How To Pick Up Strippers

Yesterday, I went to a well-known strip club to support a friend who just started dancing there. I left with three strippers’ contact info: a 7 and two 8s, all of whom have now written me first.

Virtually every man who’s been to these clubs wants to score and has stripper fantasies. I had a 9 as my live-in girlfriend for three years who stripped at one of America’s most famous clubs and actually got around the “no boyfriend rule” turning it into a regular hangout. At my peak, I had 150 strippers’ phone numbers, so I’m going to share some insider secrets, and save you time, drama, and lots of money.

Of all the places you will ever run game, strip clubs are the most difficult. The bitch shields are extremely high, as they’ve experienced every pickup line, technique, and creep that exists. Know that you are dating on the razor’s edge and you will get cut. You will be blown out by wealthy competition, waste money, get your heart broken if you fall in love, and face low conversion rates. Be extremely suspicious of any pickup guru who claims to have a foolproof stripper method, as in my experience, there is no such thing.

There are noteworthy advantages, however. As the customer, the women will generally approach you. 99 percent of the men have zero game, so it is very easy to stand out. It is also less noisy and there is less drug use and fewer distractions than at regular clubs.  At the upscale establishments—and especially with strippers who are college students—there is a window of opportunity for a smart, charming, high value male to affordably display his finer qualities.

Flip The Script With Oasis Game

None of your presentation can be scripted or phony or they will see right through you. Hence, authenticity and confidence are your secret weapons. Because I lived with and have dated many strippers, I genuinely understand the challenges of their job and the crap she has to hear all night from degenerate, perverted men. Your table should be the desert oasis where she wants to sit down when she just can’t take it anymore.

You and your crew are fun, safe, and understand the industry. In a word, you are like her, not a customer.  You are calm, cool, and empathetic, the alpha lion who can laugh with her, never judging her while she shares her bizarro work stories. She will begin to bond with you, that rare and coveted man she feels might actually be able to deal with her occupation.

Get Vouched For

Your biggest obstacle is making her feel safe. She must believe that if the relationship doesn’t work out that you will not cause her problems at work. In her mind, this is much less likely to happen if you share the same social circle, and getting a stripper to date you in this scenario is like surfing the North Shore of Hawaii. One does not simply show up with a surfboard. Someone in the “locals and pros only” surfer scene must vouch for you or you’re not getting in.

Thus, the easiest and cheapest way to score a stripper is to already know her as an acquaintance from the regular club scene and have mutual friends, then you see her at the strip club and sell her on giving it a try. Another way is to befriend the club staff, preferably in real life or on social media. You want to appear to already know bouncers, managers, DJs, or bartenders. A third is to have a friend who is already stripping there who introduces you to the other girls, such as what I first described above.

Avoiding The Lasso

Strangely, strippers are much more likely to date you if they first meet you on a dating site, as they don’t see you as a potentially creepy patron, even with no mutual friends and if your first meeting is at the club.  Often the club makes girls post dating profiles to lasso more customers, so be aware of this tactic and avoid meeting there if possible.

Free Isn’t Free

Even a frugal trip to a strip club will be $50 to $100 for parking, cover charges, and drinks. Remember, this is their livelihood, so show respect, buy some drinks for the girls who sit with you, and occasionally tip her “for her time.” Outside of high roller markets (Miami, Vegas, N.Y., L.A., S.F.), a $20 bill per non-peak hour is a good rule of thumb, assuming you are first rate company.

If you’re inexperienced, try to bring a wing crew of four to six people, as it spreads out the cost and conveys social proof. You should have a striking look and be devastatingly charming and/or well dressed and groomed.


There is no one correct method for success, but you can definitely improve your odds. It will depend on your looks, age, game, apparent wealth, attitude, shared social circle, and many other factors. In general, go during the day or on Monday/Tuesday nights, as competition is low. Get a table so she can sit with you for more privacy and tactile bonding. Avoid the bar and never, ever sit on “Gynecologist Row” at the catwalk looking up at her crotch.

Tip when she is onstage only to briefly introduce yourself and invite her to your table.  Use $5 or even $2 bills to stand out.  Do not linger and never “make it rain.” At your table, turn down lap dances saying “thanks, but it’s just not my thing,” in lieu of drinks and tips for her time as she is less likely to view you as a customer. You should occasionally buy dances, but only let her dance for your friends, which will make her work more to earn your direct attention.

I have never done VIP on my own dime, only when others paid on a corporate expense account.  A VIP can easily backfire so when establishing status, only do thirty minutes and close with social media (less invasive and higher conversion than burner phones). Get a date outside of the club within one to two weeks. If she refuses, move to other girls on your next visit, never appear butt hurt and remain friendly.  Never do VIP with the same girl twice.


Dating a stripper is something every man should do once. There’s something truly hot about it that’s rarely attainable elsewhere, which makes all the hassles worthwhile. In top clubs, even celebs don’t score 10s without laying down serious cash, so opt for 7s, 8s and 9s instead. Keep it light, keep it casual. Try to date part-timers who have stripped for less than six months, and date them no longer than nine-and-a-half weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts… because it never does.

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    1. Way too many fucking gammas pissing all over this site’s comboxes and missing the point of the articles.

      1. I’m a sigma male, actually, who thinks desperate, insecure betas who go to strip clubs are pretty pathetic. I wouldn’t even want a ONS with any of these skanks, much less a relationship, live-in thing, etc.

        1. Exactamundo. I’m a Sigma as well, and we put our spare cash into travel, crypto, updating our laptop or phone every half decade, keeping a few bottles of good red wine and spirits in the cabinet, and otherwise just building up ‘fuck you’ money.
          Worthless shit like strip clubs is just gonna eat away at all those goals.

        2. E, you must be present to win! Remember: “It’s very easy to stand out when so few others are even trying.” — Earl Nightingale
          You can do it so get back in the game!

        3. What is a sigma? Hopefully not some clever shit you concocted in order to feel special.
          If you don’t buy into the Alpha/Beta dichotomy then simply refer to yourself as a Man, capital M. End of story.

        4. @Rick
          So among other things, just an Alpha male who made the conscious desicion that his participation in the game isn’t worth it. More than likely a modern phenomenon, as in more traditional times this “sigma” would probably be an Alpha, i.e. A leader of men.
          That said, wouldn’t calling himself a “sigma male” or any other label for that matter, be the last thing a true lone wolf would do?

        5. “I’m a sigma male, actually” Anyone who presents himself as “a sigma male” is a loner, that’s a given.
          Also, “a male”? That’s feminist-talk for men. It is a word used for animals. Kudos for dutifully learning your masters’ terminology, I guess.

        6. “Exactamundo. I’m a Sigma as well, and we put our spare cash into travel, crypto, updating our laptop or phone every half decade, keeping a few bottles of good red wine and spirits in the cabinet, and otherwise just building up ‘fuck you’ money.
          Worthless shit like strip clubs is just gonna eat away at all those goals.”
          This is hilarious. You are basically bragging about being a lonely nerd. Ohh, “travel,” how special! Liberals always like to brag about traveling; as research shows, they value temporary experiences they can brag about later more than anything lasting.
          And “cryptos”? That’s where I laugh. You actually brag about that. When bitcoins have taken a nosedive since January 7. When it is virtually impossible to actually convert any “bitcoin millions” into real cash, since the system is built to prevent it. Oh boy.
          But go ahead and brag some more about your lonely lifestyle and the bottles of “good wine in the cabinet” that surely no one else has, certainly not those who date hot women, the losers!

    2. Going to a strip club is only a mildly better cash investment than taking up cigarette smoking. Both take a lot from you and give little or nothing back in value.
      Honestly, just go get a massage (and I do mean a NORMAL one) if your feeling a bit ancy from a relative lack of female company. Just being touched and rubbed by a decent looking woman can give all sorts of psychological and emotional benefits, along with how nice massages are in general.
      I hate how expensive massages are in the west compared to parts of Asia, but it’s still a better use of $60 than going to a strip club. And $60 is about the minimum you can expect to have to dish out with entry fee, drinks, and G-string tips on a strip club outing.

      1. Reality, I think you’d have a lot of fun with what I outline here. bet a ball game then take the winnings to a strip club one night. I’d be interested to get your feedback!

    3. Bryon trying so hard to sound cool and like a boss…wtf with the land whale in the last pic? Joke article? Strippers are a joke. Unless your recruiting porn whores don’t waste your time.

    4. Best way to get strippers? Bang them before they become strippers. Then brag about how you banged a girl who later turned stripper. Much cooler story.

  1. That’s a lot of work, wasted cash and time to date a whore. Why not just use hookers and cut the bull ship.

      1. If you are lucky enough to be a handsome mesomorph who gets 7s and higher then sure.
        If not, are you willing to bang 6s and under?
        I’m not.
        So hookers it is!

        1. Do you think banging sluts on tinder would be any safer? Or bar and club pigs?
          The only way you are totally safe from that is by being a devout Christian/Mormon/Amish and saving yourself for a lifetime of monogamy.

        2. @ Slim
          Who says I think they aren’t? But now that you bring it up they are cheaper. Strip clubs are a relic of the past – why not just load up some porn instead? Only a click away.

        3. Any girl can have an STD. From a Stripper, to a College girl,a milf, a Walmart Stocker, and even the Mcdonalds Cashier. Stds arent reserved for Strippers bud…

        4. @ Lambo
          Not even close – strippers are fuxcked up beyond repair – walking infestations – obviously any girl is pron to whoring it up, but use some fuckin common sense – if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then its a fuckin duck

    1. You’re focused on the rule rather than the exceptions. You’re looking for the girl who just started stripping who has an exhibitionist wild side and who will rock your world, makes her own money and schedule and is thus free to travel with you. The biggest secret going is that it’s almost impossible for them to find men who can handle their job after they score her, which includes most celebrities. Some of these women are actually very loyal, I just like to stay in front of the wave with respect to temptations that goes with the job, so I leave first and stay friends. That said, the “whores” are in the regular nightclubs; they;re the ones who go home with different dudes 6 nights/week and every guy in town knows what VD they have. As with most things in life, that which is worth having is not easily obtained and achieving it requires the exact opposite of what most people think… which is why most people fail to take home the gold. And the best strippers are, as any man (Kid rock, Vince Neil and plenty of ordinary average Joes) who has scored the best of them will tell you —

    2. Sasquatch, anything worth achieving is a lot of work! My goal as a columnist is give those who are willing to invest the effort a way to score women they previously only dreamed of. i used to be that guy, watching others do it while I stood on the wall holding my drink wondering how the hell they pulled the rabbit out of the hat. In this sense, PUA has done a disservice: much of it is sold on the premise that scoring is easy, effortless and requires no money once you read about some simple “life hack.” This is simply not true, with women or anything else worthwhile in life. The best books and methods are very upfront and honest about this. Roosh’s “Bang” series for example, requires that you find a way to generate passive or remote income streams, get your ass on a plane, go to a foreign country and then learn the culture. It requires LOTS of effort that most men are not willing to invest, hence the abundance of female options for those who actually follow through on it. What I outline here definitely works and is relatively cost effective. Just keep in mind no woman wants to invest in time and sex with a man who is unwilling to invest in himself and then make an effort to impress her and stand out. good luck!

      1. perhaps you should just put a line in your article explaining that. That you are suggesting that scoring a stripper as a fun challenge, a game and self confidence improvement exercise, guys here seem to be confusing it for life, LTR or family strategy.

        1. Nick, you may have a great point here, I am still getting a feel for this audience. But in general I don”t think PUA is known for LTR success and Roosh’s Bang series is clearly focused on short term globetrotting. But I appreciate the feedback and will keep this in mind in the future.

      2. I appreciate the response it gives me a slightly clearer perspective. good luck in your pursuit but strippers and racking up pickup numbers with high maintenance broads just ain’t for me.
        It’s difficult enough in the modern sexual Milieu keeping sub par women engaged and quite frankly.. not worth the effort put in.
        Never the less I still put in the effort to self improvement but it’s mainly for self satisfaction and being attractive enough to have sexual release on the odd tinder slut.

  2. My one-itis was an ex-stripper. It did not last. A couple years in the friend zone followed by a week when we had sex three times. She got multiple orgasms all three times. Was a selfish lover? Ah, hindsight. She also called me in a panic following each time saying she thought she might be pregnant. That’s always fun, right?

      1. The guys at my old job used to rib me by singing “I’m in love with a stripper” real high-pitched. I kind of knew it was all for naught, and they were certain.

    1. Seth, good for you! Part 2 of this is abundance. If you can score one stripper, you can score a hundred so put the oneitis behind you (as I did), learn from your mistakes (as I did) and get back in the game 🙂

    2. “My one-itis was an ex-stripper. It did not last. A couple years in the friend zone followed by a week when we had sex three times. She got multiple orgasms all three times. Was a selfish lover? Ah, hindsight. She also called me in a panic following each time saying she thought she might be pregnant. That’s always fun, right?”
      You let her keep you friendzoned for 2 years, and then you let her use you for her own sexual pleasure/trolling entertainment?

  3. Just say no to strippers. A fool’s game. “For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.” Proverbs 6:26.

  4. Byron Flynn comes across as a P.R. guy for something like Stripper Clubs of America, the industry group representing all strip clubs.
    Byron or Moron is it, says: “[You need to spend] $50 to $100 for parking, cover charges, and drinks … this is their livelihood, [sic ]so show respect, [sic ] buy some drinks for the girls … tip her “for her time … a $20 bill per non-peak hour is a good rule of thumb …”
    Isn’t the whole idea behind being a pick-up artist about getting laid that night and not being a sap (i.e., not blowing cash on her, not needing to date for weeks or months before having sex)?
    Byron/Moron’s article belongs on a website titled Return of Betas. It doesn’t belong on Return of Kings.
    What Byron/Moron fails to tell you is that by working in entertainment business (likely the stripper club industry, perhaps for Spearmint Rhino) in Los Angeles, he promises strippers access to advance their careers. So naturally, eager would-be actresses toss their phone numbers to him.
    It’s all too likely that Byron/Moron never picked up a woman legitimately in his life.

    1. Name call all you like, try to be appear to be the smartest most cleverest guy in the chat room all you like. But it won’t improve your score rate with knock out gorgeous women one bit. I just gave you a way to score women who turn down asshole celebs (because with all due respect, they sound a bit like you) and that multimillionaires would give their left arm just be seen with… all for pennies on the dollar. All you have to do is adopt a better attitude and then go try it —

      1. And now, Byron, you have come across as a little triggered bitch.
        Guys like you are so obvious. You go into entertainment or the strip club field because you couldn’t score pussy in high school or at university.
        And you fancy yourself as a love machine because you spend your days and nights with damaged, loser females from born of low-grade genetics.
        Strippers will gravitate to any guy who is an insider in the strip club world. So it is no mean feet for those working in that field to pick up a stripper anymore than it is for the supermarket shelf stocker to pick up a supermarket cashier or the nerd programmer to pick up the girl in accounting.
        You don’t seem to get it. You advocate guys dropping $20 an hour in tips to strippers in a strip club all on the hopes of getting phone numbers. That is stupid advice delivered from a stupid guy.
        Dropping $20 an hour in hopes of scoring is worse than merely asking out a woman and paying for a $50 to $75 dinner.
        The whole point of being a PUA is getting more tail while less spending and ideally next to nothing. And the whole point of the PUA game is to pick up a woman that night, fuck her and leave her place.
        Your bitchy fit confirms this about you “Byron”: It is all too likely that you never picked up a woman legitimately in your life.
        Start your own blog, “Byron.” Try to build an audience pitching your pay-for-it approach to picking up women.
        Good luck!

        1. Thanks for your prelude to a future article I’m writing. If you talk to women as you are talking to me, you have NO chance ever of scoring hot women. They use very clever filtering techniques to screen out guys with poor temperament who are likely to cause them problems once the relationship goes bad. It took me many years of unintentional mistakes before learning this, though I must say, i’ve never addressed them as you are addressing me. As always, negativity never sells. I have a nice calendar of dates lined up for February/March from SoCal, to Canada to Atlanta to SXSW in Austin, including a couple of dancers. Your misplaced vitriol won’t affect that calendar one bit but in the world of dating this type of attitude will cost YOU everything. I genuinely wish you well but like me, I suspect you will have to learn this the hard way…

        2. Someone here seems triggered and angry, Byron, but that one isn’t me. You lost your self-control the moment you tried to defend yourself.
          You (stupidly): “If you talk to women as you are talking to me, you have NO chance ever of scoring hot women. ”
          What are you, a fag? I’m not trying to pick up you, dummy.
          No one believes you with your incessant “I have done this,” and “I have done that,” bullshittery. So this new lie of yours about a “calendar of dates” amuses. If you’re so busy, why are you so desperate to defend yourself in comments on a web site?
          In a country of 327 million, with millions of desperate females desiring to be famous or associate with anyone associated with fame, it’s all too easy to pick up those women with lines like “Yeah, I’m a talent scout” or whatever gimmick that you are using.
          Facts remain. If you must drop $20 an hour to get phone numbers, you are a loser. If you must drop $20 and hour for four hours to get laid, you’re a loser. That is no different than hiring a hooker.
          Yet, that is the lifestyle you have adopted “Byron.” So you keep powering on tipping women hundreds of dollars a night to get laid. And you keep telling yourself that you’re some sort of pick-up stud, “Byron.”
          No one shall stop you from your delusions.
          Good luck!

        3. We will agree to disagree. As with scoring the best women and winning in court, I focus only on the cases I can win and the men I can actually help. Unfortunately, we are not a match.

    2. Here is your advice in a nutshell Byron:
      1. Go to stripper clubs on off-nights (Mondays or Tuesdays)
      2. Get a table rather than sit at the stage.
      3. Walk up to the stage and tip a fiver and ask the stripper to come visit you.
      4. Drop $20 an hour on her merely for showing up at your table.
      Anyone smart sees this:
      1. Clubs don’t put their best looking women to work on off nights.
      2. Paying $20 an hour over four hours works to about paying for a prostitute likely of the same caliber but with the prostitute, you get sex, guaranteed.
      Prostitutes are for losers. Tipping strippers for their attention is for losers.
      The whole point of the pick-up game is to score with women without having to drop a dime on them while getting laid during the pick-up.
      That you acknowledge that you work in entertainment, likely IT IS YOUR JOB AND NOT YOU that has let you get near enough to sniff pussy in your lifetime.
      You should quit your ROK writing. You have no future in this. You can’t help any self-respecting guy with your dipshit beta-style advice.
      Better luck next time!

      1. YOu’re the one who’s “triggered” and coming off like a whiny bitch. It’s you that should take your own advice. What Byron wrote is accurate. I banged many strippers in LA and can attest to his approach.

        1. Wow, look at you! You lack self-control!
          Triggering has really gotten hold of you. It’s made you into a bitch.
          Good luck!

  5. “Date a Stripper”
    If you want to be dragged quickly into the underworld and be around felony weight cocaine and bikers date a stripper. You’ll meet them.
    Once your name is floating around the underworld, you are known as a shitbag. Local cops know you. Bikers or mob guys. Drug dealers.

    1. Agree.
      Strippers hang with the lowest of the low.
      Even the beautiful ones.
      Escorts are a much better bet. Many are in college/grad school and actually have a plan. Whether that plan gets executed or not is another story…

  6. Easiest way to bang hookers: take a little coke to the club, and have a little more back at home. You don’t even have to fuck with it yourself, in fact I recommend you don’t. It won’t take you very long to have one doing lines off your dick.

      Perhaps strip clubs have gone the way of Times Square and are corporate-owned family friendly places.
      But in my brief sojourn they were full of unsavory underworld shit-it was almost preposterous.
      I can remember the bookie who looked like TT Boy the porn actor who hung around by the phone.

    I met Tracy through a Sound Engineer; my work at that time put me with people on the fringes of the entertainment scene. Strippers were part of it, bands often either MC’d or played at clubs.
    The sound engineer was into cocaine, which was massively popular in the nineties. Crystal meth at that time was still a hardcore white trash scene associated mostly with gays and hillbillies. I was a pot smoker.
    Single at the time I got introduced to Tracy in the strip club. She was the sort of girl whose life had been messed up by cocaine in the 1990’s; an injector and thief at 16, lived with shit bag drug dealers and for that matter high society coke heads. At 23 in 2001 she looked like a red-hot 28 year old.
    I started fooling around with her. A fuck here and there. She always had felony weight cocaine on her. This made me nervous.
    One night I went back to her house as I said in another post. The next day I had to go in to make a phone call in front of her Dad, who glowered because I’d fucked his daughter all night.
    She tried to make something out of a relationship that never was; I was never going to bring a stripper home to my mother.
    We fucked once more in a hotel room and then I just said no thanks. She was dealing cocaine big time then, though she never got busted.
    I met scary dudes around her club, though I wore a suit and minded my manners. The club was owned by bikers, but assistant mob guys hung around and took bets. Real BING type shit. One mobster kicked the shit out of somebody outside who was saying “I have a gambling problem!” while this guy who looked like TT Boy the porn actor said “I have a kicking problem!”.
    The entire episode made me pull away from this audio engineer.

    1. Madman, great post! You’re absolutely right: you want to avoid biker bars that are fronts for amphetamine trafficking where pimping their girls is part of the culture. My post is specifically addressing girls who dance part time to pay for college at the more upscale establishments. I’m actually drug free and screen for the same. In my article about avoiding false rape accusations, I discuss the personality types to avoid. I will add to that the following: get a book called PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story by Dr. Alexander Shulgin. It describes an underground world of cheap amphetamine synthesis that only hardcore drug users know. I’ll typically mention things about synthesis or obscure drug names like “2 Bromo Dragonfly” or the european hallucinogenic “2CI.” If a girl has any idea what you’re talking about, you should obviously pass. Remember: college girls, upscale clubs, minimal drug use, part timers, and newbies (working there less than 6 months). Rock on , my friend and props for your post!

      1. I’m not into strippers or strip clubs, so this article doesn’t do much for me. I would love to read an article about your experiences in the shady side of the industry.

  8. “Yesterday, I went to a well-known strip club to support a friend who just started dancing there. I left with three strippers’ contact info: a 7 and two 8s, all of whom have now written me first.”
    You ain’t no Tommy Lee.
    Proof or it didn’t happen.

    1. Actually man its pretty easy to get stripper numbers. Converting them is something else…

      1. Butcher, you are correct. They have “real” phones and “stripper” (burner) phones. Ask for her social media, hand her your phone logged into your social media account and let her type it all in. When you ask, say something funny like “this way we can both make sure the other isn’t crazy.” That will usually get you a laugh, and it’s more participatory and requires her to do something; her being proactive is a sign of legit interest. If you offer to add her on social media, she obliges and in addition, she also offers you her number, there’s a good chance it’s her real one. If she won’t add you on any social media, and only offers a burner phone, she may be hiding something. take what you can get and see where it goes but be advised, strippers only check their burner phones on workdays, and mainly use it for customers who want to know what days/times they are working. You’ll get lost in the shuffle of paying customers, if she even sees your text at all, hence the very low conversion. Also, in general strippers are very flaky women and this is true in general as they flake on their women friends too! I have found vetting on Instagram followed quickly by texting on her real number or WhatsApp to be the most effective for getting dates. Facebook is too close to home with family who probably don’t know about her naughty little side gig, while snapchat is too abstract. You might get a disappearing hot pic or two but for whatever reason, on SC most conversations fizzle quickly.

    2. Benny, try my tactics. There’s your “proof” — it fucking works. Good luck and have fun! 😉

  9. I don´t get it, those women are horrible girlfriend if they end as strippers they are broken girls, so if the end goal is to score, then pay for prostitutes is cheaper and less drama.

  10. I fucked three strippers. They were hot and the sex was amazing (only because they are self-destructive and submissive), they were disgusting human beings. Venal, vicious and dumb.
    Lower than dogs. And my faith in mankind only went down by being around them.
    “I had a stripper as my live-in girlfriend for three years”. You sheltered the grade just under a prostitute under your roof for three years. Lucky you did not get stabbed or smothered with a pillow in your sleep.
    “Have a friend who already strips there”. Why would you even gravitate around this people and their poisonous presence?
    “I had 150 strippers’ phone numbers” the point being? Did you bang them all?
    That is some terrible advice and I don’t say that often. That and the beta bucks article of last time is a bit too much.
    Bryon’s next article “Why paying hookers is the new alpha” or “Why you should drop some Es and follow that girl you just met in a dark alley with no public lighting, in Albania, at 3AM because she approached you”.
    By the way, still waiting for an answer on that “bare-knuckle entertainment” bit.
    To ROK readers, I’d say this. Don’t listen to Byron. Bang those whores if you have to and leave immediately. Your time is too precious to spend around strippers.

    1. Well said JB.
      I have fucked a stripper myself off a dating app and I could tell the game was immediately different as soon as we met. If you really want to get with a stripper, do it for the glory and nothing else, no relationship bull shit. It’s something of an accolade to say you hunted the hunter of men and came out on top.

    2. Sorry you had a bad experience. Skiing and surfing are great but if you ski off course or surf too close to the rocks you’ll get banged up and that is also the case here. However, if you pick the right girls in the right clubs, you can have some really great experiences, which of course, I cannot cover fully in a 1,000 word article.. As with all things, you have to know yourself, decide what you want, and what you’re willing to invest to achieve it. Invest nothing, you’ll get nothing, choose the wrong woman (stripper or any other) and you’ll get burned. Personality wise, strippers respond best to Apex alpha males and also very delicate beta males who have sweet teddy bear personalities that strippers in particular feel inclined to protect. A third is your stoner loser types who have no leverage in the relationship but are useful for their weed connections haha. Like men, each stripper is different, but in general if you don’t fall in these categories, you will generally have problems that do not justify the ROI when dating dancers.

    3. JB, I missed a line in your lengthy and circular taunt. I am not a fighter, my bio is loaded with much metaphor. I won’t divulge personal info, but it should be pretty clear from reading my “false accusation” article, that I know my way around the entertainment world. If there is way to seduce a woman, I’ve seen somebody do it. My goal in writing is to show men willing to invest effort that they can do things with gorgeous women they never thought they could do, often for pennies on the dollar and by simply opening their minds to new possibilities. Most of all, I enjoying showing people that “celebrity” status is very, very over rated in many cases. You seem much more preoccupied with attacking me personally than actually listening, the latter of which is the number one complaint hot women express about most men. It’s a shame that your obvious intellect is being wasted on such negativity and I would encourage you instead to try some of my tips before rushing impulsively to snap judgements. Incidentally this is another common complaint of the women than men desire most: they view impulsive and judgmental men with no filter as having a lack of self control… all of which they perceive as weakness. To yourself, you appear clever, however to them you appear foolish and unhinged. At any rate, your post reminds me of a very famous quote known by all who seek self actualization in romance and elsewhere:
      “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they are yours.”
      — Richard Bach (Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah)

  11. Join the Rangers or any other branch of the army. They love to marry and pluck those poor SOBs

  12. Fuck all this stripper shit, what’s that about needing to get vouched for at a beach? I plan on trying my hand at surfing and I’m not gonna let some faggot locals try and bully me out of the best waves. Anyone in the know care to expand on that comment?

    1. Locals especially in foreign lands can get very territorial of their surf spot. If you dont take the not so subtle hint you’re not welcome they will fuck you up. You won’t see this kind of thing at tourist beaches.

      1. Thanks Surfer dude! Glad you chimed in the get Tiberius up to speed. I would recommend Costa Rica as it’s currently some of the best waves you’ll find without the locals/pros only cabal culture.

    2. What’s wrong with this comment system, this my 3rd try:

      Growing up in Hawaii as a Caucasian, or “haole” in the local parlance, there were any number of occasions where I was targeted simply because of my race. The hassles could start while surfing, where locals felt they had certain natural rights to the best waves, or pretty much anywhere at any time that a group of young Hawaiians felt the need to take some personal revenge for the hijacking of their islands. (And, in all fairness, their islands were hijacked.)
      If there was no other casus belli readily available, for instance, daring to take off on “their wave,” a perennial favorite was to kick things off by saying something along the lines of, “Hey, haole! Why’d you call me stupid?”
      To which the set piece response would be, telling the truth, “But I didn’t call you anything.”
      Leading, unavoidably, straight into the jaws of the rhetorical trap, revealed as the Hawaiian responded indignantly, “You calling me a liar?”
      I barely remember the first time I was targeted by a Hawaiian using this particularly childish, but effective, form of fight-starting. But thereafter, upon hearing the opening stanza in the script and knowing that any response was futile, I cut right to the fight-or-flight response – the decision as to whether to start swinging or begin hot-footing it out of there, arrived at by a quick calculation involving the size and number of the Hawaiians involved in the tableau.

  13. My 1st bang was an ex-stripper. The sex was garbage every time. Good that things have improved since then. Not recommended.

  14. “…try to bring a wing crew of four to six people, as it spreads out the cost and conveys social proof. You should have a striking look and be devastatingly charming and/or well dressed and groomed.”
    If this describes you, why in the fuck would you want to date a stripper? Because they’re hot? Damn guys, there’s lots of hot women out there. None of them will rob you in your sleep or get your tires slashed by their stupid ex.

  15. I got an ideal pick up line for them “You want coke “?
    Strippers, exotic dancers… Please, stop hurting yourself. Stick to escort girls if you have to. You got better chances with them. At every level.

    1. Using coke is an easy way to score all the wrong women. The amazing thing is that guys think they are not paying when they do this. Brett Tate coined the phrase CPF “cost per fuck.” When you get popped for possession (as you inevitably will, every guy snorting it up in the club scene does) first offense will set you back 15-20k in legal fees, etc. So it’s the most expensive piece of ass, you’ll ever get for “free” and generally not even worthy of one’s time, imo

      1. “When you get popped for possession (as you inevitably will, every guy snorting it up in the club scene does) first offense will set you back 15-20k in legal fees, etc.”
        (1) EVERY guy? Are you a troll? Some guys are actually “well connected,” meaning their drug indiscretions are IGNORED.
        (2) Not sure what “etc.” means, but there’s no way legal fees could be as high as you claim ($15k-$20k). Otherwise, bribery would be RAMPANT. How many cops would decline $5k in cash from a clean, educated, middle-class guy, who LACKS an incentive to contact IA?
        (3) Unless you suffer HORRIBLE luck, you’re HIGHLY unlikely to get busted for possession very often. So you’d have to spread your “legal” cost over multiple lays. Say you got busted 4/100 times (which would still be VERY BAD LUCK). One cop accepted a $3k bribe. Another cop took a $5k bribe, and another cop held out for $7k ($15k total).
        But one cop busted you (so a HIGH estimate of $10k for a lawyer + $5k in fines + $5k for pretend rehab. = $20k). Add $25k for coke.
        $60k total/100 = $600 per vag. (reasonable if girls were 8+) (also, CPF could be MUCH LESS, if you were to go 1/2’s, 1/3’s or 1/4’s with friends. You guys could “share” each girl after she were “coked up,” putting your personal CPF at $150-$300).
        “Defense for possession of a controlled substance: $3,000–$10,000—costs vary depending on the client’s criminal history and the amount of the controlled substance.”

        1. Forgot to add another $10k for misc. expenses, taking your CPF up to $700 (or MUCH less, if “cost sharing”).

  16. Tells us not to listen to guys who claimed they’ve banged lots of strippers then turns around and tells us he’s banged many . Worthless site

  17. Strippers are too UPPITY for me.
    I’m waiting for the article on
    they are more my level

  18. I can’t believe this article was allowed on ROK.
    You “had a 9 as a live-in girlfriend for three years who stripped at one of America’s most famous clubs.”
    You were being a cuck, bro. Plain and simple. That’s nothing to be proud of? I mean honestly…why would you do that to yourself? What kind of example is that to set for other men?
    And no, let me tell you something, I have a stripper game method that is 90% foolproof. It’s called an eight ball of cocaine, that will secure you a quick pump and dump…and that’s all you should ever use a stripper for. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

    1. Imma take you down hard dude in the hopes that no one on here actually follows your advice. Guys like this are called “pill” and “powder” punters. They always think they’re really clever and scoring for “free.” They’re the ones who do point of sale in the clubs for cheap while the behind the scenes regional distributors keep all the cash and avoid arrest. See my comment above on this and when you get popped for possession, write me and I’ll get you a good lawyer. About 20 grand but you’ll have plenty of time to scribble your “alpha” PUA method on the prison wall while trying not to get stabbed or gang raped. How’s that for “cucking” “free” and “foolproof” ?

  19. I once knew a guy who dated a stripper. I met her outside of the strip club – a 9 with a girl-next-door look and vibe – shy, sweet and seemingly wife material if you didn’t know her profession. It turned out, unbeknownst to everyone, that she also banged for money. This guy dumped her immediately, but he was hurt by the prostituting. This guy was top 10% in looks and body, had charm/game and had many, many options. At the end of the day, he was still jaded over it. I remember him playing Xbox, sulking and withdrawing from his friends. He got over her of course, but like I said, he had several options and rebounded fast. If a stripper can hurt a guy like that, then most men should stay away from fire that is high maintenance, damaged women in the stripping industry, because they’ll crash hard.

    1. Date on the edge and you will get cut. That’s why I say to keep it casual. However, I would add that in my experience, women in regular clubs are far worse with this. They’re bigger drug users, usually unemployed and wasted 6 nights per week. And who pays for all their stuff? Stealth sugar daddies and straight up “Jons.” say what you want about strippers but they show up for work, make their own money and in the best clubs, about 5% are really interesting people. My live in girlfriend of 3 years would get offers to fly on a CEO’s private jet and pretend to be his wife in Vegas for one night $50,000. She would show me the emails and we would laugh about them. On days the club is closed, there would be industry parties at the chef’s house, a modest 3 bedroom with a pool. We’d all be hanging out and a stripper’s burner phone would ring, and it’s some A list actor. She’s pretend to be very excited, but as soon as she hung up, she’s tell us he’s the biggest asshole ever and was only going out with him to take his money because he’s such a dick head. So yes, you need to have some confidence and not be intimidated by this type of stuff and that’s not for everyone. Sometimes you get burned, sometimes not, but I will tell you this: being in this world for 3 years as an insider is where I earned my wings scoring hot women and I would not trade the experience for anything. If you can get “vouched” for, definitely do so!

      1. Hmm, judging by this comment I’m guessing you’re referring to Bare Elegance? (I used to DJ at a couple clubs in So Cal in the early 2000s so I know about those off day parties.) I commend you on your advice. I find it to be accurate. What I find pretty discouraging is all the lames on here attacking you who pretend to be alpha dogs but in reality are beta whiny bitches who do nothing but complain and project their own inadequacies and frustrations onto you. I commend you on your patience.

        1. Thank you Mondo!!! Really nice to hear from you during this roasting session lol. I actually do not approach girls to date and rarely frequent clubs in LA, Miami, Vegas, SF, NY unless free admission through a local industry hook up — too expensive and too corrupting of an environment for my tastes. The “good girl with a secret wild side” is too rare a needle in the “sodom and gamorrah/everyone has a price” haystack. I prefer clubs in the American midwest and southeast.

    2. That’s a bit how I got burned, twice in a row. The first one has BPD, and the next is a real sweetheart. Even so, both were druggies, in and out of jail, and were just a smidge sensibility-challenged. Well, that’s the short version of it 🙂
      In my opinion, strippers are cute, but way too much trouble!

      1. Beau, always good content from you, thanks! As one of my friends once said “If she’s doing this job, something is wrong with her.” But as ROK outlines, isn’t this true of most western women? In my experience, it is more true of women in regular clubs; in fact virtually every girl on the club event flyer can be found at some point snorting blow off of a 70yo guy’s cock in the bathroom or at an afterparty! So I choose the hottest, kinkiest and the most interesting strippers who make their own money and at least show up for a job, then deal with their quirks accordingly. My article is written for those who feel the same and are drawn to these creatures regardless of the drawbacks in the hopes of saving them time, money and effort.

    3. I’m dating a stripper.
      Just found out she spreads her legs for $$$.
      That guy was obviously a moron.

  20. I haven’t had much contact with strippers. I have had interesting interactions with a Thai hooker in Malaysia with massive fake boobs and a cute young stripper in Vegas when I was 22 but those were fleeting pleasures, and generally I look for more “normal” girls, although many of them have been fairly slutty.
    A friend of mine, that I used to hang out with once in a while between 2005-2011 through common friends, is a very modern alpha-ish guy (tall, athletic, aggressive, gets a lot of girls), and was in a LTR with an Albanian stripper with a pornstar look who seemed kind of normal but under the surface was a trashy bitch who threatened the guy with thugs when things got worse and they were about to break up.
    It’s cool to find niches, and some guys play some kind of borderline sugar daddy game, but generally I would not be involved with such creatures, nor the kind of people who tend to associate in such shitty social circles. Like someone said above, though, strippers could be used for a quick pump and dump if such an opportunity occurs, but for most men it’s better to just focus on improving looks, confidence, conversation abilities and social status, find proper locations (locally and globally), and run parallel game.

    1. Willam, I really enjoy your posts, you always have great insight so thanks for weighing in. Eastern European and Russian women come with a downside: all their guy friends are usually criminals, because those countries are basically mob states. So I personally tend to avoid them. But here’s my question for you: Are you sorry you hooked up with that Malaysian hooker and the Vegas stripper? I’m guessing they’re very fond memories and that’s exactly my point. Dating a stripper is like winning an Appalachian spitting contest: every man should do it once!

      1. Thanks. I agree that there might be general national differences and it’s more risky to associate with for example strippers in Albania and Russia than Western countries. I think that a lot of the criticism is based on the assumption that it’s low ROI, risky and even beta provider style to invest time, energy and money in the pursiot of dating strippers. But of course, this is largely contextual, and as long as you’re not involved in anything that affects your private bank account (too much) it could be a fun experience for some men. Fleeting, temporary flings are always nice to have in the memory vault.

        1. Nowadays, I sometimes fly solo because I’ve been doing it about 10 years. But the most fun is when you bring a group. Without giving away too much personal info, I had “Kid Rock” style crazy crew and the most money I ever spent in a single night was $227.00 and that was buying drinks for my friends. So you always wanna make it fun and scoring the girls is a bonus. I would quickly add that the top scoring guys in regular clubs have lots of blow and Molly and spend about $300 plus/night buying drinks for skank girls. never believe what they say or what you see, behind the scenes all are blowing serous coin. In all my years in the club scene, I only saw one guy who was so naturally cocky funny that he never pulled a dime out of his pocket, but even he could only score hot bar trash.

  21. Any stripper who lasts more than a year will tell you that the real money is not in the stripping. The stripping is sort of an advertisement for additional services. The real money comes from the tricks, the porn shoots, the private weekends, etc.
    Not every single stripper, but the vast majority, are literal prostitutes. Why would you want to date one, and what would you have in common with her, unless you are a pimp?

    1. I’d like to date one. From what I’ve heard, it’s easy to get them to pay for most/all your living expenses. And, while they’re away (on private weekends), you can use their crib to bang other girls.
      Eventually, you could pimp her. Then, after buying your own place (with her $$), dump her for a younger stripper.
      naturally rinse & repeat.

    2. Correct but some are not there to make the most money, they are there to pick up side cash and have a safe outlet for their exhibitionist side. Typically they work part time and have other things going for them, and only work in the upscale clubs as outlined in my comments below.

  22. John, remember my parting advice: date newbies who have done it for less than 6 months, preferably part time while having a regular day job or going to college.

    1. Strip clubs are basically just like a lame ass cirque du soleil – the times I’ve gone they’ve made me laugh more than anything. The ‘performer’ is all serious and shit while her tits are haning out, I dunno what it is, but shit just makes me laugh, how can I take that shit even serious. I remember laughing while some black girl was trying to give me a lap dance and she was all confused and shit, man – shit was just hilarious. Only times I’ve gone cuse drunk and friends dragged me there, I wouldn’t even bother. What self-respecting person wants pseduo-sex. Strip clubs are a relic of the past anyways, only times I’ve been the only guys that go to that shit are old fags and beta dudes. Beta guys think they have ‘power’ over girls cuse the girl takes off her clothes but he can’t even touch her (thats cuck 101) and girls think their ’empowered’ by using their body to ‘seduce’ and make money. Whole thing is a shallow joke.

      1. In Mexico you can touch the girls. There might be one really hot girl, likely from Southeast Asia, there to have with but it’s not something that I have done more than once, when I was 22 in Tijuana, a bit drink, and horny as hell.

        1. Edit: In Mexico you can touch the girls. There might be one really hot girl there, likely from Southeast Asia, to have fun with but it’s not something that I have done more than once, when I was 22 in Tijuana, a bit drunk, and horny as hell.
          @ByronFlynn: Yeah, expensive night game can cost quite a lot, and there’s always some form of indirect investment in regards to game, for instance when you improve your style, spend hours in the gym, and buy alcohol, accomodation and airplane tickets in order to have a better chance to score somewhere else.
          However, there are some hacks to reduce costs and focus 99% on attraction. For instance, let’s say that you go to Club Octagon in Seoul, and avoid the higher entrance fee by entering before midnight. Then you drink most of your drinks from small store nearby which cost very little. You don’t buy any drinks to the girls. Then you focus on approaching, having fun, and dancing until you find one who is game on. You go to hers or yours place. Same thing can definitely happen in Shibuya (Tokyo) but then you likely share a love hotel and split the costs 50/50. In the Philippines you do the same – go to Liv Super Club and repeat a similar proces – but take her to your hotel or apartment. Hence you play semi-fancy night game and still don’t pay much, but that might be easier for guys who are 20-35.

        2. Kudos sir! screen shotted and saved for my future overseas trips. Again, you have the cost of the flight and lost time from work. So per Brett Tate’s CPF (cost per fuck) in the end it comes down to where you’ll have fun, the women you like, the environment with the highest conversion (which varies by individual), target rich environments for women who share your particular kind and the type of “crazy” you can deal with as all hot women are. Personally I like naughty Americans (Cam girls, strippers and accountants being the best) and Asians (Japanese, Thai, Korean). So that’s my area of focus.

      2. I agree with mostly what you wrote, but where is all this notion of “you can’t touch the girls” I lived in two major hell hole cities – and every strip club I been to, copious amounts of groping and even some spanking were common (especially from me); often encouraged by the stripper.

        1. Depends on how hot she is – hotter the dancer the more white knight the bouncer’s are man – my own personal experience is limited, but normally I’d grop a bit during personal lapdance and the slut doesn’t mind, but the bouncer will pop in and give you a warning if your ‘too-handsy’ – honestly though, my only experiences so were so fucking weird and a waste of hard earned dough that I’d beg 10 dumb broads out on ‘actual dates’ (where I buy their ass dinner) and maybe get lucky afterwards – instead of blowing money on some bitch grinding on my dick – if you want a bitch to grind on you just go to a club – if you want tits just load up some porn or some shit – if your really that desperate just ‘buy’ some chick – at the end of the day though strip club girls are literally as fucking weird as it gets – one the girls that gave me a lap dance literally switched hair (had multiple wigs) – she had a shaved head and would change her outfits and wigs and shit, it was fuckin weird as fuck man – strippers are the girls most likely to become trannys bytheway – you didn’t hear it from me

  23. I wonder how many thousands this guy spent for the “privilege” to fuck these gutter sluts. Sad thing is he is proud of it. This article is the portrait of a loser.

      1. Works great. I invest money rather than giving it to glorified hookers and I spend my leisurely time bettering my mind and body instead of hanging out at titty bars telling myself that they dig me.

  24. Wtf kind of article is this?
    I understand the heart of it – but seriously think of what you’re advocating for, man.
    I’m a guy who doesn’t have 150 strippers’ numbers in my address book – but I do have around 5-6. Which I did bang/date.
    So I do come from experience this topic. I even dated briefly a hooker (not to my knowledge till after the fact; a lot of praying to Jesus and visits to the clinic for testing post relationship), a cam girl, and a porn starlet.
    Common denominators – they are all batshit crazy or have brood hanging around waiting to call you a surrogate daddy. STAY AWAY.

  25. My buddy taught me a fool proof method with strippers. I rarely frequent these clubs anymore but this article has re awakened the urge to mess around with these girls again.
    Mind you my buddy was a 5’4″ light skinned, Colombian guy who always had hot women with him, mostly strippers.
    Anyhow, he would enter the club and immediately order a drink at the bar(optional) whilst turning a hundred dollar bill into all ones. He always stressed that this was purely for show, never to spend. He would then sit down at a table and lay his stack of ones on said table, then proceed to relax without a care in the world. This next part is the key, when the girl he liked began to dance, he would wait a few minutes until she wasn’t looking in his direction and then he would get up, walk towards the stripper and throw, literally chuck with full force a wad of atleast ten ones at her chest. Full thrown fastball of cash. He would then turn around, always saying another key was to have your back turned, walking back to your seat once the girl reacts to being pegged with cash and looks for the guy who did it.
    This works like dynamite fellas. I did this for years after he showed me. The woman is stuck, dumbfounded and cannot help but crawl towards your table after her dance. Remember to maintain your aloofness and most importantly to throw the money so hard at her chest as to potentially knock the wind out of her, them immediately turn back to your seat. Also, DO NOT spend anymore money on her after the initial ten or so.
    The rest is all game, this sets you from the pack.

  26. Damn these comments are brutal.
    I go to strip clubs, but I don’t go there to “game” chicks. I go there to have a beer, listen to the music, get a $20 message and take in the spectacle while being able to freely gawk at tits and ass without being berated. Some of the sleazier ones I’ve gone to are brothels and I’ve paid a mere $ 60 to fuck a chick in one of the back rooms. Call me a degenerate, whatever. I don’t enjoy the chase anymore and I have more sex now that I’ve been introduced into the world of sex work and stripping. Not a humblebrag, but many women there have just given me their numbers after having conversations with them and hanging out. Which is what I do there. I’ve been going for about a year and many of the girls I consider good friends. Yeah, some of them are sleazy, drug addicted tatted up troublemakers and I can see why men would want nothing to do with that, but a lot of them are college girls looking to pay off tuition, nurses, Human Resources or even elementary school teachers by day. I usually I go there after I’ve had sex with one of my two lady friends or I’ve seen a prostitute. Not all men who go to Strip Clubs are beta-chumps (although that stereotype definitely exist). Those guys I just feel sorry for. Same for sugar daddies who are paying for chicks and getting no sex in return. Apparently they just have money to spend. Boggles my fucking mind.
    50’s Nuclear family with a white picket fence isn’t for me though. I”m only 25 and I’ve become so cynical the whole idea of marriage is laughable to me. Sorry, but I like hanging out with prostitutes (one of whom is my lady friend) and inhabiting dive bars.
    I’m dat sigma lone wolf.

  27. In my younger days I spent a few years DJ-ing in Strip clubs in Houston TX. NONE of this advice is accurate.
    1. Strippers (like to be known as Dancers)
    2. If you are rich you can buy your way into her G-string out side of the club.
    3. Unless you are a celebrity, acting shy and stand off-ish is going to make you look like a cheap Charlie.
    4. Getting friendly with the staff can help get you out of the “you are a customer…aka wallet”.
    5. strippers and bar staff have drug fueled parties at their homes or whatever. getting invited and vouched for by strippers and staff is a good way to go.
    6. But what difference does it make? They are crazy. Do a moderate, to over the top amount of cocaine, and all think they are invincible. Why bother? Its American women at their worst.
    As DJ, I had a small amount of power over them, so respect came from that, and as such opportunities to hook up were there. But in the end, they either get out with their sanity intact or stay in until, their expiration date as past, and they have nothing to offer but their Pu&&y in exchange for another bump of Columbia’s finest. I saw this personally when I was pan handled by a former stripper I knew who was hanging in front of a liquor store.
    Strip clubs should be kryptonite to any Apha male. Too much of a chance that your type is there and then… will have to fight the urge.
    BTW, unless you are a celebrity, nothing is free in a Strip club…ever.

    1. Thanks for the comment. A lot depends upon the type of club you are in. There are different types, but without being specific I can tell you that one in particular I prefer is among the hardest to crack and has many talented women there – graduate students, interior designers architects, etc. who have an exhibitionist wild side as are just looking to pick up extra money. As they say, the good get out so I specifically target women who are of this type and do not stay very long and who turn down straight cash offers and cocaine. I can also tell you that almost everyone who uses this “do you party?” approach pays for it dearly in the end: substance abuse, rehab, DUIs, lines on their face, health problems, premature aging and so on. Almost everyone in entertainment has one and usually multiple DUIs. if this does not apply to you, you are a one of the few exceptions, however most will not be so fortunate which in addition to the less desirable women it socres, is why i do not recommend this approach —

  28. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to just pay the girl a couple hundred bucks to go home with you.

  29. The trouble with this Article and ROK in general is that the year 2002 has long since disappeared.
    The American Dream is OVER and the strip club will soon be ILLEGAL in every form.
    Yes, in 1999 you could meet a cute dancer who was just a victim of Clintonomics but today its full force psycho-ville.
    Every club in the US is a multi-million dollar corporation run by a bagel CEO who ties three or four regional clubs together to create a power block. He reaps ALL the profit but has to pay exorbitant bribes to local city councils and corrupt law enforcement as well as for the occasional FBI fake Parkland raid against the girls’ ‘taxable income’ just to stay open.
    With every Election cycle you have the LGBTQ-SJW Left and the Born-Again Right acting as a UNITED force AGAINST the clubs, eg; “Citizens of Mudville demand that the Tittie-Shake Club should be CLOSED”. Now the Communist Amerika state sits with you in the VIP with some bizarrely invisible rules. Eg; She can touch you on the arm, but you cannot shake her hand if she isn’t dressed with 2 layers after 10PM. etc..
    During all this a closet-fag Gymcel Gearhead bouncer glares at you, just itching for the chance to throw you out for an absurd infraction.
    As a touring musician going to clubs with the band is an occupational hazard that has become rather torturous. Every girl in every club is a tattooed fucking skank not worth the time or money. And I mean tattooed to such a degree that she does not look even look nude when her clothes come off! Am I supposed be aroused when some chick has the entire cast of Dragonball Z inked on every square each of her body and limbs? And the chicks with lettering on their faces? Can the waitress please bring me a vomit bag?
    Each shift finds the two 7s in VIP all night while the remaining 4s and 5s pester you for listless ‘table dances’ and Jell-o shots. An obese cook will walk by offering rancid pizza stuck to silver trays streaked with grease. The MC will start to berate the entire club for the cellulite-spackled Krystal dying a death onstage for all her ugliness. Some slob will post a fiver out of mercy but catch even more shit from the wanna be Howard Stern-MC , “Why are you so cheap? Did you mother forget your lunch money today?”
    Some dancers now feel they have a right to read you politically with MeToo jargon! Like a fool you paid $40 to hear some bitch rant about how ‘”All men are pigs” because you looked when SHE just gaped her ass in your face. Aforementioned steroid limp-dick bouncer will jump in to white-knight the experience, “You botherin’ Bambi? You gotta go.”
    Worse, the days of the cool DJ putting Zep’s Kashmir on so you could get a 15minute lap-dance with Lexus?.. No, now its mumble rap trash that is over in 1:30 seconds… “That’ll be $50. Top flies off .. “Guccigang,Guccigang,Guccigang” Barely naked.. BANG! Song over. “You wanna another?”
    So say the stars align and you, like Bryon, have now reached the nirvanic state of joy that is cum dumping a 6? Out comes her Iphone 7.. “You on Snapchat?” You hesitate. There is no way you wanna start another account just to curve this skag. You look at her screen picture and there it is! She is a mudshark MILF! Little autistic Leroy’s image glares at you like the lead in “Jungle Book” and your balls start to shrivel up like raisins!
    Maybe God is really angry with us but leaving the club.. even with one of the dancers(!)_.. makes you feel like you just contracted a retaliatory disease (you probably did in the VIP) as payback for your life of sin.
    Strip clubs are like entering in the Twilight Zone. Each night holds the promise that you are about to visit sex-land,.. but in reality you crawl home at 3am with an un-relievable sense of horny-ness.
    Getting to bang one of the workers from Club Twilight is almost inversely-rewarding. Sure you can exaggerate the details to your thirty beta co-workers and spin a great tale… but in reality the whole situation becomes something to forget!
    Porn and strip-clubs seemed so forbidden & exciting back in the day, but its a different story now …. its just one more thing you’re better off avoiding!. And that goes double for the DNA repositories we call strippers.
    Buy it. Dump it. Next!

  30. UPDATE: Stopped into my favorite club last night to celebrate a friend visiting from out of town. I brought two and only two women to our table, and 8 and 9. The first was a medical sales assistant by day who grew up in rural New England, very smart and wants a travel partner who can handle her naughty little moonlighting secret. The second is one of the most sensual women I’ve ever met, a greek and Irish mix who is an erotic oil painter, jazz singer, and grad student with an IQ of 140+. I closed with both, got their real numbers, have already heard back and already have dates scheduled.
    If strippers are not your thing, then fine, however, my method is very effective with the women I am seeking and not very effective at all with the “ratchet” women who do not appeal to me. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have never once propositioned a woman for cash nor offered her drugs as I do not use drugs myself. Beyond that, frankly this would spoil the thrill of the hunt with high value targets, as one astute commenter mentioned above. My total cost was $120.00 including dinner & drinks, including a few tips and drinks for the ladies totaling about $50… about what I would have spent if we had gone to a good restaurant instead.
    I genuinely appreciate the thoughtful and informed comments that turned the tables and taught me a few things… and am genuinely puzzled by those here who seem more intent on attacking me than actually trying what I outline. As always, good luck to those who are willing to put in the effort and for the few and the proud, you may send thoughtful and constructive questions to [email protected]

    1. Bryon, you are seemingly a decent dude….. but enough with the “stripper gold”.
      The Two chicks (8 and 9) who came over to you are NOT 140 IQ/jazz artist/ Medical specialist/waiting-for-their-break-in-hard-times treasures…. they are low level PROSTITUTES. They show their naked bodies as a semi-sexual ritual for money.. which is literally sinful and definitely exploitative of men.
      Given the opportunity for a hypergamic jump in wealth they would delete your number so quickly that even digital technology could not keep up. So don’t fall for it!
      Keep writing though and if you want a true perspective try writing about how EVIL strip clubs are and the way most women today ACT and THINK like strippers!
      Good luck 🙂

      1. James, first off respect, I do appreciate it, one industry man to another. Beyond that, some women are ‘born to be wild” and born to fuck and born to show off their body for a living. If you and I don’t date them, someone else will, so i’d prefer it be me! I tried match*com and like the Blade movie, once you’ve tasted the thirst, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. Show me a guy who hates all strippers and I’ll show you a guy who’s never scored one. With all due respect to all the opinions here, there’s a reason celebs who can have anyone they want if they’re willing to pay enough still choose to date strippers. Better dates and emotional connection than porn stars, kinkier than insurance claims adjusters. Truth be told, I now actually prefer webcam girls over strippers… but for those who want to crack this, I’d be doing a disservice not to publish this 1100 word manual. Kudos to Roosh for publishing me. Thank you all !

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