Why You Should Never Help Women

One of the most false beliefs about being successful with women is the concept that, by helping them, you will earn their gratitude and be rewarded with sex. Along with voluntarily defending their honor, this behavior comprises the actions of the white knight, and is right up there with “just be yourself” for dating advice guaranteed to fail. We here at ROK dismiss this behavior out of hand, as it never works, but why is that, and is there any woman that you should help in today’s society?

The social acceptability of “soft prostitution”

Prostitution, long held as either the original occupation or the world’s first crime, depending on which side of the moral compass to which your needle swings, has long been used by women to get what they want out of life at the moment. Trading their relative beauty for a relative lack of capability has always been a trade that varies in acceptability to society.

How much is the “Thunder from Down Under?”

“Hard prostitution,” as the term is used, is reserved for the traditional version of putting your money on the nightstand for sex right then and there. Porn workers, paid for “acting,” could also be considered hard prostitutes, selling their bodies to the production company. Outside of the porn business and brothels, hard prostitution is still mostly illegal, but, like the joke goes, if every man’s equipped to be a rapist; every woman’s equipped to be a hooker, and selling your ass is always on the table when she gets desperate enough.

“Soft prostitution,” on the other hand, is the implicit bargain of repaying with sex for certain goods and services a man has bestowed upon a woman. If you take a girl out on anywhere from one to a few dates, pay for meals and entertainment, it’s expected that she has sex with you soon thereafter. Often, a few drinks in the bar that night is enough, and you may even be able to pull a one-night bang with your game alone. All of these are acceptable by today’s society, especially if it is seen as her “choice” to have sex with you.

What is NOT acceptable in society is to trade favors for sex if you are not already in a relationship at some level with someone. Changing the oil in her car will not get her to allow you to check her own oil; while she may or may not be an actual soft prostitute, she doesn’t THINK she is, so she would not trade car maintenance for sex, UNLESS you’re her boyfriend, which makes it ok.

Women don’t have sex with men in their friendzone. I’ll refer you to my colleague Mr. Savage’s works on the matter but the upshot of this is that, if you’re getting no sex from your efforts, not only should you not be friends with them, you shouldn’t help them at all, with anything, because equality, and the following.

Favors and friendship are based on reciprocal value

I maintain no friendships with worthless people, and you should not either. As I grew up, I made friends from various stages in my life, and some I remain friends with to this day, some are merely acquaintances now, and some I have no contact with anymore at all.

We all have those friends that, when we were younger, had all their shit straightened out and were of good value in a friendship. Time moved on, and we grew up, and maybe they didn’t. Maybe someone fell to vice or crime or mental instability, and we cut our losses and went on. Some didn’t, and remained our friends, and, along with more recent additions, comprise your tribe of people to call upon in times of need and to hang out with in times of fun.

All my friends have knowledge that they will use to assist me if I need it, plus being fun to hang with. Whether it’s just simply moving, or long range precision shooting, or the finer points of cam selection on an Olds Rocket 400, or how to best run a Big Green Egg, a good friend will explain his knowledge and usually invite you over for a demonstration of the topic at hand, or loan you parts, cook a meal showing the grill off, or make you some hand loads to try in your rifle.

They do this because they value your friendship, and they know that you’ll be there for them when they need help in their time. You have similar interests, and do the same things for fun. People like hanging out with like-minded individuals because we’re social animals and like to learn new things and occasionally show off a little.

The hard truth is that most women simply have no skills at much of anything, anymore. I’m not going to find a girl that likes to run, garden, and cook, and is into guns and classic cars; there’s never been many of those to begin with, and even less now. Many women today can’t even do the traditionally feminine skills of cooking and sewing. You’re going to get next to nothing, other than maybe a thank you, for doing something for a woman simply because she lacks any means to repay the favor.

Imagine if a female coworker asked me to help her and her husband with a big project some weekend. The appropriate solution is that you’d come over and help him with it, and she would cook you both dinner, and you’d have a fine evening following the endeavor, but nowadays, even if you didn’t get hauled into HR court by suggesting she repay the favor with a cherry pie, she probably couldn’t make one anyway.

Don’t help women that can’t help you. It’s a waste of time, and any association with a woman can now land you in SJW hell, so it’s just not worth it.

Women you should help

Given the above, surely there must be some women it is appropriate to assist. Ones that have helped you along the way, made you the man you are, or can help with something, or with whom you’re in a good relationship with? Certainly there are, but there’s not many.

The first one is your mother. I owe my mom everything, so anything she needs from me, she gets. Advice, physical labor, just being around to keep her company, anything. One perk of growing up with her was fabulous cooking, and she enjoys demonstrating the old skills as thanks for anything I do for her, which is nice.

Awesome moms deserve any help they need from their kids.

The second is your serious relationship material. Wife, fiancée, long term live in girlfriend, whatever. You live together, so by helping her, you’re helping yourself as you have shared objectives. Also, since you’re banging her already, extra sex and desserts should be on the table for your labors.

Third up is any female extended family members you may have that fit into a motherly role, full of nurturing and home cooked goodness. However, be advised, your mileage may vary on the woman involved, the less traditional and family minded she is, the less benefit.

Lastly is any long-term friends that you may have had from high school or earlier that are female and have withstood the test of time. You may not get anything from your endeavors, but maybe it’s worth it for old time’s sake or help in the distant pass.

You’ll note that there are two kinds of women out there I did not list that perhaps should have been in there. The first is the female coworker. You simply don’t want anything to do with women in the workplace; it’s an HR complaint waiting to happen. Help them as much as you have to within the scope of your job and during work hours, but always beg off of any outside of work interaction apart from mandatory fun “team building” with an appropriately polite excuse.

The second is the wives of your friends. Do not help them directly. Always help your friend. Even if it is doing something for his wife, it needs to be clear you are helping him, and, although you don’t mind helping her out, it’s because of him that you are there. This establishes the priorities and keeps you safe. When my good friend and his wife come to visit, I sometimes go running with her, since she and I both run, and he doesn’t. This is scary ground, and it’s only because of very solid friendship I even consider it; it’s probably not a good idea.


It’s depressing to sort your interactions on whether or not they are investments with a return, or whether or not it’s politically safe to do so, but, like much of the red pill philosophy, it’s a reaction to our times. Sure, I wish women would embrace re-developing feminine skills and repaying for help with them, but it’s not likely going to happen, so, if they won’t screw you, screw them.

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416 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Help Women”

  1. The world has become too feminised and anti intelletual.
    The times in which we live in, is proving to become more difficult for many of us to survive in while our standard of living and quality of life continues to decline even further. As I write this, I am sadly reminded of how our society continues to allow the many elements of what it truly means to be an outstanding citizen such as self respect and dignity, go out the window and choose to be oblivious to our surroundings and what the upcoming times will bring to our lives. From the world’s economy on the verge of collapsing to the continuous displacement of men from the family and labor market and the eroding standards of culture and lifestyle, all of this are synonymous with the cultural decline of our civilization while at the same time, serving us with a reminder that we do not have much time left in our world as our lives continue to tick away.
    I am truly left in shock as to how much further our minds will be pushed further towards suffering in regards to what it means to have a place in society and to build a foundation in which we can contribute towards our world and leave something positive for others to aspire towards. For example, we now live in a world in which a man has no hope left or any dignity to hold onto for himself. The economy is terrible where all of our manufacturing industries are gone, more jobs are being offshored and outsourced while more positions are now temporary and contract based. Gone are the days of the 30 year career at the factory, soild pension and gold watch. In addition to this, we now have the extra obstacle of having to interact with human resources departments that are notoriously comprised of radical feminists while having to deal with the other nonsense such as office gossip, office politics, diversity training, fake harassment claims and the constant preferential treatment of
    female applicants in the toxic corporate world while men are left with
    absolutely nothing.
    To make matters worse, we now live in day and age, where it costs us an arm and a leg just for the basic necessities of life such as a roof over your head, thereby leaving you in a bleak situation where you are living to work, rather than working to live. You work long hours (if you are even lucky to secure this kind of work) at a job you absolutely hate, while forced to work with the most atrocious colleagues and for a reprehensible boss that you despise. Then to destroy your spirit even more, you end up having to pay over 90% of your income in rent to your greedy slumlord, and other bills such as food and transport, while having absolutely nothing left to save for yourself. In essence, you are a slave and you have nothing to save and live
    for. The system has you trapped, and it is designed that way to keep you controlled and in line, in this inferno that we live in. Extending this particular argument, we are coming more closer to the day in which cash will eventually be abolished. Here is the proof of why this is going to happen:
    1) The closure of bank branches across the world are growing more by the day thereby making it more difficult for us to access our cash.
    2) The closure of safety boxes and vaults in bank, thereby preventing people from holding gold, cash and other monetary assets.
    3) The encouragement of the banks to use and embrace digitaland internet banking, thereby allowing more banks to close.
    4) The negative interest rates and bails in we are seeing being implemented by the central banks are essentially robbing you of your money and not encouraging you to save but to spend in order to stimulate a failing economy. Also throw in the further devaluation of your money through quantitative easing and inflation and you start to realise you will have it even more tough.
    5) The eventual confiscation of gold, silver and other precious metals. Do not fool yourself into thinking this cannot happen as there is already historic legal acts that allowed this to happen. The absolute arrogant attitude and ignorance of people thinking that they save themselves by investing in precious metals while thinking everyone else relying on the fiat currency system will suffer, is beyond belief and shows the intellectual dishonesty and ignorance of even those who think they know what they are doing.
    Not only do the financial aspects of life look so incredibly bleak, but even the social values of what it truly means to be a man and well respected member of society, is going down the drain. Men are continuing to be predicated as the villains of society while this is having a negative effect and bad influence on society as a whole. From the deadbeat dad, to the misogynist and the rapist, men are being pushed off the cliff with all of these negative and stereotypical images exerted by the mainstream media and what is being implemented in the family courts, while women are now celebrated in the portrayal and embracement of single motherhood, independent woman mantra, being the primary breadwinner and the reinforcement and backing of continuous legislative and policy making that is in favor of women. Furthermore, with all of brainwashing propaganda and role reversals seen in the horrendous and
    grotesque pop culture as well as the lowering standards in fashion and the decimation of traditional gender attributes such as men recognising their tools
    or women knowing how to cook, the severity of the why men are no longer men has
    escalated to the point in which men are now dependent on their female partner
    just to make ends meet.
    The paradigms have indeed changed. It can be concluded that yesterday’s man is now today’s politically incorrect man and therefore, has no “use” or “function” to serve society. In the last twenty to thirty years, the decline of society has accelerated in which men no longer anymore validity left and can be categorised as being abandoned. Abandoned by a system in which men no longer have any freedom, purpose and essentially, nothing to live for. Which is why men, should come to the realisation that while times ahead will continue to get more tough, this should not stop reminding you that at some point, our lives will come to an end. Therefore, use this as a reminder to be able to pursue the kinds of accomplishments that make you feel complete and provides you with some sort of a purpose in this world. It does not even have to be extravagant. Even smaller activities such as reading a book on history, philosophy and science can help you to feel accomplishment and achievement in this world in which live in.

    1. If you eliminate debt from your life, it is possible to live in an area where you are spending less than a third of your income on rent, and thereby saving money, and you can form a game plan for getting out. Many are planning a move abroad, often permanent. I advise:
      1) Eliminate Debt
      2) Obtain full time employment at $10/hour or higher
      3) Relocate, if necessary, to regions of the US where the cost of living is lower
      You should easily be able to save 10% or more of your income. I save significantly higher than that.

      1. One time many years ago I was reading a book on investing and building wealth. The gist of the advice was, live in the lowest cost of living area possible/acceptable and make as much as you can there. The first and most important point was to live in a low cost of living area. It is not what you make that will get you rich, it is how little you can spend.

    2. You could always just live in a tent and get a 24/7 gym membership to shower and shave. That would save quite a bit of money.

        1. I’m in college and I’ve been considering it for a bit now. Just park my jeep at a camp ground and camp out every night.

        2. If you are in college that’s even better. Ultimately you only need a place to sleep, everything else is provided by the school itself. I suppose things such as a internet connectiong and a place to sit and study are freely available?

        3. Yeah. The library is 24/7 and plenty of campgrounds where I am. The only hard time would be winter with the cold.

        4. Either invest into some serious camping equipment or invest in a trailer. Even a used one should provide sufficient shelter for the winter months at small cost and you can sell it back once you’re done with it.

        5. I found some pretty nice trailers. I would need something more so to pull it with my jeep though.

      1. Or live in a Van if you need a car for work/ if you live in a city where public transport is garbage.

        1. They never sold those in my country. Closest thing I could probably find if I decided to do that would be a Ford Transit or a Toyota Hiace. Cars are expensive here though, fuck everything’s expensive. (Australia)

        2. I do like your country for the Toyota Hilux those things are some pretty invincible trucks. But we can’t them here in America without heavy modifications.

        3. I miss that big lug. Youll never see a comedian like him again bc porky people dont try to cultivate a sense of humor, they just try out for the Biggest Loser

        4. The reason you don’t see that is the same reason why Belushi said women can never be funny.
          See Farley was terribly depressed about his weight and he turned it outwards and made it into humor. he was incredibly insecure and it came out in humor. Belushi felt that the reason women could never be funny is because their pussy is like the trash…all they have to do is throw it out on the corner and someone will come by and pick that shit up. Men have to deal with sexual rejection…especially fat men….so they develop personalities…in his case a comedic one. Only problem is, with fat acceptance and everyone is beautiful bullshit, we have basically made male comics as unfunny as female ones.
          I guess what I am saying is that Kevin James is basically a fat chick.

        5. “Kevin James is basically a fat chick.”
          YES! King of Queens makes cringe from obsequiousness to his Harpy wife.

        6. Yeah, Patrice ONeal and Howard Stern talked about the same thing.. basically women never NEED to be funny, so they don’t become funny. Men need to be funny to entertain their buddies, and more importantly to make women laugh and want to sleep with them.

        7. Pretty sure Rodney Dangerfield’s “I get no respect” schtick came from his first failed marriage. Hard to believe he quit showbiz, got married and became an alluminum siding salesman, and then went back to comedy at 40- 40!!!

      2. I knew someone who did this. Bars here are open until 4…later if you know the bartender. Between that and the gym he didn’t have a home for like 3 months.

        1. I think I would find it more enjoyable as opposed to paying away most of my money to rent and utilities.

        2. at 18-22 I can see it for sure. 22-25 maybe depending on circumstances. However, if you are still doing it past 25, imo, you are a bum

        3. I would just do it while in college to save money mostly. Then get a place once I have a full time job and I’m making something over 20k a year.

      3. Just buy the RV or at least a large van, that way you can have a mobile home for $20k no property tax.

  2. I think the main point here isn’t not to help women, but rather to be choosy which women you help. I think the main theme of a lot of the ideas here at RoK is “Be very choosy about your women in a way that promotes traditional family values.”

    1. that’s true. you have definitely got to be selective. that’s why for years men have always classified women in different categories. we point out a slut, a gold digger, a whore, or any other term more so as a safe guard for ourselves and other observant men. getting tangled up with the wrong woman can wreck your life financially, emotionally, and worst cases even physically.

      1. Always listen to your brothers. But Im sure most men here have already learned that lesson the hard way…

  3. Just a variation on the theme to minimize your interactions with all women, as most are harmful for you in some way. We have all dated women who sucked our time, money, and soul from us. Female friends are simply less intensive forms of the bad girlfriend.
    As there are very few women who are truly feminine, respectful, kind, and motherly, until you meet one you should either pass or ONS them. If and when you do meet a good woman, you can have a relationship and see where it goes. But wasting your time trying to date a bad woman will harm you just as expending friendship efforts on most women will. Good article.

  4. I make it a point to use the term “girlfriend benefit” when dealing with the women I’m dating.
    Broken down on the side of the road and need help? Sorry, car maintenance is a girlfriend benefit — call AAA, get a tow truck, and leave me alone.
    What’s that? Oh, your toilet is overflowing and you don’t know what to do? Sounds like you need a plummer, or a boyfriend who gives a fuck — I’m neither. Home repairs, helping you move, bailing you out of jams? Those are girlfriend benefits.
    Need a date for your girlfriend’s wedding? Nope: not going. I don’t go to weddings with women who are desperate to get married, and I’m not one for pretending to like people that I don’t like. Find a guy who’s into that shit, because I’m not. Don’t like it? Kick rocks. Doing shit I don’t want to do and hanging out with people I don’t like is a girlfriend benefit, and that ain’t you bitch.
    Try saying “girlfriend benefit” sometime to your fuck buddy or a chick who thinks she’s got a higher ranking in your life than she really does. She’ll (A) want the girlfriend benefits, and (B) work harder to please you in order to get them.
    Never give away your talents or your time for free — always get the pussy at the bare minimum.

    1. girlfriend? is that the thing where you only smash one pussy constantly, pretend it doesn’t disgust you to kiss her despite the gallons of your cum she has drank and despite already being bored with everything she has that you ever valued you continue to spend resources and time on?

      1. Yes, that’s the one — minus the gallons of cum, because sluts never get girlfriend status. Which explains why it’s been about eight years since a woman has received girlfriend benefits from me.

        1. Even if it isn’t someone elses it is still yours. One of the most repulsive things a girl can do, in my eyes, is let me fuck her. Once I’ve done that a few times I am pretty disgusted by them. This is a catch 22 which, as it turns out, has probably saved me a ton of aggravation.
          I think I might get a wedding ring and put it on and just say I am married to myself. Fags are getting married. Dogs get married. Fuck it, I will marry me.

        2. Heh, why not? Several post wall 40+ women have done it.
          Google only if you have eye bleach on hand. They’re quite the post wall harpies.

        3. You know what, that’s a really good idea.When I’ll be in my 30 or 40s I will be a target and maybe a wedding ring will keep them away.

        4. Well your ego’s big enough for two, seems fair. I agree with your female repulsion theory. However there’s one thing even more repulsive to me than that – letting someone else fuck her. Which you know – the west, so all of them have. The lowest class of female is the slut braggart, absolute garbage – would not bang with a titanium condom.

        5. Never. I think I can find the line called MGTOW Plus and skate it. Basically remaining single and emotionally uninvolved to the point of sociopathy while, at the same time, enjoying the sexual fruits of the collapse of western civilization.

        6. My google is like a shaved virginal snatch. I will not foul it up with stuff like that. Nothing I need to see.

        7. Only big enough for 2?
          Come on.
          As for other guys fucking her. I technically consider women virgins until they have had se with me, so it doesn’t bother me as long as they are hot.

        8. You’re eventually going to get tired from it, and then become our new saint Francis.
          It is known.
          There is also always the unlikely possibility of you going full retard like Bill Burr and wifing up an awful thing.

        9. That was a damn shame. The man’s comedy is so switched on. Then he marries a black post-wall feminist… WHY?

        10. I’ve tried to watch this before. I really have. But she makes it impossible, the longest I’ve lasted was 6 minutes before her whoremouth forced me to switch it off.

        11. Hehe go for a Muslim wedding, then you can marry yourself 4 times, and divorce yourself just by saying it 3 times, should you at some point desire the freedom of single again hehe ;-).

        12. I bet hes running out of material. A divorce in a few years will yield years of stuff

        13. The later is totally impossible. I am already tired of it. I take breaks now and then. I might be the Prince that was Promised.

        14. Use that line on a woman the next time she brings up sexual history or talks about jealousy. My best move with it is when some girl was telling me how her boyfriend was jealous of her ex’s and obsessed about her sexual history with them. I dead panned her and said “that shit never bothers me. As far as I am concerned women are virgins until they’ve had sex with me”
          Then hold, keep frame, make sure she knows you are 100% fucking serious.

        15. That is his actual wife? He sounds like he hates her already. WTF dude, WTF.
          I always wondered what Patrice O’Neal’s steady girl looked / acted like, too. Maybe even the wise funnymen are guilty of ignoring AWALT.

        16. If I can find one I can stand for long enough for that conversation to even be a thing, I’ll make sure to give her the lolknee patented moves.

        17. Actually, putting on a ring will have the opposite effect. They’ll want you more. Without one, they’ll think you’re a loser.

        18. Ah, women aren’t so bad so long as you use them for their purposes.
          If you have a teleological understanding of the feminine you will find yourself very happy. The problem men have is that they are trying to unscrew a Philips head screw using a hammer and then complaining that either the screw or the hammer is fucked up.
          Women are vacuous with very little or northing to offer when it comes to intellect, logic, understanding or emotion…..nothing of value whatsoever.
          However, they are (when they are) cute, soft, giggly, smile nice and do things to your genitals that makes a person very happy. So long as going in you know what their value is and create and maintain a strong frame (I don’t want your opinion, I don’t want to talk to you about my feelings, just look good at dinner, laugh at my jokes and then suck my cock) you will find that women are the perfect tool for the job.

        19. Oh I understand that. I’ve just developed a low tolerance for that bullshit side of things. You know the one where her mouth is open and sounds not related to me fucking her are coming out of it.

        20. True. From past sources, I believe some women like to bang married men because (1) forbidden fruit and feeds her ego and (2) married men won’t talk about her antics with others.

        21. Punch able? More like bludgeon to death with a spiked baseball bat until the head is nothing more than a grease stain on the floor and the body is chopped up before scattering the pieces around different parts of the countryside.

        22. “As far as I am concerned women are virgins until they’ve had sex with me”
          You appear to be subverting the entire concept of sluttiness? Makes limited sense if you have no intention of reproducing, but still…

        23. Its self-aware arrogant narcissistic machismo. You completely misunderstand his mindset. He is so full of himself that other men mean so little to him, their dicks may as well have never entered the pussy he’s picking up. At least that is my understanding of it.

        24. if you’re the reference point for virginity, they don’t exactly have to work that hard to remain pure as snow. Unless you’re irresistable

        25. well first, yes I am irresistible.
          Secondly, no matter what women do I see them as pure because the level of defiling they get from me goes far and beyond what they have had before.

        26. so the defilement is in itself a kind of purification ritual?
          Are we talking porta-potty grade defilement?

        27. ha, no…I am not a Dubai sheik. Those guys have no creativity.
          I take the soul out through the vagina.

        28. “I take the soul out through the vagina.”
          The devil’s in the detail, I guess. Not completely sure I want to know what that involves though

        29. No shit! Once a girl has swallowed my cum on her own volition without me even asking, kissing her is forever off of the table! For you see, I can only imagine how many other schmucks she’s done that to!

        30. This is way true. I am now aging out of the target range. Even old hags don’t want my fat, bald, old self.
          More than anything else, women score points in their eternal competition between women by stealing men from other women. It is a feature and not a bug. It is also of long standing and not caused by Feminism. I remember the good old days and it was ever thus.

        31. And you will catch flack for this. But the saying is that when you are catching flack you know you are over the target.

        32. Yeah, I will get flack…I always have…oddly enough it doesn’t seem to mean very much and less and less with each passing year.

        33. I reached that point long ago. I can’t quite remember when. They say the memory is the second thing to go, and I can’t remember what the first thing is. Anyway, I call it my “don’t give a shit what others think” point. My dad gave me this advice very early, “Don’t care what others think; they don’t do it often.” Of course being young and full of piss and vinegar, I ignored it at the time, as I did much of the excellent advice he gave me.

        34. isn’t it funny how all the advise we ignored comes back to us as being sensible as we get older?
          As for not caring what other people thing…that is a good thing. However, you should be aware of how they think of you and how you can manipulate that to get what you want.

        35. “Don’t care what others think; they don’t do it often.”
          Thanks Mike. Passing that one to my own kids.

        36. There isn’t much I want that I don’t already have. And there is not much I need that I need to get from someone else. The way to do this is not by getting rich (good for you if you can), but usually by lowering your wants and needs.

        37. I passed it on to mine. It didn’t make a dent at the time, but as they are starting to reach their 40s the message is being recalled in memory.

        38. Understanding your needs and wants and a realistic expectation for what they should be versus what you are willing to give for them is good, but I feel that as long as I live in a society with other people I ought to be conscious of what they think and how to manipulate them. I frequently like to put my genitals inside of them and often times want them to do things for me.

        39. I am in my late 40s with kids and both parents still alive.. praise G-d. How are you? Any insight to these troubled times?

        40. I frequently like to put my genitals inside of them and often times want them to do things for me.
          This too shall pass. If you don’t believe that you are in for serious disappointment, eventually.

        41. I offer no hope. My fervent desire is that the collapse doesn’t come until after I am dead.

        42. maybe one day. For now, I find uses for the other people out there at times. Like waiters and bartenders and a good concierge and a travel agent (yes, I still use a travel agent) and general hotel staff and the good people who make Laphroaig whisky. I am a city boy through and through. I have no desire to go off and live in the woods. In fact, the idea is abhorrent to me. I just want to live a life with no emotional entanglements where all other people are means to an ends rather than an end in themselves.

        43. I should have focused my reply more narrowly. I agree that treating service people who give good service well is a circle of virtue. My response was really that the desire to place your genitals in them will dissipate, eventually.

        44. Your reasoning is sound and your desire understandable. Half of my aunts and uncles have the same desires that you do and the rest are oblivious.
          I will buy more ammo and prep the kids.

        45. You are absolutely right!
          What does this comment say about today’s women, though?
          We all know the answer, don’t we!?

        46. My desire to put off the inevitable collapse is entirely selfish. When It happens, if I am still alive, I will die very quickly and not so nicely. For you younger guys the possibility of surviving into a better future may provide some solace.

        47. well played sir. Not souls per se but I will tell you a funny story.
          I was with a buddy of mine last year having a drink at a really nice restaurant standing at the bar. Sitting at a table were three women. Two were super fucking hot bondes who were drinking their girlie drinks and laughing etc. The other was a 7, def would bang but not put in effort, and she has this miserable look on her face and her coat is already on. You could tell she didn’t want to be there anymore.
          The guy I know said “lets have some fun” We are both fairly high smv males and at the time were easily the highest in this place. So we sent a drink. Not to the table, just to the one girl. A few smiles that was it. Her whole mood changed. She took off her coat and was joking with her friends and convinced them to order another drink too.
          about 45 minutes later they were leaving and she walked over to us totally beaming and said with a little stutter that she wanted to thank us. We both just smiled and said no problem and then went back to our conversation.
          What happened? What we took from this girl was far more valuable than that snatch of hers. Her next 10 losers that she meets on tinder or in some shit hole pub are going to be compared to us. It has been more than a year and I would bet you dollars to doughnuts she still remembers.
          It may not have been a soul in the strict sense of that word……but we took something out of her that you can’t reach with a cock.
          People often wonder why I date so well. I am on record here for the fact that I always pay, I always go to the best places and know people there, I always have a connection or a hook up to something….I would say that the vast majority of my dates are total fucking princess story.
          I like knowing that they aren’t going to get that again from someone else and that they will date and fuck casually for years trying to forget the stain I left on them.

        48. Surviving the first year is paramount. I have to keep most of my thoughts to myself in my current location, but the men of my family, and some close friends, who served talk openly when left on our own. We all see it coming and make our preparations accordingly. Sad times.
          But fuck it. Why despair at all. I openly welcome open Revolution at this point.

        49. So you say, but I am no young buck and that desire doesn’t seem to be retreating. However, I am not sure why we have to separate genitals receptacle from service people who give good service.
          The restaurant I go to on Friday’s my favorite waiter is Walter. Little old gruff Italian guy. Amazing waiter. The best. I don’t want to be his friend or have him do my taxes. I just want him to be my waiter. And that is exactly how I feel about a date.

        50. At 40 and even at 50 I was as you are. But those times have dimmed. Now I can admire a well built young woman without the slightest urge to merge.
          I remember the line from the old man in The Magnificent Seven where he is explaining why he doesn’t want to move into town. He said, “All they want to talk about is fertilizer and women. I never understood their fascination with fertilizer, and as to women, I became indifferent when I was 82.”

        51. ha! I look forward to the day. I can finally get to work on my memoirs.

        52. Good, advice but I will try to remember to replace Sir with Ma’am but then again with many US Women sir might be more appropriate…

        53. Alternately, when dealing with a female you have no strong connection to (which probably should be all women you don’t happen to be related to) you could use………
          “That doesn’t bother me as I assume all women are sluts anyway”.
          I used that on a woman who had apparently convinced herself that every man she met was obsessed with her. The look on her face was priceless.

        54. I thought that RoK wasn’t big enough for your ego. Apparently your ego is so big it causes gravitational distortions and time dilation before collapsing in on itself and forming a singularity.

        55. Almost right but it doesn’t collapse into itself creating a singularity but rather pulls all fieds together and transcends them into a unique singularity greater than the sum of its parts

        56. Quite the opposite bob. But love and narcissism are mutually exclusive

        57. Yes, very hoi polloi of me. But hey, if fat people can get married so can I….to myself

        58. I could explain it again, but best bet would be for you to just, ya know, re-read it.

        59. I used to get that. After banging some girl I’d feel terrible. But then I realized that I felt bad because of all the trouble and energy I’d spent in getting her to bed. It’s like I realized I’d wasted a lot of time/energy I couldn’t put into other stuff that I valued more.
          Doesn’t happen so much these days. I don’t get laid like I used to, but when I do I’m coming at it from a different place. Like I want it and go for it, but also I won’t die if I don’t get it.

        60. I’m just hoping nobody says anything sexist…
          ..actually I might have sneaked in before unnoticed to tell the truth

        61. I can only stomach older movies; they were more above telling a good story and art instead of pushing some bullshit agenda like nowadays.

        62. Well, large doses of sexism do exist here. But what’s important are the discussions about self-improvement. The manosphere is reactionary against what it sees as cultural and political trends that emasculate us, and in so doing, rob us of our full potential as human beings. Masculinity is at our core, and we need to understand it and work on principals like the 7 Virtues, and not being shamed.
          Our relationships with women are at the forefront of our interactions with society. And a lot of guys get totally twisted around and become non-persons.
          That’s pretty much what the Red Pill is about.
          Have fun. I hope you get a lot from the site.

        63. thanks joe. I was actually mucking around – I’ve been coming here for donkey’s years. But your summary of the site is spot on. There’s some great stuff here. Stuff that you probably won’t find anywhere else. It provides a great service

      2. Serious question – if you don’t like sluts, and you don’t like girlfriends either, who do you bone?

        1. Himself. (Imagine Trump voice) I’m incredible, just fantastic. Nobody bones me like me.

        2. I do like sluts. I don’t think you will ever find me saying I don’t enjoy their company. In fact, more than just the old in and out I actually enjoy dating. I like going out, laughing, having some dinner, food, listening to music, going to the park or on a bike ride. I really do enjoy that with sluts of all variety. I just don’t want to keep them around too long or give them access to who I am outside of what they get which is just me being fun and violating them.

    2. To think of how my life would have been had I an older brother or uncle with your views…

      1. Had to learn some of it the hard way, Dok. Luckily I picked up on the bullshit quickly when I was young before getting myself into something I couldn’t walk away from.

    3. Brilliant. To your last sentence I’ll add that society dictates that men should do things arbitrarily for women, in order to be considered, “good” men. These poor fools will do anything in the hopes of getting pussy, and ironically enough will often let themselves get trapped in a marriage where pussy is about as scarce as clean water in Flint.

    4. Love it — I’ve been doing this instinctively since I was a teenager and have never stopped. It’s nice to create “Layers of privilege” and let a girl/woman work toward it. Things will not be taken for granted in this situation and the “emasculation attempts” by women fall off to near-zero in this relationship structure. They simply won’t fuck with you if you resolutely control the gate by understanding your self-worth as a man.

    5. Is it any coincidence that tow truck drivers have the hottest gf’s? I’ve known tow truck drivers in their 30’s, all who have the sweetest eye candy gf’s in their teens and 20’s. The drivers I’ve met have at least 10yr age difference with their wives. Yes most are married to these practically HS age girls and are serial pumping their young fresh asses for one child after another. One driver, his girl was 21 and they lived in a modular somewhere, had three rugrats already so he smacked her first when she was 16 or 17. Anyone wanna sue him now? Fuck you. . . eeh . . I guess the towing business where you go around legally stealing cars, well I guess it carries over that they have their pick of women too. Hell their girls are all the petite ones. They look like the guy walked into the local HS and stole the petite cheerleader off the top of the pyramid during practice seriously.
      Now the mechanics, explain to me Yader why mechanics and technicians have the orcas for women and the drivers, pilots and operators have the cream of the crop?

        1. Women who like getting their fingernails dirty are a very very rare breed.
          If this were the real goal of the eugenics movement, to produce a new line of fine women that have no qualms getting their nails busted then I would willingly volunteer my two nuts to serve their cause. It would be a godsend to have such a woman who is bred to perform simple tasks such as fetching tools, keeping them wiped and organized and of course busting Mr Goodwrench’s nuts as he relaxes from a job well done.
          I wouldn’t expect her to know a valve clearance gap from a thigh gap but wenches that at least know their wrenches are a hundred times better than a complete mechanical moron bitch that waltzes in, stepping all over your shit and says ”duuh, are you done yet”. That shit distracts the hell out of you.
          If a woman can organize silverware in a kitchen drawer, you bet she can learn to put and hang shit where it goes in a 2000 pc tool set. A woman learns respect for a man when she is required to participate and scratch his back as he creates and forges the marvels of civilization that the dumb soft pedestalized women take for granted. Her respect is cemented once she licks the balls of the man and tastes the testosterone dripping from the only creature on earth that can create, man.
          If you’ve ever had a bewildered woman marvel at an awesome machine you built and ask you ”how do you do that? It’s so amazing.” ”Well” you tell her ”you ask so you deserve to know. Taste this!”
          When a woman is curious about anything exceptional you do, a taste of your dick answers all the questions swirling in her head and a good fast slam fucking is as good as giving her a greeting card that reads ”you’re welcome”.

    6. Weddings? I’ll never go to those or give anything as a present since I don’t pay for others mistakes.

      1. You sound butthurt. Women enjoy getting the maximum out of men for a minimum of effort on their part, so your hostility to equality is amusing, too.

    7. Sadly, that’s the only way to keep them with you. When you start doing things for them for free, they start shifting you towards the garbage disposal. When you don’t help them with stuff and tell them to find someone else, they get mad. But it’s that resentment toward you that keeps them with you.
      These bets guys, always being the dutiful helper, are the last ones to find out she’s sleeping around and hedging her bets with other guys.

  5. One of my closest friends is a bit of a dunce, goofball, but whenever I help him with anything he’s always so openly grateful and insists on paying me back in some way immediately. I have never met a woman who has ever acted this way, not even remotely close. Good men appreciate what you do for them and show it with their actions. Women may make a big show of gratitude and perhaps a small meaningless token of appreciation, but they have this tendency to take help for granted, even expect it and get mad when they don’t get it after a man has established that they’ll help them. In short, they’re unappreciative, entitled cunts about it all.

    1. Furthermore, in interpersonal relations in general, Ray Liotta forever enshrined within me this simple, yet wholly prioritized axiom from the movie Revolver:
      “What’s in it… for me?!

        1. Speaking as an old man filled with righteous wisdom, you don’t want it. Being old sucks. Having every joint in your body hurt on some kind of rotating schedule is not fun. finding out that there is a bunch of stuff you used to do and can’t anymore sucks.

        2. I can definitely understand that, it’s kind of a not so friendly reminder that we and everything else on this planet are created with an expiration date, and that we are pretty much biodegradable. but just an honest question: assuming that a person has lived a full life filled with great experiences and unforgettable memories — do you think it’s a fair trade?

      1. Older friend of mine said something similiar, “women are like cats. You give one a little attention then they all come running wanting some.”

        1. I’ve always cracked up about the women are cats, men are dogs analogy. Sure, if I’m a mutt and like to hump things and wreck shit for the hell of it, don’t forget I’m also loyal and would die to protect those I love. As stated, cats only give a shit about you when you’re giving them almost zero attention and will wreck everything around you without a second thought to the consequences, just like any woman would.

    2. That’s because internally, too many women believe that they are entitled to your help. They don’t really need to pay you back, because they deserved it to begin with.

  6. This is a great read. I remember 12 years ago I worked with a girl who I will call “Shania” because she looked a lot like Shania Twain. Every guy in the room did favours for her and usually got her own way. They figured they’d get some kind of action for their “reward.” So one day she asked me to do something for her. The short interaction went something like this:
    Shania: “Can you help me with this?”
    Me: What is it?
    Shania: Well, I have to cut these pieces of paper and I’m running kinda late…”
    Me: No. I think you’re old enough–you can do it by yourself.
    After I uttered those words, “Shania” turned red and didn’t say a word. As I recall, I think she kinda smirked. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it because I couldn’t be bothered doing other people’s work. But I gotta admit, at the time saying “no” to a pretty good looking chick felt kinda good. A few weeks later I remember some guy helping her carrying a lot of stuff up 3 flights of stairs. I was heading home and she cheerfully said hello and goodbye to me while her friend was practically having a heart attack. I think his name was Doormat.

    1. I’ve had similar situations during my retail days. A couple times I’d ask the chick point blank, “Are you too weak to lift those or something?” Never failed.

    2. The lesson I got from your story is… Whether you help her or not she will still find a thirsty male to do things for her anyway

      1. We should publish a Red Pill version of Aesop’s Fables.
        Rewrite The Grasshopper and the Ant as The SJW and the Shitlord.

        1. Sorry. Story goes about a girl walking in woods in the autumn and finding snake that asks to be carried it her coat because the cold weather is slowly killing it. Girl states, “you’re a snake and will bite me.” Snake promises not to, she carries it, it bites and poisons her. Snake tells her as it is slithering away, “you knew what I was when you picked me up.”
          Moral: Don’t feel obliged to help someone [edit: esp. those who openly hate you] at your own expense.

        2. Heh. I agree. The Euros in the street are learning that the hard way. Too bad their socialist governments are bought off by Islam.

      2. And that thirsty male that does it for her will not get laid. In fact she will despise him for it.

    3. Well done.
      I had a similar experience with a similarly entitled female at the workplace last year.
      A couple of small boxes needed to be carried somewhere. I’d just helped the men folk with some heavy lifting setting up a stage a few minutes earlier.
      She was walking in the opposite direction with the boxes & said, ‘Why don’t you be a gentleman & carry these boxes for me?’ Batting eyelids & speaking in that annoying pretend cute voice some women use.
      I retorted without thinking. ‘Why don’t you earn that equal pay were both getting for doing this work & you carry those little boxes yourself?’
      I softened my tone with a smirk & continued, ‘Were you helping us out with with the heavy duty stuff earlier? No? Alright, carry on.’
      I walked off & did my thing.
      Damn puppy dog eyes from her thereafter. Always subtly maneuvering herself to sit right next to me during meetings & lunch breaks etc. Being polite with me & asking my opinion on anything from the inane to the important. Being the first to text me etc….

      1. It is fantastic saying “no” to women who cross the line.
        Last year, a fuckbuddy invited herself over one night. She shows up with a suitcase. Turns out she’d lost her apartment to an Airbnb sting. We banged, then she sweetly asked if she could move in with me “just for a couple of weeks”.
        I sweetly replied, “No,” then drove her to a hotel.

        1. She was a grown-ass woman playing the aren’t-I-wonderful-and-isn’t-everything-just-charming game. I had her saved in my phone as “Holly Golightly”. Never heard from her again.

        2. I made this mistake….. ex moved into a house I was building. She knocked 3 years out of it until I called it a day. Didn’t even clean the place after she left….. shopping bags and shoe boxes everywhere….. never again…..

    4. Great story.
      I myself have found that saying “no” is a very powerful tool, in general. I will do kind and generous things out of kindness and generosity alone; you will not force my hand. So, if a girl expects me to get her something because vagina, or a man expects me to drop everything and help with some inane task, I say no.
      It’s like the opening scene of the Godfather. “What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? If you had come to me in friendship, the scum who ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day.”

      1. someone posted something to this effect on this site a loooong time ago: The most powerful thing a man can say to his woman is “no”; the weakest thing he can say is “Im sorry”.

        1. That’s because an apology to a woman means absolutely nothing. An apology to a man means everything.

  7. Helping women at the work place should always be handled with a swift no, unless she puts in as much work as you do. I can’t tell you how many times guys will pick up a chick slack, buy her lunch, let them take longer breaks, call off, leave early w/o finishing their job etc only to screw you over.

  8. VERY IMPORTANT article. Men are not aware of how women are wired to believe they are entitled to consistently take from men: time, money, assistance, anything.

    1. Correct. And a man’s resources to a woman is like an incredibly tight vadge to a man. They temp their way in and at first they are just playin’ tippin. Then they push further, deeper. As you relax and let it in they eventually bottom out. If you shrug they will pull back. But make no mistake, they are going back. 6 weeks later they will basically own your resources and your wallet will have gone from looking like a fresh, shiny masterpiece to that ratty Velcro thing you had when you were 10…you know, that canvas job that got stomped on, dragged through the dirt and just abused until you were mature enough to replace it with something that was soft, supple leather…

      1. Nailed it.
        A man’s resources are to women what a woman’s tight vaj is to men.
        If a woman gives it away free no man will respect her. If a man gives his help/resources for free no woman will respect him.
        Simple as that.

        1. Yup. If she wants a man who gives to everyone without question let her find Jesus. Until then, find out what they have and what you are willing to trade for it

  9. Another one knocked out of the park Luke. Important information for men who don’t have it, a good refresher for men who might forget and entertaining way to reup on ones beliefs for those who already have internalized it.

    1. I appreciate the kind words, pal. I feel more in the comfort zone writing the gun articles, but these seem more popular.

      1. I like the gun articles, but more abstractly as I don’t really have any experience with guns and I think that in NYC if I am in a 1 mile radius of a gun I can be put in prison for 20000000 years.

  10. Keep this in mind young fellas.
    Always remember that sex for favors is one of the oldest tricks in the books, which is why they act like you might get something if you help them and it’s the reason women hate prostitutes. Just casually mention how prostitution is legal in some countries or states and see how quick women will get pissed. Deep down women know that’s all they really have on a guy and the second it becomes legal those with the lowest SMV will lose all the favors listed above from the beta suckers mentioned.

  11. good piece.
    where I’m from we used to call those kind of dudes “do-boys” whatever a chick wants him to do, he’ll do it like a good boy. lol and the funny part is even the chicks used to call em that when they weren’t around too

    1. In Mexico we refer to these men as “mandilones”, which roughly translates as demasculated or severely whipped men. Not surprisingly, mandilones get a lot of shit from other Mexicans.

  12. There are certain situations where its OK to help females with no expectation of reciprocity:
    A woman stranded in a dangerous area
    Killing bugs
    Lifting heavy objects when it is impractical for her to other wise have it done.
    Old women in public doing just about anything strenuous.
    Walking women to their car late at night
    Some times helping people is just good karma, paying it forward.

    1. 50 years ago, sure. Now, fuck ’em. Not my problem. Viva equality cunts. You made your beds now show the world how much of a ‘strong, independent woman’ you are.

      1. An old man gave me shit for not allowing a young woman on a transit one morning since I just jumped in front of her and got on. He said something along the lines of “I’ve at least been trained to be a gentleman.” Keep in mind the woman I jumped in front of was screwing around with her phone while fishing in her purse for her pass while I just had my pass and everyone was waiting behind her. Yeah gramps, you be the gentleman while I get on instead of wasting everyone’s time who have to get to work since it’s rush hour.

        1. Courtesy is a foreign word when it comes to morning rush hour on trains. I’ve shoved my share of slowpoke would be commuters out of the way to squeeze onto a morning train.

        2. I remember being on the Red Line in Chicago, sitting down in packed car, tired as hell . Then some random guy told me get up from my sit so some young girl can sit down. Thankful, she said no and didn’t have energy to give an response. If it was old lady or pregnant women then i get up for them, but I not going to listen to some guy so he can get brownie points with a girl.

        3. I would have flat out said no regardless. Unless it’s a pregnant or old woman than I would call out to them so they could grab the seat. Otherwise, that’s not my problem if they couldn’t get a seat on mass transit.

        4. That why in retrospect respect the girl that said no. She saw through facade of being a gentleman and saw the whole beta male trying to get favor with her. I was just coming back from being in the worst hospital in the state of Illinois and tired as fuck. She notice that. I have to give credit where credit is due.

        5. Give the old guy a break; he’s from a generation where being a gentleman was expected of all men, and appreciated by all women.
          Nowadays, being a “gentleman” is interpreted, sometimes accurately, sometimes not, as a thirsty beta tell. Women say they want a man to “act like a gentleman”, but they have to find him hot first, otherwise they’re creeped out.

    2. A woman stranded in a dangerous area


      Killing bugs

      Does she not have shoes?

      Lifting heavy objects when it is impractical for her to other wise have it done.
      Old women in public doing just about anything strenuous.

      Unless she’s your wife or daughter, why? And you should be willing to help any elderly or infirm man or woman regardless.

      Walking women to their car late at night.

      If you’re the only guy there and she’s drunk, or in a bad mood, that’s trouble waiting to happen if she decides she hates you.

      1. Sorry guys, but I dont hate women. I wont be taken advantage of, but I will help neighbors, co workers and some strangers under certain circumstances. If you become bitter, you are just as bad as the women you hate. If you do it for the right reasons, kindness you give comes back to you.

        1. There is a beta smell in the air, when a guy thinks “not helping women=hating women”.

        2. I don’t hate women either. Just being realistic and realizing the faux male ideals no longer apply in today’s gynocentric society.
          We can all make exceptions. I’m more than happy to help those who deserve it but have little tolerance for being a brave knight coming to m’lady’s aid.

    3. I think you really need to whittle down that list to maybe only 2 of those: old people and SOME random situations.
      Why bother with women at all? More often than not they won’t give a damn about you after your usefulness is used up.
      I always fall back on this example: any time I’ve had car problems and had to do something on the side of the road, or REALLY needed a small favor, how many women would come to help me?
      Just go on about your business and enjoy life. (note: I do make race exceptions, like older/nice women I’ve met and the occassional woman who’s honestly grateful for my help).
      I’m one of today’s “reformed” men: done with being used for what someone else can get from me.

  13. “This is scary ground, and it’s only because of very solid friendship I even consider it; it’s probably not a good idea.”
    Border line. Most of my friends are married and I have kept a rule never to visit without the male friend present. Even in my younger days, I wouldn’t go over if there was a chance of me being alone with said friends girlfriend/ finance — even when he mentioned he trusted me. I told them I didn’t want their reputations soiled with gosiping neighbors and didn’t want any seeds of doubt planted in his head about me. Honestly, you never know what the woman is going to say to your friend and kill your friendship so don’t give her the oppotunity.

    1. Exactly he may trust you and you may be completely trustworthy but that doesn’t mean the women won’t stir up trouble. I’m reminded of the story of Joseph and Potipher’s wife. Guy got thrown in jail because he wouldn’t bang her and was loyal to her husband. Point is nothing good will come of it.

      1. “Point is nothing good will come of it.”
        Yup. Can you ever trust a woman to be honorable and not put her own self interest first? My experience reveals “no.”

    2. I’ve had the same belief since my army days. Some of the wives would invite me over and my response was always no unless there would be several of us there and it was something the wife could not do on her own. Military wives are typical women, with barracks life not much better than high school in terms of gossip.

        1. Funny, so did I. With notable exceptions, especially with older couples, military wives and girlfriends are some of the worst human beings out there. Makes me want to highly advise my nephews, should the y choose to enlist, to stay clear of relationships until they are well established.

        2. Do advise so. Out of my army friends who were married while in I think only three out of a dozen are still together. Women marry military for the benefits of guaranteed pay, health, dental and housing.

        3. I swore I wouldn’t do LTRs until I was out of the military — saw to many guys get destroyed by their wives. Disappointed getting out and finding that female behavior is everywhere.

    3. Agreed. I’ve never understood guys who put themselves in situations where it’s their word against a woman’s. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that there’s simply no reason for me to be around women aside from my wife or other family members.
      All relationships are transactional, even the good ones, and the vast majority of women offer nothing while taking everything.
      I see a lot of ignorance among younger people when it comes to co-mingling or whatever. The natural tendency of men and women is to fuck. Whenever men and women get together, there is the potential for attraction and all of its consequences, which is yet another reason why you shouldn’t ever be “friends” with a woman.

      1. Whenever you hear about the wife or GF going on holiday alone or with her girlfriends, I assume the worst and am usually right. The fallout when the GF or wife is caught riding the carosel isn’t pretty, but at least there isn’t any suspicion thrown your way.

      2. I lived in the deep south for a long time. One time I answered the phone and it was a woman from our church. She asked to speak to my wife. When I said she was not there, she said she would call back later. When she did call back it was to ask my wife if I would be at services on Sunday morning, as she needed something from me related to my position at the church. BTW my wife had to ask me to be sure and then told her yes. The tradition in the south is that no woman should ever talk to a man not her husband except as required to transact business in a public setting.

    4. Sisters in law should also apply to your rule, for the most part. Unless she is the type that’s willing to, say, not only willing to visit your own mother, but will actually suggest the idea, stay clear. The bad ones will only care about themselves and their own close family, assuming they actually have a relationship to begin with.

      1. I would also say this about having female room mates. Avoid it at all cost. When I was in school I shared my last place with a guy and a girl. The laundry machine was in her room so I always felt awkward having to walk in there and get my clothes. By the end of the year both their boyfriend and girlfriend moved into the house so I had to share my place with 4 other people. The hostility really started to build up and by moving day we couldn’t stand one another. Didn’t even get a “bye” from the female room mate as I left.

  14. Other than close family (sister, mother, grandmother, etc) men and women cannot be friends. Women generally will either view you as a slave to do work for them or if you don’t take their shit as a master who they get all worked up over. Why its so black and white idk but that seems to be the case at least in my experience. And yeah I stay away from my friends wives/girlfriends if their not around as that’s just a problem waiting to happen.

    1. It’s because the alpha/beta dynamic is part of their DNA. Women’s hindbrains are constantly scanning for alpha, tolerating beta, and ignoring omega.

        1. A woman recently joined my gym not too long ago. Has become a regular. At first I thought she was a fitness model cause she’s in great shape. Probably a 8. Long hair, no tattoos, very feminine. She seemed friendly enough so one day as we were both leaving I stopped and chatting with her in the parking lot. Turned out she’s a stay at home mom raising a couple of kids. Seeing that she’s married and doing a very important job of raising children I gained a bit of respect for her. However now she stops and talks to me every time we’re both there. While I don’t mind the company, I’m not too comfortable getting to know another man’s wife.

        2. Unless you get a weird vibe, I’m going to guess she one of those who wants the attention.
          I hear you. I no longer give too much time and attention to women who offer nothing in return.
          Some are just friendly, which is fine, and in that case I’ll talk a bit, too, but not every time.

        3. She’s getting a rush from the fact that you pay attention to her. Validation that her effort is paying off.
          She’s probably having sex dreams about you every night.

    2. It is that way because it is the biological imperative for women to suck up all resources and to mate with the strongest man around. This is reinforced by evolution. There is no other niche in a woman’s psyche for any other role for a man. Women’s brains and emotional responses are not in any way evolved to modern conditions so their lizard brains (the amygdala) makes decisions about sex based on cave man times.

  15. Here’s a good one- guy is trashing Hilary, a woman(a nine according to him) blurts out “Youre sexist.” him: “Really, can you define this word for me?” She stutters n stammers for a bit, then blurts out “It means you should do what I want you to do.” I’m sure more women today would define it the same way

      1. haha, I think that would hurt his restaurant. Dude loves checking women on their shitlib logic- some never return, so are gluttons for punishment. I have no idea how he stays in biz, he must cobble out the back door

        1. I actually thought of you over the weekend because I had to go to the cobbler and pick up some shoes I dropped off. I counted….I left my apartment and walked directly to the cobbler passing not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 other cobblers on the way….the walk was less than a half mile.

        2. all cobbler talk becomes “guess the money laundering operation” talk- best not to go there

  16. Idk I always give cash for any favor I might ask of a guy. Don’t feel comfortable accepting the help, otherwise. Not sure why other girls wouldn’t just do that, as it’s always kept any sexual “expectations” away for me. Ultimately, any person who is lazy in a relationship will have their set of respective consequences unless they’re truly with a “doormat”.

    1. Don’t pretend you don’t understand why girls just not accept favors, sister. You know damn well why. You know most women whore themselves out or play that game to lead guys on.

      1. Women definitely know why other women manipulate men.
        They even laugh, talk about it, and giggle about it in some cases. I’ve heard it. Who hasn’t?

        1. Absolutely! Then they go around acting all innocent and naive, appalled that other women do this form of deceit when they themselves do it, consciously or not.

  17. I bartended for 20 plus years and every bar I worked at had a group of girls that prowled the place looking for guys to flirt with and sponge off of…. whether it was drinks or dinner or both..hell one girl had a 2012 BMW bought for her by the guy she was screwing while he was in our town on assignment working for his wife’s company!!! She had lasers coming out of her eyes when she showed up at my hotel looking for him with her lawyers and divorce papers in hand!!

    1. Piece of advice to the young men, make it a point to get to know the bartender quickly. If you tip him enough and establish a rapport he can give you a heads up with the ladies as the evening goes on (steering you away from the bar flys and gold diggers).

      1. I use to do that… warn all the men about the bar flys… most didn’t care and would spend all kinds of money on them and charge it to their companies tab… make it look like a “business dinner” or “entertaining clients” and then the girl would get an emergency call from a friend and take off!! I know men were there looking for company.. but at least they were honest and upfront about it… the women… not so much!! They had it down to an art!!

        1. At times I asked the bartender straight up when the woman was out of ear shot and would usually get an honest answer that proved correct. He got a big tip when it was time to ring up the tab.

        2. Some bars hire women to sit around and flirt so men buy them drinks and food… so watch out!!

        3. Young men AND unexperienced, >50 y.o. men, alike. First time divorcees, passing through their midlife crisis are sometimes as “fragile” as young yuppies (frequently, they blame “a woman” and can’t understand the general nature of women).

    2. Back when I was in college I went out to the bar one night with my friends. A girl came up to me and asked me to buy her a drink. I politely said no. My friend next to me pulled out a 20.00 and brought her and her friend 2 drinks. They took the drinks and just walked away. Didn’t even say thank you to my friend. I laughed at him all night.

      1. Seen that happen 1000 times!!! The women that do this are watching you and picking their “prey” very carefully!!

      2. Recently at a baseball tailgate, my buddy and I just fired up our grill and cracked open a 30 pack. These harlots that were parked next to us left and came back and did not say one word to us. Within half an hour the hottest one looked at me and said, “Do you have a beer for me?!?!?” in a really snarky voice. My old self would have easily just handed over the beer, but this time I said “For you, absolutely not” and she looked at me with disgust and said “Wow, fucking asshole!” and walked away. I couldn’t believe how entitled that pile of trash was!

        1. “Fucking asshole” was what she’d let you do to her in exchange for that beer.
          Just ask Sulkowitz, aka MatressGurl.

        2. I dont know about that, I didn’t really get the vibe from that one. Not to mention she want to a different group to tailgate and wasnt close to build anymore rapport. I would have felt really beta if I just handed one over and she walked away. I never saw her for the rest of the night so my guess is that is exactly what would have happened.

        3. I was speaking based upon her language, sure she could have jusr been after a free beer, but it reminded me of Sulkowitz – she’d take the beer, drink it, beg you to assfuck her behind the dumpsters in the parking lot, then accuse you of getting her drunk so she can ask you to give it to her up the poopchute, which isn’t consent because she was drunk.

      3. Her: “How about you buy me a drink?
        You: (smirking) “How about I write you a cheque?”

  18. Thank God for this site.
    I tell my teen daughter this stuff. She understands that a girl needs more than T&A and a degree. She’s going red pill. She looks at her feminist mom, she looks at her faggot teachers, then she looks at me. She’s decided I’m the one to pay attention to and that the stuff men talk about on here is what makes sense and is what is true.
    Girls are miserable. They don’t consciously know it, but most of them hate feminism and girl power. They don’t want that shit. My kid no longer is confused by all the fucked women she sees. She no longer thinks that being a washed out whore is inevitable. My kid is waking up. It’s pretty cool.
    Women are women. They aren’t complex thinkers, but they can figure out that what is in their best interest in the short term is RADICALLY different than what’s in their best interest in the long term.
    It’s in the long term that there is any meaningful overlap in male and female self interest.

    1. My daughter is a 12 year old, athletic blonde. The boys are going to start knocking on the door very soon. Seeing all the crap out in society is enough to give me chills.

        1. Yes, I also I have a .300 Mag, a .44 Mag revolver, a .243, and a .22. Unfortunately, murder is illegal in the county where I reside. I just hope I taught her enough about right and wrong for her to stay out of trouble.

    1. By the comments left by bitter women? In that case I totally agree.
      This website is a result of how women treat (or rather, mistreat) men.
      As predicted, your comment follows the Woman’s Rule Of Angelic Innocence : “Everything is men’s fault. No exceptions.”

  19. I remember i once held a door open for a woman and her response wasn’t thank you or even just a smile it was ” i can hold doors open by myself you know” ever since then i haven’t held the door for any woman.

    1. If they don’t say thank you, I say “You’re welcome cunt.” My manners are more important to myself and in turn maybe she’ll say thank you next time. I also say the same thing to men.

      1. “and in turn maybe she’ll say thank you next time”
        this kind of female vargar is irredeemable, mate.

    2. I’d have to tell her “well then you shouldn’t have any problem going and fucking yourself either”

    3. Too bad you didn’t let the door slam in her feminist face…
      Is it me, or do these snarky bitches ALWAYS spout off their feminist phlegm AFTER they come through the door?

  20. “White knights I have defeated.”
    Check. Never had much to deal with them.
    “Attention-seeking harlots angered.” Perhaps many, since I never seek female approval on ANYTHING. Especially on “Facebook” with random (“sexually-provocative”) women sending me friend requests in hopes that I fail their “fitness tests” by accepting and being one of their many “male orbiters” of emasculated, weak-willed, lustful men. Yep those girls have literally NO FEMALE or diverse friends but a “sausage-fest” of random sex hungry guys? Yeah, somethin’ smells “awfully fishy about that set up” indeed. Attention-whoring at it’s finest and most deplorable. Right off the bat any masculine man knows these women aren’t “wife material”… Smh at how some men can be so “easily deceived”.
    If a woman is NOT your MOTHER or your GRANDMOTHER you do NOT take her “word” as “love”. Only the woman that birthed a man can really be considered to at least “care” or “love” him; no other woman. Not even (sometimes flaky) sisters and female family.
    No woman can “love” a man besides his own mother FIRST and FOREMOST; and that’s even if she’s a good woman then. Amen.

    1. May I ask, What the hell are you doing on Fakebook? Your man card is in danger of being revoked.

      1. Why not? It’s a TOOL to be used and applied. I have friends and connections there and for my goals and purposes Facebook is one tool of “evangelism” I use to reach out to people and conduct mi “business”.
        Say, WHO made YOU the “internet police” bro? Why are you concerned with what I do with social media?
        I think that says more about YOU than it does me. Amen.

  21. My general rule when it comes to helping a man or women: I help when I can and I will ask for no favors in return. If your my friend or family, I will go out of my way to help since I have history with you and care about you.
    One of the major dysfunction in male to female relationship today is the dishonest intention that White Knights/Maginias have created with the notion that every action/favor you do for a girl is for chance for sex in return. For a girl will think that every favor or action that a guy does for her is chance to get into her pants. A man that is using the game is more honest compare White Knight/Maginia, for our intentions are clear to a girl: I want to fuck you and may make you breakfast in the morning.

  22. Unless she is senior citizen I won’t hold a door for her. Why? Because I rarely even get an acknowledgement for it. Every time I hold a door for another man there is at least a nodded acknowledgement and usually a verbal “thanks”.
    Also, holding a door for a man usually causes him to increase his pace so as not to abuse the favor. A female will glide by at the same pace and not even look at you.

    1. I’ve even had a few women shoot me dirty looks, as if me holding the door is a patriarchal microaggression.

      1. What the hell? Are you guys holding the door to the feminist studies building on a woman’s college campus for this specimen?

        1. Gross. Hell no! I opened it for a sexy lady entering the gym behind me. She was facing me, so I didn’t see the massive back tattoo sprawled across her shoulders until after her snarky bitchy self entered.

        2. I have seen some *real* shit over at Voat v/FatPeopleHate, but this monstrosity really disturbs me deeply.
          That creature is horrendous and makes me need to go look at kitty cat videos as mental “eyebleach.”
          I am not kidding!

        3. Woohoo! Another one triggered! 😀
          I forget the exact search term that I did to find it, but yeah, it’s beyond disgusting. I can’t recall ever seeing it before, unlike the red-haired bitch pictures that show up with some irregularity around here.
          You can see the conversation it was in response to was about getting and holding a door open for women, and in particular, the negative experiences in doing so. Perhaps my regular environment is still relatively normal, but I have never had but the expected traditional gracious response. The women that I encounter, to this day, have always accepted with a smile and almost always with a ‘thank-you’, and I have always enjoyed [the surreptitious benefits of] doing the favor and having them walk past. So, when I read the above, going way over-the-top was the only seemingly rational way to respond.

        4. I saw that pic originally over at v/FatPeopleHate, as they post the most vile creatures from Tumblr & Imgur along with “large and proud” dysfunctional ham beasts.
          Big Red is the nickname of the vicious feminist maybe you’re referring to that appears around the internet, especially YouTube, and appears in Thunderf00t’s great “Why Feminism Poisons Everything ” video.

        5. Oh yeah, that’s the one. Big Red. I watched the Thunderfoot video, among others, but am somewhat immune to internalizing them. I actually didn’t know what to call her. Other than bitch, of course.

      2. Some years ago I was entering an office building and held the door for a woman coming out. As spiteful as she could, she informed me that she could open her own doors. OK, I learned my lesson.
        On my out there was a woman coming in. I treated like a man. She had to give way in the airlock. If looks could kill I would have been a dead man.
        They don’t wear signs informing the world of who they are. A tactic by the femherd to keep men off balance and always losing. The best policy is to give them the equality they say they want and treat them like men. They hate it, but they asked for it, so fuck ’em.

        1. Reminds me of a time when I standing near the front door of this office building I used to work at and I saw this short, dumpy mailwoman approaching the door with enough packages to equal her body weight. I usually avoid opening doors for able bodied women but some sort of reluctant compassion came over me and I decided to open it.
          Big mistake.
          Almost as soon as I touched the handle, I heard a shrill, “DON’T OPEN THAT! I CAN DO IT MYSELF.”
          I didn’t open it and had fun watching this woman trying not to tip over her massive stack of packages while fighting back against patriarchal oppression and looking like a total idiot trying to pull that handle open at the same time.

        2. Overcoming “reluctant compassion” is difficult. It is hard wired into us. Now that I am a great equality enforcer, the urge is still there but I recognize its rise and can easily tamp it back down.
          As far as the individual members of the femherd are concerned, I now live by a quote from Redonkulas, “I wouldn’t piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire”. I love that guy. Cheers.

        3. I was afraid that’s how your example would go. In that example, your good and kind intentions were thrown back in your face.
          I probably would have done something to make her drop something, too, for good measure.

        4. Yeah I learned my lesson. I did get a kick out of her straining and struggling to manage her impossible task. She did drop a few.
          It was the first time in years that I had offered to open a door for a woman. In college I used to have a pretty successful opener when a girl would streak in front of me to a door and would hold open for me. I would just remark, “Glad to see chivalry’s still alive.”
          It would always make them laugh and I could just segue to a cold read “Oh you look like a business major….you have a determined look…” Sounds stupid but it was highly effective at getting at least 3 minutes of mundane chit chat out of the way to eventually ramble towards getting a number and a date. I’ve seen that alot of college girls who are actually in “real” majors, i.e. not liberal arts, take themselves way too seriously since they think they are achieving something by getting that degree paper.
          But THIS IS GOOD. It means that you only have to get the ball rolling a little bit to get her to start talking about herself. If you are good at gaming you can find many good seque points as she blabs about her amazing major so you don’t just end up that nice guy who was unusually curious about her studies.

      1. So true ,todays woman isn’t worth a dam much less any help from us and after all the government helps them now.

  23. There’s nothing like walking past the woman at the bottom of the staircase, holding the large stroller, looking around expectantly, believing she’s entitled to the free labor of the next passing male.
    It’s been decades since women had any obligations to men, yet they feel entitled to our help. Nope.

        1. It was a reference to your avatar: Don Knott’s character in Threes Company, the old TV show. He wore ascot ties on the show.

  24. When I worked in corporate America, I used to hear the phrase, “can you do me a favor?” all the fucking time. And it was always used by women in a high-pitched, trying to sound sweet voice, and always followed by her asking me to complete her tasks because she was just “soooooooo busy” with something else (setting up an online date, or texting a guy who pumped and dumped her). It got to the point where, after uttering the phrase, they would see the expression on my face and say, “nevermind.” Now I work in a male-dominated industry and never hear that fucking phrase, and I couldn’t be happier.

    1. american women dont have a high pitched -sweet voices. their american dialect really makes the women sound like darth vader. unfeminine and disgusting

      1. I misspoke. I meant to say “attempting to sound sweet” or some version of that. It’s a cringe-inducing tone that they believe makes them sound sweet and not like nails on a chalkboard.

        1. it was clear what you said, i just wanted to mention that american girls have deep disgusting voices and nobody ever talks about that. i probably misspoke haha

        2. I think Gal Gadot is from Israel originally but yeah she sounds like a typical American woman. Notice the vocal fry and the slow, almost drawling vocal cadence. If her voice was pitch-shifted a bit lower she’d sound like a typical cocksure alpha jock.
          I notice that women tend to pick up speech mannerisms from guys they date and I’ve read that they also absorb DNA from their male partners through intercourse.
          How many cocksure, drawling alphas she’s dated is anyone’s guess.

        3. absolutely! its really ridiculous when girls have the same speaking style as the guys, if you would only read the text what they have said you could not tell if it was said by a man or a women. that is also a testimony how weak the male population is.
          Once you start judging female voices you can never go back ignoring it, you will always notice how deep and unfeminine off putting they talk and on a RARE occation one girl speaks really petite feminine cute. i think the voice is the mirror to the soul not the eyes.

        4. Yes, fortunately none of the girls I date speak in vocal fry or sound like a man. As a singer/voice expert, I recognize some men and women naturally have lower voices than others, but even some men with really high voices like Geddy Lee can still sound masculine when they speak because they are consciously trying to speak in a low register.
          I also know women with lower voices who consciously choose to speak in a higher register to sound more feminine, but they are (you guessed it) immigrants to the US, one being my former track coach.
          What really struck me though was an experience like you mention. I am dating this girl from St Lucia who has a really pretty face and is small and petite. I was blown away, though, by the fact that she had this incredibly feminine voice and way of speaking.
          A feminine appearance and personality can be very alluring but a feminine way of speaking almost trumps (heh) all of that.

    2. I like to say “no, not really” with a smirk. And maybe if they grovel or do something for me (preferably first) I’ll think about it.

      1. Same here-I sometimes say ‘Depends’ or ‘If you do me a favour first’ or ‘My services don’t come free, my dear’.

  25. When I’m with my wife’s married girlfriends I always make a point of talking primarily or exclusively to their husbands. I don’t want other guys talking to my wife at length, so I’ll set the example in advance. Also the things my wife talks with her friends about are generally boring.

    1. Same here. What the hell would I want to talk to the women for? I don’t really care about other people’s children, or dieting or fashion, or cakes/cafes/cute stores etc.
      With the guys at least I can talk about something technical or beer or stuff like that.

  26. The favor one is so true. If you don’t feed me, fuck me or pay I am not doing a thing to help you. I have very few friends but those friends would burry a body for me and vice verse.

  27. “I maintain no friendships with worthless people, and you should not either. As I grew up, I made friends from various stages in my life, and some I remain friends with to this day, some are merely acquaintances now, and some I have no contact with anymore at all.”
    This. As I age I find that if a person isn’t useful to me in some reciprocal way, then I just don’t want them around because they are users. And there are only two things that I can think of that women offer me, First and by far the most important is sex…and in some very special relationships some emotional comfort. But I can get by without the emotional comfort, but if a girl isn’t sexual with me then she is removed from my life.
    Cash, Grass, or Ass….no one rides for free.

    1. That’s a great classic phrase. The gun range version is “Brass or Ass, no one shoots for free,” in other words, pay for your own ammo or give it up.

  28. I have no problem being “cheap” with women. If a girl looks visibly troubled when I indicate she’s paying her share for bowling or mini golf then I know she’s not a keeper.
    In the end, she should pay for the benefit of my company and conversation and shameless escalating.
    I am extremely reluctant to pay more than $5-10 for a girl’s share of a date.
    Paying more than $20 for a date is not worth the sex or a hookup for me, considering I could have a better time spending $20 for a night out with my male friends.
    It’s gotten to the point that sex and women just aren’t as important to me as playing music with my band or chilling with my “Round Table” of friends.
    Some girls will insist on paying their own share and I will always let them. I know that many girls insist vehemently just to save face because they know most chumps will always pay for them anyway.
    Additionally, I have no problem letting members of my harem pay their whole airfare and hotel bill when they travel across the country (or from another country, heh) to come see me.

    1. Yeah, great route to take. At first I thought you were speaking in absolutes, but you allowed a $5-10 window. The best date IMO is to do something inexpensive that YOU enjoy, her share should be no more than $10-20 bucks. This way you don’t look cheap, but she understands that she won’t be getting much monetary value from you. Dinner is absolutely out of the question, same with elaborate dates.

      1. Yes I abhor the thought of dinner dates. Not only is it hard to enjoy the food when you have to listen to her mindless chatter and drama but it can get pricey really quick too. For first dates I take Roosh’s advice and do drinks at 2 bars (venue hopping and all that) but if they’re under 21 such as this one cute girl I’m taking out next week, I have to be a bit more creative. Mini golf first dates have not been successful for me in the past but for a third or sometimes second date it’s an “offer they can’t refuse.”

        1. I’ve done mini-golf first dates, they work. I take a girl to dinner, but it’s cheap dinner, like Mexican or Chili’s/Cheddar’s/Ruby Tuesday’s. No steak here. I actually don’t mind listening to girls talk to me.

        2. Ruby Tuesday’s
          This is less a cheap dinner than it is an I-want-to-disgust-you-and-make-you-hate-me dinner.

  29. I’d love to be able to thank my mother but at this point it’s quite difficult. She cheated on my father and was the reason for their divorce when I was 8. Sure she kept food on the table but isn’t that what a fucking parent is supposed to do?
    I guess I could thank her for not aborting me.
    Sad to say that women like my mother I will never thank nor help nor forgive.
    Moving on from people who bring you down is the only choice. Just being around weak people makes you weak too.
    Like most women my mother just wants everyone to “be nice” and never mention the demons lurking under their smiles. It’s disgusting.

    1. How old were you when you found out that your mom cheated? I’m asking because my kids where about the same age when I divorced their mother. They keep asking why I divorced but I don’t tell them the real reason. I figure that there might be an appropriate age for me to tell them.

      1. I was fucking 32 when she blurted it out one day as if it was no big deal.
        I happened to be with a new gf at the time and the thought kept haunting me so I basically treated the gf like shit. Don’t think i’ll ever “love” a woman in the sense I once thought.
        I’ve since disowned her and am indifferent towards her. I just don’t have anything else to say. I would be honest with your kids asap because if not they will resent you for it. The knowledge fucked me and my brother up who now questions his own marriage.
        Also this was from a good “christian” woman who has been “forgiven” at least thats how she feels about it. Despite the turmoil it put her kids through their entire fucking lives.

        1. I guess the truth is more important than the current story of “we just didn’t get along.” The moment I tell them they are going to confront their mother, it’s going to get real ugly real fast.

      2. Imagine what she’s telling your children about you. I know my cheating ex-wife made uo all kinds of stories about me and why we ended (none of which involved her cheating, because, cognitive dissonance, man). Although we didn’t have children obviously her family quit speaking to me, but a lot of our mutual friends did too, kind of like your kids…they are mutual between you and your ex-wife. I don’t know details and it’s not my place, but just watch out for yourself. I’d hate to have my pride and joy be manipulated against me.
        Said mutual friends eventually found out the truth and now I can’t name one of them that still stuck by her. Even though she did nothing to them, per se, she lied and manipulated their feelings to the point they took action against me, who was innocent…essentially she made them look like dicks for her own fucked up benefit.

      3. Yes, stop disrespecting your childrens intellect and TELL THEM.
        can’t treat them like little idiots.

  30. Havnt I been the chump too many times to realize the validity of this article. But it applies to both genders. Free loaders come with either plumbing.

    1. I agree but Ive never seen so many men be freeloaders like women do, in my personal experience.

  31. And if, for some reason you do actually decide to help, ridicule/rib the hell out of them.

  32. I always do a cost-benefit analysis on any interaction I undertake and if the cost far outweighs the benefit I summarily end it immediately so my time is better spent elsewhere.

  33. I love and hate this article.
    I love that it gives men the proper advice regarding favors for femalefolk. The feminists are right, you shouldn’t expect sex, so just don’t fucking help them.
    This concept is displayed on a global scale as well. Who voted in overwhelming numbers for the Syrian migrants? Females. Who votes for every adverse liberal policy, multiculturalism, gun control, etc? Females. I resolved a fairly short time ago that if I ever see a woman being attacked or brutally raped, I will walk by as if nothing is happening. They continually vote against my interests and often vote to import their rapists and enable gun-wielding criminals. I’m not putting my ass on the line for them.
    I hate that this article confirms what I already know: Loyalty is dead in America. Luke takes the typical American route of friendship: assess value and act accordingly. If a friend stops bringing tangible value, drop them, regardless of history.
    Loyalty is a male trait. That’s why you see Marines jumping on grenades to save their platoon and rich men staying with their hambeast wives. Assessing someone’s value and dropping them is a completely feminine trait. If I was ever fortunate enough to have trustworthy, loyal friends, there is next to nothing on this planet that they could do that would make me disconnect from them.
    All of my friendships, barring someone I met on here, have been an exchange of value, not a true bond of loyalty. I have fallen victim to “vice and mental instability” before. I have many acquaintances who have as well. The ones who gave me so much as a phone call during my darkest hour will be able to access me for life.
    I suggest that we as a people, stop treating our friends as if they are job opportunities or potential bangs. I can see where some people would say: “If I don’t enjoy their company anymore why not cut them out?” To that I say, if you had children who annoyed you, and it would convenience you to walk out on them, would you do it? Not that “friends” should automatically receive the same loyalty as children, but there needs to be a certain degree of familiar altruism for a society to function healthily.

    1. True, but these ways require a too high amount of intelligence. you simply can’t expect that much from normal humans. People and “friends” often don’t really care about you. they often only take advantage of you however they see fit.
      The rape scenario about when to help the victim: i guess there are some things to consider and blindly charging in may not be the best option:
      how much damage would i receive if i try to help her?
      Is she a whore who likes it?
      did she put herself into that position or was it a cowardly attack by a group?
      would my help, help?
      you dont have to stop the act, it’s already happening anyway, how can you stop a car accident if you are not even involved, too bad for her she already is in that position. it’s about damage containment.
      you have to ask yourself: How much worse can it get? then you do something to sabotage their planned increase of violence!
      You also have to estimate if she is a fan of 50 shades of grey

    2. Very good post. My only disagreement is that loyalty is, in and of itself, a value to be esteemed. Even if I had a friend who knew nothing at all, but was good company and loyal, that would be enough.
      I’m prepared in relationships, both of friends and romantic, to give 60% to their 40%. Maybe 75% to their 25%. I will not give 100% to their zero. You are correct that no one gives more than they receive any more. The story about the man who sells his watch to buy his wife hair combs while she sells her hair to buy him a watch chain (….Gift of the Magi?) shows that it is more important to give, but also to hold in high esteem, than it is to receive.
      The problem is not cutting off friends, it’s getting rid of people who no longer regard you as a friend. I called home once, and my mother answered and she thought I was my dad for a sentence. This is before they divorced. The contempt and ice in her voice was something that had never been directed at me.
      I have never been able to understand how beautiful, warm, loving women can be so contemptuous and cold to people they don’t care for. I can’t be that warm, nor can I be that cold. Are they all psychotic?

      1. Thanks man.
        Obviously you should have no loyalty to people who don’t regard you as a friend, but your article insinuates that you should drop someone as soon ad they are “worthless” due to vice or instability.
        Sometimes I have to give 100%. What does some drug addict offer me? Nothing, but I do it anyway. You can of course argue that they have given in the past.
        I just don’t like defining friendships in hard percentages. There should be no “giving” or “getting”, it should just be mutual trust and enjoyment of each others company.

        1. Graft, I’ve been lurking on this convo and what you just said implies some sort of reciprocation when you use terms like mutual and enjoyment. These terms are a perception of what one gets versus what one gives.

    3. “That’s why you see Marines jumping on grenades to save their platoon” And it’s the military that is defending this culture. Something for you to chew upon.

  34. I used to read and laugh at you losers and you guys have gotten so fucking boring I can’t even do that anymore 🙁 Step it up guys! You’re hilarious!

    1. *Weak, insulting comment, rather than addressing points made in said article
      Ah, yes. The “nu male”, fighting back against men who are “meanies.”
      I think your mangina is showing.

    2. Actually, yours is the most boring comment in this entire thread.
      Typical woman coming into a place she doesn’t belong, and shooting her mouth off..
      And if you are actually a dude, you have a female brain.

  35. The only time I ‘help’ women is at work because I’d rather have them on my side than against me. I don’t necessarily go out of my way to help them, but I’m friendly in a professional way without overstepping the boundaries.
    Unless you work in a place with all men, you have to maintain decent professional relationships with the women in your organisation, especially as they are more in charge of promoting and firing than they used to be.

    1. That’s a good position to be in. Don’t help them, but don’t look like you’re deliberately not helping them.

  36. “I wish women would embrace re-developing feminine skills and repaying for help with them, but it’s not likely going to happen, so, if they won’t screw you, screw them.”
    It is a sad reflection on society when said society produces vast numbers of women who have little to offer a man outside of sex. As my mom tells it, she and my father met many years ago when she needed help with something in a shop and my father happened to be the man she turned to. During the ensuing conversation, my mother was impressed by my father being a gentleman. My father was obviously impressed with my mother being a lady. Thus began the courting of my parents that resulting in them marrying a few years later and myself being born a few years after that. This was back in the late ’50s when male and female roles were still fairly well defined and when people were expected to have value to the opposite gender. Put simply, back in the day, men were expected to develop social charm and manners and demonstrate they could treat a lady well. Women were expected to develop domestic skills and a feminine personality that a gentleman would be attracted to. This common sense tradition resulted in a marriage between my parents that lasted nearly 55 years until my father passed away. My mother still misses my father now.
    Compare this to modern women – most of whom are butch sluts who would have no idea of which end of a mop to hang on to – and modern men – many of whom are emasculated jellyfish. It is no wonder few men want to have anything to do with women and those men that do tend to end up burned. Women are great at bitching that there are no good men in the world (which it horseshit) while at the same time, ignoring the fact that women actually have a lot to do with determining the quality of men in a given society. The whole reason that MGTOW and Red Pill didn’t exist back in the 1950’s is because it was irrelevant. Back in the day, women were raised to be of high standard. This in turn meant that men desired them and had to rise to a similar quality for a woman’s father to give his blessing for them to be married. The reason that MGTOW and Red Pill are such dominant themes in today’s social landscape is because modern women are garbage and men have decided they don’t warrant serious consideration for long-term commitment. MGTOW’s take the approach that women are to much trouble for no benefit whilst Red Pillers deal with women on their terms for what they see women are worth. In the case of most modern women that is most commonly fucking-and-chucking. Quite simply, modern women have little to offer men outside of sex.
    I personally have no problem whatsoever in telling a woman that I can’t be bothered helping them because they can’t offer me anything in return. This is another issue worth noting: most women don’t seem to understand that favours need to be repaid. If a male friend does a favour for me, I expect that some day he will ask a favour of me. I have no problem with this whatsoever as mutual co-operation is a natural thing for most well-adjusted men. Best of luck getting a woman to repay a favour as women seem to think that men should be honoured to give up their time/resources/whatever for the privilege of helping a woman. The sum of all the above is that women don’t want to do anything to help men (even when said men help them) and even if they did, most women have fuck-all to offer a man anyway.
    Men definitely need to stop helping women.

    1. Good points but the thing is that women never did have anything other than reproduction to offer that is of any actual exclusive value. Short of that they have nothing to offer. And they never did.
      Why do you think dowries were so prominent?
      That’s the key, it used to be that as a man you could find a woman worthy of bearing your children, and who could be trusted to a large degree to do a good enough job at it.
      These days that’s no longer the case, plus a lot of men are not interested in having children because they are self hating pussies. If as a man you hate your self, you won’t want to make more of you (children).
      So now that women are untrustworthy and many don’t want to have children, they serve no purpose, even to men who do want children. Men who don’t have no use for women other than transitory, and the transitory need for sex can and are handled on transaction basis of one form or another (dating/pay4play).

      1. Yes, this is true. I still get a nagging thought of, when I see happily married friends, of whether or not there is a good girl out there for me. The thought occurs less and less as time goes on. Maybe it will stop completely.

        1. Having a family is something that is still possible but you have to strip expectations. And you have to plan for it and not ‘shop around’ too much, what I mean is you have to focus on getting a good wife, not a hot chick.
          I’m sure you can, if you want to, but a lot of guys won’t because TV said they can only marry a supermodel and they can’t even handle being friends with their fatty colleagues.
          Another component of finding a wife is really knowing what you want. It shouldn’t be a magic pussy or ability to suck golfballs through garden hoses.
          I’m married and happy, but I don’t think majority of guys would neither want nor be able to interest someone like my wife. But she fits the bill perfectly for me.
          For me important was intelligence, education, English language because I also was set on getting a Japanese wife, and then low/zero notches, and being old school and wanting children, more than one. She is pretty and feminine in a very subtle way, and she doesn’t dress sexy at all ever. She doesn’t wear heels. On the upside she always asks me before spending money, and she always follows and let’s me lead. She hates weak men, and doesn’t want to have to choose things. Her words.
          To me one of the core things guys need to figure out is, if they can have a family the way they want it – do they want it? If so, is what they want realistic? If so stop procrastinating and go do it! Winning against the odds is what builds confidence like nothing else for men!

        2. No need to nag oneself mentally. Keep your head up, eyes open, live your best life and you just never know. Found mine in my fifties, but it beats hell out of chain smoking broads.

        3. I respect your points regarding your wife, but I’ve come to a strong conclusion after much thought, and after having been with many average plain Janes as well as with more attractive women:
          If she’s not attractive, what is the point?
          Attraction is definitely necessary, at least to some degree. Men are responsible for so much, and having an attractive woman/wife is quite reasonable.
          Note: I don’t mean “hot”, but attractive, say 7/10 or better. I agree with Roosh’s idea that it’s a good compromise.
          Given than more attractive women are often quite damaged and have extremely poor character, I wouldn’t plan on an LTR with “hot” women anyway, just short-term.

        4. To me my wife is attractive, but obviously I know what she looks like naked, and most other people see her wearing rather low key everyday wear.
          I don’t use her as my male status pussy lol, I outsource that role.
          Edit to add. The outsourcing part also makes it possible to go for the Hottest(tm) because you don’t care about her history.

        5. Yeah, I agree. I need a woman physically and mentally attractive enough that I would love banging her. Doesn’t have to be supermodel hot, I like women with thinner faces anyway, but I do want me some tight-assed runner.

        6. What happened to me was once these two things occurred, I couldn’t go back to unattractive women. My blue-pill/low-SMV programming was forever broken:
          – Once paired with an attractive woman, the experience was so different it forever changes what you want
          – Now that my SMV has gone up, I don’t feel interested in the fuglies like when I was a skinny beta “nice” guy.
          Younger, more attractive women feel “right.”
          Unfortunately, there are WAY too many unattractive women. They simply don’t even try like in the old days.
          Note: A plain Jane works every once in a while when you need some “fun.” 😉

        7. “when I see happily married friends…”
          “Happily married” right now; never forget that next year, he could be living on the streets while she lives in their house with her old Alpha boyfriend and their kids.
          Nowadays, marriage lasts only as long as the wife is “haaaapy”; no one gives a damn how ‘happy’ the husband is.

  37. Even as a woman, there is nothing in this article I disagree with. Everything is a transaction. Don’t fuck about investing into someone if they’re giving you very little in return. At a minimum your investments in people should break even. I have ditched friends, guys I’m dating and even boyfriends for that very reason. If I give my all to something, I expect it back. My time and effort are as valuable to me as my money.

  38. “The hard truth is that most women simply have no skills at much of anything, anymore.”
    That is exactly why I have not been in any sort of serious relationship in about a decade.
    Women are, by and large, dead weight. Few can do as much as I can, even while blindfolded and with my hands tied behind my back.
    Most appalling is the increasing number of women who lack essential feminine skills, like cooking and cleaning.
    I’ve seen single women who live in squalor and dine exclusively on microwave or fast food. Sickening.

      1. Not harsh enough, brother. Nowadays, and I’ve heard this conversation, the broad in the pic is just as likely to tell her boyfriend how bad she needs to suck the other dude’s cock, and naturally he’ll let her do it because he owns not her sex.

  39. It’s sickening to see how the picture above is from Australia-those banknotes are unmistakable (not withstanding the aforesaid ‘Thunder from Down Under’ comment). There are a great many beta simp cucks-but not I; I fight those cretins and their feminazi handles with a fierce hatred.

    1. It was on google images under “prostitution.” Most images were of girls leaning into cars wearing skirts.

  40. So if you see a woman about to be or being robbed, beaten, raped, murdered you’ll just walk on by? Nice…

    1. That’s correct. We’re CLEARLY talking about extreme situations and just idly standing buy while a woman gets horrendously mauled.
      /sarcasm off

    2. No. The point of the article was that women, in their mad quest for equality, should have it. You should help a woman no more than you would help a man; i.e. no special favors because the era of being nice to a girl and she might let you take her out on a date is long done.
      Women are still human beings, and you owe a certain amount of help to society. If someone were being a victim of violent crime, you should help to the extent that you can without endangering yourself excessively.

    3. It depends. If it looks like a domestic quarrel, stay out of it. I would only help older folks getting attacked, but able-bodied fembots/grrrls or any mutation thereof——NO!

    4. Aren’t women equal to men? Then perhaps you can absorb some of the equality of men being victims of vastly more violent crime than women.

    5. If she is a family member, relative, or a friend whom I know, then maybe I will step in. Otherwise, why should I risk my life protecting a member of a group who has declared war on me? Remember that women have declared war on men…men need to remember that.
      Besides, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”…so let her call one of Big Daddy Government’s ‘White Knights in Blue Uniforms’.

    6. In a fucking second. I will call the police that is it. I like my nice things, I like not being in jail for murder and I like being alive. I was saddened by the story a few weeks ago of the Soldier who white knighted a women being beat by her boyfriend. Well apparently the boyfriend managed to over power the soldier take his pistol and shoot him. What was saved? Nothing.

  41. Being masculine includes charity towards others. Sadly, with women you have to constantly gauge and calculate. Eventually the woman will shit-test or game you, and you have to go where you don’t want; which is to put her in the place and slam her. It’s never pleasant to have to be mean to others. But then, hey, women are naturally cut-throat and don’t understand simple human interaction dynamics.
    Another thing, no women who’s a middle-manager or higher got there without a man’s help. No other women will support them and all will constantly sabotage her. Men make women successful professionally.
    Lastly, I recently heard a conversation by 4 women, all being mentored by the same guy in their company. It went like, “John said the best way is this. . .” and then “Oh, but John mentioned be careful about. . .” Yadda, yadda, yadda. So they recognized this guy was helping them and that they were too dim to succeed on their own.
    But then the conversation turned totally catty with “Oh, did you see that ridiculous toupee?” And crap like “He’s got to be lonely. I mean, who’d ever sleep with him.” And stuff like that. And you know that, while they had these bad attitudes toward him and were willing to trash him, that while with him they completely turned on the charm to make him happy. Total bullshit.

  42. 1. Mother, 2. Sister, 3. Wife. 3. Daughter. 4. Open. The are two threes because that would could end up being a total $hitbag. At wich ooint she gets tossed aside, and now you have your kid to watch out for (with no wife). Extended family is questionable unless they have been extremely close. 4. Is thr other female whom yes has done a great deal to help you out (have a coworker who is basically my mother at work without overstepping – she’s a few years younger than my own). That’s it. Honestly.. Everyone else can go kick rocks. Bonus 5. My Trans clone or robot female self. Then sgsin, prob wouldn’t help s female me clone, fuk if I’d trust another me. LoL

  43. moments ago my coworker (female) let out a faint scream of fear. I look over and she is in horror–there is an insect on her desk. She looks at me, I smile and proceed to walk away and get my coffee. simultaneously, my other coworker (beta male) jumps into action and goes in for the rescue.

  44. Agree with this article. I am an RN, in a female dominated industry and let me tell you, it is very scary indeed. These women have grown a set of balls but have never learned how to use them. However, there have been exceptions, I have been turned on to really good job opportunities by some of these women, women who have had nothing to gain by helping me find a job. They are friends and I will help them if asked. I admit there are exceptions to ALL rules and I have been lucky, so far, to have found a few of these women who have been lifesaves in times of need.

  45. Last night this bartender who has a thing for me set a couple of beer pitchers on the bar, directly in front of me, along with two glasses. There were two guys seated at a table behind me, and they had ordered the beer. I immediately knew that she was testing me, because there were two bar stools on either side of me, and she would have to move one of them to reach the beer and glasses from my side of the bar, once she came around it to serve them. (She could have placed the pitcher and glasses at the other end of the bar, where she could have easily reached them with no drama.) These stools were heavy and bulky – quite a bit of weight for a woman to handle. So she walked around from behind the bar, and smiled at me as she approached, and I smiled back. But I didn’t move the stools out of the way. She had to grunt and groan and pull one of them out far enough so she could reach the beer and glasses. And believe me when I tell you she made a big production out of it. After she retrieved them, and gave them to the customers behind me, she walked back behind the bar, and when she eventually ended up in front of me again, she gave me this look of utter disappointment. I laughed derisively at her in amusement, drained my beer while still laughing at her, got up slowly, put some money that had been sitting on the bar in front of me into the breast pocket of my vest (all while staring directly into her eyes and smiling derisively), and walked out of the bar. Of course, next time I go back, she’ll want me even more. It’s a really simple equation. They always want what they can’t have, and they never have what they want. So don’t give them what they want, and they will always want you…which means sex with no commitment if you eventually decide to bang them.

  46. I agree somewhat.. please dont be nice and all in my face .. I’m in a very male dominated industry. I go out of my way to be professional but some men do this at work and in class to me.. if im not romantically interested it’s not flattering it makes me feel uncomfortable and Akward. Its like it’s this huge elephant in the room

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