The Slow Merging Of Government Disinformation, Propaganda, And Censorship

In May of this year, a bill was introduced in the US Congress called the “Countering Information Warfare Act (CIWA) of 2016.” It is currently pending in the Committee on Foreign Relations. The premise behind the bill is, in essence, that Russia and China are devoting huge sums of money on “propaganda” and “disinformation” which has the net effect of smearing US policies around the world.

Advocates of the bill note that Russia allegedly devotes significant resources to its 24-hour news site It also apparently funds the Orwellian-named “Agency for Internet Studies.” This last organization has been called a “troll farm” and is supposed to be the source of a fake video showing a US “soldier” firing a gun at a Qur’an that was circulated widely in Russian Muslim communities.


Proponents of the bill note that disinformation and propaganda can take various forms. One form is the “accurate” news story that draws a “false” conclusion. Another form is the totally fake “news” story. Such disinformation is also seeded among news outlets in the target country, with the assumption that lazy native journalists will spread the story without checking on its veracity.

China’s propaganda and disinformation exceeds that of Russia by several orders of magnitude. As Michel Juneau-Katsuya, the former chief of the Asia-Pacific Bureau of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said: “The sheer volume of spies that have been deployed—it’s just absolutely phenomenal. It’s never been seen in the history of the world.” On the domestic front, China uses false stories and disinformation to discredit dissident groups like the Falun Gong or to cover up human rights abuses, environmental crimes, or massive commercial fraud.

In one recent example of pure disinformation (from 2001), the Chinese media claimed that five members of the Falun Gong sect had set themselves afire in Tiennamen Square. The incident proved to be a hoax, but it served its short-term purpose in providing a pretext for the persecution of the group.

Some of this is an expected part of the new tri-polar world power system. Great powers of every era have engaged in “black ops” propaganda: election rigging, disinformation, subversion, and nastier activities. But what we are seeing now seems to be an escalation of propaganda into a virtual arm of warfare. As the great powers hesitate to confront each other militarily, the zone of conflict shifts into the electronic realm.

Chinese military doctrine emphasizes what it calls the “three warfares”: legal warfare (lawsuits and administrative entanglements), psychological warfare, and media warfare. Agencies of the Chinese government and military are specifically tasked with carrying out operations in support of this theory. The United States has been slow to respond; and when it has responded, the effect has been feeble or inept.

Right on the US’s doorstep, for example, the Chinese have been engaged in building a canal through Nicaragua. Without question, this project (if it is completed) will turn that country into a vassal state of China, and cause a fearsome amount of damage to the natural environment. Yet there has been barely a whisper in response to the whole boondoggle in Washington.


If the CIWA passes, it will task the State Department with the responsibility of tracking and countering foreign disinformation. Within six months of the bill’s passage, there would be established something called the Center for Information Analysis and Response. This office would have direct connection with the State Department, the Secretary of Defense, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Cynics (or realists) might say that for the first time the government will have the power to screen and evaluate “news” for authenticity. CIWA thus represents a significant official intrusion into the way news is culled and reported by the mainstream media.

But troublesome questions remain. The first problem is that too many vested interests are likely to be threatened for the bill to have any practical effect. Chinese money has been liberally spread around the US for many years now, and their fingers are in a great many pies.

Many US news outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others are willing to run propaganda stories from the China Daily (Beijing’s English-language organ) as long as they are paid well. Some large news organizations are conglomerates who have major financial investments in China. The existence of paid agents masquerading as journalists also cannot be ruled out.

Beyond these practical considerations, there are more subtle and troubling implications of CIWA. As a practical matter, it would have the effect of deciding what information is “true” and what information is “disinformation” or “propaganda.” As everyone knows, the boundary between these categories is not always clear; one man’s news may be another man’s disinformation.


Unfortunately, years of incompetence and ineptitude on the part of the US government have given the US’s enemies much of the ammunition they currently use. Lax immigration policies and greed have allowed too much Chinese influence in US industry, universities, and the economy. The greed and selfishness of US industry has permitted the wholesale dismantling of America’s industrial base and caused it to be outsourced to China.

On the international scene, years of stupid, ruinous foreign wars have destroyed the US’s credibility and made it vulnerable to atrocity propaganda. The ruling elites in the US have failed to act as stewards of the national health and interest; instead, they have sought to plunder the country’s wealth for their own selfish gain. If there ever is an honest reckoning, the price for all this will have to be paid.

It is easy to imagine a scenario where CIWA becomes the genesis of the most subtle and insidious form of censorship: the official labeling of unwanted truth as “disinformation.” Fraud, hoaxes, and disinformation undoubtedly do happen, but the selective exposure of them often operates as a de facto form of censorship. The only way to guard against creeping censorship—of whatever form—is for the intellectual class to maintain its vigilance. Threats to national security are no doubt real. But they must never be used as pretexts to enforce a certain narrative on the population.

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97 thoughts on “The Slow Merging Of Government Disinformation, Propaganda, And Censorship”

  1. It’s even worse in the UK, at least you have the chance of a straight talking non PC Trump president. We have nobody apart from Nigel Farage and UKIP but an electoral system as democratic as a third world Islamic state. UKIP got just one mp in parliament at the election from 4 Million British votes. The governing conservatives got 331 seats from 11 million and labour got 232 seats from 9 million. How crazy is that?

      1. Many Germans are heading to Poland, of all places, for FREEDOM. I would go myself in a heartbeat. I love it there.

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    1. You don’t even have Farage,he may well want BREXIT but
      what are his policies apart from that?He is an establishment man,same as the rest of them,he sucks up to big business.
      First thing he will do is to cancel big business having to pay NI contyributions for their workers

      1. “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!ti828ur

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  2. Good article. Not really a problem though if we can just believe everything they say is disinformation?
    Isn’t it time we realized managed and measured paranoia is the only pragmatic epistemology?

    1. Yes, but how do we ascertain who “they” really are? At a certain point, we might find that instead of politicians and biased news outlets pushing certain obvious agendas, a subversive insider might wrest control of the reigns of established bulwarks that are supposed to be “us.”
      And it might be done under mandate of law by a government sanctioned, well-funded operative.

      1. All I’m saying is that we live in ‘low trust’ times – if we haven’t always – and should adopt an appropriate epistemological style. In the first instance this might simply involve the safe assumption that at any given time people whose primary purpose is to influence what you think in the direction of their self interests are marching through the institutions of the land

        1. Well. I, for one, am already entirely skeptical of everything by default. I suppose that’s all we really can do at this point, but I worry about coming days.

        2. In a sense it may be a wake up call to people who ordinarily trust what they are fed by the MSM. In a sense this will act as an admission that everything is propaganda.

        3. I decided long ago that anything the government was telling me was a lie. I have since expanded this first to assume that anything told widely in the MSM is a lie, and then secondly that anything a woman tells me is a lie or, at best, a self serving twisted truth. Hence I have decided that any accusation of DV, sexual harassment, or rape made by a woman is an outright lie, until proven with iron clad facts.
          Where this caused me a real problem was during the start of the AIDS epidemic. When the government was assuring us there was nothing to worry about I went into panic mode. If the government is telling you that you have nothing to fear then you have a great deal to fear. The government was just trying to stop panic when panic was the correct response.

        4. Yes, that’s exactly right. All governments and pretty much all women are in the business of managing information rather than speaking truth. It’s always about the effect it will have rather than the inherent truth value. There are exceptions but unfortunately they tend to prove the rule

  3. Reminds me of that German journalist who admitted openly that a lot of the stories in the media and papers are fed to them directly by the CIA etc US intelligence establishment.
    It’s been admitted by others too, there have been things like this for a long time but they get forgotten so quickly.

    1. Although, that raises the interesting question of why politicians are so reliant on the news, when the news is fed the stories by the agents who should be directly reporting to the politicians.

      1. It’s about the justification and the public availability of the information I suppose.
        When you as a politician can point to MSM articles as a justification for your actions you are safe in a sense. The machine works by having mostly middle men feed stories to the media who then publish it as a tool of support for the politicians who will then implement whatever change is desired.
        This is precisely why I detest democracy. I don’t want a set of laws that can change so easily. I want a fixed set of rules we all live by that don’t coerce anyone into anything. Not taxes either or support of government.
        We already have our support of government or some specific service as creditcard sized things to show we paid for it, why does it have to be mandatory? That’s my issue with it.

  4. “Many US news outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others are willing to run propaganda stories from the China Daily (Beijing’s English-language organ) as long as they are paid well. Some large news organizations are conglomerates who have major financial investments in China. The existence of paid agents masquerading as journalists also cannot be ruled out.”
    Over 90% of the world’s major mainstream media companies are owned by just six corporations. And the major stockholders of those six corporations are the same individual players. And virtually every MSM news story you read is either a lie, which twists the facts to serve an agenda; or it’s the recounting of an entirely scripted event that never happened, which was literally hatched and scripted in an intelligence community think tank. (The New York Times and the Washington Post are well known to be totally owned and operated by intelligence, for example.)
    Virtually all journalists in these MSM news organizations are intelligence operatives, and if they aren’t, they are supervised by intelligence operatives (i.e., editors and such); but then, so are most of the commenters who frequent websites on the Internet these days. Which proves that the rabbit hole runs much deeper than most people can fathom.

    1. >Over 90% of the world’s major mainstream media companies are owned by just six corporations. And the major stockholders of those six corporations are the same individual players.
      … and if you observe how many of them just happen to be coincidentally Jewish, they call you Hitler.

  5. The propaganda being used to sell the CIWA is that it will protect America from its foreign enemies. The reality is that CIWA will be used by America’s enemies (foreign and domestic) to crush dissent. The majority of mainstream US media is controlled by a handful of corporations – none of which have any loyalty (or even respect) for America as a nation or as an ideal. Those corporate interests will use their lobbyists to ensure the CIWA leaves them alone. Foreign interests will continue to us the mainstream media to peddle their propaganda, or use their own lobbyists to subvert the CIWA. The CIWA will be staffed, from top to bottom, by people like Lois Learner and other useful idiots that will use their power to crush those that dare champion free speech, dissenting opinions, politically incorrect ideas, or otherwise challenge the narrative bought and paid for by the corporate and government elites. The CIWA will go after the Drudge Report, Free Repiblic and Return of Kings, leaving, Al Jazeera news and MSNBC to force-feed the sheeple propaganda and disinformation without any opposition. This is Orwellian falsity at its finest: create a government agency to “defend and protect free speech” and then use it to crush any and all free speech and dissent.

      1. We would really do with the help of some thousands of students of Maximilien De Robespierre. Now that would be a scene.

        1. But MSNBC is an ultra liberal news outlet owned by US corporation Comcast.
          RT is an international tv network run and funded mostly by the Kremlin.
          Apart from the overwhelming number bimbo presenters, i don’t really see the parallel agendas.

      1. Ok. But knowing something’s propaganda makes it almost trustworthy. RT is fairly transparently Russian prop. I don’t anyone’s ever suggested otherwise whereas half the people in America probably trust the NYT

        1. I haven’t found major instances of RT lying. It may not be “fair and balanced”, in other words it picks and chooses the stories it covers, but all media does that. How is RT Russian prop anymore than any mainstream US media is American prop or global corporation prop?

        2. No, I consider it to be straightforwardly, and not particularly, biased towards the Russian perspective, which is why I take it seriously to a limited extent. The point is that the Western media likes to put itself forward as holding true to the highest principles of journalistic integrity and editorial independence, when as we know, it’s owned by media groups which push all the same politics with respect to any issue that matters (they will never touch anything truly sensitive – look at the fiasco of the Panama affair) and in some case – for instance the German public broadcaster another commenter mentions below – they literally get told what to write / broadcast by the government or intelligence services. So my point is at present it’s a choice between straightforward bias or the pretence of objectivity, and in that respect I prefer the foreign bias

        3. This.
          Putin even has admitted that RT “reflects the official position of the Russian government.” I don’t see a problem with being able to get their side of the story, instead of having to trust US media when they say Putin is an aggressive dictator.

        4. Truth is the Russians no longer need to resort to lies or any form of propaganda to make the West look bad or foolish.
          Gay marriage, uncontrolled immigration, funding and arming jihadi terrorists, banks acting like casinos, hysterical or delusional politicians, Captain America, Madonna…
          We are Sodom and Gomorrah, alpha version. That gives them enough genuine material to broadcast and write about.

        5. Me too.
          Name 1 good US policy decision in the last 10 years that you agreed with? Foreign or domestic.
          Total degeneracy.

        6. RT has different masters calling the shots, hence different news, some of it truly objective, or it at least “balances” what is said in the NYT et al…What sickens me is that in University Libraries all over the USA there is tons of microfilm of this as the “paper of record”.

        7. Many years ago, in fact decades ago, my father told me something I dismissed at the time but have since found to be true. He said that in any news article where he knew the facts, the media got them wrong. Hence why should he believe anything the media puts out about things where he doesn’t know the facts?
          The gist of this in response to your comment is, it may be great to read for the facts, but it is unlikely that the correct facts are in the media articles.

        8. Well if its wrong, then its not a fact. Speaking of facts though, lets distinguish between facts and opinion. This is your father’s opinion that the articles are factually incorrect. Your father could be wrong.

    1. Technology has made the gate keepers of Information (media) irrelevant, hence the attempts to control the means.

    2. The purpose pf a system of checks an balances on government, the reason why government is restrained, is because of a belief that a nation of free men acting in accordance with their conscience is superior to a nation of enslaved ones acting in accordance with the will of a few.
      If this concept is true, and I believe it is, then it is the duty of the people themselves to deal with the false information. And the best government can do is to restrain themselves from meddling.
      In my adopted country, I have seen and studied the disaster of power falling into the hands of the corrupt. Such things seem good, until one realizes that at the end of the day, power in the hands of government is power in the hands of men, not angels.

      1. Agreed, the ‘government’ is not a magical, fix-all, wonderful thing that can do no wrong, as certain people seem to believe. In fact, government is no longer by the people, of the people, for the people. The government is its own entity now, and it has a survival instinct. It wants to continue to exist, even to grow, and it will do whatever it takes to pursue these goals, regardless of the damage its existence or growth does to any particular individual or group, or even society as a whole. The government will gladly destroy this country, kill off half the population, and swear allegiance to foreign masters as long as it gets to continue to live and grow.

    3. “the corporate and government elites. The CIWA will go after the Drudge Report, Free Repiblic and Return of Kings”
      Lets not forget one Mr. Alex Jones.

  6. Since February, you guys have been knocking it out of the park with your articles, even the reposts. Keep up the excellent work!

        1. In fact, I trust them more than the media, which in itself is sad, when you trust cartoons more than people. Then again, when Louis CK beats members of the media at a good old fashioned game of Jeopardy, it says a lot about our media.

        2. I used to watch the Daily Show when Jon Stewart was on, I found it far more reliable in terms of informing me of world events to watch that comedy show than to watch an actual “news” network.
          I think what’s more likely is that Daily Show / South Park types of shows are giving us very minimal news, but it’s far more than we’ve ever seen. Sort of like when you meet a latina or Asian girl who’se a solid 5 or 6 but she still blows you away with her femininity and sexiness.

        3. I watched that, as I am a addict to Jeopardy, and it merely reinforced my belief that the media is a bunch of arrogant idiots that feel they know what is best for all us ignorant peons. The overall stupidity of the talking heads of the media is impossible not to see, yet so many don’t see. I can only assume the ignorance is willful. Better a blind faith in TPTB, than despair. I choose the ugly truth to the pleasant lie.

        4. Yu are in good company. Half of all Americans under 30 rely and trust The Daily Show more than the MSM.

  7. “Media and Propaganda literacy” should be mandatory teaching in every American high school. Since it is not, it’s entirely up to parents. In the future my kids will learn this by age 10 or 12, along with financial literacy (the *other* major topic they’re not properly teaching kids in US schools). The well-being of our society absolutely depends on this stuff.

    1. it can’t be taught because most teachers are now 20 something feminist spinsters. that’s like asking them to teach quantum physics.

      1. It’s not that complex. Each parent should just rename the subject being studied: ‘so Kyle, what did you learn in Biological Lies today? And a B plus in Historical Lies, well done.’

      2. Fully agree — and they’d be fired on the spot if they veer outside the ever-narrowing guidelines (a.k.a., turn the kids into “standardized test monkeys” through watered-down drills that keep smart and talented kids from excelling beyond the average). Seems we’ve reach a “20-something feminist spinster” critical mass in this area!

    2. The current version of sex ed leaves a lot to desire as well. One, it teaches children to accept homosexuality as a different kind of normal, when people not brainwashed by progressive ideology can see the absurdity of that.
      Two, it teaches girls how to masturbate and have orgasms as an end in itself, apart from sex in the marital situation. Because girls have a more plastic and impressionable sexuality, this combined with the homosexual propaganda lowers their inhibitions about seeking lesbian experiences and relationships.
      And three, it assumes that all the healthy, able-bodied boys have approximately equal prospects for sexual relationships. Well, we can see the complete bullshit about that. The handful of boys who start fucking girls around the age of 14 push the rest of the boys aside from access to girls for years, or even the men’s entire lives in some cases. A realistic sex ed would have to take the boys into a separate room and explain to them the tragic nature of male sexuality: Girls will find most of you sexually repulsive for the purposes of their early experiences. If they show interest in you later, they do so deceptively because the math doesn’t work out for the kinds of men they really want.

      1. Definitely the ugly truth. If you want your kids to know it, you’ll have to teach it yourselves. No one should allow the feminist public school system to indoctrinate your children, especially on social and sexual matters.

    3. I’ve put three kids through public school and the fourth is a freshman. He was studying for the only final that he needed to because as I told him it’s the only teacher that is worth a shit because he doesn’t accept mediocrity. My son agreed. The teacher is a faithful Catholic and a leader in our Knights of Columbus council.

  8. Speaking of propaganda, will Hollywood remake Roots every 40 years from now on to shame white people about the evils of slavery?
    Because this will seem futile in the 2050’s, when Hispanics have become the majority in the U.S., and they don’t care about black people’s problems.

    1. I think “Django Unchained” already brought “Roots” to a full-circle conclusion based on vengeance…so any remakes of “Roots” would be redundant at this point. Then we have “12 Years a Slave” and a 100 other offshoots to keep the guilt machine well-oiled, too. No shortages!

      1. 12 years a slave was a lost opportunity. They focused too much on what he endured and how bad white people are.
        The institution of slavery was not bad because mean ol white people did it. It was bad because EVEN honest white people could not make the damn thing work. That should have been the point of the movie.
        You want to show me the psychopath? Then also show me the honest man whose hands are completely tied by government. I only got ten seconds of that sherrif. Give me ten minutes of him wanting to strangle the bastard but knowing he can say nothing because laws were passed (by necessity) that all might very well have been better off without.
        Dont just show me the hypocritical Christian, I already know there are hypocrites, because I know they are people. Show me the Christian whose religion is smashing him in the face. Show me him looking at a passage that talks about brotherhood and choking on it and feeling genuine shame because he is failing to live up to what his beliefs demand of him.
        Show me that enslaving men cannot work. Show me good men trying and failing, and being corrupted and hating it.
        That movie needed to be an hour longer. They showed some of what I wanted, like the scene where the psychopath is truly affectionate to his daughter, the scene where that same maniac has his hands completely tied by his bitter angry wife, or the scene where sherrif is upset over what he knows is wrong, but nowhere near enough.

    2. Then they’ll remake Roots, but the white people will be replaced by Hispanics in order to push Hispanic guilt.

      1. As long as the narrative continues to place Jews at the top of the eternal victim pyramid it doesn’t really matter who they throw under the bus.

  9. NDAA 2013 repealed the Smith Mundt act of 1948. This was the major change allowing what is happening today. Also check into the Broadcast Board of Governors for another rabbit hole.

  10. Great article. People complain about the minuscule threat from Muslim extremists but fail to notice that Chinese agents and front groups have bought off large sections of the West.
    If I had to guess I’d say most of the sources for this article are from Epoch Times, which in my experience is one of the only papers to cover Chinese politics and its “United Front” subversion ops in depth.

    1. The biggest sign that Muzzies are not a major threat to us is the fact that they dominate the news.

  11. Between the Chinese government and our elites it’s pretty clear that our elites hate America and the American people, specifically whites, more. I mean, protect us from who? We’ve just had one of the most powerful American politicians, Secretary of State John Kerry declare it to be a borderless world. that the American nation and all nations are obsolete, to the total yawns of the entire establishment, including Republicans and conservatives. The Secretary of State, who is fourth in line to the Presidency, declares the nation to be obsolete and nobody bats an eye. Once it would have ignited a firestorm. These are our protectors.

    1. The Chinese don’t care either way about Americans. Actually most Chinese elites prefer living in America or Canada to their own country, because they don’t have to deal with political backstabbing and other bothersome (and sometimes dangerous) things over here.
      What the Chinese authorities are trying to do right now is figure out how to prevent their people from becoming more Westernized.

  12. Nowhere else on the internet, except /pol telling me about how degenerate it is with a paragraph, could I hear about this sort of news. Or for that matter, an intelligent, well determined opinion on this issue, from a man who has any principles.
    China has been using effective anti-American propaganda for a long, long time. I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t mind some of our government agencies trying to combat it. Its that, so much has changed, at least in perception, most notably within populist ranks. Distrust, even contempt for western (globalist) ideas and media is at an all time high. This is not stemming from a delusional cynicism, or hatred, but the decades of deceit, destruction, usury and manipulation of so much which these forces of power consistently propagate as the only moral good in the entirety of the universe.

    1. Chinese and Russian disinformation works because, as Yuri Bezmenov said, nationalism and religion has been worn down into a bad joke in the Western countries. No globalist agenda=no infiltration by authoritarian propagandists and usurpers, even if they physically enter the borders.

      1. Agreed, in principle.
        Our protestant roots and our fluid, meaningless “values” system fail, largely because individualism still reigns. Individualism is the tie that binds. For a very long time there was no viable, long term effort to combat subversion except those unorganized, fragile roots, as you’ve stated. When they faced off against something scientific, something planned to alter our destiny, our grandfathers were forced to watch our cultural homogeneity slowly crumble. I don’t romanticize the conservative efforts made to maintain it really; it was a passive-aggressive nightmare that ran on manipulation and despair.
        But before those initial stages of internal subversion were permitted, and external subversion began to take root, based on everything I’ve read, things were very different in regards to individualism. Individualism wasn’t this fetishized, all important ideological pillar of western civilization that postmodern ass hats of all walks successfully marketed to the public. Individualism was a reality of life for the vast majority (in the US at least). However, you still had basic concepts of identity, ethical and moral realities that fit within your collective long before you considered the broader spectrum of humanity, and a hierarchy of loyalty.
        I think this nihilistic void is a blessing in a way, because, if we succeed, we may get the opportunity to determine what is salvaged from the ruins. As well as, what we harness and establish with our understanding and creativity. I don’t think a school of philosophy has ever had a greater scope before us.

  13. You clarified it well in the last 3 paragraphs. The US no longer has the power to confront bad ideas around the world, even when it is right. What can the US do, for example, to stop the Chinese from building their canal in Nicaragua, other than waging war against China which is unwinnable and could result in Armageddon? The answer: almost nothing.
    The US has destroyed alliances and allegiances, and wiped away any moral superiority it once had. The Nicaraguans may be suspicious of the Chinese, but they are wise to oppose anything the US has to do with their nation, considering the history of America fomenting revolution, war, sabotage, and terrorism against what should be a western ally.
    Most dangerous of all, the US is alienating its own people. Much as some openly speculate if Sharia law wouldn’t be better than western feminism, because we allowed the once strong and revered western institutions to become weakened and corrupted, some throw up their hands in desperation and wonder if China won’t at least do a better job of running the world than the US (

  14. As long as they don’t touch the net we’re fine, but if they do.
    Well, it might be time to go deep cover.

      1. There is an article on it. Tor is not enough. Many exit relays are honey traps.

        12 Ways To Increase Your Anonymity And Security Online

        You need to go VPN to Tor. Even that may not be 100% safe.
        Either way. While we can use Tor, VPN, I2P, Freenet as well as Tox and Retroshare. Hell maybe use some GNU nodes for some sort of alternative social media … How are you going to convince the technologically illiterate to do this all ?
        The whole point of online media is mass appeal (to a degree). If we move to the darknet we become a recluse of a minority of technologically literate people. If we browse websites on the clearnet, we can be banned from social media and might again have to resort to alternative mini – platforms, and that means losing the ability to appeal to large groups of people. We won’t be attracting many newcomers.
        Well, let’s hope it doesn’t get too bad in the meantime. Although Europe has already signed a bill to counteract “racism” in response to migrant terrorist attacks.
        Fun times ahead.

  15. RT was set up by Russia in part to combat the disinformation our government spreads about them. Putin is open about the fact that RT reflects the position of the Russian Government, he doesn’t try to pretend it’s “unbiased.” I don’t really have a problem with RT. When our government tries to smear Putin and call him an evil dictator, it’s good to be able to get the other side of the story as well.

  16. I try to limit my news sources and distrust most of what i read until…
    1. It is backed up
    2. I wait 2 weeks, it falls of the news cycle and the truth “hints” out.
    Its to a point where video can be edited easily now. Trust no one.
    The Soviet Union was able to push a ton of disinformation via the KGB. The concept of Nuclear Winter is a glaring example of how you gain garbage in, garbage out.
    If the Russians and Chinese are pushing “disinformation” its because there is no real journalism anymore along with news spreading like wildfire throughout the world. CIWA will just create another layer of crap government oversight that wont do a thing about the real problem.

    1. Just wait until the “speech laws” are passed. If they can label certain speech “hate speech” they can label this stuff “terrorism speech” or some such thing.

  17. If China suceeds in making a canal it would be a boon to Nicaragua..Panama sure rakes in the cash and has lots of jobs because of the trade. Last I heard though the project was full stop.

  18. If the experience with the recent RooshV meetup is anything to go by, the American/Anglosphere media is just as adept with lies, disinformation and propaganda as the Chinese. And the Americans are just as adept at pointing its media weapons at its own internal dissidents.. oops I mean “citizens in need of re-education”.

  19. Atrocity propaganda…

    Do America’s enemies need to create propaganda about America’s atrocities? There’s plenty of real stories to choose from.
    I’m honestly not worried about the mainstream media or anything the government might do. They cannot put the genie back in the lamp.

  20. Yeah and next year they will be taking away free speech from Americans. They will turn this act inside out just like they said give up your 4th amendment so we can protect you from foreign enemies..that worked so well that they abuse it on the people. What’s to say they won’t use it eventually against the people living in the U.S.? Nothing at all and as such I demand people contact their members of congress and tell them don’t vote for this garbage.

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