Soon You Will Be Able To Have Sex Over Social Media

ATTENTION: Beta nerds across America, rejoice!  You can now have sex with a real, live Secret Internet Fatty for just a few hundred bucks, provided you have an Internet connection!

While listening to a recent podcast about my 20 Things Women Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated post, I was introduced to a new form of social media…FriXion.

FriXion is an online community whose users are able to touch each other using various supported haptic devices from hand holding and kissing up to full penetrative sex – regardless of where they are in the world, from across a room to across an ocean.

I don’t think I need to get into the overall level of desperate you have to be to literally go out and drop several hundred dollars, so you can have a girl stimulate you with a Fleshlight online while she uses a dildo to mimic the motions.  Needless to say, these are the type of people we here at ROK strive to shame.

Unique to FriXion, our most advanced peripherals use bidirectional force feedback telemetry to create simultaneous one to one motion and resistance between your and your partner’s device.  The result is convincing and organic intimacy over any distance, from across a room to across an ocean!

What does something like this mean for our culture, if and when it goes mainstream?

Our society is very much adaptable.  Ten years ago, we couldn’t even fathom smartphones, and I’m sure nobody would have predicted how mainstream texting would become, whilst calling is now seen as “creepy”.  What concerns me is what will happen when this new disturbing form of sex becomes the norm around society.  Much like how online dating took heat for many years, this will be pushed back and shamed by the whole of society upon first release.  Over time though, that shaming will wear out, and if it can withstand that, then it will integrate into our culture much like online dating has.  Soon, real-life sex will be seen as “inconvenient” (much like going to bars to meet someone is portrayed), and platforms such as FriXion will be seen as “cool” (much like Tinder is).

It means that human interaction, which is already becoming more text based as compared to human interaction, will only continue to be poisoned further.  Hell, for the beta males, they already have very little reason to leave home.  Food?  Order takeout.  Work?  Plenty of jobs can be done remote.  Entertainment?  Movies, books, and a plethora of other options are all available for download.  Exercise?  Get a treadmill.  Want to get a girlfriend?  Fire up OKCupid or Tinder.  Hell, I do it, it’s that convenient.

Now though, “sex” will be available for anyone with a couple hundred dollars to blow and a 10 megabyte cable connection.  Rather than guys discussing the best way to find the g-spot, it’ll be over what the best Fleshlight is to use while your e-girlfriend jerks you off.

Do I get this porn star’s asshole Fleshlight, or this slut’s mouth…hmm, decisions, decisions.

What does it mean for guys like ROK’s readership, though?  Here’s where the good news comes in for you, readers.  Because while society’s norms and beliefs will adapt over time, humans at our biological core require real, face-to-face interaction and human touch.  The number of males capable of having a decent face-to-face interaction with a girl will continue to dwindle down, likely prompting more “Why are alllllll the good men gone?!” bullshit from women.

I’ll tell you where.  They’re in their bedroom because they have no incentive to leave.

With every new social media platform that further disconnects society from human interaction, this gets easier for guys like you and me, because we understand how psychology and human interaction works.  At the bar, guys will stutter with their openers because they’re used to opening with “how r u?” typed out on their iPhone.  Meanwhile, we’ll have plenty of smooth openers to grab their attention.  While plenty of guys will know how to work a robotic dildo better than we ever will (years of Starcraft will have been excellent training…fucking nerds), we can unhook a girl’s bra with one hand on the first try.  Good luck getting her to come back for a second round when you’re stumbling around in the bedroom like a virginal teenager.

While the emergence of a technology like this is undoubtedly disturbing and discouraging, look at it from the bright side.  Game is only becoming more and more efficient as social media encourages being a pussy.

If you haven’t started learning game, you probably should start doing so.

And if you want to make some money, robotic vaginas and penises probably are a pretty safe bet for the future.

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53 thoughts on “Soon You Will Be Able To Have Sex Over Social Media”

  1. I bet if Sheldon from ‘Big Bang Theory’ endorsed this, it would be in most American homes the following week. Nerds are funny.

  2. This sex over internet thing is going to be huge and the costs are going to trend to zero. No diseases; no sperm jacking and “unwanted” pregnancies; no dating expenses; no sassy, smart-mouthed chicks. Plus worldwide sex on demand.
    Imagine the apps. Parallel multi-sex, while on the move in your driverless car. Flashmobs, virtual banging. Offshore prostitution fueled by Bitcoin. Imagine.
    There will be tears. They will try to control it. Chicks will have to *pay* for commitment. But MGTOW will rule.
    Here’s a video of the future Cathedral trying to ban this technology Benny Hill style:
    Skateboarders vs. Keystone Kops (aka MGTOW vs. Cathedral)

    1. There’s a reason Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, Sims, etc. are bestsellers for nerds and non-nerds. Playing soldier is safer, more scalable, and more repeatable than doing the actual thing.
      VR sex is the future; there’s no escaping it. In fact, it’s one of the Four Horsemen of Male Emancipation mentioned in the Misandry Bubble post:
      “AI will make rudimentary ‘virtual sex’ a technology available to many men well before 2020, but by 2020 we will see this cross certain thresholds that lead to a dramatic market impact far greater than contraceptive pills and Internet pornography combined. A substantial portion of the male population will drift into addiction to virtual sex without even realizing it.”
      If you have not read the Misandry Bubble post, you should. Google it.

      1. I think this will go the way of porn. Sure, it provided an alternative outlet of sorts to sex but still couldn’t replace the real thing. I think this will just make it worse because it will create an ‘uncanny valley'(google it) in sex. the almost-realism will just draw attention to how much its not like the real thing.
        paradoxically I think having only real live women as an outlet to sex would actually increase men’s confidence and decrease their beta thirstiness. There’s a quote by Yamamoto Tsunetomo that goes something like “if a lake is completely clear, no fish will live in it. but if there is duckweed or something, the fish will hide under its shadow and thrive”. The point of the quote was that humans will tolerate any conditions as long as they have some ‘duckweed’ to cling to. The ‘duckweed’ that keeps most men complacent and weak is porn. If men were forced to put up with women to get off they would wake up to the realities we talk about here and they would soon cease to exist.

        1. Pornography has revolutionised marriage. No longer must men trapped in sexless marriages resort to affairs.
          Look at the efforts to ban porn, and especially the deranged rantings of Christian women equate porn to adultery.

    2. Japan is a harbinger of things to come if this shit hits the mainstream. Millions of Japanese men have voluntarily opted out of sex and reproduction due to a virtual sexual reality. The result ? Bitches actually shelling out cash for male companionship as evidenced by the thousands of ” Host Bars” in Japanese cities. Although it will drastically remove the amount of thirsty simps, non-lifting white knights and all the beta phaggotry that permeates this Liberal disgrace of a society out of the sexual marketplace while benefiting us Alpha brahs , it will further reduce western birth rates which cannot be good. I fully support banning this shit ! And lmaoo @ you MGTOW phaggots … you’re not ‘going your own way” , you’re running away from fear of failure.

      1. > I fully support banning this shit!
        Yet, you call yourself “Liberterian.”
        The marks of a man: fixing the fixable, adapting to reality, leaving the field when the battle is futile. FYI, MGTOW is not avoidance of sex; it’s the avoidance of marriage and commitment. Most of the visitors to this site are MGTOW in everything but name.
        So, here you are railing against FACTS. The facts don’t suit you so you want to ban them — just like an internet Herman Goering, you want to dictate what other men do with their lives.
        And, you call yourself “Liberterian.”
        Trying to ban this tech will work out just like the “War on Some Drugs.” It will fail, hard; watch the video above.
        The slutfest called feminism became possible because of two (primarily technological) changes: (!) easy, safe, widely available abortion; (2) cheap, effective contraception, (3) sperm donors, etc. No abortions, no pills, no slut parade.
        Abortion and the Pill gave women sexual power and freedom from men, without reducing the price of poosy for the majority of men, and without appreciably reducing their ability to marry. Do you for one second think women will ever give up the power of either abortion or the pill?
        See what women have done with the sex toy industry. Do you think if women would stop VR sex if it benefited them? Then why must you, white knight?
        One thing women cannot automate is male commitment and
        companionship. Do you think if there were a tech solution, they wouldn’t embrace it? If they could replace us permanently, many would, without a care.
        The only way to re-balance the power is to give men more power: male contraceptives; cheap, abundant sex; game, etc. This VR sex is one in a quiver of re-balancing tools. It give men the power to walk away. Women understand power.
        Grow up.

      2. I wonder how true that is, the opting out of sex I mean.
        As it is easy and socially acceptable to find an attractive prostitute in Japan those guys may be just shunning relationships but still getting their physical needs met.

      3. “And lmaoo @ you MGTOW phaggots”
        I stopped counting your opinion as valid once you started using LMAO and censoring yourself.

      4. That’s not true so don’t believe everything you read.That small group of Jap loser boys are no different than their American cellar dwelling counterparts.These boys have always been around.They may not have had computers in the past but they had other things to waste their hermit lifestyle with.

    3. There will be one app called Andrew Dice Clay …
      … in honour of the idea that he would like to get off with one stroke.
      So much for the romance of the MGTOW idea.

  3. Yesssss!!! I wholeheartedly support this technology! All the lame waste of space dudes and girls who overpopulate the bars can just stay home. Only people truly DTF will come out anymore. Let the cull of the beta/ cunt herd begin!!!

  4. Japan is a harbinger of things to come if this shit hits the mainstream. Millions of Japanese men have voluntarily opted out of sex and reproduction due to a virtual sexual reality. The result ? Bitches actually shelling out cash for male companionship as evidenced by the thousands of ” Host Bars” in Japanese cities. Although it will drastically remove the amount of thirsty simps, non-lifting white knights and all the beta phaggotry that permeates this Liberal disgrace of a society out of the sexual marketplace while benefiting us Alpha brahs , it will further reduce western birth rates which cannot be good. I support banning this shit ! And lmaoo @ you MGTOW phaggots … you’re not ‘going your own way” , you’re running away from fear of failure.

  5. I can’t wait to see how the NSA uses this technology.
    What will big data do when they know just how you like to be fucked?

  6. Its funny how author says fuck geeks and at the same time is happy that in future because of these geeks, “real men” like himself will have a better chance of getting laid.
    why so much hate for geeks? its a category of lads who live life their own way. they have their communities, their geeks parties, humor, shows and shit like that.
    apart from the fact that they dont pursuit “alpha male” lifestyle, they are interesting people too if u know some of the stuff they are into.
    Its the chemical reaction in brain that matters. real or not.
    when an article is written by Roosh, you can instantly spot it. Here all i see is loud talk by 20 something who thinks his premature alpha.
    Sorry, but articles like this makes me want to visit this site less and less.

    1. At least geeks have their own geek lives and geek girlfriends to shag. These pua’ers are really just obnoxious creepy nasty losers that no one likes, neither female or male. If it wasn’t for the fact that around 2000 computers and the net became dirt cheap these poor boys wouldn’t even have internet porn and would have to content themselves with Hustler magazine for their jerk off sessions, assuming they weren’t too shy to actually buy a copy and hide it from mommy lol

      1. Agree about the PUA thing. I understand the bravado about trying to gain the approval of some drunken human toilet at a club. But think about it boys. Are you really going to go into a restroom and try to demonstrate higher value to the urinal? There are many other ways to get lots of tail without wasting your time around the dregs of society that hang out at bars and clubs.

  7. the movie “strange days” capture this quite well. Take a quick look at this 4mins clip from the movie.

    You “jacked” in and experience ultra realistic sensory stimulation.
    In the future these things will be done all over the internet and even hacked.
    Exceptional movie.

    1. That movie was unrealistic. How would the bar be full while these alternate sensory perception experiences exist? Why wouldn’t most sheeple be plugging in their favorite pop star? It seems to me that such a world would quickly turn into something like WALL-E

      1. You dont know enough about neuroscience, i guess.
        A person can sit in a busy cafeteria, and be deeply immersed in a good novel to the point where they completely lost track of time and also completely zone out their environmental noise.
        What do you think your neural state was like during that period?
        Also, what do you think sleep walking is? Isnt there sensory experience around you? why are you still asleep then?
        the brain can compartmentalize and prioritize.and absolutely zone things out, just focusing on one thing. Technology will make it a flip of a switch.

  8. I can just picture all the trolls pretending to be chicks revealing themselves as men just as these desperate losers start ejaculating.

      1. That’s why there will be Safe Internet Sluts who are entirely VR and therefore ready to customise with your personal perversions and fetish packs without worry …
        Also, there will be software that will warn you … “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT A JOHNSON ON THAT? (No/No/Nonononononono)”

  9. Eventually this will lead to computers getting eating disorders and anxiety issues. Fucking sexist technology.


    1. One day I’ll pull up roots, I know what I must do
      I’ll buy a catfarm in Texas and sell mine in Peru!
      Where there’s catfarm friendly fields, all ready to tame
      I’ll drop Whiskas on catfarmers from a low-flyin’ plane …
      (thanks, Reverend Horton Heat)

    1. “OH! OH! You love it when I void your warranty! You filthy little flash memory guzzling slut!”

  10. I don’t see the problem with it. If people want to stay home and play with a VR fleshlight, let ’em. If that makes them happy, it’s certainly none of my business, and with the women I see around me when I leave the house, I find it hard to blame them.
    I will say that these’ve been around for a while, though. I was at a conference in Japan several years ago where a vendor was demo’ing them. I had to talk to a fairly high level executive at the booth, and I doubt i’ll ever forget trying frantically to remember Japanese business card etiquette while standing next to a bunch of robotic hands moving in an endless synchronized jerk-off motion, trying to make my voice heard over the VMM-VMM sound of their motors. (Ended up that we didn’t get that contract, which may very well have been for the best.)
    In the four years since though, they haven’t really taken off. I certainly haven’t seen them for sale anywhere since then, though I’ll admit I haven’t really looked. If they haven’t taken off so far, I’m assuming there’s some non-obvious problem with them. Perhaps they’re prone to breaking down? Perhaps plain old masturbation does an equally good job?
    I’m curious. Has anyone here actually used one of these things? How well do they work? This is the internet, you can pick an anonymous handle. Help us all out.

  11. Feminists will do everything in their collective power to ban this. Without the power of their vagines, they’ll have nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  12. This is absolutely terrifying. Humanity has already declined so much with people spending more time with their gadgets (laptops and phones and tablets and phablets and gaming consoles and what not). This will take the decline to a whole new level.
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  13. Another gimmick for the losers. Now you can stay in mommy’s cellar all the time and have fantasies about being an alpha man and then come on some dopey pua site and tell everyone about your “conquests” lol

  14. This is scary. I can’t imagine what the future will be like. Our technology may truly end up destroying our species.
    Imagine a scenario 200 years from now, aliens show up, and all humans are plugged in to some super computer, running 24/7/365, powered by the Sun. Is this so far-fetched to imagine now?

  15. Did not read the whole article, just made me cringe after the second paragraph. Best line though;
    Needless to say, these are the type of people we here at ROK strive to shame.

  16. The Space Pope was half right.
    Humanity will be killed by sex related technology. We just won’t bother with full blown sex robots, we’ll just reproduce the important parts.

  17. When virtual sex becomes indistinguishable from real sex, then … well, something will happen. I don’t know what, but it’ll be interesting.

  18. All MGTOW will celebrate this advance, and rightly so. Anything that cuts away support for women’s unacceptable behavior and attitudes by providing alternatives is a step forward for society.

  19. In any scenario where a beta-enough (I’m supposing there are degrees), and omega population isn’t pulling women anyway, these technologies are only a way to make the lower-caste men happy. I suppose the ones hurt will be the Wall-Women that stop finding enough betas willing to man up and marry them. The betas will be content by the new-tech-sex and of course, yet another generation of betas will have been ruined by the wall-women in divorces.
    Even betas won’t marry any longer. Also, I can see a time, if automated-sexing becomes widespread, where women who are 5’s and 6s and below are going to HAVE to become VERY sweet women to pull any men to sleep with, (let alone marry). Betas and Omegas simply will not bother with them otherwise. Hell, just looking at the general population, the marriage stats, birthrates and the rest, most guys are just jerking off at this point anyway. If it’s that difficult for 80% of the young men to get laid these days, the betas have already given up. Who could blame them? Plus, the Alphas are STILL not going to marry, if they have a brain in their heads, anyway.
    Birthrates are racing to the bottom. Cue up the next civilization, Islam. And given that Islam fights it out amongst themselves to the last strongman, I’d bet it will be a considerably less friendly ruling class than Western, feminist-friendly beta white men that are considered so rapey and creepy and racist by feminists and the class of women typical of American womanhood today. White Beta Males will seem like a walk in the park to women one day compared to living under the up and coming Islamic jackboot.

  20. “They’re in their bedroom because they have no incentive to leave.”
    This is true now. A fleshlight and porn will largely solve most of the physical demands for men. Plus anyone one who has been married for a few years knows that after marriage the vast majority of the sex you will have beyond once a week will be solo, as this article relates.
    I suspect that “being happier” often translates to “Happy wife, happy life.” I bet once a week sex makes a couple happier because he isn’t begging constantly, and she isn’t bitchy because of his beta begging.

  21. What the fuck? I mean, really, what the fuck? What the fucking fuck?
    I guess I just don’t get what is wrong with banging actual women. Technology should just be used for making it easy to get to a face-to-face meeting where you can actually do that.

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