4 Reasons Not To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder

Several weeks back, Brother Tuthomosis posted an article titled 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder. Although it was meant as a ribald jest, many voices came forward to protest the insensitivity displayed by Return Of Kings. We simply cannot be so insensitive, men; our brethren sistren of the Demisexual & Otherkin genders are sensitive souls, and it is incumbent upon us to take their feelings into consideration before we speak.

So with that in mind, let us speak frankly about those Heroes of our modern age, the Eating Disordered White Girls, without resorting to ridicule, and without treating them as nothing more than cock cozies. What follows are the four main reasons you shouldn’t date a girl with an eating disorder.

1. They’re overweight

Perhaps this is because of a history of swing-dieting; all of that alternating between fasting and binging, only to wind up training their metabolism for a drought on the African Savannah. The poor dumplings! Or perhaps it’s that their eating disorder somehow translates into having a bad diet –subsisting on sugars and electrolytes and dulling their insulin response. Or perhaps it’s simply that skinny girls who work-out regularly, and exert a modicum of self-discipline when offered desert, never need to worry about their diet, and are thus immune to the disorder.

Now I want to be perfectly clear about something – I am not fat shaming. I believe that all of us here at RoK are man enough to admit that we secretly crave the porcine rolls of the full-time Mac-and-Cheese eater. No, I am simply pointing out that one does not simply ‘date’ one of these voluptuous tulips with the expectations of casual sex; these ladies need to be wooed.

2. They have bad breath

The human anatomy evolved as a one-way tube. We cannot operate like flatworms, who intake food, absorb the nutrients, and expel it out the same hole, and should we try do so, there are some nasty side-effects.

First there’s the obvious: nobody likes kissing pukey girls, even though the ones I’ve seen at parties don’t seem to realize this (perhaps the raspberry wine covers up the taste of stomach acid?). And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, during a bout of the flu, or after making the mistake of ‘beer before liquor,’ there’s nothing that will completely remove the taste of vomit from your mouth.

The second problem comes only after years of binge-and-purging, but is even worse: the constant soaking of stomach acid manages to erode away even the pearliest of whites, and the result is a mouth degenerating to meth-addict quality.

3. Their malnourishment leaves them deranged

Speaking of meth addicts, there’s the whole problem of malnourishment.

As heroic as it is to stick your finger down your throat, the fact of the matter is that we are organic machines: both our bodies and our minds rely upon regular intakes of chemical energy to function properly. The self-imposed starvation of the Eating Disordered Girl leads to mental derangement: flakiness, inability to concentrate, and hallucinations. In other words, it exacerbates the bad traits that women are already cursed with.

4. An eating disorder is indicative of a secondary mental illness


The interesting thing about mental disorders is that some of them are universal (depression, narcissism, female hysteria) while others are culture-specific. Eating disorders are in the latter camp.

Secondary disorders aren’t disorders in and of themselves, but rather, an effect of some other underlying disorder. An anorexic hero doesn’t actually see a warped version of themselves in the mirror, as some would claim – rather, she’s engaging in a behaviour which is all too typical amongst the tumblr crowd:

She’s engaging in self-harm.

The reality of eating disorders is that they’re usually just an expression of borderline personality disorder, or some other derangement which involves hurting oneself to get attention. Some do cutting, others take pills, but in her case, she harms herself through starvation.

On the surface she says “I’m not pretty enough, so I’m going to punish myself by not eating!” And while it might seem like a good bargain for you at first, eventually this transmogrifies into “I’m not pretty enough because of the patriarchy!  I’m not pretty enough because my boyfriend’s an asshole!  I’m not pretty enough so I’m going to murder you in your sleep for judging me!” and so forth.

There are a million-and-one ways for insanity to manifest, but only a few fundamental ways that things go wrong. And despite what the apologists say, mental illness is infectious. Even if you don’t experience a false rape accusation or a physical attack from your anorexic hero, you’re still going to be subjected to the M.C. Escher emotional life of a Schedule II, and trust me – your brain is just not equipped to deal with Cthulu so closely.

As I said at the beginning, our Demisexual Otherkin sistren are sensitive, easily damaged souls; what I didn’t point out is that they’re sensitive in the same manner as the puffball mushroom: poke them, and a cloud of toxic spores fills the air.

So let us be respectful, let us acknowledge their heroism, and let us celebrate how special and unique these women are – by boycotting these overweight, smelly, and unstable victims™.

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65 thoughts on “4 Reasons Not To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder”

  1. Funny, when men engage in behavior that is mostly self-harmful or ridiculously risky, they’re seen as more attractive. I would start up an eating disorder for female attention, but I love tri-tip just too damn much.

    1. having an eating disorder isn’t living on the edge. when have men been celebrated for self-victimizing and self-pitying behavior?

  2. This one is a thing a beauty! Truly among the cream of ROK.
    (Still, I like banking super skinny crazy chicks. Of course, before the pendulum swings and they become fat chicks. First, crazy chicks are awesome sluts in bed, can deep throat, do anal, etc. Second, part of the thrill is picking the exact right time to escape their insanity before they do harm to me. It’s like riding a motorcycle super fast – what a thrill!).

    1. Ditto. I love pumping skanks. Nothing better than knowing she’s a slut because she’s literally fucking you with her mouth all in.
      That being said, I avoid the skin and bones anorexics. They’re not healthy at all and lack energy in bed.

  3. And this is a corollary (or addition) to 4.
    5. Eating disorders, especially anorexia and bulimia, are almost always the symptoms of mental illness caused by sexual abuse in childhood. She is variously attempting to self-damage, to conform to impossible ideals, to not grow up …
    Put succinctly, she is damaged goods and what she needs is not male company but professional care. If you engage in a relation with such a female, you will soon find yourself in the role of codependent / narcissist supply / emotional tampon being paid for your efforts with crappy sex by a reeking and physically and psychologically ill female.
    JUST. SAY. NO.

  4. I might be mistaken, but I thought being fat was a sign of an eating disorder, at least that’s what I remember from elementary school. Did they change this?

    1. Feminism is normalising the perception of healthy weight as ‘dangerously underweight’. A girl can be fit enough to be an Olympic Champion, but she’ll be called ‘underweight’, and not ‘a real woman’ by the feminists, who are the biggest misogynists out there.
      I’ve seen what is considered being A Real Man and A Real Woman, and I want no part of either. Both are wastes of the one life you get.

  5. Money wasted. If you get too close to a woman with an eating disorder, you’ll end up paying for her psychotherapy.
    Money wasted. Why buy fine dinners if she’s just going to upchuck it?

  6. I think it’s time to stop writing articles related to the eating disorder one. It was cool, hype was great but it’s already a past. You won’t extract from this topic much more, you won’t repeat Tuth’s success, you won’t enrage more people with it. Any weapon is most effective when first used. It’s time to move on, find new topic and break all records yet again with it.

    1. Yup. Our minds collectively are breeding grounds for memes. Mental illness is the dark side, but evolution only sees success.

      1. *whistles madly while scrubbing your minds out with Dettol*
        Oops, missed a spot, it’s probably nothing …

  7. Women with eating disorders can also pass behavioral aspects their illness onto you. You will not have the disorder itself but will begin to exhibit the same behaviors in order to hide or normalize hers.
    Anxieties about certain foods will be passed onto you, and you’ll lose any spontaneity when it comes to being social. The same goes for selecting foods to be eaten in the comfort of your own home.
    You’ll learn to cover for her if she is anorexic or bulimic, which will cause you to be disingenuous with friends.
    Her disorder can also take a front seat in the relationship by becoming a primary concern, and this will get in the way of knowing each other more fully.
    The list goes on.

  8. I think this article is super accurate. Eating disorder-affected women are rarely the best of girls, both mentally and physically.
    When I look at a girl I want to see her superior genetic lineage shining through, and artificial manipulation through puking it all up (among other things) is not what I’m looking for.
    Let’s not even get into a discussion about how they really have no idea what an ideal attractive weight is, and tend to overshoot the mark way too often, and literally end up as a bag of bones.
    They’re fucked up, and need to be left alone.

  9. Holy shit brace yourself for the onslaught of feminazis and land whales !
    You fucks did it again. Bravo haha !
    I’ll be back with popcorn.

    1. We aren’t asking for a lot of popcorn — we’re asking for all the popcorn that you have.
      Oh, wait, so that’s how this starts …

  10. Well constructed article, few critiques though. Eating disorders is a very broad term, you got anorexia, and bulimia, then there’s various combinations of both, some favoring the bulimia side more, some favoring the anorexia side more. Also starving or plugging the finger down or whatever combination you favor, isn’t done to “look pretty”, that’s just what they tell themselves to avoid dealing withe the real issue which is they’ve a life they feel is spinning out of control or never was in their control, often due to divorced parents etc, and the disorder is the one thing they can control, and rather than deal with that sick reality, they tell themselves they do it to look pretty.
    I’m not being a white night or anything, eating disorders are sure as a “first world problem”. I’m just a man who knows a little something of the in’s and out’s of eating disorders seeking to educate.

  11. LOL! I got a good laugh out of that.
    My “first love” was a girl called Sue. The second I laid eyes on her when I was 12 I knew I was going to marry her. And I tried very, very hard to win her heart like the stupid beta teen smuck I was back then.
    We remained great friends for 32 years and she knew that in my life she was my “first love” and could not be replaced by anyone else. My wife was her best friend by the way and they looked so similar they easily passed themselves off as sisters.
    Anyway…she had MAJOR eating disorder problems as a teen and twenty-something. And yes…it was very symptomatic of her underlying mental issues which carried on through her life. As much as I love her to bits? She had “issues”. She dated the worst of the worst scumbags in University in preference to me.
    When she would not help me with Jennifer committing crimes I dumped her as a friend. I was the only person in the world who had wished her happy birthday every year since she was 12. I was the only person she knew from school who maintained the relationship. And she let that be severed because she would not speak to her best friend from school about criminally victimising me.
    Let that be a lesson to all lads about how much women “love men”. This Sue would not even speak to my ex on my behalf even though we were as close as “first love” and even though Jennifer was her best friend in school.
    Women simply will not oppose a woman committing a crime against a man.
    Eating disorder or not.

  12. The only eating-disorder girl I knew (and had known for about ten years) shot herself and died a few months ago. She had demons. The eating disorder was just a symptom.

    1. That’s sad.
      So many people I see, despite how much they say they *want* help, never accept it. They just want attention.

    2. Hmmm! She had demons…thats possible. She killed herself…….Life aint for everyone. Some can handle it some can’t. there is a saying…tough times don’t last….tough people do. I have no sympathy for people who kill themselves. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life….the strong don’t quit.

    3. Sorry for your loss Mina. It’s interesting that you state she had demons. That is more true than you may realize. If Satan can get us to believe a lie about ourselves, we will do all of the dirty work for him. We’ll destroy ourselves. It is in fact, his primary MO.

  13. “Now I want to be perfectly clear about something – I am not fat shaming. I believe that all of us here at RoK are man enough to admit that we secretly crave the porcine rolls of the full-time Mac-and-Cheese eater.”
    Holy shit man !! I hope you were sarcastic…I mean only beta losers are chubby chasers. We here at ROK hate the shit out of fatties and their lazy ways. They should build concentration camps for fat women to punish them for ever getting fat.
    Fat women ruin the world and piss men off and tax the economy. for every one fat man, there are 4 fat women…because men are smart, they have a gym culture, they want to look ripped unlike women who look ugly as fuck with all that fat.
    ^ yeah…this is definitely gonna piss off feminazis and land whales. mwahahahahaha

  14. At first I thought that this article would have a different take and talk about obesity as an “eating disorder”, then shame fatties. This is pretty good too though.

  15. Brilliant. They might have better bodies than your average “pooch belly & lazy legs” but their minds are gone. Good looking and sane women go to the gym.

  16. Eating Disorders:The sufferings of the privileged Western Woman,where conditions of famine are enacted as a means to project an image of physical desirability:an image created and enforced through Women’s media like Cosmo,Elle,Instyle,TLC,E!Channel etc.
    The cause of such debilitating disorders can be blamed on Patriarchy,the very same Patriarchy that enabled the rise of the privileged Western Woman to begin with.

  17. Eating disorders go both ways. They either go towards the extremely skinny or the extremely fat. Either way food, a necessity of life, becomes a huge barrier of their existence. In general females with issues regarding good intake should be avoided considering their condition is really a symptom of a broader psychological issue.

  18. They’re also perpetually constipated, or so I’ve heard. I don’t believe a man would ever find it a pleasant experience going down on them. LOL

    1. Bending ’em over, lube’n ’em up and giving them a good rogerin’ takes care of that…

  19. Davis M.J. Aurini this is a really poor attempt at trolling. Please don’t copy the legendary Tuthmosis, write something original instead.

  20. I don’t think this one will be talked about on the feminist blogosphere very much, since the made a blood pact to ignore everything that comes out of here. You can thank Tuthmosis for that. I rather enjoyed seeing them butthurt.

    1. Yeah, I would’ve loved to see them make a huge backlash about this one, then we could’ve had a lollercoaster over they’re hypocrisy for hating on both sides of the argument. Sadly, even a crew as retarded as the feminist blogosphere is smart enough to not fall for it twice.


  22. you know I get what you’re doing here, and I get it’s from two different articles, and I even get this should cause men to consider both sides of the issue, but that doesn’t make this followup any less hypocritical.

  23. I think that this blog is a complete disgrace. Firstly, not all people with eating disorders are white, maybe more white people do have eating disorder but its certainly not impossible for anyone of a different race to have an eating disorder. Secondly, there are probably more people with eating disorders that are in fact underweight, not overweight. Also, you do not have to make yourself sick to have an eating disorder, therefore not all people with an eating disorder will have bad breath. I further disagree with the statement ‘The reality of eating disorders is that they’re usually just an expression of borderline personality disorder, or some other derangement which involves hurting oneself to get attention. Some do cutting, others take pills, but in her case, she harms herself through starvation.’ Most people who self harm truly hate themselves to the point that pain is their way of controlling their emotions. I have met a decent amount of people who have had issues with self harm and I bet that none of them are proud of it, if anything they are greatly ashamed to admit that they have ever done it. Also, I can tell that none of them have ever saw it as a way of seeking attention or they would probably walk around with their sleeves up etc,in hope of someone noticing and giving them sympathy. Lastly, the end of the article reads ‘So let us be respectful, let us acknowledge their heroism, and let us celebrate how special and unique these women are – by boycotting these overweight, smelly, and unstable victims™.’ Respectful? I don’t see a single statement in this article that is in the slightest respectful. Celebrating people who are overweight, smelly and unstable? What you think of eating disorders? Fair enough to say that people with eating disorders are unstable because yes, yes they are. But do you seriously think that they want to be in the mental state that they are in? And also hate themselves more than you could ever imagine? Many people with eating disorders actually don’t admit that they have an eating disorder because of people who criticize is as if they chose to have it. I know that I don’t admit it very often..

  24. I think this article is disgusting.
    As a male who has suffered from disordered eating, I know exactly what it is like to be in the vice-like grip of one of the many different types of eating disorders.
    An eating disorder is NOT something you can snap out of.
    An eating disorder is NOT self-imposed.
    An eating disorder is NOT a goal to look skinny,
    or a cry for attention.
    An eating disorder is an abnormal relationship with food that can happen to ANYONE! It can affect different people in many different ways. There is no universal underlying cause nor is there a universal ‘cure’.
    Someone with an eating disorder is going through a VERY tough time and needs love, encouragement and support. Things that we all need at one time or another.
    Anyone who is in accordance with this article doesn’t deserve to be with a girl with an eating disorder anyway. You do not deserve the beauty, passion and love of someone who can recover if you would give them a chance.

    1. Yeah, you should see their articles about rape.
      In all seriousness, if you’re getting into a relationship with someone with an eating disorder, it can end up abusive and self damaging because the one with the disorder needs help. Most people on this site shouldn’t be with a girl.

  25. Are you all insane? An eating disorder does not define a girl, i am currently in a relationship with a girl with anorexia and she 1) isnt fat 2) doesnt smell 3) isnt deranged but quite the opposite, a very bright intelligent woman with aspirations to be a doctor. 4) does not have other mental issues. An ED is a mental condition that ANYONE CAN GET it is not self inflicted and also is not attention seeking. It takes time, love and often sessions with a psychiatrist to treat it. Saying someone is to be avoided because of an ED is like saying someone should be avoided because they have a high blood pressure. BOTH ARE CONDITIONS THAT CANNOT BE HELPED. if you think otherwise, youre a seriously fucked up human being that doesnt deserve to have a girlfriend.

    1. She aspires to be a doctor? So, what, you’re planning to marry a “wife” who’ll be working 16 hours/day, 6 days a week, for the next 15 years?
      Being a doctor is way more than a career, it’s a life. If you want home-cooked meals, loving attention, and children, then dating a doctor is completely pointless. Your last statement is pretty ironic – since you’re the one who won’t have a girlfriend.
      Although, given that she has an eating disorder, I’m also guessing that her claim about her ambitions is empty puffery.
      You should really start demanding better out of the women in your life, and better out of yourself. You sound like a codependent enabler.

  26. this is an over-generalization of people with ED. I have been struggling with ED for almost 10 years and points 1 and 2 do not apply to me.
    Such criticism and blind assumptions not only are unhelpful but are likely to misinform those who do not understand ED to begin with, which makes the whole battle even more difficult for everyone.
    The world can use more open-minded understanding of each eating disordered individual just as everyone needs more empathy.

  27. Look at these comments! First people are offended when ROK says you should date a girl with an eating disorder, and then they change their mind and go the opposite way. Just goes to prove people can’t be satisfied.

  28. Seriously, a girl with an eating disorder has bigger problems than worrying about dating small dick assholes

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