21 Tips For Starting A Manosphere Blog

Have you been reading the manosphere for a while? Do you comment on several blogs? Well it’s inevitable that you’ll want to take the plunge and start your own blog. In that case, The Private Man has you covered with 21 pieces of blog advice. Here are my favorite five:

1. Blogging requires patience and perseverance. Blogging for a couple of months and being disappointed is normal. A few hundred (if you’re fortunate) page views a day is to be expected until readers realize the seriousness of the blog. There are few, if any, home runs with blogging. Writers should only expect singles and doubles as page view counts grow.

5. Haters gonna hate. Got hate comments? Nuke ‘em and ban ‘em. It’s your blog. It’s your real estate. If haters want to shit on your blog, moderate heavily and use the banhammer relentlessly. Don’t engage trolls… ever.

8. Brevity is the soul of wit. Posts needn’t be long. Rollo and Ian (links below) are the huge exception as their posts are usually quite long. You can’t be the exception to the rule until you’re well established. Three hundred words or so (well-written and concise) will do.

12. Find your niche. This will take time and your commenters will steer you in the right (write?) direction. As the Manosphere stands now, there are almost too many young men writing. For you young guys, consider focusing on a geographical or lifestyle niche on which to focus your concentration.

16. Post on forums with a link to your blog in your signature. There are loads of male-oriented forums that are not relationship of socially-focused oriented. Find the “other” category in gun, motorsports, sports, and male-oriented forums where men often go. Build a reputation there. Be taken seriously… then send them to your blog or other Manosphere blogs.

I’d like to add two of my own:

1. You only need one post to get started. A lot of budding bloggers have the typical creator insecurity of “I’ll run out of ideas!” Hell, even I feel occasional doom that my well has been tapped, but necessity breeds invention and as soon as you hit publish on one post, your brain will send you an idea for another. If that doesn’t happen to you, then you haven’t had the right combination of experience and learnedness to synthesize your own ideas. Live and learn hard for a couple more years.

2. You don’t exist in a bubble. The days are long gone when you could publish a piece of work and then sit back while you build devoted fans. Not only do you have to connect with your fans but you have to maintain positive relationships with bloggers who are in your field. You will depend on them for support as much as they will come to depend on you.

I’ll admit that it’s going to be very hard for you to start a manosphere blog today and get big league traffic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate a dedicated audience who encourages you to step out of your comfort zone while you attempt to make sense of the world. There will also be opportunities for younger guys to take initiative as myself and some of the other first-wave manosphere bloggers retreat from the game battlefield and move into lifestyle, political, or cultural topics. Gaps will be created for new guys to fill them.

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15 thoughts on “21 Tips For Starting A Manosphere Blog”

  1. I just unsubscribed from the private man’s twitter because he’s frankly posting too often. But I guess this is useful. I just started my own podcast, and all it took was the first recording. 🙂 Also, you’re a machine, Roosh. Or is some assistant writing your posts at this point? (“Dictated, but not read.”)

  2. Good advice. Also learn to type fast. This has always been my Achilles heel.
    I’ve had various blogs for the past three years and get excited if I get 60 hits a day.
    Tough world out there.

  3. ‘A lot of budding bloggers have the typical creator insecurity of “I’ll run out of ideas!” ‘
    I suppose that’s what Corinthians 10:13 is hinting at (amongst other things): have faith, believe in the future, that it has options, that newness is possible.
    Roosh (or anyone for that matter), do you find that you get a steady supply of ideas over a long period of time, or do you get flourishes of brain activity contrasted with long periods of creative blankness (writers block)?

    1. It’s definitely not steady.
      It depends on what you mean by “long”. For me, that would be two weeks without much in the way of ideas.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        ‘It’s definitely not steady.’
        That figures. The stronger the flurry of ideas that you get, the longer the ‘dry spell’ that compliments it.

  4. Roosh, you do a great job, although I do not agree with much of your lifestyle (I am a married traditionalist Catholic). I used to write for inmalafide from that perspective, and I think it would be interesting if RoK added writers from varying perspectives united in their hatred of feminism (no, I am not asking to join).
    Feminism is our common enemy….we need strong men of all types, as posted here today:

  5. I’ve been considering starting a manosphere type blog because writing is what I do, but I typically feel lost about what direction it should take – there is so much chaos in the manosphere it can be hard to figure out what niches are left to be filled.

    1. I think getting started is the toughest part, even when you don’t have a firm idea of what you want to do. It’s just the nature of things to start and then evolve over time. I’m just at the beginning, but I think looking at your own lifestyle and experience is a good way of focusing what to write on. You can find unfilled niches but if you don’t have much experience in that area, you’ll run out of material.

  6. Outstanding advice. I’d add a bit of my own:
    Blogging is performance art. You are a showman. If you can’t entertain, you aren’t going to attract anyone. If you can’t be insightful and communicate that insight, you’re just another Facebook friend with nothing to say.
    So start by asking, “What has really pissed me off the most today?” and go from there. Deconstruct why it pissed you off. Identify key reasons, and then describe any insights you had along the way. Feel free to use metaphors. People like metaphors. They are cuddly and warm and interesting. Only a few (Vox and Deti spring to mind) bloggers can get away with posting endless charts and statistics — we want to know what you think or see in them, not just have a mountain of data to interpret ourselves. Hell, just go over to Jezebel and root around awhile — if that doesn’t piss you off, mail your testicles in.
    Link like a mofo. Be active on other boards. Root around in your masculine soul, poke it with a stick, and see what jiggles. Share your insights about the things in the ‘sphere that concern you most, and if you can’t think of anything interesting to say, slap a picture of a pretty girl up there. People like pretty girls.
    It might take you a couple of tries to find your niche, and some blogs have a definite shelf-life. But the collective wisdom of the Manosphere is always ready to expand into new frontiers. Need a push? Here are a few topics I’d LOVE to see blogged about:
    The Gay Manosphere – Gay men are still men, and represent a masculinity undefined by female sexuality. We could get some key insights here, not to mention some serious advice on how to look good. Sometimes I wished I looked good enough to be gay, but those dudes are vicious.
    The Black Manosphere – black dudes get divorced and have custody issues, too, plus they have the issues arising from being both black and male, and there are plenty unique to them. Too long feminism has used race and sexual preference and religion and such to divide men from pursuing their collective best interest. Same for Latin blogs. Machismo and the Most Interesting Man In The World”? Muy macho!
    Blogs celebrating masculine achievement as such. Blogs exploring masculine memes in modern myth. What about the Military Manosphere? The STEM Manosphere? The Sports Manosphere? The Car Manosphere? The (whisper it) Gun Manosphere? I’d like to see more Progressive bloggers taking the Red Pill, realizing as I have that you can be Progressive and still hate feminism.
    I LOVE Game blogs, and the Three Rs are the best. But Game is a tool, and is in turn dependent on your own sense of your own masculinity. Exploring and expanding on just what that means in the 21st century should be your primary goal.
    Do it. Shit. What the hell else are you doing that’s so important?

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