American Men Are Fearful Of Their Women

The above is an excellent sketch of how guys talk tough about their significant others but are actually scared shitless of them. Seven years ago I wrote how relationships destroy men:

1. Trick a guy into dating you by hiding your flaws and emotional instability.

2. For the first couple of months, indulge his desire to treat you like a slut in bed. Casually mention that you heard good things about anal sex.

3. Make him commit (a certainty if you flawlessly executed steps 1 and 2).

4. Remind him how much you hate his friends, how he is too good for them, and how they are holding him down.

5. Lower his self-esteem through sex withholding (start with oral) and subtle jabs at his masculinity.

The result: He is forced to spend more time with you, putting his game out of practice. Not sure of his ability to get a new girl, his confidence goes down. He goes out less. His life now revolves around you. You start picking out his clothes. Your suggestion to move in together or get married now makes sense because he thinks he can’t get another girl. You’re his new mother. Destruction complete. Once you own him, start complaining endlessly to your girlfriends about the weak man you helped create.

Getting into a relationship is no reason to forget the skills and attitude that got you the girl in the first place. The choice is yours: keep your game sharp or end up whipped.

27 thoughts on “American Men Are Fearful Of Their Women”

  1. sad but true
    guys in the western world are whipped
    guys in south america asia an africa are just laffin at us

    1. “guys in the western world are whipped (sic)”
      …to the point we can crack whipped jokes involving the Ku Klux Klan; after all, they DID lynch men at the white woman’s whim.

  2. I as a serial dater I see these moves in play a couple times a month on me. A new move that’s kinda disturbing is girls faking STDs by telling you somethings wrong down there when they know you are going out without them. I find all of them humorous

  3. Shit, that sounds scary the way described it – a woman systematically turning a guy into a mangina. That’s why guys should keep going out, always have a guys night out once a week and keep gaming broads. This will keep her on her toes and the ball in your court.

  4. The HBO show “girls” is a perfect example of most of the stuff discussed here. It’s like the ugly version of sex and the city. The crazy fat feminist that looks like a troll yet has no problem getting laid while berating metrosexuals and trumpeting liberal claptrap. It’s a showcase of every reason men are running from these deranged western women.

  5. This is all because, as young boys, we were punished for saying no. When we try to escape the shitty world we’re growing up in through media, we see pictures, scenes, and plotlines of men being intimidated by women and behaving like their servants.
    This state of affairs was long in the making. Fortunately, we can crush it in one generation.

  6. 1. Trick a woman into dating you by hiding your flaws and insecurities.
    2. For the first couple of months, indulge her desire to have lots of foreplay, extended teasing and kissing and oral. Casually mention you’ve haerd good things about role-play.
    3.Make her commit.
    4. Tell her how boring and irritating her friends are: if her friends are male, express jealousy and disguise it as love and steadily, by using weapons such as withholding interesting conversation and affection, stop her associating with them (this goes double and treble if any said males had intimate contact with her earlier).
    5. Lower her self-esteem by belittling her opinions, scorning her education, criticising her clothes and making increasingly impossible demands.
    The result: the woman is forced to spend all her time with you, having nobody else to turn to. Her social skills diminish and her friends no longer call. She adapts her tastes to yours in the hope of pleasing you, causing you to gradually think of her as a worthless doormat.
    Success! You may now cease entirely to be well dressed, worked-out and slim. You may develop a beer gut. You may stop bothering to be well-informed and interesting. You may slob before the television with one hand scratching your balls and you may fart at will, leave towels on the bed, and make her sleep in the wet patch.
    Well done! You are the dominant…enjoy.

  7. By and large, men in the U.S. are just sick of the entitlement mentality of American women. Divorce rates are 50%+ and women (American women) are the ones who file for divorce 75% of the time. They are brainwashed by feminists to always need to be in control and now most are miserable because no American guy in his right mind wants to put up with their bullshit.

  8. I’m not scared of American girls anymore. After the last American girl I dated was a fluke, I don’t give a shit anymore.

  9. I’ve seen this happen live to a colleague of mine. He started seeing this woman who seemed cold and perpetually angry and after knocking her up, she demanded marriage and openly insulted and yelled at him (even when picking him up at work). Took less than a year, his self esteem is completely destroyed and he became a shaking shadow of his former self.

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