Pushing Women Into Leadership Roles Is Ushering The West To Its Doom

‘Lo and behold’, I thought to myself, yet another self-proclaimed feminist vaingloriously flashing her bits to thousands of adoring fans online. That was my reaction to the semi-nude picture of Amber Rose circulating on social media.

The celebrity fawning was more excessive than what I had anticipated and to be honest, I was desensitized to the whole thing. As a regular user of the internet, seeing partially or fully naked women online had left me inured, to the point where I had begun to rationalize such degenerate behaviour. One would think that feminism would get rid of these ugly depictions of female sexuality, but no, feminists fail at logical reasoning.

As a former feminist, my red pill moment happened recently. I believe in the lofty rationality, unparalleled pragmatism of those intelligent individuals who take it upon themselves, who make it a personal goal to escape the social engineering being forced upon them, whether they are male or female. Masquerading feminism as equality, as some sort of legitimately virtuous movement is an affront to human dignity. Whilst screaming how utterly sexist it is to sexualize the female body, they quite odiously profit off the very same thing.

Almost every young woman nowadays is being taught to embrace their leadership skills, to fashion themselves as bossy, rational leaders, all the while ignoring the very fact that most women are idiotic, uncultured and, if made powerful, potentially sociopathic. The fact is, most women distinctly lack the ability and prowess to become great minds. Let’s look at the current state of affairs. How many noteworthy economists have been women? How many philosophers have been women?

So philosophical. So powerful. Derp derp.

How many praiseworthy writers have been women? Literally zero. In the latter category, sure there are many who excelled in the craft of producing subpar, commercial drivel, such as J.K Rowling or Agatha Christie but none of the female writers have been able to produce masterpieces that could rival Hemingway’s or even Bukowski’s. That is because female writers notoriously lack the imagination and creativity to segue into unknown realms, to broach new ideas in their work.

Writers aside, how many good female directors have made films worth watching? The truth is, very few and when they did make a decent movie, it was at the expense of a robust screenplay written by a male writer.

The simple point I’m making is that, not only does feminism lack the tenacity of a good movement, it sure as hell contradicts itself a lot. With prominent figureheads like Lena Dunham or Emma Watson, the feminist movement has transformed into a cause celebre for rich, uneducated airheads who do not realize that their movement is corrupting the minds of millions, spawning bossy girls whose stupidity should be banned from the leadership ranks, but who in their vain thirst for power and fame, marginalize smart, disenfranchised young men.

It is about time that this reality be reckoned with. Women in power are revolting, because they lack the backbone and intellectual integrity to spearhead game changing movements. Hilary Clinton is a prime example of that.

Moreover, Hollywood liberals keep peddling the image of a young, empowered female lead overcoming obstacles, none of which can compare to the real struggles of the young men of our generation, who are increasingly silenced and forced into submission by arrogant women who’ve been sold the myth that they deserve the same things as men with far less effort or skill.

How many more lies will the feminist movement belt out until people finally realize how they’re being conned? There’s something sinister about a young Hollywood starlet advocating for women’s rights and equal pay, all the while sucking dick or worse for the opportunity to get an advance read. There’s something remarkably appalling about selling this sex positive myth to women, who are exploited and dehumanized and led to believe that it’s all about empowerment.

A woman in her thirties who sleeps around and obviously lacks stability is not empowered, she’s broken. How long will it take for liberals to wake up and realize that their very values put civilized society at risk of extinction, that their nihilistic proclivities are being advertised to gullible human beings who will be the ones affected the most by this drastic change in social construct? Yes, you’ve guessed it. The truth is they don’t care.

It is startling that people with no values can advertise themselves as the righteous, enlightened ones in this debate. If they get their way, we will be faced with social scourges of epic proportions to say the least, and society will be doomed as our norms will favour the idiots instead of the truly qualified men, prompting widespread intellectual decline.

As a young 22-year-old woman, I stand in solidarity with all the men in the world who are vilified beyond description, for the simple crime of daring to exist in a world that’s being slowly overtaken by over-zealous, entitled, unqualified women.

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312 thoughts on “Pushing Women Into Leadership Roles Is Ushering The West To Its Doom”

    1. “Women are not natural leaders” is another All-or-Nothing statement that belies the truth on many different fronts; the complexity of humanity requires broader understanding and finesse of the concept of Leadership; which is probably not fair to expect from an article this brief, so I will back off being too critical.

      1. It is mostly accurate and that’s really all we need. Kind of how we don’t need any moslems in this country because a few (most?) are terrorist or terrorist sympathizers.
        We need to allocate our resources to projects with positive ROIs. Men take more naturally to leadership positions than women(same with STEM). My comment may not have conveyed that I do not think we should discourage women in leadership positions (or STEM) but we most certainly not set up diversity programs aimed at encouraging women by giving them preferential treatment.

  1. As many have said, feminism is not for equality. It’s for preferential treatment. Men would largely be fine with true equality.
    Women are not natural leaders because they are often times too emotional to make sound decisions.

    1. you mean like how men are always capable of making sound decisions? Men throw bitch fits for getting rejected at bars, and you want to say it’s only women who can’t handle their emotions?

      1. Maybe the weak men that keep giving women more authority than they deserve. No stable man would get that upset about being rejected at a bar. All women would be. That’s the difference.

        1. You mean weak men like your brethren in the manosphere who cry about not being able to get laid? Incels and Red Pill crybabies constantly baaaaaawwwwwl over rejection and being in the mythical friendzone. Tons and tons of men harass women online and throw mantrums whenever women let them down (even politely). You guys are all one in the same. Pathetic, sociopathic man-children.

  2. “How many praiseworthy writers have been women? Literally zero. ”
    I’m as red pill as anyone, but that’s a pretty bold statement.
    Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of my favorite books.

    1. I agree, letsbereasonable, that statement alone undermines the author’s validity.
      Paying attention to the use of All-or-Nothing statements allows me to quickly determine whether a person is open-minded enough to explore the finer details of a subject.

      1. Although Pride and Prejudice is about a woman who decides to give a good man a chance…after seeing his massive estate.
        In all seriousness though she really is a top notch writer.

        1. Darcy knew how to work a girl though. Elizabeth couldn’t keep him off her mind after he shut her down initially.

    2. Yeah, or for what it’s worth as a red-pill warning about lying bitches who’ll throw you under a bus, To Kill a Mocking Bird was written by Harper Lee.

    3. It’s almost like comparing 99.99% of Inventions and Innovations by MEN vs 00.01% of the same by females !! And conveniently ignoring the fact that whatever (00.01% !!) the females did, was BASED on what MEN already Pioneered !

      1. I think his statement is more about the abuse of the word “Literally”, whereas “practically” would have served better.

    4. Mary shelley was a fraud. It is now known that his husband Percy Shelley practicably told her what to write. She seduced Percy, who was already married, his wife ended up killing herself. A whole lot of dark things are not told about historical characters, like Mary curie, lamarr, etc.
      Percy was a recognized poet, and at that time he was writing about Prometheus, not a coincidence; Mary then published Frankenstein(based on Prometheus too)…..etc.

      1. That’s a debate among literary critics. I suppose it’s possible but, until I see real proof, I’ll give Mary the benefit of the doubt.

        1. ok your choice.
          But some of us can’t do that after reading more about her.
          Her father was a feminist. Her mother was a feminist.
          She did nothing worth reading until he met Percy.
          And experts recognize Percy in Frankenstein.

        2. I’ve heard some critics say that the book is, in some ways, too juvenile and feminine to have been written by Percy.
          Without question, it’s inconceivable that a 19 year old girl in this day and age could ever have produced anything like this, but times very were different back then.

    5. Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)
      S.E. Hinton (The Outsiders)
      Ayn Rand
      Gertrude Stein
      Camille Paglia

  3. Jesus! If Lux really is a woman she is going to be deluged with offers of marriage! One squared away girl!

    1. I’m sure she already is “deluged with offers” by thirsty orbiters with no sense of dignity or clarity.

    2. If I wanted to marry an economicly-minded woman, I’d take holiday in China (so no thanks).

  4. Good, then keep doing what you’re doing with your education. Nobody likes stupid, uneducated women. Don’t forget simpler levels of knowledge, how to cook, how to manage your finances how to clean and organize, how to manage a household on a practical level.

    1. The mother’s education, specifically, increases the quality and quantity of health for society as a whole:
      “Research based on decades of experience in the developing world has identified educational status (especially of the mother) as a major predictor of health outcomes, and economic trends in the industrialized world have intensified the relationship between education and health. In the United States, the gradient in health outcomes by educational attainment has steepened over the last four decades in all regions of the United States, producing a larger gap in health status between Americans with high and low education.” https://www.ahrq.gov/professionals/education/curriculum-tools/population-health/zimmerman.html

      1. The statements as they are are correct; the narrative they advocate is something else. The suffix “.gov” should tell you to be wary of what their narrative is; the complete emancipation of every individual from every tradition, norm and canon of reason. Sometimes I also speak in broad sweeping categories that do not show my narrative; the use of every advantage the modern world has afforded, technological and other, to destroy modernism and bring our society back into line with the cosmos.

  5. a cause celebre for rich, uneducated airheads and probably a bunch of female wannabes too. Well Merkel and May are female leaders, I’ve certainly got a problem with the former, don’t know enough about the latter. Actually, didn’t she just shoot her own party in its foot? Hmm.

    1. May is a hapless incompetent loser trying to shove even more surveillance on her already dystopian nation. Calling either of those two “leaders” is a bad joke.

      1. Every time I see a female “conservative” winning an election to represent the masculine part of the nation, I can’t help but think that either she was chosen by our enemies, or “conservative” people are just too liberals.

        1. A little of both, tbh. Mainstream conservatism is a failure and hasn’t conserved anything worth keeping.

  6. IQ wise, at the extreme upper and lower levels of the bell curve, men outnumber women by a ratio of at least 7:1. By trying to enforce a 1:1 gender ratio in leadership positions ( the disparity at the lower end is never condidered) we are displacing far more capable men with mediocre women, and we all suffer as a result.

    1. Throw in black men who average 20 points below whites on those same IQ tests, and you’ve got a recipe for…well, for what we’re seeing right now. Unqualified personnel gobbling up positions throughout all corporate hierarchies. Which proves the upper-level elite, who own 90%-plus of everything on the planet, no longer need any additional wealth. They’ve got it all. So now they’re taking dead aim at destroying the infrastructure, and the useless eaters (meaning us), right along with it…

      1. well, I can understand the rich, with the ammount of technology that there is today (including the ones we didn’t get to see), there isn’t much to make their lives more luxurious.

      2. Bob, are you sure about that (their IQ being 20 points below etc) I am not trolling, I am just curious. What is the source of that information?

        1. I am certain enough to say that I’m within plus or minus 5 points either way, in terms of American blacks…

        2. Black countries in Africa are classified at around ~65 IQ (national medium).
          White people are classified at ~105.
          Italy: ~103

        3. “On the level?” Are you a Freemason?
          I checked the link. Well, after reading a few other articles I doubt this can pass for what you call “independent, non-biased source”. I doubt you should judge a group of people based on that piece of “evidence” alone.

        4. I am not Kersey!
          I think am going to have a Alex Jones-style meltdown on somebody soon…(not a fan of AJ, by the way.)

        5. “Ok moron keep posting your bs but they will ban your ass again.”
          I was never banned , you idiot. You keep mistaking me for someone else.

        6. First of all, I was addressing cb, and not you.
          But you appear to either be a troll, or, judging by your comments so far, just someone who doesn’t have a legitimate reason for being here.
          Pray tell…. what is your interest in this site?

        7. He has to virtue signal about the white man-black woman perfect marriage. His “first” day posting here and he brings that shit up out of the blue. I doubt he is a white man with a black wife , it’s just his mission here. Somebody probably pays this fuck to do this. But it’s clear as daylight he is that Kersey guy.

        8. Brah, he wrote a reply to me about how white racialists were disrupting the “real” red-pill message on this site, how he thinks I took my screen name from some skinhead band (which I never even heard of), etc.
          But then I couldn’t post my reply to him cuz he or Roosh or someone already took his post down.
          Don’t know what’s going on, but there are some red flags with this guy.

        9. My guess is that he is trying to push us to say racist stuff so They can use it to attack RoK in mainstrem media later. RoK is becoming so influential now , that They have to send people like him after us. Roosh better keep an eye on these fuckers.

        10. Yours is a classical case of the Freudian projection: you deny your own unpleasant tendencies/characteristics while attributing them to other.
          You seem to be obsessed with Aids. Probably you have Aids.

        11. ROK marked my message as spam for some stupid reason.
          You cared enough to read it anyway.
          The red flags are with you actually. They scream: “Racist loser with no life and no girlfriend.”

        12. That “Kersey” guy, (or whoever he is) must be very powerful since you are so obsessed with him.
          Someone has a different opinion to yours and he “must be a paid troll”.
          Your are really a comedian.

        13. “Bro, they are all out there to get us. Those Blacks, those Jews, the Illuminati etc.!What we gonna do, if they shot down Rok? God forbid we will have to leave out basements and achieve something is real life!”

        14. Here it is:
          “Legitimate reason for being here”
          Dude, this is a public forum. It is not you who dictates who can or cannot comment here.
          I had been red-pilled even before Roosh started this website. When I came across ROk for the first time I thought it would a thoughtful forum for intelligent discussions. Sadly there is a strong racialist elements in here that wants to hijack the meaning of red-pill. Red-pill is universal truth, not a racially segregated one. Quiet a few commenters would agree with me on that.
          P.S I heard there was a racist skinhead band in the late 1990s/early 2000s in the States. They called themselves the “BlueEyedDevils”. Is that where your username originates from? Very telling…

        15. Balkanian hates me because I told him I dated an Albanian girl. He seems really bitter. He is probably what Albanians call a “beqar” (A man who grow old without having a wife and children.)

        16. So you’re coming in here on your white horse to rescue this forum/blog from the mean old racialists? Spare me.
          Go away Kersey. All the red flags are there. You don’t belong here. You’re starting to piss us off. You have nothing of value to offer this forum, and you keep proving it.

    2. the gender bell curve graphic comparison is a fraud. Its being debunked already.
      Women are already mature at 16-18 while man matures until up to 25.
      that test, the one with the bell curve, was taking into account, mainly people of 16 years old, which makes the test invalid. The people who push that graphic are feminists in disguise.

      1. Women physically mature earlier. They do not mature any faster than men spiritually, emotionally or mentally.
        ‘Girls mature faster than boys’ is a lie told to young women in order to manipulate them.

        1. what I meant by “mature” was: they don’t become any smarter after it.
          Man keep getting smarter up to their ~25, woman stops at ~16.
          Sure, one can still learn from experience and become wiser. But not his math skills.

    1. That look on her face…she looks like she just spotted an unguarded case of Twinkies near a Polish sausage depot…

      1. whos gonna hold it together when these clowns are exposed for what they are when things get really bad? Do the elite’s have robots waiting in the wings or something?

        1. Those clowns are to keep you amused while the EU sends men round to collect your donated organs while you’re still alive.

        2. too bad SciFi ch pulled the plug on Battlestar Blood and Chrome; the miniseries looked promising- young Adama during his pilot days

    2. Appointing Jabba the Hutt minister of health is like appointing Michelle Duggar minister of family planning.

    3. just imagine the hospital food you would get in a belgian hospital. Extra doughnuts if you take your medicine…which is 500g Ben & Jerry’s

      1. I would think Belgian Waffles would be their panacea; but then again, I am scientist

    4. She so fat, when she goes to the beach, Greenpeace shows up and tries to push her into the water.
      She’s so fat, if she wore a grey outfit 2000 sailors would try to board her.

    5. What a fucking joke.
      And not even a good one. That’s the fucking Health Minister? And I guess the Education Minister is a child abuser.
      This is why I am so glad the UK is leaving the European Union. People think that the EU is a life raft when in fact its a fucking anchor.

      1. Well, to be honest the UK is not that far behind mate and in some aspects is even worse, specially the women!

        1. There’s a huge difference between the EU and the UK. The UK is a democracy (essentially) whereas the EU is anti-democratic dictatorship. That is not hyperbole. I can vote for who is in government in the UK but I have zero influence over who runs things in EU. None.
          That is incredible. What really concerns me is the fact that there are people in England, who voted remain and yet can’t name any of the EU presidents (yes there is more than one).
          Today we have the opportunity to leave this totalitarian organization without fighting a major war (as happened in the US). Tomorrow maybe not.
          I can guarantee you that even if there is a bunch of clowns running the UK in 50 years time we will at least have our freedom to choose which clowns.. If the EU still exists, the people of Europe will not.

        2. Interesting. But the UK is on the way to become a police state in which even bad game is punished by law and being a man puts you at disadvantage legally. Moreover the immigration wave (if that’s your concern) that the UK has received in the last decades didn’t arrive as a result of EU policies but UK’s. I guess Sanyeep and Mahmood are better immigrants than Jan and Alexei. By the way I doubt the UK is still standing in 50 years (certainly I hope not) but some EU countries might save themselves in time. My point: Whether your LBQTP tyrants are in Brussels or in Westminster you are f****d

        3. They left EU so they could stop Czechs and Poles coming in. They only want more Indians , Arabs and Africans there.

        4. Nobody is going to go to jail for bad game. They don’t have room in prison for actual criminals. I wouldn’t worry too much about what you read in the Daily Mail.
          Anyway you have completely missing the point so let me reiterate more clearly for you. It is better to be living under a democracy that under an outright totalitarian dictatorship. Do you understand the difference or do I need to make it clearer for you?

        5. Mate don’t spread bullshit. The non-EU immigrants come primarily from the US and China and some lesser amount from India. These people come for a few years to work or study and then go home.

        6. How did London turn into a muslim city then ? These people didn’t come from the EU. If the British leaders cared about the future of their people they would take more Eastern Europeans in to improve their fucked up demographics and not the opposite. I heard the Brits were all butthurt about the Poles coming in from the EU but not the muzzies. How come ? If anything the British males are the biggest morons. They could use all those EE women coming over.

        7. London’s not a Muslim city. People are upset about the Polish getting selected for low income jobs over the English.
          Why do you think the Polish are so special?

        8. My point is that the UK (a country that I have visited before) is on its way to stop being a democracy even in appearance, whether it remains in the EU or not. Granted, within the EU that bureaucratic and parasitic monster, the process would be at maximum speed. By the way I know what I am reading, the practice I made a reference two is being “tested” in specific counties before being rolled out nationwide. However the very fact that such an idiotic and perverse ruling is even discussed, is all one needs to know how rotten that society is. Besides some EU interference and European migration, nothing has changed
          and by the look of things any other changes are unlikely.But don’t worry, in perversity and stupidity continental Europe is not that far behind so you can have that.

        9. They are very special because they are culturally compatible with the local population. You won’t have second-generation Poles blowing shit up or trying to impose Sharia law when they grow in numbers. Here in Germany they are quite useful because they do jobs no German would do.If you don’t need any low income workers over there so be it. But if you do , you importing Pakis over Poles is beyond me.

        10. Visiting isn’t enough. You need to live here to know what’s going on. There is no way the UK is going to stop being a democracy. Zero chance, unless its going to become libertarian. The spirit of independence is far too strong here which is why we voted to leave the Dictatorship of Europe.
          No country is perfect but the UK is on the path to being better. Sure there are some dumb laws but again you seem to be struggling with the idea that being mugged by only one gang is better than being mugged by two gangs, especially when you know exactly who is doing the mugging and you can take action against them (as we have in the past – see the Expenses Scandal).

        11. Yeah well the Africans do the jobs the Poles won’t do. I don’t think that the Poles are any more culturally compatible. They stick to themselves and the English want them to “stop taking their jobs”. Nobody is importing “Pakis over Poles”. The Pakistanis and Indians came here generations ago by invitation. The Poles were foisted on us by the EU.

        12. Yeah Poles tend to stick together but they are not problematic. And they wouldn’t intefere with the English lifestyle. And Poles would never vote for a muslim. If you imported some hundred thousands of Poles over in London you wouldn’t have a muslim mayor anymore. Here is a good use to put Poles in.

        13. Dunno about the Africans. They don’t work here , just sell dope all over the place. They are quite useful in emergency cases , but the quality is shit and you don’t get even half the amount you pay them for.

        14. And smth Bob. Don’t take anything I say here personally.I think you are a cool guy.We could be good buddies in real life.

        15. Bob, you seem to be a sensible commenter. Don’t fall for that non-sense.
          Since the Brexit there has been a rise in racist attacks in the UK. And not only against Poles and other Europeans but also against other groups of people African people, Muslims and others.
          If you are descendant of the “Windrush-generation” (people from the West Indies who came to take UK in the 1960s) you should realize that the EU-membership made the UK more tolerant which resulted in improvement in the situation of Black folks in the UK, too. There should not have been a vote on EU membership. (Unless people get sufficient information to make an informed choice – that didn’t happen.)
          As for “Balkaner” he is not only unintelligent but also a big hypocrite. He posts some blatantly racist comments against Black people, then tells you “no offence to you bro, you are cool”. What a hypocrite. He also hates me because I told him I had dated an Albanian girl . (He claims to be Albanian)

        16. Yeah I’m just not interested in fighting with racists on the Internet. You could do that all day. I actually recall a rise in racist attacks prior to Brexit across Europe, especially in football matches. But I don’t think that whether racist attacks are on the rise is an argument for or against the EU. The key question is if you want faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats in a foreign land deciding how you live your life. For my part I say “no thanks”.

        17. Don’t buy into this clown’s bs. Just look at who is doing all the race baiting , inducing racial antagonism whenever he can , contributing to nothing else on this site , and you will get a clear picture of what is going on.

        18. The Libertarians are the main advocates of freer market democracy. They want it based on localism and the US Bill of Rights though. One step at a time.

        19. Democracy always passes into despotism. It is too tiring for the average man to wax philosophical on issues. They always choose bureaucratic despotism or caesarism in the end.

        20. I don’t think so. I think we are entering a new paradigm where top down governance is becoming obsolete and unworkable.

        21. All governments fail. Anarchy also fails. It’s because of the second law of thermodynamics. Life is supposed to perish, not perpetuate.

        22. Well the existance of government is a violation of natural law. We are heading towards a time where government is simply unnecessary and unenforceable. A big fear of governments is that we will no longer be tied to our jobs. Before long, it will be standard that people work by the product rather than by the job.

        23. That fine by me. As an America I would be honored to take all the Czech and Polish immigrants to UK doesn’t want.

      2. The upcoming education minister is John Podesta.
        The EU has no unifying culture to attach to nationhood. They will (have been) supplant it with progressive ideology instead to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense.

    6. For a second there, I thought that scarf she was wearing was an extra fold of skin to make room for more pies.

      1. it looks like that show “Undercover Boss” where they dress the boss of a company up make them wear a disguise and make them go work alongside the pleb sh*t kickers

  7. Sexy(?) pictures and anecdotes about Hollywood/famous people and extreme, polarizing-feminists don’t accurately portray any sort of leadership examples or concepts, as they are used and incorporated in the lives of ‘normal’ women; the caricature’s are, well, just that…

  8. “As a young 22-year-old woman”
    Women are allowed to write for ROK again?
    But with regards to leadership, it’s not so simple as a sex dynamic. People just aren’t being educated in ways conducive to cultivating proper leadership, period. This is why my next post will kind of be a tribute to Quintus, because it’s something he’s been working on very hard with his translations of the Roman historians, who were adamant in instilling “masculine virtue” in the reader. His translation of Sallust is both an insight into proper conduct and startlingly contemporary in its reach. I reviewed it recently. http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2017/06/22/the-conspiracy-of-catiline-and-the-war-of-jugurtha-review/

      1. Fuck it. “WHO did LET YOU OUT OF YOUR KITCHEN?”
        Let me tell you about
        The Law Code of Manu.

      2. “who let you out of the bedroom” !?
        “who let you out of the restroom” !?
        “who let you out to the shopping mall” !?
        “who let you out to the manicure center” !?
        “who let you out to the restaurant” !?
        “who let you out to the movie theater” !?
        Well, had enough of the pussies pointless and baseless “victim card” tactics !!

  9. 100% effort to destroy patriarchy in order to create a consumer culture where people slave their lives to a corporation instead of their country and family.

    1. you ever watch the Battlestar series reboot from about 10 years ago? One
      of my faves, lotta God talk on the show, “everything that has happened before shall happen again..” key theme of the show

      1. Haven’t seen it. But I figure the elite recycle game-plan scripts, over and over. “It’s all inevitable, what has happened, will happen again.” But then, I’m jaded (even if these guys have been ruling shit for thousands of years)…

        1. “My wife wanted to go someplace new on vacation. I said, try the kitchen.” – Rodney Dangerfield
          (Er, make that Henny Youngman – Marshallaw fixed it, see below.)

      1. Me, too – I modified it for the situation…women are probably dumber than the fellows in question.

  10. “As a young 22 year old woman (born in 1989)…who’s beauty is fading fast and who would rather her future partners be ignorant of her many years of whoredom, I write this to pretend to not be like all women who are like that in a desperate attempt to secure a decent mate to pay all of my future bills.”

      1. However, I’m told it’s pretty consistent to the math being used by women on dating app profiles….

  11. Psychology is essentially feminist. And its Psychology that determines IQ tests.
    If we were serious about determining IQ, all of the questions would be of mathematical nature.
    All forms of reasoning is mathematical and there is no human reasoning skill outside of known math concepts.
    IQ tests today however, include a bunch of silly things that have little to do with the capacity to reason and sometimes to do with: “try to guess what the guy who wrote the test was thinking”.
    If IQ tests were serious, and also, were only done to 18+ years old. Men would overwhelm women at the score, and that would destroy the feminist argument.
    The IQ gender bell curve is a lie! Men are better, and not dumber.

      1. lol. What happens with psychology is basically this: They must, by all means, never go against the idea that men and women are equal, therefore, any test that prove otherwise must be false.
        But just to be sure, lets make a EQ test where women fare better, just in case they actually decide to make a serious IQ test, so we have where to retreat to.

      2. going full retard: “In his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence, author and
        psychologist Daniel Goleman suggested that EQ (or emotional intelligence
        quotient) might actually be more important than IQ.”

    1. The bell curve is partially a lie. But not totally.
      IQ tests have been designed to equalize the sexes since the beginning. This is absolutely true
      Brain sex differences in size and complexity contradict the idea of there being a small difference. This is one of the biggest incongruities that exist in science. Man’s average IQ must be more than 15 points than females’ average.
      Young boys are also smarter than young girls whose brain never reach adulthood.

      1. did you see that time when a litle boy helped an adult blonde to answer questions in that game show, you are right it proves that litle boys are smarter

    2. How do you explain dunces then? I was in special ed for a good third of elementary school and it was 8 to 1 male/female.

  12. If you have to put in place all these artificial measures that keep men down to help women become leaders (or more likely “bossy bitches that no one likes but has the power to fire people and ruin their lives”), doesn’t it show that it is unnatural for women to be leaders? Anyways, the few women who are good leaders become leaders naturally and have always done so throughout history. For example, I’m a retail manager and one of my superior is a woman and I have the utmost respect for her. How can that happen when I’m being brainwashed everyday into hating women by websites like ROK and r/TheRedPill????

    1. I dealt with a woman I presume was an unnatural leader. An HR cunt who was really a homey G. She maliciously laughed for no apparent reason over the phone in the middle of our conversation. I knew why. In a dead pan, confrontational tone I asked her “Why is that funny?” It caught her off guard and she couldn’t answer. She blubbered about in her words. A sickly apology came through as I remained steely silent over the phone, making sure the tension was wrapping tighter and tighter around her neck. The phone call ended up with her offering to double the payment to me with no effort or mention from me at all.
      Life is good boys. Be true to your sacks and reap the rewards from spreading your seeds.

  13. OT, but this shit is like Morse Code at Disqus…”One other person is typing”…you wait and wait, you eat a sandwich…still typing…you write an email and drink a beer…still typing…wtf.

  14. So I was sitting here at my computer, waiting for a reply to a comment I made at Disqus, and I saw, “One other person is typing”…so I kept waiting…and waiting…and five minutes later I was still waiting. After about the 100th time that this happened, it slowly dawned on me that the people who created Disqus, did it partially to waste people’s time online. Then I burped and looked at some porn.

    1. I’m right there with ya…a 22-year-old who experienced years of whoredom and is losing her looks…so she started fucking at 12 and hit the wall at 21. Chick must be a meth head.

      1. I am curious as to why Roosh has allowed a woman to write for RoK. I’m not disparaging the author of this article; she is preaching to the choir here. At any rate, it is good to see that more women are (slowly) beginning to realize that feminism is not in their best interests.

      1. Felt that too as i was reading something (everything) wasnt right to give you a hint the fact that the writer even bothered to look at “amber rose” twitter

      1. That was all the clues needed to see this is a woman. Plus, the article was kind of circular in addressing its point that women can’t be leaders.

  15. Let’s not forget one very important factor. The Selective Service.
    Woman can volunteer for the military, but only men are required under threat by the government of severe penalties if they do not register for the possibility of going into the brutal maul of war. Absolute silence on this fact. I know how it feels to listen to the myth of equality but feel the pain of reality; I was drafted in the later years of the Vietnam War. The powerful GO-Girls got to go off to college and pursue their careers unmolested by the responsibility of military service. Not me.
    Until women are equally required to register and serve, I will continue to denounce this Feminist bullshit.
    I have absolutly zero respect for female “leaders” who skate on this hypocrisy.

  16. As someone who has worked under various female overseers for over 10 years now, Its not the women who are the problem. They know they’re inferior in positions of power and have the Xanax script to deal with the anxiety before they flip out and quit or go on maternity leave. Its the males who promote them in the first place, if they promoted men they would have competition for their position so they go with women since they generally conform and won’t be an immediate threat to his job.

    1. Yup. Even female “leaders” are very submissive to their bosses. Whoever, when your underlings are men, they may set up a coup against you.
      Taking that into account, its easy to figure that whenever you have a country “run” by female leaders, its actually a shadowly figure running the show.
      In the case of Europe, I believe its Muslims.

      1. All they can gauge is power not whether it’s right, wrong, or in the best interest of the group.

  17. Female writers on ROK?

    When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to the development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

    1. Do we know she’s definitely female? Not that any alternatives – trans, crypto, etc would necessarily be better. Agree though

        1. well that would be pretending to be sexual but actually being asexual/frigid or something so yes definitely. Of course there’s also trans-crypto sexual which would be if an individual with a healthy sex life who identifies as someone who’s asexual/ frigid pretends to be sexually healthy.

        2. not sure if serious; if you are still a mental health professional, you must slowly be going bonkers

        3. no, that’s the past for me now. Fortunately I’ve never heard of such a thing , but nutcase identity disorders are something of a growth industry these days, and mental health professions love it

      1. Thing is, this wouldn’t benefit from the author being a woman. I was reading in a ‘guy voice’ in my head, and when I got to that last paragraph, the voice was like sombody stomping an accordion.
        Didn’t need to be a woman.

        1. well the twist at the end was no doubt designed to ensure the article wasn’t read in a dismissive way, but also perhaps to add a different kind of weight. A man arguing against female leadership is quite a different thing to a woman doing it.

        2. I was reading in sort of a wimpy guy voice who was also new to the mesosphere after I read the bio as it seemed to have an unhealthy narcissistic attitude and almost quasi feminine as many “men” seem to do nowadays.

    2. Roosh cleared it so that speaks volumes from a managing editor standpoint. IMO, she’s kinda like a Milo on Brietbart — isn’t this the kind of inclusion we would seek out and give safe harbor to?

      1. Hmm . . could be she’s like a female Milo who suffered a severe brain screwing and is rebuking her shitlib parents/mentors but the brainscrew was too lobotomizing for her to recoup her natural femininity, in the way that Milo was institutionally broke so severely that he lacks the wiring to fully be a masculine man, so both he and she can do nothing but lash back at their insideous tormenters and their entire shitlib college of thought. I’ve known some adult ex feminists that could never be wholly feminine. They were like war damaged victims. She just needs a crash course in breeding and tittie feeding. The clock is screaming.

    3. That is pure gold Conrad. I would also add that women are the perfect imitators and infiltrators. Note when a girl was interested in a guy, she’d learn all about him. If he liked football or boxing, then she’d do a crash course. Then once he’s on the hook, slowly ween him off his passion, by telling him how bad it is, or how his job is killing him.

    4. Keep the priorities in order and all should be good. Feminists have learned to make full use of male foot soldiers and have them do their dirty work, no reason anti-feminists can’t do the same.

  18. There are two issues here. Firstly whether women can make good leaders, and secondly whether they can make good leaders to the same degree as the men. The thing about leadership, management etc. is that while the core skills may well be gendered e.g. demonstrating authority, decisiveness etc, not every management / leadership job requires these in the same degree. Moreover some leadership jobs are highly creative, and require innovative risk taking behaviour (which women aren’t particularly good at most of the time) where others are often highly bureaucratic. Quite often women make competent managers and bureaucrats (although I’m aware that’s contentious). Angela Merkel might justly be a figure of hate for many, but until recently she managed to portray herself very much as an efficient stasi bureaucrat – dull, drab, but dependable etc. You would not however want her as a wartime leader though, and certainly you can argue that the above evaluation is mistaken, but the likelihood is that some women will prove themselves to be perfectly adequate for some kinds of leadership position, including with regard to political role.
    The real issue though is the fact that they are being pushed into leadership roles arguably above and beyond their actual abilities, and more over that they being so pushed because either a) they are considered to have been ‘held back’ by the patriarchy or male domination etc or b) equality / parity (in the boardroom etc) is considered an absolute good that must be achieved regardless of whether they have any natural ability, regardless of whether they’ve been ‘oppressed’ by the menz etc It is these latter positions – that (regarding leadership) equality / parity is a self-evident good, or that structural disadvantage (on account of patriarchy) requires an opposite impetus – that are the real problem and which should be carefully targeted. Trying to advocate though that all women should be kept out of leadership positions (e.g. on religious grounds) actually works to the advantage of the feminist position, as it ignores actual aptitude and represents the kind of (patriarchal / prejudicial) ideological position that could be seen as justifying social engineering in the other direction. What we should do is be sure to acknowledge when women do demonstrate a natural aptitude for something – leadership, writing or otherwise, as it is only then that one can argue – as is the case – that social engineering, quota systems, reverse discrimination etc is resulting in a dangerous situation in which women are being promoted above their ability in order to meet ridiculous commie equality of outcome quotas.
    It would be ironic if the kinds of positions we represent were used to justify actions designed to make the world more feminist

    1. ‘Peter Principle’ — almost everyone in a large bureaucracy ends up being promoted to a level at which they are incompetent. It’s why the leftists will eventually win in establishing a truly oppressive government. Government is a large bureaucracy, hard working folks who want to be productive get promoted into roles where the only thing they can produces is more rules. The only thing they can build is a larger fiefdom/department with larger budget.
      Number of rules will continue to expand and along with it government control.

      1. good point. I’d forgotten about that principle. On the other hand if they are promoted to the level at which they are incompetent, and ‘the system’ is aware of that and is still selecting such people above the more obviously competent, then the question is whether that isn’t precisely what is wanted. The fact is real leadership, inspired, innovative leadership is quite the opposite of what is required a lot of the time, and if so that may be a reflection of the nature of a (large) bureaucracy, or it may reflect the wider aims of the ‘real’ management class, who may or may not function above the level of the kind of bureaucracy we are talking about. Ultimately we need to be clear about the kind of leadership that is required in relation to the institution in question. In the case of democratic institutions then such questions might expose a fundamental conflict between the people at large and the (self-perpetuating?) bureaucracy or to the extent that there might be a level above that, between the former and the real elites running the show.
        Re. Merkel is she really the top of the tree so to speak? If she is then the ‘promoted to the level of one’s incompetence’ principle applies more than if she’s just a puppet. The same might be said of Theresa May. Right now she could easily be held up as an example of the Peter Principle – she was a competent home secretary (??) but has now been demonstrated to be an incompetent prime minister. Except with the best (misogynistic) will in the world I can’t quite believe that the real bosses aren’t really pleased just how completely she’s managed to fuck things up. So there is a paradox here perhaps. If you are promoted to the level at which you become incompetent but you were promoted precisely because you would become incompetent at that level, are you truly incompetent at all? Which was kind of my original point: mediocrity, whether it’s male or female is often precisely what the real elites want. That’s how they stay in control, because real leadership would be likely to challenge them.
        Of course If you’re a feminist that insight would no doubt be very good news for women’s career prospects

    2. I’ll give you Margaret thatcher. Lo and behold – she didn’t go grrlism. She basically reinforced the patriarchy and slammed feminism

  19. Who is amber rose and how the fuck do ypu know about her? I don’t need to know so I won’t be reading this. She looks like a whore

  20. Wow — did everyone get that? This was written by a woman! Woke…and I like the sub-plot in this article more than the article itself — the young author’s coming of age is pulsing through the paragraphs.
    Glad to see the author go forth with her epic rebuke and fortifying it with a RoK article.
    Secondary Question: As far as women in writing/directing (which gets panned by the author), how to RoK readers feel about Kathryn Bigelow (“Zero Dark Thirty,” etc)? I thought she stuck fairly close to the red pill view…was that because the screenplay was written by a dude (Mark Boal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Boal)?

    1. There have been a few female writers over the years. Sometimes they get chewed out in the comment section. Women aren’t banned just limited in ability to sway the conversation. As well they should be.

        1. I think you are right on their being just one. Think her article was back in either 2013 or 2014 and the comment section chewed her out. It was her one and only article on this site.

  21. Oy vey goyim! don’t slutshame me I show pussy because im stronk independant womyn i am not a object (lel).
    There is a concept that you can never figure out a woman, what they think or feel… thing is they are irrational and illogical, they are stupid mentally inferior to us. The men toil hard, some have greater ambition some don’t, but they all want to achieve SOMETHING… women?
    “Ohh what is that new lipstick, omg these pants so guud cosh! is my ass fat in the pants? Fuck sally that cunt with that expenssive bag!” Etc.
    We can’t understand them or their world, it’s completely alien, emotionalistic, lust driven, materialistic, vain world. Women are awesome, they are great… for sex, pleasure and family… but don’t take them seriously, consider them as beautiful, but retarded all the same.

  22. Obviously a woman author, and a less biased mind could see that within the first paragraph if not the bio. A try hard woman doing her best to sound like a man.
    “Well versed in literature ..” but isn’t aware of one “praiseworthy” female author? Like literally zero. Ok they don’t come anywhere near to outstanding male authors in numbers, that’s true, but any moron knows they exist. 11th century Tale of Genji, of enormous literary and historical significance , comes to mind. Or maybe the Japanese Heian period was full of beta cucks. Stupidity like this renders the rest of the post questionable at best

  23. Only woman are humans….men are not. They even laugh when a male get’s hurt thats how sick these people are.

  24. How many chessmasters ?
    How many great Jazz tunes invented and PLAYED by women ? Not sung, created ?
    For centuries, the few study and practise women can have extensively was music.
    How many female Mozarts ? How many opera ? How many real classics written by women ?

      1. Intelligent women need bred out the ass because mental faculties are passed through the mother – that’s ‘passed through’. They have a responsibility to pass what they ‘carry’ in their sack as they lie on their back and NOT crapping the west out into a maxi pad as they waste away in an office chair or podium or boardroom table. Feminism has caused the dumbest women only to breed more and the cream keeps getting skimmed off the top. Feminism will gradually dumb humans down in increments with each generation. The MIGHTY DICKS of the west must rise now to the call of patriarchy.

      1. Harry Potter is based on an interpretation of the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Seen in that light, it is a work of genius. My favorite books are Lord of Rings (and all Tolkein) and Harry Potter. I was a forty year old dude hating any kind of kiddy story. And the story was so compelling, it got me interested in a 10 year old going to magic school. Devoured all the books. Originally, I took my son to see the movie when he was little just so my wife would stop bitching about me not taking him enough places. But liked the movie. Same story with 2nd movie. I didn’t read any books until my car was being worked on one day and I had to hang out five hours in a Borders booksstore near the mechanics. Five hours flew by, I had never enjoyed reading so much.

    1. Agreed. I generally don’t give a shit about a writer’s politics or lifestyle or whatever as long as they don’t introduce them into their stories and attempt to jam them in my throat. Rowling didn’t do that, so that’s good for me. I couldn’t care less if she believed in the Flat earth theory.

  25. having read some (enough in my opinion) people in the comment section i think WE need an explanation from roosh as to why for the first time in my life did i just read an entire piece from a woman i never wanted to do this in MY LIFE i feel baited… Seriously though Roosh didnt we just recently allow some of them (not the damaged goods of course but the ones who can be salvaged) to comment?
    Whats up with this?

    1. Yeah, I really don’t know what the hell is going on: today a woman, a couple of days ago, a Jew. Roosh really owes us an explanation.

      1. Roosh is seriously risking his reputation pulling this shit whatevers going on in his mind he better not lose grip to reality and realize that we are not to be played we will become dissenters and create our own platform where things are set straight.
        i am not speaking for all but i know i speak for the average ROK reader

        1. I would feel very sorry for him. He has massive contributions in both game and the manosphere, and got the balls to publicly speak against kikes. Let’s hope he writes a response article.

    1. While I agree that Rand did address controversial ideas and concepts, her technical writing ability isn’t among the best.

    1. The outpouring in the article between the first and last paragraphs rumbles like a machine gun of power point logic coming out of a man’s brain. If it is a woman author, she thinks like a man. Jewish women amongst themselves boastfully rake over all their power plays to keep their men in their own Detante and they’ve been pulling the same bag of jew wive’s tale string pulling tricks on their men since they began chopping the foreskins off their males back when the fertile valley was still fertile. So I don’t think it’s a jewish woman author. She’s intelligent but there are economists galore everywhere, so maybe she seeks a uber rich man to garner respect so she can loyally ‘tight manage’ or co-manage a massive estate. Intelligent women need bred out the ass simple. But it’s like pulling teeth getting a college educated women to live contented as a simple slam breeder.

  26. It has been my experience that women are empowered through seeking validation; flattery and adulation, while men are empowered through accomplishment; ambition and competition. That’s why females do better in reward based constructs like college where it’s all about girl power and grades. Most females are more interested in the college experience than in career goals. Males may be later to mature but when they do they become much more focused on achievement.
    There will always be exceptions and aberrations but in a bell curve sense I believe this to be accurate.

    1. One of the biggest lies ever told is that girls mature faster than boys.
      Physically yes.
      Mentally, emotionally, spiritually- no. The lie is told to young women as a means of manipulating them.

      1. OK. That makes sense. Maybe boys just become increasingly more focused on achievement while females stagnate.

    1. I will have many children, and many bastards as well, I will spread my seed far and wide. When I cream a girl that is the greatest thing in the world to me.

        1. Ohhhh tax payer will pay for MY bastards, dont know about yours though…besides this is what woman voted for, this is liberating for woman to end up single mothers, they even praise single motherhood these days, its like a badge of honor, so if anyones going to be pumping out babys they will be MINE of my supperior DNA. Im just simply giving them what they want, cat’s and misery. Which is what they deserve.

  27. As a young 22-year-old woman,

    Um…..well..this is..um…..new

    1. Maybe not. Headline reads like something, that if posted to the ‘femmesphere’, will draw a lot of hits to the site. Comments section will tell the tale.

  28. I’m 100% against feminism and agree with some of the sentiments critical of the movement and it’s post-modernist ideology, buuuut, the general slander of women here, I feel, undercuts the scientific and biological truths that could be very valid.
    I’m all for conviction, but make sure you are shooting with a laser, not a shot gun. Otherwise, you are seemingly assuming the mantle they wish to project onto you, “misogynist”.
    Let’s not make their case for them, especially when they are full of shit.

  29. On this wonderful subject, I just started a job at a healthcare facility that can only be described as Vaginastan. Not eight hours into “orientation”, I was backstabbed by someone in the education department (fat, donut eater). This blob said something to the Manager which was absolutely not true. I had heard that this facility was a toxic backstabbing snake pit of yeasty nastiness. Question kind RoK gents. Should I confront the blob about her snitchy bitching or should I let it slide and keep my guard up and a smile on my face? I really feel like moving on to another job, but this position is part-time and a good opportunity. Please Gentlemen, I need guidance – I truly do. Thank you. Cinder E

    1. Don’t give that horrible woman any time, any energy or validation. Don’t even acknowledge her unless perhaps to subtly fat shame her in a faux friendly way i.e.: ” I see its donuts again for lunch today” or perhaps ask her if she “fell off the diet wagon again” in passing.

      1. Dear Adolf.
        Thank you. My position is precarious because I just started there. I appreciate your response. Never thought of back handing her. Will jot that down. I will pack some carrot and celery sticks in my lunch. “veggies go great with donuts!” Regards, CE

    2. Nope, but keep an eye an her and if she’s doing anything shady document it as best you can. If there’s a problem — provide the documentation to your manager. She’s in another department? Avoid face to face discussions of work issues with her- confine them to email/writing. If she phones you about something, ask her to send you a follow-up email ‘so you make sure you get it right’. Again, so if she lies to the manager about something work related you can provide exactly what was communicated.

      1. The problem is: I am the new person; the nurse manager obviously encourages this BS and so does the entire environment. I am very aware of documenting and I have a keen sense of it. It was just a bit surprising coming on the first day and has made me not wanting to work there as I heard through the grapevine that this place is a snake pit. Appreciate your response.

        1. The problem as a new person is if you’re confrontational you’ll be seen as ‘not a team player’ and a troublemaker. Particularly if the person lying about you has been there a while and has some element of credibility.

  30. I think the author misses the point on womanhood. Just by writing this article the author is affirming her penis envy by somewhat arguing a position using masculine qualities as poor attempts as they are. Notice nothing in the article on raising a family. Odd.
    “Unqualified women” in the common sense means what exactly? You take over? All that does is repeat the cycle. No man in his right mind would follow a woman in masculine spheres such as politics, business, or warfare. Women only should care about being attractive, raising kids, and maintaining the home as the number one priority. Not about having a job or whatever it is that you think you want by this article.

  31. Regardless of the fact that this article has no basis in fact or logic, the ‘no good female writers’ comment is extremely annoying. First of all, Hemingway is trash and the only reason he succeeded was because he was an ultra-masculine white male that wrote about the war. Secondly, there are literally hundreds of great female writers from the past who did a much better job of ‘opening new realms.’ Mary Shelly wrote the first science fiction novel, which by the way is a masterpiece. Then there’s Jane Austen, the Brontes, Harper Lee, Virginia Woolf, Flannery O’Connor, and that’s just scratching the surface. Unlike Hemingway, many of these women had to succeed in a system set against them, sometimes even using male pen names just to get published. You can’t look at a society which never allowed women to be great and then say ‘Where are all the great women? Guess they can’t handle greatness.’ and then continue to hold them back.

    1. What kind of opportunities are there in the world’s successful, thriving strictly matriarchal societies?

  32. They know exactly what they are doing. The elite want to turn women into their willing sex slaves, who turn around and offer the illusory hope of a normal life to enslave men born with less wealth into slaves as well to line the overlords pockets. It’s chasing after bad boys institutionalized into a caste system for the elite.
    The endgame is something the elite don’t expect to live to see: a middle east type situation where the top 20% of men are perpetually at war with the bottom 80%.

  33. I’m genuinely curious about the population of this joke of a website that was created by a Middle Eastern rapist. I’ll give you guys credit for not shielding your misogyny and White supremacy on here, but for all of this talk about male superiority and White superiority, I have to wonder if you all even fit your own standards? How many of you are capable, successful leaders and NOT bitter neckbeard losers with chips on your shoulders? You simultaneously insist that women are weak and unable to effectively lead, yet you’re also terrified of a matriarchal society. You also insist that women are conniving and sneaky and able to trick poor, hapless men like yourselves. Women are either weak-minded fools, or they’re intelligent beings that are able to bring you down, but they can’t be both. Pick one.

  34. A single mom on welfare writes a best-selling book series and becomes a millionaire? Nice cover story, too bad it probably isn’t true. J.K. Rowling most likely didn’t write the Harry Potter series. It was ghostwritten for her.

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