Letting Women Into Your Life

I am probably older than the average Return of Kings reader.  As my bio reads, I have been married twice.  I have had some very difficult experiences from my marriages: I have been cheated on, left for another man, had money taken from me by a betraying wife, had large amounts of money squandered in secret, been infected with an STI.

My initial plan for this post was to relate one of the many marriage horror stories I have experienced.  However, the more I planned this post, the more my thoughts moved from a micro level (my marriage horror stories) to a macro level (marriage IS a horror story).  It’s not that my stories are unique, it’s that my stories are typical.

As I contemplated marriage AS a horror story, one movie in particular stood out as the perfect analogy for marriage: Let Me In.  If you have not seen the movie, spoiler alert.  I am going to discuss the plot and give away the ending.

Story Line


The movie title refers to the fact that a vampire cannot enter a dwelling unless invited.  If a vampire enters a dwelling uninvited, it will die.  Once invited in, the vampire may come and go at will.

A little girl, Abby, and her father move into the apartment next door to Owen, an unhappy, bullied 12 year old whose parents are in the process of divorcing.  Abby is an odd child.  She only comes out at night, and she is always bare foot, despite the cold temperatures and snow on the ground.  Abby and Owen become friends.  The movie progresses, and we discover Abby is a very old vampire.  Abby’s father is not her father, but a boy she befriended many years ago.  Being human, he continued to age while Abby has not.  Abby’s father murders people and drains their blood to feed Abby.

Abby’s “father” crashes a car during a botched murder, and he pours acid on his face to avoid being identified by police.  Abby learns of this and goes to his hospital.  She asks him to invite her into his room, but he cannot talk as a result of dousing himself with acid.  He understands she cannot enter without his permission and dutifully leans out the window to allow Abby to drink his blood.  He then falls to his death.

Abby now becomes closer to Owen.  She asks to enter his apartment, and he challenges her to enter without the invitation.  He refuses, but she enters anyway.  She begins to bleed until Owen gives her the verbal invite to save her life.  Fast forward a bit, and she saves his life when local bullies attempt to kill him.

The closing scene is Owen on a train, leaving town with a large trunk during the day.  He taps on the trunk and Abby taps back from the inside.  Owen is starting the cycle anew having replaced her “father”.

 The Analogy

Let Me In Owen Abby bloody

This story is an absolutely beautiful analogy for marriage as we know it today, particularly in the Western world.  The husband’s role is to labor and sacrifice in order to provide for the wife’s desires.

An interesting aspect of the analogy is that two characters represent the husband: Owen and the father.

The father lives and exists to serve Abby.  He is getting older and less able to provide for her needs.  His last acts are selfless and sacrificial: he disfigures himself so the police cannot quickly identify him and find Abby.  He is unable to invite her into his hospital room because he cannot talk, so he dutifully leans out the window to allow Abby to drain him.  He gives his last bit of life for her.  Completely drained, he is discarded and Abby moves on to find a replacement.

Owen represents the husband at the beginning of the marriage.  He is young and full of potential.  He will serve Abby well for many years.  His labor and efforts will not be his own but serve her desires and needs.  When he becomes older and less able to meet her needs, he will be replaced, just as he replaced the father.

Abby represents the wife.  Everything and everyone exists to serve her.  She finds someone to cater to those desires.  Once that person is unable to serve her or she finds someone that can server her better, she drains the last bit of life and resources from the first and moves on to the new provider.

The Critical Decision Point

Let Me In - Abby - window

A critical point of this analogy is the limitation of the vampire to enter a dwelling without being invited in.

As you get older, there will be many women wanting to latch onto you after riding the carousel.  They will be knocking, asking for that invitation to be part of your life.  When this happens, remember this movie, remember Owen, remember Abby’s “father”.

Be very, very careful of who you let in.

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91 thoughts on “Letting Women Into Your Life”

  1. Yes, most of women in the West are psychic and energetic Vampires. Indeed, be careful who you let in your life and your world. Even the sweetest snd shyest types of “daddy little daughters” can quickly turn into devils. But its you – a man who ultimately holds a control key over the chain of events. Don’t let a bitch drink your hard earned fruits, your spirit or your health and well being. Only mate with a relaxed, peaceful, non-materialistic, funny and healthy girls. Can’t get any of such creatures? Then live alone and have some casual ONS. Your life is too precious to end up as a food for a dumb vampire!

    1. I think most men eventually can not continue on to do pump, dump and next sex. You could most easily do this in your 20s, but as you get older, this becomes harder to do. You can not live life in your 40s the way you did in your 30s nor can you in your 30s live life like you were in your 20s. Men start looking for more stable relationships as they get older because they get weary of constantly chasing. Even if they don’t, they find it more difficult because the women won’t put out as much unless he has something else to offer. This includes status, wealth and power. This is how men get themselves into these messes with the “Vampire” women. Most men don’t know how to live without them after a while even if they could do so.
      Then there are cases like Mark Minter where if he could avoid domestic violence charges against him and getting Kate pregnant and then ending up divorced, then getting married might be the best option for him despite the fact that he is being a hypocrite doing so. He is broke, can’t find a job, can’t pay child support, owes to the IRS and living at his sister’s house who could make him homeless on a whim and can’t get sex without offering commitment in marriage to Kate, a divorcee with child. Minter has no better options in life so he became hypocritical. Men like Peter Andrew Nolan haven’t because they have better options in life through their own efforts and sheer dumb luck so he stays single after his divorce. Mark Minter should have never married nor impregnated S Minter in the 1st place. If you don’t want to end up like Minter, don’t get a woman pregnant and don’t marry the first time, and develop the ability to have long term relationships with women without marriage and children, and realize that you will be replacing women with new women every few month or few years like Nolan and/or learn to live content with being alone. Try to achieve financial independence too otherwise end up like Minter. I have no vitriol against Minter despite him going back on his word. His options were poor.

      1. Although I also do not judge Minter too harshly, as I do not know what I would do in his shoes, there is still something to be said about a man who ranted so hard against marriage and yet got married anyways.

        1. Follow heroic action and try to emulate it. Praise a hero but do not worship him nor adore him. All heroes eventually fall because they are HUMAN and still are fallible just like their less heroic human comrades. Minter was hurting for a long time, and unlike Nolan had no other good options. He made the best out of a bad situation. Most people would. Most people turn corrupt or evil when backed up against a wall. Think of the Batman movies the Nolan brothers made as examples of how most people are, Real life examples of men who are exceptional are U.S. Army Sergeant Tibor Rubin and Catholic priest U.S. Army Chaplain Captain Emil Kapaun because of their herocity as Prisoners of War, POW, of the Chinese and North Koreans in the Korean War. It is why both men received the highest medal the U.S. military bestows on it’s people for valor known as the MOH, Medal of Honor. Rubin was a Hungarian Jewish survivor of the World War 2, WW2, Holocaust and underwent similar conditions as a POW in the Korean War for even longer than the Holocaust. He saved many men as a POWs even though the enemy tried to get him to accept repatriation to Hungary while he was working on becoming a U.S. citizen which he did after the Korean War. Kapaun, a WW2 veteran, saved even more men and the enemy let him die when he refused to surrender his faith in God, Catholicism and American ideals while a POW in the Korean War. Kapaun was even more hated by his enemies than Rubin in my opinion, and this is why he was targeted more. Most men are not Rubin nor Kapaun which is why they are MOH recipients for being POWs,

    2. Exactly – no way to tell what the fuck is going on in their heads, and the ‘virus’ of male hatred, self entitledment and tendencies to use and abuse you that is in her system is hard to predict. And it is a virus, maybe not biological but psychologically engineered, but it can remain dormant in a female for her entire life, or spring up for whatever reason. This is why, in the final analysis it is better to remain an island from them.

  2. The original version of that movie was 2008 Swedish film “Let the Right One In,” which was considerably creepier than its American remake.
    Real life spoiler:There are no more right ones

    1. Yes, I agree, the original was far better than the remake. What makes the whole analogy so disturbing (and relevant) is that the female vampire, while pretending to “protect” this boy, was all the while just grooming him to be her slave.
      The allegory of women as vampires is well-established. Consider this famous painting by Edvard Munch, titled “The Vampire”:

      1. As it is said, there is nothing new under the sun. We simply re-learn what those have already learned before us.
        Great pic and reference.

      1. Oh, little things. The original had this understated, quiet feel that was interspersed by bursts of gory violence. That sort of added to the darkness of it. It was just subtler than the American version, as most European movies are. But maybe the big reason was the lead actress, the girl who played the vampire. She had a sort of dark, Roma, gypsy-waif quality to her, fragile and yet at the same time malevolent.

      2. Better vampire villian, IMO. Less Hollywoodized, more stylized foreign director vision

    2. I will try to get the original. I am a big horror movie fan, and I particularly like more subtle and creepy undertones to the in your face gore.

      1. netflix is your friend here. the origional is an excellent movie.
        would also recommend the Russian vampire movies “Daywatch” and “Nightwatch”.

        1. Vampire movies? Nothing of the sort. More like angles vs demons. The “day and night” element has more to do with the uneasy “truce” between good and evil, where evil is allowed full reign of the night under the over watch of good to make sure they don’t get out of line.
          Good movies none the less…well the first one anyway.

  3. The difference is that instead of Abby protecting Owen against bullies, women offer sex(and maybe babies) and possibly (the illusion of) romantic love in exchange for provision and protection to men. Now that women can provide for themselves, they don’t need men or at least good decent men anymore. Men still protect and provide women collectively and individually. The problem is that the laws and the culture are now skewed to defend women’s interests to the extreme expense of men while offering nothing in return. Some Men have been terrible to women in the past with beatings and failure to educate women etc. like the feminasties say, but when have women ever in record numbers and percentages laid down their lives for men? The factual answer is women haven’t for the most part offered provision and protection to men. Nor for the most part will they do so in my opinion. Jesus once said that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life to save another, and this you should take as truth. Men throughout the ages have laid down their lives to attempt to save women in record numbers and percentages in a way women have not. The problem in my opinion isn’t that on average men love women more than women love men, but that there is no protections from the depredations women can inflict on men anymore, and there are too many stupid men who have not adjusted to the new reality. Thinking of women as vampires like Abby is wise. This is especially true of Western and American women.

      1. Women then can depend on the government to a greater extent than men as a last resort. Many more men are homeless as a result. Even the work place in the private sector protects women better because of the laws and culture. Men have been left more jobless and are falling behind in earnings as a result. The system is ineffective and inefficient and will eventually collapse or sink further into tyranny. In a natural state, women’s ability to provide or protect herself would be more limited. This is not a natural state of affairs. Oh, well, the ancient Roman proverb says that the more and harder you try to drive nature out the more fiercely nature returns.

    1. although I agree that men laying down their lives when compared to women are the clear winner… men have done it way more. It is not that women have never done it. Childbirth in the not so distant past was women’s way of risking her life… not for men but for society. The problem in my opinion is not that men love women more it is that men are better able to serve women than the other way around, just as women are better able to serve kids than men are. Now with less kids, we do have a situation quite similar to this Let Me In analogy.

      1. You sound as if you think women relunctantly became preganant and only did so to benefit society at large – an altruistic act. Actually women bore children because they had no choice, or it was their only way to survive – women who bore her husband sons were less likely to be turfed out and when she gets old, her sons would be the ones to provide and protect for her. But your’e right in saying that men do not serve the interest of women for some abstract altruistic reason. They only did so because the women served the interest of THEIR children. I wouldn’t say that women are better at serving the interest of children than men, which they do in a DIFFERENT way by being more patient and physically more demonstrative of love. I don’t think men love children less because they work hard to provide for children and fight wars to protect those same children.

  4. I loved the Swedish film, “Let the Right One In.” I actually think it’s a better analogy for the government employees who play the “Renfield” role to the oppressive governments (Dracula) and expect to be rewarded for it. Those agents who spy on us, sell guns to drug cartels, judges who are lenient on the Wall Street thieves, people who are piloting the drones and murdering innocent people, soldiers who are defending the poppy and oil fields, etc. are the real Renfields of this world. The evil in this world goes a whole lot deeper than marriage woes, I’m afraid. None of this will change until individuals realize that character, honor, and loyalty are the most sacred values that a human being can have and act accordingly.

    1. It is “character, honor, and loyalty” in followers that allow leaders to manipulate the followers.

  5. I haven’t let a woman into my personal life since high school. I was fortunate to have learned the hard way at a very young age…

  6. Thanks for sharing your story and hard earned wisdom, Redpill2late. Some people are definitely emotional vampires who will suck the life out of you if you let them. They aren’t always women to be fair, but it’s certainly easier to be taken in by a ‘female vampire’ when the only thing you can think of is how much you like her polishing your knob! That’s never worth selling your soul for, however. A very important warning.

  7. Great analogy. Unfortunately there are still many guys in the west that would knowingly rather be with said vampire than alone. That’s the problem, the alternative which is flee the country is so daunting to many. The stake in the heart would be opening your mind to a new way of life and making the necessary moves accordingly, much like when one becomes self employed, you’ll never willingly go back… Ever.

    1. The reason they are like that is because they have been raised by single moms riding the cock carousal and telling them how bad men are.. not to mention overwhelmingly female teachers, female oriented pop culture, and an absolute lack of strong, positive, male role models in their lives. Breaking free is a choice.

  8. Let’s turn the tables. If you were a woman and you saw yourself day in day out getting older… I bet you would do EXACTLY the same. Woman experience love on a completely different level than us. Woman ARE DESIGNED to manipulate us. We as men have to accept this and be aware that it’s not the woman that are fucked up. It’s the core of our society. Don’t hate a dog for being a dog. Woman still exist only to serve us and to nurture and provide love.
    But this dude is right. When you get older it seems you can get woman easier. Look at Mark Minter. Lol, I don’t blame him. Nobody knows what they will do until they’re 58. I’ve never told a girl: “I love you”. But I received A LOT of “I love you” and “Do you want to marry me?”. It’s fucking hard to not let her in. That carrot in front of you (the donkey) seems so tasteful. But you don’t know if it’s poisoned until you eat it.

    1. I think as you get older, the options are easier because so many have had their runs on the carousel and are looking for the soft landing. It’s important to keep that in mind and use it as a screening tool. As research has shown, the more frequent the carousel rider, the less marital satisfaction and more likely divorce is.
      It is unfortunate, but a validated correlation.
      That is why I think it is important for fathers to help their daughters avoid this as much as possible.

      1. The thing is as you get older you still want the young girls and that can be a task. I am 37 and the girls thirty plus are easy targets, they are also fat, single mothers, picked over, damaged, entitled, overpriced and unappealing. The young ones( 16-23 , 16 is the age of consent in Georgia) are tight ,right and fresh they are also flakey, social network addicted, lovers of awful music, self centered, and overly tattooed twats. So there is a trade off no matter which age but the payoff does feel like more with the young ones. So as this relates to Mark Minter I cannot judge him because I have my flaws, but he made some serious concessions for that younger girls affections.

        1. I have noticed the same. Oh I wish I could go back and talk to my 15 year old self. Life would be SO DIFFERENT.

  9. If you’re going to partner with a woman, take care that she can pull her own weight in the relationship. That includes cooking, cleaning, giving you progeny and raising them to be good people.
    Women have needs that a man can best provide. A good woman can be a man’s life helpmate.
    About time we rediscovered this ancient wisdom.

    1. Absolutely agree that this is the ideal. Unfortunately, modern western society is beautifully designed to destroy this dynamic.
      Social media, slut acceptance, and the state as a surrogate for the man, it is difficult to make the ideal work anymore.

    2. You do realise it’s exactly this ‘ideal’ scenario that makes a woman financially dependent on her husband? Moron.

      1. Like the Dylan song – you have to serve somebody.
        She serves me and I serve her and the children.
        It’s called “a family.”
        Enjoy your cats, “lady.”

  10. Longtime reader, first time commenter. ROK is always a fantastic go-to blog for
    interesting observations about mankind. My sense is that contributors are truly
    dedicated to the site functioning as both a hub for philosophical discussion
    and a forum for members to swap everyday anecdotes and advice. Sadly, the
    success of these fantastic goals is hindered by a logistical problem concerning
    the general lack of female readership and comments. A true debate requires
    multiple perspectives. Likewise, an authentically strong argument is able to
    withstand some questioning from alternative viewpoints. Rather than test the
    merits of ROK contributors’ perspectives on women, men, and society in general, it sometimes seems as though responses from female readers are actively discouraged. As a result, ROK functions more as a backyard boys’ tree fort rather than an adult exchange.
    This is a sad state of affairs since the unique perspectives presented by ROK contributors deserve to be taken seriously by the public. As an avid female reader of this blog, I consider it my duty (and a sign of my dedication to the quality of this site) to regularly contribute my two cents on posts in the hopes of encouraging other women to follow suit and subsequently transform an unintended monlogue into a discussion. I hope ROK will welcome one more voice and not throw down water balloons or put out the “no girls allowed” sign.

    1. I think you raise some good points. But I also think there needs to be explicit men-only sites for men to discuss their issues amongst each other. Some men here simply don’t trust women, and have reasons to feel that way. That being said, there are plenty of other places for both men and women to discuss gender issues from a red-pill perspective. Roissy’s blog is one such place. In fact, I’d say this is one of the very few manosphere sites that strives to be a men-only site.

    2. This is one of the most arrogant, condescending comments I’ve seen in a long while. You sound like a soundbite from a menopause group therapy session.
      No one here cares what you “consider your duty” to be. No one cares about your self-declared “dedication to the quality of this site”. This site knows what its qualities are, regardless of any endorsement or validation from you.
      This is not a multi-gendered group discussion.
      If you are so dedicated to the quality of this site and its mission, I suggest you undertake a campaign with you and your acolytes to encourage women to lose weight, behave with respect towards men, and learn how to act in feminine ways.

      1. While I agree with you Quintus, I think that Dour’s comment was genuine and not intended to be malicious or trolling. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that inevitably the women who end up here have absolutely nothing constructive to offer because they are so shocked and butthurt by red pill wisdom. It’se like the time I explained to a girl that she was a depreciating asset – she fucking cried. Women realize conciously or subconciously that all of their agency comes from their cunts and their physical attractiveness.. the though of losing it is terrifying to them – hence. the rush to lockdown beta boys to pay for their shit for a few decades….

        1. Yep, it will inevitably degenerate to someone telling us why we are all sexist pigs with small penises. As usual.

        2. I suggest people have a read of this post, and pay particular attention to what Claypidegeon says..and the crones reaction to him
          The thread is about the ‘trauma’ that Irish women face from from being ‘approached’ in pubs etc
          Its a fascinated insight into the entitlement mindset of probably the most horrible women on earth , Irish women . If you ever wonder why Irish men leave the country in such droves , you got your answer right there.
          In my opinion, that thread is the reason women ain’t wanted here. When you debate with emotion NOT logic like women do, you’ve no right to be taken seriously.

    3. Hey look boys and girls, it’s a person trying to use the criticism sandwich and being denied.

    4. You seem well intentioned, but Quintus is right: you’re also being condescending, and implying insultingly that without some female offering her perspective and taking us by the hand we are somehow ‘not adult enough’. Heh. Well, let us poor misguided boys have at least this little playground all for ourselves in that case.
      Or see it this way: here we operate along different lines, like a meeting point and workshop to share our experiences in the field, and our thoughts and philosophies among us men. Sort of like a gentlemen’s club of old where only men were allowed. A woman’s perspective is not needed nor wanted.
      We interact with women daily in most other facets of our lives, and believe it or not I’d say many of us actually enjoy doing that (at least some of the time). But this here is our exclusive club where we can figuratively drink our cognac, smoke our cigars, and discuss anything we want without any women feeling compelled to force their views on us. And we love it that way, thank you very much. 🙂

      1. Not to mention that women want men to be at each other’s throats competing for their attention that they’d never get in the real world, rather than leaving men to work in mutual and brotherly cooperation to solve real issues that they otherwise have nowhere(literally nowhere) to speak about outside of online.
        The sheer self centered narcissism and lack of feeling for men’s plight just astounds me with women.

    5. If there was no place in print, broadcast, or internet media where one could find women’s perspectives, this might be a valid comment. But since all media are completely inundated with women’s perspectives to the utter exclusion of men’s points of view, this comment is utterly idiotic.

    6. This isn’t a very good way to begin your commenting on ROK. Never having commented before, yet pretentiously announcing our “duty” to “transform an unintended monologue into a discussion” smacks of arrogance. ROK is one of a handful of sites that provides alternative views to a mainstream culture that is saturated with misandry, perpetuated by anti-male stereotypes and outright lies about the biological/psychological differences between men and women and how this affects their behavior. It sounds like you’re promoting the Fairness Doctrine for male-oriented websites. I’ve seen little evidence of female responses being “actively discouraged” outside of a few comments, many in jest. ROK is promoting the “true debate” that you seek, it’s 99% of all other media (radio, film, magazines, websites, etc.) that are actively seeking to stifle it, in an attempt at social engineering.

    7. You can head over to the chateau if you wan to see what happens when women are let into the comments section of a “go-to blog for interesting observations about mankind”. Compare recent comments threads there with those from those in years past. Bonus points if you find the ‘red pill’ couple engagement announcement thread.

    8. are you intending to be ironic by asking to be let in to the convoz in the writeup of “let me in”?

  11. All the women in my life are great, actually. Probably because I don’t see any of them as potential lovers.

  12. This article is a useful analogy for the point I’m at in life right now. Equality is not a slippery slope, it’s a deadly cliffside- it’s a guise for women who would prefer men subjugate themselves and cater to them. Hence, the importance of patriarchy.. Of firmly ruling your House. Men should not considered marriage to a woman who is anything less than in absolute submission, thats the best way to protect yourself. Let her prove her value to you day in and day out for a year or two at least until you’ve established your supremacy in the relationship.

    1. Well said. But the difficult part is that the current social / legal structure is completely stacked against the man. A woman can terminate the marriage at any time, for any reason, and it is often in her best financial interest to do so.
      That is why it is so dangerous to enter into marriage in this climate.
      The only valid reason to marry in this climate is for faith/religious reasons. And the danger there is that women do not hold to the same ideals of duty and honor that men generally do. Their ability to rationalize is truly terrifying and amazing.

      1. also if you are not from the same country and you need to marry to legally live in the same country. I had this issue, if we did not have this issue we would not have legally married. To me marriage any signing a state contract are two different things.

        1. Agree. I think it would be best if the state were not so intimately involved in the institution of marriage.

        2. Actually society at large has always taken an intimate involvement in marriage since this is one private partnership that has serious serious implications for ALL of soceity, namely the begetting of children. Children are a resource, as well as a liability (when young) so society takes a very legitimate interest in marriage. However, traditionally marriage has required conferred both obligations and rights on both sexes. The compliant now is that marriage only seems to require obligations from the man, but only confers rights on the woman.

        3. This really hits the nail on the head. Rights and responsibilities were once given to BOTH parties now, all the duties are for the male and all the privilege for the female. Only we can put a dent in this fucking nonsense by beating some sense into the shitheads who can be redeemed and ignoring the ones who can’t. Whether you take a secular “evolutionary biology” view or a religious “Creationist” view both jive with reality. That women are naturally suboridinate to men and that in their heart they yearn to submit to a strong male who can protect and provide.

    2. If a woman is in absolute submission (meaning she couldn’t imagine it is possible to live without you), you won’t need to marry to keep her.

      1. Absolutely agree – I assumed you were talking marriage due to some of the words you used: submission, ruling your house. Those are often used in biblical references to marriage.
        You are quite right – marriage is not required to maintain a long term relationship. In fact, I think it is detrimental to it. Once a person knows the other is trapped, the incentive to maintain and be one’s best is diminished.
        I would also caution against letting a woman live with you because after a certain time period, many states views this as common law marriage and you are in the same situation as if you married.

  13. Make her sign a prenup. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to convince her, you probably can’t lead her anyway, and you shouldn’t marry her.

    1. Prenups can be invalidated very easily, it only takes one judge to think the prenup isn’t fair.
      If you earn more than her (which is when prenups are needed), it will likely be considered “unfair” and be invalidated.
      So even that can’t give you peace of mind.

      1. Well sure if you are going to drop a prenup on her two hours before the wedding and it is lopsided. If you make her get a lawyer before the deposits are sent in, judge won’t be invalidate it.
        A lot of the problem is people get married without talking to each other but what that actually means. And a lot of it is men being too cowardly to do anything but take the path of least resistance.

  14. Don’t be a beta provider
    At work, you shouldn’t have to put up with the turmoil inside her
    Men don’t keep their women in line
    None of these harpies are worth the time
    Can we get back to a sense of normality?
    Under the dictates of the feminist mentality
    No hope for us unless we resist each woman’s entitlements more forcefully
    To prove that men are the ones who are
    Standing in sovereignity.

  15. I’d like to see a piece on RoK for how to pick the one to let in. As a man in my early twenties, it is a lingering consideration for the distant future.

    1. Ahh to be your age again 🙂 You are blessed to be already aware of certain truths while still in the beginning of your adult life. Don’t worry about this for now. Keep expanding your knowledge, skills and life experiences, and just enjoy life. As you develop your experience and wisdom, you’ll be more able to judge which ones may be right for you eventually (should you decide to take that step). But for now, live this season of your life to the full and focus on becoming the best man you can be. I sincerely wish you the greatest joys and achievements.

      1. I’m very fortunate indeed. Thanks for your input, I’ll take that on board. I am a very fervent advocate of self-improvement as it is already.

    2. That’s the problem, you can never be sure. Most look like the exception and change completly once you’ve let them in.

      1. So. True. “Most look like the exception” – although I will say that for me at least, being around 20-25 bangs gives you some perspective and allows you some insight into whats garbage and whats good. Anyone male who has had sex with less than 10 women is woefully uninformed in my opinion… I know these numbers are arbitrary and totally subjective but I feel that it gets easier to sort women out the more you’ve experienced. You begin to shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality.

  16. Probably one of the best articles I’ve read on ROK. It doesn’t deal just in absolutes, but in shades of gray as life tends to work. It weaves elements of pop-culture into the story in order to deliver across a very astute message.
    I hope that this author continues to contribute to this blog.

  17. Wow, they really changed the story. I’ve only read the book and didn’t really recognize much of the storyline.

  18. A lot of good comments on this post and overall, some sage advice.
    At 55, I have banged well over 500 (more like 700) women. I used to keep track of the number, but at/around 200 (I was 24 then), I simply stopped counting–no need to keep up with such things. I do know that I have maintained a good pace up into my 50’s. I had sex with a 21-year old last year at 54 (she was a 7), so I know I still have game. HOWEVER, at some point, whether you are 35, 45 or 55, you will want to “shut it down”, as age has a way of slowing you down.
    I still workout 5-6 x a week, have a great career, managed not to have kids (I am widowed and divorced), but really got tired of dealing with all of the fucking games, crazies, bitches, flakes, feminists and demanding women which takes it toll, decade after decade. At some point, most of us, will want to meet ONE good woman and lock in.
    Now, here is the challenge: After you have had such a run, how do you find a diamond in the rough–that is one woman who will satisfy you until your dick does not work anymore-hopefully, a long time for all of us? Additionally, at some point you will probably have to modify your behavior/habits as well. After 35+ years of chasing pussy, well…it is bit hard to for a zebra to change it’s stripes.
    I look at this way: I would rather go out like John Elway (after winning 2 Super Bowls) and retire from the game on top, than go out like Michael Jordan-who retires with 6 championships, then after a few years tried to come back with the Wizards and was a shell of his former self. I have been thinking of writing a post for some of the “older” guys, who may be thinking of retiring…that is, a kind of: “how do you step out of the game successfully” article/coaching, after you have had a long run for a couple of decades.
    My advice to single dudes under 35: “Don’t even think of settling down!” You are young, have tons of energy and time…so make hay while the sun is shining. Everyone else, evaluate your options, choose wisely and keep educating yourself!

  19. Alternative reading of this article: You’re just a sad, bitter old man who blames all women for the few occasions where a woman he trusted has mistreated him. Stop being a big girl’s blouse!

    1. or you are just an entitled little princesses who believes that she is always right

  20. Great post I totaly agree with you. However I think it can also work the otherway around. I grew up without a father and a very carying but emotional mother. I therefore am used to women and their acting since I am a little boy. As far as I remember always like to be the vampire feeding of the blood from all sorts of women by letting them do my homework, make me lunch food or even work as a secretary for my company. They all did that for free (even the Secretary) I didnt had to pay them with Sex, Money, Time etc. All I had to give them was the illusion to one time be a part or have a part of my life. Obviously that never happened and although the time can be limited about how long you can keep these little workers it definetely worked out for me so far (I am in my 20s now and going to finish my studies soon). I therefore actualy consider working in the cosmetic industry as this sounds like a paradise for free labour.
    All in all the lion also lets his lioness do all the work while he still gets the first bite.

  21. This is actually cute because it’s an article written in fear. Both men and women have a fear complex of their significant other leaving them after they’ve invested serious time and energy. While men usually become more attractive to women as they age, women who have spent a decade taking care of a child are considerably less likely to enjoy the affection of the opposite sex after a divorce. There’s the obvious stereotype of the 50 year old man that pursues a sexy 20-something, leaving his devoted wife and children. Then there’s the stereotype of the demanding wife that spends her husbands money before she replaces him. The important thing to realize is that both of these real fears come from a vulnerable, sensitive place. It’s okay to be scared that someone will leave you; it’s normal.
    You don’t know me, but I never want to get married because I don’t trust “love”, someone’s going to get bored and I don’t want to hurt or be hurt. You have every right to remain single forever, making sure no one can hurt you. But you have no right to hurt others as a safeguard against them hurting you. Keep that in mind and stay sexy 😉

  22. Very apt analogy. The ironic part is that the man’s misery does not buy happiness for the woman. They both wind up wasting their lives and being miserable.

  23. Great Article, this movie is actually another version of a swedish movie with almost the same title. Its based on a novel by a swedish writer:
    The swedish movie is one of my favourite movies, but Ive never seen it in the light of which you just projected on it. The original title actually translates to “Let the right one in”, stenhtening your point in the above article indeed. Must admit I never got this analogy before , but reading all your points makes perfect sense, I often wondered wondered about why she couldnt entered before getting invited. Thanks for explaining all these points, I never realised how deep this movie actually is. Its made very beautifully with an extremely enticing, bone chilling atmosphere. I will definately recommend this movie to everybody. I havent seen the U.S. version, but the swedish version are available with English subtitles. Thanks Again for opening my eyes.

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