Top Oslo Nightlife Picks If You Want To Have Sex With A Norwegian Girl

Do you want to go to Oslo and put your penis inside a Norwegian vagina? I got the itinerary for you to help make that happen…

Tuesday Night

Hit up Fugazi, a large club with a young and attractive crowd. It’s best just to camp next to one of the bars and snare whatever girl comes by to order a drink. Make sure you come early because it can become impossible to get into after 1am.

Wednesday Night

This is the worst night in Oslo so you’ll have to make due with smaller crowds. Your best bet is Apenbar, next to the touristy dock. It”s a small club that will have a handful of girls for you to approach.

Thursday Night

Now it starts getting much easier to find action. Hit up Horgan’s, especially if you have more of a frat style. It gets nice and packed, but you’ll have to compete with a lot of dudes. I had trouble with the big social circles but stayed until the bitter end because there were a lot of targets I could approach all night. There are also a couple other bars within the same block.

Friday Night

Check out Ryes, a retro-style bar that had a laid back crowd. It’s in the “hip” Grünerløkka neighborhood, just north of the center, where you’ll find tons of small bars. Simply walk up and down Thorvald Meyers Gate (“gate” means street in Norwegian) and pick the best spot. Black guys can check out club Bla, which has reggae music and seemed to attract chocoholic Norwegian girls.

Saturday Night

Anywhere! Hard to go wrong on this night.

I want to remind you that Norwegian girls are not shy about sex. Hit the night venues hard, enjoy drinking, and do the approaches. If you kiss a girl in the venue, think about getting her back to your place or hers. In case you’re wondering, I got my flag  in Grünerløkka. She was on the pill and let me ejaculate inside her four times. It was great.

For lodging, I stayed in My City Home. It was centrally located near the train station in an area where aggressive African hookers hang out, but not that close to the nightlife options I’ve listed. Thankfully, most Norwegian girls live alone so you can bang in their place.

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19 thoughts on “Top Oslo Nightlife Picks If You Want To Have Sex With A Norwegian Girl”

  1. “She was on the pill and let me ejaculate inside her four times. It was great.”
    That’s some quite passionate writing.

  2. As a Oslo native I can vouch for Norway as a guaranteed pussy destination. Norwegian girls are so blase about sex and still decent looking compared to their other Scandinavian neighbours. Just wear a rubber just to be in the safe side. Also, work out for fuck sake…for obvious reasons.

    1. I never found them to be all that good looking compared to other scandis and noticed the worst quality girls in the clubs. But to each his own.

  3. Don’t fool yourselves about Nordic women. Hard, boring statistics show they don’t have any more sexual partners on average than women from other Western nations, and many non Western countries (but more partners than sexual taliban and very conservative countries, obviously). If you think you can just go there to get laid easily if you don’t have anything to offer, you’ll be disappointed.
    The difference is Norway has a relatively large amount of good and really good looking girls willing to have NSA sex with you if you’re a savvy PUA or the girls just fancy you. In many other places you can get laid with good looking women too, but girls want something back, power in a relationship, support of some kind etc. Which some Norwegian girls want do to, but only some. And there are just a lot of unattached, hot and horny girls to go around in Norway compared to almost anywhere else, no matter how you slice it.

    1. I can confirm rooshv experience, it is among the easiest place to get laid.

  4. That fugazi place is a total shitshow. I didn’t even know the name of it when I was there. Damn do scandanavians get drunk and act like animals. Fun times!
    I think Oslo is kind of a weird place because pretty much the entire population of people in their twenties drain there for some time, because the rest of the country is the boonies.

  5. Old information here. Some of these place aren’t that popular anymore or even exist. Let me know if you want a more complete update. Happy to assist. Been living here in Oslo since 2002. 🙂

    1. you should share some update info …on the place to hookup.. this information is really old

  6. Don’t fool yourselves. I am a Norwegian. First of all, an increasingly number of Norwegian girls are turning fat, even if many still are nice. The ratio men-girls in the clubs/bars are 30-70, making it ridicolous to competite with all the others, at least if you want to keep some dignity. On top of that, Oslo has a lot of imigrants from the non-western world who is making nightlife not so good. Just looking how some of them behave around drunk girls make you wish you had a automatic gun in your hands.
    Much because of that Oslo is not that friendly either. I am travelling all around the world. I never see so much fighting or unfriendly behaviour as in the centre of Oslo. And bounchers (imigrants) don’t make nightlife a joy either.
    I left the Oslo shithole many years ago, found another country and have had a blast.

    1. Norway has the lowest rate of obesity in the EU, less than 12% obese, and the fatties I saw were usually all foreigners, or over 30. Its not like the us, where the MAJORITY of women under 25 are OVERWEIGHT!
      The ratios in the clubs are bad but most men do not approach but the ratios in oslo are generally good. The best place to get girls is not even clubs but to just walk around a mall at mid day and pick up all the girls who work there and are bored because there are no customers.
      Your comment about immigrants fucking drunk girls reflects your jealousy and why more men should go to fuck norwegian drunken girls, who literally lie in the streets drunk with their legs wide open and no underwear on.

  7. I never had the pleasure of being with a Norwegian girl. I canoodled with a Swede when I was travelling through Australia, but took “the ugly friend” which meant she was brunette, and a 5 so buddy could score the slim blonde 8.

  8. guys help me out. I’m new here and planning to go out in the coming weeks. What is the best place to score one.

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