is immoral to give it to them. Butt-out you raging moralist. Progressives are going to have to start apologizing about what they say about Puritans.

    1. Not really
      Said girl will no doubt divorce-rape some poor chump in 5 to 10 years.
      My tears for such trash are all dried up

    2. Maybe the OP was being hyperbolic to make a more interesting read. But he concludes by saying everybody has to figure it out for themselves.

      1. Yeah, the whole farting and James Bond bit was really interesting wasn’t it. I love the self improvement posts, and the posts that rightly warn men against the dangers of commiting to the wrong woman, but I fail to see what the value of posts like this one is.

        1. the value is indifference to others. he didn’t do anything to purposedly hurt her. he just didn’t care. how is such a mindset not an asset?

        2. It was to me. Imma steal it. Next time I really want a dimwitted (but good enough to fuck) bitch to leave, rip a good one. It’ll get her the fuck out of dodge quick.

        3. No. It won’t. I have to admit to sometimes forcing myself out of a room with a particularly noxious fart. It is not just the stench but the hang time and range. I have farted in many a bed with a woman and have never had one get up and leave, at least not for longer than to get a can of air freshener.
          I have one woman that when she complained about a bad one I just said it was rose petals. Her response was yes, rose petals… rotting on a pile of fresh dog shit. She didn’t get up and leave.

        4. It shows that not putting her in a pedestal and making her the center of his life actually made him attractive to her. Women have created this situation not men.

        5. You obviously have zero sense of humour… that might be what you actually need in terms of self improvement.

    3. There is only one person to blame for this and it’s the woman who gets turned on by it. There’s not a single one of us who, deep down, doesn’t wish this shit wouldn’t work.
      That being a nice guy beta male would get you respect and positive female reinforcement.
      But it doesn’t. When I first began treating women like objects, actual, physical objects without a soul or mind I desperately wanted to be proven wrong. Instead they blew up my phone.

      1. There’s not a single one of us who, deep down, doesn’t wish this didn’t work.
        Exactly. That is the problem. If you are ‘nice’ you get nothing and walked all over. Even worse, you spend time and money, only to find out she is banging someone else. I recall that Roosh mentioned in one of his books or posts that a large percentage of guys asking him questions or for advice were not looking to rack up counts, they wanted a LTR, but being nice was not working. I also recall another poster being almost enraged that he had to engage in this behavior, because he knew if he didn’t that she would leave. (and if married take 50%+ of his stuff)

        1. Men, not women are the true romantics, at least in the West.
          I pose that the overwhelming majority of men would be perfectly content to find a nice, pleasant, feminine and at least somewhat attractive ( which most people are, assuming they’re at a normal weight ) and woo her with nice guy game and live long and happy together. Unfortunately for these men that just isn’t reality.
          I do sincerely mean that I wanted nothing more than to treat a girl like hogshit and have her hate me for it, to try out what these misogynists were telling me and be proven utterly wrong, to emulate the douchebags we all see getting the girls and be told that I was a scumbag.
          Instead I got non-stop positive reinforcement from women. I became a misogynist only after I saw, first hand, what it took for women to love me.
          To this day there’s nothing I desire more than a nice, faithful girl to whom I can be prince charming so we can have a happy life and raise a family together. Sadly I know this is but a dream, as much as it pains me to admit it.

        2. why on this green earth did you want to treat a woman like hog shit in the first place?

        3. I didn’t, it was what I was forced to do in order to receive female affection.

      2. y’all are getting ‘bad’ women because you’re bad men who treat them and yourselves like shit!

        1. I get great women, because I treat them like shit. Nothing hurt me more than realizing I could’ve gotten all of the sweet young ass I missed out on in HS if I had just been a bigger douchebag.
          You will never convince anyone here because we’ve tried your way and all we got was chronic RSI on our jerkoff arm.
          Thugs, felons, abusers, deadbeats, crminals, addicts and serial killers can get women to lie for them, steal for them, prostitute for them and sometimes even kill for them. The average CS major can’t even get a girl to hold their hand.
          The girl I treated the worst called me for 6 months after I got tired of utilizing her body as a masturbatory aid, the girl I treated the best forgot my name right after the ex who had almost beat her to death mere months earlier sent her a text.
          Luckily for both of us no Western woman will ever have to “worry” about this “bad man” ever again as I now live in the Phillippines where asshole game isn’t required to get respect from women.

        2. what gives you the idea that I’m trying to convince you of anything? it sounds like all you’re looking for is a sexual relationship with someone who will obey you unquestioningly and comply with your absurd expectations re: physical appearance. YOU are the one who has a distorted idea of what getting ‘great women’ means, presumably because you’re afraid of change or failure. who even cares why?? I don’t know you. but your comment doesn’t do anything to convince ME that you’ve gathered any meaningful information or encountered any real revelations in your life.

        3. “what gives you the idea that I’m trying to convince you of anything?”
          By implying we get bad woman because we’re bad men implies you believe we would attract better women if we were different men. Which is true in a sense, except for the part where nobody wants to be the boring, stable guy who gets the sloppy fivehundreds once she turns 30 and needs someone to take care of her felonious progeny.
          “it sounds like all you’re looking for is a sexual relationship with someone who will obey you unquestioningly and comply with your absurd expectations re: physical appearance. YOU are the one who has a distorted idea of what getting ‘great women’ means, presumably because you’re afraid of change or failure.”
          Asshole game works on 90%+ of Western women between the ages of 12 and 32, the remaining 10% just haven’t met the right asshole yet.
          What makes you an authority on getting women anyway, how many have you dated or tried to date?
          “who even cares why?? I don’t know you. but your comment doesn’t do anything to convince ME that you’ve gathered any meaningful information or encountered any real revelations in your life.”
          You do, apparently. I didn’t ask you to respond to my original comment.

        4. your stream of logic jargon, while an admirable decoy, still fails to explain why you think I’m trying to convince you of anything.
          “who cares” was meant to imply that the reason itself isn’t important.
          as for the rest, link me to some stats, rationality man!

        5. It’s not my job to guess why you’re trying to convince me of anything, I explained why I think you’re trying to convince me. I’ll get you some stats once I finish conducting my research on virgnity rates between MIT students and their peers in San Quentin, want to take an educated guess which group has banged more women?

        6. rofl. little dickless libby, always blaming those penises for all her troubles!

    4. I do not comment vwery often on these sites but I have read therm for years. I used to have a need to be heard. So I ran a semi popular blog and found myself researching topics, out of curiosity and to write about them. About 6 years ago I ran into the on-line PUAs and all their red pill glory. Like most woman I started out blasting them as manipulative jerks. Something I do not expect to hear any arguments about, as it is admittedly true and they are proud of it. Even then I saw that their ways worked, their complaints were real. Even as they convinced themselves that all woman are the same (are all men exactly alike) But I had a feeling that buying into this culture was not going to make any of them happy in the long run.
      After years of reading these sites I have watched the older guys all showing signs of being depressed. They are not getting what it is they need and really want. So some grow colder, harder and yes bitter. Sex is not enough. In relationships being safe and oh so smart can be life killing

      1. oh yeah the liberated amerikan woman is a real bundle of joy. happiness all around ! ( sarcasm off)

      2. What we want are unicorns. Women that are safe to commit to and who will respect their men without having to test them every 5 minutes. These generally don’t exist. Reality is leaving us depressed.

        1. Not test you every 5 minutes. That should not be to hard. But never argue with you. That is not going to happen

        2. Arguments should be minimal; <5 a year. Once a woman decides she wants to be in your life what is there to argue about?
          If you are having heated words more than orgasms then you haven’t found the unicorn.

        3. That depends on the level of heat and whether its mean or just impassioned. But I have seen coupes who hate each other, who were having so much sex so often that they would pass your test right up to the divorce and maybe a year after that

        4. Is it too late to exclude the Cluster B disordered from inclusion in the Unicorn genus? I thought that was an obvious call, but maybe I was mistaken.
          And again, what is it we are arguing about? At some point we are supposed to grow up.

    5. My two cents…
      Personally, I don’t get validation from fucking a lot of women with low self esteem just because I can. I went through that phase a few years ago and found that my entire life revolved around women. Reading game, going on dates, cold approaches… that is where all my time and money was going. While it was a learning experience, ultimately I found it unfulfilling.
      Once the novelty wore off, I realized that I enjoy spending my time reading, writing, going to the gym, hunting, hiking, etc. Sometimes I like doing these activities with a partner, sometimes I don’t.
      When it comes to women, what I try and do is have relationships with high quality girls who compliment my life. Personally, I don’t fart in women’s faces or play fast and loose with their feelings. I make it abundantly clear that I’m focused on my business and fitness, and have no interest in getting married or having kids. At least any time soon. Do feelings get hurt regardless? Absolutely. My last two quasi-long term relationships ended with “I want something more from you, Hank, but you don’t seem able to give it.” I maintain a friendship with them, though.
      A big problem I see is this – blue pillers believe they’ll find fulfillment in a nice woman who they will ultimately marry and start a family with. Newly minted red pillers believe they’ll find fulfillment by learning game and upping their notch count. Ironically, both of their lives revolve around women but just in a different way.
      That said, game is an excellent skill set to have because it expands your options. It is mostly a matter of posture, eye contact, experience, and expressing confidence. Boiled down, it’s a matter of being a strong man who women want to be around. The type of man who doesn’t get walked all over.
      You don’t need to fart in her face, although that is far more effective than buying her flowers every day of the week with sappy love notes.
      Why is this?
      Because women don’t want a girlfriend – they want a man.
      Once your fundamentals are there, you’ll find you have a lot of options. Perhaps you want a long term relationship, marriage, or maybe it’s a few lady friends with benefits. The end goal differs for everyone. However, solid game is what makes those options possible. You’re either choosing the relationships you want to have, or you’re letting them choose you. I find the former to be much better.

      1. ” Because women don’t want a girlfriend – they want a man. ”
        Young men should read this every fucking day until it gets engraved in their brain. For all the rest they have their faggot gay friends.

    6. Unless he’s telling porkies, he could find out the wheel is real after he’s sorted a bunny boiler.

    7. I love that article. It resembles my own life in almost all regards.
      Sadists enjoy causing pain and humiliation.
      Alphas just don’t care. Alpha’s are indifferent to the alleged pain that these girls display. (which I would argue is just an act, to generate the standard beta response).
      Most girls don’t care about men’s feelings when it conflicts with their own hypergamy. So why should a man give a shit about a girl’s petulant display of distress, when it conflicts with the way he wants to run his own life.

      1. “Most girls don’t care about men’s feelings when it conflicts with their own hypergamy”…
        I don’t want this to get lost because it holds so much truth. Women will flip the switch and never care you ever existed in her life literally in an instance. You could have given her your best 10-20 years. No difference. It’s unbelievable how ruthless they can get when hypergamy kicks in high gear.

        1. Women are ruthless and petty by nature. Contrary to men they don’t have the physical strength required to sort out an argument “fairly”. When men get into an argument, if they keep on to a certain degree of disagreement, violence might be used as a mean to resolve the problem. One gets beaten up and at the end of they day both men go for a drink afterwards, problem solved. Of course I’m exagerating it but you got my point, nowadays less but back in the days men would fight and sometimes until their last breath. Women don’t have that power so instead they are ruthless and literally evil creatures. It is all about backstabbing and hurting you in the deepest psychological way (ex: dumping you to fuck with your best friend). They absolutely don’t give a SHIT about you, you could go through the worst depression after a bad breakup, it wouldn’t bother her more than finding her next dick to ride or which pair of shoes she’s gonna buy at the mall. It is important to consider women as human beings first and foremost, they are not the pure classy princess from stupid fucking disney movies.

        2. ” They absolutely don’t give a SHIT about you, you could go through the worst depression after a bad breakup, it wouldn’t bother her more than finding her next dick to ride or which pair of shoes she’s gonna buy at the mall.”
          Absolutely.. I’m still wondering who in their right mind continue to marry these… these.. creatures.. An yet, men continue to do it.. well, certain type of man.. Point is, anybody who is still in their right mind, and been exposed to RP, can not possibly treat them any better than this article depicts. Fucking impossible.

    8. Abuse this, abuse that.
      If I was the author, I’d take this as a compliment.
      Fuck these worthless bitches. They get treated the way they deserve to get treated.

    9. dave, check out the author’s other articles… each one is glorious. re-read this with a more open-mind… it is red-pill through and through.

    10. Well said. And it is disturbing to see we are the minority here.. and how most men here don’t see a problem with the ugly, sociopathic behaviour of the author.
      The author can get away with this kind of awful behaviour because he has a “sexy” profession and possibly has good enough looks, which combined, are what give women “tingles” and make them perceive him as a high-value men. But just because you are high-value enough to get away with treat women like shit doesn’t mean you should. Correspondingly, the women in our currently highly feminist culture that have far more sexual power than the average man, and thus can get away with rejecting men who are on the same level as they are, and treating most men like shit, shouldn’t be celebrated for their awful, unrealistic and vicious hypergamous behaviour.
      But I guess that’s our reality today.

      1. Why not round it out? How about the ugly sociopathic behavior of the women that in fact demand this treatment? An examination of their mothers who needed their fathers like “fishes needed bicycles”. This behavior didn’t arise in a vacuum.
        What do they say about supply and demand? If there is a demand someone is going to fill it with a supply (or a sociopathic penis). Why complain to the suppliers (or even the addicts)? How about we look at the system (feminism) that is creating these women?

    11. “but there’s got to be a medium between committing to them and your disillusionment with the female of the species”
      There actually isn’t.

  11. “There is no ‘right thing’ anymore.”
    ODERINT DUM METUANT! All damn day!

  12. I remember back in my early 20s, I’d be banging some chick I knew I wouldn’t be with for more than 2 weeks whilst thinking “some poor bastard will marry this”.
    Perhaps I’m different but I used to think of this shit DURING the act.
    Good article.

    1. Oh man you just re-trained my thinking as I bang through my harem from now on!
      I see myself as an atom and women as molecules; they’ll come and go and as indivdual ones fall off others will latch on. Keeps the emotions at bay and stifles them from even ever manifesting.

    2. Quote — “Perhaps I’m different but I used to think of this shit DURING the act.”
      I’ve done the same thing: “This is some guys future wife… poor bastard.” Then kept on pounding away.

      1. Oh yeah, needless to say.
        10 years later I bump into her in the Supermarket, she now weighs the same a prime Lennox Lewis and not in a good way; has 3 kids and a beta chump miserable husband on her arm.
        I’d cry if it wasn’t all so damn funny

    3. Me. Too. Fucking hilarious. Especially when you put it up her pooper. “Some sucker is going to make her the mother of his children.”

  13. Excellent, excellent article. I actually laughed out loud.
    Pull up a chair, fellas. It’s story time in Moody Land. Compare and contrast…
    Three years ago I was a blue piller. I met a chick who I “fell in love with”. She was “the one.” I was going to move her in with me, we were going to get married, and have kids. Of course I was willing to overlook the fact that she was divorced, had just gotten out of another long term relationship with a dude she lived with, and had ridden the shit out of the cock carousel. Like a good blue piller, I did everything for this girl – had her car fixed, took her to expensive restaurants, listened to her, helped with her career, bought her random gifts, and took her on many exotic trips. Everything this girl wanted, she got, and more. I wanted to be her fairytale prince. If I just worked hard enough, I’d win the prize.
    How did she respond? Unconditional love!
    Just kidding.
    She responded by fucking a bunch of dudes behind my back. That was my red pill awakening. Oddly enough, it ultimately was one of the best things that ever happened to me. At first I committed to learn game to try and win her back, but in the process ended up developing a red pill lifestyle that most of my married friends envy. I haven’t thought much about her other than “man did I dodge a bullet.” Three years later she’s hit the wall at 35 and living in a tiny apartment with a nice but boring beta male.
    What’s Hank Moody up to these days? I live a lot like A.V. Yader. Self employed. Bachelor. Money in the bank. Game is solid, and the poon overfloweth. I live in a big house that I own and renovated. I just put a sick stereo in my living room and built a home gym. Why? Because I’m a bachelor and I can spend money on whatever the fuck I want. And yes, there are many people who resent my lifestyle. I constantly hear “Hank is such a pig! You shouldn’t hang out with him!” Usually from fat married women who spend all weekend bitching at their husband because he didn’t clean the house well enough or something.
    In any event… a couple of months ago I was out with a new chick. We had just woken up from some post-coitious activities at my place and I wanted brunch. She’s looking hot in a sundress. I go to grab us drinks from the bar and two Australian guys swoop in and start flirting up my girl. Admittedly, their game is strong. She’s digging it and flirting with them right in front of me. I don’t say a word for about 20 minutes.
    What do I do? Charm them and compete for her attention? Show her what an “alpha male” I am and tell them to shove off?
    I simply leave without saying anything. I decide to go food shopping. About a half hour later I get a text message:
    Girl: “Hank, where did you go?”
    Hank: “food shopping”
    Girl: “You seriously left me here? Stranded in your neighborhood?”
    Hank: “u seemed busy i have stuff to do”
    Girl: “I’m stranded! That’s so fucked up!”
    Hank: “ill call u an uber”
    Girl: “You can’t treat me like this!”
    Hank: [no response]
    Then what happened? Did I apologize? Did she find some nice loser beta who would “treat her right?”
    The next day I’m busy watching the Star Wars Trilogy. I’ve completely forgotten about this incident, because it’s easier to start a new relationship than try and fix one that is broken. Women are a dime a dozen. Then I get a text message:
    Girl: “Hank, I’m sorry about the way I acted yesterday. But aren’t you at least sorry that you left me stranded at the bar?”
    Hank: [hours later] “nope”
    Girl: “Can I come over? Can we talk about this?”
    Then she came over and fucked my brains out. And she never flirted with other guys in front of me ever again. I am still smashing her to this day.

    1. Girl: “Can I come over? Can we talk about this?”
      You know you gonna get some when bitches start talking like this.
      By the way, you deserve a high 5, cookies and beer, your comment was hilarious!

      1. If you want extra cash on the side from 50-300 dollars every day for doing basic jobs at your home for 3-4 hrs every day then check this out…

    2. Girl: “Can I come over? Can we talk about this?”
      You can come over but I don’t feel like talking.
      Whenever a desirable female says the words “can we talk about this” to me I make her surrender herself to my physical desires before any talk. I used to think that was an asshole thing to do, but they enjoy it quite a bit.

      1. Oh, come on Raith, no girl ever wanted to talk to you, buddy. Lets be honest. And if she did come over, you probably wouldn’t know what to do with her. Do her breasts feel like sand bags too, bud? Awww. I just feel so sorry for you.

    3. if you don’t show a woman that you think of yourself as important,( more important than her), than she will have no respect for you. NONE. Women are disgusted by men who “need them”. Women don’t want their partner to be equal, they want their male company to be better than them, especially women who are obsessed with status
      You have to be SOOOOooo much better than her, that she feels nervous before she texts you or speaks, keep her in a “shy” state by outwitting her intellectually and convincing her you are a man with big goals sure it;s all bullshit but women’s dating strategy is geared towards feeding on a man’s vital energy than using that man’s life force to get ahead in a zero sum parasite game, That is when you are dominating her, when a woman feels comfortable around you to fart, than the relationship is about to end, once a woman farts she is no longer interested in her image around you and it’s over at that point, or about to be, a woman needs to feel intimidated by your superior presence, also, don’t communicate with her much, you’re knight helmet in her jaw corner , that’s your only serious communication, never take their complaints seriously, Its pathetic to them, though you are rigged to want to keep them happy for making you happy, they see it as weak, keep her happy by feeding her ego and convincing her she has the best possible male
      Fake alpha, and self-importance, usually they are smart enough to figure out you’re just the average loser within 6 months to a year depending on your acting skills, but by then you’ll have had the time to line up another woman anyway and you won’t need them anymore by the time they’ve realized you have nothing to offer her, so the joke’s on those social climbers , you’ll get “you wasted my time” a lot .. they think dating is some sort of investment where they can screw men over and try to get something out of it
      be very cold when you disconnect from them too, this turns them on the most and without this you would only last 3 months,
      usually they screw YOU over than run off on you, its just too easy and tempting for them and women love being tempted to cheat and act out, they can’t resist cheating, even with a lesser male, they just want to break free and do something “bad” to feel good. Women are……very deviant creatures.
      you don’t owe them loyalty, you don’t owe them honesty, there are plenty of beta males who can offer them this, but they are there, with you instead X,D amazing how that works …
      Women do desire “love” contrary to red pill thinking, the key is they want to be in “love” with someone of status particularly someone way smarter and better than they are
      get a bad chick, tell her you love her all that bullshit with her magical thinking shell believe it especially if you were seen as high value, shell say youre crazy as a shit test too, but this is what these bitches want, the key is they only want to love a man much better than them, an average man or a good man who is equal they will not respect. an 8 woman will not respect an 8 male only a 10 male, just the way the game is rigged, a 6 female can only love an 8 male ETC
      make sure, you do the opposite of a “loving boyfriend” after you say this and spend some time with her, they want to be in love with someone better than them, make sure you maintain your superiority complex, this is where men go wrong, they act “loving” and than become repulsive to their women
      the whole time you are energized by them after getting laid, use that to go and game other women, keep the poosy snowball rolling
      a 6 female wants an 8 male minimum,
      if women are so obsessed with equality, why do they crave superior alpha male cock so much?
      It’s a zero sum game.

    4. One of the best (and most recent) lines a girl served to me was;”I don’t think I can see you, we’re too much alike.”
      Me: “Good to know, you hate a reflection of yourself. I’m confident knowing you didn’t just learn anything from my response.”

    5. It’s not about winning anymore with women—you can’t win. At this stage, it’s all about not losing.
      Yes, you have to become an All-American level asshole to deal with women today. In my early days of game, the “asshole stage” was the natural progression towards acceptance of the female condition– a short-lived phase. However, after reaching the acceptance stage, I found myself becoming more of an asshole and not giving a fuck about what women, or men for that matter, thought about me or my game. And that’s where I’m at today.
      This article helped me to realize why I’m such an asshole — I HATE LOSING! And all winners do. That’s why Alpha Asshole behavior is so predominate among the winning elites in most endeavors (business, sports, game), an why society, especially women, attack us so violently for being Alpha Assholes.
      Rather than go to AA for my alleged drinking problem (the one where I’d rather drink than listen to a female go on her nonsense) , I for one will remain an A.A for the foreseeable future.

      1. @Yes, Really!
        I’d argue that this is a myth that is promulgated by the structure of US codes and regulations.
        “Assholes” win in America because the “unspoken rules” and “legal system” have been slanted to prevent “aggressive retaliation” by disgruntled underlings. Think back to the early Teamsters tactics, how you don’t see those tactics applied anymore and you will quickly understand why “assholes” rule today. Note, its not because of superior leadership, but because they are receiving undue legal protection, that keeps the hordes of frustrated Betas from ripping these “asshole leaders” limb from limb. The current batch of successful business leaders, that we see today, would have been beaten within an inch of their lives during the time of the teamsters or tarred & feathered, right in front of their factories, in earlier times.
        I will elaborate more if needed, in a follow up post but to keep this initial post simple, I will give a brief explanation. In Tribal and Chieftain level societies, the males that accumulated the most wealth and children were neither the “most fierce” nor the “most “timid”. These “successful leaders” tended to fall somewhere in the middle, the main reason being that the “most fierce” warriors typically died in the hunt or battle because they could not temper when to be bold or when to hold back. Also, on the flip side, it should be obvious why the “most “timid” didn’t accumulate any wealth to children in a world based on battle and hunts.
        In today’s world we have set up a legal system that solely rewarding the “most fierce” warriors and its to our downfall. In the past, when mortality rates were high, due to living a dangerous environment, these were the LAST people you wanted running ANYTHING.
        If you need a modern example, look no further than the post-war years, after WWII. Who do you think returned back to the USA, alive, after the war? The foolhardy, the yellow bellies or the ones whom could properly weigh the situation? The answer should be obvious because not coincidentally that was a period of stable employment and high wages for EVERYONE. With that said, it should safe to assume that it was the most “balanced’ people returning alive from the war, with the foolhardy and yellow bellies dying on the battlefield or retuning home too physically damaged to become captains on industry.

        1. That was a profound post. Can you elaborate on what laws specifically in our society make it so the most fierce are rewarded instead of the most balanced?

        2. What lead to prosperity after WW II is that our factories were going like gangbusters, while the other industrialized nations had the shit bombed out of their infrastructure.
          Of course asshole leadership has always worked. Read up on the Robber Barons and the Guilded Age. The Unions only started holding their own when they began to use the same tactics, thus earning the respect of the Bosses, who realized it was better for business to offer some concessions at that point.

      2. “Rather than go to AA for my alleged drinking problem (the one where I’d rather drink than listen to a female go on her nonsense) , I for one will remain an A.A for the foreseeable future.
        7 ”
        BTW the AA (alcoholic anonymous) place is where good looking skags troll to hookup with other guys. Serious. They would prefer a dude with a drinking issue rather than someone who has his act together. Then again, typically guys who drink too much tend to be violent and can lay down a good beating and physical / emotional abuse that women today crave.

        1. Are you reading this, Roosh? How about it? AA Meeting game? Going just to nail skags?

    6. “Can I come over?”
      Of course, if you bring a hot friend with you so that after I’ve had my way with both of you, you can yap at each other while I get back to whatever it was I was doing — oh yea, catching up on RoK posts.

    7. I have a theory that any man can bring out the worst in any woman by being too nice to her.
      And women who have some awareness of evil growing in them when they get put on a pedestal and worshipped will dump a man for being “too nice”. They are not being cunts, they are trying to avoid becoming one of them. Only the real dumb ones or the truly evil ones will string a “nice guy” along.
      I used to lament about how being a “nice guy” didn’t work for me, until I noticed a pattern. If we took a child who was at tantrum age, and that child was raised to be king who could sentence people to die at will, or send armies to crush anybody he wanted, what kind of person would that be?
      Hence the pattern. Any human being who gets put on a pedestal will become a monster. Our culture is not about women putting men on a pedestal. In fact men were always encouraged to respect good treatment from his spouse and in the networking between men, ball breaking is what always keeps a man in his place and reminds him he’s nothing special.
      But our culture fully supports worship of women, even women who don’t have men to worship them (“you go grrrl” and fat acceptance for example). So it’s way more common to women to end up on pedestals and become absolute turbo cunts, and get away with it. But again, you can do this to the nicest purest most innocent woman too.

      1. I have a theory that any man can bring out the worst in any woman by being too nice to her.

        There is an evolutionary perspective here.In pre-civilisation times women were prized above all else because they were important for the survival of the tribe. During a raid, warriors would steal the food, weapons and women. The more women you had the quicker you could expand the tribe. For this reason, women expect and men enjoy treating women like they are special. Because for many thousands of years, they were.
        The corollary to this of course, is that women needed strong men who could protect them and the children from predators and raiders. The women did not want to be carried off from their home and have their children killed only to be re-impregnated by the raider. Also, they were incapable of hunting and needed men to hunt and kill dangerous animals so that she and the children could eat. As such women admired strong, dangerous men who could provide safety and resources. And they still do. However, they feared these men and needed these men. Thus they respected and obeyed these men.
        Today, men have been effectively neutered by the State. They cannot earn good money because of taxes and welfare. The State has replaced them as educator and in many cases provider. Further, women have been entered into direct competition with the man as provider. Lastly, the women can now jettison the man but keep his income and resources.
        Women no longer need us, they no longer fear us and thus do not respect or obey us.
        And this, my friends, is the core of the problem.
        You must take steps to insulate yourself from this danger if you have any hope of fulfillment.

        1. This is spot on Bob! The “State” is cutting our grass at every corner. The solution is traditional values and a take no prisoners approach to out opinions and lifestyle.
          The neo-masculine man is a threat to the state because we’re against all of their tools of degeneracy: welfare, mass immigration of refugees, gays in all forms, public education, abortion, whatever…
          There is variance among the members here but I think in general this sums up our self reliance philosophy..

        2. The only solution is to kill the system. Men are too pussified in the west to do that. The other solution is to leave, shore up other countries and let the west go the way of the old arab empires.

      2. MY favorite author, Patrick F. MacManus, touches on this in his novels. His main character, a Sheriff/Professional Artist named Bo Tully, says
        “Weak men turn women into tigers.”

      3. I want to see a female superhero, or villain, named TURBOCUNT!!! 😆😁😁

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    9. Excellent article indeed. This is what I come to ROK for. We need to be constantly reminded of the dangers of chaining yourself to a woman and may the trad-cons and Feminists cringe in disgust!

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    11. No you aren’t, buddy. Lets be real here. You just posted 6 paragraphs trying to prove how much you hate women. You are clearly not getting laid AT ALL. Man, you guys are so pathetic. Even if you are telling the truth, y’know best case/worst case scenario, you’ll end up in a loveless relationship with a women who will leave you for the next brain dead “alpha” male. Oh, and you will get old and undesirable and no one will want you and you wont have any kids or wife to keep you company. You’ll be one of those old pathetic fat guys hitting on servers in restaurant. Hang in there, bud. Death will come eventually and then you will be freed from this joke you call life,

    12. That be my approach. Tried and tested. Its mainly because no piece of white western snatch is worth competing for anyway.

    13. “….all weekend bitching at their husband because he didn’t clean the house well enough or something.”
      That is messed up I’ve never understood how a man could marry a woman that didn’t keep a clean house. They probably don’t clean their fat lazy v*****s as well.

  14. For those who are really interested in the game, it is useful to consider that playing hard to get is a useful strategy…under the right conditions. If a partner is already interested and likes you, posing a challenge can turn up their desire or when they think you are “likeable” and nice, but are not yet passionate about you.
    If the partner is not committed or invested in you, however, playing hard to get can backfire. In those instances, you are simply asking them to work harder for something they don’t (yet) want. Therefore, it is better to be more agreeable, pleasant, and straightforward—increasing liking.
    Moral of the story – only fart on girls’ faces after the bang. LOL

  15. Man…..thanks so much for this. The best thing I’ve read on here in a while. Third Reich hahaha

  16. Solid shit man! I have a few friends in the warbird community that have taken the absolute “pussy-to-play” mentality. Nothing is more entertaining than watching girl after girl do their best to lock them down only to get kicked to the curb.
    I think about the advice my wife got years ago when we were first going out. We were at an airport function with a lot of those old timers we love to hang out with. A friend of mine who’d been a B-29 pilot and had flown fighters later on before a distinguished airline career was there with his wife. His wife was a ball buster but she knew her limits. She pulled my then girlfriend aside and told her this little gem. She said “you’re going out with a pilot and not just any pilot. You’re going out with a pilot that has made flying his life. He was a pilot before you came along and he’ll be a pilot after you’re gone. Don’t ever even think about making or asking him to choose between you and aviation because you’ll loose every time”.
    For most guys out there it’s bleak. I took the plunge because I found a girl I’d known since high school who’d never been to college, had no career and all she wanted to do was be a home maker. I’ve had a great run so far with two sons who’re eagle scouts, a nice hangar at the local airport with a warbird that I own and access to many others. I perform at airshows and carve out time to treat my wife to a couple days away and she’s always grateful and never bitches.
    I feel sorry for the guys that have been trapped in the marriage trap and I applaud guys like you who don’t settle for some bag because of social pressure and lack of choices. Keep up the fight man!

    1. I’ve been married twice and I thank God every day that I didn’t give up my flying career for those worthless women.

    2. Sounds like you’ve done things right, Aeronaut—can’t fault a guy for finding and choosing a good woman, making it work, and producing a couple of future bad asses in the process. If I was born 15 years earlier, there might have been a fighting chance for the same thing, but that time has past. Sounds like the fellas in your respective warbird community have good heads on their shoulders—they get it, and good for them. They’ve probably visualized themselves uploading pictures of their planes onto Controller and selling off them off to finance some vindictive ex-wife and simply said, “Yeah… fuck that.”
      Glad you enjoyed the article—tailwinds to you, good sir.

      1. Thank you! I should point out that it wasn’t always great. There was couple year stretch where I really questioned my decisions. I was only flying at my job, money was tight, there were times where my wife and I were very unhappy.
        When the kids were young it was a grind. When they got to the age that they entered scouts, it started getting real fun. I started flying more for fun, the kids and I started flying models, I started riding dirt bikes again, first by my self then with the kids, I got involved in scouting and I started having a blast.
        I think most marriages go through that spot unless they’re wealthy then they have their own problems. That’s where most marriages fail–both parties being somewhat normal. It was at the 5-7 year mark. I’m here to tell you there’s a reason they call it the 7 year itch. Nothing will test you more than leaving town on a week long trip, on bad terms with your wife to have some FBO hottie 3000 miles from home start throwing herself at you.
        My wife had four brothers, a stay at home mother–who herself had been raised on a farm–and a dad that was almost as much of a traditional hard-ass as my dad. Had I married some independent cunt that was merely checking the kids and marriage box, it would have been over at about 7 years. She had been taught that divorce was disgraceful by her mom and we made it through what I like to call the “Q-MAX” portion of our ascent and we laugh about most of the problems we had and never mention the rest.
        The marriage thing put me about a decade behind where I would have been entering the warbird/airshow scene but had I not gotten married I might not have bought the stable which made me a lot of contacts in aviation. It has actually made me a lot of money and has enabled me to do some amazing flying–just by owing a building and a bitchen plane that people want to ride in.
        I don’t know if it was skill, luck, personality or a combination but there’s no way it would have worked if I’d started out with a soiled canvas of a woman like so many do.
        It’s always a pleasure reading your stuff!
        See you at the ole airdrome!

  17. The person who wrote this is a pilot. It is my experience that pilots tend to place a greater value on personal freedom more than those in most other lines of work.

  18. every day i check rok praying for a new entry by a.v. yader… today must be my lucky day (and a monday no less). i still describe messy-homes as ‘little mogudishu.’ so much good stuff packed in each article, along with a bunch of lolz. cheers man!

  19. The article was great untill the part of the girl’s kick out. I would never treat a woman like a condom for my pleasure; if I don’t feel anything for her, I’d tell her before having sex, then things would be clear from the beggining. We got to separate the chaff from the weet, We can’t treat good women exactly the same as bad ones, It doesn’t make Us better men. The good women I have/had in my life deserve/d the best of me, and this is not being a white knight, It’s being a good person.

    1. the article was just relaying a personal anecdote to demonstrate that treating the woman with disregard or disdain often leads to counterintuitive results… red-pill nugget of wisdom there.

    2. Are you sure you’re not white knighting? Sounds like it to me.
      90%+ are the bad ones, as we all know the odds of finding a unicorn. The girl will have no problem using you as a walking wallet, or worse.

  20. I got some bachelor hate Friday.
    Friend had arranged to drop some off at shit at my house. He shows up, wife and two young kids in tow. Wife’s in a red-faced fury of cunt rage. Literally spitting and trembling.“You and I need to talk one-on-one…gasp! She then instructs husband to remain outside on patio with kids so her and I can “talk” alone. Fucking pussy dutifully agrees.
    Her: “I demand an apology…wheeze! You’re fucking-up mymarriage…huff! Don (friend) is too much of a pussy to make you apologize to me and it’s damaging our relationship. This is tearing me apart. I even called DON’s dAD for HELP…Sob! They won’t make you apologize so I’m going to do it myself! Blah, blah, bla.”
    Me: “Get the fuck out of my kitchen” (while simultaneously throwing her purse out the door).
    The look on her face was priceless.
    Heard friend say as they walked away: “I told you he wouldn’t put up with your shit”.

    1. You are leaving me begging for details. What did you do that you had to apologize for? Can we get a brief description of the she beast?

      1. She’s a trad-con catholic “good girl” (translated 45 yr. /o once-divorced boring spinster no sane man should want). My friend intentionally knocked her up because he was 46, desperate for children, and quite drunk. She probably was hot 2 decades ago but those days are long gone. I didn’t think a 43 yr. /o could have babies. They got married to make God pleased.
        My offense? 2 years ago my Friend’s little sister was in town to see his first baby. They all invited themselves over to my house for drinks. Little sister and I smoked some pot, in my own damn house, in a state where it’s legal, because she wanted to. The hag-wife found this very objectionable, especially because he then 2 month old infant who was on premises (but certainly not near it –or awake). I agreed to pay for any future counseling if the affair harmed the infant. Really hag-wife was upset to learn her new sister in-law was not a prude.
        Hag-wife bites her tongue but later throws a fit in private,and demands apology. Friend tells his hag-wife nobody really did anything wrong, and he has no problem with it until the kid can talk. The hamster becomes furious.
        This is where it gets fucked-up. Friend’s Dad happens to be chairman of the board of my employer. Hag-wife calls the old man and proceeds to snitch on me (then 38), and the old man’s son and daughter. Gramps tells her to chill-the-fuck-out, nobody really did anything wrong, and it’s none of his business anyway.
        The hamster goes berserk, and the marriage is in ruins. All my fault. Lol.

        1. At least the dad seemed reasonable or you may have been fired. The hag wife sounds lime a nutjob

        2. I have a headache. I need to lay down. Almost sorry I asked, but appreciate the details. I don’t feel sorry for you friend he is a beaten man and he bought the bat.

        3. Gramps probably knew he would have a lawsuit he would lose, plus his daughter would hate him.

    2. It’s the husband’s job to listen to her shit—not yours. Well done.
      It’s also not everyday a woman is told to get out of the kitchen. No wonder she was so shocked.

  21. The better part of me is actually inclined to agree with DaveDavola’s comment below. A.V.Yader’s behavior in that situation is difficult to defend, and certainly not worth emulating.
    And yet, my own disillusionment with the female of the species has helped me cultivate quite a sadistic streak of my own. As a result, I simply can no longer bring myself to care what happens to any female, no matter how unpalatable.
    Every day I’m reminded that the vast majority of women–particularly of the attractive millennial variety–are the primary drivers/enablers/consumers of this hopeless shitlib culture of death that I hate. That the vast majority of them have such an overblown sense of self-worth that they routinely turn down 98% of their potential suitors, without so much as a hint of introspection about their own place in the pecking order (not that it would really help, given that they all overrate their value by about 5000%). That as poor as A.V.Yader’s behavior might have been in that situation, the vast majority of them give it back tenfold to most other men who cross their path. I could go on.
    And I’m firmly convinced that the ones who aren’t like this largely would be if they perceived that they were hot enough to get away with it. A lack of opportunity is all that gets in their way.
    And for these reasons and more, I can no longer bring myself to sympathize when they’re treated poorly, or otherwise care about any of their problems.
    This rant isn’t coming from a place of despondent incel omega rage. I get more ass than a toilet seat. It doesn’t matter. Modern western women are traitors to their men, their children, their race, and their culture. Let them rot.
    More loyal to her pieties than her posterity.
    -Epitaph of western woman

    1. “I simply can no longer bring myself to care what happens to any female, no matter how unpalatable”
      same here mates

      1. do you realize how pointlessly essentializing this is? I guess your tiny under-evolved brain can’t handle the complicated processing necessary to comprehend that every human is different and diversity of all kinds is broader than most of us imagine. lmao and to think you accuse OTHERS of stupidity. no wonder you appeal to ‘the success of historical men’ to defend your pathetic perspective; you’re a desperate human quickly losing relevance due to your inability to adapt and evolve.

        1. you’re funny, funny, funny. this must be how you pick up women.
          FEELINGS SO HURT you couldn’t hurt my feelings if you tried

        2. The only people that are stupid are those who fail to see patterns in things, including human behaviour.
          If you really understood the complexity of things, you wouldn’t be a feminist.

        3. also, jw, how did you find out about this secret and exclusive definition of stupidity? or should I take your sweeping statements for granted?

        4. this is exactly how i pick up women…then they give me a blowjob and then I kick them out my house….then they whine like you……
          your attitude reflects you been pumped and dumped several times( not to forget hit the wall as well)

        5. Secret? Pattern recognition is one of the basic signs of intelligence. If you fail that then you aren’t very bright.
          My basic point that all this talk about individuals being different and humans being complex is a red herring. If you look at the actual research that has been done on human behaviour, more often than not it suggests that humans are neither as complex or as different from each other as they seem to think.
          There is a natural limit to everything in life, including the number of opinions that can be expressed on any given topic. Granted there is more complexity evident in people with more intelligence, but they are in a minority, so that’s a different issue altogether.
          The average man or woman is not particularly bright, so generalisations will always have their place.

        6. I’d say they are pretty pragmatic. The funny thing about the PUA’s is that we’ve known they were right since Junior High School when the dark triads always got the girls, and the more sociopathic a guy was the more he got laid like tile. Women want to reward sociopaths and then wonder where all of “the good men” went. LOLz

        7. Essentializing! Either you’re appealing to the nonexistent authority of your victim studies professor or you’ve replaced normal cognition with a buzzword generator. There’s no reason to read another word.

    2. What you say is all true.. but that still doesn’t make A.V. Yader’s behaviour commendable, or something to be emulated. It is disgusting, sociopathic behaviour.. showing no consideration for another human being.
      I think the key point in your comment is that those with opportunity and sexual power behave in despicable ways because simply.. they are able to get away with it. That, in a nutshell, is the tragedy of human nature. We become sensitive to the suffering of others only until we have suffered ourselves. Those high up in the sexual pecking order – whether they be men or women – have zero empathy and consideration for the women or men they are using and abusing.. because they know they can get away with it, and there will always be someone else ready to take the place of the person you just discarded and treated like shit.
      A.V. Yader is perhaps unique or rare among men.. in that he probably has good enough looks and had a nice, “sexy” profession, i.e, being a pilot, which is a huge chick magnet. So he can get away with being the awful sociopath he is. But it would be a mistake to tell other men here that they can get away with the same kind of behaviour with women.
      The problem is it is difficult to really feel sorry for the women he abuses. They allow themselves to be treated disrespectfully because they perceive him to be a high-value man and are attracted to his wealth, and status, and possibly looks.
      And of course, you are right that while sociopathic men like A.V. Yader who treat women like this are rare, there are a thousand times more women these days who treat men just as bad or even worse.. because of the current feminist culture that overvalues the worth of even average looking women.

      1. All ya’ll are blue pill pussies. Making excuses for these hos. Calling masculine behavior “abuse.” You’re no better than some feminist bitch.
        Any man can get away with this type of behavior. Being a pilot has nothing to do with anything. It’s all about confidence, having respect for yourself and living your life on your terms. Not the terms of some bitch who’s going to leave anyway no matter if you fuck her & dump her or marry her ass. I’m a pilot too and I see male flight attendants who get away with the same type of shit with these bitches.
        It’s all about having respect for yourself and not taking bullshit from a woman just because she has a pair of tits and a wet hole.
        Have some respect for yourselves.

        1. “Calling masculine behavior “abuse.”
          yeah I guess you and I have different understandings of what “masculine” behaviour is, and should be. This wasn’t masculine behaviour.. it was simply sociopathic, ugly, abusive behaviour that can’t be justified.
          You say it’s all about having self-respect for yourself and not taking bullshit from a woman.. but what “bullshit” exactly was the woman responsible for? For simply wanting to spend the night instead of getting kicked out? I’m all for putting bitches with over-inflated egos in their place and not pandering to them like some beta-male.. but this wasn’t the case here. Sorry. It was just an asshole behaving like an inconsiderate asshole.. and not having the slightest consideration and empathy for another human being. That’s nothing to be celebrated, and shouldn’t be something men here try to emulate.
          Also, being a pilot is a huge chick-magnet and generates “tingles” in women. There’s nothing a woman loves more than the promise of excitement… “adventure” and a man with a high-status, glamorous job.. and a man who is a pilot fulfills both those pussy-tingling criteria. That is probably a huge part of why the author is able to attract women, and why he can get away with his ugly, inconsiderate behaviour.

        2. I’m not going to put words in the author’s mouth, I’ll leave that up to him.
          However, as to the “bullshit” she’s responsible for, my guess is that she’s responsible for her actions. She’s the type of woman who will answer a booty call late at night. In my book, such a woman is not to be taken seriously as I doubt that her evening visit at A.V. Yader’s house is the first time she’s engaged in that activity that with a man.
          Therefore, she’s a bitch. And she is to be treated like a bitch. I have no sympathy regarding the feelings for such a woman. If she was a decent woman, she wouldn’t answer booty calls.
          And you have no idea about this profession. In all my years of flying my mighty 737, I have seen that if we pilots are “chick magnets,” it’s only because they’re gold diggers wanting a piece of the cash we make. And again, that makes them bitches that are to be treated accordingly.

        3. Ok, well I won’t carry on this argument after this as we probably agree more than we disagree… but let me say this:
          So her “bullshit” was agreeing to sleep with him? Really? That’s exactly what you and he and most men here want, isn’t it.. cheap and easy casual sex with sluts like these? She offered her body and pussy for his pleasure.. surely at the very least, he should treat her fairly.
          I’m not saying you have to marry these sluts.. or that it is wrong in any way for him to live his player lifestyle, spin multiple plates and bang these sluts and treat them like the disposable sluts they are… but to treat them like they’re sub-human and have no consideration at all for them like he did in his story above? That kind of behaviour is really ugly and sociopathic.. and can’t really be justified. She didn’t really do anything wrong. Hank Moody’s story above was different. .where he talks about the slut he was banging chatting up 2 Australian guys who started flirting with her. I agree completely with how he dealt with the situation (he left her attention-whore ass and took off without telling her). That bitch deserved what she got. The woman in this story did not.

        4. OK Cap’n. Looks like we have another affirmative action negro sky servant here.

        5. Fuck off, you little piece of shit! Race crap has no place here, and I’m white btw.

        6. Nailed it—all of it.
          All the detractors think—from the very little I wrote about this chick—that they have it all figured out. They have no idea what she was talking about that irritated me, no idea how she behaved before that one particular incident or after etc.
          Also, apparently, I’m the only guy on ROK that has ever farted in front of a woman (I didn’t fart in the broad’s face, I would never do that), and then—gasp!—told her to leave. Now I’m a sociopath? Give me a fucking break.
          And what’s more, all of these guys running to her defense would have found themselves either 1) ignored by her in real life, or 2) completely treated like shit by her. She wasn’t a good girl, if she was, she wouldn’t have been treated the way I treated her. She got what she deserved—nothing more and nothing less.

        7. hey, I’m personally offended that you used the b-word about feminists! just kidding, I could never be offended by anything that issues from your ignorant mouth (or keyboard). try harder to educate yourself; you aren’t getting far in life and you aren’t impressing anyone just because you’ve managed to convince yourself that all women are the same and western culture has corrupted them. LMAO IT’S TOO FUNNY YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO LIFE IN THIS STATE

        8. “when she irritated you”
          may I ask who granted you the authority to determine whether or not she got what she deserved?
          lmao you pathetic desperate pos

        9. and morality lol. logic did, little libby.
          you know, those things that women are incapable of.

      2. Who are you to decide what is good and what isn’t when you are only a spectator?

      3. Why complain to the men about their response to women’s mating strategies? You might as well tell women to start being attracted to nice guys. It’ll will work just as well.

      4. He chooses his path, you choose yours. His has the particular virtue of working.

    3. They are traitors to their men,children,race and culture because a system has been put into place that has eliminated mens ability to keep them in line. To give one example: In the old days a women who cussed out her man like a foul mouthed sailor was soundly slapped. Respond that way today and you end up in handcuffs. The only legal antidote to reign women in today is game.

    4. This rant isn’t coming from a place of despondent incel omega rage (haha). I get more ass than a toilet seat
      Sure you do Cap’n. It’s amazing how easy it is to spot the losers which is like 99% here

      1. Do the nursing home attendants know you’re having fun with the Google again, twat crust?

    5. “Modern western women are traitors to their men, their children, their race, and their culture. ”
      I will be stealing this line.

  22. I just never ”got”the modern western have lawyers and doctors marrying up used chubby average looking wives with shit persnalities and buying houses in suburbian hellholes when they could use all that money on self improvement looks-wise and also traveling and banging women.I mean whats stopping them fro being in Indonesia,Brazil,colombia or thailand right now living it on the cheap,eating amazing food,great beaches,wlaking around like you own the place with your muscles and a banging new girls every week,playing video games ll day,doing E,and just not being aroud the toxic enrionment and shitty cold weather ,overpriced craphole we call the US.

  23. My goals in life are to Looksmax,get a magnificent physique,Tats,and become a Beachboy in the land of smiles.the kingdom of Siyam will welcome me and save me form this hellhole.I will bang Swedish tourists and Thai chicks alike.I will be enjoying Beach ,cheap but excellent food,cheap cost of living etc I just need to make about 200 k and i wont ever nee to work until Im in my 40s.that place is excellent in pricing.I just couldnt imagine myself living the script the average joe does here.

    1. Looks like someone else has caught the Thailand bug, and I can’t agree more that anybody with the money, and ability to live and work in that part of the world is crazy not to. But I have to ask, where are all these hot Swedish chicks everybody talks about? Admittidly I don’t spend much time in the backpacker hangouts but all the white women I see there have the same shitty look; long unwashed hair tied in a knot on top of their head, a dirty tank top with no bra and those baggy elephant print pants they sell at every tourist trap market. Add to that their “I’ve been to college AND travelled, so I know everything about the whole world” attitude. Maybe I’m missing something, but I think I’ll stick to the local ladies.

      1. Too punny! “What they are son is penisfly traps. So don’t get so wrapped up that you forget what they are.”

  24. You are the best writer on this site today. I half thought this a while ago, but am positive of it now.

  25. The problem is that you’ve pursued a “policy of truth” about things that shouldn’t have been easily revealed, in addition to things that you should have obfuscated entirely …
    Rather than let some people who think they should have more control over my life believe I’m some kind of “strange bachelor”, I tell them about the one that I can’t get back because of what we can term “natural causes”.
    It’s even mostly true … mostly, anyway.
    But it works better to let certain people believe I’m some sort of grieving quasi-widowed kind of person — they relent from a barrage of personal questions with answers they aren’t entitled to know.
    In fact, what passes for office banter is in fact a low-grade interrogation, so if I’m going to be interrogated, I shall present a cornucopia of false starts until I am forced to choose different tactics because of having to deal with professionals.
    As for the chicks, at least the ones who stick around long enough, I find it useful to allow each one to believe that she might be the one to break me out of my supposedly sullen funk about the one I can’t get back …
    And it’s even mostly true … mostly, anyway.
    I leave you with this wisdom from Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth”:
    “Things could be so different now / It used to be so civilised
    You will always wonder how / It could have been if you’d only lied
    It’s too late to change events / It’s time to face the consequence
    For delivering the proof / In the policy of truth …”

  26. “It’s not about winning anymore with women—you can’t win. At this stage, it’s all about not losing.”- and there you have it.

  27. The bottom line is this: being a crowd-pleaser will get you nowhere, and if people hate on you and think you’re an asshole for marching to the beat of your own drum—then fuck’em.

    Realist line from the entire article. 110% red-pill truth.

  28. Nothing on this earth is more important to me than freedom. When a woman thinks that because we’ve had sex she can boss me around and waste my time on shit I don’t care about, I put her straight.
    The quote “I don’t pay women to have sex with me, I pay them to leave” attributed to Charlie Sheen, speaks volumes about how detrimental females are to a man’s realization.

  29. This even applies in jobs others discourage you out of.
    I actually looked like a fool in hindsight for entertaining the doubters.

  30. Absolutely! YOu’re playing the game to win and playing it on your terms. Of course people will hate you for it. It’s like you already know the answers to the test. I’ve been living this way for the past few years and i’ve never been happier. Of course you can’t really tell people what you’re doing and that you’re actually happy, because they won’t believe you; they’ve been brainwashed!
    It’s pretty pathetic actually that they think i’m going to be the unhappy one while i watch them call their wife to see if it’s ok if they go off roading with me next weekend.
    Everyone wants you to act a certain way; the accepted way of society. WEll, something I”ve noticed, is that people always want you to act a certain way for their benefit, not yours.
    “You should do x and y and z”… blah blah blah… why? why should i do that when i’m happy doing it my way? something you should always ask when someone tells you to do something is “or what?” If you don’t have anything to lose by doing it your way, they can fuck right off.

  31. It was a real fag move throwing her out in my opinion, because you promised to let her stay. I believe in 1 warning before doing it.

    1. I disagree. Those of you complaining that he treated her wrong are straight up pussies that are worried about women’s feelings.
      Women have been treating men like shit for decades and yet men STILL make excuses & white knight for these women. It’s absolutely amazing how far this feministic bullshit goes.

      1. For thousands of years, men died for women. Hurting women’s feelings (especially today’s sluts) doesn’t mean shit by comparison.

  32. Anyone who doesn’t like my lifestyle can Go.Eat A.Bag Of.Dicks. With extra salt.
    I don’t rub my friends noses is in it, but fucked if I’m going to change so their Colonel Sanders’ thighed wives can feel better about themselves. When I spring one of my buddies and they’re worried about what the lady folk are thinking and want to call/text, I tell them not to. “Fear…is your friend” (when it’s her fear; when it’s yours, you’re dead.) Let the bluepillers (male and female) rationalize away–and they will. Just stay out of the way, and let them lay rubber on their hamster wheels.
    If someone asks me why I’m not married I tell them the truth: Marriage is a shitty deal for men, particularly high-status, high-earning men. Why should I limit myself to one pussy for the rest of my life, and what I get in return for that is about a 50% chance of winding up paying an ex-wife to fuck other guys and teach my kids to hate me?

      1. I don’t; I spin plates that are 19-26 years old and let my friend slap their wives’ thighs and ride the first wave in….

  33. I think this advice is good for girls that are already in your sexual circle and are fucking on a regular basis. For guys who want to fuck a new girl that they just met, I recommend just escalating sexually over messages and of course in person till your dick is inside her. You can even be nice while escalating on her. Then this asshole Game can kick into place once you’ve converted her into one of your harem girls.

  34. What others think doesn’t matter, but I remember when I told people about my retirement — the vibes on the part of some were NOT those of well-wishers. I vowed to keep my lifestyle choices private after that experience. Now when people ask me – what did you do?- I usually say- I really don’t care to talk about the past.

  35. Women (and some envious man-bitches) usually hate to see a happy man – who doesn’t need them. I get some very weird looks from some women my age- just for being relaxed and enjoying the scenery.

  36. “People, especially women, will try to steamroller you if they think they can get away with it—don’t fucking let them, ever.” – This is what needs to be “drummed” into every pathetic mangina out there.

    1. “especially women”
      I notice you really like asking for statistics re: rape and sexual harassment.
      do you have any statistics to support the above claim?

      1. Feminism is 50 years old, patriarchy is 1000s of years old. the burden of proof is on you! Why do women and SJWs always want stats and facts and figures? Ohhhh I forgot, they don’t have common sense. Answered my own question. Will you now ask me for stats on women not having common sense? lol. Happy Trolling

  37. Great points as long as you take your own advice. So if a reader wifes up, this post is useless in many respects because you seem to be rapping on marriage.
    I have wifed up. She is 14 years younger which can piss people off. She is Chinese, which can piss people off. Fuck them.
    (There was this strange period where I wanted my next girlfriend to be my last girlfriend, but the whores were not on message. Before that, I was the whore and anyone who figured it out gave me shit. Before that, it gets quantum complicated.)

  38. This site usually has articles that are useful, and at least have some decency to them, so with this one I was highly disappointed.
    This topic did not need a whole article on it. Its message is simple common sense: Grow a thick skin, can’t please everybody, just do the best you can in life. I understand not being a doormat, but I can’t help but be reminded of feminists when I read, “Outside Opinions Are Not Welcome”. I realize there will be people that hate you, but once in a while, a man needs to be humble enough to take constructive criticism if necessary. The difference lies in the source (person) and that source’s intent.
    At the very least, the submitter of this article could have included a perspective on dealing with negative opinions of your lifestyle from people you care about/people that care about you (ie. family, close friends, etc.), instead of people you don’t care about.
    It’s really boring to see another story about some slut with no self-esteem that kept coming back for more – it’s a given they will. The site audience knows this by now. It’s not very productive as a man to be sitting around watching DVDs for a few days straight; nor is it manly to promise one thing, then go back on your word due to indecisiveness/spur-of-the-moment thinking. Sounds awfully woman-like for a dude…
    Also the use of “…who buried more bones than the Third Reich…” sounds like a millennial’s typical disrespect for those in previous generations killed by a totalitarian regime, and/or some kid trying to shock for attention to score “kewl” points with the audience. I never complain about off-colour jokes, as I often get called names for not being PC, but that was distasteful and unnecessary. All of us here are so pampered in our modern lifestyles to even be able to imagine what they went through. The least you could do is not be a disrespectful faggot.
    Next time, if this topic is broached again on this site, it would be better to not write a waste of an essay that is tailored to adolescents, but instead, to adult men (that already don’t care what strangers think). Also would be nice to not exclude married men, or men that only spend time with quality women, since not all men here are the same.
    (Side note: I noticed any complaints with the article are often dismissed with personal attacks of “you must be a beta male/husband/white-knight/etc.”. Just like feminist sites, instead of arguing counter-points, ad hominems are dished out. I don’t want to see ROK foster a hive-mind mentality.)

    1. Did you really need to dedicate an entire article sized response to whine about an article that you do not like?
      It’s basically like this: you either like something or you don’t. If you do, take it on board, if you don’t move on till you either find what you are looking for or create it yourself.

        1. I take issue with your trolling too, but I’m not going to bother writing a seven paragraph article about it in a comment section because it’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I can simply ignore and move on to the next comment 😛

  39. The best article I have read! Ever period stop the fucking presses lay of the employees weld the doors shut.its over.

  40. GOOD POINT. If she asks you ”Where’d you learn such asshole game?” you reply ”From your mama and your friends, same place YOU learned it from.” Alot is determined by what kind of relationship a girl has with her father. Just as importantly is what kind of relationship a girl’s dad has with her mom. If her mom whipped her dad into beta submission or if she’s a single skank, then the apple never falls far from the tree. SHE LEARNED IT FROM HER MOM. But if her mom is submissive to her dad, especially if her dad keeps a harem, then her dad will expect to hear some red pill tone and demeanor in you. He’ll determine whether or not you’re a clansman bro or if you’re just a fly by night shirtless guy phishing for some ho in which case he’ll point you down the road to some barn cat ho’s or to the nearest city full of nightlife and cubicle ho’s or to the nearest college campus.

  41. Oh man, you are definitely the funniest writer here on RoK. I’m reading this from work and I had to cover my mouth to keep from making a scene laughing!
    In addition to being extremely funny, this article also has a very deep truth. I love that bit about “not losing” with women. Our dignity and self-respect is not negotiable.

    1. when it comes at the expense of other people due to centuries of oppression at the hands of
      your ancestors… sorry, but it is negotiable then. <3

      1. What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you trying to say Western men oppressed their women, as opposed to the love and protection they actually provided them often at the cost of their lives?
        You need to re-read your history books – ones not written by feminists. Start with conscription practices and notice how women were suspiscously absent from the front lines, and take a moment to reflect on how men felt when arrows were raining from the sky and the enemy was closing in and they just wanted to go home but they’d be hanged if they fled, then tell me women were the oppressed sex just because they had to marry the groom daddy picked out for them instead of somebody else.
        EDIT: and I ought to point out that most men didn’t get to pick their bride or profession or anything, either. Feminism is just hatred towards patriarchy. There’s no justification in it.

  42. This article essentially suggests that one should live their life as they see fit and not to hesitate in delivering a resounding “fuck off” to those who would disapprove. The irony of posting a mangina comment about how the author is a sociopath and delivering an armchair psychoanalysis about what a douche the author is for treating this girl so “poorly” is hilarious.

  43. Girl: “You’re fucking kidding, right? It’s past midnight! You’re
    seriously kicking me out of here so you can watch some stupid fucking
    James Bond movie that you’ve already seen a bunch of times?!”
    Me: “Pretty much.
    “Girl: (cue the charm and bargaining tactics)… “Well, why don’t we
    cuddle up and watch it together? I’d love to watch James Bond with you.”
    Women lose their “nice girl” facade (1st paragraph), put it back on (3rd) and seriously think us men wouldn’t notice.

  44. I’m going to make so much dough that I’m gonna buy the company that owns the Pulitzer prizes, and I’m going to give every one of them to AV motherfuckin yader from now until eternity for this

  45. Stole this from a commenter at Dalrock. Hilarious…
    “”Once upon a time, A Prince asked a beautiful Princess:”Will you marry me?” The Princess said NO And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and
    fucked skinny big titted broads and hunted and raced cars and went to
    naked bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey, beer, and
    Captain Morgan and never heard bitching and never paid child support
    or alimony and ate pussies and ass-fucked cheerleaders and kept his
    house and guns and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his
    friends and family thought he was fuckin cool as hell and had tons of money in
    the bank, travels a lot and left the toilet seat up….” The End.

  46. I personally need to read articles like this. Its why I come to ROK. Its a slap in the face wake-up call anytime I start drifting back into Beta behavior, thinking “maybe a real relationship with a loving female is what I need.” I quickly come here to remind myself that its all pretty little lies. It saves me much time and trouble. So thank you AV Yader for this sucker punch to the gut, i really needed it.

      1. Because women are not capable of giving men the love they crave and long for. Y’all are as cold as ice. This is the fantasy that is perpetuated in media, movies and marketing. The happily ever after fairy tale is the lie.

  47. Don’t feel sorry for kicking out a girl at midnight. I’ve done it multiple times. Last time a girl and I cuddled, kissed, we touched, I made the move towards the vajj and then that: “it’s not going to happen tonight, sorry babe.” Damn it. “fcking bitch”, I thought. So I said to her: “then why are you here? Leaving me all aroused”. She shrugged. The lame excuses came: “i’m so tired”, and: “I have a terrible headache”. I made her put on clothes at 4pm. She: “are you seriously doing this?” I told her: “yes, just go home”. Kicked her out. No sex, no sleepovers.
    You know what is important about something like this? You shouldn’t feel guilty for doing it. Because for her it’s just another shittest. Small problems grow into larger ones if you don’t kill them of quickly. And if she doesn’t want to see you again for this, well, then she’s probably not so into you anymore and was just using you as an emotional tampon.
    Sleepover without sex is just lame. You are spending time with her, time that you could have spend differently: studying, reading online, watching a movie, working. Sex is a part of the deal, women tend to forget that when they get comfortable with you.
    But I must admit, that whenever she puts out and does me all kinds of favors (massages, cooks me dinner, brings gifts etc) She can stay over and I’ll treat her nice. Being an asshole is ok, but only when they deserve it.

      1. When you’re in a new relationship (0-3) years. Having to hear excuses is stupid. I did just send her home where she could rest from her “headache”.
        You know why I know it was BS? Because she told me later she didn’t want to have a relationship anymore and thus created some excuse. Like I didn’t know what was going on.
        With other, random girls just laying there all arroused and her sleeping while you are awake. That sucks, because It’s my own bed invaded by some parasite. Gives me nothing, only takes. Some even have the nerve to expect the two of you to have breakfast. Like I forgot she denied me sex. All men think It’s part of the deal. So for all the women reading this and think It’s just me. No

    1. Exactly, and some don’t get that in this article the convo laid out there she was shit testing him to see if she could get him to back into a relationship with her through sex, that’s why the way he acted wasn’t a big deal to me. He wants to have sex with her, that’s it. He is making it clear, if she doesn’t return he expects that, but most women will because they see a challenge. Its part of the game.

      1. That story you responded to was about an ex-gf of mine. We broke up not so long after I wrote that piece. The love was gone already when she refused to have sex with me at that time. I kicked her out a 4 pm, and I’m still not sorry for it. It was a dickmove, but after we broke up we still had sex for half a year or so. Which tells you: it was a good signal for her in the end. Women who take sleeping in your bed for granted, you should teach them.

  48. Good written article, I had to laugh about the conversation.
    It is a very valid point that women are a looser in the new dating market dynamics. They do not realize it, but it is a fact when you look at it without the feminist brainwashing.
    It is a pity that woman prefer to be sluts and enjoy to be “abused” nowadays, instead of feeling pride in being a good girlfriend and future wife.
    I think most guys have no interest in playing the games which they have to play for getting laid. However, they have no option, being the nice guy, being the nice gentleman doesn’t help them for getting laid, so they have to be the jerk, the asshole, the selfish man.
    Where will that leave us?
    The future will tell it.
    The recommendation for now is clear. Learn game, bang some sluts and get the hell out of the west when you want to enjoy feminine woman.

  49. It’s not the women that are the enemy, it is the “other” men in powerful positions that have allowed feminism to run amok these last 30 years as a means to control the rest from being a challenge to their positions of authority. The real scary thing is that people no longer listen or discuss, every interaction has become an interview and a means of asserting superiority. Facts no longer figure and any solemn debate is seen as an affront to freedom or better say licence. Females, drunk on power will not listen to any alternative idea that somehow conflicts with their narrow solipsistic worldview of self-worship and of course their cash flow. The slowly realizing millions of betas are not helping in the process too. But going way back to a great post once made here that “women are wimps and that’s a good thing” there is some faint hope for the future. They are semi or fully aware of the precariousness of the situation that has developed and they will do anything necessary to maintain their gains until bullets start flying that is.

  50. it’s very instructive, the way you reveal how – merely because you say so, and justify it by subscribing to a fanatically selective rereading of history – men inherently possess (or at least are ENTITLED to) infinitely variable nuances of identity while women, as a class, are all predictable and exactly the same.
    that makes sense! it makes sense. because strong argumentative strategies and rigorous modes of thought almost always include baffling double standards, factual cherry-picking, and generalizations so broad “sweeping” doesn’t do them justice.
    I do love intelligence in a man!

  51. “But it does help to reinforce that these women are, without a doubt, total fucking losers.”

  52. The dating scene is demoralizing, this isn’t gender specific. The lifestyle you choose (although I get the feeling that you live with your mother – no judgement) is outside of the social construct. It doesn’t build or stabalize society so it will be questioned. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there aren’t women who think and live like you – hopefully sans the flatulance. I would find it interesting to see you run into one – then you would write about how we’re cold sluts who just want sex then heartlessly kick you out of our beds. No one wins when we argue in different languages.

    1. lol, as long as they are tight who care. and fuck society! selfishness is the way, the sheeps are the ones that gonna slave to death for altruism while we are busy counting the $$$.

  53. I didn’t have time to actually read this article. But I have never had to deal with “people who hate my lifestyles”. My friends are actually friends, if they didn’t like “my lifestyles”, I would just stop talking to them. I give coworkers information on a need to know basis, unless I’m pretty sure I can advance them past that. And I cut off family that doesn’t approve.
    In summary, I did not read this article because it cannot possibly contain useable information unless it is aimed at people who live in ISIS controlled territories.

  54. I love this article.
    I’m doing what I want right now and it is true. People hate you when you are not a slave.

  55. I’ve been single for three years and I am happy, for what it is. I’ve actually accomplished more in that time frame than in the 7 years prior.

  56. Ummm, I have a drum set in my living room and I fucking love it and I’m a fucking women. You guys should just go back to sucking each others dicks. Leave the women out of your clusterfuck of absurdity. If I guy treated me like that, I would fucking sneak back into his house and slit his throat and NO ONE would miss him.

  57. Just gotta say, having children is awesome; it’s a shame you have to go through women to get them. I suppose you could buy eggs from a cute white girl in Ukraine, pay a woman in India to carry the baby to term, and then get your mother to help with diaper changes and 3AM feedings. (She’d do it because women love babies. You’ll find them more interesting when they achieve sentience and are able to carry a conversation.)
    It might cost $20,000 to get a child with your DNA that will never be taken from you in family court. If anyone criticizes you for being a single daddy, just say you’re gay and they’ll quickly apologize and praise you instead.
    If you think children will impair your sex life (not necessarily true, but suppose it is), you will discover someday that children are better than sex. Sex is a means for which children, and eventually grandchildren, are the end.
    The best part is when the kids are old enough for James Bond movies, and you get to watch them watch Bond for the first time!

    1. In-vitro with the Indian woman sounds like the hard way. Overly complicating a simple task. I’d rather ride the bus. Plus I wouldn’t want to suckle any more off my mother past infancy than I absolutely have to. Tit feeding and potty training was enough.
      I can pump a woman of my own tribe repeatedly, over and over again to my heart’s delight and maybe once in a blue moon she gets pregnant. Then her belly gets big and you can still do doggie up till the last day but never missionary since you run the risk of squishing the baby. Doggie with a loaded sack hanging down is at least as good as a TV dinner. It’s called ”tapping the baby on the head”. Or she can suck of course. No point in missing a good blasting.
      But the ‘over and over again’ part is the Lord’s gift to man. He meant for reproduction to be just plain FUN for the man. Go ahead have fun with the ‘over and over’ part. It’s like enjoying beer after beer. Tell me one single beer is good enough. Sheeit. That’s why they come in 12 packs and bricks. The Lord must have had the 24 pack in mind when he designed his master plan for sex and reproduction.
      The part that worries most western men is the divorce rape industry and the femicunt that won’t let the man lead, and she does this under threat of ultimately blowing the whistle or calling out a goon squad. It all really boils down to controlling your woman. The control part is natural and simple. The hard part is controlling her openly, especially in the west when roving bands of feminazi enablers and social marxist and statist bureaucrats want to get their hooks into her and usurp the authority of the patriarch and then police and micro manage the family unit. You have to build firewalls to insulate your woman from the enemy and you have to be prepared to go to war if they encroach. Otherwise raising a family in the west with a western woman is a cinch. It’s easy peazy lemon squeezy right? Just be prepared for war and learn to love fighting. If we’re headed for war to restore the west, we might as well resurrect our old fondness and love for battle. We’ll surely perish and die out otherwise.

    2. It’s sad to see simple tasks such as sexual reproduction are beyond some of the men here. I’ve honestly seen homosexuals with a better handle on this stuff than you.

      1. It used to be a simple task — woo a high-school classmate, convince her to marry you, then settle into a routine of work, sex, and raising children.
        Now a guy doesn’t just have to work himself to an early grave supporting his wife and kids, he has to work extra hours every day convincing her not to divorce-rape him. If every sexual relationship is of a temporary nature (and it was women, not men, who demanded this), the sluts on Backpage offer a better value proposition for most men.
        Of course you can still get knocked up by criminals, who aren’t afraid of prison and have no assets a family court could seize. Or you could sate your lust with underage boys, who are too horny to calculate what eighteen years of child support will cost them.

        1. I don’t have any of those problems. Stop blaming women and start being a man. Life has never been easier than it is now, especially for men.

  58. This guy lays in bed drinking and re-watching old movies and “farts” on women – he’s a self-confessed slob – and claims women can’t get enough of him and advocates this life-style to other men?!
    He’s a loser and a failure and a liar, in case you haven’t noticed.

    1. you know I too wonder this….I get the whole women want to be dominated thing is a fact….but I mean seriously, sometimes I do wonder about some of the stories posted on red pill websites. I know AWALT is true, but they can’t all be quite this insane, surely some are less insane????

      1. There’s been a few articles lately that don’t add up. I genuinely want to help men here – which is why I’m here – but I fear the men writing these articles are just looking for safe spaces where they can find worship they couldn’t find in the real world.
        I try to research the writers to get a feel whether anything they say might be truly from experience. Aside Roosh, I’ve only found information on 1 writer and he’s a fatty and thus probably a liar. The other writers I looked into are anonymous which is an even worse sign.

        1. I too share that concern….though on the flip side, the old “Im a voice crying in the wilderness” rings true in an era of media controlled bullshit news. so I dont take the anonymous voice as an instant sign of danger. I used to, but I’ve long since realized peer reviewed is fancy smart talk for “this guy kissed the most asses”
          yes discovering the red pill can be hard, and reading things like the book of pook is craziness. truthfully i have a few crazy man tales myself.
          but overall i do think the red pill is a good thing….even if some of it i think is nonsense….i think the red pill was the last straw to unplugging me from BS modern reality. and overall i do think red pill is correct with how women behave….that said it does do a lot harm….the whole we want a good girl to marry, while bemoaning slut behavior and then banging every piece of ass that walks your way is pure hypocrisy. and like any forum I am sure there are a lot of fake badasses.
          “but I fear the men writing these articles are just looking for safe spaces where they can find worship they couldn’t find in the real world.”
          Astute point but that can also be said in any online forum.
          all that said….do you find the red pill beneficial and sites like these more helpful or more harmful? I personally think more helpful so I keep coming back.

        2. In answer to your question, yeah, I’ve found these sites helpful. They bring attention to a lot of good points. Really, though, I think I accurately summed up RoK a few weeks ago; the smartest arguments in modern culture written by the dumbest people.
          The writers here are aiming at all the right nails but constantly missing the heads. They’re simply not very smart. I’m not sure what to do about it in regards to whether I’d prefer to participate in the site or start my own blog that doesn’t allow articles from guys with IQs of 75.

        3. so Im not sure how that statement makes sense….smartest arguments written by the dumbest people? While I’ll grant you not every writer here is 5 star quality….but overall most of their points i think are solid.
          I mean I get it, sometimes you can argue a valid point but come across as a dumbass….but I cant see that happening as much as you claim(though i could be wrong i admit)….and ROK as far as red pill sites goes, is pretty good because of its wide range of authors and topics, whereas a lot of red pill sites focus slowly on getting that all important piece of ass.
          also i think the comment section at ROK is leagues above any other red pill website.
          I guess I would ask….if you did your own blog, what would be so different?

        4. But we don’t KNOW there’s a lot of writers here, we’re only TOLD that. For all we know, Roosh could be writing half these articles under pseudonyms. He probably isn’t, but we don’t know for sure and that’s one of many problems.
          My main point with the stupidity is sometimes the writers make claims that I know to be false because of science and statistics. A lot of what’s posted here is opinion (or “wisdom”) and not knowledge, but it’s absorbed by readers as factual.
          I WILL make my own blog in several months, I’m quite sure now. The difference will be in my ability to quote science and statistics and convey actual applicable knowledge.
          Also, I don’t hide behind anonymity – not only will men know I’m not a fat sack of shit, but I’ll also post pictures of the women I’m involved with (with their permission). I intend to write and promote how-to marriage books on SE Asian girls and polygyny and I’ll photograph the process of my meeting and marrying girls (an Indian and a Chinese, I think) and how to juggle polygyny in the modern world. That way men will know they’re not taking advice from a virgin, a fatty, or a hypocrite, and the information they’re reading actually works.
          I mean, hypocrisy – aren’t you a little tired of Matt Forney mocking fat women when he’s a fatty himself?! Doesn’t it worry you that the man giving you fitness advice probably can’t run 50m without having a heart-attack? I actually have a 6-pack and muscles. Men need to see that if they’re going to have affective faith in their preacher.
          Yeah, I can do better.

        5. “For all we know, Roosh could be writing half these articles under pseudonyms”
          valid point…but almost irrelevant
          “My main point with the stupidity is sometimes the writers make claims that I know to be false because of science and statistics.”
          the old phrase….”Lies, damned lies, and statistics” rings true. statistics while a useful science, it is hardly fool proof and very very prone to human bias a general human error. not to say i never use statistics(its the best we have at what it does)….but if I was ever going to toss out an argument, it wouldnt be because of statistics. the reason people follow the red pill is that they see it play in front of their very eyes once its pointed out to them, they notice it. they notice for instance the bias against fathers in basically every TV sit com since 1990. They notice the general BS bias of women and their rampant “female logic”. they even notice that the equality payment statistic is total horseshit as general logic would dictate employees are rarely ever equal in power and ability so they get paid differently which is a convient point the equality pay gap statistic always misses.
          yet statistically speaking….women are the oppressed sex.
          so see what I mean? statistics can be worse than damned lies. science in general, and peer reviewed science, is paid and bought. it is rarely completely truthfully and in many cases total horseshit. yes it sounds like a conspiracy theory….but well look around you.
          “I mean, hypocrisy – aren’t you a little tired of Matt Forney mocking fat women when he’s a fatty himself?”
          Im not even sure who this guy is….I Dont always pay attention to author names. that said….if a fatass is giving fitness advice and you take the advice anyway…to be frank, there isnt much i can do to help you at that point. but i see your point on hypcrocisy. you are right….but at the same time what determines attraction for women and men is quite different. women are not quite as attracted to looks(not to say looks don’t matter at all) compared to men who basically want to know her age and how hot she is and give fuck all about anything else.
          Im not saying its perfect….but your blog also doesnt sound any different than anything else. all these red pill sites offer their own science and statistics. and if Im going to be a cynical bastard about it, I truly dont know if that is you in those pictures or not. this is the internet, the land of the phonies and fakes. I’ve literally no way to tell if you are a virgin anymore than I do about Roosh….though Roosh has at least gone more public….so he’s a bit more in the clear.
          so in light of that…I go by words. what makes sense.
          there is a blog the dark trinidad man i think….offers good advice in some areas….and i know it is good advice because one thing i first read that stuck in my mind is perfectly true
          “But that is an illusion. It is not reality……The half-dozen teenage girls twittering and chatting and giggling over their cellphones and taking selfies of their perfect clothes and bodies and hair are an illusion. The reality after the power goes out is that they are a huddled group of frightened, beaten commodities kept for the amusement of the warlord and any of his men he chooses to reward. They don’t giggle and take selfies and they don’t dare talk back when they are told to present their naked rears.”
          who is this guy? does it matter? no not really. that statement is pure truth if one thinks about it.
          if you can do better….great. link me when your page is up and I’ll check it out.

        6. How are females statistically the oppressed sex? You need to quote those statistics!
          Man, good statistics only reinforce the truth and make an argument factual. If somebody is distorting what statistics mean due to ideological bias then it’s usually not hard to point out and discredit them. You’re underestimating the power of modern science in debate.
          Also, we DO know that’s Roosh in his photos because his photos match his writing and life story / it’s verifiable. I would do the same. People need to see the speaker.

        7. take a statistics class man that phrase is all over the place. it’s even on the wiki page. statistics are notoriously shady.

  59. To say the truth, I don’t understand very much of what is said on this kind of article because this culture is far much more different than mine (and because my english is horrible). In other words, maybe I’m wrong in my assumptions, but from what I understood you chose to stay single because you don’t believe in marriage anymore and people don’t like you because you chose so? Your friends hate you? What kind of friends are these?
    I never heard of such a thing between friends.
    I know some guys who fits exactly on this description, they have good jobs with enough money, and they are single because they want to be. They also are hated by other guys and his wives.
    I think this kind of behavir might be acceptable in 1st world countries because women have no values in these societies, but in my country is never a good thing to stay single after the 25s, and it applies for both man and woman.
    In my country the man who choses to stay single in adulthood are often assumed to be gay or irresponsible, gay because many gays on my country does not assume their homossexuality due to fear of social disapproval and live as a single “straight” man, irresponsible because in my culture, family is a responsability of every man. No man can be seem as a truly matured and responsible man until they form a family.
    If you marry will your friends stop hating you? Anyway, whats is the point of this article?

    1. I would say that you nailed it at the first world apart. None of the shit you say after that has any validity or consideration in the west. It simply doesn’t exist. And, not one woman I know of or have heard of save some Jesus freaks have gotten married before age 25.
      Your culture sounds like something we should think of importing if it were feasible.
      For me, what Yader said is pretty much true, with one major difference, I have a wife because I want children. But guys hate me for that too, because my wife is pretty and slim and doesn’t blabber bullshit.
      The point of the article is to clarify and simplify the current state of things and why you should never give a rats ass about what other people think, since all they try to do is drag you down out of envy.

      1. Spot on dude. I get hated on for tossing my shill of a feminist wannabe ex wife and getting a shiny newer 10 year younger model, that didn’t come to this country till she was 16. The difference is immense! she is a solid 9 on a bad day and I get hated on like its a hobby for them… I had to trim off about 90% of my “good friends” after finding out I was the topic of conversation at any gathering I didn’t attend, like a bunch of kids talking about their estranged father. All because I got my life together. I still have much to do for myself but just myself being pointed in the right direction scared the shit out of this people. Fuck that noise, no reason to care what others think, if you stick to your guns the right people will stick around, the wrong ones will fall off or expose themselves.
        Envy is a tough pill to swallow. I’m glad I finally picked up the Red one.

        1. I’m much better off being envied than being envious. That’s how it seems to split.
          I used to have friends, some very long time ones, who never got anywhere while I kept climbing to bigger and better things all the time, slowly but surely.
          As time went by the difference became too big for them and we parted ways – good riddance. Like you I found out that a lot of the talk when I’m not present was about me.
          The few that stuck around are the ones who are happy for me and also try to better themselves.
          Nowadays I usually just blow people off when they try to get to know me, I simply don’t have the time, need or inclination for making new friends. Not to mention most people would think I’m a gigantic asshole if they knew me privately. RP to the bone isn’t a ticket to widespread admiration among the majority of people lol.
          Professionally I’m an unapologetic to the point realist, so of course everyone thinks I’m an asshole at work…

        2. Pretty much the same. No sense in being anything but full on RP anyway.

      2. I see. But are you not overreacting? I know some americans who married young and are still together after 5/6 years with minor marital problems. Are you saying that there’s not a single place in West where you can find a good girl and have a health family? If that is true, than your marriage is also garbage in consonant of your society?
        When I talked of my culture I was not trying to say that it should be important to western people, I was just justifying my ignorance in these matters because of cultural gap between us. My culture is feasible because I fucking live in that culture.
        I’m not denying Yader’s words by any means, up because I think I understood it all wrong in this article. I’m specially confused about this “friendship” stuff, where your friends try to do is drag you down out of envy. Then it means that you have no friends at all.
        The situation of western men are really pitiful, they are not married becase they can’t have good woman and they can’t have friends because people envy their free lifestyle, that’s all I could understand.

        1. The only married couples I know who are doing well of my generation(I’m 38) are those of my family like cousins etc. They are all Red Pill to a large degree and traditionalists most of them. Not a single one of my childhood friends is married or has kids.
          My marriage is not to a western woman obviously, so no it’s not garbage, we are a very traditional couple and we have our defined roles and stick to them. My wife doesn’t have western friends etc either.
          I know your culture is feasible where you are, but I’m not so sure it would be here at this point, and just to be clear, I think yours is better. That’s why I wishfully hoped we could import it.
          Also by “friends” I mean people I sometimes hang out with or talk to, I don’t have close friends outside my family, for basically the reasons I stated. I’m sick and tired of people being envious and talking shit behind my back. I used to have real friends, or so I thought, but that was years ago.
          In the west the only way for a man to have a decent life is really to do whatever you want and not listen to or care what others opinions are. That’s the only way here to be happy.
          I don’t need close friends, I have my family for that, and between my wife and the easy western girls I don’t lack female attention when I want it.

  60. Great article. Thx for affirming a lifestyle I already live, but still get a lot of stick for, despite those criticizing me being in the most fractured toxic relationships imaginable. And I really don’t see any exceptions.

  61. This only holds for Westernized and/or white women. There’s something in Western culture that creates women with such an attitude. It’s also due to genetics, because white women have more masculine traits than, let’s say, women of the Asian continent, but are naturally more feminine than women of African descent.
    But in the end: the world is shaped by men and not women. Women are followers of men and not the other way around. Must be fucked up being a white male living in a Western country, but like I said, the world is shaped by men and ‘your’ male ancestors let this all happen.

  62. Excellent piece-A V Yader has a second career awaiting should he decide to stop burning holes in the sky.
    It’s pretty much how I’ve lived my life. Thing is, there is nothing I’d rather be doing then my chosen profession hence little time for anything else, especially “relationships” but admittedly there are times when I wanted to do something else for a while and certainly wasn’t going to ask anyone for permission. I’ve traveled all over the world, sailed all over the Carib, jumped out of airplanes and piloted some, done pretty much anything I wanted, anytime I wanted.
    If I could have a nickel for every woman that gave me the line about what’s more important, me or your art?, I’d be even wealthier.
    And the big haters are definitely the wives of some of my friends. To the point that the grief they laid on them finally made them just give it up and stop getting together with me. Tough shit for them.
    I guess some people would call me selfish. Others are telling me I’ll have a bad end. Whatever. In my mid 60s and still living large. It’s been a hell of a ride.

  63. Awesome. Starting to see a lot of people in my age range (23-26) getting hitched. I don’t plan on hopping on that train anytime soon, if at all.
    EDIT: Comment section on point haha. Also, @A.V.Vader, what do you do for a living? I’m curious, but I understand if you can’t go into detail.

  64. This was one of the first articles I read that made me start reading ROK and it still holds up like a connery bond movie.

    1. “This was one of the first articles I read that made me start reading ROK and it still holds up like a connery bond movie”
      Well said.

  65. “When George W. Bush said: “They hate us for our freedom,” he wasn’t referring to Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. He was actually talking about obese women, and how they feel about the bachelors their boyfriends and husbands hang out with.”
    LoL so true.
    “These women know that you have a very good thing going on, and they don’t want their bitch-boy husbands catching wind of this little fact. They will sit around saying things like: “Oh I feel so sorry for him…”
    Exactly. The first thing a female does who is married is to make sure her slave has no further contact to single friends.
    And yeah I get the point about how a female tries to change a man. I have noticed too how once women get married they will do everything they can to make their slaves less attractive to other women. Married females will start buying their husbands stupid clothes to wear – they will tell their slaves how sexy they look even though the slaves look like a complete uber beta dorks. And the wives make sure their slaves get rid of the motorcycle. The ironic thing is that once married females mold their husbands into the ideal “hubby” women will then find their said hubbies unattractive and cheat on them with the guy with the motorcycle.

  66. This article is fuckin gold and should be printed out and posted on the refrigerator.

  67. > Now, generally speaking, having sex with a standard issue
    strong-and-independent white woman is like visiting a cemetery in
    Alaska: it’s cold, depressing, and every hole is four feet wide, six
    feet deep, and smells like death.
    A quote for the ages right there, gentlemen. Laughed so hard it disturbed my co-workers.

  68. No guarantees in life no matter what you do. I know a 90 year old man who lives alone. He outlived his wife and his kids.

  69. I was a bachelor up until finally marrying at age 40, and in my experience the “being hated by your friends bit” is somewhat inaccurate.
    When my “friends” got married, we basically stopped being friends because they became completely unable to hang without the wife’s permission. Add kids to that mix and their free time is gone for the next two decades.
    I enjoyed the bachelor lifestyle for a good while because I have more hobbies than I could possibly get to in three lifetimes, but if you’re one of those people who easily get bored, who can’t entertain themselves, or who need constant social validation, you’ll be unsatisfied and constantly searching for meaning even if you’re banging stewardesses three times a week.

    1. I agree-it’s less about them hating you and more about them going MIA for years at a time. I rarely see one of my best buds anymore after he got married and had 2 kids. It’s been almost a year a this point-used to get together once a week or more. Now the wives and gf’s are a different story. They do often hate me because I assume they fear their guys picking up on my lifestyle and bailing on them. They are all way too curious about my dating life and always asking when I’m going to settle down.

      1. Haha yeah. I forget what comedian said it, but there was a great line about his friends’ wives hating him because he was like an escaped prisoner who brought news of freedom.

      1. Is your wife also getting half her action elsewhere, maybe when you think that she’s at work or at the gym?

        1. Not that i know of, obviosly. I’m a firefighter. I could get a smorgasbord of pussy to include teenage girls. I sometimes wish my wife would cheat on my just so I could fuck a member of the class of 2017.

  70. It’s obviously critical to judge and maintain yourself by your own standards, but if you treat other people like shit, you still have to be honest with yourself that you’re the type of person who treats people like shit.
    It may make you feel good to have no manners or empathy, but that’s pretty much the definition of a psychopath/sociopath. Reasonable people aspire to be better

    1. He treated a piece of shit like a piece of shit…that’s all there is to it. Maybe if she didn’t spread her legs for men simply because of their status she wouldn’t get treated like shit.

      1. No idea if the chick deserved it or not, though if she did I don’t know how you could be not-disgusted enough by her to have sex with her.
        Not saying you don’t do things like that because they deserve better, saying you don’t do stuff like that because you are better

        1. And you’ve been laid how many times in your life? I’m guessing not many. By women, let me clarify

        2. Oh, so this is the point where you think anyone would validate themselves . . . to you??? bwahahahahahah!!!
          Little tip, and I know you know it’s true. No one…anywhere in your life . . . give a shit what you think about anything….ever.
          They see what a simple minded loser you are, no matter how much you try to hide it. And you know it.
          Peace out

  71. I admire your style, best ROK writer, hands down.
    And From Russia with Love is the best Bond movie: Classic honey pot trap setup, hottest Bond-girl and mother-fucking Robert Shaw, one of the baddest of badasses, as a villain.

  72. Great writing. I enjoyed that goldfinger story. Sean Connery values his time and im sure he would have handled the situation and sent her home too.

  73. Great article but I should mention that there should be caution exercised in terms of the vindictiveness of women, from the financial to the physical kind.
    Might be able to get away with dumping on some women, but the wrong one could end you up in the hospital or a financial hole. Taking them out on a date or two and being an a-hole is one thing, but sleeping with them raises the stakes.

  74. Stop giving a fuck.
    I’m an openly racist, athiest, gun owning capitalist, who’s collecting $21000 per year from my 80% VA disability rating despite the fact that I’m a firefighter.
    I’m also a child free 34 year old who’s had a vasectomy. I truly hope the world goes to complete shit at the Twilight of my life.
    Don’t like it, fuck you.

  75. As always, solid article A.V. Yader! When I start to stray, your articles provide course correction.

  76. Truly one of the most profound and useful posts I have read here on ROK A. V. Yader. This the truth distilled to its essential core. This post contains the most essential guidance for living life as a man as it should be lived that I have read in quite a while.
    To emphasize a point that is made but maybe not hammered enough in this post, living well and living it on YOUR terms is the sweetest revenge/retort to those who transgress against us and/or would hate upon us.

    1. ….and we look good doing it…..
      Every ONE of my friends looks a lot older, the married ones obviously.
      I’m ‘mixed race’ and that MIGHT be a factor…..still….
      The freedom.
      The money.
      The time.
      ….and the FREEDOM, are not irrelevant….imho….

  77. I think bringing back articles “from the archives” started off as a good idea, when it was like once a week. But now, this is starting to get like watching Goldfinger for the 50th time. Some are really memorable, but the frequency of reruns is getting to be too high.

      1. I was referring to the number of reruns in general rather than particular ones, but it is good to know there is a system.

  78. Is it just me or are these anecdotal stories just for more or less bragging purposes?
    It reeks of bullshit.

  79. “From a surface observation, we think that women have it made: they have unlimited dating options, zero responsibility, and an army of ass-kissers who think they walk on water; yet the majority of these women are lonely, irresponsible, and dreadfully insecure. The modern woman is fully aware, deep down, that she isn’t worthy of being loved.”
    Cue pills, drugs and alcohol. And for dessert, a heaping helping of mental disorders.

  80. This is all well and good. But it’s not so simple as “I’ll do whatever I want”. No you won’t. Because there is this thing called the government. And they have already successfully cucked you into oblivion, no matter how many skanks you kick out the back door with their panties around their knees. The real alpha male is big daddy government. Sorry but this is just a fact. He controls the women. At best you got some meaningless sex with her. But she still belongs to big daddy. And he is the one that she will ultimately serve and take care of. You are just renting her. Male authority has been completely destroyed and any western male is a cuck. Hooking up with girls is low level pimping. A high level pimp controls the pussy and profits off it too. Women are a resource and they don’t belong to you anymore.

    1. His point is that he does not want to ‘own’ what she is.
      He doesn’t want it.
      When I realised that, it removed an invisible burden.
      I don’t think any real man needs modern women.

  81. Oh my. This is an article that should have stayed buried. Dead. With concrete on top of it. 🙂

      1. ““Me: *Rips a hellacious fart while buck naked and bending over to pick her clothes up off the floor*”
        I know I my intelligence was uplifted with this anecdote. Yours? 😀
        It has it’s good points but is weighed down with the “I’m an ass and proud of it” crap.

  82. Not sure why my comment went to the spam filter but I’ll give it another try:
    This article is great! Not sure how I missed it until now, but it rings so eerily close to my life. I just prefer to date a few women casually, with zero commitments and generally avoid hanging around much with married/cohabitating men and their wives/families.
    Not all, but many of them do seem your resent your level of freedom.
    I have a job that lets me make my own hours. I’ve built myself a great house complete with a gym, a retro arcade, a bar, a small movie theater and a big garage with my motorcycles. Awhile back I added on a serene dojo that opens up onto a sizable garden.
    When women come over, all I see on their twitching, calculating faces is how they are going to make all that disappear and place me is some designated, submarine like man-cave where they think I belong until the day I’m kicked out to live in a camper to make alimony and child support payments.
    No way! As you say, it’s not always about winning, it’s about not losing. But as I sit here typing this, casually sipping a small serving of rum and pleasantly munching some sesame chicken, I find myself asking how exactly I’m not winning? My hardest decisions I juggled today was whether or not to lay around playing Playstation 4 or make an extra session of practicing martial arts in my personal dojo. Also I briefly stressed over whether I should take a casual date with me for a fun filled trip to Japan I’ve been planning, or just go solo.
    I mean really, life as a bachelor in the first world is just so hard isn’t it?
    I wonder how my life compares to some of my married buddies from my school days as they struggle to pack a flowered diaper bag just to get their fat wives and kids to the local park for a walk and a picnic.
    I’m sure they think I’m miserable.

    1. You do seem happy. You seem happier than the man who wrote this article, happier than the married men posting here, and happier than many of the married men I know irl.

    2. It sounds nice but the question I’d ask is, can all men do this?
      By that I mean, if no one reproduces and raises a family, then we will just die out.
      It’s a necessity.
      And I think it’s a real shame that this is a massive liability to a male in today’s world, due to government interference and replacement of male authority.
      The bachelor life can only take you so far. And maybe for some men it’s a permanent solution. But I think it can also be used as an excuse and escape from confronting the real elephant in the room.
      I don’t think this is a societal solution, at best it’s a personal one and only if you’re ok with your genes dying out.

      1. You marry a woman in the west, you do not ‘have’ any children.
        She does.
        That’s it.

        1. I believe that a mans right to wife family and children along with his authority over them has been forcibly removed and I think that’s very sad and shameful.
          The state does not make a very good man nor a very good father.

        2. ‘I believe that a mans right to wife family and children along with his authority over them has been forcibly removed …’
          No, P.B.
          Think about that statement from this perspective….
          No State in human history ever had the time, the resource, the organisation, the manpower or the physical political capacity to do that.
          None ever.
          The undertaking would be vast and take 3 generations.
          No, instead, secular man HANDED OVER THESE THINGS as he was too busy working, being nice and watching tv.
          By the time he noticed something was wrong, it was over.
          ‘The state does not make a very good man nor a very good father.’
          Obviously not.
          Yet the State is not trying to be a decent mother or father.
          Anyone who bothers to look can see that.
          Who is looking?
          Virtually no women and not enough men.
          So, the end of the west in inevitable.
          It’s called justice.

      2. “But I think it can also be used as an excuse and escape from confronting the real elephant in the room. I don’t think this is a societal solution, at best it’s a personal one and only if you’re ok with your genes dying out.”
        No. The real elephant in the room is that in over 50% of paternity tests in Europe the results are negative. A situation so bad that France has criminalized father requested paternity tests for “the good of society”. And with telegony(look it up), the prospects are even dimmer. The horse you are whipping died over 50 years ago friend.

    3. ‘Also I briefly stressed over whether I should take a casual date with me for a fun filled trip to Japan I’ve been planning, or just go solo.’
      I hear ya…..
      I’ve never been to New York
      This Summer I will have nearly 3 months free.
      I’m thinking of going alone, but I may pay for my (married) cousin to come along for a laugh.
      His wife recently nagged him to get a bigger house, so he’s utterly skint.
      If I go alone, I’m taking no suitcase.
      I don’t even want to take any hand luggage because I hate carting stuff around airports and worrying about the crap inside.
      I MIGHT, if I so choose, just wake up one morning….
      Go online.
      Book a flight (I’m two 1/2 hectic miles from Heathrow) cheap online.
      Get out at New York and say to a cab, ‘Half decent hotel please.’
      Sleep there.
      Go online to book somewhere i really want to stay.
      Go out the next day to buy some clothes for the stay.
      Enjoy New York for a few weeks, doesn’t matter how long.
      Fly home and leave all the clothes there….to cut out the stress of carting them around at Heathrow.
      Or not.
      Sounds like a plan…..

  83. “They won’t have any trouble finding you once their little dream world turns to shit and they need some guidance or moral support”
    True. And when that happens I’ll be right there to tell them to fuck off and die.
    American women will eventually enter ‘rescue me’ mode – but I’ve long since stopped talking to americunts, so they’re on their own.
    Men are also annoying. I’m speaking of the ones who hate on other men who are expats, or mgtow, or blaze their own exciting trail – only to see these haters change their tune and then expect one of us trailblazers to hold their hand and spoon feed them a new life.
    I say forget ’em both.

    1. ‘Men are also annoying. I’m speaking of the ones who hate on other men who are expats, or mgtow, or blaze their own exciting trail – ….’
      (Do you know my mates?)
      It’s sad to see.
      They look at me with a mixture of awe (??) and grinding resentment.
      I look at very old friends of mine and think, ‘Mate! What the **** happened to you?’
      If only their wives could stop DESTROYING their LIVES for twenty minutes, they might be worth me flying them out here to catch up on old times.
      20 minutes?
      Who are we kidding?

  84. The only question I would have for the author, realizing this is an old article of course, would be about the female he broke wind on. Where she rated on a scale of 1-10?

  85. I also live the bachelor life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The “empowered” Western woman offers nothing of significant value to me when comparing the long term membership to a short term lease or even an hourly rental.
    One of the toys I have parked in my garage is a Shelby GT500. When I take her out on the occasional drive, the looks I get from “attached” men are hilarious as they push the stroller load of kids to their shitbox minivan while the sow that birthed them yaps on her cellphone about some meaningless female drivel. The look is usually one of utter despair and depression as they’ll never be able to afford one for the next 15 to 20 years.

  86. The catch:
    Wish I knew of this when younger.
    Lost touch with many men.
    I traveled and whored.
    They were nagged into home-work. And no contact with “sex maniac loser, that will die alone”

  87. Now, generally speaking, having sex with a standard issue strong-and-independent white woman is like visiting a cemetery in Alaska: it’s cold, depressing, and every hole is four feet wide, six feet deep, and smells like death.

  88. “People, especially women, will try to steamroller you if they think they can get away with it—don’t fucking let them, ever. You should only do what’s best for you and for the people you love, and, most importantly, who love you too and will always have your back. Everyone else be damned.”
    This right here just about sums up 99% of the attitude you need to confront life. You need to be a “Go Fuck Yourself” type of guy. If people don’t like you for some reason, they can go fuck themselves. That’s it. (And never let them take you alive).
    Fantastic article, A.V. Yader.

    1. Well I’d say that sounds well and good Quintus, but unfortunately we have a large problem in terms of large of a large human majority of insanity, of which one seems to find a conflict between practical influence and personal integrity. And simply ignoring them or telling them to fuck off, is not going to make them go away. Personally I find alot of conflict between dealing with greater corrupt society at large and maintaining personal integrity.
      I believe pride is important to any man, but when confronted with the clash between it and effective action, which do you choose?
      And this is not a hypothetical. Any man who wishes to confront the evil in this world in any significant way, will be forced into this conflict.
      I see on ROK already, although I’ve only been here a short amount of time, quite an attitude of “letting the world burn”.
      But isn’t that a defeatist position?
      Are you just going to lay down and let your women and children be pillaged and consumed?
      As long as you have some sluts to suck your dick right?
      I am not sure that I agree with that position or general attitude. Nor do I see that as the pinnacle of masculinity either.
      If anything it’s running and cowering, while greater forces sweep over you in victory.
      And all you can do is be trampled under their glorious perverse march.

      1. ‘Personally I find a lot of conflict between dealing with greater corrupt society at large and maintaining personal integrity.’
        I found immense release from that situation when I left the UK.
        This is my third time & may last many years.
        Yes, the West is debased & society is utterly corrupt.
        Thus, you are obliged to take direct action, about this you have no choice.
        …the rest is up to you.

      2. Preston wrote: ‘an attitude of “letting the world burn” … I am not sure that I agree with that position or general attitude. Nor do I see that as the pinnacle of masculinity either.’
        Very good comment. I would add that in some ways this defeatist attitude has an overtone of bravado. It often sounds like the result of being disappointed in life. And indeed, the disappointments of life are numerous, as well as the absurdities of living in a world where transexuals are the latest in-group.
        Everyone has their own way of confronting this decadent and unequal society we live in. I can only suggest cultivating serenity and knowledge of the Greek-Latin civilization which is our precious heritage. And being polite and hard working, always striving for the best, however little the rewards.

  89. The rule is simple: reward those that please you and disregard those that do not.
    The equivalent of a woman hitting the wall and enlightenment too late is a 60 year old balding man with health issues becoming IDGAF.
    The spirit’s there but the body is not what it was at 35.
    And men are at their best at 35.

  90. Were you and she laying an egg? Read a fucking dictionary, dipshit.

  91. I basically agree with everything here. My question is, if you remain an eternal bachelor, who takes care of you when you get old and decrepit? Even if you live healthy, it happens eventually.

    1. Men are usually fortunate enough to just drop over dead. That extra five years women get, on average, isn’t very good.

    2. your wife or your kids are not going to take care of you. once you are old you are done. what matters is your youth.

  92. I have mixed feelings about this article. I agree in not letting people get to you. While some people can be jealous of people they see having money. I also (with some thinking learned from some reality based stuff) know it is more complicated then that. For example most married people or couples are going to want to befriend other married people or couples. They do not have in much in common with a single person so why make someone they do not have much in common with their high priority? I do not know if this article is a bragging right or anger if most people do not notice how important they are. I also learned society has the right to judge whether you are weird with a lot of tattoos, piercings, weird colored hair or someone they deemed can be carrying a std. Men have always judged other men. If you are judged lazy, worthless etc you can not get mad about it. While I agree that men and women are different I think some of you guys are not reality based though. For example a woman with some sense is not going to want a guy if she senses he sleeps around and has no self control, a woman that works and cooks for herself etc is not going to want a guy that she thinks will drag her down, a woman with sense will notice if a man does not keep his word or what he says or does. I do feel the author is kind of doing a bragging right because I doubt he would ever tell the story if a woman he was a jerk to just went dead silent on him etc after he said or did something to her and then never saw him again. I am not selfish but I managed to keep people from taking advantage of me and only agree to anything if I want to.

  93. Ha.
    Laughed out loud at the slightly overweight wives who hate you/us/me.
    I’ve been effectively single for years.
    I asked myself one day a few years ago; what are these women FOR?
    What do they actually DO FOR a man???
    I looked on bemused as my lifelong friends (I’m 47) all married and went on to experience utterly crap lives & divorces with these utterly crap women.
    I no longer have any pity for my mates, but it’s always a shame about the children.
    That’s to say, HER children, of course.
    Yeah, anyway, moved abroad and I’m about to start my 11 week long official Summer holiday….truth to tell it’s actually 14 weeks long….
    Plenty of dough…..I pay no tax and no rent, no bills or any other costs.
    Whatsoever, as I have no debts of children.
    I have never been happier in my life.
    The real thing, as described above, is that you have time.
    I see a future of FREEEEEEDOME and doing…..
    J U S T W H A T E V E R Y O U W A N T….for the rest of your life cannot be underestimated.
    Truth to tell, I no longer consider my friends who are married with children as….real men.
    They are not.
    I’ve know many since age seven years…..
    Only one single friend (very trad. & very right wing like me) can hope to open his mouth and have anything to SAY to me anymore…
    They are not their own Masters.
    What’s that all about?
    Who needs that?
    I discovered this thing called MGTOW around last Christmas.
    S’bout right.
    …..oh, Peace and Freedom.

  94. The most amusing and insightful article ever written on ROK. He doesn’t roll quite like me, but to each his own, and god bless him for summing up the modern First World woman perfectly. And I’ve only watched Goldfinger 8 times!

  95. M’eh. I got two awesome kids who I love more than anything else and a wife who is smart and earns more than me. I ain’t complaining too much!

    1. Glad to hear your children are healthy and that you are happy.
      I’m a teacher.
      Do you have any idea what they are teaching your children 9am to 3pm every day?

      1. Yes, I take a VERY active interest in my kids education and my wife is on the PTA. I’m not about to allow any old crap going in to my children’s impressionable minds. Why?

        1. Hi.
          Glad to read your post.
          Because it’s an essential question.
          Anyone at all interested in the mental health of children in N. America or the UK needs to ask that question of every parent they meet.
          All the time.
          Otherwise the next generation are subject to the ‘values’ of the contemporary state with the results we see on campus.

        2. Fair enough. I’m more interested in making sure they have the basics down correctly at this stage because they are young. Once they hit teenage years I have a library of books that will expand their mind. I want them to question everything, use reasoned logic and have good manners more than anything else!

        3. ‘I want them to question everything, use reasoned logic and have good manners more than anything else!’
          My best wishes.
          I often use this site for maths.

          You can alter all the variables and personalise any sheets you produce.
          It’s one of the best free sites.

  96. Dear Mr.
    A.V. Yader
    I took me a couple of minutes to read and understand your article, and i really believe THIS as a pure gold advice for men TODAY.
    Imho this is the kind of knowledge every men, everywhere (yes, even in EU) must think about and learn this sage words as pure gold and act accordly.
    I’ve found the CONCLUSION part brilliant and sadly deeply true regarding the dating scene everywhere, so you deserve my gratitude for sharing and a drink to you as one of the best article among ROK, lots of tips every men can see around him everywhere in the world.
    Thanks for sharing.

  97. If someone isn’t paying your bills then that person’s opinion doesn’t matter. Done.

  98. Yeah… nothing funnier than a gaggle of divorcees criticizing MY life choices. Really? Playing XBox is pathetic? Right. Five hours a night of TV is evidence of your superior mind and life… How’s your ex-husband doing these days? Happier than you? SHOCKER!
    My favorite: Having a bitch tell me I should “man up” and marry a single mom. Yeah… You’re a old, fat, ugly, stupid, corrupt and incompetent cunt of a mudshark and you think I gave the slightest glimmer of a fuck what you think?
    I replied “Why do I want to deal with other peoples’ mistakes?”

  99. How to deal? Don’t give a fuck, do your thing, refuse to apologize, and cut people out of your life who won’t let it go. This includes family.

  100. Amazing article. Very funny writing. I’ve been dealing with some haters myself lately. Love to have some reassurance with the player lifestyle

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