“We Need To Talk” Is The Latest Invasion Of Women Into A Male Space

Q: How odd would it be to turn on the TV and see a show about child birth with an all male panel?

A: About as odd as a program about sports where all the pundits are women.

Believe it or not, gentlemen, that age is upon us. No, not the child birth show (though Dr. Oz, and The Doctors come very close at times). I’m talking about a sports show with an all female cast called We Need To Talk.

We Need To Talk, is a sports commentary program that features a forum made up of all women who hamster discuss the issues of the day as they pertain to professional athletes. The red pill in me wouldn’t allow me to take this seriously, but I channeled my inner beta and decided to be a “grown up” and reserve my preconceived red pill judgment until I’d actually watched it. Plus, I’m something of a sports fan myself so I figured what the hell—let’s see what happens…

The show is a fucking joke.

Look, I gave it an honest try I really did. But once a man ingests the crimson capsule there is no going back. The way I see things after unplugging from the matrix is much different from seven years ago when I would probably have given the show two enthusiastic thumbs up. My intimate knowledge of a woman’s true nature enables me to see right through their narrative and recognize it for what it really is.

Let’s break down this paper tiger and figure out why this wannabe pageant masquerading as a sports desk is an abject failure.

The Forum

The first thing that jumped out at me was this so-called mod squad. From has-beens to man-jawed (literally) feminazis, this bunch has it all. They have one or two regulars with the rest of them rotating in and out depending on their “busy schedules” as “powerful women.”

Lesley Visser: One of the leading ladies on the set whose plastic surgery debacle has made her look almost as bad as Lark Voorhees.

Dana Jacobson: A fattie (who, to her credit, has a decent face) who’s been previously suspended by ESPN for publicly embarrassing her employer by getting drunk at a mixer and screaming “Fuck touchdown Jesus!!” at a Notre Dame alumn.

Laila Ali: The daughter of Muhammed Ali who, despite having above average aesthetics, exudes about as much femininity as I do. No doubt following in Daddy’s footsteps made her that way.

Dara Torres: Olympic swimmer whose jaw and masculine features betray her denials to the accusations she took performance enhancing drugs (for the record I’m not against steroids or HGH in sports).

Swin Cash: A former WNBA star whose angry disposition indicates she likely had a rough upbringing.

Summer Sanders: Another Olympic swimmer who used to be America’s sweetheart but seems to have aged 20 years overnight.

Amy Trask: A first generation feminist whose work with the Raiders over three decades shows us all what a feminist really looks like.

I can hear women now: “OMG SharpShooter! Are looks the only thing that matters with women on TV??”

Yes. And you know it.

Men don’t give a shit about a woman’s credentials—especially when it comes to sports. Like most other things, we don’t care about much else a woman has to offer other than how easy she is on the eyes. Granted, if we do have to stomach female commentary we don’t want her to act or sound like a clueless idiot on camera. But ugly chicks don’t get much air time no matter how many media credentials or communications degrees they have on their walls.

To be fair there is some credibility on this panel. Tracy Wolfson and Pam Oliver make occasional appearances and they’ve both worked the sidelines (so has Visser) for years and seem to know their shit. Amy Trask did work for the Oakland Raiders for 30 years so she obviously has some knowledge on how sports work on and off the field. And finally Ali LaForce and Lisa Lesley provide us with a little femininity and eye candy to make the show watchable from boner test standpoint, so the cast isn’t a complete dumpster fire.

But on the whole the panel is exactly what I imagined it to be. A mixed bag of a few chicks who know a little bit about what they’re talking about, a few former athletes who can give anecdotal counts of their experiences, and a few who are nice to look at. Despite their differences, it’s clear they all joined the show to shove the feminine imperative down our collective throats under the guise of discussing a male-dominated sector from a female’s point of view.

What’s the point of the show?

The point of this show is to infiltrate the male mind by using sports to do it. They know damn well women aren’t watching this. Women couldn’t care less about sports no matter how much they pretend to. This program is for the fellas. Similar to Agent Lavender, this is designed to covertly permeate the masculine culture of professional sports and their consumers (which is weakening by the day).

Let’s take a look at why this will be a money pit for CBS in the coming months.

Feelings and ignorance don’t mix

When Summer Sanders gave her opinion on the University Of Alabama at Birmingham shutting down the football program her exact words were “If you look at this, like, emotionally, you have to feel for the players and the staff.” So right out of the gate she’s talking about emotions and feelings with regards to college football.

Obviously it sucked for the players and coaches to have the carpet pulled from under them, but here’s what women simply do not understand: this is how life works. Men understand that shit happens. We know that life throws us curveballs but we don’t bitch and moan about it. We accept it, pick ourselves up, and move on with life. The players can transfer and play elsewhere without a one year eligibility penalty and the coaches will land on their feet by finding other coaching gigs. It’s as simple as that.

What made her “analysis” worse is that Ms. Sanders ventured into what became crystal clear, uncharted territory for her:

“They need to look at their budgets and maybe they need to look at the way they do business.”

That cookie cutter statement showed she had zero clue how an athletic program works or that she didn’t do any research into the UAB situation. She just blurted out something she heard on the news in an attempt to sound well-learned on the matter. Luckily, Trask bailed her out and rescued the segment by talking about cost-benefit analysis and why funding a college football program isn’t as easy to run as it looks on television.

Girls will be girls

Dana Jacobson’s interview with 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota was unwatchable. She peppered him with questions about his feelings, what he wanted to do while in New York City (the site of the trophy presentation), and the character of Heisman trophy winners was bland and predictable.

I laughed out loud when she asked him what his favorite beach was and why because in my mind, this was supposed to be a show about sports from a female point of view. I guess I’m in the wrong here for expecting substantive sports talk from women but I honestly didn’t expect this level of chick talk.

There was, however, a bit of red pill wisdom nestled in when Mariota talked about one of his favorite surf spots, Sandy Beach. The moment he mentioned how dangerous it was, Jacobson’s tingles were front and center as she giggled with glee no doubt fantasizing about what a bad boy the Oregon QB must be.

At the end of the day girls will always be girls.

The truth always comes out

A woman’s true nature will always rear its ugly head regardless of the environment. Swin Cash proved as much with this little gem:

“My mother made the brave decision not to get married so that the government could pay for my college education.”

Women these days have no shame voicing their welfare mentality, but to see it on national T.V. was a shock. It was quite funny to see the reaction of her colleagues when she dropped this nuke which was obviously unexpected. I will give her credit for having the balls to exhibit that level of candor though.

And of course they squawked about domestic violence

There’s little doubt in my mind that the recent media firestorm surrounding the NFL’s ongoing bout with domestic violence cases is the main reason this program exists. It’s namesake makes it obvious. Most of the videos I wanted to put in this article are no longer available but the domestic violence episode remains for public consumption (surprise, surprise).

Everyone of the panelists seem to have been through it in some way shape or form and they all couldn’t wait to share their “brave stories of survival.” They took it a step further stating “and don’t you dare play down mental abuse” which is another prod for them to poke men with. Of course they talked about the bullshit “one in four” rape stat and hamstered about women not coming forward after rape or abuse.

Toward the end of their discussion they predictably tipped their hand. They challenged NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be the voice of social change. They want him to be more proactive on matters of domestic violence which really means kicking men out of the league before convicted. They even came right out and said they’d like to use the NFL as a vehicle of social change because of its power and influence. At least they’re honest.

So What Did I Learn?

Nothing. The only difference between We Need To Talk and other female shows is that the subject matter revolves around professional athletes. Other than that they’re all the same. The feminist views, the hamstering, the cattiness amongst the hosts, all the boxes are checked.

I have no idea how this show survives. Men aren’t going to watch a sports talk program rife with feminine undertones and women don’t tolerate sports unless there’s male attention to hoard. The show will be on air longer than it should in the name of political correctness and social justice warriors. I guess the only positive I can take from that is that this will be another example of women failing in a male dominated arena.

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311 thoughts on ““We Need To Talk” Is The Latest Invasion Of Women Into A Male Space”

    1. Because it is relevant to popular culture and women invading men’s domains.
      If you do not like it, do not read it, or write what you consider a worthy article and submit it to Roosh for publication. Stop whining, start doing.

      1. The same could be said for watching this tv show hahah. Most of these women have more credibility when it comes to sports than the people who post on here.

        1. So basically you are here to bitch, complain and mock.
          Your current discussion value is hovering around zero.
          No need to reply, my interest in some stranger’s snark is also, coincidently, zero.

        2. No not really, i enjoyed the jung article. I just feel an article about supposed men getting mad over a sports show were women will mainly talk about men running around in spandex catching balls is rather pointless. Also the fact that most of the people on here have never played sports at a professional level but want to bitch about credibility also seems pointless.

        3. Part of the mission of this site is to comment on cultural trends, which includes pop culture.
          Second, I am not a professional musician, but I can tell you for a fact when somebody doesn’t know how to play guitar, by listening to them.
          You enjoyed the Jung article, but are you a paid professional psychiatrist? Exactly.

        4. Actually, they have even less credibility than male reporters. Why? Because alot of the males tried, and failed at sports. A lot of these guys have a certain reverence for what athletes have accomplished, this is why I cant stand a woman commenting on male sports. This one woman who was filling in for someone else was teasing Jalen Rose ON AIR that Jordan once dropped 70 on he and his team at the time. The look he shot her was priceless(and she immediately clammed up). Who the hell is this woman, who HAS NEVER PLAYED IN THE NBA, to poke fun at Jalen? Only your peers have that right.
          At this point, I think if you havent at least played at the collegiate level, you should not be allowed to be a sports broadcaster- no credibility. It was different back in the olden days, when people actually read, so you needed a skilled sportswriter to write engaging prose. Now, since its all tv (and we see what these aging writers look like) we gotta keep em off tv, writing only..

        5. I was talking about the women’s credbility over the show vs the majority of people who post on here. Not your ability to ascertain the article. Pop culture os pointless to follow because by the time an idea reaches that point most of the credibility it had is gone

        6. Who the fuck is lay la? What the fuck are you talking about?
          Did you feel all warm inside when you wrote that? Are you lay lo or lay la la? Noooo, so, stop being pathetic and worshiping other people.
          You’re pathetic.

        7. Layla Ali? I am looking forward to seeing my first punchdrunk female boxer. that should be fun…daddy let her box? unreal

        8. Exactly, frankly, I think we’re going to see a whole bunch of physically messed up “women” in short order. Kind of like how the adverse effects of artificial additives is having on people, apropos, so will the artificial push to get women more athletic.

        9. dont you see? this is CONTENT for this tabloid sports show.
          When layla gets her nose wrecked, they will simply turn the reconstruction of her nose into some sort of personal triumph, stretched out over the course of multiple episodes.

        10. And that has what to do about what? Pop culture is not pointless to follow from a trend tracking perspective, unless you live in a cave. From this pile of sewage we see not only the current mindset from the media masters, we also see the table dressing for future trends , memes and ultimately laws that will affect our lives, like it or not.
          For somebody trying to be so above the fray, you have posted a hell of a lot of commentary on this thread. If you did not actually care…
          Anywho, later dude.

        11. I merely responded to defend myself, I also use this site to procrastinate from doing homework. I also never said I was above the fray, just that pop culture is pointless and yall getting your panties in a bunch over women hosting some corny ass tv show is also pointles.

        12. – I was talking about the women’s credbility over the show vs the majority
          of people who post on here. Not your ability to ascertain the article. –
          Aren’t you contradicting yourself? If our ability in ascertaining any given article is not what you’re talking about then why would you even brought up the ‘credibility’ issue?
          Or perhaps it’s just me who is not aware there are new meanings to the word ‘ascertain’ and ‘credibility’?
          Anyway, let’s assume that indeed the women on the show possess more “credibility” vs majority of people who pose here then so fucking what? The article should have flatly mentioned “Gents, please boycott that cunty show full of cunts”.

        13. – I also never said I was above the fray, just that pop culture is pointless and yall getting your panties in a bunch over women hosting
          some corny ass tv show is also pointles. –
          That show is pointless and you got your own panty in a bunch over men on men’s site laughing their assess over some stupid-ass show full of cunts.

        14. – So lalia ali isnt a retired professional boxer who is 24-0? –
          All whom she beat in the ring were nobody compared to whom his dad or Mike Tyson had beaten. A prime-time Layla won’t have half a prayer against a prime-time Mike Tyson so better put Mike there in that show. But a prime-time Muhammas Ali vs a prime-time Mike Tyson? Now that would be 1 hell of an interesting fight!

        15. Oh yea…totally ignoring the fact that she is on the opposite side of the wieght class spectrum……no light weight would hold a candle to tyson. Hahah i bet you couldnt box your way out of a wet paper bag

        16. – Oh yea…totally ignoring the fact that she is on the opposite side of the wieght class spectrum……-
          Despite being lighter, Laila is nowhere near Tyson in speed or even fame let alone punching power so why not put the better and more renowned boxer in that show? Oh how could I forgot, Tyson doesn’t own a cunt.
          – no light weight would hold a candle to
          tyson. –
          No woman would hold even half a candle to Tyson.
          – Hahah i bet you couldnt box your way out of a wet paper bag –
          Bitch, please…if even you could do it then I sure as hell could do much better than you.

        17. Let’s meet up then. My gym has a ring, ill even let you borrow gloves. Show me what you got player

        18. You sound annoying. If you’re anywhere near massachusetts, I’d love to step into the ring with you and show ya what happens to loudmouths who instigate fights for no fucking reason other than their own shallow bravado

        19. Virginia beach, my facebook is linked to my disquis. Not really picking fights either I was called a faggot and a cunt for sticking up for a female professional boxer..my bad..he also said he could box better than me..i’m giving him the opportunity to prove it but if you want to take his place lets do it.

        20. Well, Virginia Beach is a bit of a ride for it…didn’t see the comment where you were called a cunt, so can’t blame you for reacting; any man who gets called a cunt and doesn’t react IS a cunt. Still, I’m a boxer, and if you’re ever in the massachusetts area and wanna throw down for shits and giggles, I’ll be here

        21. I obviously struck some nerves and made you lost your cool now didn’t I? LOL
          Well, let’s put it this way, I sure got nothing to gain by fighting you. You might as well issue an internet challenge to Mayweather or Klitschko and threaten to call them pussy cowards if they don’t take up. Most likely, they’ll just ignore you and laugh at the idea of giving validation & recognition to some nobody like you. But please go ahead issue an internet challenge to them and prove me wrong, look at the bright side of it, you’ll have your 15 minutes of fame! Don’t you wanna fame? Fame will make cunts throw themselves at you and then you & your buddies can stop white-knighting at clubs in order to eagerly jump at the first chance of ganging up on a single man who hit back at some cunt who hit him first.
          Be mightily proud of who you are, really.

        22. Not even the slightest doubt, those cunts surely enjoyed each & every ticking seconds of it whilst thinking “yes, I’ve made it, I’ve snagged & bagged the ultimate alpha male!” Needless to say though, Tyson refused to upgrade their status any higher than cump-dumpster and next thing he know, 1 of them snapped and cried rape.

        23. – …..didn’t see the comment where you were called a cunt, so can’t blame you for reacting; any man who gets called a cunt and doesn’t react IS a cunt. –
          The only reason you didn’t see he was called a cunt is because nobody here called him a cunt. Well OK, I did use the meme “bitch, please” on him AFTER he said that I couldn’t box my way outta a wet paper bag.
          You’re 100% right spot on with your initial assessment on him, he IS a loudmouth who like to instigate fights, you can easily imagine how he’ll behave in the real world by the way he carries himself here on this site. See the exchanges on this thread between him with Towgunner77 and GhostOfJefferson, those 2 respectable patrons of this site were also annoyed at his obnoxious behavior. He surely thinks that just because he can hit at some punching bag then he is a tough guy and he is eager to jump into any fight at the slightest perceived “provocation”.

        24. You said you could out box me..i giving you an oppurtunity to prove it and all youre doing is running around in circles. Stop name dropping well known boxers like you know something. You sound like the fat kid in gym class right now all bark no bite hahah

        25. It seems my instincts were right, then; Ghost and Towgunner are 2 of ROK’s best commenters. I skimmed over most of the thread, so only saw the comment where curtislowe spouted tough-guy rhetoric, which is usually the domain of beta weaklings hiding behind a keyboard. I guess by ‘usually’, I mean ‘always’; most good fighters learned not to instigate at a young age

        26. – You sound like the fat kid in gym class right now all bark no bite hahah –
          Hahah sound like you’re trying to impress some fat cunt who took offense at this site hahah you’re a chubby chaser fatty fucker hahah you’re so pathetic hahah
          – Stop name dropping well known boxers like you know something. –
          Sorry chump but you don’t get to tell me what to stop and what not. And I do know that Klitschko and Mayweather won’t take up your challenge, NOT because they think they can’t outbox you or something but because a nobody who can’t even get laid with a fat cunt like you just ain’t worth it. But please go ahead prove me wrong and make an internet challenge to them. After all, if they don’t take up your challenge then you can still get to brag to that fat cunt you’re trying to shag “Pussy coward Klitschko and Mayweather are scared shitless of me baby, now can I suck on your fat cunt?” LOL
          – You said you could out box me..i giving you an oppurtunity to prove it and all youre doing is running around in circles. –
          Go easy on those Kool Aid already, you’re hallucinating again.
          I only fight when there is something worthwhile to gain from it and you’re a fuckin’ nobody so truly sorry to disappoint.
          I know how you feel, it must be really tempting to act tough when you’re a pathetic chubby chaser fatty fucker who hardly have anything worthwhile to lose anyway. But trust me dude, that fat cunt whom you’re so trying hard to impress will be much more impresssed if you pulled up your tough-guy antics with some dude who have even less to lose than you do, like, say, some drug-dealer or pimp dude in the ghetto?
          And oh BTW, please do tell us if you live.

        27. Why do you respond with essays every time? You realize everything you have said is pointless after i called you out right? Either put your money where your mouth is or shutup

        28. – Why do you respond with essays every time? –
          I can respond with whatever I like dude, please feel free not to read it if you don’t like it or you may ask the mods to ban me, whatever. I won’t do that if I were you though because the mods can clearly see, from your exchanges with not just me but also with GhostOfJefferson and Towgunner77, that you’re the one who came here to jeer, taunt, mock and pick-up fights with the men who only have positive things to say about this site.
          -You realize everything you have said is pointless after i called you out right?-
          Not right at all, you called me out on nothing, like I said previously, get easy with those Kool Aid already or you’ll keep seeing and hearing things which aren’t there.
          – Either put your money where your mouth is or shutup –
          Sorry again dude but a white-knight like you don’t get to tell me or any man whom this site meant to be as their audience to shut up. Besides, didn’t they teach you the first amendment in school or what?

  1. Radio host up here in outback Ohio was talking about this. He is a big sports nut, but said in no uncertain terms that this is a gimic and stupid and that he would not be tuning in. Passive red pill transfer, check.

  2. Never heard of this show but ‘We need to talk…’ are words that send a chill right up my spine. Terrifying.

    1. Right! What marketing exec thought: “Let’s name an all-female sports show after a phrase every man on earth hates!”?

  3. This is exactly what I have been mentioning in my comments. I remember watching a clip of Sharon Osbourne and her “crew” laughing about a man’s penis being chopped off by his psychotic wife and laughing their asses off.
    Disgusting. But in the world of a women, its okay to be a misandrist, nothing wrong with that at all.
    Or in another show “The Wendy Williams Show” where the host encouraged a guest into tricking her husband into getting her pregant. Again, this reflects the disgusting mindset of today’s “modern” women.
    All of the television shows, television commercials and magazines in the supermarkets, are aimed and catered for the female demographic and female consumer market, where men are now a product of exclusion. All of these talk shows and other female products teach and manipulate women into childish, spoilt and self entitled ideologies about how to trap a man. Examples include “10 ways to wrap a man around your finger” or “How to get your man to obey you.”
    I am simply disgusted by today’s pop culture in general. And it goes to show you that women are simply out of touch with reality and are more obsessed with consuming their empty lives by indulging their narcissism and vanity by taking part in the most ridiculous activities known to man such as taking pictures of themselves and replicating and emulating the lifestyle of their favourite low life degenerate celebrities.
    And you wonder why the nuclear family has broken down and why women scream “where did all the good men go?”

    1. If you’re american male go for the foreign women. The stronger the foreign accent, the less exposure she’s had to toxic american culture.

    2. You’re spot on that all of this is aimed at the female demographic. What often goes overlooked is that females also create it – this show is a perfect example. But then women have the gall to bitch about the “unrealistic body images,” “rape culture,” and “glass ceilings” that they create and willingly indulge in.

      1. Well, I hope women are going to support it (to keep it on the air). I saw the pics (above) of the crew and I didn’t take a second look.

    3. There was a guy in England who tricked his girlfriend into getting pregnant. He’s in prison now.

      1. Meanwhile I will bet that every ooopsey from females “Omg, I’m preggers!” Is glossed over and ignored.

    4. “10 ways to wrap a man around your finger” or “How to get your man to obey you.”
      is not totally unlike the kind of thing I come here to read, from the other perspective. So it’s an opposing force, ok. But is it morally wrong? Hardly so. Their quest for power is as moral as mine.
      I remember that my grandmother told me that she was advised by her parents explicitly not to show interest in the guy she likes. Seemed to have worked for her – hell, at least I live, if that’s some proof.

    5. It’s the Us against Them mindset gone out of control…. women got their rights and equality decades ago and modern feminists are like those lost Japanese soldiers in the jungle, still fighting WW2 in 1947.

      1. They kept finding lost WW2 soldiers into the 1970s because no one ever contacted them, saying the war had ended already.
        I bet that must’ve been an awkward realization for those soldiers.

    6. Great comment. The open misandry and blatant show of narcissistic degeneracy displayed by famous women and their vapid admirers is revolting, depressing and amazing all at once. As has been mentioned before, modern american females are engaging in a massive collective shit-test, acting like spoiled cunts in the hopes that some man–who doesn’t mind their enormous, hotdog-down-a-hallway vaginas and jizz-streaked hair–will come and smack them into order. The good men are with good women, or going their own way bitches. Enjoy your independence!

  4. Just another example in the recent trend of female-dominated shows where the ladies talk inanely about stuff they don’t actually understand and bitch about the patriarchy all the while telling us how wonderful, smart and amazing they are. But it is indeed funny when the truth occasionally comes out (starting at 25:11):

  5. Here’s an idea: don’t watch it.
    We have a choice about what we watch, read, eat, drink, jerk off to, etc. Those who claim to practice “alpha” values should worry less about society and focus more on their own advancement. This show is for retards. So is sitting around and watching sports all day.

    1. Here’s where you’re wrong: we SHOULD worry about society around us because it directly affects our advancement as men which is why sites like this exist. I’m not one who would watch a show like this but I do take in the occasional spectator sport on TV every so often to relax and entertain myself and it doesn’t stunt my growth as a man or reduces my “alpha cred”. I dont’ sit around watching sports all day guzzling beer and shoving nachos down my pie hole. I agree with most of what you said but to paint things like this as black and white is creating your own low hanging fruit. Self improvement has as much to do with being aware of your surroundings as it does being selfish in your development. Sports fans aren’t all mouth breathers.

      1. Correct. Unfortunately correct, but correct nonetheless. Whether we are aware of this stuff or not, it is out there and it is effecting the society we are trying to live in. Just keeping closed eyes to hard truths is fine for Women and Children, but not men. As Edmund Burke says, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

        1. 2 of the main American pastimes involve men running around in spandex catchings balls. Let that sink.in

        2. Who has their eyes closed to the truth? Society is completely collapsing; of that we are all well aware. My point was simply that one should abandon mainstream activities, posit oneself as elite, and put art and learning before cheap entertainment. No, there is nothing wrong with sports; but when your whole life is sports, video games, TV, porno, etc, you have to reevaluate.

        3. Oh, it has sunk in.
          I can’t fault the players here. I am not a sports fan to watch, but I do like to play because I enjoy competition and physicality. Also, if i was born with a skill set that let me get paid millions of dollars for playing a game and staying in shape I would be a fool not to take advantage of it.
          However, about the consumer, you are 100% correct. Maybe it is better to have all women commentators then professional sports can simply become a reality show.

        4. I think you and I agree on the essentials here adolphus. I am still on the fence between abandoning the mainstream and trying to change it. The former seems like giving up in a way and the later seems futile.

        5. What’s that have to do with Loknee’s post above…the one that you hit reply too? Hmmm?
          Oh, the whole latent homosexual meme…another mass media creation bestowed by the same forces that gave us this “we need to talk”. Hey I wrestled, so, lets hear your immature jabs at my singlet…but hey its more practical to wear lose clothes that can get entangled and snagged. That wins matches for sure.
          Let it sink in that men are talking about these issues and pulling back this onion.

        6. I wrestled too, still do actually. There’s a difference between participation and watching

        7. Yeah, absolutely. I’m probably older than you. I’m not throwing that in your face. I’m just saying that I stopped giving a shit about trying to change it, for better or worse.

        8. Baseball players dont wear spandex.
          Im biased, as I used to play, but the stop/start of the game is what makes it maddening and exciting at the same time. There is alot of nuance to the game and tons of history to draw upon, abd the best of announcers make it into a history lesson.
          The best books about sports, fiction or nonfiction, tend to be about baseball.

        9. You very well might be older than me, but probably not. I am pretty freaking old.
          I am somewhere in the middle. I stop giving a shit for a while and then something happens and I start giving a shit again. It alternates depending on season and mood.

        10. Again, I totally agree. Too much of anything will stunt your growth, spectator sports included. My whole life doesn’t revolve around sports. I’m a very active person who enjoys watching a good game from time to time. As Ghost of Jefferson said, games have been around forever. Gladiators, the first Olympics and so forth. Spectator sports have definitely eroded over the years but the concept remains the same which is competition between men. People of ancient Greece and Rome who attended coliseums to watch competitions were anything but manginas. Again, that’s changed but a man taking in a competitive sport on occasion is far from letting it consume his life. It happens but I ain’t the one.

      2. Personally, I don’t believe that per se the choice to care about society (something larger than yourself) makes you less of a man.

    2. But how will they know which already mind rotting form of media the feminist have taken over next? God forbid they just tirm off the tv and go read a book, lift weights, develop a hobby….hell they could even turn the channel

    3. Hey, I agree, but today, I still think its necessary for our red pill community to discuss this. Why? Because, whether you or I watch this (and I will never watch this) is somewhat irrelevant when you consider that this show will likely influence culture and the society we (watching or not) have to live in. I’m sick and tired of female bravado and its shows like this that create it, even if few females watch it – they add to the problem. That said in the near future the media, as we know it (centralized and top-down) will literally disintegrate as content become ubiquitous and each individual personalizes their media experience. “we need to talk” is not due to popular demand, like every liberal concoction (and they admit it – see article above), its a political creation made possible by a centralized top-down construct.
      Its simple, if the media isn’t centralized then pushing a singular ideology will be impossible. Why? The viewer will have full control. So, you’re very right all we need to do is ignore it. But, we have to wait until the new media matures a little more for all the blue pill lemmings to do the same. When that happens, this will be (if it even survives) maybe someone’s youtube channel at best.

      1. You’re absolutely right about everything. I just don’t see why we’re all so surprised. “Oh my God! Another ideologically driven, feminist empowering violation of our blessed mainstream moron market!”
        Go try to have this conversation, the one we’re having now, in a bar with a “normal” guy. He won’t bite. People buy into this shit, they think it’s great.
        So yes, it’s fucked up that we live under this propaganda but most people eat it up. So fuck them. Separate yourself from them. Seek your own advancement. You’re not going to change it anyway.

        1. So long as the internet remains free,”they” can’t. That’s why this disruption is so powerful. Now, if they find a way to control the internet, and they’re making many attempts to do exactly that, then we’re in deep deep trouble.
          As long as the internet remains free than things will naturally correct. Think about the evolution of women in sports over the last couple of decades. For instance, title (what is it 9 or 7…I think) has been bad for male sports but consider that in order to achieve 1 to 1 parity they had to find females to play. Despite it being disguised via propaganda females were pushed into sports. What’s noteworthy is that absent this pushing, females on their own free will would mostly avoid sports. Ask yourself how “they” were able to do that? Answer: by broadly centralizing power, which very much required a centralized media so that a singular and refined message (propaganda) could be transmitted effectively to produce they desired results. What I’m talking about is how a free internet, which will very soon be the sole engine behind the media will put the power of selection into the hands of the individual, not, the commissars (women’s studies departments) deciding on what should be watched or otherwise adsorbed by the masses.

        2. You’re an optimist. If the internet is devolving the top-down centralized propaganda mechanism, and therefore freeing the individual to choose his own narrative, why is he choosing to be a fucking idiot? The existing narrative has been embraced stronger in proportion to the popularity of the internet. The power of selection has done nothing to free people intellectually.

        3. This is going to happen the technology (at least the guts of it) currently exists…this is an “app” away from being reality. There are a lot of reasons why the existing narrative is stronger than ever. I’d say the biggest are the current political conditions. Now, in terms of this transition, I think most of society is still habitualized to consume media via the old system, which is centralized and top down (i.e. 5 media companies controlling the media et al) and this dinosaur is going to hold on as long as it can. But, fissures are already beginning to form. Ratings across the board for mainstream media are falling. Quality and even overly bombastic political views are very much a part but its mostly its due to the internet. So the process is happening, but, there are still limits to the internet as a full viable substitute for media.
          In terms of tv, movies and even sports, hulu, netflix, AmazonPrime are all 1.0 versions of media aggregators…what is needed is an application that will source content entirely from the web and is programmable or customizable on the front end by the individual. iTunes is essentially this already. However, since people are still holding onto their old viewing habits I think there needs to be a constant streaming feature so that this app appears to be like tv.
          The content will be dictated by user preferences and assorted via a genius bar ergo why things will be very personalized and, writ large, decentralized. Consider how many people consume media/tv…something like this – home from work, beer, snack, turn on the tube…watch. Current apps, hulu, netflix etc are, crazy as it sounds, to labor intensive for the coach potatoes looking for a quick laugh, scare, cry or just background ambiance. The app that I see as inevitable will be just like that accept the content will be catered specifically to you. So, when you come home from work, grab a beer and turn on the tv you’ll have streaming content similar to a tv, HOWEVER, you won’t ever have to endure “will and grace” or “we have to talk”…ever. Multiply this by the population, which is still right leaning and at the least you break up the media cabal (centralization). And if you can do that then…well what do you think?

    4. Dont watch it? Not the point, they will make sure this stays on the air. No one watches Maddow, havent for years, and yet shes still on tv…

    5. Here’s another idea: Don’t subscribe to cable or satellite, period. For a mere $16 a month you can get both Netflix and Hulu Plus and choose what YOU want to watch with minimum intrusive advertising (the backbone of shitshow circuses like this show SharpShooter is rightfully bashing) and the choices get better and better all the time. Netflix especially shines now with documentaries and older horror films (sadly their Spaghetti Western choices have dwindled) and Hulu Plus has lots of classic television and also some those these awesome new serialized narratives that haven’t THANKFULLY almost slaughtered sitcoms and reality TV. Trust me, there is no lack of nonstop great options (and as men, we like having options for all things in life just as women do) to indulge it for mere peanuts!

      1. I chose this route. There’s also lots of torrenting available for foreign shows that you don’t see on those channels. I really don’t miss the sports. And the odd sports that only have random coverage on youtube are actually a joy to watch.

        1. The two or three times a year I’m compelled to watch sports are always in a social setting with food (I don’t drink except for absinthe before bed occasionally, and I don’t really think I need to elaborate as to why). I can always find something better to do in my apartment, like dust behind the refrigerator or scrub my ceiling.

      2. Or you could just get a VPN and torrent your content, giving these motherfucking scum bags the middle finger in the process. Don’t give hymiewood A DIME. They’ve done enough with the money we’ve already gave them.

    6. And be surrounded by the equalist faggotry? I’m not convinced society beyond redemption yet

    7. It would be nice to do that, but this show and others like it are all about the weaponization of democracy.
      Meaning that you can ignore it only so long until the hordes of retards hit the voting booths and turn you into a criminal or target you for robbery and murder in total safety.
      I’m all for changing the channel, but we “have to worry” about this shit because every retard who watches that show can vote.
      Hopefully we’ll see a day when there is no more democracy and when we deal with retards we can totally ignore them and know that they can’t think “well, I’ll show him” and then wait until election day.

        1. This. Unfortunately there are just too many dumb people in the west who can vote. Women who often vote with their emotions is particularly damaging. What alternative do we have, a draft requirement for voting?

        2. Your collective posts show that you’re a pathetic woman-hater. Why don’t you just tell us already–just how small IS your weenie? Admitting your inferiority is the first step with dealing with your misogyny.

    8. Hey, I agree with you. It’s important to be red pilled to a certain extent (know who’s pushing what and why so you don’t fall into traps that the everyday man falls into) but once you’re past that point, you need to understand what’s really important.
      For me, I’m all about self improvement and that’s it. I don’t care about news, politics, events. Not. At. All. Don’t even get me started on sports and video games.
      In fact, I would argue that following sports is actually better than the news or going down the “rabbit hole” too much. People who follow sports are atleast happy too an extent, people who follow the news/politics are always angry, and people who keep going down the rabbit hole usually shoot somebody and/or themselves.

      1. Sadly, true. Ignorance is bliss. There is a good reason why the Wise Man always ends up retreating to the mountain top and becoming a hermit.

  6. My Grandfather did Radio back in the 1950’s and it was known In radio at that time that woman didn’t deliver news well to men, it was said that when a woman starts talking men physiologically don’t care and filter out everything she’s talking about.

    1. Any why should he care? Women are not challenged like men are challenged, their life experience is simply not the same because there are no expectations on them. So why should I care what the opinions on the world are from someone who has never had serious expectations for performance?

      1. Spot on. Women say we are all equal, then demand to be respected just for being women. while not engaging in any of the traditional womanly acts beyond being a fucktoy. Very few women in 1st world countries have been tested in ways that men are tested most every day…not least in the realm of controlling urges

  7. Just the name of the show is enough for me to know to avoid it. Professional sports in general though is too far gone in terms of being feminized though. They need to pull back.

  8. Glad I quit watching sports and TV in general a while back.
    Hopefully, this dies a quick death for the men left who do watch sports.

      1. 99 percent of the drones don’t even notice it happening in front of their stupid faces.

  9. Ug, will this ever end. Another insufferable “show”, and yes, it will, as the article predicts, very likely last longer than it should because of political correctness, just like the “w” nba. I think the motivation is mostly from the whole domestic abuse shit that occurred at the start of the season and the title of the show says it all. “We need to talk”…???, that’s what people say when they have issues to work out NOT when they want to kick back and immerse themselves into escapism via sports.
    That said, I do see a silver lining. When the whole abuse thing broke earlier this season (oddly near the same time that gamer gate was occurring), I thought that feminists were over extending and exposing themselves and who better of an audience to finally see their treachery but all the sleeping men out there who have been sedated by sports. It was the sport sedative, mind you, that kept most men unaware of the shit that feminists were pulling such as feminizing schools and even sports. Now, I think the summation of the female inclusion, pinkified teams, politicized “commentary” and this stupid show is going to only drive more and more men to wake up and take the red pill.
    Importantly, as I mentioned before, the media landscape WILL go through (and is although its not as obvious…yet) a massive transition. Sports is the last tether keeping the male viewer watching abc, cbs or nbc (or mainstream media) BUT it is possible to watch full sports content by accessing it through an international IP’s. Apparently, and someone may need to check me on this (I heard it), many casinos are doing that so its a continuous uninterrupted stream without commercials.
    Its all going digital and that is a good thing. Adolphus Wolf says “don’t watch” it. I can’t agree 100% today because other people will watch and it will have impact on culture and us, so, this warrants discussion. But, in the spirit of what he’s saying very soon, I predict, he’ll be very right, because, media will become so decentralized politically charged shows masquerading as legitimate will never carry the cultural influence and probably will never be made.

  10. This show is horseshit, i propose a manosphere wide ban from watching this show to talking anything anywhere about this show. Spend that time rather on improving yourself and enjoying the decline.

  11. I’ll give it 6 months tops. Maybe if the chicks were hotter, younger, and in bathing suits it would survive but no man wants to sit and watch old, ugly women bitch about sports and fucking social justice. This show is dead as disco. Someone needs to make a parody called “Shut The Fuck Up Already”.

    1. That parody show would barely take up a commercial break. They could just repeat it’s one episode during every odd occasion they get the chickens stop clucking.

    2. Remember that “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” show? I’m reminded of that. I wanted to make a parody called “Straight Hand for the Gay Man” where we teach the gay guy not to be such a whiney bitch.

      1. Yeah I saw that show about zero times. Looks like a lot of teenage boys grew up on that show though.

      2. Queer eye for the straight guy didn’t really bother me, gay guys having a show about fashion is OK coz fashion is a bastion of gay guys an women. But if they had a all gay sports show that would annoy me.

        1. But dude, they’re independent! I mean, don’t you get it? These women are all independent! In fact, haven’t they reminded you themselves yet again today that they’re independent, you silly Douchebag-Awkward-Creeper you?

        2. Oh but isn’t a successful, career driven, independent, fierce, strong, powerful, women “who knows what she wants” with her Masters degree so desirable…Yeah right.

        3. Oh come on. You know how I get the penis tingles over a girl who graduated summa cum laude?

        4. Oh, come on… you know every man on the planet is drooling for some of that Oprah pussy

      1. And I STILL wouldn’t watch it. What is this didactic, scoldy sh*t and why do men even discuss it as something to be considered!

    3. I couldn’t even be bothered to read the last half of the article (no offense to the author, only the subject matter).
      The ringer is that the show is utterly fucking sexist and lawsuits should be filed immediately by men who’ve been done out of a job by politically incorrect employment opportunities offered only to women, when plenty of men could do the job
      not 2 or 3 but 13!!!! cuntbags blabbing their ugly mouths and wobbling their saggy tits in the viewers face is a fucking disgrace….
      The shame shit is happening on Bloomberg and CNBC where financial news, still a bastion of male enterprise has to be presented by airheaded, coutured fems who barely know the difference between a $5 and $20 bill, never mind a stock offering or bond coupon….

      1. ROK should start a twitter protest again this shit…. fight the bitches on their own terms….
        Here are the twitter feeds, let’s start hammering them….
        Not only is it doing sharp minded men out of gainful and well paid employment, but it’s totally distracting and in your face to have legs, titties, bums in tight short skirts and faces made up like vogue models on display when you are trying to focus on important matters like how much money you are about to lose in the next financial meltdown….. .sports to me is entertainment for monkeys, but I can see if you work a real job and aren’t into gambling on the markets, it’s probably the next best sugar rush…. putting fems in there unless they are hot bodied cheer leaders that dance and sing…. NOT ALLOWED.

      2. Right! So many of the female ‘financial analysts’ we see on MSM new shows are barely capable of analyzing their own navels, nevermind a rapidly declining economy. Maybe that’s why the economy is shit; we are being advised by a bunch of wimmins studies majors

      3. CBS: Clitoral Broadcasting Service.
        The only time I watched CBS was for the Raider games and now I find out one of these cunts fucked up the Raiders. That is totally fucked.

    4. Not even 6 months, I literally do not know a single man who would be caught dead watching this trash

    5. I couldn’t even muster enough temptation to risk the total, mind numbing, earth shattering, soul crushing devastation my face slap would do to my skull if I clicked on the Mariotta interview. So, I “Peter-Paneed” out and neglected the obviously more “Mature man” in me, and thought about how I like the long legs of Skin Cash, and how I would not call back if she is exactly how she presents her personality.
      Hey, I’m a big man. I like the tall basket ball players. Back or white. LOL Don’t care what any one thinks.
      BUt she would get hella lack of welfare off my back. The red flags are strong with that one. Bet she bangs like a wanton thorough bred though. Definitely take her surfing. LOL

  12. Really enjoyed the article. Thank Hell I only have a one-foot-in mentality with sports (they’re too much of a timesuck and pros are beyond criminally overpaid). If I have anything better to do besides watch them, then I have ANYTHING better to do! And yes, women don’t give a fuck about sports any more than men give a fuck about Fifty Skanks of Gray. For women sports are just an opportunity to drink and eat at a man’s expense, play dress-up, post selfies or “ussies” (yes, that’s a thing now, look it up. We’re officially fucked as a society) in their sports gear (the innumerable ones of them with those black strips under their eyes are comical, to be generous), and dicktease Betatard after Betatard for ego-fulfillment and power posturing at sporting events or viewing parties. It’s as much a scam as Nigerian oil investment email spam.
    SharpShooter, I too have no issue with steroids or other body-enhancing drugs (yet you must faced the consequences of possibly reactions from your body and mental disturbances). A man should look like a man, period. Party drugs that make you lose weight or turn you into a drug-addled drooling zombie were never “cool” or glamorized in my eyes. Plus, just look at the caliber of people that take them. Enough said.

  13. The show will die a natural death after it is shunned by male viewers, and women turn it into idle jock celebrity gossip. There is no audience for female sports outside of tennis and golf. That has nothing to do with big media corporations excluding women and not giving them their equal 50% airtime. It has everything to do with the free market. If tv broadcaster can get a bigger audience and generate more revenue with male sports, why shouldn’t that be what’s on tv? Lots of sports only get on tv once every 4 years during the olympics. Why? Because tv broadcasters can make more money showing other stuff.

    1. Surely the shadowy figures that control the non tax paying non profit nfl as well as the mysterious controllers of the media know as well as you do that this is a huge money loser for sure. Why would they do it anyway when they know damn well it will tank? It’s a mystery. They certainly would not lose money on purpose, and there could be no other motivation.

  14. “this is designed to covertly permeate the masculine culture of professional sports and their consumers” – i don’t see what all the fuss is about. After all, _watching_ and _following_ professional sports is not very masculine at all. Sure, the guys on the field are doing some very masculine stuff, but the millions of other guys watching the game are not partaking in a masculine activity (of course they think they do, but they are completely wrong).
    Instead of wasting your time and money by watching professional sports, get off your butt, go outside and do something, make something or get some exercise, perhaps even play a sports game with some friends, that’s cool.
    Do you think great men and leaders of hundreds or thousands years ago spent much time watching professional sports? They didn’t follow all the NBA and NFL games and they didn’t waste their precious time and energy memorizing baseball stats.
    So , if there’s a show where chicks talk sports, it’s only fitting. It’s honest actually. Real men have better things to do anyway.

    1. Actually, ancient men may have done just that. Gladiators were a huge entertainment pull, and ancient Romans played some type of ball games that involved teams that had team colors (and fans would wear those colors to the stadiums).
      This shit is nearly wired into us. That said, I find it lame.

      1. I can believe you find it lame, as do I.
        And, of course, professional sports was around even in ancient times, gladiators being the most famous example.
        But even back then, I would dare to say that it was mostly common riff-raff who followed the sports in the same way as mindless crowds of sports fans do today. In my previous post, I mentioned “great men and leaders”, not common sheeple. Great men perhaps watched an occasional event or funded a team (for prestige and/or for profits), they probably didn’t paint themselves in team colors and didn’t let themselves blend in the mindless shoutning crowd at the stadium.

        1. Actually I believe the men of power were more or less socially compelled to show up. Somebody had to signal to kill the vanquished, and a court is never far from their emperor.

  15. OK, I have a question and a few comments about this.
    I’m neither American nor a big sports fan but the first question that comes to mind is: who is the actual audience? Women who just crave for gossip about athletes, perhaps? I could understand that. Men who want to see a pretty face while hearing something tangentially related to sports? It looks like a very convoluted way to do so.
    The images in the background of the first photo are odd. I can see 3 women and 2 men but nothing particularly athletic. The five of them seem to be standing idly like actors in some gala. No balls (no pun intended), no play field, no action, nothing.
    Where I come from we have something we call the pink press which deals with gossip, originally royalty and nobility and nowadays it has degenerated into slutty brain-dead celebrities. To me, this program you mention looks like a pink press TV program that just specializes in sports celebrities.
    This is light-years away from this sports program from Spain (mostly about soccer): eight guys, one token woman. They have balls and are quite comfortable with them (ok, maybe pun intended here). The background image is actually about the game. And, my favorite part and perhaps most important of all, actual laughter rather than photo-smiles.

    1. America has shows like you describe there… but more and more they seem to be force-feeding female anchors into such shows. Frankly, I don’t watch sports enough to care.

  16. They claim that they want such a show in order to comment everything that women want – domestic violence, rape culture – especially for NFL athletes. They want to have show where they can bitch about the NBA for not having an all-pink shirts breast-cancer awareness day and then try to get someone fired.

    1. They want a show where women can openly lust after alpha male jocks they think are hot, and shame beta male jocks they think are gross and disgusting. They don’t care about the sport, and have never played it themselves.

    2. More useless women. I guess we’re getting to a point where we have to put these women “some where” so let’s make up a show for them. We’ll get all of the female “athletes” plus a few female “reporters” and put them together on a show about “sports”.
      Let them talk about feelings, talk to some athletes, etc….see how it goes.
      Fucking ridiculous.

  17. Who exactly is the audience for this show? In the UK on Sky Sports they have one female and one male presenter. The female does nothing more than relay the facts and look pretty. I actually prefer the female because I like looking at her tits. I pay no attention to what she says.
    So if you were to confront me with an entire panel of fugly women talking about sports I would just switch over to Netflix.

  18. This is soooo gross. Articles like this make me want to donate directly to the author to make up for the health conditions he’s going to be suffering with as a result of watching this disease of a show.

  19. I literally cannot get over this:

    A woman’s true nature will always rear its ugly head regardless of the environment. Swin Cash proved as much with this little gem:

    “My mother made the brave decision not to get married so that the government could pay for my college education.”

    Women these days have no shame voicing their welfare mentality, but to see it on national T.V. was a shock. It was quite funny to see the reaction of her colleagues when she dropped this nuke which was obviously unexpected. I will give her credit for having the balls to exhibit that level of candor though.

    That…^^^ is literally worth protesting outside this woman’s home about. It is disgusting, it is anti-father, it is wholly selfish and horrendously sexist to BOTH sexes. It is stunning that the world is so far down the shitter that she can get away with spouting bile like that on television and it didn’t get edited out.

    1. It’s also everything wrong about America. Have a dad who works? Fuck you pay up – oh you still can’t pay up? Fuck you anyway.
      I worked all summer and at night to pay for fucking college and have a beat up old truck wearing beat up old clothes and was surrounded by women and minorities getting all expense paid by the state because parents were divorced or daddy was nowhere to be found.
      This is why young fellows need to be told this is not their country, it’s already invaded, and if there is some need to stand up and save it, then sit back and let THEM save it. It’s their country now, so fuck them let them get their legs blown off saving it.

    2. In other words:
      “My mother made the brave decision not to get married so that everyone else’s parents could pay for my college education.”

      1. or “My mother was a freakish monster just like me, and could not find a husband, so middle class men paid for an education which I will never use because I’m a 7 ft. tall monster who throws balls for a living”.

    3. It is also terribly irresponsible; how long does she imagine men will continue going to work and paying taxes when they have no motivation to do so? One more generation of artificially propping up wimmins at the expense of men will result in a nation too poor to fund useless whores too ‘strong’ to get married, nevermind send their freakish spawn to college.

  20. Actually isn’t the whole point of this show to “get women into sports?” Funny how the only way they do that is with gossip over feelings.

    1. Probably although the mere fact that you need special shows to “get women into sports” in the first place tells you everything you need to know about woman and sports. They would have as much luck having a show to get men into hair and make-up.
      Picture the scene. A bunch of guys sitting around interviewing hair dressers and supermodels.

      1. Right
        I believe the show was conceived as a reaction to the Ray Rice ordeal, it’s their way of saying the men are too brutish and need some women in there to make everything nice
        I give them less than a year

    2. Maybe we just ought to declare ‘bitching and moaning’ to be a sport…it’s the only one women will ever exceed men at

  21. Could they have picked a show title that’s a greater turn off? When an american woman says we need to talk, its time to go into avoidance pattern. That’s a horrible turn of phrase.

    1. All Rousey does is the armbar. Knowing this, can her opponents guard against it? of course not LOL

    2. The only one that could pass the boner test is Gina Carano but she needs to ease up on the T first. The potential is there to be more feminine. Otherwise you’re right, nothing to see there. Now those ring girls for the male MMA and UFC…

      1. the ring girls…you got that right..
        the MMA girl fighters….emotionally unstable and physically strong….as a man, that’s a no-go.

        1. They aren’t as strong as a man. They may seem larger on TV but up close they’re tough as kittens.

        2. These 2 for example-they get it. Be feminine and guys want to bang you. Simple as that. Having great tits helps too.

    3. I train with MMA girls. Some of them are hot and I would bang them. Its cute to toy with them, like a cat with mouse.

        1. They are amateurs and they don’t last more than six months of being bounced off the canvas by 85kg guys.

        2. they are better off quitting and taking up volleyball or marathons. They did themselves a favor.

  22. Well, at least women haven’t taken over popular music and turned a great art form into tuneless, mindless attention-whoring. Oh, wait…

    1. virtually all of the producers are men dude…these guys create shape refine the lady product…they know exactly what they are doing…

      1. The producers do a fantastic job perfecting lyrics, adjusting auto-tune, and coming up with catchy beats so that some chick who was blessed with a pretty face and great voice can take credit for it all, as if she conquered some tremendous challenge worthy of our respect. And now she has the platform to push catchy girl-power anthems to the masses. Not saying popular male artists are excluded from this, but we all know that with men it’s less about looks and feminist attitude and more about the true quality of thought.
        I believe more men develop their own lyrics and rhythms than female artists. Whereas a female enjoys having work done for her, men take pride in doing things. This is why I can’t see as many male artists having all the work done for them.
        That aside, it’s hard to blame the producers, because they are making some massive dough in exchange for the work.

        1. Don’t forget, men are just as responsible for our ills as women, maybe even more so and not just your average blue piller, but men in high places that use women as a shield for their operations.

        2. I didn’t mean to imply men are not at fault here. Men are actually the only ones who we can blame. We wouldn’t blame a child for making bad decisions, because the child isn’t capable of rational reflection on previous decisions in order to make better decisions in the future. The same goes for women. They are only naturally doing what’s best for them. They do not care about morals.

  23. And they just had to bring up the “One in four women have been raped!” myth, awesome. These women can all choke on a bowl of dicks, for all I care!
    From my own personal experiences, the “I’ve been raped!” bit is now changing to “I have cancer!” Apparently some women became savvy to men not buying their rape shenanigans and now pull the imaginary cancer card for sympathy. In fact, I just had one such text-talk with a girl yesterday, take a gander. And it wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last. She conveniently tells me “I won’t die.”, well imagine that, her cancer crystal ball and tarot cards seem to be in order. Too bad other, actual cancer patients probably can’t prognosticate the exact same in advance. You’ll understand my passive and apathetic tone in my responses, I’m sure:

    1. Disgusting. That enrages me. Did you press her for what she has specifically?
      Hopefully its finger cancer, so she cant use her smart phone anymore 🙂

      1. Click “Read More”, homie. Yeah, if only it were finger cancer! Then she’s probably jump off of her roof headfirst onto a tack if she could no longer post selfies on Instagram for her Beta Brigade to gawk at!
        This new cancer fantasy they use to replace their rape prophecies really trivializes actual cancer victims, who often die. That is indeed sickening. Then again, asking women to have morals and ethics would be like asking the sun to stop rising. They prefer to go through life thinking about what makes them feel better right then and there instead of pausing for a moment and thinking “Hey wait a minute, there may actually be consequences to my words actions down the road!”
        In contrast, in The West, the ratio of death associated with a REAL rape act is small (or else we’d here about them in the media since they would add lots of hysteria to it!!!).

        1. ah, sorry.
          Its vile, hope this doesnt become a trend.
          Perhaps the ultimate would be her telling her new BF “my last BF gave me cancer!” and the new sap actually believing it…

  24. “Lesley Visser: One of the leading ladies on the set whose plastic surgery debacle has made her look almost as bad as Lark Voorhees.”
    More like Jason Vorhees.

  25. I have a different take. I think this show is supposed to do several jobs:
    == market sports to women, not men. The topics allow women to think they somehow “get” sports because they’ve heard some emotion-oriented back-stories.
    == help major league sports insulate itself against accusations of anti-woman culture (i.e. rape culture, misogyny, violence against women, etc.). Look for the big leagues to help the program by throwing their doors open and making their coaches etc. available for interviews.
    == function as a Marxist/feminist attack on men and masculinity. Deconstructing sports is a vehicle for deconstructing men. This will involve blurring boundaries to present gender as a fluid concept (including an endless parade of gay athletes and related “issues”), and presenting a feminist template for the prototypical New Man.
    == place women in positions of judgement regarding sports, and regarding men who participate in sports. Once this is established, women will decide what is valid. (This is similar to feminist intellectual space, where the language and boundaries of acceptable discourse are predetermined, and therefore so is the outcome of the dialogue.)
    == encourage women to use social issues in sports as a pretext for calling out the men in their lives on their privilege and beliefs. Here’s a snip from the everydayfeminism website to show how this works:

    Try to meet them where they’re at. Remember that not everyone you’re talking to has read about feminism has thought about these issues before, and that’s ok. So one tactic that I like to use is to use pop culture as an entry point for conversation. So maybe you want to send them a blog post that criticises the sexism in game of thrones, if that’s a show they like. And it doesn’t have to be something that’s critical (and) it doesn’t have to be something that points out the sexism; it can be something pointing out the feminism of a singer that they like.

    == celebrate the men who are helping women reach for the top in sports. Of course, this is intended to be a metaphor for men in all walks of life accepting a subservient role as the wind beneath some uberwoman’s wings.
    == provide a resource-base of women who can then be interviewed as “experts” by other programs. This multiplier effect can create a false buzz of presence and importance.
    Regarding the women now on the panel, I’m not focused on that. The format is endlessly modifiable. The program format, lineup, and topic selection will be mixed&matched, with men brought in as needed to add cred and eye-candy.
    I view this program the same way I view the WNBA… a league fabricated out of whole cloth and subsidized by the NBA, to serve the NBA’s own purposes. It’s a political creation of professional sports and a co-dependent media. It comes from the same sort of people who decided a hard-core political feminist should have a key job inside the NFL, and put receivers in pink gloves on our TV screens.

      1. Nah dude, he’s way too badass to give a sh*t about this harridan. He is a professional and a great human being–this post-Wall joke in a dress is nothing to him. He’s doing an interview. He’ll do it well, for his fans and for the audience.
        Maybe you need to rethink your own reaction tho.

        1. um, thats a Rocky reference sparky- I didnt mean he literally would break her.

    1. I’ve noticed that females are absolutely incapable of presenting an argument without distorting the logic with emotions. They naturally insert drama where none exists because that is all they know. They cannot perceive scenarios objectively, make inferences, and produce a reasonable conclusion. Their thinking is clouded by drama.
      It’s a “If I believe and act like I know what I’m talking about, and others believe me, then that’s all that matters” mentality.
      If anyone questions the fallacious nature of their logic, they take it personally (remember, nothing is objective to them), and proceed to insert emotion and drama into the discussion, which prevents any actual reasoning to take place.
      Us men are just too blinded by our attraction to women. The women know this, and they exploit it whenever they can while trying to come off as the Virgin Mary who deserves to be treated as an intelligent princess regardless of how much tits and ass she exposes to the public on a daily basis to settle her insecurities.
      Thank god for this community, as the female imperative has infected every other aspect of our society and will shun any idea which they dislike into oblivion. They cannot allow truths like this to be known by the majority of men, otherwise it would reveal them to be the shallow narcissistic-attention whores that they truly are.

      1. It’s the fact that women are constitutionally incapable of living by a code of cold logic that sparks the protective instinct in me…and their modern game of ‘let’s make believe i am the same as a man’ that makes me ignore that protective instinct.
        Even so, you’d think women would grasp that their desire to be dominated/coddled is in direct opposition to their demands for (fake) equality, but apparently that, too, is more logic than they’re willing to handle

        1. Just watched the actual interview, agree 100%.
          The gall that woman has, to relentlessly shit-test a world-champion boxer who speaks four languages and has a Ph.D. How about a little respect?
          Regardless he nails it, and makes her squirm flipping the script on her about 1 minute through.
          Take notes guys…link:

        2. Typical ugly 1 with the attitude of a 10 woman. I like how he doesn’t jump through any of her stupid hoops. Dude’s a badass.

        3. I would have said ‘oh really, I look like a Bond villain? You look like a waitress in a shitty roadside diner no one can find on a map.”

        4. She looks like a witch and her hands move in ways that make it look like she is trying to cast a spell on him.

        5. The only way Klitschko could have handled that ugly feminist hag better would have been if he answered every question with, “I will not let you suck my dick, you too ugly.”

      1. That old prune was trying her best to be cute & sassy, flicking her hair and making all those head movements. Deep down inside she should have realized that Klitschko won’t be caught dead wanting to touch her shriveled dried-up disfigured cunt with a ten-feet pole, I’d say she’s creepy and gross…LOL

    2. Perfect. I probably have a similar look whenever I hear a question too stupid for a response.

  26. A sports show with masculine-jawed female former athletes might be a decent show for masculine-jawed female sports fans, no? Lesbians and the like also enjoy sports. It probably won’t last long (with the ugly chicks and all), but nobody is being forced.
    Now they just need to bring back “The Sports Show with Norm Macdonald”. That was some sports journalism you could set your watch to…
    EDIT: Just saw the youtube clip. Sorry about this post. Get these cunts off television before they poison sports. The Norm Macdonald comment however I fully stand by.

  27. You forgot the main contradiction-
    Women reporters can go into mens’ locker rooms, but men reporters can’t go into womens’ locker rooms.
    Despite this double standard to their advantage, they are still ‘oppressed’

  28. I’ve noticed that pretty woman will ALWAYS take up an opportunity if it involves high levels of attention. Why? Because they understand that beauty is completely overvalued in our society. If a pretty woman goes on TV and makes an idiot of herself, she still wins. She will likely receive sympathy, and she still gets to advertise her beauty to any potential rich men that are interested in attractive women (entire male population minus gays). It DOES NOT MATTER what an activity is supposed to be about when it comes to pretty women. Because they know that once they are the center of attention, it becomes about THEM. As men we have are biologically forced by our hormones to shift our attention to female beauty wherever it is present. They will exploit this untold truth until their beauty runs out. This is a massive pillar of the female imperative.
    Females are not interested in productive discussion. They are naturally interested in drama. And so for them to bear discussing intellectual topics (historically a male-dominated activity) they insert drama and emotion because us men are less keen at refuting arguments with emotion and attitude. It gives them an upper hand. And if we do try to use emotion and attitude to refute, it is very easy for a man to come off as childish, whereas we expect women to be emotional, giving them a free pass without thinking about it.
    Females are incapable of presenting an argument without distorting the logic with emotions. They naturally insert drama where none exists because that is all they know. They cannot perceive scenarios objectively, make inferences, and produce a reasonable conclusion. It’s a, “If I believe and act like I know what I’m talking about, and others believe me, then that’s all that matters” mentality.
    If anyone questions the fallacious nature of their logic, they take it personally (remember, nothing is objective to them), and proceed to insert emotion and drama into the discussion, which prevents any actual reasoning to take place.
    Us men are just too blinded by our attraction to women. The women know this, and they exploit it whenever they can while trying to come off as the Virgin Mary who deserves to be treated as an intelligent princess regardless of how much tits and ass she exposes to the public on a daily basis to settle her insecurities.
    Thank god for this community, as the female imperative has infected every other aspect of our society and will shun any idea which they dislike into oblivion. They cannot allow truths like this to be known by the majority of men, otherwise it would reveal them to be the shallow narcissistic-attention whores that they truly are.

  29. Why waste your time with such trivialities like TV? Go outside. If its cold where you live, get a coat and an axe and start chopping wood.

    1. Because they are wired to not be complete without a man leading them. Today lacking such a thing due to their own foolish embrace of feminism, they invade every male space to seek validation in one form or another.
      A real woman’s sport show would have this panel talking about women’s sports only. That they do not, states everything you need to know about them.

    2. It is their nature…..they are programmed to test (destroy) everything to see how strong it is, otherwise they could never find a strong male for safety.
      To test a bridge you have to put a lot of stress on it. Female bullshit is their way of testing how strong you are.
      HOWEVER they are meant to eventually be put in their place, modern society gives them free reign to indulge their lizard brains without consequence so they end up destroying everything.

    3. “GRock, why do you want to break up with me, I just don’t get it..” “Because you destroy things and carry on about why you can’t be part of things you’ll destroy further, but I build things understand? I’m not letting you destroy my life for your benefit anymore. later.”
      In essence, any mid-term, or long-term relationship I’ve had has ended on this basic premise.

  30. “We need to talk?” Calling a show a name based on two things, namely the official sport of women (talking) and the first sentence of any breakup talk, can only lead to its rather close to immediate cancellation.

  31. I don’t even care about professional sports or watch them (I prefer to actually play them), so I couldn’t even imagine why anyone would want to watch a show about people talking about sports

      1. Not so fast about sports talk radio. There are people who like to talk sports. Sports radio meets that demand.

    1. It’s their hobby. So be it.
      They have a right to their hobbies without female pollution though.

  32. More of the same social engineering from your feminist beta male CEO’s at CBS. Which is ironic really. These same male execs at the big cable networks make more than triple per year than any female at the same station….but like good magicians, they pull this rabbit out of their hat and the female audience is mollified. And the cultural rot continues.
    This show has a few months till expiration. Jesus what a joke.
    I honestly don’t know how former male athletes on network panels keep themselves from laughing once the token female opens her yap on “how the first half went for the visitor’s offense.” Give me a break already..

  33. This reminds me of a sports-based version of essentially Hip-hop Wives, or any of those other reality TV shows. Women want to feel like men are video game characters, in every context, they can somehow control or have say over, irrespective of how useless they are to the progress of men. Nothing burns them worse than man’s disregard and aloofness towards them.
    Include them in everything or bitch-panels pop off as feeble attempts to gain control.

  34. What is really needed is a women’s version of ESPN, such as WSPN. That would be a sports channel operated by, and providing content for, women only. But they all know that would fail miserably. So they have to encroach on men’s sports and then criticize it, like destructive parasites sucking blood off their hosts. These kind of shows are money losers for the broadcasters, they just keep them going as a kind of legal insurance so they have some defense when feminists sue them on the next claim of gender discrimination. These female sports shows are money losers, subsidized and funded by the revenues generated by the male sports programming.

    1. Yes, let’s put them all somewhere out of sight (some obscure channel) so we can avoid it.
      Men don’t want to hear women discuss sports. Women won’t watch it. I don’t want to hear a female discuss her feelings on the matter and I hate hearing these fucking “touchy feely” back stories on these athletes (from a woman or man).
      Who the fuck hasn’t overcome some type of adversity in life? There are plenty of regular working Americans…so no, don’t queue the music for “back story” time.
      I stopped watching this shit years ago once they injected this bullshit into sports. I used to get together with a few buddies to enjoy a few beers and just watch the fucking game. Now, I still join the group for beers and discussions but forget the games.
      All of the bullshit during the games, the commercials and all of the “female programming” in between – who needs it.

      1. To be honest, I see it as a good thing.
        Mainstream sports will die.
        Good riddance.
        I like local leagues like the OHL here in Canada.
        Back to basics, for-the-love-of-the-game sports.
        No feminist garbage, no women, just the game.
        This, however, could be a plot to actually completely destroy this male space. We know women hate men’s hobbies and sports is a big one. Women are losing attention FAST and their pussy stock is junk.
        This is damage control.
        Nothing more.

        1. Which is sad because its viewers will subject themselves to anything just to watch rich people play a game.

  35. If men are watching this crap then they need to just go ahead and give away their balls…cause they weren’t using them anyway.

    1. Some of the bunch might not have anything to show due to the unnatural amounts of testosterone flowing through their veins.

  36. ah yes, that’s exactly what we fucking need….another show hosted by nothing but females. Where else on the god damn TV could I find another all female panel (how about fucking everywhere).
    It’s another reason why I stopped watching TV. It was bad enough having to put up with female sideline reporters. Then, we had them take over part of the panel…now it’s a whole fucking panel full of women talking about sports.
    CBS shit the bed on this one….it will gone soon. It’s true…no hot ass women to look out, mostly “manish” women and feminists (read: old) so no need for men to watch it. Women are not watching.
    Good luck.

    1. Female panel shows don’t do much talking.
      Cackling over each other, yes.
      But little dialogue.
      I’d rather sodomize myself with a dentist’s drill than watch any female dominated show.

  37. So how’s this any worse than male sports talk shows? Who can listen to that shit hour after hour, day after day? Male sports talk show are fundamentally effeminate cackling, they sound like “The View” (we won’t even get into their homo-eroticism).

  38. I want to think this is just a sports show for girls and hence men would find it repulsive. Could you watch Oprah? Does it offer anything objectively substantive? No, but women still like their idiot shows and some pimp is walkin away with millions.

    1. As Updike said: “I imagine the sound of a woman thinking is the same sound as a bee buzzing in a jar” (paraphrased)

  39. I’m not sure the point of the show. Even the title is very ‘demanding’ if you will. ‘We need to talk’ is always a negative statment. Forget whether or not they’re attractive, it would be helpful if they put women on the show that actually knew what they were talking about. It’s not PC but most domestic violence cases (that are reported) are actually lesbians because both want to be the man in the relationship so neither stop beating each other up. A much more interesting topic would be statistics on how many men are victims of domestic violence but think they aren’t allowed to report anything because of the feminist culture. But the SJW’s would shut that show down in a heartbeat.

  40. One of the leading ladies on the set whose plastic surgery debacle has made her look almost as bad as Lark Voorhees.
    Go to Amazon and preview her book True Light. If you like commas, you’ll love this book. She, uses, a, comma, after, nearly, ever, single, word, in, the, book.

  41. ROK and Sharpshooter…doing the work no one else here should probably do and lived to tell the tale. Bravo to you guys.
    They all seem to be competing to see who they think the hottest woman is.
    It may be better for the show in the long run if one woman had a show instead of all of them. In this case all of them will get in each others way. Who wants to see women eventually argue about sports?

  42. This is just a natural outcome of the parasitic tendrils of Title IX, destined to degrade into nothing more than a cross-promotion for the “No More” PSA campaign and CBS’s new primetime drama: NCIS – Ferguson.
    While that chisel-faced Hilary Swank ejecting a tear on cue does make me feel a lot less rapey, I can’t imagine watching these glue-bound mares actually attempt to discuss sports.
    But you know, its PROGRESS. The type of progress that is spawn from preferential policies enforced by the gelded puppeteers parroting the latest PC talking points as they plow under the last bastions of masculinity in favor of the vibrant rainbow of participation ribbons.
    Gender “equity” zero-sum policies are paid for by men – coming and going. These women are busting the glass ceiling. So men, walk across that broken glass. And you must appear to enjoy it. Otherwise misogyny.
    The “male spaces” of sports and sports journalism went full boob years ago. Hard to have “male spaces” with so few men willing to stand up against the Goliath. And the sell-out is meta: Pink October; “No More”; “yes means yes”; and halftime soapbox lectures by that smug SOB Costas. The disdain for the real audience has metastasized.
    Meanwhile, the biggest cable TV audience share ever for the NCAA football champ. There is just too much money at stake. Pandering is still a relatively small slice of the pie. And like the SMP, its every man for himself. The apex take their share, the rest can try climb toward the top or fuck off and die. Just drink more Bud and buy more Chevy’s.
    If there is enough money flowing into SportsMediaBoozeCorp such that they can throw a bone to the agenda, so be it. Its no different than any other corporate conglomerate leveraging joe sixpack or enabling women to draft – err, “lean in” – off of the achievements of men in order to tilt the fem goalposts a little closer.
    But when it goes tits-up, as it is certain to do, the epitaph shall read: “so brave of them to attempt such a thing; a shame that men were just not ready for it.” Its expensive PR, but it works.

  43. There’s hope, this is the first I’ve even heard about it. Word is spreading like a lump of hardening concrete.

  44. Meh. Im not into sports. (Except for soccer). Could care less about “We Need To Talk”

  45. can someone please to tell me what the correct meaning is when women call you a creeper/creep, weirdo, loser, ? ive seen many guys get called that and the only fault they had was that they didnt please the cunttresses they were trying to talk to, sometimes it wasnt even for romantic/sexual reasons, just for regular barter.

    1. It seems that you pretty much had figured out all that need to be figured out. If a guy is any less than tall muscular man with 6 figure income then he essentially is a loser/weirdo/creeper/whatever.
      And yes you’re 100 correct, they indeed do it for regular barter. It is basically their way of implicitly asserting how so highly valuable their own SMVs are by constantly reminding each other that “unless he is is any less than a tall muscular man with 6 figure income then he is sooooooooo beneath our league” – to which the other cunts will jubilantly respond “yay, ain’t that the truth , you go guuuuurrl!”.

  46. It might be kept on the air for years by the NFL. Why? Feminist insurance.
    Look, the WNBA has always been a colossal money loser. Why is it kept on the air and alive by the NBA? Simple: feminist insurance . Now matter how scantily clad the cheerleaders, or how many women the NBA players beat, or how many illegitimate children the players have, the 5 lesbian deans and 4 heads of feminist organizations watching pro basketball will protect the NBA due the WNBA. Think of it as a long-term payoff.
    Or look at the WWE’s women’s title. Women’s wrestling matches are humorously known as “bathroom breaks”, since the moment they come on everyone at home and in the stands goes to bathroom. They’re boring and unwatchable. WWE
    fans love the hot chicks as valets—Go back in history: Stacy Kielbler, Sable, Sunny, Marlena, Miss Elizabeth—but not for fighting, purely on looks. When they fight, it makes them less attractive–more masculine. The last female wrestler of any drawing power was Wendy Richter back in the early 80s, and even she was, at best, a low-midcarder (i.e. a minor draw).
    Yet Vince McMahon keeps the division around, makes all valets fight, and even makes sure almost every pay-per-view—including Wresltemania—has these
    ratings-killing, groan-inducing female matches. Why? Simple. Feminist insurance. No matter how many bikini competitions or strip teases or risque plot lines or playboy shoots the hot ones do, the feminists have an entire division all for themselves, and so won’t bitch about it. Vince pays off the feminist whiners ahead of time with regular “matches.”
    Thus, the NFL may see the value in using this show as feminist insurance/payoff–subsidizing it despite bad ratings in order to fend off feminazi bullshit. The shakedown is complete.

    1. Possible, but I doubt they’ll do that. Too much advertising money involved. Just creating a show of all female blabbering with a cunty name etc. is a symbolic pay off and a “see we care” stunt although some female and mania execs may “believe in it”.

      1. True, but with the SJW set, the only questions are “what have you done for me lately?” and “who whom?”
        Remember, if the SJWs are fighting for X and you appear against X, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past for SJWs, they will take you down. For example, take the 2008 primaries between Obama a Hillary Clinton; the SJWs wanted their historical moment in Obama, so the SJWs tried to paint Bill Clinton as a black-hating racist.
        Let that sink in:Bill “the first black president” Clinton, and, at the time, the most popular non-black Democrat in his party, got smeared with that. For years, the most successful + popular Democrat president since FDR, a tireless promoter of the SJW agenda, the southern version of a Kennedy, beloved by SJWs so much they lined up to blow him after his impeachment. This was the dude they called a racist—because he wasn’t doing anything they wanted at the moment, and, in fact, opposing the potential first black president.
        And it worked; the smear helped deliver southern primary votes to Obama.
        And what happened afterwards? Immediately Bill became an SJW hero again once he spoke up for SJW causes again.
        So if the show gets cancelled, the SJWs will not give credit to the NFL when it wants to attack it for sexism. It will slip down the memory hole. Only by a continuous and uninterrupted stream of being on the Right Side of History (hehe) on every SJW issue will the NFL be protected. This is why the WNBA and the WWE Women’s title are perpetual, not one time things.

        1. Good points. I think there’s different shit at play with a single TV show and those female leagues. Lots of federal money and state money is involved as well and it’s more complex but I don’t know details. In any case the NFL looks fully committed to kissing feminist ass, indefinitely, regardless of one show. There will be more female involvement is the point, more pc bullshit. Culture war from a never ending gender war. Female invasion of male space, so it goes.

  47. It won’t last long. TV is all about ratings and the most blue pill of men will hate this shit.

  48. Hopelessly pathetic.
    But what do you expect from women nowadays.
    Invade the space and men will pack up and move to another.
    Thank God my hobbies are so unattractive to women they can’t stomach it enough to feign interest!

  49. They need to talk? Talking to white western women is like talking to swine.
    At this point they need to sit down, and examine their own unearned entitlement.

  50. ALL these women?
    This many?!!
    You gotta be fucking kidding me. It’s bad enough this shit exists, but with this army of bitches?
    UPDATE: On a related note, the domestic abuse charges against Hope Solo were dropped yesterday. I wonder if they mentioned that at all, or if they’ll ever talk about that.

    1. ROK needs to do an article on that nutjob. what is this, her third DV case dropped?

  51. The bitch proudly declaring her whore mother’s intent to use male taxpayer money to fund her education was so shocking I had to google it…and of course found nothing. I really think google is moderated by SJW’s, as anything unfavorable to wimmins doesn’t appear in search results for at least ten pages.
    Also, that every one of the strong empowered women on the show suffered from ‘mental abuse’ is hilarious. What exactly do women call the head games almost every one of them plays with the men in their lives (including men they aren’t even fucking), if not mental abuse?
    Funny that feminists are pushing to make ‘mental abuse’ a real thing, when they are the worst perpetrators of it

    1. – What exactly do women call the head games almost every one of them plays with the men in their lives (including men they aren’t even fucking), if not mental abuse? –
      Please allow me to venture a guess, they call it as “tests to figure out whether he is your soul-mate” or some other fucking bullshit.
      – Also, that every one of the strong empowered women on the show suffered from ‘mental abuse’ is hilarious. –
      The ‘mental abuse’ those strong intelligent agile confident fast independent empowered women “suffer” typically amounts to some alpha man whom they lust after simply failed to give those cunts everything they wanted him to give them.

  52. Discussing domestic violence on a sports show? Proof that women cannot discuss a topic that they are not directly involved in (even in a pretend sense). Must be why so few women can be found discussing the nature of reality.

    1. And most women aren’t directly involved with domestic violence. The % goes up when the abuser is female of course. But we know when it comes to women they’re mentally involved in what affects other women, particularly women of similar social in-groups. Not so much Third World women but you get the point.

  53. There have been attempts to do this thing before and it’s bomber miserably. And there are simply not enough manginas watching sports shows to keep it afloat more than a season.

  54. What? Men don’t want to hear about athlete’s shoe sizes? How did making that touchdown feel? Sure, this guy won a Heisman Trophy, but did he have anyone to share that with? Do football players date?
    Repeat for the next ten shows. How can this not be a winner among men?

  55. I personally guarantee they won’t like this very “we need to talk” crap when applied to them.
    Learn the Golden Rule and apply it ironclad.

  56. The very fact you wrote an article on this absurdity gives it a single drop of legitimacy that it doesn’t have. But the article was funny.
    The very idea the MSM created a show about sports (for men) titled thus is phenomenal–as most men know, “we need to talk” is heard when the gf or wife needs to emotionally menstruate about god knows what and the bf/husband is caught in the crossfire and usually can’t escape. I.e., it’s about the last thing any man wants to hear from a woman, and 98% of the time, barring actual bad news of an accident or such, it’s a female prelude to female horsesh*t.
    Who the hell in the MSM thought this was a great idea to name a show?!
    The fact this show exists only shows one thing: just how rotted out our culture has become and of course, just how sissified men have become to allow it.

    1. Probably a mangina, for lack of a better term, thought it was a great idea to name the show “We Need to Talk”. Actually a so-called “Alpha” may have since they increase their money/status by niggerizing other men and alphas at the top of corporations are nihilistic douchebags.

  57. A better show, would show women-
    1. Where the kitchen was
    2. How to make a decent drink
    3. Cook well
    4. Talk well and listen even better. (2 ears, 1 mouth that kind of thing)
    5. How to raise a adjusted child
    6. Learns that sex is a pleasure for both, not a tool to get control or gain whatever hamster filled idea she had for 5 minutes.
    7. Learn that a man will give her what she wants, if she puts the phone/social media down and talks to him rationally.
    And the winner: Learns that feminism is a load of crap for harpies that want to die alone with old age, with lots of cats, no children and then no grandchildren.

    1. There was no tantrum. He said the show was a joke and gave his reasons why he thought so. Hyperbole much?

  58. this is bizarre.. are they thinking that men are now going to become therapist or be a part of this therapy. go away – give me hot chicks and lots of eye kandy.

  59. I’m getting sick of this shit. Have you ever read Rich Zubaty’s Surviving The Feminization Of America? In it he describes how female nature is ever expanding and invasive. We are finding that to be very true.

  60. Cant knock CBS. There are several sports channels and dozens of sports shows and hundreds of radio shows. They did what no one else is doing and went for it. Its early on tok. It sounds like these women are saying all the rediculous ish we expected them to. Let Amy Trask and Pam Oliver float to the top and let the other bitches deal with knowing they suck at their job. My expectations are low and im skeptical but ill give a few of these girls amd the producers a chance before CBS puts them down.

  61. Has anyone noticed that women never invent anything?
    They sit around running their yaps while men invent and build things, and then all of a sudden they start bitching about not being included.
    Why the hell don’t they invent or build or create anything?

    1. Now with quotas for STEM and companies claiming -publicly stating there are too many white males in their companies- I’m curious how far this can go. My guess is that Fakebook, apple, gooogle, microsoft, etc., all their executive a-holes keep publicly claiming they need more immigration, more talent from other countries (often while laying off people) so anti-white-male bigotry sincs up beautifully with a shrill demand to import foreigners while outsourcing to cheaper labor markets. See, we need Diversity, it makes America stronger. Meanwhile women will get jobs they sometimes aren’t even qualified for or less so than a white guy, but fear not, Third World or Indian guys will bust their asses even harder and pick up the slack.

  62. Your comparison between women talking about sports and men talking about childbirth doesn’t make any sense. Childbirth is an inherently female topic; sports is not an inherently male topic. Only women can give birth. Men and women can both play sports, and obviously men and women are both widely interested in sports (do you have a Facebook account? Have you ever logged onto Facebook during football playoffs?).

  63. Well I never really watched sports shows, because they’re generally boring, but I think this is like the view, only with passive aggressive “athletes” who talk about feels more than numbers…zzzzzzzzzz

  64. A TV show? On a TV set? Like the one from the 60s? Didn’t we evolved away from that? Leave that mindless form of entertainment to career women. That all they got left.

  65. I only skimmed the article, but the show is dead due to the title. ‘We Need To Talk’ is one of the phrases men least like to hear coming out of women’s mouths; usually a prelude to near endless needling about getting onboard HER program. Another is the dread ‘I’ve Been Thinking’, which means she wants you to work your ass off or drop a large sum of money, or both.

  66. Threw away the network TV in 1998, no regrets (although I miss Seinfield and Simpsons)

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