Men Do Not Get A Choice In Having A Child

Do you prefer raw dog sex to using a condom? I see everybody’s hand up.

Are you absolutely terrified of getting some random one night stand pregnant, then being stuck with a shitty mother for your children? I see the hands again.

Is a decent chunk of the reason you commit to a girl so that you can ditch the condoms? Yup, hands in the air again.

Can you trust your girlfriend, wife, or committed partner to not try to get pregnant without your knowledge?

Absolutely not.

Here’s why.

Friend #1

Him: 33

Wife: 37

This is one of my best friends whom I’ve known forever. They’ve been married for about a year and a half now, dated for a year and a half prior to that (give or take). Last September, they had their first child. Then, in February, they were pregnant again. Their children will be just over a year apart.

It was, by all means, an “accident.”

And by accident, I mean on his end. Apparently when a woman is breast feeding, doctors give them a lower dosage of birth control and warn the women that they should use other forms of contraception as it is a very low dose. My friend’s wife neglected to tell him this, and here he is with child #2 right around the corner. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a manipulatively planned scenario by my friend’s wife. Granted I’m not too fond of her to begin with, but she’s 37 and the clock was ticking on the first child, and now it’s up to hyper speed with this second one.

This friend makes over six figures and still has to work overtime to make the bills.

Friend #2

Him: 38

Her: 31

This guys sits next to me at work. They had their first child a little over a year and a half ago. He just told me this week that his wife decided to go to the doctor and take out her IUD—and didn’t bother to tell him for two months.

When he found out, he was understandably pissed—which set her off. Now he’s pulling out.

Every. Damn. Time.

Obviously, this makes no sense, but apparently she screamed obscenities at him and said, “I want another child! You are depriving me of the ability to have another child! You are horrible!”, etc., etc. They are having all sorts of issues about this now in their marriage.

Notice how all of her statements involve the words “I” and “Me.” Not once does she think about her husband, their current (stable, but not comfortable) financial situation, and hell—THE OTHER CHILD THEY HAVE.

Clearly, their oldest has grown out of his “trophy baby” stage, and this woman needs another baby to show off and have people go goo-goo-ga-ga at.

This friend and his wife have a combined household income of over $120k+ but still are renting an apartment and not saving any money.

Friend #3

We’re 2-for-2 so far, which you could call a coincidence. But 3-for-3? No way.

Another work friend. Their first child is also about a year and a half old. His situation is much like Friend #1. After the birth of their first child, his wife went on a low dosage of birth control. Another disclaimer about this birth control at low doses is that you must breast feed in order for it to be remotely effective. Well, their son is inconsistent with that—but she never told him that little caveat about the birth control.

In addition, she also switched birth control brands and stopped taking the pill for a few weeks—again, never mentioned it to him.

Now, he got lucky and she’s not pregnant. But they did have a scare or two. Supposedly, she has not flat-out said anything about wanting another child, and seems to be more sane than the other two.

This friend works and makes about $70k. His wife does not work.

The Takeaway

Let my friends serve as a lesson for you gentlemen out there dating girls who want kids. Be careful. I realize condoms suck, but it doesn’t seem like a bad option, to be honest, considering the alternative. At least keep an eye on her birth control supply, and make sure her IUD is secure when you’re fucking raw.

Unfortunately, there is no other option. Sure, you can try one of the male birth control pills cooked up in a lab in India, get invasive surgery on your balls in the form of a vasectomy, or you’re simply at the mercy of a woman who will be hormonal and lack any good sense of judgment. On top of that, you can almost guarantee she’ll have her own selfish agenda, with no regard whatsoever for you or any current children she may have.

Perhaps, someday, things will change.

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176 thoughts on “Men Do Not Get A Choice In Having A Child”

  1. Even if you don’t want kids, make sure the girl you are thinking of getting involved with isn’t a complete retard that buys into (figuratively and literally) the notion that happiness stems from consuming more things.

  2. Hey boys, let me break it down for you.
    Your mom, your wife, your sister, your girlfriend, they care about one thing and only one thing: alpha dick.
    You think they care if the kids are gonna grow up in a broken home after the divorce? Nope. You think they care if the kids are gonna ask, why is Daddy in prison for 25 years for double homicide? Nope. You think they care that daddy can’t hold down a steady job and sells marijuana and bartends for tips down on Main Street, White Plains, NY? Nope. You think they care that the kid is going to have severe issues identifying between two races? Nope. You think they care if the kid has to listen to mom fucking random guys from the club well into her 40’s? Nope.
    What she does care about, though, is that her little sons are the same alpha, sexy, tall, masculine, violent fuckers that turned her on. In fact, she may not even care if her sons look the same as daddy – they just want what turns them on. They can’t explain why it turns them on, but it does.
    If you’re married, and you’re not one of these alpha male fuckers, you better goddamn believe that deep down your woman is disappointed that you aren’t. And if your mom is sitting there telling you that a salary and a haircut is what you need to find a wife, she’s probably still thinking back to the alpha that got away; and if you’re tall and from a single mother household, then you better goddamn believe that your mother sexually selected you to be the way you are.
    It’s Lord of the Flies motherfuckers. The only difference is that 90% of men don’t even know that they’re in the book.

    1. I’m not even sure a man has to be ‘alpha’. If a man is just a notch above a woman on the hotness scale she’s usually DTF. Average marriage lasts 7-8 years in california now.

  3. This once again is the hypocrisy of women, men have no reproductive rights, women have them all, and make plenty of excuses for why men cannot have them as well., fuck ’em.

  4. Get her on the implant. Then if you ever have any niggling doubts, you just need to have a quick feel of her upper arm to check that it’s still there.

  5. Guys – a piece of advice – if you do have a kid make sure it is with a woman who has something upstairs. I mean common sense: not necessarily academic smarts (funny how they seem to go inversely). That is because boys tend to inherit a lot of their IQ through their mother. An intelligent man and a stupid woman can still have an intelligent daughter. But a stupid woman will almost always have stupid sons, regardless of the father.

  6. Not to be a killjoy, but those of us in the Manosphere who know the conniving nature of women should be smart enough to control our sperm at all endpoints. That includes, but is not limited to, rinsing the towel after dumping a load into it, tying off and disposing of condoms after use, to a place where she cannot find it, and most of all, never trusting her to take birth control and just emptying it into her at random. I blame the man for trusting her in this incident. We must be vigilant at all times in situations like this.
    Finally, and I cannot stress this enough, if you go to sperm donor clinics, chances are quite high that some single mother Feminist will take your sperm. I don’t care how hard up you are for money, we should not be contributing to this madness. Middle age women having deformed babies because they are over the hill but get one last chance because there are sperm donors. And let’s not forget the dreaded single motherhood. Many of these damaged women would not find willing men to dump their DNA and fertilize her willingly, so she would have been starved out of becoming a single mother; until you go to the sperm bank and give her an out. In fact, I will go as far to say that sperm bank donation is a betrayal of core Manosphere principles. As much as we can do to starve out bad behavior, we should do it.

    1. Agree with you on the sperm donor angle.
      And consider this. The only thing that protects a sperm donor from having to pay child support is that currently at least 50% + 1 majority of people support laws that make it so.
      Since we live in a day and age where most state and local governments are broke, there is going to be change that.

      1. Although the whole “rights of the child” policy in regards to family law and child maintenance creates absurd and out of control results (statutorily raped male children being forced to pay child support to older rapist women.) There is likely to be protections for an anonymous donor who makes his donation before the law changes since the donor could argue that the law should not reach back to him retroactively and he had the expectation of privacy (remaining anonymous) under the law at the time of donation.
        If a guy wants to be a donor now he should be familiar with the applicable law in his state. A little research goes a long way.

        1. You’re absolutely correct with regards to current law.
          But given enough political pressure, laws can be changed. Even the idea that laws cannot be retroactive can be “worked around” as they are frequently with tax laws. All that is needed is just enough political pressure. Given how radical feminism pretty much “rules the roost” in the child support game, this is a realistic possibility for which guys must plan.
          It is absolutely essential that we follow what the OP suggested with regards to controlling our sperm, and that our sons learn this lesson by heart.

        2. I can see the law moving that way and would agree that there is no guarantee about retroactivity. Considering sperm can be frozen for a looong time you make a good point.

    2. Donating sperm is a violation of nature. Evolution and natural selection have crafted humanity into the most dominant species the world has ever seen. Those that cannot find willing mates should be weeded out of the gene pool (i.e. cat lady feminists). Giving them facilities where they can reproduce despite their dysgenic nature means that there are no consequences for their actions (i.e. inability to reproduce).

      1. Donating sperm is a real hassle. Assuming you pass the myriad of tests, both physical and mental, you barely cover yout time spent with your little payment. You only make a profit if you live like within 10 minutes walking distance from the sperm bank.
        The only reasonable way to donate would be if your brother or best friend were clinically sterile and needed a sperm donor for the in vitro treatment.
        Actually, women can really make bank donating ovules, but they need serious hormonal treatments and I don’t think it could be a feasible long term income source.
        Don’t even mention the word altruism. The world does not need more people.

        1. Tests? Thanks goodness, only the very smartest and healthiest should be allowed to make such donations.
          And of course, if donation lead to a dozen children or more, paternity suites system isn´t going to work that well.

    3. Any insight how well self insemination works? It’s hard to believe she’d be able to get it out of a towel and reach far enough into her cervix.. And if I were a doctor and some bitch comes with a cup of sperm and demands insemination with no man in sight, I’d refuse out right.

      1. There are plenty of horror stories of various truth out there that describe this being done.
        While it may be hard to prove that it could be done, it is best to not be the test case.

        1. See, it’s that kind of paranoid thinking (justified or not) that I don’t need in my life. I’ve posted the link earlier and shall do it again: It’s convenient, non-hormonal and reversible. They are taking donations at the moment and just landed a 50k grand from David Packard’s tax dodge. The current road map projects availability in 2016/2017. I have given twice this year and will give again.

        2. already donated.
          It will nerver come to Germany, but whenever it gets approved by a modern country I’ll take a little vacation

        3. You don’t need to have it in your life. Just guard your sperm and you’ll never have to worry about it at all.
          I hate to use Pascal’s Wager as the basis for my reasoning, but I will. Say the claim that a woman could inseminate herself from loose sperm in a condom or on a towel is true and she succeeds. Do you want to pay the negative cost of 18-21 years (or more) of child support and all the risks of jail that go along with it? Rationally speaking, I’d do what I could to avoid that risk, even if the chances of it being true are slim.

        4. cause it will be blocked by the second largest pharmacy lobby all in the world.
          and behemoths like BAYER will never develop some form of contraception that you take every 10 years just to replaces the one today every women has to take almost every day.

        5. Got it. If it goes to market elsewhere, I bet some cunning researchers will find a way to make the coating chemical degrade faster, requiring annual “updates”.

        1. I always thought that was a joke. I now remember reading somewhere on the interwebs about a guy squirting Tabasco sauce into used condoms. That’ll teach her..

        2. oh for god’s sake. these are for gay couples and infertile couples. do you actually read any of these links? they’re not full of conniving women trying to steal your fucking semen.

        3. People need a boogeyman. Anyway, my personal theory is that our bodies know a rubbish deal if they see one and some couples aren’t meant to procreate.

    4. Sperm bank might be good idea if you’re going into war and you want you to do it for your wife. Written instructions prevent the bank from selling to other women.
      I’m skeptical that a woman could use a spent condom to knock herself up, but neurotic women will try anything.

    5. Bingo. A woman with baby rabies is not in her right mind. She’s on schizo level. Do we go and trust mental patients with life-altering situations?

      1. I would love to see a talk show with men who got vasectomies or some male birth control and managed to string women along for years and then caught them cuckolding when they tried to claim they were impregnated. I’d be in the audience applauding that.

    6. Yes yes, never mind that weak-minded retards are still going to make a quick buck.
      Oh and wasn´t middle-aged women supposed to be really using the eggs of younger women?
      The dreaded single mother, much easier to adress than that feminism first emerged among the upper and upper middle-class spoiled rotten stay-at-home wives first.
      Much easier to adress also than that women needs to be married in the first place in order to divorce and game the family court systems.

  7. Of course men don’t have a choice in having a child. Remember the phrase: “my body my choice.”
    Having a child in this day and age is FINANCIAL SUICIDE. Not to mention that a child born in today’s world, has no future (most jobs are going to be automated.)
    This is why men need to listen to guys like Tom Leykis, Aaron Clarey and Paul Elam.
    We are living in a world where everything is becoming feminized and where men are being destroyed. Everytime I go to the supermarket, every magazine is aimed for the female consumer. Everytime I turn on the tv, every commercial is aimed for the female consumer.
    Fuck, this world has really gone to hell.
    Get a vasectomy, and when your girlfriend or wife asks why you did it, just respond by saying “my body, my choice.”

    1. Before you get that vasectomy, if you are in the prime of your life (say 18-24) have some semen frozen. Yeah frozen pop. I hope to see a trend someday where men freeze some pop early on before life’s epigenetic damage to their seed occurs and then work on their careers and fortunes in their 20s. Then at 35-40 go somewhere else and hook up with a 25 year old bride while the carouselers of the west look on in disgust.

      1. bad idea, inseminations really are expensive, and it almost never works at the first treatment. Here in Germany its about 2600$ per egg (one single tiny egg)
        its very common for couples to pay more than 100k just to get pregnant by that stuff youve frozen ten years ago.

    2. (most jobs are going to be automated.)
      Directive 10-289, that is all.
      What if you are the uncontested dictator or even elected leader of a post-crash society?
      You need more people to make your society work better and not worst, you got a bunch of wheezer who want Money for retirment or some expensive treatement.
      The Leader: Don´t you have relatives to divide the costs?
      Aaron Clarey: No, I knew the crash was coming and thus decided never to have children, I got shanked in the guttes by a black bum I thought was dead… The shank have been dipped in toxic waste, no one can take care of me but you!
      No one is giving you anything for free, regimes who can´t pay back debts are obliterated nowadays, your society function thanks to its workers and what is traded for the produce of their labor and of course, they work well because they have a say as to how their money is used, the taxes they have must produce results and not wasted on things or people no one cares about.
      Your history courses teaches the younger generations the evils of welfare and touchy-feely politics, too.
      Watcha gonna do? Your workers who makes your society runnning or those who aren´t contributing to it?

  8. The truth is a women’s brain is the size of a pigeon’s brain….actually I take that back. Comparing a women to a pigeon is an insult to all pigeons.
    A women has no brain. She will never listen to logic, ration and common sense when deciding on whether to have a child or not. She is too busy thinking of her own selfish maternal instincts. A child in this day and age costs over $250,000 to raise from when they are born to when they reach 18. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!
    When you explain this, they will not care. Afterall, a woman will always love her child. That is until they reach 18, when the women stops receiving her child welfare and then screams, I can’t wait for the named child to get out the house. Fucking disgusting parasites. Where’s the love now?

  9. Try the poly-urethane ones the Japanese make, they feel fantastic and are stronger than latex. This shit will all come to an end when male contraception becomes a reality.

        1. Thanks. I think I’ve looked for them once but couldn’t find a retailer shipping to Europe. Looks like Amazon is stocking them at the moment.

  10. Every Time I meet a girl whose obsession is to have a child, I know that bullshit is awaiting around the corner : In fact she does’nt care about the man who’ll be the father, she only cares about her selfish need to multiplicate. Fuck.

    1. I come from Eastern Germany and here it’s common to get married and multiply well before the age of 25. So I have a finely tuned ear for that kind of “talk” from a girl and know when to let go and leave. I don’t blame them. It’s human nature doing her thing.

  11. Feminists only want equality when it benefits feminists. That’s not equality, that’s privilege.

    1. This is true for every minority and special interest group. They contradict their own “movement” by insisting special privilege to ensure their “equality.”

      1. That’s because humans don’t actually want equality. Humans want power, they want to rule. It’s like in Communist countries, where they said they were going to get rid of social classes, but the Communist leaders lived lavish lifestyles. All throughout history, the rallying cry of “equality” has always been used by those of lower-status, because “equality” benefited them by raising their status while bringing down the status of the elites. The ultimate goal of all human beings is to usurp power. The dream of the slave was never to be equal to his master, the dream of the slave has always to enslave his master. That’s true human nature.

        1. Equality is the faith of talentless, witless and uninspired assholes.
          Freedom isn´t just freedom from things, it is the freedom to do things, to have power and make something out of it…

      1. Ever since I was old enough to work, women and minorities have always been given preference and special treatment, regardless of their true level of competence. I keep trying to find this “privilege” that I apparently have.

    2. Right…they want ‘equality’ but only for some things (not all things).
      I’ve said it many times…I don’t see feminists outside of any courthouse crying about all of the ‘inequality’ going on inside (against men). They enjoy those benefits (because many feel that the man had it coming to him).
      Yes, we’re going for equality….sure.

      1. I think society might be nearing “true equality” when I see feminists marching down the street, demanding that 50% of the deaths in warfare be women. 😉

    1. I agree in principle. But if you are beyond the pump/dump game, blasting inside has a couple of benefits.
      First: My primitive brain finds it much more rewarding.
      Second: Genesis 38:9
      Third: Studies say there are some funky chemicals in your cum that give her a mood boost and increase bonding. And before the whining starts: Yes, I care about my lovers and their happiness. It’s not beta, it’s good business if you want to fuck her again.

      1. First: My brain must be more evolved. Nothing better than blasting a giant load in a chicks mouth, especially if she can’t quite handle all of it.
        Second: tl;dr
        Third: My understanding is that at least the mood boost works just as well when taken orally. And most girls these days lost their bonding capacity long ago.
        Haven’t cum inside a girl in almost ten years and I plan on keeping it that way.

        1. Okay. I would be interested how high your turnover is? I usually see a girl up to six months before things go their natural way. My first girlfriend will forever be remembered for the “vagina death grip”. She was on the trek team and I couldn’t get it out if I tried when she crossed her legs behind my back.

        2. Pretty high turnover and I like it that way. Anywhere from a night to month is standard but they seldom fade out completely. They are usually lingering on the periphery and amenable to repeat business depending on their mood, availability and horniness level. I’m very upfront about my lifestyle so only the craziest of the crazies get riled up about it.
          The first four girls I had sex with (early to mid 90s) all had had between 0-2 prior partners and all were tight as shit. I honestly just don’t really see either of those things all that much anymore. But most girls these days are pretty damn skilled when it comes to oral.

        3. Yeah, that’s what I thought. I like to see them as mini relationships – you get all the pleasure of discovery and having “firsts” without the growing resentment that sets in after the honeymoon period. You do get a bit of a reputation as a serial dater and I don’t know how it’ll be when I turn 30 but for now it’s glorious.

        4. It gets better. I’m 45 and doing better than ever. Just stay in shape, dress well and lead an interesting life and you can continue doing it for a good long while. And at least where I live, having a reputation as a serial dater actually helps your chances with most women. Pre-selection and all that. They all think they’re the one special snowflake who can make you see the light, just like in the movies.

        5. Regarding the firsts – yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up that rush of infatuation when you first meet a girl you like. That’s what breaks you for monogamy – not the sex. Sex is sex. That electric connection with a hot new girl – that’s the addictive part.

        6. Anywhere from 22 up to my age, but the sweet spot seems to be 26-33. All between 6.5 and 9 on the traditional scale – never been a believer in slumming just to get laid.

        7. Ps you were raped as a child by your dad, and probably his friends. There’s help out there..

        8. And I know you aren’t fucking anyone or anything. So don’t play that bullshit darlin. Muah xoxox

      2. Funny you mention it – that’s the main reason I do it. If I could cum inside their pussies without consequence, I’d cum there too.
        I notice better moods and better attachment to girls in whom I dispense my fluids.

  12. I have an ex-girlfriend who, when we were together, would always talk about how kids freaked her out and how she would never have one. I had no problem with this. Well a few years after we’re done but still friendly, I start picking up clues from social media that she may have a kid on the way. She does not say a word about it, and her Facebook page is carefully curated to try to keep me and some of our other mutual friends who would call her on her hypocrisy in the dark [presumably], but the clues keep leaking from other people, whether she knows it or not, and it isn’t long before I start seeing signs that the kid, a baby girl fathered by her boss, has been born. It’s been over a year now and she still seems to think I don’t know, and she still stays silent about her daughter, even while her profile picture is her holding a baby. My point is, women are delusional and hypocritical and you absolutely cannot trust them on matters related to pregnancy. Disregard that reality at your own risk.

    1. Is she married to this guy? That’s a bit weird. To me, it seems gross to marry someone in your office. Almost like incest.

      1. She’s not, and I don’t understand the nature of their relationship. He owns a salon where she works and I thought he was gay, but it turns out he’s just been hiring all these girls to work for him to build a harem of sorts, or at least that’s my theory. I have a feeling it won’t be long until another one of his employees has a bun in the oven courtesy of him.

  13. If you put a drop of water-based lube inside a condom as well as on the outside, it feels thinner than it otherwise would be.
    There are also non-condom methods you can get your wife to use in combination with the pill, like the diaphragm, the foam, and the sponge. You can observe your wife applying these items immediately before sex.

  14. Without addressing the trickery (because that’s a tale as old as birth control)…
    If you make six figures and you don’t have enough money you either live in a place that is far too expensive or you are doing it wrong. The average household income in the US is under fifty thousand a year. Even people with multiple kids get by and do well with under a six figure income.
    Sounds to me like a birth control lie isn’t the only problem.
    (Edit: wrote extensive, meant expensive. Fixed.)

    1. Most jobs that make that kind of money are in that kind of cities where that kind of money doesn’t afford that kind of lifestyle you would expect it to. Meaning: Tax, social security and general cost of living need to be taking into account. Otherwise, those numbers are meaningless.

      1. Georg what you are describing is the “company town” effect, a result of a thing known as “Agenda 21”.

      2. Coincidentally, the women in said cities tend to be nuttier. Avoid at all costs.
        Also, if your cost of living is too high – that’s living in a place where it’s too expensive, and possibly also Doing It Wrong.

        1. I grew up in a middling German town along the Elbe river. It wasn’t a complete shit hole like some others but the “ceiling” in respect to economic opportunity as well as cultural offerings was quickly reached. That’s why I moved and am (quite) happy to rent a smaller place than I would otherwise be able to afford. It’s a trade-off. In my experience, female nuttiness depends on sex ratio more than anything else.

        2. That’s your choice; I wasn’t suggesting everyone live in a backwoods forest town. Not by a long shot. But some cities cost more to live in than they are worth.

        3. From my experience, Frankurt am Main is one such city. Full of undesirables and the problems that come with them (crime, drugs, lack of cohesion). Little in way of culture and general joie de vivre.

        4. Great airport and train station for quick travel anywhere, less than two hours from the autobahn and right on some of the best no-speed limit autobahn in the country…. While I wouldn’t want to live in Frankfurt it really isn’t that bad. What you’re calling crime is actually pretty laughable compared to many big American cities since in my experience it tends to stick to itself.

        5. Great airport and train station for quick travel anywhere, less than two hours from the Nurburgring and right on some of the best no-speed limit autobahn in the country…. While I wouldn’t want to live in Frankfurt it really isn’t that bad. What you’re calling crime is actually pretty laughable compared to many big American cities since in my experience it tends to stick to itself.

        6. You are right, I have only ever been to Boston and NYC for longer than a few days and from what I see in the news, America is a cesspool. Frankfurt was my first job in a big city and I was only 20 at the time, having grown up in clean and safe “Elbflorenz”. The culture shock was huge.

      3. I agree that living in most urban areas can be expensive but it can be done while staying within one’s means.
        This is true even if kids are involved.

  15. This is more about financial stupidity than women behaving badly. If I can raise kids on less than these people’s incomes in a city as expensive as Seattle then these people are idiots. They both (man and wife) need to reorganize what they are spending their money on. Bad is cockoldry or just aborting the kids. There are plenty of horror shows on both of those including women who get frivorced and then let their new lover basically rape/abuse their kids just to keep their lover. So if you want really bad women these just aren’t it.

  16. Is this really a surprise to anyone? Females hold basically all of the cards in the sex market and use it to their advantage. You want to know why NBA/NFL/NHL players not only use condoms, but literally take the used condom away to dispose of when they have extra marital sex? (which many do) Securing the semen of a successful and resourceful alpha male is a golden ticket to an easy and government assisted life. I Don’t blame these bitches for doing it because we are enabling them to get away with robbery by letting them hold the deck of cards while we simply gaze at the backs of them.

  17. There are some benefits to fatherhood that make men try to figure out how to do it in today’s world. 1) passing on your genes; 2) raising/teaching another human being etc. There are also huge pitfalls to being a father because it generally means marriage and/or financial distribution from you to the mother and possible or even probable lack of access to the child.
    I have advocated this before, but men who want to be fathers don’t have to chain themselves to a woman to do it. It may take time and money, but surrogacy is still and option, especially if you do it out of country. In America, according to the interwebs, you are looking at upwards of 70k whereas in India it is closer to 10-20K. The benefits of surrogacy are that you can use an anonymous egg and set it up so that you and only you are the custodian and guardian of the child. The other benefit to surrogacy is that the agencies can be worked with to make sure that the surrogate is healthy, young and don’t do anything to hurt the fetus (drugs or alcohol).
    Yeah, even 10-20K plus flights etc. to India can be expensive, but put that up against the cost of 18 years of financial redistribution. Additionally, the common knowledge “raising children is hard” is not necessarily true with a single father. There is no helicopter mom to tell you how to raise a precious snowflake. Today’s children are infantilzed all the way through college because we have become a nation raised by single mothers and two parent households with betatized males.
    Gone are the days when father comes home in the evening and the boys have planted the South field (even with the fishing breaks) and the girls have prepared dinner in a clean house with the mail neatly set out unread until father says so. But that doesn’t mean that as a single father you can’t raise an independent child who after a while has been taught more or less how to raise themselves and doesn’t need your constant time and attention. They will probably love you more for the independence you gave them than if you somehow managed to stay married to a modern woman and you will likely have a far better relationship.

    1. Oh PS, you can find some hot Indian women to bang while you take your Indian trip to check up on your surrogate. They go from an almost white gold/caramel color to a nice even dark color that is very pleasing to look at and I swear they are literally “warmer” to the touch than American woman. Also very good for doggy style.

      1. I have a friend going to Thailand next week and all I can say to him is “don’t stare at the balls”. 😀

  18. I’m going to sound like an asshole here and will no doubt be pissing off the pro-life campers but this is the one reason why I support abortion rights. If a chick I banged told me that she’s gotten pregnant but wants to go for an abortion, I’ll be happily cheering her on. Heck, I’m even willing to cover 50% of the cost of the procedure. The one or two times I did it raw, I drove the chick straight to the pharmacists, bought morning after pills, and made the chick swallow it. I’m definitely not going to be held hostage as a daddy to either my gf or to a fuck buddy. Period.

    1. I don’t think the problem is around abortion.
      The saying I like to use is this:
      “If she gets knocked up and wants to abort, I have no say. If she wants the kid and I do not, I still have to pay”.
      That level of rights is one of the reasons why I tell young fellows that they do not really have a country and any rights in any country and why if an other world war breaks out they should sneak out of the country and let the women fight it. After all, it’s THEIR country by and for them now, let them get mowed down my machine guns and mortar fire for it.

  19. Let me tell you guys something.
    The whole “fuck without a rubber” thing started in the 80s. It was touted and stereotyped as the “real man / bad boy” thing. What with the fear of AIDS and all that.
    So those of you putting value into risking your future and/or your life because you think it’s better to go in with your shields down are doing so because the media conditioned you. That’s right, you red pill guys are sheep sheep sheepling along on this matter just like any beta simp.
    Put a fucking rubber on or expect to be raped in family courts. It’s that fucking simple.
    But.. muh ego! But… muh feeling!
    Fuck you. Bet you last longer with the rubber on. Admit it. If you place so much value on sex and getting laid in the first place then you probably have yourself so hopped up you last less than a minute. And I would also bet that going down on a ONS just ain’t happening (smells like another dick down there) meaning she’s going in lacking in foreplay. So when you don’t last long enough for her to blow a nut, she flakes out next time and then we wonder why.

    1. Yeah I mean either that or it’s the fact that sex is considerably more enjoyable if you don’t wear a condom. I’m told it feels better for the woman as well though obviously I can’t speak to that.
      No need to overcomplicate things with conspiracy theories.

    2. Pretty sure people fucked without condoms before the 80s.
      Getting long lasting, reversible contraception is the way to go. As for HIV, from my understanding that is really only a concern for “risk groups” if you know what I mean. If you want to get really scared, read up on antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea.

  20. Evolution chose women to think short-term and chose men to think long-term. Therfore, women care about the immediate surival of their offspring, and such was necessary in the past since it allowed mankind to evolve and survive. A mother would destroy the entire world if it meant giving her son another day to live.
    Such is even truer as a woman ages in her 30s. Their reproductive imperative is so powerful that it will compel them to lie and deceit, brilliantly I may add, in order to fulfill their biological imperative and breeding the next generation, and in doing so, ignoring all the personal and financial costs. All that to give their offspring a chance to survive.
    Of course, breeding is not longer necessary in this world. With overpopulation, post-2008 economy, a destroyed social contract, scarce resources and the ongoing collapse of the western culture, breeding now is illogical if not overly insane. However, you can’t reason that with a woman. It could be as futile as reasoning with a man why not to fuck.

  21. Five words: Bitches. You can’t trust bitches.
    Look at Tom Brady. Mofo was king of the football universe. 29 years old, 3 SB trophies, 2 SB MVPs, $100M in the bank. He’s banging Bridget Moynihan, who is hot, but at 35, is past her “sell-by” date and giving interviews about how she wants to have kids (RED ALERT!!!) Tom decides to upgrade from her to then 26 y.o. Gisele Bundchen, but apparently is still busting inside of Bridget instead of wrapping it b/c he trusted her. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.
    The Result? John Edward Thomas Moynihan, b. 2007. Why? Because no way was she going to upgrade from Tom Brady. The biological imperative trumps all.
    So what have we learned class? Bitches. You can’t trust bitches.
    À bientôt,

      1. Tom Brady is alpha in physique and career only. I wouldn’t be surprised if him and Gisele have a weekly Strap-on Night.

        1. Well either you’re a Jets fan or this is the shortest “Am I gay?” post we’ve seen in a while…
          À bientôt,

      2. Gisele has a horse face but a *rockin* body. Maybe he only does her doggy style?
        À bientôt,

        1. She doesn’t have much of a waist, and her breasts are implants. She does keep everything tight, and I am a fan of long dirty blonde hair.

      1. So it’s verboten to break-up with a girlfriend? If that’s Tom’s crime, vs BM pulling the goalie and getting pregged up b/c the old biological clock was thumping like a pile driver and she new she wasn’t going to upgrade TB12, then it’s pretty clear who the real villain of the piece is.
        À bientôt,

    1. Brady is 6’4” tall. Winner at sport. Premium quality alpha seed, which she wanted and that is all that counts. It didn’t cost her a dime, just some sex and deception. Rich men can do the same, but it costs a lot of money to get a supermodel preggo.
      It’s unfair, but this is the socially condoned unfair. Women hold the cards in procreation and money flows in one direction. It’s condoned that she has a “mistake”, but if you make the “mistake” for her, you land in jail.

  22. I would like to point out it works both way. As in I know a couple guys that got married expecting to get 2 or more kids out of the deal because that is what she said when they discussed the issue before marriage and then the woman stops at one. Of course, now she has the one she is divorce proof. So the guy who was looking for a modern day big family (3-4 kids) is stuck in a relationship with a woman who probably didn’t even want the one kid to begin with. Probably not the best environment for the child.

    1. A guy from my amateur theater club had it done like ten years ago and he still gets orchitis at least twice a year (inflamed testicles). Also, I’ve read reports about persisting pain and autoimmune reactions. Usually, I am not really bothered by serious but rare complications but damn.. it’s my balls that are on the line here.

      1. I’m 5 months in and still healing but doing really well. I work construction so needless to say it’s slowed the healing process. If I had a desk job and wasn’t on my feet nor lifting heavy shit all the time I’d probably have this little bit of healing left gone by now. Sorry about your friend, I hate hearing stories about that, it’s unfortunate and I hope it never happens to me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine. My insurance paid for 100% of the operation so its the best money I never spent. I honestly could not be happier. Best decision I made in my life.

      1. Actually I think in the past no one married without wanting kids, either. In fact, the whole idea of the marriage institution involved wanting to have kids. Marrying for other reasons other than wanting to have kids is a modern concept. I believe the catholic church will even accept to void your marriage if you can prove you or your partner married without wanting to have kids.

  23. Rules for men #22: She may get pregnant ‘by accident’ but she’ll keep the baby on purpose.

  24. Ok I know its not 100% but if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, pull the fuck out and blow on her face/tits. For some reason I get much better orgasm looking at her take it over her front, mouth, boobies. When she looks up at you while she rubs your muck into her tits , priceless…..

  25. My ex-wife had some anatomical issues down there. The doctor said that if she got pregnant, it could seriously hurt her, and definitely hurt the baby. He said that if she was to remain sexually active with her husband (me, with whom she shared a bed nightly), then she had to use birth control.
    At some point, she told me that she stopped taking it because she ‘didn’t like’ how it made her feel. Was her health going to be okay? Did the doctor okay this? What was the status of her efforts to figure out this issue? Never bothered to share.
    The day I walk out to ‘separate’ she shows up at my mother’s house, bypasses me, and demands my mother give me back to her. My mom was like “wtf bitch” (oh, that was all she needed to 100% support my divorce). It was at this time that she announced that she was pregnant.
    I asked her, because for many many months of our marriage we had been ‘trying’ to get pregnant (until the health and other issues), how it was she was pregnant now. She said, oh, she had been pregnant twice and miscarried twice and she felt that sparing me the emotional burden of what was her issue was the right thing to do.
    Women should get a consent form from the courthouse, signed and notarized by a man, before the man is ever responsible for child support. And if he wants out, he can keep it in his pants until she gets served with a counter notice.

      1. Thanks.
        For a couple of conversations we entertained trying to make the marriage work. In between threats she levied about never permitting me any interaction in the child’s life, she didn’t even want child support, to her saying that she did want the child in my life. At one point she very enthusiastically and nurturingly explained that she had had a revelation that the problem with everything was that I had asperger’s syndrome. Just so you know, I am not even on the Autism spectrum at all, though I am above average in the mathematical type fields.
        I think the Asperger’s comment made me finally make a decision. I very calmly and respectfully told her that regardless of what happened with the child, I would definitely get a divorce from her, that the decision was final and nothing in the world would ever change my mind – for better or worse with the child.
        Oh, and after a couple of months she said that she lost the baby. I’ve sort of built a shield of tempered hate around these events, I honestly can’t confront how awful this person ways.
        Oh, she also said – before we were married – that one day if she was still single she would adopt a kid because having one was important to her. God, to narcissistically mess with your body and human life – bleh.
        The absolute worst part of pregnancy is this singular fact – it’s never your baby, it’s hers. Even if it’s your kid and you’re attached, or even if you have to pay, it’s still her kid, and she doesn’t care to think of it any other way. Until it keeps her from socializing or something and then she hates it.

        1. Good riddance ! You came out winning. Never place yourself in such situations ever. When I first was confronted with similar cases, it was like the ground was taken from beneath my feet. The worst that can happen to any man ( relation-ship wise ) is to knock up a crazy woman ( crazy = instability in all areas – loyaly, respect, fidelity, peace of mind – you say ,,good bye” to all of these things once you enter a relationship with that kind of women).
          Be thankful to God my friend ! He protected you !

  26. No man should be forced to support a child he does not have 100% custody of. Ever. That includes the various welfare programs.

    1. Men, for the most part, support everybody by paing taxes. The irony is that they have little to no say in how that money is spent. We live in interesting times.

        1. Sure they do. But the well-being of women isn’t as strongly tied to their earning capacity. They choose jobs that are not as stressful and demanding as those that men choose. They work fewer hours, take more sick days and the list goes on. It is a biological imperative for a man to be a career-oriented being. It gives him better access to women. So men are willing to sacrifice much more than women to be in positions of prestige, power and high-earning capacity. In general, women simply can’t compete with men in the workplace. Men will make the bulk of money and, consequently, pay the bulk of taxes.

        2. Ok blah blah blah women work, sacrificing themselves and paying taxes just as men. Ok I thought so. Cheers

        3. No, Calmdown86, women don’t sacrifice themselves just as men. It’s all about the amount of work done. Let’s say you do 80% of household chores and your significant other does 20%. You start complaining that he doesn’t do enough around the house. He then explains to you that he does something around the house. We, of course, know that your issue with him was that he simply didn’t do enough.
          The same principle applies everywhere else. In general, men are the main sponsors of the social programs, since they work more and pay more in taxes.

        4. What? You just expect women to be up on the “pay as much as men in taxes” bracket? Since the dawn of humans women have been only seen as incubators, so wtf do you expect? Condescending prick.

  27. in some ways this is general biology. Biologically most women are in it for reproduction.
    What men need to realize is women aren’t the “girl next door”….the “princess who likes boutiques”. The law is also not on the side of men.

  28. This is probably another thing that China’s family planning policies have helped with in a massive way. I was wonder why I had never heard of this happening there before since I have family there. Not saying any culture is better – I feel the US culture is the most equitable overall.
    When the number of children is controlled, and having a kid out of wedlock means they don’t get a social security number until you marry, this is a nonissue.

  29. Dude you are so fucking right!
    I have two married friends that with the CRYSTAL CLEAR FUCKING UNDERSTANDING that they didn’t want kids they agreed to marry their long-time girlfriends. And you will never guess what happened to both of them? “Oops, I don’t know how that happened.”
    My brother’s wife went on fertility drugs without him knowing (and they had an autistic child — higher incident when fertility drugs are used).
    With that said, a few other comments on the men’s side.
    1) You can feel when a chick has an IUD in or not so the fact that your friend didn’t know for months means he either isn’t paying attention or has an unusually small dick.
    2) Men need to take some responsibility here. I know that when a chick is on antibiotics it makes her pills ineffective. Guys should know this shit. It isn’t exactly rocket science.
    3) The withdrawal method works. I was with my ex-wife for 10 years, never used birth control and the only time I got her pregnant was when I came inside her with the goal of having a kid. Make a choice, either condom if you want to cum inside or pull out if you want the better sensation.
    Yea, this is without a doubt the area where women behave most reprehensibly (with the behavior during divorce a close second) but men DO have more control if we choose to exercise it.

  30. Fantastic article. One of the things which truly amazed me when dating after being married is seeing all the women I dated approaching 40 absolutely mad to get pregnant. These women had kids for the most part. They had no relationships with the father of their first and second children. They know that if a semi-successful man impregnates them they will have quite a lot of money rolling in for child support. I had a vasectomy. I myself am on the hook for 2 kids child support, but there was no way I would ever be that stupid again given the feminist based laws. My ex wife is now pregnant now to a low-income man. They will have 5 kids with all different parents. I just do not understand, I cannot understand why people pop kids out so readily and recklessly. Do not participate in such a system. So not knock up these women.

  31. Tsk, tsk, tsk. If your solider goes to war without a helmet, you ALWAYS pull out. I don’t care if she is on birth control. Your friends are rookies. Even if it truly isn’t a woman’s intent to not take her scheduled dosage, you have to factor in a typical woman’s absent mindedness. Also, good luck trying to find a woman that wants to be childfree. If you are adamant about not having children, get a vasectomy. I got one over a year ago and holy shit you talk about a stress reliever!

  32. “Then in February, they were pregnant again”
    No, “they” weren’t pregnant, she was. Don’t allow feminist bullshit to seep into language.

  33. It’s ironic how, with the whole feminism thing, women are still itching to get knocked up. It’s as if biology affects women, despite their sophisticated not-sophisticated beliefs. Gee.

  34. Women ALWAYS want to get pregnant with some random guy they met on a party. ALWAYS. It’s biological imperative that makes them want to carry kids of every random human being with a dick and that’s why they should be raped all the time and then the guy should leave them with kids because it was all their fault because of their short skirts or attitude or lipstick or whatever. Men are always victims, always. And women are bitches and men who are fooled into pregnancy and family are worse kind and they would know better if they were reading your website.
    (this is all sarcasm, i hope you realise. this article is bullshit again. you don’t want a child – she sure as hell doesn’t want one either, just wear a fuckin condom, is it such a problem?)

  35. I find two halves of my mind fighting each other on this constantly. Perhaps it’s different for other men, but for me, I can’t feel a damn thing when wearing a condom. From time to time I try searching for that mythical brand that will make safe sex worthwhile and every time I get the same result. On top of that, they squeeze the shit out of my dick. So I go back and forth between wrapping it up and wondering why I even bother or actually enjoying myself and playing Russian Roulette. Anyone else got that problem?

    1. Dude, try the lambskin ones made by trojan. They’re called NaturaLamb and 15$ for 3 but worth every penny. They look wierd but don’t squeeze the fuck out of my dick and I can’t feel them when they’re on. It’s what I was using before I got snipped.

  36. Make no mistake. She will go to whatever lengths necessary to get pregnant while she still can, and if not by you than someone else. A good friend of mine just informed me that his wife is 6 weeks pregnant. He’s scratching his head because he used nothing but condoms all summer. He mentioned that she “must be poking holes”. I said it’s not out of the question.

  37. I read all the comments and pondered that nobody observed the obvious: This whole issue goes beyond birth control. Consider STD’s. With the average normal woman having at least 10 partners or so before marrying, and the laws of exponential contact, there’s a good chance that a casual relationship can result in an infection.
    An Australian colleague was telling me about the strict measures Australia has to avoid rabies being introduced to the continent. People who bring in pets and animals have to have them quarantined for months which in animal time is like 5 years to them. It’s harsh, but understandable. Yet, why don’t we do that as a society? Everyone whose not married or in a legally declared exclusive relationship should use a condom, period. That burden falls on us men, unfortunately, but imagine the benefits of identifying and then eliminating STD’s in our lifetimes from a majority of the population. The gay community put on a tizzy about the health department trying to identify men with HIV and discourage them from having sex, protected or not, and in the end, it was the gay community that was hardest hit. For the rest of us, the benefits are obvious: No sex outside of marriage/declared relationship without a condom AND we should be like porn stars and get a full set of STD tests every year and our sexual partner given access to the results (or at least told whether sex with us is safe.)
    And then we’d ALL be safe.
    This leads us to the welfare state, of course. A small fraction of alpha/gamma men are the problem knocking up the women dregs of society who then become a massive burden on the taxpayer. From that end, it has to be solved by holding the women accountable. Have a child you can’t support and the state should take it away and send BOTH parents an EQUAL bill. Someone who cannot raise their children without state aid to begin with is not a suitable parent to begin with. Child-support is mostly about rewarding someone for being a bad parent.
    Finally, condoms aren’t all that bad. Some are ok and one good side benefit is that I last longer and this helps me to help the woman to reach her climax before me. If your old lady isn’t reaching her climax first, you’re missing out on her being emotionally vulnerable to you.

  38. Dude it’s 2014..If that bitch ain’t your wife or very fuckin steady girlfriend..Wrap it the fuck up..Men never had this fuckin choice to begin with

  39. Hmmm. Perhaps men should support male birth control research. Then you could stop whining about condoms. Of course, at least 50% of you are cheating dogs so any smart woman would still require you to wear a condom to prevent getting your STDs.

  40. Get a vasectomy. Don’t tell anyone. If you don’t want kids and she does and you’ve had that chat, get one, your wife be damned. Men have a choice too, whether women like it or not. She can get a divorce from you if she doesn’t like it. Better yet, given the dishonesty of women these days and the courts’ propensity to go against men, just don’t get married. After my divorce and one daughter I got a vasectomy and never once told any woman I had one. I banged a lotta broads the next thirty years and many hit the road without explanation after 6-12 months and I know damned well it was because they went off the pill without telling me and didn’t get preggers. I was considered good stock, had a healthy daughter and long lived parents but refused to be locked down to another marriage. In this rotten, miserable society, it’s ok for women to lie, to cheat and trick. Don’t expose yourself to it fellows, These women here, they’re the worst. They don’t deserve the truth any more than they think YOU deserve the truth.

  41. Okay, what the fuck is wrong with all of you people supporting this author’s article. Addressing the author, If you want to talk about “science” and “nature”, as you did in your “why is the beautiful female hourglass figure being attacked” ( which, in itself is a paper f true idiocy), isn’t it a woman’s “natural duty” to have children. All of this shit you are writing is exactly that. Its shit. In one article you tell women to basically sit home, cook and clean, fuck her man and have children. In this article, however, you are saying that women should have to ask her husband before she decides to have a baby. While I do think that it is better to have an EQUAL agreement with your partner as to whether or not you can support a child, I want to make it clear that WOMEN ARE NOT TRYING TO MANIPULATE MEN SO THEY CAN HAVE BABIES. that was seriously so fucking stupid of you to say. What if you wanted a child ( and why wouldn’t you) and your wife said no. Would that make you happy or upset? upset, right. That is exactly what you are doing to women. I dont even understand what kind of male-centric and patriarchal world you were raised in to think that women are the inferior and weaker species. Women literally give up their name for you, have children (which in case you haven’t noticed is extremely FUCKING PAINFUL) for you, and it completely destroyes her body, physically and medically. So you better fucking show some goddamn respect. So, in conclusion, fuck you and your warped-ass views of what women should be doing.
    Yes, I am a women. Yes I am a femenist. No, I am not saying there is anything wrong with being a stay at home mom( Respect to those strong ass women) No, I am not fat either ( I am 34-25-37, what you define as a “perfect body shape”)
    So fuck you.

      You don’t get out a lot, do you?

  42. You’re a fucking disgrace as a human being. You have a lot to learn little boy. Just remember you came out of a Vagina. I might also add of your friends income are as high as they are and they are struggling, they are idiots and poor financial managers.

    1. Huuum.
      I wonder, what did the man say when you told him you were pregnant despite being, ‘on the pill’?

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