Anonymous Goes After Writer On Behalf Of Tumblr Feminists

A month ago I caught a post on Matt Forney’s blog called How To Rape Women And Get Away With It [now removed]. Here were a couple excerpts:

2. When you’re done raping your victim, kill her. Also self-explanatory. Dead men don’t tell tales, and dead women don’t file police reports. But because this generation is completely wussified, modern rapists can’t even work up the nerve to slap their victims across the face after they’re done.


You might be tempted to just shove the body in the trunk of your 1992 Ford Festiva and dump it in the nearest body of water, but the problem with lakes and rivers is that it’ll eventually wash ashore, and then people will start asking questions. You’d have to live near the ocean and be willing to motorboat out into international waters for this to have a chance of working.

Matt has put out some fine writing, but I didn’t find this piece to be especially funny or powerful. Yet regardless of its distasteful quality, it was obvious he didn’t sincerely advocate rape. He used his imagination not unlike the authors of 50 Shades Of Gray or The Story of O, popular books where female characters are put through abusive situations by men.

As you can imagine, Matt’s post went viral within the feminist sphere, particular on Tumblr and Twitter. Here are some sample tweets:

Threat to destroy his employment: check.

Prayer to have him killed: check.

Threat to report him to governmental authority: check.

Tone deaf obliviousness to satire: check.

Desire to physically harm him: check.

Involvement of Anonymous: che… wait, what?

Matt later confirmed that he was indeed attacked by Anonymous:

For the record, Anonymous did pull off a DDoS attack on my blog. I couldn’t care less if they attacked me and me alone (the address/phone number that feminist trolls got off my domain’s WHOIS profile are both out of date, the former by about six years), but they did me in when they announced that they were going to dox and harass my family members. They actually gave me the names of my parents and my little sister (I have two sisters, they missed one).

The irony of course is that Anonymous makes itself out to be a collective that protects free speech against the state, but here we have them squelching one man’s legal free speech. Either you believe in free speech or you don’t, and while I didn’t care for Matt’s article, he has a right to publish it and for its contents to be read. Is Anonymous also attacking those who disseminate the Anarchist Cookbook, which teaches readers how to kill people with bombs? I doubt it.

It’s troubling that fat feminists can whine on Tumblr and Anonymous members swiftly white knight for them by threatening writers who didn’t break any laws. Any type of work you publish must now be approved by feminists or else they could order Anonymous to attack you. It’s no surprise that this attack came from the UK branch of Anonymous, where that government has full leeway to put people in jail for “provoking hatred.” I wonder if American Anonymous members approve of the UK branch censoring an American writer.

It’s a sad day when men attack other men to protect the “honor” of unattractive women, especially when those women aren’t looking after the interests of the males who participated in the attack. I know a lot of people are rooting for Anonymous’ brand of vigilante justice, but I wonder how they’ll feel when Anonymous decides to come after them for merely hurting the feelings of a few women.

Postscript: As you can see from the failed tweet excerpt above, the Anonymous UK account has since deleted tweets that threatened Matt.

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  1. Meh. If Anonymous’ actions seem random it’s because they are. They’re literally anonymous; anyone with any agenda can call themselves a member of Anonymous.

    1. True. How interesting then that they who like so much to publicly criticize others do not criticize those who use their name to spread censorship and threats throughout the internet.

    2. I dunno, it seems that all of Anonymous’ targets are people or organizations who offend people on the left — big corporations, anti-feminist writers, people who oppose gay marriage etc. Have they ever attacked any feminists, or anyone on the left for that matter, like they did with Matt here?
      Not every Anonymous activity is necessarily political; however, all of their political activities seem to come from a pro-left position (pro-green, pro-gay rights, pro-feminist etc).

      1. That’s because the type of P.C left you’re referring to is the de-facto position for everyone under 35 these days. Unless, of course, they are red-pill or intelligent.

        1. Considering that P.C. leftism is basically a cover for massive intergenerational wealth transfer (to the boomers, from everyone else, particularly under-35’s) that makes them the dumbest motherfuckers to come down the pike in quite some while.

        2. Since Occupy, in fact… Occupy: Upper middle class white kids demanding more government to fix the problem of corporations and special interests corrupting the government. Anon: Neo Anarchists who want “somebody” to make the world work the way they think it should.

      2. Aye. Anonymous are basically the net equivalent of eco-terrorists or the Weather Underground. They are far-left and their actions/political sympathies clearly reveal this. All you have to do is spend a little bit of time reading 4chan and see which topics get those idiots up in arms. They may be atheists but like all liberals, they’re also pretentious moralfags.

  2. Anonymous is legion and aren’t all white knights with no sense of satire. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was some interesting housekeeping going on in the shadows, but I wouldn’t expect them to air their dirty laundry in public.
    It would be nice for someone who is red pill but has an inside track to comment on this.

  3. I agree with this and want to add that the whole point of free speech is allowing the kind of speech we disagree with or find distasteful. The concept of “hate speech” is just a way for the left to restrict speech in much the way the right used to deem what it found offensive as “pornographic.”
    A warning to those who would suppress speech. Careful what you wish for. The laws you put into place might someday come back and bit you on the ass. When feminists had laws enacted to make teacher-student sex illegal regardless of whether the kid was a minor, they assumed these laws would affect men. But now female teachers are doing loooong prison sentences because these laws apply to women as well.

    1. Leftists are self-loathing nihilists, so they have no problem with that. The pussy pass just makes it easier.

    2. You don’t need to be on the left to find Forney repulsive. Not only does he look like a post-chemotherapy Frodo Baggins, but his rape post added nothing to the internet. Rather, it trivialized unethical behavior and he shouldn’t be surprised when people reciprocate in kind.

  4. Bunch of dweebs who never leave their apartment is what they likely are.
    Based on what I’ve seen from them so far it’s that they are anti-semetic and hardcore liberals.
    Eh whatever theyre not important.

  5. I blame it on quality control. There’s too many hands in the cookie pot over at Anonymous these days.

    1. How do you even know how many hands are in the cookie pot at one of the most secretive organizations on earth?

  6. I was disappointed in Matt’s apology until I saw that they threatened his family like a bunch of little terrorist punks. I too found the article distasteful and the satire far too subtle (even thought I knew exactly what message he was trying to send), but that’s beside the point.
    Go after the writer if you want, but threatening a man’s family is the work of cowards.

    1. Anonymous isn’t an exclusive group, all you have to do is hide your identity and you’re in. These were probably just feminists posing as anonymous.

    2. Some? Try all. Not only are they basement dwellers, but they aren’t particularly skilled “hackers” either. No, running a WHOIS search or a google location query of map coordinates taken from jpeg metadata doesn’t make you some sort of uber computer whizz. I’ve never coded anything in my life yet I’m very well versed in that kind of basic info.

  7. This shit mad me mad as hell.
    I have fully supported Anonymous in their campaigns, but this was unbelievable. I made this point to @Anonuk7 who said the article was ‘offensive’. I mean Jesus H. Christ.
    You’re offended? So that gives you special dispensation to go after a blogger? Where are you goin to draw the line Anon? Are comedians and shock jocks up next?
    They want to be known for an Anti-rape agenda, fine, then go after RAPISTS. Going after bloggers is lazy, dumb, and a bit chilling to be honest.
    Never thought I’d be in a twitter argument with Anonymous. Probably not my smartest moment, but they have lost their way.
    For the record, @Anonuk7 say they did NOT threaten Matts family.
    Very fucked off about the whole thing.

    1. Well, ya’see, these types of self-proclaimed PUAs tend to attempt to normalize what would be considered rapey behavior. I mean, look at the fucking pathetic POS. He’s in his mid 30s and living in his mommy’s basement. This would be pathetic even for a woman. And also talking about how rape should be allowed on the homeowner’s property.
      So, yeah. If you spout hateful shit that encourages people to be bad people, and you are actually able to gain a following of boys who think they’re entitled to pussy, then you will probably be targeted by others who don’t agree with your hateful drivel.
      You guys are painting yourselves as a hate movement. Perhaps you should vote some intelligent leaders in who don’t become emotional little bitches when they talk about women? Otherwise, your kind will continue to be likened to feminazis and crazy murderers like Elliot Rodgers.

  8. This is truly hilarious stuff. Not least because I’ve shitted on Matt Forney myself in the past, but because this pussy roosh is clearly scared he’s going to suffer the same fate.
    Furthermore, all of the analogies you’re bringing up to try and downplay Fat Fuck Forney’s idiotic rape post don’t work. When you bring up the anarchist cookbook, which could potentially used in self defense, and compare it to some dude talking about how to rape girls, it’s clear that you’ve lost.
    So you better watch what you say in the future, pussy. Because you’re gonna end up just like that fat fuck if you aren’t already rapidly approaching your end on the Internet.

  9. I used to support Anonymous – but they are just a bunch of cowardly pussies – worse than the ones they go after for the most part. Matt was just telling it like it is, and showing how all of the claimed “rapes” are BS. Women hate thinking they were slutty, so it’s rape – when it isn’t. Every guy knows it – all he was doing was saying it… Of course the left wing wackos cannot allow anyone to say the obvious to point out their insanity…

  10. It’s a shame that one guy or a small grouo can announce their actions and have it fall under the banner of Anonymous.
    Much like feminism, anonymous has attracted some weak people who desired to be part of a ‘club’. Sadly these people sometimes feel the need to speak up and ruin the name of the group as a whole.
    The ‘doxxing’ of Matt wouldn’t be a terribly hard thing to do, especially as he’s so prominant online so I’d think this to be the action of a small group rather than anonymous en masse.

  11. I don’t think these Anonymous “scare tactics” would work on the Manosphere. The Sphere is almost as amorphous as Anonymous, but is filled with less pussies.

    1. Disagree. Post of the “major” people (bloggers) and commenters don’t use their real legal names for a reason. They mostly seem to like to talk big but haven’t done much as a whole but get together troll, self promote, and vent.

  12. ” He used his
    imagination not unlike the authors of 50 Shades Of Gray or The Story of O, popular books where female characters are put through abusive situations by men.”
    I don’t read fiction but all 3 of the people I know who read 50 Shades said there is no abuse in it and the sex is vanilla. Several blogs say the same thing.

  13. Anonymous is amorphous. So if a few faggots get together and use the Anon banner to engage in their faggotry, it’s still just a few faggots. It’s not the same individuals who carried out such wins as hacking Stratfor, etc.

  14. I would say anonymous is very large and amorphous group. And there are some segments of it that are pro-manosphere. The tactics of DOS and hacking out data don’t need that entire organization to mobilize and some Mangina elements and gurlhackers can do it.
    I am sure there are quite a few who recognize what happened to the Wikileaks guy was a straight up false rape claim by two Swedish feminist in cahoots with a female cop that got carried to the max exactly because he was the Wikileaks guy.
    There will probably come a day real soon where there will be a split between pro-men and pro-women sections of Anonymous. There’s a lot of geeks that are typical recruits into the manosphere exactly because they get the shit kicked out of them for blue pill practices and wake the fuck up after it happens to them.
    Get it through all your heads that this getting close to a full out Gender War. And your activity in these forums can and will be used against you. I am sure any HR department that would hire me and searched using my name would be appalled at the shit I have written. And I fully expect that almost any subsequent relationship with any woman that I might enter into will have my activity come back and be thrown in my face. I recognized a long time ago that I crossed the Rubicon and could never go back.
    Keep also in mind that we did something a little similar just yesterday or the day before on the RooshV Forum when Roosh posted the chat with the Canadian girl that came after him and within minutes, those guys on that forum had found pictures, twitter posts, classified ads and posted them and scared the shit out of that girl. It wasn’t to the degree that Anonymous employed with the family members but it probably still freaked that girl and served as an ass whipping she didn’t think she would get. And Roosh had no qualms about setting those dogs on that girl’s trail when no less than 3 messages into it he posted “Which one would you bang?” and a link to her photo to his Twitter and let that girl know that she had just got dragged into the public domain. So we are not without blood on our own hands.
    One guy said something like “Can’t these people get a clue when they attack. We’re Blackops here and are this collective of various skills and quickly drug this shit up”.
    So when you write some shit, you better be prepared to deal with consequences of writing it. I didn’t read the piece in question so I can’t comment on the tone and what they intention of the writer was. But some shit is gonna stir up a hornets nests. These are the revenge tactics that both sides employ.

    1. “And Roosh had no qualms about setting those dogs on that girl’s trail when no less than 3 messages into it he posted “Which one would you bang?” and a link to her photo to his Twitter and let that girl know that she had just got dragged into the public domain. So we are not without blood on our own hands.”
      Yes, of course I had this in mind, though I did scrub her name from all forum postings so that it was not Googleable. To my knowledge, no one did contact or harass her, so it was just a public embarrassment that will not come back to bite her in the ass. I think things did get out of hand in that case, but you can’t control an angry mob.

      1. Also Mark is forgetting that the Canadian girl launched an unsolicited, unprovoked attack on Roosh on his personal page. Nobody said or did anything to her before her unsavory one-to-one interaction with Roosh. Forney on the other hand did not attack anybody personally. He wrote a satirical piece which some group found in bad taste. And the result is Anonymous threatening his family. You can’t actually draw a parallel between the two.

    2. The information RVF members found was in public domain. RVF did not hack into any system to fond that information. Anonymous is much more powerful. They launched a DDoS. Then they threatened to make public some personal info which was in the private domain. How can the two things even be comparable?

  15. What, you didn’t know that Anonymous was a bunch of white-knighting, liberal, pansy-assed, goody-two-shoes up until now? Well, now you know that’s exactly what they are. They are NOT friends of true rebels anymore than they are true rebels themselves. They are moralfags to the core.

  16. rapey matt exercises free speech, gets some right back. cries about it like a little girl
    wah wah wah

  17. Regardless of the subject matter Matt writes under his real name, and as far as I know has never threatened to expose someone using his blog. On the other hand some basement dwelling troll threatens to post personal information while hiding behind a computer screen and proxies. Who’s the bigger man here?
    P.S. Any pussy DDoS attack these days is claimed by anonymous since that name carries the most weight on the internet.

  18. I honestly don’t see the “problem” here. Anonymous isn’t the government. If some Anonymous guy wants to DDOS a blog, go the merry hell along. As this writeup is a good indication of, all they accomplish is to spread the original article’s infamy further.
    Furthermore, if some basement dwellers (per other commenters) are able to suppress free speech this way, think of what the government can do if they decide to. It behooves those that are concerned about this particular pathway to enact censorship, to work towards creating communication channels that are more resilient to being blocked, by anyone, rather than shouting foul when someone does try to demonstrate a limitation of the current infrastructure.
    Mat I suggest micropayment for each routed package, perhaps with payments in aggregate backed by Bitcoin? That way, the sender of any given packet, will pay for each one he sends; incentivizing him to only send something he considers at least minimally important.

  19. “Matt Forney is my real name. It’s the one that appears on my birth certificate, driver’s license and passport. I have no reputation to ruin and my career advancement prospects back home are less than zero. I write under my real name because I don’t care anymore. The commissars of political correctness have nothing to threaten me with.” Apparently they do. I like (liked?) Forney But he’s become more of a pussy since he finished his journey. Closed blog comments because he got his feelings hurt that not enough people were commenting and now he’s apologizing to feminists.

  20. Oh, Jillian York isn’t a feminist at all. She’s a hard leftist pro-Palestinian “Internet freedom fighter” who is highly selective about which rights she fights for in her private activist life and her public role as a program officer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
    She’s hardly a feminist, in fact. I first began debating her when I was appalled at how she dismissed the very real sexual assault of the American journalist Lara Long on Tahrir Square. She did so like a good little leftist because it would mar her efforts to portray revolutionaries as better than they were and because she thought no one should ever criticize Arab men — for her, that mandate trumps any feminism she might feel — which she very selectively applies. When a Washington Post commentator questioned Al Jazeera’s silence on this appalling attack (it didn’t fit *their* narrative of reality, either), Jillian York dug in and kept defending ALJ.
    Her attack on this writer isn’t so much about feminism per say, but about wielding the sword of political correctness to silence debate on the Internet. It’s about establishing that this gang of “progressives” get to decide what the speech boundaries are, not by any legal principle but “just because”. This “freedom fighter” who will fight to the death for some Palestinian blogger will block or ban people like me who question anything about them or her in terms of inciting or condoning violence, and she’ll actually threaten a man with loss of employment because of his questionable speech. It’s really creepy, given how much power and money EFF and its related Mitch Kapor-supported organizations all have, i.e. Free Press.

  21. I’ve always thought that “members” of anonymous were a bunch of juvenile assclown dipshits with a penchant for drama. Fuck Anonymous. Even when I agreed with them I didn’t want them on my side.
    I also remember that post by Matt Forney, and as crass as it was, I thought it actually made a good point about bullshit feminist “rape” vs real rape.

  22. Anonymous love Guy Fawkes masks, which strikes me as odd because they’re heavily atheist and Fawkes tried to blow up parliament for not being Catholic enough.

  23. I’ve always found a bullet to the brain, or knife to the spine, effectively shuts down terrorists of all types – both foreign and domestic, quiet and very effective…
    I’ve killed people I didn’t know for a lot less under government sanction. Threaten people I care about, and you will disappear – permanently.

  24. Casual Reminder that free speech only protects you from the censorship of the government, not the criticism or censorship of private individuals. Claiming that an instruction list on how to rape is “just satire” doesn’t make it any less wrong. Even if it were satirical it’s still not ok because jokes about rape are not ok. As a person who is not a rape victim you don’t get to make that call. Rape victims do. but hey, you get to not be a rape victim.

    1. To clarify, Anonymous types are 4channers. 4channers laugh at rape jokes and are way more red pilled than the majority population. These are probably Social Justice Warriors with some skiddie skills

  25. The stupidity is strong in these comments. Freedom of speech has to do with the GOVERNMENT going after you for your opinion. I love how so many retards don’t even know what the freedoms we have are. Reminds me of retards who think the 2nd Amendment was there so the people could protect themselves from their own Government, HAH! It is actually so the people could defend OUR Government from ANOTHER Government coming over here and taking over.
    Then of course ,the irony of basement dwellers hiding behind a computer screen, calling others the same seems to be lost on many here.

  26. Feminists are the main promulgators of hate speech on the internet. Anonymous lost all respect with me when they started defending these people.

  27. Lol this shit is fucking hilarious. You still living in your mommy’s basement, Roosh? Or has the old hag killed over?

  28. Freedom of speech? Is the writer, who is an asshole who sucked a pig’s ass after raping his mother with a motorboat fit in his donkey mouth and tore her apart and cocked (of course you are a cannibal) and ate with a Trump after cutting your own dick and putting it backwards.
    Yup, that’s freedom of speech.

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