How To Identify The Dark Triad Female

You see, my poor fellow, the hearts of women and she-cats are abysses that neither men nor toms will ever fathom. – Henry Murger

Neomasculine principles have saved many men by enlightening them about the true nature of women. Depending on their personal level and use of game with prior experiences with women, these men are usually able to sidestep the pitfalls and power games that usually entails gender interaction today.

However with feminism and modern gyno-centric laws, men also have to commonly contend with the rising threat of dark triad women—predatory women who game men ruthlessly for their own goals without any remorse or conscience, even if it may result in the destruction of men.

Understanding the rise of the Dark Triad in today’s societies


The dark triad is a group of three personality traits: Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy. The term “dark” implies that these traits have malevolent qualities, and have been associated with a callous-manipulative interpersonal style, to “use people for personal advantage.” They grant high social status, tight control over interpersonal social dynamics, and elicit intense sexual attraction.

Scientifically, women are attracted to dark triad men – usually because they are adept at projecting high status and authority to women, and seem to be better at exuding physical appeal. But with the masculinization of modern women, these traits have also become synonymous with modern female behavior.

Dark triad women: their types and their game


Basically there are two types of the “Lucifer’s daughter”: virginal, and non-virginal. Both types aim for power and leverage over men: the non-virgin type primarily uses guile and sex to obtain her control, while the virginal type uses her virginity, her pseudo-femininity, and the promise of sex to subvert men. Countering both requires solid game.

The non-virginal type (the more formidable one) combines the guile of her virginal sister with irresistible sexual depravity – as she stops at nothing to achieve her aims. Often beginning as a virginal type in her teens, she “upgrades” her traits through the psychologically hardening ride on the cock-carousel which accentuates her psychopathy and manipulative skills. However, careful observation and her past promiscuity can alert men about her.

The virginal type (similar to a cock-tease, but with malice) is no rookie at gaming men either, for she learns her game from observing the game of her sexually “upgraded” sisters. Usually young, “conservative”, occasionally “religious” or of high status, her game on men is basically an exemplification of Law 20 from The 48 Laws Of Power:


It is the fool who always rushes to take sides. Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself: By maintaining your independence, you become the master of others playing people against one another; making them pursue you.

Furthermore, her game combines:

  • Law 5 – So much depends on reputation-guard it with your life : Her hymen (which she guards fervently) is the cornerstone of her power over (idealizing) men
  • Law 32 – Play to people’s fantasies: She manufactures romantic fantasies in men’s minds
  • Law 34 – Be royal in your own fashion, act like a king to be treated like one: How she (superficially) carries herself will often determine how she would be treated: In the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people (and men) disrespect her
  •  Law 41: Work on the hearts and minds of others – Using her show of superficial “civility”, and pseudo-submissiveness , she endears herself to unsuspecting men who would function as her loyal pawns


This type knows that by allowing men to sexually possess her, she’d lose “respect” and leverage over them. By not committing her affections and withholding sex, she gains power from male attention and frustrated desire, as they only try harder to win her over, unable to leave her orbit but never getting any closer to her.

Playing the virgin queen, she gives men hope of owning her undefiled pussy someday, but never delivers on the satisfaction. When she finally “sexually” upgrades her game later to the non-virginal version, her manipulative skills are irresistible for men to handle (except for a man with solid game).

This type is more likely to play the “victim card” to escape culpability or malign and subvert a man, for she knows that others would usually fall for and believe her impeccable ruse of chaste femininity readily. Her game doesn’t hurt a man sexually who has game and options – but sexually thirsty men with no game nor red pill knowledge to identify her usually fall prey.

In “traditional” societies untouched by modern permissiveness, the chances of encountering both types are almost equal – as non-virginal types there are more likely to pose as chaste. And with increasing influx of women in the workforce today, it’s common to encounter such women there too.

The Dark Triad office female


These women can represent a greater threat than men when it comes to blindsiding men professionally – for they are increasingly not averse to flirting to distract and neutralize their male competition at work, but can also be willing to use their sexuality to propel their professional climb to the top.

The simplest way to analyze a woman’s character and intentions at work is to observe what she actually does, and not simply believe what she says or pretends to act as. However, this wisdom has been often discarded repeatedly by men either due to feminist social conditioning, or being blinded by the appeal of such women, or sexual thirst.


There are some signs which can hint of a female dark triad professional rival who may try to potentially blindside you in the future:

1.Your professional competence suddenly attracts or repels her to you inexplicably. Either she perceives you as a threat, or views you enviously as competition – which must be neutralized effectively through “love” or a plot later.

2.She tries to get you to open up – while randomly revealing little information about herself. She’s trying to probe and document information which she can use to malign your reputation later.

3. She has a history of screwing up men’s lives – personally or professionally. Either possibility suggests a manipulative, broken, untrustworthy woman worth steering clear of.

4. She has used her body to get where she is at presently. If this is credible info, then know that she could already be controlling her own workplace alliance of men. If this predatory woman is actively interested in you, then she could be planning to add you to her prey list, and if you would resist, she would probably not hesitate to professionally blindside you.



With rising numbers of socially indoctrinated herds of dark triad women, it shouldn’t be surprising to note the exaggerated levels of distrust in men who’ve been scarred by them.

The solution to counter these women is the red pill and game, or acquiring dark triad traits oneself. Ignorance is not an option when dealing with such women—no matter how powerful and resourceful a man might consider himself to be.

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  1. But… how do you define “woman” here? Huh? huh?
    Actual tweet:
    Jessica ValentiVerified account‏@JessicaValenti
    Thanks to those who pointed out that “sausage fest” is transphobic. Tweet deleted with apologies; it was unthinking & insensitive.

    1. I was going to say “that can’t be true”, but then I read the name Jessica Valenti.

  2. The most important thing for men to know is that older women in their late 20’s and early thirties will play the virginal queen card with a beta schlub, even though she’s far from being virginal.
    They’ll feign virginity by playing hard to get and putting out much much later than she would have in her early 20’s. This puts the beta, who’s not familar with the thousand cock stare, into a false sense that he’s committing to a woman with 3 lifetime partners or less. But in reality she’s had more notches than he ever will in his life.

    1. last year, i had this 28 year old hot single mother bother me on facebook. i made sexual jokes with her and she usually responded to it by saying that i was not “real” – she was a hippie. nevertheless, despite claiming she did not like it, she only kept writing me more. sent me her number straight after calling me asshole.
      i had never met her, but she wanted commitment. i told her i only wanted sex. she said something was wrong with me.
      one day, wrote her if she wanted to come over for sex. she wrote me if i had fallen so deep as to try something like that. i asked her whether she would not like to fall asleep with my sperm in her little ass. she wrote me that “one had to earn that”. i asked her why she did not consider herself to have earned it.
      nothing came of it, but she had played this kind of fantasy for me where she said that i seemed like a restless man and whether i would not like to “come home”, meaning to her. lulled me in pretty good and for me – a rather unexperienced man – it felt like i was cutting with a knife into my own flesh to stay an “asshole” despite it.
      if it feels like a dream, it probably is one. and you also have to consider: if you let her give you that dream, she would be the one in control. she would have set the frame. and you would only ever be a tool for her.
      figures that she had some kind of boyfriend at the beginning of our communication whom she even sent me pictures of. he looked like a meek hipster. as soon as we started flirting, she never mentioned him again. not a fate i want for myself.

      1. Cool story bro. While you’re talking bullshit, you wanna throw a dragon in there or something?
        And yeah, whatever: liberal, white-knight, beta, take the red-pill ..

        1. That anyone who advocates for the content posted on this site is in serious need of therapy.
          But you also make me laugh so I’m conflicted

        2. You are here because you are conflicted. You have been conditioned to believe one thing but have come across something that has opened your eyes. Your reaction is to dismiss any and all of it. It’s called an awakening. Go with it

        3. you might not agree with everything on the site, but you’d have to be a fool not to believe the majority of it.

        4. Awww, people not being as gullible as you’d like? Sorry people are awakening and you are being replaced but thats the way the cookie crumbles

        5. No silly goose. Being replaced by a better model. Eastern European, Latin or Asian. Far better build quality and reliability if you know what I mean

        6. I am Eastern European and Asian. We don’t put up with your shit culturally, either. Have fun finding that one out the hard way.

        7. Haha, I’m already Eastern European and Asian. And if you think our cultures are somehow more willing to out up with your beta shit, just wait til you marry one.

    2. You define “older women” as late 20s/early 30? I’m in my late 20s and am thinner, fitter, and look much better than I did in my early 20s. I’m more mature, happier, and a more interesting person now than I was 8-10 years ago. Everyone is an individual. This site really demonizes any woman above 25 (actually, this site seems to demonize all women for some reason…) hmm… NO ONE– and I mean NO ONE that I know married before 27 and that was considered the early end of things most people didn’t start getting engaged until late 20s/early 30s women and men. But things are perhaps different on the coasts than the midwest or south. I’m sorry you sound so bitter

        1. Are you a site monitor? Didn’t think so. Go fuck yourself. You are rude and crass. And probably a bitter loser who can’t get a decent woman to look at you.

        2. i am the pain you wish you had in your ass.
          and you are probably an overweight wannabe mother and fancy yourself spiritual because you do yoga sometimes and question society. pardon, men.

        3. Wow!! Aren’t we presumptuous today? Nope, never been pregnant, no bastard kids here. My man and I aren’t planning on kids for another couple of years. I hate yoga and new-agey stuff. Am NOT a feminist. My BMI is within the normal range for my height. And I despise assholes like you who feel you can judge a stranger you’ve never met and who feel like you can decide who does and does not get to post on this thread. Let’s see you add something substantive in addition to hurling inaccurate insults.

        4. i said wannabe mother, not mother.
          her, peanut brain, read this:


          especially the part about women being strongly discouraged from commenting here. get it? you are not wanted here. leave.

        5. Hey asshole, you’re not a site monitor. YOU’RE the peanut brain. It says discouraged, not disallowed. I don’t believe YOU have the authority to decide who can and can not stay. If you’re not a site administrator, you get no say. Get it? Now fuck off. I am done responding to you, you’re a piece of shit. I have more education and more money in my late 20s than most people do by 50.

        6. you have money. nobody cares.
          you have education. nobody cares.
          your friends call you interesting, because they are even more boring than you. nobody cares.
          your opinions are not unique and we have all heard them a million times. you are just another chick full of delusions, regurgitating memes about bitterness, sad men, little penises and so flawn. so consider “your” voice heard.
          have some respect for the site owner, if not for me. now get lost.

        7. No worries, I don’t respect you at all. So far the site owner has yet to kick me off. I am now leaving because it’s obvious you and others on this thread have no ability to engage in civilized discourse or state real opinions that add to a discussion, only ad hominum attacks.

        8. This is a site exclusively directed at men. Why does this pose a problem for you?
          You probably know that there are more than enough websites which cater only to women’s interests. Visit one of them instead!

        9. not helping her. just making sure that all women reading it develop an irrational fear of commenting here. which is conducive to not having women comment here.

        10. If you have a man…why are you spending time with an apparent man who doesn’t like you? How is this being respectful to the man you’re with? o.O

        11. you remind me of someone. girl who annoyed me to no end once by trying to make me open up to her or something. whenever i told her to fuck off, she got slightly hurt and retreated. she would then go somewhere to recharge – presumably through interaction with her chattering simpleton friends – and come right back at me like a roly poly.
          whether on purpose or not, this played to my pride of being something of a bad boy and i learned to like the little game. but i naturally figured that she would only find this game funny as long as she did not win it, forcing me into putting more effort into being an asshole than i really cared to.
          she told me she wanted to crack the shell or some similar nonsense. now, i of course know that there is absolutely nothing remarkable about me that may show up if you crack anything. i am just a regular, boring dude who is the next better thing to a virgin and really just wants to be left in peace.
          now, rudeness works on most people, but not on your type. you love it. the annoyance of this makes me want to bend you over, take you and leave you behind crying to teach you a lesson. but that is obviously the distraction you aim for. plus not doable over the internet. plus you may be a fat cow.
          it would really be easier if i was a mod.

        12. Ms. L, with all due respect, the extent of your replies was not appreciated. It did not contribute or enhance the conversation. Congrats on your life and looking better now than in your younger years. The majority of people here are reasonably intelligent and understand that there are EXCEPTIONS to these broad stroke, sweeping generalizations. OBVIOUSLY some women can look better in their 30s than in their 20s. We’re not talking about them. We KNOW about them, but we’re talking about trends, patterns.

        13. I’m still here baby. Wanna hate on me till it makes you hard?
          Although I can’t prove it, I’m neither a women or a homosexual, so … I’m allowed in?

        14. What I was really tying to do was not react to you. Yeah, I could have told you to fuck off and then go into the downward spiral of name calling that is frequently seen here. Quite frankly I don’t care if you fall through a crack in the earth, but on the other hand, I wish you well.

        15. Commendations on the brilliant display of hypocrisy. I mean, the way you followed up with “rude and crass” after saying “go fuck yourself”, well, that was just golden. And the way you called him presumptuous after calling him a bitter loser… vintage Rosie. Also, lobbing insults while complaining about them is just adorable. Kudos

        16. Dude, I’m gonna frame that and put it in my office, that’s the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

      1. I stopped reading at:

        I’m in my late 20s and am thinner, fitter, and look much better than I did in my early 20s.

        You’re clearly delusional. No one, here or in real life, is buying it and you shouldn’t be selling it.

        1. Meet woman 2.0. Smarter, faster, bolder, leaping 4,000 cocks in a single bound. And will chide your lack of sexual relevance since you haven’t slept with 1,000 women, live in your mom’s basement, don’t have 400,000K in your account (combined with your sexual partner) and yes, she does travel the world to delay her children bearing years until she is 35 only to divorce before 42, because that is when she’ll hit her sexual peak. If you aren’t beating her in even one of these areas, she’ll swear she is beating you in the game of life.
          Kind of makes you look forward to woman 3.0 doesn’t it?

        2. It happens. It’s not uncommon, actually. A girl who relied on her youth, but was kind of sloppy and then, as she gets a bit older, starts to militantly adhere to the adage that beauty is 90% elbow grease.

        3. it’s possible, if she was pudgy in her early 20s, then discovered eating healthy and efficient exercise in her late 20s. if it weren’t for the thinning hair, i could probably say i look better now in my 40s than i did in my 20s. i’m definitely fitter. sure, it’s harder for women to pull off looking better when they’re older, but it’s possible.
          btw, i guess we’re allowed to reply to women without getting banned now? when did that change? i’ll probably continue to avoid doing so, regardless.

        4. Actually, I was always within the correct BMI range for my height. Came from a conservative family who did not want me dating in my teens and early 20s. I weigh 10 lbs less now in my late 20s than I did in my early 20s and learned to dress better for my body type. I kind of scratch my head at the idea on this site that women somehow crumple into wrinkly toads at 26+. Also scratching my head at the women must be married by 25 narrative. Have lived in 4 states and haven’t met anyone who married before late 20s/early 30s. Everyone seems to have no problem finding a good mate and starting a family. Sorry to hear you’re going to shut down dialogue on basis of the fact that I’m female.

        5. Congratulations on your weight loss, better style of dress and opting not to get married. Now will you get the fuck lost?
          Dialogue shut down because no one gave two greasy shits about what you said or thought.
          Just leave.

        6. ” it’s harder for women to pull off looking better when they’re older, but it’s possible.”
          It’s only possible if they fucked themselves up (got fat) at a young age and then lost the weight as they got older. It’s not really possible for someone who was a size 2 at 18 to be a size 2 at 35 and “hotter”. Maybe some real corner cases involving plastic surgery (particularly for a totally flat chested woman) but, absent that, it’s like looking for a unicorn.

        7. clothes and make up can be a factor too. i had a student when i was teaching in ukraine who was just about average, although certainly not fat, when she was a teenager. then in her 20s she started lifting weights, eating healthy, and adopted the classic hot FSU girl look (stylish clothes, heels, good makeup, etc.) and went from a 6 to something around a 9.5. a woman who’s a 6 at 25 could move up several points on the 1 to 10 scale at 30 by doing the same. weights and a proper diet will improve almost anyone’s looks, regardless of sex and age.

        8. It’s not so much the women over 26 crumple into wrinkly toads, it’s the fact that most women over 27 lack the “innocence” required to sustain a relationship with true love and trust (after being with 15 dudes, no woman will trust his man or even consider him anything more than another dick). Most marriages and unions of people into their late 20s and 30s are unhappy, where many inexperienced men start families with “mature” (read promiscuous women) and live contra-natura marriages where his wife dominates the house, he is unhappy and she is even unhappier, unable to point out what happened.
          Hence why men and increasingly women are avoiding marriage and even common law unions. At least for men, a woman who truly may love them (be infatuated with them and trust them without trying to enter into a open battle) is far more likely to be in her early 20s than in her late 20s and 30s, where only the ignorance-is-bliss-marriages (at least for the male) are the ones with a semblance of contentment. There are exceptions to the rule, but facts are undeniable.

        9. Ms. L, with all due respect, the extent of your replies was not appreciated. It did not contribute or enhance the conversation. Congrats on your life and looking better now than in your younger years. The majority of people here are bright and understand that there are EXCEPTIONS to these broad stroke, sweeping generalizations. OBVIOUSLY some women can look better in their 30s than in their 20s. We’re not talking about them. We KNOW about them, but we’re talking about trends, patterns.

      2. The site doesn’t demonize all women. If you want to debate an issue, go for it. No need to throw out fallacies when you’re perfectly capable of following the rules of logic.
        Dr. Giggles is universalizing a very, very common pattern. You’re correct when you say everyone is an individual–but everyone, in at least some ways, represents a type, as well. Women are forever warning each other about all the “types” of men to avoid at all costs, ways to “train” men and “fix them up” and signs to watch out for. They discuss tactics for dating men men in highly mercenary terms. This is mainstream stuff that exists in our culture without criticism. Why is it “misogynistic” or “bitter” when men discuss pitfalls to avoid? Is it our responsibility to just “man up” and put our balls on the chopping block and hope for the best?

        1. She won’t respond to you, but this is the internet, maybe she’ll prove me wrong. I’ll wait.
          On a side note, don’t, even passively, suggest a woman should give you permission to have an opinion on anything. Where is the Pearlbuck who had such rage when the pride of Chicago was called into question?

        2. It kind of did, which surprised me. Cubs are looking good. The crowd at Wrigley will probably look even better. You’re at the game?

        3. Haha!! How can I forget?! I’m still in awe at the new finds you continue to catch in the Tattoo article. I like the new look!

        4. I actually did some sleuthing and you’re right. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion. Another thing to do whatever you can to code break a fictitious sprite that types words to find the real person behind the label. There are ways to reverse this. Send what you can and I’ll gladly look into it for you. Ending up on the wrong side of the tracks has some perks after all.

        5. Nevertheless, thank you for your very kind offer. I grew up on the East Side of OKC. Perhaps one day I can offer some help to you.

        6. That looks like a rough neighborhood. Well the help I was referring to could either be in hardware, and physical, or software, and confidential. Even as your stalker is so close, it is still a far cry from a helpless situation. I’ll ask a friend what his opinion is on the matter is. I think you two would like each other as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he blogs on the same sites as you.
          And on helping me, meeting you has already helped me in a lot of ways. But I’ll keep that in mind as sometimes I find it hard to ask for help.

        7. I’m not at the game–it was at the plastic abomination of a stadium {“Cellular Field) where the Sox play. The crowd at Wrigley ALWAYS looks better than that crowd. Particularly the females.

        8. I live along the Red Line and agree. Easy pickings too depending on my mood as the women are friendly, sexy, and always wearing body hugging dresses.

        9. Pearlbuck: First off, thank you for writing in a civilized manner without profanity or ad hominem attacks. I agree with you that it’s perfectly ok for the authors to warn other men about specific types of women to stay away from. Yes, there are some women who are psychos and give off red flags men should heed. However, the fact that a few women are drug addicted jobless tattooed single mothers (where DO they find these people??) does not mean that *ALL* women are psychos, the same way that just because a few men are woman-beating, alcoholics (again, where do they find these creeps?) doesn’t mean all men are Satan.
          What I found vile and misogynistic was the vulgar language and meme telling me to shove my opinions up my ass, telling me to fuck off, and calling me a bitch and a cunt, and outright presumptuously assuming horrible things about a woman they’ve never seen in person or met. GTFOH and Tom Arrow were atrociously rude. You want to tell me that’s not bitter and misogynistic??
          Parenthetically, you assumed I used to be sloppy but that now I’m not. That’s really not true. I was always within a normal BMI range, and always wore light makeup, just stating that I do weigh 10 lbs less now in my late 20s than when I was in my early 20s. It amazes me that people can be so hateful and shitful and have such strong assertions and opinions about someone they’ve never seen or met.

        10. Sox fans big dis of Wrigley is that it’s “Just one big pick up bar.” Yeah, it sucks that Cubs games are filled with hot drunk chicks who don’t know a lot about baseball–IF YOU’RE GAY!

        11. I did respond 🙂 Unlike that vile hateful, hyper-aggressive troll Tom Arrow, Pearlbuck managed to write a post that offered a legitimate opinion opening up a civilized discourse and exchange of ideas without resorting to personal attacks, vulgarity, name-calling, or screeching for me to GTFO on the basis of my gender alone.
          Let me preface by saying this: I am NOT a feminist. Occasionally, I read articles on this site because I want to hear sociocultural narrative from a male perspective. I agree that there are trends within our modern day culture that are disturbing and that the breakdown of traditional marriage and families has been terrible for men, women, and children. But shutting down viewpoints just because they come from a woman and screeching vulgarities, put-downs, etc, is not the way to change our culture. If we are to restore Western civilization, it takes participation from both genders without one being pitted against the other.

        12. I didn’t assume anything about you, young lady. I simply said that it wasn’t uncommon for a girl to be more attractive etc. in her late 20’s than in her late-teens/early 20’s. I don’t know anything about you, specifically, other than what you’ve written here.
          Here are some of the things I take issue with:
          “Yes, there are some women who are psychos and give off red flags men should heed. However, the fact that a few women are drug addicted jobless tattooed single mothers (where DO they find these people??) does not mean that *ALL* women are psychos,”
          You’re asserting that predatory, mercenary, amoral, mentally unbalanced American women in their 20’s are a very rare exception. I would say that they are a growing epidemic, and are approaching the norm. Young women in America have been raised by our society to be narcissistic, egocentric opportunists who feel that they are entitled to anything that benefits them at any given time. Because feminism. They are also taught, from childhood, that they deserve everything. Obviously, a person can’t have everything. A woman can’t have true, romantic love and security AND unbridled sexual freedom, for instance. Coming up against realities like this makes hordes of young American women crazy. They are not the exception. Meanwhile, men are being taught from infancy to “respect” women, which these days really means to submit to women. This type of behavior on the part of men only makes women crazier. They need (and want, at core) the exact opposite from men.
          “the same way that just because a few men are woman-beating, alcoholics (again, where do they find these creeps?) doesn’t mean all men are Satan.”
          This is not “the same” situation. Society goes to extreme lengths to condemn anything that even hints at this type of male behavior, while, at the same time, praising and rewarding women for their despicable behavior. (Surely you’ve seen you the show Girls?)
          You came in here swinging because you think you’re different from the type of women being discussed in this article. I suspect you are different. But that does not mean that the type being discussed here is not prevalent.

        13. I noticed your comment back to Pearlbuck. I didn’t expect you to write back but here we are. For someone who was quick to post their accolades and accomplishments, you got sucked into the vitriol rather quickly. Didn’t add much credibility to your intelligence.
          I am glad you aren’t a feminist. Feminism is a shoddy barrier to what should be basic respect between the sexes. I’ve looked through your history. I didn’t see anything worth calling you much of anything just. I have picked up you love your boyfriend, overlook race although you mention it, and are looking to marry. Just note, according to general consensus, you are very much on the bubble.
          All that means is, as smart as you are, there is a chance if things end, all the comments here about the carousel riding may end up being true as you find yourself. You are where you are, and no one opinion marks a life so we agree there.
          Some of the ladies who comment here give the barbs as good as they get. Some reveal insane rage flippantly. The ones who I have no problem with tend to add something of value whether it is something they’ve learned elsewhere, experienced here, or weathered in life. Hopefully you can be a commentator who can add value as many here are of the mindset of self improvement in all areas. And yes that also includes understanding women better.

        14. It’s great to see you and Red! I’ve been gone for a while (my wife’s sweet mother who I always loved passed on ). I’m happy to see some new members at ROK as well!

        15. Truthfully, I don’t watch much TV. Most of the shows these days either bore me to death or repulse me. I saw one episode of Sex in the City and regretted the hour of my life wasted on that trash. Ditto with the vile garbage on Bravo and TLC ie the Kartrashians. I’m kind of sitting here puzzled and scratching my head thinking to myself… where are these narcissistic, entitled, psycho, slutty women all hailing from? Most of the women I associate with are disgusted by modern day feminism and don’t want to be within 200 feet of the “slut walks”. The one article of Roosh that had some basis in fact was the “20 signs you can tell if she’s a slut” or something along those lines. Red flags are always there. You gotta know how to see the flags coming. Finding the right person isn’t easy but it starts with associating with the right crowd of people so that they can set you up with a likeminded lady. Both parties are often guilty of spending too much time in the beginning fooling around instead of sitting upright and really getting to know the person sitting in front of them. With rare exception, signs are always there in the beginning. If she has 4 kids from 3 dads, RUN!

        16. Ms L, let me just say that you getting all offended and whatnot from a few men trolling you on an internet site shows how narcissistic you are. Not once did anyone officially talk about you in the original article (or comment that inspired you), then you felt the need to assert how you are “different from the norm” for….attention? This was then followed by how you look, your accomplishments, what you prefer, who you hang with, ALL (ironically)
          proving their case that women tend to be self involved and easily hurt.
          It’s the internet, and it is one of the few places where men can gripe, just like how women can gripe on 96.972378863764 different sites. If ever you find yourself getting offended, try to separate yourself from the article and pay more attention to what is being said, you know, without you somehow assuming you are the one female they speak of. Please stop thinking
          that the song is about you.

        17. Thank you for your insightful reply. I’m the product of an intercultural marriage that has lasted for 30+ years and counting so don’t think race/nationality/ethnic origin plays a role as much as shared values and common interests.
          As for understanding women… I’d say look for a girl who keeps her weight proportionate to her height, that cares for her appearance ie no body modifications or unsightly tattoos, is a happy person, and has no history of drugs/alcohol/insane sexual history/illegitimate kids. Meet her friends and family early on. Ask about her relationship with her mother and father. Red flags tend to pop up rather early on but these guidelines should help you in the initial assessment. As for me “riding the carousel” (sheesh!)… no. I value monogamous relationships and was raised better than that.

        18. Please re-read and you’ll see that people were hurling attacks against me. My point is not about me per se more to express disbelief in this article because really… where do all these women hail from?? None of the women I know seem to be as vile as the ones written about in this article or others. I do not see myself as different from the norm only because the “norm” of women is not sociopathic drug addicted single mothers looking to exploit men for all they’ve got. What’s more common in America today: nice suburban soccer mom or trailer park trash? Most American women are not the monsters these articles would have you believe.

        19. Well, my only issue with any of this is the fact that you’re kind of rubbing up against some fallacious reasoning here–“Most of the women I associate with” doesn’t really mean anything other than the fact that you associate with certain kinds of women. I believe that you don’t like Sex in the City, but surely you wouldn’t contest that it was/is one of the major cultural milestones/barometers of our times? Or that female obsession with the Kardashians is a mainstream phenomenon?
          And surely you don’t really mean this:
          “The one article of Roosh that had some basis in fact was the “20 signs you can tell if she’s a slut” or something along those lines.”
          I’m assuming you mean “one of the articles by Roosh that had some basis in fact.” You might feel that some of his articles are not based in fact, in which case you should specifically articulate exactly what you are contesting. Furthermore, you haven’t really read everything he’s ever written, have you?
          You have to understand that throwing around unfounded insults here is taken as fighting words by many of the commenters. If you want to be treated fairly, and with respect, you need to start by walking the walk yourself.

        20. No, I’m good, there’s no read to re-read anything. I don’t wildly make comments about anything without fist observing. The person that started this was you, hence why I gave you some pointers on how to make your stay more comfortable.
          My point was “who cares” what they think. If you are so “different” and have yet to run into these types of women, how does this article affect you?

        21. Sex in the City represents a small percentage of women. Most of America is wholesome small towns, not New York CIty. Truth be told, the majority of women–even the self proclaimed “feminists”–want to be married, want to have kids, and desire to achieve these things by the time they’re 30. For every Kartrashian viewing etc there are infinite cooking shows, and women go gaga for Martha Stewart and the like.
          You’re right that my personal experience of other women is limited in so far as one person’s experience is not representative of national trends. However, is Kartrashian obsession a national trend? Are most women Harvard MBAs looking to break balls or suburban moms? Think about it… as for Roosh’s articles… ok you’re right that I have not read every article he’s ever written. I have neither the time nor the inclination for that. The overriding theme of women are all up to no good and western women are narcissistic fatties who are single mom sluts and gold diggers who won’t cook or clean is silly at best and frighteningly inaccurate at worst.
          Anyways…this obsessive back and forth is getting tedious. I will bow out and let you all get back to your devices.

        22. Ok, point well taken. Just originally wanted to point out that really, I’m not so different because the “norm” of American women isn’t the sociopathic sluttiness that several of the articles on this site say supposedly most women are in western society. Really? Hmm… middle class housewives seem to still be more prevalent than welfare queens with gaggles of illegitimate kids. Why unnecessarily demonize women? Everything affects everyone. I get just as upset by extreme feminists who think all men are potential rapists who should be shot face down into the ocean. Like I said many times before… gender wars benefit no one. Instead of negative articles, why not have posts with titles such as “where to find quality women” or “qualities to look for in a potential wife”.

        23. I accept your surrender. I actually enjoy shooting fish in a barrel, but exposing all of your fallacies does get tedious after awhile, you’re right.

        24. my response is not meant to demonize women. it is meant to keep them away from here. there, you reply to them and already two chicks feel free to join the debate.
          not saying a discussion with women can not be enriching, but this is not the place. have some backbone and stand up for something of value: a male space.

        25. i tell you to fuck off and you assume misogyny. firstly, you do not get to tell anyone whom it is okay to hate. secondly, i do not hate women. i hate women on this site. some chaps may not have the foresight to see that this will turn into a mixed-gender politically correct message board once they give women the little finger, but i do.
          therefore, as i said, shove it up your ass and fuck off.

        26. see, man. nothing won from that debate, just a lot of shit to need to scroll through. this place should be a resort for men to get away from female judgment for once and speak their minds among people who understand. understand that sometimes there is a need for crass language, too, without losing their minds. there are a million places on the internet where everybody is free to debate in a more “balanced” manner. no need for us to feel the need to stand up to such a standard.

        27. if “we” are to restore western civilization? stop playing to our pride. you ignorantly invade a male space and then play the victim for getting attacked. then you hide behind noble motives of changing western civilization, because you know that men here are sensitive to the term. stupid bitch. get lost.

        28. there may be things women have to add that can be useful to a man’s life. let men be the selective proxies by which those women get to speak here. that is, let men share the good insights they get by women if there are any. we do not owe freedom of speech to anybody just for being intelligent or holding up to any ideal. the ideal of having one damn female-free place is more important than that.

        29. “They discuss tactics for dating men men in highly mercenary terms.”
          This. Sex and dating is war. Women show no empathy or sympathy whatsoever for men they find unattractive and who they perceive to be below their level, whether we’re talking about status, wealth, sexual experience or looks. They have no problem describing men they find unattractive as “losers” and show no grace or humility when they denigrate and reject men. Women can be quite vicious and mercenary as you put it when it comes to dating and rejecting men.
          But somehow when a man does the same.. and says he desires and prefers younger, attractive, sweet, slender, feminine, chaste and somewhat submissive women and those are the only type of women he’s willing to commit to and marry, he’s a male chauvinist pig and a “bitter loser” who wants a mail-order bride. This is the truth about what most men want.. whether they have the balls to say it or not. Men don’t care how “interesting” a woman is.. don’t care about her fucking career and all her “experiences” and how many places she’s fucking travelled.. or how “strong” and “independent” and “sassy” she is. Those are at best neutral if not outright negatives. There was even a recent study that came out that pretty much proves this, i.e, that the qualities men are looking for in women are attractiveness, sweetness, and nurturing and intelligence. The funny thing is these men say they want their daughters to be “strong,” “independent” and all that stuff.. but don’t want those things in a wife or partner.. or at least, don’t want them as much. Here’s the link to that report:

        30. “Let me preface by saying this: I am NOT a feminist.”
          No, you ARE a feminist. Maybe you really believe you aren’t because the feminist label has become somewhat tarnished but your opinions are standard feminist talking points. You are a feminist by any other name.
          Feminism and giving women more freedom are the main causes for the breakdown of traditional marriage and families. Either you recognize and accept that or you don’t.

        31. I understand your opinion on this one. There are three reasons I am less beholden to a completely anti-female stance.
          First, we are mostly anonymous sprites commenting about our beliefs, and shaving off the parts that don’t make sense while communicating with other strong men. We don’t know for certain who we are speaking with but we trust by tone, words and feelings, these are men who can teach or learn things from us, while we are separated from having such vocal opinions daily, because either it will be shamed away by being called gay or a misogynist gathering. There is a level of anonymity that goes into commenting that whether they are a woman or not, deserves initial respect before they get the boot. Put whatever you think of women outside of this forum aside as they comment.
          Second, women are a good sounding board, in small doses, of whether you are living a life that is enjoyable or not. This jumps into a philosophical aspect that you may adhere to or not, but usually the more women in your life, the more likely you have something worth giving, even if you don’t recognize it. Women help verify that red-pill ideology is not only real but life enhancing, especially if you want children or a functional society. The quotient of women to men on this site oscillates around 26-2, and 90% of that two are silent readers.
          Third, and probably most crucial point, allowing a few women, who don’t turn the commenting board to shit, whether saying something for or against our cause, helps to fight the very real threat of IP addresses being released and us all being witch hunted in real life for being misogynist. In that regards, it is good that women find this site open enough to comment every now and then.
          End of the day, us men, are in a battling ground, not of our own choosing, where we need each. Don’t forget, thanks to the moderators and Roosh, this is our space. Yet, whether you think it is necessary or not, we need a 3% female audience at least just to sound ideas out for guys who want relationships. It is also helpful for rounding out anger.
          As I typed this message, a man was chased off the train by a man for harassment on public transit. The man was hitting on a woman sitting a few feet away and a white knight listened to a woman who said someone should call security on him.
          This is our world. We are betrayed left and right in the real world, even with laws and common sense protecting women. This site has been a good battleground and sounding board for us. We are and always will be the gatekeepers here Tom.

        32. There is a level of anonymity that goes into commenting that whether they are a woman or not, deserves initial respect before they get the boot. Put whatever you think of women outside of this forum aside as they comment.

          anonymity deserves respect? i do not see your point.
          my motivation is not hatred of women. i want women in my life to a certain extent and i participate in other discussion forums where women are equally represented. this place is unique in that it does not shame away the uncomfortable opinions. this has nothing to do with whether women are good or bad. i just do not want them here.
          this goes directly to your second point as well. there are enough sounding boards out there and all of us have a – let’s say more real – identity outside of rok. i see no reason to mimic real life in here.
          now, there is only a small percentage of women commenters. why? because women feel uncomfortable commenting here. if we start inviting them and dividing by “reasonable” commenters, then we eventually will have to argue about what constitutes reasonable comments. we will have women fighting over the privilege of commenting here and they will play our rules and pride against us. give them the little finger, and eventually they will take over the whole hand.
          to your third point: really? you compromise out of fear of the faint chance of being held to your words? since this is your most crucial point, it also stands out as a proof that you do not really want them here, either. you accept them as a necessary evil under the guise of “let us be reasonable”.

          Yet, whether you think it is necessary or not, we need a 3% female audience at least just to sound ideas out for guys who want relationships. It is also helpful for rounding out anger.

          i do not follow. how does the female audience have anything to do with relationships? what is the problem with anger? so you want your and others’ aggression to be softened by a female touch? why?
          sad story about the man in the public transit. yet despite living in a world that wants to deny us any outlet for who we are, your choice is to compromise in this of all places.

        33. Good to see you back Drifter. I’ll be back to my old self in a bit.
          Sorry to learn of your loss. The world needs every real lady it can possibly hold.

        34. It is always good to know people like you are in the world. We ought to to tag team some trolls again.

        35. You can look at it that way.. There’s truth to what you’re saying. On the the other hand, I feel like her accusation that the commenters here just call women names and can’t engage in actual debate was turned on its head. She was fully exposed, and she perfectly epitomized the intellectual bankruptcy of the majority of the critics of this site.

        36. i agree and there is value in doing this. but there is a place and a time for all good things. this is not the right place to debate women, because it detracts from being able to have discussion with other males. that is what i come here for. for debating and exposing women, i go elsewhere.

        37. “I value monogamous relationships and was raised better than that.”
          you do realize that serial monogamy is indeed the female preference for promiscuity, right? So even the women who aren’t having one night stands and hooking up with guys regularly on Tinder manage to rack up quite the notch count through “serial monogamy” i.e, one “relationship” after another with many of these alleged relationships lasting only a few months or ending up being a summer fling, etc. The fact that men are more comfortable with casual sex and desire variety more than women do, and that women prefer some sort of intimacy and emotional connection before spreading their legs open for men doesn’t really make women any more “moral.” It’s just their preference for riding the cock carousel. Women are far more pickier and choosier about their sexual partners and they need to feel they have secured a high value man and feel safe and feel somewhat of a connection with a man before sex. This results in serial monogamy being a woman’s preferable form of promiscuity.. but make no mistake about it: it is a form of promiscuity.
          See this post by Dalrock that elaborates on this:
          Promiscuity is good, so long as it is done on the woman’s terms.

          Given most women don’t get married these days until early 30s, she’s probably been fucked by at least 10 to 15 guys through her “relationships,” i.e, one boyfriend after another and that notch count does not even include those couple of one-night stands and “hawt” guys who she went home with a few times but they weren’t really her boyfriends so they don’t count.. nor some guy she gave a blow job to once when she was drunk.. nor those guys she fucked when she was travelling and on vacation.. and then there was also that one guy she fucked at work between boyfriends but that didn’t count also.
          Always multiply a woman’s admitted notch count by at least 3.

        38. The choice isn’t a compromise at all. We control the space. What I’ve proposed is whatever few women are allowed in, may they act as a sounding board as it best proves theories in action as opposed to one off instances. That they are women doesn’t refute the value of their statements. And what you fail to realize, in a space like this, where the goal is self improvement, we are men. We learn by doing. Some articles and ideas need the input of women to verify what is being said. Part of what we talk of here, relationships with women, can only be assisted by the random women who do have something to say. Whether what they say gets them banned or not, or deserves to be banned is not my concern. My only concern is to see the men here get as much of what they want out of this site, whether it is adding my own opinion, or adding in things I’ve learned from trying a suggested idea.
          Being black and white on this topic, while the world is full of grey, doesn’t help with where many of the men here should be heading to. And all the women who come to this site know it is a site for men. Before your time, there was even a female writer on this site.

        39. I will not make apologies for what I want in a woman. If it’s not found on this shore, I will go elsewhere. If that offends an American woman’s delicate sensibilities, they are more than welcome to go fuck themselves. Men want women with more than a shred of femininity, and if they can’t wrap their brain around that concept—that isn’t my problem and I won’t engage the commentary to explain it.
          If they think we want strong, independent or sassy—-they are fuckin’ deluded.

        40. Thanks, buddy. I always thought she was the perfect mother-in -law, a farmer with traditional values from rural northeast Thailand who couldn’t speak English so she just smiled, cooked Thai food and never talked! What could be better, she even reminded my wife to always take care of her favorite son-in-law!

        41. Oh!
          I remember you talking about her.
          I know you loved her. I am very sorry for your loss. She certainly had been a tremendous positive influence in your life.

        42. This. I’m perfectly happy to discuss modern relationship mechanics with any reasonable person. The keyword being “reason” aka “cause and effect”.
          The problem with forcing many bluepillers to do this is eventually they get uncomfortable and say “I don’t want to talk about this anymore, let’s change the subject.” With this excuse for an exit, they don’t actually have to do any work on changing themselves for the better. And the whole point of redpill is changing yourself for the better. No matter how difficult it may be.
          Onwards and upwards brothers.

        1. Yes!! I happen to be quite talented at cooking as well! My fianceé and I met when mutual friends invited him to my house for my weekly Friday night dinner parties I host. The old adage about “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” seems to hold true.

        2. YES! She can handle the microwave like no other. No matter what her hubby wants: Frozen pizza, lasagne or cheeseburgers? You got it. A real pro in the kitchen.
          NAWALT, you disgusting pig!
          Even the guy who´s banging her pussy right now told her she´s a great cook…so it must be true, right?

      3. ‘I’m more mature, happier, and a more interesting person now than I was 8-10 years ago.’
        And still you find time to come to engage in petty arguments with complete strangers on the internet.

        1. she obviously wants to prove to us how she is a woman worthy of our affection and acceptance. she sees men who stand for something and wants to be a part of it.

      4. You know that in most of the world, in every other culture that isn’t Westernized and feminist, and in most of human history, any women in her late 20s and certainly in her 30s was considered old and unmarriagable?
        There’s a reason for that. Men have always valued youth, chastity, beauty and fertility in women.. and in potential wives. The older a woman gets and more “experiences” she has (i.e, getting multiple dicks in her and riding the cock carousel) the less she is able to truly bond with a future husband. Maybe some experience with sex and relationships is useful.. but for the most part, this current casual sex and hook up culture seems to damage most women and give men less incentive for commitment and marriage. A woman’s biological clock is also real.. and limited. Men have time; women don’t. A woman’s fertility goes downhill rapidly after the age of 35. This doesn’t mean a woman has time to wait until her early 30s or 35 to start getting serious about marriage.. because it takes a few years for the process of dating, finding a man willing to commit, getting engaged and then married. So if a woman really wants marriage and children, she damn well better start thinking about it a lot sooner than 35..
        But somehow uttering this fact of biological reality is verboten in the current feminist culture and that’s why you have a lot of deeply deluded women in their late 30s with their thousand point checklists and unrealistic expectations who think they’re going to find a man who will marry them anytime soon and that she will actually be able to have kids. These women remain single and childless thanks to feminism. Hypergamy is a real female trait, in that the more “experienced,” intelligent, attractive and educated a woman is, the smaller the pool of men she’s interested in. Women are far more picky and difficult than men are. For all these reasons, Western feminism has proven to be a demographic dead end and leads to declining marriage rates. This is an empirical reality in the Western feminist world today.

      5. Also, you come in here spouting off some banal feminist drivel and useless opinions we have already heard a thousand times. There is nothing new or interesting about you or your opinions. Learn to shut up.. listen.. think.. read some of the past articles where most of your opinions and objections have already been addressed and rebutted. It’s just boring every time some female comes here thinking she’s a special snowflake and wow, just wowing at the opinions of men here and feels she has to open her mouth and regurgitate her useless opinions and feminist talking points.

      6. The 7 Most Common Feminist Insults

        Type 6, although the “bitter” comment could come from 1, 2, 3, or 5.
        The site doesn’t demonize the 26+ crowd of women but the general consensus is that women tend to be at their peak attractiveness, both physically and in terms of attitude, when they are 18-24.

      7. Perhaps he’s a very young person and to him that age he would consider older. Just a thought.

      8. Dear Ms L,
        this forum and this discussion is like a men’s locker room. You are not welcome here. What you are doing is like going to the locker room, where guys have the Talk while being bare naked.
        Mayby you understand the hostility you face.
        Please do not comment at this site.
        This site owner and the Admin(s) are on holidays.
        BUT the responders and you (and me, too, and I take full responsebilty for my actions) will be banned, becouse it violates this sites rules to post as female or homosexual and responding to them is also a violation.
        Please close the door and leave.
        (To all members who commented to Ms. L, we will be banned, could some of you just have the decency to follow the rules….

    3. I know of a Guy who has Maintained his virginity for Marriage because of his Religious Beliefs, he’s marrying a 25 yr old, and he is about 20, anyways she’s told him that he would be her first too, if she’s truthful then that’s great, but I think he’s being sold a Bag of lies…She isn’t Religious BTW so there isn’t much motivation for her to Remain Chaste until marriage, and she’s 25 so I have my doubts.

      1. He’s a fucking idiot. 1. for marrying, 2. for believing she’s a virgin (yeah, right?) 3. in the modern world, there’s always the possibility of hymen reattachment (via surgery). There’s no way of telling whether a woman is truly a virgin. Meh, you guys go ahead, spread your seeds, marry, “save the world” by reviving traditional gender roles. IDGAF. I won’t ever commit. There’s nothing to gain and everything to lose.

    4. I met one of these women once. My god she was as evil as she was beautiful. And she was beautiful. Heart-stoppingly. There is much I could say about her but one example is when we were out on a date and she wouldn’t let me take any photos of her (we were at an exhibit and it was appropriate). She said she was not photogenic, yet on her FB page she had pictures taken that were awful. I had a top quality camera. Anyway, later on I figured out she was still seeing her boyfriend (she told me she had broken up). Hence her fear I would take her photo and put it up on FB – for him to see.
      The scary thing about her was that she could make me intensely angry yet still if she contacted me I would go to see her. My guard was up after a particularly bad experience but still I would go. These women get into your mind and can control you in ways you can’t imagine no matter how strong you think you are.
      They are like vampires.
      Everywhere they go is darkness because they suck the light out of life.

      1. a lot of these women were victims of sexual abuse in younger years (young pretty girls are very vulnerable, sometimes their own father does it! I know many) ,
        these ‘demonic’ behaviours are often negative coping methods from lifelong trauma–
        they dont trust men and men’s love, since they kneejerk associate associate intimacy with being raped.
        this conflicts with their desire to have healthy relationships. lots of unlearning.
        what awful women.

    5. Most girls have one “friend” who doesn’t like her. Make friends with that girl. When you get a bit of a friendship built up, ask her about the girl your interested ins past. How many guys etc. Do it as though you want to help her. For instance, say something like, “she seems like she puts up a wall sometimes, has she been hurt before?”. Or something like, “Sometimes she just shuts down, I wish I knew why. I wonder if she has been done wrong a lot? I hope she doesn’t think I’m like that”
      If the friend your speaking with doesn’t like the girl your targeting she will smirk and may even say something like, “um, i don’t think she’s been done wrong that much”
      If the friend does actually decide to protect the girl you like, she might say something like “yea, she has been let down so many times” or “yea, she doesn’t trust guys very easily anymore”. These conversations are a dead give away to the number of guys she’s been with and whether she’s been done wrong or she’s the one who has been riding the CC and nexting decent guys.
      I’ve never had it fail. A few glasses of booze never hurts when having these conversations either.

    6. I don’t get what I see these days. There are overweight single moms playing the club scene and whoring around. And they get these beta schlubs to move in and take care of their children, and the guys act like the women are the most faithful, virginal, God’s presence-on-Earth beings. And in a year the girl’s got a different guy, and the live-in is fighting to keep her and high all the time. And it’s the same thing with these women year after year. Endless string of pussyfied guys at their door. Our sociey is falling apart.

  3. It seems to me that women are not becoming more masculine. Rather, environmental estrogen mimickers are causing both men and women to become more feminine; girls beginning menses at nine, and boys not fully hardening into manhood until their late twenties. This is recent, over the last thirty to forty years. When I was 19, I had as much beard and body hair as I do now. Whereas today’s boys are maturing slower, and girls faster. The problem is long term exposure to certain industrial pollutants, that were not present in my youth. I don’t know if there is a solution, but I hope there is.

    1. i only ever hear vague hearsay or read dubious conspiracy articles about this. is there any research being done on it or information you can find?

      1. Just google estrogen mimickers, you will find what you seek. http://www.eaton has an excellent article. I don’t know how to send you the link, however, so you’ll have to look it up yourself.

        1. The concentration of these estrogens is minimal at best. I agree, stay away from soy and beer for the most part – 1 to 4 times a month and “trace soy” (i.e. a minor ingredient in some sauce or smth) won’t do much though. If you’re really worried about estrogens you can take antiestrogens, they’re quite easy to obtain. I can recommend Triazole from Driven Sports, but really any ATD/Aromasin Supplement will do. To test potency you can try overdosing for a week (note: this is the “fast test”, over time, achy joints are quite a common side effect. If you experience achy joints I recommend switching to every second day, even if the package says otherwise. If your estrogen is too low, it isn’t good for you either. Your body needs SOME estrogen, too (for libido etc.)), if your joints get achy, it is legit (avoid training during that test phase or you may get injured).

      2. I recall one UK study that discovered male fish literally turning into female fish due to pesticides. Would explain why there’s a sudden increase in alphabet soup folks.

      3. Tom:
        Look at male testosterone levels over time. The evidence is there, we just don’t know the cause. But men consistently have less test today than we did 20 years ago. And the pattern continues, back to pretty much the beginning of records on test levels.
        The thing that’s not clear is what’s causing it. Is it society or is it environmental (chemicals). My guess is society, testosterone levels are very sensitive to what’s going on around us and what we’re doing. One of the most stark examples of this; men who spend time around babies have significantly lower testosterone than when they aren’t around babies. So, IMHO, it’s whatever process causes that drop in test that’s causing levels to drop across society.
        I don’t worry as much about estrogen mimics for test levels. However, there’s a secondary concern here; high estrogen levels (even in the presence of high testosterone) causes other problems for men. So, in all cases, avoid estrogen mimics, they are bad for you and will cause problems. Try to eat good food, and, FFS, stay away from anytime based on soy (the “uber” estrogen mimic).

        1. that sounds reasonable.
          if being around babies lowers test – just assuming you are right here – the presence of women in one’s life could have a similar effect. with the invasion of practically all places, it is nigh impossible to not be around them all the time. i am not sure if it has anything to do with test, but when i am only around men, i feel a challenging sharpness inside myself and a sense of being awake – real men, that is, not manginas.
          when women or manginas are around, i feel that i start to become mellow. partly because of a lack of challenge (message: i am good enough now), partly because of sexual attraction and warmth.

        2. Female tears have been scientifically proven to have that effect on men. Happily, they usually don’t start really crying until after they’ve already been properly spanked.

        3. GMO wheat, corn and soy are the devil. Only eat if sprouted and if non GMO. Bean sprouts ok, sprouted wheat bread ok but avoid corn. Quite a few people drink soy milk trying to avoid dairy but they’re making a mistake. Go with ALMOND milk. It has less protein than soy but the benifits outweigh the problems associated with soy. Almond is universally good.

    2. There are people saying that there’s tons of estrogen in America’s food, which may be causing these problems in American boys and men.

      1. Not necessarily. Plenty of other factors (Disney culture, feminist education, poor dietary choices, and lack of masculine activities) explain it well enough.
        Also soy. Soy really messes up testosterone production, and is the probable cause behind the prevalence of low-T and gynecomastia.

        1. Exactly. Just posted pretty much the same thing, sorry, didn’t see this before posting. But this is dead on; stay the fuck away from soy.

        2. Is this why East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans) generally look so scrawny? Their respective culture’s foods have a lot of soy in them.

        3. No. They’re scrawny because of their race and because of their nutrition. But it’s not the fault of soy. Height and stature directly correlate to the amount of protein in our food. This could be seen e.g. in the DDR, where the consumption of protein massively increased once Germany was reunited. This spurted people’s overall growth. Phytoestrogens can be found in beer and in soy, therefore a limited ingestion of these foods is recommended. 1-4 times a month shouldn’t really make a difference though. Also, “trace soy”, e.g. in some sauce you may have, won’t make you grow bitch tits. Don’t panic. BTW. as for protein powder: Soy Protein Isolate contains no phytoestrogens as far as I know. Other types of Soy protein do.

        4. Height is based on genetics. And as for soy the only scientific evidence for it in correlation with testosterone is that it lowers estrogen rather than raising it. Only if you eat about an aquarium amount of soy in a day nwould you notice an increase in estrogen and nobody eats that much

        5. I think it’s probably a huge factor. There are parts of these countries (Okinawa, for one) which have a vastly different diet, and the people are both healthier and stronger.

  4. The more posts I read to more it starts to become clear that going any deeper mental wise with a woman is a waste on a man’s part.
    We create this ideas about how we want the world to be and, granted, we have done a great job as you can see with technology, but, when it comes to the chaos nature that is women, at its base you really start to see the crust of what it truly is.
    Acceptance is the best we can do when you start to see how far they will go. Yeah, we want them to strive and do better and maybe be able to help us maintain a stable household with a family, but at the same time the truth of the matter of what they really are keeps staring me and many other men straight in the face with a cruel and heartless glare.
    It comes down to whether or not you as a man wants to deal with a woman beyond just sex. If you do, that is on YOU and your time that you want to spend. Waiting on some movie cupid or the word love to act in the same way nature does is a risk you on your own in your own world is going to take. The logical man is the one that will be alive after a break-up. The man in love is the one that may kill himself over a break-up because he thinks he has lost “The one”. All stories and language that we give power to.
    Always stay grounded in reality and never get caught up in stories as women do. Save your life and hopefully you can save another man’s life as well.

    1. Most women don’t actually add much to a mans life beyond sex but there are some women who support their men and help them reach their goals, they’re rare though.

      1. You must really have met some awful women then. A good woman will care for your home, care for you, create progeny with you, and be a life partner, friend, confidante, and lover for life. My own parents have been happily married more than 30 years and counting. My dad attributes much of his career and personal success to my mother’s partnership with him spiritually, mentally, etc.

        1. I agree with you but the vast majority Western women can’t be expected to care for you and your home and be a supportive life partner, the divorce rates prove that. I’m not saying women who do those things don’t exist they do, but are rare.

        2. Let me give you a quick reality check, princess:
          NOBODY is happily married and in love for 30 years, NOBODY! Even your mommy and daddy. They´re just tolerating each other.
          Real life is not one of the Disney movies you obviously grew up with. It´s biologically impossible being happy and in love with a sexual partner for that long. There´s also no prince charming in reality, you know? Get this fairy tales out of your spoiled mind before it´s all FUBAR.

        3. “A good woman will care for your home, care for you, create progeny
          with you, and be a life partner, friend, confidante, and lover for life.”
          This was the model of a good woman in the previous, pre-feminist social order. It is exceedingly rare to find such a woman in the current Western world. You keep claiming we are wrong and that women like this exist.. but we aren’t finding them. And no, we’re not looking for sluts and skanks in clubs and bars. I’m just talking about your average woman.. and the type of women the current Western and feminist culture cultivates, which is promiscuous, career minded, “strong” and “independent” and “sassy” and isn’t in the least bit interested in being feminine and creating a home and family with a man in the way you describe it. And for those few women who finally realize in their 30s they want a husband, family and children after riding the cock carousel, they’re just way too damaged and jaded, and been too huge of sluts to make for good wives, if a man can even get over the revulsion and idea of putting a ring around a slut who’s had multiple dicks inside her, and committing to her during her worst 30 years. Thanks but no thanks. This just isn’t a fair deal for men and a lot of men are deciding to opt out of marriage. A society needs to be structured in a “tight” manner, which like it or not, does included restricting female sexual freedom, in order to produce desirable outcomes like giving men the incentive to marry.

        4. Actually there are traditional marriages which lasted a lifetime. These seem to be unions where the woman was married and knocked up in the EARLY TEENS meaning 13 or 14. Late 20’s is late as hell to begin breeding and in the 19th century, most mothers were done putting out their eight or so brood of children by age TWENTY FIVE!!! They were DONE at 25, not just getting started at 30 of all things.
          WE’VE GOT IT ALL ASS BACKWARD. Women back then had exclusively and solely the temperament for mothering and service to their spouse. WHY the loyalty?? Because they started young and many women never wasted an egg. At 13, their first egg to crack was on their honeymoon to the lucky local lad who was commonly in his 20’s. My own great grandmother married when she was 14 to my great grandfather who was 23. They had 4 boys and 6 girls and were white believe it or not.
          ”Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed” goes waaay back in fact to 1275 when sir Edward Coke passed the first age of consent law in England. Back then it was set at 13 and remained at 13 for the next 600 years across the west until 1875 (ancient Rome was actually lower by a notch).
          In 1875 the first wave feminists began wagering to raise the age of consent gradually with their goal of 18. Suffrage was also on their docket and within a few generations and 2nd and 3rd wave fems and we see the wreckage of western civ in its final throes.
          The consent age of 13 lasted 6 centuries and lifted western civ out of the bronze age and catapulted us through the enlightenment and renaissance and peak ages of discovery. Today, the raising of the consent age and abandoning the established ‘bleed/breed 13 standard’ has brought us arrested development and growth and has slammed the brakes on our civilization and sent us into a screeching spin which we men do not control. We’re now in suspended animation with nothing but our technology keeping us alive. In the feminized modern west, we don’t seem to have any control over our technology or it’s use and we’ve lost sight of our future if there is any. We have tech now but without man rule (patriarchy) our whole civilization becomes like a tinder box with the firing pin removed.
          A WASTED EGG BECOMES EGG ON THE BRAIN. 26 is late as hell for a woman to begin wifing and producing family for her patriarch man. That’s 13 YEARS of egg shower on the brain.

        5. Dear Ms L,
          this forum and this discussion is like a men’s locker room. You are not welcome here. What you are doing is like going to the locker room, where guys have the Talk while being bare naked.
          Mayby you understand the hostility you face.
          Please do not comment at this site.
          This site owner and the Admin(s) are on holidays.
          BUT they and you (and me, too, and I take full responsebilty for my actions) will be banned, becouse it violates this sites rules to post as female or homosexual and responding to them is also a violation.
          (To all members who commented to Ms. L, we will be banned, could some of you just have the decency to follow the rules….

        6. My great grandparents lasted until she passed last year. They were married when they were both in their twenties. This is not a rare occurrence at all for that generation especially up North.
          It’s pretty sad to encourage predatory behavior among men. At 13 or 14 a girl the region of the brain that governs judgement is severely underdeveloped. What does that say about you that you feel you have to target females who literally don’t know better. That is why the age of consent has been raised. Men like you. A good lasting marriage based on love and mutual respect can absolutely exist with an adult woman. But that’s not what you want. You want control to alleviate the crushing insecurity and inadequacy you feel. I’m glad I don’t have children. I would put a bullet in the head of a man who thinks he can prey on my teenage daughter and sully her with his filth.

      2. Every good and honorable man just needs his tool polished and kept polished, plain and simple. Whether you’re a great man or small, having your whistle cleaned or your tool sharpened always seems to put the ZING in your step regardless of whatever kind of man you are, be it an astronaut, a bank robber, a cab driver or a manosphere novelist. For the acute and achieved men who are on top of their profession, it helps to have a reliable and loyal womanservant. Otherwise much time and energy is spent daily trying to scare up tang for yourself if you’re a man without in house woman service. Man needs his dick serviced regularly.
        WHAT MAN DOESN’T need is the high maintenance woman or the woman who lacks domestic skills and in return gives scraps. It’s dick SUCKING that’s needed, not dick shredding. Treat a dick right.
        Every woman, even in house LTR companions and spouses need to be constantly gamed and kept straight who their landlord is. It doesn’t matter if a woman has been your spouse for 50 yrs, they’re still known to flake out and tar the place.
        Never stop the game completely. Always keep at least a trickle of game flowing, even with great grandma if you happen to be great grandpa. It might not compare to the initial pua game escalating great grandma way back, the push pull tug on the line where the feet increasingly swing apart, but keep her in snap with a daily tid bit of game. Regulate the game like a faucet according to need. You’re guiding and steering a self propelled body with calculated game always.
        A woman is like a basketball in your hand. Always keep her dribbled and she bounces back according to how hard and fast you dribble her. Set her down and she becomes a street ball and some other motherfucker kicks her to see if she’s flat. Then he picks her up when your back is turned.

        1. You’re right all a man really needs is to get his balls regularly drained, not get nagged over irrelevant things, and know his woman is holding shit down at home taking care of domestic things and having things prepared. That’s all it is really, if she does those things and supports his ambitions then she’s adding positivity to his life. Good luck finding a Western woman who does that.

    2. But what would you be if people had only ever dealt with you on sexual terms?
      Do you realise already the advantages or lack of based on how many men in the vicinity think you are cool or alpha?

  5. “within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background, is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber, a narcissist, and an attention whore that is dying to get out and that, if certain conditions arise and she is placed in a certain container at a certain temperature, will thrust her worst upon you”
    Hey! I know I’m late to the party but I just wanted to say that anyone who believes this garbage is a real loser.
    And yeah, yeah: beta male, white-knight, liberal, take the red-pill etc..

    1. Really? You don’t think that that POTENTIAL exists within most women? Well, I think within most men is a potential murderer–if the conditions are right.

      1. I think the potential for most anything exist in ALL PEOPLE.
        Because Roosh got rejected by some women, his OPINIONS are viewed as some kind of universal truth about women. All of the things mentioned are potentially possible of any person on the planet, the fact that this must be narrowed down to women only is very telling of the people who support these views.

        1. Hunh? Whuh? Is this REALLY your position?
          “Because Roosh got rejected by some women, his OPINIONS are viewed as some kind of universal truth about women.”
          Are you really asserting that because Roosh got rejected by some women, his OPINIONS are viewed as some kind of universal truth about women? Or are you just blathering to distract from the fact that you have no real argument to defend your original sappy, intellectually empty comment?
          This is a NEOMASCULINITY site, genius. There is a particular focus here. If a site aimed at helping women navigate their way through dating, relationships, and the gender wars said something like: “Under the right (or wrong) circumstances, virtually every man has the potential to be an abuser,” it would be a relatively non-controversial statement–especially with “this is what a feminist looks like” wannabe opportunists like you in the audience.

        2. roosh did not write this article. bro.
          certainly, somewhere on earth, there is a swine who can meow. nevertheless, it serves practical purposes to observe that most pigs oink. for instance, to find them in the dark. you could else assume that it has been a cat who oinked, but in most cases, that prediction would leave you with rather unrealistic expectations.

        3. You have found the manosphere. You could make something of yourself. Instead you’re here, bitching about NAWALT and Roosh. IDGAF about Roosh. Never met the guy. Read a few articles of his, found them to be so-so. This site is just something I browse during my freetime, nothing more. I can’t say if it is enough to just browse this site. My guess it isn’t. You need to read the appropriate literature. I’m not going to spoon feed here, but I’ll give you the name “Esther Vilar” for a start. Come back when you’ve read TMM, it’s fucking short and yet eye opening as fuck. If you still want to live in your delusional fairy tale world after that, nobody can help you. If you do so, however, please GTFO and keep your blue pill lies to yourself. Nobody cares about your blue pill delusions and it certainly isn’t ecouraged to spread your “knowledge” here. ‘Nuff said, take my advice or leave it.

        4. i have no idea what you just said.
          Also this is his website so I think Roosh is responsible a bit for its content.
          care to explain sweetheart? <3

        5. This is a website that advocates for legal rape and states that all women are whores and sluts and only good for sex. Any credibility you try to create for this site is a joke at best.
          But in honesty, I only come here for the jokes. You guys make me laugh all day <3

        6. So, you’re an absolutely shameless liar. Thanks for outing yourself, clown. By the way, the poor should eat their young, dipshit.

    2. Oh hark! The voice of reason speaks! You mean… (gasp!) good women who aren’t mentally ill gold diggers actually exist? Some of the men on this thread must have come across some truly demented women to have such bitterness in their bones. You almost have to feel sorry for these losers.

        1. Lol I can clean and cook by myself, don’t need no bitch for that.
          Imho tradcons are just whiteknighting on a different level. The male rationalization hamster if you will: “I’ve got my special snowflake, she cleans, cooks, looks after the kids. She’ll never divorce-rape or cheat on me, because I am the TRUE alpha” bla bla bla. Bullshit. Meh, whatever.

  6. One of the women in my current office is the Office Triad Female. I spotted it within seconds. Turns out she uses the office place as her own personal game of Survivor, filing false reports and lying to get people she doesn’t like fired.
    I realized she couldn’t be beat face to face and decided to play her own game. I amplified the resentment everyone else already had for her, got everyone to agree to take her down together, then made a passionate speech in front of the bosses in order to get her knocked down.
    She lost her Supervisor title and can no longer exert her abusive games from a place of power over the men in the office.
    Moral Of The Story: Beat them at their own game. You cannot win frontally against a female adversary in today’s society, and must learn the games women use to destroy each other, then use their own tools against them (same with pickup, all the most useful tricks came from the female playbook).

    1. Moral of the Story, Take Two: Get a job online where you can work from a coffee shop and not have to put up with any of this shit.

      1. That´s like saying: “Establish a successful company and become an independent billionaire.”
        Easy to say, very hard to actually make true.

        1. That’s an exaggeration; working independently is statistically far more common than becoming a billionaire.

    2. Just wait until she sues you all for sexual harassment and walks away with a hefty settlement.

    3. I work with a similar woman who touches men on the arm or leg in a flirty way when she wants them to listen to her. It has no effect on me as I observe she gets others to do her work as if she is still a manager, but she tries it on when I wont do her work for her.
      She is easily manipulated by flattery by those who realise what she is up to.

      1. Narcissism is their major flaw. Don’t exploit it as too many compliments make her suspicious. Supply and demand of compliments.

        1. She was easily derailed on a manipulative speech by telling her how good she looked in her new dress and then asking a question to change the topic. She just assumed I liked her enough to stay under the radar.
          But you’re dead right, feeding people with complements while they think they are working their magic is generally a bad idea, unless they are about to topple.

  7. Insightful post and good observations about female behavior. My approach to analyzing women is a bit shot gun but it works for me: how does one know when a female is being manipulative? Answer: When that fuckin’ hole in her face starts talking.
    As far as I’m concerned every act / thought / word by hormonal driven beast is all about manipulation at all times.

  8. The advantage of working in STEM: Not as many women, and those who are there tend to be geeky and technically competent, and therefore less adept in the Dark Triad arts. Which is just as well, as STEM is also heavily weighted towards thirsty socially-inept betas who’d be even more susceptible to manipulative females than the regular male populace.
    Of course this won’t last long, given the current feminist-lead push to fill STEM with progressive, manipulative females with towering senses of self-entitlement and a loathing for all things male. Expect most useful scientific/engineering/technical achievements to come out of China and India fairly soon.

    1. Train in STEM. Get a job where you work remotely. And, until you get that job (they typically require significant experience), keep your head down in the office.
      I’ve been working in STEM for 20 years. I’ve NEVER had a colleague that’s a woman. Sure, there are women around (HR mostly, finance sometimes, marketing always). But they have nothing to do with me and I can go months at work without saying a single word to a woman. And, now that I work remotely, talking to women is much, much safer. They can’t see me, can’t get upset about it, and, because they work remotely as well, often don’t have the endless gossip that is part of an office environment.
      STEM is still a great place for men to go. And, yes, there are going to be more women in the future in those fields. But no, they aren’t going to last and/or be as productive as men. 99% of women don’t have an intrinsic interest in STEM which, IMHO, is what separates the “adequate” from the “good”. Add in the fact that most women aren’t going to want to travel at a moment’s notice, and that most women aren’t going to enjoy a work environment that’s almost 100% results driven, you’re going to find a lot of women with CS degrees working at Target.

      1. I have worked in STEM and the women are as variable as the men. The women engineers are just as interested in their job and the results as the men are if not more so, that is why they are there. All the results driven people focus more on the task than their personal promotion so there are fewer arguments with them about what needs to be done.
        I can see mothers being less inclined to travel and more focussed on local dynamics, but women who are engineers first and gender second are fine colleagues.
        True if women are pushed into STEM jobs where the individual does not belong then you will see a rise in the number of useless ones, but I already see a bucket load of men who after a big general push for CT skills, are only there for some personal validation on how clever they are and their results driven approach is about social acceptance or pay rises not the product.

  9. Ah Yes. I had the great misfortune of experiencing someone like this when I joined a band with a female singer.She didnt look too different than the woman in the picture above with the black hair. After my experience with her and leaving the band I googled the personality characteristics figuring there had to be psychogical name for the grand mindfuck I had experienced. This dark triad female fell under the d.s.m category of Hystrionic Personality Disorder. This was her first band and the attention she received was highly addictive to her.It didnt stop there either. After the dust cleared, she ended up teasing, manipulating, and fucking most of the guys in the band both mentally and sexually at one time or another. This girl was a world class manipulator to the likes Ive never seen or heard of before. At the time I was aware of game but nothing could have prepared me for the way this bitch fucked with my mind. I looked at it as a game but I still came out of it on the losing end since I’d lose sleep trying to figure a way to shuck and jive my proffesional and sexual relationship with this sociopath. I could write a book on the experience it was so psychologically complex. It was mind boggling how well she could keep multiple threads of lies going with multiple people within the dynamic of a band. The band eventually imploded but she kept it going with a revolving door of musicians. She ended up breaking up a marriage of many years with the last guitarist that joined the band. He fell for her hook line and sinker despite knowing very well from everyone in the band how she operates.
    Guys when on a date with a woman, find out everything you can on her relationship with her father. If she speaks highly of him chances are she’s not too fucked*. Any issues of not being there for her, neglect or abuse, stop and leave as soon as possible before she can work her charm on you and you’re hooked…and fucked.

    1. My roomy and me need to move out of our flat since we’ll attend a different uni campus next semester. He seriously asked me whether I wanted to go into a 2 girls 2 guys (us) living situation. My words: Nah bro, NEVER with a bitch. When you’ve got a good thing going with your bros, keep the hoes out of it. If a bro doesn’t realize that his hoe don’t belong there, kick that bro out. In other words: Next time join a guys only band and enjoy the drama free environment. Women just fuck everything up.

  10. Some try the “the little girl” game, while withholding information. Trust nobody at work, keep your mind attached to your idol, god, or mantra. I used to take prayer and meditation breaks in the bathroom, usually a couple of times a day, on the john (with headphones, usually).

  11. In the Middle East, no female would ever dare interrupt a conversation between two males. Men in the West are too fluffy to
    just ignore them when they burst in with their intemperate BS.

    1. in the middle east women have no rights, might makes right, and a woman can be killed at the whim of a man without consequences…. not sure why the middle east is being used as an example

      1. You’re right to point out that there’s a cost to everything. So if men want a more traditional society, they will have to accept they won’t be having sexual variety and easy sexual access to sluts.
        But one doesn’t have to go to the extremes of the middle-east to want to have some balance. Aand even that is highly exaggerated: Saudi Arabia is an extreme and where women don’t have many rights but most of the Middle-East isn’t as severe and fundamentalist as Saudi Arabia.
        Also, your notion about female liberation resulting in easy sex is just wrong. That was probably what led to a lot of men signing on to feminism and female liberation .. believing it would lead to some sexual utopia for them but it only resulted in a sexual dystopia.. where only a few select of alpha or top 5% of men get most of the attractive women, with most men having to settle for the scraps, i.e., fatties and uglies. Female sexual liberation and feminism are directly responsible for the breakdown of marriage and family in the West.

        1. Agreed about there being a happy medium. Some studies have shown that peak happiness in the US, was in the fifties and declined thereafter. Perhaps some sort of balance was briefly achieved in that decade.

        2. Prostitution is widespread in the Muslim world so your argument falls apart. PLENTY of prostitution.

        1. There are varying levels of theocratic rule in the middle east countries, but tradition and male centeredness is so ingrained in those societies that abuse of females is de facto daily, even if not de juro

    2. if you want a world where men can be more masculine, lol, be prepared to die young in hand to hand combat, live hand to mouth living off the land, and say goodbye to sexual variety because women are not liberated in those societies… if you want easy sex, you must live in a western type society where women are more liberated to give it to you… you cant have your cake and eat it too

    3. not all women you meet are the demonical dark triad, some (many) of us are well aware well educated well meaning, and suffer just as much as men from the idiocy in this world, both the extreme of the middle east and the extreme of countries like western europe with 67 pct divorce rates hyperindividualism and self entitlement where there is little to keep love and spiritual cohesion between people, there is a happy medium, and though this article is useful to help confused men protect themselves from this type of person, male or female… it serves little long term good to simply demonize all women as this website does in general…. vent your frustrations with women here, but it serves no one for men and women to hate each other, because fortunately or unfortunately we have to coexist in a civilized manner if we desire to have a strong civilization

      1. So can I ask how you found this website? Was it Roosh’s recent publicity with his speeches in Canada that brought you here?

    4. strangely enough i have a funny feeling that all this machiavellianism on both sides of the gender line has been heavily emphasized by high population and globalization… when people coexist in smaller permanent more natural size communities, a natural spiritual order and balance is more easy maintained, people are obligated to remain accountable to each other, as they are permanently bound by geography, and their community pool is small enough that they must face each other everyday, in addition to not being able to afford to burn bridges due to limited population size… men would remain accountable to their responsibilities toward women, women likewise the same to men…. its the same concept as to why globalization is wreaking havoc on civilizations in general, no accountability because a corporation is not a person nor geographically bound, to a local economy, no obligation to literally face their victims… do you see where im going with this? all the strife between men and women is a symptom of something much greater…. its a spiritual battle… many of the men on this site im sure are just here to badmouth women due to lack of getting one in bed, but im sure there are men here who are frustrated by inability to find a nondysfunctional female for a relationship, and that may have something to do with our capitalistic machiavellian drive for the bottom line… what can you expect from either gender when this is what our society values? and capitalism run amok is a testosterone driven enterprise, so men you certainly have your part of the blame in this…

    1. btw, that was just a trollish comment i made, cause this whole website seems to want to be a troll upon womankind 😉

  12. The most reliable way IMO to know beforehand what kind of woman one’s dealing with is, look at her relationships with other relevant men in her life. Father, when present. I don’t know if anyone else realized this – it’s a form of screening that most women use, and it works.
    As important as it is to avoid manipulative and destructive people in one’s life, thirst must be avoided as well.

    1. RIGHT!! Number one====Coalburner equals damaged goods,guaranteed crazy, don’t buy that cow nothing.

  13. Women are like children
    1. They are entitled
    2. They look for a second daddy
    3. They don’t grow up mentally even though they physically age faster than men
    4. They still wear diapers that they call tampons
    5. They whine and cry if they don’t get what they want
    6. The court and law protects and treats them like children
    7. They only comply to stern discipline
    8. They get free money

    1. since when did the fact that women overlook mens aging more than men overlook womens aging… turn into… women age faster than men… and to boot, a slightly higher percentage of males than females in the US, fall into the overweight obese category… men are just as intolerable as women in our society, but because men always walk around with a sense of dicktitlement they expect double standards from women… you want us to tolerate your bs, but you wont tolerate ours, after millenia of women tolerating yours

        1. well furnish references please… women live 5 years longer than men… the sperm of older men produces babies with disorders just like older woman eggs do, and it takes 4 times as long for an older man to impregnate a woman… this tangent has been beaten to death like a horse, do we really want to go here again?

        2. True, but short of furnishing a scientific article, you are basically making a subjective and aesthetic statement. Truth is, based on how americans eat, both men and women here are aging badly. You cant expect bodies to function at an optimal level when they are constantly deprived of vital nutrients. So… Again, men are simply less tolerant of womens decrepidness than women are of mens.

        3. Women aging faster and being subjected by it is just something they have to deal with at least they got about 10-12 years to enjoy their entitlement.

        4. It’s logical, woman. If women lose their reproductive capacity much earlier than men, it’s because their bodies age faster.
          The reason why women age faster is because their bodies are naturally colder i.e. less animated. Woman’s body a deformed male’s body.
          Women live longer than men as they do not engage in heavy physical activities and avoid the dangerous jobs.
          With all the equality talk, I am yet to see women involved in jobs like construction, mining, oil drilling, carpentry, courier services, e-waste recyclers, lineman & power workers, firefighters, farmers, etc.

        5. If the man in your life has any sense or testicular fortitude he’d ground you from the internet.
          Come back when you have something other than the gap between your thighs and a desire to “smash the patriarchy”

    2. dicktitlement… the belief that any physically attractive woman should jump on your cock even though you are physically unattractive yourself, or overweight, or that you should get a high quality woman even though the extent of your general and cultural education goes as far as football season and reality tv… and if you dont get the hot girl, go crying to daddy roush, he will assuage your bruised ego by badmouthing those mean nasty women all day long

  14. To figure out how many cocks got between thos buttcheeks while theyre on the carousel do us a favor and jot down a mark on the buttcheeks after you”re done. If you are the 5th division number make a mark diagonally on four marks
    Perm unwashable ink or tattoo inker is recommended

    1. Search an older article here on RoK about lessons learned about the office whore. I’m suprised there isn’t a link to it already in this piece.

  15. this is truly a MAGISTERIAL article. And I have never said that about ANY other articles anywhere, although I found tons of good ones.

    1. and the scary thing is, women do all this stuff sort of unconsciously. Because a scorpion is not necessarily aware of being one. Lastly, I urge everyone, especially nice guys (as I was) to read a copy of The Dark Venus

  16. Dark Triad concept gives too much undue credit to the average woman’s small intellect. These “dark triad ” types are affected by personality disorders, and their disorder is pathological. Either NPD, BPD, ASPD, or Asperger’s. Throw some bipolar in there as well.
    I don’t associate women with Machiavelli on any level. Women are too easy to read, all of them.
    Now, if you are talking about being in denial as to their personality disorder, because they have a pretty face, tight ass and a tight, clean snatch, then that is another matter

  17. lololo You for real? You must have an incredible amount of time to actually come up with this. I guess we all have bills though.
    Laughably adorable that you think that you’ve been swindled.

  18. I’ve dealt with just such a “vampire”. They’re dangerous on many levels. Specifically and especially in todays politically correct (read: social terrorism) & legal climate. Women can get away with nearly anything, and usually do.
    The last time that I had the misfortune of dealing with one she was flirting with a male coworker, and allowing him to play basketball with his popcorn and her cleavage. When she realized that I was witnessing her game she RAGED and ran straight to HR. Next thing you know I was called in for “sexual harassment”. Thankfully our HR manager was a cognizant woman who not only knew better she also told me that that particular woman had filed 8 charges of sexual harassment in the previous 12 months.
    In 30 years of professional life I’ve never met any man that was as venomous or as dangerous as any one of these women. There’s an aspect of malevolence that goes well beyond any form of professional jealousy or even interpersonal personality conflict. Those issues can all be worked through or around. But you can’t work around this internal mental / emotional brokenness that desperately needs to destroy another person.

  19. Just read Auto-da-Fe by Elias Cannetti (1981 Noble Prize). He says basically 3 things. 1) Man is born into society witch turns him into a cog in the machinery, telling him what to think, feel, and behave. Since he’s lost from his “true self” he acts out with anger and insecurity. 2) Man needs genuine transformative love, and when he acquires it, wakens from the stupor and rebels, then he becomes his true creative and productive self. 3) Women aren’t capable of this, and put on fakery and manipulations to fool men into thinking it’s real love, but it’s only to drag them back into the machinery and turn them into automatons for the state.
    Most of the book is hard to get through because all the characters are feeding off of and hating each other, but the last 4 chapters bring everything together and explain Cannetti’s message. But he goes back all the way through history to Homer and gives examples. Great book.

  20. very good points.
    there are male equivalents of every trope mentioned though..
    both women and men get played by an array men, who play (mundane) manipulative ‘dark triad’ good-guy or bad-dude roles as well in hopes of decieving others for personal gain– its very human.
    women too are twice shy of the bites of these dark triad PERSON behaviours,
    style wise, the article is a total shit-show, or poorly written.
    but i get it–it felt nice to get off your chest, brave pseudonym writer
    or better yet write a song about it like one does to get laid in western culture

  21. You guys kill me. This entire site is devoted to the hatred, use, and fear of women, yet you whine endlessly about how women use men “even if it means their destruction”.
    Get the fuck out of your mother’s basements and go live life, you pathetic betas. Real men don’t need bullshit website advice to attract a woman and all of you know it.

    1. No, what we do need though is a website that destroys the mainstream narrative and shows us the lies, pitfalls, and horseshit that awaits the average male these days. Sorry if you are butt hurt the word is getting out but hey…you live your life the way you want and I live mine the way I want. Now, if you’ll excuse me I got a trip to Colombia to attend.

      1. Don’t confuse “destroying narrative” with just being a beta male pussy that’s afraid of women, bro.

        1. My guess is – if he treats you right he is a pussy but if he hurts your feelings he is an asshole. Yep, we understand your frustration. Whether we like it or not–all relationships are 0 or 1. Black or white. You are either on my side or you are fucking me up. Knowing stuff like this de weaponizes future dick moves of psychotic females. Or should i say pussy moves?

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