5 Reasons Why You Need To Grow A Beard

A good beard is a very special thing.  Like a properly tailored suit, it can make a man really look like a man, and worn correctly it can be one of the most effective parts of your style arsenal.  Best of all, it’s a gift from nature, and it comes for free.

Starting at about the age of 15, most young men are told by their parents that they must shave their faces clean in order to look proper and respectable in society.  Oh how wrong they were.

About 6 months ago, I threw out my shaving cream and razors and began letting my beard grow as it naturally does on a true man (also trying the no-shampoo challenge).  The results of my beard experiment are in, and it has been a tremendous success.  I have no intention of shaving, and I will now tell you some of the reasons why growing your beard is something every man needs to try.


Even George Clooney is happier with a beard.

1. Women Love It

This is one of the biggest immediate upsides to growing out your beard.  Women simply love it.  Even the ones who claim they ‘don’t like men with beards,’ or they ‘think it looks gross,’ will be lined up around the block for a chance to pet it once it starts really filling in.  When I go out to a bar with friends, or especially if I’m playing music somewhere, the women in the place will walk up to me and touch it.  Sometimes petting it, squeezing it, running their fingers through it, and often times without even asking.

I get opened by women with so many different lines, almost all related to my beard.  ‘Oh my gawd, is that real?’ ‘Wow, how long have you been growing that?’ ‘Omigosh I haven’t seen a beard like that in years!’ But they all end up wanting to touch it, no matter how they start the conversation.

It also works wonders when I’m opening on a girl.  After a very short opener, she is sure to ask about my beard, which gives me an excellent excuse to initiate physical contact.  I can take her hand and lead it to the beard, or if the setting is right and interest level is high enough, I can wrap my arms around her and gently rub it against her cheek.  This is especially effective for getting her all tingly between the legs because it makes her think of how it will feel being in bed with me and my beard.  Bottom line: it works.

hot beard kiss

2. It Makes You Feel Masculine

There’s something special about the feeling of having a full beard.  Even though I’m nearly thirty years old, I still feel more like a full-grown man when I look in the mirror and see my beard.  It’s as if the man hiding within the boy for all the years before has just recently been allowed to grow out.  There’s a natural ruggedness and toughness that’s associated with men who have full beards, and when you see your face without the oppression of razors, you develop a new appreciation for your own manliness. (Bonus: No more worry of razor burn or five o’clock shadows!)

This internal development will also carry into a greater amount of confidence.  You’ll find yourself walking taller and standing stronger than you did with a little boy’s face.  You’ll find that you look at yourself differently in the mirror, that you look at other people differently, and that others look at you differently as well.  This leads me to the next point that…

3. It Demands Respect From Others

dos equis man

Men with full beards have a certain air about them; a respectable, authoritative air.  It’s not the look of a fresh up-and-comer.  It’s cultured and refined.  It’s the look of a man who’s seen the world and has more than a few tales to tell about it.  It’s the look of the well-traveled professor, of the doctor who’s saved more people than you’ve even met.  And more importantly, it’s the look of The Most Interesting Man In The World.

This style can be very intimidating in social situations, especially when paired with the right persona.  A man with a beard always seems to know where he’s going, always knows what he’s doing, and whenever questions arise he’s the one you turn to.  It commands respect from both men and women, of all ages.

I’ve found that even in the sprawling metropolis in which I currently live, simply walking down the street with my beard makes people move out of the way, as if I am parting the Red Sea (much like another famously bearded fellow).  People see you coming from a mile away.  A man with a beard never seems to be wandering aimlessly, using his face carpet as a natural GPS.

4. It Forces You To Buck Social Norms

Despite the amazing things that a beard does for one’s self-confidence and self-image, a full beard being worn well has become a relatively rare sight in today’s feminized world of bald faces.  Even presidents don’t have the balls necessary to sport a full beard any more.  The last one who dared to was in the 1800’s.

While people will respect your beard, many will not like it.  Akin to a scrawny man standing next to a ripped lifter, they don’t like being intimidated by your masculinity and being made to look like a woman next to you.  While they may come up with different reasons why you shouldn’t have one (homeless people have beards, terrorists have beards, etc.), it all boils down to one simple fact: they feel weak next to a man with a beard.

A man with a beard makes it very clear to the world that he goes his own way.  He eschews the modern style and trends of androgyny in favor of allowing his natural masculinity to be on display to the world.  This is seen in almost all aspects of life, as we are supposed to shave before any important event.  Shave for your first date.  Shave for your job interview.  Shave for your inauguration.  All blasphemy.

Once you grow your beard,  you must own it and continue to do so through all the naysayers and contrarians who demand that you capitulate and shave.  And if anyone has the gall to tell you to shave, a stern look and a grunt should be enough to put them back in their place.  Remember, their attitudes come from a feeling of weakness.


Does this guy look like he takes shit from anyone?
5. A Beard Forces You Into The Alpha Mindset

As I’ve mentioned before, wearing a beard will significantly change your personal interactions with other men and women, as well as with the general public around you.  Throughout that time, especially while it’s growing in and isn’t yet strong enough to speak for itself, you will have to endure bullshit and pressure from many different sources around you, whether it’s work, friends, or family.

You will also experience more success, albeit sometimes harder won, in your many aspects of life.  You will learn to appreciate yourself more as a strong man, as a decision maker, as someone who makes their own way and their own destiny.  You will find your decisions and actions further emboldened by your mindset, which cyclically increases your self-determination and discipline.

In other words, it creates a strong alpha mentality.  A man who owns his beard also appears to own the world around him.  He makes his decisions and sticks with them, he is not one to be second-guessed.  To all who see it, a beard is a sign of strength and masculinity.  It is a reminder of how nature intended man to be: powerful, confident, and self-assured.  Because a man with a beard is a man to be feared.

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167 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Need To Grow A Beard”

  1. Beards are a hot pop-culture fad right now, right along with ironic moustaches, 1950’s dad haircuts, traditional tattoos, and all that other retro hipster shit people are big on these days. Some dudes look better with facial hair and some dudes look better without. Tailor your style to what suits you best that’s all.

    1. My view on beards is this:
      Masculine with prominent hard features (ugly) = Beard
      Masculine with proportioned features (handsome) = Better with no beard, but beard can be acceptable.
      Simply just there, ordinary = No Beard for right now, Go with the current social style for your environment.
      Feminine features no matter what the symmetry = No Beard ever
      Play to your natural strengths. If you have feminine features growing a bread isn’t going to make you more traditionally handsome it will just diminish your niche.

      1. Oh thank god I don’t look for the approval of pussy or fuckin ferrets when I’m admiring my beard.

      2. Actually, if you have attractive eyes, grow the beard once in awhile. It tends to focus women on your eyes even more and this drives them crazy. I’m speaking from experience.

        1. Called it. I have emotive eyes, and when I have my beard women have no choice but to stare into them. Even in business, a beard forces eye contact from the other.

        2. Agreed. I have been growing for a couple months and already have had women compliment me on my eyes.

    2. I think there is a beard for everyone. You look great with that big bushy mustache!

    3. Also, everyone knows George Clooney looks far better clean shaven. Dude’s chin and jaw line are chiseled out of stone – foolish to hide that behind facial hair.

      1. He’s 53. Beards hide the effects of aging on the a sagging jawline and double chin, (until the plastic surgery scars fade).

    4. A lot of people want to feeeeeeel masculine and a bear allows them that, especially if they are not.
      You watched the latest eurovision?

    5. I agree, a beard is a fashion trend right now and if women love it, that’s because they are slaves to trends. Besides, you could make an article about why you should be clean shaven, it really makes little difference in my experience. Having said that, I just want to add that despite being one of the worst tyrants in history, Stalin had a great moustache.

        1. I know I’ve read his biography before i discovered the red pill, I might have to go back and read it again.

        2. Lenin started off as a bank robber. He was drowning in pussy and cash.
          I miss the good old days.

    6. Young men in their early twenties should constantly be changing up their style in order to see what works for them. At 26, I have finally figured out the look the works best for me based on my attitude, appearance, demeanor, facial structure, etc. Young men should experiment long enough with any given style long enough to attribute how others treat them and how they feel themselves based on a specific look or style. For men such as myself with soft cheeks, a non-existent chin but decent facial symmetry and hard angles in other parts of my face, I have discovered a beard is invaluable. It is like I added a decade of experience to my appearance, and makes me so much more credible and authoritative with any audience, especially with a tight clean hair cut to contrast.

      1. You fucking nailed it. Good symmetry but a slightly weaker jaw lend itself to the beard. It fixes the jawline into a strong look. Also, nature gave you this so that you will be attractive to the opposite sex.
        I went out tonight and used extra ‘beard game’ just to test the theories expounded herein. I made a (sexy) girl touch my beard, as suggested in the article. She did it, then as she touched it her eyes lit up and she got excited. I told her that a bearded man uses conditioner for a true feel. Maybe a bit too much info for a bitch, but confusion game works wonders. Done and done.

    7. What the fuck? Hot pop culture? Men have been growing beards since the dawn of time. Just because some shit wipe hipster was too broke for a razor doesn’t mean they influenced anything. Beard culture is alive and strong and not going fuckin anywhere.

    8. How about the prevalence of those goddamn “jimmy darmody from boardwalk empire” style haricuts? Those fucking things are everywhere now. Shit I think that even brad pitt sports one now…

    9. Agreed. This article is misleading because not everyone should grow a beard. Some people just look like hobos or face pubes.

  2. “A Beard Forces You Into The Alpha Mindset”
    The biggest mangina’s and white knights are running around with beards these days. Even that Austrian eurovision shemale Conchita Wurst has one.

    1. These guys wear a bread to make up for giving up everything else that is masculine about themselves. They are trying to convince themselves that they are still male.
      Every man knows deep down inside that he is betraying his biology when he accepts feminism/liberalism. This guy’s bread is his peace offering to his shrunken balls. He’s telling them ‘I’m Sorry’.

      1. A last vestige of masculinity he desperately tries to hold on to. The sad part is guys like this are legion in today’s universities.

        1. Don’t worry about them . They will not be a force. They will all be burdened with huge debts with their expensive yet trendy Sociology or Mangina Studies degrees.

      2. Some guys are such hopeless ‘natural’ betas….even in appearance…that a beard can’t even help them.

    2. I seriously wonder what possessed these men to do this. Will he be proud of this photo 5-10 years from now ?

    3. Please tell me that picture is a fake because if it isnt I want to beat that pussy senseless with an axe handle.

      1. Best comment ever. If that’s real, I seriously struggle to understand how people like that even exist

        1. He’s British. Its irony. He may well have a feminist girlfriend who rapes his arse and this is an ironic way of protesting. Not that that makes it much better

        2. The average Brit has shockingly low testosterone levels. This may figure into it.

        3. If you included women that would actually make it lower, although I am not sure what value this would have.

      2. only an axe handle… i think you want the business end, straight to the head…..

        1. Off with his head I say. Mount it on a stake so that others can bear witness to his crime against facial hair!

      3. Fuckin A! A beard on a trendy pussy-whipped beta male is a crime that cannot be forgiven

    4. Notice how this fag also tilts his head like a chick??? Gee, maybe he’s done some modelling for the Gap or Banana Republic…

    5. That’s a pretty pathetic beard I have to say. More like a billy goats gruff. But this guy’s problem is not his beard but the feminine look in his eyes, the pointy feminine chin and the lack of a masculine adams apple. He looks he was nursed on a diet of soy milk rather than breast milk and eats Quorn instead of meat.
      Poor little blighter…

      1. peach fuzz more like. this guy looks like he’s amped up to the gills on estrogen LOL

    6. I have always wondered one thing about guys who like getting fucked by a woman with a strap-on.
      If they enjoy taking it in the ass why they don’t just admit they are faggots? At least they could be honest to themselves.

  3. It really depends on your face. I look odd with facial hair due to my babyface-not complaining since I’m 36 and still look 26. Point being, I can’t pull off the beard but appearing youthful also has major advantages with women. They see you as more fun which generally leads to fun in the sack.

  4. I see more hipsters and manginas sporting beards than the “Most Interesting Man in the World” types. I think for the former the beard is a form of compensation for their absolute lack of actual masculinity.

  5. Beards make most men look like scruffy, unemployable hipsters. A little secret for those younger guys, not many executives like the unkept look, and you are better to die your hair grey, then to grow a shaggy, hobo beard. You didn’t have us fooled for long.
    “especially if I’m playing music somewhere”
    I think it’s more about this ^^^ than anything else. I think you could wear pubic hair glued to your face; -As long as you’re playing music in front of pussies, you’re getting a pussy to pound.

    1. “not many executives like the unkept look”….well than, fuck em.

      1. Faster you make bigger bucks, the earlier you can retire and do your own thing. It’s a trade off.

  6. I shave every day. Beards went from being the symbol of masculinity to hipster trash.

    1. Its hard to keep my beard now that the hipsters started wearing them. But F’m. I have been wearing one for 25 years.

  7. Cant stand beards … I itch like crazy and I see way too many guys who look like douches with them. Dont get me wrong, beards work on some guys, but not many. One of the first steps of being an alpha is to reject superficiality.

  8. I get tired of seeing the douchebag uniform out at the bars:
    1. Lumberjack shirt? Check.
    2. Beard? Check.
    The writer is doing the beard for the right reasons, and I don’t hate on beards per se, just the need a lot of guys in my area have to do what all of their friends are doing.
    I roll out with my closely shaven face, non patterned, recently dry cleaned button down, and expensive watch. There is still room amongst these beta hipster pussies for tasteful style.

    1. I hear you. Well tailored shirt + Rolex / Omega + healthy, clean shaven skin + some manly cologne = Priceless Pussy Magnet
      I’m 45 and regularly get mistaken for 35 when I shave the grey whiskers from my face, which is good when I’m hunting chicks in their 20s. Having said that, my live-in civilian prefers a 2-day growth — it gets her revved up beyond red line. I’ll grow it out for a week or so if I’ll be around some hot cougars in their mid-to-late 30s — they don’t mind the flecks of grey at all.

  9. I just graduated high school and the most facial hair growth I can get are scraggly hairs on my neck and cheeks. This will end soon, right?

    1. Mine didn’t fill out until I was 20. Be patient. If the men in your family can grow full beards, then likely you will be able to, in time

      1. Not necessarily. I’m 50 and still can’t grow a good beard. Kind of like Keanu Reeves, all patchy.
        Luckily, I have a heroic mustache. Both of my brothers couldggrow monster beards if they wanted to. But they’re bald and I’m not! My theory is that we only get a certain amount of hair follicles. Bald men usually have more body hair.
        Gotta play to your strengths

    2. Maybe & maybe not. I had shitty facial hair until about the age of 24. My brother, for example, cannot even grow a patch….

  10. ZZ Top, the champagne of beer drinkin’ music! Ironically the only member without a beard is the drummer- Frank Beard. But yeah, hipster fad and not masculine at all. Bullshit article from a guy who probably has had a beard for a week.

    1. ZZ Top. Songs about having a good time doing bad things. I think Billy and Dusty are 6 ft tall combined but they rock.

  11. I have a goatee with will no longer grow a beard because of these buffoon hipsters and their neckbeards and skinny jeans.

  12. True enough, but men with beards often can’t be trusted as they are literally and figuratively hiding something.

  13. What about just a mustache? I am rocking the stache now and chicks love it. Of course, here in Mexico it’s not unusual at all to have bigotes grandes but mine has turned into a full on handlebar.
    The only possible problem is being mistaken for some kind of hipster faggot. Luckily I’m not in Brooklyn, we don’t see any hipsters down here so it’s good.

    1. I travel between Latin America and the states frequently and always don my handlebar mustache. The American gals don’t know what to make of it, which I like.

    2. Mustaches are stigmatized in the USA as faggy, but if you’re Latin American, do it. They also seem to be a national symbol of Hungary for whatever reason.

    3. There are only four kinds of men who look good with a mustache: old men, badasses, Hispanics, and porn stars.

  14. Just got back from Seattle and Portland. Hipster douches with beards are all over that area like weeds. Beards and flannel shirts can’t make hipster douches look masculine.
    Confession: I used to rock a beard myself, and at one point I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a little boy trying hard to appear as a grown-up.
    I shaved the damned thing off and stared wearing a jacket and tie. Amazing how mature that makes one look.
    If hipsters are doing it, then don’t be a fucking sheep in the flock. Find what actually looks best on you and do that.

  15. Asian women hate beards. They prefer clean shaven men.
    Russian and Middle eastern women love beards.
    Latinas, mainland and other east European women are ambiguous about it.
    North American women are plain stupid cunts and bitches. They may like beards currently, but it can fall out of their favor anytime. Depends on which alpha celebrity is rocking it presently.
    Don’t grow a beard to impress women, grow a beard for yourself. I personally like beards because it feels good to caress it while thinking deeply, helps to think better.

    1. Some Asian women hate beards. Many love them. I’m constantly having Asian women run their fingers through my beard. Feels good.

      1. Asian women have hairy pussies too. They constantly run their fingers through it. That’s why their hands smell like fish.

    2. Motherfuckers all over this page whine about wanting to be alpha then I read this garbage. “Bitches don’t like beards.” Have any of you losers unfucked yourself from society long enough to realize according to women, they don’t like anything. Who the fuck gives a fuck about what women like or fucking think about you? Pathetic.

      1. Exactly!Well said sir.It seems ROK is nothing but a bunch of betas talking about being alpha and its getting pathetic.

  16. When I see a beard, I see either a hipster castrati or a Muslim jihadist. There is no in between. It is a very rare man that can pull off a beard and not look like either.

  17. Excellent article. I’ve been wanting to grow my beard out for a while now. The best part of the article…picture of Abe Lincoln with caption “do you think this guy takes shit from anyone?” Lmfao classic!

        1. That is a real BEARD on a GREAT MAN!!!!
          Not some faggot hipster neck beard like that cocksucker from illinois.

      1. “Forever” in this case meaning from 1861 to 1865, when the CSA surrendered to Lincoln’s government, after having their infrastructure and economy destroyed and their military defeated.

        1. The South never changed therefore the war was not “won”. There is a reason why the liberal murican shitholes still HATE HATE HATE the South. It is because we are different and BETTER.
          By your reasoning the USA won the Vietnam war.
          But yes the fully funded, fed, armed, and fully supplied yankee military that outnumbered confederates 7-1 did win on paper against MOSTLY VOLUNTEERS WITH SQUIRREL RIFLES brought from home. It only took them 4 years to do it also. Good job yankees. I hope you enjoyed the SLAVE labor in your factories which what the war was really about. Taking slaves from southerners and giving them to the factories in the north but lets not let facts get in the way.
          Then the South went right back to being the ANTI-Federal government region that it remains to this day.

        2. This is fairly accurate. Although I’m not sure about the slave labor in the factories bit. There were already blacks and cheap immigrant labor in the North by the time of the Civil War. The Union’s generals sucked ass. They were horrible. Sherman was good though because he was such a bastard. He basically invented modern warfare. That’s why it took the North so long to win. The South had GREAT generals.

        3. Factories were not the sole reason for the transfer of slaves. It is just the easiest way to illustrate the point. There were minuscule numbers of blacks in the north before the civil war but look at the once great industrial cities like Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Philly, Newark etc etc etc
          The predominant groups are southern lineage blacks.

  18. This article is bullshit. The vast majority of beards are worn by the biggest pussies to ever walk the earth, hipsters. A beard doesn’t make you man no more than affliction shirts and flat bill hats make you tuff.
    Some guys look good with a beard and some don’t. End of story.
    Wear the beard if you want but know that the vast majority of guys look better without beards.

    1. Hipsters look like weenies despite their beards, not because of them.
      And sure, they don’t work on some men, but I’m one of those men whose genetics has basically been begging me to have a beard.

  19. All this beard-hate in the comments. So, hipsters grow out scruffy beards. So therefore, don’t get one? Basically, people are saying to base their personal style on what hipsters are doing, but just do the opposite. How non-conformist.
    Beards are not a trend. Beards are the natural effect that nature has on a man. It’s not “hiding something”, it’s what men naturally look like. If anything, shaving your face clean as a baby’s is “hiding something”–it’s hiding what you actually look like. Maybe you cant grow a full, thick beard, so you shave it off to hide your poor facial hair genetics. That’s the illusion, not your natural self.
    I was a 2x a day shaver until I turned 28. I still got carded for beer. I wouldn’t leave the house with stubble. Then an older friend of mine convinced me to get over my fear of the beard. Now I can’t believe I waited so long. I find that with my beard I feel naturally more confident, keeping good eye contact with everyone. Who knows why. But it frames my face, adding seriousness to my eyes. And although some people used to make sarcastic comments on occasion, in private my friends with weak facial hair confide that they’re a little jealous.
    Growing facial hair is one thing that men can unequivocally do that women cannot. It’s the mark of a man, something you can see from down the block. And just last night, a sexy bartender (after giving me doubles for the price of singles all night) stopped me on my way out and said, “I just have to say I love your face!” I love you too, baby. And I love my beard.

    1. Fully agree! I’ve been wearing a beard for years. I refuse to cut it off because hipsters are now wearing them. I love having one , and get tons of compliments from women on it ( not that they would have a say regardless) . I find that ones that say they don’t like it, are still interested regardless

    2. I feel very much the same way. It also may be worth noting that I live in east Asia where hipster beards are almost nonexistent. Most of the locals here can’t grow a beard even if they try, and it really helps set me apart. I frequently, almost daily, have a similar experience to the one you had with the bartender. It’s a rare man who knows how to grow and wear a beard well.

      1. Hah, not really. I didn’t even use water most of the time, much less shaving cream. Even now when shaping up, water is just a luxury. Man mode.

    3. Fuckin THANK YOU! Finally some intelligence on this shit thread. Bravo to you!

  20. I generally have facial hair and still get confused for a younger man, even with grey in my hair, but beards don’t have the same novelty they had 10 years before the hipsters and alt.types started growing them. Back in 2003-2008 women seemed far more intrigued by a youngish man with facial hair but not anymore. It definitely helped me meet women in my mid to late 20’s.
    Also, men with lighter features tend to not look great with beards.

  21. I have worn a beard for years, and definitely am not a hipster. I get vicious razor burn and ingrown hairs if I shave often. Usually summer is the only time I don’t have one, since the coastal part of Texas is hot and humid as fuck. Not why I do it, but it also gets me a lot of compliments from women.

  22. Having tried with and without in the past few years, I can definitely say that in my own case, having a beard is better as far as eliciting ‘gina tingles and general deference is concerned.

  23. Metrosexuals and homosexuals are all running about bearded nowadays – impeccably groomed, for the most part, but bearded nonetheless.
    The idea that a beard “forces you into the alpha mindset” is odd, and strikes me rather like an adolescent’s romanticization of what it must be like to have a beard. For me, about the only relationship between masculinity and a beard, is that which the ancients and the saints said about it: God (or the gods, the pagans said) gave men hair as a sign of manliness. If you refrain from shaving your facial or body hair because you understand that it is a dignified sign of your maleness, that is laudable. But speaking as though your body’s hair can magically man-ify you, is a childish way to act. I wear a beard, but am aware of my shortcomings as a man; more than that, I am aware of the hippies, slackers and queers around me, who all wear a beard. A beard doesn’t do anything for you; the will makes you a man, not the beard.

  24. I got sideways whiskers. When I try to grow a beard my face looks like a poodle with its throat cut. 🙁

  25. my beard grows patchy and all messed up….like there are parts of my face were a beard hair is meant to grow that has no beard.

    1. Hipsters do the full “I’m pretending to be ZZ top” beard or the infamous neck-beard. If you go more along the lines of Sean Connery in Hunt For Red October or Highlander (first one) you’ll clearly be a non-hipster. That is my style of beard, and combined with being 6’3″ and muscular nobody confuses me for a Starbucks barista mangina. Plus, it makes you look like, well, Sean Connery if you have any gray in your beard. Chicks cannot come on to you fast enough, even if you have a wedding band on.

  26. Abe Lincoln was perhaps the worst president ever but you still have to respect him. Compare the look in his eyes to say, Bush or Obama today. That is a cold calculating man, not to be messed with.

    1. I don’t respect him at all but you are right he was a cold calculating SOB that did the bidding of the mega rich (for the time) industrialist in the north.
      Lincoln brokered the largest slave trade in history. He turned the southern slaves into northern slaves.

  27. I agree with the hipsters having ruined beards, for the time being at least. That said, I’ve had mine well before they took the stage. I have thick, coarse, dark and fast-growing facial hair, so I’m lucky in that respect. I think for a beard to look decent and masculine the rest of the package has to back it up. A prerequisite to rock a beard should be good strength and size. If you’re a skinny little runt, forget it.

    1. Exactly correct. The hipsters look like hairy cunts, since most of them are either bone skinny or “that guy that plays WoW in his mom’s basement” obese. A physically fit linebacker type of guy with a square jaw and who is tall makes the beard look full bore “here is my cock in your face, bitch, start sucking” manly.

      1. The hipster beard is usually a patchy affair as anyone who associates with that particular subculture is generally lacking in masculinity.

  28. Better learn some hygiene, nigga.
    2. It Makes You Feel Masculine
    That is exactly it, it makes you feeeeel masculine, especially if you are not.

  29. I’ve had a goatee and mustache for many years and it’s part of who I am now. Never contemplated going clean shaven again. I’ve been considering either letting it grow longer, or growing the rest into a full beard. Will have to experiment a bit 🙂

  30. I wasn’t aware so many RoK readers cared so much about what the pussy hipsters were doing.
    If you want to grow a beard, then do it. Don’t do it to impress others and don’t refrain from doing it because you’re afraid of what others will think.

  31. A beard is not a goddamn fashion accessory you grow one in the winter to keep your face warm and shave it in the summer. Growing one because of how it makes you “feel” or “because women love it” is as gay as treating yourself to a “spa day.”

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s “gay” if it helps get you laid. In that case it would be exactly the opposite of gay.

  32. Picking any one feature of a movie star that makes him look good, and extrapolating it universally, is a bit meaningless. Clooney doesn’t exactly become offputting by shaving, to put it mildly. And, Brad Pitt somehow seems to get by, even sans beard…
    You really have to make distinctions between beards. The way most people wear beards, it’s more like facial makeup. It doesn’t make you look alpha; nor unafraid of breaking social convention, nor much of anything. I’ve worn a beard since I was 19, simply because it allows me to shave with a machine every other day, rather than with a razor once or twice a day. It’s just convenient. I did occasionally get paid for pictures back before I sported one, but not after, so I doubt it makes me look much “better.”
    Then there’s the big beards. These definitely are statements. And do tend to imbue the wearer with a more alpha / masculine / dangerous / threatening air. It makes the head and jaw look huge, for one. And hides your facial expressions like a pair of big, dark shades. While also making it look like your allegiance is to a cult or religion, rather than the rest of society at large.
    Aesthetically, it also makes you look better as you age, and your hairline receeds a bit. A teenage hairline combined with a ZZ Top beard just makes you look like a puff of hair. Because of this, it does tend to associate you with cultures in which patriarchy reigns alive and well. Which again, appears threatening in our current, youth obsessed culture.
    For game, gigabeards likely works the best for people who are very overweight. It accentuates their size even further, but lifts it up to where it appears more dominant than around the waist. While simultaneously covering up their face’s soft edges. Turns them from a soft, butter boy laughing stock; to a big, “dangerous” biker, in a way.
    Very skinny, almost childish looking guys can also take on a much more authoritative aura by growing facial hair like a Pakistani Madrassa cleric. But those guys already have a pretty rich pond of Bieber loving girls to fish in, so the net yield is probably not all that.
    A big downside to the huge statement beards, is that it will work against you almost everywhere else. In hiring situations, in meetings with clients etc. Anywhere where you try to build trust, looking like a dangerous outsider will work against you. Hence, beard with care.

    1. I should also add, that the visual effect created by a giant beard, is further accentuated with a big, tall hat. A giant beard, the high forehead look of a receded hairline, and a tower of a hat on top, makes you look huge. Serving the same effect that a lion’s mane serves; to make him look threatening and dominant.

  33. Yes, sure do grow a beard. And continue living alone. 😉 Most women HATE it. You get away with it if you are George Clooney or something. But if you’re not….

    1. Not likely. Research contradicts your anecdotal evidence.
      “Our findings confirm that beardedness affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring.”

  34. After shaving with melted snow with a dull razor while living in a tent in a snow bank for years I swore I would never shave again after I got out of the army. That’s about 15 years ago. Luckily I grow a decent beard. I have gone from the ZZ Top look, to “the most interesting man in the world” look. Having a beard now defines my appearance, although it makes me look older than I am, and at my age that is starting to be a bit of a negative. I think I am too lazy to shave every day. I go to the barber every month or so for a trim.

  35. I have to agree. I had a nice beard and shaved it off today. I look younger and cleaner, but I immediately regretted it. I feel like I lost something. If you don’t mind cougars they go ape shit for a beard.
    A study found that women find heavy stubble more attractive than a beard.
    I agree though, it definitely demands respect. Men with beards are just more intimidating because a full beard is a symbol of high testosterone.

  36. It’s tough to have a beard now. I had one this winter for the first time in years and loved having one (no ‘poo keeps it itchless, too). However, seeing pussies with thick glasses and about 120 lbs also with a beard while telling me about the wonders of communism made me want to shave it immediately.

  37. Anyone got any tips for things that might accelerate beard growth? I can only grow a stubble around my chin at this point. My legs seemed to have grown hairier since I started lifting but haven’t seen similar results on my face.

  38. Let me break this down: a beard doesn’t make the man. If you’re a pussy with a beard, then you’re a pussy with a beard. If you’re a bad motherfucker with a beard, then you’re a bad motherfucker with a beard. Bitches like beards because it is unequivocally a masculine trait. If she don’t like the beard, then she’s mistaken.

  39. Some men are going to great lengths for a full beard. I’ve heard some men are undertaking hair transplant procedures onto their faces to get the masculine look for 5,000-15,000$ ANYTHING to get an edge on the dating market and out-do your fellow man for one of those skanks who will fuck you over anyway. “ooo i love beards” ooo shut the fuck up i say. Half of the red-pill community are hardcore manginas who hide behind the ideology while every 2nd fucking article is about how to be some fashionista to get some cunt to like you. The ONLY thing they understand is the almighty wallet. Even if you’re good in bed if you don’t have the wallet ready and open you won’t keep her around for more than a year or two. Women crave lifestyle, they are sensational creatures with NO loyalty, Your beard doesn’t mean shit to them. The only beard i’d like to present to a woman is the beard on my cock. But i am courteous and i shave.
    Surgeons call the procedure a “beard restoration”. They take the hairs from your head and put them on your face.
    If me getting laid comes down to having some pubes on my face to impress her, she can go fuck herself. I doubt someone that stupid will be any good in bed. How primitive does it get. You hairy fucker, i like you! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. Well biologically, bearded men are more fertile, and i hear if you take test you start getting hairy knuckles and back hair and shit like that.

  40. Okay you faggots. You think anyone would have told Ned Kelly his beard was a hipster tryhard? He would have cut your balls off and fed them to your mother if you uttered that bullshit.

  41. The genetic reason for Beards is they simulate the lantern jaws of high testosterone males. Its probably another one of those..Im mysteriously drawn to him..it must be his confidence things. Its funny you mentioned Abe Lincoln a little girl convinced him to grow a beard because he had a weak chin, it did wonders. I suspect Long hair might have a similar function on men as well. I’ve noticed bisexual women (not surprisingly) really dig men with long hair.

  42. Anyone have advice on how to make gray hairs in your beard dark? I have no gray in my hair…but when I start to grow a beard now that I’m in my early 40s….gray whiskers pop up here and there and I don’t like that. That’s why I’m not growing one. I need to find a way to keep the gray ones dark like the others.

  43. Dont listen to anything women say. They are world class liars. But if they hadnt been selecting bearded men for 100,000 plus years, we wouldnt have beards. Its that simple.

  44. hahaha its funny how many girls have told me they dont like facial hair at first and then confess later on theyve come around.

  45. Ignore the stubbled stubbies.
    If you don’t have full coverage, go fully natural, with those extra follicles that make it uneven and a bit wild. There is a contradiction in having it be too neat.
    Imagine Lord of the Rings with cleanshaven characters. Or the image of those who are.

  46. If you think you need to grow a beard to be manly, odds are you really need to hit the gym.

  47. That’s again focusing on the externals rather than the core of your character. Which explains why you see so many well groomed clowns around. Dressed up vessels full of vacuum, useless jesters with so much hollow pretence. Nauseating.
    Besides even Clooney looks an ass with that beard. Doesn’t suit everyone.

  48. Is everything you do motivated by whether or not women will approve of it? Grow a spine.

  49. I’m 20 years old and I can’t grow a beard to save my fucking life,I’ve been waiting for a beard to fucking grow since i was 16 and i’m still waiting,all I can have at the moment is mustache and a goatee.Help me people I’m dying here.

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