Feminists Don’t Really Want Diversity

Feminists are among the biggest proponents of diversity, eager to criticize any group which dares to gather without a male-to-female transexual autistic differently-abled person of color.  But the truth is they undermine diversity.  Whether consciously or not, the end result of feminism is a boring, homogeneous bland society of light brown indistinct people, with the same opinions, preferences, and beliefs.  God is dead.  Trannies are cool.  Aggressive female behavior is sexy and empowering.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Segregation and labeling

Are you concerned about your fellow human?  Well then, you’re a social justice warrior!  Had a bad experience with your last boyfriend?  You’re lesbian or bi, or at the very least Genderqueer®. Think statues honoring brave leaders from our past are important historical reminders?  You’re a racist, misogynistic piece of shit!  Don’t believe in no fault divorce?  You’re a patriarchal asshole keeping women down.  You don’t get affirmative verbal consent from women before sex?  You’re a rapist!

Believe women and men would both be happier with less promiscuity?  You’re a small dicked hairy fatass living in your parents basement.  Didn’t think Hillary Clinton would make a good president?  You’re a sexist Donald Trump loving right winger. Don’t want to import refugees from the government-fomented Syrian War?  You hate foreigners!  Want to get together with other men in a space safe from aggressive female intrusion and discuss ideas with like-minded thinkers?  You’re literally Hitler!

The faux diversity offered by feminists

Feminists have zero tolerance for any diversity of opinion.  They don’t accept nuance or common ground with their opinions–if you don’t believe every extreme insane idea they have, they hate you just as much as their purported enemy, if not more.  I’ve heard vegans say they hate vegetarians more than meat eaters, and they hold die-ins at restaurants offering vegan friendly options, just because they still serve meat to the 99% of other customers who are omnivores.

The end result of their segregation and labeling is a very non-diverse group that remains once everyone else has been excluded.  Despite their rhetoric, feminists and modern leftists are intolerant and extreme.

Ethnic mixing

New York City is the world’s greatest example of diversity.  New York offers dozens of cultural experiences within a few blocks, with authentic, local communities where one can see different ethnicities, sample diverse foods, and hear foreign languages.  This diversity exists precisely because there are certain segregated areas like Chinatown, Little Italy, Wall Street, and Harlem, where one can find different cultures.  The key to this is the cultures have NOT integrated, socially, sexually, or physically.

True diversity

What feminists desire is a bland homogenous culture, much akin to the mythological “fascism” they rant and rave about, where every street is desegregated, every home occupied by a mixed race couple, and every employee hired by a roll of the racial dice.

The purported future American: Feminists Vision of Diversity

What they neglect to see, of course, is that all of the segregated diversity in NYC came about naturally.  There is nothing stopping a straight white male from moving into the Castro district of San Francisco, or a Japanese man from moving to Little Italy, or a black man to move to Chinatown.  But when given the choice, we choose to surround ourselves with people who are similar.  And more importantly, if we did not, then these neighborhoods would slowly die and merge, becoming a less vibrant clone of the next neighborhood, occupied by a mass of anonymous light brown English speakers–the antithesis of diversity.

What makes Latina women great?  Their curvy bodies, fiery passionate personalities, and sexual energy.  What makes Asian women great?  Their adherence to tradition, petite size, good hygiene, and femininity.  By mixing we slowly destroy the highs and lows of all groups and end up with a middle of the road “average” person.  What’s interesting to me about my closest friends and lovers, were their differences–their unique appearance, attitudes, or hobbies.  Feminists want to end diversity by mixing all groups together and destroying their individuality.

“Equality”: misconstruing differences as criticism

The feminist’s quixotic quest for equality is a constant complaint, where feminists warp any observable difference into a positive or negative trait.  There’s nothing “better” or “worse” about being able to conceive children.  But the fact is, as a male, I will never be able to bear children.

A recent published study  complained that bidders on eBay pay more for items sold by men than by women.  Now, a rational person would conclude that since sellers on eBay are anonymous, this must be some inherent trait of men versus women, perhaps that men had better developed bartering skills, while women have better breastfeeding or knitting skills.  But no, the authors stretched to find a reason that buyers were figuring out the sex of the seller and making harsh judgments against female sellers.

East Africans are very fast long distance runners, Swedes are tall and blonde, Japanese are thin and very traditional.  There is no criticism involved in describing factual differences.  A black man who can run faster than me is no better than me.  He is merely different.  But feminists take any difference or perceived difference as a horrible prejudicial hateful thought.

And so we end up with sociology textbooks like Occupational Ghettos: The Worldwide Segregation of Women and Men which laments the fact that women, much like the oppressed poor living in slums, work in “occupational ghettos” alongside fellow women.  The authors point out that this trend is actually strongest in progressive wealthy nations!  Could it be that women perhaps PREFER a job like schoolteacher over engineer?

Oppressive segregation is occurring when women choose feminine jobs

This is the perfect example of feminist hypocrisy:  making value judgments about the actions of others.  Who is to say the job of schoolteacher is inferior to that of a lawyer?  If anything, I would argue the opposite.  If it wasn’t for the need to acquire excess wealth to attract females, the rewards of teaching school, and the low stress environment (not to mention the summers off for vacation), make that job a far more attractive one than suiting up and sitting in a law office staring at a computer screen all day.  But to a feminist, if women are still found to teach school in numbers greater than their proportion of the population, that is a clear sign of segregation and discrimination against them to not have “better” jobs.

Equating diversity to anti-male

Instead of actual diversity, coming from a broad array of backgrounds, usually what a feminist means when she is talking about more diversity is merely less men, particularly less straight white men.  There was a brief controversy last year when the executive editor of Huffington Post tweeted a picture of their all-twentysomething white female editorial board bragging about how “diverse” they were.

HuffPo Editorial Desk: Literally what feminists consider “diverse”

True diversity is much more akin to the ROK writers–while we are all men (obviously, considering this is a site about masculinity and men’s issues), there are black, white, young, old, bodybuilders, daygamers, introverts, philosophers, religious scholars, historians, teetotalers and kratom enthusiasts living all over the world, submitting our ideas.

When a feminist demands more diversity, typically she is pushing for male exclusion, and often LESS diversity.

Defining diversity to mean lack of standards

Nine times out of ten, when a feminist mentions diversity, she means less white males.  The tenth time she is referring to social engineering to replace those most qualified in a position with an unqualified minority group, simply for the sake of social disruption.

Why are more than 50% of our military troops men, when men are only half the population?  Feminists want to fix this by lowering standards so that women can now work as soldiers, despite the fact that they are less effective fighters and are far more likely to end up pregnant with a bastard than doing anything related to fighting wars.

CEO of Equifax, who oversaw hack of 143m Americans. Diversity Hire?

One of Orwell’s features of Newspeak was that it redefined a word to mean its exact opposite.  We can see this today with feminists fighting for diversity by destroying it forever.  As lovers of diverse ideas, women, places, foods, and experiences, we must oppose them.

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31 thoughts on “Feminists Don’t Really Want Diversity”

    1. This too shall come to pass. It’s a stupid double standard, we have female teachers (mostly all married) blowing 16 yo students and allowing 17 yo students to f them but no outrage. This female teacher thing is a wave a plague yet if it was male teachers this would be plastered everywhere. Guy has an affair? He’s a “pig”. No critique of the woman he is f ing … Doesn’t she know he is married? Of course she dies it’s often a successful neighbor or boss. But of course, she is cheating for “emotional support” ( yeh, right, emotional support cause her dumb hubby doesn’t get what women enjoy) so while she gets tied up and spanked for “emotional support” her hubby gets blamed for her cheating “he wasn’t there for her”. He may be a sap for not grabbing her hair and doing her but he is not a bad person. (he is a sucker but that’s it he’s not bad). But the feminusts will not only blame hubby they’ll blame the guy f ing her cause he is a “pig”. In feminism, women never get blamed. Further, feminism will collapse because it fails to deliver. Females are not happy. This abject failure will cause this bullshit to end. In the interim, there is already a steady backlash the fact that 50 shades was so popular – its a sign. I just read in the news that a us federal marshal in the Boston office enjoyed liasons with “at least” 9 different women. If this doesn’t prove what we already know, that women cannot control being pulled to the successful/powerful male…nothing will. Feminism is a failure conceptually and practically.
      Women want men to lead.
      So let’s not get too worked up, feminism is dying from its own stupidity.

  1. This is when I comment and get morons who respond back asking me, “Fag much?”
    Bring back society to pre Roman Empire era, and normalcy and sanity will return to humankind. Anything less than that, with the modern society as it is now as it caters solely to gynocentric interests and feminism and ALL women in it, is species wide suicide. If the damage that is seen in todays children is not ominous enough, wait and see todays 5-16 year olds have their first kids, considering some of the 10-16 year olds ALREADY have been pregnant or have surviving kids already.
    You can see why I am right. “Fag much?”…Nope, not at all. Some people hate anecdotal truths so much they will attack ANYONE for even suggesting at all, that they exist and we see them with our own eyes.

      1. Spare the rod, spoil the woman.
        Woman don’t belong anywhere but barefoot, pregnant, and at home.
        Feminism will destroy itself in the end but the mess that men have to clean up is going to be epic.

    1. If Forrest Gump called you a retard would you really get offended? Why do you care what other people think? There are a few bitter/immature people on this site right now, and so what? The vast majority here are pretty centered, which is why I like this site.

  2. Feminism is the most virulent malignant cancer that cultural Marxism wins with, solely because of the thirsty blue pill men having no sense and no spines.

  3. George Carlin said it best: Feminists are, by and large, well-to-do White women who only care about their own reproductive systems and their own bank accounts.

    1. George Carlin also said that women are crazy because men are stupid, and that the world would be better if God was a woman.
      So I wouldn’t listen to that simp.

      1. George Carlin was also a drug addict for 40 years who was in out of jail for being busted for drugs and got kicked out of the Air Force as well.
        Cannot take too much stock in what he says.
        He was high.

  4. Same thing in India. These feminists and leftists are copy cating everything from the west and trying to screw my society too, especially us guys from the higher castes, just like white males are being screwed in the west. Even though we were kings and warriors who fought to keep our people safe, we are oppressors. Even though we make up just 27% of the society, the others are minorities and are entitled to affirmative action. So we flee India to other countries like USA, searching for merit based system. But what happens here? Affirmative Action, Again! Dumb Indians from India keep voting crooked democrats, import idiotic left wing “progressive” culture from US to India etc. But not everything is bad. For the first time in history, “dumb americans” have somehow became intelligent and voted for Trump!. Trump is not gonna save just America, but pretty much all the traditional countries from the east. Finally, an end to these leftist zombies!

  5. People from high castes are attacked in india the same wAy as the whites are in the west. Trump save the world!

  6. Just keep on BEING a man. Quietly, let your ACTIONS define you and what you do, who you are.

  7. I don’t know about you guys but I think I will most likely race mix. Large amounts of White Western women are not desirable, either 35 year old career women or 20 something single mums. Plus they aren’t loyal or race conscious either so why should I be? I’d be like one of those Black women who cry about Black men not being loyal yet only go after black men. Eastern European women are lovely but for the most part they don’t want children, and their low birthrates show. I’d rather get with a Latina or Middle Eastern woman personally as they are generally pretty and want children. They aren’t perfect but for what I want, stability and a family they are the best for that. Plus atleast with Middle Eastern and Latina women my sons and daughters will resemble me too, although more Mediterranean looking but I’m not complaining. Oh well each to their own, if you can find a nice white woman who wants to live a traditional life then power to you but I’m not going to waste my time chasing white women when there are literally hundreds of millions of Middle Eastern and Latina women with an average age of around 25 as opposed to White women who have an average age of around 35-40 (and it’s only getting worse lol).

  8. The Chinese will destroy the cuntocracy before any of it comes to pass.
    They laugh their asses off at useless idiots and their SJW basement crackpipe dreams of equality and fluid genders.
    Remember when they made sobama exit out of the back of the plane?
    That is what they think of commie poseurs.

  9. What happened to the glorious Pantifa Black Lesbian Marxists Civil War 2.0 that was supposed to kick off on November 4?

  10. Breaking-Esteemed party member Comrade Charlie Rose has been suspended by the Communist Broadcast System (CBS) and the Propaganda Broadcast System (PBS) for lewd phone calls, nudity, and groping of thighs, buttocks and breasts.
    The J’Accuse witch hunt rolls on and who will be next?

  11. I find it increasingly humorous that so many in the Democrat base misuse the term “diverse”. It’s like some code word that really means the place is made up only of people who they deem to be of the right racial/ethnic and ideological makeup. The amount of segregation they want and the ignorance they show on the subject is astonishing. We all know they’re after total control over men and society. Personally, I like being able to check out distinct cultures. White people in America don’t really have that. Everyone tried to assimilate, so there’s not a lot of acknowledgement of their original backgrounds. Instead the culture is based more on entertainment and sports. The idea of grouping people who are diverse under the “white” banner is actually bad in ways. That Apple lady noticed that and got drummed out. Definitely Twilight Zone level stuff we’re living in now.

  12. Even further, every race has many subgroups worth preserving. A Han is not Mongolian and a Brazilian is not a Mexican. This is why everyone here should support racial nationalism whatever your racial preference. One race is a dreadful bore.

  13. Why are there no ugly linebacker weather girls?
    Where are the fat chicks at the beauty pageant?
    I didn’t see any transgendered Muslim amputees at the Victoria’s Secret show.
    What about diversity and inclusiveness?

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