Germany Finds Homes For Migrants As Penniless Greek Women Sell Their Bodies For Pennies

As Germany focuses its attention on accommodating at least 800,000 new Syrian arrivals, 75%+ of whom are not Syrian, cash-strapped Greek women are working as prostitutes for as little as two euro ($2.12). Having refused to help its fellow EU state anymore, Berlin has hypocritically sought to appease self-hating Germans, who relish the prospect of extinguishing traditional German ethnic identity, and already lavished billions in government funds on finding homes, jobs and social security for Middle Eastern migrants. These migrants are usually unwilling or unable to prove who they even are.

You might remember, just prior to the massive spike in hundreds of thousands of young, able-bodied Middle Eastern men seeking “asylum” in Germany, that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government refused to give more money to Greece. The Greek people, especially its young adults, students, pensioners and disabled, had labored under the weight of onerous austerity measures for over half a decade. Yet Berlin was, aside from a few common sense extensions to Greece’s debt deadlines, unwilling to ever budge. So what sinister game is now being played with all the money being splurged on non-Europeans at the expense of poverty-stricken EU citizens?

Merkel’s about-face

The only thing more in-your-face than Merkel’s cleavage is her newfound disdain for traditional German and European identity.

At the time, having strong ethnic links to Germany myself, I completely supported Merkel’s hardline attitude. After all, if Berlin was coming down strongly on the Greeks, this would surely flow to non-European immigration and similar maladies as well. Readers may call me naive for having had that perception, but I had good reason. Anyone familiar with native German media, not the BBC or CNN, would have sensed the groundswell that began in earnest five years ago. PEGIDA and other expressions of the average German’s fury at political correctness are merely the result of long-term debates within the country.

As early as 2010, Merkel herself was publicly criticizing Germany’s failed multiculturalism. Even the former Socialist federal minister Thilo Sarrazin and other nominal left-wingers joined establishment figures in castigating Germany’s essentially suicidal policies of immigration. Sarrazin’s book, Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (“Germany Abolishes Itself”/”Germany Does Itself In”), was unsurprisingly the best-selling book of the decade. German-language reports in particular evinced what seemed to be a rapid change in German elites’ feelings towards foreigners arriving in Germany for thinly veiled economic reasons.

What Greeks? What Europeans? We see only Middle Easterners

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you women and children refugees.

Meanwhile, Greek women selling sex are now trying to subsist based on the price of a sandwich. Of course, mainstream commentators will always put the spotlight on females suffering from Greece’s spectacular implosion, hence the prostitute angle emphasized by The Washington Post and other media outlets. However, we should not dismiss this narrower lens because it still speaks volumes about the skewed priorities of Berlin, Brussels and the SJWs clamoring for both these governments to accept another 10 million “refugees.”

If Greeks were not worthy of further monies from Berlin and other richer European governments (and I’m not saying this isn’t the case), 800,000+ Middle Easterners are certainly not deserving of the gargantuan assistance they are presently receiving. That is, of course, unless Merkel and others are seeking to spiritually expand the European Union’s borders well beyond Europe itself, in some sort of macabre nod to the very senile George Soros.

What about East Germany?

East Germany’s housing, unemployment and other economic crises are being deliberately ignored by Berlin, which is preferencing non-German illegal immigrants and “refugees”.

Forget Greece and its penniless new prostitutes for a moment. East Germany, which has only been reunited with West Germany for a quarter of a century, still lags behind the rest of the country. Nonetheless, this is the part of Germany where the biggest load of so-called Middle Eastern refugees have been officially resettled. That PEGIDA’s headquarters is in Dresden, a city in the Free State of Saxony in the east, is no mistake at all. East Germans have incessantly sought better living conditions, only to be slapped in the face by a central government more interested in providing for the needs of non-Germans.

Britain’s Financial Times is one of the reputable publications that has called out East Germany’s stagnant position. Its per capita output is only two thirds that of the average of western and southern German states, unemployment is nearly twice as high and the real economic gains it made from its low 1989 base leveled off a decade and a half ago. None of this matters, though, as Merkel and her CDU cronies have no solid electoral base in East Germany. And by dumping a greater proportion of new non-European arrivals there, they don’t risk alienating or losing their voter heartlands.

Welcome to George Soros’ Brave New Europe

Decrepit billionaire financier George Soros is not the only powerful person who wants to see a borderless Europe from the outside, not just within. This is a view increasingly shared by Angela Merkel and others, such as French President François Hollande, who will not face the demographic crisis boiling up for years within their respective countries. In conjuring up fantastical dreams of peaceful side-by-side co-existence between Europeans and anyone else from the rest of the world, they are throwing languishing people in East Germany, Greece and elsewhere out of their sights and into an economic abyss.

Japan is free to keep its population ethnically stable. So, too, is Korea. Arab countries are even permitted to prevent the entry of other Arabs. But not Europe or its offshoots in America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is only we who are expected to sacrifice the well being of large segments of our own population so that millions of foreigners can live off our national largesse.

A sad result of this, among many, is Greek women whoring themselves out for spare change on a Monday or Tuesday night.

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180 thoughts on “Germany Finds Homes For Migrants As Penniless Greek Women Sell Their Bodies For Pennies”

  1. We live in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Our stupid and corrupt elites have strapped us to a table, like Winston Smith in the bowels of the Ministry of Love, while Inner Party Members in the media torture, humiliate and otherwise work us over until we “believe” that 2 + 2 = 5, men like Bruce Jenner can turn into women, and Syrians are Germans, all because the Party says so.

      1. I believe you mean “Strong Beautiful Womyn”… you misogynist.
        To the gulags with you.

  2. We need to turn these bastards’ own thinking against them.
    If women show their “empowerment” by rejecting all the men they don’t want in their lives, and the rejects have to accept it and go away, then why can’t we whites show our “empowerment” by rejecting the presence of uninvited Orcs in our communities? Why do women have a right to sovereignty over their persons that whites in general allegedly can’t claim as well over our entire countries?
    Because when you come down to it, the current immigration policies aimed at bullying, shaming and coercing whites into compliance resemble using the power of the state to force women into putting out for men they find unattractive at best, and repulsive at worst.
    Perhaps we should start to call ourselves “empowered whites” in analogy to “empowered women” when we have to reprimand the social-justice losers who call us “racists.”

  3. Sickening, these “elites” are nothing more than mere traitors. Economic control is not a shield to protect the useless, but is in fact, a weapon to empower the worthy. These traitors are not worthy of such power, and should be hung by their entrails as an example of what awaits all treacherous self-hating sellouts to their kind.

    1. I read the elites and bankers all have ties to the Babylonian brotherhood which now is illuminati and royal families , catholic church, rockfellers, Rothschild, and other secret societies. It is all a plan for one world order.

  4. Greece imploded their own economy with soft socialism, voting themselves freebies until bankruptcy. That’s their own fault. But Muslim countries should bear the burden of these refugees.

    1. America and various elites caused the problem, they should have stopped funding but oil is too important lol

        1. Will never happen. There are no freebees or blonde girls waiting with free hugs and kisses for “asylum seekers” in Saudi Arabia.

        2. My question is how can you force a sovereign state to accept refugees if it doesn’t want to. If Western countries wanted to to refuse refugees, nobody could coerce them into doing it. Just look at Hungary and Denmark.

        3. This is logical, just because we are allowing ourselves to be ass fucked by multiculturalism and immigration doesn’t mean that saudi arabia should do it, they rather build mosques in germany for the money instead.

        4. And export their trouble makers to the west! (and those who’d overthrow their own regime. It’s no wonder they’re not accepting any refugees from Syria)

        5. You’re welcome. European and american society has been infiltrated on every level then arab society is probably a piece of cake in comparison.

        6. Exactly. The problem of the West is NOT Islam per se. The problem is its weakness and this irrational need to abide by rules which don’t make sense from a “survival” standpoint. I mean seriously, how can Turkey’s EU membership be taken seriously?

        7. Yes, I’ve heard that from Egyptians who said it with distaste in their facial expression. It’s widely believed in the middle east. Don’t know the source. The British Royals are heading that way.

    2. I think it also matters that Greece spent enormous amount of money on 2004 Olympic Games. Most of the facilities built were never used again

    1. Not all of us are brainwashed, quite the opposite actually.
      With Trump’s presidential campaign, a lot of Americans are starting to find their balls again and speak up against a lot of this madness.
      There is hope.

      1. If only I were American! I would give anything to be able to vote for Trump! Man, I would bail on my children’s birth, if I had to vote for him.
        Things I like about Trump:
        1. Political direction: unashamed to be a rightist.
        2. doesn’t care about political correctness
        3. Has the right curriculum, as someone with a true life outside politics.
        4. He’s not trying to use the election for personal gains (at least financial ones)
        5. He wants USA strong, and the West needs the US, after UK, France and Germany became more or less irrelevant.

    2. Generations of Leftist subversion in education have internalized the whole collection of *isms into white children, in the form of guilt, and non-white children, in the form of victimization. By the time the immigrant hordes have completed their unwitting mission to disempower and marginalize native-born opposition, the Left will have corrupted their young away from jihad, and towards social justice.

    3. The problem is: stand up alone, and get the Brendan Eich treatment (from Left and Right, at least in the US). Only standing en masse would accomplish anything.
      Trump can say what he says because he’s independently wealthy and can afford to give the middle finger to the powers-that-be.
      And that’s why he’s winning: he is the voice of everyone that would like to say something, but still cares about the kith and kin.

  5. Soros looks like a classic bond villain… that is the true face of the enemy here.
    Just be careful with pointing out those uncomfortable facts, Mr. Garrett, that only predominately white, christian nations are expected to forfeit their culture and native homelands in acceptance of our new multi cultural dystopia.
    You could find yourself the target of our friends in the ever vigilant PC police for making racists and xenophobic remarks.

    1. not necessarily. Soros is pretty much a controversial figure everywhere, including amongst conservative, Israel supporting jews. I think it was David Horowitz, who is jewish, (who I think runs ‘discover the networks’) who wrote ‘the shadow government’ about Soros in relation to the way he and his cronies are pulling the strings of obama etc (I haven’t read it so that might be inaccurate but I think its something like that).

      1. Soros claims he is not a Zionist but he is not harming them. In fact considering the helpfull disruption he is doing to the west it must be convenient that zionists can claim they are not part of his behaviour and escape blame. It’s a perfect arrangement. He does their dirty work, is wealthy enough to avoid consequence, but they don’t get blamed.
        What he does perhaps hastens the day When Jewish prophesy says they will rule all the nations(goyim) at the right hand of God. Given the incredible concentration of Jewish wealth (Soros, Rothschild, Google, Facebook ec) some of them must sense that it’s now plausible.

        1. “He does their dirty work, is wealthy enough to avoid consequence, but they don’t get blamed.”
          But we dont’ know that. As far as I can tell Israeli loving conservative jews seem to hate progressive more internationalist jewish billionaires quite passionately. That only seems to change when it becomes a question of ‘self-defence’ when wider identity issues may be more likely to become salient.

  6. OT: I wonder how the media will wind up spinning Tashfeen Malik’s role in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino the other day.
    She must put the media elite in a bind, because (1) they want to defend unrestricted immigration at all costs; (2) they present Islam as ” a religion of peace,” despite evidence to the contrary; and (3) they have propagandized us with this nonsense for decades about the benign wonders of “strong women.”
    Well, look at what one of these Muslim immigrant strong women wound up doing, especially if she helped to radicalize her weak-minded husband.
    Consider that this Orc bitch left her baby with the grandmother, like a normal baby-sitting drop off, before going on a shooting rampage with her husband, knowing that they would die that day and not see their child grow up. Do we really want more Orc women like Tashfeen in the U.S?

    1. Do you find it odd/alarming that CAIR had the shooters brother ready to make a statement in regards to the attack before the police had released information on the suspects.
      Then media reporters break into the Terrorists’s homes and completely destroy an active crime scene, even though neighbors have said that they had seen upwards of 10 individuals at the home coming and going. Not to mention that it was noted that there was no dusting for finger prints in the home when the media was broadcasting from within.
      Then we have the leftist media and the President claiming that commonsense gun laws and a restriction on gun ownership, no wait lets call it what it is, a direct infringement on your 2nd amendment rights, will help PREVENT future terrorist attacks in the future.

      1. i happened to catch the news on TV last night and yes, i wondered about the reporters and news crew combing through the house so soon after the shooting. wouldn’t the FBI normally still have the terrorists’ house locked down to collect evidence?

        1. Normally yes, but it seems that the FBI turned the keys of the apartment over to the landlord only after 48 hours.
          Another important note that on CNN yesterday, one of their commentators made comments as to the absence of finger print dust along with the fact that the media was able to rummage through a crime scene associated with a terror attack.
          Another crazy observation was that the media ripped the boards off the door frame with a crow bar before entering the house, as there has been a lot of here say about if the landlord had allowed the media to enter or not
          Everything about this situation stinks to high hell, and I hate jumping to conclusions of mass conspiracy theories but how much more evidence do I need thrown in my face before I start to question situations like this.

        2. The fact that there were still identification papers there is clear evidence that a normal police investigation is not going on. Any such papers would be taken for evidence, and any of the persons identified in those papers would be questioned or possibly considered suspects.

      1. Why do you say that? They saw what happened to the Muslim terrorists in Paris last month.

        1. …but without an apparent escape route – how prepared where they to actually get away? …not so much it seems. Considering all the weaponry/explosives they’d allegedly possessed combined with the actual execution of an orchestrated killing, I’d think they’d have escape options in place if they actually had interest in escape/survival.

        2. They certainly didn’t plan their “escape” very well. And they didn’t have a large tribe nearby to blend in with and provide them shelter, unlike the case for Mexicans on the lam in Southern California.

    2. I saw some beautiful female news anchor (who, in a sane world would be posing for Penthouse and not doing the news) mention that poor Tashfeen might have been suffering from post partum blues because of having a baby 6 months ago. These Liberal Media types try to pull anything out of their Progressive hat to explain away that a Strong Independent Woman might possibly be a sick, twisted, murderous Bitch.

      1. I thought only male sexists blame women’s irrationality on their gynecological problems.

        1. Irrational anger adds a certain amount of power in certain settings. If one stays angry people do things for you that you might not even deserve. This works in a village setting or a family but it does not work in an advanced society.
          Many radical Feminists are simply irrationally angry at failing to find a suitable alpha male mate, they are unhappy, a result of the sex revolution, easy divorce. Their curmudgeonly personality is probably part to blame.
          At an atavistic emotional level their threatening to destroy western civilisation at a time the vote and technology has given them the power to do so.

      2. Apparently she was the ISIS honeypot that recruited him. Unbelievable given her incredible ugliness. ISIS have a well developed online system for grooming loan wolf attacks.

  7. I think it is ironic that it is left wingers that hate big corporations and capitalist yet support similar policies to this guy who makes his money doing the thing the left wingers hate

    1. Soros supports Leftist organizations as one of his hedges. He is cultivating networks and allies on the Left in case they take power. He thinks he can co-opt them into letting him keep his wealth and influence. The Left has no allegiance but to ideology. They will gladly take his money, privately tell him what he wants to hear, then discard him when he is no longer useful.

      1. how is that ‘hedging’? He is not financing any right wing and his Open Society Foundation & other patronised organisation all lean towards progressivism, feminism, gay / trans right, open borders, etc. His position may be pragmatic in that he seems to always end up making money (very often at the expense of entire countries) but otherwise it appears to be ideological

        1. Good point but keep in mind that this is the same George Soros who calibrated with the Nazis during WWII to tip them off about Hungarian Jews in hiding. He profited by dividing up stolen assets with his buddies in the Waffen SS; His fortunes were built on slaughter of innocent women and children.

        2. yeah, I’ve heard about that. I think that speaks of his unscrupulousness more than anything rather than his politics. He likes to play God by his own admission I think but when he does it seems to be as socially progressive god

      2. Soros was a Jew that betrayed his fellow Jews to the Nazi’s. So its not surprise this snake is at it again.

    2. Leftists bemoan the fall of the middle class while being oblivious to some basic, basic factors such as women’s lib, Roe v. Wade, female contraception, taxation, affirmative action, free trade, mass immigration, and H-1B coolie visas.

    3. Leftists claim to be for the little guy, but how can you be when you vote for big government, who controls the health industry, businesses, etc. Conservative ideology is for the little guy. Much more opportunity which isn’t held back by bullshit regulations.

      1. Conservatives are for the little guy by ironically promoting noblesse oblige and excellence in all men as well as opportunities for the cream to rise to the top. That the little guy may rise.

        1. At the risk of invoking the “True Scotsman” I will say that conservatives want people to sink or swim; and those that swim best give back. Bill Gates, Carnegie and other filthy rich fuckers have done more for society than this creature we call the “government”.

        2. The only contribution that government have achieved is the transition from a ultra-violent groups of tribes who are pacified allowing free trade to flourish.

      2. A good point. On the other side we have the other group pandering to win votes versus holding their ground and thinking they aren’t the entitled ones (when they are entitled).
        All politicians think they are entitled to the good life (working in government for decades while we pay for that lifestyle).

      1. I agree. I have to say this latest group of “Republicans” have gone to the left to gain supporters (votes) versus standing their ground (as they’ve done in the past). It’s why Trump is winning so many people over (from all parties).
        Now, in our government we only have the hard left and the left in government (you can’t even call Republicans the right any longer).

        1. Very True, Mike Fernandez, Jeb bush’s Top Donor said that if Trump Makes it as the GOP nominee, he would support Hillary Clinton, This says to me that Mike is either doing it out of Spite for Trump, or because Hillary has the closest Policies to Jeb next to the other Candidates, It’s like he’s saying, “If I can’t get a Lefty RINO as the Nominee, I’ll support and all out Leftist.” Same thing, just a Different Jacket.

      2. Part of that is a deliberate pose to make people believe they are unreachably brilliant and all geniuses by contradicting themselves. Part of it is stupidity.

    4. It’s sad that many people don’t see all politicians under one big tent (party). They all represent the same thing (their own best interest). They don’t represent citizens at all…and they don’t even try to hide it.

      1. I agree, voting for politicians is usually voting for the lesser of two evils, but in the EU it is the more right wing wanting to close borders and reduce immigration, i.e. ukip

      1. It was Socialism that ruined Greece in the first place,
        and that is still what is at work. True Capitalism, and true austerity, would mean a dramatic reduction in the size of Government and also taxation all over the line. That would, together with a sound currency, pull Greece out of the situation there in. the EU fooled Greece in to thinking everybody could be safe and rich under the guise of a northern European type “welfare state.” This model is failing even in Scandinavia. Please don`t blame Capitalism for the failings of Socialism. If you have a flat tax of say 15 percent for everyone, and a minimal Government and its still not working, then and only then can you blame Capitalism.
        By the way, if you wanna see prostitution gone rampant, go to communist Cuba.

        1. I agree to a certain extent. Greece is not without fault.
          But even if you with your model may deny it, the US is looked upon as the virtue of capitalism. Today it is on its way down the gutters.
          Capitalism is just a monetary idea system. Arguing for the right to cheap products. I loved the idea once, but see mostly shortcomings to it these days.
          One of them is the havoc the jewish population is playing with the States. They have no problem promoting capitalism (Mises, Rothbard, Rand), but know very well that it gives them a tremendous advantage when operating as a race helping their own within such a society. They are running the US.
          Another aspect of the Greek problem is the cynical role the international banking system plays here, as Mr Roberts points out.
          At the same time Merkel has no problem refusing to help Greece in the name of capitalism, while she turns around and throw countless millions of Euros after the immigrants.
          Capitalism without a healthy promotion of your race and people is just putty in the hands of group deception.
          And I, as a white man, am more than willing to help these greek women, because they are part of my extended people. The immigrants on the other hand…..

        2. They promote Misses, Rothbard, Rand not only as economic systems but primarily moral and religious systems (ideology is not a strong enough word) because they disrupt existing morality and self preserving interests. They are just as destructive as rampant leftism if not more as can be seen by the fact that Eastern Europe retained its traditions under communism better than the west.

      2. I consider myself alt-right perhaps paleo-right. Neo-conservatives for example the bulk of the GOP Republicans in the US, Tories in the UK, Liberal Coalition in Australia has accepted Laissez-faire economic theory as their complete moral system. Adam Smith, who many selectively quote but clearly have not read, rejected this. They are barbarians and they whoreship mammon, money.
        This is why they will prefer immigrants to having their own people give birth to and raise their own children. They forget that in evolutionsry terms the primary purpose of human economic activity is to efficiently convert effort into one own children.
        This is also why the will wipe out the western middle class or create ciminal ghettos.
        Most of the economic theories of these people are lunar, for instance the claim that global GDP will double if there are completely open borders and are predicated on the idea that all humans and cultures are equal.
        Can you immagine half of Africa or the ghettos of Brazil moving to say Europe in the manner being seen by the current invaders of Germany?

    5. Puppets are as intelligent and wise and cunning as they’re supposed to be. Anything more than that, that would be unprofitable.

    1. That’s about 1.95 euros at current rates. Maybe If she sleeps with every one of those benefit receiving immigrants she could defray some of the costs.

  8. German politicans don’t care even about their own people, so why would they care about other European nations? The politicians in Eastern Europe are the same – they are willing to give more money to some fucking idiots from the Middle East than to retirees who have worked for 40 years for the country.

    1. It’s kinda like someone is more nasty and rude to their own family members than they are to strangers. Family members already know you and who you are. You are more concerned about how strangers will judge you so you appear to be more kind and friendly to them than to the people who really matters in your lives.

  9. Good angle to take, because it really does show up the inconsistency and hypocrisy here. I just checked what Schäuble’s position is and although he’s been a little wary of what’s happening (worrying in broken english that it could cause an avalanche or something) he’s indicated that Germany can cover the cost of absorbing all these new immigrants. I’m no economist but it does seem odd: if this isn’t simply pure and treacherous hypocrisy did he know this immigration crisis was coming (i.e. was he thinking that Germany couldn’t afford both helping Greece and paying for unprecedented immigration) or alternatively this has actually been planned for reasons that may include an intention to make good the sub-replacement rate population deficit (problematic as they are largely unskilled and non-german speaking immigrants at present). It may be that Merkel and Schäuble are simply doing what they’re told but economically speaking the devil is in the detail and the economic rationale for not helping greece (something which threatened the cohesion of europe but which propped up the power of the IMF which was not required to concede anything) while supporting this influx is something which is definitely worthy of careful scrutiny

  10. The EU Ministers agreed on Friday to the repatriation of 85% of these immigrants back to their homelands. The economic argument has little traction with the electorate unlike the national security issues, especially after Paris.

    1. Yes, agree. Their narrative was at least holding the line until Paris happened (and really, it was only a matter of time). Crime has been increasing in Sweden for years and it’s only getting worse.
      Americans are bracing for the impact (and we have guns). If politicians won’t listen to the citizens or protect the citizens then the citizens will take it upon themselves to protect their families, homes, etc…
      You have to really shake your head when just a few years ago, Syria was nothing but a hotbed for terrorists, training grounds, etc…(by our media and politicians) but today they want to sell us on how peaceful these refugees will be once they resettle.

      1. Yes, and in European countries we don’t have the right to bear arms. I’m more optimistic about this situation than I was a few months ago. The Paris attacks silenced the usual self hating left wing apologists for a while. People in the liberal media are even beginning to say that we, in the west, cannot any longer be called upon to solve the problems in that region. Repatriation and not integration is becoming the more accepted standard, especially in France where the PM, not the President at least had the balls to say that France cannot and will not take any more Muslims into their land.
        The Slavic countries at least saw the color of this tide coming and they’ve not allowed Muslims to become established in communities in their lands. This is the correct approach and we need to say to them, especially if they’re Sunni Muslims that their creed is not welcome in Europe and if their religion is the “most important” thing in their lives they should immigrate to other Sunni countries and not Christian lands.
        They of course won’t do this because they’re habitual liars and double dealers who speak out of both sides of their mouths and can never be trusted on any commitment they give to gentiles. We should always be cognizant of this salient fact when we’re dealing with them- namely that they don’t give a shit about western values and that they’ll take and take as much as they can while destroying it at the same time. They’ve no loyalty to any creed or nation even when they spout on about Allah.

    2. That is pure propaganda. These “refugees” have no papers or destroy them as soon as they sense any inconvenient. They simply disappear if they suspect they are being repatriated. Many commit crimes just to be allowed to stay. Others claim loud they’d rather die than be deported…
      And they have already built “camp-towns” where only their “laws” are inforced. Police fears them and avoids entering the ghettos (if you don’t believe me, googlesearch recent reports of Germany’s police departments).

      1. I do. As I have said on another post, I know exactly the lying and double-dealing that’s second nature to most Arabs.

        1. I was refering to the EU ministers capability to make those promises happen… It’s propaganda to avoid parties like Front National from winning any elections and keep the public from panicking before “OH, YOU KNOW, NOW THEY ARE SOOOO MANY, WHAT CAN WE DO?”

        2. EU Ministers as a rule are incompetent useless idiots, so yes, I don’t expect anything much from these morons.

  11. Soros is scary. What is his deal? Europe is a liberal progressive place already. Why would you want to destroy that? Muslim immigration will make things worse.

    1. Just checked with the Soros Foundation: they’ve confirm that the Emperor Palpatine is definitely not a Sith Lord. Repeat definitely not a Sith Lord

    1. Have some respect. She’s your lady furher!
      Knocking one out to that pic probably violate both the laws of Germany and nature

        1. He’s into her but you can tell by her eyes she’s thinking of those immigrant men bee-lining to Berlin

        2. thanks. You can tell she wants it nasty and foreign. German men are too polite and respectful of her authority

        3. Now we need a photoshopped pic of Frau Merkel on her knees with 4 or 5 of her beloved untermenchen tapping their black members on her forehead, cheeks and chin…… any takers?

        4. I imagine that Merkel’s fantasy is a bare-chested Putin riding in on the back of a white Siberian tiger.

        5. there is some sexual tension there: Putin likes to scare her with his big black dog. Other times though I bet her imagination turns to that army of dusky invaders forcing their way ever closer and to what she personally could do to help accommodate them

  12. Woah. Merkel got some titties. Maybe it’s the morningwood talking but i’d run my johnson through those.

    1. Perhaps, but Hitler was doing a mess, already. Even if you take out the question of the Jews, he destroyed Poland and attacked Ucrainians who welcomed the Germans…
      If something like Italy’s fascism in theoretic form, and unspoiled by german influence had won, then, we would have a brighter future now. But that was impossible.
      The truth is Europe has been in self-destruction mode since WW1. The millions who died then, were the intellectual and social elites of Europe, who had always made the continent prosper and evolve. Churchill, Hitler, de Gaulle, they all were second choices, when the first ones were removed.
      And one of Europe’s problems right now is that we cannot get over the WW2 trauma.

      1. Most go to brothels. People tend to avoid crack whores like the plague. Heck, even the nigroid hookers who are illegal on the street charge with 10 as a minimum.

  13. This is not so much about “solidarity” between European countries as it is about the failings of Socialism and the economic policies that ensues. The EU can not save Greece, only a return to traditional values, and a rejection off the northern European welfare state model can. Austerity works, if you also cut massively in taxes all over the line, and you drastically reduce the size off Government.
    The EU screwed Greece good and hard. They are the last entity to be able to help them.

  14. Russia just kicked out soros foundations, got an international arrest warrant out on him.
    What they have done to my people and country is unforgivable.
    Never forgive, never forget is their motto.
    You get to choose between Light/logos/agape/liberty/Athens or black magic talmudic babylon slavery/Jerusalem.
    Yes this battle goes back that far, the Pharisees could never accept Athens. A goldman exec said a few years ago, we out Greeked the greeks, in reference to the take over of political families in Greece over the last generation.
    Really those are your two choices.
    The reason for this human flood, it is easier to control low IQ emotionally unstable poor brown people than to control the people that actually invented everything.
    So cause they can’t fight us (never have been, never will be, cowardly and underhanded by nature) they want to breed you out.

    1. Didn’t that scumbag Soros boast about funding the color revolution in Ukraine? He’s essentially a foreign provocateur who has visited unimaginable quantities of death, suffering and destruction upon the people of Ukraine. Yet, instead of hanging from a noose, he walks feed? Does this make sense to anyone?

      1. Definitely Ukraine is Soros operation, Nuland is his bitch, Azov Battalion is his baby, and of course because it’s a white country no mention in the sith media.

        1. The guy nearly crashed the British Pounds in the 80s and managed to flatten the Thai currency with his financial schemes, mainly through organised bets against the struggling currencies. The amount of shit this sick cunt has done is beyond comprehension.

        2. Short selling. You sell a large number of Pounds Sterling for say $US dollars, so much so that the currency collapses as everyone else panics and sells as well and the UK government and Bank of England (once Rotschild owned) can’t support the price. You then buy the Pounds Sterling back at a lower price, or buy cheap British assets.
          It’s a common money market and share market tactic You sell a bunch of shares, trigger some panic selling, buy the reduced price shares.
          The Rothschilds used a similar tactic when their courier system had informed them of Napoleons defeat at Waterloo. They pretended that Wellington had lost, share price dropped, they purchased at reduced price.
          It’s not illegal but it is repulsive and the money is now being used to destroy Europe and the US.

    2. “The reason for this human flood, it is easier to control low IQ emotionally unstable poor brown people than to control the people that actually invented everything” I couldn’t disagree more. A mob of emotionally unstable people with low IQs (many Arabs) with an ideology inimical to everything in the host nations will prove to be a force that the so-called elite will never be able to control, except through further appeasement to the multicultural mob.

      1. Sure, not saying it’s gonna 100% work out for them the way they want, just what they believe in their hubris will happen.
        The end goal is the same, causing havoc, playing both sides, profiting from everyones demise, destroying the first world. Not sure if ppl are up on smart grid tech etc but it will be very easy to control ppl in 5 years from now. Step outside your door, ouch it burns.

      2. Right. They’d have been much better off if they continued to dumb down the existing population. We -and I use we as a general, blanket statement for Western Civilization, not us- are pretty emotionally stable in comparison and getting dumber by the generation, it seems. These Marxists puppet masters are getting impatient and trying to rush the process by bringing in a replacement. In the end, it’ll only result in chaos and destruction. Better that they had a dumb and calm masses than this multi-culti mob.

        1. Well the Marxists and Feminists will eventually reap what they’ve sowed with this dumb mob. A revolution will come one day where this mob that’s evidently inimical to our values along with traitors in our midst will be driven back into the seas.

  15. I absolutely agree with your two biggest points. At first I was like, why the hell should Germany be held responsible for Greece’s laziness and unwillingness to fix ther situation? They held anti austerity protests, what a joke. But now they’re allowing 3rd world savages into Germany who whipe their ass with their hand.

    1. Very simplistic understanding of what happened to Greece but if it makes you feel good you can believe it.

    2. The real answer was right there (for Greece and Germany) to fix both of their problems (or at least make an offer or compromise). Germany said no to Greece but then let in many Syrian “refugees” to fix their problem (you know, all of those peaceful Syrians with that peaceful religion that we’re being sold). Now, Germany has a really big problem.
      and the EU is supposed to be a union?

  16. Europe was so cool in the 80’s. I was in France to study European integration. It was great in the initial stages. Especially if you were a student interested in language and culture. I saw Europe as the hope for the planet at the time. But then came the euro, and it became clear it was all just a bankers’ and oligarch’s Europe.
    Too bad.

    1. Hohiho! Hohiho! I still want to live many decades, but I’ll brandish Gramr and win my pass to Valhalla.
      Have you ever noticed how the prophecies about Surtr are now being fulfilled?
      “Surtr moves from the south”
      “troll wives take to the road”
      “warriors tread the path from Hel”
      Not trying to launch new new-age conspiracy theories, but a lot of what’s written about Ragnarok is becoming clearer these days.

      1. My learning about Norse beliefs is very much in its infancy, I’d love to hear what the prophecies are, what the Surtr is and how they’re being fulfilled. Please share.

    2. Good screen name. How many people know the Anglo-Saxon axe bearers along with some dispossessed Danes from the Danelaw joined Constantinople’s Varangian guard after the Norman conquest of England.

      1. Thankyou…. very few I think. I only know because I love history, particularly origins of people, especially my own ancestral links. I was born very close to the Danelaw border with England, my family names are mostly Saxon in origin, but to look at me and my dad, we look Danish/German/Polish – Certainly Baltic. I chose my screen name, because I feel like I’m in the middle of invasion and if there was a far off empire where I could seek renown, wealth and glory I would be there in an instant.

        1. Life would have more risk but more reward if we could be at the oar of a longboat looking for plunder and women to swive. We may not live as long, but the lives we would lead would be as men, not slaves on these Jewish run plantations.

        2. I’ve not really studied the Jewish Question…. I’m more inclined to believe that the issues stem from Marxism and it’s proponents. Socialism is killing us.

  17. Germans want to rule europe since ages, and now with their dammed currency that only works porperly for they economy they have achieved their goal. Nobody knows Europe´s dark future…

  18. I think it is high time European men showed some solidarity towards Greek women. So, where exactly can we find the penniless Greek women that sell their bodies for 2$ ?

  19. And the economists and futurists tell us that 40% to 60% of all labour will be performed by robots/replaced by technology in the next 30 to 40 years yet they keep spewing the tired old mantra that we need net immigration to keep economies expanding? Which is it? If we have 40 to 60% of present labour replaced by technology and a growing population of displaced peoples with nothing in common with indigenous populations it will not bode well for the future…….

    1. Add to that the rates of uemployment of European native youths that we are already having. Most probably, these people will never have a job in their lives. And more will follow, as the West’s economies are less and less competitive when compared to 3rd or 2nd world ones.

  20. As much as I enjoy this site, I rarely post here. I have something to contribute today, so here I am. Some background: Germans have always like nudity at health resorts as a health measure, even in East Germany. Paul Fussel wrote an interesting essay on this subject in his collection “Thank God for the Atom Bomb”). So here’s Angela in all her teenage glory (reputedly). Make of it what you will.

    1. 1.5/10
      It would be possible if I pasted pics of Stephanie Seymour circa 1989 inside of my glasses and the alcohol volume was calculated to within .5 ml of blood alcohol poisoning, and if Stoya were in charge of fluffing.
      Even then, we would have to stop at least half a dozen times for restorative fluffing.

    2. If she were in a supermax men’s prison, she would still not quite have the current earning potential of a Greek streetwalker.

  21. If you are a horny, violent, shredded, and strong big Middle Eastern male… now it is the time to have as much sex from white European women as much as possible before it is too late for you (before white men get mad and start massacring you guys). I mean think about it; no where in the world where white women will willingly spread her legs for you because her own white boys in Europe are acting like fags. Look at Merkel’s boobs. I mean you have to admit; don’t you want to suckle on these? When Allah promised you guys 72 virgins, it must have been so true. Maybe he meant 72 used up white whores you can fuck all day. Hurry though before it’s too late. Tap all that white ass you want. If you want to act like a brute and try to force rape a white women because she won’t give you dirty brown skinned male any time of the day, you need to develop better game. I mean if White European (more tolerant compared to white American) females are not willing to give you time of the day, then trying to “rape”/fuck white American whores will be much harder. If you want to fuck white females, you better be willing to kill white men because white dudes (the armed ones) are not willing to give up their females that easily.

    1. To be honest, I liked Scott Adam’s idea that we convince the younger Mid East guys to kill their elders (who have all the women), so that they get their 72 virgins NOW as opposed to Heaven.

      1. In the Middle Eastern culture, it’s taboo to disrespect the elders. They have to obey the elders at ALL cost and not question authority. Their culture is definitely suited for totalitarianism to get them in line. Plus their culture is collective society and very tribal and warlike. They take care of their families well but outside their tribe, it’s fair game. They won’t kill their elders unless the elder was different kind of ethnic tribe. Most likely the younger, horny, and frustrated Middle Eastern males (the ones who can’t get laid at home or abroad) will just release their frustration on other outer weaker males from different tribe (race) and they usually attack in large groups instead of one on one and try to rape females (outside their tribe i.e. white women, non-Muslim women, European women in general, etc..)

  22. Russia is the hope for the white race. Western Europe is too weak, Eastern Europe is standing but we don’t know how long they can stand and America has half-hope. Russia is where the future is for the white race.
    White women get fucked by Black, Latin and Arab men from left to right in USA (black and hispanic) and Europe (african and arab) respectively. In the meantime, Alpha white men try to fuck women of all race and the beta white males only go for Asian women. Brown women (black, latin, and arab) usually go for their own kind but if they go interracial, they usually pick the most Alpha top leader rich white males. Asian women go crazy for white males even the ugly beta white male ones. Asian men strictly go for Asian women since they can’t really get non-Asian females. Jewish men have obsession in wanting White women mix in with brown and black men and Jewish guys have some weird fetish towards very young pre-teen looking Asian girls. I notice self-respecting white males usually go for white females only and not really care about girls of another race but since white females have been indoctrinated with feminism and acting crazy, it drove white males to go for SouthEast Asian women. Arab Muslim men go straight for white European women when it comes to having sexual conquest. Black men have sex with white women to get back at white men. Hispanics fuck anything that moves. This has been my observation when it comes to interracial toilet shit hole of mixing in feces and diarrhea.
    My gosh, look at Merkle’s udders. As much as she is self-hating Marxist and she is butterface with ugly dyke short hair, she has a nice sets of blossom. At her age, that looks fine as hell.

    1. what a cultural sex tour, now go back to your dungeon and have incest to save your ‘species’!

      1. seems like you are obsessed with incest. This isn’t the first time you talked about this. Unlike you, I’m not sick in the head.

        1. you are obsessed with people mating with whites, are you that insecure ! You getting turned on by merkel is sick itself.

        2. how am I obsessed with people mating with whites? I don’t give a fuck who mates with who. I just been observing that lately there has been a lot of interracial couples and a lot of forced interracial agenda in the media. I can turned on by any chicks with nice boobs. I have a thing for women with nice blossoms. Not going to lie. Merkel is ugly cunt and traitor to her country and she has ugly dyke face but you can’t deny that she has nice boobs.

  23. European populations are being replaced by Middle Eastern migrants because European women refuse to reproduce and have babies. It’s that simple.

    1. True Orwell in his book “1984” said it. They are called the proles. it doesn’t matter only if they continue to work (taxes) and reproduce. They care little about anything but home and family, films, football, beer, lottery tickets. The Party creates meaningless entertainment, songs, novels and even pornography for the proles (The Jew run media). The proles would never revolt because they have no need to do so, so long as they are kept fed and distracted. The Thought Police plant agents among the proles to spread false rumors and eliminate any individuals deemed capable of causing trouble (Feminism, Cultural Marxism and PC).

  24. All traitors to Europe’s history, borders, population and future. merkel and hollande, two traitors who, I strongly wish, will be punished one day.

  25. Is Greece the new Thailand? I am not in the market for such things but if you are not in for almond-eyed girls then maybe some Mediterranean booty is the choice.

  26. I’m ashamed of how Germany, under Merkel, has treated Greece. I understood that some tough talking was required over the incredible fiscal corruption of Greece’s rusted on leftist elites. But Im so so profoundly sorry. I will do something to help restore the dignity of Greeces men and women but I will also do whatever I can to screw Merkel and those like her. I hate that evil bitch.

  27. I live in Greece and I can tell you that the 2 euro deal is exaggerated bs. HOWEVER, rates are going dirt cheap for young Greek girls…

  28. European and American leaders are cultural traitors. They believe that “diversity” will keep conflict going and so dilute the native voters’ power that the leftists will remain in power indefinitely.

  29. I am from East Germany and I currently live there (I hate it here). I
    agree with most opinions in this article. However, there is one big
    blunder that I feel the need to correct. Merkel does have a strong voter
    base in Saxony. Merkel’s party, the CDU, was the leading party by far
    at the last parliamentary elections and it received 46.5% of the vote in
    Saxony. (See here:
    In my opinion, Merkel does the bidding of the big corporations that
    want to lower the cost of labor by bringing in poor and desperate
    immigrants who would work for less than the current minimum wage of 8.50
    Euros per hour. (Immigrant populations also produce more children, the
    future wage slaves of tomorrow.) The minimum wage was only recently
    raised to that level and in the talk shows on TV these days, there is
    already beginning talk about lowering it again. Merkel was relentless on
    the Greek issue because she protected the interests of the German
    banks, that had loaned large amounts to Greece. The immigration boom
    will inevitably lead to a collapse of the welfare and pension system
    sooner or later. There is no way of stopping the collapse. You can’t
    stop an avalanche, you can only get out of the way. I agree with Ayn
    Rand’s ideas in Atlas Shrugged. Just walk away from the current system
    to greener pastures. Labuan is a lovely Malaysian island (and a tax
    haven), Baguio is famous for its fine weather in the Philippines . . . I
    hope to be able to move to one of these places in the future. Until
    that day, I will limit my interactions with the German system here to
    the bare minimum as a level 4 MGTOW. Many of you will disagree with me
    but we all have to make our own choices. I respect yours and I hope you
    will respect mine.

  30. “While greek ladies sell their body”
    Actually there are no greek prostitutes. The vast majority are foreigners.
    According to Panteion university there are 18500 prostitutes. 60% – 65% of them are totaly foreign. Another 35-40% are related to greece (immigrants living for many years in greece or having immigrant parents) and finally there are just 500 native greek prostitutes (out of 18500), or 2,7%.
    This is what Mr Lazos told to a foreign magazine that totally twisted his words
    In this article you will find mr lazos saying they twisted his words
    This article contains the real research (you are going to need google translate for this one as its in greek)

  31. Merkel is a Jew. Soros is a Jew. Jews hate Europeans much more than they hate Arabs.
    Jews work night and day to destroy European societies and people. It’s very simple.

  32. “…Berlin has hypocritically sought to appease self-hating Germans, who relish the prospect of extinguishing traditional German ethnic identity,…”
    Yeah, that’s Germany’s problem. A lack of belief in “traditional German ethnic identity,…”

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