American Women Are Mad They Aren’t Courted Anymore

The NY Times, ever on top of American culture with their n=4 sample sizes, recently published The End Of Courtship. Highlights:

“The word ‘date’ should almost be stricken from the dictionary,” Ms. Silver said. “Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.”


“I’ve seen men put more effort into finding a movie to watch on Netflix Instant than composing a coherent message to ask a woman out,” said Anna Goldfarb, 34, an author and blogger in Moorestown, N.J. A typical, annoying query is the last-minute: “Is anything fun going on tonight?” More annoying still are the men who simply ping, “Hey” or “ ’sup.”


…the median income for young, single, childless women is higher than it is for men in many of the country’s biggest cities (though men still dominate the highest-income jobs, according to James Chung, the company’s president).  This may be one reason it is not uncommon to walk into the hottest new West Village bistro on a Saturday night and find five smartly dressed young women dining together — the nearest man the waiter. Income equality, or superiority, for women muddles the old, male-dominated dating structure.


After an evening when she exchanged flirtatious glances with a bouncer at a Williamsburg nightclub, the bouncer invited her and her friends back to his apartment for whiskey and boxed macaroni and cheese. When she agreed, he gamely hoisted her over his shoulders, and, she recalled, “carried me home, my girlfriends and his bros in tow, where we danced around a tiny apartment to some MGMT and Ratatat remixes.”

She spent the night at the apartment, which kicked off a cycle of weekly hookups, invariably preceded by a Thursday night text message from him saying, ‘hey babe, what are you up to this weekend?” (It petered out after four months.)

A lot can be said of this article but there is one point everyone, male and females, must understand: desirable men will not date in a way that punishes their dick. If sending text messages with “Hey” didn’t work, if inviting girls for “weekly hookups” or mac n’ cheese didn’t work, then the highest quality men of any society simply wouldn’t do it. If we were to listen to these girls and apply more courtship rituals to our game, what would happen? We wouldn’t get laid! The girls would construe it as needy and overbearing.

Women can change the dating game for the entire country in just one month. If every woman in America decided to simultaneously refuse aloof advances alphas, and instead fuck men who only took them out to dinner, called them daily, and complimented their appearance, the result would be obvious. Even if you are the most alpha of alpha in your crew, you would be wining and dining girls like a simp to get vagina if that was the only way to score. But that’s not what the women want. They want the Skittles man and they want the man who texts like he has a 6th grade education. And as long as they prefer that, that’s all they’ll get.

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229 thoughts on “American Women Are Mad They Aren’t Courted Anymore”

    1. Why not win her over with a 99 cent bag of Cheetos? Saw this on “How to Make it in America” the other day.

  1. “I hate that guys never take me out for dinner. They only text me for hook ups”
    “Do you hook up with them when they text?”
    “It’s a mystery, ain’t it?”

    1. Are you saying you want a guy to take you out for dinner. Yet you put yourself out there like a slut because they ask you to be one? Therefore you’re trying to pretend as if you don’t want to be a slut and really look for a genuine guy? I mean c’mon LOL What a load of shit. Try this one dumbass. Go out with the guy who wants to take you out for dinner. Most likely in this economy he is trying to put on a front that he is caring when really he wants to just have sex with you to.

      1. it makes no sense for a man to wine and dine a woman who has more rights and privileges in this feminist dominated society. they need to pay their own way in life, sign up for selective service and if they join the military be forced to buzz their heads and fight in the trenches so to speak as a man would with ZERO special treatment. enough is enough. it’s time to level the playing field.

  2. the median income for young, single, childless women is higher than it is for men in many of the country’s biggest cities

    Probably my favorite line. I’ve noticed a few wise women who have acknowledged this fact. Basically Feminism strives to put women in power, more money, better jobs, dominance of the sexes whatever. What it does not account for is that men courted traditionally because they had the money and the power. If you give more money to women to where they make 20% more on average then men, then men will not be able to court. Feminism is destroying everything.

    1. And Congress will pass more laws to “close the pay gap” and give women “equal pay”, while Obama pushes for women to be allocated 75-100% of college degrees.

      1. Feminism likes credentialism. It’s a match made in deepest trenches of the underworld. When everyone is able to get a (worthless) degree, the smartests among us will opt out. There will be nothing for them to gain in college or graduate school anymore because the cost-benefit ratio will be so poor.
        Why would any intelligent male waste multiple years in an environment which curbs any attempt to be creative, to excel, and to develop yourself? It will be like swimming with a piece of concrete chained to your legs.

    2. @Mikael
      In the article a woman brags about women advancing financially, but wonders if young men’s dislike of courting is due to the fact that they can’t afford to.
      Woman have more money while men have less, you’d think she’d conclude with telling woman to court men but she doesn’t.

    3. More accurately is that high-earning women won’t screw men who’s earning less than she is; it’s a social status thing, and women are ALL about that shit.

    4. More accurately, high-earning women won’t screw men earning less; it’s a social-status thing, and women are all OVER that shit.

  3. The dearth of male investment is an entirely predictable outcome of the changes to the sexual marketplace we’ve seen over the past 50 years. Part of the reason men invested copious emotional/financial resource in the courtship rituals of yesteryear is because there were strong social taboos that prevented women from enjoying the investment without delivering on the implied promise of intimacy. If a woman was wined/dined/courted by too many men without marrying one, she was tarred as a slut and her reputation damaged. This kept the price of sex high (which favored women generally) and prevented unscrupulous women from taking advantage of male investment without consequence (which benefitted most men).
    The limited choice of the 50s have given way to unlimited and consequence-free choices for women today, but they want the same level of investment from guys—this just cannot happen. These days being wined/dined by a guy doesn’t carry any obligation on the part of the woman, so men don’t have any guarantee that the women they’re interested in isn’t just using them. When women have no constraints and no obligations men have no choice but to decrease their own investment. This calculus changes when women finally have some skin in the game—aka, their reputations are at stake or more likely these days, they’ve given up the pussy. That’s when guys are more likely to take a girl out to dinner—although there are no guarantees then either.
    If these gals want the courtship-oriented betas back in the game, then they have to either have to assume old-fashioned female obligations or they have to start fucking betas. There is no other way.

    1. Because of the taboos you cite, Alphas used to feign betaness. “Baby, I’m not like that anymore, you changed me.”. Screwing the wrong guy could have SERIOUS consequences, so you had to make her think you cared.
      Now, no consequences, no pretenses. Lines an Alpha used in 1940 would make any guy a beta today.
      Read or watch “dangerous liaisons” to see how much Alpha game has changed.

      1. Well then women are better off today then aren’t they Martel? If an alpha in the “good ol’ days” had to lie his way into her heart, but today’s alphas can be truthful and the woman at least knows where she stands (one amongst many rather than the only one), then they are better off.
        Truth is always better than lies even if that truth hurts.
        A woman can be aware then that if she sleeps with an honest polyamorous guy that her chances of contracting an STD are high. She will also be aware that her chances of gaining his exclusive resources should she become preggers with his child, are also less.
        So she can do a cost/benefit analysis.
        She can then, armed with the truth, choose to pass on him and find an authentically monogamous guy.
        All of this is much better than being deceived and giving her heart, mind, body and soul to a poly guy pretending to be mono.

    2. I recall I was talking with some young men about 5 years ago when I was first out on the “dating” scene after divorce…I was just talking about how I had taken a woman out for dinner twice and found out she was loony tunes and so I moved on.
      One young man looked at me like I had two heads…and I thought he was concerned about the “loony tunes” comment.
      He said “No, I am just amazed you actually bought a woman a meal before you had sex with her, why would you do that?”
      I was a bit surprised so I asked more questions…remember….I had NEVER had a “first date” in my life I was such a novice. The two women I had close relationships with were family friends so there was no “first date”. He explained that only losers would actually buy a woman a mean before having sex with her and that I should stop doing that so as not to spoil it for the other men. He suggested that I make it clear she has to have sex BEFORE she gets a meal.
      I was pretty surprised I can tell you. I am too old to change these things. I so still like to go to dinner and spend some time talking with someone I really like and I am happy to buy such a dinner. I guess I am a bit of a loser like that! LOL!! But I have not given away many dinners these last 5 years….quite often women on a first date in germany pay their own meals… is not unusual at all. It is like “we are here to meet each other and find out about each other and there are no conditions so I pay for myself”

      1. she’s got equal rights. make her pay her own damn way. they’re not worthy of your money. these aren’t the same caliber of women in times past. even the virgins are still winches with bad feminist attitudes.

    3. “These days being wined/dined by a guy doesn’t carry any obligation on the part of the woman, so men don’t have any guarantee that the women they’re interested in isn’t just using them. When women have no obligations men have no choice but to decrease their own investment.”
      — Word, bro.

  4. “Online Marketing Manager”? “Social Media and Blog Manager”? “Branding Coordinator”? Who are these fucking people? These can’t be real jobs.

    1. I know this girl whos job is to make professional facebook profiles for “hip and emerging companies.” Her hubby (as she calls him) is a software engineer.
      We’ll see how long it last.

      1. I keep seeing the same stock photos of “hip, young people” when I am searching vendor sites for products. Really makes me think the company is on the cutting edge.

    2. This. The media keeps babbling about more women being in university. Maybe that’s because men know that all that education for those jobs named above just doesn’t cut it. Not a worthwhile investment. How many more useless, non-productive jobs are we going to come up with?
      These women may be wining and dining at fancy restaurants. From what I see they can’t manage money and don’t understand value. It also means they can’t cook.

  5. Women are like this in all aspects of life. They claim to want something, but they really respond to the opposite most of the time.

  6. “I never meet any nice men. I really want to get married Sarah, it feels like its time for me”
    “You poor thing. We’ll fix you up. What are you doing this weekend?”
    “Well, usually I hook up with this bouncer, head back to his, and tickle his balls while he eats ready meals”

  7. I hate these articles where they act like women run the world and all the men are overgrown manchildren who just smoke dope and fap. The underlying factor in those stats about women’s incomes is race/class.The cities where women earn the most against men are places like Atlanta and Birmingham; same thing with education: More men than ever are going to college, but more poor women than poor men are going to scohol. Then again its all bullshit, but these upper class white women are still going to alpha fuck beta buck when they want kids.
    Dalrock tries to explain some of this false meme.

    1. I commented exactly about this stat. The difference in bachelors degrees between white men and women is about 4%.
      The difference is greater in post-graduate degrees.
      But the majority of STEM degrees are earned by men, so a larger percentage of bachelors degrees are immediately marketable for men, and many post graduate degrees in STEM fields have little or no payoff compared to the years of experience.
      In Engineering the real payoff comes when you get Professional Engineer certificate and you must begin work in order to get it. Software is a meritocracy and often what is taught in master’s degree programs is lagging in the tech that is implemented on the job.
      Many of the undergraduate degrees that women get are inherently useless or low valued. A woman that gets a management degree from a school of business can get a job as an assistant manager in a retail business. They only marketable undergraduate degree from a school of business is an accounting and then only if that is parlayed in passing the CPA exam. So many women have to stay in school to get a marketable degree. A bachelors degree in Sociology will not get you that job in the Parole Department or in Welfare Administration for the state government. A masters is almost required.
      In software no one ever mentioned my degree. I was all “what you have worked on?” I wonder if they even look at the education section. Maybe to see if take any special training after college in some specific language or product. But not college.
      The real growth in the number of degrees is coming from Latina and Black women. Black women get 12% of all female degrees compared to a demographic percentage of blacks in America as 9%. And Latinas have doubled the amount of degrees earned by Latinas in the past 10 years.
      The Dalrock article referenced shows that at every age group men earn the same money as women. He did this a way to dispel the myth that women are doing so much better than men. This might be local to a specific situation, maybe New York women that work in advertising.
      But the reality is that it always been this way. When I was younger than 25, women were able to get jobs that paid more than what young men could get. There was always that office job or that waitress job in a restaurant with high tips, cocktail waitress, even stripper. I had to work some shit job in a kitchen or with a shovel and they paid me minimum wage.
      So this would force me back into college. When I would get sick of the poverty and take a semester off, I realized the futility of it and went back to school. I used to joke that my ex-wife would complain how boring her job was crunching numbers. And I would compare that to my job in engineering and how varied and interesting it was compared to the shit work that women do. The world forced me into higher and more technical education because I had to pussy to trade for an easy existence early on in my 20s. I was better looking that 90% of my peers and still there was no way other than work and preparation. Women get these early cushy jobs that go nowhere.
      So I think a lot of this shit, levels off after the men and women get to be 35. She has no sexual market value to parlay into easy cash, getting the job merely because she is cute and a girl. And the investments of the men start to tell and pay off.
      Remember that women read what women write and women that write read what other women write. If you say something over and over, it becomes the truth.
      I read the same article with Red Pill eyes and I saw it all as a great big Hamsterbation.
      So fine, maybe men aren’t springing big for First Dates, but if you actually get into a relationship with one, meaning that after 3 or 4 times together and she has shit tested the fuck out of you to find you how much cash you make and decides to up the ante with you, then the cash transfers fucking start.
      The manosphere writer Solomon II, from the Solomon Group blog, did a calculation on how much he was spending on girlfriends and as a conservative estimate, it came to $1400 a month.
      He said the typical single woma by the time she is 30 years old has had $200,000 injected into her life by men.
      So waah, those men are wining and courting us anymore. Waaah.
      It still pays to have a vagina. I somewhat agree with what this writer says about Colombian women. I have tons of experience with them. But they are hypergamistic also. Remember, that the real reason for IMBRA was there were all these domestic violence charges levied by foreign brides. What was really going on was that if the girl charged the man with DV, even if there was no conviction, then she would not be “forced” to live in fear that she would have her conditional residency revoked, so Immigration would change the Conditional status to Permanent if she had a police report of a DV charge.
      And the length of time required normally to change it is 2 years. And the length of time of the average marriage between an American and a Foreign woman.
      3 years.
      Bitches are bitches, no matter the nationality. One PhD dissertation from a Colombian woman at FIU stated that many Colombian women FEIGN traditional values because the men that come to Colombia searching for a bride do not want a feminist.
      If your foreign woman stays with you, it is because you are a better alternative than what she can get on her own. Never forget that. Never. Her Hypergamy is acutely developed and far more mercenary than even an American woman. I see too many Russian women that are young and cute on Millionaire Match. And some of the biggest and most entitled bitches on MillionMatch are Colombians (MM of all places!!! Even with rich men, women are bitchy and entitled). Colombian men refer to a type of woman as “interesada” and avoid them like the plague and lot of women that come here are exactly this type. An interesada makes an American Gold Digger look like Mother Teresa.
      I like Colombianas far more than American women, far more. But they are not nirvana and some of the same shit with American women is waiting on you if you bring a Colombian into America. I, personally would move there. They are my favorite group of women. But I would never marry one and bring her here. Never. You can’t know if they are acting or not. You can’t.

      1. Great insightful comments, man. What the Beta Times fails to see is that most women are getting the 30 – 40k dead end jobs, that require little more than getting along with the woman from HR who’s hiring them. What man would take pride in that existence? Unless he had women injecting 200K in token gifts and dinner over a 10 year span
        What’s funny is how every article that’s written on this subject mentions that men still make the highest paying salary jobs like it’s some mystery. What these journalists dare not talk about is the meritocracy inherent to the highest paid positions. It’s all about what you do, not who you know. That’s the invisible hand which separates the average man from woman in the workplace. The solitude and singular focus required to complete a hard task would drive any social, multitasking woman insane.
        As for your second point regarding Colombian women, they are hyper-hypergamistic. My sisters were born there and came to the US at an early age. Both are married, one to a pathologist who started making 400K this year. The other works at Cisco making 200K+. I think it’s a genetic thing. In any case, don’t go into Colombia with expectations to wife someone up and you’ll be fine. Remember, the book says Bang Colombia, not Marry Colombia. It’s rule No. 1 at Le Chateau and it’s been repeated here countless times.

      2. And I love how women always refer to the high percentage of male CEO’s as evidence of male priviledge. It’s great to be a CEO, but what the hell good does that do ME? Just because somebody else who has a dick benefits in this economy is somehow signal’s that I’M priviledged?

        1. That happens to be the fairy tale that feminists have been spewing since the 1970’s.

      3. Software is a meritocracy and often what is taught in master’s degree programs is lagging in the tech that is implemented on the job.
        Dream on.
        Does your manager know how to program?
        How many algorithms has he implemented?
        This is alpha males telling beta males “put in more work FOR ME, and YOU will be rewarded”.
        I believe managers get paid multiples of what staff make.

  8. “They want the Skittles man and they want the man who texts like he has a 6th grade education.”
    It’s funny ’cause it’s true!
    Mac & cheese game…who knew??!!!!???

  9. Another reason men don’t court more enthusiastically is the presence of various other men in an average woman’s life.

    1. Indeed, you will be just ‘one of the many’. Why invest in courtship when you see some of your peers can get ‘it’ cheaper… or even for free?

      1. simply put – the average woman either has had way too many cocks in in her OR her nasty feminist mindset has made her not worth the trouble to bother to invest any time in.

      2. Shame on you Guys! You should Man-TF-Up!
        I bet you have small cocks and cant get laid! Only men with little dicks hate sluts!! You must be sexually insecure little boys that cant handle a Strong Independent Womyn!
        (Satire for the comically challenged)

        1. Ah. Yes. Satire. The lost masculine art…
          Lost due to the easily offended sensibilities of our modern gynocentric society.
          Must we have a disclaimer at the bottom of everything?

      1. once a man realizes that women’s attitudes are vile and that the typical woman and her over inflated sense of self worth is more trouble than it’s worth he laughs at the idea of getting legally bound to one.

    2. It’s funny how these average girls keeps complaining about players when they are the real players…
      Men fuck as many whores as you can…You won’t regret it.

    3. So true. I remember this slut I casually banged for a few months was shocked and outraged that I didn’t want her as my “girlfriend”, didn’t want to meet her friends, didn’t want to go out in public with her. I know for a fact she hooked up with another dude the night after I fucked her for the first time. As soon as I found that out, she was nothing but meat to me, pump and dump only, even though she was fairly hot and only 18 years old!

      1. Men are tired of the games. Why would I put all this effort on a woman, when I can just stay single, enjoy my money, space and time, and not have to worry about another human being, especially one who I consider incompetent? Women aren’t worth it anymore.

  10. Another fact well commented on : they eschew courtship while young and nubile and have lots of suitors, but expect to get it after they crest 30 and are looking for a husband.

    1. Yup. We can only wonder how many other bouncer’s apartments “Lindsay, a 25-year-old online marketing manager in Manhattan,” did the “Mac n Cheese” in….
      And then, once she hits 34…..

  11. It should no longer amaze me how clueless modern American women are. They have been handed a loaded gun but haven’t bothered to check the chambers or take any lessons. All the while they treat the world as a firing range, leaving a wake of bodies in their path.
    Then, they get curiously pissed when they shoot themselves in the foot, come up lame, can no longer compete, and wonder what the hell happened.
    And though I should not be amazed at their idiotic, self-defeating behavior, I cannot but shake my head constantly. How many good men these women turn their noses up at only to complain they cannot find a good man. Hell, I see this all the time and I actually do okay with women compared to average guys. But, I also find constant cracks in my game modern women exploit or dismiss, when in fact those that finally give me the time of day wonder why I haven’t been snatched up yet.
    What do women want? Everything

      1. Actualy the expression is they want fried ice. In any case, I believe that what women want is more. No matter what they have, or you have, they want more.

    1. I’m in the SAME BOAT as you buddy…
      When I sleep with a girl they all want to become my girlfriend but until THEN they treat me like shit…

  12. Really pissed me off when they tried to blame it on men being poor while simultaneously putting in a jibe about how jobs are nevertheless totally sexist! Men aren’t idiots, and rich or poor they aren’t spending $250 on a second date. Enjoy your girls nights at high end restaurants while your male colleagues get drunk at dive bars with women much younger and hotter than you.

  13. women have discounted themselves entirely, leaving nothing of worth to inspire a man to give a damn.
    Not sure why they can’t do the math on that.
    What dumbass would engage in courting rituals with whores- especially FREE whores?
    Marriage 2.0 is an arrangement we don’t want, and courting’s specific purpose is to move towards marriage. That being said, we wouldn’t even ‘court’ luscious virgins if we still intended to avoid marriage.
    Women should be grateful- at least we have dropped the pretense and dishonesty. Isn’t that what they wanted? Honesty?
    They aren’t being courted because they aren’t worth courting.
    There’s some honesty for ya

    1. They’re too old to be courted.
      Over 18 you can be sure she’s had more pricks than a dartboard.

    2. You’re right about these winches not being worthy to be courted – and that goes for the ones that are virgins or don’t tend to sleep around. their attitudes are vile due to the social engineering that’s taken place in this and other western countries for the past 40 some odd years. at least a slut gives you something for her wretchedness. without putting out they’ve got nothing to bring to plate. they lack any sort of domestic skills and their lack of femininity is too much even for the most beta of men. It’s gotten bad out here.

  14. All that is easily explained with the Sexual Marketplace theory, but of course the NYT would never solicit a male opinion or even acknowledge the dynamics that are at play. Easier to just say it’s the men’s fault for being poor. It doesn’t make sense to wine and dine a woman who gave it up for free in her prime, you’d have to be an absolute chump. Imagine you’re Joe Beta, take one of those cunts to an expensive restaurant, shell out $100 or whatever and listen to her inane stories about her make work job (Social Media Manager? That’s glorified customer service). The next day you learn that some bouncer took her home and banged her for free.
    It’s like a vendor who hands out his fresh fruit for free and then starts whining because customers don’t come and buy the rotten fruit for double the price…

    1. That article was pre-packaged and pitched by a connected PR pro whose clients are linked to in the article. If manosphere blogs want to be featured, they need to learn the currency of of lazy reporters in mainstream media: quotable people, linkbait storylines, etc.
      Check out Guerilla Marketing and HARO (Help a Reporter Out). And learn to spin red pill truths in a femcentric way.

  15. I remember telling a friend during a conversation (pre-red pill) that my greatest fear in life was getting tricked into marrying a woman with an extensive sexual past and having to work hard for what others got for nothing. The red pill is built into every guy’s DNA, and it’s getting harder for men to suppress it every day.

      1. Seems we’re all afraid of not attracted to “strong independent women.” We clearly need reeducation.
        That’s what’s really going on.

      2. Strong? Independent? And still dependent on either a man or the government… Strong and Independent … Strongly offensive to real men and very independent of reality… MORONS.

        1. You’re telling me, every “strong, independent” single mom I have ever banged or otherwise associated with has always let the mask slip and at some point mentioned a deep desire to meet a 6 figure income man so they can be a stay at home mom….that also sleeps 14 hours per day. If you dig deep they will admit it. Every. Time.

    1. I remember one scene from my early childhood, about 5 years old. I visited the local swimming pool and teased a girl of the same age very hard. She obviously liked it. Then my mother messed it up by dragging me away and scolding me for it.
      TL;DR You’re right. Men aren’t born blue pill, they’re made blue pill.

    2. Unfortunately, most men WILL be tricked into marrying a woman with an extensive sexual past (and I mean ‘tricked’ in every sense of the word). It’s almost guaranteed if you have no knowledge of basic game/ red-pill, or you’ve been starved of sex all through your 20s. You need game at some point in your life; it’s inevitable

      1. It might be worth investing in a polygraph before you make any strong commitments to any woman. Still, if you initially act open to her, and express the sentiment, “It’s such a double standard that men can sleep around while women can’t, it doesn’t matter how many men a woman has slept with…” she will be truthful with you, then you can dump her ass.
        If a woman I was dating told me that she casually fucked low IQ bouncer apish thugs in her past I would immediately lose attraction for her and dump her. The men these women fuck are almost as rotten as they are, which probably explains why women fuck them – women are in essence fucking themselves.

    3. I will certainly not marry a woman with an extensive sexual history. If she can’t understand the difference between having sex with a long term ex-boyfriend 500 times during their exclusive relationship, and having sex with 500 different men on 500 different one-night stands, she isn’t fit to mix genes with me.

    4. Yep, sweet hot little number wants me to marry her and have children. She’s 33, two degrees and is a waitress who barely makes rent each month. We met and hooked up on the first date but why would I work so hard to “get” her when she’s been a Cum n go for over 80 others?! I’m nit looking for anything serious (already have $1400 month child support happening). And as soon as she makes it harder than what all those men got for pretty much free (she basically spen the past couple years being drunk and Fucking a lot per her)

    5. So true! Feminists might hate it, but we are built to be disgusted by the notion of investing resources in a slut!

  16. Yes…a friend of mine sent me this article the other day. I laughed really hard. What it is talking about was entirely predictable…and was predicted by many. Women are chasing the alphas and only accepting beta chumps to pay the bills.
    What most people seem to have missed is that in a POST feminist society the alphas do very well. The betas drink themselves to death, commit lots of crimes, and die early.
    If anyone wants to know what a post feminist society looks like … do your research on the Ukraine…Roosh was there….I am sure he can repeat stories of “all the men are bad husbands” from the Ukraine.

    1. Women are chasing the alphas and only accepting beta chumps to pay the bills.
      That only works if the beta chumps ignore the reality that younger women are better than the one his age, who probably has economic issues, stds, mental problems and maybe a kid.

  17. “The word ‘date’ should almost be stricken from the dictionary,” Ms. Silver said. “Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.”
    Because making your intentions blatantly obvious that you want to date her doesn’t work. Keeping it nebulous makes her wonder.
    “I’ve seen men put more effort into finding a movie to watch on Netflix Instant than composing a coherent message to ask a woman out,” said Anna Goldfarb, 34, an author and blogger in Moorestown, N.J. A typical, annoying query is the last-minute: “Is anything fun going on tonight?” More annoying still are the men who simply ping, “Hey” or “ ’sup.”
    “men” vs. “beta males”. Remember, “beta males” don’t even register on her radar.
    After an evening when she exchanged flirtatious glances with a bouncer at a Williamsburg nightclub, the bouncer invited her and her friends back to his apartment for whiskey and boxed macaroni and cheese. When she agreed, he gamely hoisted her over his shoulders, and, she recalled, “carried me home, my girlfriends and his bros in tow, where we danced around a tiny apartment to some MGMT and Ratatat remixes.”
    She spent the night at the apartment, which kicked off a cycle of weekly hookups, invariably preceded by a Thursday night text message from him saying, ‘hey babe, what are you up to this weekend?” (It petered out after four months.)
    The bouncer did bang her for four months… duh.

    1. I especially loved the part about the bouncer. It writes him in a negative light even though he succeeded where every other guy failed that night, and probably for 4 months after. In the same sentence where they’re describing a girl fall for his game, they cast the guy doing it as a villain who should be ashamed. The miracles of insanity the hamster can pull off are truly astounding.

      1. Heh a friend (beta) told me a story once about a woman he took out on an actual date. She told him later that he’s “special” and that’s why she didn’t want to sleep with him “outright”. Turns out one day after he took her out she banged some bartender 😉 Most women won’t realize the cruelty of this, or if they did would care…

  18. Honestly, the only articles I like by Roosh are articles about not getting laid. He has much more experience in doing things to wind up at home and jacking it than he does at actually getting laid. He’s like a sexual crash test dummy.

  19. “…the median income for young, single, childless women is higher than it is for men in many of the country’s biggest cities”
    Erm, explain to me again how women are “oppressed by the patriarchy” and make only $.77 for each $1 a man makes?

    1. Women are oppressed when they earn more than men because men won’t pay for them,
      and they are oppressed when men earn more than them because she has competition for that man.
      Women are always oppressed, it seems.

  20. None of the quotes from this article show that women are mad that they aren’t being courted. It’s just saying that the mode of courtship has changed.
    Same thing with Girls. They don’t seem to yearn for the days when women were properly courted. It’s just like “this is how it is now.”
    Maybe the generation who is like 35 now is starting to feel regret. But they grew up with somewhat traditional ideas of romance. The generation that’s 25 now, maybe they just won’t care. They’ll go full on nihilistic matriarchy. I see the nihilism in the 25 y/o males as well… no higher ideals.
    I haven’t seen Girls, but from reading about it, it seems like there’s little social commentary or evaluation. The whole ethos is, “this is just how things are now. Things happen and they have no deeper meaning.”

    1. It’s a good show to watch if you need something to cure insomnia. Even the sex scenes are depressing.

      1. Interesting quote about the difference in 35/25 year olds. I’m 30 myself and had traditional ideas of romance. I did some gay shit in high school and first few years of college, till I was in some long distance thing where I found out she was sleeping w/ someone else and that started me down my current lifestyle now where I’m MUCH happier now.

    2. I think you’re right, Shiva.
      Today’s young people in their teens and 20s don’t know anything different and they don’t pine for it.
      The Sexual Revolution is completed with this generation.

  21. i’m running a 4 part series called “the panty game”. it’s how to game a woman based on what kind/color panties she’s wearing. NEVER had a fail. and if it does, it shows where you stand and you don’t waste your time. it varies with day and night game.
    if i can play the panty game and get the sex in a week or two. why the hell would i take her on a date? she comes over to my place, i cook dinner (which costs under $20), get her a glass or two of wine….
    and she’s desert. the beauty is, once a girl’s slept with you, she’s NOT shamed for sleeping with you in the future. hamster logic 101- “she’s not a slut for sleeping with you again. she’s just recycling dick.”

      BE CAREFUL! If she has ONE drink and she has ANY regrets at ANY time afterwards — you are in danger of a FALSE RAPE accusation!
      What actually happened doesn’t matter — it’s all about what she said happened!

  22. If courting a girl worked. There would be more men doing it if it meant getting laid.
    The only good thing i got from the article is that its evidence that more and more men are starting to get clued up about whats really going on.
    Its only a matter of time until girls start to take responsibility (doubtful) and change their ways.

  23. “Women can change the dating game for the entire country in just one month. If every woman in America decided to simultaneously refuse aloof advances alphas, and instead fuck men who only took them out to dinner, called them daily, and complimented their appearance, the result would be obvious.”
    Problem is that they DON’T think. They DON’T stop and consider their actions. Just like beta guys don’t consider that their tactics of ‘nice guying’ isn’t working and figure out ways to try and change that.

  24. there are just too many mean and very nasty women nowadays, especially that many of them have a very serious ATTITUDE PROBLEM and have become very difficult to talk too.

    1. they outsmarted themselves… they wanted space… they got it…
      They helped emaculate several generations of men… now there aren’t as many real men anymore… betas and manginas will worship the ground they walk on… thought they would enjoy the freedom they have…

      1. They want to emasculate the men they don’t want,
        making the “winners” stand out.
        Women want men to sacrifice for them …
        so that they can pick out the winners easily,
        and the men they don’t want are at a disadvantage when it comes to resources and strength so that they can’t retaliate against being used.

    2. Franko hit it right–I rarely ever even talk to women anymore. I never know if or when they might go off, call the cops, attack me whatever. Sad state for everyone!

  25. American Women Are Mad They Aren’t Courted Anymore?? American Women are retarded. Common sense, a man wants a woman with feminine characteristics men don’t want to date men – at least straight men don’t, these articles should interview real men to find out what we want.

  26. oh well… they have gotten their utopian ideals…
    Having ain’t as pleasing as wanting.

  27. True story. Women are making their own beds. But this isn’t anything new. They’ll bitch about the cheeziness of the lack of men being “Gentlemen” and Courting them, but in reality they don’t want the Gentlemen any more. They want guys to be fun, exciting, maybe a little douchey but whatever keep them on an emotional rollercoaster.
    Jack Daniels and Macaroni and Cheese. I’m stealing that one.

    1. the typical woman quickly gets bored with a guy after awhile – ESPECIALLY the nice guys but it’s not limited to just them. after about half a year (or sooner) she feels “unfulfilled” and looks for greener pastures. in her demented mind she feels she has a right to move on regardless of how much time, emotion,or money this guy of her’s has invested into the relationship. these same women are the one’s complaining where have all the good guys and gentlemen gone.

      1. Well they are being genuinely honest when asking this question! (Where are the good men)
        When you define ‘Good Men’ as ‘Chumps’ is it little wonder they’re cranky?
        Women are biologically acclimated to extracting from men what they want, when they want it. And receiving it with a smile.
        The problem is Feminism has exposed the womyn behind the curtain and most men cannot believe what we are witnessing. Men have begun distancing themselves and are now asking the question “what’s in it for us?”
        And the girls are still in shock! What do you guys mean? What’s in it for you?? You must be selfish!

  28. “American Women Are Mad They Aren’t Courted Anymore”
    Then they need to leave the States or date immigrants.
    Seriously, romance is not at all dead in other parts of the world.
    And the men are hotter too.

    1. They are mad they are not being courted when they can no longer attract the hot guys.
      In other words, the average guys must prostate themselves before the alpha’s former whore.

    2. Men in non-western countries don’t want American women. Most non-western country’s women are in better shape and are far more feminine. American women have no market there like American men do.
      In short, keep dreaming, Reemee.

  29. the way that many women have changed for the worse nowadays, who would want to marry them anyway.

  30. the way that many women have changed today, it is really hard to meet a good one to settle down with.

  31. You couldn’t be more wrong. Women seem to wrongfully think: If I demand more, I will get more. Not true.
    Today, a man who is only marginally successful can fairly easily end up with a highly successful young woman. (I’m talking success in terms of education & net worth.)
    But what usually happens is both sexes engage in a series of marginally crappy relationships with one another, neither side caves, and then they find themselves so old it becomes embarrassing not to have moved on in life. Then they get married.
    Usually, the woman “marries down” in a real sense, but is able to convince herself that this isn’t the case because none of her girlfriends are doing any better. (That is, if every girl marries a guy who’s not good enough for her, it doesn’t feel so bad to be one among many women doing this.)
    If you’re a woman, demand what you’re worth. Then take it when it is offered. Holding out for that elusive golden deal (I want him to be emotionally mature AND have money!) often results in you having to marry a man much older than yourself.
    That may work for the first decades of your life. So maybe it’s worth it. But you’ll die decades after he does, and probably won’t have as many children and grandchildren as your grandmother did, and even with a social network far more extensive that that which you will enjoy, even SHE couldn’t find a man to marry her that late in life. The good news: You probably will die of loneliness much sooner than she did. Which sounds macabre but is a mixed blessing in this case.
    My advice to young women is basically the same as that of Tom Papa: “Find someone you can sleep next to without throwing up, and then marry [him].” I’m being facetious, but yannowutimean.

  32. American women have only themselves to blame for what has transpired in the dating world. They have largely become intolerable and a needless hassle. For example, women are frequently conflicted, emotionally unstable, narcissistic, manipulative, and self-victimizing, such as the author of this article. I’m actually surprised more men haven’t turned to just masturbating and bypassed intercourse altogether based on the comments from men you usually see on stories like this. Attention media: men are just as frustrated with women these days, if not even more so! There is even a growing movement called MGTOW (Men going their own way) where they have abandoned dating altogether. Also, notice that American men are the ones who usually look to foreign brides and keep that business booming, not the other way around.

  33. most of the women today want a man with a very large bank account, and it is very hard for them to accept the man for who he is like they did in the past.

  34. Let the women do the approaching.It is their choice ,anyway.Maybe they will prefer that.

    1. That’s the odd thing, despite all the advances in women’s education and money; they don’t even pretend to want to approach 99.9 % of the time; unless you are a .01% guy– sports or Hollywood star or gazillioniare.
      They still just by default expect men to approach, without thinking that this is one of the most difficult and unpleasant thing in life for many men with rude women who like to mock you.
      It must be too deeply genetically based, because they don’t even seem to discuss starting to take up approaching.

  35. well there are certainly not that good decent women to meet out there as it is since most of them can’t even stay with only one man anymore, and need a different variety of men at one time. very sad, isn’t it?

  36. Women are complete shit. They are not worth being courted. Who would marry a whore? Have a nice day!

  37. Wow! After reading the comments I wonder what kind of women you guys choose to date. It’s a shame you would allow any person to use you the way it sounds they have but it’s unfair to say ALL women are like most of you describe. I for one have NEVER been courted, always pay my own way (even if they insist they pay), paid one’s way through college, have never had a man put in as much as I have and the father of my two children has never given me a dime towards support EVER! These are the choices I have made and the only one I regret is having children with a man so self absorbed that he breaks two amazing children’s heart’s because he can’t even be bothered to call. By no means am I complaining about anything else but merely explaining so that you might stop referring to all women as the morons most of you describe. Btw, the article is ludicrous. EVERYTHING should be 50/50

    1. You picked your “alpha”. There were tons of “nice guys” around, but you just let someone irresponsible use you.

      1. Ms, Neesa – Great point! Ms. Jennifer, and other women, do not want to understand that “good men” get ignored and the wonderful alphas, so smooth, so willing to play games, abuse them.

    2. Well you chose to have kids with “Mr. Alpha” instead of the nice supportive men you had in your life. How did that work out for you?

    3. You answered our question. He probably texted you (with poor spelling), was hot looking, you accepted, you split your drum sticks, he lasted all of 10 seconds, passed out on you and now you are raising two single parent kids because of “your fucked up poor choices”.

    4. After reading the comments I wonder what kind of women you guys choose to date.

    5. When women choose the wrong partner or have kids with a loser, the people who suffer the most are the kids. No one teaches girls to pick a quality guy to marry, they usually end up with the wrong guy, and boom–the next generation takes the hit. The cycle keeps repeating itself.

    6. Well, we aren’t all of a type. I avoid the morally repugnant.
      As to what happens to you specifically, that’s not any different: you aren’t “all women”. Your circumstances are your own.
      Consider one thing: why would a man be serious about women who don’t participate in the kind of real fulfillment that you’re hinting/ expressing as “everything should be 50/50”?

  38. “then the highest quality men of any society simply wouldn’t do it.”
    …they don’t. If you think they do then perhaps you need a better standard of quality…

  39. Absolutely true. Men are what the feminist movement has made us. In the old days as boys we wanted good looking with big boobs. But ‘women’ wanted mature men, providers, etc. This meant that to get a woman as he aged a man was required to take on those traits. To ‘grow up’. NOW however we’ve changed the playing field. First we’ve taught women it’s perfectly okay to be the immature ones, to want ‘things’ and focus on the physical attributes. Except that the man (who’s already thinking this way) is no longer motivated to make the changes that used to be required in maturing. Now you have 40 year old women who are single and looking for big muscles, big wallet and big ‘parts’ and finding those that have them are still ‘boys’. Why? No encouragement to grow up by females who are every bit the ‘boys’ they were/are in their 20’s and 30’s. The 40 year old woman is unhappy with that and the 40 year old man shrugs it off for the new batch of 30 year olds. The 40 year old woman who was so fixated on the superficial things now wonders why there is a lack of substance. It’s there because that’s the world women have made for themselves in their quest for “equality”. The truth is Feminism has been the biggest joke played on women in a very long time and now it’s burning them. And I say let them burn.

  40. Women have to be worthy of being courted. If you dress like a whore, talk like a whore, and think like a whore, I will respect you like I respect a whore. If you want to be treated like a lady, you better start acting like one.

  41. 29 year old man here: I just have one thing to say. This Valentine’s Day just not 3 days ago I took my beautiful girlfriend out to a nice place downtown ($20 was cheap on that menu!) After waiting the 2 hours to finally get a table we ordered and both noticed something depressing. Every, and I mean 100% every girl that my GF and I could see was on her cell phone, texting or w/e. First off my girlfriend knows to never even bring her phone on a date with me. But she thought it was just as pathetic as I did. Not one girl didn’t have her phone out… so this article isn’t even addressing reality which is. Seems almost ever girls who want “wine and dined” doesn’t want to hold up her end of the Chivalry. You want a guy to take you out, open doors, and pay for you, but you think texting or w/e you do on those phones is ok? What a joke.

    1. My advice to both men and women. Just treat someone the way you want to be treated. If they don’t reciprocate, move on. It’s that simple. We don’t need 500,000 studies and interviews to figure this out. Sure you may have trouble finding what you’re looking for… so what?

  42. I see a lot of men complaining, rightfully so. You guys should find your wives abroad if you can. They still hold good values and are feminine. I find that the more rural the area, the nicer the girls are.

  43. My girlfriend’s american, she’s just awesome! She doesn’t have any of those bad traits you claim to be part of every woman. She’s great and treating me like a king and so i am just returning that. and we’re happy. start working on yourself before you judge other people.

  44. The catch isn’t worth the hunt.
    American women are spoilt little whiney bitches who want men to do all the work.
    Go overseas, men!

  45. i find more and more women trying to abandon that feminine look& feel that most men are searching for ….and they are starting to pose and behave more like men. Maybe because of their insecurities? today’s trends? their social status and that so called emancipation? I don’t know … ;
    But what i do know that today’s women are sadder that ever. They just show-off with a “i don’t care attitude” and those latest fancy clothes but they lack class and compensate with a pathetic (tv) personality they learned from the women shows and magazines they read . today’s women are empty , they are just machines that lost their purpose and mechanically do stuff media programmed into them.
    Back in the days when women were not “emancipated” they were all happy families…now i find less and less examples of that. What the hell is wrong with women today? what do you actually want in life? Perhaps someone needs to bring you to reality..if not for yourself.

  46. Lmao, by him texting you hey or what’s up, he has already put 100 percent more effort than you have by merely waiting for him to make the first move.

  47. Heh, it’s because more American men are courting women from Asia… where women still know what it means to be a woman.

  48. American woman have become ugly inside. American men are now going to Asia to find a decent woman. The only men left for these women are the darkies.

  49. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. I wish I could have been born 70 years from now. By then, these stupid gender roles will be gone—or at least reduced. Western society is currently stuck somewhere in the middle, and it sucks.

  50. The American woman acts like a whore & pig. What can they expect if they accept feminism, There is absolutely no such thing as women are EQUAL to men. Both God & nature say different. What is feminine about the female today? NOTHING. Many men want women from cultures that refuse to accept feminism, like Bulgaria. I fully want to explore this as I refuse to accept the American female pig as woman & equal. Yuchhhck!! Here women act like arrogant pigs & fuck machines, thieves & baby killers. They haven’t got a clue what a real woman is.

  51. I love the Idea of a woman in combat. Use the cunt as a human shield so that SHE gets it and you don,t.

  52. As a woman, I have to say I am saddened and shamed by this generation of women. I hate the feminist movement because now women are encouraged to act and behave like men. Men and women are biologically different; we’re not equal, we are supposed to compliment one another not compete. I feel surrounded by women who are brash like Miley Cirus, slathered in makeup, slutty and bold about it, abrasive and haughty, and who go about the their agenda of world domination in a clamorous manner out of sync with the world. Women rally around each other with “your an independent woman!” and are dismissive and rude about men; and wonder why men in general are not approaching women. I would be afraid if I were a male too. Who wants to deal with that? I am all for making your own money and being independent, I do that myself, and do not depend on a man financially. Yet, you can do that without being rude about it. It seems like men in this generation have either become emasculated while brazen women storm around trying to have the spotlight; or, they have just resigned themselves to hooking up with women without the hassle. For me this is really disappointing. In 2014 it seems most men are either emasculated or only interested in sleeping around with a variety of women because it’s easier and women are easier. It seems like a lot of men now primarily look for physical appearance and how fast a woman will sleep with him. I feel like men aren’t even interested in looking at a woman’s soul or heart to see who she is. It’s disappointing to a woman who is looking for real love, an actual relationship, and honestly wants to contribute to a man’s life and treat him well. I am an American woman, and I hope women will decide to stop listening to other women about how to treat men, and start opening their hearts and minds to what men actually have to say (I mean, they would know). There are a lot of SINGLE women who chat with their friends and have these “girl power” pow-wows and men advice sessions, but they are SINGLE. Though I hate to incur the general backlash of men toward women in this generation, I understand why there is a backlash. I feel sorry for men and the ridiculousness that they have been put through. I hope that you don’t lose complete faith in finding a woman who wants a real relationship. I am starting to lose hope that any guys out there actually even want a close authentic relationship with a woman. The fact that the soul and essence of relationships between men and women are becoming more rare, is very unsettling to my human condition and to me as a woman looking for real love. God bless.

    1. thanks for your brilliant and insighful remarks. Women could learn a lot from what you said. I’m 60 now, so dating is no longer possible for me. Last date I had was in 2001, and I quit after that. We had lunch, and the girl was so rude–I refused to continue to keep trying. I never expected or got sex from any dates I had.
      Just to cover my bases–I tried for 8 months. I had over 1400 women view my profile. They were 50-60 age range, not one ever contacted me.
      I contacted 40, only ten replied, and none wanted to do anything. How many dates do 50 plus women get anyway? None of these women were models or
      prom queens. They were divorced, average, and had a long checklist of requirements. If I ever date again, I’ll have to go overseas. Nothing left here for me.

  53. yes means yes. it’s formal. there is more liability with even approaching a woman than is worth the return.

  54. All too often, I see women that could have done well for themselves with regards to the man they ended up with. But, for any myriad of reasons, they settle for some loser that they found somewhere. They kept this piece of shit around for a lay, and ended up married to them because they were too damned stupid and lazy to find a worthwhile man to be with. When you see them a few years down the road, they’re miserable and looking for something on the side because they aren’t getting what they need at home from the worthless slob they married, and they’re too stupid or too lazy to get out of it. These women are in the poor shape that they are in by their own device. When women smarten the hell up and start acting like women instead of whores, maybe men will once again feel compelled to treat them accordingly. Until then, they’re just a consumable that can easily be replaced.

      1. Plenty, I’m sure…I’ve seen it first hand! Stupidity and poor judgment aren’t faults limited to women! Again, it’s up to these morons to get out of the bad situation that they put themselves in to begin with.

  55. teh wemenz love romance novels and “romantic comedies” and like any group of infantile retards they look at fantasy and confuse it for reality. they watch something on TV or read something in a book and then want to recreate that in reality. They want men to fall in love with them and pursue them while they play coy or pretend to not be interested, till at the very end when he’s about to give up she finally realizes how awesome he is and jumps into his arms. There are several problems with this.
    A, it’s childish nonsense. Were I to ask a woman out – if she says no. Than I don’t ask her out again. Nevermind she -may- be playing coy because she wants to pursued. She’s attempting to initiate an ego stroke for herself so she can feel wanted and desired. If I persist, it means she’s worth jumping through hoops for and that’s the ego stroke. She’s has narcissistic personality disorder and doesn’t give a f*** about your feelings, only how you can make her feel when she makes you jump through those hoops to get her approval.
    B, it’s dangerous. Remember, feminists have taken over the landscape and almost anything can get you publicly ostracized and fired. Elevator gate: a man very politely invited a woman to his hotel room for coffee and conversation. Now even assuming he invited her there with ulterior motives – hi behavior was STILL that of a perfect gentleman. When the young lady in question refused his offer, he very politely acknowledged her and simply left her alone. he didn’t insist, her didn’t persist, he didn’t attempt to coerce, nothing of the sort. he was a perfect gentleman: and he was lambasted just for -asking-. You cannot associate with women who say no when they mean maybe, because no matter how well behaved your approach – you can be socially ostracized and even have your career ended.
    C, Even if you’re dealing with a woman who you think may be into you if you just keep up the hoop jumping…. the moment she decides on someone else or you say the wrong thing: now she has anecdotal evidence that you persisted in pursuing her in some way trying to get her affection, which becomes evidence of stalking and she’ll get an order of protection. At which point you step into a nebulous zone of legalized suspension of rights. You can even be picked up and detained by police for any made up reason at any time based on her word alone, and be detained in jail for an undetermined length of time – with no charges. You can be harassed, forced to leave your place of work and anywhere you go she may decide to turn up just to enjoy watching YOU get carted off by the PoPos.
    None of this has been exaggerated, none of this hyperbole, everything I’ve said has been explicitly based on real life events which were NOT rarities, but are in fact fairly common occurrences.
    teh wemenz expecting romance and wanting to e courted is just too f******* bad. Not unless they reel in the feminists and bring those rabid foam ragers under heel because as things are – any attempt to conduct a romantic court ship could get you fired from your job, publicly ostracized marking you as damaged goods that other companies HR departments won’t tolerate: thus ending your career, tracked by the legal system as a stalker, denied all kinds of rights while a restraining order is in effect and possibly thrown in jail without charges even being made against you.
    Then feminists, after all they’ve done to absolutely criminalize a man approaching a woman in any way….. have the gall to make the following assertion: “Why Women Need To Start Asking Men Out…Because Men Have No Balls”
    If you’re a woman who’s lonely: I have not only -no- sympathy for you, I actively have contempt for you. Out right, absolute, utter: contempt. If you didn’t want to be lonely – than you should do a little something about the feminists making it a punishable crime for a man to approach a woman to ak her out in spite of how polite his behavior may be when he does so. If you’re lonely: maybe you should be speaking out against the feminists who -made- things the way they are.
    The following is an example of what I mean. the picture included was created by two people including Laci Green. Her explaining what she thing an acceptable way is for a man to approach a woman – the problem is, she’s wrong. According to a LARGE number of feminists, she’s still wrong. Even the exact behavior and comment she describes in the comic – would still be unacceptable according to a large organization of feminists behind the “street harassment” little sub movement inside feminism….
    This would STILL be referred to as street harassment.
    “Overview: Street harassment is any action or comment between strangers in public places that is disrespectful, unwelcome, threatening and/or harassing and is motivated by gender or sexual orientation or gender expression.”
    “Types: It ranges from leers, whistles, honks, kissing noises, gender-policing, and non-sexually explicit evaluative comments, to more insulting and threatening behavior like vulgar gestures, sexually charged comments, flashing, and stalking, to illegal actions like public masturbation, sexual touching, assault, and murder.
    Gender-based street harassment can intersect with racism, homophobia and transphobia, classism, and/or ableism (as explored in Chapter 3 of the Stop Street Harassment book) to create multi-layered harassment.”
    A man stopping to say to a woman “Hey, you look nice today” is street harassment under “non-sexually explicit evaluative comments”
    In fact! “non-sexually explicit evaluative comments” –
    Man A watches woman B parallel park a very tight spot and is genuinely impressed. Woman B gets out of vehicle and man A comments “The competency displayed by your vehicular maneuver was particularly exceptional and denotes a degree of skill far superior to the average motorist, huzzah to you.” Woman B denounces man A emphatically pointing her finger “That’s Street Harassment!”
    If you’re a woman and you’re lonely – than YOU need to start putting your heeled shoe to the back of these feminist’s necks and telling them to stop making it socially unacceptable and legally punishable for a man to so much as say “hey, you look nice today.” And if you haven’t been booing and throwing batteries at the FEMINISTS RESPONSIBLE FOR RUINING YOUR LIFE…. I have *no* sympathy for you. None. Contempt, is what I have for you. If you don’t want to be lonely – than you need to do something about the feminists responsible for making it impossible for you to *not* be lonely.
    If all you’re going to do is sit and complain about it, or worse – blame men that they can have their careers and lives ruined for making the mistake of approaching a woman: you have thoroughly earned my earnest, forthright, contempt. The women depicted in the original article – disgust and repulse me. I find them repugnant. I mean that: I do, wholeheartedly. I am repulsed by them. You want to complain you don’t get romanced? Suck it up buttercup – you were the one who stood by and did NOTHING while feminists made what *you want* illegal.
    You made your bed, you lay in it. Consequences little girl, there are consequences to everything. If you want to cry about it now, too god****** bad, dry it up, grow up and put on some big girl panties.
    0 F**** Given.

  56. I’m SWM, 58, never married and no kids. , problem–I can
    not find any women who date guys 55 plus. I tried–over 500 women viewed my profile, I contacted 15, no responses from anyone. The last date I had was in 2001. The women I took out to lunch would NOT even eat one bite of food. She just growled and acted annoyed for 45 min. She could have said no or walked. I wish I had.
    Guys–most women today are very tough to handle. You can date a lot if you are under 35, after that it’s very tough. You get too many misfits. The girl I took out is now 51, still single, and has a terrible photo on Facebook. She was pretty when I knew her, but age took its toll finally. If you can date foreign women do it. My brother married a girl from Thailand, younger than him , they have 2 kids, she became a nurse, he is retired Navy, and they are very happy. Am. women love divorce and drama. I handled 500 divorces as a paralegal, be careful guys–divorce can ruin you for life! Good luck!

    1. Don’t you realize not all foreign women are decent? The majority of them are gold diggers and are marrying to just to achieve the American dream. They will take an American man to the cleaners when it comes to divorces.

  57. If you are over 50, don’t even try dating Am. women. You will get either lonely singles, widows, or unhappy divorcees. Most will be demanding and inflexible. Try outside the USA. Women treat dating like a job interview–all the profiles I’ve seen focus on age, income, height, and location. I’ve seen many profiles where women 50 plus want guys in the 30s. Can you spell delusional? Beware of any women who wants the big date the first time out. It’s a scam to get you to cover her meals for a few days. My friend now 65 found women retirees in FL do this a lot. You buy the meal, and they bring a doggie bag.
    And no sex after dinner either!

  58. Women ruined dating I can’t believe how arrogant american women are. Think about it if a man takes you for a date even dinner and movie can cost 100 to 200 dollars. Think about it The only reason he is paying for your meals is he wants sex with you or he wants a relationship with you or both. How many women pretending like they are interested in a man to get 6 or 7 paid great dinners they never give sex and just say oh let’s just be friends. Your thinking I spent a few weeks and a thousand dollars on this witch when I could have been dating a woman that wants me and she never had any interest in me. Here’s a news flash men don’t pay money to date you just to be in your presence. Do you pay thousands of dollars for meals and movies and whatever just to be around some people no! I say women ruined dating by taking advantage of men that the woman never had any interest in having sex or a relationship with,

    1. The purpose of dating a woman should never be for sex. Maybe the women you took out on dates perceived that. I would of dumped you as well.. As a matter of fact. I’m of the old school, marraige proceeds err carnal knowledge. So you would if dumped me cause you appear “very fast with the hands ” he he

  59. Blah blah. The truth is, men stopped getting married because over the past 20 years it has become a terrible deal. Mix that with birth control, and the fear of absolute poverty if a woman has a child out of wed lock, and voila! For the first time in American history there are a ton of 30+ and 40+ single women. Unfortunately, guys only want to fuck women 30 or under. And if there’s one thing guys care about in a relationship, it’s fucking. Multiple studies have shown that women peak in attractiveness to men at age 20…So after 30, do you really expect for men to court you and fawn all over you? Especially because there are less fit men in our society because they die in wars and live shorter lives, the competition for women is even easier…See what I’m getting at? If you agree that mates are in a market just like any other market, then these are the facts.

  60. Most women just aren’t worth more effort than “wanna fuck? y/n”.

  61. “”The NY Times, ever on top of American culture with their n=4 sample sizes”” hahahahaha

  62. This article is so true. It sucks that the men aren’t as romantic anymore and kind of feel entitled to sex, right away. But its also the women too that need to stop accepting that!

  63. Men are tired of the games. Why would I put all this effort on a woman, when I can just stay single, enjoy my money, space and time, and not have to worry about another human being, especially one who I consider incompetent?

  64. Feminists have really fucked it up for normal woman,… doubt it is going to get a whole lot worse too. Single mothers at over 40% and climbing……men are going their own way and leaving the entitled shrews to the nests that they built.
    Dudes never get married……

  65. After reading some of the nasty comments from the men, I can’t help but shake my head. Oh well, I don’t 100% blame you because if more women valued themselves and expected better, then many men would become better men and treat women better. When this happens, innocent women like me would not experience disrespect from men, causing me not to ever want a romantic relationship.

    1. Donna–read the book Save the Males by Kathleen Parker and Marry Him Him by Loti Gottlieb. Feminism did severe damage to both sexes, and all of us are suffering as a result. If a movement demonizes men,you can’t expect men to behave very well. tom Leykis has a warning to all women: close the deal before your value drops in the dating world. Women are a declining asset in his view, and if you are attractive you better find a quality partner fast. After 35 or so, it’s really bad out there!

      1. It is a pity that so many men have developed such a negative attitude towards women. This in turn has made many women have negative attitudes towards men. IMO, if a man naturally has decency inside of him, he would not let a few bad women change who he is. However, I refuse to believe that men have that much of a hard time finding the right woman.
        What I feel to be a problem is many men are busy concentrating on the exterior instead of looking deep inside that woman. Yes, men are visual, however if a man cannot look past those wonderful physical assets, he sets himself up. Women are visual as well, but not to the extent as men are. When a man asks a woman important questions, he will know where she is at in life.
        The man should observe that woman’s attitude when something nice is being done for her. In fact, he should ask her flat out how she feels about chivalry. And, if that woman says that chivalry is no big deal to her, then the man with substance should know to keep it moving. Why would a perfect gentleman want to pursue a woman who obviously has no standards?
        It is hard to believe that a person to be deceived for a long period of time. If a person has the wrong motives, the red flags will show in the very beginning. The red flags don’t have to be huge. As the saying goes, when people show you who they are believe them.
        One more thing, just because a woman is over 35 doesn’t mean she is not desirable. If this happens to be the author’s opinion, then it is just that (his opinion). I am 48 years old, and I must say I look darn good. People have thought me to be a lot younger. Also, I definitely don’t have a problem attracting men. However, since I am not desperate, I don’t give any man who looks my way my time. Also, I have always appreciated a man’s chivalry. However, the dating scene has become some warped to the point of me not wanting to be bothered.

        1. Great reply Donna. I just don’t know what to make of it. You’re 48, and you still attract men. Great! Few women your age do that. Ask around if you doubt me. You appreciate chivalry and even if a man looks your way, you aren’t interested?
          If that be case, why are you posting in here at all? It sounds like you don’t want anything to do with men at all. I guess no men are worth your time. As you age up, you may find being alone isn’t too much fun.

        2. Good Evening Michael,
          I think you misunderstood me regarding my not being interested in any man’s attention. What I meant was I don’t believe in being flattered by anything wearing a pair of pants. I do have standards. If a well-dressed man (he doesn’t have to be in a suit) who also happens to be easy on the eyes approaches me, he will have my undivided attention. However, when a man who looks like a bum approaches me, I am not going to give him the time of day. I am also not receptive to a man’s disrespectful approach as well; it does not matter how he is dressed.
          As far as being alone, that is the last thing I ever wanted. It just becomes disheartening when you meet someone who is supposed to have it together, especially when a person reaches a certain point in their life. When a 40 or 50-something year old man doesn’t know what he wants in life or in a relationship, I have no other choice but to throw in the towel.
          There is a man I no longer communicate with because of how he treated me. In the beginning, which was two weeks ago, I thought we were getting along. However, this man seemed to have the wrong perception of me. I refuse to let a man treat me like I am a sex buddy. I made it clear to him that I wanted to be friends. Taking things slowly allows both people to really know each other.
          To be honest, it was best to want to take the friendship route and let things fall into place. If it is meant for me and that man to become more, there is nothing that will stop things from going further. I really was interested in getting to know him more and to see if he possessed any extraordinary qualities that would compel me to take a chance on a romantic relationship. Well, in the end he showed his true character, and I put an end to things. If a man cannot be a friend, then he will suck at being a boyfriend. I could go into further detail regarding why I did not want anything to do with him, but I won’t. This post is long enough, LOL!

        3. Hi Donna–I see the same problem with most women also.
          I gave up long ago on finding anyone. I finally realized after 40 your odds are below 10% in most places. Moral–you need to lock down the partner before 30, after that your dating pool declines in both quality and quantity. Online dating helps a little, but after 40 you’ve lost the bulk of your demographic
          cohort. What you’re really seeing is the outfall of a society which has been declining since the 70s. So many people were raised poorly or had no guidance or direction in youth, and now you see them in middle age as losers or misfits. It’s a shame, but you can’t do anything about it.
          Lots of women settle for losers, you didn’t–take comfort in that. However if you’re still hoping to find a solid guy, be active and out looking. I never had anything women wanted so I got pushed aside early in life.
          It never changed even with age. I’m not surprised. At 60 I feel a great relief in not having to force myself to date or pretend there is still someone around. I haven’t seen anyone 50 plus in Houston,TX I would chase after–my age or younger! Dating is risky, and the payoff just isn’t there anymore for most people 40 plus.

        4. Hi Michael,
          You’re 60 years old?! From the looks of your picture, it must be an earlier picture or you have a special secret for being youthful-looking, LOL!! On a serious note, I have noticed you and around two other posters who have been rationally-thinking men. The rest of the men have been very disrespectful. You are right; so many men have been raised poorly. They are taught by their fathers to show their manliness by being studs or players. And, the other half of the male population has grown up without fathers.
          Don’t get me wrong, there are some men who have defeated the odds and became better people. And, speaking of losers, when I see female-bashing by the men on this forum, I think of them as being undesirable. It really says a lot about them; maybe they are the common denominator in the failure of relationships. As much as I am disgusted with the way the dating scene is, it serves me no purpose to bash men on this forum or any other forum.
          By the way, you haven’t found any woman in Houston that is moderately attractive? As I said, and this is my opinion; it is easier for men to find a quality woman than it is for a woman to find a quality man. I am only speaking about people who are 40-plus and up.

      2. One more thing, men talk about women being gold diggers, well if the men ask questions regarding where a woman sees herself in the future, then they will know whether or not she is a gold digger. Normally, if a woman has no goals, then she is more than likely is looking for a man to take care of her and provide her with a lavish lifestyle. Also, if a woman is constantly bragging about how much money she makes and how independent she is, then that man should leave said woman alone.
        I have never expected a man to take care of me, and never have I rubbed my independence in a man’s face. As I said before, men should start asking important questions. This will save a man unwasted time on a woman. Don’t get me wrong; I am not being hard on men. In my first post, I did say that many women are partially to blame for the way men act.

  66. Hi Donna–the picture is from 2004. It was my headshot from my acting days. I still have hair and I’m not overweight. I never smoked, did drugs, or got heavy. It helped a lot when I had to face colon cancer 3 years ago. There are lots of good women in Houston 45 or under. A man 60 plus has no chance of dating at all. I tried–over 1400 women 50-60 looked at my profile,, no one ever contacted me. I contacted 40, only 10 replied, and none wanted to do anything. Online dating is a bust for 50 plus people I think.
    I don’t want either sex to bash each other. No one wins. I preach tolerance and kindness to all for all. Any woman over 40 will have a tough time meeting men for a simple reason. The numbers of men in the dating pool are less and you have lots of competition from other women now. Men die first, so as you age up, you have fewer single men left to pick from no matter where you are. Again–if marriage is a goal, do it before 30. After that you are fighting both age and a shrinking pool of prospects.

  67. All my female friends make more money then me. Yet they get in clubs for free and be treated like Queens while men pay and be treated like crazy. for life.

  68. Damn straight, I went out with a girl the other night. She demanded we meet in a public place. I almost canceled the date when she said that. Instead I came up with a simple plan. I told her to “meet me at the Starbucks in the mall and we’ll go from there.” We met, I said, “We don’t have to get coffee, I know it’s late, let’s just walk around.” Date cost me $0.00.

  69. The average American woman’s vagina is a filthy public toilet. No thanks whore, my Playstation won’t give me herpes.

  70. The times are different now. Why would a man court a woman as if she was a person with old traditional values? (unless she was)

  71. Reason men don’t want you women any more. Feminism and anti male laws. Until these things are reversed nothing will change because its the cause. MGTOW

  72. dating rules be damned – who cares, the reality is that men do not want to invest, because the risk benefit does not appear to work. Can be demonized in a heartbeat, divorce is a man’s expense,so well walk.
    If women want to date, they can ask. I had heard enough about the “sensitive male ego” to last a lifetime when I was 20 (now 51) sorry. Decided early on, only to date women, who let other men down nicely. Found it reduced the pool massively.

  73. obviously men hate dates, women want to force men to date then they want men to even pay for entertaining their boring asses.
    Dating is superfluous we know what we want, so no more preambles, want a fk or not? if you want straight to bed and you pay for the dinner if you want
    after all you are hardly worth a fk

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