The Purity Of Non-Western Thinking

I was on a date with a South American au pair today and I had a thought when she — without an ounce of worry — started talking about gay guys. Far from a groundbreaking discovery, yet it was still something that never connected in my mind before. Could it be our less than fond desire of the Western culture stems from the fact that it is simply unpure?

Let’s think about what people always say when they travel:

  • People are so care-free
  • People are rude
  • People are direct
  • People enjoy life
  • People are not politically correct
  • Girls are feminine
  • Girls are passionate
  • Girls are homemakers
  • Men are masculine
  • Men are the older ones in relationships

And so on. If we compare to the West:

  • People are in a constant state of stress
  • People are “so nice!”
  • People get offended by almost anything
  • Girls are like men
  • Men are like girls
  • Cougar societies
  • Sex is at best a poor attempt of a c-class porno or at worst some obligatory relationship side effect

Obviously not all foreign cultures are the same but the general idea is that people outside the West tend to enjoy their lives more by adhering to their actual desires, as instead opposed to taught behavior or preconceived societal ideals.

So when we refer to feminism or Western society as a virus, it is exactly that. Think about how a virus works. You take an already infected host, who sneezes or coughs or otherwise spreads the virus somehow. An unsuspecting host gets infected, the virus replicates and takes over. Now that person can spread the virus. In other words, it is a manufactured state of being.

I wrote a similar article here, but focused more on the male/female dynamic in courting and relationships. This is more general and broad in nature, and meant as more of a question posed than an idea analyzed.

Humans are meant to function a certain way and we have substantially deviated from that here. So perhaps it is the purity of foreign travels that excites us and makes us happy. That instead of having a redbull at 3pm to get through the workday, you have a mid-afternoon siesta in Spain. That instead of standing in line at Starbucks, you sit in a cafe in Italy sipping espresso watching the locals. That instead of being labeled a creep, the 19 year old is equally turned on by your age as you are by hers.

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128 thoughts on “The Purity Of Non-Western Thinking”

  1. I politely ask that you do not refer to the modern day West as “Western Thinking” or “Western Civilization.” Western Thinking is Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Rousseau, Aquinas, etc. Progressive Thinking is Feminism, gay rights, anti-racism, etc. Getting the two confused is insulting to those who built the true, free West.

    1. Equality is the problem. Westerners worship it blindly.
      Nationalism and enlightened self-interest is civilization. There’s a reason equality was never considered an prime virtue in any major civilization until the French Revolution. Fairness and kindness when appropriate, but never equality. It’s too simplistic, appeals to the lowest of masses, hinders excellence (as measured by competitive superiority relative to others), and worst of all, contradicts reality.

      1. You and Krusyos, I think, are both right. Classical Western civilization, as it concepts were practiced up until within the last century or so, had a direct correlation from Greek, Roman and Renaissance-era Enlightenment thinkers. Even the French revolution was more fixated on material matters like food shortages vs. actual “all men are created equal” equality. At least to the eyes of the commoner, farmer, and the like. They borrowed heavily from the principles and concepts from our revolution in America and the thoughts and concepts of our leading thinkers (who, themselves, were again influenced by those same “classical” Western philosophers) as a justification to the masses, given that at that point, European countries had been lead by monarchies as a matter of a commonly accepted “divine right” (and even after the French Revolution, they temporarily returned to such a system after the overthrow of Napoleon). They needed some sort of reasoning to the masses as to why centuries of accepted governance style was now, suddenly, no longer effective.
        And it’s unfortunate Western/European society became infected with the disease of progressive liberalist ideas and allowed the virus to spread like HIV. I’ve been over to Asia before (Thailand specifically) and it is a breath of fresh air to find women who seem to be perfectly alright with gender norms as they’ve existed for millennia.

      2. Equality before the law is the foundation of our republic. Not equality when you feeel like it, but equality always, even for the KKK.

      3. Expand on this, please. How are you defining “equality”? This is interesting. Equality of opportunity, of certain outcomes, or of neither?

        1. Equal rights, opportunity, and compensation for equal results are fine. Equal treatment outside of legal scenarios is a grey area, and depends on situation (this is the part most feminists harp on, except they pass it off as “rights”).
          But people are not inherently equal, both across individuals and across groups. This is the red pill your liberals, even if they acknowledge it deep down, just can’t swallow. And hence come up with ridiculous shit about everything being social constructs, every disparity caused by privilege, etc.

      4. Nationalism isn’t even a requirement. Liberty>Equality is the only equation needed.

      5. Right. Equality guarantees that power will magnetize to those least prepared and trustworthy to wield it — the predatory, weak, lazy,and wicked. Along with a LCD kulture.
        Equality, Egalitarianism and multicultural one-worldism stem from the (anti)Enlightenment, as masonic lodges replaced authentic Christianity with these (easily manipulable) abstractions, via the French and American “revolutions.”
        The concept of cultural equality, especially between men and women, was first established in ancient Babylon. Whatta surprise.
        Cheers. Good o.p.

        1. Actually Christianity and Judaism says stand up for the oppressed. Speak against the oppressors.

        2. Exactly. And Equality, as we’ve seen, is a cover for selfishness, coercion, and greed — while pretending fairness and equity, Equality and Egalitarianism etc. instead results in disenfranchising and oppressing boys, men, and fatherhood in general.
          “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.” — God, speaking thru Isaiah
          Doesn’t get any more Christian or Judaic than that.

      6. Equality of opportunities is fine, equality of outcome is not.
        There’s nothing stopping women from starting businesses and becoming the CEO/Founder/Billionaire…this is the equal opportunity.
        But there are very few women in the world who achieve this because after 5-10 years of work they either drop out because their biology demands that they make babies, or they continue into mediocre spinsterhood and cereerism.
        This is where liberals impose equality of outcome via affirmative action all in the name of ‘equuaality!’ This is a problem because it pushes the inept and incapable into positions of influence and power.

        1. because their biology demands that they make babies

          So you just believe them, huh. You might want to look into that biological demand.
          Women underachieve because they’re too busy making sure men treat them Right when men are studying, working, dying.
          Their minds are so reduced and infantilised by their mothers’ abuse and objectification, it’s kinda hard to understand how they even function in a professional environment. I have a vague idea and men are just fucking pathetic really. But women don’t really understand complexity but they understand their desire not to work so they’ll look for an excuse like the Glass Ceiling and say, “Well there’s no point in trying.”
          And that’s the Glass Ceiling. That and a million other reasons like using sex to advance your career is simply being a whore but women love sex and love being a whore so don’t you dare call them a whore when they’re being a whore!
          Women don’t like truth, which can have a Glass Ceiling effect as well; you know, cause it can make them unemployable.

      7. Forced equality is the problem. It was created by people initially with good intentions but they could not foresee what the consequences are. Which leads to more disasters for society.

    2. Couldn’t there be a link from Rousseau to Lindy West? If you include Socrates, why not the sophists?
      BTW, for those who think anti-racism is a bad thing, wait until China hits its stride. Even WNs will hate racism then.

    3. “Western thinking is…”
      Correction: *was*
      Let’s just face it, the Western civilization has been declining for a while. Rest of the ‘civilized’ world is next. Capitalism and globalization makes it inevitable.

      1. Capitalism isn’t globalization. Globalization isn’t capitalism. That is a rigged game that screws almost everyone, not true competition where excellence can rise to the top.

    4. After reading Plato’s Republic, one can safely conclude the philosopher was a bastard, and a childless one at that. His proposing of goverment-imposed breeding is both immoral and insane. For those not in the know, Plato wants the government to match certain selected men and women for seasonal mating (decided every year anew by a council) and the children born to be raised by the state (yes, not by their father and mother, that’s right). The latter being exactly what is happening right now in the West with compulsory education (schooling). Yes, surely, Plato was a founder of Western thinking but we should wish it never came to this.

      1. At least you read it, man. That’s more than so many of the uneducated fucks can say nowadays. I agree, as well, but that’s what the Great Conversation is all about, debating these issues. Plato was a genius in some respects, and Republic makes some good points, but it’s not Gospel, certainly.

      2. Mothers have been doing such a good job, one can’t help but feel you pathetic johns should keep on sponsoring their dependent abuse of children. Bunch of morons, really; blind johns getting owned by malicious Toddlers who breed children for utility and disposal.
        The suffering of children is “not relevant” to mothers who need dependents. They were planning on mutilating the child’s mind to crush their march to independence with lies, violence and shame anyway so mentally retarded children suit women who need dependents just fine. Every dependent mother has MSbP, to a degree. You pathetic johns facilitate their illegitimate dependency and then turn a blind eye to their mutilation of children.
        Plato understood the nature of your reduced state.

    5. Good point, we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Many Eastern European countries are part of Western Civilization but don’t have the same cultural problems as the U.S. I first thought to lay the blame on liberal democracy, but most of the progressive agenda has been pushed through undemocratically and as a result of massive propaganda from a tiny elite. Either way, the “West” (U.S.) is in deep trouble, while Western Civilization is still alive, though it’s hard to say any one country encompasses that tradition.

    6. I agree, I think the better term for it would be Modernity which. when you get right down to it, is ultimately a rejection of anything traditional be it east or west. The more developed countries of the east suffer from the same problems that we here in the west suffer from.

  2. Spain and Italy are Western countries, i think you mean the U.S or maybe the U.K.

    1. Spain and Italy are terrible countries for women, as has been reiterated over and over.
      Roissy went as far as calling Spain the “worst country in the world for players”.

      1. I gotta concur with this. Italian girls from Toronto are hopeless. I’m Italian and it breaks my heart kuz they don’t know what the hell they want. They are torn apart by the desire to have a traditional family like their parents and their grandparents… and yet are caught up in our materialistic “choice” culture.
        They would never dream of being with a less impressive man.. as italians have historically a strong “masculine” archetype.
        Broadly speaking, Italian girls are commonly attractive, well educated, financially independent, talented in the arts, and well supported by their families.
        They have trouble dating because they expect so much from a man (rightly so) but our culture denigrates men and puts them below women. Older generation Italian women have power in the house-hold and are given high status within the family… but modern Italian girls can’t capitalize on this power at all…. They’re outgoing like their mothers but don’t know how to respect the man of the house in return….
        They’re like Jewish girls in the sense that they’re intellectual and ambitious… but they want a masculine and powerful man… I’ve seen quite a few Jewish girls around here gladly end up with a Jewish beta who fawns over his princess.
        I’m Italian and frankly I don’t know if I trust them fully… its sad… First I’m gonna try and check out the Asian chicks.

  3. Yes, brilliant. Being faithful to one’s human nature rather than to unnatural philosophies is what makes people happy.
    One thing you didn’t mention is religion. To reject it outright is contrary to human nature — but atheism is part of the new Western ideology.

    1. I wouldn’t say Western ideology but I would say neo-liberalism which is some of the most poisonous nonsense that has ever been released on the world.

    2. Not so, these people utilize religion to control. Try running an atheist for political office. No luck there.
      Faith is human nature, I agree; I direct it towards other things than God.

      1. Leftist ideology can be seen as a faith based religion. It’s really the new dominant religion of the west. Christianity is going the way of the Roman gods fast.

        1. No it’s not. Christianity is a byproducts of paganism. Where do you get your opinions from? Jerry Seinfeld?

        2. The entire New Testament was written by Jews. Name one book that was written by a Gentile. Perhaps you should study the actual origin of the religion rather than hearsay from your atheist community.

    3. Is it not human nature to seek truth through science and facts as opposed to invoking a bearded sky God to provide answers?

      1. *tips fedora*
        Yeah! My mom told me to come to church with her on Sunday and I almost slapped her! I said “No, mom, I’m gonna stay here and do things I actually WANNA do!!”
        People like us are too intelligent to fall for LIES

    4. Religion is the most beautiful thing I ever discovered. It preserves the natural order.
      No wonder liberals and cultural marxists try to destroy it.

      1. Women love religion. It tells slut-shamed objects exactly what they want to hear. Men are their slaves, their job is at home breeding children to abuse into loving, mindless slaves. Everyone is a mother’s slave in religion.
        So churches are packed with the slut-shamed whores of the Matriarchal religions of absurdity and lies because they know girls Need to be kept pure and virginal for sale to The One and Only male buyer. Whatever keeps girls away from exclusively owned filial and marital male slaves, who have duties and obligations to their Josef Fritzl-like whore / mother and cannot be distracted by promiscuous women. That’s competition a mindless whore can’t compete with, a crime that has been punished by death for so many women throughout history.
        Only mothers can perpetuate religious, cultural and societal emotional values. Men don’t give birth or raise children Right. Women must outnumber men in religion by 5:1 but reduced johns like you just don’t get it. Children aren’t supposed to be their mother’s slaves, it’s the other way around. Men aren’t supposed to carry dependent women. Natural order?
        God just kill yourself. You’re just pathetic.

  4. The West is a very dynamic term. Spain and Italy are Western countries, or they consider themselves to be.
    The Western World is derived from the cold world, where you had the Soviet East and the Allied West, a.k.a the first world.
    Anyone that was not pro west or pro communism was put in the third world category.
    The West, is the globalised world. Modern Japan is western, the Republic Of Korea is also western but the Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea is not western although is next to two western countries.

    1. Not true. Your post is part of US university dogma and I have heard the same words you posted repeated word for word but students and faculty alike.
      FYI, Japan and S. Korea do not have a “western culture” and are not part of the west. Neither are the Mediterranean states however they consider themselves.
      Geopolitics is not your strong suit.

      1. Japan is a glimpse of the future for the US. I don’t know where you get that Japan is not Western, because when I lived there it was definitely a western country. Yes there will be Shinto and Buddhism elements to the culture. But it is very much a corporate society with a low birth rate already and a feminist movement on the wings. The women are still feminine, but project 10 years in to the future and you will notice a drastic change from now until then as far as their women go.

      2. One can argue that Spain and Italy are more “western” than america, since America has been the infected host from which plethora of diseases spread while Spain and Italy contributed to the Greatness of Western civilization. The West is a geopolitical-cultural-ethnic term which encompasses all those nations and regions whose culture is of western extraction (language, culture, social mores). Australia and New Zealand are obviously part of the West since they are basically transplants of the Western Civilization in the Indic Ocean, whereas India is not. Korea and Japan are not western, even though they bear the worst of the progressive “western” influence (to their detriment). However their law system is not based either in the Common law or Roman codes. Their social mores might have been influenced by Western deviations, however a Korean, Chinese or Japanese for most intents and purposes are completely alien to us, as strange as E.Ts would be to us, except they still are human, their languages are so different from ours that you can spend hours listening to them and understand zilch, nichts since almost no western term has been adopted by them…

      3. No, the Mediterranean states are Western, both in a cultural and geopolitical sense.

        1. Saying it does not make it so. By your reasoning if the Mediterranean is the “west” then so is North Africa.
          It is hard to over come academia dogma.

        2. The “real” westernes are the mediterraneans(greeks, italians, hispania) and also north africa have white mediterranean people like the berbers (they have similar phiysical traits like italian and spanish) but are not western culturally. Since when are germanics, scandinavian,etc. considered western apart from adopting christianity(of any kind?) perhaps because their monarchies adopted greco-roman knowledge etc.? Argentina seems more western than the anglos at least in spite of femenism the argentine women like to be elegant and perfect looking like the greek or roman women followed by brazil and colombia like the hispanic(hispania) women: sexy and alluring and that is just one tiny frivolous aspect.

  5. The West has all the temperaments of a woman…
    All this stems from an obsession with feelings. Save your civilization by offending a liberal every day.

    1. I will now make it my goal to offend at least one liberal every day.

      1. China has a massive amount of female suicides, suggesting they are not happy with their roles… They might do well with a healthy dose of western thinking.

        1. Maybe, but I was thinking more about how China (along with other countries) is perceived as a superpower. Everything in China isn’t like Beijing. Step off the mainland and… There are infrasturcture, local corruption, and so on. I would have had a better arguement 25 years ago, sure, before manufacturing in the US started sucking, but I still stand by this. My point is we don’t need “saving” as much as China does.
          This article (and everything on ROK) is total BS. Humans aren’t meant to function a certain way. We don’t have to be natural. There is nothing that says we do. And alpha/beta is a false dichotomy (fuzzy concepts for people who can’t think – just ask someone for a definition! still can’t find proper ones). We’re more capable, cognitively, than jungle animals, and hold values which we act on. This fuzzy and false dichotomy isn’t properly based in psychology and biology, and is downright useless, unless you’re pursuing mindless sex and other pleasures (and even then, it’s inferior). ROK is cosmo for men. It’s just wishy-washy crap. No real theory. And I bet a lot of these readers just want self-validation.
          There is no uniform “non-Western thinking.” It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever read. Only an ignorant trailer-trash would use such a term. Not to mention the biases not brought up (eg. that of a traveler) in this article. Or the fact that it’s blatantly wrong, and generalizes poorly.

  6. when in rome do as the romans do. last thing u want to do is unknowingly pass a lil western culture and have them catch it and manifest and spread.

    1. The spread of western liberal ideals is very unfortunate and grossly detrimental to the rest of the world.
      The world would be a better place once all the low fertility, do-gooder white liberals died out.

      1. Spot on comment Terry.
        America was free of liberal garbage until the early 1900’s. A certain type of “immigrant” brought the same shit here they brought to europe a thousand years earlier.
        I find it funny where they go the moral debauchery, infanticide, suicidal economic policy, and racial strife soon follow.

      2. ya the best one can do in the west is not integrate into the mainatream. even uneducated 3rd world migrants wont copy us. startin to think they are smarter then us cuz we fall for this progressive bs.

  7. I’m in Toronto.
    I get a unique vibe from the south american girls here… they seem to have different values.
    The ones that I’ve met care about their friendship/family ties. If you’re straight up with them and if they like you or not they don’t make you feel like an idiot… they understand that men like women… and they don’t think its a bad thing. You can be friends with them and there can be healthy flirtation… they don’t expect you to cut off your balls.
    European girls here have etiquette but they are definitely hunting for Mr Alpha. Only problem is Mr Alpha can only stay alpha by not settling for them.
    I definitely have grown of the mentality that white girls are fucking lame sluts. They have zero etiquette… they’ll go into a group of male friends and rip it apart with drama and backstabbing… they’ll tell everyone how “abusive he was”. Me and my close friends have thankfully wised up to this shit. These girls are fucking lame and its nearly impossible to form any sort of community with them in it… ( I do have some white girl friends that haven’t fucked everyone over but they’re still batchit crazy).
    I think my next is to give it a try with Asian girls here and see if I can understand a bit more their culture. I’ve seen some guys have what seem to be stable relationships with Asians… if they’re ball busters though than maybe its time I start investing in getting out of North America….

    1. i wonder though if the white girls can be made to tow the line, by being given a.) loads of hard fucking, and b.) being put in their place.
      you see these chics are so dreadfully insecure, and at the same time, no one has ever said no to them their entire lives…. so they are running rampant…. you put your foot down and they love you for it, because deep down they know they are out of control….
      the problem is their head games are so hard ball that your average guy, either caves, feels like breaking their nose, or walks away… plus due to their terribly spoiled attitudes, as soon as someone says no to them, they throw a hissy fit…. they are like children …. but they can be controlled… i am sure of it…

      1. As long as they’ve got the legal system and an army of white knight cops to break your knees at their behest, probably best to plan carefully before you wade in too heavy; I’ve been on the business end of the “he’s abusive” game, wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      2. In theory I agree with you… in practice (er… my experience) its hard for a young guy to be “alpha” all the damn time.
        The two times I got royally screwed by white bitches were when the tides changed.
        Girl_A left Edmonton to come live in Toronto. She moved here with her LTBf. She came here to study music and at the time I was an early college don’t give a fuck guitar player in a psychedelic rock band kinda guy. Obviously, she dropped her bf and we partied together like animals. 2 years later I realize I needed to make proper use of my degree and started to want to get life organized… I quit doing drugs and partying and started busting my ass. That’s when she cheated on me with the local “rapper” and a dude who fed her drugs.
        Girl_B I was with for 4.25 years and she was basically family. So at the 4 year mark, my dad lost his job + my mom fell ill + my degree program was getting mad intense… I told her I needed 3 months to get everything under control and that she could help by being understanding… she agreed. So I find out that she is cheating on me with my co-worker and told my professors that I was an “abusive bf”. Keep in mind that she was in the same graduate program as me so we still had classes together.
        So Ray I agree with you that in theory you can control them… but I don’t think it is worth the effort. I don’t think they are worth the effort… not in any serious context. Not for me. I’m ready to try other cultures… this article and some of the comments give me the idea that there might be women out there who might have a clue that there is better ways to live. I’m not looking for a virgin or some shit… just a woman that respects herself and others. A woman that knows that if she treats men with respect they’ll treat her with respect in return.
        I think this is spot on btw…
        “you see these chics are so dreadfully insecure, and at the same time, no one has ever said no to them their entire lives…. so they are running rampant…. you put your foot down and they love you for it, because deep down they know they are out of control….”

        1. As a bit of insight, find out the girl’s relationship with her father or grandfather. How they treat them will give you a great look into how they treat any man. fathers are who they will show the most respect to, so if she doesn’t treat him with respect you may want to run like hell. Also look at how her mother behaves, a vast majority of the time your looking at her future. but as always there are exceptions to the rule.

  8. This might be part of the reason why I didn’t like Costa Rica as much as I think I should have. Too much western influence, it was sad really

  9. Every time I leave the Matrix (i.e. ‘Murica) for an extended period of time, my mind cleanses itself of the bitterness and cynicism I accumulate, my body feels better because I am usually physically active (screwing beautiful, feminine women among other physical activities) and I get a sense of “flow” where things just seem to be right in the world.
    And then, it’s time to come back to the Matrix. I am usually in a pissed off mood when I think about what it is I’m coming back to. To me, relationships seem more pure, people seem more natural, and there isn’t this constant nagging sensation of needing to watch my back like when I’m here.
    And I go far enough off the tourist path that I know it’s not just an illusion. There really is something rotten in our culture. Ugly relations between the sexes, ugly working conditions in the modern office, and ugly behavior among the people I interact with on a daily basis. To someone who desires harmony in their lives, it really is a painful place to be. Financial obligations are honestly the only reason I haven’t already left, but I’m in the process of freeing myself from those obligations even as we speak.
    This is not a new phenomenon. As the book “Havok” puts it, “creative and intelligent Anglo-American men have always been disenchated with Anglo culture that many have followed Fletcher Christian into exile.” From William Blake to Lord Byron to D.H. Lawrence to Aleister Crowley, there’s been a long history of men fleeing the “arid chains of Anglo-American repression.” Count me among those who have the desire to flee.

    1. it’s funny to read an american waking up to the tacky, selfish vapid ways of the united states that the rest of the world has been laughing at for 100 years….

      1. I dunno what you’re laughing at, unless you’re writing from pirate’d internet in some Pattaya Beach go-go, you’re probably neck-deep in the multi-cultural rat-race sideshow just like 99% of the other dudes on here.

      2. America is a large country with a lot of different kinds of people living here so you can’t paint it with one large brush. Also, the America of the past is not the America of today. Massive changes since the 1960’s have caused a 180 degree turn. Really, it could be seen as an ethnic conflict that was lost by the original Anglo-Americans. If it weren’t for an all powerful federal gov’ts this nation would have already erupted into civil war.

        1. most of the states, especially texas, california, florida, new york, washington etc…. would benefit from splitting off into nations of their own…. and just maintaining a trade and immigration treaty….
          that’s why there are huge military bases in those states all staffed by people from out of state…. patriots or occupying forces from DC ?
          It will come to a head, but it might be another 30-40 years, when we have drones spying on us all the time, and all our calls monitors and our friends swiped in the night by secret police… etc. etc…..
          The US hasn’t quite reached to the status of latin american dictatorship just yet…. but all the mechanisms are in place….

      3. Well…it started in England long ago, as I pointed out with the Havok quotes. It isn’t a new phenomenon, and it isn’t just an American problem.

    2. It has honestly been amazing for me to find RoK…
      To hear someone else say this is music to my ears… I’ve been saying this since fucking high-school…
      Good post.

    3. “(screwing beautiful, feminine women among other physical activities)”
      No one likes being screwed, fucked or whatever…

  10. Eh. Everyone sees what they want to see abroad. Liberals see progressive politics and cradle-to-grave nanny states, conservatives see family values and national identity. Foreigners aren’t magic.

    1. All I see is is the deconstruction of national and ethic identity in western nations and the replacement of crass materialism and accompanying philosophies such as multiculturalism and feminism. As if importing a bunch of Somalians brings anything other than trouble and dysgenics.

  11. I personally believe WWII was always the problem due to the sudden lack of ballsy men. Anyways, I’m sure we all know that the philosophy of ROK is all right, and that most articles are just simply clarifying and putting the information on record. The article I’m waiting for is the one that allows all real men to collaborate and take back from awesome America from “progressive” feminist America.
    I found out that although I only make fun of racism with my diverse friends, I’m a true sexist. Anyone else?

    1. I gotta concur. WWII was America’s big jumping-off point for turning “other people’s problems” into “my personal crusade”. Its gotten to the point where not finding something to stress about makes you a bad American.

      1. So fucking true, I mean why should I give a fuck about Boko Haram or some African bitches, or if some Saudi decides to behead his wife? Fuck them, and good for the latter case.

        1. “Fuck them, and good for the latter case.”
          I can never quite tell if you’re a psychopath or if you’re simply speaking for effect.

        2. I understand your sentiments. Honestly if a man hasn’t anesthetized himself somewhat from the supposed “horrors” of the world, then that man doesn’t know or understand humanity. And besides, you’ll leave yourself open to getting manipulated by a bitch. Humans are the byproduct of mass rape. Yes, we evolved from primordial rape. I don’t have time for every bleeding liberal heart cause, or injustice but I do possess a sense of justice. This sense of justice (Classical Western Roman law) is the medium between sanity and insanity. Read a book on the battle’s of Stalingrad, Kursk, Smolensk or even Cannae and see how far compassion will get you. Over 5 million German women were raped during the Soviet occupation of East Prussia, and about double the number of that for Rwanda. The man who leaves himself open to the good aspects of human nature and letting his emotions dictate his sentiments, is a man ready to get taken by more hungry and thirsty competitors.

        3. What’s the solution then mcg? Love a western woman? Get manipulated? Love someone who’ll love their fucking facebook and instagram accounts more than the person sitting next to them? Is this what you’re proposing for the men of the manosphere to do, because you do know this is all that’s left for the men of my generation? I don’t hate women at all, in fact I love them. I have several old lady friends whom I attend the opera with and have the best of conversations (not bad for a “woman hater” right?). Problem is, these women are dear platonic friends of mine whose types simply don’t exist anymore. Think deeply about the problems we face before you start labeling. Ask yourself if you’d want to marry the next ex-party slut from Commie University.

        4. Well then I don’t know if I agree with your sense of justice.
          If you’re serious, you basically just said that some hypothetical woman deserves to be murdered simply for being a woman. Call me whatever you like but I can’t just simply agree with that and cheer you on.
          There is little doubt in my mind that your point about the brutality of humanity is incorrect… I agree with you there… In the end everyone is just out for themselves and humans can be truly ignorant disgusting creatures. Even best friends betray each other… In the end we’ll probably devolve into some other weird creature.
          I still don’t think instigating violence and tyranny is necessarily the best way. I guess even though it sounds cheesy I have a bit of a Buddhist point of view on this. Either way you go you’re still going to encounter suffering. Even if you’re King… ya got 99 problems but at least you got bitches.
          I think I get you man, you’re restless for change. You’re probably angry too. You got that life-force shit in you that makes you wanna live and see a just world but you know its probably not possible. Maybe you even just got that drive in you to conquer and become the most powerful. I don’t fucking know… I barely know myself.
          Personally I wanna know if there is a better way… Its not that I think your position makes no sense… you’re right that its totally viable and historically it works. But I wouldn’t want to live in those conditions man.
          I haven’t yet decided if there is a way to balance all those energetic primal desires and our creative intellectual spirits. Eventually we’re all gonna die… maybe even brutally… no denying it. But while I’m here I’d rather focus on beauty, wisdom, pride, and shared experience. If I don’t have to be constipated than I’ll choose not to be.
          Those Soviets and those rapes you mentioned… I don’t think they were living how they really wanted. If such situations can be avoided I think it is better.

        5. LOL! John Doe here. I like you Lance, you are good in my book. As for the faggot below who accused you of being a “psychopath”? Go fuck yourself you dogshit faggot, I’ll smash your goddamn head open you fucking pussy!
          By the way, all the “racist” shit I wrote in the past was just trolling from /pol/. I hate STUPID PEOPLE, and wish that anyone with an IQ under 100 could just get a bullet through their head. I hate stupid people whatever their skin color, and I like smart people, whatever their skin color.
          And PS? Avoid indians. They are very dangerous and cunning people. GOD, I can’t wait for WW3 when we will get to fight this indian scum openly. I’ll join the army immediately!
          And to the “greatest generation”? They’re a bunch of fucking faggots who went and died for the Jewish bankers. They died fighting Hitler, who would have saved the world from the satanic Jewish bankers.
          Hitler was the last hope of humanity. Fuck the human race now, I hope it all burns. Fuck the whole goddamn motherfuckin’ world.
          Praise the Illuminati and our the divine Light Bringer!
          John Doe

        6. What Lance said was at least reasonable, you sound like a nutcase.
          I hope it doesn’t burn. I hope these talented people with high IQs build a decent world and use you to wipe their asses.

        7. How about I wipe your asshole with a spikey metallic Star of David, Clark? Can you even imagine the goyistic anal orgasms you will have?

        8. Why should he care deeply about something he can’t change but more importantly is none of his business being an American?

        9. Yeah that sounds amazing. The best part will be when I come all over your face.

    2. Am I the only one that is sick of the whole “greatest generation” bs. An entire generation of men got conned through propaganda to go be pawns for international banks. The propaganda is so powerful that seven decades later nearly every male wishes he could have “saved the world from the Nazis” when in reality most of the casualties were just civilians and the guys that “gave it all” were pawns unceremoniously slaughtered. Go ahead and spew some nonsense about patriotism/honor/alpha male/ heroes, I can’t help but see a bunch manipulated chumps that didn’t have much choice.

      1. You can probably link the downfall of America to internalizing the propaganda of the anti-nazi war effort.

      2. The so-called “Greatest Generation” is praised as such by the Jewish-owned media relentlessly. Jews won WWII. Of course they consider those idiots to be the “greatest”. They willfully slaughtered their European brethren, raped European women, and ensured the end of Western civilization in the process. They inherited a western-dominated, decent world, and left us this shitpile. We should spit on their graves.

  12. The economic, social, familial, moral, and future of world growth is in Asia, South America, and else where. Pretty much anywhere that is not the West. Why would you be happy in America? Low GDP growth, high debt, no opportunities, no family, low interest rates, high taxes, fat, ugly, tatted up women with attitudes, regulations up the wazoo, everything has gotten expensive(food, energy, college, healthcare), men are basically fat pussies as well, the most distracted and poorly governed country in the Western world, an anti-male police state, society wide anti-white and misandric vibe, jesus, how could you be happy?

    1. Yeah, but we have the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” that should numb the pain for half an hour.

    2. Don’t forget every city in the US is filled up full of dysgenic 5th column parasites that can out vote everyone else. This country is finished.

    3. Yes there is simply no incentive to be here. Women full of girl power who hates men, manginas and political correctness dominating every workplace.
      You do your best, you work hard, still there is NO reward. You might as well be on welfare and drugs since that seem to attract women more.

  13. a. when I’m in asia, I always notice…. dogs don’t bark. there are fewer “strangers” here. dogs on a leash would be laughable here.
    b. when I’m in asia….. i hear few to no sirens. people take care themselves, there is a not a drama crisis lurking at every moment.
    c. when I’m in asia… kids wander around unaccompanied by adults. there is so much less fear, “protection,” and otherness.

    1. Asia is always really trashy though, outside of Japan. I’m a management consultant in Shanghai.
      trashy places like China are strangely…safe like in terms of street crime, but the trade off is that no where is really nice and no one is really smart/decent.
      Asia basically flattens the bell curve. It eliminates really cool and really awful people and you get this mess of average crappyness.
      The only people who like asia are white guys who don’t mind dating poor women they have nothing in common with.

      1. I have more in common with poor chinese women than I have with wealthy arrogant western skanks.

        1. Yeah I don’t buy that for a second.
          Chinese women are NOT by any stretch of the imagination less obsessed with money than western ones. In fact they are more so because they are often really really poor.
          They don’t see anything special in you, they don’t look deep within your soul and see something that white women missed…they just have way fewer options. And lower standards.
          Even the poorest white ESL teacher makes an above-median wage, plus has a foreign passport.
          I’m not saying that good relationships don’t form here, that you can’t meet someone cool. But it’s not like this is some enlightened place.
          Everything you dislike about american women is true here too…it’s just the standards are lower. If you’re 5’7 and lean 150lbs you’re above average height and size.
          If you don’t believe me, ask ANY Chinese guy what they think of Chinese women. It’s the same things white guys say about white women! Physical standards are too high…they want to date outside their race…they only want rich guys. Same shit different country.

        2. Idiot, I didnt say they would look deep into my soul or whatever stupid nonsense you try to put in my mouth. I said I had more in common with them than I have with western women.

        3. If you dont understand it now there is no way you ever will. Or you do understand but pretend you dont. Either way, its futile explaining it to you.

        4. Well could try, obviously I have more in common with someone who was raised well, have manners, work hard, respect other people, do not spend friday night vomiting themselves etc etc.
          In fact that was really easy to explain.

        5. I’ve been all over the world and women are the same sub-worthless, stupidly infantile, amoral whores everywhere. Their mothers reduce them to liabilities because stupid johns make such attractive slaves; mothers are all threatened by their own daughters or they’re under overwhelming pressure from Society’s whores to crush their girls and make them toe the conformist line.
          Their minds are just that fucking broken by slut-shaming, lies and malicious betrayal; they’re mindless objects and an object’s greatest fear is a younger object.
          This guy from the Ukraine understands the problem. All over the world, women have been reduced to psychotic, entitled whores who offer nothing but liability but they’ve been told by their mothers to wait patiently for what they deserve (i.e. stay away from men and then you’ll get your own if you’re pure).
          Literally, men are the dumbest…just morons willing to buy, buy, buy their own exploitation.

    2. Dogs aren’t on leashes because the people are stupid and selfish…i fucking love dogs and I’ve seen way too many get run over.
      Theres no sirens cause the police are lazy pieces of shit…that’s also why it’s so disorganized traffic-wise. Selfish people + no rules = chaos

      1. Police is not the friend of common man (especially if you are male). Police is one of the most corrupted, worthless organization out there, right after the Government(s).

        1. Yeah…keep saying that until you have to live as a common person in a lawless country. We’re afforded special privileges in China, simply by virtue of powerful people having nearly no influence over us…provided we don’t OWN anything, then they can fuck with us. Anyone here who thinks otherwise is being naive.
          If a rich person hits you with a car in the US, you can tell them off. You can call them a piece of shit and they have a harder time fucking up your life out of spite. We don’t have a class of people known as “peasants”
          I’m not saying the US is perfect, but it’s objectively better than China…proven by the fact that smart, successful Chinese people consistently want to move to the US!!!!!

  14. Viruses? Yeah, I remember when I read the actual definition of “meme”, too.

  15. I.. are we serious here? Uh, I mean, everything else aside, you’re not starving here and you live in a democracy. Maybe it should be okay for EVERYONE to have equality! 😀 Eh? Eh?

    1. Read up on Ancient Rome and it’s fall and disappearance. They were as we are and they are no more.

  16. This is a good article for any of you white supremacist mangina idiots who still think America or the West is worth saving. The sooner America/the West collapses, the better the entire planet will be. The culture is simply inhuman in America/ the West, and people outside of America are far more human, far more natural and sane.
    The Jews are doing Lucifer’s work by destroying America and the West with their cultural policies, and thus are bringing us more in tune with a natural way of life (aka Luciferian). Remember, Satan, aka LUCIFER, was trying to give the human race divine knowledge. He is the divine Light Bringer! Fuck that faggot Jesus, he was a worthless Jew who betrayed his own race and the Jews did the right thing by nailing his worthless ass to a cross and torturing him to death. Jesus was trying to enslave us to his homosexual moralfaggotry, meanwhile LUCIFER is trying to SET US FREE!
    Praise LUCIFER, the Light of the Star of David!

    1. So I see you son of Lucifer soon you will have your reward:
      Job 24:20
      The womb shall forget him; the worm shall feed sweetly on him; he shall be no more remembered; and wickedness shall be broken as a tree.
      Revelation 6:8
      And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
      Isaiah 14:12
      How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

  17. Society is supposed to be the glue that allows more people than can known each other tr to function together and get along. It’s supposed to complement and extend human nature, not fight it.

  18. Many of the commenters here vacation in the East (Thailand is frequently mentioned, for example). They talk of how idyllic life is there, and how miserable they feel when they return to the States. One might wonder: why, then, aren’t getting off their betas asses and moving East?

    1. The same Thailand that’s currently under MARTIAL LAW with tanks rolling through the streets?
      That might be a bad example on your part…

  19. True. We are taught from a young age to ignore and even feel ashamed of our wants, needs, desires. We are taught a school to be fake, hold in our feelings instead of expresss ourselves, then we wonder why we have school shootings on a national level. We are taught to feel sorry for ourselves instead of improving our selves through masculine endeavors and hobbies such a weight lifting, hunting, fishing, sports. We are taught to hate other men. Women are taught nothing. Now you know why most men are weak minded fools and why women are stupid cunts that have nothing to offer other than some pussy. Probably used up pussy.

  20. Western thinking is all demonic. It is based on deception and hypocrisy. See the way the women behave. Like bitches and sluts, both in and out of the bedroom. The only thing the West gave to the world today is technology. The fact that westerners travel eastward to find peace and sincerity is the proof of the superiority of non-western thinking.

  21. Happy I left the US for Japan. I try to visit friends and family every 2-3 years, but I would rather visit a new country (Laos is next) than fly 15 hours to deal with all the BS of the US.

  22. Dude, South America is PART of the West… Spain or Portugal>Rome>Greece…. WEST… and they’re not that different when you get to know them either!
    The other thing is she can say shit to you she would NEVER say in her hometown… people when living abroad with no family to shit on them act more freely…

  23. “Girls” aren’t homemakers. “Girls” are female children. Perhaps you meant “women”?

  24. I left my home ex-Soviet country for all the freedoms the West had to offer, however now I feel like Im living in a Stalinist dictatorship where you have to watch your every word. Once the right job opportunity presents itself – Im back to where I came from.

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