A Self-Improvement Challenge For ROK Readers

For a long time, there has been a sentiment in ROK article comment sections that goes something like this:

I liked this site better when there was more self-improvement articles, and less bashing of feminists / fat shaming / political commentary / book reviews / etc.

This type of thinking gets a lot of up votes.  Here’s links – to a few – examples.  Notice that these comments tend not to be supported by ROK contributors (props to Libertas for contributing following his criticism).  This is not a coincidence.

Here’s a self-improvement challenge for all the readers who have ever upvoted such a comment. Set aside a solid 3 hours.  Tips for completing it is as follows…

The Challenge

Write a positive, self-improvement oriented article and submit it to ROK to help your fellow man.

Requirements For Successful Completion

1.  No mention of feminism, race, fat people, religion, politics, or current affairs.  No use of sarcasm, irony or parody.

2.  Have the post accepted by ROK editor (Roosh).  This is the invisible gauntlet that slips by the average reader, and can be deceptively difficult for the inexperienced.

3.  Don’t get blasted by a comment with at least 10 upvotes for any of the following:

The Reward

The challenge itself is the reward, insofar as producing such an article requires strenuous effort at your own self-improvement, in order to have anything worthwhile to share.  In addition, you give back to a site that presumably you enjoy reading, and hope will continue to produce quality content.

Other reimbursement: the glow of knowing you helped your fellow man and maybe a Twitter follower or two if that’s your style.  As a side effect, you will gain enormous appreciation for the work of all of the other contributors.

Hardcore Mode

If you breeze through this with no problems, take it up a notch.  Repeat at least five times – easier said than done.  Here’s me practicing what I preach.

Tips For Completion

  • You can’t fake it.  If you actually are not improving your life, and your words are not born from experience, you will have a hard time finding something to write about, let alone expressing it properly.
  • Read through the ROK archives (there is also a search bar on the sidebar).  There’s already a lot of gold in there, and it’s likely your first good idea has already been published.  So has your second.  And possibly your third.
  • Think very very carefully about the wording of your post.  You will probably have to rewrite it several times, in order to remove as much ambiguity and potential for misinterpretation as possible.  You still might miss a corner case or troll jab from one of the millions of angles readers will do their best to misinterpret your meaning from.

Best of luck.  Hopefully there is an influx of original, enlightening, commenter lauded self-improvement based articles to ROK in 2014.  If each “moar self-improvement” upvoter wrote one such article, surely noone would have complaints about the quantity of such content.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

Concluding Remarks

Criticism is of course very valuable, and one of the problems with modern society is there is not enough of it.  The standards the commenters hold articles here to are very high, and that is a good thing. It is however overboard to expect that a free service powered largely by reader contribution doesn’t satisfy precisely an audience that demands more than it provides.

Ask not why Return Of Kings isn’t writing self-improvement articles, ask instead why you aren’t writing self-improvement articles for Return Of Kings.

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69 thoughts on “A Self-Improvement Challenge For ROK Readers”

  1. I like this site better when we bash people and actually talk about useful stuff, like http://www.returnofkings.com/23597/the-growing-epidemic-of-sexual-dysfunction-among-women or http://www.returnofkings.com/6699/the-strong-independent-woman-translator. What I do not like is when articles for self improvement pop up on the site or other places, only a few articles for improving life are ever useful and the vast majority of the things on the improvement list are just repeating a prior list. So men here is the list:
    Work out
    Make money
    Don’t date americans

    Thats it, now go try and do them so the next released article can be about something constructive like why the next feminist cunt is wrong about the topic she talks about. Or if we aren’t going to bash at least give us more ways to identify sluts since those lists are always fun.

    1. I would add:
      Save money, be frugal, minimize expenses.
      Get a hobby/interest that makes you:
      More interesting.
      Not as dependent upon female approval.
      Get good friends. Avoid drinking buddies and losers. Eagles hang with eagles.

  2. this is a great idea could it be a monthly or bi monthly thing that a self improvement challenge is set up for readers e.g. read 2 books this month, run a mile every second day, be able to do 10 pullups by the end of the month. That sort of thing would be a nice addition to this website and the readers in general.

  3. >ask yourself why you aren’t writing self-improvement articles for Return Of
    ask yourself why you’re not paying us for them.

  4. Bitter.
    Ok, kidding. Great article, really shows how blog commenters lack empathy with the writers.

      1. I am a mutant. My hair is brown, but my beard is red. Everyone thinks my beard is fake. (Since my prof. picture was taken I grown a huge beard, viking style.)

  5. If you’re writing for ROK, you’re craving validation for your thoughts, and want to influence other people.
    Self-help articles don’t garner the response that a well crafted polemic will. All the blowhards saying ROK should focus on self help for one want to constrain and diminish the site to suit their narrow tastes. People want more than that.
    Personally, I’m selective with the self help articles I write. For the vast majority of subjects, someone out there has already covered it better so there must be some unique angle that offers added value. And even the ones I do write don’t usually get a strong reception unless they are controversial in some way, even though I know people who have gotten value from the advice.

    1. Shoot, I would love to write an article, but the idea of going through the process of meeting a good woman gaining a girlfriend, fiancée, and ultimately a wife (insert whatever steps between meeting woman to wife you’d prefer), my ideas would not interest many here. As much as I read articles, I don’t think many readers want to talk about the “end game” of having children, being a husband, and continuing the good ol’ bloodline. From reading most of these articles and comments on here my article would fall on deaf ears or be declared beta.
      ROK is great, but realistically ROK is all about increasing one’s notches
      on an invisible board and how to improve your “game.” The few self help articles are really informative that’s why many users want more.

      1. “realistically ROK is all about increasing one’s notches on an invisible board and how to improve your “game.”
        Yes. That is most of the discussion because that is what young men are thinking about.
        Sadly, young men are not thinking about how to secure their futures or to create a future that might be worth living in. I mean, just look at the number of subs and views Jenna Marbles has. That is a very sad reflection of the young men today. When I was 25? It would never cross my mind to watch a sketch by a woman so stupid as Jenna Marbles…..but young men flock there today.
        Sad, sad, sad. Young men no longer wish to learn, they no longer wish to build a future. It must be a strange way to live.

      2. False, Christian McQueen discussed how to select a woman for long term relationships, and I’m sure we have many other such articles along similar lines.
        In any case, many of the qualities required to seduce a woman and keep her in a relationship certainly have a place in a marriage and family.
        So all I hear is you telling me how you can’t do something. If that’s your mentality then yes, you’re unsuited to contributing. If you think you can contribute something, something of broad appeal to our audience and it is good and original, ROK will run it. Your call.

  6. Instead of people writing a self help article for roosh, there should be like a 60 day challenge set out to help the average man become good in all areas( money, productivity, sex, fitness) .

  7. I like ROK being a mix of self-improvement and socio-political commentary. Too many sites are either one or the other, when in reality I think it’s good for men striving for self-improvement to be aware of cultural/political factors that will affect them and possibly impede their efforts towards becoming a better man.

    1. Indeed. A men should be capable in multiple areas, mainly:
      -Health and exercise
      -Different philosophies (Works of Aristotle, Plato,knowledge of history, and especially important to read subjects which are less known to him, to be well informed. )
      -And additional hobbies that starts the fire within him.

    2. Yeah, I like checking in here each morning and being surprised. It keeps me coming back.

  8. Generation21stCentury.
    I see no evidence 99%+ of young men in the west want to improve themselves or their positions in life.
    Do you have any evidence of this?

    1. There’s little point arguing about the exact numbers, because it’s irrelevant. Point is there’s some that do, and some that don’t.
      I write for the ones that do, and I had hoped that the RoK readership was self-selecting in that direction.

      1. Really? The number of young men interested in improving themselves is not relevant? Why?

        1. “Point is there’s some that do, and some that don’t.”
          As long as the percentage of young men interested in improving themselves is greater than 0, then it is worthwhile we share. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 1 million, any number more than 0 is enough for an author to be able to make a positive impact on other men’s lives.
          It’s like the girl walking along the beach throwing starfish into the sea. When the cynical bystander says “Why bother, you can’t save them all?”, she replies “But I can save this one, and this one, and this one.”
          You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Same with young men and self improvement. Luckily a more than zero number will drink of their own volition, so it is worthwhile writing. But it should have no impact on an author whether they are writing to ten or ten million. And beyond producing quality content, there is little you can do to change the mind of those that aren’t open to it in the first place.

        2. ” then it is worthwhile we share”
          Well, there are very few young men who are truly willing to improve their lives….most of them merely wish to have short term fixes to their short term problems most of which revolve around getting laid.
          Is it really “worthwhile” to share about that? Or is it much more worthwhile to share about how to live life in freedom How to create their own income streams and be independent of the guvmint apparatus?
          Also, the vast majority of men “share” from a place of attention whoring and ego, not a place of contribution. They dress up their attention whoring and ego as “sharing” but they have very little of value to say.
          These men are creating a cacophony of noise such that those few young men who DO want to improve their lives can not find the information that is REALLY valuable to them….namely my two books.
          Even worse, a lot of these men who claim they want to “share” to “help other men” actually tell lies about me or attempt to insult me and attempt to distract those few young men who DO want to improve their lives AWAY from the information that will do them the most good.
          THAT is what is really going on. And it is very sad that many young men are sabotaging so many other young men based on the lie they “want to help” when what they are really doing is attention whoring.
          If a young man, or even an older man, REALLY wanted to provide a young man with the information he needed to transform the quality of his life? He would hand him a gift copy of “The Truth Be Told”. THAT is what he would do….and he would point the young man to me and the MBA and say “keep learning until you have learned it all”. He would not give the young man trite 5 minute answers to his questions based merely on his own experience.
          The VAST majority of the writers in the Man-o-sphere are producing information that has no significant value for the young men. They are talking about what is, not what can be and how to get there.
          If VALUE to young men were the criteria by which men talked to other men and passed along information to other men? The two most “popular” male authors of materials in the man-o-sphere would be Bernard Chapin and I.
          Alas….so many men who are attention whores and want to satisfy their own egos are putting out information that is lacking in substantive value and the young men have no real ability to discern the lack of value that they are losing out what IS of massive value to them.
          And the only people who are to blame for making sure young men stay ignorant and miss out on the massive value of the information I am presenting and Bernard are presenting is OTHER MEN….not women…not guvmints..not anyone else.
          The people who are distracting the young men from drinking deep of the most valuable information they could possibly know is OTHER MEN and themselves for not demanding to know what it is they should really learn about to make the biggest impact in their lives.
          And I think that is pretty sad. Don’t you?
          My essay on men attention whoring for their own benefit.

  9. Another issue is that the internet is saturated with self-improvement advice. Do you REALLY need advice on how to get laid, make money on the internet, or build your muscles? Once baking soda was discovered to serve as deodorant, there really wasn’t much more self-improvement to write about.

    1. You were late to the baking soda game, but better late than never. Now, how about oil pulling? Google it.

      1. Its awesome. I use sesame oil every morning but need to get some more from the asian food store.

        1. Coconut oil is more effective. Its MCT/saturated structure and antimicrobial properties make it an amazing mouthwash (ingestable even after pulling, contrary to spitting out as most pulling enthusiasts recommend). Augmenting with diatomaceous earth incorporates the abrading and tooth-mineralizing properties of silica, effectively making flossing redundant.

    2. I enjoy the variety. I agree on the a-typical self-help jive being over saturated. However, most of it out there is diluted and could use another look through the red-pill lens.
      I may just do a lengthy write up on the topic of strengthening the red-pill thought process. Touch on cultivating awareness, mental impressioning, observation drills for “real-world” red-pill proofing (push past the denial phase), pitfalls and coping with shell-shock from first time exposure.

    3. Soda is most effective when generously diluted and applied from a spray bottle, otherwise caustic funk & burn may result for some people. I’ve also found that adding iodine to the soda solution (for transdermal absorption) raises the deodorant game to the stratosphere. The combined solution is also a fantastic hairspray.

  10. This article was lame, boring, lacked a clear point, had grammar mistakes and plagerised some stuff I read elsewhere. And dont get me started on the hypocrisy. More self improvement stuff!
    J/K. I actually enjoy a lot of the content on ROK thats not directly self improvement related, and I appreciate the time and effort that the contributors put in to make it happen. This was a great “put up or shut up” message to direct at the complainers.

  11. Self help articles are really not what men are after. I don’t need someone telling me that I should be working out, that I should consider my nutrition and sleep habits, that I need and should seek sexual relations, or that I should be seeking and eliminating elements of my life in which I have chained myself to falsehoods. These are self-evident. What men are after is insightful revelation of what the rules actually are. Men don’t need a life-coach, they need a consistent rulebook that is easily readable, and a playing field on which to live their lives.
    I say self-help articles really are not why men like this site. Men like this site when it reveals truths of the world around them, when the articles clarify things that they felt were true, but had never seen expressed. This is why articles such as this one: http://www.returnofkings.com/2090/how-black-america-has-predicted-our-future
    …were so highly commented even early in ROK’s existence.
    The challenge is thus not to write a self-help article, but to write something on par with what Rollo writes.

    1. Jeremy,
      “What men are after is insightful revelation of what the rules actually are. Men don’t need a life-coach, they need a consistent rulebook that is easily readable, and a playing field on which to live their lives.”
      The rulebook is that your guvmint is a criminal cartel. This includes your legal fraternity, media, police, medicos etc. They are all one big criminal cartel and their job is to oppress you…so in the courts and in the legislation they make up shit to confuse you so you never have a “set of rules” that are consistent.
      That is what they are doing. Now? If you WANT a set of rules that are consistent? You rescind your consent to be subject to legislation and you join the MBA.
      A very strange phenomenon is this. I head comments like yours 5 years ago from lots of men….so I created a remedy and released it 3 years ago…and men ignored it. I still see plenty of men making comments like yours….but they all ignore the remedy. It is a curious set of behaviours which I attribute to extreme stupidity and ignorance wrapped in arrogance about their stupidity and ignorance with plenty of cowardice thrown in too.
      But hey…I might be wrong, eh? Men are more than welcome to explain to me why they keep asking for a remedy and then refusing to use it.

      1. The point of my comment stands. I don’t need someone telling me to take care of myself. I need someone explaining how badly the FI has convinced me otherwise. I need someone illustrating how culture has decided to victimize anyone displaying masculine virtue while pretending everyone else is a victim of masculine values.

  12. The Internet is already abundant with articles about self-improvement, fitness, how to get women and etcetera. What ROK needs are more profound and insightful articles about the world around us and how to live in it. If born 30~40 years ago, most men in this website would be married, have children and a 9-5 job. But the situation is completely different today. The old cultural order has been successfully attacked and is collapsing. From tumblr feminists to high level academics and politicians, these attacks have left profounds wounds in our culture. Is this damage reversible? Should we fight it? Or embrace it? Is it even worth fighting for? What do the future culture reserves for us? What have men in the past done in similar circumstances? That’s one type of article I would like to see more.
    Another great type of article is the sharing of personal anecdotes and experience, We have only one life to live, so mistakes and lost opportunities are very costly. Other men sharing their success and failures and what they saw of the world are very rewarding for those that read, who can learn from experiences they never had, and for those that write, who can ponder their life decisions and evaluate their life.

    1. Charles.
      “What ROK needs are more profound and insightful articles about the world around us and how to live in it. ”
      I have been presenting books, article an videos on this for three years now. Might you venture an explanation why these have proven so unpopular with young men?
      After all? How many men do you know who are 50 years old who have taken an interest in actually helping you young men? I know two. Bill Greathouse and myself.
      And we have both been harshly persecuted for standing up for you young men.

        1. that is one of MANY videos on that site…it is just the one that disqus happens to pick up…..

        2. That shit blow my mind… I was always wondering where they got so much funding to controlled the biggest influences which is the media and TV! When ppl are unhappy they also spend more hence why they want broken families!

        3. Paul,
          Feminism is funded by the Illuminati…the super rich. If you are super rich you want the plebs to be at each others threat and fighting each other so they never look up to figure out what is really happening.
          Try watching some of the other videos on the channel. It is called our education channel for a reason.
          Some morons still try to make the argument that the super rich are not colluding and not in a conspiracy to make sure they stay the super rich.
          “Competition is a sin”. J.D. Rockefeller
          And he made sure there would be no competition to him and his pals. And indeed, he was just a front for the Rothchilds. The Rockefellers are stooges for the Rothchilds….they are not independent of them at all.

      1. Might you venture an explanation why these have proven so unpopular with young men?
        Maybe they just suck…

        1. “Maybe they just suck…”
          A rather harsh condemnation of young men don’t you think?

    2. “If born 30~40 years ago, most men in this website would be married, have children and a 9-5 job.”
      Do you see that has a good thing?
      And besides most of the writers and readers of RoK were born at least 30 years ago. There are plenty of men who are married with kids and 9-5 jobs out there today. If you wanted that you could get it too. They are probably not that much better than you are.

    3. I’m up for fighting it! It has to be done to save our western culture. I wouldn’t mind having children one day but they thoughts of the brain washing feminist values today turns me off! Kids are easily influence! Even finding a good respectful feminine women is so hard to find today!

  13. Honestly, my favorite content on this site is the hard-to-stomach red-pill truths about men, women, and relationships. That’s what drew me here in the first place: the unforgiving, unflinching, and unarguable realizations about the way cross-gender relationships play out in Western civilization, and the poor lifestyle choices of men and women and societal evolution that they stemmed from. I like reading about men going through (or already have gone through) the things in my life I am going through – coping with independent adulthood having grown up in the sinking ship we call America. Realizing that the women that I have had relationships with through my late teens to young-adult years have wronged me simply because I let them – not because I treated them poorly, but because I treated myself poorly. I was naive to the mentality of the women and the world around me. I thought being honest, responsible, dedicated, giving, sweet, genuine, and all around straight-up would make a long-term relationship with the women I have met a no-brainer. a few years down the drain and a few failed relationships later, I figured “it just wasn’t meant to be with that one” and dust myself off until another falls in my lap and see how it works out.
    The community here at Return of Kings paints a harsh but realistic light on how men and women conduct themselves and how it relates to their relationships with one’s self, with one another, and with society. A collection of intelligent, like-minded peers who are bitter and sick of living like sheep and letting themselves be beaten, kicked, and scratched by those they were told to love and trust. I completely randomly stumbled upon this site from a link to a funny article that an old high school friend posted on Facebook – and it happened at just the right time in my life where I was just out of a relationship that was a the “straw that broke the camel’s back” so to speak. Just reading about the startling reality of the women around me has been self-improvement enough.

    1. “Honestly, my favorite content on this site is the hard-to-stomach red-pill truths about men, women, and relationships.”
      And books like Living Free that show you just how much women and men support women criminals must be pretty hard to take too, eh?

  14. A good article would be practices to improve the brain for better performance and stuff. I’m too lazy to write an article but things to have a better brain are:
    meditation, healthy eating, exercise, mental stimulation like reading, learning new stuff, doing new things, sleeping well, sunshine, active social life, and fucking itself
    and theres lots of supps to get even better like the racetams, alpha-gpc, b vitamins, modafinil, ritalin, adderall, fish oil, prohormones, libido enhancers, even psychedelics if used well can give you new insights about yourself and the world

    1. “ritalin, adderall”
      Ritalin and Adderall as “supplements”?! Are you serious?! Adderall is used in psychiatric wards for schizophrenia and paranoia. Ritalin is making our little boys into zombies so they can sit still and not wiggle in classrooms all across the country. Both have extremely dangerous side effects, up to and including death.

  15. I clicked on the link to one of the upvoted comments and found this one about MF and replied thusly;
    LibertarianBootyhunter says….
    “So opposing your juvenile mindset makes me mentally unstable ? Smh …
    you can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who
    can do nothing for him ! By that metric you brahs who believe in “fat
    shaming” are degenerates.
    Another thing … how about fat guys
    ?? In the manosphere we have “Men” like Matt Forney ; fat, bald,
    unhygienic , unaesthetic non-lifters with 0 style engaging in “fat
    Why is no one shaming him?”
    Super Size Me! says…
    Good point, LibertarianBootyhunter! Take a woman who’s a mere 50
    pounds over weight and could lose it all in a mere 3 months. Now, set
    the unattractive Matt Forney to shaming her or this tall, 6 foot 7
    inches fit and above average looking guy below to praising her, and tell me, will
    she be more motivated to lose or gain weight?

  16. The shitty reward for pandering to Roosh’s validation is indicative of Roosh’s increased laziness and contempt for his readers. He isn’t even offering free books. What a riot. Unless, of course, you’re okay with the real reward: helping Roosh to sell more ebooks by providing him with free content.
    It’s similar to the function of the forum. Join the forum, and provide free content to attract more free content providers (ideally) and ebook buyers (at minimum); until you realize that is your primary function and your value on the forum is only as good as your last “datasheet”, if even two (that’s one more than you) non-contributing newbies (ebook buyers) complain.
    Roosh has sacrificed quality for quantity; low volume noise-free information for high volume low-information noise; and thinly disguised free-content recruitment for genuine appreciation of his readers.
    If you embark on a quest for self-improvement and succeed, that’s great, but what’s the true incentive for writing a detailed post about it that goes through an admittedly rigorous vetting by the resident validation gatekeeper? The answer is ‘none’. By all means boys, improve yourselves, but you are better off selling your story, or keeping it to yourself, than giving it away for free to someone as cynical of his readership and forum participants as Roosh.

    1. Whoa. Kinda douchey comment bro. I just would think of it as giving back to the “community”. Who gives a fuck if Roosh makes a little money? Without him, this site wouldnt exist.
      In the last year or whatever I have been reading this website I havent approached any girls, gone on an dates or found a gf / gotten laid.
      But, Ill tell what I have done.
      I can know walk with my head held high knowing what I know about the fickle, capricious and simplistic minds of these cunts. My own perceived self-value has gone up 200%. I am a work in progress and making huge strides to where I want to be. Im no longer feeling down and depressed about something as trivial as pussy. I can hang with, and bounce ideas around with other people that feel the same way. Some smarter, some less smart, some more advanced on the path to their goals and some not as far along as myself – and nowhere else on this entire fucking Internet could I find a place like that.
      And, thats now worth cranking our a free article?
      Sheesh bro, really?

        1. Thanks for the support. In very small and subtle ways I am seeing that “game” actually is starting to work for me. It really does work. Just gotta develop the skillz.

    2. I reluctantly have to agree to this. I’ve submitted several articles for review on the very useful self-help topic and my own experiences related to that via breathing practices but that was deemed ‘not appropriate to RoK’. I understand why now and your comment brings it home. The articles cover a range from useful to ridiculous, reflecting the governance of the captain.
      Ultimately, any of us drawn here are only slightly ‘better’ than the ‘others’ we love to criticize, shame or PnD or go MGTOW on. Wake up out of the whole illusion of separation and see how you’re led to relate. All of us when focused on poosy, money, anti-this or anti-that are coming from lower states of consciousness and no good can come of that, except the realization of how totally unsatisfying and frustrating it is to NOT KNOW THYSELF.
      Want the ultimate self-help tip that you probably don’t know (or you’d have done it already and be talking about it)? “Taking 5 grams of psilocybin in silent darkness” as Terence McKenna suggests would put you in direct touch with your Self. It would shift anyone’s the locus of consciousness more than *just* a little bit and show you what’s real.
      Kings are royalty by decree and claim sovereignty over all subjects. Do you want to be subject to Roosh’s or a feminist’s whims? the corrupt powerful structure? No? Then claim your divine identity – truly, without pretense. The techniques have existed for millenia, it just takes brave people to do that.
      The red pill people love to talk about in the manosphere is a tiny nibble of the Great Big Honking Red Pill called waking up to actual reality. Buddha, Christ-consciousness, nirvana, samsarra, “who am I?” If you don’t want the psychedelic / direct approach, find an authentic spiritual teacher like Adyashanti. Be prepared for ‘The End of Your World’ and stepping into real freedom.
      We don’t need a return of kings, we need a return to reality.

  17. i think that comments should be productive.
    if you don’t agree with an authors view then construct your own argument and make your own point as a comment, the fact that the author has drawn out ideas and discussion on topics (whether you agree or not) is how we advance and learn.
    we should not be a bunch of yes men or sheeple, and by becoming ‘red pill’ we fall into a very very small part of the population.
    we find it difficult to discuss our values and ideals with friends, family or work colleagues.
    this site is more than a learning tool, it is a community.
    there is no requirement to bash an author who has put time and energy into writing for us.
    the comments should be to the same standard as the article.
    perhaps a minimum word count would help?

  18. That’s a shame. I had “5 reasons every man should write an article for return of kings” on my list. I guess I can’t publish it now. Looking back on it your approach to the issue is classier anyway.
    Just one criticism though is the bit about comments. If a self improvement article doesn’t cop flak that means it was just repeating what everyone knows, agrees with and even perhaps does. Personal growth is always a painful process and people always resist painful things.
    Consequently, criticism in the comments section may not be a bad sign. It may be a sign that the author hit the nail on the head and gave out valuable, but challenging ideas for self improvement.

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