How Long Will It Take For Everything To Be A “Trigger Warning”?

A Marine consoling his fellow Marine

The above image has more to do with triggering than anything I can possibly explain. If you’re like me it’s hard to look at because it evokes an emotional response. A Marine burying his head in his friend’s shoulder sends chills up your spine when you think of the possibilities surrounding what he could have seen and what made him break down in such a way.

The Watering-Down of “Trigger Warning”

One of the most recent transgressions against the vein of human decency has come in the form of the bastardization of the phrase “trigger warning.” Originally, this phrase was primarily attributed to the actions or phrases that set off people who were unfortunately afflicted with PTSD (for you older folks: “shell shock”). In modern times, however, feminism has seen fit to retrofit anything and everything to be a “trigger.” The phrase has essentially lost all meaning and the feminists that use it have killed the legitimacy for those who truly suffer from the effects of waking up in a cold sweat regarding seeing absolutely unimaginable shit in live-or-die combat situations.

I come from a military family where the hardships are real. Taking another person’s life in combat can’t be easy and I don’t claim to understand how it feels. I can’t begin to identify with it on any level and frankly I hope I never do. It pisses me off that something associated with a life-or-death situation can be watered-down so much as to apply to anything now (just like how everything is “misogyny” in the feminist echo chamber).

The watered-down trigger warnings have even found its way into classrooms (no surprises there) and students are actively “warned” in certain universities that lecture slides may contain triggering material. Why have we allowed such a legitimate problem to be bastardized by those who see fit to re-define it as anything but a completely serious and sometimes fatal condition?

Everything Is A Trigger Now

Take one look at something like /r/creepypms over on Reddit. Seriously, take a look. I do it at least once a day just for giggles and it will absolutely illustrate my point. Notice how at least one post in the first 25 has the acronym “TW” in it? Yeah, that stands for “trigger warning.” Apparently non-PTSD folks can be “triggered” by reading words on a screen. How low do you have to sink in your life in order to buy into such a victim complex willingly? These are the kinds of people we would label perpetual victims and rightfully so.

The problem gets even worse over at /r/fatlogic. That subreddit details all of the “body-positivity” and “Healthy at Every Size” (HAES) campaigns and is generally just laughable from any perspective in medical science. I’m a big fan of Reddit since it provides a never-ending source of entertainment and amusement for me. Unfortunately, though, it continues to prove the points both of myself and any other red pill reader who has his shit together.

It Gets Worse

The media feeding into the “rape frenzy” and the utterly absurd diatribe of “rape culture” just makes things worse for us as a society. Everything is “rape” now just as everything contains a “trigger warning.” By using these phrases willy-nilly the idiots (that’s what they are—there’s no getting around it) dilute the true affliction of the actual victims. Hermann Goering said the following when he was interviewed during the Nuremberg Trials (source):

“It’s easy, really.  If you want to control people, all you have to do is make them believe they are under attack from someone or something.  Then you can do whatever you want.”

Women under attack from men? Check. Do whatever you want with no understanding of the consequences? Check. I’ve just described the effects of modern feminism in a nutshell.

The feminists focus on every instance and every micro-aggression and attempt to bend it to their cause in the guise of the “Wow, just wow” position. They’re perpetual victims and strive to be nothing but that. It ultimately undermines their position but they’re too stupid to realize that fact. Their feelings get in the way every single time and serve as a barrier to any logical discussion based on reality and facts.


Men, do you get “triggered” by seeing words on your screen related to anything that you hold dear? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Men are logical creatures by nature and we have to be in order to survive. We analyze the entire situation with facts and formulate our arguments based on rationality and the way the world truly works. If there was ever any doubt that you can have logical discussion with a frenzied woman, this should have completely shattered that pretty but ultimately useless illusion.

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  1. Thanks for locking up my screen with an ad pop up.
    Good Way to ruin an otherwise intelligent post.

    1. Never had an ad popup on ROK, and i don’t even use adblock.
      Maybe you should do a spyware/malware scan.

    2. I’ve been getting them, too. I noticed some time back. When viewed on my cell phone it’s a small banner ad that moves to the bottom.

  2. We should create content that triggers apoplectic fits in feminists so they all die.

    1. That’s really easy.
      • “Men are pigs”.
      • “Men are scum”
      • “Women are equal to men”
      Cuntclusion: Women are equal to pigs and scum.

      1. Modus Ponens? Only men think in such ways and always will. Nice comment sir.

        1. Last time I checked, women were members of the species Homo Sapiens. Any nasty comments you make about all men all apply to all women as well, logically.

    1. That’s because it’s MEN who suffer most from it.
      ….. as George Carlin points out specifically.

      And goddammit if a PC leftist pro-hilart idiot female will ever admit men suffer from anything. Women have to be the biggest “victims” in the eyes of everyone….and that’s why they whine about shit like “the pains of childbirth” even though it’s something their bodies were MADE to do….. but men’s bodies were not designed to take bullets.

      1. dumb fucking cunt cant believe the democrats want her to be preside…….
        actually i can

        1. If she ends up in the White House I’m leaving the west.
          The future is cancelled,. Save yourselves.

        2. The security agent following the president with the “football” (electronic briefcase containing the ICBM launch codes) is our last hope and line of defense. If he too gets whipped into a spineless eunuch it really is game over for all of us boys.

        1. if giving birth is such a painful hardship for women, why do almost 100% of them publicly endorse using any and all types of slippery methods including deceiving their own husbands in order to pop out a womb turd so desperately? Rats, cockroaches and moles “give birth” too. Doesn’t make you an authority.

        2. That entire room could be should be gassed – the people in it are a blight on human civilization.

  3. Oh good points, my dear author.
    But here is my prediction.
    A while back I read an article about some talk that some dude – maybe a tech guy – was doing and there was some references to gender.
    So, someone in the audience who claimed to be “asexual” raised a ruckus and stormed out, claiming all kinds of offence and all that.
    The usual. Wish I could find the article. Though the man actually stood up for himself and “they” could not get the college to bar him or something.
    Now, who or, over what, is all this “trigger this trigger that” crap used?
    You know.
    I predict that self-diagnosis of gender identity disorders or some strain of queerness will become the next “gluten intolerance”. Much as we have seen people claiming to be gluten intolerant and then wielding their “handicap” over the heads of waiters, cooks, and hosts who did not predict their existence and plan accordingly.
    But with that other non-CIS/GID crowd, what is that “Whip of Progressiveness” that they attempt to flay all unprotected classes (anything white, male, and possibly Christian)?
    Bueller? Bueller?
    You guessed it: “mis-gendering”.
    Want evidence? There’s some articles about over how Wikipedia had a meltdown over what to call Private Manning.
    Oooh but… but… it’s a….. TRIGGER!!!!!
    So this is next.
    Man: “Hey will you guys clear the driveway I have to move that truck out.”
    Snarking Douchebag: “Guys? What makes you think all of us are guys?”
    Man: “Ummm… look I just want to get that truck out I… ”
    Snarking Douchebag: “We’re not moving until you apologize!”
    Man: “For what?”
    Snarking Douchebag:”For what? For what?! You have NO IDEA what it’s like!”
    Yeah all that “other than CIS”, all that gender identity disorder (though they will probably make calling it a disorder yet another “whip you over the head” point) will be self-diagnosed just like all that gluten intolerance (much of the gluten thing is related to the use of GMOs and how wheat is grown, not an actual problem with it). And look at how our modern environment is so messed up chemically that’s wreaking havoc on hormone balances too. Ohhh just like Monsanto and FSA co-WHORTES snuck under the radar having everybody go “gluten intolerance!” they will skirt by with the bPa toxins in plastics and pesticides as every other snarking idiot who lacks libido, can’t hit the gym, or (in the case of women) is too fat or ugly to be pretty all of a sudden declares themselves trans or asexual or whatthefuckever.
    I’m certain I’ll end up running over some snarking douchebag with a truck.

    1. This dumbass sensitivity is spreading to schools now. Some schools have banned peanut butter because 5 or less kids are allergic to peanut butter and can’t eat it. Instead of making sure their kids don’t eat it they make or attempt to make all the other kids not eat it. When I was in school those kids just knew not to eat peanut butter and they were the ones that had to adjust because they were the one with the allergy not the other way around.

      1. What schools need is IN-sensitivity training. Force them to be stoic badass or beat them till they bleed.

        1. Great idea Cody Stark, I think I’m going to start an insensitivity academy as I’m uniquely qualified.

        2. My father is an elementary science teacher for advanced students. He can get them started early. I’ll let him know. He definently put whoopings on me when I acted out.

  4. The feminists did the same to the term “rape”, where by anything is rape. Thus devoiding the word of it’s meaning and devaluating the victims of rape.

    1. i was told to stop eye raping once by a feminist pig (and no it wasn’t her i wouldn’t touch her fat ugly cunt with a 5 ft pool)

        1. ever called a woman a ‘walking trigger warning’?
          It makes them irritable, for some odd reason.

      1. You eye-raped her? I imagine that caused extreme ocular damage and forced her brain to squeeze out of her ears like spaghetti.

    2. Women raped the true meaning of the word “rape”… to the point where she wouldn’t know the difference between “rape” and NON-rape — even if you ask her to swear to tell the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – so help her.
      The modern female wouldn’t even know the difference between “love” and not getting spit on…. just like she confuses “hey how’s it going?” for an invitation to fuck. That’s how everything got to be “rape” in the first place. Offer to help a woman with her groceries and in her mind you’re already dry humping her leg. Even if that great big fat leg weighs 100 lbs on its own.

      1. You’ve heard of “global warming” which was then changed to “climate change” and is now “climate instability”
        Well, rape first meant, and still does legally, a female (men can’t be raped under the law) a woman who was really forced to have sex and some form of either violence or a real threat of bodily harm was involved.
        That 1 in 5 bullshit about “rape” on campus was so absurd that they now use the term “sexual assault” which can mean anything from feeling up some girl you may have been dancing with to even kissing her. Might even mean eye rape today lol
        I thought that these girls were all big strong wymens but now they get PTSD just because some guy felt them up lol
        C’mon, a little feeling up or finger fucking is nothing girls. Get over yourselves. You Gen Y and Millenials are all little pussies which is why the Boomers laugh at you.
        99.9% of females today who claim they were “raped” were asking for it because they put themselves into a position or by their behaviour to make a man believe that they wanted to get fucked.If they are too stupid or immature to know this then they should be put under the supervision of a chaperone for the protection of men.
        They go around looking for free drinks and then want to blame men for “making” them drunk, and then “raping” them lol
        Since we have a gazillion laws today about alcohol I suggest that we make one more;you can’t buy or give another person alcohol.Pay for your own drinks and if you get intoxicated it’s you own doing.
        And this 21 yo drinking age is unconstitutional. It should be lowered to 16 as in France. I want to see some young girls in the bars. In the Boomer days the age was 18 but you can be sure that younger girls were drinking too since they were not yet crazy about checking ID’s and if you looked old enough you were old enough. I knew a guy in the 80’s who was a doctor in his 40’s who had a gf who was 16 and no one even batted a eye either about her age or that she would drink with him. No one cared at all and didn’t even notice it.

        1. ” I make sense, you do not make sense.” Blew my coffee out my nose. She’s a real life ‘blond joke’.

      2. Lol!
        No one should do manual labor against their will; no means no! You have the right to choose what goes on with your own body. Don’t be a victim of labor rape.

      3. Agree, tom. We need to start leveling the playing field (all things being equal) and use the same terminology on women. They’ve been getting a free pass for far too long.
        Remember….we’re striving for equality (lol).

    3. !!!Trigger Warning!!!
      How the ROK coloured boys spend their Summer vacation Hey! We’s not gay you homos

  5. There is a PTSD frenzy in the military so much so that PTSD has become a joke. Every POG that ever deployed anywhere close to a combat zone is getting out and claiming it for disability payments FOR LIFE! But because they are veterans it is not PC to question the legitimacy of their claims so it is handed out like candy. Meanwhile, actual combatants with proven physical conditions have to wait to receive treatment with these recreants bogging down the VA system.

    1. The recent outrage over VA incompetence probably has a lot to do with noncombatants clogging up the system. This was also an issue back in the 1980s.

      1. Another example of an initially sound idea leading to severe abuse by those seeking to maximally game the system.

        1. You can tell the ‘real damaged combat veterans’ by the fact that they don’t claim any benefits if they can still walk and use their hands.
          They may go to the VA hospital, but they don’t accept a dime of handouts unless they are almost dead.

        2. Not completely true. A lot of guys put in 7, 8 years and feel pretty burned by the system. They feel like they are just getting theirs and fuck all else.

        3. Yeah, I know, I was being facetious. Mostly I was thinking of the careerists and guys like me that come back damaged but with way too much pride to accept a handout.
          The whole “I have PTSD give me a handout” thing, especially when it’s done by thirtysomething chicks with nothing wrong with them as they boldly stride past viet vets missing limbs and faces to make their claim, seriously makes me want to get my sidearm and start hunting down fake ‘vets’.

      2. The VA is atrociously flawed. Like most government systems, it has no accountability for incompetents and little incentive for capable workers. While the artificial increase in the number of veterans receiving treatment is exacerbating the health system, it is not going to affect other roles for the VA. Try using VA education benefits and be prepared to wait 6-8 months before you receive any payment.

    2. The VA system is being inundated by claimants. You can wash out basic training say with a stress fracture or migraine and apply for VA benefits or lifelong claim. PTSD is overdiagnosed and rife for blatant fraud.

      1. I know a couple worthless human beings that are living off of a feigned disability from basic or for fabricated PTSD. It’s disgraceful.

  6. This trigger warning bullshit is some of the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.
    Shouldn’t these hypersensitive people be exposed to the elements of the world instead of insulated even further?

    1. Eventually when the artificial cocoon built up and maintained around them collapses many do get bitch slapped by reality nice and hard – though I agree that not preparing them for life is tantamount to a crime on the part of whoever was (or wasn’t) there to raise them in the first place.

      1. I am looking forward to walking among hordes of people apparently frozen into a permanent coma by the horror they have seen. I will gleefully watch them all starve.

  7. I get PTSD every time I see the following:
    – Patriarchy
    – Rape Culture
    – Wow, just wow
    – Creepy
    – What the actual fuck?
    – I just can’t even
    – Mom’s basement
    – Small Penis
    I really wish these social justice warriors would stop using. I don’t want to become a threat to myself or others.

    1. Don’t forget OMG and the ultimate ersatz string for anything remotely cognizant that goes: like, you know, like, whatever, like, maybe, like, I dunno (ad infinitum).
      Who needs a vocabulary when you got T&A backed by collagen lips and a protruding camel toe.

      1. because this is how all women are. and they deserve the hatred and vitriol that you spew at them.

        1. Nah, those ones are already lost though they can make for pleasant eye candy. They make up the surrounding fauna along with chipmunks and sparrows.

        2. Shit, fags like you who don’t know the pleasures of being inside a woman are going to be the downfall of mankind.
          Go keep fucking your butt buddies, and leave the heteros to our own beeswax, thanks.

    2. You forgot ‘homophobic’ and ‘afraid of empowered women’.
      Not afraid of empowered women. afraid of what the police would do to you if you wrapped them in duct tape and stuffed them in the trunk.

  8. Everything should be a trigger warning. You soften the people up enough, and you can cut through them like butter. No resistance 🙂

  9. I don’t know…seeing the term “AlphaWoman” sure as hell freaks me out.

        1. In that case beware the head and mandibles. They have been known to turn on a dime and are lighting quick.

        2. You’d have to unseal the crate and unwrap the bubble wrap first. ‘some assembly required’.

    1. ‘alpha woman’ simply means she hasn’t seen the duct tape and bag of lime yet.
      Seriously though, it’s a joke. ‘alpha woman’ is like ‘intelligent liberal’, ‘well-adjusted prostitute’, ‘peaceful and free’, and ‘christian politician’. It doesn’t actually exist, it’s simply a made-up term so people can flatter themselves using it.

      1. Some of the larger and more formidable ones amongst them (i.e., taller and more robustly built, not fat) can pose a certain kind of “problem” to naturally smaller and less assertive men. Seen it a lot in southern Germany. Even so, no truly red blooded redpiller would ever let himself be dominated by a woman, no matter her disposition and claim to alphadom.
        That being said, with the overall pussification of men and masculinization of women, who knows what evolutionary surprises await us in the future. After all, the female hyena does have a rather long clitoris shaped and positioned like a penis, and capable of erection. Will human males end up “growing” a mangina with time?

        1. A woman being oversized, glandular, and testosterone-riddled troll does NOT make her an alpha.
          I strongly doubt that we are going to see a rise in the biological feminization of men… ‘idiocracy’ is modestly more likely, of course… such a future would not have the relatively high technology base depicted in the movie.
          Human beings are evolving, but they are evolving in a fashion that defeats the nastiest projections of George Orwell. HG Wells might be closer, but I suspect nasty, brutish reality is likely to reassaert itself…. America has had two centuries of peace (insofar as the average farmer is not getting cut to pieces by foreign barbarians) but a future of close war is incredibly likely… American and European cities may begin to resemble beirut, and we are likely to be cast back into the evolutionary melting pot all too soon. think ‘Twilight 2000’.
          Only in an environment of hazard, danger, and hardship do humans thrive and truly evolve. This ‘peaceful world’ thing was a nice experiment that failed decades ago and is rapidly falling apart.
          It’s time to hoist the Jolly Roger again.

        2. I take it you are unfamiliar with medieval German law providing for severe punishment to any man allowing himself to be savagely beaten by his wife with no opposite scenario even envisaged on the books now, have you? Though men are generally physically bigger and stronger than women, some interesting parts of this world did exhibit inverse sexual dimorphism with startling results to boot. I’m not saying that physical brawn is sufficient to make a woman Alpha but when the general population is in such ways “inverted”, it is hard not to notice some “peculiarities”. Reminds me of the mating practices of spiders and preying mantises in a way (with the female literally consuming the male following copulation).
          The smaller, lighter, softer, and weaker females we usually see around us are not a global constant, I can tell you that.

        3. What about that SEAL who had a sex change and is currently being feted by the media as the modern LBGT future of the military?

        4. If it weren’t for idiots that believe anecdotes equal trends, we wouldn’t be in this fix.

  10. Normally when I see or hear an opinion I don’t like I let the opinionated person go on for a bit then I pick the premise and assumptions apart. It’s cold calculated fun.

    1. I use the Socratic method, asking diagnostic questions. ‘Run with the herd’ statists can rarely defend or even explain their positions.

  11. Princess Lewinski learned the hard way that NO YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE MAN WITH THE POINTED DICK.

    1. Though when wearing official white house underwear sporting the Great Seal of the U.S. one does get to witness the eagle’s beak get really big.

  12. Hawk, right on man, you got one of your pieces on ROK!
    Read this back in June.
    “Men are logical creatures by nature and we have to be in order to survive.”

  13. The picture is of two U.S. Army soldiers, not Marines. I personally know the soldier being comforted and what he saw that caused him to break down. And he came back from Iraq with PTSD.

    1. Yes, I personally know him too. He was held down and RAPED by six of his male soldier friends. It was too good for him, I say.

  14. Defining victimhood down… we’re all victims now.
    Unless you’re a man.

  15. Trigger Warnings =SWPL
    Remember “Ban Bossy” and how absurd that was ??

    1. Thank fuck that campaign died a death early on. Dumb fem CEO got her answer from women with some sense of reality. It was only the bossy cunts subscribed to it anyhow!!!

  16. Whats not being discussed is treatment for ptsd. I had it and had to see a therapist for 9 months to get rid of it. The treatment consists of the therapist finding out what triggers the panic attacks and triggering them during your visit each week. over time, the trigger of the panic attack goes numb and your cured. Instead of people being victims, they need to face their problems head on and find a solution. The only person who allows you to be a victim is you.

  17. Shouldn’t this website have been shut down by the ruling feminist theocracy by now? I don’t understand why ‘the most mysogynissstik’ site on the net is allowed to go on. Why isn’t RooshV be a good boy and set his servers on fire? This is all so triggering! Like, OMG

    1. I’d say it’s because it is a fundamentally anti-racist site. It fits well enough with the prime directive.

    2. This site is so over the top pro-misogyny and pro-racism that even the feminist powerhouses can’t fucking touch it. Women don’t have the power that men do, or don’t know how to get it either.
      Once women DO SOMETHING like get this anti-female, anti-darkies site offline, then I’ll actually have a modicum of respect for feminism’s power. Until then, the only “power” they have is the crap we pretend they have just to mess with them.

  18. I see trigger warning/feminist/PC nonsense having a more base level at this point. We can go to Goering, Goebbels, Bernays or even the Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School for lessons on propaganda if we like, but these are far too macro as a root cause. The genesis is a different topic of course.
    The purpose of warnings (and other PC tools) is more self-serving. I see people doing this organically for group acceptance more so than indoctrination. I see the PC “movement” today as promulgated organically whereas Goering, Goebbels, Bernays (among others) took the top down approach. However, Cultural Marxists is more grass roots (I despise that term) yet still more top-down than what is going today. The “movement”, if there ever was one, now has a life of its own.
    Granted the PC crowd get their roots from Cultural Marxism (taught/reinforced/perpetuated by those in both educational institutions and government), but there is a far more granular movement happening. The one thing in the micro that gets lost in the macro of looking at the examples I use above: this is not State sponsored. People are asserting power over others to serve their own needs more than supporting any State ideal. Same methodology, same implementation, different source: they are doing it themselves. It is a social event. It’s fashion.
    As those that do not use a trigger warning are damned by the PC police. For those that do, the warning functions as yet another method of controlling the thoughts (and by extension actions) of others rather than their own. Their use is simply another method of shaming nonmembers to comply with PC group-think while serving as a shibboleth to other members. It loudly screams, “I belong!” to the group while quietly mumbles, “I care.” about the individual to those out of the group – both with equally raised noses, both with equal transparency to non-group members. It’s garden-variety dog whistling at best.
    Trigger warnings as used by these dumb trucks are, of course, entirely disingenuous as their primary motivation springs from self-aggrandizement covering their own sense of inadequacy. Although portrayed as altruistic, such warnings are self-feeding the claimant’s ego: looking good externally to feel good internally. This comes at the expense of those who actually may need a warning due to legitimate causes (combat vets, verbal/mental/physical/sexual abuse victims, etc.). This is the essence of sneak-thievery, pure and simple.
    Also worth noting is the requisite component of condescension it takes when an issuer patronizes others with such a warning. The assumption must be twofold: there are those weaker than they are and such weak people require special treatment via the trigger warning. How smug, superior and wholly hypocritical must one be to assume everybody else (not themselves of course) is so damaged to need a warning about their own content and/or subject matter?
    None of the proudly PC compliant herd of sheeple will ever admit their true motives whether self-described leaders (if there are any) or by subscription followers. To admit to the shenanigans would eliminate all other options save that of taking actual responsibility for bettering themselves, their community and the larger world via their own honest contribution. Not with words, but deeds. Instead, they shy away from both meaningful deeds and tangible results by riding the backs of those than genuinely make the world a better place with their yammering about the injustice of hut-dwellers not having cell phones. It’s both cheap and pathetic bumper sticker activism.
    Instead of any meaningful contribution, they use the tried and true stick of PC compliance with which they so readily beat the heads of others. The PC stick is the tool of the lazy, incompetent and ignorant to perfume the pigs of their own laziness, incompetence and ignorance. The truth these people hide so deeply in their rhetoric is that THEY are the weak that need protection from themselves yet want others to fix their world for them. Perfume all they want, it’s still a pig.
    The knee-jerk and oft times show cock response is adherence to the group-think PC script by those too weak minded to stand on their own feet – men and women alike. It is the same fakery as it has always been, and the carrot of realizing their fictional utopia of diversity, equality and complete acceptance (for group members only) continues to dangle just beyond the reach of their PC snouts. It’s masturbation without the payoff.
    Whether by carrot or stick I encourage the PC chicanery as it makes the useful idiots easier to spot. Make everything a trigger warning – let these suckers out themselves en masse. I want a trigger warning on a fruit pie. I want a trigger warning on a bar of soap. I want a trigger warning on air.
    The result I see is all this will cannibalize itself. When they reach their Utopian dream, there are no more victims save those in the Utopian group itself. Then what? The problem will either solve itself or continue the tail chasing for not being Utopian enough, green enough, black enough or whatever enough.
    All the while, those with their heads screwed on straight will be out there changing the world with all their energy and life intact, as they own their own life and all within it. We are enough already, and we don’t need external validation nor some perfumed pigs to nod their collective snouts in approval. At least we shouldn’t.

    1. How can you acknowledge Marxist roles in PC yet say its organic? That’s like saying an arsonist started an accidental fire.

      1. Not all fires are intentional nor are all fires started by arsonists. Given PC the match and CM the arsonist, would you blame the CM for all fires started by matches?
        My initial effort is to put responsibility for being useful idiots back where it belongs: with the individual. We can blame Nazi’s, Marx, the CM’s or anybody else for PC, but it is an individual choice to both seek approval of and follow the herd.
        The CM’s certainly did not invent this facet of human behavior (victim mentality, shame/guilt for non-compliance to groupthink). They merely capitalize on it for their own ends.
        Consequently, I do not blame the CM arsonist for all fires. They did not invent matches either. I blame those that play with matches for starting TW fires.

  19. The idea that feminists are racist runs contra to my experience. Generally they tend to terrorize white men who piss and moan or crack jokes about blacks. The anti-white hostility of doctrinaire feminists is something I’ve seen repeatedly and at first hand. They do not like white men.

    1. “They tend to terrorize white men who… crack jokes about blacks.” Are you fucking serious? I agree that feminism targets white men, but you just gave a scenario that completely disproved your point. If someone is making racist jokes, why shouldn’t they be called out on it?

  20. You know, I think we should reclaim the word ‘rape’, like we did ‘dope’.
    “Nice car man, that paint job is totally rape.”
    “Dude, pass that bong back, This shit is the rape..”
    “Man, I saw Trent in concert… he may be out, but he’s still rapein’ awesome!”

    1. This is disgusting. I do agree with the basic idea behind the article – the phrase “trigger warning” is being used way too loosely nowadays – but it certainly applies when rape is being discussed, as survivors CAN be triggered.

      1. The ‘surbibors’ need to grow the fuck up. someone stuck their dick in them without their willingness.
        You know what? someone stuck a fucking KNIFE and two BULLETS in me, in places they weren’t even designed to go. Get the fuck over it. This shit about ‘rape being worse than death’ is too stupid to believe.

        1. Yeah, except rape vics routinely wish they’d been killed rather than ”had a dick stuck in them”. And for a fucking FACT rape vics would rather have a knife and two bullets stuck into them than an unwanted dick. Besides, male-on-female rape is not about the dick being forced into her, it’s about everything else too.
          I think you’re just aching for some dick to be stuck into you. You act like it’s got to be so pleasurable even when not wanted. Go hang out in San Fran and wear a dress, sailor. Maybe you’ll get that awesome rape experience you think is at the other end of a dick.

        2. “Yeah, except rape vics routinely wish they’d been killed rather than ”had a dick stuck in them”.” It’s not to late for them to an Hero if they wish to, you know!

  21. “Why have we allowed such a legitimate problem to be bastardized by those who see fit to re-define it as anything but a completely serious and sometimes fatal condition?”
    We who white man?…. if I hear someone misuse a word that requires correction I say something.
    The only reason Evil thrives is because Men remain silent on issues they should be outspoken on. One needn’t know much History to understand this basic principal.
    Democracy does not work.

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