The Shallow Narcissism Of Female Youtube Entrepreneurs

A very basic definition of an entrepreneur is: “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

I dare say that women who earn the bulk of their living through social media, primarily by just having a pretty face or looking good in a bikini, should hardly count as entrepreneurs. There are hardly any real financial risks in the endeavor (everybody has a computer and video capturing device), and the “hope of profit” is almost nearly a guarantee to varying degrees.

So much can be gained and so little will be lost, since there will always be a ready-and-waiting army of thirsty beta orbiters to act as subscription and click-bait.

This article (more like a video critique) will present a number of examples of how women use their bodies to exploit Youtube for financial gain, all while disseminating information and content which has almost zero intellectual value. And of course, all of these videos took very little time, effort, and expenditure to produce.

But first, watch this important scene which demonstrates the red pill truths about women and Youtube.

Dialogue after taking the “Red Pill Special” (1:10 – 1:53)

“I like to wear slutty clothes for male attention. but act offended when I get that attention if it’s from a guy I am not interested in. I enjoy the privileges my beauty buys me. Men take me out to dinner, fight over me, give me a place to stay, and buy me drinks. I like knowing that if I start making Youtube videos, my beauty will earn me 100 times the subscribers as a man would have doing what I do.

If I live-cast, or stream video games, pathetic men will donate thousands of dollars to me. I can earn more money playing video games on Twitch, and doing my makeup on camera on Youtube, than your average man will make until the age of 35. But rather than acknowledge this privilege, I would rather bitch about it and claim that men are objectifying me.”

The Fitness Goddess

What’s up everyone! It’s summer, are you ready to be my beta orbiter today!?

That’s pretty much all I’m hearing from a few videos which have been posted by this woman. She regurgitates health and fitness information which has (of course) been spoken, printed, and reviewed 10,000 times before throughout modern history, but markets it with her own brand. That is, by just being a fit and bubbly valley-girl type who looks good in a swimsuit. Check out the ending at 6:14. Selfie showoff…

This video of a Mexican fitness model doing steps inside a gym has obtained over 1,000,000 views since it was posted. Such incredible time, effort, and hard work to likely obtain over $1,000 in Adsense revenue…

Wanna snatch over 5,500,000 views and continuously earn the corresponding advertising revenue in the comfort of your sleep? Just look hot in a patriotic bikini and do abdominal crunches on the beach. ‘Murica!!!

The Bikini Posing Model

Hey bikini lovers! Let’s head on down to Bondi Beach with Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman!

These two young women were among the first pioneers of using Instagram as a self-promotion and revenue gathering platform. What results is that their “A Bikini A Day” business model has been fantastically successful, and set these girls up with a fun-filled jet-setting lifestyle while doing, well… essentially nothing other than laying out on a beach or by the pool drinking cocktails.

It’s so stupid it’s brilliant. They take hundreds of photographs of themselves wearing alluring swimwear and… wait for it… post only one photograph per day on their Instagram and social media accounts.

This ensures a steady stream of repeat visitors (and thus page views and advertising revenue) from their army of beta orbiters, which are big enough to stage Napoleon’s invasion of Russia (600,000+). It also means they can take extended breaks from “work” if they choose to do so, and head off to another exotic destination to “get away from it all.”

Oddly enough, their ventures into Youtube have been somewhat less successful. Maybe it has something to do with the fact they are trying to promote a product (bikinis) that the vast majority of their single male fan base does not want to actually buy.

More than a few women actually video blog about their training sessions for regional bikini competitions, and this lady is no exception. She think’s her boobs looks pretty damn cute in this bikini top, so you’d better “recognize” like ODB.


It doesn’t seem fair does it? Men have to go to trade school, engineering school, or some other lengthy job training institution to ultimately make a fraction of the amount of money (for our time, effort, and sweat) compared to many of these women. This is all while we are creating things of tangible value which have a purposeful application to society. What these women create is nothing. The money they earn should be about as real as the money created out of thin air on a computer screen which is used for your home loan.

Now what you should do is direct yourself to RooshV or Captain Capitalism. They offer very practical and worthwhile advice for people like us, all while keeping their shirt on. Oh and be sure to subscribe to them instead of the women.

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235 thoughts on “The Shallow Narcissism Of Female Youtube Entrepreneurs”

  1. To be fair they need to put in quite a lot of work to look that good. And they also inspire other women to look good as well.

    1. Bullshit. The girls he’s writing about aren’t 5’s to turned themselves into 9’s. They’re naturally pretty. All they really have to do is avoid eating themselves to death and stay under 30 and they’re fine. I guarantee most of these girls never spend more than 10 minutes of actual work inside a gym, if they go at all. So, basically unearned money for them.

      1. Dead on accurate assessment. Every fit girl I know was smoking hot when they were younger. And in every case I would prefer to pump and dump the younger girl rather than the fit girl they are today. The chicks were all promo girls and wannabe playboy models. They did bikini contests on the bar circuit. They had 6000+ myspace fans. And after years of abuse they discovered that the fitness industry is gold for extending the life of the modern attention whore. Eat like crap, take anavar or clen, get fake tits, use instagram filter to hide age, train and sleep all day while a man pays the bills, bartend on the weekends… It doesnt get easier.

      2. You’d be surprised. Some women are quite adept at getting in shape if there’s a chance at a worthwhile hypergamic jump. I’ve seen it a few times. Granted, they may not be doing it in the most healthy fashion.

      3. True for a man to be in top 10% shape he has to spend years in the gym working specific muscles and he has to eat a very specific diet. It takes years of hard work for men… All a woman has to do is not eat like a pig and do cardio two to three times a week

        1. I agree with this. If women can make their money streaming videogames or workout routines online, power to them. All that needs to change is more men need to be made aware of how the system as a whole works. I think it’s already becoming more common knowledge

  2. Many of those girls are living the high life. And that’s putting it lightly. Taking regular “vacations” and, indeed, flying from one exotic location to the next. Think expensive resorts in Bali, top hotels in Italy, first class wining and dining, going to celebrity-hosted parties by private plane, you name it.
    Now, I wonder, where is the money coming from? Do these girls really rake in *that* much through advertising? Somehow, if I have to listen to what my guts are telling me, some rich guy or guys is/are bankrolling these girls on the regular from behind the instagram curtain.

    1. Well, Anita Sarkeesian got, what, 150 large holding out her internet tin can? I would think a video a week could earn a plane ticket, hotel and a few nice meals. I don’t think they’re being bankrolled per se, but I guarantee have some man cover a few things, yes.

      1. Ad revenue is different from donations. It takes over a million a year to fund the royal lifestyles of some of those instagram “stars”. Perhaps it’s possible with just some online attention whoring, giving the sheer armies of thirsty men out there. I don’t know.

    2. I was getting breakfast at a joint in a wealthy part of town and overheard a woman tell a young guy, whom had zero chance of fucking her, that she was studying abroad (real estate of all things) and she said this like 3 different times, I’m assuming so everyone in the vicinity could hear.
      Anyone could tell immediately that she was bankrolled by someone else (she had a nice ass) and she couldn’t help but broadcast it.

    3. ” . . .if I have to listen to what my guts are telling me, some rich guy or guys is/are bankrolling these girls . . .”
      The same goes for male fitness models. If you want to make more than a starving, be prepared to give “private shows.”

        1. Modelling is legalised prostitution for the wealthy. Model show some bullshit clothing that you’ve never seen anyone wear..ever. It’s the after parties. It’s a well crafted organised dating service for the wealthy and well connected. Enjoy the 9th tier people on tinder. Closet homosexual men enjoying the services of the model on the front of the underwear you buy. Most of these guys have traded more than their soul for a trip on yacht.

        2. I see modelling as more like art. Don’t get me wrong, I think its shit. I just wouldn’t put it on a par with prostitution since it doesn’t even titillate. Most of the women are too skinny and generally, are not pretty.

    4. Date Abroad: Attractive Girls Travel Free was built to solve the big travel dilemma, by matching Generous frequent flyers who have the money but lack company with Attractive travel lovers who don’t have the financial resources to do so.

    1. Good points. Women sit there and they bitch about equal pay in the work place while many of them can earn a fortune by just taking off their clothes. It’s hilarious to even listen to this kind of nonsense today.

      1. 3000 BC: “Women sit there and they bitch about equal portion of boar in the cave while many of them can earn all wild boar by just taking off their goatskin. It makes the hearty laugh to listen to this nonsense today.”
        It’s less hilarious when one realises women complain as a means to an end that is complaining. They’ve been playing their endgame for 6000 years. But other means are also necessary for getting them into such a privileged position (permitted to breathe oxygen). Women don’t live by whining and prostitution alone.

    2. It doesn’t matter how much “education” a dumb slut might get during her youth: a stupid woman will always be stupid, and stupid women can only be succesful thanks to their looks.
      I must add: a mistake the manosphere frequently makes is idealizing men while demonizing women. It’s a great example of tunnel vision or in-group bias.

    3. Whoever made that red pill date video should learn the art of concision. It’s an important communication tool. Granted, the insistence on conciseness often acts as a debate-stopper, but in this case, everything essential in that 8-minute rant could have been well condensed into just one or two minutes. It went from entertaining to simply tiresome and inane, I found myself fast forwarding large parts of it. And for Pete’s sake, there’s really no need to drag along all that right-wing baggage, none of the core messages of the Manosphere are dependent on it.

  3. Oh we dont need men, because like, we’re strong and independent..and stuff. Except perhaps for minor details like building youtube and stuff.

    1. And their daddy paying for their little HD camera so that they can make videos worth watching. You know, little stuff like that.

      1. So apart for paying cameras, creating youtube, inventing the internet and facebook, constructing roads and homes, television and a few other things, men are not needed. Wow I goddamn think they have me convinced..they are truly independent !!!

        1. Don’t forget the majority of viewers are supposedly betas. So she doesn’t need men at all… 😉

        2. Let’s be a little fair. Women weren’t allowed to work or go to school or even vote for a long time. How were they going to be taken seriously enough to invent anything? They were good for very few things: Sex, cleaning and cooking and raising children. They can say the same for us unless we are gay. Live life without them if you don’t like them.

        3. How about you be a littler fair. The point of his post was that the modern woman screams “we don’t need men” at the top of her lungs… men don’t do that and never have.

        4. Is your point that they didnt invent anything because they were kept down ?Hmm good one..except that during last 60 years of total freedom for women, they STILL didnt invent anything. Hmm.

        5. Don’t say “let’s be fair” and then insult yourself by pretending it was men who refused to let girls contribute and pay their own way.
          Open your blind eyes. Wherever girls are oppressed, there are mothers oppressing via proxy (stupid BOYS like you). This world has never been fair for male slaves. Women have never been oppressed, only girls and only by women doing the oppressing.
          The problem is your reduced incapacity to do motive. That is not organic but imagining that men, as a class, could have ever – ever – had a motive to pursue women, enter into wedlock or pay for sex is probably grounds for sterilisation or something. fml

          Live life without them if you don’t like them.

          Take your clothes off in public, you dullard. Live life without them? Everything is structured for men to pay the toll. You can’t breathe for long without being taxed or harassed by whore plantation administration. Men are not allowed to “opt-out” of their slavery.
          Saudi Arabia, the most “misogynist” of all societies ‘oppressing’ women.

    2. It was this chick on instagram who used to be chubby, but still cute and bubbly, she realized her smv wasnt really shit, then rode the whole fitness wave and got fit and now she thinks she is a 10 and a super bitch just by the content she posts. Her head atually looks bigger now and she has calves but her body is now shaped like a 10 year old boy’s. She was way cuter and less snobier before her fantastic tranformation and now her likes her social media following is growing and going straight to her big ass head. She used to be sweet, now its funny how she used this whole fitness wave to become an overnight slut-lebrity and she’s not even all that, and had an ass and curves when she was chubbier. Funny thing is, she regurgitate everything she hashtag’s concerning fitness and really dont know shit about it. It’s just a trendy fad she’s using to exploit her self.

      1. She cut have just cut off her head if she wanted to lose weight fast and spared the rest of us her fitness-fad trendhopping spandexed-out (You wear that shit out in public anywhere other than a gym and I’m staring at your ass ALL DAMN DAY and might even sniper pictures if I feel so inclined! You knew what you were doing wearing that and prancing around, so zero sympathy here!) attention whore bullshit.

    1. I prefer to watch these bitches stupid crap with it muted. Hey, whatever
      motivation keeps them from being fat, lazy, fucking overweight
      disgusting slobs is OK with me. But in reality no chicks are watching
      that. Let’s face the fact that women, and I mean all women, are
      attention whores. Every fucking single one of them. These dumb ass
      chicks have enough smarts to capitalize on it. Is it fair? Who gives a
      fuck. The understanding of female nature is the real thing here. Guess
      what? They’re gonna keep doing this shit til we’re dead and gone and
      further. Understanding their nature is the key to seperating ourselves
      from the hopeless, fucking chode betas. I can speak from experience. I
      used to be one until I truly grasped the understanding of their nature.
      My only hope is that some dude sees this site and comes to term with
      reality and stops watching their stupid attention whoring crap.

      1. Yeah, can’t hate on these girls too much when men basically do the same thing on a much higher scale in the form of professional athletics. They just train, show off their physicality, make millions.

        1. I’ve certainly gotten pussy from athletics.
          Please, you don’t actually think instagram celebrities are making millions do you?

        2. Very few athletes make millions! I’m pretty gifted in terms of raw physical athleticism. Sports are like acting. For every person making a million there are thousands with alot of ability serving drinks and waiting tables. To think of all the good athletes I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. From world record holders to gold medalist I’ve come across so many kids who gave it up because there girlfriend wanted to settle down after the first major injury and getting a job in their local
          Town with the prettiest girl in high school was enough pussy to keep them happy. It’s depressing to see talent wasted but sports in many cases has a heavy price tag attached before you make it big!

        3. Please, you don’t actually think instagram celebrities are making millions do you?

          Nope. And neither are athletes except for a mere fraction.
          You definitely get pussy from being on the track team. Used to see it all the time. Women love a performer. But competing in a sport is a whole lot different from what is essentially online modelling.

        4. To me, honestly, sports is a hobby not a career. Chances are you won’t earn enough to pay the rent. I am an athlete and I compete on the weekends. For me, its all about the enjoyment, the competition and entertaining the crowd.

        5. Sports use to differentiate between those that look it as a career: professionals and amateurs. Amateurs in many cases were no less good than professionals but had a second job. Amateur meant that you did it got the love and not the money.

        6. It’s rarely the gf who is the bad guy in this spot, elite sports is a bit like war, no one does it for themselves. They suffer to please their exploiters (usually parents).

        7. Yeah they do—-but only a tiny minority of men are able to do this.
          Whereas women only need be hot…….

    2. To be honest, to know that sticking their asses out in the videos can translate to money because most men are reduced to beta simps and basement dwellers is a kind of red pill thinking.
      I don’t think this is feminist driven. Feminists hate beauty. If you see fat-asses getting millions of youtube hits then you see a feminist victory.

      1. This bitch charges $300 for the hour to get naked on a webcam…I can’t get a harem for the hour with that kind of money!

        1. But will they be as unqualified to provide psychological (emotional) therapy? I think not.
          This is a woman who knows her true worth has been concealed (by her). She’s patiently waited for what she deserves.
          A woman’s true worth is whatever she deserves (‘earns’) from men via force or fraud. She’s entitled to sell access to her concealed object because she can, having deceived men into imagining there is value in paying girls who undress to impress. Men are also able to undress to impress in exchange for money but they need to abuse children more than women and that’s probably impossible to do, in practical terms.
          Children are conditioned to imagine severe emotional pain at the mere sight of an unconcealed phallus. Women will scream to wake the dead at seeing a D (or a D-pic) because OMG…!! POLICE…!! Somebody help! Cover the children’s eyes! Heaven save us from the naked male body!
          …and then, if the coast is clear, they will put the D in every orifice in their body. The screaming is for show, to display to anyone watching (like easily traumatised children), that women really hate sex and that the naked truth can really kill you.
          That men can rape, kill, torture, enslave, beat, injure, disable, traumatise, dismember, burn, mutilate her and everyone she loves or cares about has never once crossed her mind.

          No matter what business they are in, they turn it into some kind of prostitution.

          Because they can.

    3. Correct, and men keep paying for prostitutes so the business will always thrive. No men spending money, no women making a trade off of it. It goes both ways.

  4. Not fair but life isn’t fair. I don’t usually go into bat for modern women but if you can make money off the pathetic state of the modern beta why not? It’s not like there being prostitutes or porn stars just exploiting a niche market.

  5. Okay, sure women can earn more money in the now, but wait ten years and see how much money they earn with their bodies. Men, on the other hand, go to trade school and learn something they can use for life. In the old days, young women married wealthy men, but now young women use youtube for the same purpose.

    1. You are forgetting the beta male factor, they are so desperate of pussy and so afraid of ending up alone in their lives that they will do everything the got in hand to get a wet whole be it a reformer slut, a single mother or a fat whale.

      1. Their mothers abuse them to ensure they can be made to suffer for not wanting to suffer to please. Choose suffering or suffering, third option death.

      1. I have never met a woman that handled money well or had any concept of saving for a rainy day. They usually spend every dime they can get their hands on then go deep into debt. The more they make the deeper into debt they can go.

    2. This is actually a result of the current divorce laws. At one time not so long ago, lots of youngish men climbing the corporate ladder married women that were secretaries. A girl could jump several socioeconomic classes if she was cute. Now men understand that being the high earner with an uneducated SAHM is the kiss of death in case of divorce. The current wisdom is to marry only a woman making about the same as you to lessen the bite if she gets bored. Broke lower class women have no shot at marrying a wealthy man these days because we are all more defensive.

  6. All this shows that as men, we must work on the long term scale of building a sustainable and real business while avoiding all this narcissistic crap. And we can do so as men because our value naturally increases as we age while women’s value declines as they age.

    1. sorta like Hilary’s? or Ruth Ginsburg’s? Margaret Thatcher? blahblahblah they’re exceptional blahblahblah

  7. The operative point here is that they are able to make money off of doing nothing because of the weak slavish behavior of men. Beautiful women (or even average looking women) have always had it easier in life (save death by child-birth) than men. That fact has been made even more apparent in an unrestrained society that allows/promotes the open showing/sale of flesh for public consumption.
    Who’s to blame for that? Women, in part, but men for the most part, by loosening restraints. Men have been perfectly willing to pay women, even average women, money or in this case attention->clicks/views->money, for literally nothing. Honestly, what person would turn down being paid money for taking a selfie or filming herself exercising on the beach? (A very faithful religious woman might object to selling her body for money, as I suppose a man with very high sense of honor might object to his name being used for marketing, but see the parallel with pro athletes endorsements). But most people won’t turn down easy money.
    Yes, they haven’t done anything. Even so, the blame largely rests here on men, who out of thirst and lust, enable this behavior. If women were shunned for prostituting their bodies for money, they wouldn’t do it. But men have helped lift all such religious/cultural restrictions, and frankly, love the sight of it all. So what should we expect?

        1. I think most of these men commenting here are gay or they’re upset because the internet is the closest they will ever get to a beautiful woman.

    1. So in other words… its all men’s fault??
      Well it’s not.
      Youtube was not invented so that whores could generate ad clicks any more than the movie camera was invented so that women could make videos of themselves sucking cock.. and then sell them to some cocks they weren’t sucking.
      The reality is that women have simply figured out how to make the world’s oldest profession a lot more efficient abusing male technology…that’s it.

      1. It is men’s fault.
        If only we hadn’t mocked the motherly role as being inferior.
        We reap what we sow.

        1. Men don’t mock the motherly role as being inferior…
          That’s a feminist lie.
          And besides women were whores way before society was advanced enough to mock any groups.

        2. Men didn’t – a select group of ego-driven women did. Then they used emotional manipulation to shame women into believing it. You ate the wrong pill

      2. No it’s not our fault we just provide the market for it. Demand and all. Not nearly as many strip clubs for women.

      3. Youtube was not invented so that whores could generate ad clicks any more than the movie camera was invented so that women could make videos of themselves sucking cock

        Funnily enough…

        According to YouTube creator Jawed Karim, Janet’s Super Bowl incident led to the creation of YouTube.
        The incident also made “Janet Jackson” the most searched term, event and image in Internet history, as well as the most searched person and term of the year 2004 and also for the following year. The incident also broke the record for “most searched event over one day”.

        So it was – actually – invented for that.

        1. Technically, Janet Jackson is a hero and our mothers the objectifying whores who made Nipplegate such a huge deal.
          But the core issue is the same, women choke biological supply to create the conditioned demand in men to value concealed liability.
          Women undress to impress. Why are they dressed in the first place?

        2. “Won’t somebody think of the children?”

          American mothers just wanted to protect their children from Janet Jackson’s dangerous mammary gland (the sole biological function of which is limited to provisioning infants). Mothers are always looking out for their children, to protect them from exposure to dangerous and corruptive influences.

          The National Coalition on Television Violence estimates that an American child will witness 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television by the time they finish elementary school.

          As you can see, children are protected by American mothers who – as luck would have it – had only recently sent their sons to invade a nation packing (alleged) Weapons of Mass Destruction. There were no WMD of course, because incumbent candidates in representative democracies are rewarded for treason and punished for truth, but the illegal war underway in Iraq at the moment when Janet Jackson flashed her concealed nipple did create around 3,500,000 orphans (any survivors now contending with ISIS).
          Women are all about children. Boys are sent to die in wars, exposed to bullets, shrapnel, IEDs, torture, etc but thankfully, if nothing else, they get to die having been protected from being exposed to dangerous breasts and the naked truth of women’s concealed objects. Women care about little else.
          So if you want to die in war, mock her. If you want liberty from your whore mother and objectified demons like her, support women who fight the good fight.

  8. Honestly boys, direct your hate at the game, not the players. This is just a symptom of a larger societal disease.

  9. Female models always have made much more than male models who are replaceable. Those fitness videos believe it or not are targeted at chunky women looking for easy solutions. Beta males just go straight to the porn.

  10. Youtube has gotten to the point where it is cool to be a degenerate.
    In all my life, I have never witnessed a generation of losers and pathetic wimps who act like abnormal ass clowns and attention whores to try and get views and advertising revenue.
    People from Asia are going to top schools and getting jobs in Silicon Valley at companies like Google and Apple, and westerners are too busy making Youtube videos.
    Sad. Really sad.
    While I admit, there some very productive videos on Youtube such as teaching programming, useful knowledge and productive skills, the amount of stupid degenerates making videos and doing this for a living is sad and pathetic.
    Everytime I look at some of the thumbnails on the homepage in Youtube, it makes me cringe and shiver. People now think it is cool to act stupid. This is now becoming the norm in America.
    God have mercy on our souls.

    1. I figured youtube would be used for all kinds of stupid shit but when I saw video clips of people throwing up I sat back and thought about how far we’ve come as a species…

    2. “Youtube has gotten to the point where it is cool to be a degenerate.”
      But that was always the case though. Everyone on youtube is either watching some dumb cat video or even worst some dumb Kat (slut) Perry/Justin (faggot) Beber/Miley (degenerate) Cyrus eardum tearing shit they themselves didn’t even write that everyone else was force to hear for the billionth time on radio already. The west is past the point of no return.

    3. I remember I saw a movie in youtube with naked children, it wasn’t porn or explicit nudity, but it was obviously(to me) suggestive of sex and pedophilia. And I thought:
      – We can justify practically anything by expressing it in a different context, like: nudism, medicine, education(see wikipedia perverts), women exhibitionsim, transsexualism, femininity, human rights, etc.

  11. No class of human being has ever been more deserving of a colossal fall from grace than the modern female. Their whore hubris is off the charts. They pose a problem that is simply begging for a solution.
    And that solution, in all likelihood a technological one, will come one day. And when that day comes, and the smug modern female is knocked off her fucking perch for good, cosmic justice will finally have been served.

    1. You can’t simply look at it as if their behavior exists in a vacuum. Men are the prime reason they behave like this.

  12. Hey, these women know where their social values lay and are willing to capitalize on it to make some easy money. Can’t be mad at that. Now if you will excuse me, I have some instagram fitness chicks to lust after.

    1. It isn’t that they know where their value lies, it is how they capitalize on it.
      They are not doing something fulfilling like getting a husband and family.
      Instead they are wasting their wonder years and whining about how no one takes them seriously.

      1. How do you know they aren’t? I know absolutely nothing about their personal lives, only the fact that they take pics and videos a few times a day/week. Pretty sure no one else knows either.

        1. How do we know that plenty of them don’t have husbands and families BEFORE they’ve hit the wall?
          Maybe the dude gets off on having a hot wife who other dudes drool over?
          Maybe his ‘youtube fitness-slutwife’ gets so horny from all that click-love that she needs her hot body pounded 5 times a day [by her husband]?
          Maybe that arrests her hypergamy – I mean what broad can get 600,000 or more to pay attention to her in 5,000 years, not to mention a month or a year?
          Maybe she gives her husband a pile of twenties to use at the strip joint, but he comes back after 20 minutes to drill her silly because she’s hotter – and then gives her some new sexwear to use for her next online show?
          Who knows these days?

      2. Yeah, these horrible women are spending some of their time posting videos of themselves working out on YouTube. Despicable. They could be doing something fulfilling like bitterly bitching about it on Return of Kings.
        And really, “whining about how no one takes them seriously?” Please discover self-awareness.

  13. I’m thinking there’s a simple path to riches by hiring some 18-yr olds for $20/hr to pose in bikinis and do ab workouts.

    1. I bet butterfaces are sought after more than women with the complete package as they have that “attainable” quality to them.

    1. Isn’t that what marriage is? Institutionalised, culturally acceptable, monogamous harlotry?

      1. Basically. Except today’s whore, er, woman, can’t even remain loyal to the man who is both fucking her regularly and financing her no-doubt lavish lifestyle. Even when a man totally subjugates himself to a woman through marriage, offering her everything he has ever acquired and everything he will acquire in the future, she remains unsatisfied. There is always another man, with more money and a bigger cock, that she simply must have. Any man who chooses to commit to a Western woman today via marriage is truly one of the most delusional, pathetic creatures on the planet.

  14. Yeah, a man has to bust ass in college take loans out, work his way up in a career and pay off his loans and debt as well as hers if he marries. He has to work a hard job over 40 hours a week. . A man must earn everything in life. He gets nothing. A woman simply shows her tits and ass and gets a free ride in life. All they have is pussy and thirsty Simps are their enablers. . . A good looking, educated, in shape man with a high iq and real skills is worth less to society than an average uneducated slit with no skills who posts a video on YouTube. Makes me sick.

    1. This is the same society that would elect Kim Kardashian as president because they genuinely believe she is a genious.

      1. I don’t know, I’ve heard plenty of broads who sound like they only watch that skank to enjoy how much fatter her ass and sloppy her ankles have gotten since last week…

    2. James, you are somewhat correct. But what happens to the woman’s value once she reaches a certain age? Would you want to trade places with such a woman? I highly doubt that.

      1. Even if she is destroyed as far as value she still has it easier later in life than most men ever had it.

    3. True but real happiness is only gained from working hard and building something yourr proud of. Do you think any of these women actially feel any sense of accomplishment or real self-worth? They get a temporary ego boost while their SMV is high, and the ego needs constant stroking to feel good. Women get a 5-10 year gap where they can throw their bodies around for money, sex, attention, etc. but it never amounts to much later in life.
      Life is much harder as a man but it can be much more rewarding if you work hard and smart. Id rather be middle class with my own business than be rich for taking my clothes off.

        1. The personal satusfaction of being a man with a purpose. Everything you do should be for you, not other people’s validation.

    4. There are male youtubers making bank for inane things like gaming tips and other stupid videos.
      You need to calm down buddy.

    5. And what about a woman who actually works as well? Men don’t do everything, unless you’ve been selectively choosing what you see. It’s just reality- most women who respect themselves work their asses off to the bone in work as well, just to make ends meet or to get a career they dream of. There are female game designers, lawyers, fire fighters, Air Force/Army service people, artists, authors (JK Rowling anyone? Even if you don’t like the books, you cannot deny she is now sitting on a massive fortune for her talent, and was popular long before it was clear she was a woman), actors, scientists, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pilots… The list goes on and on and on. And these are not careers you can excel in without succeeding for your work itself.
      Tits and ass don’t get you everything in life, and honestly, for many women, it can be a burden. Some women don’t want your attention at /all/.
      Some are far more fulfilled by actually accomplishing things they can be proud of.
      And guess what? I doubt a single one of them would even spare you a passing glance. Not because they’re a ‘bitch’, but because they have a life- and that life does not include being there for your amusement. It includes doing what they want to do, just as a man can, without ridicule.

        1. It’s in everyones nature to want male or female attention. Whatever your preference may be. Also, the percentage is a lot higher than 1% of working, successful women.

        2. Is it in everyone’s nature to want to gain attention via fraud? The percentage of women who are self-sufficient, self-reliant, without need to resort to violence, shame or lies to communicate is exactly 0.

        3. I was referring to people in general. You were saying something like, ‘all women obsess over men’s attention’. Yes, I agree women making money merely for their looks is frustrating. That wasn’t the kind of attention I was referring to.
          Not all women behave that way. You make it seem like women are evil and men are perfect. How about men being the majority that sell drugs for money. Why don’t you get more passionate about something that really matters. This is petty to get so upset over.
          You must have seriously been burned by one of those so-called beauties or
          do you just hate women in general?

        4. I hate all imposition and women are responsible for 100% of imposition .
          Earth is a PoW camp and women have been turned, betraying their own and breeding slaves to suffer to please them.
          100% of women have been turned into liabilities. There is not a single woman who isn’t exploited the illegitimate advantage the plantation-State offers girls to turn on their own.
          They’re bums. The only people as pathetic are their respectful, loving, stained johns.

        5. You were saying something like, ‘all women obsess over men’s attention’.

          That is correct. Until they have their slave/s secured, women are obsessed with men. Once they have their slave/s secured, women are obsessed with women; in particular, girls.

          Not all women behave that way.

          #YesAllWomen who are heterosexual behave that way.

          You make it seem like women are evil and men are perfect.

          Men are pathetic. Their willingness to be abused and enslaved incentivises their abuse and enslavement.

          How about men being the majority that sell drugs for money.

          Have I already answered this? How are drug dealers harming you? Are they violently abusing toddlers?

          You must have seriously been burned by one of those so-called beauties or do you just hate women in general?

          I have been burned by every woman I’ve ever met. That I didn’t realise I was being burned for a long time is a function of betrayal. I don’t hate women, you moron. What possible reason could I have to hate women? I hate malicious whores who gain the power to hijack and cannibalise men via the sadistic, violent and unconscionable betrayal of innocent toddlers’ trust. They’re not women, you fool. They’re violent bullies preying on their own young.

    1. “Man has dignity, self respect and. . .”
      . . . hair is a woman’s pride.
      This is not only far from breaking news, but is celebrated in these very pages.
      Women are not men. Their source of dignity and self respect comes from sources other than those of men.
      Chief among these, no matter what the radfems say, is attention from men. Same as it ever was.

  15. This article is a giant pity party. So what that they do nothing for money? I’d like to be in that situation. Therefore, I cannot be mad at them. Keep collecting checks.

    1. Fine. Let them collect and us men folk can not marry and spend our cash on ourselves. . Let’s see how long society survives.

  16. YouTube pretty much embodies triumph of the mediocre. The way to rise to
    the top is by appealing to the lowest common denominator. Kinda of like politics.

    1. There is also lot of good stuff on YouTube. Guys like Sandman would have never got a single minute of air time on TV or radio.
      And what you choose to watch is completely up to you…

      1. “There is also lot of good stuff on YouTube.”
        Yes i know. I’m there all the time. That doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of people on youtube are watching stupid shit.

  17. I remember one time when one of my female facebook friends posted a photo of herself in a bikini. At best, this girl was perhaps a 6. Yet despite this, her photo almost instantly generated at least 50 likes.
    For a man to come anywhere even close to that many likes, he’d have to post a status that detailed some incredible achievement, milestone, or life changing event. Or something remarkably witty and insightful.
    Those who comment on the growing epidemic of shallow and narcissistic behavior among American women can place much of the blame on social media. If even mediocre girls can garner 50+ likes just by posting a simple bikini photo, then one can only imagine the constant fawning and attention that highly attractive girls receive.
    If I were constantly being complimented, given all kinds of validation, and could enjoy all kinds of positive attention just by showing up, I too would probably let it get to my head and become conceited.
    Women who like to complain about sexism and “the glass ceiling” are of course completely oblivious to the countless daily freebies they receive solely on account of being female and decent looking.
    As will always be the case, women are valued for what they are, while men are valued for what they achieve.

    1. As will always be the case, women are valued for what they are, while men are valued for what they achieve.

      Stop valuing them.

  18. Enjoy the decline fellas. And don’t take this article as something so serious that we need to fix. Just something men need to be aware of. I type in “PAWG” every once in a while to check out some ass periodically. But I mainly use You tube for checking out guns ,cars and the manosphere.

  19. If I could get paid for producing absolutely nothing and doing basically what I was going to do anyway I’d be all over it, so I can’t really blame these women. Who here can say that if someone offered them a paycheque to drink beer, shoot the shit with their mates and chase pussy they wouldn’t take up the offer in a heartbeat?
    All that is really at issue here is how in the hells what these women ”do” is able to somehow produce the amount of money that it does. It’s just the legions of desperate simps that make this possible and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. I don’t contribute any of my money to this nonsense, what else can you do?

    1. “Who here can say that if someone offered them a paycheque to drink beer, shoot the shit with their mates and chase pussy they wouldn’t take up the offer in a heartbeat?”
      Doesn’t intrigue me at all. I’m willing to work for my living.
      Make it 130 heartbeats per minute and I’m in, but the market for watching me log miles on a bicycle seems to be rather limited. I’ve got a great ass and legs, but no tits.
      Some of the girls I pass aren’t too shabby, but they’d either only be on screen for a matter of seconds, or I’d start being able to paper my walls with the restraining orders.
      Wat’s wit dat?

  20. It is just a matter of supply and demand.
    All men demand attractive, young, healthy and fertile women. Given the obesity epidemic, cunt entitlement and feminism, the supply of attractive, young, healthy and fertile women has never been lower, while the means to promote yourself have never been cheaper.

    1. are young and attractive our only requirements? Maybe for sex but not for what we think the pinnacle of femininity I think.

      1. I don’t think he is saying that they are our only requirements. But they have to be attractive to even be considered for a interview.

        1. Oh, I meant it as a genuine question. I understand the general idea of what is wanting: being submissive (supportive I think is a better word).
          But there are some vagueries I don’t quite get, they may simply be from reading different writers with different tastes.
          Like we want girls who are pretty and take care of their appearance, but they can’t enjoy attention too much. Unless I misunderstand what is meant by Attention whore.
          Or we dislike conformists but we want girls who care about their social role as a woman.
          I am not saying there’s any double standard or the like but I feel as if there is some qualifier or schema I am missing.

        2. I agree, sometimes this site contradicts itself. I think if men don’t look at each article as absolute truth, they will be okay. An attention whore to me are women who posts every single detail of their lives on social media. I personally want my woman to take pride in her appearance. I want other men to lust after her, but know they can’t have it. It’s like having a nice car, there is a certain pride with hearing “Hey man, that is a badass vehicle!”

        3. So an attention whore could be classified as a girl who gets fleeting attention in the short term for low investment and is constantly chasing that high.
          Similar to how the Ana Kasparian article on this site defines a whore: giving up easy sex for temporary gain.
          Pretty much all women want social gain so the virtue comes from not being so cheap with their asset (sexuality).
          It also ties into the issue with women aiming low and devoting their lives to pointless and temporary things, rather than doing something that shows real personal fortitude. Easy way out in both cases.

        4. Manosphere in general. But I did acquiesce to it simply being differences in taste. I tend to be very anal about things, meaning I want a solid foundation before I begin making my own judgments. A bit of a personality flaw.

        1. A lying girl’s mind is worth?
          A malicious girl’s mind is worth?
          A stupid girl’s mind is worth?
          A dependent girl’s mind is worth?
          Their bodies have no use, not even one (1). They merely appear to when you’ve been conditioned from birth to imagine concealed liability is erotic. They’re biological waste products; their mothers did this to them to remove them from the competition (for control of their illegitimate entitlement to exclusive male slaves). Mothers and wives are competing in an impossibly vulnerable and uncompetitive position (sub-worthless, disillusioned, retired former Toddler whores). Women have no choice, if girls are reduced to sub-worthless, they’ll steal ALL the men.
          You’ll spend your life looking and you won’t find girls that aren’t using makeup and shrewdly concealing their true liability as if it were valuable; and you’ll waste your life looking for human women in a world of whores who purge their own. This is reality. There’s a reason men want to be blinded and delusional.
          They control all the power and this is what they use it for. To suppress women who flirt with giving men a peek at what has no value but shhh. That’s classified information about mammary glands.

      1. Wow. Don’t we wish! 25%?? Maybe in coastal LA. Anywhere else and for 21 year old and up females, I’d put it at about 4%. And imagine the entitlement and insanity of those 4% ers. Godesses walking the earth. At a South American disco, these same goddesses are crying in the corner of a disco, ignored.

        1. Hey, man! I am trying to think positive here! Hahaha. But yeah, you’re right. And then women have the nerve to ask why men are attracted to high school chicks.

      2. Actually, the percentage is much more less. From the total female population, you have to substract: around 70% because obesity, all women over 35 (The Wall), all women under 18 (for sake of legality) and all crazy spinsters and feminazis.
        The result is frightening, but it gets worse, since from that you have to take out the women who are already married, in a long term relationship, who do not frequent bar/pubs alone or who have very small social grups. The total female population who is readily available to meet valuable men is less than 10%, perhaps less than 5%.
        Such is true for the anglosphere but also for large cities in many countries.

        1. It is, but life is not fair. The red-pill truth is more the reason to forego the traditional beta path to oblivion and, within your capabilities, pursue a player lifestyle and/or go MGTOW.

  21. “This is all while we are creating things of tangible value which have a purposeful application to society”
    All values are subjective, economics 101.

  22. My ex, a teacher, made her own channel full of videos where she explains fucking prepositions/verbs with hand actions. I have no idea why shed even do this, other than they all have a deep instinctual drive for attention. Sex tape, youtube video, facebook, whatever…..their ego is insatiable even over arbitrary shit.

  23. Any tips on how to find a gym that has decent looking women? Seems like the more dance classes, the greater the BMI.

    1. Ergo, the fewer dance classes. . .
      To find a gym in your area that lacks dance classes entirely your search word is “powerlifting.”
      Bear in mind, however, that the women who go there will be dressed to lift, not dressed to pretend to dance.

  24. Yes, but men fuel all feminine behavior. Where are the young women’s father’s who allow their daughter to wear a thong in sixth grade and go on birth control after age 13?
    It’s more a matter of men giving up power than having it taken from us. Children raising children.

  25. Betas, white knights, and manginas are the real problem with why women have all of this power now a days. Back in the 1910’s-1960’s if some kid was acting like a beta bitch, he’d get a smack in the head by a man and told to get his shit together. Now a days society demonizes masculinity and views of how to ACTUALLY succeed in life. Average Americans are like crabs in a barrel climbing over each other trying to prevent each other from succeeding. Our social culture is so fucked up it’s ridiculous

    1. “Average Americans are like crabs in a barrel climbing over each other
      trying to prevent each other from succeeding. Our social culture is so
      fucked up it’s ridiculous.”
      I grew up in the Philippines, and that exact “Crab Mentality” is one huge societal issue. I should know: I was taught not to impose on it to other people.

  26. I actually don’t have a problem with this. If fine looking women want to show off their bodies where I can see them whats not to like? Will they complain about unwanted male attention and comments? Well a happy woman is a woman with something trivial to complain about.
    Carry on looking pretty while I do something important. And put the kettle on love, there’s a dear.

    1. Right, that is the ONLY issue I have with women flaunting their appearance. Like when camwhores demand “repect” in there lobby from men. Seriously? You are getting naked for 30 cents on the dollar and you demand respect from horny strangers on the internet. Get real.

  27. These women wouldn’t even exist unless an intelligent man didn’t nut inside a woman… thus producing more women.
    Want to win the war? Just stop producing kids. These women want their alpha males so badly, let them have kids with them…. how soon will the world just turn into a non-functioning orgiastic madhouse is anyones guess. We’ll see soon enough once betas stop dropping the fuck out like I did.
    Then there’s the issue of beta providers nutting inside washed up whores… producing an entire generation of vapid, soulless cunts for alphas to add to their harems. No thanks.

    1. women with huge jaws running around standing 5’11” tall

      I’d hate to meet the woman with jaws that big!

  28. There is an article out with Emma Watson addressing feminism’s need to losing the man hating title. Published last night it warrants a look through. It got me thinking, who does feminism serve? I ask this because it is rare to find something benevolent allowed for too long. While we all agree feminism isn’t benevolent, men have built the backbone to allow feminism to go on. The buildings, the schools, the pandering, all allowed by men. It seems odd but someone has to benefit from any system. Do the richest people in the world benefit from feminism? Feminism erodes the quality of general men, but with strong role models this is controlled. It erodes a man’s ability and power in the work place, but if you’re the head of the company does women’s rights affect you in relation to sexual harassment and such? This is very out there and more of a play on the covert ops at work that has led to suicide being the highest killer of men today, but is it possible that feminism is pushed because it serves something else other than women who want direct access to wealth and protection and men who have seen women suffer?
    Feel free to let me know if I’m thinking too deeply on this.

    1. Slavery was abolished because it solidified the North’s political power. Second was it looked nice and yeah equality. Affirmative action helps black people but in truth more schools exist now more than ever, several with inept teachings and baseless degrees. School business is booming and more unemployed people now than in the last 3 decades. Feminism allows women to not fear beatings at home, take the protection, security and child they pursued without tying themselves to a man, attain power and wealth previously unknown to women and divorce male sexuality from a penis. Like I said, just my thinking and probably a shy away from general disdain for covert behavior of women but is this a warranted thought?

      1. I think a couple years ago she said Obama was ‘one of her heroes’ plus she went to an ivy league school so its pretty fucking clear shes a libtard like any other college educated millennial girl.

      2. Of course they will. But note how she trips up by not addressing the suicide rates for men. She almost makes it seem like a reason to believe, they don’t reveal their feelings. But as men we all know words alone don’t help us heal. Men need action. But as a true egotist, she suggests doing things her way, talking more, expressing your feelings, to get male suicide to end. Easiest example of the spirit of man is the pick up community. A bunch of men tired of seeing life pass them by faced rejection repeatedly for a reward they knew could be attained. There is no reward in sharing your feelings in a society that has placated you from youth.

        1. To solve every problem in the world, girls could stop creating them all?
          All the need for conflict has to come from somewhere. It’s not coming from men willing to play fair. Men don’t fight wars for fun? All the unfairness in the world is coming from women (and some broken men like priests and politicians, but they come from women as well).
          It’s funny that men are blamed for wanting to die in wars. Men die in fear of being called a “coward” by cowards. They go over the top and run into the guns to prove their worth (they’re not worth much, obviously; but then their mothers reduced them to needing her worthless approval > withdrawn disapproval). There’s never any upside with abuse. Withdrawn abuse is as good as it gets.
          Someone has to make them feel worthless first. Projected shame, projected blame, projected violence; the Self of men is so eroded by their mothers, you can make them fight and try to kill each other with “mean words”. Seems insane?
          Butt Hurt Feelings: The Abused BOYS of Biopolitics

    2. This is a mess. I hope it’s readable. I can’t write.
      Feminism is biopolitics. All feminism is State feminism.
      Men are grunts. All power is built by incompetent house-builders. By making women dysfunctional dependants, they will have to breed slaves or die when men start treating younger whores Right. Power is committed to reduce women’s capacity and willingness to be independent of men and the State. Dependent women need to breed slaves.

      Exodus 1:12 But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew.

      Women don’t breed when they’re happy, they have children in need. The more Power can trick women into inflicting onto themselves with their idiotic combative insanity and pursuit of illegitimate entitlement, the more children they will end up breeding in slavery. Humans don’t reward those who treat us Right. We reward those who make us suffer. Whatever we’re prepared to do to gain relief is the incentive we give pain profiteers to afflict us. We are why we suffer. We reward those who make us suffer.
      Power’s endgame is handing women the rope to hang their own children. All power-brokers (military, industry, commerce, religion and politics) need children to be broken by women who need children to need (a worthless whore’s approval):
      * Slaves to build pyramids (need sense of duty, capacity for stoic suffering)
      * Slaves to fight wars (need sense of duty, capacity for sacrifice / heroism)
      * Slaves to consume (need miserable narcissists; happiness validates internally > terrible consumer)
      * Slaves to breed more slaves (need dependent women who can’t take care of themselves)
      Free men can’t be exploited or made to kill and die for the warmongering tribe. They’re more likely to die fighting the tribe. Free men are a big problem for Whore Society. They have no need for Power to manipulate.
      Power manufactures need to generate the suffering that can be harnessed into the wars the State must fight to validate the need for its protection. The need for war has to come from somewhere and if men and women are not hating each other > women won’t reduce themselves > children won’t be broken by reduced mothers lies and violence > war cannot be fought. Biopolitics divides the sexes, brings them together in unnatural holy matrimony and the children are then conquered by women and handed over as a sacrifice to the Society that can only disapprove of bad mothers. Mothers produce broken slaves to respect the law of Authority and to value “normal” conformity so that Society stops disapproving. There’s no upside.
      The argument for power: “Cause you can.”
      The argument against power: “They’re your friends.”
      Power has no friends. All it sees is opportunity to cannibalise. This is how the minds of power-hungry cannibals (Christian warriors, their mothers, feminists, politicians, etc) perceives the world:

      History of the Conquest of Peru (William Hickling Prescott)
      “From the hour that Pizarro and his followers had entered within the sphere of Atahuallpa’s influence, the hand of friendship had been extended to them by the natives. Their first act, on crossing the mountains, was to kidnap the monarch and massacre his people. The seizure of his person might be vindicated, by those who considered the end as justifying the means, on the ground that it was indispensable to secure the triumphs of the Cross. But no such apology can be urged for the massacre of the unarmed and helpless population, as wanton as it was wicked.”

      Power of Cannibalism. That’s a great book because at no point in all the psychotic murdering of the peaceful Incas did the Conquistadors ever consider the possibility that they weren’t enemy. Power has no friends and men who extend the hand of friendship to feminists are going to be treated like the Incas. From birth, women are prepped and conditioned to prey on men by women who reduced girls into liabilities to eliminate their competitive threat. To justify their abuse, they promise girls an entitlement they have no authority to confer: “Wait for what you deserve.”
      When they don’t get what they’ve been told they deserve, they rip off their tops and scream like deranged Toddlers, rebelling against “dictators” like Putin. As if Putin abused them? Putin (and Massa) are merely figureheads for the house-builders who are the true owners of every plantation; without slaves, there is no plantation.
      Christian slave-traders didn’t bring the slaves from the Old World to the New. They just brought some prisoners (less than 1%). But they weren’t doing it for fun? They needed gold to secure favour withheld by Christian women. Massa didn’t bring the slaves to the plantation, men can’t give birth. But Massa wasn’t in slave business for fun? Slaves were brought to the plantation by an evil that wasn’t white nor male; merely Christian, devoutly so. Slaves are bred in captivity by whores.
      160 years ago, a leading abolitionist and women’s rights figure ironically named Sojourner Truth, gave a speech on gender inequality at a women’s convention in Ohio. “Ain’t I A Woman?” was her most famous speech but humans are blind to truth:

      “I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?”

      1. Who gives the Gift of Slavery to an innocent child on a plantation where hungry slaves get the lash?
      2. After how many innocents doomed to lives of misery was she going to stop being surprised? 20? 50?
      3. How was she confused about her status as a slave? “sold off to slavery”? Born into slavery, sold off by her to Massa for $0 (+ benefits).
      What benefits gave your mother the idea that you needed the Gift of Slavery? My mother got so many benefits; an exclusive husband slave, right to abuse her 12 slaves (most of whom love her, morons), deferential treatment from Society and money. Lots and lots of money. The whore has never worked a day in her life, all she’s ever done is fuck and lie (and pop a dozen buns out of the oven), but the government has thrown more money at her for her life of fucking, lying and bullying than all except the luckiest male slaves will earn in their lives of slavery.
      Lucky men. It’s been my Privilege to be White and Male in Whore Society. They barricade the exits because if death were dignified and humane, who would grunt and sweat under a weary life, but that the dread of something after death, the undiscover’d country from whose bourn no traveller returns, puzzles the will. and makes us rather bear those ills we have, than fly to others that we know not of?

      “And the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew.”

      1. Bravo Jonny! You answered a challenge that I didn’t realize was a challenge until after the post cleared. How does one answer a problem previously steeped in hatred to address the logic and potential overall picture? As someone who has zero interest in reading the Bible, yet a profound respect for what could easily be the most influential book in all creation, the truths dissected are rarely hard to avoid. The more I delve into this society the more I come upon a few truths, we have been fighting amongst ourselves and struggling over slavery for way too long.
        In another article A book called The Manipulated Man was brought to my attention. As I have been informed about a few books through this site that have been helpful I hunted down a free form. God Bless the Internet! Upon reading the pdf, I slowly came upon what some have already known who frequent this site. Women have become our slave masters. And I cried. Like a Native American who finally realizes his land was raped, his dream not his own, his life reduced to a Halloween costume or a faux celebration of racial relations.
        When I see some of your commentary on women, such as slave whore, at first the initial reaction is to be angry, defend women. But I dated a woman who held a 126 IQ. And never had a hobby. Never could apply a new thought outside of the group she was surrounded by. Truly wanted to have a sugar daddy. This is a woman who was taken cared of in the corporate world. And her company held her hand. Then the government held her hand. And more corporate tycoons held her hand. In there is an amazing intelligence reduced to parroting and whatever intelligence didn’t cover, feminine looks and beta saving tendencies may take the reigns for.
        Why do I bring that up? Originally I thought it may be a system employed by higher men, the world’s aristocracy, to weed out viable sealers of resources. Other men. I even want to blame feminism. But I can’t outright. Feminism is just an outward label for what women have done for ages even decades. Women used children against father’s. Women won’t allow men to sire their own children for fear of losing their agency. Clearly intelligent women are actually walking parrots of the best intellectual minds they can sit near or of immediate pragmatic use. Being feminine is an agency just to get presents, favors, suitors and more trophies to compare to other women. But maybe there is some truth to women just living for women. It is very clear that they will have the choice between being lazy or productive at all times in life and as long as we cater to women they will continue to act in a never ending manipulative fashion.
        In all my years, I have never realized there are such a large amount of intelligence among other men. Granted in society it is simply “be a man”, have sex with hotties, get your money right etc. But here is a first where I have to think twice, maybe 5 times over what I would normally allow myself to do. And currently I am a little raw from reading The Manipulated Man. Profound book from a gem of an author. To soon to say there isn’t more to all of this but the agency of manipulation is disastrous and needs to bee dealt with. To think between beta and alpha there is still slave to women. All I want is pussy, not a master.

        1. As someone who has zero interest in reading the Bible, yet a profound respect for what could easily be the most influential book in all creation, the truths dissected are rarely hard to avoid.

          It’s very evil, dangerous book full of corrupted emotional conditioning obfuscated by lies and absurdity. In comparison, the Buddha’s light is pure truth and salvation from emotional corruption.

          Buddha told a parable in sutra:
          “A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.
          Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!”

          This is how humans would feel were it not for our corrupted emotional education. Children are born emotionally stable but their minds are filled with malicious pollution, with the explicit intent of making them suffer (exploitable). 99% of human suffering is utterly needless. And a lot of that is the Bible’s fault. They printed 8 billion copies of that evil book for mothers to enslave their own. The Holy Books of Yahweh are entirely about suffering creation (for power). The Buddha’s Dhammapada is entirely about the elimination of suffering.
          The Bible imagines all the horror that children would never even contemplate and they fill children’s minds with it and say, “Thou Shalt Not…” [defeat yourself]. When someone tells children not to do something the child didn’t ask to do, whether it’s drinking alcohol or having sex, you know they’re running this trick. Women’s entire value system is constructed on the First Rule of (Broken) Human Nature: We Want What We Cannot Have. So women withhold their favour to make men yearn for their approval. They conceal their objects to make men desperate to pleasure objectified liability. Every child is conditioned to want what they cannot have.
          “We need to teach our boys not to rape.”
          The mothers of Israel needed to make the humane sons into killers to take out their competitive threats (the first wars were for monopoly control of slave men, Midian women were stealing Israel’s men with food; the boys were paid for sex). Israel’s mothers couldn’t compete with these women, so they needed their boys to kill their best interests. They broke their minds by telling them they weren’t allowed.
          “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Only God is allowed.

          Numbers 31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

          And humans have been killing each other ever since.
          “Thou Shalt Not Covet” created envy.
          “Thou Shalt Not Take The Lord’s Name in Vain” created swearing.
          “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” created slander.
          And so on.
          “We need to teach our boys not to rape!”
          It’s their Rape Culture. Only women advertise rape as a “prize” but it’s idiotic to steals the Right to pleasure a woman against her will? It’s a crime without reward for men.
          Rape is like violently taking the cleaning lady’s mop from her as you leave the office, haphazardly mopping the floor for her and escaping before the police arrive.
          Women could teach their boys not to imagine they can please women against their will but it’s all a shrewd trick to make boys imagine what is concealed from view has value (illogical). When women aren’t fantasising about being raped, their actions reveal truth. No one afraid of rape spends hours every day trying to appear fraudulently attractive to rapists.
          You can’t fix the problem without getting the nature of their motives, and then you discover the problem can’t be fixed. They will never give up their illegitimate entitlement because true equality looks like female slavery. Mothers changed the logic. Now every day is Whores’ Day in Hell.

          When I see some of your commentary on women, such as slave whore, at first the initial reaction is to be angry, defend women.

          I’ve always been a shitty communicator but long before I realised the evil nature of this issue, people would get so offended at random words I said which triggered pain in their imaginations. I tend to use words unemotionally. To not use whore would be incorrect; there is no other word to refer to women who use artifice and illusion to induce inflated desire they intend to manipulate into suffering used for extortion. Prostitute, call girl, courtesan, harlot, hooker, etc; whores are their moral inferiors. In reality, the only word that correctly describes women’s conduct is whore. But women have conditioned broken minds to imagine whore is a misogynist hate word. I ask how the truth can be misogynist or hate and they can’t say, their minds are dysfunctional. They don’t value truth. There’s only one reason a woman would hate that word.

          Feminism is just an outward label for what women have done for ages even decades. Women used children against father’s.

          Correct. 6000 years of hostages bred to hijack male empathy. If the men can’t save the children, the whores kill them; 29,000 toddlers murdered every single day. Women don’t care about those toddlers, and not just because they’re mostly girls, but they will scream filth if you use the word whores when talking about mothers who kill their baby girls.

          To think between beta and alpha there is still slave to women.

          That is correct but I’m not sure too many men are ready for the truth of their betrayal. Enlightenment is fatal.
          When the Buddha reached Enlightenment, these were the first words he said:

          “Through the round of many births I roamed
          without reward,
          without rest,
          seeking the house-builder.
          Painful is birth again & again.
          House-builder, you’re seen!
          You will not build a house again.
          All your rafters broken,
          the ridge pole destroyed,
          gone to the Unformed,
          the mind has come to the end of craving.”
          (Dhammapada v. 153-154)

          On the brink of death four years ago, devoid of need, I saw the house-builders in all their evil betrayal. I’d been blind my entire life. But I saw what they’re doing to us, rootkitting innocent minds with self-defeating desires, conditioning us to feel corrupted sentiments, filling our minds with religious malware to cull us on battlefields or enslave us with guilt and shame. It’s all imagined pain. Our suffering brings us closer to them.
          Buddhist scholars don’t realise nearly everything the Buddha said was anti-mothers. They censor my posts and ban my account for pointing out the obvious. It’s not obvious to them.

  29. All the cynical comments non withstanding, the fact of the matter is that the female life experience in the contemporary West is, overall, far superior and more satisfying than the male life experience. Moreover, the vast majority of males who post here are suffering from like *really* intense cases of V envy *giggles*…though they *try* to hide it…by sharing sentiments like, “Well, once they hit 40, the fun is over”…lol…there may be *some* truth to that…but at least we *had* some fun & special memories to think about when we are old!!!

    1. And all it cost you was the abuse and betrayal of defenceless toddlers traumatised by your violent shame of their innocent purity.
      A small price to pay, no doubt. The only thing that I’m ashamed of is my incapacity to put child abusers down.

      1. I’m generally reluctant to make assumptions about the mindset of those who reply with strong invective; as a general rule though, the implication is that I’ve hit a nerve.
        The fact of the matter is that the stay of all human beings on the planet is finite…and that the situation one is born into is, more or less, just a matter of luck. Is there an afterlife? Maybe, but I’d be reluctant to join a convent and essentially sacrifice all the potential enjoyment that one can derive from modern life all on the promise of a hereafter that can be neither guaranteed nor proven.
        Face the facts…practically anyone born into the upper strata of a hierarchical society is going to take advantage of most or all of the benefits the lucky situation provided. To do otherwise may somehow satisfy some deluded altruist’s notion of “making the right choice”…but from a practical standpoint…it will seldom occur because it is simply imposes too much cost on the beneficiary of privilege.

        1. I’m generally reluctant to make assumptions about the mindset of those who reply with strong invective

          Antisocial, infantile invective that pretends your emotional trauma (that you need to take up with your mother) is a valid pretext to wiggle out of acting in your own best interests. 50 of the 68 words that you’re not allowed to say on American television are related to sex, because 99 of 100 American mothers secretly hate their daughters. There is no pretext that justifies refusal to communicate.

          I’d be reluctant to join a convent and essentially sacrifice all the potential enjoyment that one can derive from modern life all on the promise of a hereafter that can be neither guaranteed nor proven.

          You merely joined Women’s Cargo Cult for girls, sacrificing all the potential enjoyment that one can derive from humane life all on the promise of illegitimate entitlement that I can guarantee and prove you will never be given (in the way you believe). You might get an illusion, there’s more violence in the illusion.

          Face the facts…practically anyone born into the upper strata of a hierarchical society is going to take advantage of most or all of the benefits the lucky situation provided.

          “Let them eat cake!”
          There are no benefits. There merely appears to be. All advantage that isn’t mutual is an illusion. All you’ve never learned from history is all you could learn; how those who raised themselves above lost their heads over and over again. There’s no advantage in cannibalism.
          There is no lucky situation. Name one (1) winner of apartheid?

          but from a practical standpoint…it will seldom occur because it simply imposes too great a cost on the beneficiary of privilege.

          You think you’re the beneficiaries of your illegitimate privilege but you are just beating men. Men will beat you back. 55 billion women have been in your position, did they win?
          Too great a cost? Women are the only source of conflict. If you were willing to play fair, there would be no need for violence, war, misery, hate, trauma, children suffering, conflict or harm. If women were willing to play fair, there would be no need for lies. Too great a cost? Without lies, we’d be in other galaxies.

        2. In your intense eagerness to share with me the central tenets of your worldview, you concocted a rather shrill and unfocused essay.
          I’ll skip over what I am *certain* was a scientifically reached conclusion regarding what moms’ secretly think about their daughters *rolls eyes*…
          You then go on to comment on the joys of a “humane life”…but given the intense bitterness that seems to infect your oeuvre, I would gravely doubt that you have much insight into what that actually constitutes. Then you have the temerity to claim knowledge as to what I am seeking; as if women across the board share a uniform outlook and series of goals.
          Next comes a Marxist inspired rant about inequality and what it will ultimately yield…but until that day actually is upon us, I would appreciate if you and all your brothers in the Slave Gender would *continue* to fulfill your divinely inspired role as our Beasts of Burden…a fate your kind *cannot* and will never escape from…*bitchy smirk*

        3. I’ll skip over what I am *certain* was a scientifically reached conclusion regarding what moms’ secretly think about their daughters *rolls eyes*…

          Don’t skip over it. Do you really think your mother reduced you into a liability (sub-worthless value) to men for your sake?
          Are you really confused about the fraud you sell to men (who are tricked by you into pursuing your concealed liability)?
          If you’re worthless when you’re “easy” (as your Mom claimed, effectively true in the way that men who are “easy” are worthless), then being “difficult” in fear of appearing “easy” would make you worth:
          a) more than worthless, or
          b) less than worthless?

          You then go on to comment on the joys of a “humane life”…but given the intense bitterness that seems to infect your oeuvre, I would gravely doubt that you have much insight into what that actually constitutes.

          Men are willing to play fair. Women are not. If women were willing to play fair, there would be no need for conflict, violence, war, animosity, child mutilation, child exploitation, child abuse, shaming, trauma, hoarding, inflicted suffering, emotional degradation and lies. All the evil in the history of the world is drawn from the limitless well of need generated by retired whores cum maternal child abusers.
          If 106,000,000,000 humans worked together from the start, selfishly prizing truth and mutual advantage, the power of all those minds growing with truth in cooperation instead of destroying each other to please their mothers, we wouldn’t be in this universe. We’d be in some incomprehensible dimension because we are gods but you women are cannibals feasting on baby gods with violence and lies. We race to extinction in a world so stupid, it’s full of you.
          Your lies are illusions [of value] that can only create illusions [of being valued]. When you lie to impress, no one is impressed, they merely appear to be as the victims of your deceit. When you no longer appear to be impressive, they will no longer appear to be impressed. You imbeciles fool yourselves with your own fraud and then get butthurt when your fraud isn’t valued “Until Death Do Us Part”. Cue wedlock. Cue domestic violence. Cue misery.

          you concocted a rather shrill and unfocused essay.

          I’ll skip over what I am *certain* was a scientifically reached conclusion

          You then go on to comment on the joys of a “humane life”

          Then you have the temerity to claim knowledge as to what I am seeking

          Next comes a Marxist inspired rant about inequality and what it will ultimately yield

          Then you inaccurately described what I did.
          Then you failed to counter my arguments.
          Then you ignored all my direct questions.
          Then you failed to get a single point.
          Then you concluded with a bitchy smirk.
          Enjoy Nanking ’38, coming soon to a Whore Society near you.

  30. Who cares if they slut around in a bikini? Its good fapbait for men who cant get laid or are too lazy to try and game girls.

  31. Yes young women will exploit their beauty for profit, and fat ugly women will bitch about feminism on youtube and still get an army of beta orbiters. Well, until they hit the wall of course. To me women using their sexuality for capital is like unemployment, good for now, but eventually it will run out.

  32. So they get money off AdSense. Where does AdSense get its money? Off businesses dumb enough to think clicks on a bikini chick flexing her abs=revenue. Yay the free market! Those businesses will work it out or lose money.

  33. In all fairness men would be doing the same thing if there was money to be made. Blame the orbiters, not the women. This is like bitching about women getting free drinks in bars.

  34. I don’t get it, you’re mad b/c they’re making money? Men pay for this crap. Lame ass dudes pay for porn, stay home, and jack off to it. Or they go to a strip club and spend their money on a women who can only give them a lap dance. If these dudes spent time on themselves and their game, women would not be able to make money off their looks. I noticed this article has zero criticism of guys paying for this crap, just a whiny lecture on how it’s not fair that men have to go to school.

  35. The whole female ” ASMR ” community is this entire article in a nutshell. Notice 99% of female asmr’tists are attractve and if not facially, then they typically will accentuate their ta’ta’s. I urge anyone to youtube some asmr , and tell me it’s not the biggest pile of narcissistic crap, you’ve ever seen

  36. Thank you!
    Skinny/”muscular” chicks are the embodiment of narcissism. And the worst thing is they definitely don’t age well. they can’t keep up the routine they devote themselves to, their looks take a nosedive because of all the testosterone and lack of bodyfat. and the’re motivated to coast on their laurels once they reel in the fans

    1. They don’t age well. And some of them look a tad mannish. No natural beauty whatsoever. But hey, the red pillers want them fit, you get what you ask for.

  37. I don’t know, they are probably making fairly serious bank with that. I was stunned to read how much some of the really dedicated folks on YouTube make.

  38. Now you’re just being silly. The no1 youtubers are men, except maybe 2-3 women. The no1 Twitch streamers are men, not women. The no1 people that earn money in general are men. Why? Because we live in a patriarchal society which have given men the unique lesson to COMPETE constantly. And competition drives excellence – which in turn gives us that fat payday. How often do you hear the word “beta woman” or “alpha woman”, they barely exist because they don’t compete as much.
    Also, sure you can earn 100k a year in your 20s as a hot fitness model on youtube, but what happens when you get to your 30s? or god forbid your 40s? What do you have then? No education, no abs, no looks. You have nothing. Your career is complete shit. And those 100k you should have saved and invested, you didn’t because you didn’t have an education to teach you what rational choices are. So now you’re left with nothing as your “business” is constantly declining because people don’t give a shit about your looks.
    So do women have it super mega easy because they have boobs?
    No they don’t.
    And only men who aren’t even Beta are complaining about this. Men that complain and bitch like women are on my scale roughly at gamma level (that’s the last letter in the greek alphabet for you uneducated idiots).
    Grow a pair and compete, be a man for god sake.

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