5 Elements In Men’s Tinder Pictures That Get Matches Like Crazy

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Hi there! This is Colt Williams, from over at GirlsChase.com. We’re rolling out a free webinar series on matching, meeting, and sleeping with women on Tinder – and to help promote it, I’ve put together a few pieces on getting girls on Tinder for ROK. I hope you find them useful.

Little’s as frustrating as swiping like crazy on Tinder and getting no matches. Hours spent doing nothing but bulking up your thumb muscles, while all those girls on Tinder are busy flirting and messaging and meeting up and sleeping with men who… well, aren’t you.

Fact is, matching on Tinder is 95% photos – which might depress you at first, if you usually rely on charm, game, or other non-looks attributes to get dates (and get laid).


Yet, there are numerous ways you can ‘hack’ photographs to make yourself look as appealing to the opposite sex as possible… and get loads and loads of matches on Tinder.

In today’s post – the first of a short series for ROK – I’ll detail what those elements (all 5 of ‘em) are, and how to use them – but first, let’s talk appearances.

The Biggest Tinder Sin Of All: BAD Pictures

If you’ve tried Tinder, you know it’s 100% visual. And 100% visual means you get judged on your looks. Solely on your looks.

Knowing this – and I think every guy knows this, consciously or unconsciously – men nevertheless go and upload whatever crummy photos they have sitting on their hard drives, figuring they look like what they look like and the picture won’t make that much difference.

Well guess what?

Girls on Tinder – all those sexy, striking vixens you seek to match with (then meet with… then bang the brains out of) – aren’t uploading any old thing off their hard disks.

In case you haven’t noticed, women spend hours upon hours upon hours snapping selfies, posing with friends, making every facial expression known to man, plus several new ones they just invented on the spot.

The end result is that women who ordinarily look like this:


… end up on Tinder with pictures that look like this:


Men though?

Our Tinder pictures tend to be equivalent to the “before” photos of the women above:

Boring, ordinary, and AVERAGE.

She’s flipping through her phone, bored and uninspired, and then… she comes across… yet another ordinary picture from yet another dude!

*flip* *flip* *flip*

It’s not really that’s she rejecting him per se; it’s that he simply didn’t even register on her radar. No impression made. She swiped him away on autopilot and continued searching for the needle in the haystack who’ll catch her eye, make her take pause, and compel her to say, “Wow.”

Per those images above, women don’t need to be naturally phyiscally attractive for them to have an image that captures YOUR attention and makes you go, “Hmm… would bang.” Well: same deal for your pictures and her reaction.

What you need to mind here, though, is that what grabs a woman’s attention in a photograph and what grabs a man’s are, in fact, somewhat different.

What Girls Drool For In Guys’ Tinder Pictures

What women look for in men’s photographs is a bit different.

OkCupid published a widely circulated blog post on profile photos that you may (or mayn’t) have seen, the result of a 7,000+ picture analysis from its dating site.

OkCupid discovered men are most attracted to women who:

  • Smiled,
  • Stared directly at the camera, and
  • Made a flirty face.

No huge surprise there, right?


Of course those girls are most attractive!

We tend to dig girls who are clearly into us and flirting with us (most of us do, anyhow). These girls seem easier to get – and like they must have great taste in men, too.

But what do women respond best to in a photograph?

Women respond to five (5) key elements in men’s photos:

1. Mystery

2. Prosocial behavior

3. Preoccupation with something else

4. Preselection by other women

5. Hotness (facial hair, hairstyle, clothes, posture, physique, etc.)

The OkCupid analysis covered most of these, including:


Girls like men who are looking DOWN and AWAY in their profile images – not “into the camera” like what men like in women’s photographs. Women also prefer men who are not smiling… by a huge margin.

Prosocial behavior

Women respond better to men who are taking care of animals in their pictures (best) or having a good time with their friends (still good).


OkCupid showed that the ab shot – used correctly – does indeed work… provided you have abs to show off, of course. There’s a lot more you can do to up your hotness in photos – like getting a professionally done hairstyle, or getting attractive facial hair, or good fashion – as well.


Each of these factors also communicates preoccupation – women are curious about men who aren’t falling all over themselves to get their attention in their pictures.

Even though you can’t ‘see’ the other person via a picture, human beings still respond on an unconscious level as if you could.

Have you ever seen one of those “take a donut, leave a dollar” honor systems set up anywhere? Well, a study on that found that simply placing a picture of a set of eyes above the box nearly doubled the number of paying donut eaters. We respond to pictures as if the person is right there in front of us. You must plan your pictures accordingly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for getting exceptional profile pictures – we didn’t even talk about how you can include preselection, for example. But we are out of room in today’s post.

To get my full set of Tinder picture tips, and a peek at my complete girl-getting top-to-bottom head-to-toe Tinder system, head on over to my site and watch my FREE webinar series on meeting women on Tinder.

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186 thoughts on “5 Elements In Men’s Tinder Pictures That Get Matches Like Crazy”

        1. That’s because wealth is not necessary, only charisma.
          We’re not talking long term relationships here, but the quick bang/ONS.

        2. Cunts can’t see wealth on tindr. You can post pics on a yacht, but you could be a guest. Tindr is pretty much about looking like an ambercrombie and fitch model or not. If you are, they don’t care if you just got out of jail, that just makes you an edgy bad boy. Tindr is very much about riding the cock carousel. There’s no pretense on tinder about “match” percentage, or compatibility, or personality traits. Some people have speculated that millennial chicks don’t know how to date. Its just hot or not, bang or not bang.

        3. The fact that you don’t even have to say a single word on there supports this. Even though it’s supposedly not for hooking up, give us all a goddamn break already! It enables both men and women to be as shallow and petty as they want based on looks alone. How American!

    1. Believe it or not, Colt’s black (and about normal in looks and height). Though he would agree with you… throw in any of those things and you’re playing on easy mode.

      1. Men don’t have to be bald anymore with propecia, its a cheap generic like vitamins. It won’t regrow lost hair, but if you start in time you will never be bald. If you’re already bald then you can over-compensate with ripped body and military buzz cut. Fat is liability for men and women, and correctable.

        1. Doesn’t that cause a lower testosterone level though? Or am I thinking of something else?
          A better option – shave it all off, if you have the right kind of head shape. Some of the super hotter type chicks dig bald guys, especially if you can grow a masculine goatee.

        2. Yeah, I see bald guys score all the time. But they’re totally bald, not “combover Carl” or “bald on top hair on the sides Fred”. The point is to NOT look like some middle class office wage slave, which both of those “bald” looks convey quite strongly.

        3. I’m glad I don’t have MPB even now into my 40s for the sole reason that my hair sticks out. I’d have to shave my head or else I’d have that “killer clown” look.
          If or when the baldness fairy does strike, I’m going straight to Jason Statham/Bruce Willis mode no fucking around.

        4. It’s hard to go wrong with the Bruce Willis look. People really underestimate how much effect that kind of look has on women, properly applied of course.

        5. I remember a coworker who started going bald around 25 or 26 got what I think was Rogain or propecia or something like that, on an Rx. Anyway I read the little flyer that comes with it because he had the entire box with him and there were side effects along the lines of “no boner/grow tits” or something like that.
          He does not take that stuff any more but still has hair. I think what helped the most was he took my advice and started saying no to toxic women.

        6. Yeah, I tried the bald thing a couple years ago. I was jacked back then but bald head compounded by my head shape made me look like Linus from Peanuts if he went to the gym. Not a good thing. Glad I still have a full head of hair

        7. I see bald dudes cleaning up all the time when I’m out. Zero hair though not balding on top type thing.

        8. I have thin hair and a receding hairline, why would I get a buzz cut? It would look horrible.
          Maybe that is a bad pic of me, here’s a professional headshot, plus another selfie

        9. I agree being fully bald can work but don’t have a comb over of a big bald patch or hair on the side an bald in the middle. In shape bald dudes can have a kinda bad boy look a lot of women go for.

        10. I agree with this approach, but be warned…some men’s head shape can best be described as ‘unfortunate’ when shaved bald.

        11. Look at them ears!!
          I don’t think manly men are suppose to have professional headshots

        12. Palestinians are the only Arabs I dig. The only ones with brains too, which is at the same time why you ppl are so hated throughout the Arab world 🙂

        13. propecia is like taking pills that slowly cut off your balls over long period. No thank you.

        14. I don’t know the science. All drugs have side effects, some people can’t take aspirin, but most people can.

        15. Yeah you have a good head shape for bald Cameljocky. Mine is a bit too egg shaped for that. I’m 42 and losing my hair slowly, when it’s gone i’ll be about 50 and won’t give 2 shits about women anymore!

        16. On RooshV Forum, in the thread regarding Roosh being interviewed by a feminist, I indirectly advised a nerdy white knight to shave his head and let his beard grow to stubble length. I’m happy to see my advice was good.
          The shaved + stubble look is badass.

        17. I started shaving my head – or a 2-4 mm buzz cut – several years before I even started slowly losing my hair in my early 20s. It was simply a relatively fashionable look back then.
          I’m 38 now and can’t say I’ve ever felt that my increasing male pattern baldness has had any obvious negative effect on my game (it’s possible it has disqualified me with some women, but never in any way where it couldn’t have been something else instead) and certainly not on my self esteem.
          I mostly prefer the “Statham look” with stubble and remaining hair the same very short length.
          And I couple that with an athletic body and a casual, rugged clothing style with jeans as the common base. Suits are never going to be my thing.

        18.  “Some of the super hotter type chicks dig bald guys, especially if you can grow a masculine goatee.”
          True, even had a super hottie tell some dudes, “long hair is for girls”

        19. Lol I love it. Brother posts his photo up for other men to comment.
          Hey bro I just see that as confidence and comfortable with with your sexuality.

        20. I have no issue posting my face here, since my face is actually all over the Internet. I became semi-famous on the Misc forum on bodybuilding.com…I rarely post on there anymore though.
          Do a Google image search for Cameljockey and you’ll see tons of funny photoshops that people have made of me lol Thanks to the Misc I won a contest to have my face on the back of the Roush racecar
          One guy even made a big cardboard cutout of my face and took it to a WWE event!

        21. Wow your understanding of middle eastern relations is awful lmao. Israelis hate Palestinians, Muslims love them.

    2. 5’2″ tinder ho masturbates herself to sleep over tom cruise or justin beiber, but is too busy for coffee date with man under 6 ft.

        1. Cruise pulls women. Banging 31 y/o victoria secret super model this year. You don’t need to feel sorry for him.

        2. He sends his Scientology handlers out to interview women and offer them contractual agreements to BANG Tom Cruise and be his “girlfriend.” Then his publicist gets busy buying magazine covers to sell him to the public as the ultimate 5 foot 6 stud. Why act in a movie with Tom Cruise when you can easily make more money in Hollywood by banging him?

        3. He only uses his church to screen women for marriage. For dating he bangs any chick who wants to fly in his private jet.

        4. “Tom Cruise? Man, grandpa, what was the civil war like?”….
          All these guys are over 50……
          Your youth is showing your betaness dude!

        5. Height, race, build… None if that matters if you’re swimming in money, the pussy flocks to YOU!

        6. P4P aka escorts is common with successful men, they rarely need or use PUA to game women.

        7. Correct….
          Also being a RedPill will guarantee your safety AFTER they flocked to you…….with out the RedPill awareness the bitches will eat you alive….

        8. No we aren’t. That’s in your mind. You judge yourself by your status. Women care more about the emotional connection.

        9. …the average guy seeking ass on Tinder is probably not swimming in money, hence they are on Tinder.

      1. Ha! … i’m under 6 ft (5 foot 8 inch) and i’ve never slept with women shorter than me, one after the other of tall leggy amazonian type women.

    3. 6) Have ample $$$ to toss around on bullshit nonsense (no matter how you got it) and be hot, tall, and white.

    4. for her…especially be white, white, white…then be decent looking (do not have to be so-called hot) and greater than average height

    5. I am none of these and i get hundreds of matches every week.
      Why? Because i am rich and my profile pic has a Lambo in it.

    6. I can tell you from first-hand experience that being tall, white, and good-looking doesn’t seem to mean anything as far as women are concerned, particularly on Tinder.

        1. Ha, maybe you’re right, but all the photos I’ve used have gotten high marks on photofeeler.com. I think personality has more to do with female attraction, and it’s hard to get that across in one photo. Maybe I just need to get some biceps…

  1. Besides shiny things – which always attract women – look like anything she would know she can’t get.
    That attracts them

  2. If you ride, pose wearing motorcycle gear. Maybe have your bike in the shot, with you leaning casually on it and smiling slyly, you dangerous guy you!
    I’m not kidding about this; even married women light up when they find out I ride.

      1. If you can get the horse to *ride* the motorcycle *while* you are riding the horse you can write your ticket with any random Hollywood starlette.

  3. Being tall and masculine, even with one picture, will get you a shit ton of quality matches.

    1. Outside of a full body shot next to a short person, how does one convey “tall” precisely? Or is that it, as I mentioned?
      Not that I care, I’m not on Tinder and I’m 6’3″.

  4. A few weeks ago I was at the pub having a pint and there were two “girls” there appearing to be at the age of 21-25 in that area.
    They were both fatasses that appeared to be compensating for their fatassitude by wearing fake eyelashes and having hair that was too nice for the rest of their health (meaning that it’s impossible to have nice hair like that and be an unhealthy fat blob)
    They were both gawking at a single iPhone and I was hearing bits and pieces of “what about this guy” or “so a guy like that”…
    Honestly, seeing what kind of women would be looking at me if I was on Tinder, I have to say no thanks. I don’t care if they think I looked good or bad. And the ones that are not fat slobs have something else wrong with them. For you millenials a listicle of what you get (sorry no youtube video to walk you through it) online:
    The women are either:
    1. fat
    2. have kids
    3. are batshit crazy
    4. a combination of 2 or more from above.
    And only if you are rich do you get a “normal” woman meaning that she can still be derived from that list, but her desire will keep her in line. Lose your money or marry her or go off your game and she’ll inflate like a life raft and start getting hamsterish and if she’ll even get knocked up too. If I want to live with something that I have to fear turning on me I’ll get a few alpha dobermans.
    When I was younger I used to think being invisible to women was some kind of curse. Now I know it was actually a blessing. No way in this hell or the next will I be putting myself on display.

    1. Ugh. I can’t go into a bar but that I’m not hit on by not only pretty girls, but “empowered” fatties who feel that they somehow, magically, despite being 350% above their ideal body weight, could attract me in any way. The sense of entitlement runs deep in these kind nowadays, and I honestly have to say its men’s fault. The reason I say it is that occasionally I’ll see the same girls from a few weeks earlier who were trying unsuccessfully to get me to pay attention to them with some fairly decent fairly in shape dude who is acting like he’s out with the 19 year old Suzzane Sommers. Fucking loser retards, it’s all I can do but to walk over, pick him out from from his seat and shake him about the head and shoulders while shouting at him to get some goddamned self respect and to stop patronizing fat landwhales.
      That being said, I find that basically ignoring the landwhales in the presence of pretty women greatly amps their attraction towards me. It shows pre-selection by other women, a “I could give a fuck if you exist” aloofness and an utter lack of visible thirst, which apparently is so rare these days that it turns on hotties even if the guy has on a wedding ring.
      As to Tinder, fuck that shit. Christ almighty, why would anybody put themselves on a stage controlled by and dominated by women?

      1. The landwhales always approach first or try to grind first. Was chased around on the dance floor once by a fatty, thought I was going to be eaten.

        1. I don’t go to clubs, but bars. Too old for the club scene, and couldn’t put up with the entitled bitch mentalities of the women and, frankly, 3/4 of the guys either. I generally mock pretense and feigned self importance in others acting in public in a social milieu.
          So…they approach first (or I wouldn’t know they exist, since I have no interest in them). Interestingly they all to a chick ensure that they stick out their ample chests, figuring I guess that it’s the only asset they have that men might appreciate. To me, too much fat is too much fat, big tits or not. Besides, I prefer a nice firm B or C cup.

        2. The fatties with big boobs will, from the rear, appear to have anywhere from 4 to 6 boobs.
          Pro tip ladies who lurk here: Front boob good. Side boob good. Rear boob, GTFO.

        3. Girls that club tend to be superficial, dumb,and attention whores who only care about their reputation which ironically is bad. Plus the drinking, smoking and maybe crack makes them hit the wall earlier.

        4. That’s why being the janitor in a reasonably upscale club is a great gig – the janitor-bending-her-over-the-sink manoeuver (or up against the wall in the stall if she’s modest) doesn’t threaten her reputation.

      2. You said you’re 6.3 tall, right? Fat women are drawn to tall men because in their mind they feel less fat the taller the man.

        1. 6’3″ flatfooted, 6’4″ in my cowboy boots, which I’m always wearing unless I’m sleeping.
          I think all women are drawn to tall men, fwiw. Just a gauge based on how women react to me.

        2. (in Bill Burr voice) “You dont wear your cowboy boots to bed? What a fag!” 🙂

        3. Heh. Nah, bed’s too short if I do that.
          It’s actually a bit of a problem finding decent length beds once you get beyond a certain height, believe it or not. Hotels are a dice roll at best.

      3. Years ago, 1998 I think, I was in Florida and knew a gal who was a lingerie model. She was a GF of a friend and I was not out to plug that hole but I took the invite one day to attend one of these lingerie fashion shows and was not disappointed.
        (then the “mens’ division of lingerie model, albeit more like just stylish men’s underwear came out last and so that was the end of a good boner)
        Anyway, after the show, which was in a south Florida nightclub, North Miami I think, my friend leaves me to go get us some drinks. Yes she went to get the drinks because fuck it I was not going to be manservant. While she was gone, 2 fat chicks start trying to flirt with me.
        Now keep in mind that my lady friend, “she who I refused to orbit” (but I did take the invite to the lingerie modelling show so shoot me) was an 8 at the least, the type with long wavy natural ginger hair (Scottish ancestry I think) and she had implants that could double as flotation devices for two people.
        When she returned, the fat chicks did not even pretend. They both “broke off” instantly, as if the “flirt switch” was shut to the off position instantly, turned around and walked away.
        That was a great moment in “alpha realizations” in my life. I never forgot it. That experience says much.

      4. “I honestly have to say its men’s fault.”
        If it’s the average man’s fault for feminism, then it’s also the average man’s fault for the United States fighting on the wrong side in world war two, and for all of the bullshit wars that followed.
        Was it is the average man’s fault that the Federal Reserve got enacted back in 1913?
        Your ignorance shows in everything you write, Ghost.

        1. Go stick your head in a pig, fascist. You post non-sequiturs and snark behind an anonymous account. Why should anybody take you seriously?

      5. You’re on that stage. It’s called Earth. Sex is something women have and men want.
        And believe it or not, there are fat, ugly guys out there who think they’re entitled to beautiful women. It’s represented in the media all the time. There are so many movies that feature the schlubby low-life somehow hooking up with a model-type. It’s very unrealistic.

    1. It’s true. No matter how good you look in real life, you better have great photos. I would recommend using a tool like https://www.picbot.co/ to see if your photos will get right swipes before you put them up. It’s pretty surprising how a lot of photos perform.

  5. I have never used tinder, but I cannot imagine why an attractive, sane, childless woman would use an app to get dates when she can easily just go outside.

    1. Do you have it around your neck (the snake) while you’re looking down and to the side, while flexing and displaying amazing abs to an audience of lustful women?
      If not, try it, see how it works. Heh.

  6. ” . . . women don’t need to be naturally phyiscally attractive for them to have an image that captures YOUR attention. . .”
    I’ve scrapped so much putty off so many faces that I tend to just see through it these days.
    Ladies, please:
    Just enough mascara to do the job and no more.
    Very light eye shadow in the colour that compliments your eye colour. Find that one, then stick with it.
    Exception to the rule: you redheads get to play with the blues and greens, and don’t worry, when that blonde bitch leaves you’ll be on center stage.
    A hint of blush and lipstick; with some frickin’ red in it, or it ain’t, ya know, blush.
    You’re welcome.
    “2. Prosocial behavior”
    I’m out.
    “We respond to pictures as if the person is right there in front of us.”
    See above.

  7. I banged this 6 on a ONS I met at a bar a few months back. Was the easiest root I ever pulled. She rolls up and says your Tom from Tinder aren’t you? I’m like yeah that’s me. I’ve never used tinder in my life lol.

    1. “your Tom from Tinder aren’t you?”
      Don’t know, let me get a better look at you.
      “this 6”
      Maybe I used to be, but not tonight.

        1. good job …. better to unload the stress and drop your load on a 6 than to be desperate looking the next time you go out.

        2. Sometimes something throws itself on your dick and it isn’t worth the trouble of throwing it off. I wasn’t criticising you for that, my point was about deeper game.

  8. off topic: has anybody scored a hook-up with a full blown hottie (8 or 9) they met online from far away, 300 miles? how did that work with logistics / transportation / accommodations?

    1. Please don’t tell me you plan on traveling 300 miles to meet a girl from online. Even 30 minutes away is too far for me.

      1. I tried an experiment. I messaged several dozen hot babes under 30 that live in major city 300 miles away, asking them if they ever come to visit my city. I expected to be ignored, or snarky rejection. I was surprised by many positive responses, much more positive than local women. Is it easier for women to open up and flirt because of psychological distance? I don’t want online pen pals. I need to get them here and close.

        1. I can’t really help you, I uninstalled tinder a long time ago. Girls today love to text all damn day, and I hate texting. You gotta realize when she’s texting you on tinder, she’s probably also texting 10 other guys. Girls love having pen pals… it’s validation and attention. They’ll text a guy 3000 miles away just for the attention. Don’t waste your time with a girl 300 miles away. .. just tell her “I’m not looking for a pen pal, but if you’re ever in my town, hit me up and I’ll show you a good time” and then just limit the amount of contact until she’s seriously down to come meet you

    2. there are plenty of 7s and 8s within a 300 mile radius you can bang with ease. don’t waste the gas dude. remember…it’s only pussy dude.

  9. 8s and 9s require good game to bang which is doeable because I’ve closed the deal with precious few. but 6s and 7s are like taking candy from a baby if you have tight game. sometimes it gets a little boring and predictable but when your balls are heavy game away.

    1. Seems the opposite here in flyover country, honestly. 6’s and 7’s (and sadly, 5’s and 4’s) receive so much validation from social media that they have on 24/7 that they think they are 10’s out the door. 9’s and 10’s are so intimidating to most men that they generally are too cowardly to just walk up and say “Hey, sup”. I take great pleasure in treating them as docile little baby dolls whose only purpose in life is to entertain me, and they seem to eat it up. Men just don’t talk to them that way so it’s “unique” and “fun”.

      1. Where I am its the hos that are tatted / pierced / skrillex / purple hair with a pet mouse crawling on her face that gets the most validation.

        1. To me they deserve validation in the form of a well aimed blast of buckshot. Gawd almighty how I hate those kind of faux-“women”.
          Living just north of THE Ohio State University has spared me this sea of fugly, thank God. Pretty chicks as far as the eye can see, and for that, I’m thankful.

      2. a thousand percent true. it’s easy to game 8s and 9s in the beginning because they tend to be more pleasant and open to conversation which gives you more of an opportunity to run game on them. however, they take much longer to seal the deal (days sometimes weeks) but well worth it. I have yet to have an ONS with an 8 or a 9 because they value their cooch.
        6s and 7s on the other hand are much harder to game in the beginning. rapid fire shit tests and rude behavior is the order of the day but once you get past the fake slut shields their panties take themselves off.
        so to sum it up: hotties are easier in the beginning tougher in the end, mediocre girls are harder in the beginning but easy as shit in the end.

  10. Girls chase is a great site. I got SO much more interest after I took Girlschase advice to change my POF picture to looking away and not smiling. I would never have thought of that myself. At first I was skeptical. But I got like 4x as many responses afterwards. You guys do an awesome job of looking at the data and giving stuff that really works. I’m getting way more nudes and hookups thanks to you.

      1. Ty, it’s probably one of the best game sites out there. So much information, Chase’s book is great and the community there is awesome too. It’s a shame that Richard La Ruina’s site doesn’t have a community. He’s defiantly one of the top PUAs of the moment.

  11. Recipe for a clichè Tinder profile:
    Start off with a pseudo-intellectual quote that sounds like fortune cookie-dialogue and then “Live, Laugh, Love!”.
    Say something worn-out like “I live in the gym!” or “The gym is my drug!” even though you’ve only had a membership for six months and your workouts are a bad joke.
    Restate how independent you are over and over and over.
    Then say you love traveling and travel brag by showcasing pictures of your token White people’s pilgrimage to good ol’ Christian and safe Europe where everybody West of Ukraine speaks English now (and don’t forget the played-out Eiffel Tower selfie!).
    Show your most “flattering” spandexed-out gym selfie followed by an even less flattering seatbelt selfie.
    Then wait.
    EDIT: And seriously, what the fuck is with volunteering your Instagram ID to complete strangers? Are you hamsters for fucking real? Do you not take your safety into consideration, or is attention whoring simply okay no matter what gets compromised? No wonder you cunts are so quick to spew “Douchebag-Awkaward-Creeper!” ad nauseam, you bring it upon yourselves!

  12. Talked with Kaotic about this over on the forum a little bit, but I might as well ask it here too – how do you show off your abs in a good way?
    Bathroom ab shots just look like you’re bragging.

    1. Walking a dog on the beach in your swim trunks. But when everybody else is already do that, it loses impact. I’ve heard females say they are turned off by guys taking selfies in the bathroom mirror, but I’ve also heard those are the most clicked on pics. Judge women by what they do, not what they say.

    2. As I wrote over at Rollo’s place a while ago:
      A man can best judge a woman’s looks when she’s asleep.
      A woman can best judge a man’s looks when he’s chopping wood.

  13. Problem with Tinder is it requires having a Facebook account. I really can’t really be bothered making a Facebook account for the sole purpose of having a crap tool at my disposal. I’ll stick to the odd day/night game when I have time for it.

      1. he finally opened up that “school for kids who dont read good” last yr.

    1. Yeah it really simplifies the process. I’ve never hired a prostitute before, but I’m not necessarily opposed to it morally. I figure it’s her body so it’s her choice to sell it or not.

  14. Well Ive come full circle now. Girls Chase was my introduction to “game”. They promote a lot of the same stuff over there, altho its different, and they generally dont call it game. I used to think the stuff advocated there sounded “rapey”, but now Im an avid acolyte of the Chateau. O red pill.
    Anyway, pretty good site that can give different ideas.

  15. “This is just the tip of the iceberg for getting exceptional profile pictures – we didn’t even talk about how you can include preselection, for example. But we are out of room in today’s post.”

  16. I opened a Tinder account fairly recently my first Tinder pic was my face, now I’m no male model but I’m not ugly an I was getting very few matches. When I changed my pic to me an a friend an huge rock on a beach doing a stupid pose when we were on a holiday I started getting matches, unless you’re a really attractive guy I think an mysterious or quirkey pic will get more matches.

  17. I’m here to give hope to you balding guys that are worried you won’t be able to pick up girls anymore if you’re bald. Embrace your baldness.

    1. Baldness is definitely no deterrent. One of my friends is bald (he shaves his head) and he always did great with women.
      It’s far sadder to see an insecure guy who’s losing his hair try to make it look like he is not (combovers, etc). If it gets to that point, shave it, embrace it, women will dig it if you carry yourself with confidence.

    2. She can pass off for Latina. Why I love middle eastern/Persian and Latina ladies
      Good job, soldier!

  18. No one wants to admit it up all of those “douchebags” that you constantly here your garden-variety nice guy complains about, if you want success, just emulate them. Shirtless pics showing off muscles, bragging, good pictures, well-dressed, fit, groomed, and ones that show confidence are always major turn-ons. Not doing these things automatically gets you a rejection by like 98% of tinder women. I would even say no shirt pics are good for showing off the body, showing you’re not afraid of your own body, and also that you’re more likely to be down for casual hookups. (which is the entire point of tinder)
    I remember this one guy showed his matches on theredpill forums and he was getting hit up like crazy and sure enough, his profile pic was his abs. Another rich guy talked about how he simply stood next to his nice car in a suit and he got tons of good matches. The trick is to take pictures that demonstrate the highest amount of DHV possible. I would even go as far to say no t-shirts or jeans, dress shirts or no shirts only.
    If therefore you find yourself not getting messages it is probably because you need to up your SMV. Overall though tinder for 95%+ men is really just a crap-and-shoot, you’ll be lucky to get anything, too many flakes on there. Only if you’re getting shit tons of matches will you be lucky enough, because I bet the conversion rate for matches even while hot/rich/etc. is still very low. As I always recommend, get off the internet to meet women and don’t waste your time. If you’re less than an 8/10 SMV, you’re wasting your time.

  19. “If you’ve tried Tinder, you know it’s 100% visual. And 100% visual means you get judged on your looks. Solely on your looks.”
    This sucks…because this used to be us when we ruled the dating market. Now we don’t.

  20. Whats up with this tinder thing? i have a bunch of friends who go on yapping about it, but since i dont have a facebook i cant partake. is it worth all the hype?

  21. I’ve met girls on tinder. I only had 2 pics, one of me with my dog, not looking at the camera (he’s a decent dog, looks like a wolf. If you have a fluff ball, don’t) and one of me with a cigarette looking bored. Had on sunnies and a hat, couldn’t see my face much. 9 out of 10 girls on there are skanks. The decent ones usually only stay on for a couple of days and then leave, so get their number quick if you have a good feeling about them.

      1. I have a low opinion of females generally so tinder didn’t surprise me. From 20+ matches, most only wanted to be validated but flaked on meeting. I met up with five girls in real life. All looked hot in their pics.
        Four had only a passing resemblance, if that, to said pics. 1st girl was so fat the car was lopsided when she pulled up. I didn’t even get out of my car, just made up an excuse when she waddled over as to why I urgently had to go. 2nd girl was boring and talked too much, had one date didn’t call her again. 3rd girl I banged within minutes of her getting in my car. I picked her up outside her parents house and she literally climbed in the back seat and took her panties off after saying hello. 4th girl was cute but had drug issues so I let her go free after a few hook ups.
        5th chick was by far the best, I’d rate her an easy 8. She looked better than her pics in real life, and I’m still seeing her. She was on tinder a total of 24 hours and I was the only guy she met up with. Well she could be lying about that but anyway. I’ll just live in denial if she is.
        So out of 20 something tinder matches, I met one girl I’d consider decent quality and fucked a couple of sluts.

        1. Lol. She’s not still on tinder far as I know, and I never saw her again. She was 18, thin hair, bit chubby, plain face. Her tinder pic she looked like the pic used for this article

  22. oh well.. the 2nd woman with dark hair is much more attractive without makeup. I don’t really get why people use so tasteless and sharpening makeup. Lipstick that makes lips look lighter is just awful and looks like some herpes cream.
    The first woman has a very bad photo, sometimes flash creates very shiny skin although you look normal.
    I would like to see also men using attractive or characteristic pictures, not random snapshots, because I don’t remember anyone as ugly as on those. It shows your creativity, how you see the world, the photo doesn’t have to make you even physically attractive but show your hobbies, personality and so on. Passport pictures imply boring people, random snapshots look like the person couldn’t care less about aesthetics. Which is ok for some people but I wouldn’t like to be with a person who is not able to see the beauty in art or other people (not in a sexual way)

  23. Women are the weaker sex, but you pickup artist losers waste your pathetic lives reading articles online to become “alpha” so that hopefully, one day, a hot chick might give you the time of day. So who’s the weaker sex again? You bitter, beta, pussy chasing busters. Goan delete my comment again, because I’m right and you all are sexless bitches.

  24. Since tinder implemented the amount you can swipe every 12 hours, I have noticed a HUGE drop off in users. I live in Los Angeles (with a distance of 18 miles) and it keeps telling me no one in my area. Then reloads (over and over) It’s an algorithm forced to make you pay the $10 or $20 monthly service fee. It could take weeks for someone to see your profile (since swipes are limited now) whereas before it was more constant.

  25. Can you define “taking care of animals” ? Is this just like a picture with your dog or? Somehow I seem to be thinking “buyers remorse” if girl just swipe right because of an emotional spike due to a pic with a dog but then after that they unmatch you or don’t talk to you. or friendzone you.

  26. In my viewpoint, it’s all about being white. unfortunatly if you’re not a caucasian dude you should probably forget about all kind of those dating app. Black women, white women, Russian, Arab, Hispanic, Chinese, Filippino.. they are all looking for a white dude in first choice. that’s their default standard. White guy in their subconscious thinking = good educational background, nice, good family, healthy hobbies and gentleman.
    when you’re a white dude with a normal body/face and not that bad photos (with some friends on it), you’re the king.

    1. Yes.. But if you live in a country where most people are the “master race white people” as norm and usual…. Then its not so much. I can tell u bro I am white as they come and gentleman. Yes I love the stereotype about me but I get zero matches on tinder. Im that ugly…. I thought i was 2/5 at least

  27. Im getting fuk all matches on tinder wtf. Ive gotten far more replies on pof using same pic. Shirtless lean build with tan and i am quite good looking. Arguably a 7/8. No smile though and not facing camera. Am i just not muscily enough???

  28. “Girls like men who are looking DOWN and AWAY in their profile images –
    not “into the camera” like what men like in women’s photographs. Women
    also prefer men who are not smiling… by a huge margin.”
    That’s seriously all you could come up with for being mysterious or presenting intrigue in ones profile? Looking away from the camera? Holy [email protected]$k did a millenial write this or what?

  29. As a girl searching on tinder these are the ones who are obviously trying too hard that I’d reject right away:
    1. sky-diving pics – screams he is a show off
    2. pictures with other girls -obviously trying to portray that he has no dearth of women
    3. trying to look mysterious and pensive – clearly a wannabe
    4. picture with dog – using cute animal as bait
    5. selfie – douche of the year
    6. eating – fat
    7. playing sport – “look at me, i have testosterone”

    1. Ookayy lets see how many men /boys left… Oh, 10 percent of tinder is left after that criteria is applied.

  30. I”ve got a face like a Shar-Pei, how the fuck can I possibly compete on Tinder? Simple answer? I can’t, LOL because Tinder’s all about looks.

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