The Multicultural Narrative Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes

In the below video, I make the argument that the establishment is failing to keep a lid on “dangerous” ideas that oppose the narrative, and that we’re in store for shameful propaganda and free speech crackdowns.

The European immigration crisis seems to have led to a tipping point. Hold on tight for the next few months.

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290 thoughts on “The Multicultural Narrative Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes”

      1. I know you’re trying to be smart, urbane and sophisticated, but your causal inference that this is all just conspiracy nonsense betrays a cheap shot smugness. You don’t have to leave your brains outside the door to discern what’s valid or not in Mr Icke’s worldview. I find people like you who try to denounce anything that’s unorthodox as being the domain of nutters very condescending and patronizing.

      2. As my original reply was removed for some reason…I’ll only that what at first may seem like odd explanations pertaining to the truths about our world…may with the fullness of time, prove to have more than a grain of truth about them. To dismiss what he says as ravings is neither mature nor a balanced form of considered appraisal for a man.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. The information provided in this video of Roosh V’s is extremely important and perceptive.

  1. The patterns you described are pretty clear, that things are changing.
    I may be grasping at straws, but I can’t help but notice on many news articles that allow comments, an increase in questioning and challenging the liberal agenda. In the last 6 months alone, I’m shocked to see a splurge in comments completely against the hypocrisy of the left. Of course you won’t see this on the NYTs.
    A couple years ago, you would never see this type of response to things like #BlackLivesMatter, SJWs, Mainline Liberal social and economic policies, it would have been the complete opposite to the point I thought I was taking crazy pills.
    It’s also indicative of the beating liberals took in the house with last elections. With gay marriage legal, and liberal commentators strutting their perversions in the face of normal people, maybe regular people really have had enough.
    It won’t be enough, until as you said, we have more choices to consume media besides the most popular like CNN, NBC, and ABC. But it’s definitely a start.

    1. Actually, on NYTs lately, you WILL see people in droves question or straight up correct the news on what is going on. A recent article had hundreds of comments all stating that these weren’t refugees coming to Europe but Muslim migrants. The Narrative has been fucking torpedoed like the Lusitania.
      I think a big issue is that–as far as the US goes–a lot of people don’t vote because they’ve been wise to the whole sham that our “two-party” system has been for a while. Then Trump showed up and pissed in the Political Class’ cornflakes, and isn’t shy about giving our deadbeat media a black eye when it’s been used to attacking people with impunity. It shouldn’t be a shock as to why Trump is surging in the popularity as he has been. The party for the political establishment is over.
      The only question is how badly the party is going to end for them. With them having a hangover, or them being hung from the gallows.

      1. Interesting, that even in the NYTs people are demanding journalistic integrity. That’s actually reassuring since it’s one of the LAST places you would expect to see that.

    2. Your 100% correct, most SWJ wankery seems to get down-arrowed by about 3 -1 on most forums now and some robust anti gay, feminism, immigration comments seen to slip through and get lots of support. Sadly I am personally banned from all these forums for my somewhat stronger opinions about you know who.

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  3. Roosh is the dude for several reasons
    1)Is defending biological DNA program (even if it times traditional morality violated). However, at a time when social engineers are trying to socially engineer us into brain-chipped fudge-packing mutants, it is quite forgiveable that his practical advice to young men does not always reach the spiritual plane or level of 10 commANDMENTS..
    2)He acknowledes that there is a higher spiariual plane and higher state of being attainable simply than by fucking around.
    3)He sees into our political situation. Which is all aBOUT manipulating masses to destroy our cultural, spiritual, traditional identities.
    It is amazing that a guy who just started off wanting to get pussy in a bar figured this out. Whether it is redice radio with Henrick, Alex Jones, Hagman and Hagman, there is a lot to be encouraged about in alternative media.
    (Some of my favorite cultural icons oppose each other. However, I am thrilled that Roosh is talking more and more about serious issues and not just fucking the bar whore !)

  4. This is another reason I’ve fled Anglo America. I’ve felt for a long time a tipping point has been coming and I think it’s about to be reached. Better to be an hour early than a minute late when the shit hits the fan.
    I look for more Draconian measures to come soon as the governments of the West have been infiltrated by extreme leftists and corporate interests and they will stop at nothing to impose their tyrannical ideals.
    Thank God for the Internet and the free discussion of ideas it has facilitated. Without it, we would never be where we are today. I’ll be waiting the chaos out beachside.

        1. Hes a billionaire who uses illegals in his hotels to pad the bottom line- you really think he is the answer?

        2. I think the best bet for Manosphere is actually Hillary Clinton: she will bring the system to its knees and it will have to be rebuilt from scratch.
          Just look at Russia. They are experience a rebirth because their society collapsed in 1991. They are desperate enough to accept a new solution.

        3. He does what is best for him and his company in the given circumstances. I hope he does exactly the same for his country given the chance.
          Also he has to be somewhat nice to minorities to not alienate everyone but us – doesn’t mean shit.

        4. Desperation alone doesn’t cut it.
          Russia was lucky to finally have a good leader, who cares for his people, and was in the right position, and has been underestimated, stand up for it.
          We have Trump standing up, risking his fortunes, not taking any donations/bribes, and speaking much needed truth, so I hope you are joking in advocating voting for Hillary instead.

        5. Agreed. When I read articles here about Sweden and other nations that are further down the road than the USA, I realize we have a good 50+ years of decline left in us before we reach bottom. So we can watch things get even worse for the rest of our lives, watch the quality of women steadily drop with each passing year, as society becomes more immoral and corrupt, or we can brace for impact and let it drop rapidly so we can rebuild. Although honestly I think Hilary is light on ideology and heavy on doing whatever the polls tell her is popular–I think she would be more of the status quo than anything. Remember she was a Republican working for the Goldwater campaign (the last great Republican). He’s the exact opposite of what both parties are doing today. She doesn’t believe in anything.

        6. Social media will speed up the social decline. 50 years is a very long time in the current rate of change.

  5. Feminism is to blame, and that’s no conspiracy.
    Diversity is something societies try to manage, prevent, or eliminate. Western society seems to believe it’s some wonderful utopian ideal. Have a look at the people who show up to welcome the invaders. Have a look at the people serving them food, welcoming the outsiders to satisfy their own altruism. It’s disproportionately women. This pathological compassion is caused by unchecked female emotions and desires seeping into politics.
    Feminine thought, that is, its ideologies, its philosophies, its economics, etc must be removed and marginalized for a society to remain healthy and forward-thinking. It’s time men stopped caring about “being a hater”, and retake control of their countries. If you are a male of the dominant indigenous identity, then your nation is your birthright. You are entitled to it. Feminists are not.

    1. They welcome outsiders because the people they really fear are the strong among their own kind. The Others are seen as a means of culling us. To them, it’s a better option than trying to compete honestly within their own demographic.

        1. That’s the problem with people like you. You’re the worst type of liar in this world – you lie first and foremost to yourself. None of the things I say are “theories”. You are so intellectually dishonest that you reject FACTS. If you can’t honor facts than I’m afraid you’ll never be able to have any real discourse with anyone.
          How does it feel to know that your internal infrastructure is faulty?

  6. I’m not a regular reader here, but I appreciate you tackling these issues.
    Incidentally, the fact that you’ve built up a large following in a different field makes it harder for the establishment to unperson you when you start to talk about politics.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Another thing: Nationalism does not forget the ethnostate. What does this mean?
    The left counts on the native populace to grow accustomed to the outsiders over time, meaning that nationalists should fight that tendency on all fronts.
    For example, if you are a European nationalist, then you should also be calling for the removal of Islam in the Balkans from the Ottoman era. It is just as much a violation as invaders that come today.

    1. Great way to instigate trouble and start a civil war.
      No, once they are in, we should make sure they conform to laws and to an extent customs, but otherwise make them our allies. Encouraging them to leave has to happen politically, not by going with torches from door to door.

      1. Fear of conflict is why white societies have diversity problems in the first place. No group of people has even been “encouraged” to leave a living space. They need to be coerced. Before that can happen, you need to show up on leftist doorsteps with torches.

  8. This is going to be a longer post focused on the “European refugee crisis” and what Roosh said about the Merkel vs. Eastern Europe “happened” thing:
    I’d say this is a typical German problem – we do have a history of not electing our political leaders directly and thus getting leaders who don’t think about consequences when making decisions. Merkels “Refugees Welcome” was more a PR stunt than a thought-over reaction to the well-known picture of a dead child on some beach in Turkey, which caused plenty of consternation.
    That publicly claiming that (Syrian) refugees would receive a blanket welcome in Germany would lead to plenty of people coming just was not in her scope.
    Roosh now claiming “Eastern Europe happened” is imho not the problem. The problem was, REALITY happened: People came. So, Merkel had declared that, fuck laws, we’ll accept refugees. Idk what she thought, but it cannot have been much, and I do understand the reactions of all pass-through-countries: Ah, fuck the laws, Merkel wants to have them. But, even though German, not everyone here is stupid.
    They started checking the borders. Thus follewed Austria and etc pp down to whatever country is north of Greece.
    Here is my hypothesis: Someone realized that they end up in southern Germany, that is, Munich. Days before Oktoberfest. There were tents (tents! in Munich!) on the (always overcrowded) taxi stand at the train station. And about everywhere, because “authorities” did not know what to do. Where to get these people to. How. When. Everything.
    I do live close to a place that registes refugees, one of the biggest in Bavaria. This place is certainly overcrowded (always), but they have at least some room to set up tents. In Munich, they have one million drunk troblemakers for Oktoberfest, many of them not even from Munich. Which, honestly, puts Munich in some kind of “Ausnahmezustand” (this does not translate well) anyway, but is manageable since 1810. It’s also fun. But combined with 10.000 people in whatsoever minor way disturbing the main train station? It would be a small but negative-publicity-laden, violent disturbance at least. Short of declaring martial law – good luck with that during Oktoberfest – I do not see how this could work out. Merkel did make a mistake. A huge and stupid mistake. Everything else was just a chain reaction. Twice, all the way to Hungary and back another route.
    Alas, the media reactions are exactly as Roosh describes – “oh, how horrible” feely-feely bullshit. The above is just what I make of it.
    Personally, I feel strange about “officially” “welcoming” people not adhering to laws (like, Dublin contract etc…, which are stupid, but there are other stupid laws too) and at the same time using the “uh, police could not stop refugees from crossing the border”-police to identify and prosecute Dr. Evil, who wrote something “verboten” on facebook (media coverage of this is high on this these days). Thus, I am trying to stay out of it as much as I can.

  9. People are tired of being force fed a version of reality through a paradigm so far removed from universal truth & nature. A paradigm that uplifts the delusional, the weak & the functionally stupid & the non accountable.The ones whose emotional impulses rule their drives & psychology & the burgeoning of an entitlement complex.
    Something had to give.

    1. I’m studying to be a teacher. At the university I study at I’ve heard multiple women saying that the immigrants will have a hard time integrating in society and it will cause a heavy burden on the Dutch educational system. Those refugees didn’t even arrive and by their ideas already should be integrated in society and have a right for education. Can you imagine that. The reason why I’m mentioning this is because those people who just collaborate with the colonization of our country operate from a emotional paradigm. They are very receptive to false information, like with the media focusing all the attention on 1 little drowned boy instead of ten thousands of healthy men with smartphones and a lust for blonde girls.

  10. I can’t wait for the posts about how the Jews want the Narrative to collapse as the next stage in their master plan.

    1. I think their master plan is starting to fall apart. It always does, they can’t help themselves. They get a good thing going but then they get greedy. (I know, shocker.)

  11. Some other recent examples to add to your thesis:
    – The highly suspicious suppression by ABC of Vester Flannagan’s manifesto. You just know it’s full of #BLM LGBT hatred but as we all know hatred only comes from white right wingers.
    – The “Clock Gate” nonsense. The President shot this story into national conversation yet it’s been shown that the kid’s father is a part time Sudanese presidential candidate and pro Islam activist. It has also been shown that the clock was a simple store bought digital clock that was taken apart and re-arranged in a small suitcase – he did not invent or develop anything.
    I think the President did it in an attempt to further the refugee narrative – that we’re xenophobic sinners and we can only be redeemed by letting in “refugees.” However, it backfired (Partly. Large swathes of people are still buying it).

        1. You’d think a guy like that would put it online, and not just give it to only the people he supposedly hated.

  12. Long-time lurker. First-time poster. I was here in Toronto during Roosh’s “corn-holing” of the SJWs in our city. It truly is coming to a pass now. People are listening… my father… my brother, who have no idea what those acronyms even mean, agree. As do the majority of those who I associate with. Don’t fucking stop. Logic and reason will continue to “reign supreme” bhahaha.

  13. They’re not going to shut alternative sources down. They’re going to rapidly build up and prop up kosher controlled groups which contain and control the dissent.
    They’ll be more well-funded, much more well-funded, than any of our projects. Return of Kings will get blown out of the water by a hot new project which has some “minor” editorial differences while still speaking to male alienation and frustration. Your better writers will drift over to it because they’ll pay much better. Your clicks will go down as they integrate expensive and professional multimedia content you can’t keep up with.
    When this happens, and it’ll be months, not years, look out for lots of talk of “Western Civilization,” radio silence on the JQ, hysterical Islamophobic demagoguery, encouragement rather than discouragement of degenerate behavioral patterns like pornography addiction, racial fetishes, and MGTOW. Lots of paleolibertarian faggotry and gold bug buffoonery, and Alex Jones conspiracy theories about nameless, faceless, raceless “elites.”
    They’re not going to shut you down. They’re going to drown you out.

    1. At the same time, more and more countries will implement controls on social media, as Germany is doing with Facebook: closing accounts of all those that express negative sentiment about immigration. This is already occurring on Twitter in the US regarding race realism and sexism with increasing frequency.
      Expect more and more of the cathedral websites to which people are funneled to use something other than disqus where opinions like ours aren’t allowed, or for disqus to stop servicing us and our sites.

      1. quite a few sites like the daily beast have closed down regular free for all comments, and are channelling commenting on to facebook or similar, possibly because facebook accounts are supposed to be ‘real’ i.e. people will be more careful about saying what they think if they’re saying it in their own ‘official’ voice

        1. Makes sense, from a business standpoint, to do so. Our arguments cant be refuted with logic, and we would wake up a decent amoiunt of their readership. Readership goes down, so do pageviews, then ad revenue

        2. I’m not sure whether it’s primarily an economic decision. Debate can be moderated and often build communities of readers. Personally I suspect it’s just another means of exerting control and censorship

        3. There are many means of communication, and right now the internet is helping our cause immensely. I think it’s essential though to also start strategizing OTHER ways to get the message out…
          Unfortunately TV and talk radio time may be tough, as they’re pretty much locked down by the censors. But, let’s remember that Roosh did make it onto Dr. Oz (even though they used ambush attacks and ultimately the message probably didn’t get far). Surely, if we put our minds together and REALLY want to see change, we can think of LEGAL ways to get the message onto the television or the radio (or some other medium I’m not thinking of).

        4. There is a problem though.. Every time I talk to men around, I notice not only are they completely oblivious of what is going on but also very reluctant to give a second thought to what I am saying. Most are absolutely brain washed. In general, people find their way to RP two ways: Either after a very traumatic event or as very young when they are most receptive to these ideas.. Other than that, it’s really a crap shoot.

        5. With the ubiquity of smartphones, TV and radio and newspapers are antiquated forms of media. Social media would be far more effective.

        6. The only hope is to keep drilling it into the men’s mind. Repeat it over and over. When you see it in a commercial, point it out so they see it. Maybe they’ll catch on sooner or later.

        7. They don’t man, I’m serious. They’re all so wrapped up in their world (wives, kids, mortgages, bills), they can’t think straight anymore.. Sad to see it… I don’t know if other people here have the same experience with their acquaintances… In a sense I understand them, as opening their eyes would crumble their entire edifice… The only way I think, your life has to be shattered first, and then there’s nothing to lose and you start seeing it…

        8. I agree that the internet (and social media) will reach the most viewers.
          That being said, the main sports bar here in my home town is completely packed with people anytime the Chiefs, the Royals, or the Broncos are on TV. (And I know this is a common thing nationwide for different sports teams). Millions of people are glued to their TV screens starting from the time they get off of work watching sporting events, the local and national news, and mindless PC “reality” shows and “crime dramas”. There is a TV in virtually every household, hospital room (or waiting room), prison pod (perhaps one or two for each race or gang), county jail pod, psychiatric hospital, etc. Not to mention over 1 billion movie theater tickets are sold in the US yearly, and these movies are often filled with PC garbage and emotionally charged propaganda.
          As for radio, I suppose many people now simply stream talk radio programs through their mobile devices and stationary computers at a convenient time for them.

        9. The only reply you can give them is ignorance is bliss…until the wife files for divorce and take you to the cleaners. Give examples of men that have gone through it.

        10. I was talking with one of them, telling him marriage has zero benefits for man. He turned around and googled “why would a man get married”. That exact search, and he started to read the headlines of the search results… He was stunned. He said. I never knew these things… That was quite a site..

        11. If that is the response you get from these guys, then they are hopeless. Wish them the best of luck. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

        12. That other way is person to person. To many men are unwilling to open a conversation at the pub, bar or club, but we can change that.
          A hundred years ago pubs were places to share ideas and discuss politics. Now it’s all public drunkenness, sports or other uselessness. But I think many men are dying to find this.
          On nights when I need some variety I strike up with all kinds of people and find many are ready to discuss ideas that are anathema to the new speak of today.

        13. “as opening their eyes would crumble their entire edifice.”
          I know what you mean. It’s like when you never stepped foot out of this country, you don’t realize what other world is outside of your border.
          I went to Hong Kong a couple of years back. First time there. Just at the airport, I could not believe the numerous slim, feminine women of all ages. My eyes were popping out of their sockets. Took a flight back to LAX and once in the terminal, the number of disgusting pigs I saw was too much to bear. They were mostly overweight with disgusting tattoos and their faces were like a pin cushion. That was just around the time I started reading ROK and it reaffirmed everything the articles said just from that one experience. I was somewhat content before I went. Now I’ve seen it with my own eyes outside the border and realized this sucks.

        14. Excellent post.
          I, for one, am one of those men dying to find this again (as I once was able to consistently do it). Most of my old friends have moved on (out of state) but we used share ideas in politics, government, and global issues over A FEW cold libations.
          These old friends have been replaced with new acquaintances with the unfortunate attention spans of a squirrel. But I’ve walked up to random people at bars and many of them will stand there and spend an hour debating issues, as if they were craving real human interaction, and not the usual superficial bullshit happening within such establishments.

        15. I am in the same boat! When I start talking about many issues they simply don’t want to hear it. they chalk it up to “well, that’s just the way things are.” my response: that attitude makes you part of the problem.

        16. I’ve tried that with very little success. They make countless excuses for the current paradigm and status quo. they think it’s some sort of natural occurrence that cannot be changed as if it’s always been that way. They have no drive or motivation. They think pussy is made of gold and if they challenge the status quo their partner may withhold sex from them. hey, i enjoy sex as much as the next ROK member, but there are some things above sex; such as honor, integrity, and dignity.

        17. Eh, that’s why most women aren’t marriage material. The telltale sign of one that’s brainwashed is “I don’t agree with divorce, but at least it’s better than raising screwed up kids”.
          RUN. She’s already given herself an out and a rationalization as to why it’s the great thing to do. You want one that’s very dogmatic about divorce not being acceptable.

        18. That’s what happens you marry someone who isn’t into it as much as you are.
          I’m calling it: NEVER marry a girl who doesn’t love you a helluva lot more than you love them. That’s the way it needs to be if you are to divide responsibilities in an old school way.

        19. Experience. I’m one of the few guys who did win that lottery. I knew intuitively that she was a good catch before but I’m only figuring out why over time.
          In this case, the difference between mine and “independent” womenz is obvious: the “independent” ones aren’t what they claim to be. In reality they just lack the ability to connect emotionally with other people. In the case of mine (and a few other women I know in successful marriages) the emotional bond goes so deep that if they ended the relationship it would feel like they were ripping their own hearts out…..and that’s a direct function of them placing more value on you than on anything else in the world.

        20. I’m definitely open to finding a quality woman with the traits you speak of. However, I will not force the issue for the sake of marriage or having a partner in life. Many men marry because of social pressures and out of fear of being alone. heck, i’d rather be alone than in bad company.

        21. Keep in mind that those women I saw were not the cuties working behind the counter in the duty free shops. These are passengers.

        22. I live in a small town and I find it amusing how many men get really uncomfortable when I joke that their wives should be home cleaning the house and cooking them supper. I’d think more men would agree with me, at least in a joking way. Instead, awkward silence usually ensues.

    2. Good post. Very thought provoking. I’ll give you my take…
      Let’s put this in the context of a war between “good and evil” (which I believe it ultimately comes down to), and specifically, relate it to a man who NEVER LOST A WAR… even when he didn’t have to deploy troops (Sun Tzu).
      “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War
      The reason is a desperate foe will fight to the death, giving his all… While we may not be knowingly employing this strategy against our opponents, we are still doing it. Unlike Infowars, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Time Magazine, etc., the precedent of TRUTH (with no bullshit) at Roosh V and ROK has already been established. LET THEM use our “own weapons” against us… Unless they become truly INNOVATIVE (which they rarely do), our internet presence will remain strong, and continue to grow.
      “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War
      From what I’ve seen on Roosh V and ROK, a vast majority of the readers here know both themselves (fairly well), and the ENEMY. Most have accepted that they are victims of brainwashing (recognizing the matrix), recognized a pattern, and are actively seeking self improvement and encouraging their friends and families to do the same (taking the “red pill”). Meanwhile, our opponents KNOW US. But, I suspect that they are so blinded by their greed (and other factors) that they FAIL to know THEMSELVES.
      “If his forces are united, separate them.” – Sun Tzu – The Art of War
      We have unknowingly (without conscious strategy) done this already… Our opponents must fight us on MANY FRONTS, as MANY topics have been addressed here on Roosh V and ROK (and have made waves throughout the web). Topics that include (but are not limited to): fat acceptance, the Syrian refugee crisis, problems of single motherhood, feminism, social justice warriors, alpha fux/beta bux female mating strategy, cuckservatives, destruction of the family unit, censorship, the damaging effects of Jewish intellectualism and activism on western culture, ad nauseam.
      Perhaps sir, I’m just a hopeless believer in a POSITIVE FUTURE… But as I read classics like The Art of War I can’t help but notice that the ROK community and Roosh V have either knowingly or unknowingly been employing TIME TESTED WINNING STRATEGIES against our opponent(s).

      1. Nice post. Definitely vote up if only for mentioning Sun Tzu. However, I DO have a higher view of Infowars than that. I sometimes get tired of Alex Jones because he is so loud and also my wife hates him. But you get pretty good info there.
        I recommend Alex Jones while you are working outside away from the lady of the house. Anger can charge and energize and make you productive. And also, feel that by weeding your garden, cleaning your squirrel gun or repairing your chicken coop you are fighting the NWO.
        He was my favorite source of info for a brief period around five years ago. And pioneered a lot.
        But I prefer Hagman and Hagan for a better political analysis, even if they miss the picture slightly. Too fundamnetalist to understand an Eastern perspective.
        Roosh is a major icon in my internet search world. He is looking for a way to straddle the physical and metaphysical, and as a former gnostic, I appreciate that. Pretty good political analysis and international perspective, also. Plus, faced down the Toronto feminizis. Roosh’s attack on Toronto was something akin to Richard the Lion-hearted’s siege of Jerusalem.
        The greatest human (to my knowledge) to have walked the earth in the past 100 years, however, was Rudolf Steiner (1861-1924). He puts it all together better than anyone to my knowledge. My only issue with Steiner is that I think that perhaps events have accelerated beyond the weird crazy stuff even he predicted 100 years ago.
        I am not always crazy about the work the institutions he left behind are doing, even if I see the Waldorf Schools and biodynamics as mostly positive.

        1. Another reason I like this site is that I have been kicked off all the others. Can’t post at AVFM, Mother Jones, Raw Story, Alternet.
          So arguing with liberal shiheads is no longer part of my life.
          All of the kicked off “skillet” for being offensive.
          Do not post at Infowars much as too many stupid people. When I post, it is about 60 percent here.
          Curiously, Japan Times seems to welcome posts by liberals and conservatives. That is the only place I can still have a good knock-down-drag-out with a PC queer or mangina.

        2. Same here. I’m banned on Japan Times too. Anyone who’s not tolerant of intolerance is not tolerant at all.

        3. I have been banned from sites. Interesting. Liberals called me names such as “asshole” etc. I kept it civil but expressed views. Such as defending confederate flag with polite language.
          That got me kicked off as hater. I have had numerous posts deleted from Japan Times, but can still post.

        4. I’ve been banned from a multitude of sites for questioning unlimited immigration. The same sites who preached tolerance, freedom of speech and freedom of press after Charlie Hebdo (“je suis Charlie”) are banning dissenting opinions left and right.

        5. I’ve been banned from one feminist site because I disagreed with one feminist troll. The site host then proceeded to delete my comments and ban ol’ Red. Onlookers even commented tt saw no need to ban what was discussed but on ‘liberal’ sites, most hosts are thought control nazis.

        6. Thanks for the info, and I’ll check out the names you’ve mentioned.
          I too have harvested a lot of good information at Infowars, and perhaps should have left them off of my list as they do a much better job than the “mainstream” (especially recently with Paul Joseph Watson and feminism stories).
          My biggest problem with Infowars is their comments section. It’s hard to find a large thread of a rational discussion taking place with well thought out and articulated points (as you do on manosphere websites). It commonly seems to be a bunch of ad hominem attacks or trolling. (But, this could be a coordinated effort to cause chaos over there, who knows).
          Now that I think about it, this is something we should watch for here at ROK. Let us not turn the comments section into a mess. Differing opinions are absolutely essential, but no women, SJW’s, or massive troll jobs; only rational discussion between MEN of character.

        7. Lol. Nicely put. Ironically, the West’s appetite for political correctness makes it more and more like the Middle East; men of learning are policed and people are punished for what they say and think.

        8. I can concur about Hagman and Hagman. They do good investigations but if you’re not overly religious, you can be put off by their christian fundamentalism. I am proud they have stuck to their guns and continued on after they lost a lot of sponsorship for speaking out against gay marriage.

        9. Rudolf Steiner. An interesting man. A Great admirer of Goethe. His philosophy was rooted in a very different world to our one.

        10. Whats thier to defend about the Confederate flag?!!, the south fought with America over them trying to abolish slavery, what bullshit excuse can u say for not identifying as a racist.? #muppet

        11. It is so. The key is to refuse to answer anyone who clearly doesn’t get it, isn’t trying to get it and is trying to start an argument. They are easy to spot and if everyone ignores them, the trolling will have no effect.

        12. INFOWARS sucks. Jones is so full of shit with his bad acting, his foaming at the mouth and his ridiculous phony bouts of crying, I don’t know how you can stand it. Plus all these endless commercials for magic dick elixirs guaranteed to have cutting steel with your boner and vitamins that will make you skinny and whatever other snake oil salesman that will pony up to advertise, it’s unwatchable. Jones is a false opposition stooge for NWO tribesman, the hooked nosed kind.

        13. Also as another name. I’d say often = every few months. Anyway, I was being provocative with that comment. Its free to comment and I shall if I want to.

        14. I’m just reading this now. We need a place where we can at least fucking talk about shit. An internet ultra-safe heaven. ROK won’t be safe for long.

    3. “a hot new project which has some “minor” editorial differences while still speaking to male alienation and frustration.”
      Exactly right. Something that is incredibly difficult to spot as you go along. An article detailing how that happens would be useful. One of the ‘dissent’ media outlets that interests me is ‘info-wars’ – some of it seems incredibly antagonistic towards the powers that be, yet it seems to be owned by a big media company.

      1. Most of the big names in “the conspiracy world” sphere are agents – people like Alex Jones, David Icke and others. As soon as the manosphere gets big enough we will be seeing similar agents appearing.

        1. I don’t think either are cynical in what they do, but both of them may have been co-opted at the least towards commercial – rather than ideological ends. Selling out, or at least having a less than pure, ulterior motive is pretty much a universal in this world. I actually quite like both of them, but equally I wouldn’t regard either as fully reliable

      2. I agree.
        Roosh should write one of his epic essays on the concept of controlled opposition – Alex Jones, the Republican party, Fox News, etc.
        He has a good understanding of it – he admitted in the yt comments that the Ann Coulter (a Zionist) comments might fit into this category.
        It’s a more subtle concept than “cuckservatism”, though obviously related.

    4. “Return of Kings will get blown out of the water by a hot new project which has some “minor” editorial differences while still speaking to male alienation and frustration.”
      “Minor editorial differences” as in female moderation, female “experts” on masculinity and female editors? It’s already arrived, see AVFM, artofmanliness, etc.

    5. Interesting analysis. That’s what I’ve always thought Infowars to be, a containment zone for retards. If such a thing happens, maybe it would be up to real rightists to infiltrate and swing the opinion on those sites in favor of real nationalism.

      1. They’ve already tried this. Remember the “Coffee party”? Failed miserably because you can only imitate an original, you can’t replicate it.

    6. Don’t trust Alex Jones, he’s working for the agenda as one of the heads of dissent groups. His wife is you know what and he and his family are allowed to return to you know where due to the law of return. He’s a shill and fat slob.

      1. I see news articles posted there that I would never find elsewhere. Am I supposed to ignore this news and stick my head in the sand because of the host’s personal life?
        He’s much more Christian and anti-abortion than me, but guess what, I never have to go to church with him or choose what to do with his baby, so I ignore that and soak up the other info.

    7. ‘They’re not going to shut you down. They’re going to drown you out.’ Exactly. Well said and unfortunately true.

    8. Not to go off on a tangent, but how can you know that Return of Kings hasn’t been bought out itself?

    9. But won’t *They* just be aiding their downfall with that strategy? Sure, not everyone will be on the same page about everything, but the main themes about Leftist control, White nationalism vs. White genocide, and other themes will be proliferated by that strategy. Or so it seems to me.

  14. “They’re going to start censoring certain viewpoints […] They’re going to find out where all these bad ideas are being spread and shut those avenues down first”
    Would that look something like a multi-day DDoS attack on Return Of Kings and Roosh’s other platforms? Hmmm…

    1. Almost funny that the conspirators are giving credence to the theories by being caught trying to silence the theorists. Do they just not think that far ahead?

    2. True. They have always done it in the past. They either shut down the message (or avenues) or they discredit the group (or person) responsible for the messages (or ideas).
      You can no longer trust the media in our country any longer because it’s in the hands of too few. The driving force behind the “news” today is ratings (equals money)…. it doesn’t have to make sense, be fair or even be correct…it just has to achieve ratings.

      1. “You can no longer trust the media in our country any longer because it’s in the hands of too few.”

        “The driving force behind the ‘news’ today is ratings (equals money)…. it doesn’t have to make sense, be fair or even be correct…it just has to achieve ratings.”
        Ratings are secondary. They’re willingly to take a loss of mere millions or even billions because the profits from controlling the government and shaping the society are worth tens of trillions.

  15. Nice that Roosh has seen the light on multiculturalism and the wave of middle eastern immigrants sweeping Europe. The next step is to realize that he is also part of the problem. Roosh is not a European, he is a middle eastern immigrant who fled to Europe for sex with white women. He brags about wandering the continent for sex while using no condoms. He has even admitted catching(and probably spread) STDs. This is good for European people? He makes money selling bang guides for men across the world to go to Europe and fuck the women. Young Women that should be having babies with their own local men to increase the birth rate. Yet he is now a crusader against multiculturalism? Give me a break. I’ll believe this when he takes those books off Amazon and leaves Europe for Iran to be with his Muslim brethren. Europe for the native Europeans.

    1. Many White racists are obsessed about “the-future-of-the-white-aryan-wimmen-and-children”, as if it was a problem of numbers… To me, this only betrays one’s own huge affective and belonging needs, hiding behind a political pretext…
      I personally couldn’t care less about cooing for a lifetime over some children, so my left brain is able to foresee another solution than just breeding.
      First, a reality check: there are never been as many White people in the world as there are today (about 5-800 million, depending on who you count as “white”). It’s just that the proportion of Whites compared to the general population is diminishing!
      So, the solution to the racial problem is certainly not about making more children in an overpopulated world on the brink of collapse (7 billion going towards 10 billion in 20 years)…. Increasing birth rates is just a race into the abyss.
      The solution is more along the lines of recreating functional white cultures that are able to function in a globalized world, while conserving white racial enclaves in some places. Let us create some White “japans”, some White “Israels”, where the family-obsessed people can breed if they wish so – but should not be encouraged to either… As long as some borders are enforced, numbers don’t really matter.
      Look at Singapore, with its booming economy and tiny population, they are only accepting selected, high IQ immigrants and – unofficially – reject all muds (they even try to silently reduce the existing Malay and Indian populations that are there since the time of independence).
      So, our efforts should focus towards a new White cultural homogeneity, then towards one or several White ethnostates. And then, no matter what are our numbers, we could have a safe and clean racial life. Increasing numbers of “whites” without addressing the mental and cultural defects which brought us in this situation will do no good.
      Then when this is sorted out, we could safely manage the issue of depopulation of the non-whites, back to a sustainable level of about 2 billions humans on Earth (the same as in 1950).
      Look at this: If we continue like this, there will simply be no more planet to speak of. The stakes are much bigger than just the “me and my family” attitude of the WNs – which is basically the Third World mentality.

      1. “Then when this is sorted out, we could safely manage the issue of
        depopulation of the non-whites, back to a sustainable level of about 2
        billions humans on Earth (the same as in 1950).”
        Is that going to be before or after white man goes extinct? Nice dreams, but nothing you and I can really work on unless we start a revolution. What we can do is get the stupid idea out of our heads that white man is responsible for all of the worlds problems and stop slowly letting ourselves die out, only for much less responsible people to take over.
        On the other hand, I’m ok with Roosh adding his DNA, we could use more of him.

      2. “Then when this is sorted out, we could safely manage the issue of
        depopulation of the non-whites.”
        How are you gonna do this? Do you plan to put us in a huge concentration camp and nuke the place? Maybe you should write a book and call it “My Fight” or something.

        1. Sorry, but Africa has an incredibly difficult time feeding the < 1 billion people it has now. I fail to see how they could possibly support a population of 4 billion. This seems to be a case of someone looking at the breeding rate only and extrapolating it over time, failing to take into account other factors.

        2. The West will be expected to supplement. They’re actually not as poor as you think. West Africa is one of the most resource rich places in the world. They’re not poor as much as they’re just incompetent. And Africans will produce armies of children regardless of how much food there is. A Nigerian guy I know has over 30 brothers and sisters. He says it’s their “tradition.”

        3. I’ve only been to one country in east Africa, but it was by far the poorest place on the planet out of over a dozen countries I’ve visited. Now, they did have basics like gasoline stations, roads, and cell phone networks (with data!) but very few paved roads, most of the country just dirt and tiny shacks they lived in, very little industry, lots of animal herding and selling rice and fruits from small shops.
          Yes, Africa *IS* incredibly resource rich. However, I don’t see them feasibly able to support a growing population. Plus if Africans were able to evolve and change their practices to become a safer, more efficient society, and take advantage of their natural resources, then along with that would come lower fertility rates which always mirror the level of civilization.
          This is completely setting aside the question of what will 4 billion Africans *do* economically speaking, for a living. Will they all mine diamonds? In 100 years, most manual labor jobs will likely be done by robots.

    2. You have a point there.
      It’s hard to lead a believable fight against multiculturalism when you are a product of multiculturalism yourself.
      The problem is, many supporters of the campaign to push the flood back are misled, thinking the beef is only with illegal immigrants and radical Muslims. It’s not. European chauvinists like Mick L. don’t want legal immigrants either. They don’t want anybody who is not European to live there. There’s no place in the plans of European chauvinists for Arabs, Persians (Christian or whatever), Latinos, Africans, Asians or even Eastern Europeans (hell, German neonazis hate even Southern Europeans!). I’m against indiscriminate waves of illegal immigrants forcing themselves into countries with closed borders but I won’t move one finger to advance the interests of the ones who I damn well know despise me and my people.

  16. Was Roosh’s little 19 year old brother able to pick out the propaganda being pushed to the masses in the media on his own? I’m thinking he is familiar with what Roosh is doing and reads ROK so he is aware of the truth and can spot the lies the media is pushing.
    I know that if I had not been exposed to this site, I probably would not have been able to see what his little brother was able to. Would the general public be able to see it without sites like ROK?
    Thank God (and Roosh and every writer and commentor) for opening my eyes. Now I’m able to spot the narrative presented in the media. In movies, TV shows, commercials, billboards, books, and sadly, news. I was blind, but now I see.

    1. I myself became keen on propaganda way back when I was a teen, long before ROK. This keenness came from a tribal/racial awareness/awakening which introduced me to propaganda from inside the tribe. Once you’ve seen the ‘friendly’ propaganda, you can then clearly spot the enemy propaganda. Once you’ve seen the mechanics of how basic propaganda is constructed and works, you can see it and identify it whenever you encounter it.
      Understanding the female follows closely with tribal identity which explains the large number of racially (tribally) aware folks on here. Back when I began to have a hind mind of tribal thought processes going on as a teen, I then very quickly graduated to enthusiastically cracking the code/mind of the females of my tribe and when shitfaced in the club, ok I went visiting the other tribeswomen. The schools of PUA and tribal identity are practically in the same ‘classroom’ so to speak. One thing I’ve learned on this site is that women of every tribe are of similar mind. One would personally have to live through several lifetimes of LTR’s to codify memes like ‘alpha fux beta bux’, but the meeting of minds on this site brings it all together in a nutshell.

      1. At first when I started reading ROK articles, I was skeptical. Then stepping away from mainstream and observing the world as a bystander, you start noticing what is written in here is the TRUTH. Slowly you start developing a keen sense of what the Left is doing and how unnatural they are.

        1. I concur. I originally came here for dating/pick up advice but has seen this site become something much greater. A forum to spread liberating ideas and thoughts about what is causing such a mess in our society.

  17. It’s amazing how human population behaves similarly to a natural or a biological system. Some abnormalities can be ignored/suppressed but once the situation reaches critical levels, the response will be very rapid and very drastic. I’m not sure I will enjoy the drastic part once the shit hits the fan though…

  18. Isn’t Donald Trump one of the reasons for this. I think he emboldened people to just speak their minds without fear.

    1. Yes, which is why the Left hates him so much. They fear an unapologetic straight white man. They want subservient white men who will quietly carry the load of a welfare state on their backs.

      1. “..will quietly carry the load of a welfare state on their backs.”
        Thats the elephant in the room. Western women are not reproducting at replacement rates. In order to ensure continued economic growth, and maintaining poltical power, you need to have a growing population. Mass influx of immigrants to keep the tax revenues rolling (in a generation or two). A Balkan style meltdown isn’t what they imagined, but it is looking like that is what they will get. Ivy leagued assholes sitting in Martha’s Vineyard, or the Bundesrat for that matter, ignoring the public anger and old Donald has tapped into it. Interesting times ahead.

        1. Well, John…..this type of anger always ends up with people in a ditch…..the type of execution will depend on who does the killing. The folks killed will be the feminist trash. Shot or beheaded?

        2. I agree that feminists are trying to ally with Muslims in their attack to reduce the power of white males. It’s sort of like when Hitler allied with Stalin at the beginning of WWII, in order to fight against the West. They allied despite being in complete ideological opposition to each other.
          Sooner or later, Hitler and Stalin had to fight it out. It’s the same way with feminists and muslims. Even if they do defeat white men and establish a form of gynocentric Marxism, then they have to next fight off the Muslims, who aren’t going to tolerate their “Patriarchy” screeches and manipulation. Who will the feminists need to do that? White men. Thus, Western women are in this weird position of being opposed to the power of white men, but also needing white men to protect them from Sharia Law. I suppose the stance feminists take will depend on how powerful Islam grows in Europe.
          We’re entering interesting and important times…

        3. That’s going to be something to see……Feminists picked off a few at a time….Go Pro beheading videos perhaps? Or will it be more organized by fed up white men?

        4. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but based on the current situation all I can really say is that Europe is going to be destabilized.

        5. Yeah, kinda sad that western men have had the testosterone bred out of them. Well, ISIL can make great roads in recruiting white men when they start butchering feminists. That will be met with wide acclaim. You see, feminism has to be killed out. It’s a mental disease. Islam will cut the tongues of the brood slaves. Islam will actually do what white men have been accused of. But, of course, women are simply too stupid to understand the consequences of their actions. You will see college educated women slaughtered. Women with short hair, or with a bold look. Wonder how long it will take the smart ones to beg for protection?

        6. When the white women need the white men’s protection, white men would just go his own way and hook up with foreign women.

        7. I reckon that men are really beginning to see that western women are perverted. No other options, if you want children.

        8. Actually, they lost the fear of severe consequences. Perversion spreads when the bad apples aren’t executed. That’s the wisdom of older times. That’s the only thing that works.

        9. “Wonder how long it will take the smart ones to beg for protection?”
          Come on, they’ll just fuck the beaheaders.. Problem solved for them.

        10. Well, it depends on the Imam, really. If he’s smart, he won’t suffer any to live. Or this whole shit hole gets started again. I expect that any educated white woman will meet her bitter end. They’re all feminists who are part and parcel of Planned Parenthood. You don’t think Islam has overlooked that, do you?

  19. A woman must remain virgin until marriage. If she does not, she should be shunned and drive out of the community. It is appropriate to throw rocks.
    If a woman sleeps with a n igger, the same thing should happen but first all the adult men of the township should hold her down and s ht in her face and mouth

    1. Good luck getting the genie back in the bottle. Tingles they shall have, even if their entire society has to suffer for it.

  20. The news is so shallow. Here in Western Europe they pander to anti-white sentiments and economical refugees. They showed some drowned Syrian boy for a week. The media wanted to give the idea that all refugees are poor people, and that we should be tolerant and helpful towards them. Well, bad news came out not so much later. Pictures of young muscular men with smartphones laughing on the beach, the first rape cases, stories about smugglers, refugee centers almost planted into peoples backyards. Inhabitants of Greek Islands getting their houses smashed by immigrant mobs. All the stuff that wasn’t supposed to come out to the public.

    1. As Heartiste often stresses: diversity + proximity = war. And the Netherlands is really pushing it on both counts isn’t it? How long do you think it is going to take for the Dutch government to evict natives from their houses or to force them to cohabit with immigrants?

      1. The housing market in the Netherlands is fcked up. Housing is expensive and heavenly influenced by the government. A large percentage of the population relies on subsidized rental from housing associations, like the young Dutch that can’t pay a mortgage since they have not had the time to build equity. There is waiting list that can go up to 8 years before you can quality for a house. You might smell the shit already. Those immigrants come here and they get a priority, over Dutch people that paid list-fees and waited for years!
        You must see the Dutch as a part of the Germans really. Our culture is almost the same, Sister languages, genetically the same. And politically: the same socialist, self hating BS, WW2 guilt culture with politicians wanting to make up for things former generations did by flooding the country with poor, stupid, aggressive immigrants. Egalitarianism and feminism are religions over here, and seep into the subconsciousness of the people by the media and education. But I can be even worse, like Norway and Sweden prove.
        Now the Netherlands had a history of having colonies, like Indonesia and Suriname. Hundred thousands of those from former colonies live here. But those groups aren’t the biggest problem. It’s the small group of Moroccans and other Islamic immigrants like Somali’s who really stir things up. And now we have another horde of Islamic immigrants on our doorstep. People with Islamic cultures fleeing from the shit Islam caused. Did you hear they already protested against the Oktoberfest in Germany? I kid you not.
        Europe is like a pressure cooker, WW1 proved that. We are a dreamy people (not that U.S citizens are different btw) As long as the supermarket shelves are full, as long there is gas coming from the pump and the stream of entertainment and gadgets continues nothing will happen really. A few weeks ago a couple of U.S soldiers stopped an Islamic nut in a train. The guy had a Kalashnikov with 10 magazines with him. If it wasn’t for these brave guys that Muslim terrorist would have massacred a whole train! Stuff like this will go wrong eventually in the Netherlands. The politicians have been lucky! It will go wrong, just like in France with the Charlie Hebdo shooting. It’s only then that people might wake up from their multicultural dream, which is a lie. There can only be one culture that reigns superiority. I’m not even 30 years old and have seen changes in demographics so sickening. The next European war will be against Islam and their collaborators, that’s for sure.

        1. The sad fact with the Charlie Hebdo shooting was that the editors whose staff were shoot dead by these nuts came out the following week with a headline “We are sorry”….apologizing for the fact that they might have insulted Islam, after they murdered people in their organisation.
          Feminism, Marxism and Multiculturalism have been the credos during the last decades that have caused the west to hate itself…and they are the credos that are literally letting the barbarians in through the gates.

        2. Feminism, Marxism and Multiculturalism..
          They know the barbarians are the new winners and they’re letting them through the gates. Typical female behavior. Grab the new branch before they let go the old one.
          I will not be surprised hearing western women not only defending them but also starting to fuck them in droves. These sub humans do exhibit alpha behavior after all..

        3. Feminism, Marxism and Multiculturalism have been the credos during the last decades that have caused the west to hate itself

          This is why it’s a disease. The people who adopt those philosophies either go extinct or nearly go extinct. They are not compatible with reality.

        4. Yes, in the animal kingdom if you appear weak you’re dead. The white man is weak, beat down from decades of Marxist attacks meant to destabilize Western countries for an overthrow. However, the Marxists themselves didn’t see that while they were battling against the white man, the Muslims were waiting on the sidelines, ready to swoop in at the right moment to seize power.

        5. “They are not compatible with reality” Globalization, Modernity and the every present media 24/7 have long ago destroyed the idea of a shared “civilized” set of defining values in the western world– the vacuum created by the disappearance of these values allowed moral relativism, feminism and multiculturalism to become the unquestioned credos in our brave new world.
          What you say is indeed true, they are not compatible with the reality that once existed- however in a world in which the defining values that established it are never acknowledged and hence never remembered then of course people will believe the changeling that is Marxist-Feminism as the only show in town.

        6. I have to disagree….Islam is going to kill everyone necessary to preserve the morality of their people. Western perverts will meet their end if captured. You see, perversion can’t engage in a multi-generational fight. Islam can, and will. The truly sad thing is that western societies are the Great Satan that Islam says it is. Plain fact. The Human genome is self correcting…..and whenever a society gets too far from the basic norm, immersing itself in anti-life perversion…..well, we call that world war. Truly thins out the perversions for a while.
          Aberrant individuals would do well to flee, but they won’t. They aren’t aware enough to understand that Islam means to kill them all. Plain fact.

        7. Secular Jews are a plague upon mankind. Yeah, they set up Marxism. Yeah, they’ve controlled Hollywood and TV for a long time. They wear out their welcome, and then shriek “anti-semitism”! There are good reasons why they’re hated.

        8. “You see, perversion can’t engage in a multi-generational fight. Islam can, and will. The truly sad thing is that western societies are the Great Satan that Islam says it is. Plain fact. The Human genome is self correcting…..and whenever a society gets too far from the basic norm, immersing itself in anti-life perversion…..well, we call that world war. Truly thins out the perversions for a while.”
          Islam officially bans some perversions in theory; but, in de facto practice, they’ve almost always surpassed the West (probably because of the shortage of women created by polygamy).
          QURAN 52:24: “And there will go round boy-servants of theirs, to serve them as if they were preserved pearls.”
          QURAN 56:17: “They will be served by immortal boys.”
          QURAN 76:19: “And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think them scattered pearls.”
          U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys

          The practice is called bacha bazi, literally “boy play,” and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene — in some cases, not even when their Afghan
          allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records.

        9. Here’s the thing…..yeah, I understand what you’re saying…..but the scale of perversions practiced here in the west are unbelievable. Nuremberg had a lot to say about things like the infanticide practiced by Planned Parenthood. People were executed for much less than what’s happening right now. Exactly how do you think our Creator views this? Innocent blood cries out for revenge, right? Islam isn’t even close to being in the same league.
          Did you ever think that perversion would take hold so quickly here in the USA? Yes, I’ve heard of pedophilia in Islam. But it isn’t on every corner like what we have here. Yes, Islam is a religion of conquest and slaughter. Plain fact. And, they’re headed our way. Their society hasn’t been destroyed by feminism…..and Islam will make sure to take care of that problem.

        10. “WW2 guilt culture with politicians wanting to make up for things former
          generations did by flooding the country with poor, stupid, aggressive
          immigrants” -you said it so good to hear this spelled out as clearly as this. Self destructiveness..

    2. Didn’t turn out the father of that drowned child was an actual smuggler? I thought I read something to that effect..

        1. How have these impostors not been lynched yet? I can’t imagine how they can be so dis-approved yet at the same time allowed to continue pushing agendas which aren’t in the people’s best interests… Then again, the majority of people ultimately don’t know what’s in their best interests so that’s a bit of a problem in itself.

    3. I don’t know if all the people from this region can be easily defined as one distinctive grouping even though they’re all Muslims. I know for example that Turks who are not Arabs have integrated well into parts of Germany and Holland since the 1970s. They’re hard workers, friendly and generally understanding of western customs. I think I’m more apprehensive towards Muslim Arabs who I’ve encouraged in France (mostly Algerians and Moroccans) who are often lazy and arrogant and show no will to integrate with the host culture. In fact the largest % of ISIS fighters came from second generation Arabs in France, who are apparently the most vicious and ruthless when it comes to executing and torturing others. The Arabian Muslims and not the Turks and Persian Muslims are the ones that generally cause the most trouble. Perhaps one European country, Sweden for example should agree to take the entire 1200000 Arabian Muslims on behalf of the entire EU as they are clearly the most progressive, liberal and multicultural nation in Europe.

      1. I saw a graph once in a mainstream magazine, perhaps the Economist where they asked a question like “Is it appropriate to execute people who insult the prophet?” in various muslim countries. Morocco, Algeria came out like 80% yes and Turkey was the lowest at under 10%. Having spent time in France and Germany can completely agree with your observation here. Seeing seen those Algerians and Moroccans on the streets, on the TGV trains coming up from the mediterranean not able to control anger from no understandable source from boiling over they are a different breed of human. I briefly lived near some Algerians in Germany and it felt like I was in the Sahara not in Germany anymore as they arrogantly and loudly spoke their language in this German village and smoked those stupid pipes they smoke and dirtied and stank up the kitchen with halal meat. Luckily till now there are almost no arabian muslims in Germany I hope it stays that way.. Also, as you say, the Persians are often intelligent and successful in their new countries, just judging from the ones I’ve met..

        1. I concur with you. The Turks who are not Arabs but are yet Muslims are fine in my humble opinion. Any I’ve met were warm,friendly, hospitable people who you could debate and discuss things about their religion and society when you go to their restaurants in Germany or Spain for example. Their food is also great and they’ve traditional views about the family and women without being religious fanatics. Also they’re good workers, they are respectful of themselves and the society they live in. Turks were very much influenced by Greek and Byzantine cultures so I don’t see them in the same way as the Arabs, who are the opposite- have very bad attitudes, lazy, and would walk over you in the street.
          Don’t know many Persians apart from a house I shared many years ago in Manchester with an Iranian family who were hospitable and intelligent people who you discuss thing with- they have of course a different branch of Islam and their culture precedes Islam anyway. It’s impossible to discuss things with many Arabs- they’re right and that’s it.

    4. The problem isn’t the refugees, per se, they are acting according to incentives. The problems is the people in power. If Europeans direct hostility towards the savages, then the media uses that to paint you as Nazis. The proper technique is to direct hostility towards the Europeans who support importing these savages. Only after those people are defeated should you turn to the refugees themselves.

      1. Yes, this point needs to get hammered into everyone’s head before the anger gets misdirected.

      2. “The proper technique is to direct hostility towards the Europeans who support importing these savages.”
        Exactly. Expose the traitors, attack their ideology and follow the money.

    1. Literally. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!
      I need a serious answer to this question: Is this all a dream? Are we living in the matrix?

      1. I know one thing: Putin, the Chinese, ISIS or even the Tooth Fairy are gonna eat the West alive because THEY are not led by faggots.

    2. Obvi. The #1 qualification to get nominated in Obama’s government is to be in an “oppressed group.”

  21. This guy Roosh Vorek aka Daryush Valizadeh is delusional. I’m from Europe and I know how the people here view Persians. The majority of them view you as a filthy sandnigger who worships a pedophile called Mohammed. They don’t give a fuck about the ‘rich culture’ of Persians or that Persians are completely different than Arabs.
    The people here look at the present situation. Iran is a shithole country and they are Muslim. That’s enough for them to refuse people like you. So, you can hate on the refugees, but in Europe they don’t see a difference between Persians, Arabs or Afghans. It’s all Muslim filth and they don’t want them.

    1. What does that have to do with this? Roosh is American, and I doubt he advocates flooding Europe with Persians either.

    2. The people might hate the Arabs and Muslims, but your European governments are letting them all come in to fuck your white women. Your own women view you as weak so they’ve used “multiculturalism” to bring in more alpha men.

        1. It’s a shame that white women would rather have sex with inbred Muslims than with you, isn’t it?

    3. Roosh isn’t a Muslim, but he’s claimed he is one in the past after he was attacked by feminists. The idea was to use the Left’s own political correctness against itself. As far as I know Roosh isn’t a member of any particular religion.

    4. I hope Roosh does not delete this post so the world can see what a dickhead you are.
      I am actually against racism, like yours. But I make the distinction between opposing real racism and the PC new racism.
      When I was a child in the 60’s, racism really was a problem. But since the days of MLK, the goal posts have been moved.
      The reason they changed the definition of racism was to create a demonization campaign to destroy society. And call people racsits who were not so they would “knuckle under”.
      We should all distinguist between the PC definition of fake racism which is all about making people feel guilty about imagined micro-agressions and for crimes committed before they were born.
      And the true racism which really is odious. Like lynching and land confiscation which really did exist.
      I woould say that Marcus fits the true definition of racism.

  22. I think we are witnessing something right now. Important changes are happening, and I predict troubles will happen pretty soon. I have never seen the people so angry against SJWs and leftists as they are right now. This pseudo-refugee invasion is going to be the tipping point.
    I also noticed how the news medias increased their propaganda lately. They no longer report the truth. They do selective news reporting to fit agendas now. First it was for black people, then feminists and now refugees. These groups are only portrayed as victims and nothing negative about them is shown on the news anymore.

    1. There was a report on NBC news last week where Richard Engel was doing a piece in Hungary right at the border. The Hungarian police had just started firing their water cannons and tear gas at the mob that was rushing the gate. Right when Engel was doing his piece in front of the camera, a pregnant Syrian woman stumbled and fainted right in front of him. Here is an article about it.
      I immediately felt that something was off about this piece and how conveniently she just happened to faint in front of him and then make it on the national news.

      1. They put the single woman they could find and made her “faint” in front of cameras to show how oppressed these people are and how bad the police is.

        1. Her back story was that she was 19, pregnant, and on the run with her army deserting husband. They were trying to make it to Germany. Soon afterwards they showed her and she was alright.

        2. The real weakness of Caucasian’s is compassion. The strength of our enemy is the angle of empathy being used against and manufacturing “human interest” stories.

        3. I don’t have any compassion for these scumbags. In fact I hate them deeply. The more I see them crying on TV and acting like victims, the more I hate them. But it seems I am in the minority.

  23. I’d like to see more push back against the wonders of gay men. In other contexts progressives tell us to live in harmony with nature, and the ones of a philosophical bent worry about how the capitalist form of society results in dehumanization and alienation, as we objectify the human body separate from the person instantiated in it so that we can use its components instrumentally.
    Yet gay men do exactly what progressives scold us not to do, as many of them go around engaging in medically dangerous sex acts with strangers they meet in public restrooms, seedy night clubs and on sex tourism trips to impoverished countries.
    If gay male behavior emerged now as a new phenomenon, without decades’ worth of propaganda from corrupt sexologists to try to normalize it, we would see it plainly as a serious neurological disorder.

    1. Well, have you ever heard of a “flying lesson”? Generally they use a tall building. You see, Islam is completely serious about killing perversion. Gays should flee, but they won’t. Most folks never truly believe that they will be killed. Think of the infanticide practiced in the west. Think of the deliberate destruction of males by feminism. Who will fight for perverts? That’s why the slaughter will be so great. And, as a matter of fact, so richly deserved.

      1. As a civilized red blooded west European man I find these things appalling, repugnant and vile. Just because you don’t agree with people doesn’t mean you become a savage yourself. War can be just and necessary, something the hippy, lefty generation forgot. Evil begets Evil. The Romans wielded power and domain over the savages by knowing how to wield the sword. ISIS only respect the sword.

        1. And, just who, exactly, is going to fight Islamic expansion? The only way to fight Islam was shown by the Crusaders. They actually fought dirtier than Islam. Thing is this……Western societies are extremely perverted. There’s a wholesale slaughter of babies going on. Do you expect western men to defend such abhorrent behavior? As the Roman Empire fell, the remaining masculine males faded away, and went over to the other side. That’s what will happen again. Because Islam will kill out western perversion.

        2. It won’t because the truth be known they’re nothing, nada, desert dust without western technology and acumen. Suppose in some hypothetical world the “men” with the big swords and beards take over the western world, after they had established themselves they’d so realize that they’ll need the infidels for their continued expansion and power over their new world. Additionally, just like Orwell’s Animal Farm, the holy ones at the top, like all Arab societies, would soon start treating themselves better than the minions below….this will displease the dumb followers, who will revolt against the ISIS elite, who will be destroyed….they’re not interested in God or morality, it’s all about power, and you know what they say about absolute power.
          I don’t know what western men will or will not defend these days, certainly I don’t think American or European soldiers lives should have ever been sent into Iraqi from 2002-2009. Think of all the lives gone and for what? To make the world or the region more peaceful. These lives were all lost because of a bunch lies made up by the British and American Governments- it was always about oil, so the American army was fighting for the profitability of corporate America. How sick can a system get…keep the under privileged white and black men as cannon fodder?
          I don’t blame you for the way you actually feel..but I couldn’t break bread with degenerate, vile creatures like ISIS in a month of Sundays.

        3. Wars are won and lost due to the will to resist. Islam is set up for a long range struggle. Perversion is not. Western society is doomed for the infanticide, much less the destruction of males by any means possible.
          The only way to stop Islam is to kill them all. Ain’t going to happen.

  24. Multiculturalism, a movement started in elite academic humanities departments, like so many other dead-end nihilistic movements (Postmodernism and tribalistic sidekicks such as: egalitarian equalist philosophies of the Feminine Imperative (FI), that if signed off on by your Bettitude understanding leads to your relationship death spiral that the better parts of the ~sphere address in order to save your ass) is an attack on the objectivity of epistemology or the source of knowledge and morality. Maryland’s former governor once referred to [the] movement as bunk. He is correct, but he didn’t go so as to far to nail the multiculturalists and take their argument out at their knees like a Mafia hit. I so wished he did nail those pansy-assed jackasses and kicked their asses back to their miserable Ivory Towers. The same Towers that would be out of business in a New York minute if the Feds stop subsidizing the education
    When the otherwise ~unemployable~ academic multiculturalists (for which some of you gladly pay $1200 a credit hour to listen to) attack Western achievements such as the enlightened values such as the birth of logic, the scientific method, the objective and moral requirements grounded in biology necessary to live and achievement happy life, it is the confused field operatives of said academics such as SJW’s who extend and promote dead-end anti-intellectual group think to cure racism, ethnocentrism, genderism, ad nauseum—in their willful disdain for reality it’s already in a preliminary state of collapse, it never had firm footing.
    The dominate and destructive cultural narratives controlled by presstitutes dismiss enlightened thinking and ideas grounded in reality (bio-mechanics) which get little or no airtime. But this Top-Down Command and Control Hierarchy is and will be blown
    away by the network of emergent momentum. And that will be all good if emergent
    and hard sell ideas such as psychological freedom, self-responsibility,
    improved relations between you and your not yet estate and the benefits of said
    human estate (unlimited ceiling) are made clear and out compete other ideas and
    eventually rise to the top. The matrix is everywhere, it doesn’t just stop with
    applied Red Pill wonderland ideas confined to malefemale dynamics.

    1. I think there’s a dichotomy between the pseudo intellectualism of the social sciences and psychology where a lot of this “unquestionable” left wing ideological babble comes from and the theoretical insights that come through the relatively objective hard sciences of biology etc…
      I think there’s a moral imperative on the sciences to neutrally convey the facts as they are, once they give in to pressure from ideologies of the left or indeed right, then real science has given up all its credibility. There have been cases where SJWs have successfully had biology departments change their findings for purely ideological reasons. This to me is an unacceptable departure from the scientific method and it’s a return back to the dark ages. It’s odd how SJWs and left wing organisations are beginning to act like the Catholic Church during the time of Galileo. The more things change….the more they stay the same…some people never evolve, they just change their clothes and join up with whatever group in a given historical epoch best suits their evident insecurity in the world….tis a sad but true fact of history.

  25. There is definitely evidence of SJW narrative collapse, especially on Reddit and elsewhere with the rise of Red Pill, Dark Enlightenment, and other anti-SJW movements and ideologies. Online, whenever a story breaks out about the public school war on boys or about false rape accusations, the overwhelming majority of comments are against the SJWs, and we’re not talking about conservative websites, but sites like Reddit that have a broad appeal.

    1. Evidence of a narrative collapse? how about this mind- melter:
      Overheard a convo about Bruce J being on the Ellen Show. She asks him about his position on gay marriage. He is on the fence! He is a traditionalist. Ellen glowers at him. Apparently, after the show, she flips out at him, calling him homophobic.
      A lesbain called a tranny who likes women(so he is a lesbian too?) a homophobe…someone cue up the “mind: blown” gif from the forum please…

      1. Did he fuck her later in the dressing room? When bitches go off like that, they subconsciously want it.

        1. Thanks for conjuring up the image in my brains of a man in heels banging a woman in timberland boots….seriously, I thank you for that.

  26. Europeans getting DAT karma from invading every continent on this planet, raping all the resources and committing genocide everywhere they go.
    *grabs popcorn*

    1. Europeans coming to the inescapable conclusion that all people are not equal and the natural order of things is for the strong to rule the weak.
      *grabs popcorn*

      1. Lol you people can’t even reproduce correctly fuck you mean. Your religious leaders are pedophiles, your political leaders sold you out a century ago and your economic leaders got their money enslaving masses of people. (Yes Europeans are slaves too y’all haven’t been shit until the upper class let you have a small slice in the 1940’s

        1. -the catholic church is not christian -america was founded on CHRISTIAN values not “enslaving” people and fucking shit up -our political leaders are beholden to the jews and most ARE jews (federal reserve has been headed by jews for the last 30 YEARS STRAIGHT) -the jews have instigated every war for over the last 100 years AND our politicians send our young men to die overseas under the guise of some moral crusade but really it’s for jewish interests – white people ENDED slavery -jews perpetuated it (do basic research and you will see them boast about it!) -there were more white slaves in the US than there were black slaves you fucking dog -a black man was the first man to own a slave in america. -just over 1% of the entire population of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES owned a slave and 40% of the slave owners in the south were JEWISH -stop blaming white people for everything! THEY BROUGHT THE FUCKING WORLD OUT THE STONE AGE YOU DUMB SHIT.

        2. please, europeans were enslaving natives and africans BEFORE 1776 this entire country was built on slavery. those “christian” values were the main enslavement tool for natives and africans to brainwash us into thinking we were inferior. It’s your fore fathers own faults they got involved with the Khazars from the trans atlantic slave trade to the banking schemes to being Israel’s side bitch who will fight for them with zero benefit. Dumb ass Europeans and Dumb ass Arabs both got super pimped into “hating” each other when culturally you’re both the same. LOL
          “there were more white slaves in the US than there were black slaves you fucking dog”
          be specific, bring out the facts kid.
          “a black man was the first man to own a slave in america.”
          who specifically?
          ” 40% of the slave owners in the south were JEWISH -stop blaming white people for everything”
          Khazars are white dickhead, this is why they blend so easily in Europe and can pretend to be an Arab are you color blind?
          how? by forcing Africans to do all the work?
          Lol, trust me, I know you JUdeo-christians are enslaved to the Khazar Krackers. what’s your point?

        3. I don’t have the energy to keep up this dialogue with you. So, I’ll try to keep this all as simple and straight-forward as I can. If you actually CARE about the actual truth you will read what I am about to write to you. The world living under white rule is like heaven no earth. Just wait until they are demographically genocided and you see the utter brutality of what’s to come under your new “rulers”.
          -“Enslaving Natives” –
          -NO WHERE in the new testament does it suggest or imply that anyone should conquer or enslave any other groups of people. And if the Bible’s message WAS perverted, that’s not my fault. Bible or no Bible shitty people are shitty people. Don’t talk about Christianity as though it is inherently bad. Out of all the fucked up religions, it is by far the most forgiving, loving and gracious religion.
          -Black Slave Owner – Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured servants. All masters were required to free their servants after their time was up. Seven years was the limit that an indentured servant could be held. Upon their release they were granted50 acres of land. This included any Negro purchased from slave traders. Negros were also granted 50 acres upon their release.
          Anthony Johnson was a Negro from modern-day Angola. He was brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619. In 1622 he was almost killed when Powhatan Indians attacked the farm. 52 out of 57 people on the farm perished in the attack. He married a female black servant while working on the farm.
          When Anthony was released he was legally recognized as a “free Negro” and ran a successful farm. In 1651 he held 250 acres and five black indentured servants. In 1654, it was time for Anthony to release John Casor, a black indentured servant. Instead Anthony told Casor he was extending his time. Casor left and became employed by the free white man Robert Parker.
          Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654. In 1655, the court ruled that Anthony Johnson could hold John Casor indefinitely. The court gave judicial sanction for blacksto own slave of their own race. Thus Casor became the first permanent slave and Johnson the first slave owner.
          Whites still could not legally hold a black servant as an indefinite slave until 1670. In that year, the colonial assembly passed legislation permitting free whites, blacks, and Indians the right to own blacks as slaves.
          By 1699, the number of free blacks prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. This was the first effort to gently repatriate free blacks back to Africa. The modern nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia both originated as colonies of repatriated former black slaves.
          However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States.
          By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone.
          -WHITE SLAVES –
          -Khazars are white? Ok, well literally ZERO “traditional European Christian Whites” DO NOT subscribe to their disgusting view of the world, their usury and their vomit-inducing treatment of other people.
          -Africans built this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA By the end of this century there will be OVER 4 BILLION BLACKS in Africa. By this logic they should be fling to the stars anytime now.
          -Stop blaming whitey for your personal failures. The Arab slave trade was a hundred times worse. One day you will wish whitey was around to save your ass from what’s coming.

        4. Fuck Arabs those crackers are Jew babies just like Europeans. Please educate yourself on the Arabic slave trade, the Moorish rulership of Europe from 711-1491 and how 1492 completely fucked the world AGAIN for the second time since degenerate cave dwellers invades kemet in 332BC. Get some FACTS in your life not biblical bullshit

        5. But since you love your plagiarized bible so much why don’t you do research on “Esau” ;-). Know your history.

        6. Dude, I’m done with you. I know you didn’t read what I just wrote. I put in a lot of work to write all that in response to your accusations. Like I said, you will see the truth about whitey when diversity and enrichment knock on your door.

        7. “first slave owner was black…”
          *Sites a story from the 1600’s
          jack ass the trans atlantic slave trade started with colombus. read a fucking book.
          dumb ass, if someone walked up to you with an AK-47 in your face and took your wallet, does that mean you just sold your wallet to a mugger? dick head read a fucking book. The Arabs had invaded Africa from the east in 639AD, after almost a thousand years of foreign (Persian 525BC, Greco 332BC & Roman 146BC) rulership from war mongering Asiatics and Europeans. thus starting the Arabic slave trade. Almost 1,000 years of invasion had forced MANY Africans living on the Nile Valley to migrate into south, central and west Africa (Dogon are a good example). Similar to the Syrian refugees West Africa, Central Africa and South Africa began to see a large influx of fleeing people setting up civilizations with foreign influence (Kings like Mansa Musa in west Africa, richest man to ever live in recent history had Arabic influences). The Nile Valley had held up 50 80-90% of All African populations depending on the era so these Arabic and European invasions from the North and East disrupted a LOT.
          With the continent not in the same strength as pre 525BC and prone to attack from the East, West Africans, Central and South Africans were living relatively good…. Until 1492 when The Moors who re-civilized Europe lost in 1492 and were forced to expose the areas that were NOT inhabited by Arabs or Europeans or Khazar “Jews” before 1492. This is also the same year Europeans “discovered” America after taking Moorish maps (known sea navigators, check the Olmec as a great example). They used this same current in the ocean to start the trans atlantic slave trade. This is why ignorant caucasians say “blacks sold blacks” say what REALLY happened. when europeans invaded from the West after Arabic invasion from the east (all financed by Khazars btw). This led the entire continent to be surrounded, and as we all know now.. completely raped which is continuing to this day because you greedy degenerate war mongers still haven’t got a clue on how to be civilized or build your own society based on merit.

        8. Africans were doing just great for over 3 million years before 525BC and 332BC
          High level civilized society
          operative stone masonry
          extremely sophisticated architecture
          supreme high level spiritual connection to the earth
          ocean navigation
          the FIRST official state
          the FIRST to develop math, science, philosophy, spirituality
          the FIRST to erect obelisks (copied from America)
          the FIRST to incorporate the red,white and blue symbolizing the Nile Valley
          the FIRST to track the stars with extreme accuracy
          the FIRST to make a calendar
          the FIRST to bring a monotheistic way of religion
          the FIRST to smelt iron
          I could go on… and most of the inventions claimed in america during slavery were masters taking credit for their slaves work. Europeans had no reason to lift a finger or be creative because all they did was tell black folks what to do against our will. All you invented was the patent office.
          look at the music today blues, rock n roll, soul, jazz, salsa, even now ya’ll are trying to steal rap this shit is a joke you’re a culture of war mongering hacks just like the Arabs and Khazars you despise so much. Ya’ll are on the same tune.

        9. i read it and it was lies mixed with half truths and bullshit with a biblical mythology sprinkled on top. get some facts in ya system boy. genetically speaking you’re black people’s youngest, most insecure, ignorant and degenerate child mutt that has neanderthal blood with by FAR the most savage, war mongering and genocidal history on this planet… yet you wanna talk shit about us fuck outta here

        10. I could refute that with a whole bunch of facts if you’d like but let’s take a superficial look in stead. “degenerate mutt children” hey? White philosophers, inventors, musicians, painters and artists of all kinds have created the most highly refined beautiful works in the history of planet earth. The culture of whites cannot be TOUCHED by any other civilization in history. Believe in your fantasies all you want pharaoh. Go listen to some rap “music” and enlighten yourself or go have some fried chicken – one of the culinary delights of the world.

        11. You are not tired. You are not prepared to take your argument any further than what you read on the internet and media. We will give you more time to do some more CNN research. You guys are always good for thinking you can tell someone something that we don’t know. Guess its that superiority gene kicking in.

        12. Dude you are wasting your time. Af far as they know , black history started with slavery. And as long as it does , in their mind, it helps to passify them. Keeps that superiority thing going in their minds.

        13. Dude, Its HIS-STORY! you are wasting your time. They don’t even want to hear that allot of your info was put together by white historians and archeologists. Thats how looked in on what they think is so great about being white. Go fuck some white pussy man!!

        14. Bro, don’t play their game of name calling and critisizing grammar. Just hit them with the summery facts and DROP THE MIC!!! BOOOM!

        15. Did you know the average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa is 70? Koko the gorilla tested higher than that. Your people rape babies to cure AIDS and eat albinos to gain magical powers, what more needs to be said?

        16. Europe is far bigger than Spain/Portugal etc… So you’re exaggerating a little bit.
          I did enjoy your posts for entertainment value I guess because you need to back that up with some sort of solid evidence. Like evidence of the first “highl level civilized society” “3 million years ago” and “extremely advanced architecture” etc…
          Define this stuff and post some solid evidence that we can examine to know that this is truth.

        17. Oldest human bones are found in Ethiopia, estimated to be 3.2 million years old.
          Look to the Nile Valley starting at the great lakes. Kush, Punt, Kemet.
          Look at the Iron smelting found to be at least 40,000 years old with radio carbon dating.
          Read about the “Olmec”

        18. Your religious leaders are known Pedo’s, slave traders and genocide enablers. Every continent you settle on (not native ANYWHERE), you bring disease, slavery schemes and degeneracy.
          Specifically where do you find that? Because cannibalism in Europe is VERY verifiable…

        19. The oldest human/proto-human bones *found* are hardly evidence of advanced “high level civilizations” (same goes for smelting). I think we need to start with definitions before we continue.
          What exactly is a “high level civilized society” and how is one more so than another?
          What is “extremely advanced architecture” and how does it compare to what is available today? Is what we have now extremely advanced too, less advanced or extra-extremely advanced?

        20. Being that the first nation to ever officially documented is Ethiopia (Kush) and the Nile Valley. This is the base of all modern civilization today. There is a reason the iconic Pyramids and artwork are copied all over the world today. Look at operative freemasonry. Look at your dollar bill. Look at Washington. None of these use Greece or Rome as a base. But instead they look at African Nile Valley civilization. This is all easily verified

        21. Unfortunately you’re skipping my important questions and pushing your spiel. That won’t help your agenda, even though I’m interested.
          Also, the countries that I have lived in have no pyramids or such artwork on their currency… and where there is (in other countries), it’s simply a mark of (historically recent) Rothschild business dealings aka “Zionist” aka “Jewish” if you want to go down the path of simplifying it.
          Here’s a brain melter: How can you prove that the secret powers of the world aren’t run by a group of black fellas?
          And alternatively, how would you know if an advanced, ancient civilisation of white people weren’t behind everything but there are no remains because cremation was the cleanest form of dealing with corpses among the most advanced civilisations?
          Nothing is *EASILY* verifiable. If it were that easy then it wouldn’t be so common to build many differing theories.
          Also just to backtrack: How do you know the Olmecs did not use black slaves? (Olmecs were ethnic Americans).

        22. Again. Europeans had nothing to do with kemet until 332BC
          Olmec were from the Nile Valley, hence the same culture, stone masonry, architecture and spiritual system. Just do some research its very easily verified.

        23. Can you link me up please? I did some google searches and came up with conflicting info to what you’re saying. I don’t know which is correct and which isn’t… hence my view that it isn’t as easily verifiable as you imagine.
          Also, you’re still being elusive about the definition of advanced civilization and architecture in comparison to today’s…
          Or any info whatsoever on civilizations 3 million years ago that you mentioned.
          …and the customs of burning and cremation among natives and travelers from forested and timber using areas of the world, such as Northern Europe or even the Steppe, which leave very little evidence of existence over time.

        24. Kemet pre 525BC = black “sub Saharan” African civilization that got its origins in the great lakes. The LAST civilization on the Nile Valley aka why “upper kemet” is below “lower kemet” on a euro-centrick map. South was “above” because they came down the river
          Kemet from 525-332BC = dark skinned Persian controlled (Darius)
          Kemet turned into “Egypt”(Greek word originating from “Ptah” an African god) in 332BC when Alexander conquered Persia. This is the FIRST white man to ever control ANYTHING in Africa (hence why they call him “the great”) and as you can see its been down hill degeneracy ever since when the Romans took over, Arabic imperialism in 639AD, European imperialism in 1492AD, “Berlin conference” of 1884AD.

        25. Is there a reason why you’re ignoring my questions?
          You’re focused only on Africa, to the point of coming off as racist…
          And you seem to have a black vs white attitude without accepting that there are several shades of white and several shades of black! And red, and yellow and so on…
          Are North American Indians black or white in your binary view? How about Slavic people or Eskimos?

        26. Native Americans are Asiatics who traveled across from Alaska. There are also dark skinned natives who traveled by boat (Olmec for example).
          Slavic people are Caucasians…
          I focus on Africa because I’m an African. I focus on Africa because European Caucasian’s & Arabic Caucasian’s have been hell bent on raping the entire continent since 332BC and continue to, to this day.

        27. I don’t recall Slavic people or Balts (European Caucasians) raping the entire African continent… not even a part of it. Once again, your racism is grouping anyone non-black as the enemy. This sort of approach does you no favours and most people will simply switch off or block whatever it is that you want them to know because of it.
          …and you still haven’t provided a definition of advanced civilizations and architecture for the purpose of comparison (I’m bringing this up because the initial posts were a pissing contest about who was first and better/more advanced, which is pointless in itself when you consider all angles including the passage of time and infinite unknown variables and developments worldwide).

        28. It’s just a bunch of bricks layered on top of each other in one of the simplest geometric shapes/structures. Even termites build more advanced structures! And in comparison to the cities designed and built today, it is nothing.
          Even children build more elaborate sand castles! The fact that pyramids are scaled up is simply a function of organizing the man-power to do the laborious work involved… Creativity itself is inherent in all humans and when the need, motivation and resources are available, great things are built.

        29. Yet crackers spend a lot of time with religion and free masonry copying our ancient culture…..

        30. What exactly have they copied? The world of today is nothing like the world of 10 thousand years ago… unless you’re talking about somewhere deep in Africa, where Africans are killing other Africans with “white” AK-47s instead of spears.
          …Did white people copy killing from black people too? No. It’s human nature, just like all other aspects of it… from innovation and inspiration to religious systems and family structures.
          Anyway, you’re probably getting Arabs and Semitic people mixed up with whites in your understanding of history and trying to link it with more recent west European colonial expansion while lumping in all non-participating whites with them.
          Learn more. Or don’t… it makes no difference to me because we have nothing in common and don’t know each other. We’re only able to have this discussion because you guys apparently invented the electrical grid, computing, satellites and the internet… and English. Thanks random black guy.

        31. “What exactly have they copied?”
          European, Jew-“ish” and Arabic culture ALL have their roots from Africa. Religion, political systems, hierarchy, stone masonry, Freemasonry, music, art… There’s obelisks in Washington DC for fucks sake… You have a pyramid on the one dollar bill… Every time black folks make some form of music it gets copied and remixed by European culture vultures… Do some research man the shit is hidden in plain sight…

  27. Feminists are going to be raped and beaten by this Islamic host. Perhaps beheaded, or more likely, their throats cut. Plain fact is, they deserve it. I’m waiting for the first beheading videos. At least, these worthless feminists won’t be able to kill any more babies.
    A woman with short hair is going to have a bad day. Likewise, women who aren’t modest or who act boldly. Yeah, just think…..Feminism ruined or literally killed the males who would have defended them.

    1. Beaten by the Islamic host, yes. Raped? I don’t think so. They’re not THAT thirsty and they wouldn’t want to catch any STDs.

      1. Of course they will…..they correctly view western women as sex crazed perverts. You really need to read up on Islamic conquests. These guys are operating out of a Seventh century playbook. Rape is actually their right, as well as cutting the women’s throat afterwards. You have a lot to learn, sadly. Captives and slaves are treated as disobedient property. A woman doesn’t have to posses her tongue to be used as a breeder. As for fat women……bayonet and pistol practice……you see, by their playbook, when you lose, you get killed. It sucks to be a captive. Women really have no idea whatsoever about what’s coming their way. And, factually, they deserve it. Feminists have engaged in the systematic destruction of boys and men. The only way this stops is with heaps of slaughtered women, scattered everywhere. Plain history, for the ignorant.

        1. I was picturing the feminists like the German Prime Minister who wants the migrants into her country.

        2. If ISIS is any indication, many of these SJW women are going to be sexually abused and gangraped in ways they could not possibly imagine, while also birthing the next generation of ISIS at the same time.

        3. It would depend on their breeding quality. You see, what those women don’t realize is that their tongues will probably be cut out. But, what the hell….Facts are such fickle things……check out Islamic slaving practices. The point being……if it was done in the Seventh century, it will be done here.
          So, let them be slaughtered. They need to be culled anyways. No children? No reason to let you live. That’s a historic fact, coming soon.

  28. The central problem with Multi-Culturalism is that if you declare all cultures equal, then the idea of universal rights goes right out the window, because many cultures do not acknowledge that such rights exist. If you try and say all cultures are ‘equal’, then that means no culture can criticize another — Muslims can’t can criticized for marriages to nine year old child brides, Christian Africans can’t be criticized for putting accused gays to death, Russians can’t be condemned for sending journalists to prison as spies ‘just because’, Chinese can’t be challenged on their love of using the Death Penalty, etc.

    1. Multi-culturalism should be only what your culture does that is legal under the laws of OUR land. If you don’t like our laws and you’re an immigrant, you can conform or GTFO!

    2. And full circle you have the hypocrisy of homosexualism on full display in america where Christians are openly persecuted.

  29. From the Partisans song…
    Ami, si tu tombes un ami sort de l´ombre à ta place.
    Demain du sang noir sèchera au grand soleil sur les routes.
    Sifflez, compagnons, dans la nuit la liberté nous écoute…
    It’s simmering nicely…

    1. Iranians (Persians) are a related branch of the Indo-European languages and people. If you don’t know a Persian is a Persian, many times you’ll think him to be white or Mediterranean (Italian/Greek). I don’t know what his other half is.

      1. Indians are part of that group also. Its called miscegenation, which is what this invasion is trying create.
        Alot of these Syrians look white, should we take them all in? Hell no.
        Persians are the same, some are white some are not, at the end of the day they’re non-European muds.

  30. I just watched that South Park episode today. So that’s the first time that the term SJW has been aired in the mainstream. Got me wondering what it must be like to live in America if there are jocks who tell people to “check their privilege”. Is this “check your privilege” thing a South Park invention or is it something that one is told to do in America? Another good episode recently was where Randy says niggers on wheel of fortune and is hunted down by social justice supremacists. Then there was the one “Reverse Cowgirl” where all sorts of crazy shit happens cause Clyde left the toilet seat up.. Note the line “you have blood on your white penis!” Funny stuff, and it is helping our wonderful cause 😉 Nice to think that a “tipping point” is coming out of this refugee crisis and this stinking turd of PC and power to minorities might soon be flushed..

  31. When you say “immigration crisis” what do you mean? If you are talking about the roving bands coming from the ME and Africa but it seems to me, that at least in regard to the UK, immigration per se is under control.

        1. Consider yourself pardoned. In future try to behave. 🙂
          Property rights: So obviously you do not own property by virtue of your skin colour. London belongs to whoever holds the title for the individual estates in the clearly defined area known as London. Nowhere will you find a property title that says “all of London may be considered held in common and in perpetuity by White people no matter what”.

        2. No it doesn’t that’s absurd. Anyway, 60% of the population of London is White so you needn’t worry.

        3. Oh, I take it you’re a black dude with an axe to grind? You never quite feel like you fit in anywhere you roam, huh? Sorry my bad, London belongs to Africans. Silly me. I’m just a girl anyways, what do I know. If you’re black I owe you my gratitude. Every place your people migrate to, the host country or sovereign state becomes enriched and enlightened. The benefits abound! Thank you for that!

        4. No, there is no such deed, so Niggers and Wogs must be driven out. Doubtful that will happen, since Britons are so slavish to Niggers, Faggots and Wogs.

        5. You’re a chick? Why didn’t you say so? I think we’ve had enough foreplay, want to move on to the main event?

        6. You’ll find that property “rights” mean absolutely nothing when:
          1) the native people or
          2) the people in power or
          3) future conquerors
          decide that they don’t want to play the current game of laws.
          Johannesburg could be easily overthrown by the majority natives, much like how Berlin was “cleansed” of foreign economic and social invaders during the 40’s (by the natives). The same could easily happen in a city like London if the camels back gets broken… or if the camel actually grows a back he he.

        7. You are talking about a violent assault on people’s property rights? For example if a band of armed robbers attacked your home? The way to deal with this to remove the privilege of police power from the State and restore full rights of self-defense to the legal property owners.

        8. Think of it more in a mathematical sense too. If one group pisses off the majority, the majority will simply take away that (foreign) group’s privileges. The native majority usually has a numbers advantage and they can use force, laws or any other means available (if they chose to ignore international agreements)
          This can also be done by invaders but I don’t want to complicate the base theory.
          I’ll use the Nazi example because everyone knows it: Jews bought out and controlled a large portion of German life. The Germans decided enough was enough, kicked out the Jews and reclaimed all the real estate and property back for themselves.
          An imaginary example would be: South African natives (number advantage) got tired of Dutch or British people controlling cities in their land and decided to slaughter them all, reclaiming the cities (property) for themselves.

        9. If the SA natives kicked out the descendents of Dutch and British people, would that be the right thing or the wrong thing, in your view?

        10. It’s not a matter of right or wrong. It’s a matter of house/majority rules… so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
          Right vs wrong doesn’t really exist in nature… does it?

        11. Natural Rights? John Locke? Ethics derived from logic? Fundamentally, our system of civilization rests on these rights. Democracy is essentially might makes right and of course you soon wind up with contradictions.

  32. Good to know that it is starting to falter. It was futile from the beginning. People this reality cannot sustain “multiculturalism” because we simply don’t mix. Whether it Jews and Muslims or Japanese and Chinese. Moreover, in order to get people to mix requires, as we are seeing, the heavy hand of authoritarianism. And the results are nightmarish as it reduces down to option 1 which is surrendering your identity in either a small or big way replacing it with a bland sterilized uniformed culture or option 2 nonconformist killed or sent to brutal camps. I believe we can optimize our coexistence without sacrificing much of our national, ethnic and, as follows, genetic identity to include maintaining traditions and religions etc. Let the state try it and you get what we have today.

  33. As is the course of nature, the shackles of patriarchy will once again subdue and repress the licentious and profligate nature of the American female.
    I fear only that she shall never again live with the relative ease and comfort once afforded her by the mores of her Christian forefathers; rather, her subjugation will come from men of foreign lands, whose harshness and cruelty will cause her to long for the days of liberty she once mistook for oppression.

    1. Those what have survived, as they say. Snowflakes in chains, minus tongues. Seems like the daughters of Jerusalem underwent similar circumstances. The Creator said that they wouldn’t believe what was going to happen, even though they were warned. Oh well, go out to the maltreating sword! IIRC. This time, well, there’s the blood of the innocents crying out, and He who calls to account bears much wrath.
      Baal and infanticide…..words actually fail me.

  34. I just clicked on the Daily Beast article that was linked to on your piece on Rick Wilson. I scrolled down to see the comments, and saw a message telling Daily Beast readers that “As of today” they will no longer continue to have a comment section. THIS is what you’re going to be seeing on almost all mainstream sites. There is too much real-talk out there for the moderators to handle. So instead of relying on censorship, they’re being forced to close down comment sections all together.

  35. Yes Multiculturalism is collapsing as an idea around the West (it was never accepted anywhere else) and our elites have trouble holding it together.
    However, here in Europe, we still may have a hand in changing our fates. The Europeans are still overly the majority in our lands, and its a simple matter of tightening our borders and deporting the dangerous individuals.
    But in the USA, you have an almost impossible challenge. The White and Native American population is almost now on equal footing with other races in terms of demographics in the USA. As such you cannot easily claim back your country. Compromises will have to be made.
    Alternatively, you could aim for separatism, which is a good solution, but almost impossible to be implemented without bloodshed.

  36. The state of world affairs is the work of Jews.
    Zionism, Communism, Marxism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Anarchism, Socialism, Mass Immigration, Political Correctness, The Frankfurt School and its doctrine of Critical Theory, Civil Rights Groups, Sexual Perversions and Fag Parades, Degeneracy promoted in the Arts, Entertainment and Hollywood, are all JEWISH.
    These ideologies were conceptualized to overthrow the White European Civilization. JUDEO-Christianity is your Christian faith inverted to serve Jewish socio-political interests. Cuckservatives and Conspiracytards are Jew-cucked controlled opposition that do not really attack the heart of the Radical Jewish-Left. Conspiracytards like Infowars cloak the Jews behind shadowy labels that are unable to be opposed by political reformation and to spread disinfo among the half-awakened people who do not know where to turn.. e.g. “Illuminati” “Globalists” “Banksters” “Big Media” “Elites” “Bilderbergs” “New (Jew) World Order” etc etc
    The problem with the world is International Jewry. Its Banks, Its Media, Its Education, Its Culture and Ideologies. Frankly, you are not truly redpilled until you become a Fascist.

  37. And also with you.
    It seems to me that its the Saudis and Chinese are buying up London (I work in real estate). So for these fools to being going after negras and nameless other Africans is really a great example of how your average racist is so clueless he’s busying slaying the wrong pig while the carpet is being pulled out from under him.

  38. All of you shouldn’t panic. This opening of the floodgates is a sign of desperation, not strength. The enemy is weak, and their fake money power is evaporating. Everyone is now broke. Even the bankers know that soon hyperinflation will eliminate their fortunes. They’re doing what they always do when they start to lose – double down. Doubling down is what bad gamblers do when they start to lose. They are losing everything this time. There is no America or England to save them this time.

  39. The multicultural narrative is collapsing because chaos was its goal all along. First, destroy conservative culture through feminism, homos, civil rights for criminal ne gros, a garbage culture, socialism (no jobs, everyone on the government dole) etc. then bring in tons of immigrants and push the culture of an even more conservative religion/culture (Islam). It creates conflict where there shouldn’t be any. The end result is societal collapse – The trick of the Jew!

  40. so is the economy. i wouldn’t get too giddy just yet.
    i was viewed as a deranged environazi because i put forward the notion that corporations and big farms should have stricter oversight so that manure and chemicals don’t seep into the groundwater.
    they might be awake but they aren’t smart.
    good luck to all.

  41. Smeth Rogen is one of the most brain-dead morons in Zombie-wood. I eat at ChickFilA. It’s all about the chicken sandwich, not politics. I still have Firefox. I don’t care who’s running the company. I shop at Hobby Lobby because they have stuff I want to buy. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. There are two things I worry about. AmSoc, it’s all about the control, George. And Islam, a force for intolerance and domination. Why any rational being anywhere would get behind either one just shows you how easy it really is to lead the masses around with cool-sounding memes.

  42. I don’t know, their narrative is like a religious mantra. See below the reaction when faced with facts

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