Culture War Chat: The Failing Media And Their Manosphere Attacks

Scholar of the manosphere Quintus Curtius joins me for a special edition of Culture War Chat, where we discuss current events. Here is the timeline of our conversation:

1:03: Thoughts on Trump
5:01: How the media’s power is rapidly fading
7:30: Spurt of hate articles against the manosphere, especially one by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister
15:03: Addressing accusations that the alt right derived from pickup
18:33: The media’s failed game plan to destroy their enemies (us)
23:33: What is the neoliberal establishment going to do to retain their power?
35:25: Are we smarter than the elites?
43:33: How my kid brother (and other post-millenials) are being red pilled through 4chan memes
48:27: Why feminists launch attacks against men online
52:35: The future of the alternative spheres (manosphere, new right, etc.)

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19 thoughts on “Culture War Chat: The Failing Media And Their Manosphere Attacks”

  1. Caught this on Roosh’s site earlier in the week. I have got to say that the attitude on display here– calm, non-reactive evaluation of the pushpack we are about to get– is spot on. We need to keep our cool, not bite at bait, and most importantly *continue setting the agenda.* Way to role model that, guys.

  2. You know how women talk, after Zuckerberg’s sister complained to his wife about Quintus the result was they both had the hots for him.

    1. It’s the rule of nautre: ladies just want to be stimulated. Positive or negative stimulation makes no difference– just the intensity.

    2. What’s the correct way to refer to zuckerbergs sister since she has transgendered… z-creature?

      1. There is no wisdom from Athens, Rome, or anywhere else in the ancient world to prepare one for such a challenge…

  3. It’s the “Treehouse Effect” …Women just can’t stand us men doing our own thing separate from them. Augusta National all men’s club NO WAY they sued to get in.. NFL football 100% male players but I gotta listen to chick commentators..

    1. Your comment brought to mind a situation today:
      I am visiting my parents over the winter holidays, and my mother stumbled in while I was listening to Roosh’s podcast. She asked what I was listening to (because it sounded interesting), and I gave her some background on ROK and Roosh. She got a little huffy when I said that it was limited to men; her exact comment was something to the effect of “It’s not balanced”. My reply: “Women have their own things; you have your prayer group and you met with your girl-only breakfast?’
      She apologized later, and admitted I was right.

      1. Nicely done. Once you use logic they have no recourse but to eventually admit they are wrong (assuming they have a kernel of intelligence).

  4. Big Media is in the shitter. They still have lots, albeit, dwindling resources but their credibility is so far gone there’s no comming back.
    Shit they label “Fake News” is more likely to be seen as “real” than what they’re peddeling!
    The Manosphere is targeted because it pulls away men with high SMV who Big Media need to attract advertisers, be Blue Pill and uptake their propaganda to buy shit we don’t need!
    Underlying it all is this HRCesque attitude of Liberal entitlement that makes them think they’re smarting than the average working man and can tell us what to think!
    Anyways, my real point: this journalist has it from “credible sources” that HRC is a Lizzard!

  5. The biggest takeaway I got from the outcomes of 2016 is that the left loses substantial power when we don’t give a rat’s ass about their opinion.

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