So Are We All Going To Lose Our Jobs?

It is one of the most enduring debates on the internet – will technology destroy our jobs?

Along with outsourcing, technology has thrown many occupations into flux over the last few centuries. We’ve said goodbye to ice cutters, lamplighters, log drivers, switchboard operators, pinsetters, milkman, and Blockbuster clerks. But how many more average Joes will find themselves penniless and directionless upon being replaced with a machine?

The components of our economy

Starting with economics 101, there are three key sectors to be aware of in an economy – “agriculture,” “industry,” and “services.” Up until industrialization, the agricultural sector dominated in every country on Earth. 95-99% of the population were rural subsistence farmers. Even in the best of times only a modest surplus could be produced, allowing a small portion of the population to devote their energies to other activities like forging metals, writing poetry, stargazing, and waging wars.

From the 18th century onward the industrial sector began to take off. Millions of rural peasants lost their livelihoods and went to work in factories instead. Over time however, new inventions started to displace even factory workers, pushing them into the services sector.

“Services” basically means “everything else” that isn’t actually farming or manufacturing something—secretaries, police officers, hairdressers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, Joe the plumber…these sorts of jobs now predominate.

Services sector

This process is far from over. The next big shift will be in self-driving vehicles.

Maybe 10% of all jobs today are based around driving a vehicle of some kind—truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, street sweepers, pizza delivery boys, and so on. This is not to mention those that work in car insurance offices or repair shops, which will also see major cutbacks. Then there’s train drivers, pilots, construction workers, farmers, checkout chicks and laborers of all kinds. We can expect most of these jobs to vanish within the next fifty years.

So yes – most of us will ultimately lose our jobs, the flag-waving socialists do have a point.

There is one big argument against this however, which is that this same process does lead to the creation of at least some new jobs – How? You may ask. Because those profits have to go somewhere.

The rich man’s economy

Lets say you’re the head of a major corporation, and you’ve just replaced a thousand employees with machines. Your operating costs go down and your profits go up. That money will then be divided between the CEO, the board of directors, shareholders and other connected individuals. It becomes concentrated among a tiny minority, yes, but it doesn’t just vanish.

So the question then is simple – what do all these newly rich muthafuckers spend that money on?

The answer isn’t too hard to find, you just need to look at those industries which have been booming in recent years. Picking one out at random, lets look at say…prostitution.

The sex industry is said to be growing at 5% a year here in Australia (where, because of legalization, some statistics are available). This covers everything from a quick handjob on the street to those Arab oil sheikhs who spend tens of thousands of dollars to import slutty Instagram models and shit on their faces.

Welcome to life in the rich man’s economy.

Gambling is another booming industry. Macao recently overtook Las Vegas as the world’s largest city in gaming revenues. Again Australia is ahead of the curve. Over the last fifty years a large slice of the Australian population has gotten addicted to throwing away their hard-earned wages at pubs and casinos, with the better part of a million people playing the Pokies weekly.

Hell, the global drug trade has been steadily booming for decades, and is now worth an estimated $435 billion annually. Organised crime accounts for 1.5% of global GDP. Legal issues aside, being a drug dealer has probably never been a more viable career.

Aged care is another one – as the Baby Boomers retire and the birth rate continues to drop, there’s going to be millions of asses out there that need wiping and fewer and fewer young people to do it.

Tourism worldwide has been growing steadily at 4% a year. Rich people love travelling halfway across the world to visit ancient monuments…mostly so they can take tasteless selfies and peacock themselves out on social media.

Selfie Auschwitz

Taking things up a notch, there have been some truly spectacular examples of extravagant spending from the world’s rich lately. Hell, in Dubai today, there are people who will spend more than $14 million on a license plate. There’s a guy in India who built a $1 billion, 27-story house that requires 600 staff to run it. Then there’s compulsive hoarders like former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos who, upon fleeing a revolution in her country, had to leave behind her vast wardrobe, complete with 15 mink coats, 508 gowns, 1,000 handbags and 3,000 pairs of shoes.

Somebody has to be selling them this crap.

Jordan Belfort

In short – if you have lost your livelihood to the globalization machine, this is option #1 on how you get it back. You need to find a rich prick with more money than common sense to whom you can sell $14 million license plates, 27-story houses or their three thousandth pair of shoes.

Of course I don’t literally mean we should all become con-artists – you just need to be the sort of salesman who can convince people that, despite a hundred thousand years of functioning perfectly well without them, it is absolutely vital we all now get iPads.

Looking for the “next big thing”


Twenty years ago, nobody owned household computers or mobile phones – now they’re pretty much mandatory. Thirty years ago, laser eye surgery was unheard of, but now more than a million procedures are conducted every year. At a few grand a pop, that’s a lot of dough.

Hell, genetic engineering is soon going to end up creating a whole new industry, just as information technology has taken off over the past fifty years. How many people would pay for a geneticist to give them a pill which makes their dick bigger? For real? Or prevents their boobs from sagging? Or gives them the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

There’s billions of vain people out there just waiting for someone to come along and offer such a deal. Of course, the holy grail here is longevity treatments. If you invented a reliable means of biological immortality tomorrow, you’d be the world’s first trillionaire by the end of the year.

It is unlikely that most of us will profit from breakthroughs like these however. This brings us to option #2 for avoiding destitution in our modern economy.

Are the rest of us doomed to welfare?

So we know there is a feedback loop that fuels new job growth. But will it last forever?

Despite a never-ending barrage of complaints, the average westerner works considerably fewer hours than preceding generations. The average working week was as high as 60 hours in industrialized countries in the late 19th century, but declined to about 40 hours in the aftermath of WW2. Today it averages 33 hours, and is under 30 in some European countries.

In response, countries have been gradually decreasing their working weeks and increasing their minimum wages as the jobs market dries up. Some 30% of people in western countries now have college degrees, meaning they are well into their 20s before they properly enter the workforce. Many were skeptical, but the fabled 20-30 hour work week last century’s futurists promised us may finally be on the horizon.

And lets face it, many of us will never see any real benefit from trickle-down economics. There are inherent limits on how flexible workers can be, creating problems with the neoliberal narrative. It seems they would have you believe if you’re a fifty-four year old brickie who’s just been laid off, all you need to do is put on a bit of lipstick, smarten yourself up, and head down to the local whorehouse to hand in your resume.

They took our jerbs

Obviously, this is not for everyone. This is seen in the statistic that more than 30% of people are now on some form of welfare.

Of course working class jobs tend to be replaced by machines more easily. The middle class meanwhile remains employed for longer. Doctors and lawyers can’t be replaced with a machine just yet.

We all know poverty naturally drives people to violence. Why else have governments been gradually spooning out more and more welfare to satiate the newly unemployed? Such bribery is necessary to maintain stability. Globalization throws a huge spanner in the works however, preventing any one country from finding an equilibrium between the disenfranchised poor and the increasingly affluent rich.

When threatened with higher taxes, businesses can easily move overseas, starving the welfare state of resources. This process is the reason every major western country is starting to drown in debt.

debt by country

As this is the manosphere, I suppose we should take a moment to relate all this to the breakdown of gender relations. In short, no woman wants to marry a bum living on welfare, no matter how generous the weekly cheques. Financial inequality leads to sexual inequality. With women not as financially dependent on men (at least directly) and having never been as demanding of sex, they are much less inclined to marriage and are instead attempting to raise children on their own. This shift is at the root of today’s dysfunctional gender relations, though it probably won’t be sustainable for long.

So yes, through outsourcing and new gadgets the top 1% of our society has stolen our livelihoods from us, and will continue to do so. The only way to get them back is to find some niche new service and sell it back to the billionaires. If you fail in this attempt, then your best option is to picket your local congressman, vote Democrat and demand higher wages or enough welfare to get by.

In the long run, I think your average human is going to be made completely obsolete by technology, and unless we change dramatically we will all get sucked down into the growing event horizon of the welfare state. In the meantime, lets hope these tensions do not blow out into actual violence.

The elites are playing a dangerous game, and we all know how the last Red October turned out.

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221 thoughts on “So Are We All Going To Lose Our Jobs?”

  1. In order to save the human race from unemployment due to eventual very intelligent AI
    …The exo cortex will have to be developed, The average IQ is 100 which means half have a lower IQ, and these iq tests are given to healthy youthful brains, which means the iq of older folks, is actually closer to 90 on average.
    It will cost billions and billions to enable the average fella’s iq to gain 50% but it will save the economy and cause the singularity, basically, a paradisical result of pure freedom
    Imagine, a world in which no more stupid people exist, they are simply a relic.
    Shortly after we cure stupidity by merging with the computer chip, we will cure working meaningless jobs, meaningless aging, and meaningless isolation without freeing the imagination to an endless series of customized digital environments in which the matrix type of design is realized
    The billions are starting to pour into anti-aging biotech, hopefully it is not fruitless, but intelligence seems to have solved every other problem
    Aging, and Stupidity, these are great challenges, perhaps they go together?
    Ai’s Do not tire, they have unlimited speed, ETC, and also the cost of hiring a human over a 10 year period starts to make the robots very attractive especially as they have better reliability and the costs keep coming down, the Japanese seem to be the leaders in robotics as they have an incoming senile wave and not enough nurses , hence the robotic initiatives
    So far, our computers are not really an “exo cortex” as an exo library that constantly updates, its a good start, and the augmented lenses will be another good start our memories only work so well, we’ll wear our computers everywhere in our glasses soon
    this will last around 10 years before we have an exo-cortex solution that works on a true level
    Our current intelligence took billions of years to evolve, but the speed of information is becoming too much to manage, Every year, your IQ is essentially more worthless as information becomes more complex, and becomes faster, the problem is that your brain power is actually static!
    within 15 years, our smartest members will be rendered as powerless as an idiot, this really is happening. It will take you 1000 years of education to get a handle on a complex system, than by the time you figure it out, that system will have changed exponentially! Constantly running away from your static mental capacity.

    1. Old ways of thinking are simply going to have to die out for this new world to function, and we’ll probably be able to modify that if you’re having trouble adapting.
      Women will have no reason not to be sluts in the future so long as all practical problems of reality are solved. Feeling jealous that the girl you’re fucking sleeps with every techno-alpha she meets? There is an app for that. Go to your local genetics-counsellor and get that fixed.
      Human behaviour and experience is fundamentally based on drives. All intellectual thought is fuelled by some underlying motivation, there is no absolute reason for the sake of absolute reason.
      It is hard to imagine what the trans-human world would look like, and I’m afraid of what we might forever lose along the way.
      PS – Have you heard of

        1. What you are saying may or may not be true. I too think we are approaching singularity especially with the quantum machines coming online in our lifetime.. There is one nagging question though. If all these are possible, then why didn’t another civilization reach this level yet? I can only entertain two alternatives.. we are either the only civilization out there, and everything-the Universe is virtual or we are the most advanced which I think it’s pretty unprobable.

        2. Why would a more advanced civilization give a shit to interact with us? Could we even recognize that interaction?
          I personally don’t spend my afternoons teaching algebra to bumblebees.

        3. I’m sure these are the same questions every previous civilization asked.
          Right before the end.

        4. Read the article below…Pretty interesting… Finding life anywhere is bad news for us all around.

      1. Or you could just bring down society and return us to the technology level of the third century.
        a few things cannot be ‘unremembered’, hygeiene, germ theory, sulfa drugs…. but for the most part a total collapse seems more likely than a happy socialist utopia.

        1. Im beginning to foresee something much worse than total collapse.
          I was hiking in the rockies a few days ago and overheard two white men talking about how they were going to vote for Hillary.
          Its not unreasonable to see things as completely hopeless.

        2. I am going to vote for hillary.
          The reason? She’s virtually guaranteed to wreck things, and I want the collapse of america to be on her watch, rather than dragging on for another two or three years under a pub.

      1. Yes, because the creator can only think of one thing at a time, The creator has to sleep, eat, and maintian functions.
        The creator has base drives it needs to tend to, it created the machine so it can have “freedom” so the creator would be spending 24 hours in freedom, while the machine is constantly going through it’s programming.
        We can only focus on one thing at a time. The machines won’t have this problem. We have limited accuracy. They won’t.
        The implications are.. GRAND>
        Also….. More than one programmer will design the Droid. if the droid has the power of multiple programmer’s intelligences, than it will be smarter and more capable than it’s creator, it will be an open source where all of humanities software can be downloaded to the versatile droid to do anything. So the idea that it’s “ONE” programmer designing the droid, simply isn’t the case. It will be more like millions of programmers creating an infinite library of programs for the droid.
        The market for this kind of software will be MASSIVE.
        Just like you have to google and go througgh years and years of “edcuation for the library of knowledge” to learn a basic field and be a rookie, the downloading will make the droid infinitely capable instantly since it will access an infinite number of possible programming functions.
        We don;’t know if this is 100 years from now or 20 lol

        1. So many idiots have been saying this since……forever.
          But they were always wrong, this time we are RIGHT.

    2. If we allow ourselves to have microchips implanted to increase our brain capacity those same microchips will be used to control us just like we control machines.

      1. No, we will be smarter, which means desire for freedom will be increased…
        I predict we all just eventually separate in a historical event and go our own way throughout the cosmos , governments are left to primitive stage 1 civilizations still stuck in the 100 iq level without having solved their resource scarcity problems.

    3. R&D by Google, Amazon and Facebook. Device hardware and implantation will be subsidized through partnering programs with data miners, advertisers, and government. Access to general knowledge is free to registered users, specialized knowledge will require a monthly subscription. There will be the usual government national security back doors. Firmware will prevent users from entertaining suspicions that their thoughts, motivations, and actions may not be entirely their own. Social engineering will be direct and efficient, more so than today.

        1. I agree. The special interests guarding it are far more numerous than legion, and have the ability to contort the character of anyone before the ruthless assassination of said character.
          After the 2008 crash, feminists stayed eerily silent on numerous topics, like male unemployment, but were incredibly hostile to anyone who pointed it out.
          Yet, it is 2015, and still they seem to control much of the conversation.
          The next crash, especially if we can link it to them will be incredibly difficult for them to explain away the reason they all receive so much federal and state funding.
          But until then, a crash, there is no way to really get them out of the way from defending their almost complete control over the tax payer purse strings.

      1. It can. Immigration will probably bankrupt the system. Of course immigration will also create a permanent underclass.

      2. Wouldn’t want your society to be civilized or anything. it might actually be worth living there then.

    1. Eh, can’t get the embed working, just click the link. Basically tells you your service jobs are doomed.

  2. “…vote Democrat and demand higher wages or enough welfare to get by.”
    Almost had me until this. If you think either political party really gives a shit, you’re sadly mistaken. The promises of one socialist over another are hollow lies just as they’ve always been. Much of this article frankly reads like yet another passive aggressive rant about us versus them, rich versus poor class envious screed. Not helpful. The basic rules of economics have not changed, fighting them through cosmetic gestures in the form of “protective” laws will only accelerate the changes you are witnessing on the job front. Can’t fight this any more than you can fight the changing nature of game – just have to adapt and always be looking for the shift beneath your feet, whatever your role in the workplace.
    BTW, yes, lawyers indeed can be replaced by machines. Been going on for a while.

  3. There are so many problems with this article that I have no idea where to begin. For example, the author opens with the argument that technological innovation takes jobs away from people. That’s false. Innovation eliminates jobs but creates new ones by creating new industries. The automobile brought about the end of horse buggy whip manufacturers but jobs on automobile manufacture assembly lines appeared, and grew.
    That opening paragraph, like most of this article, is oblivious to the impact of government policies upon the economy. Technological innovation is the result of a quest for efficiency which is also a quest for lower production costs. But taxes, which are used to fund out of control government spending, play a huge role in increasing production costs. And then there are the regulations that compound with the taxes to further increase production costs.
    THEN the author tosses out the “trickle down economics” meme. Newsflash: “trickle down economics” doesn’t exist, it’s an epithet used by 80s era social justice warriors to smear free market economic policy. It seems lost on the author that tax cuts of this nature were enacted to change behavior, to eliminate the incentive to hide money from taxation and use it to invest and increase “output”. The increase in “output” results in an increase in tax revenue. In other words, tax cuts were enacted to increase tax revenue by removing the incentive to hide money.
    It’s funny how the author invokes “economics 101” near the beginning of this article because he clearly doesn’t know jack shit about economics 101.

    1. That’s false. Innovation eliminates jobs but creates new ones by creating new industries.

      Everybody should watch this:

      1. I stopped at 6:11 for one reason, the comparison between horses and humans to make a point. Newsflash: horses are not humans and humans are not horses. Humans have reason and are rational beings who solve problems. The automobile replaced horses but horses declined because they do not posses the ability to adapt. This is why horse buggy manufacturers were able to find ways to earn income when new innovations appeared. Horses, on the other hand have no such ability. Out the gate, the comparison crumbles.
        From what I saw up to 6:11, this entire video is founded upon the horse to human comparison to make its point.

        1. It’s crap. Humans will never be obsolete. There will always be new jobs, as history has shown time and time again. The jobs may not be great, but jobs nonetheless.

        2. Jobs which will require you put yourself in massive debt in order to get technical skills … to get a job.
          Look at the difference. A few decades ago you could get a manufacturing job with little to no education and become middle class. Now in order to possibly even get a taste of middle class, you have to put yourself in debt to get a technical degree.
          Just wait until vehicles drive themselves. Good by trucking careers, cab jobs, etc.

        3. Transportation jobs are already going in europe. We got massive numbers of immigrants, some of which are here to mooch off the welfare state, others are here to do manual jobs for less than the locals. Even drivers with long experience are finding themselves out of work.
          But the problem runs even deeper than that. If in the future it is required to study for a decade in order to do some high-brain work just to make a living, and everyone else are bums on welfare, we will end up with nerds who can’t get girls and stupid poor people who don’t generate provider tingles. So like today, but worse.
          This can’t go on. Society will collapse eventually, just a question of when.

        4. “This can’t go on. Society will collapse eventually, just a question of when.”
          That is very right, make the correlation people. What happens to an overpopulated area (like Japan for example), they get weird (tentacle porn > girls) and stop populating and eventually it goes back to a time with enough struggle. Similarly Nature has a cause for everything, just make the correlation, a sci-fi world is impossible because it’s tasteless and will be ultimately nihilistic, hence people in such a world would go nuts and cause some great chaos and we’d be back to the Stone Age again (which I’d chose over any sci-fi world) and history repeats itself. Struggle is what brings forth emotions is what brings forth every meaning in life, and technology works against them, making itself self-destructive.

        5. The japs are actually a special case. They have a unique characteristic, in that they go way overboard with everything they do.
          During the war they had a reputation for being vicious towards POWs. They lost so some of it is likely propaganda, but there is probably some truth to it as well. Then there were the kamikaze, suicide pilots who knew they were going to die and were determined to do their job anyway.
          Since the war they have essentially become a vassal of the west. This has led to a lot of the same problems as we have, only the change has been comparatively abrupt. The debt to GDP is higher than any other western nation, over half their young marriageable men want nothing to do with women or families, and their degeneration as men is remarkable. A few hundred years ago they looked as tough as vikings. Today they are wussier than the worst western specimens.
          In short by looking at japan we can get some sense of where we are heading. So watch tentacle porn for science.

        6. I’d suggest watching the rest of the video. It does address the fact that humans are intelligent and adaptable (in light of that the horse analogy is fairly appropriate). And the last couple minutes makes an interesting point about the impact new industries that would crop up.

        7. I watched the rest of the video. It rests on the idea that because horses were made unemployable by technological innovation then humans will suffer the same fate. The video seems unable to offer something other than this inaccurate comparison.

        8. Is the comparison completely accurate, no nor really. Unlike horses we do have the ability to lean new skills and adapt to changing circumstances. We will never be completely obsolete, we are much to versatile. But with the increase of automation in the relatively near future across multiple broad industries for the majority of the population the horse analogy isn’t too far off. When the demand for human labor across the board drops it’ll have significant repercussions. Will new industries spring up, unquestionably they will. But I doubt they’ll offset the number of people who have no marketable skills. There is probably going to be a large economic and cultural shift that comes about in response to this increase of technology. But I fully concede that there could have been a better way to phrase his argument then rely on the horse analogy.

        9. Something that people overlook in this discussion is the role government plays in dampening the individual pursuits that make up economic activity. The video focuses exclusively on technological innovation but what of the regulatory hinderances created by government? That inhibits market entry for the individual. Then there are the taxes. Taxes are crushing people. And there is the third rail, the minimum wage. That too limits labor participation. These are government intrusions into the economy that have an effect on employment prospects. At some point, we will need to start making substantial roll backs of government. And when I say “substantial”, I mean getting rid of entire executive branch departments like the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Interior, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Drug Enforcement Agency, The Department of Justice, the IRS (coupled with a new means of generating revenue for the federal government), the Department of Labor. We may have to only have a Department of Defense, a Department of State, and….. that maybe it. The federal government if hogging up moneys that would be used by individuals to enter into the market.

        10. Great educational material, Al, thank you.
          Suppose all those gov. agencies get shut down, what happens to the hordes (probably 100’s of thousands at least) of newly unemployed drones with little to no real job skills?

        11. I say that they should be given a severance package equal to about seven months of salary. Another option is to let the agencies expire through an attrition of employees.

        12. I’d say the Japanese were pretty badass as late as WWII. Even in the 1980s there was the insurmountable “Japan, Inc.” phenomenon. Something happened to them in the 1990s that caused them to degenerate into the simpering whimpering wimps they seem to be today.

    2. “Trickle down economics” was a conservakin phrase in the 80s used by pro-business reganites.

      1. No it wasn’t. It was an approach to taxation used by Woodrow Wilson and JFK as well. It’s based on the idea that lowering taxes eliminates the incentive to hide money. In lowering taxes, you increase revenue. Alexander Hamilton points out this same principle in one of the Federalist Essays. What you guys call trickle down is an approach to taxation that has been known and employed long before Reagan was born.

        1. Watch “Inside Job”.
          Reagan’s money changer handlers had him de regulate the finance industry, and here we are.

        2. Eh, and the left makes everyone think they care about the little guy. Yet, big business still does fantastically well under their watch at the nation’s helm. Look how many “greedy and evil” healthcare companies got after the ACA passed.
          So what, you are telling me a politician lies, for their own gain?!!!
          WHAT!? The betrayal, color me shocked!
          Get all this outta coloring book didya?
          Bushes, Obamas, Reagans, Caters, Wilsons, and the like. All politicians. Ruling a country with the finances tht ours does will never be a hope of you making president if you vow to cut off the big dog’s access to the tax payer funds.
          Be it a donkey, or pachyderm on your collar. Who gives a damn?

        3. Like corporations “Taking a stand” against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act.
          Tim Cook makes a statement but outsources labor to China and uses Ireland to avoid corporate taxes.
          Like corporations are going to take the high road and can be trusted to do the “right thing.”

        4. Left/Right is a bullshit paradigm obviously in place to keep the slaves fighting each other while the Chosen and their whores loot civilization.
          Go suck off Glenn Beck.

        5. Could you please stay on topic? I was talking about the history of the support for lower rates of taxation. And by the way, “here we are” is the result of Fannie, Freddie, and HUD expanding the size of the subprime market, purchasing those subprimes and other “alternative mortgage products” and then selling them to the financial sector as “mortgage backed securities”. I know more about this than you. Stand down please.

        6. Ok, sounds like you definitely have more of a stomach for this “business” than I do…
          I do tend to paint in broad strokes.
          What do you make of the “derivatives” market? People talk about it in downright astronomical terms. Don’t know what to make of it…

        7. WARNING: This is gonna be a bit lengthy and I’m doing my best to make this brief.
          I don’t understand the “derivatives as cause” argument. It makes no sense to me. From my experiences, I have encountered people who have argued that the deregulation of derivatives caused the recession. However, I’ve yet to hear these folks make a connection between the recession and the use of derivatives in a deregulated context. The housing market, on the other hand, offers a better connection. A law as passed in 1992, The Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992, which sought to increase home ownership via Fannie, Freddie, and HUD, promoted the increase in subprimes and alternative mortgage products. These are federal agencies known as “government sponsored entities”. A task they performed was to purchase mortgages from banks and sell them to the financial sector as investment opportunities (mortgage backed securities). This allows for banks to issue more mortgages. FHEFSSA resulted in Fannie, Freddie, and HUD aggressively promoting increased home ownership. Those “entities” used taxpayer money to purchase subprimes and “alternative mortgage products”. There was a subprime market prior to FHEFSSA but it was small. This new law resulted in an increased purchase of subprimes as well as the alternative mortgage products thus increasing the size of the market in such mortgages. This is the law of subsidies: When something is subsidized, you get more of it. FHEFSSA resulted in the subsidizing the purchase of subprimes and alternative mortgage products which caused an increase in the issuance of these types of mortgages.
          THEN there is the federal reserve. Interests rates were very low during the housing boom. Speculation was rampant. The combination of Fannie, Freddie, and HUD’s activities and the availability of cheap money via the federal reserve fueled both the housing boom as well as the use of low quality mortgages to secure homes. Now consider all the things that people buy for their homes. Those markets or sectors of the economy also experienced a boom as well but that boom was based on shaky debt and cheap money which overvalued homes. All the stuff that is sold in Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Best Buy is the economic boom that preceded the 2008 crash. And when the bottom fell out, all those sectors came tumbling down. People lost jobs, lost their homes, tax revenues in the states declined sharply…. it was a fucking mess.
          When people bring up the deregulation of derivatives, I simply don’t see the connection. This is not to say there is not one but the housing issues seem to present a better connection.

        8. Propaganda. The fact is, it’s a world economy now, and the price of American labor is overvalued compared to the rest of the world. No policy will change the fact you can have someone do the same job for substantially cheaper all over Asia (and soon to be Africa) than in the USA. American labor is overvalued. Period. The market will correct this sooner or later, and there’s nothing you can do about it. American standard of living will fall as the standard of living in poorer countries increases until an equilibrium is reached. Deal with it. In the meantime, you can keep arguing about the best place to put the deck chairs on the Titanic.

        9. Not propaganda, but way oversimplified.
          The “world economy” is the result of international (cough cough) corporate and banking interests turning the entire world into their plantation.
          There is nothing natural or inevitable about high-IQ white men “competing” with third worlder slaves for wages.
          Globalism is only possible because of artificially inexpensive resources like oil and fresh water, all of which are on the wane.
          Its a 100% engineered and planned race to the bottom. Hopefully it will fall apart soon.

        10. Whooohooo, ZINGGGG! Have never read Glenn Beck.
          I agree with the rest of your statement. I will leave the sucking off of another man’s penis to the more qualified. You apparently? Not that I’m judging, like you, cause apparently, another men sucking off another man is soooo progressive!

        11. Don’t care. Why is that any different then all the legion of grievance industry groups, and their orginizations that should be an LLC any different?
          It’s all human nature and it’s greed.
          There are no “pure” players in this game. Not you, not me (obviously, I disagree with people here so I must smack the devils scrosac for fun!), so arguing over whose worst is pointless.
          You and I will never know who it is! I will stick with making people’s lives better at the local level, and not pretend that I am making a difference writing comments to people who will stop caring later they write their armchair warrior comments.
          If this is not you, great, don’t care. If it is you, no need to tell me what you are going to do about it! Statistics generally validate the concept of people who talk teh loudest, do nothing.
          I don’t care for those who try to point out that that may be me. Nor do I care if they believe it isn’t me!

        12. Sorry…I guess I get in combative mode and assume everyone shares the opinions of most people I meet in real life.
          Now that Im sober, it looks like we are pretty much on the same page.
          He’s a controlled opposition neocon who frames everything in terms of “the left” and, laughably “homegrown fascism”.
          Pretends Wall Street is a bastion of “free market capitalism”…

        13. He does. Although some of what he says is either innocuous in the so what sense, or relatively mild.
          Then of course he does seem to go on wild tea party tangents. But eh, whatever.

        14. Im one of the most honest people Ive ever met, but I do occasionally tell lies, usually out of some social necessity.
          Something Ive realized recently – I always mix truth with the lie.
          That makes it easier to do, and make the lie more believable.
          This is exactly what the Alex Jones/Glenn Beck, etc “conservative” pundits do.

    3. Technology creates some new jobs for the more intelligent, skilled part of the population, and destroys many unskilled or semi-skilled jobs. Net job creation is negative and socially destructive….and has caused a massive expansion of welfare.

      1. Nope. As I said before, technology creates new industries which jobs that replace the ones eliminated by the technology. As I said before, the automobile industry created jobs for unemployed horse buggy manufacturers.

        1. That’s your religion, but the facts contradict you…unemployment is soaring, and completely automated vehicles and factories are now being rolled out.

        2. Unemployment soars for many reasons, the least of which is technology. Among the reasons is the money that vanishes into the oblivion that is government spending. Those taxes paid could be used by private individuals who, unlike government, uses the money much more efficiently. Another reason are regulatory prohibitions that limit the number of people who enter the market to start a business. And among those who do start businesses, both start up costs and production costs are increased by regulations. Those costs could have been used for additional labor input but instead, they are used to reach compliance mandates and to pay taxes.

        3. The most important point is that technology destroys unskilled and low skilled jobs in vast numbers…in the 20th century, those jobs were replaced by factory jobs and “service” jobs, many of which were makework government jobs. That process has come to an end…and the massive debt created will boomerang on the rest of us.

        4. What I will concede to you is this: businesses will seek to lower production costs and wages are a target. The hullabaloo over replacing workers at McDonald’s erupted as a response to the attempt to provide a “liveable wage” to cashiers, and burger flippers. There are issues with mandated wages because that excludes laborers from the market. But mandated wages are government intrusions into the economy. Mandated wages also send businesses overseas where labor is cheaper.

        5. Actually the automobile industry is a great example. Let’s stick with that.
          Virtually all of the auto industry is completely automated now. BMW has a factory where a huge multi-acre plant is manned by something like 10 people, who are really mostly just there for show (and one of them is just a forklift driver).

        6. peak private employment(the only important number) peaked in the year 2000 in the USA.
          Where are all these new industries to make up for the shortfall we’ve had for the past 15 years?

        7. Correlation does not imply causation.
          Human existence has been a continuous question for efficiency and technological improvement. People have been making the same absurd “technology is going to destroy our jobs” arguments since the first caveman entrepreneur. It’s an old and tired argument meant to rile up the lower class against the upper class. Typical Marxist propaganda.
          The fact is, if you destroy jobs then people don’t have money to spend to buy things. Technology can not replace jobs unless robots start spending money on the things they want. My point is that the market is self-correcting. You’re either on top of the ever-changing game of human advancement, or you’re oblivious to it and at risk of being crushed by the wave of constant change. Guess whose fault that is? It’s not technology’s fault.

        8. The market never self-corrects without considerable time passing and a shit load of bellyaching.

        9. Keynes said something smart once: “technological unemployment…(is) due to our discovery of means of economising the use of labour outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for labour.”
          So basically to eliminate stupid and nefarious “makework government jobs” we have to slow down the rate of technology so we can find new jobs and industries for people (that provide things that people actually want, not silly gov’t regulations).
          Basically in order to avoid high unemployment and valueless jobs, you need a manageable rate of technological advancement coupled with a manageable population growth as well.

        10. Not at all true. When a bubble pops the market can correct abruptly. “Market correction” is parlance for “losing your ass,” so that phrase can sometimes be seen negatively. People love the market when it brings them prosperity and technology. For example, Americans today have more leisure time than any other people in history. But when their life becomes even a little bit less comfortable, suddenly the market is evil.

        11. My retort to you is that you cannot speak of immediately appearing “new” industries in isolation because the emergence of such is also impacted by the federal intrusions into the economy. There is something called “market entry”. This is the ease with which a person or a group of persons start a business. The federal government taxes very harshly and it also has many regulatory mandates that make market entry extremely difficult because the money used to satisfy these “intrustions” subtract from money used to start such businesses. Consider those who never bother to begin such firms because of these costs. And consider the businesses that have left the United States because there were other places where the instrusions were fewer and thus had smaller impact on production costs. It’s not only the businesses but government as well, and government plays a role in creating unemployment through its economic intrusions.

        12. Unemployment is soaring because the tax man is taking an ever increasing bite out of profits. It is basically taking money from the productive and giving it to the unproductive.
          Of course we can’t let people starve, but we also shouldn’t be paying bureaucrats high wages to draw pie charts depicting the levels of poverty in this country.

        13. The process will not come to and end.
          Many jobs available in the last half of the 20th Century could not even be imagined in the the first half.
          I’m not saying there won’t be a dislocation. There always is, but the solution to this problem is education and the learning of new skills.
          The time when you could make a decent living with a grade 6 education are long gone.

        14. Or slow down the rate of human reproduction.
          Here in Europe, all the politicians are getting their panties in a bunch over demography, aging populations etc. and would love to import half of Africa to replace our population, but we don’t need all those people, there are no jobs for them.

        15. The market can only self-correct in the absence of government intervention. The Soviet market didn’t self-correct. The Argentine market didn’t self-correct. They just imploded. Is the North Korean or Zimbabwean market self-correcting?
          We don’t live in some academic’s hypothetical ideal world – free of oppression, corruption, excessive taxation, social engineering and heavy-handed central planning. We live and die in reality.

        16. Many of the jobs created since the latter half of the 20th century are actually counter-productive, consuming more wealth than they create. Any government jobs beyond border patrol and whatever the Constitution mandates, and all the jobs in private sector that exist only to ensure compliance with frivolous and unnecessarily burdensome taxes and regulations. Really, any three letters of the alphabet strung together represent some superfluous, redundant federal agency that pays generous salaries and benefits to thousands, but without which, society would be much better off, notwithstanding.

        17. High-skilled workers can and will also be replaced by machines – optitions, pilots, journalists, physicians, engineers, mathematicians. That’s all well and good. It is progress. But it is amusing how the bourgeois expect that illegal immigration and automation will only adversely effect the great unwashed proletariat masses. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

        18. By no means is all government regulation is silly. One of the problems is a government corrupt from those who think (all) regulation is silly.
          It’s the fear “regulation” of the government that is worst.

    4. Actually this article is mostly bang on the money.
      > Innovation eliminates jobs but creates new ones by creating new industries.
      False. Not just false but offensively stupid. Innovation sometimes eliminates jobs for good without creating a similar number of new ones. What ‘new industy’ will self-driving cars create that will magically re-employ all cabbies and teamsters? Stop being a dumbass.

      1. Did you ever stop to think that the resources saved from innovation (money or capital investment) is then routed into new industries? Those new industries then hire people. The fact that you have to call me a dumbass shows that you have no argument. Additionally, the fact that you gave no consideration, whatsoever, to the usage of money saved as a result of the innovation indicates that you’ve not thought out your retort. Nice job!

        1. No, you really are a dumbass.
          I’m asking again: What new industry is going to magically re-employ all the Paki cab drivers? Until you can answer that question, you’re just handwaving like a moron.
          But hey, if it’s time for make believe, I want in as well. I predict that in the future we will all have fairies and ride unicorns to work.

        2. You might as well ask me about the fate of those employed by horse carriage manufacturers when the automobile was being mass produced. These people find jobs in the new industries created. Innovation never ceases and people adapt. This is a fact.

        3. But what new industries? You keep saying ‘new industries’ without anything backing it up. This is the third time I’m asking. Just give one example, or admit that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Or do I have to ask ten times before you understand?

        4. Thats because there arent any new industries forthcoming that will sop up the hordes of unemployed. Some just cant grasp that.

        5. Those horse carriage workers did find new jobs *eventually*, which means there’s a lot of hurting and chaos in the interim.
          Innovation is the enemy if it is too fast paced and not carefully managed. Otherwise people don’t adapt, they starve and suicide themselves instead.

        6. Technology will create those new industries, especially as top-secret military tech drips down into the civilian sector.

        7. “I’m asking. Just give one example, or admit that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Or do I have to ask ten times before you understand?”
          Hey Guy: Notice now he is giving radio silence now?
          Looks like he just got owned.

        8. What the fuck is the IT industry then retard? Aerospace? Pharmaceuticals? Electronics? Telecommunications?
          I mean exactly how stupid do you need to be to think that as technology advances so do the sorts of jobs people end up taking.

        9. Literally anything you fucking idiot
          Do you know what opportunity cost is?

        10. You sound like an idiot, guy. If he knew what “the next big thing was”, he wouldn’t tell you so he could win some internet flame war, he’d keep his mouth closed and just invest his money in it and become a billionaire.
          We can’t tell the future, but we can tell for sure that it will be different from the present.
          Maybe all those paki cab drivers will become mineral miners in Antarctica.
          Maybe they’ll become sex-bot technicians.
          Maybe they’ll become yoga instructors for primary school students… Who knows? (Those are 3 of my guesses as to what might become big industries in the future)
          But its petulant to pretend that someone lacks credibility if they don’t know what the future may hold, because nobody knows specifically.

        11. Resources may be moved eventually, but there’s an amount lost to attrition and also a considerable time lag.

        12. Exactly, what new industry?
          I’m still waiting for flying cars, personal robot butlers, sexbots, all the good stuff promised to us in the science fiction works of the 20th century.
          There hasn’t been a real technological breakthrough outside of communications for decades or maybe even a century. Cars still run on gas!!

        13. Yup, there is a time lag not a stoppage of the transfer of resources. Should the presence of time lag halt the pursuit of innovation? If so then we then halt the pursuit of personal convenience and lower consumer costs because of “time lag”.

        14. > Hey Guy: Notice now he is giving radio silence now?
          It’s because I actually have a life outside of internet forums. This forum would be a lot better if some of the regulars actually got out, practiced game, improved themselves, and all the stuff that readers of this site _should_ be doing. If you learned more about the world, you wouldn’t spew such disgusting dribble.
          Anyway, Bronanski, Go_Fuck_Yourself_Cunt, and Lucas Thomas: Being stupid must be bliss. I want to go out and shout “hurr durr new indestrees!!!” too now. It must be fun.
          You village idiots are incapable of grasping that the new form of automation – automation of intelligent tasks – is different from previous forms. Do I really have to spell this out as if talking to a five year old? If a machine can do something requiring intelligence – like drive a car – then any new ‘industries’ it creates will also probably be automated as well. It won’t create jobs, or at least not enough of them to replace the old ones.
          I think I’m now going to go write a paper on the impacts of inbreeding on human intelligence.

        15. No.
          It’s not enough to just wave your hands and make believe.
          Even in 1900 people could predict the new industries that would employ people. But you can’t.

        16. Please read my post for comprehension. I’m speaking about MY SUPPORT OF YOUR ASSERTION regarding the other poster in question. You had asked said person to give examples of technology creating jobs and he gave radio silence, ie stopped posting to you. I was merely pointing this out. I am in full agreement that technology only creates further jobs that also are automated, that is to say no humans needed.

        17. Well the Paki types will probably take over the local playgrounds and train little kids to “service” rich degenerates, media pervs and political whores.
          Pays much better than Uber or 7-11.

        18. The ones that didn’t die of starvation and didn’t spend 10+ years of their life as a horse buggy driver, with other skills pre-developed probably did but most likely demoted further in the income.
          You see some of those filthy bums out there still with a fresh set of clean clothes? Yeah not all beggars end up from drug abuse, many are people that were just laid off.

        19. You are a moron sir. If you were the boss of a robot lab would you really hire cab drivers that only have 10 years of cab driving in place of some kid with a Computer Engineering degree and an year of experience related to robots?
          The best choices for them is now robber, drug dealer, carjacker

        20. These morons are just going to get some poster boy out of the few that survives the crash of unemployment and tell us hey even he can do it why can’t you?

        21. Time lag that doesn’t seem like a big thing for the elite but for the unemployed a big percentage of their time on life lost. The unemployed suffers from divorce as well.
          There’s a reason the elite do not invest in life longevity, because every year in their life they live several years of happiness that an unfortunate shmuck would spend.
          I don’t give a fuck about your history lessons nor your children of the future my time and life is now and I’m not going to take anymore of this leftist bullshit on the advancement of technology like it’s the savior of humanity because it’s nothing but self interest for those that are fat and in comfort.

        22. No worries man, and thanks. I will definitely try to write better.

        23. Carriage manufacturers often became manufacturers of automobile bodies. The two have a lot in common. Studebaker started off as the manufacturer of Conestoga wagons in 1852 and transitioned into an auto manufacturer around the turn of the 20th Century.

        24. Or they simply resort to crime, or in extreme cases, become violent revolutionaries that bring down the whole system.

        25. Hey joe, nobody deserves a job just because they’re a swell guy. Those paki’s you seem so worried about will just have to go back to uni and study engineering if they want a job.

        26. Yes I can. I’m just not going to tell you because a) you’re dumb and wouldn’t believe it anyway, and b) I’m not going to talk hot air, I’m just going to shut up, put my money where my mouth is and get rich while you’re still whinging.

        27. A guy is right with his point gents. If machines can do both the labor and the logic it becomes a smaller percentile of meat that can reach the required level of innovation.
          We are already at the 80/20 pareto rule with respect to most organizations. What happens when only 5% of people are smart enough to innovate? Do we all have to become Elon Musk level geniuses?
          Good luck with that. You may want to consider alternative wealth models when the machines are doing all the slave labor.

    5. Did you read the article? I agree with most of what you say. Trickle-down economics does create new jobs. The question is what kind of jobs? And will this last forever?

      1. Trickle down is an epithet that essentially lies about this type of tax policy. Tax cuts of this nature are done to eliminate the incentive to hide money. When taxes are high then people with money are more likely to shelter that money and not invest it. When money is invested, it is used to start businesses and purchase goods and services. The author merely invokes the “trickle down” epithet and makes no attempt at critiquing the rationale behind this tax policy.

        1. Here’s the problem with all these… It doesn’t matter, tax/no tax… When the FED is fueling the stock market with cheap money, when risk has been eradicated from the markets.. What am I trying to say? Ah, yes. If I were rich and had money laying around, I would never take the risk of putting that money on Main Street and create new businesses. A business has a high likelihood of failing. Why would I want to take any risk when I can make money risk free at the Casino, cough.. Stock Market.
          Money is not invested today regardless of what the tax policy is. Why would it? Yes, this will blow up eventually but for now the music is still playing..

        2. The whole 2008 crash was a socialist’s wet dream. Instead of Moral Hazard there were gigantic bailouts.

    6. Automobile manufacturing came far far long after horse carriages. The biggest problem with technology today is that it’s moving too damn fast meaning you won’t keep a stable job foe long.

    1. Won’t men be just as easily replaced by Malebots? I don’t know how it would be programmed since what makes a woman happy one day changes the next day.

      1. We won’t need women anymore. And they won’t need men. I am not sure I want to live in that world though..

        1. Yeah exactly. No one will need anybody.
          All human drives will be isolated and satiated.
          Cuddle cafes, techno-whorehouses, and Starbucks.
          I’m sure there will be an anti-technology movement. And that it will eventually become a class struggle, or at least framed as a class-struggle.
          And some men will hopefully be at the right point of balance to live livable lives.

        2. With one caveat though. Think about it this way. If we merge with the machine, and the input into our brain is all digitized, we won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not. It will all seem 100% real. A real girlfriend, a real life, real feelings + you can make it your own as you please. I only see one problem with that.. The human brain will not be able to stop. It will want more and more of that high, hence self destruction in the end. I am not sure, I am ambivalent about it all..

        3. There would have to be some kind of new spirituality or something.
          That aspect of human nature would have to be addressed.
          I think no matter how advanced science gets we will most likely never fully understand the universe, the afterlife, or if there is any such thing as the true meaning of things.
          We’ll still have to contend with the why of it all and not just the what.
          Some people surely would attempt to blur themselves out with over-stimulation and distraction, but what goes around comes around.
          I’m also ambivalent about it… and this conversation is extremely speculative hehe.

        4. Already it’s the case that no one needs anybody. That’s why traditional relationships are all but gone and a couple sticking together for 10 years sounds amazing and unusual. I’ve seen people get divorced over bad posture. I wish I was kidding.

        5. What was the name of that bombmaking luddite spoofed by SNL back in the 90s? Will Ferrell in an orange jumpsuit at a highschool reunion? I was curious to read his ramblings for shits n giggles, but searching for it via search engine woud probably get me on a list lol

      2. Advanced Manbot® several decades away, across the uncanny valley here, will be programed to be ultra-responsive to mood changes in their female master, to be Alpha one moment and an hour latter a submissive beta begging for her attentions and busy doing chores for her. Problems will arise when women customers complain “it’s just too perfect” so there will be settings in which the Manbot® sometimes doesn’t respond to mood even when she wants, for ex., the Alpha, it remains in Betamode. Or curses her out, “shut up bitch, I’m going out with friends latter” and it just goes back into it’s storage box for awhile so the female master can feel angry and complain. Latter it is programmed to fuck the hell out of her.

        1. Your design will require some of the greatest minds in the computer programming world to design the software for the Manbot. I don’t think it can be done, maybe some type of Alfa- douchebag but even then she would get bored with it.

        2. Not if it has pheremone / hormone / menstrual cycle sensors.
          Then all the broads will be in check.
          Actually, who needs the robot, I’ll make a watch with the sensors and a display that tells you what to do, for example:
          -Ignore her.
          -Kiss ass and duck out for a few days(PMS warning)
          -Drill her senseless, pronto

        3. Certainly these are good ideas but as far as a Manbot goes things like the silent treatment, resentment, bitchiness these are not always triggered by PMS or anything else. The Manbot would fail because he would just ignore her during the silent treatment, and not care if she is mad for no reason. Threats of divorce would not phase him, actually nothing would phase him.

        4. Yet it now occurs to me, that the typical skank will just use the manbot – make him work the graveyard shift at the sewage treatment plant and take his money, during the day make him babysit her various kids (and her friends’ kids too, for a fee), while she’s out fukkin-n-sukkin all the badboyz, as usual.
          After all, it doesn’t get more omega than a ‘manbot’ roboslave…
          And that gives me another idea – someone’s going to be the next Bill Gates when he writes the ‘red pill game’ OS firmware/software for the manbots, it’ll be called, “wenchblows 2001”.

      3. I don’t think so. In addition to the problem you mention, it is, I am guessing, significantly more easy to replace the fuckee than the fucker.
        Think, from a purely mechanical engineering standpoint, how much more challenging it would be to create a bot that can take charge/have the dominant role in the bedroom (with everything that that entails, ie ability to grab the chick, toss her and flip her around and fuck her in various positions, etc), than it would be to create a bot that pretty much just needs to lay there and get fucked.
        While I could see a realistic female sexbot being developed within our lifetimes, I seriously doubt an equivalently realistic male version will be possible within a similar timeframe.

      4. The difference is Men Make things And build society,where as women are just companions, the only exception is a Good woman, Probably she is a Christian. To replace Men with Robots you would have to Create a highly advanced software that would allow the Male robots to think like the Great Minds God gave Men who got our society as Advanced as it is, with a female robot the programing is simple, make it agreeable, submissive and give it three holes and presto female robot, of course i’d rather not have the Robot companion, but between the two sexes, the female would be much easier to replicate with robots.

      5. I don’t think so. For women, sex isn’t just physical, it’s psychological. A fat wallet causes way more orgasms than a fat dick. Readers of this site should know this.
        A satisfying manbot would have to have human-level intelligence, social skills, and social status. Not saying it’s impossible but it’s a ways away. And if it happens then ALL of humanity is obsolete, so the point is moot anyway.

      6. I don’t believe the most brilliant programmer in all of history could come up with that algorithm!

  4. Posts like these are needed to show a different side of what is going on besides women.
    Because, once you figured them out and know how their mindframe works, you are left with a more daunting task in life: Mastering it and understanding that the “purpose” lies in you.
    Women are merely pit stops on a long road of life. You must never allow them to be your end all be all. You must simply see them as another tool and learn to master it. Posts like these help break the wall that has us trapped inside focused on truly dumb shit, and helps us see that there is more things out there tp fpcus on that can help better your survivul. This break down of how the money is being handled can help me, us, or a man that needs a spark of inspiration to create the next big thing that can help humans down the line years to come.
    Every idea before its time was seen as crazy before it became the norm. The powers that be will have us thinking we are crazy by trying to go beyond the table scraps they feed us. Or, better yet what we feed ourselves. We can stop at any moment and chose the “path of no purpose but your own”, but as like exercise it times effort and hard work to do so. Most would just gloss over this post and go by to trying to add another layer of figuring out women. While good and understandable, what about the rest of the world out there? Sure, I like watching a movie from time to time but, what about listening to music? Reading a book? Hanging with someone for just a regular conversation? etc.
    My point is never limit the knowledge that is out there from all angles big and small. Never become trapped in either one. Simply strive forward and never stop settling unless you understand how to look at it objectively. Don’t let imaginary “friends” become real life ones . Strive towards perfection by understanding there is none but the one you and the world creates. Knowledge is key.
    Great post.

  5. “This covers everything from a quick hand job on the street to those Arab oil sheikhs who spend tens of thousands of dollars to import slutty Instagram models and shit on their faces.”
    Lovely thought… not. LOL
    Good overall article and indeed old ways of making money no longer apply in most cases. Things have always changed over the years, but today the rate of changes is hsppening faster than ever, and increasing with each passing decade.

  6. This ROK post going to get 100’s of replies. In 2008 the box of cornflakes was shaken and all the high-IQ, rich people rose to the top, where they will remain. There hasn’t been a better time in history to be rich and smart than today.
    Unless you can write really we’ll and can make money blogging or in some other creative endeavor, STEM is probably your best shot at success in this economy. I would probably replace ‘science’ with economics or finance since those pay better and have have more job openings than biology.Getting a CPA is a good idea.

  7. And lets face it, many of us will never see any real benefit from trickle-down economics.
    The benefits are indirect. When the rich have more money, they can invest – which is necessary to bring new technologies to the market. That’s how venture capital works.

    1. The moment someone uses the “trickle down” epithet is the moment you recognize the user to know very little about economics.

      1. Yup. Lefties love love love to use it because it supposedly captures an uncaring “them eat cake” attitude.
        It’s a “dog whistle” for Marxism.

      2. Listen carefully, you programmed tool of the money changers who own your mind, soul, and future:
        “Economics 101”, as you refer to it, is bullshit non-science on its face.
        It assumes our economy can replace vital resources (oil, steel, water, phosphorus, copper, etc.) with some magical “alternative” that comes from some nerd with 2x the IQ of any “economist” that gets fat paychecks for spewing his masters’ finance “industry” propaganda.
        Wake the fuck up or shut the fuck up.

        1. No, I don’t need to wake the fuck up. I’ve taught basic economics. What have you done? I can recommend some textbooks for you if you’d like.

        2. Ohh, now I see.
          Thought I saw the glare of a red light in here.
          What have I done? I’m a product designer…not saving the world, but I contribute to the warm comfy cocoon of hi-tech abundance that props you do-nothing state propagandists up.
          For now.

        3. I’m telling you what I know from the things I’ve learned from studying economics and the crash of 2008.

    2. Loser commies and leftists seem to think that the trickle down effect is money directly in their pocket rather than the jobs created by invested capital and the taxation it generates.
      Naturally they are selfish, self serving low testosterone faggots, so the passive aggressive horseshit about them being humanitarians is nothing more than a cover for “give me free shit simply because we share the same oxygen”
      No place for the left in red pill.

  8. you mean to tell me all those social justice whining diplomas will be worthless in the near future… OH WAIT…

    1. Ann, I love that, “social justice whining diplomas”. Someone should sue these universities for selling those worthless degrees. These profs and universities should be held accountable. Mansfield should be going after these con-men/women.

      1. they’re all mentally ill. The academic and useless workforce gulag they’ve created is disgusting.

    2. Worthless diplomas that will end up costing a ton of money and interest in fiat money.
      Those “women’s studies” degrees will be less valuable than shit stained toilet paper.

  9. No man should ever “vote democrat” or vote Liberal or vote NDP or vote (insert left of center shit bag party here). Those are the people who created the big give-her-ment welfare state and nothing is more hateful to men than big daddy government.

    1. Ronald Reagan the uber-Republican was first to implement no-fault divorce marriages in California. He also is the jackass who gave us amnesty for illegal aliens. Conservatives are no better than the shitlibs.

      1. I hate the CONservative money changer whores who deify that demented, geriactric ACTOR.
        an ACTOR, for fucks sake…

        1. I know people who don’t realize that politics is about as real as the WWE make my ass hurt…

      2. No fault divorce wouldnt be a problem if men could take whatever their labor paid for.

      3. He is also the “conservative” who tripled the national debt. And raised taxes on the middle class…yes, raised taxes.

    There is a seven year cycle in which financial crashes happen:
    1980- recession
    1987- stock market crash
    1994- bond market crash
    2001-9/11, stock market crash
    2008- housing market crash
    This is most likely the year that the biggest ever crash known to mankind will occur. You have been warned. Take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

    1. 2020. Possibly later, given our Great Leaders propensity to kick the can down the road.

        1. Spend the time wisely. We rely on a massively complicated network of transportation and businesses simply in order to survive today. If the local corner store one day runs out of food, what will you do? Or if electricity suddenly gives out?
          Become financially independent of the fiat economy if at all possible, learn whatever will help to survive in a world less advanced than the current one, and make plans.

    2. 2008 is still fresh in the minds of many people, including people controlling the financial system, so even if a crash happens I don’t think it will be incredibly severe. Another thing is that for a crash to happen you need a boom. In 2001 it was the internet, in 2008 it was housing. But this time around there doesn’t seem to be any boom. 2008 was so bad that we’re still mostly recovering.
      I agree with the spirit of your post though- a crash IS going to happen, if not this year then probably in the next five years. I guess the most sensible action would be to withdraw all your stocks, invest in a more stable currency like gold, then wait for the crash to hit rock bottom and re-invest again.

      1. The boom is the welfare state. Once we run out of money to fund everything – not if – it will crash.
        Additionally, we are in a peace bubble. As in we are overdue for a war. People become dumb and weak in times of peace and the longer it lasts the worse it will be when it ends.

        1. Nonsense. Look up what a boom (as in speculative bubble) means. You’re an idiot and a lunatic, no different from the homeless guy ranting under my window.

        2. By resorting to needless ad hominems it is you who presents as an idiot and a lunatic.

        3. Ok, I’ll bite. With combined western debt running at $18 trillion for USA and €12 trillion for euro, just what do you think is going to happen when these central banks go into hyperinflation?

    3. Even if it does, there is only so much one can do. The fact is, the information age is making it harder and harder to find work.
      With that said, work is becoming more expensive then ever as well. The thing this author failed to address is that many of the workers who are laid off refuse to take a drop in their lifestyle to extend the funding they do have. If any!
      Then, they try to find work that sustains their now old way of life. A way of life they could not possibly have believed, if they did math, would be there long term.
      If you are a billionaire, and I am certain you wish to stay that way, you will never just hand out cash for nothing.
      You measure each transaction as an investment. Sadly, the American worker is becoming increasingly non-negotiable in what will constitute a work week. ANd they over-value the cost of their labor. Thereby pricing themselves out.
      I know, as a prior communications electrician, I can tell you that the job market is bleak unless you know someone. So those beneath the rich who actually do the hiring are with holding jobs from those they don’t know.
      So, there are solutions. But you personally have to find them. Or find a new career, and be content living off less.
      The golden days that happened after our grandfathers destroyed the world after WW2 are gone. That unprecedented economic boom is highly unfeasible to happen to anyone again.
      So the concept of the future always getting better for “our own kids” was always an impossibility. Especially with a greedy baby boomer generation that was as dumb as rocks when it comes to planning.

      1. “The fact is, the information age is making it harder and harder to find work.”
        That’s absolute bullshit.
        There are thousands upon thousands of unfilled, high skilled jobs in my region.
        I’m an IT contractor. People wouldn’t be paying me £50,000 for 6 months work if demand for skill wasn’t through the fucking roof

        1. Thousands upon thousands that only take people of a particular skill and experience which is not going to be any of the thousands upon thousands that lost their jobs.

        2. 93 million permanently unemployed in the USA. And they’re not all software engineers or systems architects or whatever. Moreover, many bought into the American dreams and took out mortgages on homes that make them immobile and disinclined to migrate in search of new opportunities, until the post-foreclosure eviction, that is.

    4. I think they will paper it over one more time. Pigeons come home in 2022.

    5. 1980 – The recession was short and steep. Begun and over all in the same 6 months or so. However another recession was started the following year and it was brutal. Unemployment stats were much more accurate then and the rate topped 10% for much of 1982. This recession is little remembered and less understood. It really was the knockout blow for much of American industry and the beginning of the blue state north and west coast at least in Presidential elections. Job creation was actually robust in the much maligned administration of Jimmy Carter. The Reagan era was a very unbalanced recovery and the beginning of the end of the middle class in the USA.
      1987- The Stock market crash of 1987 was a brief seismic event that actually affected the economy very little. A real recession did not begin until the early 90s and is a major reason Clinton defeated the elder Bush in 1992.
      1994 – Bond market collapse? The American economy was beginning its last brief era of prosperity and this event held little sway.
      2001- A recession had started late in Clinton’s term and was aggravated by the horrific events of 9-11.
      2008- The worst downturn since the 1930’s, even worse than the Paul Volcker caused recession of the early 80’s. Unemployment and inflation figures are now a joke. We have the first anti jobs President in my lifetime, and a Democrat to boot.
      2015- ? Who knows but I suspect no new crash will happen until after the 2016 election. Never underestimate the elites ability to kick that can down the road. I just know that if I were a brave and educated young man I would abandon the Anglosphere and Western Europe and head elsewhere.

  11. “vote Democrat”
    Why do so many Euros and Aussies think that the Democrats are the pure party of the people?
    The Demo-rats are corporate whores who sell out the people just like the Republi-cons do.
    They are same thing. It’s a false dichotomy that is designed to divide and conquer the dumb masses who think that their vote makes a difference.

  12. Vote Democrat… Like the Democrat SJW Circus Act we have going on in Washington and the White House that has been pro homosexual ,pro feminist, anti american with Male shaming and for the past 6 years been responsible for one of the worst economies in American history including 7 trillion dollars added to our nations debt,… Yeah Don’t vote Liberal Democrat.

  13. Here’s my suggestion for surviving and fighting what might be a decade or more of poverty and increasing destruction…
    Form a Tong, DO NOT talk about it online, if necessary disguise it as something else, then work together like a rich elite ‘secret society’ except you trick, rig, steal, support whatever to have you, your members, your families survive. Carefully recruit and make sure the recruit commits enough to have lots to lose if breaking off. Study infiltration politics. Also study how in the past unions had to take it out on those that didn’t go along. A Tong is essentially a union but of people, not workers at X job or Y industry, only illegal when the elites make it so.
    It’s interesting how at the top they tend to be large families that stick together, shriek for welfare (Corporate welfare, end of inheritance taxes, subsidies) and go to ‘secret societies’ while yer local MegaChurch slaps you with Chick tracts for yours.

    1. The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be.
      –Lao Tzu
      Governments create chaos by the establishment of law.

  14. Beyond even the problem of changing job roles, we are at serious risk of a global financial meltdown. If this results in hyperinflation then any amount of fiat won’t matter. And of course stricter financial controls are likely as well, even beyond the risk of having money confiscated from your bank accounts.
    I suggest everyone here buy a few bitcoin, secure them properly and forget them for ten years or until needed. As they are not tied directly to the fiat economy (and have shown signs of being resistant or possibly immune to inflation – to which degree remains to be seen), this is a good hedge against future economic problems. At worst it’s a few hundred bucks gone, at best it could secure your future. They can also be invested in bitcoin businesses for those so inclined.

  15. All of our current innovations are based on decreasing the number of steps it takes to commit an action. Of course we will all be fired from our jobs.
    Eventually there will be 2 separate but distinct societies….one that relies on this crap and one that doesn’t.

    1. “All of our current innovations are based on decreasing the number of steps it takes to commit an action”
      This guy gets it. You’ll have new jobs created by technology, but there will always be less total jobs than before.
      You can have people living off the land and creating a barter economy (as I assume you allude to in your mention of “2 distinct societies”), but you’ll likelier have a revolution throwing out the bankers, or a society of part-time workers and lowered living standards first.

  16. This was a Great Article!! Many people divert the conversation to focus on the poor and the few who abuse social safety nets, while turning a blind eye on the Wall Street and Big Banks who are the puppet masters of our various financial historical collapses the most recent being the recession of 2007. While both parties sell out to Wall Street and Big Corporations why would I vote for the Republicans who openly support Big Business. This is not the same Republican Party of Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. They divert our attention by using Divide and Conquer just as a conquering nation would those who they have conquered. Then you have those who ignorantly place a group of people into a specific box reflecting their misinformed views. You can see the current Republican divisions between the Religious Right and Big Business, but we must also acknowledge that the left is also not one big homogeneous group and there are various wings within each group in the two party dichotomy. A great change of perspective.

  17. I just can’t take seriously an article that says a man should live receiving welfare from big daddy government. This is not even beta, it’s omega. The author shows a conformist, impotent and fallacious belief. There are so many wrong points that it would take me too long to write an appropriate response. I’ll just leave one questioning to show that I indeed have arguments and I’m not a man who ‘hates this guy because he thinks differently from me’:
    Tech innovation is necessary to improve the quality of life (physically at least) and a consequence of innovation is unemployment. It’s been like this since forever. If you disagree with this, how about living in medieval times and dying when you are 30? Hey, it’s your choice. I prefer to deal with unemployment, which is not a problem by the way (but that’s already another point).

    1. The other alternative is that everyone works only 20 hours a week and lowers their standard of living. Which is perfectly fine by me.

      1. Just because you (and other people) want to work less and have a lower quality of life, it doesn’t mean everyone wants the same. One cannot control how much others work.

  18. “How many people would pay for a geneticist to give them a pill which makes their dick bigger? For real? Or prevents their boobs from sagging? Or gives them the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger?”
    How sad if that really happens. Nobody would have to work for anything anymore and life would lose all meaning, and a cunt who would resemble a landwhale today because of her lifestyle would look like a feminine woman and you could never make the distinction, hence sounds a bit impossible, e.g the nature of “progress” (especially technological and all the left crap) is gonna make shit hit the fan real soon and we’ll be back to a better, more primitive world. Let’s hope we survive whatever calamity will cause that.

  19. Oh boy, Doom and Gloomers strike again. While technology will displace jobs, the big problem is that oldsters, ham and eggers, and college graduates still think it’s the 1980’s job market. Where you send out resumes, do a regular job, and live happily ever after with the white picket fence where you never have to worry about getting a job. And they are getting crushed, buried, ran over like a freight train. Welcome to the new economy, where you better be reading, researching, and improving your skills on a weekly basis. Side job hustle, or making connections or perfecting your craft. Many people are still stuck in the mud thinking the 1980’s job market and approach is coming back. It’s not, it’s gone. If you aren’t nimble, quick on your feet, and adaptable, and if you aren’t improving your craft and/or skill set, then you will be buried amidst the rubble as well in the job market. Another problem: many people bitching about money spend countless hour on TV and Facebook tweeting and watching garbage. If you eliminated 1 post a week, that is 10 extra minutes of reading or researching which could improve your craft. The very very strong and the very adaptable will survive, Welcome to the New Economy.

    1. What do you think all the people without the intelligence to do what you are recommending will do? Submit to you, because you “hustled”?
      You seem to forget you (we, actually) are outnumbered 7.99999 billion to one.
      Im trying for the house slave thing too, but you have to understand “doom and gloom” is 100% accurate.
      What kind of “doom and gloomer” could have predicted Obomao would be elected TWICE?

    2. Lol, this idiot mocks “doom and gloomers”, and in the very same breath, describes a dystopia that will inevitably end horribly for the vast majority of people. Derp.
      Best of luck navigating the “New Economy”, but this isn’t exactly the sort of reasoning that will propel you to the top of the mountain.

    3. Things will just be getting worse. There is no little point in doing what you advise when we are heading full-on towards a revolution. You kick out the bankers and suddenly it *is* the 1980’s job market again.

  20. Society will not stabilize until life-like sex-bots are in the possession of the beta male population.

  21. Dude! This whole argument about “the curse of machinery” rendering humans obsolete has been around for years and has been repeatedly discredited and debunked. Rather than reiterating the argument in the limited space of a comment section, I highly recommend Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson” Chapter 7. This book has been around since 1946, is around 220 pages long, and it debunks a lot of the nonsense spouted by the fools and frauds claiming to be economist today.
    Everyone should be required to read this book in high school IMO. Economic ignorance is a real problem and has been for years.

    1. No, it is real, and the advancement of technology is why we have so many bullshit makework jobs in the governmental and non-profit sectors. Gotta put people to work even when there is no work to be done, thanks to machines.

      1. that’s absurd. That was also said when robots started working on assembly lines. Then when I started working in an automotive plant that was filled with robots, I noticed more humans programming, and fixing the robots than I did putting the trucks together. The consistency of the robots were better than humans and a company only contracted the maintenance and service to the robot manufacture. Now more steel is required to build the robots and they only had like a 10 year life.

  22. I need some guidance in finding a new career. What are some in demand fields where I could get training/certification in a short amount of time?

  23. I just can’t give a fuck for people who lose their jobs. I spent a long time unemployed and underemployed and was called some nasty things by people. I am out of fucks to give. What goes around comes around. I’m all loaded up on insults to get a little payback at those self righteous pricks. .

    1. Tell those self righteous pricks it was the bankers, and save your anger for TPTB.

  24. Knowledge based professionals like doctors or lawyers are not safe either. A lot of the document discovery and symptom matching tasks are already being replaced by database-driven systems.

  25. Keynes (despite all his warts) said that with technological advancement, we will all be only working 15 hours a week.
    So, maybe that’s what should happen instead of one guy working 30 hours and the next guy not working at all.
    But the 15 hours a week hasn’t happened because Bitches Want Nice Things, and Bitches Are Attracted To Money And Resources, and because Bitches Are Hypergamous (meaning they go for the guy who decides to work 30 hours a week and has more money and nicer things, and all the other dudes decide to be like him, instead of like the MGTOW guy.)
    Fuck Bitches.
    And say what you want about MGTOW – if all dudes were like this, we would all be working only 15 hours a week and bitches wouldn’t be able to do shit about it except whine and moan.

  26. The key is to get into some sort of trade or specialty such as engineering, carpentry, electrician or plumber and then to keep your ear to the ground for new trends and to jump on them when they start looking like the next big thing. That is take courses, read the journals and keep up with what is going on in your profession or trade.
    Computer programming for example went from punch cards to main-frames to minis to desk-tops/servers to hand-held devices, and so if you wanted to remain in your profession, if not in the same company, then you would have to learn new skills. The next big thing is the “Internet of Things”, whereby everything, from your toaster to the lights in your house to your car is connected to the World Wide Web. Someone needs to program all of those devices and the amount of potential work out there dwarfs the supply of programmers.
    Keeping up with trends is an integral part of life for the professional or tradesman, that is you have to continue learning and you have to continue learning for your entire life.
    If you find yourself unemployed, most governments will pay for retraining.
    Get out and learn something new.
    If it’s one thing I’ve learned from the mano-sphere, it’s that you yourself are responsible for your condition. You are limited only by your desire or lack of desire to improve yourself.

  27. The dollar will collapse sooner than later most likely. Those that have money saved is a bad idea at this point in time.I can’t believe people still think “social security” will be there for them in old age. Our whole economic system is a ponzi scheme to perpetuate slavery and servitude.Let these ass bags in suits move there shit CORPSEorations overseas. It’s time to come up with a better plan.

  28. “Then there’s train drivers, pilots, construction workers, farmers, checkout chicks and laborers of all kinds. We can expect most of these jobs to vanish within the next fifty years.”
    Farmers-? I don’t think so. In our lifetime I predict that we will reach a point in the West where 60-80% of your income will be used to pay for food. That is unless you grow your own. The wave of the future will be small farms that grow real food sold within the local community. Men running these farms will be the “titans” in their community. Individuals living within the cities will have to subsist on mass produced chemicals masquerading as food and even then will pay an outlandish price for it. There is a major paradigm shift taking place in this country and the catalyst for expediting it will be the fall of King dollar

      1. whose going to finance the drones- chump. Uncle Sugar will be dead broke. to see where we are headed, just look at what Argentina has gone through since their crisis in 2001. Their govt. is only interested in protecting the inner circle, all the rest have to fend for themselves. People in the rural communities are left alone, it’s the plebes stuck in the cities that have taken it the worst.

  29. about automation and self-driving cars. I lead projects for construction and mining equipment. The automation and auto-propel machines do replace the operators but you need at least 10 support staff to program, maintain, and sift through the data generated by the autonomous equipment.
    The components required to run an autonomous vehicle of any kind. are electrical and optical such as expensive cables, relays, safety equipment, cameras, collision avoidance detectors, sensors, magnets. All these sub-components require people to design them, build them, and service them. Also in harsh environments these components and systems break down and nobody but the designers and the extra personnel hired to understand and service them understand the schematics.
    It takes 5-10 years to develop robust autonomous systems and by then even the “mechanics” with no formal college degrees have saved over $100,000 in cash (the wise ones) in overtime working on the complex systems. The CEOs think they are saving money and costs when in reality the employment base just shifts from operator to service tech.

    1. Yeah.
      The way I see it, you have 10 guys indirectly producing 30 units instead of directly operating 20

    2. It doesn’t just happen “all it once” 5 years from now…
      It starts out partial, simple, and expands until it has full spectrum dominance.
      Tesla is releasing an “autopilot” mode on their cars in a couple months, it will be basic and gradually improve,
      Basic product evolution, at first the cellphone only made phone calls, now it is a computer, and also turning into a portable virtual reality machine, small steps over-time,
      We didn’t just end up with the cellphone all at once..

      1. I was specifically referring to one product, the construction equipment I know about. Regarding cell phones. Now you have to develop, design and program new models every 2 news years and there are millions of apps being written every year. so again, it is a shift in resources not necessarily a replacement.

        1. the systems will auto-correct themselves, with more accuracy than any technician can

        2. you cannot auto-correct, a ground short, or a relay (switch side) which welds shut in the closed position, or when the optical sensor begins to lose its sensitivity. I do not care how much software you throw into firmware, the hardware gets old, there’s vibration, there’s Number of cycles to failure for ALL equipment, Things will fail and you need technicians to diagnose those failures. For examples, many new cars come with auto-pressure reading sensors on the tires. Those sensor need yearly calibrations, especially when the weather changes. The shops do not perform this service for free.

    3. There’s a still a net loss of jobs. There will be less service techs than there were operators.
      Keynes predicted we would all work 15 hours due to technology, and the reason why we aren’t is because women want material things they don’t need (and guys as a whole oblige them by working unnecessarily), and the elites want to keep everyone busy and distracted.

  30. The thing is not all rich people spend like retards. A lot of rich people are very cheap people who spend as little as possible

  31. Humans can never be made obsolete because their inherent worth does not emminate from any external source. A tool can become obsolete – a person can not.
    That said, people can be deprived of their lives, liberty and property, and a powerful man can take away everything from a weak man, including his opportunity and hope.
    Survival was an uncertain struggle in the days of mammoths. It will be an uncertain struggle in the age of artificial intelligence. Perhaps mankind will look back on the present day as the brief historical window in which survival was taken for granted.

  32. The Arts and Entertainment fields seem to be a pretty steady source of jobs. Machines can’t make movies or art yet. Those are all human inventions. Being in the creative field can hold some prospects if you’re good and have a good way of selling your work.

  33. There are three ways out: salesmanship, marketing, and financial intelligence. Instead of being an employee, you should become an contractor. This way your income is not dependent on one income stream but on many and you get the tax advantages using the rich’s own rules. Also, you want to make the rich dependent on you. Be a Michalangeo. You also want your own farm and form your own tribe that become your social support.

  34. This article is brought to you by the 1%, gullible person or a technocrat fool.
    What about all those skills people developed for their craft that they take pride an joy and took them 10+ years to develop? There are millions of people that have the know how of few skills that they polished and perfected and now they have to give it up and lose their livelihood. Fuck technology.

      1. Technology eliminates more jobs than it replaces, as the population continues to explode.
        Is that the best you can do, fagship?

  35. “This process is the reason every major western country is starting to drown in debt.”
    -> Wrong! The problem of every major western country is big goverment.
    Goverment uses resources otherwise used by the people to be productive. Goverment is never productive. The more regulations, the smaller the pie gets.
    Even if the marxist could collect every tax dollar they think they can steal from the private sector at gun point, it would not be enough. It will NEVER be enough, because the bureaucrats are useless leeches who weaken their host country.
    “no woman wants to marry a bum living on welfare,”
    Again this is wrong and shows you have no real life experience with women.
    Women do HATE the beta male who is a grey nobody and goes to work every day. The only thing she hates more, is if SHE has to go to work every day too, because her man is such a nobody.
    The bum living of welfare has a lot of time. If she too lives of goverment they BOTH have a lot of time. Thats one step up from the boring beta live. Such “bums” often have a lot better women than Mr beta and his fat wife in the debt-prison called McMansion.
    “In the long run, I think your average human is going to be made completely obsolete by technology,”
    Another nonsense. Read about the guys who burned machines a few hundred years ago. They claimed the same. We are still here and better than ever.
    Gloom and doom is for loosers who only see problems and never solutions or benefits. Become programmer and enjoy the boom in mobile devices – it is not going to get away any time soon.
    The more billionaires a country has, the better it will be. It is only the smart and the rich how produce the wealth of nations, never the mass of dull 8-16 work bees.
    This is the one fact the leftist scumbags never get – the “people” will lead a country into ruin like they did in russia or cuba or vietnam or zimbabwe or venezuela or or or the list goes on and on. The left “peoples emperors” never did anything good for any country.

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