Why You Should Start Smoking

The G Manifesto has said it for years: smoking is near the top of the list of what a man can do to improve his game. We may have been taught from birth that smokers are disgusting, disease ridden, and of a lower class, but what else in our collective conscious sparks such a visceral association with coolness like smoking does?

As the G Manifesto has been prone to point out, the most interesting international playboys, athletes, actors and all around interesting men of history have been smokers. It doesn’t matter if a man dresses sharp as a razor, or is skillfully disheveled, nothing non-verbal will ever tell a woman as much about a man as smoking will. If a woman sees a well dressed man standing contrapposto, smoke billowing from his nostrils, smirking while looking her way, she has no choice but to be attracted and assume he is a mysterious and cool bad boy.

smoking 2

Aside from looking cool there are many upsides to smoking casually.

The Secret World of Smokers

A lit cigarette is the password in to one of the most seemingly exclusive, yet overwhelmingly large social circles in the world. With the prevalence of anti-smoking laws and overwhelming amount of public shaming, smokers have no choice but to stick together. In most cities smoking indoors is illegal. This means girls who smoke are forced onto the streets to get their nicotine fix. All you need to do is walk down any street with a bar and use the greatest opener of all time.

From the first spark of her lighter you’ve put yourself in one of the best positions possible. Smoking with a girl gives the two of you valuable, instantaneous, rapport; the likes of which can hardly be achieved so quickly through other avenues. Along with this. the social stigmas surrounding smoking means that more often than not a girl has already isolated herself from her cockblocking friends, preventing further headaches.

If She Smokes She Pokes

It is a known fact that girls who smoke are 69% more likely to be thin, slutty, and suck mean dick. The risk-taking and rebellious nature of puffing squares means she will be down for casual sex with you, the mysterious stranger. From personal experience the most insecure, yet social, women smoke. Use this to your advantage.

There is no simpler way to simultaneously isolate, qualify, and polarize a beautiful woman than asking her to go outside for a smoke. This one is a no brainer.

smoking 5

Positive Habituation

I smoke infrequently. Others smoke a pack a day. To each their own, but what I have noticed is that associating smoking with going out at night and socializing has me going out much more frequently than if I weren’t to go out smoking. When your first approach coincides with your first nicotine buzz you’re bound to associate the two and be more active in game. I’ve set rules for myself and from these rules I have maximized the benefits of smoking while minimizing the negatives. Personally I only smoke when my intention is to get laid. If I smoke that night I’ll either bum cigarettes off of hot girls or bring a few of my own in a simple cigarette case. Limiting yourself to a couple of drinks and a couple of darts seems to be the sweet spot for both decreasing inhibitions and getting a good buzz without getting drunk. If you rigidly abide by your personal rules you will form a socially beneficial habit rather than a gnawing dependancy.

I firmly believe opportunistic smoking is the best way to give a man that added bonus when it comes to socializing and women. I do not refute the health effects of smoking, but the mentality of abstaining from things like smoking is the same mentality which rationalizes working 40 hours a week until the age of 65 as a life well lived.

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All being said smoking by itself will not make a man, but it will perfectly complement stylish dress, fitness, living by ones own code, and being flush with cash.

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292 thoughts on “Why You Should Start Smoking”

  1. Quitting cigarettes was one of the best decisions and efforts i ever made. What a waste of money and health.

    1. The waste of money is due to the artificial tax, though; being the government’s bitch can’t really count as a “good decision”

      1. Being government bitch means you are looking at the computer screen right now while George Soros wanks off on the other side of. That being said, shut down your computer screen, and stick some duct tape to your webcam.

    2. I spent 20 years smoking, and I’ll never again be able to run two miles without gasping like I’m going to die. I get all the arguments above, and I loved smoking right up to the last cigarette, but net… I regret it. A lot.
      That being said, I loathe puritanical retards. They’re your lungs; die young if you like (but you won’t like it when you do). If it helps you score pussy, that’s awesome.
      But when you hit 45, it’ll be hard enough to stay fit with good lungs, let alone bad ones.

      1. Bullcrap. I’ve smoked heavily for 18 years and I run a 1:50 half marathon and always place in the top 25% of a race.

        1. Anecdote != data. Internet loudmouth anecdote? Much worse.
          Even if you’re the super being you claim to be, nobody else is.

        2. Keep on deluding yourself. You might escape COPD (affects only 10% of all smokers), but you’ll never escape the heart attack risks; the cancer risks; the accelerated aging, and the bad breaths. Who are you fooling?

        3. Because your anecdote equals data? I’m fat and running a 1:50 half is barely super; you just must be a total piece of shit. How do you explain the millions of people who die at a ripe old age with a smoke still in their hand?

        4. Uhm…1:50 is barely decent for an untrained runner. I know 80 year olds who can do it in 1:05, but of course, they never smoked : D

        5. Ah yes; the old smokers meme. My grandmother was a lifelong smoker, she died at a ripe old age of 85.
          She spent the last 8 years of her life flat on her back in a nursing home from the osteoporosis exacerbated by smoking, and spent the last 15 tethered to supplemental oxygen because her emphysema made it difficult to breathe. In the last few years, even a cough broke bones. And with emphysema, she coughed. Often.
          What a great life.

        6. That argument is bullshit. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you’d be able to place in the top 10% if you didn’t smoke?

    3. This site is based on self improvement and men being men again yet here comes an article encouraging men to smoke so they can build rapport and gain acceptance from women who smoke. Now that’s some backwards shit.

      1. exactly. If for some reason one loves to smoke, that man should do what he wants to do, simply because he wants to do it, period. But putting your health at risk just to get some attention from a girl is equivalent to spending big bucks on a first date. It is NOT in your best interest, and you put yourself on a lower pedestal than the woman by doing this.

      2. Some posts on this site are designed for the not-so-smart or the very-young-and-suggestible. This is one such post; a post-addiction hamsterization just like:
        10 Reasons You Should Eat Moar Cupcakes
        Reason 1: Healthy men hang out at cupcake stores.
        Reason 2: Cupcakes make you look sophisticated.
        Reason 10: Fat is sexy… almost as sexy as smoking.

      3. I msged roosh on this crap if he allows this bs it’s a huge hit on his reliability and motives for rok. This article writer should be fired.

        1. I dont smoke, but I like his tell on a girl who smokes… She is insecure, but social (in part due to originally starting to smoke by succumbing to social peer pressures and vying for attention.,..) making her easier most of the time than non smoking girls…

        2. I think Roosh leans heavily toward freedom of speech and expression on here.., so he wouldn’t be banning anyone just because he or others disagree with the message.

        3. Smoking tells nothing of a girls sociability or insecurities, many people start smoking during times of insecurity or rebellion, it doesn’t mean they still feel this way many years later, it is an addiction. & Calling a girl easy because she likes to have sex is also a bit far…

      4. If you think about it, maybe the point of this article is to check if anybody here isn’t being a sheep. If everybody here blindy followed the message of every text in this website like this one, there wouldn’t a single redpiller here. You guys discussing how disgusting and useless smoking is tells me that you all aren’t sheep.

    4. Guy with ‘cancer’ in the name writes article encouraging guys to smoke.
      This is site is on it’s way to jumping the shark.

      1. Yeah, everybody writing for RoK wants to hit the Tuthmosis troll jackpot.
        Hell, I’ve been playing with a few article ideas myself, that I might try and submit…

    5. It’s truly a butch, isn’t it? I smoke for a decade then did an “educated cold turkey” quit. Been quit for two years. Awful, awful experience.
      Anyone who wants to quit should check out Joel Spitzer at Whyquit.org. He is the Mozart of smoking cessation.

    6. @armchair_general:disqus I agree with you. My dad is overweight, a smoker, and has health problems because of that. I wished my dad would quit but it’s very hard for him to do so because of years and years of doing it (He started in college). Smoking does not make anyone cooler, stylish, classy, etc. as much as these stupid commercials make it seem. It’s no surprise why cancer and heart diseases are more common than they were in the past.

  2. What the hell is this shit? Are you some sort of shill for the tobacco industry? Smoking isn’t “cool” and doesn’t present some mysterious image.
    The cons of smoking (aside from the surgeon general warnings) are far too great to justify picking up the habit. One simple line uttered daily by millions of women should make you think twice about smoking:
    “I don’t date men who smoke.” I’ve never met a woman who has said “Oh, I only date smokers.” (I’m sure they’re out there, I just have not met one.)
    You immediately DQ yourself from a good number of women because they choose not to date a man who smells like ash, has bad tasting sperm, and an addiction that peels off thousands of dollars a year that has to be sated hourly. Your game could be immaculate but women, being the fickle and emotional creatures that they are, will put you in the category of men who are “too short,” “too tall,” “too bald,” “too much hair,” “too muscular (lol),” “too thin,” or any number of the bullshit categories of how they sabotage their own happiness by being hyper-selective bitches.
    While there is SOME small measure of merit in the philosophy of “if she smokes she pokes” you don’t have to be a smoker to take advantage of it. At times, the “hey you want to go smoke” line can be used as a good way to isolate, but more often than not her friends are smokers so the point is moot.
    With all that said though, if you can control when and how much you smoke, it CAN become just another tool to used…akin to being a prop. I would just be hesitant to promote smoking as a way to look desirable given all the way that society tells people that they should feel about smokers.

    1. Not to mention it kills your ability to get a hard-on.
      The pet iguana shtick works just as well and has no adverse side effects other than iguana turds throughout your apartment.

  3. I smoked from age 15 to 37. But I was a weed smoker. I only smoked cigs a couple years when I was in high school. When I was kid I had a very impressionable memory of sitting in a little snack bar in the back of a drugstore near a kid and his old man, the old man had a pack of marlboros rolled in the end of his tshirt sleeve and could go more than a few seconds without letting out the most horrific coughing noises I had ever heard. Being about 8 years old at the time I have never forgot that day. Poor guys son was so embarrassed at his dad, asking him to stop but he couldnt – the late stages of emphysema had already taken their toll.
    Now, I do love kicking back with a nice beer and scotch and Partagas in my favorite nightclubs in Manila. It keeps the females away while I get my buzz on, catches their interest, relaxes me for when Im ready to get my mingle on : )

  4. If a man starts smoking for pussy he is an idiot.
    What’s next? Maybe a man should start doing drugs, because there is no easier way how to get an addicted girl then to give her some for sex?
    If a man cares just for pussy and optimizes everything for maximum pusy he probably should be smoking for coolness, drinking for confidence, doing drugs for automaic score with addicted girls and do steroids for maximum athletic gains, so it seems. Good luck looking good after age of 40 with this coctail.
    I better pull bit less pussy now then turn into a living coctail of drugs and chemicals.

      1. I think you mean Twerkers? Jeez dude, doesnt get more disgusting than a ratchet bitch that twerks for attention.

        1. Oh ok thanks. Never heard that term before. Well then, Guess with “tweakers” you never have to worry about ’em biting your dick during a BJ.

        2. The “meth mouth” is caused by dehydration, and passing out with your mouth open (basically, your teeth are supposed to be coated in saliva). Same thing happens to alcoholics who abuse the drug.
          I’m pretty sure that meth isn’t that bad of a drug, it’s just that the culture surrounding it promotes degeneracy; ergo, if you do it, you’ll be surrounded by degenerates. Much like alcohol during prohibition.

        3. Here is a lesson for you. There are good drugs and bad drugs and not only is Meth a bad drug, it’s the fucking worst drug.
          Source : Me (Have done all the big drugs and a lot of the small ones)

        4. Having your brain re-wired by a powerfully addictive drug is a really bad thing. Meth has horrible recidivism. It screws you up and you stay screwed up.

    1. Quote:” If a man starts smoking for pussy he is an idiot.What’s next? Maybe a man should start doing drugs, because there is no easier way how to get an addicted girl then to give her some for sex?”
      I can understand the author of the article has a point, but its not worth the health risk, period. And more chicks are starting to kick smoking as well.
      If you use cocaine you will have no trouble nailing the hottest bitch in almost any venue. But do you really want to seriously fuck youself up with that shit just for a hairy hole?
      That said, chicks can taste the nicotine in your cum once you blow your load in her mouth.
      Smoking is just plain nasty.

      1. Honestly? There are plenty of good arguments to not smoke but because the nasty shit you shoot out of your dick will have flavor differences?
        That said your cum would literally sate the addiction of a girl who smokes, or is used to secondhand smoke around, with your seed would you not?

        1. I would imagine that smoking nicotine is a different experience then drinking it down in liquid in the form of a warm jizz smoothy. Don’t know, I don’t suck cock, I gotta speak to a few chicks that do.

        2. You could have her suck the jizz out of your cock a few times a day instead of paying for expensive nicotine gum. You get your balls drained and she tames her addiction to cigs. Everyone wins!

    2. ” If a man starts smoking for pussy he is an idiot. ” Excellent comment.
      This article is a contradiction about all the philosophy of this guys about not been beta etc etc.
      I think the only objective of this article is to provoke some polemic and drive some traffic.

    3. “Maybe a man should start doing drugs, because there is no easier way how to get an addicted girl then to give her some for sex?”
      Follow Christian McQueen’s playbook. Don’t do the drugs, but have them available to help in pulling chicks. i.e. ‘”wanna come up to my hotel room and do a line?”

  5. Smoking is strategic. Smoking sections of bars are ALWAYS the quietest part of the bar, and people are most open to socializing with strangers when they’re smoking, compared to anywhere else in the bar. Slutty smokers are in abundance at bars with good smoking sections, and they will bring slutty nonsmoker friends too.
    If you’re not smoking strategically out of some fear of the health risks, you’re misinformed. Simply light up and don’t inhale and keep the cig at your sides most of the time. A total of 3-5 cigarettes smoked per week haphazardly is nothing. Just keep gum handy.
    On a cost per approach basis, with cigarettes costing a quarter or two, the cigarette offers unparalleled value. Just watch out for girls who ask for cigs but arent interested in you. Make them jump through a hoop a little bit.

    1. I’ve asked for cigarette many times as a smooth way into conversation, but never have i considered to start smoking and buying cigs again.

      1. You’re like an ex-alcoholic telling everyone not to buy drinks. You’re projecting your own failure to enjoy something in moderation. We can handle it. If you can’t, stay away, but don’t be some snotty scold about it.

        1. Who is we ? Certainly not majority of smokers. I only meet person who smokes 2 cigarettes a week once a decade, and guess what, he doesn’t buy his own cigs.

        2. A hell of a lot of people can’t keep it down to 3-5 a week. Sounds like you may not enjoy it all that much. Good for you. I’ve known a few smokers like that, but most of them ended up with the full habit in time. Not all, not all. Most.

        3. You can probably smoke 10 or less cigarettes a day and never suffer any health effect, although you may get a habit. The main problem with smoking is that smokers smoke at least a pack a day or more.
          It mostly comes down to the amount that makes it harmful. It’s like drinking, a healthy man can drink 1/2-1 bottle of wine a night but if he starts drinking 2-3 bottles a night he’ll likely begin having some problems.In fact, the ability to drink a bottle of wine is actually a sign of health because the ill, weak cannot do it. Even real alcoholics can no longer drink very much because their body is deteriorated and they may get drunk on a small amount. At this stage the next stage is likely death. So if you’re a normal man you could easily drink 5 glasses of wine without getting drunk or sick.

        4. If you can smoke in moderation by all means enjoy it. Even if you can’t and that’s still what you want to do, then by all means enjoy it.
          I was not able to handle it. I was at a pack and a half per day when I quit for good. My life has radically improved since.
          Men should do what they want, but I have to issue the warning that turning into me is a real possibility.
          More power to those who can smoke three or for a week. Addicts- watch out.

    2. quote:”If you’re not smoking strategically out of some fear of the health risks, you’re misinformed. Simply light up and don’t inhale and keep the cig at your sides most of the time. A total of 3-5 cigarettes smoked per week haphazardly is nothing. Just keep gum handy.
      On a cost per approach basis, with cigarettes costing a quarter or two, the cigarette offers unparalleled value. Just watch out for girls who ask for cigs but arent interested in you. Make them jump through a hoop a little bit.”
      I don’t smoke, but your suggestion could very eel be a doable alternative.

    3. “A total of 3-5 cigarettes smoked per week haphazardly is nothing.”
      Totally agree, IF one is able to keep it at that low level. The problem is that addiction tends to creep up on you without you noticing it.
      I make absolutely no moral judgement on smoking. I know how it feels to be a non smoker (before I started), casual smoker (which I was for several years), and addicted smoker (which I am now and not proud of it). Everyone is free to do their own cost benefit analysis and choose for themselves. However, since I have direct experience with all scenarios, I can tell you becoming addicted to smoking is not worth it. If you are able to keep it casual, more power to you. But many thought they could, before they became addicted themselves.

  6. Not to mention the side benefits. Smoking:
    Increases testosterone.
    Improves short-term memory.
    Prevents degenerative mental illnesses.
    Helps regulate appetite.
    Looks cools as fuck.
    As for the alleged health impacts, let me ask you – have you ever seen the bald statistics on the morbidity rate? You haven’t because they haven’t been researched, although this would be the easiest thing in the world to “prove.” Robin Hanson did some estimates based upon the largest international studies he could find, and he guesses that smoking might take 6 months off your life… if that.
    However: if you have a history of lung problems in your family, you should stick to cigars or cigarellos. The impact on your lungs can trigger a heart attack as early as your mid thirties, if you’re sensitive.
    C’mon you apes, you want to live forever?

    1. “…you want to live forever?”
      You want to live a shorter life a stinking, hacking/wheezing poseur oblivious to the greatly elevated health & mortality risks – which ARE well documented; what a curious assertion that they aren’t – go right ahead. Just don’t pee on someone’s back and tell them it’s raining.
      BTW, nobody looks cool as fuck with a cig in their mouth (except Steve McQueen, who was cool as fuck all by himself). You just look like just another pathetic, weak-willed nic addict puffing for their dopamine hits like a lab rat pressing a lever.

        1. Didn’t you forget to append “LOZOLZOLZOLZOZL” or something to your incredibly insightful eructation?

      1. “BTW, nobody looks cool as fuck with a cig in their mouth”
        I’ve been cast in a movie, playing a hitman. I’m supposed to be ‘bad’ but ‘sexy’ and ‘cool’ to the audience. Did they send me to a Vegan Chef to learn how to convincingly cook Dahl onscreen, or have I been spending every minute of downtime mastering the cigarette tricks I was taught by an expert in an effort to make my smoking look effortless?
        Movies operating in shorthand via stereotypes like this. Women take their cultural cues from fantasy media. Women like bad boys over herbs. You do the math.
        I don’t hear any prissy moral condemnation here for other dangerous but pussy-attracting attractivies like motor bike riding or juicing.

        1. Yes you’re right, these people are just tobaccophobes and they’re been around long before the Surgeon General’s report. They were around in the 1600’s at a time when tobacco was touted to be good for your health. They are basically puritanical killjoys who wanted to ban everything from coffee drinking to alcohol to sex and I’m not even recommending that anyone take up smoking.In the early 1800’s smoking fell out of fashion which is why snuff taking was popular. Snuff is just pulverised powdered tobacco. These are the same nuts who got e cigarettes banned just like the regular ones in NYC even though any smoke they create is just water vapour although the smoke inhaled has nicotine.You can be sure that these fanatics are not motivated by any health concerns, Probably the same people who raised the drinking age to 21 even though that’s clearly unconstitutional since you’re an adult whether you’re 18 or 80.The same people who pushed condoms because under the pretext that anyone can get AIDS even though it’s almost impossible for a man to contract the disease from a female, even if she’s infected.The primary mode of transmission is getting fucked up the arse by an infected homosexual. In fact, all sexually transmitted diseases are exaggerated and it all amounts to neurotic hysteria.All of this malicious nonsense was promoted by feminists (many are dykes) and was motivated by their hatred of men and to make sex as onerous for men as possible with condoms are all the disease scare tactics. there was plenty of sex in the 80’s yet men never used condoms and I never heard of a girl getting “accidently” knocked up (obviously they used birth control) or contracting any disease except perhaps minor things.

        2. I see you’re a huge fan of the false dichotomy, e.g., it’s either ‘cool/smoking’ or ‘weenie/vegan’, and nothing else. Anyway, I’m discussing real life here which contains real risks and consequences, not some academic ‘if I were a movie actor’ hypothetical. As somebody else already pointed out, taking up an expensive addiction in pursuit of simply boinking women is pretty lame in principle; forget about the other negatives.
          Interesting choice of epithet in your ad hominem: “prissy”. Let’s review the def: “having or showing the annoying attitude of people who care too much
          about…behaving properly and who are easily upset by other
          people’s behavior, language, etc.”
          You may find me annoying (which I’ll point out in passing is a non sequitur every bit as irrelevant as a woman’s expression that she’s offended by something) but it’s probably just because you’re a smoker who doesn’t like to be reminded of your own weakness and liability.

    2. Smoking takes a lot more than 6 months of your life, most studies show it takes at least 10 years of most lifelong smokers. Smoking is a stupid, highly damaging habit, and trying to claim it helps game its just clutching at straws.

      1. The last 10 years are never worth living, though I’ll agree that the immediate health effects of smoking are unacceptable

        1. I’ve *heard* that smokers save tax payers money, by dying a quick death – perfectly fine, until they crash.
          But then again, all of the oldest people on the planet have been smokers. So who knows.

        1. But Dr. Oz told me it was bad!!! Just like he said saturated fats and cholesterol would kill you.
          The way to true health is eating a diet of ‘low-fat’ processed foods and long distance jogging right?

        2. The primary studies were UN backed, as I recall.
          He added more data after an initial post, some of them might be Tobacco funded. But for that matter, you trust government science?
          Time to buy a Prius.

    3. “Increases testosterone.Improves short-term memory.
      Prevents degenerative mental illnesses.”
      Dude, where are you getting this info? I will definitely check it out assuming its not some internet myth.

      1. Keep in mind the sort of people who edit Wikipedia (and the bias of the people who do medical trials) and read between the lines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicotine#Medical_uses
        As for the testosterone – though not mentioned there – studies of dropping testosterone rates make sure to include reductions in smoking, so as not to skew the results.
        And if you think the dishonesty here is bad, you should see the Psychology fields…
        Back in the 80s they “proved” that eggs were bad for you, by showing that physicians who ate eggs had a higher rate of heart attacks; however, there was so much anti-egg propaganda back then, that any doctor who cared about his health avoided eggs – creating a selection bias in the study.
        I’d like to see a smoking study which controlled for Wealth (wealth is the #1 correlate to health, above and beyond anything else, including access to medical care), overall fitness, and family history. But since such a study would *likely* prove that smoking wasn’t bad for you – or at least, that it was far safer than drinking Coke – we’re unlikely to see such a study.

        1. First line under the medical uses: “Although population level effectiveness has not been demonstrated,[21][22][23] the primary therapeutic use of nicotine is in treating nicotine dependence in order to eliminate smoking with the damage it does to health.”
          Lol if you don’t think something containing dozens of carcinogens is bad for you, nothing will convince you.

        2. I am inclined to agree because smoking makes such a great scape goat for all the other cancerous substances poisoning you day to day…. there is more toxic fumes coming out from the glues and dyes in a piece of ikea furniture than a cigarette… the average house is full of toxic residues and that’s before we get into cleaning products, paints, brake dust residues from cars, all kinds of air and water pollution… etc…. 1/2 the cancer problem is caused by birth control residues in the municipal water supply….
          but hey you smoke…. bad luck…..

        3. And your point is?
          Toxicity is in the dosage- and even moderate smoking or second hand smoke can contribute to cancer and emphysema.
          And because wood smoke may be more harmful it’s ok to smoke cigarettes?

        4. But wealth may be connected to genetics since wealthier men get better looking females and a female’s looks are connected to her fitness. And over generations wealthier people know other wealthier people, socialise, marry and produce kids.
          In the past, and perhaps even today around the world, one of the things that prematurely aged people, especially men, was doing gruelling manual labour and these men would look old at 40. People who do excessive workouts with weights and exercise may be doing the same thing to their bodies that happened to labourers in the past.
          People who are healthier and live longer, and even this may involve genetics, are those who live in hilly areas where they get exercise just in their normal life and who do light agricultural work like tending vines or something.They also eat about 1800 calories a day and even if they overeat occasionally at celebrations or holidays it means nothing and is the exception.

        5. What if,what if blah blah blah Humans have kidneys and livers etc to filter out toxins to a great extent. And also, the water supply for NYC and I’m sure in other places as well, comes from mountains water supplies and is pumped through aqueducts to the consumer and is also monitored by technicians. Not much chance of waste water getting into the ground water table.

    1. “This man Hitler was even more ferocious. The more ferocious, the better, don’t you think? The more people you kill, the more revolutionary you are.” – Chairman Mao
      He had a four figure notch count, this Mao.

  7. Do you smoke a certain brand?
    I’ve heard that smoking all natural brands are better for you because it is the additives that kill you, more than smoking tobacco itself.
    I’m mostly a non-smoker – family culture as well as I believe it will impact my poor running (I’ve got PT tests at university). I’ve smoked before – cigarettes, cigars, and hookah.

  8. Bullshit! I started smoking at 19 because I read in GQ that Robert Palmer smoked Dunhills. I continued on and off for ten years until I smartened the fuck up (I was having chest pain after strenuous sex). BUT, it seems that women like to see you move your mouth; my Exie thinks I look hot as hell chewing gum, as she always says that nobody chews gum as sexily as I do. I’ve recently picked up on my Dad’s habit of chewing on a toothpick, and I’ve noticed that women simply can’t resist staring at me; when I know I’m being watched, I really ramp it up and play with it. The fact that toothpick chewing is so rare amoung men these days really sets you apart. Try it!

    1. A black fellow in my Army platoon always had a toothpick jutting from the side of his mouth. One time at the “disco” he approached a woman for a dance, leaning close to her ear to say something suave, and poked her right in the ear. Of course she yelled “Nigga what you doin?!” and made a scene.
      Needless to say he didn’t get a dance. Was funny to hear him tell the story though.

    2. Someone who smoked on and off for 10 years doesn’t sound like a real smoke addict to me. And if you get pains in your chest from sex you had better see a doctor because that’s not normal. Of course most of the time it’s not your heart but something like GERD that feels just like a heart condition and yes smoking in some people can bring it on. Can also be a hiatal hernia which also may feel like your heart.Most people get this as time goes by but just don’t have any symptoms and it doesn’t matter.

      1. Yeah you’re probably right about the GERD, but nonetheless I’m glad I quit. There were long stretches of time when I’d be smoking a pack and a half a day, but you’re right, I wasn’t addicted, it was just something ‘cool’ to do. Addicted or not, it was still doing damage. Anyway, it’s your choice to smoke or not, but in the end it harms your attractiveness because cigarettes age you prematurely, inside and out. Then there’s the cosmetic damage it does to your teeth, nasty yellow stains on you fingers, crazy brown claws where you once had fingernails, you smell like an ashtray, harm and restriction to your blood vessels which ultimately affects your ability to achieve and erection, etc. Yeah, real manly.
        45 comes fucking quicker than you would imagine; it just seems like a few years ago that I turned 30. If you want to keep on fucking until your evil kids send you away to a nursing home for the demented, it’s best to take care of yourself. It may seem so, but you’re not 20-something forever.
        Don’t take it from me, take it from this Russian stripper:
        Fuck I love Russia!

  9. Start smoking to look cool and get girls… Stop it. I understand your logic but damn talk about being a slave to pussy.

  10. Smoking reduces my lung capacity which reduces my gains in the gym. Smoke because it’s cool? Fuck that.

    1. And going to the gym reduces your dick capacity. Your heart beats faster and blood vessels constrict which means less flow of blood to your cock.
      Muscles look stupid too and no girl of any class wants some muscle bound freak.I never even heard of anyone under the age of 60 who had to go to some stinky gym to work out to get fit. I guess that you Gen Y boys were just poorly bred from females who didn’t practise eugenics.

      1. Yeah because we all know that bodybuilders and fitness models never get laid. I guess Navy SEALs are just a bunch of Gen Y boys because they work out all the time. Failed troll, didn’t even laugh

        1. Body builders have shrunken balls even if they don’t take steroids (many do). You also need a certain % of fat on your body to be healthy. Ever see a female bodybuilder? No tits at all and very unhealthy. Same is happening to the males just in a different way internally. I have no idea how the handful of men who are Seals are like sexually but I doubt if they’re any better and besides sex doesn’t take much energy or muscles.My original point was that it’s not necessary for any young man to workout at the gym to be fit. No young female needs exercise either and just normal activity will keep them fit. Young females are just naturally firm and don’t need any ugly muscles to hold their body together like a Madonna (why do you think she exercises so much) A young female just has to walk around to be fit and if she plays tennis or rides she’ll be very fit (riding is strenuous) The distribution of fat on a female’s body and the rate at which she ages is all genetic.There’s no exercise to tone facial muscles.Although I heard that giving bj’s help. At least that’s what I tell girls :o)

  11. Your gains in the gym will not be optimal if you smoke. Even casual or social smoking will be an unnecessary hindrance in making all kinds of gains… all kindzzzzzzzz

  12. “Why you should trade your health for more pussy”. Better go to gym instead – you will improve both your game and health. But that requires effort and struggling while smoking cig is cheap and easy.

  13. Invest your money from the smokes in domestic oil fracking stocks. Stay healthy, get wealthy.
    Sexual relations with today’s females is hazardous enough for your health as it is.

  14. I smoke, I love smoking. But unless you want to start to love something that is going to be less and less socially acceptable and taxed more and more (with no credit for more taxes paid) I wouldn’t suggest starting smoking to anyone.
    There are MANY girls who HATE smoke. Though they do tend to be your more liberal parafeminist types so you might not lose much there.
    It also can make you ineligible for many jobs.

  15. Smoking tobacco is also one of the very few things that makes it socially acceptable for people to hate you and be quite vulgar and rude about it openly.
    Like many things this is best illustrated by an episode of South Park.

    1. Definitely. There was a great cigar shop near where I used to live. Cigars from all over the world and an extremely knowledgeable staff.
      Every once and a while I’d go and go get a nice cigar before going to a more laid back house party. Nothing gets you looks quicker than walking through the door with a massive cigar and a quality drink. You’re rocking a good buzz and every one else is blackout drunk

      1. Got any suggestions for pipe smokers? (tobacco, not marijuana)
        I used to smoke cigarettes, but hated the smell, then I got into pipe tobacco. I actually got COMPLIMENTS on smoking. How fucking insane is that? I was walking my dog back from the park, puffing along like a train, and was wary of a guy walking about 50 ft behind me. I was going to apologize and let him go before me, to be considerate, but he was loving it, walking through the “awesomeness” and “glorious” smell. (his words, not mine, I cant recollect the whole comment, but those words stuck out).
        Plus, it’s cheap as hell, a pound of pipe tobacco is about $25, versus a $6-$7 pack of smokes.

        1. Man, I’d love to take up a pipe. My grandfather smoked one. Trouble is, a) enough cancer risk already from 20 years of ciggies, b) I’d just want to inhale, thanks to those 20 years of cigs again.
          Also, fresh pipe smoke is the nuts, but stale, not quite as much.

        2. I think you would have less risk of cancer with pipe smoke, for how much tobacco you put in the bowl, you waste a lot by maintaining the ember (puff puff puff, puff inhale).
          Besides, you can fill the bowl as much as you want (or as little) and you can pack it for how you want to smoke at that specific time. Like, small bowl, light pack = hot burn, quick smoke. small bowl, tight pack = medium smoke. large bowl, loose pack = medium smoke in the rain. large bowl, tight pack = long smoke, casual.
          Since the tobacco is so cheap, I just toss the stale stuff if I don’t finish.
          I really love making custom mixes. black cavendish+cherry+whiskey blend = aromatic, heavy smoke.
          I need to do some research and figure out the additives and stuff though.

        3. Good pipe tobacco is $10 for 50 g (1.75 oz) Dunhill, Sobranie etc etc Smoke it in a $300 Dunhill pipe

        4. That’s true. I’ve smoked pipes on occasion, and sometimes had non-smokers remark that it actually smells good, when usually they would hate the smell of cigarettes.

        5. Ok, looked up as much info as I could find, and basically the only main additive is PG just to maintain longevity, but that’s used in food stuffs as well.
          Sure there’s aromatics and flavourings, but I wasnt counting those.
          I make do with $20 pipes, just need to care for them properly so they don’t crack and get a healthy cake. I don’t mind the cheap tobacco, I’ve done the expensive stuff before and it’s not the big of a difference, sure it gets gurgly from the sugars and stuff. Rotate your pipes and it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    2. I like cigars but honestly every time I see a chick smoking one I want to slap that shit right out of her face. These chicks are always the type who thinks they’re ‘one of the guys.’ And she’ll look ten times haughtier with a cigar in her hand.
      She looks a lot sexier being the receiving end of the cigar smoke.

      1. True enough…the sight of it is repellent when androgynous American women do it, but when beautiful bebecitas wrap their lips around the thick cylindrical shaft of a cigar…well, let’s just say that I get visuals.

        1. I love my cubans but the nicotine intake is so much higher that i get major withdrawls after the weekend…. i did the churchill thing smoke cubans all week for a while, but that kinda leaves your mouth like a parrot cage after a month or two…. and you feel kinda odd sparking up a stogie at 9am on a monday morning….. hahahhaa…. i guess i am a fiend for smoking… that’s the problem… in the long run the fiend will take even the best man…. it just takes one bad day and you’re punching your way through a pack of 20 like it’s 1955 all over again…..
          if you can smoke casually fine… but if you are a smoker like me, i think that’s very hard to do…..
          at the end of the day a man does what suits him best… he doesn’t smoke because it’s cool, or smoke to chase dumb 20 year old smokers…. he smokes because it pleases him…
          i love tobacco but sadly i’m an addict on it…. i can have a cabinet full of liquor no problem… don’t dig the stuff that much… but leave a 200 carton on my door step and come back in a week…. the whole lot will be in my ashtray…

    3. I reccommend cigars as well. Especially for all the new 20 year old snotnosed catherdralites here who are wailing over the sins of tobacco, as they have been taught to do.
      You don’t inhale cigar smoke, cigars don’t have all the ridiculous additives found in cigarettes, cigars have a je ne sais quoi that screams success. Nevermind the fact that they are incredibly enjoyable and flavourful; a hand-rolled cigar is a premium item, a living material emblem representing high levels of skill, effort, and pedigree – a kind of prelude to the man who is smoking it.

      1. Why would you recommend anything to those brats? Let them figure stuff out on there own, informed or not, who cares?

    4. Quote: “Nothing says “fuck you” to the world quite like a cigar.”
      That, plus when you bring a chick to a cigar bar, you can get an idea of how well she gives head based on how she mouths that dog log.

    1. So far I see 2 types of haters:
      1) Those who hate on it saying we will die of lung cancer nearly instantaneously after becoming a nicotine fiend after opening their fist pack. Or that women will be disgusted with a smoker or people will mock them. All despite having never smoked in their lives.
      2) those who smoked since they were kids and are bitter/angry because they didn’t have the willpower to not become entirely dependent on cigarettes.

      1. Haha good breakdown.
        “Or that women will be disgusted with a smoker or people will mock them. All despite having never smoked in their lives.”
        That’s actually plausible – but if you’re in the SMOKING SECTION, it’s a non-issue. Solution: DON’T SMOKE IN THE NON-SMOKING SECTION. And when girls ask if you smoke, say no, or only when you drink.
        Of all the cool dudes I’ve met, I can’t think of a single one reacting in the way these haters are.

      2. OK snowflake, we get it you’re special. The addiction monster won’t get you. I sincerely wish you good luck.

      3. i was a casual smoker for 5 years… slowly got upto 5-10 a day… killed it for 5 years – not a smoke at all… started again casually… that crept upto 2-3 a day…. and then way more in busy times, travelling, partying, etc…. damn hard to roll it back… and i don’t want to quit…
        smoking cigarettes is a like having a pet tiger…the chance is always there for it to take a bite out of your ass…..
        there is a good reason they come in packs of 20… that’s the perfect amount to leave you with a few left for the next day… and keep you punching them down…

        1. Stop with your childish crap about addiction because you have no idea what a real addiction is. It seems that in the last generation or two that everything is an addiction that people wring their hands over, things that would be laughable in the past. Food? There’s no such thing as food addiction and in fact it was always excluded as an addiction in medicine. Since you don’t really know the definition of addiction I’ll tell you.
          An addiction is when after you ingest a certain substance (other than food or water) for a while you develop an uncontrollable compulsion to continue taking it. It does not mean a strong desire but the key words are uncontrollable compulsion. Some of these compulsions involve a substance that produces a physical dependence but not always. Cocaine is not physically addictive but there are still people who go crazy to get it. Actually if you keep a person away from it they are basically cured. Personally after trying the surgical cocaine which is almost pure all it did to me was cause a numb nose and throat that you could operate on and was really an unpleasant feeling.
          Opiates on the other hand cause a real physical dependence and some people are addicted and have a compulsion to take them but yet others have no compulsion and are just physically dependent(not really addicts) although they will have some withdrawal symptoms if they stop.

        2. Nicotine IS physically addictive, it has been shown to be more addictive than heroin or meth. Not sure where you got the idea that nicotine isn’t physically addictive

        3. You know, around the year 2000 computers became dirt cheap and also greatly improved and the first really good Windows operating system XP came out. About 5% of the wealthier people had highspeed and that started to increase until what you see today. Consequently, every little prole and kid now has a computer and the internet has gone completely downhill. In fact, I’m studying the deterioration by reading comments’ sections from around the Net. It’s truly pitiful how ignorant, brainwashed and clueless Gen X and especially Y really are.You know nothing and are not even smart enough to know you know nothing. Running to Wiki or some other amateur site for some misinformation and then using that to argue is asinine and any intelligent and well rounded person with a wide and diverse eduction would just laugh at you.
          You weren’t even able to read my simple comment correctly (lay off that wacky weed) and then argued about something I never wrote lol

    2. Haha the top-rated comment on that is that ‘you can’t be a casual smoker.’ Fucking idiot. I’ve been a casual smoker for over a year now. Have gone through maybe six or eight packs over a year and a half, and most of those cigarettes were given away. I never smoke when I’m not out at a bar.

      1. i don’t know how old you are and certainly some people especially cigar smokers can keep it casual… but all it takes is a stressful week, a couple of bad days… dead relative, an unfair arrest or a delayed flight, car accident… any kind of fuck up that has you think… shit i need a smoke…
        it can even take you on vacation… sure you don’t go to the bar during the week…. ‘most of the time’… but you take a week in vegas and start smoking more… it’s nearly impossible to roll it backwards….
        i smoked casually for 5 years… then it crept into 2-3 a day… that turned into 10+…. i can easily hit a whole packet in a day… and it’s a struggle to keep it under 5….. it takes you, and you really appreciate the enhanced mental clarity…. and it does make you sharp and think straight….
        great stuff… just watch out….

        1. I love addictions.Besides, everyone alive now is going to come to a bad end one day and once you’re dead you won’t even know it. No one gets out alive. Sooner or later something will happen to you. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t take any drugs, don’t have sex because you’ll get a disease.You’re still going to get ill, debilitated and die, or just suddenly die.

        2. Drinking is easier to control than smoking, for most people. Not gonna give up sex.
          Nah, if you’re a drunk, don’t drink, it’ll fuck you up. if you can’t control your smoking, don’t smoke, it’ll fuck you up. Ditto smack, meth, etc. Even weed can be that way, believe it or not. Most people can handle it just fine but I’ve known a couple guys who just couldn’t stop when they started.
          Real addictions aren’t much fun. You’re just talking about play addictions. Read W. S. Burroughs. Even smoking catches up with you eventually.
          Don’t let shit own you. You sound like some poor bastard in over his head in debt on a house and car he can’t afford, who hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

        3. You sound like an anal retentive inexperienced little poor boy.I own outright everything I have and have never borrowed any money in my life. My net worth is somewhere between $50m and $70m depending on stock prices and other factors.
          And I don’t have to read anything by Burroughs because I knew the man.And besides that I had read his few books before I knew him and he gave me a few signed 1st editions.
          And btw, weed really is for morons which is why so many ne—groes smoke it. Opiate using like Burroughs and myself(I’m a medical doctor) will never touch the crap.
          Now, run along mama’s boy

      2. A WHOLE year? OMG that’s like SOOO LONG!
        Not a lot of people can be casual smokers forever. Smoking is addictive. There’s an absolutely classic failure mode with addictive substances where casual users with very little experience laugh at the users who actually know what they’re talking about from years of experience and years of wide acquaintance among other users.
        You’re what’s technically known, among people qualified to judge, as a fucking idiot.
        A year. A whooole year. Fucking idiot. Biggest expert in the room, you are. One whooole year. Yessir, you’ve seen it all in that ENTIRE year, you weary, jaded little thing, you.
        Absolutely classic prelude to an addiction. 100% by the book. I did the same, but even when I was 18 i wasn’t enough of a fucking idiot to lie to myself about it.
        It didn’t kill me and it won’t kill you. But the self-deception coupled with hubris is a laugh riot. A WHOLE YEAR! My sides hurt. How old are you, 20?

    3. I think it’s a logical strategy. Personally I fought hard to quit, so I don’t want to tempt the nicotine gods again. But if it came down to it, I could still puff on one without inhaling, if that meant talking to a cute girl.
      What I’m seeing from the critics is a lot of the same old same old when it comes to game. Either it’s “you’re a slave to pussy if you need to do X” or “female smokers [in this case] are ‘low quality.’” These canards are the first and last refuge of the beta male.

  16. Western Cancer, do you find the same benefits with e-cigs?
    I find they are still new, so I can attention whore with them, but you don’t get the “can I get a light?” opener.

    1. I don’t really have a lot of experience with those, but I know people use them to quit smoking.
      That being said the whole point of an e-cig is to get a nicotine hit.
      What I’m advocating is becoming an opportunistic smoker who very infrequently smokes. The habit lies in the action of smoking and the socialization rather than the nicotine itself. Its about fitting in and the large amount of cultural associations rather than standing out with an e-cig.

      1. yeah but when you switch to day game you’ll soon be on a pack a day… hahahha … there are so many bored chicks standing outside office buildings sucking one down…. it’s the perfect pick up line…. ‘have you got a light honey?’

      2. This is in complete controversion to masculinity. In fact, all these articles about ‘game’ are in complete controversion to masculinity. Why do you have an entire site, or sites, devoted to espousing mankind’s freedom from Western, Feminist dogma, supposing it exists in the way we say it does here, and then consistently post articles about how to devote an exceedingly large amount of time to picking up chicks for the momentary pleasure of coitus? It makes absolutely zero sense. None. Why not use that time for something more productive? Further, why damage not only your goddamned health just to get a lay, but also your independence from bullshit social norms? That’s something the women you claim to hate do. That’s what an eating disorder entails; that is its point. I have no clue why RoK keeps you in its stable of writers. Your articles are the worst this site has to offer and your life the worst humanity has to offer. To repeat what others have said, this site or ‘the manosphere’ or whatever title you want to give this collection of blogs is headed for a fork in the road where it must decide if it is dealing with a serious subject that has serious social and biological implications or if it is merely just a coterie of trumped-up browbeaters discussing how best to do the easiest thing in the world to do: insert their penis into a vagina.

  17. I never thought of smoking in this way.
    I think it is true – a 25 year old who smokes is much more likely to be good at sucking cock, and more more likely to be willing to do it quickly.
    Moreover, offering her a cigarette, then lighting it with a cool lighter – that gives you an immediate bond.
    And if you take a few drags on one yourself, you are not going to notice the smell on her breath or in her hair.
    I’d say this is a pretty good ticket to getting laid. I’m going to try it, even though I do not smoke.

  18. I’m reconsidering what I just wrote.
    Using this logic, what you really should do is carry around some cocaine and then look for chicks that do coke.
    You can entice her back to your place with your coke. Then get her to suck your cock in return for giving her more coke.
    Actually, that’s not a bad plan, now that I think about it. But I’m not so hard up for pussy that I will do illegal stuff. Nor am I hard up enough to support an industry that makes the most violent and corrupt people in Mexico extremely wealthy.
    So, I think I’ll just vow to work more game in the gym.

    1. It is anti drug laws that make that money go to violent mexican cartels.
      If coke were legal it would go to a big tobacco like industry called “Big Coke” that everybody would hate but would pay lots of taxes and would behead people with less frequency than the cartels.

    2. this works really really well…. because coke is so more-ish… one little line and you are just hanging for the next hit…. you can lead girls around like a lion tamer if you give them a hit and then let them know there is more where that came from… just never use the stuff….. it’s addictive like hell…..
      coke and nicotine are kinda cousins….. coke’s the mad fucker from the mountains with huge biceps…. nicotine is the suave con man from the city….

  19. I do enjoy the occasional cigar, but it is usually a solitary endeavor as I usually do it when I am in an exceptionally contemplative state.
    I would like to add that smokers consume less healthcare than obese people, and to the extent they consume additional healthcare they at least pay for it with the obscene taxes.

  20. Yeah. Nothing is more attractive than lung cancer and a hole in your throat. And to say smoking compliments fitness just total stupidity. It doesn’t get much more counter intuitive than that. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

    1. Didn’t you know when you have a hole in your throat you get that deep robotic voice that women crave?

  21. Smoking is a great ice-breaker and should be used strategically. Never smoke more than a few cigs a week.

  22. Note the end the author says “All being said smoking by itself will not make a man, but it will perfectly complement stylish dress, fitness, living by ones own code, and being flush with cash.”
    I am noticing a trend with Returnofkings.com game advice, the author will usually qualify at the end that being built or having cash helps, so does being 6 feet tall. I’m not saying that being rich, tall, handsome and muscular will get you chicks, in itself it won’t, but being good looking and having even some game will be better than being short, bald and fat, and having lots of game and pointing out that you should quantify your game with being good looking and rich is pointless, you’re either good looking and tall, and on your way to being rich, or you’re not.
    I like a lot of the articles on Return of Kings, a lot of the social commentary is hilarious and spot on, but articles that basically say you have to do something dangerous and damaging (like smoking) to get girls are not helpful, neither is the constant qualifier “but I’m 6’2″ and jacked and have tons of money, so that may have helped”.

    1. I am 6’2 and sexy as hell with money to burn, who knows maybe I’m full of shit about smoking.
      However, your bitching is of the same type as women on the ‘5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder’ article. They cried out saying “what man dares tell me I need to have an eating disorder to get a boyfriend!!! thats unhealthy” when in reality Tuthmosis was arguing the addition of a girl with an eating disorder to your life.
      No one here is telling you that you must start smoking in hopes of getting laid. Its just another — rather effective — tool, you’re perfectly capable of making your own decisions… right?

      1. Absolutely, one can make one’s own decisions, my two points are thus 1) must you promote something that is extremely unhealthy (not as unhealthy as drugs as some commentaries have indicated, but still incredibly unhealthy) 2) You keep mentioning your impressive physical and financial attributes, and they are commendable, congratulations in a completely non judgmental way, but, I think you qualifying with that at the end sort of dilutes your whole argument, of course good looking tall and rich men have better luck with women, that is an absolute no brainer.

    2. duder-
      Afraid to do dangerous things like, *gasp*, smoking a cigarette…
      Wonders why he can’t get girls

  23. Dumbest article ever….being alpha is not smelling like shit through smoking or wrapping your cock in shit from doing anal. Get some self respect.

  24. Not to be a dick but RoK is really starting to produce some ridiculous articles. Seriously guys.

  25. I quit smoking two years ago, and do not regret my decision. However I also had way more sex appeal as it often complimented a natural vibe of indifference.
    Sometimes I miss it, but I know overall not smoking is the smarter move.

  26. You guys should publish an essay on the pros and cons of the Pet Iguana Shtick.
    Have you ever noticed when you are at the beach that Iguana Man can always be seen talking to a couple of hot babes?
    And any reader anecdotes on Boa Constrictor Dude?

    1. Monkies sometimes go berserk and attack you. Dogs are good and normal females love them. Any female who does not love dogs is a female you want to steer clear of.

      1. Let me just say that the people on here are not normal which seems to explain your failure with women and in life. I don’t know of anyone who dislikes dogs so many of you are non western non white or just weird freaks.

        1. Damn. Why so much hatred for non- whites?
          I don’t get that side of things on this site. I resent being told I have “White privelege” and being blamed for things I can’t control / happened hundreds of years ago, but I don’t get automatically loathing a non- white person. There are too many shirty white people for me to join that team.

  27. Cool? Are you 12 or retarded?
    What you clearly aren’t, is a smoker. Virtually all smokers want to quit. And not because of anti-smoking propaganda. In fact, it’s retarded propaganda like this article that got them hooked on cigarettes to begin with. Being a slave to pussy is so Alpha. Go jocks! Fuck nerds!

  28. You know I found this site a few weeks ago I’ve been impressed with a lot of the articles that have been written but I’m astounded at the number of male bitches that constantly have something negative to say.i guess I should just read the article and not drift down to what the bitches are saying.

    1. I don’t know where you live but over half the women of all ages smoke where I live Gaston- mecklenburg county NC and just about every nurse I’ve met smokes also.

        1. Nah, you’re just more uptight about simple shit. Good thing you glazed over the fact that the author doesn’t smoke everyday.
          He views a pack as 20 little wingmen. You need to refine your game tactics for the area you game in, you can’t do the same shit everywhere.

        2. Yes California’s are we in the south east are not so much.i don’t see anything wrong with a social smoke(I don’t smoke)women on the other hand are not capable of doing it socaily they smoke constantly.One day I might smoke a cigar now and then just to piss people off.

  29. I think the type of smoking promoted in this article is a good compliment to your game. Perspective is always important. The medical community quantifies smoking in “pack-years” – one pack year is a pack of smokes every day for a year. Pack-years of 20, 30, 40 years are relatively common in lifelong smokers, however that amount of smoking is certainly a huge risk factor for lung cancer but especially heart disease. A couple smokes a week or weekend? You’ll be able to tell the next morning when you cough up some shit and have a sore throat, but certainly no long term risks – besides obviously addiction.

  30. Haters, GTFO. Since when did RoK become a refuge for frustrated puritans? Guess what chumps: once in a while I like to eat a big fuckin’ Carls Jr/Hardees hamburger even though they’ll eventually give me hypertension, heart disease, or colon cancer if I eat too many too frequently. Yeah, cigarettes will kill you if you’re a pack a day smoker. Alcohol will kill you too if you drink a twelve pack of beer or a bottle of whiskey every day. The author specifically says that he’s an infrequent smoker. Everything in moderation. Including moderation.
    I seldom smoke cigarettes but on special occasions I’ll head out with a pack of unfiltered Lucky Strikes. They’re what our grandfathers smoked when they were finished killing Nazis and Japanese for the day.

  31. Wow, this article is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I enjoy the website, but the advice here is well, retarded. Thanks for the laugh though.

  32. When I first saw this article, I was excited. I was expecting some genius shit from a fellow smoker.
    …after reading this, I’m very afraid that this site has more influence than it should.
    Smoking should be done for its own sake. It’s not something you should feel ashamed OR proud of. You just do it. Eventually, if you do it enough, you keep doing it without giving a fuck about what some website tells you.
    All those great men and artists we look up to who smoke… do you think any of them care about how they look while they smoke? It’s not an accessory. It’s not a game tactic. You don’t pull down your menu and EQUIP a cigarette. Aside from the stimulation, you don’t get a CIGARETTE BONUS to your stats. You just DO IT.
    One of the reasons why it’s so addictive is that it requires no thought whatsoever. But, if you smoke as a means to an end, as a show, as a character, and not for itself…then you don’t deserve to smoke that fucking cigarette. You’re fucking wasting it, and quite frankly, if I catch you doing that shit, I will take it out your mouth.
    Dear God. This is teenage shit. Do you think we’re fucking stupid?
    If no “good” women exist in the West, and THIS qualifies as game advice, then sure, it will help you get laid, but what you’re encouraging is narcissism. The reason Game in its present form exists is because women are narcissists, because men are narcissists.
    Shit like this feeds into the very “problem” you’re trying to solve.

    1. Nicely written, but the fact remains that acquiring a regular smoking habit is stupid for millions of reasons. Of course, your point is well taken that taking a nonchalant attitude toward such things is usually best.

  33. Smoking is disgusting. And telling men to destroy their health in order to get women is some beta ass shit. Girls who smoke are also disgusting. When I’m making out with a girl I want to smell/taste her and her perfume, not freaking tar.
    You know what? I hear meth is good as a pre workout. It’ll help you get jacked. And theres nothing like the exclusive social club of meth users, it’s very tight-knit.

  34. You don’t need to smoke to be the guy there with the light. The cigarette is just a security blanket because you don’t know what to do with your arms / hands.

    1. I think this site would be better off with less frequent, but more thoughtful articles. Some of the stuff is good, but this one comes across like a brain fart. It’s almost like they felt they just needed to throw something out there.

  35. Considering the madness of some advice pieces on here, I have to say this is the WORST advicd on ROK. LOL. Start smoking. Are you infuckingsane?

    1. And what he meant to say was: There is a lot of dodgy advice, but this has to be the worst! Risking death, disease, impotence and misery of addiction for “game” is like you’re trolling the readership instead of the femtards for once. Now if you advocated the odd cigar.. you don’t inhale them so the majority of cigarette risks are not an issue. Can still get mouth cancer but thats supereasy to detect early on. Peace.

  36. This article offers the worst advice ever. If you’ve got to go to extremes, such at starting to smoke cigarettes, for sex, then you are beyond repair…not even the red-pill can save you.
    Men are about self-improvement…smoking cigarettes is 100% contrary to that. Lift-weights and eat right and stay away from carcinogenics.

  37. Smoked a cigar on my 21 birthday once. Wasn’t bad but not something i would do on a daily bases .
    Everyone in the comments is obviously overreacting. Borderline on group think. Of course having pack of Newports a day is fucking retarded but a few smokes a year isn’t going to kill anyone so clam the fuck down. LOL

    1. I smoked for over a decade. Do you think I intended to become addicted? I started out much the way you have. I smoked at bars, and to this day my biggest temptation is when I drink. I went on like that for a couple of years, and then I found more and more “special” occasions to smoke. Till finally I had to admit I smoked. Nobody wakes up and says I’m going to start a habit that will damage my health and cost a fortune.

  38. Smoking cigarettes is for faggots. Men who smoke smoke cigars & pipes. The most masculine tobacco use method, and sure to improve “game,” is nasal snuff.

    1. Pfft nasal tobacco? I use nasal cocaine bro, that’s where it’s at. All the bishes wanna come at me when I got some of that white

      1. It’s illegal but I figure if you’re going to go with a prop, then illegal drugs is probably the prop to go with.

  39. Couldn’t disagree more. You are basically ruining your health solely for the purpose of appearing “cool” to women. Isn’t that the ultimate pedestalization? If you were in prison and wouldn’t see a woman for 20 years, would you still smoke? If not, then ask yourself why it’s necessary to put tar into your lungs just for women. Are women really worth your health? There’s not one woman’s pussy in the entire world worth getting lung cancer for.

  40. Well, maybe Western Cancer has a point. Why don’t we former smokers reminisce about old times. What I loved about smoking was the hacking cough I got whenever I was having a good laugh. You know, one of those laughs, that are so great but so rare, where you’re laughing so hard you lose your breath. When I smoked those always ended with a severe coughing fit. I miss that…good times, good times.

    1. You were obviously smoking some cheap crap and also had a weak constitution from bad breeding. These cheap cigarettes (especially the low tar and nicotine ones) are harsh. The reason the low nicotine ones are worse is that in order to get the nicotine levels that low they have to use harsh stems and stalks (nicotine is mostly in the leaf) and these will cause irritation. I have never coughed from smoking and in fact it clears my breathing because smoking will dilate bronchial tubes. Of course excessive smoking will cause other problems. Also, did you smoke menthol cigarettes because these and cigarettes with additives are worse.

  41. satire right? in any regard I just wanna say if you gone smoke leave them cancer sticks alone and light you up some good high grade weed man. yall hustlin backwards lmao…killin yaself to look cool for some dime a dozen ass throw away bitches. you ol internet alpha posers lol

  42. I have some helpful advice. If you intend to smoke casually then go with organic cigarettes. They aren’t nearly as addictive, and if you find that you’ve actually become a smoker then switch to organic. You will suffer withdrawal as if you had quit smoking, but once you’re past that it’s much easier regulate your usage.

  43. Most of the articles on RoK and on Roosh’s personal site advocate some form of personal improvement/growth.
    So….how did this get on here?

  44. No way! I’d never poison myself with cigarettes to attract woman!
    What’s next ROK, sniffing cocaine can improve your game???

  45. This is the stupidest article of all time. I have a cigarette once in a while but doing it consistently is asking for trouble down the road. Smoking is highly correlated with dozens of health problems…

  46. This is one of the stupidest articles that I’ve ever read.
    1. Smoking is a waste of money. $7 Per day x 365 days = $2555 wasted dollars
    2. Cancer
    3. Automatically bracketing yourself with the impoverished scum.

  47. Hm… let’s see. Start smoking and maybe, maybe get more women OR don’t smoke and get women with none of the negative side effects of smoking.
    Yeah, I think I’ll stick to not smoking. Women don’t tend to like the smell, and scent can be pretty damn important.

  48. This article is proof that this site, that i once frequented, is run by men who call them independent of women, but in reality ARE pussy Whipped…
    There has been a decline in male spirituality in the the west, heck, these men never HAD any spirituality….and these fucks want to fight effects of consumerism without being spiritual..
    This site just goes on to show HOW clueless men are about women…
    women are more spiritual than men, or actually, are allowed to be more spiritual than men coz of stupid fucks like you who call spirituality faggotry…
    really pity these men…ashamed that i recommended this shit site once..

  49. If you bought into the anti-smoking propaganda it proves that you are a blue pill idiot.Learn how to use,not abuse,the substance.Take ANY substance at too high a quantity for extended periods of time and it will affect your health.
    Smoke because you are interested in it and not because some yesteryear celebrity did it,and not because it validates you with women,and not because you think it makes you look tough.

  50. Most of the cancer caused by smoking comes from the way that the tobacco is cured. Large microwave ovens almost eliminate the production of carcinogens. I think Star Scientific was the first company that came up with a process(google it). Its not surprising that you haven’t heard about it in the press- no one is done making cigarette companies villians, and if the cigarette companies say the new cigarettes are safer..its admitting the former were dangerous. You are still inhaling smoke which has health consequences, but if you used charcoal filters like they do in japan it would eliminate most of those consequences as well. And like all things..moderation is key.

  51. The smell of smokers (both men and women) is extremely unpleasant. I don’t think that will help your game. I cannot hook up with a girl who smokes, it makes her breath stink.
    No moral judgement here, of course. Whatever you like and works for you.

  52. I’m not advising anyone to begin smoking and in fact you shouldn’t. But what amazes me based on your comments is how omega many of you sound. It’s like you’ve been completely conditioned to be pc and can’t even imagine that anyone would think or do things that you’ve been conditioned against and when you do hear something that goes against your conditioning you either can’t understand how anyone can believe it or accuse them of being backward. I can probably make a list of things you’ve been conditioned to believe and I’ll be right 99% of the time in how you’ll react to any contrary idea.You’re like a herd really where everyone does the same thing or you’re the black sheep.You should have got over this teen nonsense years ago.
    Then, you believe in total nonsense like “game” that you can’t even define, has no real rules and is basically a cult with no science or even everyday reality behind it.It’s one of those things that losers dream up in their solitude to explain why they are losers.That’s right! If I only had game or carried around a magic rabbit’s foot in my pocket I’d be getting the girls lol

    1. Your problem right now is that you aren’t being clear about what you’re talking about. I smoked camels for over a decade and they don’t do any of that wonderful crap that you’re pushing. They take your wind, make your heart pound, and make you constantly cough up nasty shit. No matter what you say that isn’t good for you.
      Now if you’re saying that natural tobacco doesn’t do that and may have medicinal properties when used in moderation, then I might buy that. I experience first hand the difference when I switched to organic cigarettes. I went through withdrawals while smoking a pack a day, so I’m definitely open to the argument. That however is not what you’re doing. You coming on here and telling people that they’re being controlled by the man, and that smoking offers great health benefits. You need to be clear about what you’re suggesting.

    1. LOL do you actually believe that nonsense? His hair got white and then went black again? He re-grew sets of teeth four times? He’s never been ill? They forgot to mention he walked on water

      1. I would have to personally examine him but the teeth part may be possible.You do have two sets at birth that erupt at a certain time so it’s possible he could have had 4 sets in his alveolar bone. I’ve only heard of 3 myself.

  53. Once again this site resorts to external surface techniques rather than solutions or self improvement just to catch a girls attention and unsurprising written by a no name Western CANCER. Smoking is NOT alpha as a fixation to any substance is not Alpha. This site is bordering on askmen level of mediocrity. Endorsing the degradation of your own health just for a superficial way to get women….

  54. I’m gonna write an article called “Even Once: How Methamphetamines Make You More Alpha.”
    Only in moderation, of course

    1. You know back in 1970 Methadrine (brand name for methamphetamine) Dexadrine etc were very commonly used. Sort of like Prosac is today. Doctors would prescribe it for everything from weight loss to depression to just need more energy to study for exams etc. I knew it was common but it was years later that I looked up the statistics on use and about 8% of the population was taking it which is very high.
      “Mothers Little Helper” from the 60’s? No It was not Valium like a lot of people think since Valium although it was around wasn’t really popular until the 70’s. It was Drinamyl which was the trade name for a amphetamine/barbiturate mixture.

  55. One of the worst advice anyone can ever give or receive.
    Smoking to “improve game”? You must be a big buffoon. Cigarette smoking is probably one of the most nasty, most expensive, most foolish habits anyone can pick up. The benefits surely do not outweigh the clear costs.
    Take up smoking and you sign your name to numerous health problems, some of which include stroke, blood clots, bad breaths, “smoker’s coughs”, COPD, head to toe cancers, etc. If your woman also smokes, she is at increased risk for breast cancer. All these surely cannot worth the trouble?

  56. There’s a popular belief that the main/only risk of smoking is lung cancer. That just isn’t the case. Smoking effects essentially every system of the body.
    Among other negative effects, it causes peripheral vascular disease (which can lead to impotence), coronary artery disease (heart attack), carotid artery disease (stroke), aortic aneurysm (which cause rapid, painful deaths when they rupture).
    Starting to smoke is one of the dumbest things I ever did. I was mostly motivated by the cool social aspect of it. And yes, it can help with isolating a girl or with starting a conversation, it is just not worth the tremendous risk to your health. Thankfully, I quit after only a year of being an idiot and I advise anyone reading to not even start.
    It’s a bitch to quit and it absolutely one of the worst things you can do for you health.

    1. You’re absolutely right about the fact that people don’t realize the other health effects. Whenever I have a patient who is a smoker, it makes everything more difficult. Smoking constricts your blood vessels, which drastically increases healing/recover time after surgery. If you ever need a procedure involving grafting or tissue transfer, you can forget about it. Decreased blood supply from smoking almost guarantees a failure (grafted tissue will die). Some of the guys I know in plastics won’t take smokers for some procedures unless they agree to take a pill to help them quit like Chantix, etc.

  57. Hmm slippery slope this one. Maybe there are some social advantages to having a puff every now and then, if you want to use it to break the ice with another smoker. But the potential disadvantages are big. Some do manage to remain ‘social smokers’ (I used to do that), but nicotine is one of the most highly addictive substances. Flirt with it at your own risk.
    While a lot of well known alpha men with a rebellious image smoke, so do a lot of losers. It’s not the smoking itself that magically makes you alpha. It’s a drug addiction plain and simple. It adds nothing to your life. The supposed boost in relaxation and confidence when you light up is just the temporary calming of drug withdrawal. Otherwise it’s just money down the drain and inviting serious health issues. And I say this as a pack a day smoker who used to think he could remain a social smoker and just light up every now and then cos it was ‘cool’, who really should quit once and for all.

  58. Lol Men, smoking to get chicks is like using routines until you’re labeled a cheesy PUA.
    if you want to smoke, smoke cause its what you do , not for chicks but for yourself. If it helps with chicks great.
    but if you start smoking to get better with chicks, most Men would not have the willpower to stop easily, even among red pill men. Plus its a short step away from “do coke to get chicks” , “talk in a gay voice to get chicks”, “be open to MMF 3somes to get chicks”, “do molly to get. Chicks” which also help you get More girls, there’s just not enough Return on Investment this way.

  59. When I was in college I saw this guy using what I guess you might call “pipe game” on the quad. He’d just stand around in an area with heavy foot traffic smoking a pipe (like a stylish tobacco pipe you’d get at a specialty shop and definitely not some color changing glass pot smoking device) and girls would be intrigued and stop and talk to him about it. It seemed to work pretty well.

  60. ”Why you should start smoking”. Aptly written by a man who self-identifies as Western “Cancer”. Heh.
    “but what else in our collective conscious sparks such a visceral association with coolness like smoking does?”
    Smoking is associated with coolness in a collective consciousness? Odd. Never heard that one before.

  61. Nope. I have asthma, and I shouldn’t even be smoking hookah/narghila but I taught myself Arabic and Turkish, and my social circle activities (gaming and fucking Lebanese, Turkish, Israeli & Egyptian chicks) tend to skew toward hookah lounges. I am slowly phasing hookah lounges from my m.o. though. Gotta be a better way to get Semetic pussy.

    1. I think smoking makes you look cool to some people. I don’t think my image is determined by whether or not I have a cig in my hand. Other things like conversation, wittiness, dress, and empathy for others do more for me than cigs.

  62. This is fucking stupid. I’ve been struggling with cigarettes for 10 years now and holy shit what an irresponsible thing to say.

  63. The cathedral information-education complex is very deceptive. They push the anti-smoking line very hard, and it seems many commenters here have unwittingly fallen for it despite themselves. It is a warning for us all to always question conventional wisdom.
    Regarding smoking, yes its true it causes lung cancer and heart disease and strokes, no doubt about it. BUT it also increases testosterone and improves bowel health.
    Indeed, some researchers attribute the rise in obesity in the modern western world to declining smoking rates. So this is a more complex situation than the simplistic “smoking is bad” message that the cathedral pushes makes it out to be.

    1. Humans have been smoking since ancient times (you name the organic plant, the Egyptians, Greeks, Assyrians, Nubians tried to smoke it!!) so its not smoking itself that is a concern but WHAT are people smoking now, natural herbs and tobacco leaves? No, cheap chemical crap from companies trying to make a fast buck. Today’s garbage cigarettes are not the pure leaves the ancient Romans toked on.

  64. This article is basically true. Smoking matches you to a certain type of girl, and chats in the smoking area after you come out the club into the cold air are stimulating and productive. I would suggest that the ‘cool’ factor associated with smoking will continue to diminish as smoking rates continue to fall, and new generations lose the association of smoking with cool. Nicotine has a 90% addiction rate (this means that if you have 1 cigarette, there is a 90% chance you will become an addict at some point in your life whether the next day, month, or ten years down the line), so it is never wise to begin in my opinion. However, there are those annoying people who fall into that 10% who can smoke on/off throughout the their lives (as the author of this article appears to be). Maybe it’s willpower, maybe it’s the social groups they move in, maybe it’s genetic. In any case, starting smoking is a serious risk, if you already smoke then you may as well take advantage. (I’ve been on an e-cig for a year. Look like a twat. Cool factor entirely removed, but I like my nicotine).

  65. As a pilot, no.
    AME’s (Aviation Medical Examiners) are the last doctors you’ll meet that will tell you to quit smoking you f’tard and get off the couch you fatass. They’ll tell you to knock off other shit too. Your heart, eyes, too much sugar? They’re going to rip you a new one.
    You want to be a pilot? (Other than sport pilot, which isn’t that useful) You need to pass the medical. The doctors that enforce the medical standards, AME’s, take their jobs very seriously, and are almost all ‘old school’ docs. They let the FAA know when they think they are full of shit, but they don’t take shit from the pilots either.
    No, they aren’t perfect (no group is perfect) but they would fat shame people relentlessly. My AME led to a pilot wannabe quitting because he couldn’t fathom losing 50lbs. Well, fatass, you got shamed because you are F A T.
    AME’s hold the same opinion on smoking. Stop smoking moron, it’s not good for you.

  66. I disagree whole heartedly with starting smoking to attract broads. Here is what I’ve noticed regarding tobacco and women:
    Cigars – They don’t like them. Fucks their hair up and they can’t get the smell out.
    Pipes – (I’m 30 and smoke a pipe) Kind of fascinated by the pipe, but still dislike them after getting hit with a couple dense clouds. .
    Cigarettes – Don’t know too much here, I can’t stand their smell or taste on a woman’s mouth. Seems like chicks that smoke dig other smokers.
    Dip / Chew – Women in New England, where I am, are bizarrely fascinated by this admittedly disgusting habit. I have no idea why. Perhaps hardly anyone does it around here? I dip about 1 tin every 4 months, which is very infrequent for those that know. Its more of an outdoor / beach / house party habit for necessary reasons, but try it sometime. Wear a nice pair of jeans that FIT and put a tin in your back pocket where the ring is obvious.. I have gotten approached this way and have even had my ass slapped where the tin was.
    I know anecdote’s aren’t worth much. Just what I’ve observed.

    1. LOL! You Bostonites are fucking weird! My buddy in law school from Massachusetts dipped. I told him he’s too young to have the habit of 70 year old codger. Stop it. God forbid mouth cancer or worse! Stop it!

  67. Wow, this man is stupid.
    No self-respecting woman would fuck or kiss a man who smells like ashtray and has rotting smoker teeth. Get real.

  68. wtf is this article? nicotine is ok as a nootropic/weight loss drug, on its own,
    you shouldn’t smoke anything, weed, nicotine, other stuff… worst ROI

  69. Just use the cigarettes to meet women as the author suggests. Do like you do when you smoke a cigar and don’t inhale the smoke into your lungs. It’s just a pickup tool. Don’t actually start smoking.

  70. I disagree with this article but I’m glad ROK is honest enough to post controversial views such as this one.

  71. I have no problems with smoking, many of my best friends are smokers but I would be wary of promoting a lifestyle that is highly addictive. My good friend and I got into smoking for the sex appeal, looking more masculine, and cool etc, and he got addicted real bad and I struggled to quit myself.

  72. This guy is so painfully wrong about everything he talks about in this article, except for the style. And trust me, even that isn’t correct, because it loses its touch in a club filled with smokers. I’ve been smoking for a decade and there are no benefits to smoking, they’re all in his head! Mods please delete this article, it’s written by a weak and delusional man.

  73. When you smoke cigarrettes, you smoke your life away. But when you smoke cannabis, you plug yourself to the Universe and finally comprehend that “coolness” is everyone’s birthright.
    And then you live and die in peace.

  74. Menthol Baby! Niggas love a man with a pack of Newports like a goose loves a old bitch with some bread! Loose women love them too, trust me. Some ladies dip them in liquid crack, gotta be a Newport though.
    Try it, you’ll have fun. You should also grow a large beard, get built, smoke weed and associate with felons. I know I’m having a great time, don’t listen to the pussies.
    My Great Grandmother smoked quite a bit and lived to be 98, lucid and spry right up to the end. The main thing is there is lead in the Tobacco from the soil, so cough and spit (smoke weed). Don’t chain smoke, it is a sometimes thing. If your bitch is chain smoking, smack her.

  75. Ah yes let’s give ourselves COPD, emphysema, and a load of heart complications for pussy…yeah no thanks. Not to mention the article says that you’ll attract a whore basically. No wonder STDs are on the rise.

  76. As much as I’d like to diss the article for being stupid, promoting an unhealthy lifestyle for the sake of getting laid etc, I need to admit it has a point. The thought of starting to smoke has crossed my mind a few times. Currently I don’t have a problem with getting laid but every night I go out, I’ll see at least 2 or 3 cute girls smoking outside the bar, club etc. Using this opener is definetly a no brainer (in fact some girls might actually ask YOU for a lighter) but overall, if you REALLY need to do this to get laid, you should definetly consider improving your game skills

  77. if a cigarette a week doubles or triples your chances of meeting women and getting laid, is it worth it? A lot of you are missing the bigger picture, there are plenty of reasons not to smoke as well, but these are the benefits. Alcohol is terrible for your liver and causes about 80k deaths a year, but nobody is up in arms whenever someone mentions the value of a drink. Admittedly, smoking is related to 5x as many deaths per year as alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that there are no benefits or that minimal use will have any significant affect on your health.

  78. Haha wow….As a woman, I find smoking cigarettes trashy. Both men AND women look trashy when they light a cigarette. The author of this makes zero sense. They are basically encouraging “men” to shorten their life and waste even more money on this fucked up economy. Sorry to burst the bubble, but women are not attracted to smokers, they are attracted to successful, charming, and clean cut men, unless, of course, she is a trashy smoker too. You can smoke all you want, but when you find yourself sitting in the doctors office being notified you have cancer, you will look back on this awfully written article. Pressuring men to become more “manly” is the worst idea ever. No one likes their differences to be pointed out as flaws. I’m sure the author must have some serious confidence issues.

    1. As a women, you are banned from posting here, why don’t you go talk about the patriarchy at Jezebel?

  79. Would love if there was some oversight as to the kind of posts on this site. I find myself sifting through more and more idiotic content to find a couple of relatable, intelligent pieces. This post is horse shit.

  80. I quit smoking in July 2013, and to be perfectly honest didn’t see much difference! I enjoyed smoking, and I noticed I got many more looks from the girls on the street when I was smoking than when I wasn’t! But for those who actually want to quit, I wrote down my own personal method here http://www.lovedtohappen.com/quit-smoking-tips/

  81. Hey smoking cigarettes looks good but it you have any family history of heart disease or cancer then its a big fucking no no. Be sensible, its addicting and whilst far from impossible to quit, is a pain in the ass. Also you get bronchitis quite frequently. I smoked for 10 years and then quit cold turkey.

    1. There’s a big difference between commercialized, genetically modified, pesticide-sprayed chemical-bathed tobacco and natural/organic additive-free tobacco.
      Traditional Native American societies used tobacco for healing, increased mental clarity and stamina.
      Nicotine dilates blood vessels and may prove to be as effective as half an aspirin a day.
      Scientific studies have found that nicotine may help people with Alzheimer’s disease.

  82. I too am an occasional smoker. After years of smoking a pack a day I stopped for a few years and am now able to have 2 or 3 a day if I want. (I’ve done it now for 5 years, so it’s not a fluke) But if I weren’t an occasional smoker I would become one after reading these pussy comments. All the meat puppets have been trained (men included) to scrunch up their faces and act like old ladies the minute cigarettes are mentioned. I want to smoke to be as much unlike you as I can. While I’m standing on the corner puffing away and you’re standing there whimpering like a school girl, who’s going to attract the babe?

  83. Well, ultimatelly it comes down to how satisfaying are you in bed with a women.
    Are you able to ride her for one hour non stop? If so, keep smoking.
    If not, and mostt likelly no one can be a smoker and awesome performer in bed.
    There was a time when I started to smoke, and not just my performance in bed, but all of my physique started declining.
    It’s like getting waisted to have the balls to talk to women, and stop fearing NO’s. What would be the point if uou finally get her to ur place, and then ur so waisted u can’t fuck her?
    I love this blog, but think it’s getting to a point there’s not much to post, appart from sillyness…

  84. Jesus fucking Christ you people are just as bad as the worst feminists. Ya’ll need to quit being such pussies and get over that bitch that broke your heart. You have all forgotten the face of your fathers.

  85. “…the mentality of abstaining from things like smoking is the same mentality which rationalizes working 40 hours a week until the age of 65 as a life well lived.”
    No it isn’t. It really, really isn’t. Where are you getting this bullshit from? Go educate yourself.

  86. I knew this site was a troll site. There is no reason to smoke and damage your health. Ever.

  87. Smoking definitely has that allure to it. I picked it up to help break the ice and make friends. The comeraderie is very real. Straight edge manginas will always be against people doing what they want. If smoking is attractive to you pick it up, I did it three years ago and it’s been fine. I don’t have any hard rules like op but I still planned on not becoming a pack a day addict. It’s just will power. I like pipes but they’re not as social, more like a good Friday night in. Cigars are great with the bros, and qts are always impressed by a nice hookah and the ability to get a good bowl started. Smoking is masculine, and so is making decisions for yourself. Everyone knows the risks of smoking. Anything more is just trying to restrict a man’s choice to live life even further.

  88. I don’t smoke anymore, but I realize that smoking cigarettes are one of the greatest joys in life. That first smoke of the day with a cup of coffee? Glorious.

  89. OK, yeah, fine if it works for you. I agree with the “insecure yet social” observation.
    For me, this is a total non-starter. Almost all girls want to stop smoking, it’s a recurring insecurity. The fact that I don’t do it is something that they respect, something they want. Everyone knows that it’s not a “bad habit”, it’s a shitty little drug addiction with no real high, apart from a stimulating effect that sucks in comparison to caffeine. Everything else that smokers say about smoking is just junkie talk.

  90. I smoked for 16 years. It went from being a cheap habit that is no good for you, to an expensive habit that is no good for you.

  91. G.F.Y.! You dont get any more beta, sheep, lemming, pussy than being a smoker. Everyone knows its one of the worst things you can do to yourself.I think blue pill posuer trying to join the crowd of “cool” people at the expense of health and money. .They’re the ones that dont have the balls or inner strength to not cave into peer pressure. My whole life Ive been nauseated by these low lifes that lack any self discipline to do their own thing or quit. When I see a smoker I see a weakling without a mind of their own.I think what else do they care about if they dont even care about their own body and health? And fuck those people that “need” to go out of work to go smoke and then they text their coworkers to join them. Yeah really great productivity and work ethic there. I wish i could walk out of work any time I want beacause I’m weak and can’t handle life without a crutch.

  92. You seem to be talking about smoking cigarettes and frankly, I think that’s a terrible idea. Modern cigarettes are sticks of flith filled with dangerous chemicals that leave you smelling worse than a homeless turd drenched in Anita Sarkeesian’s piss. However, smoking cigars (real cuban cigars, not the crap you get at the convinience store) gives you that vintage alpha look and is a great compliment to a sharp look and wits.

  93. I quit cigarettes and smoke cigars and a pipe occasionally. Smoking a large expensive cigar can actually have a powerful effect on women. I remember i was smoking one in a park in NYC, enjoying the intense aromas and flavours (i think it was a Cohiba) and i suddenly noticed an attractive Hispanic woman staring at me as if i was the messiah. Needless to say i was wearing my Foster Grants and pimp hat and actually licked the cigar suggestively when one of the leaves came loose but it was an interesting observation when most feminists complain bitterly about cigar smoke when the cigs they smoke smell like absolute shit.

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