Feminists Go Crazy After Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty Of Rape

Former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio host Jian Ghomeshi has been sensationally acquitted of all five charges at the end of his first trial in Toronto. Four of the charges related to allegations of sexual assault and the fifth to an accusation of choking. The judge, William Horkins, found that Ghomeshi’s three accusers were “less than full and frank and forthcoming” in their statements to the media, various police officials, and within the court system.

Horkins additionally ruled that the crown’s case relied solely on the word of the witnesses. Consequently, The Guardian was one of the many liberal papers forced to concede, even indirectly, that there was zero hard evidence against Ghomeshi. The only other “evidence” remaining, accuser testimony, was found to be inconsistent and blatantly dishonest.

The impact on Ghomeshi’s life has been immense. He lost his lucrative job with CBC, having hosted the program Q, the highest-rated show of its kind in the broadcaster’s history. He has also paid more five figure legal bills than you or I have pairs of underwear and socks. In the meantime, both powerful and average Canadians and others around the world have repeatedly referred to him as a “rapist,” to the point where the defamers number in the hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions. His only “crime” so far has been his enjoyment of consensual BDSM activities.

Following the decision, social media erupted with rabid feminist insistences that Ghomeshi was “guilty.” Yet this was not before one topless chipmunk woman with a bull-ring (or giant booger) and words like “MISOGYNY” painted on her body tried to say in nude actions that due process constitutes hatred of women. Stupidly, she did so when the Crown, her “feminist ally” and the prosecutorial body that claimed Ghomeshi was guilty, was giving its post-court statement:

Although Ghomeshi is facing a second trial on three other counts of sexual assault involving three more women later in the year, the process and outcome of this first trial has been telling. As Judge Horkins reminded the court:

There is no other evidence to look to determine the truth. There is no tangible evidence. There is no DNA. There is no ‘smoking gun’.

What is more is that the claims that facilitated the charges for the first trial came from alleged events in 2002 and 2003. If the incidents supposedly occurred nearly fifteen years ago, police would never even investigate, let alone make charges over the vast majority of accusations involving purported physical assaults or burglaries. The reason for this is that there would be most often be no fair way of determining what happened, given the extended length of time. Nevertheless, no matter how little evidence accompanies them, sexual assault accusations are seen as an idyllic island separate from the rest of the judicial world. Jian Ghomeshi has learned this first hand.

Twitter will sit back and allow people to defame Ghomeshi and wish death upon him

There have been many gems today that show the “even-handedness” of Twitter’s new so-called anti-abuse policies. But before I show them, see how one “educated” feminist tried to claim that emphasizing an appropriate burden of proof, in a case where there was no evidence aside from contradictory accuser testimony, can be equated with “mansplaining” and the need to get rid of said burden of proof:

And here come some of the death wishes to be ignored by Jack Dorsey and Twitter:



Interestingly, the Ghomeshi story has intersected with an older story of mine. You may remember Gregory Alan Elliott, who endured a horror, long-term legal nightmare after being charged for arguing with feminists on Twitter. He was rightfully exonerated. Feeling sympathy for Ghomeshi and his ordeal, he tweeted that “[the] Canadian Justice System [is] based on FACTS, TRUTH, EVIDENCE, LAW,” only to be asked to “die” by a leftist:

Thank god Ghomeshi kept his emails

Washed-up actress Lucy DeCoutere, who hit the wall years ago, begged Ghomeshi for more time together AFTER the supposed assault. She sent him erotic pictures as well, including one of her simulating fellatio on a beer bottle. How is she a fit and proper person to remain as a captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force?

One of the now discredited accusers, Lucy DeCoutere, waived a publication ban, a right denied to men accused of sexual assault, who have much more to lose from the court process, namely their freedom. DeCoutere withheld key information from prosecutors, the media, and police, such as her extensive, erotic dealings with Ghomeshi, including via email, after the time she claimed he assaulted her. Ghomeshi’s retention of these emails they shared afterwards ended up saving him.

The email exchange demonstrates that the pair engaged in entirely consensual BDSM activities:

Jian getting to know you is literally changing my mind, in a good way I think… You kicked my ass last night, and that makes me want to fuck your brains out.

Moreover, DeCoutere promised to “beat the crap” out of Ghomeshi if he did not agree to see her again. It also took years for her to come forward and she spent much of the time post-public accusation courting the media, instead of giving a consistent account to the powers-that-be. The other accusers behaved similarly and this counted decisively against them, as it should, in the courtroom.

Beyond reasonable doubt is for other crimes, not sexual assault claims based on testimony alone

Ghomeshi’s former friendship with affirmative action-loving Justin Trudeau, the son of a gold-digging feminist, shows how far the star of a falsely accused man can fall.

I lose track of how many times I say this: no other crimes would be regularly investigated if alleged victims came forward 10-50 years after the purported event. Only sexual assault and male-on-female domestic violence are pursued so blindly, without any recourse to proper evidence and a satisfactory fulfilment of the beyond reasonable doubt standard. There are drawbacks to actively documenting contact between yourself and the women you have sex with, but it is fast becoming a necessity for men falsely accused of sexual assault and related crimes.

Jian Ghomeshi’s career is ruined, that much is true. Yet things could have become worse still for him if this first trial had delivered guilty verdicts. In no sense, too, can it be said that he will have a fair trial come this June. People are already calling him a rapist without substantiation and have been for nearly two years. The shrill cries of “Misogyny!” and “Rapist!” will only increase if a second judgment mid-year provides the only reasonable outcome: another set of acquittals.

Regardless of the fascistic SJW responses, the truth has spoken loud and clear in favor of Jian Ghomeshi today.

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375 thoughts on “Feminists Go Crazy After Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty Of Rape”

      1. You forget, the case against Bill Cosby didn’t pick up steam until he started getting more conservative and criticizing black youth.
        If Roman Polanski endorses Trump feminists will 180 and demand the government send Seal Team Six to capture him.

        1. he has admitted to sticking his fingers in the pudding. My guess is that he has enough money and not enough time to prolong the charges until he is dead.
          What a mess.

        2. “You forget, the case against Bill Cosby didn’t pick up steam until he started getting more conservative and criticizing black youth”
          Fascinating connection there.

        3. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. It’s just funny to me how many liberals don’t condemn Roman Polanski (Whoopi Goldberg mitigated his crime).

        4. I noticed that too. He was a hero in the black community, but when he started telling the blacks to clean up their act he started getting banned from black functions and meetings around the country. They freaking hate him now, and only because he told them that their problems are their own fault.

        5. If I remember correctly, some degenerate on PMSNBC actually said Cosby wouldn’t be facing this backlash if he’d supported Black Lives Matter.

        6. True, he ‘wasn’t down for the struggle against The Man’, so the Lefties threw him under the bus; I saw something like this was coming a long time ago. Lefties especially HATE ‘one of their own’ who doesn’t ‘mind his place’ and openly disagrees with their Leftist dogma.
          Lefties always DEMAND ‘tolerance’ for their views ONLY; you see this whenever they gain political power.

        7. It’s called “responsibility”, something that Leftists (whether they are feminists, black racists, etc.) HATE HATE HATE.
          It’s ALWAYS easier to blame ‘The Other’ for problems of your own making.

        8. You got it. He doesn’t act like the stereotype black liberals want all black people to follow so their media and agents found a bunch of drunken sluts who tried to further careers by offering themselves to him and claimed rape.

        9. The powers that be couldn’t have a successful black man telling his people to better themselves, so they had to take him down by any means possible. To be fair, Cosby was no conservative Republican by any means, but I think that overall he was an ally.

        10. He might be guilty, which actually makes it worse. That means the media types were fine with his behavior while he advanced the liberal line or at least did not oppose it. When he strayed from the narrative…

        11. That’s totally true. Most of the people promoting the black, thug lifestyle for profit and breaking down our society are Jews. Cosby went against the vested interests of the entertainment community, so they fed him to the wolves. Wolves, by the way, that they created themselves.

        12. I notice a parallel between peoples attacks against trump, his attackers, and his counter attackers. whatever people accuse trump of he counter accused them back and he tends to be right to a large extent.
          as you just pointed out the left likes to accuse people of intolerance and racism, but in turn they ARE the racist and intolerable ones inciting division and grouping people based on skin color.

        13. It’s like when Al Gore accosted that massusse and feminist’s were telling her to ‘take one for the team’ 😛

        14. The thing about Trump is he runs his own business, so there is no H.R. department that can be called to ‘fire’ him, no shareholders who can be shamed into tossing him under the bus, etc…the best they thought they could ‘get’ him was Macy’s & Univision ending partnerships with him…. & he turned around and SUED them. Now that the Dos Equis guy is retired, Donald Trump is the man. 😉

      2. Playboy whore who claimed he sucked her toes dropped her complaint when he proved that he was on the other side of the country, dyke who went to his house repeatedly and only got fingered instead of the Big Black Cock still trying to get him punished. I believe the rest of the cunts waited enough years so that they can’t be discredited in court

        1. Most of them are washed-up show business people who didn’t get what they wanted, and used the chance to get on t.v. Typical short-sighted profit mongering female behavior: Destroy a man with no sight of consequences and for minimum gain.

        2. NONE of them went to the cops, right?
          AFAIC, if there is no police report, it didn’t happen.

      3. There’s going to be a trial since a new accusation (not prescribed) appeared. Of course, not a single piece of evidence, as usual.
        Cosby is screwed, but at least he was almost retired. That lynching would have been far worse in the middle of his career.

    1. Why would a plaintiff risk damaging their case by talking to the media before the trial?

      1. Because they know they can win with the emotions of women. It’s clearly absurd which is why it’s so transparent.

    2. thats a nice and telling distinction,this a crazy fucking world,between that and the german government pimping out their women like prize cattle im starting to feel scared and then fucking angry,keep up the good work,i dont agree with everything ye say or do but the message needs to get out there,we need to fight for our way of life

    3. For real. Keyword “public” obviously. Women are supposedly too ashamed and emotional to even go to the police, yet they go to the media first instead where their shame can be broadcasted for the world. Yea right.

    4. Right ,report the rape to the cops while being seen in the ER for your mandatory exam and evidence collection ( aka the rape kit).This is not hard. If raped , report it. Rape is a crime not a media event.

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      2. Welcome to Toronto. Perhaps the worst city in the world for a straight, White masculine male.
        And, as much as I love when femiturds lose, Ghomeshi is a douche progressive.

        1. Ghomeshi is a douche progressive.
          He may not be anymore after this fiasco. He may become extremely red-pill after this.

        2. Yup. Everybody at the CBC deserves what they get for turning this country into the snivelling joke of the world.

    5. In my opinion, that should not be considered isolatedly, but inside a more general framework.
      When a rape accusation has proof and evidence, it should be judged according to the proof and evidence, the same than any other crime would be.
      When a rape accusation has little or no evidence, and so it’s required to diminish presumption of innocence, it means the evidence consists of the word of the accuser. That case ANY information that sheds lights on the reliability of the accuser is relevant and should be considered, including any information regarding the demeanor of the accuser, such going public as an attention whore, former promiscuity, relationships, troubles and so.
      In case the woman don’t want her behaviour to be the centre of attention, then the trial should be based solely in standard evidence.

    6. This is so true. My mother was sexually abused as a child, plus a couple of my female friends were raped. Guess what they all have in common? They are very selective about whom they tell about it. And they sure as hell wouldn’t jump in front of a camera at a moment’s notice to tell the entire world.
      People who are actually raped feel a great amount of shame, and would never go public, especially not when it is still fresh. They may talk about it later in life after years of therapy, but even then, you can still see the shame. Anytime a girl goes public I call bullshit.

    7. Excuse me Roosh, but what if the woman caries around a mattress all day as a college art project to publicize her rape? Surely that is an indication of proof that she is not simply a filthy lying attention whore?

    8. Don’t be naive. All rape allegations are false if the claimant is conscious and able to move. It is physically impossible to successfully copulate with someone who is resisting – it’s like trying to put a thread through a needle hole.
      A little experiment with the help of your wife to prove it: Tell your wife/gf about your experiment and ask her to resist or make it difficult – as long as she is able to move her hips, you can’t do it! It’s physically impossible.
      I don’t believe anyone who claims to be raped unless they are handicapped or tied up.

      1. I’ve thought about that phenomenon. And also prostitutes and gold-diggers. Me, I don’t care how much money a chick has, I’m not going to get hard enough to fuck her unless I WANT to. Same thing with women: They have to get physically ready for sex, and that means that money, power, and misbehavior are enough to get them horny.

        1. The same thing doesn’t happen to women – and the same thing wouldn’t happen to you.
          A boner is an autonomic response, you fucking halfwit.
          Like being wet is.
          You can even make men and women reach climax without them actually wanting to.
          You are in control of nothing but your mouth and your fingers, spewing stupid bullshit.

      2. You are fucking retarded. I’m as anti-SJW as they come, but your last statement is ACTUALLY misogynistic.
        Some people get beaten – some people have a self defense response in that their bodies will shut down and they will go limp.

    9. It’s time to cull crazy cunts and get a reign on this outta control judiciary spurred on by the PC police. Instead, Cunt Courts should convene to try and convict women under existing adultery and morality laws – adultery meaning sex outside of legal marriage. Juries made up of 50%> males would bring equality and fairness to the process and render just verdicts. Punishments of the convicted would necessarily include imprisonment and registry into an public adulterer offender database that men can readily search to identify women of weak character and wanting morals. It will certainly help men avoid carousel riders as marriage material. I think it’s a fundamental issue of equality and fairness to balance the single-minded branding of men under the umbrella of sexual offender crimes ranging from lewd and lascivious exhibition of body parts to rape. Let’s enforce the centuries old laws against slutty female behavior in response.
      Next, men need to lobby and get passed legislation that will provide monetary compensation by the state to men prosecuted and subsequently found not-guilty of felonies, with treble damages awarded for alleged crimes against women claiming sexual assault. If civil torts provide monetary damages for emotional pain and distress in addition to actual damages, then men should be compensated for the state dragging them into court with weak if any evidence in an attempt to score points with the politicians, courts and prosecutors who are more concerned with quelling the raging SJW mob than serving justice.
      Finally, anyone of these SJW’s keyboard jockeys who rail against the justice system that delivers not-guilty verdicts should be identified and labeled as political radicals and put on a watch list by guberment as potential violent agent provocateurs with a propensity to participate in all manners of mob violence against the establishment. I for one want them put on the no-fly-list so I can avoid having to sit next to one of these cunts on my next flight outta Amerika.

    10. No cops the next day = No Rape. I also think the “Kobe Rule” applies : You go into a guys room at 3 A.M., you KNOW what is going to happen.* Of course, we men need to insure ourselves….so follow Roosh’s advice and film her on top clearly enjoying herself. I also think telling her “Hey babe, why don’t you send me some dirty texts/pics tomorrow while I’m at work” is also good ‘insurance’
      * = Mind you, when Roosh wrote an article pretty much saying the same damn thing,the SJW’s got the internet to produce a level 5 shitstorm.

    11. Not surprising that the author decided to leave out the tiny detail that Jian’s defense lawyer who won the case was a woman who self-identifies as a feminist. Whoops!

  1. I have said it before and will say it again….the word “rape” no longer has any actual meaning. It is like rama-lama-ding-dong

      1. I can’t understand why everyone is so against the Syrian refugees coming into the western countries. It would seem to me that what a lot of these girls need is a long weekend with a group of Syrian refugees. At least then they will start understanding what the word “rape” used to mean back when people outlawed it.

        1. Perhaps we propose a law where people have to put their money where their mouth is. If they’re for unhindered immigration, then they need to post a sign outside their dwelling stating open access 24/7 to use their bathrooms, beds, kitchen, etc.

        2. I wonder if anyone has consulted with Tom Petty about this. Being the foremost expert on refuges someone really ought to interview him.

        1. to rape or not to rape, that is the question
          whether it is nobler in the mind to rape
          the slings and arrows of outrageous rapings
          or to take arms against a sea of rapes
          and by opposing rape them: to die, to rape
          no more, and by a rape to say we end

        2. Whether I shall turn out to be the rapist of my own life, or whether that rape will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. To bigin my rape with the beginning of my rape, I record that I was raped, as I have been informed and believe, on a Friday, at twelve o’clock at night. It was remarked that the rapist began to strike, and I began to cry, simultaneously.
          Excerpt from David Raperfield

        3. Rape’s but a walking shadow, a poor rapist
          That struts and frets his hour upon the rape
          And then is raped no more: it is a rape
          Raped by an idiot, full of sound and fury

        4. It is a far, far better rape that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better gang rape that I go to than I have ever known.
          “A rape of two cities”. Charles Rapens.

        5. A rape a last a long the riverrape past eve and Adan’s by swerve of shore and rape of bay
          –Rape Joyce

        6. “Do not rape gentle into that good night,
          Old rape should burn and rape at close of day;
          Rape, rape against the dying of the light.”
          Rapelan Thomas.

        7. Alas, poor Yorick! I raped him, Horatio: a fellow
          of infinite rape, of most excellent rape: he hath
          raped me on his back a thousand times; and now, how
          raped in my imagination it is!

        8. Oh, let the sun rape down upon my rape, stars fill my rapes.
          I am a traveller in both rape and space, to be where I have been.
          To rape with elders of the gentle rape, this world has seldom raped.
          They rape of days for which they rape and wait and all will be raped.
          -Led Rapelin

        9. Twas brillig, and the rapey toves
          Did gyre and gimble in the rape:
          All rapey were the borogoves,
          And the mome rapes outgrabe.
          “Beware the Rapperwock, my son!
          The jaws that rape, the claws that catch!
          Beware the raperape bird, and shun
          The frumious Bandersnatch!”
          –Lewis Rapoll

        10. New turn:
          All our times have come
          Here, but now they’re gone
          Seasons don’t fear the raper
          Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
          (We can be like they are)
          Come on baby
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          Baby take my hand
          (Don’t fear the raper)
          We’ll be able to fly
          (Don’t fear the raper)
          Baby I’m your man
          –Blue Oyster Rape Cult

        11. I’m pretty sure this whole comment chain is triggering to a fembot who has never even been raped.

      1. “rape” can basically be used the ways Smurfs used “Smurf”
        “I’m going to tell papa rape that you raped my rape!”
        “Don’t be such a rapist, rapey rape”
        “Don’t rape me not to rape a rape when you are the one raping a rape”

        1. I will admit though every time someone talks about rape or social justice my mind switches their voice into the sound all the adults on the peanuts made

        2. Thanks for the laughs. I’m of the opinion that if you are going to insult someone, you better make it good. Something which women just cannot muster.

        3. I felt so bad for that poor hungry cat. And that sad brave old man who saw the little abominations for what they were and waged a lonely battle against them.

    1. It’s been abused for so long, and proven to be falsely applied so many times, that it has no meaning. Even if it did really happen. . .You have to consider that in today’s world, and with all their gabbering about it, women would have the sense to avoid situations where it could occur. Also, there are so freakin’ many rape accusations every year, that the only answer would be that ALL men are psychotic to the point of raping someone, and that’s not possible.

  2. These feminists calling for the death penalty are the same ones who would be calling for mercy if a perp murdered a family.
    The requirement of proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is “mansplaining”? Completely disgusting.
    ALL these (American) feminists with vote for Hilary, who laughed on tape about about defending a rapist she thought was guilty and DESTROYED the reputations of women who accused her husband of rape.
    Hypocritical children.

  3. “I’m done with wannabe lawyers msnsplaining “burden of proof ” ” . The fact that she put burden of proof in quotations and not “mansplaning” . I wish it was colonial times and we could just accuse all these women of being witches. Bet you’d wish you had it when your ass is burning at the stake

      1. When girlcunts use the term “mansplaining” they are basically saying that they are disgusted that we regard them as equals and want us to put them in their place instead of burdening them with the responsibility of making decisions.

      2. “Cis-gender” has to be the one I absolutely cannot fucking stand the most. A concocted term for those of us — the VAST majority — who identify being male or female based on our private parts at birth.

        1. That one’s just use of a latin prefix. i.e. “cislunar space” meaning the space inside the orbit of the moon about the Earth. It is a fancy way of saying normal w/o a value judgement.

    1. I thought of the witch trials after reading how “burden of proof” should be dismissed. Back then we could make like Monty Python, dress a feminist up like a witch, then tell the villagers she weighs less than a duck.

    2. She’s just trying to let you know that she is confused and frightened and wants you to slap her across the face so that she can be confident in your strength and conviction.

  4. “I’m sick of all these wannabe “advocates” LIBsplaining that you can’t arrest a muslim because you think he MIGHT be a terrorist.”
    Imagine someone seriously tweeting that. Lib heads would explode.

    1. Crap like this takes the sting off the fact that I am terrible at picking up women.

      1. I’m not sure how old you are but at this point you aren’t missing much.
        Learning game was great the first few years for me but once the honeymoon phase was over I realized I’m putting all this effort just to have sex with whores.
        Now you are saving yourself so much trouble just opting out. Let the rest of the thirsty chumps get std’s, false rape accusations, divorce theft, and a complete lack of appreciation from the western woman.
        I will likely be leaving the first world for good in a few years and even if the women I find in various other countries are much more pleasant to be around, I strongly doubt I will ever marry.
        My sanity and peace of mind are too important.
        Let it all burn to the fucking ground.

        1. I’m not yet 40, but I don’t actively pursue women anymore. If I meet one, we get along etc, (she seems sane) then fine, but the active approaching/game is exhausting to me.

        2. Whoever said the following was a sheer genius:
          “The only thing more depressing than failure with women is success with them.”

        3. Even opting out may not help. Do you recall the recent case in the UK of the man who was accused, tried, and thankfully acquitted of sexual assault when video surveillance conclusively proved he simply walked past the ‘victim’?

        4. Sometimes I wonder if this mentality is the end game. To get us all to give up and run away so that they can take over. Take German men in Germany for example, getting invaded by refugees and are forecast to become minorities by 2020. Refugees over there, feminism over here. The end result? Our cultures slowly getting erased.
          It’s some kind of sick game.

        5. This is honestly depressing. Living in Canada , having never even made out with a girl yet, wtf is the point of learning game if the environment is so toxic.
          Maybe learn game for when I go abroad ??

        6. Just keep replying on Disqus wherever you end up. Reading your comments has been and is a great inspiration to me as it is reassuring to know that others feel the way I do. Thanks for that.

  5. This isn’t like something was stolen and someone was accused and it turned out not to be him. It wasn’t even like someone was murdered and someone was accused and it turned out to be him.
    There was no crime committed.
    So, er, at the risk of sounding like an idiot here: are these useless bags of food and cum going to be indicted for a crime? If not, does double jeopardy apply? Can they now be raped with impunity?

  6. Women will destroy men in every way they can as long as our feminist system allows them to. And they will especially take advantage of the bullshit rape accusations because they know it will destroy a man even if he’s found innocent while there is virtually no consequences for making a false accusation.

  7. These threats will start turning into actions. It’s only a matter of time before these SJWs start engaging in ideological motivated terrorism against those who don’t bend over to them. It’s going to start getting violent, sooner rather than later..

    1. You’re right, they WILL turn violent. Then they will get their asses handed to them. Then they will go running to the authorities (the ones they detest) like the children they are and say they were attacked unprovoked.

    2. Maybe Trump knows the truth of force as well. And he is waiting for the proverbial First Punch.

  8. I plan on reading the article in a second, but wanted to first say this headline got me laughing out loud. “Feminists go crazy.” That about says it all, doesn’t it?

  9. Remember kids….
    _1_ In a Fem-ocratic Society, you are guilty unless you can prove you are not male.
    _2_ Any reasoned conclusion is instantly negated if even a single woman disagrees.
    _3_ A woman can do no wrong, or be questioned on her veracity or motive. If you violate this, it is OK for women to be violent.
    _4_ When in doubt, blame the “Patriarchy!”
    …don’t make some crazed feminist have to let loose her shirt and show you how logically sound womynz are!

        1. Not really…’Patriarchy’ is the fictional delusion, boogeyman, and scapegoat of feminists.

  10. This is just more proof of the hypocrisy and dangers that leftist are capable of. This kind of shit they are pulling is freakishly similar to how the Communist “activists” in Eastern Europe acted before causing a full-on rebellion. They claim to stand up for “equality” and “liberty,” but the second they had the power, they’d be crushing liberty and executing anyone who disagreed with their agenda. And history has proven that the only way to stop these people is by force. You can’t use legal processes because they don’t agree with justice systems.

    1. There is nothing new under the sun.
      Men of many ages have met this monster before and arrived at the same solution – the only one that works. Freedom is /earned/.
      Observe the Ancients’ wisdom

  11. As far as I’m concerned, if the police can’t confirm it, then the rape never happened.

  12. mentally ill women, too butt ugly…… he banged them anyway….that was his crime…

  13. Followed the case from the get go here in Canada….the dumb cunts suffered from hypergamy….and it cost them. ZFG!

    1. Canada, sadly, is a toxic wasteland, nay, made into a toxic wasteland by these skanks and cunts, and the third-rate fucking manginas. My poor grandfather who, like many, fought bravely for this country is turning in his poor grave, seeing what a disgrace the country has become. Sure, the standard of living is still high, but it’s a suffocating environment intellectually, culturally, and spiritually … and it’s inconceivable that down the road, in a decade or so, the economics of it all won’t catch up in terms of erosion of the standard of living.

  14. Why does the pic at the top block out her boob? It should have blocked out her face! Pig!

        1. Had a quick look. That is one extremely vile person. He is militant and definitely crossing some lines there. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later that he’s under investigation by the FBI or something.
          Good job, by the way.

  15. The feminists actually saved this dude, if these idiots didn’t constantly talk about how behavior before the incident and after the incident is irrelevant, it is likely the prosecutor would have found the love letter, emails, etc and prepared for this evidence.
    If you read the judges opinion he was more concerned about them lying about their infatuations after the “assaults” happened, not that their actions cast doubt on their allegations.
    Had the prosecutor had this information, they may have been able to get this guy convicted, explaining away the love letter and other items as “women aren’t perfect victims, and may not act logically after the assault.”
    Very scary stuff, this dude should be thanking the feminist community for making his defense so easy.

  16. Where is the video of them writhing on the floor? I want to bathe in their sweet, sweet tears.

  17. Are these kind of women not a national threat? Are they not agents of a foreign actor? The same behind communism? Time for some witch hunting!

  18. Something Iv’e noticed about women: If they like you they will defend you even if your’e wrong and if they hate you they will never defend you even if your’e right!

    1. Like I’ve said in the past. With women it’s almost always about emotion. Honor, loyalty, logic, and reason don’t enter the picture.

      1. I’m an evolution theory skeptic, but it makes sense in the evolutionary view. What do women need honor for? Why would they need morality? Those are hindrances for their survival. They are disproportionately weak. They merely need to hide behind the strongest man that is willing to protect them.
        Men on the other hand are too equally strong, and older/wiser men loathe to fight unless it is absolutely required. Therefore they developed systems of honor, morality, and justice to avoid unnecessary fighting.

        1. Nature is what we were put on this Earth to rise above. To me saying it’s “evolution” or whatever is just an excuse for bad behavior. In any event once you give them all these privileges they will destroy your country. As you can see.

    2. never leave anything of real value to a woman. women couldn’t vote for a reason.

      1. Don’t you think that’s why the political voting system is a sham anyway?
        They vote, everybody can vote… but it makes no difference 😉

    3. C.S. Lewis has a funny piece he wrote about women’s morality. He said something like, suppose the neighbor’s boy threw a baseball through your window. When you approach the neighbor’s house, which would you rather deal with, the mother or the father? The mother is more likely to tell you it was just an accident, go shove off and fix your own window, etc. The father is more likely to settle without getting upset at all. I can’t remember where I read it. Anyone know?

  19. “May a slanderer not be established in the earth; May evil hunt the violent man [or wicked female] speedily.” – Psalm 140:11

    1. “A thief, a thief will only steal from you, but a liar, a liar will hang you.” –
      My grandmother’s saying

  20. I’m in a similar boat as Lauren Dobson-Hughes in that I am done with vindictive cunts like her trying to “femsplain” why we need to take a giant judical leap back to the dark ages because “vagina”. There was a time in our history where we burned people at the stake for things like witchcraft and heresy after they were found guilty by virtue of witness testimony alone.
    If there is to be any truth and legitemacy to be found in a justice system, it must be based on the ideology that conviction requires hard evidence and ascertainable facts which are only supplemented by the truthful testimony of credible witnesses. Anything less is conviction purely by heresay and innuendo.

  21. women are Little Children trapped in the Bodies of Adults. The worst thing Men have done in western society with women, is believing women are responsible enough to be Taken seriously.

  22. On top of it all, the pansy up there appropriates the title of one of my favorite comedy films of all time. Shut the hell up fake Sandler! I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!

  23. The Rapen
    Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a raping,
    As of some one gently raping, raping at my chamber door.
    “’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “raping at my chamber door—
    Only this and nothing more.”
    Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the rape December;
    And each separate raping ember wrought its rape upon the floor.
    Eagerly I raped the morrow;—rapily I had sought to borrow
    From my books surcease of sorrow—sorrow for the slut Lenore—
    For the rape and rapiest maiden whom the angels name Lenore—
    Genderless here for evermore.
    And the cis, sad, uncertain raping of each problematic curtain
    Thrilled me—filled me with fascistic terrors never felt before;
    So that now, to still the beating of my wife, I stood reraping
    “’Tis some shitlord entreating oppression at my chamber door—
    Some late racist entreating entrance at my chamber door;—
    Bigot it is and nothing more.”
    Presently my gooch grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
    “Xer,” said I, “or Ze, truly social justice I implore;
    But the fact is I was fapping, and so gently you came triggering,
    And so faintly you came raping, raping at my chamber door,
    That I scarce was sure I heard you”—here I opened wide the door;—
    Injustice there and nothing more.
    Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a squirt and butter,
    In there stepped a rapely Rapen of the saintly days of yore;
    Not the least obesity made he; not a minute stopped or raped he;
    But, with mien of homophobey, raped above my chamber door—
    Perched upon a bust of Penis just above my chamber door—
    Perched, and shat, and nothing more.
    Then this non-white bird beguiling my lard fancy into smiling,
    By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
    “Though thy scrote be shorn and shaven, thou,” I said, “art sure no craven,
    Ghastly grim and ageist Rapen wandering from the Nightly shore—
    Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Buttpluggian shore!”
    Quoth the Rapen “Shitlord.”
    And the Rapen, never raping, still is shitting, still is shitting
    On the privileged bust of Penis just above my fundie door;
    And his fat positive thighs have all the seeming of a racist’s that is beardy,
    And the homophobe o’er him racist throws his douche on the floor;
    And my bigot from out that misogynist that hate cisgendered on the whore
    Shall be slutshamed—shitlord!

      1. “When the breasts of a Toronto Ten is barren in public it creates a magical force field around her, giving her a power which is equivalent to 3/10 the power a male can derive. This power drives a Toronto Ten into fits of disobedience and disorder closely reminiscent to behaviour seen during periods of menstruation. The only known method of breaking this spell is with a bitch slap of equal or greater force across the face”.
        – National Geographic

      2. Just be thankful the cops block the view. A good set of tits in Ontario is only found on imported strippers.
        You know the chicks are ugly somewhere when it’s biggest proponents of open borders are strip club owners.
        They have to say that the imported strippers do the jobs Ontario women won’t do. They can’t say the truth- the imports do the jobs Ontario women can’t do

      3. If she was raised as a First World feminist, she thinks that the world revolves around her vagina.

      1. Haha! Silly rabbit, real jobs in Ontario are for short ugly beta males who she would never have anything to do with!

  24. I hate reading an article about something and then seeing “social media erupted”. When people go write their dumbass opinion on twitter, that is not newsworthy.

  25. Always that one faggot that’ll join the crusade with these vile harpies to bring down another man, knowing full well they’ll turn on him at the drop of a dime.

    1. Those guys deserve to be manhandled. They can be put in check like a woman. When you remind them that they are still considered a “man” and subject to that rule they completely crumple. If there’s anyone around be prepared to be utterly disgusted when they flag down a woman and tell her to call the cops because you weren’t going to allow him to screech into your face. They’ll eagerly jump in and gang up on you with another woman but when you tell them tat you’re not going to hit a girl you see the reality sink in as the girl steps back and it’s the two of you and precious little distance between you. He’ll try to get laid badmouthing you, maybe even succeed after she’s all charged up lol

  26. SJWs now rape what they sow. Poetic or perhaps cosmic justice festooned onto the blue haired screamers. Maybe they’ll have to become social warriors henceforth as clearly their understanding of justice is deficient.

  27. Do you know how this whole witch hunt got started? He dumped his twenty-something girlfriend and she went on a tear to smear JG. The Toronto Star picked-up the story and of course ran with it. Hell hath no fury…
    The accusation is the evidence. Lucy Decuntere is a third rate actor who needs a job. Politicians who commented on this will NEVER get my vote.
    Holy fuck, he kept the emails. Skanks- all of them.

  28. Revolting as it is, false rape claim is becoming a sect and its prophet is Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39:7-20).
    “Potiphar’s wife, who is not named in the Bible or in Christian tradition, is furious at Joseph for resisting her attempts to seduce him, and falsely accuses him of attempted rape. Potiphar casts Joseph into prison.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potiphar)

  29. Canada is fucked up. I don’t understand why the commenters here would stay in such a place. Taxes are almost as crazy as the women. Gubmint o Canada is ready to start neutering. I would gladly welcome a bunch of red pill illegals into the union. I learn some hockey you learn some americanassholeisms and we are good to go.

        1. Hmm I haven’t been kicked out of Canada before and that shit was wild. I did get deported from Spain for DnD twice. Is there a reason you can’t return?

        2. Your comment made no sense until I realised you meant drinking and driving – not Dungeons and Dragons.

        3. I should have said, “don’t want to return” or “no reason to return”. I’ll return when it is pension time. There are just no jobs or future here. I feel sad having to leave my country.

      1. Good luck. I’m heading there later this year. I can’t take living in Toronto anymore.

  30. Garrett Brown always on point, this was just released this morning.
    The reactions I’ve seen around my university have been very disturbing. Both professors as well as SJWs on the street think that he should have been convicted despite the fact that all the evidence suggests that these women were not raped.
    This is an important case as it could represent a tipping point for our traditional concept of justice. If SJWs get what they want, we’ll be living in a society of guilty until proven innocent.

        1. “Because a woman wouldn’t lie about rape!”
          (Riiiiiight…LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Only as long as she could get away with it!)

    1. Fucking cunts … at this rate they will destroy all and every vestige of human dignity, and tear apart the entire fabric and foundations upon which Western civilization has been built. The skanks at the trial lied so shamelessly and arrogantly, that they took it for granted that all their cheap lies would be believed, a priori! Cunts.

      1. It’s pretty terrifying how idiotic people are becoming.
        These leftists don’t understand that no one is going to give a shit about them when they finally succeed in destroying society.

        1. To be perfectly frank, it’s not even a male vs female issue, but about simple God-given common-sense and reason. Hey, if a guy rapes a woman, heck, cut his dick off, and shove his balls down his throat. But an equally ugly fate ought to await the cunts and skanks who fabricate this type of garbage, and yet suffer no consequences for their cuntistry. That’s the enraging part, and the phenomenon is getting worse, not better, and I hate to be a pessimist about it.
          This whole Jian verdict, rather being a tipping point toward a more just and sane society, is galvanizing all the unhinged cunts and their third-rate manginas to double-down, so to speak, and intensify their efforts in heralding a frightening new dark age. Even more unsettling is not knowing how to stop this hideous hydra from destroying us all. I have seriously considered moving out of Canada, even though the rest of the world desperately wants to come here, for the obvious reason of a fantastic standard of living … but it’s not a viable solution either, and plus, Canada is all I know, and I was born here, as were my parents, grand parents, great grand parents … so it’s a bitter pill to swallow seeing one’s home slowly destroyed and dismantled, in such a deliberate manner.

        2. I’m second generation, grandfather moved here from Italy.
          I’ve already spoken to my parents about me working abroad. The women here are pretty much garbage, but I’ve only ever really lived in Ontario. Small-town girls or girls from other provinces might be better. I’m just sick of dealing with overgrown children, feminists, and manginas.
          I need a real change in lifestyle personally. I take for granted how high the quality of life in Canada is and I need to see the rest of the world for myself.
          If your ancestry here goes even further back I can understand that this political non-sense is even more disheartening. This Ghomeshi case has truly revealed how many people simply want power, without any of the responsibilities that come with it. They honestly think that they should be able to say “This guy raped me!” and have the authorities just grab him by the neck and throw him in a cell. Not to mention that we have a prime minister who thinks “If you kill your enemies, they win”.
          What can be done? I’m preparing to leave, but I realize that Canada has so much potential.

        3. You need to travel to developing countries where the state doesn’t molly coddle it’s citizens. I did at 21 and once I returned to Canada and university I realized what a joke both were and left again at 24 this time for 6 years..

        4. Canada does NOT have potential anymore. It’s been used up and spent. Ontario will be bankrupt soon because we cannot stop spending. With such a large portion of our tax dollar going towards servicing the interest on our debt (never mind the actual debt itself), our standard of living will decline year after year, and living here will be a misery. I already live in small town Ontario (I fled Toronto years ago), and it’s bleak and depressing. People cannot afford their hydro bills, people cannot afford their rent, there are no jobs because we don’t make anything here any more.
          Do not kid yourself. Our politicians have squandered whatever potential this country could have had. The standard of living in other parts of the world will rapidly catch up to what we have here.
          I do have a plan, and it’s happening this year. This past winter was the last that I’ll ever spend in this God forsaken SJW hellhole. If you’re interested there are ways to get out and I don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned with others.

        5. Sorry but no, Canada has no potential anymore.
          Take this into account: most of the major media coverage continues to take the slant that Jian Ghomeshi is gulity even if he was acquitted on all counts. The women are portrayed as victims and sympathetically, and women and feminists are demanding that the court and justice system must be changed to convict more men and to help more female “victims” like these lying sluts.
          What potential are you talking about, man? The justice who acquitted Jian Ghomeshi based on the evidence and facts is a dying breed. He’s of an older generation who actually cares about the rule of law, about the burden of proof, about the seriousness of convicting a man for sexual assault and insisting it requires a case proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If the justice had been a woman instead of a man, I’m sure she would have convicted him. More and more women are attaining positions of power in Canada and that has consequences, and not any good ones for men.
          Secondly, the next generation, men and women, have been heavily brainwashed by feminism. In one or two decades, with a newer generation of justices who have replaced the older generation, and with more women in power, you can expect a very different outcome with men like Jian Ghomeshi getting convicted instead of getting acquitted like he did now. That’s the future for men in Canada. Understand it.. and prepare accordingly.

        6. I get what you’re saying, and to be frank, it’s your grandparents and mine, who built this country through toil, sweat, and hard work. There were no social services back 50, 75, or 100 yrs ago, no social safety net to fall back on. Canada was/is built on the immense hard work and sacrifice of European immigrants, of primarily English stock but equally of Italians, Ukranians, and other southern and Eastern Europeans. I have no issues with non-European immigrants coming to Canada to build a better life, only that they respect the values in place, and not milk the fucking system like many third-worlders are “brilliant” at doing.
          Amazingly and bizarrely, core Canadian values are being undermined less by the newcomers, but primarily by fucking loonies like Wynn, Trudeau, his master Gerald Butts, just to name but a few … it’s all surreal and un-fucking-believable. I’m hesitant to call it a “conspiracy” but there’s a systematic effort, a very deliberate one, to usher in irrationality and kill off the faculty of reason. I’m not sure how well planned and coordinated it all is, but it makes for a suffocating culture. I live in the GTA, went to school in Kingston, and in my twenties never really thought about these issues. Since becoming a “red piller”, so to speak, a few years ago, I do, metaphorically speaking, feel as if I’m being choked, and can’t stand some of my old university friends and housemates, and am slowly growing an aversion to the women around here.

        7. I second this idea. We should start pooling ideas to become more location-independent.

        8. Not anymore it doesn’t, I agree with you.
          I guess I meant it in the sense that we had tonnes of potential. Beautiful land, rich resources, a complementary culture to the US.
          Somewhere along the way we lost it though, hence why I’ve lost faith in this place. Give it another half decade and Canada will just be an outpost of China.
          I was just watching this video of Justin Trudeau… it’s painful…

        9. “I already live in small town Ontario (I fled Toronto years ago), and it’s bleak and depressing. People cannot afford their hydro bills, people cannot afford their rent, there are no jobs because we don’t make anything here any more.”
          That’s what I was worried about. Half of Hamilton looks like the fucking apocalypse happened. Scarborough is a broken down shithole. And quite a bit of Toronto is becoming noticeably run down as well.
          The prices of houses relative to wages are virtually impossible in Toronto and Vancouver, and they’re the only major cities really. Rich Asians will have bought most of Toronto within another 10 years.
          I think I have similar views to you man… I agree…

        10. I want to disagree with you but I can’t.
          And I know exactly what you mean about the leaders… Just watch this video and tell me it isn’t painful to watch Justin Trudeau speak on our country’s behalf.

        11. Thanks! Hadn’t seen this one … although it’s brilliant, it’s equally upsetting and depressing. It’s a spectacular example of how full of the most irrational and insane contradictions the social engineering project, across the entire Western world, really is.
          It’s all straight out of Orwell: in order to ensure absolute “equality” with respect to everything involving women, according to Justin the Buffoon, one has to start with the underlying assumption that women are retarded little children with no agency of free will and intelligence. The truly sad irony of it all is that it’s people like me and many commenters here on RoK who get branded “sexist” and “misogynist” while the real haters of women are people like Trudeau, who start off with the assumption of women as stunted little retards. Un-fucking-believable!

        12. You’re a young man (I’m almost 50), so you have time to plan. It really can be done if you research, focus on a place (I’m moving to a fairly upscale Caribbean island), and learn what it takes to get in. I won’t get into specifics on a public board (God forbid SJWs get wind of how easy it is to escape their grasp and move to a place that might welcome you), but there are places that offer economic citizenship for fairly modest investments (govt bonds, real estate purchases, specific investments etc.). These places do not have time for the first world psychobabble that drains our economy and our spirits.
          Once I get my new passport I will set my Canadian one on fire.

        13. Just to add. I have a couple of real estate investments in Ontario, and for the last two or three years it’s been depressing getting the rent money out of people who genuinely are struggling with their bills. It will get worse, and the paths to independent wealth are slowly being cut down, one after the other. It’s not bad if you’re a slug who wants to rely on government handouts, but if you’re a man who values freedom the future in Canada will be hell. Canada is winning the Anglosphere race to mental retardation. Our currency is losing value with every passing day.

        14. From this point of view I agree 100%.
          We don’t make shit here. The only people doing well are in business or the public sector.
          Like you said.. Any capable young man with any ambition wants to do more than work for the government. There is no avenue towards building anything of real value. And entrepreneurs get squeezed out as well.
          What you describe is the main reason I plan to leave.

        15. I’d be interested in talking with you more seriously. I could use the wisdom.
          I’m doing better than many of my peers interestingly enough, but I don’t see a clear path to fully invest myself (speaking holistically). And to be honest the quality of women is a big factor for me as well.
          I don’t expect answers or anything but I do agree with what you’re saying.

        16. I understand, it’s a big move and a lot to think about. Up until 3 or 4 years ago I was in a bit of a haze because I couldn’t connect the dots. Part of the reason we’re struggling here is because people with the ability do not invest in Canada. It’s not a new phenomenon, men and capital have been slipping out of Canada for 40 years now and leaving us a very diminished nation. If you read Oswald Spengler, you’ll see he’s right about the rural/urban divide. Toronto and the insanity it breeds is draining the rest of the province. If you leave the city your tax dollars will go towards the bullshit anyway.
          Sure, I don’t mind discussing this, I enjoy spreading information. I’m not an expert by any means, but I think my reasoning will resonate with many younger men. I’d love to see a situation where talented young Canadian men turn their backs on this nation. There seems to be a clique of people that are determined to turn this country into a shit hole with other people’s money.

  31. Don’t feel sympathy for Ghomeshi.
    He’s a typical SJW leftist.
    If you listened to his radio show before you would know that he would be supportive of a man being wrongfully accused of rape.
    The real issue here is about the foundations of justice, not saving this guy.

      1. So you’re saying his public persona has been a troll job?
        I don’t believe that he would have gone against the grain.

    1. I agree. The guy is totally getting the blowback he supported and deserves from this crazy bitch. I am all for rule of law and due process but it is nice to see someone who isn’t, get hammered

    1. They’re also racist against Asian women who marry White men.
      Feminised First World women are incredibly arrogant — they regard White men as “their” men, even though they they wouldn’t give the time of day to that same White man who would marry an Asian woman.

  32. Feminists are acting even dumber than I thought they were. They are angry because a man wasn’t found guilty while the proofs were lacking. Dumb bitches. You need real proof to accuse someone. No, making shit up on your Tumblr blog or leftist rag article doesn’t count! This isn’t a SJW echo chamber; this is the real world. We actually have standards here.

    1. “We actually have standards here.”
      Yes especially when it comes to the rule of law, to the justice system, and to something as serious as convicting a man of a serious crime like sexual assault.
      But how long do we have these standards here for? Especially with the current heavily feminist cultural and media environment? Jian Ghomeshi was already convicted in the media as guilty before the trial and continues to be portrayed as guilty. Make no mistake about it: the newer generation of justices, especially women, are going to be very different than the current generation. IN one or two decades, you can expect a female justice to convict Jian Ghomeshi based on the same facts. That is the future for men in Canada.

  33. Journalist Paul Sheehan has been suspended from The Sydney Morning Herald following an unsubstantiated rape story he wrote about a woman named “Louise”. This is one of the papers that dishonestly misrepresented RooshV as being pro rape. Sheehan was ironically on of the more right wing senior journalists of this very left wing paper, he is a severely cucked mangina neverthless.

  34. These pathetic little girls paint a horrible picture of what real women stand for. They have no clue as to what they are talking about and if they spent less time planning ridiculous protests and more time researching the case they would know that they are just babbling nonsense. Its disgusting.

    1. “Real women” stand all over the place, CanadianWoman, there is very little unity among them, and, in fact, much animosity. Hence the saying:
      When you put eleven men together you have a football team.
      When you put eleven women together you have a riot.

  35. Guys – this is a must watch video. Laughs for fucking days. When the red-pill gets mainstream views. You can almost see this chicks panties getting wet as he speaks to her. She tries to defy but you know that in the back of her mind she is like “god damn it, he’s right!” By the end you can tell this is true because without any prompting she is already imagining herself with him

  36. Note to self. Keep all correspondence with females I’m involved with for when they try to accuse me of rape.
    Welcome to 2016 gentlemen.

  37. Stop Mansplaining The Rule of Law to women. The Rule of Law is subordinate to a mob of braying, hysterical, half-naked, painted women. Get over it.

  38. Seems like the rape culture feminist hysteria is getting worse by the day.
    For all those MGTOWs who think that you cannot defend yourself against false rape accusations know this:
    1. Game lets you filter women better and deal with their craziness
    2. Red Pill and Game lets you understand the actual sexual market value of women and you know that aging desperate women will do more crazy things than young hotties in their prime. If Gomeshi had stuck to 18-25 year old hotties, then he would likely be fine.
    3. If in doubt or woman is new to you, then you simply record the procedure.
    Very seldom will you find hot 18-23 year olds accusing Alpha men with Game of rape. It is usually the aging, ugly, fat, socially awkward girls with more delusions and less sexual market value who do this (Lena Dunham, Mattress girl etc.).
    Besides every man should record all his trysts at least the first couple of times. Even if you cannot release the vids publicly, you can leak it anyway (files were stolen).

    1. Agree, but mattress girl was an undergrad student (i.e., early 20s) wasn’t she?

      1. She was young, but not really the hottest chick on the block. In her case she was rejected by a male feminist, who was far from an Alpha. That stung way more than being dumped by the Quarterback. Her delusional feminist self-worth could not take it anymore.

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  40. I’ve come to embrace the term “mansplaining”. Everytime I see or hear a women using it, it’s like she’s complimenting me on my proper use of reason and logic. Centuries of mansplaining have produced our civilisation and its major components like the principles of the presumption of innoncence and the burden of proof, and womansplaining is now destroying that.

  41. I was listening to the CBC yesterday talking about this trial and the author above starts to go down the route that the interview made explicit (she was a law professor at a university).
    The problem with the Ghomeshi trial in her view?
    #1) Innocent until proven guilty.
    #2) Beyond reasonable doubt.
    I shit you not… she said as long as these two elements of the criminal justice system remain, women will never see justice done.
    She said the above two conditions mitigated and undermined the “testimony” that was given as “evidence” of Ghomeshi’s guilt.
    Or said another way… no one believed these women’s lies so Ghomeshi got off because he was assumed innocent and the victim actually had to prove he was guilty of what she claimed he did to her.
    Make no mistake… in Defcock 1 Canada, the law is about to undergo a revision with Justin Trudeau so that “victims can feel safe coming forward”.
    Men are about to go MGTOW across this country because no… and I mean no… amount of Game can protect you from a woman if she “feels” you have made her a victim.

    1. Well, in Ontario, it’s already here:
      Check out this bullet point:
      “Remove the limitation period for all civil proceedings based on sexual assault — and, in certain cases, sexual misconduct or assault — so that survivors can bring their civil claims forward whenever they choose to do so.”
      Not against legit sexual assault claims. But it’s the false claims that are not subject to limitation periods that is scary.

      1. If Google is correct, this should be all I need when I arrive.
        Привет commrade . Я ищу политического убежища из
        Канады в вашей стране нормальных людей с нравственными
        ценностями. Это правда, что вы по-прежнему разрешено использовать фразу ” здравый смысл ” и считают, биологический пол человека определяет свою сексуальность и личностность в marjority случаев ?
        Hello commrade. I am seeking political asylum from Canada in your land of normal people with moral values. Is it true you are still allowed to use the phrase “common sense” and believe a person’s biological gender defines their sexuality and personhood in the majority of cases as their normal sex?

      2. From the linked article:

        and recently announced a $2.25 million Creative Engagement Fund to challenge rape culture through artistic projects.

        They’ll start having slut walks through museums and art galleries.

        so that survivors can bring their civil claims forward whenever they choose to do so.

        No rush. She can keep that false allegation stored safely away for when she needs it most. Like when she’s older and no longer desirable or needs to extort some money when she’s broke.

    2. Scary isn’t it? how we are headed, at full steam, at full blast, toward a frightening new dark age. I said in another comment above that this verdict, rather than being a tipping point toward a more fair and just society, is actually energizing all the cunts to accelerate their unhinged and insane agenda of cuntistry. What a fucking disgrace.

      1. You cant’ fix stupid. I love this country… but I am going to be visiting Russia this fall. Assuming they don’t shut down all travel between now and then… you know… cause “Islamic terrorism.” And… “We are doing this for your safety.” And… “We are bailing in (stealing your bank account) to save the economy cause the central banks are tapped out and you know… “Islamic terrorism.” And…

        1. Yes, Canada is an awesome country, but it has a suffocating culture. It almost has no culture: the ethnics each have their own thing, but the white majority … its sense of identity and values has been completely usurped and corrupted by a small minority of cunts and their lapdog betas and deltas. Just look at Trudeau: what a fucking moron. Actually to be fair, he’s not nearly as stupid as his detractors make him to be, but he has a rotten state of mind, and believes and practices the looney “progressive” ideology. Back last fall or the one before, two Liberal MP’s lost their jobs on mere accusations and innuendo alone, and the cunt Trudeau was the one ordering their resignation without an iota of due process. What a douche. Anyway, that ‘s the mind set and culture I’m talking about: it’s enough to make a red-piller hang himself.

        2. No. Trudeau the Tapette is an utterly brainless bimbo. His fuck buddy Gerald Butts tells him what to do, say and think. Justin’s job is to look pretty while the Libranos get back to robbing the country blind, resting assured that the girls will thrust Justin into office no matter how bad it gets for the men.

    3. “…#1) Innocent until proven guilty.
      #2) Beyond reasonable doubt.”
      The feminists will ALL be for changing this…UNTIL the day when it is their trial, and it is their turn to be the accused ones in the dock.

      1. women aren’t equal, they don’t have to worry about being charged with sex crimes, in other cases where a man is involved he is the one that can be presumed guilty, if there isn’t a man the woman still only gets a slap on the wrist since she isn’t considered a threat, and finally women are supported by men and society to such an extent that they have little motive to commit most crimes

  42. damn!! they need to speed the sex bot development, these disgusting women are a fucking curse.

    1. I can see it now:
      Feminists: “Damned laws getting in the way all the time! We need to get rid of all the damned laws and then we’ll have a Feminist Heaven right here on Earth!”
      I don’t think so…

  43. J.G was actually good at his job. Yes he was a sniveling liberal at times, but he had some interviewing skills and would often expose people for the frauds they were. e.g M.I.A. He also treated guests with different politics to his own with respect in most cases. I’d say overall he wasn’t a bad guy at all.
    Did he use his position to get laid? Absolutely, but that in itself is not a crime and most of us would do the same. He was a decent looking guy who looked much younger than his age. He dressed well and made good money, what else did people expect him to do? Sit at home and twiddle his thumbs?
    Sure he liked it rough, but I’m certain the women involved were willing accomplices. The fact that they may have regretted it later is entirely irrelevant and shouldn’t be used against him.

    1. JG was good at his job. He was also an insecure, megalomaniac known for weird and oft times, questionable sexual conduct. This was a well known “secret” within the circles he travelled. That aside, the decision is good and despite being a woman, I fully support it. There was no way the contradictory evidence presented could, or should, result in a serious criminal conviction. On a side note, I’ve met him numerous times. He’s not nearly as good looking in person and he’s really sweaty, like potentially a medical issue, which he compensates for by bathing in cologne. It belies me why any woman would ever go out with him, but I guess moderate fame and wealth are powerful aphrodisiacs for some.

      1. Settle down. He isn’t the elephant man. I’m sure there are many women who would go out with him even if he wasn’t semi-famous.

        1. He isn’t the elephant man. My remark was more a dig at women than him personally. He comes across as insecure, egotistical… And really, really sweaty. Some women would go out with him for sure, but that he was such a prolific womanizer defies logic. Add to that his apparent unusual sexual tastes and wow. It does not speak well for my sex lol! I guess he’s our version of the super hot, super crazy chick. Except the buffer in this case is money and fame.

        2. I think it’s his voice that sealed the deal. He has that smooth sounding voice that probably hits some women in the right place 😉
          The fact that he is sweaty is weird though. Perhaps it is his anxiety condition that causes it? Who knows.
          Anyway, I know what you mean about him not looking as good in person after seeing more ‘natural’ looking pics of him. He was ‘done up’ in the studio and promotional pics.

        3. He’s a grown ass man with a teddy bear. A teddy bear he apparently refuses to have sex in front of. So yeah. Safe to say there are some anxiety or related issues there. As for his appearance, he’s also a lot darker skinned in real life. This is neither here nor there, but I can’t help but find it funny that our ultra “progressive” broadcaster felt the need to whitewash him. Tsk, tsk.
          He does have a really nice voice though . Maybe he did warn them: “Well, hi there. I’m gonna choke you now until you black out, mk?” They just didn’t notice because it all sounded so soothing lol!

  44. From my experience living in Canada it seems most people up here have the mentality that women are always right no matter what.
    It’s complete bullshit and Canadian women know this, but they take advantage of it. They are like spoiled children, have a huge sense of entitlement and are extremely vindictive. When things don’t go their way, they act like how they did yesterday after the verdict.
    I’ve stored emails and other correspondence with women I’ve dated here for many years because I know how vindictive Canadian women can be and I realize Toronto (where I live) is a city with one of the highest percentages of radical feminists in the world. This place is simply fucked up and I am looking to leave Canada.

  45. Crazy female masochists (OK, a redundancy) are ruining BDSM for the rest of us. These energy vampires insist that their desires are men’s fault, not satisfying them is men’s fault, and satisfying them is men’s fault, in short, all outcomes even for a purposefully risky activity are men’s obligation, and if not them, the shrill harpy state’s obligation, the crybully mainstream media’s obligation, or the man’s employer’s obligation. It’s God’s fault, ladies. You’re cursed. I’m lucky. Now go to your room.
    Persons incapable of managing their own private activities are ruining privacy for the rest of us. That said, if cameras and recorded information everywhere save one good Dominant man from the hellish fury of a woman scorned then they are all worth it.
    Please, get her consent on video.
    As for Ghomeshi, I’m happy for him and the verdict even if he might want to think about tightening his standards with regard to female partners, and rejecting Feminism and Feminists. That might narrow the field somewhat but will be worth it. This is a “teaching moment” for him and opportunity for his consciousness to be raised.

  46. The Ghomeshi verdict reveals that a large percentage of Canadian women are truly mentally ill. I’m not being flippant about the use of the term “mentally ill” either.
    I have seen women on Twitter reporting that they have spent the day vomiting, others who were so distraught that they called in sick to work, and yet others who could not contain their hatred for men in general. All this over a court case which does not involve them personally.
    Meanwhile in Africa there are hundreds of millions of people who don’t get enough food to eat every single day. I guess that wouldn’t upset Canadian women though.

    1. Well said, and absolutely. It’s sickening; fucking cunts. The fact that the skanks lied through their teeth in the most glaring and in-your-face manner means nothing to these hoes. You’re right, that’s mental illness, in the most objective and reasonable definition.

    2. Canadian women? You’re forgetting women in the rest of the western world. This article would be the same if it happened in the UK, the US or Australia.

    3. I’m just getting into game and living in Canada I’m honestly scared go even pursue considering they’re vile, devious, feminist creatures.

  47. I like how everyone is serious in the photo of the naked feminist freaking out, when you and I know that deep inside the police and photographers are probably laughing.

  48. Factoid from history. . .It was known that traders and pirates would “abduct” local women and take off with them. Then the countries of Rome, Greece. . .the whole Mediteranian, would make war. But if you read commentaries by politicians, they always pointed out that the women were bored, disliked their communities, etc., and just ran off with the strangers. Notably, the abductors would get tired of the women’s bullshit and sell them off into slavery. Female behavior hasn’t changed in 3000 years.
    And I don’t get how we men oppress them by objectifying thier bodies, and then when they go out and protest they take their clothes off.

    1. “…And I don’t get how we men oppress them by objectifying their bodies, and then when they go out and protest they take their clothes off.”
      You’re looking for logic where none exists.

  49. Is it just me or does that protester in the photos look like a 12 year old boy.

  50. Here is a winning idea. Why don’t “we” pass laws, at least in Western countries, where upon turning 18, every woman and every man has to be raped once? Then, everyone will be in roughly the same boat, has the same shared experience and we all get to experience “rape culture” firsthand. With all else being equal, it would be hard to imagine in this scenario that the contemporary crop of rape accusers would have any special leg to stand on anymore: “Yes, every person has been raped. So what…. What makes you special?”.

  51. It’s time for men to start accusing them of assault and any manner of things. See how they like no evidence then. Women and logic never make an entrance together.

    1. That will never happen, so don’t look for it. The laws against ‘rayyype’ and “assault” — like those against Domestic Violence and ‘harassment’ — are enforced ONLY AGAINST men (preferably White Heterosexual men who aren’t rich and handsome), NEVER against women.
      The reason that Gomeshi even stood a chance for a ‘fair’ outcome was not only because he was a nonwhite, rich, handsome celebrity, but also because the women got mad only because he dumped them after he was through with them (which, incidentally, is what women do with men).

      1. There have been a few of dykes who have been jailed on these irrational regulations, but it’s not relevant to women since 1) they are minority 2) legal and financial penalties for females are always light (not to mention that sending a dyke to pussy prison is more like a reward)

  52. I’m a Canadian woman. Ghomeshi is a creep who engages in questionable sexual conduct. This has been an open secret within the arts industry for years, decades actually. With that in mind, his accusers are probably telling the truth regarding his actual behavior. Their credibility, however, was shot to hell, and for solid reasons. They were not questioned on their lifestyle choices or past, they were questioned on their behavior, towards him, around the time of the alleged assaults. And they lied. If not directly than at least by omission. And that will not do when accusing someone of serious criminal offenses. I for one was pleased with how this was handled through the court system. The alleged victims were treated with dignity and respect, and despite him being tried in the media long before the case got to court, justice prevailed. This is a good decision for Canadians, and it’s a good decision for women. Had the flimsy, contradictory, evidence managed to result in a conviction, this would undermine every sexual assault case moving forward. The author I think is exaggerating the supposed outrage. Plenty of media outlets, including some left wing publications, have reported why this was the right outcome. Feeling pretty damn proud to be Canadian right now.

    1. So ruining a guys life for being an asshole is ok, because they didn’t actually put him in jail? Stay north of that border chick, we got surplus crazy already

      1. No. Not sure where you got that impression from my post. I’m not suggesting any of it was good, I’m suggesting the outcome from the allegations was appropriate. As for him losing his job at the CBC, trust me, there are a lot of men and women who are glad he’s gone. Despite his on air talents, he should have been fired a long time ago. And this has nothing to do with his sexual exploits. He was a maniac who would have been fired from a non-unionized environment years ago. That he was fired for his personal conduct may be inappropriate (although maybe not, he is a public figure after all), but honestly, who cares? The only real disappointment is that the CBC didn’t somehow go down in flames as a result of this. Not because one weirdo’s predilections should be enough to sink a broadcaster, but because I’ll take anything right now to dismantle that left wing, overfunded cesspool of unionized non-talent. You’re not Canadian so I don’t expect you to understand. There’s a bit of hilarity in all of it if you knew the players and politics involved. Schadenfreude served up Canadian style: with all the requisite political correctness. And a cold beer 🙂

      2. Normally I would agree with you. But ruining this guy’s life is actually ok. He made a living promoting a lefty, i’m so progressive, and sensitive, and hip, image. He was the poster child of an overfunded, left wing public broadcaster. He’s a useless clown bag, who was employed by a unionized cesspool, whom I can assure you wouldn’t like. He was taken down by the very system he exploited. He, and the world he operated in, is a shining example of left wing hypocrisy. It’s funny shit if you know the climate in which these allegations came about. The fallout is more entertaining than I could have imagined… Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair, they’ve actually started to eat their own lol! Loving. Every. Second.

        1. There is a lot of truth in this comment, but still he was wrongly accused, wrongly arrested, wrongly charged, wrongly taken to trial, and has suffered career ending and life altering damage because a couple of old hags needed attention.
          How does he even get arrested? There was no evidence at all. Are the police not supposed to have evidence before they arrest a man?
          Is the Crown not supposed to have evidence to take a man to trial?
          The fact that this happened at all should concern every man in Canada.
          The fact that Ghomeshi may be a grade A douchebag isn’t really relevant.
          Would anybody have been surprised if he was found guilty?
          I know I wouldn’t have been.

        2. The Crown did their job, so did the police, and they were under immense public pressure to do something. I could write an essay on why THAT’s wrong, but suffice to say this doesn’t fall on Crown’s or police’s shoulders. The bloody witnesses were lying their asses off. Hence why this is a good decision, which will hopefully rein in some of the current left wing hysteria. Probably not, but a gal can dream right? That said, there is actually a little more to this story. Not in a criminal context, but more to the story. The complaints about this guy have loomed large for years. And not just with respect to his private conduct, but also his behavior towards women in the workplace. The University of Western actually implemented a policy to not send female interns to work on his show. And still nobody did anything, because he was powerful. You would have been out on your ass and facing lawsuits in the same situation . This isn’t unusual: powerful men and women are given passes not afforded to the rest of us. But what is very wrong with this situation is that a left wing, supposedly “progressive—- blah blah blah” institution, funded by the taxpayer, allowed this POS to behave with complete impunity. Because he was hip, and cool, and said “all the right things”. This of course will never be admitted to, not in our current political climate. Instead we have the current fall out, which is highly entertaining. Difficult for me to explain in a post, but I am standing up for the average guy here.

        3. I’m with you on most of it, but I just don’t see how you get arrested and go to trial with nothing but an accusation.
          Did the police even question the complainants? Did they even try to find out if they were telling the truth or not?
          The judge said in his decision that there was no evidence.
          I just find it very unsettling that any woman can apparently walk into a police station, of course after slandering the guy publicly first, and get a guy arrested and on trial, just on a baseless claim, which was ultimately proven to be false.
          I’ll never think Ghomeshi was a good guy. He’s everything that’s wrong with the industry in one neat little package, and on a bigger scale he represented practically everything I hate about Canadian society, to be frank.
          But, I’m still a bit shaken at how fast, and how easy he lost everything. In some respects he’s still extremely lucky. There is plenty of outrage over this, maybe enough to get him convicted on his next trial.
          Will he be lucky enough to get a judge that can actually resist the public outcry or will he get OJ’d and receive a “make up” sentence?
          This guy could still end up in jail.
          Just because he was “untouchable” for so long doesn’t mean he should get taken down on a BS charge.
          I’ve heard and read a lot about some workplace allegations as well. Why isn’t the CBC being held accountable for that? Where is the outrage over that? I’d say they have considerable liability if anyone were to sue them if any of the allegations could be proven.
          They turned a blind eye to his behavior at the very least.

        4. All of your points are completely, 100% valid. With respect to the police/Crown, allow me put forth my perspective. I’m not going to acknowledge where I work but suffice to say I have considerable experience with this type of situation, on a much lower level. Nothing to do with criminal offenses or sexual assault, but the same principles apply. So here goes:
          A. Sometimes a law enforcing agency realises, that despite being sympathetic to one or both sides, there is no reasonable chance of a conviction. Public pressure mounts, and so the agency says: “fuck it, we’ll let the courts decide. We’re not going to be accused of dropping the ball.” This scarily happens more than you’d think, at all levels. Not just “crimes” where women are involved, or “crimes” where the man is the accused.
          B. There is another trial coming up, and I can say with a fair degree of certainty, that this case is stronger. Before you attack me, I’m speaking strictly in terms of legal strategy, not the bigger picture here. The Crown’s job is to get a conviction, that can withstand an appeal. The only way to do this is to remove as much prejudice as possible from the accused — that’s a good thing. The way you do this is to run your weaker case first. This is because if you get a conviction on case 1, there is a built in, unavoidable, prejudice against the accused when defending case 2. You want that built in prejudice to not impact the conviction on case 2 . Ie: irrespective of the results of case 1, case 2 is strong enough to stand on its own. If you reverse this order, you have a situation where prejudice could easily impact the weaker case. In Ghomeshi’s case, he now sits in the perfect position to defend case 2, and if the Crown wins, it means case 2 was pretty solid, at least from a legal perspective.
          Despite the political climate and all of the rest of it, the Crown is handling this properly and Ghomeshi is rightfully getting his day in court. The events that led up to this, well, we’ve all discussed the problems. The justice system, when looked at indepently, is handling this perfectly.

    2. Im not canadien and I dont know the intimate details of his sexual escapades, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he had lines that he did not cross, or that there were certain things he looked for as a sign before he did his freaky shit. Ultimately justice did prevail.

      1. Justice did prevail, although it’s safe to say lines may have been crossed at some point. In any event, you’re not Canadian, so you can’t possibly see the hilarity in this, because you don’t know the characters involved. The feminist poster child of our socialist, left wing, publicly funded, broadcaster likes to smack around and degrade women in bed. This shit writes itself lol!

      2. He definitely had a reputation around the industry. The worst kept secret type thing.
        In short, there is no way that any woman that got involved with Ghomeshi did not already know of this reputation.
        I hope he has learned from this experience, and turns his back on his former beliefs, or the beliefs he portrayed himself to have.
        Hard wake up call.

        1. You are clearly aware of the rumours that I’ve heard for years. His accusers behavior defies logic, but to suggest any woman he came across would know of his alleged misconduct is I think unfair. He travelled in some pretty big circles. Circles that are constantly being re populated with naive young women. Again , not defending his accusers, if anything it paints a pretty unflattering portrait of women. Apparently we will put up with an awful lot when the guy is powerful. And he was powerful, within the arts industry. Just saying not every woman who went on a date with him would have known.

        2. Maybe, maybe not. The trailer park actress was involved with him pretty early on in his career. Like I say, their behavior around the time defies all reason, and I’m not sympathetic. I’m just not willing to suggest his conduct was expected. In any event, his workplace behavior alone should have gotten him fired years ago. And I imagine you know what I’m talking about. He was given free passes which would never be afforded to you because he was their poster child. The hypocrisy is astounding. And because left wing zealots will never admit when they fuck up, we are about to watch an explosion of finger pointing and talk of “rape culture” and blah blah blah. Here’s a suggestion: you allowed a predatory POS operate with complete impunity because he was hip, and progressive, and racially ambiguous, and could actually pull off skinny jeans. Please tell me you can at least see the humour in this aspect.

        3. I have a very hard time telling people what kind of sexual preferences they have. I don’t think a wake up call would change his preferences as much as it would change how he goes about getting what he wants.

        4. Yes, I can.
          Showing your bosses your homemade porn is a little off, to say the least. Ghomeshi definitely needed a reality check.
          I was never a fan. Maybe he’ll end up on internet radio, or Sirius somewhere, or Maybe Damian Goddard can get him a job wherever he is these days.

        5. I wasn’t referring to his sexual preference. I was referring to his feminist, liberal, “everybody gets a trophy” views on life.

        6. The rumours about Strombo is that he’s a toe sucking submissive. Sigh. Sounds about right, and will probably never amount to him losing his job. Oh well, take the wins where you can I suppose. Here’s hoping our fearless leader also has some sexual skeletons in his closet. For the sheer entertainment value, the more salacious the better. It’s still early in his term. Dare to dream, my friend 🙂

    3. “Ghomeshi is a creep who engages in questionable sexual conduct.”
      Who had way-past-prime women begging for him to do more of the same to them in the future.
      Just where does his “finally being exposed” amount to any kind of justice when the women WANTED this from him?
      What he did was in private… with a partner… that CLEARLY knew what she was getting into… and who also made it VERY CLEAR she was ok with it.
      Hence… “Their credibility, however, was shot to hell, and for solid reasons… they lied.”
      This trial’s verdict did not go far enough.
      Justice will only be served… if Ghomeshi files a counter suit against these women claiming loss of income/career based entirely on fabricated charges that these women KNEW were false… and show that the INTENT was NOT just a possibility of seeing in him jail… but his entire career/life ruined (with ample evidence to support this).
      THAT… is exactly what this trial has done.
      It has given a GREEN LIGHT to every insane woman in Canada to claim assault to simply RUIN a man’s life.
      If THAT… is allowed to stand…
      Привет commrade . Я ищу политического убежища из
      Канады в вашей стране нормальных людей с нравственными
      ценностями. Это правда, что вы по-прежнему разрешено использовать фразу ” здравый смысл ” и считают, биологический пол человека определяет свою сексуальность и личностность в marjority случаев ?
      Hello commrade. I am seeking political asylum from Canada in your land of
      normal people with moral values. Is it true you are still allowed to use the phrase “common sense” and believe a person’s biological gender defines their sexuality and personhood in the majority of cases as their normal sex?

      1. Trust me, the stories surrounding Ghomeshi have been circulating for many, many years. They are striking in similarity and suggestive of conduct that crosses lines. In a criminal context? Perhaps not, but lines that thankfully most men won’t cross. I don’t wish to dispute the validity of their claims in a criminal context because I think my first post was clear enough on my position with respect to this matter. And my position is not sympathetic to the alleged victims. As for his personal reputation, you have no idea what you are defending, including the institution that made him famous. That his career was ruined is hilarious actually, and if you had any understanding of the climate and politics involved, you too would be having a chuckle. Sure, in principle, he has been wronged. It’s just that the person involved is hard to sympathize with. Before you attack me for this response, you’d be wise to do some research. I’m more on your side than you think. The good news is that apparently the left eat their own occasionally.

        1. I understand your position clearly. But words and semantics, facts or not, still dance around the actual RESULT of this case. This is not about Ghomeshi… it is about ALL men in Canada.
          A man… had his career… ruined… based on complete lies by women.
          And it looks like it will stand without any repercussions to those women.
          THIS… is the reality now in Canada, left or right, it does not matter what side you purport to be on.
          If you are a man in Canada, you have a target on your head if a woman decides to put one there and there is NOTHING he can do to prevent it.
          I had no love for Ghomeshi and find it HILARIOUS that one of the left’s own… a guy who routinely spouted the feminist line and demonized masculine men at every chance to keep his job at SJW headquarters, the CBC… was himself a prolific violent abuser of women.
          Between this trial… and the Toronto Twitter one… the message to men in Canada has been made crystal clear.
          Speak to a woman… even just look at her… and you are FAIR GAME for a sexual assault/harrasment charge. Just look to the Ontario legislation for proof… legislation brought in by a LESBIAN FEMINIST.
          This climate of hatred toward men… and FREEDOM to punish them by ruining their career with blatant lies… is only going to get WORSE going forward.
          Your a woman… what would you advise YOUR OWN SON to do in this country? Just pretend this is an isolated case and “not all women are like that.”

        2. You’ve got fair points regarding the ability for a woman to ruin a man’s life the minute the accusation leaves her mouth. I don’t have a solution for that. I wish I did but today’s political climate is so hypersensitive towards women’s issues. I’m just happy to see the hysteria doesn’t affect our criminal court system, at least it didn’t this time. So yes, as a representation of all men, this is a sad situation. But it’s Ghomeshi. His freedom is intact, his career ruined, and more than likely Canadians will never be subjected to his navel gazing, “I’m so hip and sensitive”, drivel again. Everybody wins.
          Ps: The only real tragedy here is that the CBC didn’t go down in flames for this. Not because they should, but I’ll take anything at this point.

        3. High five on that one! He got what he deserved as he is in no way innocent of what happened to him. It’s just the climate, as you say, in this country. As a woman, you can easily ignore it. As a man… a Russian visa is only $250 for 30 days. To visit a country where this shit is not only non-existent, but actively resisted by the general population. It’s insane… insane… that I have to even contemplate leaving my country. But… I don’t see this getting fixed in my lifetime. And if I should ever have children, not in their lifetime either.
          As for the hysteria affecting the criminal system…
          “You’ve got fair points regarding the ability for a woman to ruin a man’s life the minute the accusation leaves her mouth.”
          It already has. Again, and this is not your fault in any way, but a woman just cannot see what is going on in our world, the world of men.
          The justice system… IS broken. There will be more cases like this, mark my words. They just won’t get the high profile attention this case got.
          And… as for the future… if you had a vagina, you now have a cabinet position in the Trudeau Liberal majority.
          Are you telling me they are going to let this decision stand over the next 4 years in power and NOT introduce legislation to “fix” the “broken” justice system to protect women?

        4. Re: changing the system. I certainly hope not. The system did what it was supposed to do. And I sure as hell didn’t vote that tool bag in. Don’t worry about the justice system, our fearless leader is sure to bankrupt us long before any legislative changes take place. We’ll be living like planet of the apes in no time if his unfettered spending continues.
          Now, in an effort to keep things light this holiday weekend:
          I bet [Ghomeshi] got all “choked up” when the judge read the verdict :p
          The feminist darling of our socialist, publicly funded, broadcaster (who holds a degree in Wymyn’s Studies–no less) likes to smack around and thoroughly degrade women in bed. You couldn’t make this shit up lol! While applying for foreign visas, I’d take minute to have a cold beer and enjoy the schadenfreude my friend 😉

        5. You bet. Popcorn, music, margaritas, dancing… trip the light fantastic. I had no idea he had a degree in women’s studies. Icing on the freaking cake. He should have SEEN THIS COMING from a mile away and STILL thought he could get away with it. Also seems to be proving that men who are feminists are the one’s that hate women, truly hate them, not us frat boys.

        6. To be fair, I’m not sure if his degree is in Women’s Studies, but he at least has a minor in it. And I use the term degree lightly, it’s a useless BA from York, which wasn’t a very good school back then (still isn’t great). While he was at York btw, the student groups (floor reps maybe?) warned his female colleagues not to be left alone with him. In like 1986. True story. He’s a fucking monster who was able to rise through the ranks of Canadian media by spewing the lefty rhetoric the mouth breathing public wants to hear. The hypocrisy is shameful.

        7. Yeah. But the co-eds were beating on his dorm door to get in.
          Or maybe to get out.

    4. I suppose plenty have agreed the court made the right decision. Pity none of them gave Ghomeshi the benefit of the doubt when it was still possible to preserve his reputation.
      He was convicted, long ago, by the feminists of the MSM. The women scorned wanted revenge, not justice. They did not wait for the law. They went to their sisters in the MSM, who were only too happy to oblige them. Ultimately, they got what they wanted. And they will never answer in court for ruining the lives of the Ghomeshi family.
      The MSM do this all the time, admitting the truth only when it no longer pays to keep lying. Only after the Berlin Wall came down did the MSM begin admitting communism was an abomination. Nobody at the New York Times ever went to prison for his role in aiding and abetting the communist enemies of the United States.
      The courageous thing to do would have been to assume Ghomeshi was an innocent man until the court ruled, and report accordingly, ignoring feminist pressure to convict him in the court of public opinion.
      Heaven knows there was plenty else for Canada’s newspapers to discuss in the op-ed section—whether Justin Trudeau was fit to be prime minister, for example.

      1. A. Justin Trudeau is decidedly not fit to be prime minister. I too wish this was reported.
        B. JG was presumed innocent, at least by intelligent, rational people, of which I include myself, despite being intimately acquainted with the rumours.
        You aren’t seeing the bigger picture here. He was held accountable by the very system he supported. In the end he wasn’t held criminally responsible, despite the left wing media. That’s a good thing. As for his career: honestly, no harm no foul as far as I’m concerned. The very leftist policies he advocated took him down. Can’t help but have a sense of schadenfreude. I for one will not mourn the loss of his, albeit intelligently presented, interviews. He operated with carte Blanche in a unionized, subsidized, world of Canadian media. And he operates no more. Which is good for the taxpayer. Now if only we could get rid rest of the schleps who make up the CBC…..

  53. Ghomeshi is only a free man today because he is well-connected and rich enough to afford a top-notch lawyer able and willing to expose his accusers as the liars they are. Most men aren’t nearly this fortunate when falsely accused by a woman scorned.
    The real injustice is that in the end, the Jian to the Slammer Sisterhood got everything they really wanted. They didn’t want justice. They wanted revenge, and to destroy Ghomeshi’s reputation. In that, they succeeded. Ghomeshi’s career in broadcasting is over. And none of the Sisterhood will ever answer in any meaningful way for ruining the lives of the Ghomeshi family, barring a highly unlikely masculinist revolution.
    Ignore the public whinging of the Jian to the Slammer Sisterhood. Rest assured they’re content.
    (Did Jian beat the crap out of women? Yes, he almost certainly did. The only thing that gets white feminists wet is the thought of being savagely raped, beaten or tortured by Muslim thugs.
    Plenty of white male “feminists” have figured this out.
    One day we’ll find out Justin Trudeau regularly beats Sophie to a pulp because that’s the only thing that gets her wet—and the only thing that gets the Tapette hard around women.)

        1. I had to google him to even know who he is. I am Canadian but I’ve been out of the country for over a decade.

        2. A highly entertaining decline from my perspective. Ghomeshi’s escapades being exposed is the most interesting thing to come from our stupid publicly funded broadcaster in decades. The sheer entertainment value is unparalleled. Finally. My tax dollars at work. Heh.

        3. 1 less cunt. His replacement is probably as annoying, but not nearly as pervasive. So. Winning. Here’s to hoping they all have sexual skeletons in their closets full of fair trade t-shirts emblazoned with “ironic” statements. Just cuz.

        4. Kathryn B., is that you? Lol.
          = = = = =
          Guest (@disqus_5EMQi8dTvO:disqus ) Item 1

          1 less cunt. His replacement is probably as annoying, but not nearly as pervasive.
          So. Winning.

          Even if we do not look at the method in how Ghomeshi was removed, his removal has done little towards eliminating the radical liberal infection on the mainstream media, let alone the CBC. The militant feminists use the notoriety of Ghomeshi to parade their “rape culture” agenda. If anything their collective voices are as loud (and grating) as they were before this case became a popular news item.
          The legal system of Canada prevailed, as it was anticipated it would. North of the 49th parallel, upholders of the bench are less likely to bow to public sentiments. However, merely being acquitted of the accusations does not mean “justice” prevailed. It is high time that those who leverage the laws to make false claims be punished to the full extent of their crime (yes, it is a crime to knowingly falsify or embellish evidence to support an illegitimate agenda.) People tend to overlook this because in some other case (and not in this case) some female plaintiff might find it daunting to make a real claim. This is why the neo-feminists keep repeating the mantra of “rape is rape” as if to say that any claim of rape is true as long as the alleged victim says it was.
          Justice? Justice must include a punishment fitting of the crime. Perhaps a tattoo of “LIAR” on the forehead of each perjurer might help. After all, it is the truth.
          = = = = =
          Guest (@disqus_5EMQi8dTvO:disqus ) Item 2

          Here’s to hoping they all have sexual skeletons in their closets full of fair trade t-shirts emblazoned with “ironic” statements. Just cuz.

          Sexual “skeletons in the closet” are, like most legacies of private encounters, best left private if they are between consenting adults. The only transgression one could place on Ghomeshi was that he didn’t adequately describe the upcoming activities and roles each would play, along with a written consent form to be signed before a legal witness. However, the record shows that upon notification, he modifies the interaction to what can be seen as mutual agreement.
          To that end, it is no different than someone voluntarily engaging in a sporting event, only to find that the level of physical contact is too extreme. At that discovery, the person is then allowed to leave the contest. On subsequent engagements, the level of physical contact is reduced such that both parties are in satisfied, and several tournaments follow. Ponder that. Most of us would find nothing wrong in that scenario. However, the moment it involves a woman complaining about a man, he is guilty, and never innocent shy of being innocent in the eyes of the law.
          Ghomeshi may have well had a reputation for a penchant towards liking it rough, but given the obviously high rate of interest in BSDM (50 Shades and all that…) he will be rather optimistic of seemingly willing partners. If he actively pursued an unwilling partner, that would be different. But, that isn’t really the case in all three of the relationships.
          Certainly, there is some irony in that all parties concerned probably need some psychiatric care (as all those who are infected with go-grrl-we-womynz-can-do-no-wrong do), but three women just wasted our taxpayer money with a frivolous case. The money is better spent on mental health. Of course, just being immature is usually not a “real” mental problem. It’s just being immature.

        5. I don’t understand your Kathryn B reference. I take some of your points, but we have two issues here: the firing, and the criminal charges. The criminal charges have been dealt with appropriately, at the very least the Crown/police should not be blamed, they did their job. The witnesses lied. The firing: well that’s a little different. We don’t actually know the official rational there, but suffice to say he had a well documented history of inappropriate behaviour towards women (and some men, for different reasons) he worked with. A history of behaviour that would have gotten any mere mortal fired years ago.
          As for the court of public opinion, he is at least partially to blame for this as he brought it upon himself. If you recall the whole issue became public as a result of his FB rant. ( That, and an utterly ridiculous lawsuit involving a Statement of Claim for like 55 million dollars). A FB post condemning his former employer for what he perceived as an unjust termination. Do you think that’s a good idea? If you get fired tomorrow, are you gonna take your “case” to the world of social media? I’m not sure this might not have completely blown over if not for his own hubris. I mean, he would still be fired, but possibly not criminally charged.
          You are correct, the left wing media is irresponsible to the point of being dangerous in my opinion. Dangerous because you can’t rely on the mouth breathing public to independently research anything. What they learn through the media instantly becomes gospel, and only one side is ever presented. That said, the individual in question was
          A. A part of it.
          B. Tried to manipulate left wing hysteria in his favour. And it backfired. Horribly.
          I for one am not losing sleep over this.
          In any event, my earlier post was said in jest. This debacle is the most entertaining thing to come out of the CBC in years. The CBC, the trial. Both funded by my tax dollars. Only one proved to have any entertainment value 😛

      1. Lol! I’m with ya’. He’s far more likely to be caught in some weird submissive role play scandal. Here’s hoping it takes down his career. Not because it should. Just cuz.

  54. As one who was raped I too hate the use of such allegations as a weapon. I also hate that things which are not rape are conflated with it. The word is loosing all of its meaning.

    1. I’m sincerely sorry for you and your experience[s]. Rest assured that despite media attention, the term actually hasn’t lost meaning for most.

    2. Agreed. To be honest, I’m distanced from the term, because calling someone a rapist nowadays seems akin to calling someone a communist during the red scare.

  55. Feminists claim the voluminous amount of sexually explicit communication from his accusers sent to Gomeshi after the “assaults” is somehow irrelevant and has no bearing on the fact they were “sexually assaulted.” ?? Seems to me a true victim of sexual assault wouldn’t contact her rapist a day after the fact saying “You kicked my ass last night and that makes me want to fuck your brains out.”
    It’s blatantly obvious feminists want men convicted and imprisoned on nothing more than a woman’s claim of sexual assault.

  56. Wait “His only “crime” so far has been his enjoyment of consensual BDSM activities.?”, but a year ago 50 Shades of Grey was released…
    This isn´t hypocrisy?

  57. To an optimist the glass is half full.
    To a pessimist the glass is half empty.
    To a feminist the glass is being raped.

  58. Ghomeshi is a creep with a terrible attitude towards women. This isn’t about “rape culture” whatever the eff that means. This is about a pretty terrible human being. The witnesses were crappy and the verdict is just, but for those of us more acquainted with the situation, he is not a nice man—to men or women. And that’s what I find so sad. Trust me, the average man, on this site alone, is 100 times nicer to women, and would be pretty appalled by some of his behavior. But, the average man is put in a defensive position, and can’t help but picture himself in Mr. Ghomeshi’s shoes. It should never be this way. We’ve now created an absolutely polarizing environment. It’s not about self regulating what we all, as human beings, know to be right and wrong. It’s about which side won, irrespective of the facts. In this case, the verdict is appropriate, I’m speaking in broader terms here.

    1. If JG has such a terrible reputation then stay away from him. But noooooo! women love bad boys and the gina tingles rule. This case should have NEVER gone to court.

      1. You’re right, the case, as it was presented, shouldn’t have gone to court. The police and the Crown did the best they could, but ultimately the witnesses lied. In any event, I was talking about the broader picture here, as I stated in my earlier post. Not whether or not his behavior met the criminal threshold. We’ve now created such an antagonistic climate between the sexes that a guy like this becomes the everyman’s hero. I get why, I’m just suggesting its unfortunate. His accusers’ behavior towards him defies logic, I’m with you there. As for his rep though, to be fair, this guy travels in really big circles. That theses rumours have circulated for many years doesn’t actually mean everyone he came in contact with would be aware of his alleged misconduct. Call it an open secret if you will.

        1. Would you buy a car from a nasty, fraud shyster? Probably not. So why would you return to anyone who abuses you? That defies logic.

        2. Of course it defies logic. When have I ever suggested otherwise? What I have suggested is that this man was given all kinds of leniency within the left wing , loopy, world in which he operated. Leniency no mere mortal man would ever be afforded. I’m not talking about the criminal charges. He was a wolf in skinny jeans. I’m not discounting your points, but you do have to understand the political climate in which he operated to enjoy the demise. Just another example of left wing hypocrisy. Only this time they’ve turned it on one of their own.

  59. Apparently the women shared 500 or 5000 emails with each other prior to the charges..id love to see them. Anyone know how to hack? 😜

    1. Text messages I believe so they won’t be accessible. Unbelievable. It’s impossible to think the Crown didn’t caution them on this. Exclusion of witnesses is the first rule in any judicial proceeding.

  60. As a Canadian male, I saw this on the news when it just happened. Actually, most people I’ve talked to still believe he’s guilty. And as for the feminists pushing for “awareness of rape”-everyone is aware of rape, to the point that it’s an obsession to talk about it. I feel like calling a man a rapist is like calling someone a communists during the red scare.

    1. The thing is, he kind of IS guilty. Not criminally, but the behavior these women are describing is pretty much his MO. This is widely known in certain circles. And there are probably some women who are into it, but most aren’t (most men aren’t either— he has unusual tastes) . So, on the one hand, when you have weird predilections, especially predilections involving a certain degree of violence, you should get permission first. On the other hand, when you, as the supposed injured party, go back for more, you have given permission. The reality is, while the first move crossed the line, the fact that the alleged victims came back for more did actually give him permission on round two. It’s not what anyone wants to hear right now, but it’s the truth. And it’s a dangerous game to judge personal responsibility regarding intimate behavior. Which isn’t to say both parties don’t bear responsibility, it’s just a slippery slope, right? We all take cues from one another. I’m a woman, but I really do try to see both sides. So, he gets a girl home, things get violent pretty quickly. That’s really not good. But then the girl comes back for further encounters. So now, from his perspective, maybe he really does think she likes it like that.
      The verdict is just. The situation tricky.

  61. Jian Ghomeshi is not an admirable human being, the only thing less admirable are his female accusers. One has to wonder about the fatherly influence in the lives of these obviously desperate and damaged women. Equal to Ghomeshis’ lack of discernment in his selection of women is the CBC’s ability to select talent. As for all you women who are whining about the lack of “good” men perhaps a visit to these three trollops with a baseball bat up the side of the head is in order. Obviously Darwin is not doing his job

    1. Don’t necessarily agree with your “fatherly influence” arguments, but beyond that, you are spot on. Forget the criminal (or lack thereof) aspect. Am I the only one here who thinks this paints a pretty embarrassing portrait of women? Whether or not he committed crimes, this guy treats women really badly. And these women let him. Maybe not the first time, but they did go back for more. Is moderate fame and wealth really worth humiliating yourself for? I honestly believe he was the male version of the super hot, super crazy, chick. Face it, you will put up with more BS if the parts look good. The difference of course, being your lack of judgement usually doesn’t result in criminal charges. It’s shrugged off: “stop thinking with your little head, fool”.
      And don’t even get me started on the CBC.
      Thank you for saying what you did, it’s not pretty, but it needs to be said. If you haven’t gathered already, I’m a woman.

  62. I hope he sues them for slander. I am growing tired of men having to defend themselves to these precious snow flakes in the court of public opinion with zero repercussions for false allegations.

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