What Did You Accomplish This Year?

I’m laying on my bed waiting to drive to a family Christmas party. It just hit me – another year is in the books. As the festivities and drinking ramp up, it’s time to reflect once again – time to compare my current self to who I was a mere 365 days ago.

The average man simply uses this time to relax, but the superior man does not. He consciously reminisces on the time that’s past, and re-focuses his aim for the upcoming year. Rather than allowing another year to be archived without a second thought, he provides context and significance to time that otherwise might have been forgotten. Yes, he should be vigilant and self-aware throughout the year, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in smaller projects and minutiae. Now it’s time to review the big picture.

I offer a series of questions below, and sample answers from my life, to assist you in your personal reflection and analysis.

What areas did you make significant progress in?

From articles for my own blog and pieces for Return of Kings to publishing two books and working on another – my ability to write and communicate my thoughts and experiences through written word has come a long way. I’ve found that cutting past the bullshit and actually writing is the only way to improve. At times I wrote a lot and often. At other times I went months without writing so much as a sentence. But after all is said and done, I believe this is the area I made the most progress in.

What areas did you stagnate in?

While I continued to workout and train hard throughout the year, I faced a number of obstacles that stunted the progress of my physique. Diminishing marginal returns from years of lifting, stomach problems that left me with a less-than-optimal diet, and other projects competing for my time combined to slow my gains. I put on about five pounds of muscle over the first eight months, cut five of fat over the past four, and got slightly stronger in the process. Compared to the previous year, these are only small improvements.

What habits will you integrate?

Recent experimentation has revealed several dietary considerations I must take into account to maintain a healthy, gas/bloating-free stomach. Primarily I found that intermittent fasting allows me to avoid a majority of the digestive discomforts I’ve dealt with recently. I will only eat from noon until eight going forward.

What activities can I remove from my life?

Last year I cut out most of the bullshit, from video games to excessive TV. The one thing that continues to suck my time on a daily basis is mindless internet browsing. I’d say it steals 45 minutes a day from my life. Facebook, and the addicting newsfeed scroll is the primary offender. Facebook is a weekly activity going forward.

What is your main mission for the year to come?

I’ve nearly completed writing a new book on being alpha and the rules I followed to transform my life over the past few years. Editing, publishing, and marketing this book is my main mission – at least for the beginning of the year. The book’s success will rely primarily on my ability to market and promote it, so this is where I’ll focus the majority of my energy.

What about you?

Take a few minutes – or an hour, even. Answer the questions above. Give purpose and direction to your life. Take aim and steady your crosshairs for the year to come.

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33 thoughts on “What Did You Accomplish This Year?”

  1. Nice work, and good luck to you and all of us in the new year. The Manosphere needs more books, thanks for helping get the word out there.

  2. The intelligent person certainly takes the time to reflect. How else can goals be accomplished? The end of a year is an optimal time to move forward, with the confidence that you have achieved progress in the last year. Great suggestions.

  3. This year has definitely been a landmark year for me
    2013 review
    -MGTOW lifestyle
    -Starting my own business
    -Increased my physical exercising
    -Stopped smoking weed-although I have nothing against guys that smoke weed, it just didn’t work out well for me.
    -Deleting Facebook and getting of the grid(social media)
    -Distanced myself from toxic friendships e.g backstabbing mangina’s/white knights etc.
    -Transformed myself from beta pussy worship/one-itism to having a consistent harem.
    -Reading red pill literature e.g book of pook, book of zed, Charles bukowski collection, 48 laws of power, Prince- Machiavelli, Predatory female,
    Taking the red pill has been the most spiritually changing experience’s. I underestimated the impact it would have on my life. The truth really does hurt but its liberating. Its liberating to know that you have a choice in changing your life for the better(physically, mentally and spiritually)
    I have to admit, there were times when I was tempted to going back in the Matrix to bask in blissful ignorance but my memory served me well and decided that ignorance is secondary to my pursuit of happiness.
    I wish you Kings a happy New Year. Let us continue on our journey in 2014.

    1. Seems we followed the same path. The only difference is you starting a new business, and me exiting a long term soul crushing job to obtain an engineering career of my liking.
      Cutting some losses to discover new gains!
      Good work, P.

    2. Deleting Facebook is great. I was off social media for about 2 years, I just made an Instagram tho. I feel Facebook is worse because it Makes you too accessible. Ams fosters insecurity

    1. I tend to come back to Lord Shaftesbury on this point, emphasizing the importance of soliloquy. I can’t remember if he said it or not, but from his insistence upon the fruits to be had from conversing with oneself, I ultimately rooted its efficacy in the breadth and style of one’s readings. In other words, I often observed that without reading, soliloquy comes off as the mindless ramblings of an adolescent. With reading and the experience of ponderously slaving over the texts and questioning oneself and the author, then one is effectively tutored in the art of soliloquy.

  4. The primary goal will be shedding a ton of fat after spending huge chunks of the year in surgical recovery, unable to walk. When you can only sit in a recliner and read or watch TV for months on end, your body will crave horrible things. Fortunately that time is at an end and I can begin the process of hitting weights and stairs again.
    If anyone else ever goes through similar experiences, remember that the initial hump of inability at the gym will fade fast with repeat visits. This is my 3rd time having sports injuries repaired and I can tell you that it is quite shocking to get mobility back in your hip after 3-4 months and find that instead of a 2 mile run you feel like dying after a block and a half. But with repeat effort, you’ll find muscle recovery comes quite quickly. Don’t give up just because the first couple of workouts seem sad.

  5. Started lifting and almost completely changed my mindset/stronger mentally and physically (lifts almost tripled since I started) 225 bench 405 dead and 385 squat x 5

    1. “Became a Volunteer Firefighter.”
      And got ejected from the army for advocating race war… resulting in full-blown nihilism. Got snipped because he hates children and the rest of the world. Real mental case but somehow still comments on ROK.

    1. Where were you and what did you do? If you are are a POG on a FOB currying favor, or some boot-tenant nobody gives have a shit.
      If you were on a PB busting your ass, hats off to you brother and stay safe. God damn dirt squirrels…

    1. Golly, those “independent” (sex-positive, hypergamous, unfaithful, etc.) women actually need a man (singular) to protect them… hmm.
      Civilization: Society will miss it when it’s gone and not one moment before.

  6. Ok listen up everyone cuz I killed 2013 for real. I graduated top of my class at my towns fire academy, got a 4.0 at my local community college, learned to cook great steaks (rare,very rare) up my squat and bench by 10 pounds, banged 3 new girls, got my main girl to stick with me for life. Went to my first rave (great scene, everyone should do it) invested $300 (not alot but better than nothing) I’m gonna gett associates degree in the spring, all in all gained a lot of cinfidence(I’m 24 a lot comes with age guys) took great care of my daighter(see her every weekend, have a baby momma) and pretty much am coming into my own. When you overcome great odds it means you can do anything. I have a few plans for 2014, ones very risky and may take 2 years but I’ll do it and learn a lot. Guys, I’ve checked in with this site daily and it helped me a lot. Happy New Years to all. I did well this year

  7. – Discovered Roosh’s books and the manosphere
    – Lost fear of rolling solo
    – Got fluent in German
    – Started lifting and bulking
    – Got a well-paid job abroad
    – Make outs count skyrocketed, notch count increased only by +1
    I’m there.

    1. flying solo is the way to gain life experiences, also travelling solo guarantees stories to be told afterwards…

  8. 2013 was quite possibly the toughest year ever for me because not only was I unemployed and on JSA for a whole year, but was simply low and depressed by the whole idea that I was not able to get back into work. But with that came opportunity.
    Because of my situation, it lead me to looking at alternatives in order to support myself and used that time to write a book, which has gone onto do well on the Amazon Kindle store, ramped up on my blog and also managed to secure a job working for 2 Entrepreneurs.
    All of this happened in literally in the last 2 months. Thinking the year would end with a massive downward spike. I managed to end it achieving 3 of the best things i’ve ever achieved.
    This year as quite literally taught me a valuable lesson – If you’re not willing to brave massive amounts of failure, you will not see massive amounts of success. You can’t experience one without the other.
    2014 for me is simple – To fail even more in order to succeed more than what I have in 2013.

  9. I got a lot of practice cooking in my dutch oven over an open campfire and started reading comic books again. Did a fair amount of drugs. Built a model. Surpassed one year of doing the Big Brother program. Got published and appointed to the board of a couple professional organizations. Good year.

  10. I released two books. My novel, A Thousand Tiny Failures, Memoirs of a Pickup Artist and I Hope It’s Sunny Out, How to Meet Women in The Daytime. It took me 1.5 years to complete that project and I’ve sold about 260 copies of both.
    Next year I want to write another book, and somehow make it to travel in Europe.

  11. This year was time of my rebirth
    I was pathetic butgood looking, smart, good genes loser who suffered from every kind of stuff panic attacks, afraid of people, then i learnt about the subconscious mind and took an arrow to the knee. Started to use will power to overcome my pussy behavior, then started to build my self confidence, now I consider my self to be among the 5%. I spend like 6 hours a day on self improvement.
    Goals for 2014:
    Perfectly synchronize my left and right brain hemisphere
    Learn photo reading, and the”Loki” method for excellent memory
    Get certification in NLP and hypnosis
    Learn sexual transmutation
    Keep taking the red pill
    Read books about mind control and manliness like:
    The Way of Men, How to Build your cultIncrease my testosterone
    Kill any left over habits from my old self and make new habits
    12 DNA Strand activation
    Start exercising
    Start to teach high school guys about evolution physiology.
    Go go Kings and happy new year.

  12. For a while I was thinking that I was failing at dating until i realized that I acknowledge my self worth too much above dealing with crappy western girls. Therefore I am now planning on traveling and moving.

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