Lithuania Hates Me

The Lithuanian media has gone apeshit after discovering my book Bang Lithuania. It was written about on the following outlets: LyrtasBalsasCosmoAlfa, and Delfi.

Here’s a review left on Amazon:

Wow! I never even imagined that there will ever be such empty, stupid, sick person to write so many books about banging every countries girls…and to be proud of it……You are sick, and I hope you catch some HIV and die. Your lifestyle tells me that you are for sure very lonely and empty, very low self-esteem person. Congrats on all your “victories” :))

Here’s an email from a girl that says I ruined her day:

So I was enjoying my day, just reading random articles and stuff and then I noticed an article about your book (“bang Lithuania ” to be precise) and my mood literally went from well to hell…I used to feel sorry for americans when people kept writing how dumb and fat you all are but I think I’ve just joined all the other haters… I’m no feminist but that book (and pretty much everything you wrote) is a huge pile of shit, no less. I find you repulsive..talking about women like something disposable, just a piece of meat you can stick your dick into…Well I’m not a fortune teller but I’m 99% sure
you’ll end up lonely, just you and your precious dick.”People over 25 doesn’t speak english” . SO WHAT? Most of them speaks both russian or polish or whatever + lithuanian..So 3 languages altogether and that’s 2 more languages than an
average american speaks. So you’re not really in a place to judge us…  I bet your mamma’s really proud of you, thaks for ruining the mood, you scumbag >:(

And here’s a blog comment:

What a bunch of sex starved morons! U want a nice intelligent girl for a one night stand? Well,it is not happening! U gotta work harder and longer for that. And bithes…u can find them everywhere. And to all those bashing lithuanian girls (especially) —- I guess u r so desperate and miserable that even bitches say NO to you!

A girl who knows the brother of a blogger I know posted about it on her Facebook:


This is the fourth time where I’ve woken up and had an entire country mad at me. It does make the day a little more interesting…

47 thoughts on “Lithuania Hates Me”

  1. LOL-the viciousness of those responses is really interesting. Shows they know what’s in the book is all too true!

  2. I really don’t see how a Bang guide is in any way offensive to the women it details (unless it’s a hater edition). It’s literally a tested blueprint to give these ladies what they want so you can have consensual sex with them, something everyone enjoys. Where’s the controversy? Do people in Lithuania not have sex now? Is it taboo to say you can do these things without having to pay for a bunch of bullshit dinner dates?
    Must be a slow day in Vilnius.

    1. Value is proportional to scarcity. These women want to sleep around, but they also want to maintain the illusion that they are worth marrying. They are shocked when someone reveals this deception, and attack the whistle-blower in hopes of shutting him up

  3. Congratulations Roosh, you are a member of ‘famous writers who travelled to other countries and then told the unvarnished truth about them’
    I can’t think of any other great examples off hand but there are many entertaining ones — perhaps one could google ‘unsentimental travel writers’ — It’s fun to see how butthurt many people get when anyone punctures pretty lies, isn’t it?

  4. You are a persona nongrata in Lithuania. Everybody wants to get you. If you were to return here,you would have to change your hair color and clean shave.

  5. It must have been a slow news day in Lithuania. But like every other time, people’s passions will subside and they will soon forget about this and get on with their lives.

  6. LS, and you are from a nation of ” who gives a shit that Roosh banged my mama and wrote a book abour it.”

  7. Wouldn’t that be
    “Bang, bang, bang /
    Bang, bang Iran”
    By the way, try doing a bit of pull after this push and see what happens. Maybe you’ll have groupies next time you visit.

  8. Hilarious.
    Their reviews read like one person wrote the review articles for all the different websites, without reading it. The gold is found in the comments.

  9. hehe Lithuania is a very strange country…. you wrote Bang Poland and nobody even gave a shit hehehhe you’re still welcomed in Poland

      1. Exactly,for Polish girls the more the better the faster anytime anyhow anywhere; while for lithuanian girls respect,love and quality matters. Isn’t that right,polish girl? You should know.

        1. I’m loving all the hate for this one Polish woman who dared to show how cool her country is. Bomb, meet target. We love you Polish ladies too, ignore the adidas wearing gold chain folks from back east.

  10. i think you should know better, being such an expert, that its just some girls whining. i think the whole thing is hilarious 😀

  11. They didn’t write anything because 99% of them are cheap ass bitches and whores. And how can you fight the truth,polska kielbasa?

  12. Is it the small country factor? I mean if some Lithuanian dudes came to where I live and wrote about how to sleep with the girls here, more power to them I say. Hell, I’ll take notes if the advice is good. Even if they talk shit about the US, I’m certainly not going to take it personally. It must be an inferiority complex of some kind. Then again, Colombians also got up in arms, but maybe not as much?

    1. Something tells me Colombians and being up in arms is a recipe for mayhem. Put it this way- in an irresistible violence scenario I think the Colombians would totally own the Lithuanians. Pissed off Colombians are not teddy bears. In the scope of things what’s Lithuania- It’s sure no Germany as everyone in Europe saw in WW2. The Germans about singlehanded my beat everyone- I think we can deduce who the true warriors are in Europe.

  13. Lithuanians are a Nazi nation,and they hate everybody and everything what isn’t Lithuanian. Tell that your compatriots or better write a book about that. They are simply the human scum of the world. Do not go to Lithuania. It’s a land of misery, suicides, murderers, and.immigrants. There’s no hope for this queer people.

    1. I hate lithuanians just as much (possibly even more) as people of other nationalities.
      Joke’s on you.

  14. Charles Bronson was of Lithuanian extraction.
    Say something about Lithuania now…Thought so.

    1. Oh, I can say something. With pleasure.
      Charles Bronson — Karol Dionizy Buczyński was of Polish and Lithuanian background (Wikipedia). Buczyński is a Polish name, not Lithuanian; but it’s true that his roots were in the terrain of Lithuania. However, there are not only Lithuanians in Lithuania. There are too the Polish and Russian minorities, which you don’t want to remember. Polish and Lithuanian blood is mixed — you want it or not. I’m Polish of Lithuanian extraction, for example. My grandmother was Lithuanian. But I’m really ashamed of Lithuanian behaviour.
      Do you want me to say something more?

  15. I would keep the tittle more subtle. Just like in the elden days of pua, keep it secret, keep it safe.

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