4 Reasons Modern Beta Males Will Become Extinct

After a few years observing betas and their stubbornness when exposed to damning evidence about the realities of the sexual market , as well as noticing that they have still not been wiped off the face of the Earth (mainly thanks to their role of useful idiots and docile rodents in their entertainment wheel), I first came to the conclusion that they will simply evolve into different subspecies. Following the Darwinian evolution theories, they will undergo the same fate as the finches on the Galapagos Islands that developed different beaks over millennia to adapt to the type of food that they could find in their area.


Beaks as varied as the types of betas already observable: men-children, omegas, white knights,chubby chasers, cucks…

After thinking more about it, though, I then realized that the modern species of beta is closer to a walking dinosaur. The decline in Western society and the announced cultural collapse has not destroyed them all, only because the observable phenomenon is too recent and we have yet to see how brutal it will get.

It appears that the extinction of betas will occur faster than expected, as external factors added to their refusal to deal with their environment and adapt, will accelerate their destruction.

1. The great disturbance of modern times


Betas have, so far, formed the bulk of human society since the dawn of times, with alphas (kings, heroes, rock stars, warriors, CEOs, villains etc) being always logically represented in smaller numbers but in a greater control of power, wealth and, more importantly, women (“A shroud has no pockets” comes to mind) which granted them access to the most coveted prize: reproduction.

That ratio was always kept stable because women and their urges were controlled. We have never been faced, since we started walking on two legs, with a scenario where women are in control and encouraged to limit their reproductive duties to focus on abortion, the pill, endless entertainment, sleeping with unlimited number of men, getting drunk, and seeking attention on social media.

Stefan Molyneux describes it well when he explains that women “cannot complain about men, as men have evolved precisely because of what women want”.

2. The cataclysm


Betas will meet their maker through external factors. What will be their asteroid impact or volcanic eruption on a global scale?

We can speculate that they will disappear due to four main factors:

More and more of them will become alphas or at least lesser betas/alphas and progressing through time, with the spreading of the teachings of the manosphere on the Internet, masculinity-friendly governments, fellow men becoming aware of our teachings and sharing it with others. This will create a ripple effect (following an altruistic instinct which can be interpreted as the “burden of the alpha,” where those who found their way will want to save beta males from their foolishness when it’s not too late, then they just want to put them out of their misery) or father figures that will be the ones reproducing, keeping their son in line to secure grandchildren.


The beta male’s contribution to the global workforce won’t be needed anymore as he is slowly replaced by machines. After being neutered by rising “female empowerment,” toxic feminism, and virtual pornography paired with the rise of highly-advanced sex robots and ruthless alpha competition, this final blow will render him obsolete, even as government-employed working cattle.


The victory of globalism and open borders policies in certain areas of the globe, with a rise of aggressive, predominantly Muslim colonizers and the dwindling numbers of nationalist Whites, hunted down by the elites. Beta cucks and other “Refugees Welcome” types will be weeded out of existence by the very people then opened their butt cheeks for. Mincey faggots welcoming invaders, bringing a violent civilisation that excites their women more than their white knighting will be rewarded by the disappearance of their seed and lineage.

Father and son walking

Women will reproduce more with alphas following the logical laws of biology even if the sexual market is flawed. The male children will adopt the physical traits of their father (beauty, strength, intelligence…). If those traits don’t appear as innate, then the fathers will initiate them to the principles of game, exhorting them to polish skills relevant to the dating world, helping them secure a quality mate for their progeny.

3. Adapt or die


Some will change when exposed to the truth about the world, the elites, game or women and will accept it, changing their behaviour and consolidating another brick in a stronger edifice. Others will deny till the end and refuse to adapt, becoming the dodos of the modern male population.

The likes of MGTOW are an evolutionary dead end. Their kin still dies with them, even if they understand elements of the nature of women, but deny their mission of reproduction.

But as altruistic as we can be, we have to realise that a man exposed to these facts, who refuses to acknowledge the truth, does not deserve to be saved. Without this instinct of survival, the beta male shall vanish.


Sharks outlived dinosaurs, even if their numbers greatly diminished, due to the fact that they were the perfect sea predators, a masterpiece of natural engineering. All the terrestrial dinosaurs which were larger than a dog, disappeared.  Small beings like cockroaches or bees survived against overwhelming odds due to their resilience, sheer numbers or organised communities. Crocodiles adapted mainly from being cold-blooded creature that did not need great amounts of food on a regular basis.

A parallel would be made with alphas adapting to the new rules imposed to them and acting in a way that seems counter-intuitive: working out for aesthetic reasons, being assholes to girls, recruiting them for their orifices on Instagram or Tinder, disgusting themselves in the process by encountering even more broken women, being selfish and seeing yourself as the absolute priority…

A man has got to what a man has got to do to prevail. We do not make the rules. Alphas could enjoy an endless buffet of sluts but that will not ensure their survival on the long term. It is then their role as apex predators to find the quality food (young, fertile good girls), even if that means turning their back on the less soul-nutritive slags and Tinder bicycles.

4. The possible aftermath

Once again, a few scenarios could unfold:


Case in point: Sweden. Combo of low-T men, feminists in power and Mohammedan hordes cause civilization to reach total collapse. Globalists win. Native population is replaced. Nerds might stand a chance if Islamic conquest chooses to elevate dusty academics among the ranks of alphas, just like in Michel Houellebecq’s visionary “Submission“.


Case in point: Russia, Poland, Hungary. Western civilization deflects the assaults of globalism, keeps a system based on ethnocentrism and patriarchy. Modern betas survive but are still in slight decline as the system is reminiscent of pre-sexual revolution times.


Case in point: America if Trump and nationalism create a long lasting positive loop, or European nations awakening through a similar leader. Feminism loses ground, lying media is replaced by honest news, modern betas naturally ostracised on the long term and will eventually disappear. Blooming civilisation recaptures some of its former glory.


Red pill routine in the ethnocentric, self-sufficient town of Orania, South Africa

Case in point: A hybrid new community overseas created by red pill men. Original civilization declines but numbers of dissenters refuse the rule imposed and emigrate to a friendly country to create a new and hybrid lineage. Western masculine men would leave in order to find suitable mothers for their children in a traditional, safe environment.

Va y avoir du changement

Whatever the outcome, the model of society as we know it and its ratio of alphas and betas is bound to mutate.

Either into an Open Borders 1984 hell of obese, green-haired women and brownish betas (from all the race blending over the years encouraged by the elites to quench any feeling of unity) or into an alpha-rich traditional society where women are kept in check (with the racial demographics yet to be determined).

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377 thoughts on “4 Reasons Modern Beta Males Will Become Extinct”

  1. Now this…this is a really solid article, IMHO.
    I enjoyed the hell out of reading it, and then thinking about it afterwards.
    Great work, JBP!

    1. Only kind of off topic but in reality right on topic, I pulled a totally wordless pick up this morning. Not a single word. Not a single sound out of my mouth. Even for me this was pretty dope.
      Scene: I am on a crowded downtown train standing. A 8/10 (possibly better once the cold weather gear comes off) is sitting. Crowded train so I am pushed forward and she is eye level with my dick. We both have our headphones in. She is flipping through tinder. She catches me snooping and smiles. Another stop. More tinder. Another smile. Another stop. More tinder. More smiles. It is my stop and I see she is not going to be getting off. I get eye contact, draw my wallet from the inside pocket of my suit jacket, remove my business card and place it over the screen of her phone covering the face of whatever doofus she is looking at and considering on Tinder. She smiles a big smile and I push off through the crowd to get to the door. As I am walking out I look back. She has my card in her hand and waves and smiles. I will bet every penny in my pocket that I will hear from her before this weekend is out. This all happened 10 minutes ago.
      Back to the issue at hand….modern betas will never become extinct. Though I believe most of what this article had to say and I also think it was a super fun read, modern betas will put on an alpha mask. But a rose by any other name bob-o. I still claim that Trump is a Beta in an alpha mask and has been since the 80’s and the only thing keeping him from getting called on it is money. But that aside, as alpha tendencies prove more and more effective betas will adopt them — the same reason they adopted feminism…the thought that it would win them prestige and pussy. But those people will not be alphas. They will still be betas in alpha masks.

        1. nah. pretty plain. It would be if I could pick them out myself but they are standard issue company cards. When I eventually buy a condo, I will go to Smythson and get good personal cards.

        2. I wanted to ask: Giving out business cards, aren’t you concerned with crazies stalking you, showing up at your job, etc?

        3. I used to be but after years of doing it I have never had a bad experience so I guess I got complacent.

        4. Probably also has to do with presenting the type of personality that wont tolerate that kind of shit. Like the hand on the cheek you mentioned before.

      1. Well fuck, that warms my heart. I am taking a break from the pussy pursuits, as you know, and will be living vicariously through your sexploits, and you didn’t disappoint. That was some Class-A game you used there, my friend. I’ll have to take notes on that one, in case I ever see a girl in the midst of actually surfing Tinder in the future.
        I agree that betas won’t become extinct. Well…yes and no. Maybe after a long, long time, things will get so bad, the truly weak will no longer be around. That could happen. But probably not for a long time, if at all. I wouldn’t bet on it either way…who knows for sure.
        The dinosaur thing…heh. There is a hell of a lot of proof that this is yet another scam. A hoodwink, as it were. I won’t get into that but I’ve researched the hell out of both sides of the argument, and it doesn’t look good for dinosaur believers. And this is something I would bet on.
        I really liked reading the article, I thought it was well-presented. Trump, yes, I think he’s a puppet. Goldman Sachs, their money makes his look like chump change. And look who’s in key positions in his cabinet.
        I watched “The Manchurian Candidate” the other night for about the fifth time (Denzel Washington version). The premise revolves around super-rich corporations running the world, and one in particular (Manchurian Global, which is strangely a hell of a lot like Goldman Sachs), utilized mind-controlled individuals, which they place in key positions. Like in the vice-presidency. Well…truth being stranger than fiction and all, if this is possible (and I have seen evidence that it is, and in the human form, if you catch my drift), how could men with that much power fail to use it…
        The solution is probably in between those two extremes somewhere. Meaning, Trump’s a beta wearing an alpha mask, or he’s a totally co-opted robot. Somewhere in between those two, probably. Sure hope he’s not a robot. We’ll probably never know for sure. It sure is entertaining though, the whole Trump thing…

        1. Tinder game is my favorite. I have successfully picked up two women on tinder in my life. On one I actually used the line “why don’t you put the fucking tinder down” with a smile. But this one, being totally wordless, I really want to convert into a lay. Taking breaks is good. But don’t go to rust.
          I liked the article too. The thing is about the “wuss” is that in a society where technology, wealth and convenience makes things easy for everyone there are simply going to be little sissies. So unless you really believe in the doomsday mad max scenario — which I think is just as absurd as the idea that the MSM is the go to source for truth — then there will be a good number of people who are just weak. Those people will bounce back and forth to whatever they think will give them the most benefit with the least work. Many think that that is pandering to feminists now. If that changes to pandering to abject masculinity it wont change a thing. It will just be a bunch of panderers. It will look nicer from the outside, but just like those crappy early 2000’s Porche Boxsters…I don’t care how much shiny red paint and porche logos you put on the thing, it is still running a Honda engine.
          As for Trump…puppet, no puppet…I don’t know enough about politics to say. I frankly don’t care enough to know. What I do know, however, is people. And I know a grade a beta chump when I see one. As a clue, if you want to know which limp dicked faggot has a big mass of insecurity find the guy with way too much fake tan, a bunch of hot models he pays to have seen with him in photos and puts 20 food letters of his name in gold on buildings while paying Forbes magazine to inflate his net worth and making an ass of himself on a reality tv show to prove what a big man he is. I won’t comment om his politics or his presidency. I just don’t fucking care and I don’t believe it matters. But I will say that anyone who thinks trump is a real alpha is just as dumb as the people who thought that a 3rd generation new England socialite yale legacy member of skull and bones was “folksy” because he put on a cowboy hat.

        2. “But I will say that anyone who thinks trump is a real alpha is just as dumb as the people who thought that a 3rd generation new England socialite yale legacy member of skull and bones was ‘folksy’ because he put on a cowboy hat.”
          Right on, dude. (I can’t believe I actually used to say, “right on”, way back when. Can’t believe I had long hair and wore bell-bottoms either. Jesus, being conservative has its strong points.)
          It’s interesting, this “alpha male” thing. It isn’t clearly defined. Most people have varying opinions, which I think is good. But what the hell is it. To one guy, it’s about confidence and being able to bang a lot of hot women. But I think there’s more to it than that. Maybe being “red pill” is a better way of saying it. But then, how many guys are there who are red pill, when it comes to being awake about women, but are totally against even researching things that might awaken them even more. Is that sort of behavior, alpha? I don’t know. Doesn’t seem like it.
          Trump, hey, nobody becomes president unless the wise guys want it to happen. Nobody. That’s just a fact of life. Very few people want to believe it, and that’s fine. Doesn’t change a damn thing though. Trump is too in your face. He’s always been very visible in the media. Like he’s living in a scripted TV show. Hmm. That’s closer to the truth, I think. I usually don’t care about who’s president either, because I know whoever gets in was handpicked. But I didn’t want Hillary in there. So I’m glad Trump “won”. Rather have a man up front, than a woman. I’m still pretty sure we’ll see a blatant homo, or a tranny, as president, in the not-too-distant future. Oh boy. Can’t wait.
          That shit is so far removed from our lives, it’s ridiculous. We aren’t players in the Big Arena, where the Master Mindfuckers ply their trade. If I can keep doing what I want to do, I’m good with it. Maybe open a few people’s eyes to some things they hadn’t considered, along the way. Bang some more hot women before I check out. Scale some new mountains (figuratively speaking). Then move on to the next venue of life…

        3. right on. cool beans. I think I actually referred to pussy as “trim” yesterday.
          Yeah, I didn’t want to see a bunch of fat cows all happy about Hilary and seeing the celebs lose their nut was pretty fun so all things being equal I guess it is better to have a male who is an insecure beta chump than a fat dykey chick as the face of our country. Further, in a country where Kim Kardashian has a half billion dollar media empire Donald Trump is the obvious choice for president. He is basically the same as Kim K.
          As for alpha/beta…I use the distinction here contextually but think that the words are essentially meaningless. I don’t have a good way to parse out some real differences. If I did I would write an article called Beyond The Alpha/Beta Binary

        4. A Honda engine would at least be balanced & not plagued with IMS bearing failures. Caymans same thing, look great-shit drivetrain.

        5. That’s an interesting idea for an article. When I was acting, I got a lot shit about it from guys I worked with. I had a regular job, too, which is what actors do, unless they hit it big. And I got all kinds of jealousy from the men I worked with. I wrote about that once in a comment. Anyway, there was this real estate developer I knew, who was one of the guys who hated that I could do things without even taking a class – I just did them. He was a really big deal in town. I heard him speak, got to know him, but I sized him up as an egomaniac with very little talent, who was driven to be rich, from the get-go.
          So he was at this meeting I was attending (I was working for a well-known business watchdog organization at the time), and he was excited about this novel, incredible idea that he’d put together. This was before I even knew him on any level, this was the first time I’d met him, other than to know he had something to do with the real estate game. I didn’t know what he did. I immediately thought, “He’s going to tell us about some building he carved up, to generate maximum revenue.” Sure enough that’s what he did. Now I know there’s an art to it, but hell, how many guys have developed real estate for a living. He acted as if he was Leonardo da Vinci.
          And I sense that from Trump. Same kinda guy. Father had money, and the son had braggadocio, and he just willed, cajoled, and bullied people to get the job done. I worked for a developer once who was like that – dumber than a box of rocks, but he used Trumpisms (and people). Couldn’t do any of it himself, he just ordered people around. One day he told me, “Get it done, Bob.” That was it for me. I disappeared. I had been working on a website for him. The contract was almost up. Finally one night, he called, and he was whining – heh. “Bob…please pick up the phone. I’m sorry.” Ah well, everybody’s different. That’s what makes the world go round.
          But these marginally talented, marginally intelligent (for lack of a better word) guys who get rich, that’s one of the downfalls of the modern world, I do believe. The only trait they share is unbridled greed. When they strike it rich, they just build more shit and buy more shit. Wow. Would love to sit at their knees, and have them impart wisdom to me. (Just kidding.)

        6. Cockles. Weird word. Christmassy, somehow. Egg nog and a fireplace. And hot chicks in your lap. Hoe-hoe-hoe. Sweet.

        7. “Her estranged husband has been accused of reporting Mrs Antia to police to improve his chances of winning custody of their children.”
          Better than what she should have gotten. Why these cucked husbands put up with this shit I will never know.

        8. “Acting on the tip-off, police arrested Mrs Antia and her alleged lover at 2.30am on May 2 as they walked out of the £477-a-night Radisson SAS Deira Creek Hotel in Dubai.
          Admitting adultery as she faced court on Sunday Mrs Antia said she had bought the man in question a plane ticket to Dubai from London. She said they had spent six days together.”
          Can’t make this shite up.
          But the last laugh is on the cuck – odds are, “his” kids, aren’t his.

        9. He probably just wants his special snowflake back. His legal posturing is just sour grapes. He wants to slurp the warm man-nog from his princess’s love tunnels. He misses it, obviously. It’s a beta thing. “Yes dear, no dear, whatever you say dear.”

        10. I know exactly how he can get her back, faster than he shoots his goo when looking through her bedroom keyhole while she’s in there playing “dentist” with her big buddies drilling her cavities:
          Genuine customer review copied from the online shop, for the hardcore beta-omegatrons to fantasise with:
          ” These are fun and my girl can orgasm when using it. The thing is, this one is long enough that it does not bottom out before hitting my internal curve. When she gets “energetic” and wants to orgasm, she presses in hard to increase stimulation against her clit. The result is I have to bear a bit of hard ramming, which means I tend to get my internals fucked into jelly. Depending on how you like it, that may be a feature and not a bug. Most days I like it. “

        11. I went to a strip club in TJ once. There was a dildo attached to a sawzall. For $20 bucks you could use it on one of the “dancers.”
          Best $20 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

        12. Money well spent, sounds like. We must pay for our education at times, in order to truly understand women for what they really are. I would like to take that Mexican short course myself.

        13. That’s your typical PuffHost-reading Clitler/Bernie/Stein-voting Cuckerborg-admiring Facialbook-addled SJW mangina, right there, Bob.

        14. I admire your ability to classify the subspecies of beta males…it’s both an art and a science, and I appreciate the obvious talent you possess for categorizing these fucktards.

        1. “You’re used to the kind with shopping bags walking through Central Park with the surgical masks on, muttering” – Annie Hall

        2. hahaha no…not so much on the 1 train going up to Harlem at 2 am. But on the downtown 6 during rush hour there is a decidedly better element.

        3. I can’t listen to this guy mumble through that atrocious accent. Still, by the title I can just assume what he is saying. Very funny stuff. I got on the train super, super even more than usual packed one day and asked if the train was going towards dachau. The girl I asked looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

        4. oh shit i’m gonna have to steal that: “Is this train going to dachau or treblinka?”

        5. Being on the ground floor for a brief stint, it is amazing the talent riding on the trains daily. I’ll likely soak up as much as I can before I head back. Maybe grab a bagel and slice from somewhere. Seems to be a lot less pizzerias than I remembered.

        6. The good ones are still here. Best slice shop in the city is still Carmine and 6th. But the hipsters have brought some awesome artisanal pizza joints out

        7. I’ll grab a slice from there then. I think I was trying to find that place two days ago, if it is the same pizzeria heading to Chinatown from Union Square. A few of the local pizzerias to my old stomping grounds are gone now and are either empty buildings or places I wouldn’t want to walk into.
          What of decent night lounges? Are there any worth going to on a Thursday night?

        8. Depends on what you are in to. Describe your ideal night and I will tell you where to go. Been here a while. I like my places, but they aren’t for everyone. A lot of guys would be bored there.

        9. Ideal night would be people engaged, friendly banter abound, plush seating, decent drinks at good prices, maybe a live band, playing jazz or blues, if possible that doesn’t exactly make themselves the focus of the night, with an available dance space. The place ideally has a comfortable enough vibe so that good looking women 23-28 show up well dressed and open to having fun. Ideally the ladies would also be a mix of white and foreign women, some black, some Spanish, but just a mix of friendly people just looking to enjoy the night and see where it takes them.

        10. easy peasy. You are pretty close to my wheel house. Try Flatiron Lounge on 19th street in Chelsea.

        11. Well, I suppose they could have rerouted the transport of the soccer people. “This way to the gad, ladies and gentlemen”. Hard to imagine any thing more beta than a soccer hooligan. Just give them edged weapons and have them go at each other.

      2. “Back to the issue at hand….modern betas will never become extinct”
        I think that even during strong patriarchial, alpha male societies there will always be a small percentage of spineless, girlyboy cheese-dicks. But in the case of current times it is the vast majority of men in western society who are betas. I’m guessing what the author meant is that betas will eventually become the minority again some day.

        1. agreed. The percentage of spineless, girlyboy cheese-dicks will be inversely proportionate to level of hardship in a society…but there is no zero sum where there are simply none of them.

        2. His (the author) definition of alpha: kings, warriors, rock stars, CEOs (not sure how a CEO is not beta). Anyone else is beta sooooo thats about 99% of the human race today. I may be a beta. Wait a minute, I might be a warrior, I totally killed a cheese log last weekend!! Yeah!!

        3. In declining societies, today’s beta is tomorrow’s alpha. In rising societies, today’s alphas are tomorrow’s betas. Just look at the 50s where even betas had families that looked up to them and compare to today’s crop.

        4. “today’s alphas are tomorrow’s betas”
          One thing I have noticed that some alpha men (not all) who age – and I’m talking when they hit their 60’s and 70’s become very beta – like timid mice. A few examples might include british Shakespearean actor Laurence Olivier who was a famous stage actor who later developed stage fright as he got older. I remember the tv interview of him when he talked about his stage fright – he truly looked frightened in his eyes. It’s weird seeing a man who was supremely confident and centered when he was young, then see him emotionally weak and debilitated. In such a case I blame aging as the culprit.

        5. I think weight lifting is very important for maintaining masculinity as we age. Muscle mass, and high T go a long way.
          The “Rogue health and fitness” blog has some good information related to all this, written by a guy over age 60.
          I’m only in my early 40’s, but I feel far more confident, strong, and masculine now then I did 10 or 20 years ago. It has a lot to do with lifting. I was always a wimp, and just started seriously lifting a couple years ago.

        6. You know how psychopaths get women hooked? They meet the woman and shower her with love and attention. Flowers, several texts per day, romantic gestures etc. Then after they get what they want, usually sex, the asshole comes out.
          The woman may spend years chasing those first few weeks or days. Most men don’t have it in them to do this. But it works. So well in fact, women have to be warned away from it. You ought to try it sometimes.

      3. I did something very similar at a conference two weeks ago. It is unbelievable how easily confidence opens legs.

        1. man what the fuck: i just had some 40 yo woman hit on me at a conference. I pretended to be autistic to get her to leave me alone

        2. Conferences are actually good places to pick up. And yes, there are lots of “strong and independent” desperate womyn chasing tail as well. Since everyone has a room to stay… conference hotels become whorehouses.

      4. ” I get eye contact, draw my wallet from the inside pocket of my suit jacket, remove my business card and place it over the screen of her phone covering the face of whatever doofus”
        Lolknee – keep us posted on this.

        1. I really hope I convert this one. It is totally in her ball park. if she gets in touch I will, without a doubt, bang. I will keep you guys posted. I really want to fuck a girl that I picked up without using a single word.

        2. Good one. My story. Friend wanted me to call a girl he was attempting to shake down. He was tripping cause failed to call him, he blew her up everyway possible. So desperate gave me her number, to see if would pick up so I could shake her down for him. Asked if he was sure wanted me to do such. Called, did my duty for friend…but her laughing and me playing with the strange situation…..

        3. I wonder what do you do for a living that just by giving your name card to a chick is enough to make her wanna suck your dick. lol

        4. Lol. Nope. I still haven’t heard from her yet so maybe it was a fail. We shall see

      5. Public transport is gold. Used to pass around my business cards to pretty girls in the Tube. Makes the journey on the hellish Central Line a bit more bearable. Excellent move.
        I always doubt everything and concerning Trump I have been racking my brains trying to find a flaw that will qualify him as a “beta in alpha mask”. Apart from being sometimes thin-skinned, I don’t see something that can put him in that category.

        1. I think his entire personality over the past 30 years is that flaw. That’s how I have always seen him. He is the epitome of clown game. No substance, massive insecurity, no real value, just a wuss…only he has money.

      6. “Remove my business card and place it over the screen of her phone covering the face of whatever doofus she is looking at”… GANGSTA MOVE! RESPECT!!!

      7. Nice story…not really a pick up, though. Could do that anytime. That big smile at the end could mean any number of things.
        Back to the issue at hand….betas, whatever they are today, will always be with us just as the poor, criminal, genius, stupid and all the rest will be with us. Hard to define what a beta male is anyway, it changes so fast.

        1. Agreed on both points. It won’t be a pick up until she gets in touch with me which she hasn’t yet. I’m being optimistic

      8. Good for you on the pick up man!
        I don’t know if this is “alpha mask” work, or just trying to man up, but I’ve been working on becoming less beta.
        I’ve been fairly blue pill beta wimp, pretty much my whole life (early 40’s now). I’m starting to wise up. I was fortunate to find a nice wife early on. We met in college, we were both shy, inexperienced, and very religiously traditional. Also, I’m fortunate that my wife is from another (much more feminine women) country.
        We’ve had a decent marriage, and she is still feminine, and wants to please me. She cooks, cleans, and has a pleasant demeanor.
        Still, I see that my indecision and lack of leadership has really harmed our marriage. Our sex life has always been fairly poor.
        Several years ago, I decided to embark on a “man up” project. One of the best things I did was to start lifting weights. Getting physically strong has really helped increase my confidence. I could never do chin-ups, pull-ups, or more than one pushup. Now, chin-ups, pull-ups, and pushups are a breeze.
        I’ve also realized that the conservative Christian circles that I’ve spent my life in really are pretty feminist in many ways (or cuckservative).
        I believe that the Christian faith is profoundly true (divinity of Christ, His substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, etc.), but in many ways most of the churches around seem to lie regularly to people (or at least inadvertently misinform) on several related issues.
        Feminism is one of them. I continually hear the feminine imperative from churches, even conservative “Bible believing” churches that would never consider themselves feminist.

        1. ”I continually hear the feminine imperative from churches, even
          conservative “Bible believing” churches that would never consider
          themselves feminist.”
          There ya go. Cuckservative churches aren’t of God. For if they are saved then the holy spirit would lead them to truth usually using the Scriptures but also other means.

    2. One problem: with the extinction of betas comes the end of Modern Beta Magazine. You’ll be out of a job, Bob.

      1. Aw, frig. Well, I still have The Period of Modern Feminism mag. Or I can start a new gig. Shit…I hope betas survive. I’m pretty confident they will, at least until after I’m long gone from this earth.

        1. Yeah, it’ll be a while before they’re gone. I’m sure they can still be portrayed in cartoon form as a memory of once was, and what should never happen again.

      1. Well done, young squire. Seriously. I love reading things that flow and make sense and offer up things I hadn’t considered. This was definitely one of those. Are you going to go back to Pizzagate, ever, or research and write about related episodes? I think you’d really score with some more of that. Part of that might be selfish on my part, because I am really into reading that kind of stuff, and you did a hell of a job with the last one. I know I’m not the only guy who feels that way, I’ve seen others comment in the same vein. So consider it, if you will, good sir…

  2. This article is too drenched in Darwinist thinking: women don’t care about the health or viability of their offspring. If they did, they wouldn’t be waiting until they were 35-40 to reproduce. They don’t care if their child has Down Syndrome. For modern women, a child is just an accessory like a purse dog. A child is just a way to ensure continued resource extraction from the father.

    1. Women don’t care if their children are intelligent or handsome or pretty etc. The rate of cuckoldry (a man unknowingly raising another man’s child) is really low, like under 5%. Most women are electing to have some balding effete nerd’s child.

      1. Emotional security seems to be the most important factor when a woman chooses a LTR partner nowadays. Children are a means of validation and narcissistic supply. Women are looking for a man that wont leave them. The less sexually attractive the better. The competition of the sexual marketplace affects women much more than men because they know that young sluts are running around giving pussy away everywhere. They also know that its hard for lesser males to pull it in consistently. Women want to know that their husband is going to commit all of his resources to her and not leave her for a younger, hotter piece when she starts to wrinkle. I think its the reason most women are so depressed these days. The entire female existence is wired to find and attract alpha male attention and ultimately alpha male sperm. Today’s women dont want to compete in the sexual marketplace they begged and marched to create. The more they fight for full sexual freedom, the more they make finding and keeping a quality male almost impossible. Most of us have woken up and will spin plates until our dick dont work anymore.

    2. Yea, i never much aligned with the “women ALWAYS go after resources and the “alpha” bs” Seen many a Dime piece being the bread winner in the relationship because she’s dating some 28 year old loser who’s spent the last 2 years trying to be a tattoo apprentice. But on the flip side ive seen a guy who adopted the child of a woman he married 2 months after they met. They got divorced about 4 months later but he is still choosing to support the child. People are stupid man.

      1. Women follow the tingles first and foremost. The tattoo apprentice probably has an I dont give a fuck attitude and fucks the shit out of her. Oppositely, the guy adopting another man’s child is a hard beta tell and no woman finds that kind of behavior attractive. Resources only seem to be a priority nowadays if the female has zero intention of working and making money for herself. Feminism kind of helps men out in this regard because few men will be expected to fully support a woman.

    3. Darwinism is only a small part of the article, similarities present but not a copy-paste. Could be summarised in one line “Betas will see their numbers greatly decrease. Partly their fault but also some exterior factors.”

  3. There is no evidence for evolution as a way for speciation to occur. Evolution within a species yes. Not inter-species.

  4. Women don’t believe intelligence or physical beauty are genetically determined: they’ve been taught “we’re all equal” for the past 50 years.

  5. For allegedly being so alpha, how many children does Putin have? 1 daughter i thought … meanwhile Cletus in bumfuck kentucky has 6. So who’s the alpha male?

      1. this idea that says that alpha male = absurd ‘muricin dream with house and kids and wife is, frankly, pathetic.

        1. also, wasn’t putin recently involved with some older (40-50ish) Chinese woman? He is divorced right?

  6. Darwin came from immense wealth. He also thought 95% of the population shouldnt be allowed to procreate. He would be a Democrat if he was alive today

        1. why don’t you crawl over here on your little stubby lungfish fins and say that to my face! lolz

        2. Neither does the dinosaur thing. I can heap mounds of evidence on the table that disproves they ever existed. That’s a stretch for most people, but then…once you look at the evidence, it isn’t a stretch. “Dinosaur experts” have been busted making fake plaster casts of non-existent creatures. The notion that fossil fuel is what we put in our cars, is more retarded than believing in Santa Claus. Puddles of fossil fuel, from the dinosaurs. Come on. They can do better than that, can’t they? Well, they probably can, but they don’t have to – put it in a school textbook and everybody believes it. Simple shit.

        3. There was a fascinating show on History Ch, called “The Search for Ancient Giants” or something to that effect. Newspaper clips(and some photos) from late 1800s/early 1900s, bones sent to the Smithsonian only to magically disappear (the Smithsonian apparently became a federal agency, 1870s or so). A lot of these giant remains were found in Corsica or Sardinia too, yet know one other than the locals seems to think this is a huge find. Giants in the Bible, cant have anyone thinking those writings are anything more than parables, ya know? It simply cant be historic, it conflicts with the narrative…

        4. Question: Let us say that tomorrow we found, proof positive, indisputable by all people, evidence that Dinosaurs never existed. What would that change?

        5. yup. I have a book on the giants. The mounds in the American midwest held lots of 8-9 ft skeletons. Just swept under the rug.

        6. I had to re-read your post to see if you were serious or joking. So, you’re telling me that people faked all the fossils to… trick us for fun?

        7. Yea oil isn’t fossil fuel in the sense, Rockefeller had a few scientist coin the term in the 1890s simply because crude oil has hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon which all living organisms have and so by claiming it was a fossil fuel meant it was finite and he could charge more for it but I don’t think it is, I work in the oil field and they keep finding massive amounts and old oil wells tend to have oil back in them when left alone for a bit.

        8. Why isnt this front page news? Fee-Fi-Foh-Fum, they really did smell blood of Englishmun

        9. because it would discredit the image of the peaceful indigenous american indian: turns out they committed genocide against the red haired giants

        10. Well they ate the indians from time to time. You do not fuck with a 9 ft tall ginger

        11. Wisconsin also. That’s one of the places the smithsonian got the remains from and destroyed, one employee kept a femur bone and used it as evidence when the smithsonian was sued over it. It’s pretty messed up they had something that interesting and would simply destroy it or even hide it.

        12. yup i read the giants were cannibals. But that’s no reason to genocide them. #giantlivesmatter

        13. Yeah. I know a dude in the oil field. He told me they cap wells all the time, to limit the supply. What’s your take on it – do you think its a naturally replenishing resource, that emanates from under the earth.

        14. Nothing. A lot of people would stop attending school. Well…no. They wouldn’t give a fuck. They do what they’re told.

        15. But that is just it. It wouldn’t make a lick of difference if we knew Dinosaurs didn’t exist. Because their existence or non existence has no effect whatsoever, then why not just go with they exist. The Museum of Natural History is so nice.

        16. Yeah. It’s “his story” and he’s sticking to it. That’s what gets me about his-storyans. They are so sure of themselves. Yum, that blue pill tastes so…fuckin’…good. Giants probably existed, I think. So did little people – very little. I worked for a dude once, a real estate guru. He and I would talk about paranormal shit all the time. One day he told me something he had never told anyone, for fear they would think he was crazy.
          He said that when he was in his teens, he was at his parents’ lakehouse. They had a boathouse in back. He swears that he saw this little man – looked like an elf or a dwarf but it wasn’t human – scramble out of some bushes, then it turned and looked at him (he was on the porch out back), and then it dived under the boathouse and just disappeared.
          I’ve seen shit that doesn’t add up, of a similar vein. So have lots of people.
          Education and the media are all about controlling the narrative, to protect the elite’s interests. You can throw organized religion in there, too. It’s pretty obvious if you keep your mind open, and live long enough.

        17. Yes, oil has been found way deeper than any fossil, also when I see road kill I know scavengers are gonna eat it then maggots and worms and eventually just some bones will be left, the idea that when dinosaurs die they melt down into the earth to turn into pockets of black goo doesn’t make sense to me. They do limit the supply and always talk about it running out but it won’t, they just found more in west Texas that’s 3x bigger than the North Dakota pocket that’s a mixture of crude and natural gas. Hopefully there’s another boom after trump takes office. Oil will always be around that’s why they try to stop green energy because they know it won’t run out like people are afraid of.

        18. “He told me they cap wells all the time, to limit the supply”.
          There is a fixed cost to extract it, so when if falls below a certain floor they stop. The industry that does fracking needs oil to be over $50 a barrel IIRC before they can turn a profit.

        19. The elite use that “supply and demand” shit all the time. Another case in point, besides oil – diamonds. So very valuable. Basically, really hard glass. But the elite own all the diamond mines. They push the narrative that they are priceless, women have to have them. It could be Quaker Oats bars, or any damned thing. They sell the narrative, people believe it, they get fleeced.
          Have you ever been told to cap a well, and shut up about it. My buddy I told you about had that happen. He says they keep a lid on what’s really going on, and he claims that he’s seen oil just coming out of the seabeds, in the ocean, just…bursting on out, on its own. Your comment about the new find in West Texas made me think of that…

        20. He said more about the whole thing…scroll down a ways. I don’t know, I’m just the messenger here.

        21. I was watching Antiques Roadshow (Yes, I will watch it, eff you guys) and this English fellow brought out an early photograph, maybe from the 1890s. The appraiser said he had seen many of these, with fake faeries within the photo, but this one made his jaw drop- it appeared to non-doctored, a photo or a 1 foot tall human-like creature standing in the grass. He claimed this to be proof faeries existed, and the photo was priceless.
          This was on PBS.

        22. Yea they’re doing a lot of that capping in Colorado right now because oil prices are low they will drill out a spot that they have a lease for and then cap it off and once oil prices go back up over $60 a barrel then they’ll run flow lines and do everything else to it once the money for them is right. The wages are so high in the oil field the return has to be worth it to work it but since they have a time frame on certain leases they drill and cap at the minimum.

        23. It’s one of those deals where there’s another side to the story. Most people never look into that side. If they do, in this case, they will start to have doubts. But cognitive dissonance usually does the trick, they stop researching, because, well that just can’t be. Everybody knows that’s crazy.
          Being from a family of Masons and Templars, I know the kind of shit they pull. This one fits the bill. But I would suggest looking into it, the evidence against the dinosaur argument. Then see what you think.
          One thing – those huge Tyrannosaurs. Little T-Rex arms, huge legs. The density of their bones. I mean. If they fell over, they’d be toast. I read something once, that explained the density of their bones would have to be of a magnitude that was mathematically impossible, in order to support all that weight. Their bones would snap if they were real.
          Like I said, if a guy is interested, he might want to Google “dinosaur hoax”. Check it out. Make up your own mind, or somebody else will. I do know that much for certain.

        24. That makes total sense from a business standpoint. Thanks for sharing that one. Have you ever seen oil just bubbling up, either out of the ground on land, or underwater, like my buddy has.

        25. “One thing – those huge Tyrannosaurs. Little T-Rex arms, huge legs. The density of their bones. I mean. If they fell over, they’d be toast”
          And just try getting one of them to pick up the tab

        26. There is a oil field called the White Tiger Field in Vietnam. The host rock is in fractured granite. Now, I understand from conventional geology that oil is driven out of the source rock (a shale) up a migration pathway (fractures or sediments) into the host rock. Unfortunately there is no source rock into the Granite, that’s it, there is no migration pathway from any source rock into the granite. It must come from within the earth where no living material exists.
          There are other examples world wide, the abiotic genesis of hydrocarbons is legit. How else can we can detect hydrocarbons on other planets?

        27. I read a article recently talking about how scientist said the brontosaurus couldn’t survive unless earths atmosphere was totally different and almost all oxygen because even tho it’s extremely huge it’s nostrils we’re the same size as a horses and it would be impossible for it breath enough oxygen through its small nose and long neck considering the earths atmosphere is 19-22% oxygen.

        28. I know, right? (Sound like a chick there, “Righhh-EATTT?”) They turn into Now-you-see-us-now-you-don’t-asauruses in a hurry, when it’s time to pull out their dino-cash…

        29. There have been some “scientists” over the years, who were busted planting plaster dinosaur “bones” in the ground, and then digging them up. This is all documented. Now why would they do that? I can think of one really huge reason…heh.

        30. I haven’t personally but when they first started using oil it was because they found it bubbling out of the ground, it has to be some kind of natural occurrence and they were smart to sell it for what they claim it is. And with drilling technology getting better they’ll keep finding more of it and like now they’ll be a surplus and prices will be low which isn’t a bad thing. Also with the diamonds I agree and it’s retarded people sink thousands into them thinking they are rare and special.

        31. The world is a strange place. Stranger than we are led to believe, and brother, we are most definitely led (by our noses, mostly). I’ve experienced so many things, most of which I won’t talk about. That’s how “out there” they are. But a lot of people have experienced similar things, or completely different things. The guy I worked with who told me about the “troll” he saw, he made me swear I would never tell anybody that he told me. And I’m not, I’m writing about it, not telling it. As long as his name is left out, no harm done. But that’s the fear people have – don’t talk about what they see if it is considered “out there”. Weird sort of notion to have, don’t you think. What’s the harm. Why would anybody care.

        32. Interesting. Yeah, if a bunch of us ROK-ers had some money (real money), we could claim something was precious, and market it, and people would want it. Even if it caused cancer, smelled like shit, and had no practical use. People would hoard it, save it, sell it at tradeshows. Heh. Bizarre shit, that.

        33. as an addendum, the fact that it doesn’t matter whether or not Dinosaurs exist is the same as the question of god. Whether or not god exists is totally fucking irrelevant. That people get their panties all twisted about this shit, let alone go to war over it, is fucking hilarious. I have long claimed apatheism and will always claim apatheism. If believing in god or believing there is no god is some small source of importance in ones personal life, I have no problem with that. But in the end, the question just doesn’t matter…much less the answer. Same with dinosaurs. The same with the elite. Wake up and look around. This is the world. This is the game you have been given to play. Now play and win.
          It is not much different than you describe gambling. Sure the sports are fixed. So what? What does it matter? As long as you can identify enough of a pattern in order to win more than you lose then the effective causes of those patterns just don’t fucking matter.

        34. Exactly. If you profit for your own personal use, to improve your own world, that’s what matters.
          I like figuring shit out though. Seeing through scams. Some of them are staggering (and brilliant). I admire a good scam.

        35. right and that is great…that you like figuring stuff out. The important thing to remember is the difference between stuff you enjoy and stuff that is important. Enjoying pulling some threads and seeing what is going on is one thing. Imagining that it matters in any way is no different than sportsball fanatics going bat shit when their team wins the superseries.

        36. It isn’t going to matter. Not in the grand scheme of things. You would be surprised if you saw some of the articles and essays I have written, just to suss things out to my own satisfaction. Never showed most of them to anybody, probably never will. I just have a thirst for knowledge, and I like to use reductio ad absurdum (and other techniques) to find out the real score. Surprisingly, as with sportsball, much of it actually makes me prosper financially. Funny how that works. Real knowledge. Not the bullshit they teach you in school, or on TV…

        37. I get it. I’ve written a bunch of stuff for my own satisfaction as well. Hell, I went to college and graduate school to become a professor before I jumped and went corporate, so I really do understand the impulse. To me, the value indicator is always inwards though. Nothing is ever “what is the value of this” but always “what is the value of this to me” I think it is just a more sane and rational way to live.

        38. This is the game you have been given to play. Now play and win.

          But if you find yourself playing in a rigged game, the only way to win is not to play.

        39. I don’t believe that is true. The game is rigged, but it isn’t rigged against you. You don’t matter enough for that. Once you figure out how the rigging works you can manipulate it for your own gain.

        40. I believe Society’s mothers reduce the value of every girl to sub-worthless, as part of a rolling conspiracy to remove their competition from being able to compete. Every single girl, even girls with careers, are desperately selling their worthless favour, all entitled by lives of conditioning to believe they’re owed something just for existing.
          Bringing life to this planet is only undertaken by monsters-in-denial. I hold that PUAs only appear to be winning in a game that is rigged for all men, and that the only way to win is not to play.

        41. Why would it make me happy? It’s merely the reality I perceive…if you perceive a different reality, one where women have value and are worth suffering to please, do tell me…

        42. suffering to please? no. No difference there. I do think women have value though. They are soft and smell nice and are pretty and fun to stick your dick into and when they laugh at your jokes it is nice.

        43. I’ve seen a bigfoot up close and personal and they look like the critters from the ramayana and battle at lanka……dogmen and squatch in those pictures. A whole secret history is out there.
          Missing 411 CANAM check it out they got a trailer for the new film about missing people in national parks.
          The look on the officials face when he asks if they keep a list of all those people is gold.
          The rangers flat out say they cannot answer the questions and even say they might have said too much.

        44. My uncle used to work in a rock quarry in the 1970’s and bring me home little fossils that he’d find. What are those? You can find trilobite fossils all over Ohio without even having to hardly work.

        45. I don’t know man. I know guys have been busted planting fake fossils. I know the math doesn’t work on those huge dinosaurs. They’d never be able to walk without breaking their bones. I’m sure some sort of dinosaurish creatures existed at some point. But I’m also sure that a bunch of alleged “finds” were faked. The fact that even one of them was faked should raise eyebrows. But it’s more than one.
          I couldn’t resist dropping this notion into the comments section. But some things you just gotta let go. This is one of them. I think lolknee wrote something like, “If there weren’t any dinosaurs, what would it matter?” I thought about that one for a long while earlier today. That was a great point. It really doesn’t matter if they did or didn’t.
          Hey about your dreams. I had another tidbit to add to that discussion we were having last night –
          You mentioned being unable to wake up sometimes, during a dream. By practicing dreaming techniques, you will be able to become proficient at waking yourself up whenever you might need to do it. There are countless stories of people who disappeared, over the course of history. In many cases this involves a wife and a husband – maybe the wife disappears one night, never to be seen again. The husband wakes up, she’s just gone. Or vice versa. Or maybe their child disappears.
          Well, there have been numerous people who have claimed – even though they didn’t want to do so because like everybody else, they were afraid everyone would think they were crazy – that they woke up in the middle of the night, and saw their spouse, half in this world, and half somewhere else. Half of their body was visible, half of it wasn’t. Or two-thirds of it. Whatever. This gives weight to Castaneda’s concepts about man being able to visit other worlds in his dreams. Sometimes, with his entire body (or part of it, or only via his dreaming body, his physical body staying entirely behind).
          I had this dream that was frighteningly real a couple of years ago, and this sort of thing just happens as you progress through your dreaming practices. I am fairly well convinced (but not totally) that it was a real incident that happened in another world, but the ability to wake myself up saved my ass.
          I was standing on a train platform, waiting for a train. It looked like Vegas, I can’t be sure on that one – maybe a Vegas of the future. This short black man, very well dressed, started walking toward me. He was holding a folded-up newspaper in his right hand. He was wearing glasses, plastic black frames. I didn’t pay him much attention, I kept staring at the big overhead board that displayed train arrival times. When he got about two feet to my left, he pulled a gun out, from inside of the folded-up newspaper, and shot me point-blank through the left eye with a small-caliber pistol. Boom – I’m on the ground, and I’m looking up with my one good eye. I feel no pain at all. I’m conscious, but I know I’m dying. A crowd starts to gather. People looking down at me. The black dude is long gone. This was as real as anything that ever happened to me in waking life. But at the last moment, I knew I could save myself…I just had to wake up. And I did.
          Life ends in death. Or…maybe there’s an escape clause. These sorcerer dudes claim there is. And I believe I most likely escaped death in that dream world, so maybe there is an escape clause. Who’s to say.
          Maybe it is exactly what we think it is, whatever that might be…maybe thought is gravity.

        46. I’ve read about that – the missing people in national parks. I will check out that trailer, that kind of thing is right up my alley. Ever hear of the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro, North Carolina? I saw it. Twice. Heard it several times – like a cross between a woman screaming and a baby crying. This thing made two appearances in North Carolina. Once back in 1953, and again in around 2008. Farm animals had the blood drained from them. Dogs, too. Their skulls were crushed in some cases. Many people have seen it.
          I am totally into that kind of thing. The thing about that beast I saw? My girlfriend saw it, too. It was in a field one night, as we were driving along a country road. Plain as day.
          That’s cool that you saw a bigfoot. Where did this happen, and how long did you see it? If you don’t mind talking about it, that is.

  7. According to evolutionary theory, those african migrants will become blonde hair blue eye nordics in a few generations … not happening.

    1. Its likely they will fill mass graves sooner rather than later.
      An economic collapse of the West is guaranteed. When it does happen, the invaders will go first. Then the sjw’s.
      It will be glorious.

  8. Ive always laughed on the inside when I get ‘called out’ for fucking my ‘friends’ girlfriends or ex girlfriends, especially since not a single one was actually married to them and have no real standing to get mad at me.
    Be mad at yourself for being the kind of simp a girl is ok cheating on. Punks.
    To the VICTOR goes the spoils.
    Keep sobbing pathetically, that way youll never actually be a competitor.

    1. Never blame the guy who bangs your girl. It is your fault: either for choosing poorly or not meeting her needs. I am with you: I have no issue wish fucking another mans girl. Shit, half the time I consider it a tough lesson and feel he should thank me.

      1. Looking back on my college days, I’d say 70% of the girls I slept with had boyfriends. I used to say, “a boyfriend is an obstacle, not a roadblock. And sometimes he’s not even a fucking obstacle.” This one girl at a party shot me down by saying she had a boyfriend. I said the line above verbatim, she got offended, and walked away. A couple hours later she had my cock in her mouth. Funny how that works.

      2. Depends. Just some random dude? Ok, whatever. A friend though? There’s wrong, and then there’s damned wrong. And that would be damned wrong.

        1. It would get weird for sure, but in the end it would probably be a favor

        2. I couldn’t do that to an actual friend. You’re not betraying some random stranger whose gal you fuck, but you’re crossing a large line of trust with the friend if you do something like that. A friend is somebody I should feel comfortable leaving my money on the counter around when I walk out of the room, metaphorically speaking. Sure, he bangs my girl and sure, he “shows me she’s awful” but he does so by betraying a trust that I only put in friends. No matter how much of a “favor” he may view it, he’s still betrayed a strong pillar that forms the basis of a friendship.

        3. What about if you call him ahead of time and have him in the closet with a camera while you bone her and he gets it on video so during the divorce he gets out free and clear

        4. Well then, that’s entirely different, because clearly you’ve clued him in that she’s a cheating whore and then are demonstrating it to him with him present which would presumably be consensual and he’d be looking for actual proof. This is the opposite of a breach of trust, it’s reinforcing the trust through proof where you’re giving him advance warning of bad tidings.
          Which is not the same thing at all as cheating with a friend’s girl behind his back, which is where most cheating occurs. The underhanded, behind the back stuff is a major, major breach of trust in a friendship, no matter how one tries to rationalize it after the fact of it happening. If I can’t trust a guy to do me right when I’m not around, chances are, we’ll never make it to the status of friends anyway.

        5. I probably would agree with you but I honestly don’t know any people in my immediate periphery who I would give a shit about. I think, in the end, if I knew and liked a guy and his wife tried to get with me I would tell the guy and not bang. Haven’t really been in the position. Again, as for strangers…fuck em…

        6. btw with regard to doing things behind someones back. Do you think Helen Keller cared if people talked behind her back?

        7. Well, technically, behind somebody’s back is actually his front. Which makes the saying actually rather nonsensical. It means you’re doing something in front of somebody.
          English – The Language That Doesn’t Have To Make Sense!(tm)

        8. Not necessarily. I can say I am doing something 10 feet behind someone’s back. But front or back, the Helen Keller question remains the same.

    2. Hmmm. All of my buddies in college had the understanding that girls we were “dating” were community property. But we did not enable girls to get “revenge” on one of us by letting another one of us fuck her.
      I hope your comment is more about some dude being a loser, rather than you being a squirrel.

  9. Most of this site frequent visitors will also become extinct so I don’t understand what the point of this article is.
    I’ve recently noticed a certain lack of self-reflection in most of the recent articles here.
    What’s going on? Is the red pill getting slightly pinkish these days? lol

  10. “Case in point: Sweden. Combo of low-T men, feminists in power and Mohammedan hordes cause civilization to reach total collapse. Globalists win”
    Man, you aint kiddin’. This video does an excellent job at analyzing the white-anglo mentality and why it feels the need allow itself to be exterminated. Towards the end the presentation also declared that it is no longer about left or right, but rather opportunism at the expense of nationalism. It is outright depressing to see old film footage of sweden and swedish people from decades ago they included in this video Running time 28 minutes

    1. I have recently been in Stockholm and it saddened me. I wanted to leave as soon as I arrived. Berlin gave me the same feeling. It’s gone. What they can do is move on and think about the next chapter

      1. “What they can do is move on and think about the next chapter”
        I hear you – what is the next chapter for them?

        1. Try to raise a family somewhere less fucked up. Leaving seems like the only solution. Any will to rebel will be crushed by their feminazi police state

  11. That first picture, pretty much sums up the article- Grade A read.
    Concerning Putin…
    …That ain’t a real president…that’s a muppet / actor / spy still enlisted under the bolshevik devils.
    He just acts /portrays what americans like.
    ,,Yo bro’ ! check out Putin’s gunslinger walk.”
    ,,Yo brooo’ ! Check out what Putin said about X state”
    Either americans have a short memory, or they are completely ignoring the underlying facts about the people ( more or less ) that this guys represents.
    But anyway…
    Carry on with worshiping the vectors that brought you neo-marxism, bolshevism, feminism. That turned your brothers into manginas and weak men and whorefied your sisters.
    Either way you calculate it, whatever way you try to turn it…
    The truth is still there.
    Either you wake the fuck up.
    Or you don’t.

    1. Trumps secretary of state allowed faggotry into the boy scouts, Putins buddy as well. We are in a culture war and morality/Christendom is atop of the list. Trump is going to be puppet I’m betting. I remember him defending some states decision to allow men into womens bathrooms……such a leader. He also sucks Israel cock like they all do. I think he means well but is seriously misguided, because he’s really never thought on these things, and they will warp him completely before it’s over.

      1. Why is it that every leader of the Boy Scouts is a gay advocate?
        0bama’s shared SecDef, Robert Gates, pushed for it as well.

    2. Just look at Putin’s face and ears closely; he is no more a Christian than Benjamin Netanyahu. He is just another crypto Jew, having conveniently converted to Orthodox Christianity. How convenient.

      1. he looks Slavic, really Slavic. He actually looks really similar to my paternal grandfather – no Jew genes

        1. He is Uralic = Mongoloid + North European/Baltid. Thirty thousand Jews lived in the Ural region of the Soviet Union.

    3. I only used the image as I find the metaphor of the drowning man very pertinent. Regardless of Putin’s nature.

  12. Another things.
    I’m closer so I’m in position to bring a spec of light onto this situation.
    Although I’ve done it before and yet nobody gives a fuck.
    ,,Case in point: Russia, Poland, Hungary. Western civilization deflects the assaults of globalism, keeps a system based on ethnocentrism and patriarchy. ”
    Along it’s history Poland has proven it’s submission towards Russia.
    Few men stood up, and that was enough back then > see Ryszard Kuklinsk
    Hungary > was the best athlete among the Soviet Satelites. Constantly executing every single bidding and reverence that Moscow had them do. Guess who is Hungary’s Patron…that’s right….Russia.
    I won’t even talk about Russia…you guys talk about like it’s some ideal planet where the ladies are ladies and males are masculine…completely ignoring the fact that journalists there do not exist or they don’t live very long – don’t trust me…please check this out for yourselves.
    Poverty is a way of life way over there.
    Oh yeah !
    The very first gay parade was in Petersburg in 1915.
    Check out famouse quotes from Trotski and Lenin about how Christianity ,,has to dissapear”. You guys have no idea what bolsheviks ( which still run the country ) did to the native russians…how many they killed…tortured…to renounce Christ.
    And last but not least…we come into our days…
    Angela Merkel – KGB agent goes on public TV and says : ,,REFUGEES WELCOME”
    and just like that 4 million muslims ,,travel” through Turkey like it’s a breeze, ,,cross” borders ( Turkey – Greece ) leaving mayhem wherever they step foot.
    You guys…are very, very, very…misinformed and unfortunately highly manipulated.
    The betas here are you guys.

    1. I’m becoming more and more inclined to agree with you. The worship these people have for eastern Europe, Russia in particular, is ridiculous. Russia is a corrupt shithole, but alt-righters seem to believe it to be heaven on earth.

      1. It’s called selective propaganda. Russia’s agents are specialized in narrative manipulation and alternating perspectives to suit their interests.
        + the fact that the media is…well….you know
        Big words, I know but think about it.
        If I want to kill your friend, the first thing I do is make you think he’s a bad guy. And afterwards push that narrative until you eventually either ask me to kill him or agree for me to do it.
        Kinda’ like that but apply it on nations.
        True story.

        1. “Russia’s agents are specialized in narrative manipulation and alternating perspectives to suit their interests.”
          The funny part about this is that Americans and Brits have known this for 60 years already. Shit, Bond movies were making fun of it in the early 1960’s. This is to say that the tactics of Russian manipulation have been main stream pop culture in American since the early 60’s. Short memories and too much television me thinks.

        2. Kindly note, some of the biggest known KGB successes were homosexual recruitment at colleges type deals – Burgess, Philby, etc.

        3. KGB differs from country to country…
          I’m only familiar with what I’m familiar with…
          With what you’re saying…I had no idea.

        4. well…the people who run russia ain’t russian natives…that’s for sure.
          And they also have Israeli citizenships.
          Go figure.

        5. the bad side of jewish wisdom in effect.
          Changing the world…literally…into homosexuals and satanists ( violent atheists ).

      2. Does make you wonder though what percentage of the population in any one country say Russia is psychopathic. We can never know but with the hard conditions all this time I would say it is quite high since emotions tend to interfere with survival.
        One could say that a psychopath is the top Alpha since the non-psycho in the fight would hesitate to kill or execute certain actions.

    2. Russia is a corrupt Oligarchy run by crime lords and ex-KGB officers. Stealing (extortion and plagiarizing) is in the fabric of Russian culture. Anyone who’s been there for business, politics, or academics has experienced this. Free speech does not exist. Government critics are assassinated. Journalists disappear. They have one of the fastest declining birthrates in the world and some of the highest rates of drug and alcohol use. Russophiles who adore it so much should live there. Not just visit. Live there for a few months.

      1. Some of their females might have some useful genetics from my standpoint as a man but I would say it’s probably not worth wading through the shit pile to get at them and keep them.

      2. not so certain about natives…natives have no idea who’s governing them.
        russians in majority don’t know.
        it’s not the natives’ fault.
        If the natives even dare to yell a word…homelad fsb comes knockin’.

    1. what is wrong with botox? Like anything else, if used in excess it is no good for you. But I see no problem with a person who, as he gets to an age like putin, simply uses the technology at his advantage to allow himself to look better. Looks matter. They matter a whole lot fucking more than most of the shit that some people on this site seem to care about.

        1. I am not being sarcastic. I further don’t except your nickel and dime definition of masculinity. I don’t think farting out some fucking shit factories is masculine at all. Vanity and narcissism are traits all humans have. Hiding from that fact is what signals feminine flaw to me. Learning it exists and mastering it is much more important. The whole no true scotsman argument about masculinity that I see coming from the whole “you have to get yourself a wife and procreate” sucker is, at best, laughable and at worse a terrible influence in society to other weak minded individuals who can’t see past it. You want to go be a cowboy that is great. But keep your harebrained paradigm of what it means to be a man away from my life

        2. and you are a beta who needs to affirm his own life choices as being “alpha” to make life seem less intolerable.

        3. every week I get my nails done. It is wonderful. And yes, to some extent your life choices determine who you are. However, you create a value for life choices which doesn’t actually exist in order to make your own seem objectively better or “correct” which, in itself, is a life choice…specifically the same life choice that every 15 year old girl makes when they decide who is cool and who isn’t.

        4. I am so lax about personal grooming. When i was younger, I was into the clothes, the look, etc. Now, I just don’t care. I work out, that’s good enough for me. It’s all about life choices. What I was like at 25 is way different from what I am like now. What I value now is way different. I wear nice shirts and shorts, sometimes jeans. That’s all.
          Kudos to you for not giving a fuck about what people think in that regard – getting your nails done. If I lived in the Big Apple, and I had a job at a major company, I’d probably do the same thing. Different stimuli and surroundings create different mannerisms and habits. For sure, dude.

        5. I know it’s NY.
          Seen mouse utopia experiment? In over crowded spaces the males tend to groom themselves a lot more than in less populated areas.

        6. a mans life choices are his own. I wouldn’t presume to say my way of doing things has some kind of value above and beyond someone elses (well I would but mostly for trolling lulz). The point is that there is a very small minded feeling that a lot of people have that they things they think are somehow true rather than just the things they think.
          That said, I do go pretty over board with care. Between nail care, skin care (both in spas and at home), massages, facials….hell, even my hair appointment is on a schedule in the computer and loaded as an ical in my phone so I have the same day each month. I put effort into wardrobe as well. It is for me. The routine is good for my ocd and between my insane workout schedule as well as my insane personal grooming I am happier and feel a lot better about myself. I only own one pair of jeans and rarely wear them. I am of the mindset that wool pants, a knit tie and a blazer with loafers = casual.
          Always Different Strokes. That’s the deal. The trick is to find the stroke that is for you and go with it despite what others think and without the pathological need to try to convince others that your way is in some way superior or more whatever.

        7. That’s the trick, avoid proselytizing. I know damn well people look down on others for doing what they do, even if they don’t admit it, or, they look down on them for thinking what they think. But that’s just conditioning. Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. It can be frustrating when you realize this, and others don’t, but I gave up activism a long time ago. Because people either can’t wake up, or they don’t want to wake up. Life goes on.
          Now if you can bang that girl you caught on Tinder – that’s something I want to know about. Hope it works out for you. Sounds like it might. I am not happy about avoiding the scene for another six weeks or so, but I have priorities. And a big payoff at the end. That’s more important. More money equals more pussy. That’s a damned law…
          Plus, I will be telling my own stories about the chicks I bang in Nevada next year. Guys who make bank at gambling, they make every woman’s panties wet. No exceptions. Like shooting tuna in a barrel…

        8. gotta do what you gotta do. Banging Tinder girl is up to her. If I hear from her I will bang her. Just a matter of whether she pings me or not.

        9. Well hell, you know it works. The game angle. That’s gold for every guy here…thanks for sharing.

        10. “More money equals more pussy. That’s a damned law…”
          THis is true but only half the story. Money is everything. ANyone who says money doesn’t matter is either very, very rich and trying to stay that way or very very poor and trying to make themselves feel better. Money is the only thing that matters.

        11. In the material world, that is the damned truth. I like material pleasures. Women flip the fuck out over the sportsball angle. Like drooling dogs. Suddenly I’m a 10 in their eyes. And that’s why I’m gonna do it full-time next year. Well, that, and I know I can bang down the money. It’s really odd. I am starting to pull women as never before. And I’m fucking ancient. This is not lost on me. I know it’s because of success – and particularly, success at something women think is really alpha. (Winning at sports betting.) I stopped going to this strip club in my neck of the woods, because the bitches there are now fighting over me when I go in the place. They all have designs on separating me from my cash. I have banged out a few of them. Only one repeat performance. Why only one? Because they’re fucking strippers. Heh.
          That being said, I am a little leery of how I will handle this in Nevada. I do go to strip clubs there, but it’s different. Way more upscale men there. And I am pretty much all business when I go up there on weekends. I’m a bit concerned that I will indulge in that stripper, hooker and out-of-town pussy, when I’m up there full-time. I have a tendency to get into the hedonism of it all. But that’s my only concern.
          I’ve actually been thinking about getting an STR lined up in Nevada, to keep me on the straight and narrow. I could burn through thousands in a strip club, and get VIP treatment all night. Or sample the goods in my hotel room. Weaknesses. Yeah, I got ’em…I will probably find a few really hot strippers who pull horizontal refreshment duty on the side. Reach a financial arrangement. Have a small group of repeat performers. Better that way.

        12. Not sure about Nevada…but here in downtown Gomorrah I have found that a little self control and steady playing and one can keep themselves grounded while enjoying all the hedonistic pleasures life has to offer.

        13. I can burn through cash. That’s a weakness. I love tossing it out and having fun. I know my weakness in that regard. So, with the newfound mega-attention I’m getting, that made me stop and think. Hell, I burned through probably – I don’t even want to add it all up. Just in the last year. I would guess well over $50,000. On strip clubs, nights out in bars. That doesn’t include dinner. Well, now I’ll be able to triple that without even feeling it financially, and I probably will. Unless I get a small harem that I pay on the side. Which I’ll probably do. Find a few strippers who are ultra-hot and do side work.
          What we all know is, you can’t trust these cunts – strippers or not. They are after your bank. Some of them are shady characters. (Okay, most of them…no, all of them.) I’ll figure it out. As my old man once said, “That’s a good problem to have.” Well, partially it is. I’m just figuring out all the angles before I take the leap. I’ll be fine.
          And I have frequently used the pay-for-play angle, throughout my life. Bring a girl home from a bar, or wherever, leave ’em money on the night stand. Works. Every. Time. Never had one of ’em not take it. Yeah, I’ll do that. And the stripper harem thing. Strippers aren’t great in bed, typically. But fuck, some of them are just hotter than hot – and that’s enough to flip my switch. Dine and dash. Pay to play. Fuck and walk. Etc.

        14. haha, I am not much for strip clubs. That is a money trap. Back in my senior year of high school my buddy got himself a car and we used to get an 8 ball and then go to a strip club at 3:40 (last call in NY is 4 am). We would order one beer, meet two girls and ask if they want to hang out after…we have coke and a car. Always worked much cheaper that way.
          I’ve had mixed luck with strippers in bed. The ones who were so fucking high they could barely move or so full of themselves they didn’t care to were terrible. The ones who were dancing for daddies approval though…those girls knew how to have fun.
          I have never paid for sex outright. I mean, drinks, dinner, door fee at a club yadda yadda yadda. But straight exchange of money for pussy…never done it. My move is typically to spend money on myself so that I am having fun. ONce I am having fun opportunities appear. The truth is, everyone wants to have fun and be around people that are having a good time. As it turns out, while somewhat pricy, spending money on the things I enjoy is much, much, much cheaper than spending money on the shit women enjoy…like bottle service at clubs. I get more quality steak house and Italian restaurant pussy than you would believe simply by being well dressed, in shape and having a great time. And the hotel bars?
          It is Christmas time. So I have to make up my envelopes. Each maître d gets 100 bucks. Each one of my bartenders gets 100. I don’t pay off the women, I pay off the men. They are cheaper anyway. This way, when I walk into my favorite bar that is packed to the rafters with socialites and models all dressed up in their best clothes and no one can get a seat and the piano player says hi and the manager rushes over and the bartender makes a space for me and ignores some schlub at the bar and I get a drink it is all over….and I didn’t even have to buy over priced champagne

        15. Fuckin’ awesome. I really like your angles, and how you work them. Cash is king. So I have a little story here. It totally backs up this premise we are discussing.
          So I dated this uber-hot girl in high school. Total bitch. She knew she was hot – one of those. When I was about 28, I started a business in a rather clever way, and went from making like 10 bucks an hour, to making about $80,000 a year – overnight. I had kept in touch with the ex-girlfriend, even though she was married. I actually banged her best friend one night, at her house, while she and her husband were two doors down, asleep (or trying to sleep – heh). So I kept in touch periodically after that. Had some short-term successes with businesses. But I got the hang of the business thing, by trying and never quitting. (The key to everything, really.) So she was always lukewarm in the past, whenever I’d contacted her. I only contacted her maybe once every couple years.
          Well, this time, she got all excited. And she’s married, right. So she says, when I was about to hang up, “Wait. How will I get ahold of you when I want to talk to you again!!!!” All excited and pissy at the same time. Typical cunt. She had never asked for my number, the few times we’d spoken, prior to that, over the previous 12 years. I told her if she really wanted it, she could find it by calling information – and then I hung up.
          I had been living with this woman who was basically paying the rent, all the bills, and everything else. (In return for me banging her on a steady basis, as a live-in, something I did three times over a period of five years when in my 20s. That show “Gigolos” on Showtime – that’s not being a gigolo. That’s being a whore. A gigolo has his entire lifestyle financed. And yeah, I actually did that – three times. Lived with a woman, she paid for everything, I did my own thing, which included working, in most cases, and they never said a fucking peep about it. They did it willingly. And they weren’t average, they were hot and in one case, she was a very successful woman. I went out whenever I wanted. Stayed out as late as I wanted. And they never said a fucking word, because all their friends wanted to fuck me, and they knew I could get virtually any girl I wanted. Funny how that works – no shit tests. What’s ironic is, these women did all the advertising for me. Told all their friends about our sex life. Bragged about it. The sheer volume of the “friends” of these women, who made a play for me was staggering. Women are really short-sighted in that department. They cannot keep their mouths shut if a guy they are with is a really good fuck.)
          So I ditched the girl who was paying for everything after I started the new business, and got a better deal in the pussy department by hooking up with a rock singer. Bam, just like that. No mercy, no quarter, no compunction. But back to the girlfriend from high school – what a gold-digging cunt. Since I was now making real bank, suddenly she wanted to talk to me. Fuck her. Today, she is still with the guy she was married to back then. I wouldn’t fuck her now on a bet. But if I called her up now, oh yeah. She’d be all over it. Her and a hundred million other women. Solely because of cash and success. No other reason. Period.
          In retrospect, I shouldn’t call her a gold-digging cunt. I did the same shit in my 20s. Found women with means who would kill to have me live with them and fuck them all the time. I guess I was once a gold-digging bastard. Yes indeed.

        16. it is a simple game to understand and once you understand it it is even easier to win

        17. Yeah. It is. And as you know, there are so many different ways to play it. There was a time when I honestly thought that women who wanted to “keep” a man, were really common. Then I found out nobody I knew ever had that opportunity. I have gotten shit about that period of time in my life, over the years. From friend and foe alike. “How could you do that. That’s so BETA…you let a woman pay your way?” Fuck if that’s beta. That’s ultra-alpha. Guys who deride it, do so because they never had the chance. It’s jealousy. Simple fact.
          It’s supply and demand. Cultivate the skill-set in bed, that will give you a truly unique supply, and exploit the overwhelming demand.
          When I wasn’t being kept and paid for, I had harems. Literally (Hitler) harems. Why? Because girls can’t keep their mouths shut. I had hot women galore who would wait – patiently – for their turn. Some of them had boyfriends. They loved the arrangement. They felt special just to have the privilege of being one of my sluts. (I’m serious.) This was before I took a solemn vow to never knowingly bang another man’s woman.
          I have contemplated writing an article about all of this for ROK. The shit I know about game, would make Machiavelli blush. It starts with being the best fuck a girl ever had. And a guy can indeed cultivate that skill. It doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with dick size, although size helps. It’s about stamina. Being able to fuck for hours. Foreplay. Controlling the whole experience, and fucking them until you get into their blood on the cellular level. Making them willingly submit.
          Once you make a girl orgasm in a way she can’t get anywhere else – it’s over. And the best part – she will tell every female she knows. That’s how women are. And your harem will grow. Her friends, all of them, will want to fuck you, too, and they will make that clear. Once a guy learns this, and cultivates these skills, his confidence will explode. To the point where he might even become unbearable in his overall certitude and frame. But that just turns women on even more. It’s a snowball effect.
          My male friends died of envy over all of this – to the point where some of them hated me. It’s every guy’s dream to have hordes of hot women waiting in line for him. The ironic thing is, it’s totally achievable for nearly any man.
          It begins (and really, ends) with being able to fuck a woman like nobody else can. Stamina and technique. (How badly do you want it, that’s the critical factor; most guys are too lazy to cultivate this particular skill-set.) Surrounding her senses, overwhelming them. Out-fucking the competition. The truly horny, hot women love men who can go for hours. And a guy can learn to do that. It takes practice and self-control, like everything else.
          Well isn’t that kind of beta, Bob? Focusing on a woman’s pleasure? Not if your goal is to fuck her head up, get into her blood, receive twice as much pleasure in return, and have her willingly do all of your advance advertising for you – all while making her bark like a dog whenever you say, “Bark, bitch.”
          Yes, women are cunts. They hate each other, they want what their friends have, most especially if their friends really love it and brag about it, and they don’t care how they get it. One of these days I’ll write an article about that time in my life, and what I learned. It’s totally unbelievable, which of course, the real truth always is. Old man, raving. Done now.

        18. Funny you said that. I tried that move yesterday. I was on my way home after an unsuccessful evening. I had pretty conservative girls in bed for the last few weeks and I remembered that the wildest sex I had was always with strippers.
          The center of the city I am at is doted with strip joints. Got in one some time before closing.
          First girl rocks up and I am quite drunk. Her too apparently. She was aggressive and unpleasant from the start and my patience was wearing thin.
          I just played the usual asshole when meeting sluts and it backfired as she was an angry drunk. She tried to hit me, i dodged and she fell on the floor. The security took her away.
          Next one was speaking too much and would not take the bait of partying at mine after. I saw some local fat betas trying to shove as much money as possible in one of teh strippers g-string and giggling like school girls when the girls would sit on their lap.
          Left. Better luck next time. I will try that method again

  13. I don’t ever want “beta’s” to ever go extinct because that means i will have to put in more work to being an “alpha” male, fuck that. It’s much easier to pick up spot after hitting the range or the weights and pick up women by simply looking like more of a man than the rest of the competition.

    1. If betas go extinct, then the alphas of today will become betas, being replaced by the alphas of the alphas, then the 80/20 rule becomes the 90/10 rule. Heck, because of smartphones, I think we are well on our way there.

      1. What I consider true “alpha” will never be out done. It is simply a man who is a master of himself both physically and mentally. You could drop him off anywhere in the world and he would find a way to not only survive but adapt and thrive. Many consider an “alpha” to just be a stud that can pick up chicks and throw stacks of cash around but that is only the case in a civilized society. What i picture as “alpha” is someone who thrives no matter where you put him.

    2. That does make sense. But we can’t predict how the future will be. Maybe it will become even easier as betatude rises against my predictions, who knows.

      1. that, young man, is a Betamax…the precursor to the VHS tape player.

        1. My buddy’s family in about 1982 (when we were in Grade 9) bought a Sony Betamax (slim design) for $800!! He was the shit for about a year or so, although rental movies were relatively expensive (and few and far between) and you had to pay a pretty hefty yearly membership fee! Crazy days when you consider I recently bought a tiny Sony DVD player at Best Buy for less than $20…

        2. Yeah, they were insanely expensive right. Video membership in the 80’s was a legit fucking expense.

        3. I remember it being pretty exclusive initially!! You had to show your card just to get in the door! Then came VHS and the cost nose dived and became more attainable for virtually anybody.

        4. hahaha…yeah, those things were really fucking expensive too…and the videos cost a fortune.

        5. Youngster, back in the day, them kinds of personal movie joints tended to have small booths with a roll of toilet paper on the wall near where the picture was projected, with a guy or two in a rain coat who looked like Columbo offering to pay a guy to put out cigars on him.

    1. When we see how far we have gone, it is strange that we take all the technology we have today for granted.

      1. That video made my day when I saw it. But we live in such a fucked place that the guy was portrayed as the villain by the lying media. Sad

    1. So 2014 saw one man who slapped a woman exonerated and another turned into a pariah?
      …I’m surprised that hispanic male > black female. That’s not how the PC hierarchy usually works.

  14. So it is about 20 degrees here today and it is snowing. I just heard someone complaining how cold it is and that it is snowing. How is it possible that people can, year after year, live in the north east and be shocked when it is cold in december

    1. so hard to tell with stuff like this. I have often wondered as well. But you need to remember that the image you get from a group is carefully crafted and rarely has much to do with the personality of the members. A lot of real “alpha” seeming bands and actors (Metallica / Brad Pitt) are often, in real life, totally beta chumps and, likewise, a lot of bands and actors that portray the “beta” image are, in real life, quite alpha like Justin Timberlake who was no where near the super sweet nice guy he is made out to be or Woody Allen who is famously nothing like the neurotic character he plays but actually an incredibly confident guy

        1. How are his women proof of that?
          Meanwhile, he is very confident in the person he is, his talents and abilities. That is not something that you would expect of the insecure character he plays which was kind of my point.

    1. Amen to that! Their most basic purpose is squandered and by 35 When they want to settle down, they have nothing left to offer.

  15. “We do not make the rules.”
    This is a dead give away of your betadom. Who else if not you is making the rules for your life?

    1. SM rules follow primal instincts and biology. Making the rules in your sphere is different. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  16. I usually split betas into 2 camps: blue-pill betas are sad pathetic creatures awaiting death with the same longing they typically reserve for the women they orbit.
    But the second group, is the “aspiring alpha” betas. The latter group lack true alpha status, but they want it. They have some basic awareness of alpha and principles and the way things really are, they might call themselves Alpha or Red pill. But they don’t quite have the stats and SMV to really be considered real Alphas. Not enough money, charm, and/or looks. Some also have a bad habit of reverting to beta social submission habits after a period of faking alpha mannerism. They can’t hold frame for long.
    AA betas used to be the more prolific type. But feminists pushed a major reeducation system and indoctrinated the majority of males onto the blue pill.
    Mid and low range women used to pursue AAbs; they were better then dying a spinster, and the girls could hope that someday their little man would flower into a real alpha. He a work in progress, they can fix him! If the opportunity arose they could also cheat behind his back for the full Alpha Fucks, Beta bucks experience.
    But then the feminists went and reprogrammed the girls too! Now the same low SMV moo-cows and harpies are convinced that they deserve the full Alpha experience. They’re convinced that all women are HB-10 Disney princesses. No one wants to settle for the aspiring alpha anymore.

    1. yes! I know a woman that in her early 20´s fuck only tall older guys and refuse to date anything close her age or height you need to be above 7″ to be even qualify. And she said that she want a man that already have it all, Money, status, power, a career bla bla. And convince herself that only old dudes have that. And I ask her why don´t you build that with a young man? There was some young professional dudes, some doctor and a lawyer orbiting her, but in the beginning of their careers so they have no status yet. And struggling to be someone in life.
      No she want all of that but without to work for it, well old dudes with that status fuck a lot of young pussy and she liked the asshole type of men, so she was only riding the cock carousel of old men. Well she is 29 now, those old men are still chasing young 18-21 pussy.
      She hits the wall hard, men of her age don´t want her, older men either, She is in panic mode now.
      You are right women want the alpha and no woman want the work to help an aspiring alpha to become one, They just want it, and want it now!!

      1. har! you just explained most of the women I date. God love young women who will sell their beauty and sexuality for status.

        1. And I fuck her for free, Being 5´7 with no money or status when she was 24, still young and fit, She is with a poor bastard who pay her for everything and she hate his full supplicant betaness she is with him because she don´t want to work. I know she is fucking other dudes. Her boyfriend or better her sugar daddy is a dude with the mentality that you need to pay for sex with all women all the time for each time. Every time he gets action he feels obligated to give something either money or gifts, A few women take advantage of this and suck all of his money for little to no sex, my friend get a house and a car. This is the kind of dude who spend thousand of dollar in a strip club and hookers and believe himself a casanova because he fuck prostitutes. Is the kind of dude who gives an Iphone as a gift to a hot single mother and when the girl does not open her legs he claims that his intentions were pure altruistic, yeah right. His tactics when a pussy says no is to put more money in the table.

        2. I never understood why guys would take the sugar daddy route. I pay for dinner and drinks and I do that for my own reasons. If a girl comes out with me I pick up the tabs. That brings me some kind of joy and lets me indulge my feeling of being a big man and all. But guys who will give girls money, pay bills, rent or whatever…those guys are fucking insane. I mentioned before, I don’t frequent strip clubs and I have never been with a prostitute, but no judgments. When I go out I am living a little image in my head. It is a movie and I am the main character. I expect her to look and act the part and in turn we will have a great time and she wouldn’t pay for anything. But if she doesn’t play her end of the part or, god help her if she ever even hinted that she wanted some dough, it would be game over. I have tossed money on a table and walked out of a restaurant before. I can always make money, but I can’t make more time and fuck if I am going to waste any of it.

        3. Guys who give serious money to girls should be shot on site. They are ruining it for everybody else besides themselves, too. Because what they would get is exactly the same for USD 10 and for USD 1000, so why the fuck go overboard? Must be some deep beta provider instinct or some shit. I fucked hookers right and left in my lonely beta days, but no woman in real life ever managed to rip me off like that.

        4. I don’t know if it warrants execution, but I am pretty much on the same page. That said, I do like ruining young girls. I have access to places and things that young guys almost never would have. I start dating a girl and 3 weeks later she is used to going to the best places, getting the best treatment, being sucked into a world well above her means and the means of most people in her age group. Then I am done. The next guy takes her to some sports bar and she texts me when he is in the bathroom.

        5. I see prostitutes as a form of masturbation. No judgments, sometime is cheaper than to deal with a so call Real Woman. I will not add a prostitute to my notch count or brag about it or feel proud about it. The same no one brags that they can masturbate 37 time in a row.

        6. Good attitude’
          One thing I noticed though, is that in itself, money is not enough if a rich guy does not have good Game. Those guys who think money in itself will be enough to be good with women will be ripped off, period. I never wanted to become rich for the sake of women.
          Funny (or not so funny) thing is that I am totally broke at the moment (nearing 40) because I used to be a young incel, and to cope with it I turned to smack, and got hooked for a long time, which fucked up my finances totally. In one word: a loser.
          Luckily I found the Manosphere in these last years, and here I am getting clean, doing sports, and applying for a good job. And I found Game, and it was like a revelation.
          I know now why I was an incel, I know now why I turned to smack: lack of masculinity in short. I am reborn now, maybe not too late. And I am having succes with girls, with women. I just wish the Manosphere was around when I was young, because it feels like I have wasted most of my youth, wasted a lot of potential. But I refuse to lay down crying waiting for death.
          I noticed society frowning on me for pursuing girls in their 20s, and I am laughing in those frowning faces: they made me oppress my masculinity in my youth so I did not pursue such girls back then, but now I am a free man, ready to plunder the world with the sword and take the spoils of my efforts without asking for approval or opinion.
          And while we are at it, I wish you success with your young ladies, and you have fun time with them! Cheers!

      2. …same old story as ever.
        Women want it ALL, they want to have it without having to do anything for it, and they want it RIGHT NOW.

      3. Women refusing to acknowledge the wall is a tale as old as time, but have you noticed all the landwhales and rejects who refuse to acknowledge that they have nothing to offer a man? We should convert coal powerplants to burn fatties as fuel.

  17. The current year is almost over and it couldn’t be any currenter. 2017 will usher in a whole new era.

    1. But then, 2017 will be The Current Year. It’s always The Current Year. Forever and ever. Buahahahahaha!

  18. This scenario has an enormous blind spot: the economic market. It’s more powerful than the sexual market. We eat first, reproduce second.
    The manosphere in general isn’t good at addressing this issue. I’d like to see a red-pill article about how sexuality changes from boom times to recession times.

    1. Actually I think the manosphere does a great job of explaining how the economy affects hypergamy. Without social, monetary and technological support women can’t go whoring around like they currently do.
      Less free money from males = less female promiscuity. Recession makes women more “picky”.

  19. Even men who desire to reproduce need a MGTOW-like attitude in order to avoid being a beta-like fuzzball. A man needs to be willing to walk away from the feminazi bitches, zero fucks given, which is the important part. It may not be necessary to actually go your own way as long as you are willing to go your own way if and when necessary. Also, give us guys who live in the San Fran Psycho Bayarrhea Kalifornia a break, the women around here really are unsatisfactory and unacceptable and those of us who are not inclined to move somewhere else have no logical alternative to avoiding them.

    1. So would you rather stay and keep hating living there everyday or try to find a spot where you would feel happier?

  20. Alt right and feminists both want to be in control of an army of beta males. Alt right doesn’t want males to become alpha, it needs males to remain beta to succeed, just like feminists.

  21. Except betas aren’t going to go extinct, because the beta virus infects every man.
    Look. We can’t put the toothpaste in the tube. Modern women are able to extract resource from the mass of men without providing sexual access to the mass of men. This is enabled by powerful lawyers, corporations, and ideologues and will not end anytime soon. It doesn’t matter how many girls we’ve banged, there are millions who get support from us without ever having to even say “hi”

    1. Yep those mother fuckers are working overtime to get us all sent off to war anyways fuck them. No alphas or betas when it comes time to fight for your life.

  22. Never underestimate the shining pedestal courtesy male thirst.
    Hopefully the majority eventually learns not to be blinded by it.

  23. While this was a fun article to read, I still don’t think betas will go extinct. Like other posters have stated, they will simply become the minority again.
    We have seen throughout all of human history the dumb shit men do because of pussy. Kings have been led to their downfall because of pussy. Men have fought wars over pussy. Men have murdered other men, or, in the case of King David, sent men to their slaughter because of pussy. And these are traditionally alpha males.
    Look back at US history. Women’s suffrage, for instance, didn’t just appear out of thin air. Men were in control, yet the decisions made back then have had a ripple effect that eventually led to our current state of affairs. Beta men were necessary to push those agendas.
    They’ll always be around, but the fewer in number they are, the less they and their feminist overlords can fuck up what true men have built.

    1. Depends on your definition of red pill vs blue pill. To me red pill is an acknowledgment that what we are taught is to a large measurement, intentionally false. We are taught how women are superior, that we need to work for the collective and those in power know better than us. The alpha/beta dichotomy is different. It is our relationship with the opposite sex. There will always be the subservient type that just tries to get along it is just human nature.

    2. God killed David’s son because David committed murder to get pussy (cf. 2 Samuel). So don’t take things too far.

  24. Even if the information is out there to improve as a man I see it unlikely most men will follow. It is a lot of work and most will continue living their current lives

  25. I don`t know, the only men I see with children where i`m from(except from immigrants) are skinny betas and hipsters, wearing glasses and rolling baby-carriages.
    Or with their sons, also wearing those big, square, goofy looking spectacles.
    Seems like kids start wearing glasses when their 2 years old these days, no doubt caused by staring at smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.
    Also, it might be that European betas will go extinct, but not betas of other races and creeds. (read Muslims)

    1. Maybe you observe that as you live in a big city. The countryside is still densily populated and usually has large families with sane values.

      1. The countryside is densely populated?
        Maybe more so in the US, but nowhere is Europe is this true. Also urbanization is the trend pretty much everywhere.

  26. Have to say this is the best article I’ve read on here in ages. I can’t see cultural Marxism collapsing anytime soon, but you even in the swampy murky pond that is the fabricated mainstream media the red pill narrative is rising to the surface.

    1. What is this “cultural Marxism” you speak of? Alt.righties love that phrase but does it mean anything. It’s like saying “cultural capitalism”. How can an economic system be cultural? And don’t tell me SJW-ism is Marxism.

      1. I’m not your search engine gimp. Go read up about it and educate yourself. But one definite common characteristic of ‘Cultural Marxists’ is an inability to take responsibility for their own actions and behavior, and always expecting other people to do things for them.

  27. It’s the betas who are lacking in reproductive opportunities, for sure.
    It’s also the feminists and leftists who are aborting their progeny. People opposed to their ideology don’t kill their babies. Sad that any life gets snuffed out like waste to be tossed aside, but at least it the enemy doing it.

    1. I’ve heard others note that we’ll beat them through attrition. We breed almost by definition, and most of us raise our kids with our values who are thus inoculated from their stupidity. The reason they gained any foothold previously was because we gave them the altruistic benefit of the doubt. Those days are over.
      That big ol’ rodeo full of fags, transdoodles and feminists are not having kids, ever.

      1. Good point. I choose to believe that whole house of card will soon collapse. I think we’re beginning to see that in America. I hope Europe reverses course, but if the worst happens America will always have room for the coming “European Refugee Crisis”.

  28. Never understood this kind of argument.
    We are one plague away from biology determining who lives and who dies, period. Being Beta or Alpha, Rich or Poor, won’t decide who will survive as a fast spreading deadly virus or infection kills people en mass.

  29. Of course they’ll become extinct – Ball less fags can’t reproduce
    The job of men at the minute is to hold the line so the sodomites on the left can’t virtue signal us into oblivion with uninhibited invasion of those prone to sudden jihad syndrome
    The left are on full panic mode at the minute because their twat ideology is being exposed as objectively fucking useless

    1. they do reproduce.. its called immigration from the 3rd world. With liberal american betas allowing this to happen.

  30. Just love that top graphic; the one with the dinosaurs and meteors. And Pepe the Frog is a great touch. Nice to see Mrs. Jones’ second grade graphics class is hard at work. As for that picture of a Trump in a Russian general’s uniform, Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave.

      1. I wish we had hot teachers like that. In my day they looked like they jumped the fence at Jurassic Park.

        1. Dinosaurs is mine but the Trump General is from r/TheDonald I think. My real arts teacher was a chainsmoking hunchback who was reading harcore porn mags at recess, would have preferred Mrs Jones.

  31. Betas will be just fine.. look at NY and California. .full of liberals and betas. Also, TV is brainwashing normal people into beta’s thinking they are the real alphas. I watch tv once a month and its dam near like watching a different planet compared to a decade ago……

    1. So true about TV. Look at any American sitcom from the 1990’s onward. It’s always some dumb schlub with a hot wife lucky to have found her!

      1. I don’t care about that so much— its the men acting like woman AND dumb. They show boys learning the same crap. Its down right creepy on a massive scale…. You have to take a shower every time you sit through a show.

        1. It is truly disturbing. It seems to have become the norm almost over night.
          In most movies as well.

  32. “Small beings like cockroaches or bees survived against overwhelming odds
    due to their resilience, sheer numbers or organised communities.”
    So omegas will remain???
    “The beta male’s contribution to the global workforce won’t be needed anymore as he is slowly replaced by machines.”
    I guess we will, seeing as how someone has to program those machines!
    As long as there are upscale escorts and plenty of booze, loser omegas like me will be just fine…

    1. Hey ‘Slim, I’m an old dude, you know how long they’ve been saying there won’t be jobs anymore because of machines/automation?
      Ferfukkssakez, if it’s a shit enough job to get automated, let it. Even the more savvy prostitutes are promoting sex robots, so they can avoid fucking losers.

      1. Maybe the robots will be even better?
        Forever young and tight?
        Bring it on!!!
        I’m an “old dude” too. Will be 51 in less than a month!

        1. Nah, I’ve known enough honest nymphos that genuinely loved fukkysukky sex with lots of dudes, who actually deplore artificial imitation sex toys of any kind as long as they can still get real meat.
          Anyways, happy birthday – wait, isn’t Christmas “in less than a month”???
          Jesus, is that You, Son?

    2. That’s the thing, sex robots will be cheaper than upscale escorts. Omegas are defo not organised like bees or resilient like cockroaches. Time will tell

      1. Not organized, true.
        But we are resilient as HELL!!!
        Just think about it.
        Put through hell from the first day of kindergarten and every single other day for the rest of our lives. No friends. No Girlfriends. Being picked on, pushed around, and beat up is BAU. And STILL HERE!!! No suicide. No Eliot Rodger or VT spree. Us Omegas are the cockroaches at Alamogordo. And as long as we can parlay intellect into $$$, we will be able to afford pricey hookers. We will get laid!!! By any means necessary!!!

  33. To you guys out there…all of you…fresh from the Front :
    ”FBI agents have had their holiday leave cancelled amid fears of an attempted coup by the CIA to overthrow President-elect Donald Trump.
    According to reports, all 35,000 agents are on standby to stop a bid by the Central Intelligence Agency from overthrowing the democratically elected president of the United States.
    The FBI have relocated most of its SWAT teams to the MacDill Air Force Base in Florida where they have been placed under a joint command structure with the US Militaries Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).
    The move comes after President Obama told U.S. soldiers during a briefing at the MacDill Air Force Base on the 6th December to openly ignore Donald Trump and “question his authority” when he becomes President. This was tantamount to initiating a coup d’etat against the incoming administration.
    DonaId J. Trump @realDenaldTrump
    Looks like a military coup is underway in #Turkey. They’re taking their country back! Will be the same in the US soon if I’m President!
    12:22 AM – 16 Jul 2016
    1,988 1,988 Retweets 1,917 1,917 likes
    Within 72 hours of Obama telling American soldiers to disobey Trump, the White House announced their investigation into Russia’s supposed meddling in the 2016 US elections, which was immediately followed by the Washington Post publishing a “bombshell” article stating that Russia directly influenced the election so that Trump would win.
    Whatdoesitmean.com reports:
    The Washington Post is one of the CIA’s “main/central” propaganda mainstream media “fake news” outlets that was purchased by the shadowy American billionaire Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon.com) 3 months after the CIA had given him a staggering $600 million secret contract—and who just weeks ago put 200 American alternative media websites on a list of “known Russian propaganda”, but then had to retract this spurious claim as being “fake” after being exposed for the charlatans they really are.
    Immediately following The Washington Post’s publishing of this “fake news” claim that Russia was in anyway involved in the 2016 US presidential election, this report continues, former CIA analyst Bob Baer(the unofficial media spokesman for the American Deep State) shockingly began advocating for a new election to be held—and that led to Alex Jones, one of America’s top alternative news leaders and top Trump confidant, to warn that President-elect Trump is now in danger of being assassinated.”
    Better take precautions, men.
    Your president is being targeted.

  34. Current ‘cuks’ will disapear.
    But not ‘betas’. Humble, hard working men are the backbone of any society. They don’t brag, they are reliable, they don’t like bullshit… there is a true nobility in the acceptance of this state if there is a common ‘greater good’ available (a sane society).
    One of the problem of our current society is not the ‘betas’ per see, but the ‘special snowflake’ phenomemon. AKA mexican army, with lots of specialists and generals, but no soldiers able to respect any hierarchy.
    Traditionnal Betas were the Alpha of their families. The breadwinners who take respionsability for the security, the eductation and the ability to ‘behave’ of their owns.
    And who were praised and rewarded for that. They were” ‘le bon père de famille (the good familly man). And they had power – That included legal power – to enforce their role to society’s stability .

  35. Even if you would erase all “betas” and left just only “alphas”, women will be still attracted just only to the top 20% of those “alphas”.
    That’s how natural selection works.
    Keep working hard, guys, that’s how it works.
    PS: if you think that 4 years of Trump are going to erase the changes done by 50+ years of feminism and the prospects due educational gender gap, then you’re making a fool of yourself.

  36. The Age of Beta Males is over, soon SJW and Liberals will follow, soon The Age of Alpha will began.

  37. You can’t have alpha without having beta and vice versa.
    The world cannot be ruled by having all alpha. For alpha to rule, there has to be masses of beta doing the alpha’s work.
    We need the betas. The whole world needs a beta. Masses of beta who will do rightfully and accordingly.
    We tax payers are betas. The alphas are the ones who run the world scene and control top financial banking.

  38. So the argument is that the established elite has historically had more access to reproduction whether by force of consent, ergo those who have had more access to reproduction were/should be more worthy elite status? (Unless they were women, ’cause “women and their urges were controlled.”)
    Is there seriously an argument being made that men’s sexuality and desire is okay, but women’s isn’t?
    Nevermind, Kept scrolling down, realized all I should have done was detailed my sexual exploits ; ) The individual claimed prowess in the oral arts, I asked for proof . . . and was not disappointed!

  39. You are wrong when it comes to the jobs that are to be taken over by the computers. Contemporary computer companies realized that replacing low-paid positions with automation was a stupid thing to do profit-wise. That they need to go for the better paying jobs with their computer replacement.
    One example can be a software called APHA AI, that is ment to replace fighter jet pilots, by being better and cheaper than those alpha males.
    There’s a huge pool of AI software designed to replace doctors, especially at diagnostics phases.
    And when it comes to the glorified managers – this is a fake job name! Large corporations are already managed by comptuers. By software like Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Logistics Automation and so on.
    “Manager” fake job name is either a frontend for the company to the Wall Street (a diplomant, a contact person), a real, but not a managerial job, or some kind of an assistant to the comptuer systems running companies, solving leftover problems, that computers weren’t programmed to do, or just a parasie, that uses the job description from the old times to get unearned money.
    To understand scale of computers, rather than humans working for corporations consier Google: 2 millions of servers, each usually having 2 processors, while the number of employees is like 60 thousands plus.

  40. As an arab woman I find that this article is total fucking bullshit.
    Our men will never take over the western society because they’re even bigger cucks than your average cuck.

    1. The thing is, people can change. They won’t be killed off, they will realize the errors of their ways and change. More and more people are seeing that the liberal tripe does not add up.

  41. I’ll never forget in 8th grade, I fought one of my bullies. Finally beat him up after two years of letting him get away with it. We both go to the office. Guess who got off? The bully!
    He got a slap on the wrist while I got a $500 fine, home base, and six months probation.
    I remember the year before, I got in a fight and got my ass kicked. I’ll never forget the vice principal telling me she “doesn’t believe in self-defense”. Kinda ironic considering her sons were fighters themselves.
    The school system is working hard to make sure men are feminized while women are masculine.

  42. Most men these days are beta. It’s sickening. Femininity can’t even exist amongst these betas who know nothing of masculinity. In fact, the desecration of Alpha in general can be noted based on the mere fact that many men now mostly work in office settings.

  43. You guys are fucking insane. You guys are on some Elliot Rodger paranoia shit. This website is fucking creepy.

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