All Girls Are Spoiled Children

If you grew up with younger siblings—or were one yourself—you’re well familiar with the phenomenon of the younger brother or sister always trying to do what the older kids were doing, wanting everything the older siblings were getting, and challenging the big boys in general. When big brother got a skateboard, little brother wanted one too—even though everyone knew he was going to fall on his ass and stop using it. When big brother ordered a double cheeseburger, little sister wanted to order it too, even though she couldn’t even finish the single in previous sittings.

If the parents knew how to run things, they put a stop to that noise with firm rules about when you got certain things and when you’d be allowed to engage in certain activities. If they were shitty parents, they caved. Invariably, the world enjoyed or suffered the consequences of this vital parenting decision.

This dynamic describes today’s woman. Women bear an uncanny resemblance to a bratty little sibling—and children in general—in an uncomfortable variety of ways.

In this calculus, you’re the big brother, she’s the little sister (or brother), and society’s the parents. Let’s take a look.

Trying to be up in everything.

Nothing drives a spoiled kid crazier than being told they can’t do, or have, something because it’s for the big kids only. And nothing drives today’s woman crazier than being told she can’t go somewhere because it’s for men only. You see this dynamic in a multitude of places, from private golf clubs to sports bars to military combat. Whether it’s fun or not–or whether they can hang or not–they want to be there anyway.


Everything’s a test.

Like a growing puppy constantly trying to move up in the pecking order, a younger sibling is in a constant state of competition, and in a mindset to test and challenge boundaries. Competition is especially noticeable between siblings of the same gender, though it’s not necessary that they be the same. “I’m stronger than you.” “I’m hotter than you.” “I’m smarter than you.” Testing and challenging is often directed at the superior authority—the parents.

A girl you’re dating will similarly test you from Jump Street and won’t stop until you—or your relationship—is in the grave. The hotter the girl, the more frequent the tests. Girls will try to get away with changing plans on you out of the blue, disrespecting your stuff, calling you names, talking to her ex-boyfriends, dressing like shit, gaining weight, showing up late. More times than not, these are direct affronts to your masculinity and leadership.

Always want the newest toy and bore easily.

Women, like children with ADD, need to be constantly entertained with ever-more-elaborate stimuli. That includes actual things to distract them—like Facebook, the newest iPhone, and picture-driven websites—but also people. Like her toys, you’re a mere feature in her life, and unless you remain elusive, fashionable, and interesting, you too will be upgraded.

Are copy-cats.

Kids like doing what they see other kids—or older brothers—doing. As a rule, they’re not risk-takers, content to go it alone or unafraid to flaunt their avant-garde ideas, styles, or methods. It should therefore come as no surprise that seemingly every (American) girl walks around with a Starbucks Milkshake in one hand, an iPhone in the other, and Ugg Boots on her feet.


Run to the parents when they’re losing the fight.

Despite his claim to be tougher than you, rest assured that your little brother will scream out for your parents as soon as you have him pinned to the floor. He’ll even manufacture or exaggerate the conflict if it means winning the fight. Whether it’s girls getting in a guy’s face in a bar because she knows she has a whole bar of white knights (and bouncers) to back her up; girls with massive Internet courage that evaporates the moment you strike back; or even girls calling the cops and manufacturing cases of domestic “abuse”; know that a lot of women’s “empowerment” is a false confidence predicated on having the parents on speed dial.


Guys in the manosphere often ponder out-loud whether feminism isn’t just some giant, collective “shit test” from women—that is, a giant test of men’s aggregate mettle. I suspect that—to a certain extent—it is, while being quick to add that feminism is merely one tray in a Las-Vegas-sized buffet of women’s child-like behavior. Both society (parents), and men (older brother), have failed to keep our bratty little sister in check.

The solution: treat them like the little-siblings-who-never-grew-up that they are.

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152 thoughts on “All Girls Are Spoiled Children”

  1. This excellent article has too many good points to list them all in a brief comment, but special props go to this Truth: “Whether it’s fun or not–or whether they can hang or not–they want to be there anyway.”
    They can’t make it at the Citadel Military College? So what. Demand entry anyway.
    They can’t make it at the NFL combine? So what. Make a spectacle anyway.
    And if they do succeed at something that hundreds of thousands of men already do every day, then they want to be told what big girls they are! Have a cookie, Sweetie!

    1. Now that womyn have proven that they can be warriors just like men, they probably won’t mind if we insist on true equality: women should sign up for selective service (registration for a potential military draft) at the same age as men. They can fight so, when the shit meets the wind farm, they must fight. It’s only fair that they enjoy the same opportunities to serve. They should pay their “fair share” and enjoy some “shared sacrifice” in future wars.
      If they have a problem with this, as someone pointed out on this site, we will have to enforce “my body my choice” across the board; and demand that the government keep their cotton picking hands of us, and “respect our right to choose” not to be drafted.

      1. The draft should be abolished for everyone because the draft itself is a flawed, primitive system. Your argument is now invalid.

        1. So I guess if ww3 broke out you’d just roll over and let whoever come in and take over as well. Because we can’t draft, that’s not nice, right? We have to lower our military admission standards so more women can join the frontlines. I’d love to see a platoon of American women taking on a platoon of Russian men. Haha.

    2. The examples really abound: NFL combine, the Citadel, Augusta National. But notice that it’s selective participation. The loudest howls are always for participation in things that carry maximum prestige, not the dirty, unpleasant male jobs that don’t grant you the same opportunities to attention-whore.

      1. Excellent point, you sure don’t hear about the all the women “breaking down barriers” in garbage removal or oil exploration.

      2. Abso-goddamn-lutely. There’s been a metric fuck-ton of howling about when will military women get into Spec Ops combat units…but no bitching about getting into ditch-digging or truck-wrenching. They only want it if its something they can turn into another FB pic.

        1. Do men bitch about it when they don’t get to do ditch-digging or truck-wrenching? This statement, to me, equals, “women only want to do enjoyable things!”
          Um. Obviously. Who the hell doesn’t.

        2. Men understand its part of the deal. You wanna be at the top of the food chain, make a run at it, but there’s a good chance you get eaten along the way. Men understand it and decide just how high on the food chain they want to try for.
          Women bitch and honk that they’re not getting a chance to rise to the top and bitch and howl if they’re not guaranteed a fast-track ticket in the process.
          Its called the Glass Cellar. Its filled with jobs that break your back, shatter your spirit, don’t pay shit, and guarantee you’ll never be famous beyond the local dive bar. But women don;t know shit about these jobs, they’re only concerned about the Glass Ceiling that “unfairly” keeps them from all the sweet deals that they would oh-so-certainly excel at if only they got the chance. …..bulllllllllshit.

        3. Uh we fucking know this. Thanks for laying it out in women’s-terms.
          Don’t get mad that society won’t let you do the “enjoyable things” with men, because you aren’t as good. Go try doing the less enjoyable things like MEN resort to. Want to have the same prestige as a man? Then produce the same output, it’s that simple. None of this changing and lowering the rules for women shit.. Military changed the requirements for women just so they could feel as prestigious as men.
          No. No. No. Get the fuck over it.
          Not this double standard shit where you get to do it because you fucking want to. Men don’t get that privilege, so why should you? Because you were born with a vagina? No, go have kids and make meals and shut the fuck up

      3. There is a female basketball player from Bayler University making noise about playing in the NBA. She plays the small forward position, and the host on ESPN said “cover LeBron James then we can talk”. Reality always trumps bullshit.

      4. It’s offensive for women to want to do the same things that men want to do, and to not want to do the same things that men don’t want to do?
        Considering that we’re all the same species, it seems pretty reasonable to me.
        Ever consider the possibility that some women might want in on these activities because they’re genuinely interested in them and not just to spite men?

        1. But Jen,
          They really DON’T want anything more than to prove they’re as “good” as a man. And if 95% fail at it, it’s because of discrimination, and if 75% of men wash out too, tha’ts because they’re not good enough. And when the rules are changed so that the politics “works”, and the girls are allowed in despite facing FAR LESS of a challenge… They claim they’re “as good as the boys.”
          I have no training. I’m a fat slob (by my evaluation). I’d STILL kick the sh!t out of most women, even some trained ones, with little more than a sweat.
          Come back when you can beat 95% of men. Then we’ll talk.
          (Guns don’t count in combat questions; target shooting, sure. Still need to beat 95% of the men. Don’t count in combat because a female cop with a gun can put a slug in an unarmed perp at 3 feet or 30 feet[maybe – i’ve seen cops shoot], but (s)he could just as easily shoot the cop, so that’s a wash.)
          Now, when you give up your iPhone, and your MTV, and your reality TV, and live like an actual woman – we can talk then, too. You can tend the household, or manage the family, or nilk the cows, feed the chickens, etc, while the man is out plowing the fields. Then, we could talk, too. (Driving a tractor plow doesn’t count – again, the MACHINE is doing the work, see gun note above.)
          Until then, you’re just like my girlfriend, a bitch trying to prove she’s a MAN, who does JUST FINE putting everyone in their place and making sure she gets hers, UNTIL it’s time to actually DO SOMETHING. Then just goes off half-cocked, pulls some [email protected]$$ claptrap out of her @$$, and screams, stamps ehr feet, and cries when it doesn’t work. And guess who has to come in, pick up the pieces (again), and tell her everything will be OK? Whatever man is STUPID enough to be with her. (That’s me. Her name is on the deed to the house. Too bad her corpse isn’t in the back yard. I came in with $100K available on cards, $70K in retirement funds and investments, and 800 credit score; 2 years later, it was already too late, all the cards were maxed, the investments and funds liquidated, and we were spending above MY income – she wasn’t working. My fault for not verifying everything she said, from WHEN the bills were paid, to HOW MUCH was paid, to what she was spending, to whether or not she’d even been looking for a job. So in 2 years, went from upper-middle-class to bankruptcy and reposession. And yes, now every woman looks like her, and I STILL can’t get rid of her. Maybe now that she has a job, though… And her daughter’s heading out on her own… Maybe i’ll just kick her @$$ out, as now I can do it with a clear conscience. Damn Catholic upbringing, I felt I had to keep her from starving or living on the street.)

        2. women don;t want to “do the same things”, they want to realize the same successes, but they’re never willing to make the same sacrifices or risk the same losses. in short, the same unreasonable childish bullshit that women have cornered the market on. Insist on signing up for the draft, then we’ll be having a reasonable discussion.

        3. You need help. No, seriously. If you’re with someone you’d rather kill, it sounds like you’re the weak, psychotic pinprick that can’t really handle life on his own. Sucks to be you.

        4. Men don’t insist on the draft…. so why should women? Though I do get your point and I agree… If women want to be equal to men, they should be treated equally…. If that means being drafted for the military, then so be it. Sadly, it seems I’m one of the few women that doesn’t believe in the “unreasonable childish bullshit” as you call it. I believe in true equality…. equal rights under the law, and equal punishments as well… but don’t sit and criticize women for not asking for the draft or not asking for the crappy jobs because, I’m sorry, but men don’t want either of those either…. maybe abolish things like the draft across the board instead of throwing rocks at one sex or another….

        5. Didn’t start off that way.
          I went from $30K in stock account, $7K in Roth IRA, $7K in 401(k), $10K in the bank, and credit of almost $90K – to BROKE, BANKRUPT in under a year – and she continued to push buttons for years afterwards, until I decided I couldn’t afford to give a f*ck.
          Once I stopped caring, she learned to be a human being, almost over night.
          Some people exist purely to hurt others. She was (is?) one of them.
          And her type is far more numerous than decent women….

        6. Okay. Obviously she is just a terrible human being. I don’t think this has anything to do with her being a woman. Being an asshole is not tied to one gender.

        7. Once again I see your fucking retarded woman-logic.
          Don’t be mad that you aren’t let in on the activities that men are. You don’t see men whining about not being NBA players or Spec OPS or whatever the fuck it is you’re even referring to. Men deal with life. So should you.

        8. Women want to be given the things that men earn and women don’t want to pay the prices that men pay. That’s not all right.

    3. the latest movement in western countries is to legislate women into more senior positions of government. if they can’t get there on their own merits, they will force society to place them there, very much along the lines of what this article implies.

      1. Care to source and cite your claim, or is that too academic and reasonable for your rabid, rehashed bullshit to bear?

        1. lol, yeah, i’ll get you all the sources and links that you want, but only because you asked so nicely…

        2. guessing you’re a girl.
          That must be your excuse to why you don’t get your way or something. “He’s just a dumb fuck for not spoiling me” or whatever

  2. Once a majority of men relearn this basic truth, that women are children and not truly full adults, a whole host of societal problems will begin to evaporate.

    1. Girls’ shit testing mechanism (among all other deeply wired biological mechanisms) have not evolved to accommodate our modern feminist-inspired society. My best personal examples of this statement are from when I was in nursing school. When we did our clinical rotations, 95% of the nurses ‘above me’ were women. Many (not all, there are some sweet ones) of them would shit test me early over some irrational bullshit, such as not checking her patient’s vital signs before some other nurse, or for leaving the toilet seat up in the nurses’ bathroom. They knew it was stupid but wanted to test my reaction – a shit test. As long as I showed no quarter and held my ground, they would respect me immediately, even early in my schooling when I had little idea what I was doing. Thank god I had game because I would be very frustrated in these cases (and sexually) if I didn’t.
      Case in point fellas, make sure you view every time a girl acts out as a shit test. Don’t give an emotional response. Every girl shit tests. It doesn’t automatically make them a bitch, it makes them female. Don’t take it personally and just remember they can’t help themselves. Over time they respect you more and test you less.

      1. Not giving an emotional response is a good route with women at work…but sometimes I give an emotional response they don’t expect for the ladies outside of work.
        They get done insulting whatever weakness they think they found in me…I just smile and say “thanks for the compliment”. Certainly I never get angry, fearful, or serious…but teasing or smiling at them when they try to take you down is another good way to pass.

      2. Why do women feel the need to even “shit test” in the first place might answer a very important question regarding what’s intrinsically wrong with that gender.

        1. Why? Simple. You have to think of this in the context of a time of “no hunt-kill, no eat” and women knew that physically took a man to do.
          Women are hardwired to seek out a strong alpha who’s in control and can hunt, provide and handle his business.
          She’s going to test you regularly to make sure you haven’t become whipped by a woman. If you have, then she will not eat. You’re not even a beta, if *she* can whip you without even lifting a finger, when men would use a woman’s vagina and then send them away until the next time.
          So today (her still hardwired, but can walk away now), she will just drop you and find an alpha who can maintain control and keep his house in order, because if he cannot even do that, he cannot lead a hunt for food and certainly cannot lead a charge in battle to protect what’s his and teach his son these things (in case he dies).
          Women try to scold men when they fight over them, or to protect them, yet intentionally create the “jealousy situation, knowing where it will lead, or mouthed off to a man figuring he has their back.
          The real test they’re giving you is not in the chest bumping or fight over them. The real test is the one guys seem to always fail afterward. Will you tolerate her scolding you and apologize for reacting the way she damn well knows she wanted you to!
          Guys, if you do, then there’s no need to trace back to see where you went wrong that caused her to leave you. It was right then when she scolded you and you handed her your balls to drop in her purse by apologizing! And that’s why you lost so many women in those younger days after an event like that! She either left you standing there scratching your head, or it was over a few days later, after you continually begging to get back in her good graces.
          Does this sound familiar???
          Guy) “I’m sorry honey. It’ll never happen again!”
          What She Heard) “I’m weak, honey! A woman scolded me and so I’ll never protect you!”
          Anyway, back to the point: They’re hardwired to keep making sure you’re the real deal, because their lives can literally depend on it! They’ll slow down (but not stop) after a while. But if you ever get weak minded and be too nice to them and start taking crap from them, well, those are the guys you see with wives nagging them to death, who want to kill themselves! Don’t be that guy! Stay strong, got it?!
          Anyway, that’s why. 🙂

    2. Unfortunately there are many who deliberately choose to stay blue pill because the illusion is so much more comfortable. And then there’s the many, many men, who have some degree of success with women, so they never end up searching for solutions to their problems. They never had that nasty break-up that left them shattered in pieces or that horrific incel status that goes on and on for years and years. Alpha/beta/omega unfortunately tends to be a very black and white schema, whereas a lot of men are neither truly beta, nor alpha. I suspect that only the bottom 33% of men end up trying to improve their situation. Other men feel that their system isn’t broken – and you never change a running system, do you? (Naturally I’m not talking about the top 20% men, they have no need for red pill wisdom either way)

  3. Women will always bitch and whine and scream and cry fake tears until they get what they want. Constantly playing the victim. Don’t believe me? Just get into a relationship with one these bratty, loud,rude American whores.

    1. On top of that, women never take responsibility for their own actions in life and never admit when they are wrong. They will just blame it on men and just invent hypocritical double standards to criticize other for the same behavior that they engage in themselves. Selfish, spoiled, children.
      “Me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me, who cares about what you want? What about me you selfish asshole!!!”

      1. Yea…cause and effect of the fem-imperative? Recently had
        a conversation with a natural born Romanian, a waitress at a local somewhat
        upscale place in Fells Point, Bal. I was lamenting about the SMP and of course, our the ~sphere’s favorite subject: the thirty-something carousel rider(s). Me: so what do you think of the typical women who you see in your place. Her: I don’t them; they’re not feminine, I see them run around on their men in their lives and they are selfish. Me: yea, I know the feeling. Her: the selfish ones will end up single. Me: they deserve it.

    2. Amen! Pre-red pill, I married and later divorced one and dated one right after the divorce. Needless to say, readings this article, validates what I was thinking postmortem….a majority of American women are, in fact, spoiled children.

      1. There are a lot of men like this too to be fair. Some people are spoiled and some people aren’t. It really has nothing to do with gender from what I’ve seen. But if women just aren’t your thing, Opus, maybe you could try ‘playing for the other team’. Maybe the reason you have so much anger toward people (specifically women for some reason) is that you are not being true to who you are. Just food for thought.
        All the best,

      2. There are a lot of men like this too to be fair. Some people are spoiled and some people aren’t. It really has nothing to do with gender from what I’ve seen. But if women just aren’t your thing, Opus, maybe you could try ‘playing for the other team’. Maybe the reason you have so much anger toward people (specifically women for some reason) is that you are not being true to who you are. Just food for thought.
        All the best,

        1. Ah yes, the ol’ argumentum ad hominem “You may be gay but not know it” line – the last refuge of the individual who has not points to make to contradict a point. Sorry baby, I’ll give you points for the effort but based on your responses to others postings, you’re more then likely projecting your own failures/faults on others. Typical.

        2. “You don’t want to put up with a spoiled woman child walking all over your, emasculating you, and sucking the life out of you, so you must be gay!” That is the most stupid illogical argument I have ever read. As a single inshape college educated guy making a lot of money, I get so more action than my married friends. Believe me that. Why buy the cow when the milk is flowing at every faucet? I guess thay makes me gay though haha.

    3. Yup. Feminism is just one huge act of exaggerating how victimized they are.
      The way to deal with this is to stop extending sympathy until they understand that compassion is not a right.

      1. Like this website is “one huge act of exaggerating how victimized” all you losers are, right? Wait… Nobody wants your sympathy, or your opinion.

  4. Awesome!! Figured this out ALONG time ago! They also LOVE to project their failures and negative behavior onto Men…..THIS is why God said women were NOT leaders…

    1. Women can serve as a man’s second hand as long as they are not allowed to make the decisions on their own. The fact that they consider the more emotional aspect of one’s actions can certainly be worthy at times.
      But they are not leaders. Emotional decisions does not a good leader make. One of many reasons why feminism is an absolute joke.

  5. Realising women are akin to children is step one. If you continue down this train of thought you’ll realise how bad this actually is. The fact that the government is like a bad parent can have serious concequences on your life.
    Women are the majority of the HR department: “Children” decide if you get hired or not.
    Women get to be police officers: “Children” are responsible to save and protect you.

    1. The best weapon and self-defense in our society is to have game. Roissy has stated in the past that given our sociological structure, game is more necessary now than ever. This is the beauty of the manosphere. We have access to the most potent techniques and research on social psychology ever created, and because it’s based on the internet, we can easily spread the information among each other.
      I would like to see men’s rights advanced (divorce theft laws, false rape accusations, etc) but I really don’t care if the manosphere becomes more public and the mainstream media shits on our concepts of game. It’s their loss. You can’t convince many people, but YOU know when you got the job because you used game to become an ‘alpha male’ and make an emotional connection with your female interviewer. YOU know when you fucked a girl because the manosphere’s most prominent bloggers have pounded into your head how a girl’s ASD works and how to overcome it. Let everyone else suffer in their idiocy.

      1. “Let everyone else suffer in their idiocy.”
        There is no need for men to suffer. All they need to know was already written in The Great Books For Men (GBFM Stand Up) and a click away on the interwebzllollzzz. The sad part is men will suffer for their ignorance of the ancient truths and the fortunate few will wake up and seek the answers/solutions to their dilemma. A smart man in the manosphere wrote that a woman’s shit test is the equivalent of a man staring at tits, biology.

      2. Or to just live your life and ignore the none sense, I have no time in my life for games and refuse to be drawn into them. I would rather be alone to have to constantly be on guard for the moment when I may need to “get my game on”, fvck all that, porn is free and jerking off takes 5 minutes, then you can get back to something more productive.

    2. Speaking of children, it is not uncommon for children to make generalizations about things they don’t fully understand. I don’t blame you though, little Loc. You can’t help it.

      1. bullshiz… you read the article, realized it’s very true and got pissd. Now you’re tryin to be a smart azz… FAILED

      2. Is this cunt still around? Fuck off, already, you aren’t welcome. Talk about proving the truth of the article.

    1. Try going to Boston, at least to visit.
      They even wear skirts and dresses. For work. Daily. And most are trim.

      1. I’ve been to Boston and the upper crust dresses nice and pleasant usually. Think Boston Brahmin. The lower classes are more likely to wear Uggs and a pink Red Sox hat.

  6. The family history dynamic shows up on the job with men and women. So often I have had some guy out for my blood and can see on his face the sibling rivalry that he had with his brothers. They also know well how to manipulate the situation while acting like “team players”. I am too old to put up with it anymore and will simply walk if the shit don’t cease. It’s Elmer’s Zero Tolerance Policy.
    I like the photo of the future General Georgette Patton.

  7. I have been working for over 20 years and have never, ever, seen a woman at work not run to HR or the bosses with any little issue or situation with another worker. I’ve never seen one handle a situation themselves or just let it go no matter how small or trivial. Never….pathetic.

      1. The best thing you can do is engage as little as possible with them. And certainly keep your skeletons in the closet.

    1. Anyone who calls you sexist or misogynist for pointing out the nightmare that it is to work with primarily women (or under female leadership) has never experienced it first hand and is just talking out of their idealistic ass. I’ve lived it, as have several of my friends. It’s a environment governed by back-biting, sabotage, deception, insecurity, jealousy and–if they happen to have power over you–bullying and intimidation. I’ve known a bunch of WOMEN repeatedly (and consistently) tell me virtually the exact same thing. This is known.

      1. I never had a problem with the “idea” of working with women until I got a job in an office with mostly women. At first I thought it quite the good fortune, plenty of cuties, eye candy at the very least even if I was wary to try my charms to win their feminine favor.
        But holy cow! Maybe better phrased; Holy sow!
        The drama of those little spoiled princesses!
        I may have began that job fully without prejudice, but I sure left knowing better.
        Naive to experience in just a few months…

  8. The best part is, men, like the rest of the world, don’t give a shit about women “accomplishments” or “positions of authority”. When was the last time you saw headlines for a guy getting that waiting job at the Tilted Kilt? A lot of media coverage of a man at that stupid run in high heels for a wedding dress contest? Of course not. Not only do men not want to do any of that stupid shit, but the media wouldn’t care anyways because, ya know, it’s not an accomplishment.

  9. The correct mindset is to see women as children in adult bodies. You also realize how easy it is to mock and humiliate any cow who’s past her expiry date and is jeleous that men way older than her are dating girls way younger than her and that just takes her psychological projection and bitterness to a whole new level of comedy. Men need to exploit their God-given advantages, the feminist system does everything it can to convince you otherwise. But they are working in women’s interests, not yours.
    Once you accept and embrace that “women as children in adult bodies” mindset, women’s challenges to your manhood, the anxiety you have around them and their self-seving opinions will cease to intimidate you. Once you can control/ dominate a young attractive female the effect is like MDA, you wonder how you ever did without the younger, tighter, sweeter, more feminine, softer and eager to please pussy.
    By the way, if you’re going to take MDA, make damn sure you only take it in the absolute minimum quantity you need to be social and talkative for a few hours. That means you need to take just 1/4 of a pill or less, in other words, the absolute minimum quantity that creates the desired effects (social) for a few hours. Be disciplined about it and don’t take anymore than your body needs. Avoid MDMA, choose MDA. Use Simon’s reagent test to tell them apart. Silk Road forums is a reliable MDA supplier.

  10. Rather than get mad that women act like children…I’ve learned to enjoy it and literally turn it into like a strategy game. Social dynamics become a chess game.
    Shit tests…no big deal, I know what she is doing and how to turn the tables. It will bring out a smile on my face when it happens…and hers when I pass it.
    I tell her some things about me…but then tell her I have other better traits that are secret.
    You have to compete against 6,000 other things vying for her attention. Say something that is slightly judgmental or offensive. Lay grenades in her head and then walk away.
    They run to the parents and the parents come to me with reproof. I don’t tell the parents the bratty sibling is wrong and stupid…I game the parents to like me more by being charming.

    1. Good luck gaming the family court system… or charming HR after a false sexual harassment complaint… or… or… or…
      Ever considered law school?

    1. He made it! Fantastic.
      Penalties? Ha! It’s zero accountability, all the way, compadre. The “victim” won’t even have to repay a dime of the sizable civil suit windfall she “won.”
      “In the summer of 2002, Banks was arrested and charged after classmate Wanetta Gibson said that he dragged her into a stairway at Polytechnic High School (Poly) and raped her. Faced with a possible 41 years to life sentence, he accepted a plea deal that included five years in prison, five years of probation, and registering as a sex offender. Wanetta Gibson and her mother Wanda Rhodes sued the Long Beach Unified School District, claiming the Poly campus was not a safe environment, and won a $1.5 million settlement.[9][10] In March 2011, Gibson contacted Banks on Facebook, met with him, and admitted that she had fabricated the story. Banks secretly recorded Gibson’s confession, but she refused to tell prosecutors that she had lied so she wouldn’t have to return the money she and her family had won in court. Nevertheless, with Gibson’s taped admission and help from California Innocence Project attorneys, Los Angeles County prosecutors overturned Banks’s conviction on May 24, 2012.[10]”
      Banks now serves as a spokesperson for the California Innocence Project and is working on a documentary about his story.[8]

    2. You are absolutely right, women have no penalties for their actions. That is why there are no women in prisons… oh… oh wait… Sorry. No… I may have been slightly off on that statistic. I guess that’s what I get for just pulling fake facts and numbers out of my butt, but hey I was just trying to copy you guys, my “older brothers”, right?

      1. Ah yes, the fine art of “buck passing”.
        You are conveniently glossing over something that is a FACT, and a HORRIBLE one at that: the ease with which women can make false claims against a man and play the “victim” role, ruining his life forever, with little to no consequences.
        There are numerous examples I could cite, but I won’t bother this moment.
        This is unbelievable if it weren’t true. These men are damaged in a way women couldn’t begin to understand. It is rare that a woman is prosecuted for false claims that lead to a man’s arrest & conviction.
        And even then, they never receive sentencing equal to that of their victim.
        Once a man has done time in prison, he’s never the same again. And not even to mention the social stigma he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life (and even if he clearly innocent!).
        The fact that you show so little regard for something so horrible speaks volumes.

  11. True conversation:
    Me: “What are you doing tonight?”
    Her: “We’re having a “Ladies Night’.”
    Me: “Oh, really? What are y’all gonna do?”
    Her: “Play cards and smoke cigars.”
    Me: “So it’s ‘Pretend Guy’s Night, then, right?” /shakes head.

    1. Or that’s their idea of a ladies night because that’s what they like to do?… What, too sensible for your backwards stereotypes to handle?

  12. Accurate and profound parallels. Well-thought, cleverly demonstrated, impressively written. Good job Tuth.

  13. Wow….struck the nail on the head with this column. Great insights we’ve all “felt” and known to be true
    . Men need to be brutally blunt about why we want ( and need ) men’s only clubs and institutions. Cause we need to get the fuck away from our irrational , nutty wives or GFs . It’s simple . We need a reprieve from the feminine psychic assault.

  14. “Guys in the manosphere often ponder out-loud whether feminism isn’t just
    some giant, collective “shit test” from women—that is, a giant test of
    men’s aggregate mettle. I suspect that—to a certain extent—it is, while
    being quick to add that feminism is merely one tray in a Las-Vegas-sized
    buffet of women’s child-like behavior. Both society (parents), and men
    (older brother), have failed to keep our bratty little sister in check.”
    Feminism’s principles should always be viewed as a shit test when they are conveyed to you in such a manner. Of course there is much more to the movement than just being a shit test. But on a personal behavior standpoint, you must never let it sway you as a man.

  15. Really good stuff, never really thought of it that way but great insight, top article.

  16. KICK ASS ARTICLE…. four words: LORD OF THE FLIES…………….. READ IT !. We live there…. and if you have balls and a cock, your character is Piggy….

  17. Stellar insights here. We all know “that kid” who pulled all those ploys because he didn’t belong at the big boys’ table, and as shown the parallels with women are uncanny.

  18. …And spends all day talking about their feelings and kindergarten-era moralism.
    …And cries victimhood to gather people’s sympathy.
    …And resort to calling people names when they’re losing an argument.
    These facts can easily be confirmed on any feminist website.

  19. I think it was Aristotle who ranked women between men and children.
    Maybe he was right or maybe today’s women have regressed.

    1. Men have known this for thousands of year, however during periods of high civilization (Pax Romana and Today’s world are examples) men tend to forget it and buy the bs that they are our “equals”. As a student of history, I can tell you feminism proceeds the fall of the greatest most advanced empires. It correlates perfectly with social instability, declining birthrates, and decreases in cultural sophistication and general satisfaction. This actually isn’t the first time this has happened believe it or not. If civilization were to actually full on collapse again, feminism would die very fast. Believe you that.

    2. I think they regressed. Sure even some time ago they had moments when they behaved as children, but they were just moments. Most of the time they made an effort to behave as adults.

  20. Are you fucking kidding me? Why should serving in the military have anything to do with gender, as opposed to, say, actual physical capability Sure, fewer women than men will qualify, but that doesn’t meant that women should be disbarred from even attempting to join the military. Additionally, you’re generalizing EVERY SINGLE WOMAN to your personal experience. If that’s a valid debate tactic, then it would appear that you’re a smelly, stupid, racist pig, according to my experience with MRAs, or at least with people who generalize every woman to a Starbucks-drinking iphone-using ugg-wearing spoiled brat.

  21. Run to the parents when they’re losing the fight.
    This is what made me lose all sympathy for 95% of women.

  22. case in point. two bar goesrs asked me it I thought their horse faced overweight friend was attractive. I plainly said no. when the obeast blocker in the group said “your violating my space” when I reached over to put a few bucks in the tip glass. I said “yeah right your probably dieing to have your space violated some ” when the cute aussie girl in the group LOLed squeezed my right delt with her right hand ( I was on her right hand hand side opening body language and breast exposure) and said” your so funny” she meant was “If I wasnt with my horse faced friend and this fat cockblocker I would be dragging you back to my apartment where we could play 50 shades of grey” . when I responded “yeah I know” I meant “if I didnt have 3 hotter girls sexting me right now maybe I would”
    I mean where do they find these childern and where are the hot sexy confident real women Ive been looking for?

  23. Good article. So why do women become spoiled brats? Because of us idiotic men! Daddy treats her like a princess and betas will make a fool of themselves and do anything to try to get into her pants. It’s NOT her fault, it’s how she’s being treated by her environment.
    Regarding the “newest toys”- they’re just something to cling on to distract from their feelings of insecurity, now that smoking is out (cigarettes used to be great for this before mobile phones came out). If you would see the rubbish going on on their smartphone, you’ll realize that it’s just a show and actually rude when she does it in your presence.

  24. What’s funny is that most of the men on this site act more like children than any woman will ever do. I understand the need, because then you can dismiss everthing we say as irrational, and not have to look at who you are. Children revert to name-calling when they have no argument-as do you. Children refuse to admit that they may be wrong-as do you. I could come with so many more examples but I’m tired.

    1. For men neoteny is a state of arrested development. For women it is a state of nature.

    2. Funny as I can’t find any name calling in the article? Also have you ever visited tumblr, home of the 21st century feminist asking men to check their privilege?

      1. Better question. If she’s right, why does she care? She’ll respond with a knee jerk “I don’t,” yet she is spending a lot of time on here trolling.

  25. Thanks for the misogynistic “facts” boys. This article and the subsequent comments are what’s wrong with society. Society is doomed. Thanks to each and every one of you mindless drones and your self proclaimed stereotypes. It’s quite a shock to be made aware that half of the population acts like you claim…. thanks for enlightening me. I’m sure you’re all ivy league scholars.

    1. Trying to use a sexually manipulative/sexually suggestive screen name – classic, timeless behaviour of (many) insecure women, that are incapable of offering anything more.

  26. Afraid of posting my comment? This article may describe your mama, but not I 😉

  27. this is a pathetic excuse of an article. Anyone who agrees with this is ridiculous. You know, there are women out there who do not need expensive gifts to make them happy or who run away to someone else when they get in a fight with their boyfriend. Have you only ever run into girls who act like this or have you actually met some nice girls? Let me tell you, they are out there. This is a horrible generalization and I can’t believe people would believe this garbage.

    1. And how many women have you dated exactly. These people seem to have had real life experiences.

    2. When I was a stupid teenager I used to 100% believe the same. I was the nice guy who was always there, I failed the shit tests, wanted to get married and be a great husnand, and I viewed woman as “equals”. All I got was chewed up, spit out, walked all over, and betrayed by the “gentler sex”. Sufficient to say now a decade later I’ve wised up big time. I have a kick ass career, money flowing in, in shape, I’m a full on man now, and IDGAF. I do not take anything a woman says seriously anymore at all. It’s like dealing with someone stuck at 16 FOREVER and I don’t care how old the woman is. It’s all the same shit. we men built this world with our bare bloody hands. Also I could care less if “Not all women are like that”, we all know it’s b.s. Take your NAWALT crap your trying to peddle and shove it. No one here is buying it. Why don’t you pull a grenade pin and hold onto it and let me know how it goes. After all not all grenades are like that, right?

  28. dude? what happened to you to make you so angry at women? I mean seriously, when my girl is late shes not thinking “I’m testing how masculine he is” shes probably thinking “Shit where did I put my keys?” Women arent children, and they arent a different species, they’re humans. If I was not allowed in the armed forces because I was told I was too weak, or didnt get equal pay for doing the same thing as my girlfriend, or was pressured to carry and raise a child before I was ready for a family, I know that I would be pissed at society. This whole “test” thing happens because women are told their whole life that they cant do things. Things as simple as drive a car, or play video games, or open a jar, or throw a fucking ball correctly. thing that literally ANY PERSON IS CAPABLE OF DOING. If you were treated like an idiot your whole life and knew that you weren’t, you would show people differently right? well thats what women have to do all the time. for instance if I told you that I was good at super smash bros you wouldn’t give it a second thought. If my girlfriend told you that she was good at super smash bros then she would just be trying to impress the guys, or be labeled as a fake gamer girl so she would have to prove that she is genuinely good at it.
    The solution: treat them like the equal human beings they are.

    1. >The solution: treat them like the equal human beings they are.
      *tips fedora*
      Well at least you got some attention from Kristin eh 🙂

  29. Women are copycats? I’m in high school so I could attest to the fact that all the guys have almost identical hairstyles. They pretty much seem to want whatever hairstyle Justin Bieber is sporting at the time. If one of them likes a video game, they all love it and play it until their eyes bleed. If one of them thinks a girl is hot, the rest will be drooling over her just the same. The girls on the other hand have different tastes and senses of style, of course there are similarities but it’s NOTHING compared to the guys. People in the same age group/social class will always have similarities. It’s certainly not just women.

    1. we are talking about men not boys. Until you get a job you are a boy not a man. Second most men like the same type of woman. It is not copying.

      1. Ah. Your “maturity” is determined not by your personality, self-control, or moral character, but by whether you’ve been a wage slave. Thanks for clarifying that.
        No wonder our society is so completely and utterly devoid of grown-ups who can behave like adults.

    1. Absolutely, it is one thing to shit-test society with feminism, it’s another to literally kill soldiers because you so desperately wanted to hang out with the boys.

  30. Also, women ‘try to get away with’ gaining weight or being late, or any of the other things you listed? Maybe, wow, they AREN’T doing it on purpose!

  31. “And nothing drives today’s woman crazier than being told she can’t go somewhere because it’s for men only.” Men find it hard to calm down when women want to be by themselves, too.
    “Girls will try to get away with changing plans on you out of the blue, disrespecting your stuff, calling you names, talking to her ex-boyfriends, dressing like shit, gaining weight, showing up late. More times than not, these are direct affronts to your masculinity and leadership.” I’m laughing right now, gaining weight is a problem? How she wants to dress is her problem, not yours. You’re not the king of the universe.
    That might be because you’re boring her, she has to distract herself to be entertained. Ouch.
    That’s a stereotype.
    “Despite his claim to be tougher than you, rest assured that your little brother will scream out for your parents as soon as you have him pinned to the floor…. girls with massive Internet courage that evaporates the moment you strike back; or even girls calling the cops and manufacturing cases of domestic “abuse”” …. I really hope you don’t treat anybody that roughly. That’s not good.

  32. I see just as many men being guilty of each of these characteristics as women.

  33. So you are captain of the “never been laid and resent women for that fact” club. Congrats. On the bright side, it looks like you’re not alone. Hope your mommy and daddy issues work out well soon!

    1. mmm with all respect, some of us are in the “Had so much of that we are sick of it” club…

  34. American women detest physical labor. I work in manufacturing and when it comes to moving or lifting things they refuse to do it. Shoot even when I go into the front office they cannot even lift a ream of paper. Why are they so physically lazy?

  35. This is a great analogy and provides a good everyday method for how to actually handle feminism, the most predominant form of institutionalized bigotry in modern times.

  36. That is so sad that all of your mothers and grandmothers are just spoiled children. Have you called up your mom and told her that yet? Blanket statements do no good for anyone.

    Yeah, like I really am comfortable with a proven life long liar manipulating men AND women to get what SHE wants, ‘cuz don’tcha know… well obviously you don’t.
    Emotions solve nothing and are a weak relative way to argue out of being wrong in the first place. Sure they serve their purpose, but they have no place in business, politics, anything… but one’s personal lives…
    Personally, I do not think ‘people’ – basically children – who don’t know nothing should be allowed to vote on the course of our country or issues because EVEN AT 18 YEARS OLD THEY ARE STILL CHILDREN WITH NO KNOWLEDGE SAVE FOR WHAT THEY CAN REPEAT FROM SCHOOL.
    The human brain does not fully develop until 23-27 years of age – think about it, look around… starting to make sense now isn’t it? All these little kids running around thinking they know what’s really up… right… pahleeze.
    Most people are children from birth to their graves, born from a box, live in a box, go to school in a box (but interestingly enough the ‘patriarchy’ never taught them how to actually learn how to learn, blah, blah, blah… SSDD), drive to work in a box, work in a box, drive home in a box, go into a box and die in a box… and for what? To be some inbred genetically inferior moronic wanna be king and queen of the world’s pawns to die for their financial games.
    Pretty weak people, maybe you should think, gather information and start making informed decisions instead of listening to what the moron next to you with the same lost clue is doing.
    But it’s all about control, control through consumerism and emotions so the weak liars and satanistic three faced goats can maintain their illusion of power with the media outlets they won, the lies they pay the news anchors to tell YOU… and for what?
    It sure as hell ain’t for peace. Oh it’s for peace alright.. a piece of your soul.
    Welcome home, humanity. You did it to yourselves. All of you did it to yourselves.
    And it’s a New Dawn for Mankind.
    PS: I love women, who are mature, intelligent and who do not come with constant excuses. Time to grow up… because an old hoe is about to push the buttons so she can pretend she’s GOD with their cloned genetic half breed ‘savior’.
    But don’t worry… the real One is already here, has been all along. and that is who they are looking for… as I type.

  38. I’ll give all you men – and women – a solid clue here… you know The Great Whore that sits on many waters, not just cities, countries… but rather a mentality… and it is the mentality of women… THE GREAT WHORE IS A WOMAN’S MIND FRAME… and now you know. and you also know there are real men and women out there, we’re just talking about the angry, man hating, self made parasites off society, and man here… not real women, just loser whores looking for attention in their female media controlled domains in Americunt.
    What all you guys, and men are bitching about is that women are self made useless parasitic whining complaining problem causing for attention natural born whores off the world… and want to blame men… because women chose option B to ‘be so liberated’ and that included being nothing more than a whore seeking attention validation because mommy taught her to be the way she is, because mommy was just another rude, parasitic gestating whore like her mother, like her mother, like her mother… see, it’s a mentality and why the fuck are you guys bitching about it?
    Let “them” deal with what they did to themselves… see, it’s all just for attention, but most guys seems to have been raised by mommy while daddy was working, feeding the parasites and all the while tey never have had H.A.I.R.E. or Loyalty and know nothing of G-D… unless daddy was around, so see, you;re just dealing with one use fuck whores, what are worthless human trash, by their own choices. They ‘think’ they can force men to accept them as the trash they’ve become, and men aren’t doing it, see men have values, morals, know right from wrong, women – never cared, are incapable of caring and just WANT… you, to pay for everything, because after all, it’s YOUR WORLD WHILE THEY DESTROY IT IN THEIR NEVER ENDING I’M SO BORED LET’S GET ATTENTION WHORE SELF MADE PARASITIC CUNT-SUMER EXISTENCES OF RECKLESS BUYING, AND FOR WHAT = RUINATION OF THE PLANET IN THEIR NEVER ENDING SEARCH FOR THE FACE CREAM OF LIFE? GREAT JOB, YA GREAT WHORES.
    Talk about second place all-ways being LAST PLACE.
    Either lead your women, and be a man… or keep complaining and wasting your time fixing what a parasite never cared about in the first place – themselves.

  39. Well with most of them being very high maintenance, independent, selfish, and very spoiled, certainly speaks for itself.

  40. Things we figured were true, yet Mr Sonofra managed to put it all into an awesome lecture. Oddly enough, I didn’t experience women this way when I was a teenager. Then again, no smartphones. Actually, forget no smartphones. No cell phones period.Heck I could count with my fingers how many kids in my high school had them.Alas, I weep for our boys about to be men, for they will not enjoy a non Facebook distracted woman.

  41. These girls came from parents that spoiled the hell out of them which now they think that they should have everything coming to them. What losers.

  42. Stop treating women like they have any sense at all, because they don’t. Not even an educated cunt has a functioning brain. They run on SICK emotions, and they run everything into the ground they can too.

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