3 Maxims Men Should Stop Believing

We’ve all heard expressions like “beggars can’t be choosers” and “better late than never” since we were wee lads. These aphorisms have been around since before our grandfather’s grandfathers and have stood the test of time as we hear them just about every day.

While there is truth in the above adages, there are a few that are complete bullshit that even red pill aware men live by or give undue credence to. Unbeknownst to the men who believe them, these faulty theorems are holding them back and will continue to do so until they see them for what they really are and eliminate them from their thought process.

What most of these have in common is that females all but make these sayings gospel truth and accept them as hard and fast truths regardless of context or circumstance. That’s par for the course for women but as men we have the ability to see through the nonsense and make our own minds.

That said, here are the three most prevalent age old maxims men should stop believing:

3. “What goes around comes around”

Another variation of this fallacy is called “karma.” This particular maxim states that if are a good person, do right by people, and live a good life then you will be rewarded with a good life and good things will happen to you. On the other side of that coin, if you’re a bad person and do bad things, you’ll live a terrible life and bad things will happen to you.

The reason this proverb is untrue is because there’s no such thing as karma. There are many people who do good things who continually get shit on by life. That gave birth to the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished.” If what goes around really did come around, the aforementioned saying wouldn’t exist.

There is no greater example that shines a light on the erroneousness of this statement than the state of today’s sexual market. We’re told that the better we treat women, the better they treat us. If we’re loyal to them, then they are loyal to us.

If you’ve spent enough time in this sector of the web it’s easy to see that’s been proven to be grossly untrue. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as most women respond more favorably to poor treatment from men. Unappreciative, disrespectful, and abusive men enjoy more success with women than the inverse.

“What goes around comes around” is also a statement people cling to in order to cope with a wrong that has been done to them. If a girl cheats on him he’ll keep repeating this to himself to make himself feel better about the fact that she’s getting pounded by someone else these days. Women simply go and sleep with her ex’s best friend then chalk it up to “karma” as her reason for doing so.

“Well what about O.J. Simpson?? He got away with murder but now he’s in jail!”

Wrong. O.J.’s in jail because he trusted the wrong people and allowed them to lead him into a quasi-trap. Had he exercised better judgment he’d still be in south Florida up to his eye balls in women and cocaine.

O.J. did this to himself....'karma' had nothing to do with it

O.J. did this to himself….’karma’ had nothing to do with it

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believe in that for every sequence, there’s a consequence. If you drive drunk enough times you’ll eventually get caught. If you work hard at your craft, you’ll get better. The difference between this and “karma” is that these are things you have control over.

But if you screw someone over or get screwed over, whatever happens after that has little to do with what you did or what got done to you. Shit happens. People get away with murder and other terrible things and people suffer terrible things when they’ve done mostly good in their lives and that’s all there is to it.

2. “You can’t always judge a book by its cover”

I remember back when I was 18 or 19 I was driving to the store with my youngest brother who is six years my junior. We saw this dude driving a gold tricked out Acura Legend with these shiny chrome rims pull into the gas station we were at. A dude leaned into his window for a few seconds, then left.

I remember saying to my brother jokingly “Man I’m in the wrong business” and he responded “How do you know what he does? He could be a doctor!”

I calmly said “Maybe, but would you trust him if he were your doctor?” He fell silent and shrug his shoulders in agreement.

The fact of the matter is that we all judge people by the way they look and act. A man in a suit who is well spoken gets treated better than a man in tattered clothes. Women who are dressed modestly are looked upon with more respect than women who are dressed like sluts.

It should come as no surprise that females, who spew this garbage far more than males, are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to judging “books” as they dismiss men as possible suitors based solely on the way he looks, dresses, and speaks. This isn’t a bad thing because their biological hard drives are programmed to weed out weak, low value males. If the man dressed in tattered clothes approaches her to strike up conversation she’s got every right to dismiss him.

I'm sure she's a loyal, virtuous woman on the inside

I’m sure she’s a loyal, virtuous woman on the inside

But the pendulum swings both ways. If the high value male in a suit sees a slovenly, unfit woman in his presence he quickly makes the judgement that she has no discipline, is unattractive, and would make a terrible significant other as her “cover” tells him everything he needs to know about her within the context of a sexual relationship.

Further, this so-called cannon reeks of SJW droppings. They would have us believe that abandoning common sense and personal sensibilities would make the world a better place when they’re the first to lock their doors if they see a dude with sleeve tattoos wearing a hoodie walking down the street.

Are there people out there who are more than meets the eye? Sure. There are people out there who are well off financially but live a modest lifestyle and men who know all the pick up lines but couldn’t pass a shit test even if they knew it was coming. But those are the exceptions to the rule and as we all know, the exception doesn’t make the rule.

So can you always judge a book by its cover? No. But you can most of the time.

1. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”

Back in August, my best friend in college came west with his wife for their annual visit. Back in the day he was more red pill than anyone I knew. He treated girls like shit and they loved him for it. He got married right out of college and it didn’t take his wife very long to tame him.

Long story short, she turned him into a sniveling beta in no time flat and every time we all get together the vice she has on his balls gets squeezed tighter by the second. Needless to say she doesn’t like me very much because I represent the life he could have without her. Any time I regale them with a story about this chick or that she’ll shoot a glance at him that has “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” written all over her face.

This particular falsity sounds as though it was designed specifically to keep blue pill men unaware of how awesome his life would be if he took the red pill. As if giving feminism the finger, getting fit, stacking paper, learning game and sleeping with beautiful women is a bad alternative to being married to a fat, bitchy female who will divorce rape you the minute she gets the ‘seven year itch.’

In a red pill context, the grass is always greener on the other side. The crimson capsule lifestyle is far more gratifying than living in the matrix and men here know and understand this very well. Yes, sometimes a new situation isn’t all its cracked up to be and yes it can sometimes burn you to venture into what you believe to be greener pastures.

But there’s another proverb that flies in the face of this one that every man should internalize and live by:

Fortune favors the bold.

A few more we should discard from our minds

“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself”

I’m not sure where this one came from but I’d bet the farm it was coined by a woman. Women, who are notoriously insecure and are utterly incapable of loving themselves for a number of reasons, fall in love all the time. My guess is that they use this bullshit expression when breaking up with a guy with the typical ‘its not you it’s me’ excuse. Either way, self love isn’t required to express or feel love and they know it.

“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number”

Funny…age doesn’t matter to females when they’re underage and sleeping with a man in his late twenties or when they’re past the wall and embracing the ‘cougar lifestyle.’ But when they sees the men they want dating younger, tighter versions of themselves they’re always the first one’s to call him a pedophile. Typical.

“Don’t put too many irons in the fire”

A man should never stop looking for ways to improve himself and better his situation. Using myself as an example, I’m currently working on two podcasts (one of which has already launched), I start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu next month, I lift, I bike, I write, and I may look into getting my helicopter pilot’s license in the not too distant future.

Don’t get me wrong, a man has to take time to rest and recharge his batteries. But so long as he masters the art of time management and take advantage of downtime, he can have as many “irons in the fire” as he wants.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

Another falsehood used by women when complaining about what they’re not getting. Rather than go about getting his attention the right way by losing weight, being kind, acting feminine, and taking pride in her personal appearance, women are taught that bitching and complaining all the time is the best way to get what they want from us. They’d rather gripe about the promotion they didn’t get instead of working hard and earning it.


It’s important to keep in mind that there are shards of truth embedded in these conjectures, albeit very minimal. But we should be keenly aware that most conventional wisdom that comes from a culture steeped in feminism is likely to be extremely damaging to men. Just like the ridiculous “Happy wife happy life” b.s.

Next time you hear one of these so-called proverbs, take a closer look at it and decide for yourself whether or not it benefits you as a man. Chances are, it probably doesn’t.

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292 thoughts on “3 Maxims Men Should Stop Believing”

  1. A very good article with some very good points. I find that if you get good at it or have a natural knack for it, judging a book by its cover is, by far, the most effective method of judging them. A lot of effort goes into the covers of books (both literally and working with the metaphor) and if you learn how to decode what that effort means it will be a very good insight into what lies within.

    1. Often you can judge a book by its cover, inversely. The more work they put into the facade the more you know they are hiding

      1. That is true. It is also true that disguises are a reflection of what a person values. When you see a girl who has put a ton of work into the façade you know that the particulars of that work did not get chosen haphazardly. They are a reflection of what she thinks is excellent. She is trying to make herself into more than she is but doing it in a way very particular to how she sees herself and the world and what her values are. This makes them very much readable.
        I like a woman who puts in a ton of effort btw. I want to know that she struggled over every decision from nail color to stockings. I want to feel like prior to getting ready she spent an hour on facetime with her friends getting advice and trying things on. This is important to me. You will never see me with a girl who is dressed casually. Will simply never happen. That is my value system though.

        1. I have my wife dress up whenever we go out. I like that she puts forth the effort. Not what I am talking about though. For instance, in this area, you see a ton of drugstore cowboys (or cowgirls) they have their wranglers, hats, crank up the country music and such but never been on a horse in their lives. Typically they are white trash once you get to know them.

        2. Ha. I haven’t encountered that before and never having any experience of cowboys (is it cowpersons now?) I wouldn’t be able to tell. I can tell, however, when wealthy people are slumming it or poor people are using credit to make themselves look like they have more than they do with about a 90% accuracy. I genuinely enjoy just sitting in a place and watching people. One of my favorite games to play is “create the backstory” where I try to analyze a person and then create a whole back story for them.

        3. Its a fun game, but I’m always sad to learn how accurately my backstory lines up with reality…
          People have to start surprising me.

        4. Horse ain’t nutin but dead weight on a farm, lessn you breading them racing ones…still them sons of bitch cost. 200 arces my ass…horse gotta god damn run…..fuck a god damn horse, run its ass to the bank and get some money.

        5. Have you tried this one? Whenever I am in an airport I create a whole new identity for myself and go about meeting people. The rule is that I can’t make it something spectacular. like I can’t be a superspy or Navy Seal or CEO or Brain Surgeon. Just something relatively normal. I spent a 2 hour lay over once talking to a girl telling her I was an account executive for a company that leases office copy machines. Told her all about how people are using machines less and less and it is a real strain on the business. Another woman I was chatting to I told I had just left my office job and didn’t know what to do with my life so I was going to California to get my head clear and think through my life and figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of it. I was actually going to a wedding for a second cousin. She sat there with me for like an hour in Atlanta talking about possible career goals and what I wanted out of my life. Pretty fantastic,

        6. I’d throw out the spy line on occasion, sharp women would immediately laugh and know your full of shit. The dimmer ones would say “Really?” and off I’d go slingin the BS. Good way to weed out the sharp ones if that is who you are attracted to

        7. true for that purpose. My purpose is usually just to kill some time and slip into a life that is other than my own.

        8. With my body mass index way too high, my favorite alter ego is as a retired Chippendales dancer. I even have the response to the demand, which I have received on several occasions, to demonstrate my skills. I tell them I have a non-compete clause in my retirement package that precludes me from any form of public dancing.

        9. I can’t use the spy line, because in a technical sense, I was one, working in signals intelligence in the military. Thing is, it’s not the fun James Bond kind of spying, but more the creepy eavesdropping on others conversations kind of spying that really doesn’t cause tingles.

        10. My people watching game is “What hierarchy would form”. I’ll be sitting in a room/restaurant/wherever and look at the group of people around me and then try to figure out, by how they’re acting in that scenario, where they would fall in the natural hierarchy if the room/restaurant/whatever were to be magically transported to a deserted planet.

        11. I’ve dabbled in that. I just can’t stand it when they start believing me. Besides, it cuts into the time I could be talking about ME.

        12. I dress like that, mostly, but:
          1. I raised horses for many years
          2. For competition and show
          3. And slept many years in horse stalls at the state fair, cleaned out stalls at the state fair, and assisted other trainers with their chores and duties nightly at aforementioned fair.
          4. And I own some pretty hefty actual acreage out in the country that I tend to by hand, up to and including chainsawing the living fuck out of just about anything that I can find. My boots, as it were, are quite muddy.
          Thus, when the occasional person will grill me thinking that I’m a goat herder, I can chew his or her ear off with discussions about what tack is used for sleds as opposed to wagons, how to properly comb out a horse, and the difference in temperament between Clydesdale horses (mean and snotty) and Shires (Stern yet pleasant and puppy like).

        13. Nah I think it’s fun being someone totally different. Not looking for tingles. Sometimes I’ll even shoot the shit with some guy. Tell him I am a high end dress shoe salesman or something. Just fun to put on someone else’s life for an hour

        14. My old shtick was claiming to own whatever business or building we were in at the time.
          Failed 100% of the time.

        15. Actually yes, sometimes. It’s a semi-passive game, I like observing and conjecturing naturally. The venue of a restaurant or enclosed room just makes it that much more fun. Most of the time I assume that I’m not there. If I am there, I am rather assured that I have a slot for leader that may or may not be challenged.

        16. I grew up on a full time dairy. We had 150 head plus about that many steers heifers and other cattle. We raised our own hay and grain did our mechanics. I decided it is too much work. I normally dress up in a nice button up shirt and jeans. I surprise my neighbors often with what I know, looking like some city slicker.

        17. “What hierarchy would form” is a mental game I play ALL THE TIME! Any time I’m in a situation with a group of people I imagine who would do what if the Repitialian Zombie Take Over happened at that very second.
          Who would panic? Who would try to take charge? Who would challenge them for the position? Who will I fuck when the dust settles?
          All that stuff runs through my mind in less than five minutes. It can be fun.

        18. lolknee… you seem to do an extraordinary amount of stuff and have a huge venue of tales with higher then average writing skills. I am starting to suspect your FBI and I just wanted to let you know that I’m on to you buddy… I’M on you like Hillary on Benghazi!!!

        19. Also, true fact, I thought Benghazi was a guy until about 6 months ago. Like bin laden. Not even kidding.

        20. Deflection with humor… just the sort of thing a clever mole would do. No dirt for you to hide in now youngin!

    2. I actually judge a book by it’s publisher page (1st ed 2nd rev, etc). Covers are pretty, but if it isn’t 1st ed 1st rev, I won’t buy it for my collection of antique paper ephemera.
      Not that this has anything to do with the actual conversation, I just feel that I am literally one of the only people who does *not* judge actual books by their cover, for what I consider very sound reasons.
      I will however judge a clown haired tatted up landwhale as an absolute waste of life, in a heartbeat.

    3. You can’t ever judge a book by its cover. I mean I can’t even count the number of times I bought a book with spaceships and aliens on the cover only to discover that the book was about moody medieval homoerotic vampires.

      1. “I found very little practical advice on killing mockingbirds in that book”

    1. Bob, this one is sketch comedy-worthy. Would be funnier than anything on SNL in over a decade.

      1. Thanks, bro. I think we are going to see females driving for Uber, for just this purpose. I think it will become a secret epidemic, in fact…it’s perfect for sluts. Married, single. Perfect.

        1. I had a female uber driver once but she looked like the Spanish maid from family guy.

        2. I can tell you for a fact that she would have hit on me shamelessly. Ugh.

        3. Did you pork her hairy, creamy, enchilada, senor? Did she scream, “Ai! Ai! Ai!”, while she sat in your lap as you banged her head off the roof? Did you yell, “Uber this, puta! Uber it! Uber it!” If so, sorry I missed it…

        4. If I ever get to bang a hispanic chick, I’m going to use the dialogue of Speedy Gonzalez as I pound her really, really fast.
          “Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!”

        5. Don’t forget to throw in, “Arriba! Arriba!”
          So who wants to play “Name That Hollywood Film”. I’ll give a line from the flick. You tell me what the movie is. Winner gets a set of steak knives. First person to 5 points wins. Questions have a value of from 1 to 5 points…anybody?

        6. I always wanted to use that Mighty Mouse thing, before banging a chick, “Here I come to save the dayyyyy!”

        7. Be sure to sniff cocaine first, from a flower. He weren’t mighty for none good reasons, ya’ know?

  2. “If the man dressed in tattered clothes approaches her to strike up conversation she’s got every right to dismiss him”
    Unless the man dressed in tattored clothes offers her to partake with him in a gram of coke.
    Good points made about the importance of reconsidering famous proverbs For any red pill man everything has to be re-thought, including the proverbs.

    1. Maybe he’s peacocking as a crazy genius artist musician type. Give the shaggy bum a guitar or a backpack full of art supplies and watch the lib-art sluts slide in like snails on meth.

      1. not without money, status AND game. Give him a guitar and make him all deep and shaggy chic and watch girls ignore him when I walk in in a well tailored tuxedo and want to know who would like a drink.

      2. ” Give the shaggy bum a guitar or a backpack full of art supplies and watch the lib-art sluts slide in like snails on meth”
        One thing I can say is those do NOT work for guys in their late 40’s unfortunately!

        1. Get a camera and some fancy photo-gear. Tell her you can make her a star, but she needs to lose five pounds and dye her hair.

        2. I hear ya – but today every dude with a camera is a “photographer” so he best have a website with convincing bogus client listing to remove suspicion in her.

  3. “What goes around comes around” I would have to disagree to an extent.i don’t believe in karma either, but in doing good when it is not expected does change you for the better and does improve your outlook on life, and it does affect society to a small extent. There are already enough selfish bastards out there no need to be another one.

  4. The 1st point of the article is good but was absolutely ruined by giving that worthless sack of shit OJ Simpson as an example.
    The author went on to say learning craft and driving drunk have consequences. So does murdering a woman in cold blood, dipshit.
    I understand the author’s bias since he share the same skin color as the criminal. It’s only natural for someone to circle the wagon and protect their own kith and kin.

    1. Murdering people does not necessarily have consequences – not if you hide the bodies and cover your tracks.
      Murdering people *every weekend* has consequences, unless you lead a horde of mongols.

        1. You risk the cops recognising the pattern, even if they only file them as “disappearances”.
          And if you’re going to murder for a lot of alternating Tuesdays, you’d have to live out in the country, even if you have a woodchipper: minced bodies still need to go somewhere discreet. Forget digging if you have any sympathy for your back.

        2. Actually, the pattern of disappearances might be less conspicuous than having a woodchipper on the upper east side of new york

        3. Well, for two bodies a month, you can’t make do with power tools and working plumbing. Produces too much noise, mess and fingertips in the water treatment plant.
          Old Iceman Kuklinski used oil drums to store his bodies. Could you throw in some cement as well and roll into the one of the nearby bodies of water? It’ll probably be too heavy for anyone to bother fishing it out, but the question is how discretely you can do it?
          Or if you don’t mind going for a longer drive, I think the best method is fire and a hammer – burnt bones are brittle. But I admit I don’t know if there are any good places to go camping around NY.

        4. There was a contract murder crew in the New York Mafia that killed an awful lot of people with no one the wiser. They only got caught when they overlapped a stolen car ring investigation. They operated out of an apartment behind a bar. They would cut up the bodies and flush the parts down drains, with the bigger chunks mostly going in the river. No one, especially the police, noticed anything.

        5. I am vehemently anti camping. I am thinking that going low tech might be the way….a bathtub and lye

        6. In such a venture, randomness is your ally.
          One day, a hooker in jersey.
          Weeks later, a bartender in Miami.
          You may have to leave the island……
          OR be very careful about spreading out types and methods, and time.

    2. By the way, you didn’t READ what he wrote about OJ case. You project your own assomptions without checking. Not very red-pilly…

      1. Fuck OJ, Fuck Nicole:- My sentiments precisely. It’s the first time ever someone accuses me of White Knighting for that dumb bint Nicole. Feelz Bad Man !!!
        She burned the coal, and she paid the toll. As simple as that buddy.

    1. HA! If you (or any of the boys here) are ever doing an online dating app and a girl asks how tall you are….answer honestly and then immediately ask how much she weighs. Screen shot the conversation. It will be gold.

        1. Ugly face and a fat body and she’s judging men. This is your gift from feminism.

    1. Should have read “woman decides pickett fence and handsome prince Disney deal not happening so gets knocked up by monied geezer.” A tale old as time BTW.

    2. “Slate author jealous that she’s too ugly to have Mick Jagger’s umpteenth child.”
      Fixed it. Here’s the proof:

        1. You seem to be obsessed with Jammy, like he’s got you under his thumb.

        2. “Who killed the Kennedys? Well, after all, it was you and me”- Sirhan Sirhan blowing it (again) at his parole hearing

  5. How could you forget this gem:
    “If you cant handle me at me worst, you dont deserve me at my best!”

    1. I like the weightlifters version of that. If you can’t handle my winter bulk and protein farts then you don’t deserve my summer cut.

        1. nah, I never want a woman sticking around for more than one cycle anyway 🙂

        2. “Never start a land war in Asia”- this maxim still holds true…14 years and counting.

        3. Cool, and I’m not trying to dox or anything. Came across him on github and thought it was an interesting coincidence. Disqus needs some sort of PM feature.

        4. I googled and it took me like 5 minutes to even figure out what he was about. Computer stuff not my strung suit. I am almost sure that computers work on a mixture of magic and legerdemain

        5. I always get what I want. Luck has very little to nothing to do with it

    2. A quote from, I believe, Marylin Monroe. It is only valid *from* Marylin Monroe because her “worst” was still 10 times better than the “best” of most normal girls.

      1. Nice response. Next time I hear this, I’ll say, “that’s Marilyn Monroe right?” They’ll nod and then I’ll hit’em with “her worst is way better than your best.”

        1. In her prime she was absolutely beautiful. Nothing “made her great”, she was simply a refined form of female natural beauty.
          She was a train wreck in her life. But for beauty, especially before she became a fake blonde, she was gorgeous.

        2. It was also personality. Her sex appeal wasn’t just in her looks. Looks alone, I’d give her an “8”.
          It’s funny, but I always felt she was most attractive when she was just being normal and not a sex goddess. It was her combination of girl & goddess that did it.

        3. Not really part of the bigger conversation: but that seems rather pat and dismissive.
          What do you think are the best, and worst, things people could say about you: Just another (blank) (blank – blank) (blank) (blank)? [Technically, I think the last two ought to by hyphened as well.]

      2. She was a very sad woman. And a curious one too. By objective standards she actually wasn’t a “10”. I’d give her an “8”. But she was one of those people that really could pull you in.
        A perfect example of why the spotlight is no good for a girl.

    3. Also “Happy wife, happy life!” is one missed. Several of these other “clichés” are the wrong ones to put in. He is wrong on them.
      “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself” is actually very true. You have to love, and therefore know who you are, before you can ever be considered ready for the marriage challenge. Because opposites don’t actually attract they destroy each other. Another one missed. Before you meet Ms. Right, you got to be Mr. Right yourself.
      So too is “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” when you’re talking getting work or business. You can’t sit on your laurels, so to speak, and expect business to come to you.
      I get the concept though, and can agree there.

      1. Decent addition/subtraction method for utilizing other maxims. The idea of being mister right or even the self love basis, is highly individually based. Mr. Right is determined by the viewer and although the idea of self love is determined by the individual, both follow the myth of the happy ending. No one is guaranteed a happy ending no matter how well or poorly they may live their life. An experience rich life or experiences you wish for, is a much easier marker than the happily ever after aspect shared here.
        Not to say this isn’t the wrong aspiration by any means, just doesn’t work in accord with truth but more so possibilities.

        1. No one is guaranteed a happy ending

          You’re going to the wrong massage parlors, mate.

        2. LOL. Sort of. The maxim here has a counter intuitive message I failed to grasp for years.
          You see, by becoming Mr. Right, you are naturally going to go to palces where Ms. Right will naturally go to. And vice versa. In other words, when you know WHO YOU ARE, and she knows who SHE IS you two will likely meet at a place of long term mutual interest. Say you discover you’re a rock climber. Well, get in fabulous shape, and start traveling to famous locales. In the process, Ms. Right will appear. She may not have the most exceptional body, but her personality and yours will likely match! Therefore, you two will have something the two of you can do for a long time. And when the looks fade, you will have built in experiences together already saved up.
          That way when the times get tough, you have a shared history you both can think back to that can strengthen your relational resolve!
          Most people never bother to become “Right” on anything. ANd settle for Ms./Mr Wrong. Typically at a lame party, or other expensive group function where they regret it the rest of their lives.
          Become who you are! Whatever that is. Then worry about meeting Ms. Right. Even if you’re not totally ready, you can still go along for the ride, and your developing attitude will say all the right things without you having to say it.

        3. I can understand the reaction. I’ve been married now to a foreign woman for 8 years. If it fails, I will never do it again.

        4. If it fails, it won’t matter cause I won’t ever do it again. This is my first, AND ONLY marriage no matter what. I have no desire to do this ever again. I have three amazing sons, and I ain’t getting any younger. I will enjoy my time as I see fit if this falls through. I don’t need a whole lot of money. Which is probably good, cause family courts will do their best to ensure I don’t have much of it.

        1. It’s funny to read something like this on RoK. The “non-squeaky wheel” types I know at work, who keep quiet and do their jobs are betas who are slaughtered as well but just in a different way.
          I just transitioned out of an old job into a new one. My outspoken nature put me up front for the best jobs while the sweatshops where they want yes men told me they weren’t interested. It’s an upopularity that I’m not regretting. It’s like women rejecting you because you’re not a beta male sap. My friends found is strange that I didn’t seem to mind these women not wanting me.
          If you are frightened to speak up, you will be seen as weak. This is something that women could teach us.

        2. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Unless it’s a feminist advisor in congress or a president’s first wife. I thought a cat had a lot of lives.

        3. I get dumped by feminist golddiggers monthly. Its a hilarious system. They end up feeling bad for deciding not to date me after we hook up a few times. Is it any coincidence thats when I talk about my conservative values and stop taking them to dinner?!

        4. When we say “feminist”, it’s useful to keep in mind that there are “traditional feminists” who have their own entitlement attitudes (men should support them) which would be like a “male chauvanist” expecting women to be houseservant slaves. They were flustered and said to me: “You don’t want us to sit at home while you pay for everything AND you don’t want feminists getting everything handed to them while you bust your butt.” Yeah. Exactly.
          “Traditional” women of old, not in the states, were expected to earn a living. “Ever hear of women working in the fields? Or textile mills?” I’d ask them. So this notion of feminine entitlement predates feminism.
          So the challenge is that most American women are just plain spoiled.
          I think it’s possible to de-spoil an American woman via incrementalism. Once you’ve banged them a few times, they know they don’t have much “hand” over you so you can slowly talk them down. But by then, I decided to just get a non-spoiled, non-western woman and that was that.

      2. “You can’t sit on your laurels, so to speak, and expect business to come to you.”
        Yes, you can. All my business has been coming to me for over a decade, to the point where sometimes I turn clients down for lack of time.
        Agreed that you have to put in years of work to reach that point, though.

        1. If I recall correctly, you’re in law? If so, that business works almost exclusively on personal referrals. I never pay attention to advertisements for lawyers, but every time I need one the first thing I do is tap somebody I know who had a similar issue and ask him about suggestions for a good lawyer.
          In this case I think “resting on your laurels” would indicate more expecting your good reputation to remain without maintaining it with good work, perhaps? You have a reputation as a whizz bang lawyer due to some cases last year, but that doesn’t mean that you can slack off this year and expect your reputation to stay the same (and hence, drive business to you)? Or something like that? That’s how I’d take it anyway.

        2. No, I’m not in law. Hell no.
          But my father is a well-known defense attorney. His entire career has been based on personal referrals and personal relationships with other lawyers — once he established his reputation. That’s the hard part. He says that what he did in the 70s would be impossible today because the market is flooded with other private practice attorneys.

        3. My mistake then, clearly I’m confusing you with somebody else. D’oh!

        4. That and the “profession” has changed quite a bit. Articles abound on this subject, but law is definitely not the guaranteed ticket to the upper middle class everyone thinks it is nowadays.

        1. Hahahahahahahahaha…hahahahahahahahahha…hahahahahaha. OMG?! Thanks for risking my coffee ruining my computer.

      3. Just out of curiousity, who coined the term opposites attract, this seems like the most ridiculous adage?

        1. I have no idea. But when I was a kid that ridiculous song from Paula Abdul in the late 80s was making me sick back then. It is so not true. It is a weak tit’s excuse to get what they want in the short term, but regret it in the long term!

        1. Said about every guy at least once in their life to a woman. Why we don’t treat them with the contempt they deserve is a massive shaming indictment of American Males. We put up with far, far, far too much!

    4. My response is “so many girls out there, I’m sure many of their bests are better than yours” and walk out.

    5. That’s that ricky lake oprah jenny jones bs. We deserve what we want. His definition of karma isn’t true… and most of these sayings are wise guidelines. Women can keep the cliches they invented like I can do bad by myself and the like but a wise man would heed a bird in the hand beats two in the bush.

        1. He did, but he himself was a father of four when he met her. Women with kids should marry men with kids, Brady-Bunch style. A man with no kids marrying a single mom over 30 is a glutton for punishment, because first of all, the odds of him having healthy kids of his own with the woman are extremely fuggin’ slim. Second of all, the baby-daddies are always gonna be sniffing around, under the pretense of seeing their kids, when all they really want to do is help themselves to a few more slices of ginger minge (or dirty blonde minge, depending on if the chick is going with her natural color). Steve and his wife are both over 50, and are pretty much done having kids. Young guys who don’t have a legacy yet owe it to themselves to have kids with young women unencumbered by another man’s genetic calling card.

      1. This shit makes me wanna go to the vomitorium. These whores should be the ones on their knees begging us. This shit is completely backwards and yet millions of men eat thi up. I can’t believe how deep the brainwashing went.

      2. Ugh. Could. Not. Finish. 😉
        When you have to make a spectacle out of the proposal there’s something wrong. (A little more than one thing wrong in this case!)

      3. This dummy is gonna deserve EVERYTHING that’s gonna happen to him when she’s “not happy” in a few years.

      4. I got about 12 seconds in, and couldn’t watch. Another fool of us taking in an obvious future spinster to be his master. So said really.

    6. And yes, you heard the clip right: she has four kids from previous relationships, he has no kids with her. Remember when only army guys did this shit? Now you’ve got millionaires doing it, like Joe Manganiello of ‘True Blood’ fame (he gets extra points deducted for being on an ultra-libtard show). He dumps a young chick with no kids to marry a post-wall latina with an almost grown son. I just have no words for any of this.

      1. Colombian women should get the benefit of a doubt that they will treat their dude well. Id dump a young white girl from america for an older latina from south america in a heartbeat. Ive dated lots of them in my travels. Very old world values. I felt like a king.

    7. Well, it actually has truth to it. Just not in the context she is framing it as.
      If you can’t keep your bitch in line when she is at her worst, you will never see her at her best.

    8. This is very true and every man should be aware of it.
      Dont believe me? Here is an example: The guy 20 has a crush on the girl 20. She would rather enjoy sex and the city. HER good years. Fast forward 15 years and the guy 35, now an established business owner, meets his former crush again.
      Now she likes him, wants to marry even. Why? Because it is HIS best years now while she is seeing the wall. He would be wiser to dump her and date a 20yo hotti instead.
      -> She couldnt handle his worst years (as pennyless 20yo nobody) and now does not deserve his best years. See? Makes perfect sense, does it not?

      1. Besides that, she gave away “her best” — for free — to every player, gangbanger, and “romantic” “exciting” Bad Boy thug that crossed her path; now she has NOTHING to give Mr. “Plan B”, and she wants him to pay for it, too!

        1. Mr. Plan B gets the chance to have children and he gets some sex. For a woman his “average life” and “average genes” equal “next to worthless.
          Thats not evil. Thats exactly what mother nature intended. The alphas, the best men, should bang all the girls and produce all the quality babes.
          Nature never wanted the betas to reproduce in masses. Its an invention of us humans and our civilised society. We needed tons of work drones/servants to fill our cities. Thats why the major sheep religions favor marriages. Thats what the feminists refer to when they say “makes us free from the prision of marriage”.
          Marriage = beta breeding farm.
          Harem = alpha breeding farm.
          And thats the most secret desire *ALL* women have: Be in the harem of a real alpha male; prince on his white horse comes to mind. Get the picture?

  6. Most Westernized female minds cannot understand the concept of consequences; thus, they make horrible decisions, then bitch, scream, wallow and lament when the “Disney movie/Sex In The City” ending they envisioned doesn’t happen.

  7. Karma is often misunderstood, and in the sense it is misunderstood, the article is entirely correct.
    As you said, your life is the sum of your choices crossed with those of others you cannot control. Nevertheless, one has a choice whether to drink and then drive, or hang out in the bad part of town late at night clubs without buddies, or whatever stupid thing they are doing. . Oddly, though we often use “karma” for a shorthand, “live by the sword, die by the sword” better evokes the proper attitude toward Karma. It’s NOT tit for tat, but a recognition that the habits and systems you enact, and the people you surround yourself with, all will have consequences as to how your life is lived. Hang out with untrustworthy people? One will eventually cheat you, etc.

    1. But we now live in a society where so many bad decisions have their consequences socialized. The prudent are punished, forced to subsidize those that make poor decisions.
      People just don’t suffer the consequences of their actions like they used to.

      1. “People just don’t suffer the consequences of their actions like they used to.”
        Especially if those people have vaginas…

  8. Actor Will Smith is boycotting the Oscars this year, because he’s protesting against “the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees”. Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t protest against the lack of diversity among violent criminals?

    1. Here’s what I don’t get – how many “diverse” movies came out this year? I honestly don’t know because I don’t go to movies much, but when I was going, there weren’t many. So how are awards going to be diverse when there are no potential awardees? Maybe that’s the genesis of his complaint, but if so, then my question becomes, doesn’t Will Smith have enough money to make his own movies? The answer is yes, and so if he’s not putting out critically awesome films, full of diverse people, that are being ignored, he can shut the fuck up.

      1. I feel like back in the 90’s the powers that be knew this whole black people thing wasn’t going to go away and they decided they needed a black person they could control. They brought in Will Smith, Theo from the cosby show and that guy with the flip top glasses. They decided on will smith but told him he had to be family oriented, non offensive and wasn’t allowed to nigger it up. As long as he played ball he would have a great movie career and so would his kids despite talent…pretty much the same deal god made Abraham.

        1. Are you saying that his kids don’t have talent, or that he doesn’t, or both? I think he’s a decent actor, give or take. Not the best ever, but he plays some fun roles pretty believably.

        2. Whether they do or not is irrelevant. I haven’t seen him in anything other than the first MIB movie I think. I mostly wanted to make the joke about the illuminati picking between him and theo huxtible

      2. Thing is, half of the black American actors out there are his own immediate family. and half of THEM suck.

    2. “Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t protest against the lack of diversity among violent criminals?”
      Quite diverse actually. Lots of blacks, hispanics, natives and whites.
      Ohhhhh! But you’re trying to make a racist insinuation about blacks? Didn’t see that there.

      1. And, as you are well aware, 50% of all violent crimes are committed by around 5% of the population (young black men between the ages of 16 and 40).

    3. Or lack of diversity on NFL and NBA teams. Sure, you have your token honkey here or there, but they are NOT following racial quota guidelines that other industries are forced to follow. Which is bullshit.
      For the record, I don’t believe in racial quotas for anything, only merit. I don’t care that the NFL and NBA can hire on merit alone, I applaud it. But why are the rest of us forced to hire on anything except merit? Just bullshit.

        1. There are 200 jokes that would write themselves if the NBA started importing Welshmen.

      1. They should. I mean, fair is fair. But then, they can’t promote that “Black Man as Superman” myth.

        1. I auditioned for the lead role in Malcom X and was rejected for the role for reasons that I strongly suspect had to do with race.

        2. OMG. “No justice, no peas.” I would be protestin’ and burnin’ shit DOWN, homie, gnome sane?”

      1. This year, I think it contains a lockpick, rope, and a handgun. They probably wouldn’t mind if you swiped it. They expect white guys to do that kind of shit…(smirk).

      1. I don’t really see this. I see loads of good black male actors. I mean white actors are king for sure but considering the population ratio I would say black men have done well for themselves.

        1. There are a bunch. Zero women though. Still I find it odd that they have to import British soul brothers as often as they do for American roles.

  9. “There are many people who do good things who continually get shit on by life.”
    While it is true we reap what we sow in life, we also reap things we don’t sow. I plant tomatoes, but weeds grow with the tomatoes. It’s the way life works.

  10. How about “if it saves just one life it will have been worth it” Huh? That makes zero sense. If that were true we would not have cars, trains, planes, buses, bicycles, helicopters, guns, knives and on and on. You will usually hear that from a lefty politician.

  11. So who wants to play “Name That Hollywood Film”. I’ll give a line from the flick. You tell me what the movie is. Winner gets a set of steak knives. First person to 5 points wins. Questions have a value of from 1 to 5 points…anybody? Nobody? Somebody?

  12. “I may look into getting my helicopter pilot’s license”
    Good luck with that unless you’re filthy rich or have a filthy rich relative with a helicopter and an instructor’s rating. I looked into it a number of years ago (i.e., it’s probably more expensive now) and they wanted $10-12k for the flight time, instructor fees, and checkride. And that was assuming you already had your private pilot’s license. Maybe some pro pilots on here can correct me, but I’ve been told that the only feasible way to get a chopper license nowadays is in the military.
    Great article, though, enjoyed it.

    1. It’s to the point that even a normal VFR PPL is almost unaffordable short of you taking out a home equity loan. Flying has never been super cheap, but it was at least affordable for most middle class people at one time. Nowdays, good luck with that.

    2. Got mine through the military. Only licenses I paid for were my PPSEL prior to joining, and a brief prep and the check ride with the examiner for my Multi-Engine (fixed wing) ATP. Ironic in that my highest rating is in an aircraft type I have the least actual flight time ~8 hrs. I have about ~200 hrs in single engine fixed and ~3000 hours in helicopters. Did the military to civilian exam so I have commercial and instrument rotary wing ratings.

  13. I only have one question. Why do people sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, when they’re already there?

    1. Right?
      Also, why do people say you’re doing something “behind his back” when, in fact, behind somebody’s back would actually be in front of him? If you’re doing it in front of his back, then he can’t see you because you’re behind his front.

      1. So my wife says to me: “I think you’re having sex behind my back!”
        So I says: “who’d you think that was back there?”

      2. We are demented assholes. Some more demented than others. (And we call those who are, “women”.)

  14. I picked up a booked title “Choosing the right dildo for you.”
    I didnt investigate further.

  15. If you need examples of successful people, real winners, that don’t believe in karma or allow superstition to rule their lives… Look at any wealthy CEO. Look at the people who really run the show at your workplace. Look at people who flip foreclosures.
    Heeding another’s advice to practice in karma or other superstitions is a fool’s errand. It’s for unexceptional commoners without any potential for a greater life in the future. It’s a long way to the top and you will leave people behind, hurt and trampled upon, if you wish to make it on this Earth.

    1. This. Plus almost nobody actually understands what karma actually means. They just think it’s “what goes around comes around” in the sense of “you were mean to her today, tomorrow somebody will be mean to you” which is not actually correct.

  16. A good read for every simpy douche out there constantly lamenting on why he does not get any ass. Too bad these guys never take advice like this. I was called a mysogynist too often to care about these losers.

  17. Mostly a really good article and the main point is well taken and I view as correct. There are some places I disagree
    “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
    I’m in sales and this is true. Those that complain the loudest often get moved to the front of the line in a customer service sense (although they can run out of my good faith if they do it too often or for no reason). Also, you can’t get a better discount if you don’t ask.
    “Don’t put too many irons in the fire.”
    This one is completely true, but only because too many is undefined. Each person has a maximum number of activities they can take on. Some men need more down time than others. But, no one can tell you how many too many is. You have to guage that yourself by knowing if you are getting enough rest, are you succeeding at what you are trying etc…
    “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”
    Age is a lot more than that, but sometimes other circumstances can overcome it. This one is definitely just used as an excuse to justify normally not accepted actions though.
    “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself.”
    This one is a really disgusting one that women will use as their ultimate cop out. I’ve seen women use this to attempt to cop out on being mothers. “I can’t be happy unless I have a career riding horses. You need to raise the kids with the help of your mom, so I can focus on this 500 miles away from here.” I’m paraphrasing, but I’ve seen that situation exactly, and others like it. That is a psuedo science line from psychology created to allow women to do anything they want. They just have to claim they are pursuing inner happiness, peace or getting rid of depression.
    “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”
    Clearly, sometimes this one is true and sometimes it isn’t. Most people definitely use it as an excuse to justify some action or inaction, but when used properly as a cautionary phrase, it has some merit. I definitely wouldn’t suggest jumping out on your wife if you have kids with her and she’s a good mother and not cheating on you just to fuck lots of women and make money. That seems to be what the author might think about his friend, although, maybe she’s a terrible wife and mother.
    “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
    I believe that over 90% of the time you can, which is one reason why stereotyping is useful.
    “What goes around comes around.”
    Agreed. I’ve seen absolutely no evidence for this. The only evidence is that if a bad person does bad stuff over and over again, they will eventually get caught. But someone whom does some really bad stuff rarely, might never have as bad a thing happening in this life.

  18. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side” the actual saying-
    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
    Is a contemplation on envying what someone else has. Their situation always looks better than your own, and should prompt you to consider why your own ‘grass’ isn’t green. Which in turn should focus you on improving your own life. Why do you think what someone else has is better, what can you do to improve it. Why did yours turn brown, because if you rush over to the other side that grass is gonna turn just as brown for the same reasons.
    In the author’s buddy’s case if he dumps his current ‘ball-buster’ wife to go chase some other tart he’ll probably just end up in the same kind of relationship with them for the same damn reasons.
    Had a friend I worked with at a restaurant who had to rush home one night and throw his latest step-dad out of the house. Step-dad was beating up on mom. That guy was one in a series who all did the same thing. At the time it amazed me that his mom consistently found guys like that, and somehow guys like that consistently found her.

    1. That I can agree with. If there are problems on the outside that are solvable, what’s going on inside?

    2. What if what is on the inside is twenty five pounds of gold bars?

  19. The concept of Karma is misrepresented here. Karma involves the concept of an immortal soul (light being) that lives in other physical bodies (reincarnation) through “time.” As such, the idea is that negative or harmful actions / thoughts that occur in one lifetime can impact the next or other lifetimes in a sort of retribution or lesson-learned type of way. These concepts have really been fleshed out over the decades with regressive hypnotic techniques — the results from which are stunning and give a real glimpse of what we are and why we are here.

  20. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

    This is “true” in a sense but not in a straightforward sense, and it should be retained.
    For the past few decades, leftists in general, and militant feminazis in particular, have gotten what they wanted by way of whining. They’d go on and on and on until someone gave in. If anything, it shows that if we don’t give into these childish temper tantrums, it would prevent a good number of problems we have today.

  21. The third one is particularly important to me, because it was one of those moments that made me broke my “nice boy, fucking idiot” status…In those dark times, i went to a birthday party of a girl i considered special ( aka i wanted to fuck her) to me. It was raining like hell, she had her party in a town distant from mine, and i could use the money in some more useful things…But, the naive part of me, said that i had to go, in other words, i was a slave to the logic of “if i am really nice to her, maybe she will let me fuck her”.
    So, i arrived there and she calls me asking me where i was. I remember thinking “Wow, this is unusual. She is giving me some good signs” She comes and pics me up…for me to help her moving the champagne and cake to the party…Yes, i was that stupid. At the party i arranged the cake, served the champagne and, with some alcohol, began to say how wonderful she is and how i was the only one to stay there till the end to some of her friends. At some point, all went way…just me and her remained. I look at her and said “hey, stay close to me, lets talk”. She ignored me and went way, some 2 meters distance. I went to the balcony and asked for a beer. I turn back and there she is, talking to some older guy.
    The passive aggressive side of me begins “fuck this. Im out” I say to her “Im going” and she says to wait 5 minutes. I go to her again and with a angry face i ask if she is going or not. We leave the bar and we parted ways whit her asking if i was angry…Now, a month passes and its my birthday. Still not free of the looser personality, i invite her. She is not coming because she as another thing going but says she will pass by and spend some time…Later, two days to go she texts me via facebook and says that if its ok to pass by just five minutes…this was the moment when i have a epiphany, when i saw the matrix, something in me just went bananas. No, i said to her. If you want to come just five minutes, dont bother to come. She never came…I learned there and then, that the concept of reciprocity simple does not exist in a womens mind. Notions of honor and justice are absent and the better you treat a women, the worst she will treat you, that you needs are number one and that you can live being respected not catering to others needs all the fucking time. This episode remains as vivid to me as it was yesterday, as it was the episode when i regain my masculinity and my balls.

    1. Too many guys make the mistake of thinking that if being nice to women is wrong, being a cunt to them is the answer. incorrect.
      The trick is being able to say ‘No’ to them and/ or call them out on their bullshit. And to mean it.

      1. You don’t have to ‘be a dick to them’ — just reclaim your life and stop being a doormat to them just in the hope of getting a whiff of their pussy.

      2. Indeed. Balance is the key. We do not need to go Darth Vader on those bitches, neither should we be like Mickey Mouse. Either way, its a lesson most men these days will experience.

  22. Karma works bro!!! When I’m going through a tough time, it’s cause of the bullshit in my head. When my mind is clear, my life is great most of the time. For example, you naturally attract the hoes when your mind is clear where they run away if you have issues. Same with friends! “law of attraction”
    It usually goes to shit cause of toxic people in your life hence any negative people in my life I don’t talk too!

    1. You do know the origin of “The Law of Attraction”, or the New Thought movement, yes? I suggest looking into a man named Franz Anton Mesmer and reading up on Mesmerism.

  23. Women are never truly attractive to men for who they are. They like what we have and what we carry: confidence, money, height, dominance, power etc.
    If you have power, money, height, social status, confidence, dominance, etc. then women find you attractive because you are a CARRIER to all these factors; not because of you specifically.

    1. I have money and height. None of those other things, though.
      And I can honestly state that in my 50 years on this planet, no female has shown even a milligram of attractions towards me.

        1. Once again, in all honesty, my only experiences (and there have been a whole lot of them) with females are with the ones you pay. Shitty (and I mean SHITTY) parents and childhood had a lot to do with that. But the fact remains, no female has ever shown attraction towards me. Never looked at me with “that look” that tells you she will not turn you down. I drink a lot. Have been in many bars. I see females look at males “that way” all the time. Just not me.

        2. There are really no two ways about it. I know it sucks sometimes but approaching straight up is the best option. Rejection rates are very high even for good looking guys who are well stacked.
          But unfortunately that’s the game of reality.
          I wouldn’t advise drinking a lot though. Bad for health in the long run. I don’t know how old you are right now but sooner or later, it will hit you bad when you think you feel stomach pain but it’s liver pain and you can’t differentiate and you also wake up with heart pain, etc.

        3. Funny, now that I’m married a long time and its too late, I’ve learned that CONFIDENCE is what they’re attracted to. ALL of them.

      1. I learned — by experience — that women who never gave you the time of day before, suddenly become attracted to you when you have a ‘steady girlfriend’; I think it’s that they always want something that they’re not ‘allowed to have’ or ‘supposed to have’, or ‘that belongs to someone else’.

      1. Sorry, big disagreement here. Any women who’s thin, young and has taken reasonable care of herself, as long as she’s not just hideously out of proportion, will spend some (5-20) years in the “sun” of being attractive to men. The reverse is not true, most men will NEVER be in the “intrinsically attractive to women” category. It’s not enough to be thin, you also must be built (which is very difficult to achieve naturally and takes a TON of time either with drugs or without). If you’re thin and built, you also have to be rich (something maybe 10% of the population will achieve, but, because of the time requirements, mostly not much overlap with the thin/built group). 6′ tall or more (nothing you can do here). Full head of hair (not much you can do here unless you have lots of money).
        The list for women really is less than 10% of population who can hope to tick even most of the “boxes”. It’s probably more like 1%. The female population that could realistically tick “most of” the boxes would be 50-75%, IMHO.

        1. Agreed…in fact…if the the majority of fat women in the West simply lost 20 lbs, there would be a lot more fuckable women around. So many women are just too repulsive to bang.
          Stay thin “enough” ladies.

  24. Have to disagree with 3. Sort of. In my life, I’ve seen people who do wrong get it back 10 times worse. Though I suppose that’s less karma and more “reaping what you sow”. 😀
    I myself have never heard that phrase associated with doing good. It was always associated with bad. But perhaps I missed the lovey-dovey “do good and you’ll live better” nonsense. The point of doing good is because it’s the right thing to do. Not because you’ll get some unicorn and elven maiden all of a sudden. Which you won’t. Because they don’t exist. 😉
    As for #1, I can say my experience here is that it’s false. Worse than false, it’s the opposite. The grass is not only greener, it’s a freaking paradise! 😀 😀

    1. I had an ‘aunt’ who was the textbook definition of evil, short of being a murderer or child rapist. She was just plain horrible to everybody, including family. She was not only cruel to children (and she was, to children in the family even), she was also miserly and hate filled toward *everybody*. She’d punch an honest man in the face and spit on him, then backhand her niece for daring to weep at the foul treatment.
      Girl never saw one ounce of justice against her actions from reality. She lived her hate filled, violent life and saw nothing come back on her.
      This is why I never subscribe to “reap what you sow”.

      1. Well OK but was she miserable? 😀
        I suppose I should have defined what I thought was “10 times back”. As an example, take my first … somewhat vaguely female boss. The woman was right up there with your aunt. Hideous, hideous person. One time I saw her leave a poor guy (that should have stood up for himself) in tears. With me should get upset and storm out of the room like 2 year old. But anyway…. in the time that I ran into her what happened?
        *) Her husband ended up divorcing HER.
        *) She had NO friends.
        *) She developed a sort of … well there’s no other way to say it: hunchback!! 😀 (I think it was her bad posture at the computer.)
        *) She become increasingly bitter and unpleasant until the point she was fired.
        Her life was essentially a living hell. In my view, that’s payback for her stupid choices. Which… is my interpretation of “reap what you sow”. Our choices determine our outcome. Sure random things happen, but if you make a bunch of stupid choices, expect bad results. 😉

      2. Those people can smell out any place they go and they know whether or not they can dominate the room with their bitching. So they only stay around nice supplicating people they can beat up on. I’ve had relatives like that. They don’t get around much outside of their favorite route of folks that they can browbeat and harangue.
        But just try and drag or manipulate them outside of their cozy comfort zone of nice folks that won’t punch back and they won’t go there. She won’t go around any enlightened discussion group that foisters manners first. Try to get her under the flashlight of a shrink and she’ll squirm away like a scared wild varment does when they get hand caught. It’s like trying to stick a cat in water if you try to get her around groups that enforce female obedience as a part of their culture and tradition, like a group of bearded patriarchs with snap obedient wives who themselves put the stink eye on immodesty and snake tonguedness from an outside female. Or get her around a hijab pack or conservative Christians in solemn praying pews. You gotta hold her there until she unravels because she’s holding her breath and can’t wait to unleash on family once she’s back in the car. It’s like getting a cat to like water. A long bubble session and she shows her full teeth, claws and nasty nature before a polite assembly and screams and breaks down like a psychotic.
        THEN she’s agreed by many including witnesses as ready to be sent to the loony bin. You have to shit test that kind of crazy shit to get them to spill it on the table so you can pack her away where she belongs.
        Also homeless bag ladies are often rejected females of this type who were ejected from their family/support systems. We once met a bag lady who seemed downtrodden in the basement soup kitchen of a church. We gave her rides and once she got to know us, she suddenly became the craziest demanding bitch and full of every cut down and insult known. We then gave her a ride to her elderly parent’s house and dropped her off. She then calls us to come and get her at midnight. Turns out her parents had a long standing rule not to allow her to stay overnight, only visit shortly. That’s pretty bad for your parents to keep you at a distance like that. She was on schizo meds so someone took the trouble to call her shit out and give her a stay in the looney bin.
        Otherwise I’d carry a small three ounce ball peen hammer and surprise accidentally knock her two upper and lower front meat teeth out as she opens her mouth to bitch. It ain’t like an eye but it’s a mark that lasts and that she has to either explain away or keep her mouth shut and remain silent.

      3. She sounds like a cunt. As far as her punching a nice man in the face, I have my own axiom about that: If she wants to act like a man, I will treat her like a man.

  25. “There’s a lid for every pot ” and ” it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for ”

  26. IF I hear one more beta schlub utter the phrase “I gotta ask The Boss…” I am going to pull my eyes out with needle nose pliers.

  27. Solid article. There are no axioms. Just people your dealing with at the present moment. All are different and thinking of themselves.. Start with that point of view and it gets easier to interact.

  28. I think all of these maxims have truth, but in the proper context.
    ie. “happy wife, happy life”. Of course. But what does that mean? Does it mean an entitled, delusional, narcissistic, out of control slut running wild with your credit card?
    I was at a wedding in Tel Aviv, and a close friend pointed out to me a small Yemenite man wearing a beret, he said to me that that guy was a relative of his and has three wives. Let me tell you, that bastard was probably the happiest and most upbeat motherfucker I’ve seen in my life. (Polygamy is illegal in Israel, so you best believe that man has airtight game). And based on what I’ve studied about game, his women probably live for him. So in his case “happy wife(s), happy life” holds true.
    you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself, well, again, in proper context. This is not talking about a lesbian who alternates between using her Black & Decker, and an obscene combination of peanut butter and her dog. That’s not self love, that’s narcissism.
    A woman who loves herself wants to be properly owned and railed by a genuine man (locknee, Jefferson) who will correctly train and use her to raise a herd of lil’uns.
    Seriously, it really says something about the degeneracy of this age. If it were up to me, I would reform the laws so that guys like locknee could legally maintain a harem of women on the condition that they create and raise children from said harem and maintain the women properly, say a minimum of 3 children per woman. More of him is only a good thing.
    But of course, we live in a gamma-faggot society and can do no such thing.
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease – again, proper context. “squeaky wheel” does not mean “screaming bitch”. It means if you don’t speak up, don’t expect to be paid attention to.
    In the case of an out of control banshee the phrase should be changed to the screaming bitch gets the back of the hand
    the grass is always greener on the other side – OK, on this one I 100% agree. True, everyone has problems, but it’s bullshit to compare the life of a guy in his prime, getting laid regularly to a 14 year old kid with a heart condition that has to be constantly cared for by a special machine.
    You can’t always judge a book by its cover – again, I agree that this is a bullshit phrase. I am constantly judged based on my body language, projected confidence, walk, clothes, etc etc.
    The way this phrase is used, is meant to deflect the slutty attention whoring of women so that they can literally walk around naked and get male (and female) attention.
    OTOH, sometimes, not often, but sometimes, people can surprise you.
    Sometimes they can surprise themselves.

  29. Another oldie but shitty lie is “if mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”
    Women really ARE happiest and most contented when they are taking care of a man.

    1. Although it IS fairly true. If the woman of the house is unhappy she will usually do her level best to make sure at least her husband is miserable too, and the kids as well if there are any.

  30. A woman with a man who surrenders to her, a man who she keeps under her belt becomes like a fat lazy drug addict. She yearns to remove the man from her loins like a liposuction job but it never works.
    But a woman who keeps herself trim, striving to learn the tricks to pleasing her man’s every sense and keeping his balls drained is an excited and alive woman. She keeps her feminine spigot turned on full blast for him because he’s a man who has positively corrected his value in her eyes and he has multiple options. It becomes a labor of love for her to serve him, like a daily exhilirating workout and her endorphins are like truffle chocolates. Her body and soul feed off her service to her man. And she stays trim, her p-toe springy and noobey from jumping for the littlest of treats.

  31. ““Age ain’t nothin’ but a number””
    Agreed, and in all fairness the whole age thing works both ways – even Roosh did an article stating that men peak at around age 35. After that one has to realize that a woman’s primal attraction for him (attractive women in their twenties) will diminish and he will have to not only change his strategy but also use financial incentives to get between her legs.

    1. True, but because women are less visually oriented then men, we have the ability or overcome our diminishing looks by increasing our other qualities much more than women do.
      A typical slut peaks about 21 or 22, right on cue with their looks. She may hold onto a SMV until 30, but she does not have respect to capitalize on it into a relationship.
      A virtuous woman peaks about 25 (they are slower to acquire social skills), and maintains her SMV clear into their mid 30s. They have more to offer, so their SMV peaks higher, although later. I see this in my church, the slutty high school kids get lots of attention, leaving the goody-goodies quiet, and feel like they are missing out. When they reach marriageable age (about 23) the tables turn, and the aging bar hags are left with few opportunities while the virtuous women are picked up by gentlemen.
      Same goes for men, to a lesser extent. The “bad boys” start out off the gate pretty good, peak around 30. The God fearing men have a lower SMV until about 28 and will peak about 35. By then, most “bad boys” are haggard and have a beer belly.

  32. I disagree about too many irons in the fire. There is a limit to what you can effectively work on at once. Having a full and complete life is perfectly fine but with respect to your career you need to focus and complete tasks before moving on. Otherwise, you’ll wind up being one of these guys who is always starting things but never finishing them.
    Not only that, trying to accomplish too much can lead to burn out and accomplishing nothing at all.

    1. Your first sentence contradicts your last sentence.

  33. ‘Fortune favors the bold!’ You want to know what else Favors the bold? Death, mayhem and disaster… all of these sayings are applicable given the situation. There is no one size fits all. There are times and places to be bold and there are situations that are best served with patience or even retreat. Hell, even being an ass or nice guy all have their time and place. The problem is people are always trying to fit too much shit into a box. As men we need to be adaptable and constantly evolve our thought process and clean out our thought process!

  34. Never heard a woman use the, “Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease” maxim. I learned that one in a diesel engine shop and we always used it to address the fact that management would never fix something unless we complained about it, and that we had to blow our complaints out of proportion in order to get even the smallest problem addressed.

  35. On the book covers, that may have been true once upon a time but nowadays with so many distractions for people they seem to be mostly shallow, they are magazines not books and magazines damn sure have a cover for a reason.

  36. All truisms are obviously suspect. The first two have some validity. For example what goes around comes around. If you are an asshole chances are you will end up a miserable asshole, though it’s not infallible. And you can’t reliably judge people on first impressions, you’re a fool if you do. I’ve completely misread many people over the years that way. The last one though, in my experience, if the grass looks greener, it’s cause it usually is greener.

  37. They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Uh, yeah, of course you can – why the hell do you think they have covers? Ever see the cover of a porno mag? Yeah, it’s safe to say there’s porno inside.

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