The Myth Of Female Agency

I would like to put a myth to rest: “Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman.” This maxim is utterly false, and easily demonstrated to be the polar opposite of truth. Women inherently lack agency, both moral and physical when compared to men. Men also excel in almost every way where a woman is useful.

Behind Every Great Man…

Not only are there a great many men who had nothing to do with women during their adult lives, such as Saint Paul who authored most of the Christian Bible’s New Testament and remarked that he had the “gift” of singleness, but there are NO women in history who were able to survive very long without a man, or men close by and willing to enable their merest survival, let alone their few extraordinary accomplishments. (Yes, there are some gorgeous women with great intellectual accomplishments, but ladies can’t all be Hedy Lamarr, can they?)

Even if you counter that all boys are first dependent upon their mothers, you must admit that boys are not “great men” in the context of “All Great Men…” Nor can a woman even become a mother without a man to impregnate her, and a boy to gestate in her. A woman cannot become a mother without men and boys defining her as one; her most biologically significant achievement and social identity is utterly dependent upon a man impregnating and protecting her, and the children occupying her womb choosing to uphold their teachings.

Men, on the other hand, are not changed by fatherhood in the way that women are changed through motherhood. Men are the same men they were before childbirth. In nearly all capacities a man can become what a father is through parallel efforts. Motherhood is an ontological actuality, something that can be seen in her own blood and breast; fatherhood is mostly an abstract idea with its ontological foundation resting in the genetics of a third party.

Studies have shown that the success of children-come-adults largely relies upon the presence of fathers during childhood. Additional studies show that single men raise more successful offspring than single mothers or homosexuals. A study in Europe showed that the religiosity of the father has several magnitudes more influence upon the eventual religiosity of the adult offspring. J.S. Mill is one of the most remarkable economists of all time, and was raised entirely by his father and Jeremy Bentham; his mother was absent the picture.

It is well known that single motherhood is the bane of humanity. It is not as well known today that men can do every task a woman can do, other than nursing a baby, better than a woman. That includes nurturing, educating, cooking, cleaning, home making, healthcare, and so on. A powerful and rich man of our ancestral past would use tutors for his children, servants for cooking and cleaning, and his wife would serve little other purpose than birthing and nursing, although nursing could be outsourced to wet nurses as well. The ancient patriarchs had almost no use for a woman, the ancient women had almost no benefit to a rich and powerful man. Women were viewed much like children: a liability, a burden, a responsibility. Women should be grateful for culture that took benevolent care of their gender even though they were nearly useless in every way.

Agency Explained


Agency is the concept that creatures have both the capacity and the physical ability to act in the world according to their own desires. Although I conflate several aspects of agency in this article, metaphysical, physical, and social, it does not harm my assertion that women generally lack agency in every area. Women pretend they were once slaves to men, but women are slaves to their uteruses and their frailty.

Army studies have shown that an extremely athletic young woman in her prime is roughly as capable as a somewhat fit 55 year old man. Neurology has shown that human moral choices are strongly affected by hormones, and women have been shown to have a more divergent, unstable hormonal influence. Men and women solving moral problems utilize varying parts of their brain, according to brain activity imaging. It is obvious that when compared to men women lack physical agency, and debatable that they also lack moral agency as well.

I can demonstrate the general lack of agency women experience through a very quick thought experiment or two. Only the Western woman, eminently privileged princess that she is, believes in “female agency” in the first place, so please understand that I dismiss the vast majority of human females by using the Western princess in my example; debating female agency is a first world issue. Take a Western woman in her pantsuit walking to work, hit pause, and start to deconstruct her life. Take some things out of her purse, take people out of the picture. Seize her birth control. What happens? She gets impregnated or must become chaste—against her would-be will. She becomes a slave to her uterus—where she goes, with whom, who she visits, and the time of day she travels, all drastically change, along with the moral choices she’s presented with or would experience.


Almost all of her life’s decisions have drastically been altered because you took away a one ounce plastic canister of chemical hormones she bought from the utterly patriarchal government protected intellectual-propertied pharmaceutical industry. Take away the abortionist and the abortion industry and the cops protecting fetal murder, and watch her squirm!

Let’s take another thing out of the picture of our Western woman walking the street, something that you cannot see in the picture, something that is not quite visible: men with badges and handcuffs. They’re everywhere. During an interview, when you are considering a female employee or student—if you squint hard enough you can just make out the faint presence of men with guns, and sometimes also the IRS agent carrying envelopes marked with your name, ready to completely destroy your life and your enterprise over the tiniest misstep that would hurt our princess’s feelings. Take these people, these MEN, out of the picture, and you start to see that women are not that independent after all. Take away the white knights, and the other (patriarchal or capitalist) luxuries (dishwashers, automobiles, infant formula, criminal justice, welfare, military) and you are left with just another woman of the world, living in the third world, never even debating her lack or moral agency with men in public. She is blown about upon the winds of men. As Camile Paglia recently remarked at Time Ideas:

“Every day along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, one can watch the passage of vast oil tankers and towering cargo ships arriving from all over the world. These stately colossi are loaded, steered and off-loaded by men. The modern economy, with its vast production and distribution network, is a male epic, in which women have found a productive role — but women were not its author.”

Take a man, pause the picture, start stripping him of his accoutrements, and he remains mostly unchanged. He needs food and water. Not free healthcare, not VAWA, no Pell Grants, no EEOC. He accepts pain and even death, and there are many more willing to replace him in the struggle, and almost nobody cries when he does meet his end—except the women who depend on him of course. He is the master of his fate; he is the captain of his soul.

The Higher Values

Feminism is an operation of patriarchy. Feminism constantly identifies problems and proposes patriarchal solutions pressed down on us from high and rammed home by men with guns and badges. Feminism cannot exist without the men and the patriarchy enabling their delusions of agency and independence. Women are not equal to men, were never equal, and cannot, nor should they be made equal.

A woman’s lack of agency is something neither to celebrate, nor despise. It is something to accept. Perhaps for you, there are higher, truer values and pursuits to you. Life becomes very unhappy when truth is rejected in any way. Humans cannot flourish when they cannot discriminate against lies. Misery is close on the heels wherever political correctness is tolerated. Error must be hated. Statistical probabilities must be categorized, and accurate stereotypes must be propagated. Civilization must shun bad behavior that leads to feral women and other degenerates undermining civilization. It is only a benevolent, just, patriarchal civilization that tolerates feral woman and the degenerate. Take away our Western traditions and moral taboos (as feminists so desire) and those fools will be eaten by mother nature, red in tooth and claw. The mockers cry out for their own annihilation!

Through intolerance, hatred, discrimination, and stereotypes men and women can enjoy human flourishing, peaceful civilization among competing tribes, and a life well lived. Together, men and women can build epic legacies that will last millennia, rivaling those of Odysseus and Penelope, or Adam and Eve. Alone, men can author the greatest ideas or institutions that cradle ages of thinkers and explorers. Alone, women can stop worrying about men, and start celebrating them. Find a good one that is nearby, and devote yourself to him, submit to him, nurture his children, and continue the civilization you are so dependent upon.

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220 thoughts on “The Myth Of Female Agency”

  1. This is one of the key red pill truths. Women don’t civilize men, in fact, men civilize women. Feral women running amok is the death knell to any society, primitive or advanced.

    1. Absolutely true. Every society that failed to keep their women in check was/is being wiped out. To name a few: ancient Israel (past) and the African-American community (present).

      1. Yeah the African American community has this problem. Lack of fathers has made Black men really emotional charged which results in high delinquency rates. Down in my neighborhood we call them ‘Baby Boys’. If they were raised by feminine mother some of the damaged would be offset (Men respond well to femininity) however these guys are raised by masculine mothers who have strange sense of entitlement. As a result young Black women have difficulties building relationships with the opposite sex and they tend to sleep with ALOT of alphas MOST are really omegas. Every race does this but Black women DO NOT tolerate beta males. Further down the road of bitterness, slutery and contempt they ask “Where is all the good black men” What is even more awkward is that Black women express themselves as having high self esteem in various studies. But as I see its faux confidence and that delusion is what gets most of them into trouble.
        But most of the problems lies with Black men (me included). A significant minority of black men have serious self esteem issues and are delusional about the skills needed to survive. Furthermore there are no incentives for black men to progress because pussy is basically free, marriage is non existent and raising a family…. well the government is our “Baby Daddy’. When is the last time any Black institution held a conference for the beauty standards of African American women or advancement of science, culture and intellectualism. The black family is a matriarch and that is why we have stagnated ever since the civil rights

        1. Ask yourself this, who helped make it matriarchal? It wasn’t black men. I’ll give you three guesses.

        2. Sad really. Their is a token black dude manager at my job. He thinks he is a sharp-dressed, upbeat and together alpha-dog.
          Behind his back people laugh at him because he cant even string words together into coherent sentences.
          Helps keep the diversity and inclusion quotas filled I guess.

        3. Democrats, Liberals, Beta white and black men who are to afraid to challenge the atrocities of single motherhood?

        4. That is the problem with affirmative action. Instead forcing us Blacks to up our intelligence level so it can SOMEWHAT be comparable to other races, we have reached to a point where slighlty below average IQ is the standard. This causes Blacks to LAG intellectually. If Blacks say they are as intelligent as Whites than their is no need for reduction in qualification standard.
          I am not a scientist but I feel Whites and black are slightly genetically different. Blacks genetically are built to survive HARSH condition thats why they are IN GENERAL
          physically stronger but intellectually below other races. Whites on the contrary have strong intelligence and average strenght.
          There is a code in the hood in which A BLACK man who LOSES to white man in a FIGHT is INFERIOR and has limited status in the community. But in intelligence they dont measure that because they do not value it
          Physicallness was ok in primitive and cavemen era but now that its not a neccessity Blacks need and have to expand their intellect to the highest point in which nature permits.
          I always tell black men, maintain your physical self and combine that with strong character and DESIRE to learn and that is how you can minimize the success gap.

        5. Hey Nietzsche, can you clarify this statement for me: “As a result young Black women have difficulties building relationships with the opposite sex and they tend to sleep with ALOT of alphas MOST are really omegas” – I don’t understand the last piece. Other than that, I seriously doubt the IQ of blacks is naturally lower because the middle class black people I know tend to be smarter than the middle class whites. That could just be the race barrier creating a higher intellect threshold, but it’s still evidence against that claim. I’d like to see studies correlating race and intellect controlling for socioeconomic status in early developmental stages and status achieved later in life. I think we’d find some interesting results. As a side note, I never deal with black women outside of my family, as they’re just a toxic mess, and whenever they ask about my white gf, I just tell them that she goes to the gym instead of the nail salon.

        6. In terms of Black women having difficulties building relationship with opposit sex, what I mean is that Black women build strong masculine charatcers with faux confidence. That means only the most brute alpha can attract them. There is little quantity of such brute alpha, hence that why there such competition for them. Which explains what I call the 1 men 5 women harem which can aslo explains the high rates of stds in the black community (the Shorty lo, Antonio Cromarties, Adrian petersons). But some of the these alphas although they appear to have strong characters dont have REAL WORTH.
          In terms of IQ (Remember I said slightly) I get what your saying but you must take into consideration that Europeans Asian, South Asian and Arab people have been USING, BUILDING the complexities of their lanaguages and its writtings for CENTURIES. That surely must translate into genetics right. Like how Black Africans have been physically battling in out in the sun, heat and unforgiven conditions in Africa that should translate into genetics right (Darks skin, Afro hair, thick lips, Huge build etc). You think any other race could have survived the Atlantic Slave Trade?

        7. White people have been largely domesticated by the culture in western
          countries but they too came from harsh conditions and in fact it is
          white people who are and always will be the physically strongest (see
          worlds strongest man). Black people are and always will be the fastest
          and Asians are and always will be the most agile and acrobatic. As for
          slightly less intelligent black people, to a degree that is true for
          most but the breeding and culture of ‘African-Americans’ has created an
          exceptionally dumbed-down negro which the average actual African negro
          can run circles around in cognitive potential. The whole loudmouth nell carter/aunt jemima matriarchal black woman thing was created as an enslavement tactic to keep negro women from raising black male warriors on the plantations and rather deferring to the masters as the authority figures, unfortunately it just kept on going even after slavery. Now the masters are trying to do that crap to all races. I used to like the show ‘good times’ while James Amos was still in it because at least then it showed a real (if a bit stupid) man at the head of the family and his wife behaved submissive, humble and domestic while he was on the show. Of course later it turned to propaganda as was intended but for a moment it was an ok show. Matriarchy in Africa was just a system the men chose to allow for whatever superstitious reason, the men still ruled.

        8. You’re right about one thing – you’re no scientist. Research why “races” and “racism” are cultural words rather than scientific. Jesus Christ does anyone on this thread read a GODDAMNED NON-FICTION BOOK? Maybe one written in the 21st century? Yes, the woman is screaming.

        9. Nietzsche, you’re an ignorant bigot. “I’d like to see studies correlating race and intellect controlling for….” And I’m just going to stop there because not only is your sentence grammatically incorrect, but scientifically as well. You’re obviously a narcissistic bigot, seeing as you won’t associate with people who don’t look similar enough to you, and you even go so far as to judge said people that you admittedly don’t even associate with thus couldn’t be accurately portraying regardless. Uneducated people like you who spread dissension on the Internet should stop pretending that they read scientific literature. Go to a klan’s meeting to spray your useless prattle. You know NOTHING about the human genome or biology so stfu.

      2. It never takes long for someone to bring up the African-American “community” in this context. I like how you mix up society, ancient civilizations and community. Apples, oranges and pears. Its hard to know where to begin with this nonsense.

        1. There is no mix up. These three terms aren’t necessarily contradictory to eachother. The African-American community is also a society (considering that it has it’s own culture, values and norms). Ancient Israel was all three i.e. a society, community and an ancient civilization. The reason i brought up the African-American community is because this particular problem (feral women) is especially visible in that community. Not to say other communities don’t face the same problems. They do, but in a lesser degree.

        2. No one as far as I know talks about the African American civilisation or the Ancient Israeli community. Also, I would be inclined to say that AAs are part of American society and that they display pretty much the same norms as anyone else in that society. I am confused about you comparing AA “community” to Ancient Israel – Ancient Israel would probably be more similar to modern day Islamic cultures than impoverished African Americans.
          The implication from your comments is that “feral” women (raised by wolves?) are reason that AAs are being wiped out (made extinct?). I don’t see AAs being wiped out – rather impoverished AAs are facing increasing poverty. Single parenthood (which I think is what you mean by “feral” women) is a symptom of poverty which feeds back into it. Drug use and decaying infrastructure are also causes and symptoms of poverty. So why single out single motherhood?
          If you are really interested in the modern causes of poverty in the United States, affecting all “communities” I would look at government intervention and corruption, decaying public schools, the government drug war, poor access to healthy food and health care, high taxes, etc. “Feral women” are a small part and a result of poverty rather than a root cause.

        3. I’m not going to repeat myself over and over again. I think my previous explanation should be sufficient for someone with basic reading comprehension. To address some points:
          “No one as far as I know talks about the African American civilisation…”
          I never said this to begin with. Apart from this; people not using certain terms doesn’t mean they in theory aren’t correct.
          “Single parenthood (which I think is what you mean by “feral” women) is a symptom of poverty which feeds back into it.”
          This is simply incorrect. Single parenthood if anything has to do with increased prosperity. Blacks today are way richer than a century ago…voluntary single parenthood a century ago amongst blacks was almost non-existent. The cause isn’t increasing poverity but decreasing morality.
          Historically speaking; increasing prosperity and decreasing morality go hand in hand.
          Single parenthood is indeed a symptom of “women going coo coo”. Emphasis on “symptom”.

        4. You devalue yourself when you resort to petty insults. Your explanation was understood and deemed insufficient. I will repeat myself with greater clarity. Your use of these terms is vague and confusing – but that’s probably my lack of basic reading comprehension.
          Single parenthood is “to do” (associated? strongly correlated? explains prosperity with a high R-squared?) increased prosperity with blacks? That is ridiculous on its face. When we speak of poverty today we are really talking relative poverty. Not relative to a 100 years ago but relative to the wealth levels of others in… society. If what you are saying about single parenthood is true, either AAs should be the wealthiest people in American society or the wealthiest people in American society should have the most single parent families.
          I do agree with you about decreasing morality but I see this as yet another symptom of government action.

        5. After the sexual revolution African American women did not want to marry. Coupled with the government’s extensive and anti -family welfare provisions it was disastorus for the community. Remember the great times of civil rights movement when their was some form of intellectualsim and family structure in the community. IRONICALLY that was before the1970s when times where rough. After feminsim, which had NOTHING to do with Black women, became mainstream the Black family was doomed.
          Governement corruption and all that are contributors, but why does the African amercian community continue to vote for the same government that destroys their family and than blames it on racism. This is the truth, the burden is not on the government or white people, its on the Black community. More black people have power and money never seen before the civil rights and for some reason they can’t implement a stragetic plan to deal with poverty?
          We are spoiled. Everything is racism. I can’t get into paris fashion week…. racism. I can’t get into the oscars…. racism. I had eight kids and society won’t feed them… racism. DO those things even matter? Thats why I say without rational whites actively changelling the black community we won’t progress.

        6. I wasn’t trying to insult anybody…including you. As far as i can assess my reply is pretty clear. What is “vague” and “confusing”? be specific. Just saying something is confusing without clarifying exactly what it is you find confusing is rather useless.
          Even in the case of relative poverty African Americans tend to show certain behaviours that are difficult to explain.
          1. extremely high illegitimacy numbers (70+%)
          2. low marriage numbers
          3. very high STD numbers (atleast 50% of AA women have one or have had one in the past)
          4. very high government dependency numbers
          5. relatively high income very low wealth
          6. very high obesity numbers, especially among women (2/3 of AA women are overweight, and of that group 50% is obese).
          Hispanic wealth is somewhat the same as the AA, yet they have far lower single parent homes (and do better on other graphs). Household income is even higher among Blacks than Hispanics.
          Again my friend reading comprehension (not trying to insult). Black single parenthood isn’t born out of poverty but out of immorality. This immorality at her turn is the mother of African American poverty.
          I’m not saying the wider society doesn’t have these problems. The reason i choose the AA community as an example is because they are the group with the most extreme numbers. And therefor the most fit to make a striking illustration.

        7. The first question that must be asked is therefor: Do African Americans have low standards, principles and values? If yes; why? If no; why then is there so much immorality? i.e. why does this community behave irrationally (highly principled yet exhibit low morals)?

        8. “If you are really interested in the modern causes of poverty in the United States, affecting all “communities””
          Or, because nobody gives a fuck about “applying” themselves anymore.
          Give everyone a trophy – we are all heroes.

        9. Really what we need is a strong black example of what a successful man is. We need entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, and Fortune 500 CEO billionaires who just make Jay Z and Diddy’s lives and fortunes look like a drop in the bucket. We also need those people to have backbone and muscle, so they don’t look like emasculated Zuckerbergs, because that’s the big turnoff. I aspire to be one of those examples. Right now I’m in college building algorithms to process news info through a hidden Markov model to predict the effects of certain macroeconomic events on certain securities. I have a few guys working for me, but I write most of the code (it’s in python for those who are interested). BTW I’m 20. When they see the true power of intellect, blacks will no longer aspire to be rappers, ballers, or thugs.

        10. As a black man who grew up in a black neighborhood and went to a black school, I can say that the answer to the first is yes. Why? Athlone McGinnis wrote earlier about the things which fucked up our perspective starting at the ends of the civil rights movement (the 50s were the time we were making the most headway). In terms of now, today too many men are complacent, and too many women are obsessed with trivial bullshit (hair and nails, instead of diet and exercise- because who actually wants to work?) to become attractive enough to get the men out of complacency. Men see two choices- burn out, or go big- by doing something non intellectual you know, because that would be ‘white’. If you’ve seen the most recent obesity statistics, you’d know that black men are the least obese of all men. Essentially, black women see themselves as entitled, at the bare minimum, to men with nice bodies, don’t take care of themselves, and go after a few intelligent and good looking men, who just don’t want that disgusting pussy. Meanwhile, thirsty niggas chase fatties because they’re easy, and few people do anything to improve themselves other than those who seek to escape this disaster. Those of us who do are often labeled uncle toms, but it is ultimately us who will put this broken world back together, if only because we’re the only ones left with the agency to do so.

        11. Amen my brother. Ambitions like that is ambtion that is neccessary. Strong Black Based banking system which regulates not only money but the expendentures of welfare recipeients. A coalition which regulates culture, encompassing fashion, music visual arts and even diet. A national science center which invest in intellectual Blacks or any other race. An annual beauty peagant cater to the advancement of Black beauty. The abolishment of Gangster rap, Skin lightning cream and WEAVE.
          You know its sad when your black, you have a brilliant idea and you have to go to silicone valley for investment capital

        12. Like your comment..Eng Bob hit the nail on the head as you did …most any college educated person has learned that poverty is the driver that creates the disproportionate incarceration rates 1 white to 5 Hispanics and one white to 7 African Americans….it also plays into many other differences that often make us minorities look inept. One thing as a Hispanic that I do admire about black is that to a degree the many years of Constitutionally enforced racism in the US did cheat them out of an equal chance….I think more people should recognize and admit they were cheated and URM’s at colleges and universities are ok … In my opinion “for at least another 10-15 years to “pay back” for the decades they were kept out or provided with lesser quality medical/law schools!

        13. Immorality birthed from generations of black men being reinforced by slave masters that breeding was their highest value can’t be eradicated from the black male mind in a few hundred years!!! Jim Crowe laws continued to reinforce the I am less than self concept… Inferior texts at HBCU and major colleges BLACK law and med schools produced inept competitors against whites of the same field. Even today nursing programs at Grambling and Southern produce graduates that only 20% can pass the nursing board certification exam!! All this caused by the social structures that became systemic as whites created and operated the industrial and educational opportunities …….

        14. Woah woah woah. Are you forgetting that this country (and the “strong” and “successful” white billionaires you’re referring to) were given the MOST unfair advantage in history? Slavery not only set back African Americans financially, but also stunted their educational and political growth. Instead of being educated in the ways of business, they were educated in the ways of servitude. Colonial slavery in the US has only been abolished for ~150 years when it lasted for at least 200-400 years. The wealth disparity is due to the fact that during slavery, profits of white businesses were unhindered by things like sufficient employee wages, while African Americans not only sunk deeper into financial debt, but also experienced great loss in that they were forcibly and violently stolen from their homeland, families, and lives – undoubtedly jarring and dehumanizing. It’s sad that African Americans accept this kind of talk from people. Instead of judging “rappers” or “ballers” for enjoying a lifestyle that their ancestors were basically told, “you’re not worthy of and you’ll never have,” try to see it from a sociological and biological perspective. Institutionalized discrimination tried to make it impossible for those at the bottom (consequently mostly ethnicities) to even survive much less thrive, but the “soul” and the “strength” of African Americans survived to manifest itself as the creative genius or the advanced athlete. Condemning them for using the gifts they were given won’t inspire other young African Americans to read instead of playing or writing music.

      3. Egalitarian Jews are vastly overrepresented among Nobel prize winners. They aren’t being wiped out for any reason other than Hitler types. Contrast that with the patriarchal Muslims, who create third world societies (unless fortunate enough to live above oil.)

    2. the only thing you can say to define the ideal that “the woman makes the man” is that the man has to choose a good woman to be at his side…. look at political wives…. if Obama had married an angry, fat, repressed, fattie, he’d still be handing out leaflets on the southside and coming home to a stream of abuse……
      if you want anything long term you have to choose someone whose on the same page AND has incentive to stay there.

      1. I wouldn’t mind some Sharia law in the States if it brought these women’s egos down a few notches.

        1. I’m all for the idea that men should all have botched circumcisions at birth that leave them deformed and in constant pain, but like your idea I don’t think it will happen 🙂

      2. Yeah I’m definitely with “brah” on this. Christianity has devolved to the point of limp-wristed weakness. I won’t mention the internal corruption of the Catholic Church with “Vatican II” or the feminist and gay agendas within Protestant Christianity, but clearly the church as an agent of patriarchy is non-existent. In that case some form of Sharia law would be much appreciated to provide a serious buffer to feminism. There use to be a point where Christians told women to also cover up and not induce men into sexual lust by dressing like whores. Compare the average woman in 1914 to the average woman in 2014 and you’ll see how much Western Civilization has devolved. Then again the anti-scientific and violent nature of Islam is something I could do without, but they do keep their women in check.

    3. Feral women? It’s like you designed an app that generates meaningless, troll statements. (But I know that’s giving someone like you too much credit.) “Red pill,” truths, eh? Tell me more about what the great television taught you! You clearly don’t read non-fiction books, nor do you talk to women, irl.

  2. “Army studies have shown that an extremely athletic young woman in her prime is roughly as capable as a somewhat fit 55 year old man.”
    Where can I find this study? I’d like to shove it down the throat of the next cunt saying women can be firefighters, soldiers and cops.

    1. I think it’d also be effective to argue it from the other side as well, to underline. Something along the lines of “An athletic woman is the equivalent of a 14 year old boy.”

      1. that’s great…. she’ll arrive at the finish line just in time to suck my cock…..

    2. Do you really need it? Women know in their heart of hearts they can’t carry an adult to safety in a burning building situation or break up a bar fight etc.
      It’s just all feminist territory by destroying traditional male spaces. No male spaces = Statism

    3. When just this year woman marines were expected to meet the same minimum fitness requirements as men, 90% failed to perform the minimum 3 pull ups. Many of them did not make even one.
      The response of the Marines is not to wash them out, as they do for any man, but to give them all a “well, maybe later,” and consider whether pull ups are an “appropriate metric” for the strength of Marines.
      Not only is this unfair to the men, but also to the women who took the standard seriously and did what it took to make sure they could pass.
      That, by the way, is the Performance Fitness Test just to be allowed to be an active Marine jockeying a desk – NOT the Combat Fitness Test.
      The standard for a civilian man to win a Marines “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body” Pull Up Challenge T-Shirt is 20, dead hang, pull ups.
      Good luck with that ladies.

  3. I would argue that women have agency, but only in one form: the agency to choose to take birth control.
    Women certainly cannot argue the opposite, that some patriarchal organization or evil man is forcing them to take birth control.
    They could vaguely argue that societal pressure requires them to take birth control to succeed, but then they are hypocrites. Since feminism is supposedly ’empowering’ women, ‘pressue’ is opposite of ‘liberation.’
    This proof forces women to own up to the act of cogently taking the pill. Since this establishes that taking the pill is 100% in the hands of feminists, its easy to correlate every feminist behavior with the fact that women have zero self-efficiency (since they needed a pill to avoid having sex to pursue career). Which in turn proves that the ‘patriarchy’ is correct to exist, to give order and agency to women.
    Was the pill about the sexual revolution, or was it about womens rights? This makes it even easier to accuse pill takers of being pure sluts.
    TL;DR: feminist philosophy actually proves why the patriarchy exists.

  4. Speaking of the Pill, I’ve noticed the following contradiction in progressives’ ideology about health.
    On the one hand progressives say they value organic foods, clean environments, living in harmony with nature and so forth. Additionally they express suspicion of the pharmaceutical industry and its efforts to medicalize problems which require buying and consuming their products to “treat.”
    Yet on the other hand, progressives have an explicit policy of encouraging young women to sabotage their natural fertility cycle by ingesting artificial hormones – produced by these same pharmaceutical companies! – so that these women can engage in sterile, inorganic and alienating hookups with men these women have no intention of forming stable relationships with.
    Uh, hello? Cognitive dissonance? Women’s bodies and minds did not evolved for this kind of abuse. No wonder so many women corrupted by modernity suffer from depression, anxiety, generalized hostility, eating disorders, substance addictions, infertility, loss of sexual interest, early menopause and an impaired ability to form stable marriages and bond with their own children.

    1. The copper coil or IUD is much better than the pill, it can’t be forgotten, you can check she has it in and it lasts 7 years for a small upfront cost. It also has no hormones.
      The doctors and pharma companies killed its use in US and EU but it’s still widely used in Latin America and Asia.

    2. True, women’s bodies did not evolve for that, but progressives intend to evolve them for it.

    3. More contradictions and inconsistencies
      1)Are anti gun for regular people,but admire and worship oppressive government (who rule with the power of the gun),celebrities (who use bodyguards with ammunition), and policemen(cops need to protect themselves from deadly bad guys, but you don’t).
      2)Are for free speech except if it is not to their taste or is dissident,then you should be imprisoned for it.
      3)Are for equality and egalitarianism ,yet find more ways to divide people now with Cisgender,transgender,bisgender,pansexual,genderqueer,heteronormativedemisexual,white privilege,male privilege etc
      4)Accepts that all of life is shaped by the forces of evolution which includes universal animals behavior ,but universal human behavior,especially male-female roles,have nothing to do with nature but are a social construct.
      5)Believe all animals have rights,but not a human fetus.
      6)In their personal lives are into natural foods and are against all unnatural ‘chemicals’ ,yet are covered with tattoos (the ink of which is made of heavy metals,plastic,azo-dyes,body piercings(so natural ,right?) and use hordes of makeup(with more chemicals).
      7)In their personal lives want to reduce carbon foot print by abandoning petroleum vehicles,but yet like to travel the world (how? if not by planes,trains,ships,buses,cars,then by foot?
      8)Are against restrictive laws on Marijuana usage,regardless of whether one chooses to abuse it or not,it is up to the individual. But are all for restrictive laws on Tobacco,regardless of whether one chooses to abuse it or not,it is NOT up to the individual(same with Raw milk).
      9)Thinks the average person is not smart enough to do anything without Government.Except when it comes to electing the right person to Government.
      and the list can on and on…

      1. Don’t forget race issues. A huge contradiction is that “oooh all races are equal” and yet they insist that blacks and Hispanics need affirmative action to help them against some nonexistent “Institutionalized racism.” I would be more offended at that if I was black than I would at getting called a “nigger” or something.

  5. And yet popular culture continues to promote this nonsense about “powerful” women, especially comic books apparently drawn by guys who have trouble getting experience with enough real women to see their limitations. Notice that Wonder Woman, the “feminist icon,” needs physically impossible superpowers for superpowered men to take her seriously. Otherwise she would have to stand in the background with the other mortal women and scream in terror while the supermen battle it out.

    1. Don’t you think it sets the stage for this strong empowered woman to be overpowered by a powerful man get impregnated by him and become his slave? Oh wait.

  6. If women were the equal of men, there would be some evidence of it from some place and sometime in human history,but there really isn’t, is there?

    1. Look in Feminist/Women’s studies literature.In an accurate library it would be under the Fiction section.

    2. The problem with feminism is that it has conflated the term equal to mean ‘the same as’ this is not the correct definition two things can be different yet equal men and women are both necessary for obvious reason but they are not same.

  7. Females are utterly dependent on the fabric and infrastructure of civilization. The feminists that scream about getting rid of Western civilization would quickly perish. When can they all be induced to see this?
    And how can they be induced to be grateful and polite if civilization continues?
    By removing the profit lawyers and bureaucrats gain by catering to creatures that never emotionally and ethically mature beyond the age of 12 or 14.

    1. Western Civilization has already perished. It died a few decades ago in the last century. What we have now is an abomination where everything is exalted except normalcy and nature. If I had to equate America with a Biblical term it would “The Whore of Babylon.” Not that I’m religious, but what’s going on now, is atrocious. In the words of economist Thomas Sowell, “sometimes the only thing I think will save this nation is a military coup d’état.” Look at our Congress, full of sell-out clowns to Israel, we have lesbians and homosexuals on the floor of Congress. If the mask of our corrupters in the media and government is ever pulled down, there will be mass graves filled with feminists and other degenerates.

      1. Then feminists and their ilk are living on borrowed time. I hope it doesn’t take too long for them to get what’s coming to them since I’m pushing 70 and would like to see it before I go.

        1. Sorry I am a decade younger than you and will not see the collapse that is necessary. I doubt that my sons will see it either. It took centuries for the Roman civilization to fall and they had barbarian hordes that only had to walk across the border to loot and kill. The inertial of modern western civilization will keep this corpse from rotting for a long time.

    2. To answer your first question, never. Or atleast never in the context of a continuing advanced western civilization. I see no way to achieve the reset without a societal collapse. Sorry to be such a downer, but there it is.
      And the answer for your second question is the same; there is no way if civilization continues.

    1. apparently she sued Mel Brooks and settled out of court. If she were alive would she sue the author?

  8. We should also consider how feminism poses an existential risk to humanity. Setting aside the racial demographics of intelligence, suppose an asteroid threatened to cause human extinction, but we had time to deflect the asteroid technologically. Who would have the ability to do this? Men? Or women?
    Yet we engage in this make-believe that women have the goods to compete with men in STEM careers, and this can only push aside the men who would really benefit from the investment. This does nothing but waste scarce educational resources, and in a rational, patriarchal world, men with the intelligence and drives for STEM careers would get absolute priority, always. The occasional Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie or Mary Sherman Morgan would get the leftovers, but they would have to meet the highest standards to justify the exemption from male priority.

  9. 20th century quote: “Behind every great man is a great woman.”
    21st century quote: “Behind every great man is often a woman who compelled him to become alpha-like due to her solipsistic, irrational nature.
    And behind every great woman stands a man, checking out her ass.”

    1. Behind every “great” woman, is the government who suppressed innumerable numbers of more qualified men to make room for Ms. Cunt.

    2. 21st Century Quote: Behind every Great(Cunty) Woman(Bitch) is a horde of thirsty simps, whitenights, manginas and Obama’s government.

  10. great article, would be a good resource if you cited some references for the research….
    also…. article coming soon on this subject…….. worth considering that technology is what sets women free, and whilst returning to medieval times would cease that situation it won’t benefit men either…. therefore we have to come with novel approaches to counter the ‘liberation’ of women….. they can certainly make quite useful employees…..
    finally you are wrong about the pill… there is also the IUD which is widely used in Latin America and Asia because it doesn’t require constant costs of buying pills… the pill was promoted in US and EU and the IUD black balled…. because it’s way more profitable selling millions of pills.

    1. The only solution to the problem is to leave western women to their own devices. Do not marry them, do not live with them, do not engage in any way with them. Do not assist random women; no more chivalry. Let them do it all and let them sink or swim on their own. Do not join the military (and I am a veteran) becaue today’s military hates men adn is a kangaroo court away from lynching you for displeasing any woman you are forced to work with. Let them fight the next war or battle on a woman only basis. Do not pick up their share of the load to get the job done. Let the job go undone and let the chips fall where they may. Until there are consequences for this insanity it will continue.
      As a personal note for your individual survival; get out of the west now, or as soon as you can.

  11. its certainly fun to puncture feminist power fantasies and this article indulges that delicious fruit. Practically speaking though what we should seek to demonstrate is that female agency where it exists is dependent upon male civilization.
    Men have been the enablers of female emancipation but instead of gaining collective credit as liberators by virtue of their role in building up the infrastructure of emancipation – legal, philosophical, and above all material – they have instead been painted as having only held women back.
    The reason for this lie, is both the psychological need to blame men for poor performance historically, and the material benefits that accrue from depicting patriarchy as an injustice that requires permanent institutionalised reparations in the form of wealth re-distribution.
    It is time for men to get credit for the civilization they built and for women to acknowledge their debt.

    1. Yes… Women have shown us who they truly are over this last half century or so, and I hope, with modern technology being what it is, that this has been well recorded and that it is never forgotten.

  12. This is where I seem to heading, and it bothers me a little. I considered myself a Feminist when I thought it was about equality. Then I learned more, became an MRA and called myself an egalitarian. But the deeper down the rabbit hole I go, the more it seems like women simply are not equal to us in so many important ways. It’s depressing. Fantastic essay.

    1. Excellent. It sounds like you are moving from pre-reactionary territory into preparedness for full acknowledge of the truth of the Reaction.
      You may enjoy:
      I, too, have experienced such epiphanies as yours over the past few years. A short while ago, I was atheist, liberal and thought maybe I was bisexual. Then I converted to something reminiscent of Christianity (a Southern Baptist Church), became morally orthodox, sorted out my sexuality and generally got a bit more sane. But I was still fiscally liberal and “egalitarian” in terms of gender, race, religion, etc., and I still parroted the “I would never impose my beliefs on others” line, not realizing that if sane values are not imposed, insane values fill the vacuum and are imposed on us even more forcefully. Then, I moved in a still more conservative direction just before Obama’s election; my politics changed, as I saw how things worked (and especially how money moved) at my University, and saw how the University was a microcosm of the society at large. Exposure to the insanity of the feminist/gay agenda on campus began to confirm for me that all the stereotypes existed for damn good reasons. Never have I seen so many women irrationally and hysterically “explain” to me that women are not irrational and hysterical.
      More than this, I saw how these two groups were really the beating heart of the fascistical group-think that has been eating Western civilization for 5 centuries – I came to consider the Protestant Reformation to be the beginning of the cultural revolution in the West, and I view “progressivism” as a particularly virulent strain of Calvinism Gone Bad – could it go any other way? – albeit denature of any divinity. Now, after a long journey, I’m a Catholic pursuing a religious vocation, with very changed attitudes towards culture, gender, government, etc. Sounds like you are also waking up and smelling the coffee along with so many other men. God bless.

      1. “I still parroted the “I would never impose my beliefs on others” line,
        not realizing that if sane values are not imposed, insane values fill
        the vacuum and are imposed on us even more forcefully.”
        This single line, if you created it, has made you worthy of being immortalized.

    2. Likewise. Strange how nasty things like facts and reality smack us in the head on our journey down the rabbit hole isn’t it?

    3. 100,000 women aren’t worth one Issac Newton, Nicola Tesla, Adam Smith, Jonas Salk, Wernher von Braun or Albert Einstein. When you wake up to the harsh reality that men are functionally superior, you’ll realize the lies you were fed by the propaganda machine. Men are not only physically stronger, unhampered by pregnancy, full agency, but also possess a 30% bigger brain by mass (which is a lot!). The great lie of female equality will have to die if civilization is to continue.

      1. Lance, please submit some articles for RoK. You, Inhumanist, TheMaskandRose, QC and a few others are the deep thinkers I’ve seen so far here.
        I’m reading “Einstein: His Universe” (title paraphrase, book’s at home) which brings home the elements of what it takes to achieve great things. There is natural aptitude but that must be honed through curious and dedicated practice. Time spent, a coolness of thinking and examination. It’s a corruption of the inherent logic of biology that women are told to compete on the same playing field as men. Perhaps RoK can offer a calm though cutting essay, written by a man for women, about why they need to reject feminism – for their own sake. Not the short term view, but the long term. The evidence is all here, even documented in mainstream media. Whether or not women on the whole will start to listen depends on how compelling a punishment (or incentive) we create for them. What if we created a national ‘Do Not Engage’ Week, where no man talks to, offers aid to, flirt with any woman who exhibits feminist qualities. No yelling, just tune out, turn off, walk away. Do not give attention, the punishment is to ignore them (MGTOW-style). Only those who want to take on their proper role as nurturing feminine women are rewarded.
        As was mentioned on here, I’ve referred a few friends to ‘The Principles that Govern Social Interactions’ by ManhoodAcademy101. It’s a tremendously thoughtful work with a good overall framework.
        Like a meta-analysis of research studies, we have so many excellent works on this site and many others (Rational Male, etc.) that perhaps it’s time for Roosh to package the most useful essays in a coherent form. We as men have to communicate these truths through settings functional expectations and dispensing reward or punishment.

      2. This is as dumb as saying 50,000 construction workers aren’t worth 1 great scientist (but then who will build the lab?) everyone has their ‘role’ in a society and ultimately no role can or should be deemed more important than another because everything is cause and effect. Take a lesson from the Chinese theory of ying and yang. The universe is polarity.

    4. I was in the same boat. The grand unifying theory which explained why the MRA movement is misguided was Game and seeing it work in real life.
      This article was the final nail in the coffin for me, however. It explained a lot of things which I didn’t fully understand.
      It all makes perfect sense now.

      1. Once you come to the realization that we are all mad then life makes complete sense.

  13. Damn…this post needs to be pamphletized, American colony-style, and passed out to every entitled bitch and urbanized white knight in the occident.

  14. Great article.
    Most great men were either polygamous (or had been married again) or celibate.
    A very small majority of monogamous men have been great (but remember we are not taking secret undisclosed extra marital affairs into this picture, which are often the case of great monogamous men). Monogamy itself leads to mediocrity usually, but in exceptional rare cases, to greatness.
    Both celibacy and polygamy directly devalues women’s influence and control over men. The polygamous male does not invest himself completely in his women. And the celibate man rises above the temptation of women – to focus on self improvement and growth. Thus, the men who fell in both of these extremes of the spectrum achieved greatness. Think Genghis Khan, Jesus, Buddha, Newton, Einstein and many other influential men in history.
    The quote “Behind every great man is a great woman” is basically a colloquialism which was spread to promote marriage (which ultimately served women in those times). But a more correct quote in those days would’ve been: “Behind every great man was the desire to procure and provide for great women.”
    But a similar saying can be found in China “Listen to wife – become rich”.
    The reason being: simpleton single men often became more worldly-wise and competitive for worldly resources/possessions to feed their existing female mates and potential offspring.
    Women being the less spiritual and more manipulative of the two genders, often
    “guided” (manipulated) their male partners into securing more and more resources (either through cunning, warfare, competitiveness – which can be called as “drive”) for the “nest” they built with their men. It was basically the case of men being agents/puppets in the hands of cunning and worldly wise puppetmasters (women). The success these men achieved was often due to the cunning or strategy of their women. These women were careful to let their men take all the social praise and admiration (which often massaged these men’s male ego), and stay back in the picture to enjoy the resources that these men brought them.
    This has been illustrated in Esther Vilar’s “Manipulated Man” and Chinweizu’s “Anatomy of Female Power” where both these authors show women exercised influence and manipulation on men to secure a comfortable, successful life for themselves. Men did not know their personal success was an agent to provide a luxurious life for their spouses. Courtesans in ancient or medieval times likewise exercised influence over kings through sex, to use these men to become more powerful and affluent in society themselves.
    Basically these women were not helping men, but using men to acquire comforts for
    themselves. The strategy and guidance these women gave to their men, was in reality for their own female self-interest. If her partner prospered, so did she.
    But in modern times, this makes no sense. Women (who didn’t have a career) in those times needed men to “complete” themselves, to provide resources. Enter modern times, with the modern feminist woman. Modern women don’t seek to “complete” men or be “completed” by men; what they usually seek is to “compete” with men.
    So basically, modern men would really be lucky to find the diamond (a supportive modern woman) in a pile of shit (self serving modern women seeking to compete with men). Men already had the responsibility of competing with other men for growth; now they have women too as additional direct competitors for the same resources.
    Thus, in modern times, the myth of female agency is a fallacy propagandized by society (feminist dominated) to brainwash men into settling down with competing modern feminist women who need a mate – to provide additional resources (modern women already have their own) and potential companionship to avert loneliness for their sorry feminist asses in old age.

    1. You’re a smart mother fucker. This statement: “Most great men were either polygamous (or had been married again) or celibate.” is one of the best points that has been made anywhere, ever. But the whole comment deserves a…

      1. Yeah, but refrain from using images of faggots on subversive feminist television sitcoms.

      2. great men attract more women and the lowest class men (think homeless men) are often celibate (attract few/no women). Women and children are great motivators for men to do great things in order to provide and protect, a family gives a man purpose.

    2. Well said. Especially this part:
      Men already had the responsibility of competing with other men for growth; now they have women too as additional direct competitors for the same resources.
      Its a pity more men dont grasp this fact and act accordingly. Feminism never would have left the starting gate if men begun to treat women as true competitors as soon as they asked for “equality”.

  15. “Additional studies show that single men raise more successful offspring than single mothers or homosexuals.” Do you have a source for this? I would love to be able to use it the next time I get into an argument with gay marriage supporters.

  16. Demanding equality on the basis that men and women are capable of the same things, then requiring hindrances on males in order to ensure that equality proves that men and women are in fact NOT capable of the same things.

  17. This is why in the past men restricted women from participating in certain publics and political spheres of influence.

  18. This is the best article ever on RoK (at least personally). Too often, men who fill our ranks on RoK are to often “MRAs” and advocate “equality.” They use feminist tactics against feminists, and even though it’s admirable that these men want fathers and husbands to have at least equal rights, they are still liars and sycophants to the feminists. Men and women are not equal and never have been, and that is the natural order. It’s about time those of us who are not afraid to give testimony to objective truth spoke up. Clearly, look around, equality is a fantasy. Also from a purely subjective view, feminism is flattery to men, because feminists want to be men. Feminism is the biggest penis-envy movement in the history of the world. Although the authors of feminism were mostly foreign subversives whose ancestors were purged from Europe themselves, they sought to institute feminism to destabilize the West. However, women even when brainwashed with feminism cannot help but to be ashamed of their own natural weakness compared to men. Women’s existence is a constant reminder that maybe those old Church Fathers of the Ancient Church had a point, in every woman is Eve, the tempter and corrupter who does so because she envies her natural superior. They cannot help themselves if unleashed without societal controls, but to tempt and destroy men. A tale as old as time.

    1. Yes, preach it brother.
      This article provided explanations for a lot of things I never understood. It all fits.

    2. So Lance, what do you think about the ethical/judicial implications of limited female agency? Just as progressives view non-whites as subhuman and permit them wider moral tresspass, do women merit a lowered standard when it comes to their behavior? If so, doesn’t that place civilization back on track to pedasatlizing women?

      1. Great questions. Men have always placed severe limitations on the behavior of women (due to their agency being limited in the first place), because the alternative was unthinkable (which is the alternative we’re dealing with today). Monogamous sex (mainly limiting the woman) grew out of the advent of property and thus civilization. Fathers wanted an assurance (thus the sanctification of female virginity), that their children were theirs, and thus the necessary limitation of women.
        Women are complimentary to men by nature, and not antagonistic. It is supremely vital to keep women in their natural roles (which they always loved and cherished). Feminism was never an organic grassroots movement. I don’t care how this sounds, but feminism was a movement started mainly by Jewish subversives in the Frankfurt School (Critical Theorists) to destabilize the Anglo-Saxon predominance of the United States, back then. Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Gloria Alred, etc etc. These were of course agents of the Frankfurt School who were mostly covert intellectual agents of the USSR. Feminism is a method of psychological warfare against any competing civilization or group.
        The head (patriarch) has to be severed from the body (family). The pedestalization of women mainly comes from 18th Century France, where the late stages of the inept Bourbon monarchy allowed novelists to surreptitiously “liberate” the sexual behaviors of women, as long as they were hidden (thus the rise of the male lover). 19th century England pretty much invented Romanticism, and Romanticism is a uniquely Anglo-Saxon invention.
        The Germans reveled in Romanticism, culturally but hated the idea of liberated women. Bismarck in fact made sure that Kaiser Wilhelm II’s mother was pretty much alienated and ostracized from “corrupting her son with English liberalism.” However, this outgrowth of female pedestalization is a uniquely White European phenomenon that can be blamed on the weaker parts of Christianity (mainly when Jesus limited man’s sexual prowess) and in that sense I am very Nietzchean about the “Der Wille Zur Macht” (The Will to Power) and how weaker elements of slave religions inhibit the supermen of humanity. The greatest male leaders have always been polygamous/promiscuous, whether it was Charlemagne, Caesar, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, blah blah. The current pedasatization of women, comes mainly from white men who were infected by the meme of “monogamy.”
        Monogamy was a function of property, no more, no less and thus advantageous to civilization. But the first European Christians, didn’t give a shit about some fairy tale of fucking the same woman for the next 50 years, but about making sure the children were his by blood. The other paralyzing aspect of female pedasatization stems from the media, which paints the woman as a noble creature, free from error. Men believe they can relate to women, and even have them as friends! lol. No such thing, marriage unless instituted on its old principles is worthless today. The white woman mainly has been advertised so much, that the West has made sure, she was the object of every man’s desire around the world. But the more important aspect to remember, is the goal of civilization, requires female limitations.
        Again, what made feminism so much worse was not only the psychological warfare of that was levied against the USA and Western Europe, but that due to the Enlightenment and Romantic Era, men were already primed to not only pedastalize but deify women. Russia remained mostly immune from these movements, because even though it was a white country, it was not and is not “European.” That’s why Bolshevism had to castrate Russia in 1917 to make up for the Enlightenment and Romantic Era.
        Women were never pedasatlized before the 18th and 19th centuries. If we are to have a great civilization again, men have to much evidence from the last two generations to ever pedastalize women ever again. In fact, the immunity to future female deification, is a harsh look at the 20th and 21st centuries. Women have exposed themselves. My view is a firm legalistic prohibition on women’s destructive behaviors, after all in the words of “Christian folk” in the South, “it’s in the Bibah!”

        1. No offense, but you are the reason I have trouble being a good white nationalist 🙂

        2. Marcuse was critical of the USSR. He was very left, you are right, but he didn’t really condone what was happening over there at the time.
          THe ideas of the Frankfurt School were used badly in America, in the same way that postmodern ideas were. Americans have a history of fucking up European ideas, especially intellectual ones. That has nothing to do with the theorists themselves.
          I think people need to start asking themselves why Anglo-feminism is different from other types of feminism. The ‘cultural Marxism’ accusation has some relevance but it’s essentially a dodge. In other words, what is so defective about Anglo society at its core that it gave birth to such a horrible mutation? Why are Anglo-feminists generally more selfish and extreme than other feminists? Why is feminism in France and Germany relatively tame compared to what it is in the U.S?
          I’d wager a bit part of it has to do with the emphasis on ‘individualism’ and ‘negative freedom’ that so many of you Americans hold dear. That’s a good start. There is more of course.

        3. The Europeans have been fucking up their own ideas pretty damned successfully long before the Americans ever came along.
          France especially has an amazing history of creating some truly exceptional and brilliant thinkers, amazing and utterly outstanding men, allowing them to raise the country up to the height of power and then utterly fucking them in the ass and destroying the country within a single generation. Think Cardinal Richelieu and Napoleon Bonaparte. I could also come up with countless examples from English, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Norse, Scottish, and German history as well, if I wanted to spend a couple of hours digging up the names.

        4. Firstly, i’m not European. Secondly, i disagree. Anglo emphasis on extreme individualism creates selfish societies. Feminism is just an extreme manifestation of the ‘give me power or death’ mentality that is endemic over there.
          Yes Europeans have fucked up their own thinkers too, but my point is that Americans have a reputation for dumbing down the ideas of European thinkers for political ends. That is the big problem with how postmodern ideas are taught at American universities.

        5. The problem is not the dumbing down of the ideas, the problem is the original ideas to begin with.
          America’s extreme individualism created, until recently, one of the most powerful, economically exceptional, and scientifically progressive places on the face of the earth. It was the ‘old world’ that started producing crap and force-feeding it down our throat… although i will admit that american politicians harnessed those ideas for their ‘fashionability’ and expanded on them.
          Marxism- Karl Marx, Russia, adopted via the english and popularized by John Lennon, Englishman and psychadelic retard.
          Feminism- outgrowth of suffragette movement, started in England.
          public economics- Keynesian failure, John Maynard Keynes, englishman.
          Charles Fourier- Early french socialist, foundational for modern socialism, the utter failure we are in now.
          The Fabian society- one of the original building blocks for today’s borrow and spend economic socialism. English political action group.
          Yeah, fucking brilliant ideas they have over in europe. Sure we fucked them up when we applied them. They were fucked up at conception, we were just better at showing off their flaws.
          The ‘reputation’ for dumbing down ideas of european thinkers is a class ‘a’ piece of bullshit propaganda. And frankly, it is one I have not heard before. Inbred ‘old world’ thinkers haven’t had an original idea for nearly 600 years.

        6. Well thanks, I guess lol. I’m only half-black, and in addition to that, I have to revert the decrepit and degenerate state of affairs in the ghettos of America to the media (and we all know who owns it). Networks like BET and MTV get a full and free pass when it comes to promotional degeneracy. Mothers get a kickback from the state to kick fathers out, and it’s all promoted and encouraged in our glorious media.
          So members of certain ethnic groups already get programmed by the media when they see co-members of their ethnic groups reveling in degeneracy, they automatically feel the need to “become that.” Whether it’s an athlete, rapper, etc etc… Point is this dichotomy between members of other races benefits a certain ethnic group in power (which you probably have an idea of).
          Think of divided ethnic factions in a multiculti shit-hole like America as a sort of “fail-safe.” In a way, if any group or charismatic leader ever tries rallies the nation-state against them, they can collapse the dam and turn other ethnic factions against the other, whilst they go unscathed. The deliberate flooding of Mexicans into the United States is for that exact reason, because Blacks do not represent a real demographic threat to the white majority (in the sense of population growth).
          Then again the white majority represents no threat themselves, since they seem to be very happy to be enslaved to a foreign state and whose own ethnic members in our own government pledge more allegiance to that foreign state than our own. America as a free and independent nation that makes its own decisions in the best interest of itself are done. The last days… the last days.

        7. heh, I wouldn’t neccessarily call it the last days except inasmuch as it resembles the last days of the roman empire.
          The country will persist, although it will likely be extremely balkanized, and a shooting war is all too likely. Places with strong self-identity are quite likely to continue ‘under new management’ while places that are extensively ‘integrated’ are either going to get denuded or turned into a place that will make the congo look like a playground.
          I have no doubt though that ‘america as a culture’ is likely to persist in many communities and even whole states once the fed loses it’s shit.

        8. “The ‘reputation’ for dumbing down ideas of european thinkers is a class ‘a’ piece of bullshit propaganda. And frankly, it is one I have not heard before.”
          Then you need to read more widely. Two classic examples of European thinkers often dumbed down and/or (conveniently?) misread in America: Hayek and Adam Smith. Neither were socialists. In fact, Hayek was very influential on the development of American capitalism in the 20th century, and Smith is the godfather of neo-classical economics.
          Feminism, as we know it, was developed in the Anglo world, not just in Britain. It was not confined to one place. The most extreme forms were developed in the U.S. What you seem to be avoiding is the question of why this is so. All you have said is that certain ideas were adopted because they were trendy/fashionable, which to an extent is true, but you cannot account for why the American manifestations were so twisted and perverse; and why those perverse manifestations did not catch on to the same extent abroad, despite being widely circulated.
          The answer, of course, is cultural, as always.

        9. btw, I have accepted your frame when it comes to Europe but i feel it is more instructive to separate Britain from the continent.

        10. That’s because i simply reject your frame. You start with the concept of ‘America has a more twisted form of feminism than europe’ and try to justify it from there.
          I deny that, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Canada all have far sicker forms of feminism at the helm today, Britain has a far worse form of multiculturalism in muslim apologism (as does Norway), France has a particularly vicious form of forced employment affirmative action, Germany is starting to swallow the blue pill wholesale (late bloomers are always the most vibrant, expect a form of feminism in germany that is outstanding in it’s depravity) Ireland has forced the vast majority of male politicians to heel to feminist politicians and discard the rules of decorum, and the rest of the UK has gone so far socialist that I keep expecting Lenin to rise as a zombie just to pat their heads as they start to starve to death.
          So basically you are pointing at two obscure ‘thinkers’, claiming their ideas were twisted, to try and justify what? Oh, right, You want to villainize Our original cultural strategies of ‘self reliance’, ‘individuality’, and ‘self determinism’.
          Tell you what, while I do not disapprove of monarchy in theory, I am a hard-core believer in meritocracy. If you want to start trying to peddle socialism as the cure to all ills (as your earlier insistence of american individuality as ‘twisted’ suggests) Try peddling it over at AVFM. I understand they like listening to that kind of tripe in between bouts of crying, self-flagellation, and getting ass-reamed by legions of deadly boxcutter-weilding poster removers.
          Now, to reframe things a little, Eurotrash also has a similar history of truly fucking up American Ideas. Especially in technology and development. You want to talk shit about the first culture to put a man on the moon, you should seriously come up with something better than vague references to obscure social scientists… Men who, if I recall correctly, actually pioneered the twisted multinational corporate system we have now, one which, I might add, ENGLAND sponsored as the first trial (and royally fucked half the world in the process) albeit prior to the ‘thinker’s” you mentioned.

        11. feh, all you have to do is repeal the right laws. We don’t need to add more, just repeal all DV statutes, Vawa, Child protective statutes, federal marriage definitions, affirmative action, and corporal punishment prohibitions.
          People will rapidly become much more polite and well-behaved, especially women and children.

        12. instructive how? Britain is still intrinsically tied into European social dynamics. separating it artificially certainly makes it easier to frame points, but that is simply because, by lopping it off and showing it selectively, you are invalidating it as thoroughly as if you lopped off a frog’s leg and then used to to ‘prove’ that frogs are not living organisms.

        13. “Britain is still intrinsically tied into European social dynamics.
          separating it artificially certainly makes it easier to frame points,
          but that is simply because, by lopping it off and showing it
          selectively, you are invalidating it as thoroughly as if you lopped off a
          frog’s leg and then used to to ‘prove’ that frogs are not living
          The Anglo saxon countries have more in common with each other than they do with continental Europe, that is as far as my point was extended. Thus Britain has more in common with the U.S than it does with Germany or Sweden. If you think differently, perhaps you should visit those countries sometime!

        14. Women in Sweden are more pleasant to be around than American women. They have some radical feminists, but they don’t have an organisation as fucked up as NOW as far as I’m aware.
          As for your point about culture and technology, the two cannot be so easily separated. Technology is merely a medium; a conduit for the message. Feminism is more than just consumerism. It’s a network of ideas. Technology is technology.

        15. I have visited much of europe, multiple times, both professionally (military) and privately (student, vacation, and a year-long trip) I even visited Russia during the cold war years, and China as well (although I never touched southeast asia other than PI, Japan and Singapore, the island nations)
          And based on my experiences, both Dublin and London far more strongly resembled Paris and Oslo than they did LA, DC, Charleston, or Chicago.

        16. Ok, but the Anglo cultures have more in common in terms of their views on individualism and self reliance than they do with Germany or France, and it’s the ultimately ideas and attitudes that form culture at the foundational level.
          btw, i agree with you that American individualism is what enabled the country to be exceptional throughout the 20th century. However, it’s also responsible for many of its worst failures and excesses. As with anything, there are always trade offs.

        17. yes, and they are tradeoffs that I, as a white anglo, am willing to make. We have a tempestuous history, but from that history comes the greatest achievements that the human race has ever made, and the future of humanity.
          The biggest mistake we ever made was multiculturalism. We subsumed our drive for improvement by misapplying it to those that do not have the same drive.
          The asian cultures are inarguably more intelligent, and yet, they never advanced in technology the way we have. They are internally-focussed and simply geared towards improving what they have, rather than innovation. The judaic culture is also more intelligent in terms of Raw IQ, but their focus is entirely upon ruling existing system through economic and political manipulation.
          Frankly, Humanity needs to get the hell off this rock… and the only culture that ever had a chance to get us there, and the only method that encouraged that, was competetive anglo-ethnicism. Us, the russians, The Germans, etc. And America had the greatest opportunity to achieve it… hell we DID achieve it. And then we sucked ourselves back into the morass of internalism, defunded Nasa, and sold the last hope we had for the future in order to fund welfare.
          If there is one sin for which I will never forgive Obama, it is for his allowing Nasa to be defunded. He has betrayed not just this country, but the entire human race by giving up space.

        18. Lance are you a writer? If not you ought to give it a go!! I want to know more about you and your education and ideas/ideals…You sir are an interesting study! As many Americans judge the “holy hell,” out of Muslim extremists…that have extended families, low crime rates,, non-existent teen pregnancy ….all the while we have all of those in great abundance…I ask myself who the hell are we to judge anyone??!! Your matter of fact opinions are interesting to me and in no way offensive…this rarely happens to me…have a great day!!

    1. The access to the continuance of a woman’s womb and propagation of the human species is their prime function. Jealously biologically stems from the access to a young fertile woman’s womb. Take away her ability to have children, and what is she but a human full of orifices used for pleasure. Even in traditional homemaker roles of cooking, men are better than women at that too. Name one female chef that’s better than the world’s top ten chefs (all male)?

  19. It takes a good woman to make a great man, and it takes a bad woman to ruin a good man

    1. I disagree, it takes a good woman (obedience, love and loyalty) to KEEP a great man (NO WOMAN CAN EVER MAKE A GREAT MAN OR MAN PERIOD) and it takes a woman (inherently evil by nature), if not put in check to ruin a good man (and society).

  20. “Feminism is an operation of patriarchy. Feminism constantly identifies problems and proposes patriarchal solutions pressed down on us from high and rammed home by men with guns and badges. Feminism cannot exist without the men and the patriarchy enabling their delusions of agency and independence. ”
    So well said.
    Men created the matrix for women to flourish, never forget that.

  21. Couldn’t a lot of the same analysis be applied to men? Our lives would be nasty, brutish, short, dangerous, and boring without the accouterments of modern civilization. We too are dependent on the protections, inventions, and infrastructure of others.

    1. See, this is what happens when you have an entire generation of boys in the modern, feminized boy scouts.
      Those of us that are older know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our lives would suffer only slightly from the loss of civilization… mostly in entertainment.
      most of the ‘support’ we require, especially medically, is the direct result of living in a highly technological society.

      1. I think a lot of men would relish that particular culling, even if they don’t happen to survive it.
        Even the feminized ones realize that, deep down, something is very, very wrong with the natural order these days.

        1. yep, and us survivalist rennaissance hillbilly types with a library full of old boy’s life magazines,cookbooks, and manuals on everything from gun repair to making steel positively crave the opportunity to build our own log cabin and shoot a few intruders.

      2. That’s wrong. The things that kill us when we get older – cancer, diabetes, heart disease – are the result of us living long enough to get them. Without civilization, we would die of infections and accidents long before we could get cancer.

        1. Hmm. I don’t really have the time to go all ‘you are ignorant’ all over you, but a couple of points:
          Type 2 diabetes is the #2 killer of men prior to age-related illnesses in this country. Not always directly, but often indirectly from secondary infections, weakened immune system, etc. type 2 diabetes (except in a few rare cases) is almost always caused by an overworked pancreas producing massive amount of insulin to combat the effects of an overabundance of carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars and starches in the diet. Carbohydrate-rich diets are, you guessed it, an artifact of a highly technological civilization.
          heart disease (ischaemic heart disease and stroke) Is the #1 killer of men. The primary cause of this is a buildup of damge-retardant plaque in the bloodstream. This is caused by the lining of the veins themselves, when they are damaged by…again… an excess of simple sugars in the bloodstream. Simple sugar buildup caused, again, by sugar, HFCS, and simple carbohydrates… the primary building blocks of caloric food ‘fillers’ created by a highly technological society.
          You look at ancient ‘average age of death’ and assume that means that people died young (in their forties) 200 years ago. What you fail to realize is that these death rates are inflated by three factors:
          Infant mortality (generally, for every two adults, two or more infant mortalities occured… That automatically cuts that average age of death IN HALF.)
          Death in childbirth. This exclusively affects pre-technological women, and again, because of the high mortality rate among birthing women, dramatically skews the average age of death downwards.
          Preventable death or deaths due to septic or infective conditions: This type of death often occured to young (albeit risk-taking and stupid) men. a wound ‘turns bad’ because simple techniques such as washing a wound to clean it and avoiding ‘home remedies’ like goose fat and mud were unknown.
          Once you screen out these factors, you begin to realize that in the ‘middle ages’ the average age of death was barely a year younger than the average age of death today. That is because men, in general, have not been advancing medicine for THEMSELVES, they have been advancing it for women and children. In point of fact, most men need very very little in the way of medical technology for most of their lives.
          The old saw about ‘living long enough to die in new ways’ is a load of total and utter horseshit spread by the treatment community and backed up by the frankenfoods conglomerates… They don’t dare admit that we have the potential to be far healthier without interference, since that would make people question what is REALLY killing people… They are.

        2. In short, please do not equate ‘technology’ with ‘civilization’. technology has been improving our lives, but our civilization has been hard at work reducing or demolishing the technological gains.

    2. I suggest you read Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men.
      Most men would relish the destruction of civilization so that they could form or join a gang of other men and fight for territory in a nasty, brutish, and short lifestyle that has the faint glimmer of possible glory.

        1. Heh, well said. Though, you’d have to war with other men for access to them. I think that’s how Rome got started.

        2. Yeah that’s pretty much how all civilizations get started and then men impose laws to protect their access to women’s wombs for their own civilizations. I pretty much laugh at current societal psycho-babble when they say “women control reproduction.” Yeah, only when men let them under men’s rules, because at the end of the day, if civilization breaks down, there is no more “I’ll have kids after my career,” or walking around with whorish clothing and scoffing at men who remotely say anything sexual. That ends in a flash.

  22. This all comes back to the corrupt governments, placing quotas, affirmative action and coddling their whims. Once these agents fall so will feminism and the corporations

  23. Love this article and I’m glad that this brings up key points about the oppsite sex. Females say that they “don’t need a man” but constantly require his resources(money), protection( justice system) and genetics(semen) to survive. Take all that away and what will happen?

  24. This article strikes me as well thought out and quite thought provoking.
    It was simply excellent reading material
    I wonder though how much of it is true? I confess that it swayed me to agree with all of its points, but I worry about being swept up in a narrative because my “gut” agrees with it.
    If I accept the idea behind this article, how am I ever able to respect a woman again?
    I guess this is the final straw; barring a genetic savant that can overcome all these hurdles, I simply cannot view them as anything even close to equals any longer.
    Well done.

    1. You can respect women for what they can do, without worrying about what they can’t do so much. Just like children or pets, they can be cute, fun, and even reveal things you didn’t know about yourself through your interactions with them. You are forced to become a teacher, mentor, leader, counselor, etc when you have an intimate relationship with them.
      You can also be humble and aware of your own shortcomings if you struggle with pride getting in the way of sex/relationships.

      1. You’re absolutely right; I’m still trapped in the old mode of thinking I think. I need to discard how society has taught me to view and judge women in the same arenas as men and instead focus on feminine virtues.
        Just when you think you’re out, you realize you’re still locked in. Wow.

        1. I noticed that, AT the bar. The Men in my party would strike up conversation, and instantly the Women would all simultaneously have to use the restroom. I start talking about Detroit Diesels every time I want my Lady friends to leave.

      2. I’ve noticed the similar behavior or ways of thinking between women and children. In many ways attaching yourself to one woman is like having a child around. They are clueless and want to remain clueless about every important aspect of life, especially if they’re cute. I’ll start going into my favorite books and tell her about the Eastern Front and 27 million Russian deaths, and they look at you like “wow, the grand sage.” Go to any Borders or Barnes and Noble, you’ll see the men reading real books and the women reading magazines or trash propaganda such as “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It is very much like having a child, except that child has a grown woman’s body and a vagina most importantly. I think Schopenhauer was right, women really never develop mentally or intellectually past the age of 15.
        I’ve noticed older women are more mature, but only because they know, they have to have real qualities because they can no longer market their vaginas to viable men. My exes were all like children, despite college, I had to explain shit I thought the average person would know. Coming here makes realize, woman’s role and agency is really sex and child bearing. I cannot become intellectually stimulated by a woman, and if any man says he does, it’s only because he savors the prospect of having sex with her and using the “dialogue” as a pretext for wooing and fucking. They are ok to keep around for company, no offense much like cute puppy, but they should never be the sole reason for man’s will to exist or thrive.

        1. Solid comment Lance. You seem to have it together pretty consistently across all of your posts, well done.

    2. You can still respect women, just not in the same manner as you would respect a man.
      Id suspect your difficulty here comes from still thinking about this through an unconscious lens of invalid Feminist principles like “equality”. Of course you cant respect a woman as an equal, because men and women are not equal when it comes to any of the relevant factors affecting concepts such as “respect”. Men and woman are different, and different standards apply, especially with regard to standards of behaviour, which are key when it comes to respect.
      You cant reasonably expect most woman to meet a mans standard for being considered respectable, and in fact a woman that does meet a mans standard in this area (or tries to) becomes less of a woman in the process. You can however respect some women in comparison to other women, by a womans standard of behaviour.

      1. Wow, this is a great analysis! Thanks for the heads up! I can definitely see what you mean; I have a long way to go.

        1. Its crazy how deep some of this Feminist conditioning goes – being brought up surrounded by it results in us viewing the world through a Feminist lens without even realising it.
          Its not until you really examine the reasons why you have friction reconciling certain aspects of reality (like why you feel like you cant respect women) that you even realise you’re doing it. Feminism has poisoned the way we think, and reversing the damage so your thinking more closely matches what actually goes on in the world takes some doing. It requires you to monitor your thinking patterns and correct yourself every time you succumb to Femthink until you form new and better habits.
          Theres very few of us who have spent any significant time in the West who are free of this influence, myself included, so dont feel too bad about it. Just be mindful so you can change.

    3. Your gut is more reliable than those studies. And you do not need to respect any woman. They aren’t worth it and they don’t want it. Men want respect, women want love. So stop trying to give a woman that which she neither wants or needs and just love her instead. Of course if you love her you are bound to destroy yourself eventually as women today can only take and never give. Eventually you reach the bottom of yourself and she will cast you aside like yesterday’s garbage. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said, a man can live happily with any woman as long as he doesn’t love her.

  25. Bravo, this is an excellent article, the manosphere needs more articles like this that eloquently express our key ideologies.

  26. I think every man has at least 10-20 seconds of logic when it comes to women, and usually after we cum, we think “I do all this shit for these 15 mins to half an hour fucking, why do I put up with this bitch”? And then… ZZZZZZZZ

    1. Then we wake up, go to work/school, eat, lift, then the horny takes over again, then we see out vagina to ease our hunger, then we realize what a waste it is, then we sleep again.

  27. “Communist until you get rich, feminist until you get married, atheist until the airplane starts falling.”
    Women and men need each other. Feminists have it wrong when they want to inverse the natural order. But finding a beautiful, nurturing, industrious, and faithful wife is also a huge blessing. Statistics show that married men on average are happier, healthier, have less stress, and make more money across all age groups. As the Proverb says, “He who finds a good wife finds favor from the Lord.”
    Problem is that it’s not easy to find a faithful and good woman these days. One things for sure- you’re not going to find her at the club.

    1. It makes sense what you say about marriage. This allows men to fulfill their role as protectors, providers and pro-creators. It is sad that Government has destroyed this ancient institution. Now the prospect of marriage is fraught with concern about the risk of ruination for the man.

      1. Society is also teaching women to avoid or delay marriage and having children as if it’s a bad or shameful thing. Why are young women aspiring to be wild party girls and porn stars- and being lauded for it- rather than a respectable wife and mother?
        And men, stop encouraging slutty behavior by giving certain women the attention they’re craving. Just say no. Being a man also means practicing self-control and discretion.
        Coming home to a home-cooked meal made by a faithful, hard-working, and beautiful wife who is waiting for you at home is far more worthwhile than hooking up with the makeup-streaked messes on the streets these days. Finding a wife that you’re proud to introduce to friends is a more challenging but rewarding goal than banging sluts every weekend. What kind of achievement is it to bang a girl who would bang any other guy at the bar…? Aim higher, we’re better than that.

        1. “Finding a wife that you’re proud to introduce to friends is a more challenging but rewarding goal than banging sluts every weekend. What kind of achievement is it to bang a girl who would bang any other guy at the bar…? Aim higher, we’re better than that.”
          – To aim higher, you need a better target.
          Unfortunately, you don’t have much good targets around you anymore.
          Most sluts who bang other men at the bar, are wifed up by men and regarded as “good wives” – if these former sluts reserve sexual access to their orifices for their husbands. It’s become so simple for modern women to eat their cake after having it.
          So till then, let’s not delude ourselves. It’s better to bang the slut at the bar because someday you’re gonna see your friend or male acquaintance with her on his arm as his wife. And you’re gonna feel “higher” than him at that time, because you just managed to bang her holes with just game, while that guy managed to bang her holes by paying a higher price of putting a wedding ring on her public sperm toilet orifices.

        2. But in my opinion, a good wife doesn’t go out to the bars without her husband. A good wife knows how to keep a good home and prefers the company of her husband and children to strangers. Why lower or discard these standards just because feminist society already has? The modern liberated woman laments that there are no good men out there, not realizing that good men are not going to want to wife them up.
          And my old-fashioned advice for men in their twenties and thirties- don’t
          invest your precious time and energy in mastering pick-up game in order
          to hook up with sluts. There’s little return on such investments (not to
          mention unpleasant risks such as STDs, late-night teary phone calls,
          and unwanted pregnancies). College was the time to get that out of your
          system. After college, invest your time, knowledge, and hard work in
          building your skill set and empire, in whatever field it may be. For
          those who want to establish a family and marry a trophy wife, it’s
          obvious that the beautiful and valuable women worth marrying (sadly, a
          rare and small percentage of the population) will have options and will
          be attracted to men who are hard-working and trustworthy providers with
          stable incomes and assets.
          Invest your time in your career game and in building your
          character and be rewarded handsomely in your future. I started late in
          the game, to be honest I wasted time and money during my twenties and
          didn’t begin a solid career track until I was 30, but it was worth it in
          the end.
          If you’re decent-looking and not desperate, it’s really not that
          difficult to bang girls, but it’s a lot more rewarding to find the woman
          you want to build your legacy with. Women who are wife-material-
          beautiful, loyal, traditional, gentle, and industrious, will be
          attracted to men who represent stability, protection, respectability,
          integrity, and strength.

        3. “If you’re decent-looking and not desperate, it’s really not that
          difficult to bang girls, but it’s a lot more rewarding to find the woman you want to build your legacy with. Women who are wife-material- beautiful, loyal, traditional, gentle, and industrious, will be attracted to men who represent stability, protection, respectability, integrity, and strength.”
          – A Delusion what every man is brainwashed by modern society. You still need to be unplugged from the matrix.
          Men unplugged from the matrix will see women differently – with all their flaws. There is a slut and whore in every woman – no matter how “virtuous” she may appear.
          Why wife up a potential slut or whore? For the sake of children? Choose surrogacy – the way Ricky Martin did. He had offspring of his own seed.
          Make lots of money. Take good care of yourself. Live healthily.Choose surrogacy for children. And for the sake of sex – continue to bang sluts with protection.

        4. A good wife would avoid and stay away from clubs and bars. They are sleezy places for hooking up where any time she is becoming unconscious via booze or drugs, adultery is so easy!! It’s not hard to get into a women’s pants when she has had 2 much 2 drink.

        5. You do realize the reason Ricky Martin chose surrogacy because he is homosexual and did not want to have to do something disgusting with a woman in order to have a child.

        6. You’re missing the point.
          It doesn’t matter whether Ricky Martin is a homosexual or
          What matters is that he wanted to produce offspring (his own seed) without having the hassles of doing something disgusting with a woman or being with a disgusting woman in his life (a possible reason why he took to homosexuality after he mentioned many years back about interest in a woman). His homosexuality is his problem, but yet he chose a way to have his own offspring without the hassle of female intervention or commitment.
          Surrogacy provided him the option to do that. Normal men can learn from that.
          Men , unlike homosexuals, have sex with women. But most of the time, it is not the sex which turns out to be disgusting, but it is the woman herself (who usually devalues herself later with her actions). So producing offspring with her (through commitment) becomes a descent into an abyss, which demotivates men from marriage and offspring with each new disappointment. That’s why men on redpill often put off marriage and children, but don’t put off on sex (which rightfully should never be put off).
          But what would you do if you don’t manage to find a “good”
          woman but still wanted to be a father? Do you want to adopt or have your own kids (which is the natural urge in every man)? What “guarantee” do you have that even if you found a “good” woman, that she won’t change after she’s popped out kids with you in a marriage? You can’t guarantee anything with modern women, even if you make the most foolproof prenup before marriage– because they don’t honor anything with their solipsism,not even themselves.
          So surrogacy is a safe bet for the red pill man who wants to have be a father without female intervention, without the hassle of committing to a woman to actually produce offspring.
          It gives men a chance and the liberty to continue to explore polygamous relationships on the side, while simultaneously enjoying the joys and experience of fatherhood.
          Surrogacy is a fitting response to modern feminists who actually do the same thing to men – i.e. divorcing men, taking children from men, taking child support and resources from men, while fucking other lovers on the side. So surrogacy provides a weapon in the hands of men against the biased courts and modern women – giving men an option to have their cake and eat it too. The only hassle of surrogacy: you’re gonna need a nanny eventually, so cash is going to be necessary.

        7. Or, I can apply the effort of chasing pussy or finding a wife to something more worth my time.

        8. Of course I don’t recommend marriage for everyone. But statistically the majority of American men do marry so just giving some advice what to look out for and what to avoid, for those who do eventually want to settle down and have a mother for their children. Women who prefer to go out to bars or parties without their boyfriend/husband are a red flag. Women who come from old-world traditional family-centered immigrant values, parents happily married, conservative father whom she respects and doesn’t talk back to, tend to be better wives.
          Let’s bring back the 1950s housewife ideal- greets husband at the door, freshens up and does makeup and hair before he comes home, cooks regularly, wakes up early, and keeps herself healthy and fit.
          My wife also prefers my company to the company of strangers and doesn’t go out without me, except shopping or coffee with girlfriends. On my end, I work out regularly so she feels safe and protected with me, and I bring in a stable income and a fat savings account so she doesn’t ever have to work. It’s nice to come home knowing she’s waiting for me. We both come from solid Christian backgrounds and values. Might sound unappealing to some, but truthfully I would much rather have a drink in the evening with my beautiful wife than go out and converse with a shrill drunk mess at the bar.
          Like I said, I don’t recommend marriage to everyone, but a good wife can enhance one’s life and is worth pursuing.

      2. the government has not destroyed this institution, social manipulators started the process when they allowed the government to get involved in the first place.
        Marriage was a social contract, endorsed by the church, for the sole purpose of creating successful children. Everything else takes second place to this.
        anything which interferes with the creation of successful new humans is, by definition, a violation of the sanctity of marriage. The church ‘rules’ for marriage were created and defined by literally millenia of trial and error to find the most successful formula with the highest chance of producing successful children.

    2. In modern times, the Proverb “He who finds a good wife finds favor from the Lord” – should be changed to “He who finds good WIVES (or women) finds favor from the Lord.” Modern women are unfit for monogamy.
      Monogamy is investing too much power in a woman – in modern times.

    3. “Problem is that it’s not easy to find a faithful and good woman these days. One things for sure- you’re not going to find her at the club.”
      – So where are you going to find them?
      Are they gonna be found:
      – In churches? The women which are gallivanting on the sly with pastors? Or Mary Magdalene types who want to reform themselves after being tired of riding the cock carousel?
      – In offices? Women who want to compete with you? Or women who are fucking your buddy in the office? Or women who are fucking their boss in the office?
      – In libraries? Nerdy or “intellectual” women who come there to get fucked by literary types? Or those who have sworn to use books as dildoes for themselves?
      – At museums or art galleries? The biggest closet sluts/whores are often found there. Prize catch for them: An intellectual refined fucker. These women have had their share of intellectual dicks.
      Let’s not fool ourselves. Women are all guilty – till proven innocent.

      1. You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Matt 7:16

    4. “Statistics show that married men on average are happier”
      Your statistics lie, because they consider divorced men as “not married”. Once you cut these out, you will see that never-married men fare better.
      Western “marriage” is a lie anyway, because true marriage is supposed to last livelong with no means to divorce.

  28. Now that we all know the truth the question is…what are you going to do about all this? continue to read articles on here how to game idiot women or live differently now that you know the truth? Are you going to continue to contribute to the decline of the world as you know it by going to bars, gaming women, or focus on yourself, dress accordingly for economic success (not random nasty pussy), learn different languages, bow out of how things are today or have 1 foot in this cesspool for your own benefit and 1 foot out or get out totally and think outside the box at all times? The question is are you a real agent of change or a fake one for your own benefit or access to cheap pussy in which you are part of the problem? The hardest thing to do is accept this truth and act accordingly and keep yourself in check to not contribute to this problem. Will you argue with your own mother and tell her, look I respect that you raised me but shut up about things you know nothing about…men? Will you reject western women and travel the world for ones that are worthy and totally reject this created society? what are YOU going to do about it? Will you occasionally open a door for a woman maybe 1 out of 100? why? Be an agent of change at all times through your actions. Reject all this hypocrisy through your actions but be careful what you say to others as there’s people just waiting to reject your change. do it in stealth by living differently. We have this website, great…but make sure your actions at all times match what you want changed.

  29. I agree with the tenor of this article, but as a guy with an engineering and science background, I call bullshit on anything that says “studies have shown” and there is no cited source. Without a source, your entire point is bullshit. Either back up your assertions with fact, preface them as your opinion or experience, or don’t make them at all. Otherwise you’re no better than the multitudes of other bloggers that spout off.
    To the editors here, I hope you start requiring your writers to provide sources. It ads legitimacy to the content.

    1. As a person with an engineering background that had a midlife career change to a more social science doctorate, I can tell you that even if the study in question was cited properly there is still a 99.999% chance that it is biased BS. Any of these social science studies are methodologically questionable. Unless I can examine the structure and basis and raw data then I choose not to believe any of them. And the ones I have examined have all been hugely flawed to the point of being garbage in garbage out.

    2. Pull up wikipedia and search for “socratic dialogue.” Or pull up “apriori knowledge.” No math or research is required to discuss the most important issues in life. I used “studies” in my essay as a rhetorical device; I am not a strict utilitarian and won’t rest my arguments on statistics alone. You would be a fool to discount an argument because research was not cited. You know that research can be manipulated to say whatever you want, or discounted if you don’t like the results. If you don’t think something I said was true, then make your assertion- stop hiding behind your “bullshit detector” like a woman.

  30. I think your article is on point, but I don’t think women are useless. You give the example of powerful patriarchs having nannies and women to take care of their offspring, but only the most powerful men can attain that status and accumulate these kind of resources. I think that the majority of the male population are not cut out to be powerful leaders, but rather effective workers.
    The average Joe can’t afford to have a plethora of women at his service, so he needs a well raised, well balanced wife to take good care of his kids. That’s why I think women still have a place and use in society, as mothers and supporters of their husband.

    1. The problem with this view is that women do not want these roles and places in society. If she can’t get the uber-wealthy man that can keep her in the lap of luxury than what use does she have for a man?

      1. They don’t want these roles because these roles have been tarnished. It’s up to us to make them desirable again.

    2. Women certainly have a place as mothers and assistants. They just need to stop competing with men and get back in the kitchen.

  31. The only true women to men in life – are their mothers.
    A woman betrays everything outside of her (her family, her man, her friends) – except her own flesh and blood, i.e. her offspring. That is a part of her, and women never betray themselves. Mothers are the least baleful form of women to men in life, and the only possible good women for men. Even a single mother will care more for her male child than for her new lover.
    To quote a famous Arab proverb:
    ““When you are dead, your sister’s tears will dry as time goes on, your widow’s tears will cease in another man’s arms but your mother will mourn you until she dies.”
    Rest all women (girlfriends/fuckfriends/wives/daughters/siblings etc) are baleful to men at some point or the other.
    Women always choose their offspring over their mates. The woman who chooses neither a mate or offspring- is a worthless wretched creature unfit to be endowed with a womb – which holds the power to create and sustain life.

    1. Sorry, but Mom is no exception. A lot of men can testify/witness that when it came time to back them up or back up team women, their mothers chose team woman, and threw them under the bus. Women think of their offspring as parts of their bodies. As such if a part of your body is causing you trouble, or not benefiting you, cut it out and throw it away. Their own children are not much more than fingernail clippings to an awful lot of women. This is why they have no problem with abortion, and increasingly have no problem with post birth abortion (up to the age of 5 or so).

      1. It is about such “Moms” that you mentioned, that I said:
        “The woman who chooses neither a mate or offspring- is a worthless wretched creature unfit to be endowed with a womb – which holds the power to create and sustain life.”
        So the mothers you talk about belong to that category. (mostly Anglosphere modern women). But mothers in other parts of the world are most loyal to their offspring (probably more than their loyalty towards their mates) – so I am standing with my opinion. I’ve dated a single mother in my blue pill days in my 20’s and I can attest from experience to the fact that single mothers are more loyal to their children than their partners. Women in general, love their children more than loving their men. She’d often fall out of love with the man who helped her produce her offspring, but she usually never falls out of love with her offspring. That’s why mothers are often the only “good” women in a man’s life.

        1. feh, my own mother used to tell me, “Look kid, I get you for eighteen years, I am living with HIM for the rest of my life…. guess who I am siding with? sorry”

  32. “Feminism is an operation of patriarchy.”
    “A woman’s lack of agency is something neither to celebrate, nor despise. It is something to accept.”
    Philosophically astute, inhumanist. Hear, hear! I wish more bloggers in this sphere had the philosophical chops to get the social framework of our lives right so that the path before us is seen for the exacting path it is.
    P.S. Neither am I a humanist. I am a true rationalist.

  33. This is pretty poorly written and poorly argued. Not the type of article I’d want on RoK as an editor. It’s hard enough talking about uncomfortable truths without having incompetent spokespeople driving the discussion. Then again, these days RoK seems more about driving pageviews than anything, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised.

    1. You call it poorly written and argued, but give no examples.
      It is quite easy to be a critic when you are relieved of the burden of actually showing examples or giving proof.

  34. I´d like to translate this text to German and spread it to our forums just because it´s so excellent. And true.
    My dictionaries – and my (long dead) english teacher – are failing with “agency”. In this context.
    I roughly get the meaning – still: I lack the exact word. And this is essential.

    1. The word is “Protagonist’. a slightly longer term might be ‘action principal’ or just ‘principal’ for short. Although it is not strictly correct, I like the term ‘dominance’

  35. Yes it is true that women are dependent upon society then as they are know even more with feminism proclaiming all women as victims, in order to dispel this myth we as a culture must act as if this myth were a reality. In short we must end all laws that protect women, that give preferential treatment to women. We must end all cultural norms and traditions that benefit women. In short in order for women to realize that how dependent upon men the are, we must treat them like agents.

  36. .” can do every task a woman can do, other than nursing a baby, better than a woman. That includes nurturing, educating, cooking, cleaning, home making, healthcare, and so on….Women should be grateful for [a] culture that took benevolent care of their gender even though they were nearly useless in every way.”

    “Nearly useless” isn’t quite right. It overlooks the Principle of Comparative Advantage. Merely because I can do each and every one of the things you enumerated better than my wife doesn’t mean I should expend my time and energy doing them, if she can do them adequately, freeing me for things I can do (that she can’t) which are of greater value to us.
    Similarly, my wife should not expend her time and energy on any of those chores if she can delegate them, possibly at a modest cost, and thus free herself to do things of greater value to us that cannot be delegated — such as keeping me happy!

  37. So abortion is only a modern concept thought up by men? Nope. Been around since humans have existed. Birth control? Well unless you’re insisting on rape being ok and legal the pull out method and controlled sex works better than any other contraceptive if you have a brain and know how to use it. Of course women civilize men, without women your lives would be pointless. Your existence null and void. We live for each other and the desire to please each other to the best of our ability. And when society and women fail to keep men in check we suffer things like holocausts and great wars… seriously as long as men like you remain the gutless cry babies you are feminism will not go away. Give women something to yearn for, love and admire and they will give it back, telling them they’re worthless or obsolete will not help your cause, if you don’t feel women are of worth then don’t pursue them it’s your choice in the end, just don’t expect them to let up on the whole feminist movement anytime soon either.

  38. “Every day along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, one can watch the
    passage of vast oil tankers and towering cargo ships arriving from all
    over the world. These stately colossi are loaded, steered and off-loaded
    by men. The modern economy, with its vast production and distribution
    network, is a male epic, in which women have found a productive role —
    but women were not its author.”
    This states that men created and dominate the fucked up society we live and die in. A patriarchy that we would be better off without and were better off without in the past.

  39. “Take these people, these MEN, out of the picture, and you start to see
    that women are not that independent after all. Take away the white
    knights, and the other (patriarchal or capitalist) luxuries
    (dishwashers, automobiles, infant formula, criminal justice, welfare,
    military) and you are left with just another woman of the world, living
    in the third world, never even debating her lack or moral agency with
    men in public. She is blown about upon the winds of men.”
    Fuck the police. I do very well without them, and want them gone. I don’t want or need military, a dishwasher (dont have one), automobiles (dont have one), infant formula (uh, breast milk), criminal justice (corrupt), welfare (wouldnt need it if men didnt create capitalism, monopoly and trap us in this prison of a society.) This doesn’t mean I live in a “third world.” and there is nothing wrong with wanting to live in a “third world” if termed correctly: “developing country.”

  40. Compare the life expectancy of gay vs. straight men and then get back to me about women being unnecessary.

  41. You are essentially absolving women of their actions with pretentious rhetoric. Feminism does this, government does this, traditionalists does this, race supremacist does this, and now the manosphere is doing this. Holy shit, when will you all learn. There is a female agency whether you acknowledge it or not. There is a methodology to their actions. The function of their agency is utilizing male agency to their own ends. There is evidence of this everywhere. Family court systems, the fact traditionalist women boycotted the female draft. White knighting. Female politicians marrying into politics. Hell even the whole alpha/beta dichotomy is essentially categorizing men by their usefulness to women (alpha fucks/beta bucks), whether that is the intention or not. A real alpha is a leader of men. Followers of the alpha are betas. The male dominance hierarchy have always served women. We can go back all the way throughout human history with evidence of it.  Whether benevolent or malevolent female agency, its there. Clementine Hozier and Agrippina the Younger come to mind. Here is a letter from Mr. Churchill.
    My dear Lady Blanche Hozier,
    Clementine will be my ambassador today. I have asked her to marry me & we both ask you to give your consent & your blessing. You have known my family for so many years that there is no need to say very much in this letter. I am not rich nor powerfully established, but your daughter loves me & with that love I feel strong enough to assume this great & sacred responsibility; & I think I can make her happy & give her a station & career worthy of her beauty and her virtues.
    Marlborough is very much in hopes that you will be able to come down here today & he is telegraphing to you this morning. That would indeed be very charming & I am sure Clementine will persuade you.
    With sincere affection
    Yours ever,
    Winston S. Churchill
    There is no doubt Clementine Hozier influenced Churchill throughout his career. Historians have pointed that out over and over again.
    You all are giving women what they want, one way or another. Patriarchy or no patriarchy. Men serve women. They don’t need hunt for food, they got you to get it for them. They don’t need to be moral, they got you conceptualize it for them. They don’t need need to work for sex, they got you to do the work (game). they don’t need justice, they got you to establish it. They don’t need to exert overt authority, they got you to exercise it for them. They don’t need to fix their own problems, they got you to help them. There is a reason you all are spending some much time on the subject of women and game, writing about it, reading about it, and studying it. Because women are so damn good at being coy and guileful and you know it. If you convince yourselves that women are frail and have no agency, you have already lost.
    “The function of their agency is utilizing male agency to their own ends. “

  42. The idea that women don’t have agency just because they have biological necessities and imperatives is nonsense. I have an imperative to impregnate a woman and pass on my genes but men throughout history have chosen NOT to do it, NOT to obey their biological imperative and they have done it. The same can be said of women and the biological imperative to bear children. There is more to life for a woman than simply bearing children. They have minds and are capable of learning and doing many things. If most of them cannot do the great things a few men can do, so be it. Neither can I. Neither can you.
    Which reminds me of a scene from the forgettable Will Smith movie, “I, Robot”.
    Smith’s character, who hates robots, asks a prototype, “Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot paint a masterpiece?”
    The robot replies, “Can you, detective?”
    Men and women are physically, mentally, and perhaps even spiritually, different from one another; therefore the means we each choose to use to reach our ends will of necessity be different. Very different. But the goal and purpose of all living things is the same: the surviving and thriving of the organisms in all of its interactions with its environment. To live and keep living in the way that most fully utilizes the most of it’s abilities.
    God created both Adam and Eve. He took Eve from a piece of Adam. When Eve sinned, God held her responsible just as he did Adam. In both Hebrew and Christian traditions, God imputes agency to women, not just men.

  43. To avoiding having sons who think and act like this asshole I have decided I’ll start having gender based abortions, no more sons. I’ll keep the smarter and more adaptive gender; females. I’ll have only daughters and if its not a female then its off to the clinic 🙂

    1. Nice !! One of my ex GF’s was Ob/Gyn in India where sooooooo many girl babies are aborted vs boy babies

  44. You’re an ignorant fool that no woman would ever want to sleep with, and that’s why you must bash them on your little blog. Poor lonely, loser. The only vagina you will ever know has 5 fingers and is attached to you already. 🙁

  45. I feel like you should just come out of the closet, Tom. The reincarnation of L. Ron thinks your blog, and your work are worthless. Stop wasting everyone’s time writing about how deeply your hatred for women runs. We get it. You’re homosexual and you LOVE men. You love long schlongs, awkward droopy cocks, angry little chodes, wrinkly ball sacks, and of course raging Adam’s apples. I understand that science and nature says, “the male evolved to be the beautiful sex,” (as a means of garnering a mate due to his inability to attract one through his communication skills or intellect) but your dehumanizing attempts to vindicate the utter “uselessness of the female sex,” is unnecessary when all you’re really trying to say is, “I’m a cock-lover.” So go ahead. Close your eyes, start practicing on a cucumber, and go meet the boy of your dreams today, girl!

    1. The fact that females disagree, means he’s doing something right. Now if females were agreeing, well…

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