Why Feminists Hate Male Sexuality

To decipher the mind of the 21st century feminist is to realize that, at its core, “the sisterhood” does not draw its energy from a place of love and respect for their peers, but rather from a place of hatred and bitterness. The feminist takes to railing furiously against both men and women perceived as having it better than her in the sexual market. Feminism is therefore best characterized by the emotional states that fuel it—envy, greed, and loathing.

One of the key underlying tenets of feminism is disdain for male sexuality and its inability to dance the tune of the “modern, empowered woman” (AKA careerist hag) that he “should” be attracted to. Here’s why this is true:

Male sexuality is unencumbered

Sleeping with many women doesn’t harm a man’s desirability for the worse one iota. If anything it serves as a female accredited stamp of approval which increases his allure to other women. A man bedding 50 previous women will never be the same as a woman taking 50 previous cocks, no matter how much the feminists squeal in anguish.


Age 19 and game-uninitiated, I made the crude observation to a friend that women are like buses. “They all come at once,” I remarked (note: if your women are like buses in the big-boned sense then please, for the love of God, learn some self-respect). Back on point and of no coincidence, what I’d actually harnessed was the power of pre-selection and social proof.

Having first attracted one girl from my college major course, two others became far more overt in their signals of interest toward me having learned of my association with the initial girl. When the literature of game’s heavyweights came my way, this experience amongst others made for an excellent reference point in understanding the machinations of attraction.

The enraged sex-difference-denier will bludgeon us with social justice-inspired rants but, as we know, pre-selection simply does not work in reverse. The luxury of consequence-free sexual largesse lies squarely in the male corner because we do not suffer the same sexual market value (SMV) erosion and emotional torment of similarly promiscuous women.

For 99.999% of human history chasteness has been a paramount quality in female mate selection because to wife up a slut was to stare down the very real possibility of unprovable cuckoldry (pre-paternity testing) and ensuing genetic obliteration. No matter how many male feminists rail that slut-shaming is disgraceful and pre-historic and how many sycophants enter the white-knight lottery to win meager scraps of pussy, the reality is that men still prefer chaste women in every context other than the most sordid and degrading pump-and-dump opportunities.

Feminists are by-and-large enraged by this perceived inequality because uglier girls depend on their sexual “attainability” to compete with their more beautiful counterparts. Naturally they hate being branded sluts for it because they don’t want to be reprimanded or reminded of their low value.

Male sexuality stands up better to the test of time

You used to get it in your fishnets,
Now you only get it in your night dress

-Alex Turner

For a man who keeps himself on the right trajectory of increasing social savviness (game), status, and economic prosperity, the chances are high that his 40-year-old self will punch above his 20-year-old self in the dating market. That is to say, when weighting male characteristics with their influence on attractiveness, male aging often brings conspicuous improvements in a man’s ability to satisfy female hypergamy in both alpha (fux) and beta (bux) dimensions.


Feminists are particularly taken to obsessive credential-whoring because they see personal achievements as a means of recourse against nature’s SMV lottery. These pursuits help to patch her fragile self-esteem and provide a means of competing with more beautiful women on her own terms.

Much to the chagrin of these types, personal development is nowhere near as great a factor in male attraction as it is in female attraction. No matter how many liberal arts degrees she frames and hangs on her wall, she will likely never imitate the loin-inspiring grip of that initial post-pubescent flourish of youthful exuberance and unsullied beauty sported by her much-loathed rivals.

Interestingly, this particular quirk of the feminist mind stems from the tendency to conflate personal value with sexual value. Unfortunately no matter how many Buzzfeed articles she ingests about the “differences between real women and little girls,” her “womanly” self is not the stimulant of alpha male attention she prayed it would be.

Our immutable friend biology again has the final world in explaining the difference in the trajectory of male vs. female sexual value with age. By 39 a woman’s fertility is barely half what it was just eight years prior, and the odds are against conceiving within a year (44% chance). Men, on the other hand, have been documented fathering children well into old age.

Male sexuality is visual and therefore wholesome in its simplicity

No, your college diplomas do not elicit erections. No, your mundane career does not compensate for the ravages of time on your appearance. Youthful symmetry and slender, supple flesh are the irrepressible rallying cry for boners the world over. Feminists hate this because it provides compelling evidence that men and women are fundamentally different.


Horrified by this reality, the feminist seeks to redefine what is “truly” attractive to better match her own attributes. This commonly manifests itself in the belief that intelligence should count for more than looks and femininity in the dating market. Except, of course, it doesn’t!

At some level of consciousness women fundamentally acknowledge the reality of attraction. However, and this tends to be evidenced in things as far-flung as the pay gap lie and the virtual male monopoly on greatness and ingenuity. Hard work and the single-minded pursuit of personal development simply produce higher returns for men in attracting quality mates. A woman’s sexual value always has and always will reside primarily in her looks.

The Lowdown

Unfortunately, comrades, as I wrap up this piece it would be amiss not to say that men with our spirit and resolve to call out bullshit where we see it are rapidly dwindling in number. We live in a world where feminists are championed for their greed and loathing. Even when her campaign of hate is transparent, the rapturous applause will ring out from legions of sexually starved sycophant betas and her fat, ugly sisters.

We live in upside-down times where normal, healthy women are skinny-shamed for the entertainment of 6 figure baying crowds; where global brands guarantee good publicity by piggybacking the irreproachable feminist narrative that “real” beauty is different from what our 10 million year old human instinct tells us; and where women are cheered on for exhibiting ugly and selfish traits that our forefathers would have universally condemned.

I for one will delight in gleefully reminding the feminist-inclined amongst us that, as much as they’d like to, they cannot change natural, evolved male sexuality. The feminist employs a thin veneer of credibility but ultimately does not seek to empower women at large, but rather to tear down her rivals (most commonly other women) to install herself as the de-facto leader in a new and altogether twisted dating paradigm.

Natural male sexuality is the last bastion standing in the path of these attempts. Feminists unsurprisingly therefore hate the male sex drive because it dances to its own tune, impervious to their attempts at shaming and ridicule.

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519 thoughts on “Why Feminists Hate Male Sexuality”

  1. Good article. It is always nice to look back on your life through a red pill lens and understand your successes and failures with new clarity.

  2. “By 39 a woman’s fertility is barely half what it was just eight years prior, and the odds are against conceiving within a year (44% chance). Men, on the other hand, have been documented fathering children well into old age.”
    It’s worse even.
    In our “atrium of lies”, some things are “allowed” to cover for other things, things that the Cathedral deems important to protect, sort of like a feint maneuver in sparring.
    And the one thing that they are playing games with is this: the notion that vaccines cause autism is “allowed” argument though not permitted to become an absolute truth (and hence the energy is soaked up at that point) while at the same time, the later a woman has children adds to the chances of “problem children”.
    (Now I would say that vaccines can cause trouble because they tend to be full of junk but the “autism causing” vaccine thing can happen AFTER birth just as well. I would implore that everybody avoid them as best as possible given the environment and maintain healthy habits that serve to protect us from most diseases. I’d only take a vaccine if I were going into a war zone or area where some specific disease epidemic was occurring. )
    But there are things to consider like the degradation through epigenetic damage over life. What this means is a 35 year old woman is not going to be as viable genetically as well as physically (like becoming monstrously obese during pregnancy) as she was when she was 19 or 20 even partly due to a lifetime of eating junk, taking vaccines, drugs, bad experiences, etc.
    So we are “allowed” to focus and argue over the vaccines while that debate is “used” to cover for the one thing that would nuke the whole “ride cocks to age 35 and then have a family” bill of lies sold to women. And that would be the prospect that their kids will be aspietards when they do that.
    NOTHING would change a woman’s course more than that. “They” want guns bans, women are told guns are out to get their children. Heck, EVERYTHING the state goes after, it becomes “It must be banned or children will be harmed! What you don’t want more laws? Why do you want the cheeeeeeeeldren to die?”. The prospect that being high SMV party girl for 15-20 years means she’ll have damaged children (social aspects not even in the calculations ) would have her rethinking thing seriously at an early age and perhaps it would be a good idea to give a good man her best years.
    And THAT very idea is to the brain-damaged and ugly feminist what a cross is to a vampire.

    1. A vaccine is a small dosage of the diseases intended for the body to recognize and fight it off in the future with no problem. I’m not sure there’s any evidence that proves that vaccines cause autism for young children. But then again, I could be wrong the pharmaceutical industry loves to make money on us minions.

      1. It’s not the vaccines it’s the crap in them. Like mercury for example. You can go out of your way to get those “special” vaccines though.
        My sister used to get the special no-crap vaccines for her sons, all of which have grown up to be alphas and 2 of them travelling the world at ages 18 and 20. Vaccines full of heavy metals do some damage and if autism is not the result, I would not bet against beta-ization being one side effect, this “life of being dull-minded” thing after all.

        1. Its not just the crap like mercury, we get sick via the mouth/nose/eyes/ears; our bodies arent created to handle a vaccine via a needle jammed into our arms. Im glad the new mode of delivery is thru a spray thru the nose.

  3. Feminist are just ugly angry better cunts that are mad because they aren’t and can’t be men. Classic penis envy.

    1. “I LIVE inside the minds of feminists! I mean do they really want equal rights for men, women, and anyone in between? I think not cuz I have a penis and tha wang is tha thang!”

        1. late 20 something, no teeth. she was so hungry, she ate her own teeth.

        2. Excuse me is that an insult? If you’re going to insult me get crafty idk call me a bitch or something. I should spit in your face…but you’d probably like it.

        3. Nope but it did bring me to a realization. Every time I support feminism on this website the response is the same, a picture of an unattractive woman. Is the thought of women taking charge and calling out misogyny so terrifying the only response is to insult our looks?

        4. So you troll website then you cry about no one supporting feminism? What an idiot. No wonder women weren’t allowed to vote for centuries. They are fucking stupid.

  4. Three natural enemies of women; time, younger women, and themselves. Feminism & feminist ultimately has given women the biggest fuck you. By the time most women realize it they have little to no value.

    1. That is an awesome Megaman X profile picture. I feel compelled to point it out when people have cool profile pics.

        1. Yeah bro, I have several import systems and a large import game collection and all of Capcom’s Vs. games on one system or another. I’ll show you pics sometime.
          Well, at least Street Fighter V got announced finally!

        2. As a Capcom fan, I’m not sure whether to agree or disagree…On the plus, their new shitty games allows me a solid 5 extra hours of self-improvement time.

        3. Capcom has been nothing but a source of disappointment for me lately. The last Megaman game I enjoyed was Legends.

    2. When that exact group of thoughts, that you so eloquently wrote, hit me a few years ago, I stopped getting even slightly irked after a rejection.

    3. Gravity may be the fourth natural enemy, but perhaps it can be categorized under “time”.

    4. Younger women. With my 2×22 year-olds, we were chatting at dinner early on about how to handle the “back story” of our relationsship, and I said that I would simply say that, “I traded my 44 y.o. in for 2×22 y.o.” The girls chuckled, without mercy. 😉

    5. “I don’t identify as female but I’m 5000% I know what goes through the minds of women because I touched a boob once.”

  5. this feminist loves male sexuality..shes given a few men some children as an added bonus…
    “Single mother of 4 beautiful children that are my world. I enjoy dancing and having a good time……Please if all your doing is looking to get laid, ur wasting my time so just don’t even bother talking to me. U must have good goals and don’t mind being around children”

    1. POF = single mother cesspool
      What I look for in a man…
      Good looking, sorry appearances are important to me
      Sweet, honest, loving, goofy 
      Must be able to make me laugh. 
      Good job, doesn’t have to be rich 
      I can pretty much do the cooking but don’t mind if one can cook, always fun to cook together.
      Dancing or just listening to music. I like a lot of music. 
      Fun. Let’s just drive around and find something to do. 
      I believe in god, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so I want a man that believe too. 
      Tattoo or none is ok with me, honestly I have none tho. Lol
      I’m not a bushy beard kind of girl, I like to see my mans face, but am ok with a lil beard as long as it’s nicely trimmed.
      Athletic or thin, a little stocky is good for me but big isn’t sorry. Like I said I can be picky. No offence. 
      Can be some jelouse but not controlling. 
      Can’t be an angry person

      1. hey man …. cut her some slack bro..God did say “be fruitful and multiply”..she did just that 🙂
        she’s also a picky train wreck..she has every right to be…MTV Single Mom told her so..

        1. “I don’t put up with creeps, perverts” – because some of them in the past liked to play with her kids too, albeit, in inappropriate ways.
          She also speaks French “jelouse “

        2. Where’s child protective services ??yeah… they are out collecting child support and jailing the men. All the while mommy is moaning like Jenna Jameson in the same room as the kids are playing Nintendo DS.

        3. Oh man, online dating seems to have these minimum “qualifications”, in no particular order:
          1. Be a fat bipedal pachyderm and outright use subterfuge to deny it (Like top-down angle selfies only, crop in and zoom in existing pics to cut yourself off below the boobs, post outdated pics of yourself when you were less of a behemoth).
          2. Be a single mom (and be bitter at all men and go on a castration crusade because you yourself are OF COURSE a saint who did no wrong to your Baby Daddy and never pushed his buttons or gave him threats or ultimatums, of course!).
          3. Be embittered and skullfucked beyond belief (“Where all the good men?”, “So sick of all the games!”, “Been hurt in the past, won’t let it happen again!”).
          4. Act way more valuable than you truly are and lie about your merits (“Not looking to hook up, so move on if you are!”, “Not looking for anything serious!”, “Not looking for a Baby Daddy!”, “I live in the gym!” “My career comes first!”, “I’m independent, independent, INDEPENDENT!”).
          5. Any combination of the above.
          All routine, cookie-cutter from one to the next. You can hardly even tell one apart from the rest! Rest In Shit, you cunts!

        4. She will eventually find a 25-50 year lifer at Levingworth Maximum Security who will write her letters all day about how they were meant for each other.

        5. Oh I forgot to add:
          6. Make sure you act all coy and innocent (“Just seeing what this site is about!”, “My friends MADE ME make a profile!”).
          Seriously, as AV8R said, “Put on a blindfold and just use your ears and you won’t be able to tell one woman apart from the others”! They’re like goddamn automatons!

        6. Amazing how many girls with only close-up or head and boobs selfies that have really round and rotund faces claim to have “Body Type: Average”. Roundface usually means ginormatron.

        7. I very rarely date women with kids. Actually, let me clarify. A woman with a kid. More than one is a deal breaker with no questions. Anyway, if she has no problem bringing me around her kid after only a date or two, that’s a red flag for me.

        8. All routine, cookie-cutter from one to the next.
          Isn’t that the truth. All of them read from the same playbook. It’s one to the next and the “must love kids, they are my life” really takes the cake. I must love your kids (and take care of them)?
          Fuck that…no free rides here.

        9. It’s similar to those women saying “yeah, I only sucked 3 dicks. See how much of a good girl I am?”
          Yeah, sure…only 3 dicks, huh?

        10. Oh yeah, I have a REAL hard time believing all those kids have the same father and even one was born while married. This “God” she purports to “love” must have been really happy with those decisions!

        11. Oh yeah, I bet somebody with her “credentials” is just beating away all the winners throwing themselves at her with a stick!

        12. “It was a special night. Ah Carnival. I don’t remember the rest of the week. I had too much to drink.”

      2. Oh Jeez POF. Before I go back there I’d rather paint my sack red and go streaking a gay parade and then slam my dick in a door. Fuck Plenty of Crap.

        1. Nope. I know that look. I can tell by the lines on her face. That’s the sort who’ll call the cops and say you hit her if you walk out on an argument instead of escalating in a shit session.
          Also the stupid bling thing.
          Worst of all, this:
          “FRIENDS will always be the best TV show of all time. I have probably watched every episode no less than 20 times. It’s my happy place (one of them)”
          No.fucking.way. She’s indoctrinated. Everything else about her profile is dripping with fake sweet and she thinks NYC is a “magical place”.
          argh I feel sullied just for reading that profile

        2. I’m going to be equal opportunity here. Everyone on PoF has one strike against them just for being on that shit. I have heard nothing but horror stories, from men and women, and experienced some myself.
          Now that that’s out of the way. She seems nice but you don’t know shit until you see her in person. Her profile has no red flags for me, but as I alluded to in the beginning, PoF is a red flag. If I was to pick two things from her profile, it’s her love of Aerosmith and tattoos.

        3. “4) Judgmental people make me physically ill” – she wants you to know that shes been riding the cock carousel and you have to save her from it.

        4. She has plenty of flags in her profile. The first one is that she is single at 31 (tick tock, tick tock). The school (teacher) thing, now insurance? and Aerosmtih? That’s before hitting the “I hate judgmental people section” – means she hates grown ups (adults) who may judge her (aka crazy town).
          Yep, flags and more flags.

        5. Like I said, she’s on the site to begin with, which is a red flag itself because it’s filled with people with tons of issues. You need to tread cautiously with anyone on there because even the woman who sounds great and has minimal to no flags, has some major skeletons in her closet once you get her offline.

        6. Vacant eyes, fake smile, above average attractiveness [for her age], and has a profile on ‘plenty of shit’… yep, she’s a veteran carousel rider alright.
          A pump and dump/fuckbuddy at best, but certainly not wifey/mother material at all!

      3. [I can pretty much do the cooking but don’t mind if one can cook, always fun to cook together.]
        Yeah, right, it’s always fun to cook together. She tells you what to do… I already did that once with a friend… Even being a diplomed pastry, chick was trying to tell me what to do… but doing nothing… wont get fooled again…

      4. POF is for the lowest of the low in online dating. The only “people” I know who admitted to using it are a fat post-wall woman and a retarded guy with a severe speech impediment.

      5. This fucking nutjob bitch sure does act like being divorced and having four kids can afford her a single luxury! She is the bottom of the tar pits and really should just settle for the first Betatard to come knocking! She is an item that’s on fire sale!
        And MY ASS she is “thin and athletic” after having a gaggle of kids (notice how all pics cut off and head and boobs? That’s all the sign you need for some deceit!). That stomach has to absolutely look like a goddamn National Geographic(TM) road atlas after being distended on a regular basis!

    2. “Single mother of 4 beautiful children bastard spawn that are my world. I enjoy dancing breeding and having a good time leeching…
      U must have good goals lotsa cash and don’t mind being around children taking care of some other guy’s genetic legacy”

      1. I’m a curevey (obese) single mum of 2+ kids (bastard spawn) who will always come before you. I’m a strong opinionated woman (annoying) with a sense of humour (snarky and sarcastic) who wants to settle down (been ridding the carousel and am sick of getting pumped an dumped). I want a guy at least 6 feet 2 with tats, good sense of humour, a 10+ inch dick, who is both caring an but a bad boy at the same time, can beat up 6 guys in a fight an earns good money.
        If you don’t meet these requirements an can’t handle a strong independent woman don’t msg me.

        1. I’m a curevey (obese) single mum of 2+ kids (bastard spawn) who will always come before you. I’m a strong opinionated woman (annoying) with a sense of humour (snarky and sarcastic) who wants to settle down (been ridding the carousel and am sick of getting pumped an dumped). I want a guy at least 6 feet 2 with tats, good sense of humour, a 10+ inch dick, who is both caring an but a bad boy at the same time, can beat up 6 guys in a fight an earns good money.
          If you don’t meet these requirements an can’t handle a strong independent woman don’t msg me.

          In other words, she’s looking for Little Dark!

    3. Jesus tap dancing Christ. Long story short; 31 y/o single waitress with 4 kids. Yet she makes her laundry list of demands that one must check off before even contacting her. That is exactly how all POF sluts are. Fatties, hipsters, hood rats with nothing to bring to the table but there is no shortage of thirsty half-a-fags on there to flood them with compliments. That’s the problem. Too many manginas gassing up low level women.

  6. And now in every single american movie the token black guy, who was sometimes funny, sometimes annoyingly out of place but mostly bearable has been replaced by the “token strong womyn” who I always keep waiting to get laid the fuck out with a single nonchalant hand motion by the first guy she roundhouse kicks but it never happens. Instead they are indoctrinating girls into believing it’s desirable to act like men. It’s impossible to watch. I’m going back to Cary Grant.

    1. So many movies now which call for a traditional male lead replace that male with the ‘strong empowered woman’. It’s always ridiculous. The tough girl beating up men and tossing aside hundred-pound rocks as if they weighed no more than a cosmo. Such attempts fail twice; they fill young girls’ heads with nonsense and ruin an otherwise good movie with politically-correct garbage

  7. I don’t worry so much about the fatties in things like the Dove “real beauty” campaign, as it’s a repetitively harmless attempt by a company to cater to its market of Thunder-Chunk fatties, b/c Unilever understands that women are getting fatter and it wants to sell soap to them, thus it wants to make them feel “beautiful” or at least “less repulsive”.
    Men are not going to be fooled by this bullshit, b/c we know what we find attractive, and we have cocks to tell us. Hint: it won’t be nicknamed “Two Ton Tessie”. The real danger is for young, attractive women who have not yet been transformed into ponderous, bovine shoggoths b/c of messages from the media that it’s ok to be a blimpazoid landwhale like that heinous, tatted-up beast on “Girls”.
    The Cathedral tells girls that they can wait to cash in their chips indefinitely b/c of combinations of (a) they are young and hot and the party will go on forever, (b) they are Special Snowflakes who *deserve* More and Better, (c) Fat is Beautiful! (hint: it’s not) and finally (d) they can have babies even when the are 50! So put off adulthood until then! Wrong.
    That’s who really loses, the Girls Who Believe The Lie. And the men they could have opted to love and serve when they were young and hot.
    À bientôt,

    1. Men won’t be fooled by it still worries me because it encourages women to be fat with reduces the amount of attractive women around.

      1. And the feminists shame the thin feminine ladies that can cook and please a man. Something feminists can’t or won’t do.

        1. That’s right feminists claim they are about women having a choice but they shame, humiliate an denouce women who choose to not do what feminists say women should do. They are actually repressing women.

        2. “I hate feminists for completely logical reasons cause you know….men and women fighting for equal rights? Oh the injustice!”

        3. Equal rights? You bitches are really a hoot! No, you wage war on the opposite gender in order to get new entitlements off the government, and take things you did not earn. Best example of the latter is feminists war on the tech industry, and the quota systems they need to install because they cant face their male competitors on an equal playing field.

    2. The great thing about this situation is that the fatter women get, the more soap they need. The bad thing about it for everyone around them, though, is that too often the fat ones have let their standards slip so much that they’ll convince themselves they can do with less soap.

      1. Check out his bit on u tube about how women are horrible storytellers. I miss that fat bastard.

        1. And horrible comedians. All their jokes are “I fucked a black guy, he was THIS big!” and “I fucked a Jew, he was uncircumcised!” Same shit, different faces.

        2. @disqus_GHZ5VICcrf:disqus also – yeah guys, their comedy is as banal and one-sided as it gets. Usually about their experience with penises or other sex acts or their periods or some other type of gross, wet humor. Not like they can really tell jokes about their cushy white collar job they certainly won’t get fired from or be held accountable for HR violations or jokes about their 100 selfies a day with the idiotic hashtags they emblazon them with or their joke of workouts they claim to be “A gymholic!” about.
          You have to have a shred of creative juice to actually make homo sapiens laugh.

        3. Carol Burnett was great. granted that was sketch comedy.
          Standups like Lampanelli and Handler just try to be ruder than men, it just seems so contrived… and their fans mimic their onstage personae, like we want crass GFs

        4. I had the “pleasure” of seeing Lisa Lampanelli at a work function once (no, I didn’t pay to see her triflin’ ass). The whole goddman shtick was about fucking black guys and how they love her because she’s a cow and also her token obsession with New York simply because she’s Italian. Yawn, gag, and snore!

        5. “Lisa has so many black guys on her phone, she refers to it as her sickle cel.”- Colin Quinn
          “Lampanelli, thats italian for token twot.” Nick Dipaolo
          love when these guys trash her at the roasts 🙂

        6. Ditto. Snide, rude and uncreative. They get the token laughs because they have vaginas.
          Cannot fucking stand Handler, in particular.

      2. Woman need to be taught this from an early age. It is important to them and us that they know this. A woman should be taught how to appreciate a man and fulfill her role. She should also be focused on getting married before age 25. To find the appropriate man, she should be looking to marry a man aged 35 and up. This man will be more or less ready to marry, with career in full flow and years of gaming behind him. He will also appreciate a young woman greatly.
        Women should know that they appear much more attractive to a man significantly older than them than they do to a man the same age. They should leverage this fact.
        By the time a woman reaches 40, her children should be self-sufficient and then she can focus on becoming more useful. I.e. now is the time to concern herself with whatever career she wants, since child bearing is now out of the way and frankly, very few men will be interesting in chasing her. This naturally should make an older woman very happy since she has essentially achieved her life objectives and can pretty much do whatever she likes.

        1. I’ve given similar advise to many young women…one can see the feminist buttons being pushed by the look in their eyes but none of them have been able to argue with the reality of the situation & I think I was able to get a couple of them really aware that they’d been seriously lied to & potentially hindered from fulfillment for an unworkable idea.

        2. Not so long ago women knew this without being told. Even today many of them still have the grace to be embarrassed about giving up sex on the first date.
          It is feminism that is the source of women’s misery today.

        3. Ideally that works looking at this from a biological perspective and given that women’s SMV decreases at an earlier age. If she wants kids and a family then she should make this decision. If she wants to get a head start in education maybe take a a class or two per semester while raising kids. Online college courses exist.

        4. “My high school girlfriend broke up with me over text and now I’m insecure about approaching woman.”

        5. Bob, since I will not stop to reply to that harpy that is making snide comments at you, I will just say, you are 100 % correct, and keep up the good work.

        6. It is soooooo cute that you tried!
          Six comments? Is there a how to for lazy SJWs on FB for this story too?

        7. Here is the reason she didn’t post a pic. The sad part is she’s so ugly that she has to pretend to be narcissistic to fit in.

        8. Some say don’t drop the soap. In her case, it might be best to say, “Don’t break the mirror”

        9. Thanks Bill. And for the record, since I had the enhancement my penis is no longer small. Trouble is, I can’t fit it in my budgie smugglers anymore…

        10. I don’t have students…nor friends really either. I live near a university; the young women I referred to were just people I happened to get into conversation with, almost all associated with the school, some my daughter’s friends, some acquaintances, some strangers. A few were able to acknowledge the realities of biology & were grateful that someone had pointed it out to them. Some were fully aware of their situation. A lot of them seem to have heard nothing but ‘girl power’ agitprop thus far. Some were visibly resentful.

        11. At a limbic level, all women know that their main asset to both men and women is their physical beauty. Even after years of feminist brainwash, reality always shows them this immutable, evolutive truth: as they hit the Wall, as they become alpha widows, as they divorce her beta providers, as they age and become invisible to men, etc.

        12. Unfortunately women have poor future time orientation. Wallowing in ‘feels’ and getting their ass kissed everyday from 15 onwards, reinforced by society and the media. Couple this with their biologically based self absorption and the fact that ‘the lord giveth and taketh’ and they become shocked when they stop turning heads just for breathing. I will admit, it must come as a shock when you’ve been given a gift just by birthright and then it disappears – the feelings of helplessness and lack of control must be tough. Still…….

        13. Amen! I married at age 28 to a 36 year old man. I have never been happier. Some women talk shit about how he “looks old”, but they are just jealous because they are riding the cock carousel with no commitment or security. When I was a raging feminist, I was much angrier and more stressed from trying to compete with men. I am shocked at how calm and peaceful being a traditional wife is.
          I agree that most women age like milk. However, there is the loophole of women who appear younger than their ages. At age 32, I cannot buy liquor if I don’t have ID because of how young I look. This makes me laugh because most underage drinkers do not buy fine wines. I have also been turned away from bars and casinos because I forgot my ID.

        14. Nothing ages people faster than stress. However, good genetics, good nutrition and good activities keep you young for a long time. I am glad you have found a meaningful relationship and I wish you lifelong happiness.

        15. That’s probably because sadly, today, most men of that age are in bad shape. Years of drinking, smoking, partying and junk food have left him looking a poor excuse for a man. However, when you meet a real man, a man who has spend his adult years improving his mind and his body, and has finally arrived as a man who knows his responsibilities and will die before any harm comes to you and the children, his age will seem to you to be one of his finer traits rather than a disadvantage.

        16. The key is the time spent improving.
          I tend to attract guys 13+ years older, but they seem to have just arrived at that age with little to show for it.

        17. That is what you call a waste man. He has wasted the prime years of his life when he should have been preparing himself. I tend to attract women in their mid-twenties (I am in my early forties). However, a woman can look at me and see that I am ready to provide what a family needs. Stability and security. A young man cannot provide these things because he is still trying to obtain these things for himself.
          I count myself lucky that my father was the age I am now, when he had children.

        18. Yes he is. The greatest ever living legend.
          He got married at 38 to a woman of 24 years. They were happy at first but both of them are a nightmare to live with.

      3. man i still miss him, he really lit up O&A. And his discussions with Anthony man, were legendary.

      4. there was a warning to women about aging.
        The skeleton stares back from the mirror. Women are GIVEN their power; it then fades, quickly. Men must BUILD and EARN their power; it fades as death approaches, but the long build-up means it lasts longer. Her power is gone by middle age – but it was GIVEN to her, and she has no care for it – it is currency. I.E., all women are whores. She just doesn’t realize that that’s what she’s doing. She’s only Using what god Gave Her… Or, we’re just jealous.
        Of course, we know it fades with age – most of us aren’t attracted to older women (and the definition of older slides as we grow older ourselves, but still …)
        Fathers and mothers BOTH used to teach their children these facts.
        Now, fathers are frequently removed from the family; mothers are merely grown children (aged children?) – and they don’t want their little girl to live a happy life.
        Better she be thrown on the pyre, a sacrifice to the cause…
        Sickening really.
        “Fathers compete with their sons, but mothers devour their daughters.”
        “Men are not troubled to hear a man dispraised, because they know, though he be naught, there’s worth in others; but women are mightily troubled to hear any of them spoken against, as if the sex itself were guilty of some unworthiness.”
        (Sorry, don’t know the original sources, but found them repeated here: http://www.theabsolute.net/minefield/witforwisdom.html)

    1. Flip through the Home Shopping Network sometime..the callers think the Cindy Crawford Fountain of Youth oil, supposedly extracted from rare insect urine, will make them young again. We guys should start businesses peddling more of this shit to the older cougars and independent career women. Lets make money from their stupidity.

      1. Much of the consumer-driven economy already makes gazillions each year marketing and selling to women by appealing to their emotions and base instincts — or stated another way, making money from their stupidity.

        1. If not for females purchasing stupid items, the economy would grind to a halt. Yes, men buy stuff too. However, with only a few exceptions, the stuff men buy has shockingly low margin on it.
          A man buys a Corvette. Maybe 10% margin on the sale of the car throughout the chain. A woman buys the new “Cindy Crawford mega lift cream” for 30 bucks. It costs 30 cents to make the cream and another 30 cents to ship it. 50,000% margin compared to 10%.
          A man buys a boat. 20% margin or so. A woman then turns around and buys a new LV purse to take on the boat with hubby. 10,000% (or more) margin. She also buys some nice designer clothes for her to wear on the boat (1,000%+ margin).
          This is why, more and more, almost all discretionary purchases are becoming more and more directed at women. Men simply don’t buy much high margin stuff. So, instead, they re frame this to “get women to buy more shit because they will buy stuff with shocking margin”.

        2. “My last relationship didn’t end well because I got mad that my girlfriend was getting paid more than me so now I hate women.”

        3. “The popular boys ignored me in High School even though I blew all of them under the bleachers, because I’m smelly, and awkward, and my dad liked my younger prettier sister better than me, so now Im a feminist.”

        4. “My labia looks like shriveled roast beef, and I still wear a training bra, so Im a feminist”.

        5. Sorry, since her comment is deleted, I have to attach my sarcasm here:
          “I’m an heterosexual woman, and also feminist. That’s why I’m the epitome of incoherency”.
          Feminist fat ugly women should have sex ONLY with other feminist fat ugly women. Shoo, feminazi!

    2. Reminds me of the slut a block away. She had looks, now they’re fading fast. The lines can’t be covered, even she admits her breasts are no longer pert. She’s manged to hook herself a beta simp to care for her and her daughter. Well, give her money that she doesn’t have to leech from her ex-husband. She’s raging at the change, she actually has to work now because beta simp doesnt make that much, like any slut. She freely admits to riding more than 45 cocks, which probably means at least double that.
      Funny thing, she can’t be faithful. She cheats on her beta regularly (he’s a couple years younger no less) with other guys.

        1. Just depends are how much of whore she is. What’s sad is the best looking women get the most attention, have the most opportunities. Freshman year some women go crazy, first time they ever lived away from home. They can easily do 1-2 guys a month, adds up over 4 years.

        2. Four weekend parties, 3 one night stands, 4 weeks of school, 2-3 guys a week. On average 7-10 in a basic month. 3-5 in a so-so month. 1 to 4 if she is a ‘good’ girl. This is not counting spring break, older men gaming them out of school, break up club runs, trial run threesome, and so on.
          Even your numbers puts them at 96 in four years. 48 if normal. 12 if nicer. 5 for the I’m a good girl sell.

        3. College in america is 9 months per year. Count summer vacation maybe it goes higher? Some women say they can’t go one month without sex, because of their hormone cycle? So if their ‘boyfriend’ is busy they do fwb arrangement with somebody on their smart phone. Millennial chicks actually sleep with their smart phone by their pillow. She has FOMO (fear of missing out). What if that guy on the tennis team texts her a dick pic at 2am? If she doesn’t respond right back, he’ll be texting some other girl… hamster… derp…

        4. I forgot, Summer meet-ups!! Country tours! Spring Break!! By the time you get her the body count might fill half a church. Praise Vagina!

        5. The average woman:
          a) In America
          b) In the 21st century
          c) Who’s a 6/10 or higher
          Will run through at least double to triple digits before she gets married @ 28+

      1. As women age, they either learn to game a man’s sexual mind, or they go without.
        Myself, at age 44, I don’t care how cute you are… what are you gonna do to stimulate my brain? (Cute definitely helps, but… no… you’ve got to play the game, sweetheart. This isn’t a man who gets a raging boner just because YOU showed up with some butt-floss on!)
        It’s like a flip flop of being twenty, when I looked at women and thought “WTF? You want MENTAL stimulation too?”
        Now I want it, or it ain’t getting hard.
        Oh… it still lasts, but I don’t get a boner from a woman simply getting naked in front of me.
        “That’s nice… what’s next?”
        Women who don’t meet the mental aspect get to complain about erectile dysfunction to their girlfriends, but they never get banged properly anymore. (And boy, oh boy, if a woman’s idea of helping you “get it up” is dry-humping your leg like a poodle… I’m not kidding!)
        Mrs. Dressup needs to look in the Tickle Trunk if she wants to be successful with men after she’s 35-40 – or even worse, and into “the big beyond.” Git your lingerie, your Catholic School Girl Outfit, your leather and your handcuffs, or it ain’t gonna happen with a woman in your shape and with my sexual experience.
        This is really what the scourge of “The Cougar” is all about too.
        The Cougar can’t attract the high SMV she wants – ie. a man ten years older than her with massive financial resources and a lay-list as long as his arm… so she goes slumming. (Kinda like you picking up a fat girl because, well, you need to get your dick wet and a fat chick is better than saying you haven’t been laid in 2 years).
        They pick low value men – men ten years their junior – and fuck them projecting it’s like a 35 year old man banging a 25 year old chick… but it ain’t true. She’s banging the broke-ass 25 year old pumping gas at his dad’s gas-station because it’s the only man she can get to drool stupidly over her 35 year old pussy nowadays. Certainly no 45 year old man with a paid off house and a successful business will spring an instant boner when she strips. She goes for young, highly sexualized men, because they are low status “easy targets” and her aged pussy still has some power over those guys – which is catnip to a woman’s sexual ego.
        The younger man too, would rather be banging his 25 year old “girl that’s just a friend” but, he can’t have her… so he’s slumming with a used up 35 year old at the end of her sexual prime… sometimes even worse! (Mrs. Robinson has always been among us).
        A woman’s “sexual peak” at thirty five is just more desperate rationalization hamstering. She’s “peaking” because her sexual value is plummeting, so she starts “notching it up” to maintain her status.
        (Women sexually peak fairly early – in the their teens and twenties, when they are most fertile… or did you think Mother Nature works in the most innefficient ways possible?)
        Lol! You haven’t lived until your leg getting humped by a naked woman is what she goes home with. I can’t believe women are so sexually retarded that they would hump your leg instead of figuring out what it takes to get some real dick… but once you’ve seen it a few times, you realize what a pathetic mess we are dealing with.
        In the old days, a woman’s young sexuality bonded men with her enough that in old age they would stay with her – time obligates (to MEN, not women). Once upon a time, you really DID owe woman for giving you sexual joy during her best years.
        Nowadays, all you owe her is a leg hump. After all, she gave those valuable years away to her ex – not to me.
        Hump away… and while we’re at it, here’s a pillow for you to use, cause I’m going to bed, alone.
        Please put my meds out on the counter for me so I won’t forget to take them in the morning.

        1. A 25 yo guy isn’t low-value. Or low-status.
          If a woman is after sex, a 25 yo gets aroused easier and fucks them harder than that 45 yo with his investment properties and soft cock. I hate to tell you but plenty of younger women who are with the older guys for their ‘massive financial resources’ would rather be banging the 25 yo guys with their massive hard-ons. And do.

        2. Alright… don’t let your ego get in the way of observing female behavior.
          When I was 25 I fucked lots of chicks in their thirties… after their divorce… and after her kids went to bed.
          You’re not really breaking new ground here thinking that older women fucking younger guys is some kind of break through nobody’s ever heard of before.
          Fact is, at 25, I would have rather fucked my 25 year old “we’re just friends – friends” than the 35 year old divorcee… everytime!
          Like I said, Mrs. Robinson has been around for a lot longer than Simon & Garfunkel.
          … “I was once a gigolo… but now that I know… everbodies got no—-body!”

        3. Seriously, a single mom in her 30s is a woman who squeezed an 8 pound bowling ball out of her vagina. Older woman with younger man is the most unstable relationship, because the younger man can always find something more desirable.

        4. Keep telling yourself that and denying “the Red Pill.”
          On average, the status of a 25 year old woman compared to a 35 year old man is pretty much on par… or did you not notice that throughout history women pair up with older, more financially secure, high value males?
          This is not even a contest.
          Sorry dude, but in every respect, if you are passing up 25 year olds to bang 35 year olds… something is wrong with YOU!
          What is not wrong is for you to strike out with 25 year olds and even 30 year olds… and then meet up with a 35 year old who matches your young SMV (ie. you are as low value as her), and both of you validate your sexual worth by virtue of PIV sex alone… but it’s not the same, dude… not nearly the same. You’re both slumming.
          For the rest, I will regard you as a “wet behing the ears, I got laid for the first time five years ago” male trying to tell someone with twenty years his experience about women, and how “woman are.”
          Which is just laughable.
          You’ve got a long way to go, whippersnapper – 20 more years, to be exact, and that’s a lot more experience with women than you could possibly have.
          How many women do you plan on fucking in the next twenty years?
          Talk to me afterwards.

        5. Actually I was talking about the 25 yo girl with the richer older guy still wanting to fuck the 25 yo guys. I wasn’t talking about Mrs Robinson.
          You’re the one saying younger men are ‘low-value.’ Not necessarily. Just because chicks enjoy the money the 45 yo has, doesn’t mean they prefer him physically. Younger men are not only more attractive in that regard but also have better quality sperm, so biologically, if she wants kids she’s better off having them with Mr 25 yo.
          Old rich dudes get younger women, course they do. They shouldn’t kid themselves that the young pussy gets wet looking at their shares portfolio or that mortgage they’ve paid off

        6. Women don’t find men attractive via men’s values.
          Sorry – they don’t.
          It’s a whole other metric.
          You’re trying to justify women’s behaviour by your own male-centric motives. That simply doesn’t work!
          Or… haven’t you heard of the Red Pill?

        7. Dude put on your glasses and read my reply properly. I said ‘plenty of younger women…’ would rather be banging younger guys. Not just the older women. Women, generally, would rather bang the ‘low-value’ 25 yo.

        8. Ok. Well I’ll just keep fucking those 25 yo girls how they like being fucked, and you just keep financially supporting them.

        9. Hmmm… maybe, besides the example of Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher… you could show me the society where this takes place. (and, btw, Kucher had ENORMOUS SMV in the first place… but slummed to be with her… and Mila Kunis is MUCH more desireable).
          It certainly isn’t that way where I live… maybe you live in Cougar town. But, everywhere that I’ve been, the women divorce, fuck a younger guy to celebrate their renewed whorishness, quickly turf him, and then “saddle up” with an older man.
          BTW, whippersnapper… I don’t WANT them to hook up with me… I wish they would fuck me and throw me away, like they do with you… but they don’t! They want a “relationship” with me.
          I think they should go back to you!
          Something you are never going to “get” until you are older is how much women NEED a man to be sexually interested in them… without it, they are nothing… just like you without a job, checking garbage cans for food.
          Which, btw, brings up another point – why is it that 85% of the homeless are men, but not women? What… EXACtLY – is it that women have that men don’t which keeps them off the streets so efficiently?
          Their street smarts?
          Or their snatches?

        10. If you could get a 25 year old chick, power to you… that’s what usually makes a relationship.
          But we’re talking about you, a 25yr old male, fucking 35 year old chicks… while passing up the women HIS OWN AGE he could be fucking, who are without argument, HOTTER.
          You are slumming, my friend, and taking the easy, left-over pickings… especially if you’re putting her ex’s kids to bed.

        11. Think about it this way. Leonardo Dicaprio just turned 40 and he was seen on his own private beach surrounded by 12 hot starlets in their 20s with no other men around. He has a harem. Women just go for a male’s status, no matter his age. Women don’t even climax from sex 50% of the time, no matter what a man does in bed or who he is.

        12. I would like to know more about the whole ‘quality sperm’ and older men’s decreasing sperm quality tropes that seem to be springing up a lot lately in gender talk. It seems to fit way too conveniently into the Feminine Imperative. Scaring, shaming men into matching the female ‘marry in early thirties’ mandate because that’s what the women have to do. “Hurry up while your sperm is fresh.” A lot of feminism has devolved into the women basically saying (without knowing it) “We’re miserable. So you will be miserable too.” Any downside to being female WILL be shared by males too, reality or not. Women have a small fertility window by nature, men don’t, but they are trying to make it that way.
          Men partying on, skipping the whole tax/alimony work-mule phase, enjoying their life and finally impregnating a 20 year old Filipina when they are 70 would infuriate a feminist. Enter the ‘curdled sperm’ tropes. I’m not saying I know. I would just like to know. Women can’t put off childbearing into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s so they sure as hell don’t want men to be able too. Here come the possibly agenda heavy sperm studies. I don’t buy it.

        13. Men age and become comparatively more valuable with time. I am far wiser and more interesting than I was 10 years ago. A 25 year old woman can gain some additional knowledge about childraising or be exposed to more ideas, but by the time she is 35, she is generally far inferior to herself at 25. The only way she can improve is a 35 year old mother can be a much better mother to her children than a 25 year old, but in almost every single other way she is inferior. With men, a man becomes superior in almost every way. Even in physical appearance. George Clooney is more attractive, even to me as a straight male, than Justin Beiber.

        14. You talk like I have never experienced “being a young man.”
          Should I explain the arrogance?
          Or should I let you go on thinking you are the first man on earth to experience a boner in his pants?

        15. GFY – Leonardo is an “average male” like you or I?
          Fuck. What a crock – do you regularly post at Huffpo too?

        16. It’s bullshit to make women feel better, like the made up “manopause” crap. Women’s bodies are the ones that have to grow the kid, and that’s why fertility dies so fast for them. This is especially true without modern medicine. Think of it this way:
          A man shoots his load in a woman at age 35-50. He’s done good surviving this long. He doesn’t have to make the baby, just supply the other half of the genome. He’s proven his fitness by surviving this long.
          A woman has to grow the baby, and even on a young (healthy) body that’s rough on her. Birth is hard on her, even though she’s evolved for that job. Women are flat out on the hard side of reproduction. Now, if you’ve made it to 35-50 (without modern medicine) a woman is inviting the grim reaper for a visit if she gets pregnant. Women don’t get that menopause was a farking gift from nature for surviving to “elder” status.

        17. I’m just saying being older doesn’t necessarily diminish a man’s desirability, like it does a woman.

        18. What happens as you get older, the bits and pieces of information you know just kind of start falling together. So, not a bartender in Miami or Vegas. Just live near a few bars and colleges and could pass for a couple of different ages. Mostly I get 23. Sometimes 37. Either way the end result is often, “Fuck Me”

        19. I’m glad to see that in the future, despite the red-pill, there will be no short supply of cukholds, willing to let their women either be dominated by previous cocks before marriage, or to deny her physical satisfaction afterwards.
          It is no small amusement to me the amount of young men, thinking they have the BIGGEST cocks in the world, and that THEY are here to protect women’s interetsts, while no other man in history every has.
          Yes, seriously… it suprises me…
          You should MARRY THEM SLUTS!
          (Cause I sure ain’t gonna!)

        20. Y’know, I hear that a lot about how my 2x22s would rather be banging some young guy or are only in it for my money, etc.
          Usually I hear that from 44 year old women, and guys who can’t score.
          Over the weekend, I was outed by one of my friends at a party as being “That Guy” who was banging women half his age. The harpies attacked, and I OWNED it.
          It’s not $ b/c the girls do not benefit financially, other than getting to go where I go and do what I do, anyway, when they’re with me. Like a 44 y.o. wouldn’t want to do the same thing. It’s not that they’d rather be banging a 25 y.o. guy b/c they’re both stacked, and they both *could* be banging 25 y.o. guys.
          But they’re not. They’re perfectly happy sharing my 47 y.o. cock with each other and any other woman I happen to give it to.
          Why? Confidence. I have so much of it I basically piss it out in the morning when I get up. They understand that their young, hot, tight 22 y.o. bodies are Under My Jurisdiction, and it puts the Pussy Tingle Generator into overdrive.

        21. B/C women in their 30s are often starved for cock, and easy lays. They don’t have the pull they used to, and if a young guy wants to bang them, they’re going to plow the road for him.

        22. Actually we’re not talking about that, because I never said that. I ain’t passing up anything my own age, or putting anyone’s kids to bed. I’m simply saying being 25 is not being ‘low value’, because women, any age women, are more physically attracted to younger guys. They might not want to marry me, but they want to fuck me. Ok?

        23. I dunno man I couldn’t tell you. I think there’s some scientific shit is out there regarding sperm quality. More kids to older dads (40+) being autistic or having genetic disorders. If it’s all bullshit then it’s bullshit, but it makes some sense that while a man is at his most physically fit his sperm would be too. I’m no expert on it either though it’s just what I heard.

        24. Feminist emotional Ideology is simple, If I have a problem then everyone must have that problem, once everyone shares the same problem the problem ceases to exist,and is classified as “new normal” , so if a lonely feminist is jealous of pretty women marrying , then the feminist teaches the pretty women that men are bad so the pretty women won’t marry, and loneliness is shared, problem shared, problem ceases to exist , classified as new normal. If feminists fertility goes down as they age, then so must men’s, share the problem so it becomes the “New Normal”. Women are Gullible by nature it’s how they were created, so beautiful women who could have had a wonderful married life will opt for a career and end up lonely and feminist will feel better they aren’t the only lonely ones.Most of a women’s motives or reasoning is fueled by Jealousy. You see on tv fat women flaunting there bodies as a prize, fat feminists taught women to love their bodies no matter their weight , when every girl is fat the fat feminist feels comfortable. New Normal.

        25. It’s confidence. And knowing how shit works. And projecting that you have that confidence and knowledge without really thinking about it. At which point, the pussy will flow…..

        26. Dude, that first sentence in the last paragraph is so true it should be in The Bible. Go for the girls that have a speck of femininity in them, and that sure as fuck ain’t in the states.
          Bang the young, bang the older but for the love of God don’t marry them. Unless you get hard off the idea of a skank living in your house with your kids and half your money with her new man while family court extorts your ass for the next twenty years.
          No thank you.
          American women are broken.

        27. Both men and women used to die, naturally, at around the age of forty – for millions of years. It is reasonable to expect it is not yet evolved into our instinct to “live long.”
          Do you think this has an impact on our mating desires as well? Or are we all just horny apes until we die at 93?
          Being “male” has a lot more to do with just living from 5 to 35, thank you very much.
          That is not even HALF of a male’s life force, yet we define it as his ONLY r’aison d’etre.
          Come on! I think we have more to us than this.
          “Men” are feminists best argument!
          But then again… almost all other species die very soon after losing their mating ability… except for humans, but only recently.

        28. I’m not sure your point. So a couple of 22 yos fuck you, a guy twice their age? Awesome. I hope I’m there when I’m your age. Are your hot twins representative of all 22 yo chicks, everywhere? Nope. Do I fuck more girls in their 20s than you? Probably, because I’m in my 20s. It’s not rocket science.

        29. The age is irrelevant. They simply want the guys everyone else wants too. Ever wonder why a typical club is 75% thirsty men and 9-17% women on average? 25 year old men wrongfully think dick size and stamina are all it takes. Women get offers all the time and in truth it all fills their vanity right up. The man who stands out is the man who can command higher vanity than them. Your typical 25 year old male is slightly sated, slightly on edge, as women his age are settling down and he is wondering where is his lady.
          Also well known fact. Same age relationships don’t last. So even at 25 he’ll get a 21 or 22 year old over a 25 year old. And the 25 year old isn’t looking at a fellow 25 male as anything more than a quick fix.

        30. Completely agree. It is mainly women selling this provider and entertainer paradigm that some men eat up. We don’t all have to dance for our prizes. That confidence alone is a game changer. Pretty much guarantees anytime you leave the house, you have a 60% chance of coming home with some woman. This is 70% if you also have class, to your cultured ways, and suave demeanor. Nowadays, I just am more direct and could honestly care less about most women unless she can spark a mental game. Not much time to waste either so enjoy the frenzy of attention for a week or two, or get out of the way.

        31. Well, in the Hierarchy of Bang-age, I’d put an attractive 30-something miles ahead of a fat chick. The problem that 30-something women have is they lack the appeal to high-value males that dewy, lissome 18-26 year olds have. It’s a similar problem often faced by younger men–it can be difficult for a young guy to *give* dick away, b/c there’s so much of it on offer.

        32. Without all the fat. Same fat girl taste, non of the fat girl shame. I had an older woman when I was 21. She kept me fed daily and only required a weekly deposit. Best part of all? It was all net profit! I never took her out or bought her a thing. I simply liked her chest size and was asked to supply the salome.

        33. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. As Jeb points out, you’re projecting your criteria for women (young & hot always wins) onto women…and that ain’t necessarily so.
          My point (about my girls) is that, if they wanted young cock, they could easily get it, b/c young guys are horndogs, and the girls are young and hot. But they choose to share me, rather than each having their own young guy.
          When you see May with December (or in my case, April and April with September) it is an error to assume that the Big Thing They Covet in his pants is his wallet.
          If you learn this now, my friend, you can profit from it…..when you’re my age.
          À bientôt,

        34. Yeah, I’ve seen the information too. I know that you weren’t making your own claims. That storyline is coming up quite a lot these days and so I’ve noticed it. If that info came out 15 years ago before the open push for a 100% female interests-based dating/marriage culture then I would have believed it a lot more readily. It’s just a very sketchy coincidence that the “Hurry up boys! Shoot out your fresh nuts before they turn into billions of little losers.” Just when guys are FINALLY starting to second guess the unbelievably shitty option of marriage then there is, like, Voila!, a study that gets the marriage cattle herd back in the proper chutes. I’ll take my chances, keep eating my veggies, do my squats and see what comes out of my Indonesian 18 year old when I’m 106. Ha! Oh well, the dumber my kid is, the more likely he is to feel more at home in this decaying world.

        35. Older women can often carry some nice rack if they’ve never had a kid. Sometimes that vintage fleshy, busty look is kind of hot too.

        36. I think age affects libido but not nearly as much as bedding down every night with a woman you haven’t wanted to kiss in 2, 5, 10. 20 or 30 years. That is the real kick in the nuts. Go creep around in South Asia and you will see some OLD dudes using 19 year old smokeshows as their personal chew toys.

        37. Just because chicks enjoy the money the 45 yo has, doesn’t mean they prefer him physically. Younger men are not only more attractive in that regard but also have better quality sperm, so biologically, if she wants kids she’s better off having them with Mr 25 yo.

          Not necessarily. The real difference is that older men have been tested. Younger men are still a genetic gamble. Will he end up being successful or a loser? Women look for signs to try to determine what his trajectory is, and whether there is anything about him that is worth preserving, genetically. Older men have simply navigated successfully through life. There is no need to make a prediction, the proof is in the pudding. Men of all ages prefer young women, but women do not have this mental hard-wiring. What they “prefer” changes as they age. Generally, women prefer men their own age, but they hold nothing against older men.

        38. This is correct. The reason being men never go through anything like menopause, thus there was never an evolutionary pressure to develop a sexual preference for young men. If men did go through menopause, I have no doubt that women would have evolved a similar preference.
          I’m sure throughout history there have been men who, by genetic chance, had mental wiring for older women. These men produced few (to no) children, and thus their genes were selected against. This is probably why some people have strange sexual “fetishes.” They’re probably due to miswiring in the brain that doesn’t necessarily harm genetic survival like a preference for old women would.

        39. Yeah but how many men age as well as George Clooney? Come on.. be realistic. Most men start losing hair and grow bald, don’t keep in shape and don’t eat well especially if they’re single, get fat, get gray and white hairs, etc. At least most women don’t have the hair loss thing to deal with.. with most women now, a man who doesn’t have a full head of hair is a deal breaker.

        40. Why would you want a woman to “stimulate your brain”? That sounds awful.
          If you can’t get hard from having a hot chick stand naked in front of you, seriously mate, something is wrong.
          Do you smoke or drink to excess? You mentioned meds…. any of these could be the reason.

        41. “I’m simply saying being 25 is not being ‘low value’, because women, any age women, are more physically attracted to younger guys”
          There may be a slight morsel of truth here but it’s covered by some projections/delusions.
          No denying most (hot)women would prefer a more youthful toned male body to look at but it really matters not one bit concerning getting the lay if you are older and have status/charm/money. Hell most of the time just having one of the three can get you laid quite easily if you are in the right environment.
          Males who are 35+ can also have great physiques if they take care of themselves. Perhaps even better looking since they have years of lifting, training, and muscle maturity behind them.
          I think the idea that women prefer younger guys though is a cougar’s delusion as has already been stated above.
          Also the love of the androgynous male heart throb by young girls…(bieber anyone?) is a direct result of a large number of homosexuals that are in the entertainment/media and fashion industries.
          This is why in high fashion the runway model type women look just like a pre pubescent boy. These fag’s and pedophiles have been shaping what we see and expect to see for what is “hot” for a long time now.
          A lot of times before a young girl feels comfortable with her sexuality and also a dominant male sexuality, she will choose the androgynous looking boy because he’s kind of “pretty” mirroring her own narcissism and also because he is non threatening at first glance. She hasn’t yet felt the sexual tingles of a bad boy so she just accepts whatever is on the cover of the teen magazine. Again it’s some homo’s that promoted that kid and got him on the cover of the mag in the first place.
          Note: Since girls are much more promiscuous at younger ages now there may be a marked change from decades ago. Hell I read somewhere that little girls who watch disney shows are beginning to self sexualize at 6-7 yrs old now.

        42. Stop showing us how blue pill you still are!
          “Just because chicks enjoy the money the 45 yo has, doesn’t mean they prefer him physically.”…
          Is what they “prefer” something that concerns you a lot?
          “I hate to tell you but plenty of younger women who are with the older guys for their ‘massive financial resources’ would rather be banging the 25 yo guys”
          Is the reason WHY she is with you more important than that she IS with you?
          “They shouldn’t kid themselves that the young pussy gets wet looking at their shares portfolio or that mortgage they’ve paid off”
          Obviously you are new to the Red-pill…so before taking on a seasoned Red-Pill dude like Mistral you should just be quiet and learn.

        43. LOL this is wisdom plain and simple. Hopefully this guy can put the ego down and hear this because its good shit.
          So funny you mention about the younger guy/older guy mentality
          Young guy cant wait to have a hot girl’s attention and that look in her eyes all for you…..u sooo special. lol.
          Older guy just wants to have some fun and part ways amicably…or not if she tries to put up a fight. Ironically this is the point where you can’t fucking get rid of them as your non neediness and high esteem for your own personal space and time is like a nuclear gina tingle bomb and you wonder….
          wtf be wrong wit deez hos?

        44. Agreed. Women see these guys in their 20s who just make the team in the NFL for three years and sit on the bench, which gives them huge status for those three years. They have a harem. But they get replaced / injured and then have no status, and the chicks disappear like they were untouchable. That’s a very harsh reality correction to experience. So it really is status over youth when it comes to female mate selection. I’m not saying its right or wrong, just an observation. Men in their 20s shouldn’t get defensive about it. Just acknowledge the reality and use it to your advantage. If you’re a male in your 20s with status, more power to you, enjoy.

        45. It’s just propaganda, it was either the 2008 olympics or 2012 that there was “scientific” evidence claiming women were more suitable for track and swimming then men. There was propaganda claiming women had stronger legs then men and men only had strong upper bodies, Both are lies. Look at the score difference in men and women’s track and swimming, and men hold the better scores, watch any Powerlifting meet on youtube and you’ll see men out-lifting women by at least 50 % on the squat, dead-lift, and bench, Its all just lies, i’m sure to some degree as a man’s body deteriorates with age his sperm becomes less potent, but i’m sure it’s not even close to as bad as the feminists want people to believe. I’ve learned to be skeptical of any statistic or “scientific evidence” That have come out in the years of the Obama circus.

        46. Young bull and old bull were standing at the top of a hill. Young bull says I’m gonna run down there and fuck one of them cows. Old bull says I’m gonna walk down and fuck them all.

        47. Some men do like their brain being stimulated by a chick. I don’t give a shit if she does or doesn’t but she’s gotta be hot.

        48. “I fucked a girl but she didn’t come and when she told me I blamed it on the condom so now I hate women.”

        49. It’s feminist bullshit.
          There’s a very simple reason women lose fertility so fast, evolution. Think about it for a moment: without modern medical science conceiving a child after 35 isn’t near as easy as 20. The reason for that is gestation is h a r d on the female body. By the time the baby is around 7 months along inside her, she can’t process the nutrients required to support it anymore, so it’s stealing them from her body. Menopause isn’t really nature’s curse to women, it’s a blessing. Without modern medicine, pregnancy after 35-38 would be near suicidal. (menopause used to hit earlier) All of this is indicative of a woman’s body being less and less able to support gestating a baby inside her, because as you age your organs start operating less efficiently.
          Now think of men. We shoot half the genetic material inside of a woman to impregnate the egg. Evolution designed us to be able to impregnate many women. Basic instincts (in women) are that older men are fitter mates. I have a friend, who is 48, that is regularly “dating” women younger than his kids. Heck, even my slut neighbor “dated” a guy 24 years her senior.
          Evolution has little, if any, reason to kill male fertility. As long as you are deemed “fit” by a female evolution doesn’t really care. You can get it up? Well, as long as you’re fit that shouldn’t be an issue. You’re probably going to easily knock up a younger woman.

        50. Technically the 25yo guy who isn’t rich or famous is (comparatively) low value. You also talk about “soft cock” which is hilarious. Anyone who is reasonably fit, no BP issues and eats reasonably well, is going to be able to bang a woman like she’s a snare drum.

        51. I’m not sure I see your point for men losing fertility. Evolutionarily speaking, there isn’t one. That’s what we’re talking about here. Are there other reasons men do what they do? Of course! Does nature have a biological reason to limit a man’s fertility like it does women? No.

        52. Shit, I’ll agree with that. I have a friend who flat out got sick of the cow he was married to after 20 years. I do mean cow. She started off at 110lbs soaking wet when they were married, and by 40 weighed 190ish pounds. Tell me you’re going to want to fuck that regular. Hell, I wouldn’t. I’m banging a 135lb, no sag DD, 24yo slut. She’s not perfect (she should lose about 10-15lbs) but she is an energetic little slut who loves sex.

        53. It was the usual “Loud & Proud” bullshit. I went over the difference b/w how men and women view sexuallty (i.e. men go for young/hot/symmetrical b/c all of that = fertile, and women go for confident/intelligent/studly)
          The “Hiroshima” was this:
          Q: Do you know why I’m banging 2×22 y.o. plus my side pieces?
          A: B/C I FUCKING *CAN*.
          [cue mushroom cloud]
          After that (and some high 5s from the guys) the conversation turned to other topics. Later, once everyone was good and liquored up (except me, b/c I have 3-4 and then I cool down) the harpy-in-chief (who wasn’t bad looking for 44 with 2 kids) came on to me, hard. Lots of her trying to feel me up like a prize bull and saying “I’m not 22, but I’m touching you….”
          Ugh. She’s married to a guy I know. So I moved a married guy in between us b/c (a) she’s married to a guy I grew up with, and (b) I wouldn’t bang her, anyway. Later, we chatted about her two daughters. One is 10 y.o. and 5’11 and shy about her height.* I told her “Send her to me” *evil grin* By this point she was starting to think it was a good idea.
          À bientôt,
          *my actual advice on this, as the girl was a HB7, was to tell her to OWN her height. Good posture, stay fit and wear heels. Tall guys will find her. She’s actually not a bad looking girl, but you can tell she just needs some coaching. (OTOH, at my age, I am sometimes pre-disposed to favoring youth. It happens. You guys will understand when you’re older, which I say with no condescension whatsoever, just Truth.)

        54. There was a chart posted on ROK a few months back on a study done that shows the average desirable sex partner by age. The results: Men of ALL ages preferred a female 20, 21, 22, or 23 years old. There was no pattern. This actually shocked me the most, as I figured in your 50s you will prefer 30s or 40s women, but nope.
          The females preferred older men as time went on.

        55. “I’m over weight and I want attention so I come to ROK and attack men, because some attention even negative attention is something, God please kill me.”

        56. The possibility increases of health deficiencies but maybe by 15% tops. Still odds are high for a solid child.

        57. I get hard from a chick in lingerie in heels on her knees with her head bobbing. That really stimulates my uh brain.

        58. I’m not sure I understand the point of that comment.. most of these fat, balding fathers got married when they were younger, and weren’t fat and bald.
          If these fat, balding men get divorced now, these men would have zero chance with the women their age, let alone younger women. Women these days want it all, and they’re not willing to settle for fat, balding men… that’s why I caution men to not buy into this manosphere myth about how older men supposedly are desired by women, and that women hit some mythical wall after 30. It’s all bullshit. Very few women hit the hall… far more men hit the wall than do women. A reasonable attractive ( 6 or 7), slim woman in her 30s and 40s is far more desirable than are men her age, many of whom are balding and who don’t look after themselves and their bodies as well as women do. Women are far more shallower and looks matter to women a lot more than men want to admit.

        59. I was replying specifically to your statement about being single, gaining weight ect. A lot of father’s gain weight and eat unhealthily, have you seen the amount of fat fathers with their kids in the south or the mid-west? and if you’re gonna go bald you’re gonna do it regardless, then again not all bald guys do bad, bald black guys do great and since they age differently provided they keep healthy they have nothing to worry about.

        60. Haha. Nice. I completely agree with the youth thing. My mom just told me that my dad is dating girls younger than my sister. I said to her so? Age is really unimportant and a modern issue.

        61. Got the same guff (mildly) from my sister who is 20-ish years old than me. She pointed out that I have a 31 year old niece. I told her that my niece’s friends were too old for me. 🙂

        62. It would be interesting to read about an actual, valid study comparing the hormonal makeup/health of men married to fat women versus men married to healthy women versus single men who indulge in young women, escorts, third world touring. I mean actual science gauging endorphins/testosterone/serotonin levels etc.

        63. “I joined a website run by women haters purely because I lack any form of self respect.”

        64. I finally saw that video today. My god… I’m more amazed as to how she can dance and not lose a pound. No sweat drops. Nothing. It’s like her body won’t allow anything to escape!

        65. but is she fat due to her disease, or did she get fat, which brought on the disease and made her fatter? I bet its the latter.

        66. Unless you’ve got them both living in your house and can verify their whereabouts I’m guessing they each a a piece on the side as well. They’re just not telling you. Which is all good, just be honest about it.

        67. They also don’t like the fact that a man can have children from the time that he’s 12 UNTIL he dies. Our sperm works regardless of age. Their eggs start going rotten after 25.

        68. That’s very a Dos Equis-man statement. But then I expect the Dos Equis man was patterned after you. 🙂

        69. There’s no really game between an handsome 20 yo guy pursuing 20 yo beautiful girls and an handsome 40 yo men pursuing 40 (or even 35) yo beautiful women. The sexual power of the older man, even if the situations are fully comparable, is something like 10 or 20 times higher. I did a lot of efforts to catch new girls when I was 20 yo, and I had an average of a new girl every 6 weeks (very often I had two girlfriends at the same time, but the average time between new conquests was always about 6 weeks) – and just only some of them were beautiful. Today, absolutely without efforts, I get on the dating site 1 or 2 messages every single day from women of 35-45 age range, and I NEVER sent the first message: they’re always the ones whom message me. It’s like an enormous buffet, with the food jumping directly in your mouth. Of course, many are jobless or poors (gold diggers), many are absolutely uninteresting (but, weirdly, no one is really ugly), some are good but they live far away from me, OK, but if a man is really hungry is really really interesting…I never dated nor answered to one of them, I prefer old-style approachs in real world…

        70. Maybe “A woman” is an “honourific” title for her.
          She just forget there are 3.6 billions women on this planet… 🙂

        71. FED UP of listening to “Men really did owe wimmyn for giving sexual joy”. Literally FED UP.
          wimmyn are HUNGRY of SEX, more than Men (in majority of cases). A wimmyn GETS the SAME/SIMILAR (and probably more !) Enjoyment, Satisfaction, PLEASURE, Relaxation and Health benefits (feel good hormones etc.) as a Man.
          wimmyn are GETTING sexual joy and so they are “giving”. They are not doing any sacrifice or FAVOR !!!
          Wake up MEN, Wake up !!!

        72. And the “modern medicine” was PIONEERED by MEN. Holy s**t, these f*****g wimmyn will NEVER accept MALE Superiority. Because the State/Government handed them “legal power” to Behave, to Say and to Do whatever and however they want; without having to face any Consequences, Responsibilities and No Accountability !!!

    3. Why am I still attracted to women like Robin Wright, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone – women who are all past the age of 40????

      1. This Cameron Diaz?
        I’m sure your other crushes listed here are just as “attractive”.
        You should not believe everything you see or what they say…..they are women after all!

        1. She looks like a female version of Rutger Haur. They could play father and daughter roles in the same movie. I wonder why central casting never noticed.

      2. You’re attracted to their images on the net, which are pics of them in their prime, shot with professional photographers. They don’t look like that IRL. Or were you being sarcastic?

    4. I can attest to the 40 vs 20 year old man benefits for game. When I was 20 I was getting dissed left and right by girls. Now its a struggle to find time to speak to them all. Women mid-twenties and up are all over me.
      Now keep in mind, this does require certain things. For example you need to have actually achieved something by age 40 (i.e. a career and education). You won’t impress any women by telling them you live at home with your mother. Also, you need to be in good physical shape and you need to dress well. As I say, the older a man gets the better he must dress. A woman will not be impressed by a 40 year old who dresses like a 20 year old.

    5. wait a minute here….there are women over 29….that’s insane. I have literally never noticed any.

    6. I’m 24 and I think men that are older than 35 look like father time (i.e., total shit). Also, they’re often super fucking creepy and desperate. I’ll take a 20-something year old male that’s uncomplicated over a needy geriatric any day. The only way an older man can fuck a younger girl is if he’s got tons of money, and even then – women still often prefer men their own age. I love that men still tell themselves this lie, though. It’s so cute!

      1. Your naïveté is charming. I hope you internalize the message on this site and find that older man you desire.

      2. uh huh…well, millions of women the world over are proving you wrong right this minute. Unlike you (lol), most females are attracted to older, experienced men, as any charismatic older man could tell you. Just because you don’t see older men getting all sorts of likes on facebook doesn’t mean they don’t make young girls tingle…it just means young girls lie about their sexual preferences to seem cool, which is pathetic.
        Charming that you think men who look like fathers are creepy and gross, though; no doubt you were raised by a single mom.
        I love how women think they can be clever, its so cute

        1. Your inaccurate assumptions about me and who I am are adorable (I was not raised by a single mother). Yes, older men are disgusting. The majority of them, at least. And unless you have a shitload of money, the best you can hope for in your late 30’s is a bunch of money-grubbing whores who will NOT marry you and would much rather prefer a beta that worships them, because guess what? All 20-something year old girls are massively insecure. Trust me. I’ve been asked out by older men with their own businesses, and most recently some guy who wasn’t necessarily a doctor, but was for some reason participating in a surgery, so I would assume that he’s rich as fuck. I’ve always turned older men down – you’re all creepy, no matter who tells you otherwise. Sure, your fertility may be intact, but an older guy hitting on younger girls signals to us ONE thing and one thing only; he’ll eventually stray. Why do you think 20-something year old girls prefer to settle down with betas? It’s safer. The aging alphas are going to end up alone. Simple as that.

        2. Fortunately, I have no interest in getting married to an ameriskank, and if I change my mind in 20 years (I’m 32), I will still have that option; women, on the other hand, age like milk, so you won’t have that luxury. Sorry. It sucks, but its also not men’s fault; women are so pissed at biology, and they take it out on men and other women.
          There are good women left, but they are few and far between….and no, they don’t HAVE to be traditional, but it helps

        3. Women are attracted to men their own age. The best you’d be able to do right now is about 27, in which case, her eggs are all ready on the decline.
          That being said, depending on the woman depends upon how well she ages. I think Natalie Portman is still beautiful, and she’s….33? 34? Jennifer Connelly is gorgeous…really, any famous woman. Oh, and that supermodel that got married to Seal has looked essentially the same her entire life. I think men get ugly pretty fucking quickly.
          But as a 24 year old female, given the choice between you and a 25 year old male, I’d still take the 25 year old male 🙂

        4. I ain’t got much time for chit chat so I’ll share this information one time. Absorb it. No one is attracted to people their own age. Everyone is attracted to virility. If that happens to be your age, lucky you. Unless if you plan on suicide before you get lines on your face, you too will be that old musty cougar trolling bars hunting virility down. Better try and nab a husband now. It’ll only get harder once he sees your facial lines and biology tells him, you having a kid will lead to the death of you and kid.

        5. So you really made an account only to come trolling in the Manosphere? How pathetic. All your 53 comments are trolling in the manosphere. You lonely silly witch with your fatherless child. What an envious shallow life you lead.

      3. When you’re 30, men will find you to be super fucking creepy and desperate, looool

      4. thekingslayer will have a massive hard on that a chick came in here and supported his argument. You two should hook up.

        1. Guys older than 35 are grossssssss. Unless they have money, in which case I will take as much of it as I can, but still prefer someone my own age. Older men are as equally pathetic as the infertile, used up older ladies that thrash themselves around in seedy bars, but males just want to lie to themselves. :-/ so sad.

    1. One of his wounds would not happen to be bite marks on his neck, would it? He looks drained.

    2. Dalbey suggests:
      (1) learn to emote like women (because they’re emotionally superior to men);
      (2) deal with your wife fucking other men not by kicking her to the curb but by forgiving your mean, broken father; and
      (3) all women never behave badly except when men aren’t manly enough.
      He carefully avoids saying anything that would come close to criticizing a woman’s actions. Even if the men do all the things he suggests, without black-belt-level game, women are still going to treat them badly. Guys like Dalbey are doing men a disservice because they give men the impression that learning these lessons is all they need to survive in the male-female-relationship jungle. Pursing, forming, and maintaining relationships with women is vitally important to men, but advice like this won’t help them in this regard.

  8. Feminism to the core is the idea that women are better than men, hence the reason why they hate male sexuality. The ‘equality’ thing they always claim is utter bullshit.

    1. Indeed, what is advertised at “F=M” is really “F>M” underneath. Never mind that that “F=M” has its own set of problems.

      1. Well they are equal but different. Not one is superior than the other. Feminists just want to think they are better.

        1. I prefer to say that men and women are “complementary”. “F=M” implies that you can plug a man into a female role or a female into a male role and they will perform as well, but that just isn’t so. If you’re trapped in a burning building, do you want the fire dept to sent the “diversity” team or the Varsity?

        2. That’s what I mean. Women are good at different things than men. They are different but that does not make them any better than the other. The strongest man is always going to be stronger than the strongest woman. The most flexible woman will always be more flexible than the most flexible man. It is equality in that sense.

    2. “I think equal rights are a bad idea….I mean just picture it! WOMEN with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and JOBS, OH THE INJUSTICE!”

      1. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. You just want special treatment for having a pussy. In most countries, women have about the same rights as men and in the West, a bit more. Do your research, troll!

  9. If intelligence/college diplomas affected male attraction to females, then the phrase…

    That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

    Would have never even been conceived of, much less written, performed, and continuously re-quoted.

  10. Another analogy is that men and women are like gamblers sitting at the same table. Both have $1,000,000 to play with. The woman has ten chips valued at $100,000 each. The man has a million chips valued at $1 each. This obviously changes their gambling strategies. In other words, egg count vs sperm count. Men are naturally going to be making more bets with different strategies betting on different kinds of cards and combinations, because they can. Women who gamble like men ruin themselves. It is biology. It is nature. It can’t be changed by feminist ideology.
    So to feminists in denial, go ahead declare your independence from patriarchy, freeze your eggs, get a cat, and stay home and play with your pussy. But you’re not gambling against men… you’re gambling against evolution.

    1. One thing feminists can’t stand is the idea of men being in control of reproduction.
      How can I tell? Well we live in the west where sperm banks are A-OK yet the mere notion of an artificial womb (research driven to help infertility no less) has them screaming misogyny.
      You see a man deciding on progeny and then SELECTING the right woman for the role of mother in all aspects with the interest of his children in mind really bothers them.
      And they have proven that they have their own interests beyond the needs of children in mind. Sure they pay lip service but that’s to further the “system” that turns the state into daddy and keeps the checks coming in not only from bio dad, but everybody else who is not a dad but pays taxes.
      But they want to gleefully sing songs against the patriarchy while marching into the sperm bank and getting a discount turkey baster. Yet they get nervous at the idea of artificial wombs.
      Why? OK for sperm banks but egg banks not? Sorry, cunts. You started this. Now all a man might need is to rent a “tank” or something (apt to be expensive so unlike where women are in control – meaning get knocked up by alphas and losers – only rich men will be able to afford these facilities where these artificial wombs might be deployed. And the idea of a RICH man not putting his money on the line for women and THEIR SYSTEM to rape his resources will bother feminists so much more).
      And the best part is a man of means can hire a nanny, and if she sucks, fire her – and without divorce courts and divorce rape. What a deal!
      And what argument can be made against this? The SAME argument that can already be made against sperm banks but has not been allowed. Yes this technology has the potential to take that huge shit pie the feminists have been baking and shoving ever last slice if it back down their big fat face holes.
      The monopolization of reproduction was the ONLY thing they had. It was the ONLY job they had. They really fucked the dog on this.
      Artificial wombs and holodecks. With that a smelly hole and the bitch attached to it becomes irrelevant. Bye bye.

      1. Great article find there! I think artificial wombs are an absolutely fantastic idea, of course research is hidden(for PC purposes) but single fathers wipe the floor of single mothers when it comes to raising good children. Of course the real reason of hatred is like you said, back to an economic motive. Rich men would obviously rather just sleep around with all of their fame and wealth and if they want children they can have them artificially. This of course means no wife and no child support, a big spot of hatred for the feminist. Women should be happy because they don’t have to go through the pain and problems of child birth but not without my meal ticket.

      2. Just rent a womb, its already been beta tested for a few millennia.
        I agree with your basic premise, losing control of the wheel on reproductive ability scares the piss out of them

    2. There was an egg freezing party in my city recently(covered by the media of course). All interviewed were 32,33,34.
      Im sure these “doctors” just took their money and ran, never telling them they shoulda frozen their eggs 5 or 6 years earlier…

    3. this is one of the best comments on ROK. Im going to start saving my favorite ones in a wordfile

  11. In the top pic I would only consider banging the one woman on the far right. That’s about typical, 1 in 5 american woman worth the effort. The woman on the far left might have had potential but disqualified herself with her excessive use of tats which indicates personality issues. This all makes me a misogynist according to the 80% of american women that aren’t bang-able.

  12. One of the things that perplexes me about feminism is that the promote promiscuity in females an tell them go sleep around with who ever you want an don’t feel any shame, yet at the same time they hate guys learning game or learning to become more alpha even though that’s the type of man most women want to sleep with. So they want women to sleep around with no Shane yet they want to stop men becoming the type of man women want to sleep with. I guess they want to have the sexual market place skewed in women’s favour but they are limiting the amount of men women want to sleep with, despite claiming to be sex positive.

    1. Feminists want to be the gatekeepers to sex. Because compliant beta males and white knights are the source of their social power. Without them they can’t get laws passed in a democracy. So men learning game is bad to feminists because feminists lose the ability to manipulate them for their own selfish interests. Feminists are threatened by men who know game.

      1. That makes sense, they are still contradicting themselves by claiming they want females to have sex with who they want but shaming men who make themselves into men women want to have sex with. But feminism is full of contradictions.

    2. Based an actual 100% real scientific analysis of this comment I’ve figured out who you are!

      1. Typical feminist logic, a man disagress with feminism so he must be a mysoginistt who can’t get laid.

        1. I love seeing the replies to my comments it’s like a chain of the exact same responses from men who feel threatened by my opinion.

        1. I’m laughing so hard right now, is that seriously all you misogynists got? Some other fedora wearing sexist sent me basically the same picture. So this how you respond to a feminist? Weeeaaak

        2. I’m seriously laughing my way to hell because some other misogynist sent me basically the same picture. The only response misogynists have to feminist is to insult our appearance. Someone seems scared of women having independent thought hm?

    1. ….or ‘the rules are unfair because I deserve to have all the traditional privileges afforded women AND still be able to beat men at everything because vagina’.

    2. I don’t even have a clever insult for this cause all this comment translates to is “I hate women.”

        1. I think someone posted the article elsewhere so the attention whores will come. When the tattoo article got released, the women and manginas went crazy. The thrashing they received was glorious. A bunch of them were revealed as fake account holders as well. This poster and maybe two others were the worst women to enter since. Take her as the nameless, half assed, troll that she is and keep doing what you do. She is only making statements as her own brand of subterfuge. She gets out of line, check her.

  13. One point, the idea that women have less chances for offspring would bring forth the idea that if the type of woman that someone wants to actually marry (I know that’s a taboo topic on this website but hey its all about pushing the limits here) would not like the idea that a man has slept with many women, as women like exclusivity of the resources a man has to offer (it’s cold but its the truth). A man that has slept around means greater probability of illegitimate offspring, taking resources from the woman’s offspring. So a woman who is not a slut, rare of course but still something to be sought after, would like a man that hasn’t slept with many.

    1. A man that has slept around means greater probability of illegitimate offspring, taking resources from the woman’s offspring.
      Not during the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of years of evolution during which that trait was baked into human DNA.
      For 99.9% of human existence, there was no DNA tests, no birth control, and no way to know who the father was for sure. Generally only the woman knew, and she may not know.
      Illegitimate offspring were cared for by the man the woman who had the child was with, or by herself if she had none, not the actual father, so resources were not wasted on illegitimate children.
      If you and your mate had four children with each other, but you had four children elsewhere, your four children you had with your mate got 100% of your resources.

      1. Some of it was probably gambling.
        I wonder how many orgies there were where all the men came in the same women, where whosever’s sperm was the fastest and strongest passed the ultimate shit-test for the future.

        1. But who would be the man to claim that ‘prize’? That’s one child I’ll never know.

        2. I don’t know… I wonder if this sorta thing happens with other primates.
          My guess is that they’d let the child live and be property of the group… Letting their sperm decide who gets to breed that round seems somewhat fair in some way…

      2. Just to enhance your point:
        The term “illegitimate” doesn’t mean “born out of wedlock,” that’s why we have another term to denote that concept.
        What illegitimate means is “not entitled to resources.”
        One could well be a bastard and perfectly legitimate, if the man acknowledged paternity, and if first born, disenfranchise the children of the man’s mate.
        And so it generally only happened under unusual circumstances, usually for political reasons.

      3. Hey, what era are you from? We’re not in the stone age, this is the 21st century. How does this apply to now?

  14. I find a big trend now among passably attractive girls (lets say 5-6.9) is the fitness craze.
    When these girls realize that their looks are starting to fade and that they simply can’t compete with either the 9s and 10s older than them, or the plain Janes that are younger than them, they go straight to cross-fit…
    While this does help in hanging onto their attractiveness (I’d even say some manage to raise up a level), you can tell a woman’s age primarily by her face and her skin. Sad but true, not much can be done. Some girls age better than others.
    On another note, in older women I find femininity and actual personal maturity to be important for my interest. I’d rather spend time with a feminine 30+ year old 7.5 (e.g., imagine a well-put-together European or Chinese woman that understands how to please a man) who knows the score, than a cougar who wants to pretend that she is still in her 20s.

    1. Too true! Best example I can think of was an ex of mine. We dated for a few years from when she was 22 or so, until 26, right before the 27 birthday. After the break-up, I got her out of my system. I had to see her a few months later to get some things. New white spot over left eye, skin looked noticeably different, and I had to come to terms with the notion that the 8 I thought I lost, is now a solid 5 I’d ignore. She had to wave her hand in my face to get me to recognize her. And we were together half a decade.
      With alcohol, drugs, and whoring, some women are finding their genetics won’t hold up like the rest.

      1. I’ve seen that with exes of my past as well…
        I truly feel sad for some of them… But then I think about all the times they fucked me over for no good reason… And then I feel sad for them again… I find the only real option is to just get them out of your life and avoid the mind-games and bullshit.

        1. Yeah. I agree on the eviction. I’ve noticed ex girlfriends have a lasting effect on the psyche. At different intervals of the day, a past memory or almost like having a memory period, once a month, or nearer to holidays, I’ll end up going through emotional pangs. Not necessarily enough to want to call, but enough so that the emotions are there. That is the only tether, the emotional memory. Getting her out of life was easy. If they want out, the door is there. There is now way back in. I accept parting favors. Dating me is like a club in that sense. If you get in, times will be fun. You decide to leave in disgust, the bouncer will never let you back in. You can fuck the bouncer and pay him off all you like, you’ll only see the inside of the club, to hate from outside.

        2. Yeah it really sucks but it beats being hoodwinked…
          If you open the door and they start creating problems you only have yourself to blame really.

    2. I see that too. Women post 35 who go fucking crazy with working out and get muscular and overly skinny-no curves at all and not feminine. I realize they’re trying to compensate for the age that shows all over their face.

    3. I live in a Botox clinic (my wife has a business at home) and am amazed at how much cash women drop to wind the clock back ten years, and freeze their age. $10k+ PA. It works, and can raise most girls up a couple of hotness points. Skin texture improved with botox/products, lost facial volume replaced with fillers, collagen boosted with IPL. You can take a plain Jane and put fillers into areas where she deviates from the “mask of phi” beauty ideal (Kate Moss, basically) and (combined with hair and makeup) they look like themselves, but hotter.
      Men can do it also, although I have resisted offers of a bigger chin.
      The vast majority of my wife’s appearance med clients are women, and for the most part no one can pick what they have had done, only that they look hotter.
      As the economy tanks, spending on this counter-intuitively goes up.
      Women have lots of tools to fool you, and they use them as much as they, or some poor sap, can afford to.

      1. After the botox they run out and pay a photographer to take 1000 pics of them, and throw away 999 pics, and use that 1 pic on their dating profile to get you to drive across the bridge and buy them lunch. Then they wonder why they get pumped and dumped.

    4. Let us not forget “fitness center game” though. These women are ripe to be gamed big time.

  15. Haha that’s what you think. No woman wants to bring a manwhore to her family. Fun to play with, but give them commitment? Hell no.

    1. But they do… over and over and over… they all say the don’t… but they do. Judge women by what they do, not what they say.

      1. The divorce rate speaks volumes…
        2/3 initiated by women.
        Who is choosing wrong here: men, or women?
        In ancient Rome they said:
        “Women marry to divorce and divorce to remarry.”
        Are we really that far off?
        And, as a citizen of TODAY, are you really so arrogant to say this doesn’t apply to you?

        1. it’s not 2/3, it’s closer to 3/4.
          In divorces where the woman has a college degree it’s 90% female initiated

      2. To divorce and take his money, yup. But that’s it.
        Women who have their own money, won’t marry the manwhore.

        1. No… interestingly they don’t… yet the 25 year old man whores still believe it’s all about their magic cock!
          SHE TELLS EVRERYONE YOU HAVE A MAGIC COCK… until she says you don’t!
          Which she does 100% of the time!
          Seriously… is this a red-pill site or not?
          Exactly how much further can you manwhore your sexual worth to us – those of us who would screw you for pittance and bang your woman doggie style over a table?

        2. Women love manwhores, or degenerate apha males. Makes their pussy wet. Women justify their actions by saying they’re attracted to the bad boys, and they thought they could fix him. Its a fucking cilche that women get exploited by over and over again. And degenerate alpha males often don’t have any assets when it comes to divorce.

      1. Obviously felt sorry for you. Pity family time is the worst. Or the last minute date canceled.

        1. “Using sympathy (sorry) as an insult.”
          The technical term is passive-aggressiveness. Women use it a lot, as do men deprived of any real opportunity to test themselves physically against another man.

    1. Not happening. This kind of masculinity is a boon to our dying society. I don’t know about you, but I’m too old to grow a mangina.

        1. I can tell. The statement was directed at myself and the fear of being around so many beta men. I equate the current society to ugly duckling syndrome. There too many swans that are being forced to break bread with ducks. At gun point.

        2. Yeah i can’t even watch mainstream TV any more, effeminate betas everywhere, no John Wayne, no Clint Eastwood, no Arnold no masculine men .

        3. Same here. And the commercials are even worse. Almost all of them female oriented, anti-male drivel.

        4. Yeah i know men are driveling idiots, oh look their intelligent wife made the smart choice in purchasing our product…..

        5. Glad you noticed. I’ve spoken to younger guys and that group (19-25) seem awfully well indoctrinated into the feminist agenda. Every other statement is about equality or patriarchy or rape culture and how men subjugated women. It is good to know some men are still coming out of this current wave.
          I was getting worried when I heard a 19 yr old boy claim it is right for a man to pay child support for a child his wife gains from cheating on him. It isn’t the child’s fault they are born. His words. I was enraged enough to want this horrible fate to become his in the future.
          Enjoy the site. The audience is growing daily.

  16. A few points from personal and professional experience;
    1) no one wants to build a family with a slut, neither male nor female. Why would a chaste woman choose a “player” when choosing a life mate? His chances of deserting her with dependents when she ages beyond the “firm, supple flesh” stage are just too high.
    2) male sexuality takes a nose dive with age, just as female sexuality does. Young women are no more attracted to old men then young men are to old women. The balance is entirely made up by money. It is still socially acceptable for young women to whore themselves out in a way it is not for young men. Don’t fool yourself, my fellow old timers.
    3) all that matters in a woman is not her physical appearance. While I may be interested in having sex with a physically beautiful woman, I would not want the vast majority of them to bear or raise my children. It is a balancing act. She must be attractive to me physically to initiate sex, but worthy enough for me to invest time.

    1. Men and women age differently. You’re in denial of biology. The female reproductive system is dead by early 40s. At that point she is a rotting husk. You’re a brain washed beta male parroting feminist dogma.

      1. Nope, men and women age at the same rate. That’s biology for you. Can’t “red pill” or rethink it. It is what it is.

        1. Then explain to me how you always see young women shack up with older men, yet you never see older women with younger men at the same ratio. And don’t get started on any “cougar” bullshit. That was created by old women trying to validate their un-attractiveness in their old age.
          Men are visual creatures. We love young women. Always have. When women get old, beauty fades. They get less attractive as a result. That’s why they’re supposed to get married & bear children young.
          THATS biology.

        2. Women are visual creatures as well. When men age their looks fade as well. Why is the older man/younger woman combo more common than the reverse? It’s not biology, but society.

        3. “Women are visual creatures as well.”
          If that’s the case, where is the porn industry specifically targeted at women that grosses billions per year? Go to any magazine stand and show me the multiple porn mags with men all over the covers.
          Men have been bedding young women for thousands of years. That’s pre & post feminism. For you to sit there & say that the last half century of feminist bullshit overtrumps human nature is ludicrous. The reason why we want young girls is that youth=fertility. To deny this is to deny biology. Our purpose on this rock is to reproduce the species. Nature will have its way. One way or another.
          Keep living in your feminist dream world.

        4. I rather think it is you fooling yourself, if you believe that as a man you are somehow protected from the ravages of time or that a young girl twenty years your junior is not imagining a manchester united player during sex. Both women and men find physical indicators of fertility to be attractive for the same biologic reason of reproduction.

        5. I don’t care what she’s imagining, the fact remains that biologically, I am protected from the ravages of time more than a woman.
          But you know what? I can get that 20 year old pregnant with my sperm well into my 70s. No way in hell will the reverse be true for a woman.

        6. Hugh Hefner had a child somewhere around 64-65. He is 88 now and his son is 22. All a man really needs to do his keep his mind centered so he can be aroused, and his heart healthy, and his erections will last forever. As will his ability to procreate.

        7. Think so?
          And if you want an actual study on the subject:
          Lastly, if you want some discussion about what women actually do find arousing:
          It’s a long article, but some rather relevant quotes:
          ““One of the things I think about,” she said, “is the dyad
          formed by men and women. Certainly women are very sexual and have the capacity to be even more sexual than men, but one possibility is that instead of it being a go-out-there-and-get-it kind of sexuality, it’s more of a reactive process. If you have this dyad, and one part is pumped full of testosterone, is more interested in risk taking, is probably more aggressive, you’ve got a very strong motivational force. It wouldn’t make sense to have another similar force. You need something complementary. And I’ve often thought that there is something really powerful for women’s sexuality about being desired. That receptivity element. At some point I’d love to do a study that would look at that.””
          “The generally accepted therapeutic notion that, for women, incubating intimacy leads to better sex is, Meana told me, often misguided. “Really,” she said, “women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic” — it is dominated by the yearnings of “self-love,” by the wish to be the object of erotic
          admiration and sexual need. Still on the subject of narcissism, she talked about research indicating that, in comparison with men, women’s erotic fantasies center less on giving pleasure and more on getting it. “When it comes to desire,” she added, “women may be far less relational than men.””
          “And within a committed relationship, the crucial stimulus of being desired decreases considerably, not only because the woman’s partner loses a degree of interest but also, more
          important, because the woman feels that her partner is trapped, that a choice — the choosing of her — is no longer being carried out.”
          “Yet while Meana minimized the role of relationships in stoking desire, she didn’t dispense with the sexual relevance, for women, of being cared for and protected. “What women want is a real dilemma,” she said. Earlier, she showed me, as a joke, a photograph of two control panels, one representing the workings of male desire, the second, female, the first with only a simple on-off switch, the second with countless knobs. “Women want to be thrown up against a wall but not truly endangered. Women want a caveman and caring. If I had to pick an actor who embodies all the qualities, all the contradictions, it would be Denzel Washington. He communicates that kind of power and that he is a good man.”
          These studies and articles are not the work of the manosphere. They’re the work of women themselves, in about as leftie or femcentric publications as you can get.

        8. None of this contradicts that both men and women human animals are aroused by physical indicators of fertility/virility. Both of which fade over time.

  17. Enjoyed the article, enjoyed the debate in the comments, and the girl on the far right in the photo that headlines this article could get it.

  18. Its a recent invention that women had to be virginal and chaste, if you look at any native tribe they fuck like its going out of style.

    1. What “Native tribes” are you referring to? Gonna need you to qualify your statement.

  19. Feminists hate this because it provides compelling evidence that men and women are fundamentally different.

    This is important. Part of their denial is political. If men and women are wired up different (and they are), then differences in outcome between the sexes is NOT evidence of discrimination. Their political strategy is to assert that men and women are the same, and then cherry pick examples to create a “war on women” that needs legislation.
    The legislation is always, it seems, meant to benefit women economically. If you boil it down, what feminists want is a world where all of society are functionally serfs, enslaved providers to which women are the primary beneficiaries. With women freed from having to provide any sort of value to attract a provider male, they can shit out a genetic rainbow of alpha bastard spawn, all of which are paid for by the state and child support. Of course, throughout all of history, the only thing keeping low-status women from gorging on the buffet of free alpha sperm was the fact she had to find a provider male to support said bastards, and undergo the humiliation of being labeled a slut. High status (i.e. beautiful) women never had a problem attracting a high quality male who would also serve as a provider. The Femtopia is mostly a low status women (i.e. feminist) dream.

  20. Ironically enough these “beautiful” (Fat, old, tatted up, skrillix hair) women feel entitled to a hot muscular rich man. Yeah right. Like such a man would ever go for trash.

    1. There are a tiny fraction of high-smv weirdoes like John Lennon and Mark Zuckerberg who literally went for thrash. The problem for women is, those kind of men are not nearly enough and then you have the problem of ‘want-it-all women’ i.e. it’s not enough that a man must be hot. muscular and rich but also at least 6′ tall, intelligent, sensitive, faithful, funny, fashion-savvy, likes traveling, likes chick-flick, don’t smoke, don’t drink, severe ties with his male buddies, OK with cuckoldry, change diapers, cook for her, play musical instruments, writes poetry, paints, etc etc etc.

      1. John Lennon was a rock star who banged so many groupies he burned out, obviously married for other reasons.

        1. Lennon was a kook who was messed up by his childhood. Mum was a whore (possibly literally) and Da walked out when he was a small child. He called his wife “Mother.” Says it all.

  21. “…and where women are cheered on for exhibiting ugly and selfish traits that our forefathers would have universally condemned.”
    And which we also universally condemn.

  22. “Horrified by this reality, the feminist seeks to redefine what is “truly” attractive to better match her own attributes.”
    This quote goes beyond the laughable American women. This is life-altering concept right here. People defining the ideal based on their own attributes and then gauging you by their own self-defined terms. If you can understand how common this behavior is then you can avoid/ignore it and you can absolutely change the tone of your life in a huge way. People will judge you based on their own ego-investments. Just ignore it. ALL of it. This dynamic right here drives 80% of human interaction; judgment, gossip, backstabbing, ally/enemy choices. Learn the mechanics of this psychological function and get it as far from your life as possible. Do you think Dan Marino would ever say “Well, NFL qb’s are pretty cool but the real studs are the guys who can write novels.” No. His definition of the ideal will match himself to a T. Most people do it. Even if they have to conflate. So a pretty good high school qb will also say the ideal is an NFL qb, though he wasn’t one. He was on that track and it still works for his ego. Learn this mechanism and clear it from your psyche. Don’t do it and don’t suffer as a victim of it.

  23. Anyone else getting tired from reading about feminists all the time? Feminists don’t affect my life at all. I disregard feminists. I don’t associate with old fat women. I don’t care about their feelings, what they tweet, what they blog about, etc etc. They will get old, fat, and bitter. I’m getting older but fitter and happier

    1. I hear ya, and I don’t interact with feminists much either, but at least here in the US they still control the societal narrative and culture to a large extent, so they do effect our lives in that regard and we need to work to reduce their influence.

  24. I wonder why are ther TWO fatties in the picture, while we have one of each other “body type” (fully tatooed, skinny, muscular)…

  25. The wall takes no prisoners. . I have zero pity for these women. They shit on decent men and stole their jobs. . They have left a trail of misery and ruined male lives. It’s karma. You can’t have a society that works when half the population is self centered, solopsistic babies who use the other half. Fundamental problems in the the economy make it hard for alot of men to make a good living and these same men then get taxed to pay for some fat sluts mudshark kids she had with a felon. It will collapse, men are not stupid. Eventually society must come to an understanding that females can’t just fuck scum and treat good men like shit. If men have good jobs, status and good women….most men will work to death and do society a solid. Now it’s just get nothing as a man, take it or leave it and shame and blaming or man up. . I’ve done fine with women but most men get fucked and I don’t expect those men to step up if they are getting shit on by society. Enjoy the decline, at least it’s funny to see fat busted up poor single mom’s suffering. . It makes my day

  26. Rock solid post. Great breakdown on why women use their degrees and accomplishments in a failed attempt to compete with better looking women. That sums it up perfectly.

  27. Barbarossa summed it up well in his vlog about the harpie-whores laughing at male genital mutilation. The male sex drive given to us by our Maker is what makes us create, innovate and annihilate when the time comes to do those things, and women can’t stand that.
    Feminism is less about equality than it is Penis Envy.

  28. Is there a point to this article? Men like attractive, fertile, 20-something year old girls. Always have an always will – this isn’t exactly some groundbreaking revolution. So why not be a slut? There’s no real reward to being a fucking prude anymore (woman also have MUCH more intense orgasms), your husband’s just going to leave you for a younger chic once you start to age. Women might as well enjoy their careers and libido. No sense in trying to change one’s self for a guy that’s just going to stray. Also; just because a man finds an unattractive woman completely worthless, it doesn’t give him the right to shame her, or treat as inhumane.

    1. The point is to pull back the feminist veil that Men value women on the same values that women value themselves.Men don’t care about women’s success or degrees, Men only care about 3 things , Is she attractive? is she good? will she make a good wife for my children? The rest is just feminists rebelling against the way God created them.Be a slut if you want, but this behavior only further distances the woman from any decent man. When the “Right one” comes along she’ll stop being a slut because she has a “Real Man” that can appreciate and respect her , but trust me Prince charming isn’t going to waste his time with a vagina that is puking itself. Enjoy your careers that were given to you through Affirmative Action, women must feel like champions, and you can’t change the way women were created, women can only “enjoy”their libido and slutty ways for so long until it takes a devastating emotional toll on them and they start feeling like the used up sluts they were acting like.

      1. Oh, so am I to assume that the men that participate on this website are “decent?” I’m sorry, but being a prude and a homemaker is boring as shit. There’s no ultimate reward in it, and men just end up disappointing you, no matter how much they claim to “love you.” So you can hate feminists all you want, this is how women are now, and they have a point. If you don’t like it, then marry an eighteen year old foreign chic that’ll show up at your work and destroy your shit in front of everyone everytime’s she’s pissed off. I’m so tired of men trying to tell women how to be – fuck it. Oh, and by the way, women don’t better themselves/read books to appease a man – we’re not stupid, though you believe us to be – if I want to appease a man, I will alter/improve my appearance. Some women actually just exist as they want to, and it has nothing to do with the opposite sex. I know that must be crushing to the male ego – but face it – whether a woman’s fat/career-driven – all the things that males don’t value in a lady – she’s not fucking do it for your sake. Men are nothing now, and whether we’ve now obtained our throne through incessant whining – doesn’t make one bit of difference – it’s ours, and the whining and douchebaggery displayed by the men’s rights activists isn’t going to change that. Sorry.

        1. Everything you said only exists because men in the West allow it to exist. Iran was a liberated country for women up till the 1980’s then in the 90’s political islam removed all women’s rights, women haven’t gained anything by themselves it’s all been allowed to them by men.

        2. Men are not your enemy but you are too brainwashed to see that. Feminism has turned you into a woman every man despises. Now you are a wage slave at some boring job. Women had it all once but those days are long gone and won’t come back. You have ruined it for yourself. In the end men win and women lose. We don’t have to buy the cow anymore because all the milk is handed out to us for free. We don’t have to slave away at work anymore because we don’t need huge mortgages to buy McMansions, to feed a whole family and to pay for your needs. We go our own way: life is great, life is good!

        3. “Men are nothing now, and whether we’ve now obtained our throne through
          incessant whining – doesn’t make one bit of difference – it’s ours, and
          the whining and douchebaggery displayed by the men’s rights activists
          isn’t going to change that. Sorry.”
          Guys you should listen to her. This is how most women think these days. They are sluts, and proud to be sluts, and empty and shallow creatures. And power-hungry as well. This is the modern Western woman right here..
          Men need to get serious about wresting back the “throne” from women. These women don’t give a crap about men.. they actively disparage men. I don’t know where this notion came about that women are more “empathetic” than men… I have never come across a single woman who has the ability to empathize with men and understand their suffering.
          She’s right that blogging on the manosphere isn’t going to achieve anything. Men have to seriously consider more serious actions. Not keeping women in line creates monsters like this woman.

        4. Nobody wife this bitch (or anyone who acts like her) up please.
          This is how we MEN begin to fix society. By changing the landscape and shaming these bitches for their actions.
          When society starts shaming sluts for being sluts again, then things will change.

        5. I could literally get married at some point this year if I wanted to. You making your little comment isn’t going to change that :-p

        6. Too late. There’s nothing you can do about it. And just because I think you guys are a bunch of shallow pricks doesn’t make me a monster. I’m just being honest – shattering the illusion that you all have enshrouded yourself within – none of you are capable of loving another human being, and you’re all so insecure and easily threatened so you have to reduce women as house pets.

        7. Perhaps.
          Nothing I say will change your mind. I literally don’t give a damn if YOU get married. As long as it ain’t me. I feel sorry for the poor guy though. I’d wager that if you show him what you wrote here, he’ll change his mind pretty damn quick once he knows the true nature of what he’s dealing with. If he doesn’t, then he’s a pussy who’ll supplicate to you and you’ll never be truly happy because you don’t have a real man.
          I hope you’re young. If so, then you have time to put on your big girl panties, de-programm yourself and find true happiness.

        8. No, you are very much a monster.. self-absorbed, and just as shallow as the men you criticize. And are you that much lacking in self-awareness that you can’t seem to see the hypocrisy of calling men shallow and accusing them of not being capable of loving another human being when you demonstrate in your very comment that you are yourself shallow, judge men by their looks, and seem incapable of loving anyone because you get bored after 6 months.
          And it’s not about reducing women to house pets. Your attitude and comment demonstrate what happens when women have any power whatsoever. Clearly, as your attitude and comment shows.. power is a zero-sum game. More power for women creates monsters like you.. and reduces power for men. So men have to make a choice: try and be moral, or take power away from women in order not to create a culture that creates women like you. Giving women power has done nothing but cause misery for most men, and taken away their power. Because of female hypergamy, it only benefits the top 20% of highly sought after attractive, successful men or thuggish alphas. So either women have power, and most men suffer, or men have power, and some women suffer. Men and society have to make this choice.. although I don’t there is a choice. What here are cycles in history and civilizations.. and lack of marriage and lack of fathers creates a downward spiral of civilization so things are probably not going to change until civilization is reborn again. In the meantime though, men can do what they can to rationally put their self-interest first, and prevent women from getting any more power. That’s the best we can do for now.. and that’s why this website and the manosphere does serve a useful purpose.

        9. Sensing a lot of projection on your part, especially given your mercenary attitudes to men and sexual intimacy generally.

        10. That throne was given them by men.
          Women have no power.
          If they did they would not have to petition men for their rights.
          What you are really reading are the tiresome ramblings of a jilted lover who in spite of her “independence” mourns the loss of value of her vagina.
          She’s just mad because men are liberated from our traditional roles.

        11. You women really need to upgrade your software.
          That one’s been played to death.
          Remember, you’re in a male space and therefore you do not matter.
          And women only think they’re scary and intimidating because the government backs them.
          It is clear that women are helpless without men.
          Women are subhuman.

        12. We don’t need to wrestle.
          When the society collapses (and it will) men will rebuild it. And hopefully we will be smart enough to never allow women out of our kitchens again. And especially never let them vote in our elections.

        13. Nope. We invent. Women are parasitical creatures that consume, never build.
          And with the artificial womb around the corner (no it does not require an ovum), and high tech sex simulations that will surpass the real thing, women will effectively be obsolete by the end of this century.
          If all men refused to go to work next Monday the world would collapse.
          If all women refuse to go to work on Monday, no one would notice.

        14. If you’re an asshole, I guess I could see how you’d think that women are useless. Try egalitarianism. 🙂 all people are important, that is, if you’re a decent human being. And if there is an artificial womb made, I’m pretty sure most men would prefer to impregnate an actual woman as opposed to living out life without ever having experienced a woman’s touch. Also; all female colonies in opposition to all male colonies often fare much better than all males. Men may possess many great attributes; but women do as well (depending on the woman/man).
          Just be a good person. I don’t know why this site has decided to wage a full on war against women.

        15. Also; don’t forget that women are much, much better at raising children. So while you can say “you invent” – we’ve raised all of you, and none of you can escape that. You wouldn’t be here, or be who you are, without a woman.

      2. Yeah, affirmative action – what winner! women dont even have to take entrance exams for medical school like men do and they suck off their professors to get any degree other than woman studys. So you brite intelligent feminazis, why don’t you go to the doctors with vaginas you bitched so loudly to create but who couldn’t get through medical programs if their whorish lives depended on it. women cheat at everything because they have no skillsets other than what god intended them for, serving men and birthing their children. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces once sane laws put them back in their natural roles. enough already. men have hit the breaking point.

        1. Ironically I think that over time after sane laws are reestablished women will yearn to be that supporting role, God created women to be obedient and submissive to man it’s in women’s nature, I think women need leaders and since the average beta isn’t giving her that and feminism is sorta giving them a leader, they follow feminism, I believe that feminism is the work of satan trying to create chaos in God’s intended natural order, so I think If feminism was removed and if sane laws come back and men teach women that it is not wrong to be submissive and obedient then women will go along with it.

    2. “So why not be a slut?”
      How do you perceive yourself at the age of 40 looking back on your slut life? With pride? You are only half way and all you have done is give away your most valuable assets to every man in the street for free; all of them laughed at you behind your back you silly slut. No man respected you while dumping their load into you, no man loved you. No man wanted your children, because you showed them clearly with your behaviour that you weren’t anywhere near marriage material. You just let yourself being used and dumped by them.

      1. Okay, first of all, calm down, crazy…
        Second of all, I was in a nine year relationship from the age of 14 up until 23, and together we had one child. I left him because I got bored (he’s still in love with me), and I’ve had two different boyfriends in the past year, neither of which dumped me, one I am still sort of seeing. I’m not an idiot, and I don’t expect to be happily married in my old age because, as is stated in this article, women are only valuable so long as they’re young – which is why I prefer to do my own thing. I don’t attach myself to any man, and I’d be an idiot to do so. I don’t change my life for anyone (my daughter aside). I enjoy monogamous relationships, but I often get bored after about six months (it would take centuries to explain how I stayed in a relationship for nine years, I don’t understand it myself, but I think I mostly stayed for his sake). I prefer to be a single mother, thanks. And I’m not going to apologize or feel bad about myself for enjoying sex. That’s just fucking stupid.

        1. Seems you don’t even realize how brainwashed you are regarding your foul-mouthed language use. You sound like a man. Never try to be one of the guys. Men hate that just as much as women aren’t impressed by a man acting as one of the girls.
          PS it’s no surprise your used up vagina requires more than 7 inches of cock to feel anything.

        2. You’re still young.. even if you’re already got baggage and are a single mother already.
          Let’s see how much you “love” being a single mother in 10 years..when you’ll be a lot less hotter and desirable.. and will be even more damaged from getting pumped and dumped by multiple men not willing or interested to commit in any way to you. I know at your age you say you’re interested in long-term commitment.. and I believe you. But things will change when you get older, trust me. Life is hard.. and even harder when you have to raise a child by yourself. Empty sex and those “intense orgasms” of yours aren’t going to compensate for that emptiness and being alone. And the quality of men you’ll be able to attract for just sex will decrease. And no quality man in his right mind would.. will ever commit to you when you find you want that commitment.. not after you’ve whored around with so many men and are damaged goods. Everything has a price.. don’t think your whoredom also doesn’t come with a price. You just won’t realize it until much later in life.. when it will be too late.

        3. Wanna hear something fun? I had a full blown orgy. It was awesome. I paid 3 Amsterdam whores $1500; 2 blonds and one little Asian- maybe a Hmong- don’t know or care.
          I fucked them while they ate pussy. They ate pussy while I sat drinking. I did every fucked up thing that I had ever seen in pornos. Every hole! Where these twats “trafficked”- Yea probably fucked if I care. I believe the blonds where some breed of Eastern European and the yellow one was Hmong or Veit or some other breed of piss colored dalit. That didn’t stop my from making them lick me asshole.

        4. I’ve said nothing that would warrant a ban, but good to know that self-proclaimed “alpha males” are ultra sensitive. Ugh, where have all the men gone?

        5. I love that women get a bad reputation for being crazy – pretty much all of the “men” on this website have shit all over that theory. Calm down. I’m not even remotely offended by you calling me a cunt, and as far as your second sentence goes, who gives a shit? Do you want a medal?

        6. Yeah, I don’t think so. I’ve seen some ugly fucking women in their 30’s and 40’s who were wife’d up. And comparing myself to the other women that are now my age and that I’ve graduated with, I’d have to say that I’m aging pretty damn well compared to the rest of them. I mean Jesus, some of them are fat asses now. How can you be a fat ass at 24? I mean, really?
          And what’s wrong with being alone? I have a daughter. Sex is not even remotely important to older women. Why would I bother getting married when I can just have lots of kids and a life? I mean seriously, what is so great about being married? Every single couple I see looks fucking miserable – the wife has nothing to say, and the husband just hits on you. There is absolutely nothing pure and good about marriage whatsoever. Your kids, however, will love you forever, no matter how “dried up” and “old” you get. There is no benefit to having a husband whatsoever. Not financial security, not happiness, none of them are good at fathering their children (I mean, Jesus, look at the article the website posted about becoming a dad? Fucking depressing. Needing a separate apartment after having a kid? Fuck that). Men are not hunters anymore; they serve no real purpose – they are miserable and depressed and have no idea how to love or relate to a woman anymore, so they fuck anything and everything that moves, so long as she’s a 20-something. The only good men out there are betas, and even the betas get boring after a while. Alphas are only good for sex. That’s it. So once my libido runs out, I see no use for you (not you specifically, but I’m assuming you consider yourself to be an alpha male) You do not offer emotional security, nor financial security, and you all suck as parents. And women can have jobs now, so there goes your whole “Well, I’ll provide for everyone” theory. You are useless, and that’s probably why you hate feminists.
          Go ahead and fuck all the 20-somethings you want, none of them are ever going to fall in love with someone who’s emotionally unavailable. You will be just as lonely and empty as I (assuming you’re young and unmarried) ^_^

        7. Your comment is very immature and full of sweeping generalizations about men that are just not true. I suppose you could argue that many men in the manosphere make the same mistakes when it comes to their criticism of women, and I concede that may be true.. but it doesn’t help your case one bit to be just as shallow and wrong about men as many men here might be about women.
          Let me first say, I appreciate hearing your point of view and perspective as a woman. One thing I dislike about this site is it doesn’t let women participate and give their point of view on things, and that’s important I think. Reality, relationships, and people – both men and women – are complex and only a fool things he or she knows it all. It’s always good to listen to other perspectives.. you just might learn something.
          To address some of your points, nothing is wrong with being alone sometimes. I am an introvert and solitary by nature, and I’m guess perhaps you might be as well.. so for people like us, it’s easier to be alone. But nobody wants to be alone all the time. We all need intimate relationships and partnerships. and love. Men and women need each other for love, sex and companionship. For you, shallow empty sex may be good enough for now.. but as you get older, it probably won’t be enough and you’ll crave the intimacy, love, stability that only a relationship provide. Kids are nice. .but can’t substitute for a partner in life, love and relationships. And most men aren’t going to stop loving their wife if she ages and gets older.. not if she was there with him when she was youthful and gave him her best sexual years.
          Your comment about there being no benefit to having a husband and father, or that men make poor parents, are just plain wrong. Those are simplistic generalizations and they are statistically and factually wrong. Single motherhood is really one of the most pathological social phenomenons. Single mothers are almost always poorer than their married counterparts, and their chidren almost always have poorer outcomes than children raised with both a mother and a father. All you have to do is look at the african-american community to see what happens when single motherhood becomes the norm. I can point you to some links and data that verify these statements. Husbands and fathers are very much necessary.
          You are also wrong that men don’t have a purpose anymore or whatever. Don’t buy the end of men propaganda. Men are very much the foundation of civilization. They have built everything that you take for granted. They are the ones who do the dirty and hard work of civilization, the ones who the most dangerous jobs. They are the ones building things, infrastructure..building roads.. keeping the power systems functioning, etc. It is men who are the indispensable sex really when it comes to work. Civilization and society ran just fine before women were in the work force.. and will run just as fine, if not better without women in the work force. But women will never be able to replace men when it comes to doing all the necessary work of civilization. Read this for example:
          What would happen if no men showed up for work today?
          I am not an alpha in any way, nor do I aspire to be one… or at least, not to an extreme. I am a sweet, loving, caring, dependable beta male who is very much relationship oriented. I’m in my late 30s, financially stable, and unmarried. I’ve never been married and have no kids. There are many men like me out there who are able to relate with a woman .. and be emotionally available and intimate… but men like us just aren’t visible to these women. I like to think I have some alpha traits.. but who knows. But guys like me just aren’t what women want and value these days.
          I think that having some alpha and masculine traits are important.. and that’s my problem with feminism.. or some aspects of it. It devalues masculinity and emphasizes feminine virtues over masculine ones, and this is wrong.. and detrimental.. not just for men but also for women, who are drawn to masculine men, and to the alpha traits in men. What we have in the current feminist culture is a neutralizing of masculinity.. and as a result, you have some blue-pill males who are completely clueless and think feminizing themselves, not showing sexual desire, and not cultivating their masculine traits will somehow make women sexually interested in them, which is clearly wrong. And then you have the extreme on the other side.. where men are being told that being hyper-masculine and an alpha douchebag is what will get you a woman and get you laid. The latter seems to be working unfortunately.. for a lot of men. .and women seem to reward men like that by spreading their legs for them and rewarding them with sex.. so you can’t really let women off the hook here and just blame men for being douchebags. I mean you yourself say you get bored of the beta male types after a while… so what does that say about you and women? Do you think love is about always being excited by your partner? Love and commitment are about things a lot deeper than being bored or excited about your partner. Relationships are hard.. but they can be rewarding.
          I think women, and men, for that matter, are only as good as the culture and environment that produces them. And the current Western culture, thanks to feminism, as well as sexual liberalism, is one that doesn’t value and isn’t designed to cultivate things like love, marriage, and long-term relationships. Because of female hypergamy and a woman’s innate biological need to mate across and over the dominance hierarchy, i.e., to be attracted to only men equal to or more likely, higher in status, success and achievements than her, giving women too much freedom, and elevating their status at the expense of men is detrimental to cultivating monogamy and long-term relationships and marriages.
          Men also need an incentive to marry and commit to a woman for a lifetime.. and there is very little incentive for men to marry a woman in the current culture in which women squander their best youthful years and slut it up with multiple men during their 20s when they’re the most sexually desirable, and then suddenly want a man to commit to them when they’re 35. That’s just not going to cut it. .and most men are making a rational choice to not marry. So that’s how things stand. I can’t see this as being positive for either men or women.. although it’s not symmetrical.. in that the average man suffers a lot more in this current culture and setup than does the average woman. Or at least, initially they do.. women start to pay the price when they get older and find themselves alone and with men far less sexually interested in them than when they were younger and in their prime.

        8. No one wants to hear the womens’ points of view on this site. It’s not a mixed debating society. There are gazillion other places for that. Society bombards us with womens’ points of view already. The point of this site is for men to exchange ideas among themselves, and there are precious few places in society for that. Don’t ruin the comments with drawn out exchanges with women.

        9. “Your kids, however, will love you forever, no matter how “dried up” and “old” you get.”
          Oh, darling. Wait until you’re that age before concluding that your kids will love you forever no matter how old you get. Often old age is prime time for kids to play catch-up for all the emotional and psychological abuse you put them through in their early years. Single mothers in particular cop it sweet.
          Someone who got into a long term relationship at the age of 14 and up is not qualified to comment on emotional maturity or relationship stability. In many jurisdictions you’d have been deemed the victim of statutory rape if not child abuse.

        10. He was 16 and I was 14. Actually, thinking about that now, it is pretty gross – anyway, I don’t think I need to be lectured by someone who frequents a forum dedicated to hating women for aging and having goals of their own. Chances are none of your relationships amounted to much more than my little “statutory rape” stint in terms of being meaningful. If you were capable of emotional intelligence, and capable of loving someone beyond their youth/beauty, you wouldn’t be participating on this forum.

      2. Yeah and someone should really start letting the men know – because I know men LOVE to think that women are all about falling in love with them and how smart they are and how many books they read and blah blah blah – no, women like men who have money, and men who are also incredibly attractive. Women objectify men the same exact way men objectify women. We don’t even listen to half the shit you say, as interesting as you think it may be – because, well, for one, men and women don’t often share common interests and two, none of you are particularly fascinating. So if you’re ugly, short, fat, and you have a shitty job – you’re shit out of luck with any pretty girl. God save you if your dick’s smaller than seven inches 🙂

        1. Hence all the articles and panic screams of women in their 40’s:
          “Where have all the good men gone”
          “Man up and marry those bitches”
          You have been sold a bunch of lies by Feminism and some of you are starting to open their eyes.

        2. I’ve given her all she’s got Captain, but she can’t take no mooooorrrreeee!!!!

        3. “Women objectify men the same exact way men objectify women.”
          Then it’s time for you to stop telling us not to objectify women, and stop whining about the men who do. We already knew that women’s desires are fundamentally narcissistic.

        4. Men are much, much worse. Their objectification borders along psychotic, and violent. I’m not saying women aren’t capable of violence, but men pretty much take the cake on that one. At least females are capable of compassion and empathy whereas men just do whatever they want.

    3. Don’t talk as if women are anything more than a liability.
      It is safer for men to pump and dump.

  29. Because of the intense objectivity. Men either find you attractive, or they don’t. No relativist bullshit, nowhere to hide.
    That’s why feminists keep trying to push alternative beauty standards, “body diversity”, “fat acceptance”, “non-shaming” and so forth. It’s meant to increase their own value and standing in society.
    And it should be rejected.

  30. Unfortunately, comrades, as I wrap up this piece it would be amiss not to say that men with our spirit and resolve to call out bullshit where we see it are rapidly dwindling in number.
    Horsefeathers. I’m hearing more manosphere sentiments, phrases and objections in real life the last year or so than I’d heard over the previous 20 years. You’re giving up even as the Cavalry arrives to save the day.

    1. As an Englishman living in Europe I cannot say I’ve witnessed the same change in narrative. If that is the case in North America, as you say, then I applaud it.

  31. Speaking of, uh, speaking about male sexuality, can we go back to the days where female commenters were banned along with those who replied?

      1. I was also banned for warning others in a female thread. If you and I can’t pay attention and get caught up in the banhammer moment, it’s our own faults…. and the comment sections still lived without us.

      2. Sometimes you must heed the signage, such as “DANGER! MINEFIELD!”, regardless if another walks into it before you.

  32. Feminism is starting crack ,2014 was the feminism lost the debate as Paul Joseph Watson has said in his recent video on prison planet live channel.

  33. Return of the kings should really be called Home of tiny dicks
    Go ahead and get offended cause your so called masculinity will fall apart if a woman breathes on you

    1. “No guy wants to fuck me so I attack them and say their dicks are small to make myself feel better, while I eat this cyanide laced ice cream out of a carton, I really want to die.”

  34. The double standard of men’s bodies vs. women’s bodies is preposterous. Fat chicks are taught to love their bodies and believe they are entitled to have a man praise their bodies because they are “beautiful.” However, women look for a man with great pecs and wash board abs. But, if a guy is not up to the impossible standards that women see in movies, they get shut down and mocked for not being “good enough” for them. Dumb.

  35. This pic REALLY reminded me of my Father-in-Law who lives in a retirement community.
    He is pursued relentlessly by women from about the age of 45 up.

  36. Feminism is just female intersexual competition, nothing more nothing less.
    I suggest you all read about sexual selection and female intrasexual competition in particular.

    1. And that’s what feminists seem to want for themselves. Notice that there aren’t any men within 20 feet of these creatures…?

  37. Some girls I have met have grown up so unnaturally -and so socially inept- that they truly don’t know what attracts men. I am talking about nice girls, not feminist cunts.
    I have gasped as so many young women tell me about their jobs, degrees and careers in a first date. Now, I understand that some girls truly haven’t been told that men are attracted to women who are young, healthy, thin and with enjoyable personalities. Upon such ignorance, they simply project on men what they find attractive from them: strength, character, resources, initiative, leadership, etc.
    Some of such nice -yet ignorant- girls I’ve met are a little overweight and have never went to a gym. Such is not disastrous, as long as they are under 27, but as they age, many become lost cases, and then they become cunts in their 30s.

  38. Women should learn how to be a good mother, a good wife… and they will find a GOOD man, and in turn, a GREAT family. That’s the ultimate goal any father would want for his daughter… and what any intelligent woman would want for her self. Feminism (especially second wave) completely ignores this vital aspect of gender roles and their implications in society for thousands of years. … of course like the author says, as a way to tear down their rivals (other women, and MEN) to position them selves as leaders and power brokers, regardless of how many millions of lives are ruined. 😉

  39. In the top Picture, from left to right, only nr. 1, 3 and 5 have a healthy weight.
    Nr. 4 is solidly overweight, while nr. 2 is quite obese. In addition nr. 1 has mutilated her body with disgusting tats.
    The saddest part is that nr. 1, 2 and 4 would look average, or maybe even better, if they lost the extra baggage or kept their skin clean.

  40. This post is the muthafucking TRUTH.
    Ok, lets get a bit nuanced. There is nothing wrong with a woman who is a slut, who chooses careerism, or is ugly/fat. They are allowed to pursue what makes them happy.
    This women is NOT allowed to claim that her way of life is the way that all women should follow, and spread her agenda to sweet feminine attractive women.
    That’s the problem. Feminists trying to dictate how all women should feel and fucking up society in the process.
    Think about it, our whole social structure is being obliterated because of the jealousy that a small segment of women women feel towards other women. Ultimately that drives everything.

  41. It’s socially acceptable for women to get laid, but not men.
    This double standard needs to be exposed, shamed, and mocked whenever possible.

  42. “For a man who keeps himself on the right trajectory of increasing social savviness (game), status, and economic prosperity, the chances are high that his 40-year-old self will punch above his 20-year-old self in the dating market.”
    I must digress. 20 year old college students are smack in the middle of a perfect social circle of women: other 18-21 college women (especially in the greek system) and 16-18 y/o women who fawned over them as seniors in high school.
    With millennials, your social circle status will trump economic prosperity all day.
    IF you position yourself properly within Greek life, athletics, and the general high school/college caste system, a 19-21 y/o male is as good as it’s going to get.

    1. I would agree that peak male SMV is far more fluid than that of women. The trajectory of male SMV is likely to follow contextual fame/status pretty closely. The undrafted college QB might hit the heights at 20 then fade rapidly, but the slow burner future CEO might reach his peak at 50. Play the hand you’re dealt to the best of your ability.

  43. Many women try to take advantage of their beauty while they’re young, by joining dating/sugar daddy websites like http://www.whatsyourprice.com & http://www.tempted.com looking for successful/rich men to gift them a monthly allowance, in return for their “company”. These type of arrangements are becoming more popular for young women in the States as it’s an easy, straightforward way for them to pay for their college fees, and earn a shit load besides.

  44. What makes you think that any woman is worth more than a pump and dump? Marry them, even date them in today’s climate? Fuck no. I don’t want to date these obnoxious poisonous modern day cunts; their only value to me is what’s between their legs.
    Women becoming sluts makes sex more readily available to men who never want to date or marry, so slut shaming is really just shooing myself in the foot. The “chaste” ones have given their pussy up their boyfriend, and to the few ex-boyfriends before them.
    It is the norm for women to have premarital sex before marriage, but only with their boyfriends. The chaste ones only give their pussy to a select number of men who somehow manage to fulfill all of the famale’s frivilous unrealistic prerequisites.
    I think women create these laundry list requirements for the men they date because they want to think of themselves as chaste, classy (women love this word), and a lady -it’s just part of female narcissism.

  45. Brilliant article. Explains a whole lot. I think also that feminism is primarily a lesbian movement. I think a lot of what they do is also to remove competition.

  46. http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/jan/05/russell-crowe-female-actors-should-act-their-age
    Russell Crowe offered comment on the reality as an actor in Hollywood (male or female) that as you get older, you can no longer play the parts of your youth (e.g. for him in Gladiator or L.A. Confidential). He clearly notes that this applies to both men and women. Cue the distortion and omissions by jezebel, The Guardian (which should now be renamed the The Mangina) etc., all boiling down to the fact that it reminds women of the cold hard reality for them of getting old – unless you’re extremely talented like Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett etc., you’re invisible. Underlying it is the entitlement of women common to all ages – expecting something for doing nothing.
    Streep subsequently defended his comments, but there was no stop the snowball of feminist outrage gathering momentum:

    1. Age and time are patriarchal concepts designed to oppress women by making them feel bad about themselves… for not living up to the beauty standards also created by the patriarchy. lol

  47. Primitive male sexuality is promiscuity. The evolved male finds a mate and they bond for life raising children properly. You want to spread your seed and move on, look at the black communities in the US, 75% fatherless children and most are in jail by 20. I thought this site was about getting around the feminist/marxist bullshit trying to destroy the family unit??

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