Revisiting The Duke Rape Case

On March 13, 2006, a party was held at an off-campus house owned by Duke University.  In attendance were members of Duke’s lacrosse team.  Some of the players contacted an escort service named Allure and requested that two strippers to be sent to the house.  When the two strippers (Crystal Mangum and Kim Roberts) arrived, some of the students made it clear that the strippers were not the physical types they had asked for.  An argument ensued between some of the students and the girls; insults of various types were exchanged, and the two girls left.

Mangum, 27 years old at the time, had been working at strip clubs on and off since 2002.  By her own admission, she had been drinking alcohol and had ingested a muscle relaxant called Flexeril before arriving at the lacrosse players’ house.  She had a history of mental problems and consumption of a wide variety of medications and mood-stabilizers.  She had been previously convicted of stealing a car, and was arrested in 2002 for stealing a cab and leading police on a high-speed chase.  When 18 years old in 1996, she had told police that she had been raped by three men (for which she never provided corroborating details).  A security guard at Mangum’s strip club claimed that Mangum, after the party, stated her intention of wanting  to “get money” from the Duke boys who had not paid her.


Crystal Mangum, the despicable liar whose false allegations launched the case.

Roberts and Mangum sped away from the party in their car, and became involved in a heated argument.  Mangum refused to leave the car; Roberts called police for help; and Mangum was taken away to a substance abuse facility.  At this point she began to claim she had been raped at the party by “white” students.  In an instant, the tried-and-true racial genies were conjured up for the self-serving purposes by an opportunist and a liar.  Knowing what flags to wave and what accusations would stick, she hit the launch button on what would become a terrible drama.  A medical examination done at Duke University Medical Center did not find any injuries consistent with her claims of forcible rape.

After Mangum made her accusations, a terrifying sequence of events began to unfold, seemingly unstoppable, yet guided by the invisible hands of the powerful; and an avalanche of lies and innuendo obscured the most basic questions that should have been asked in any criminal investigation.  Durham Couny District Attorney Mike Nifong ordered DNA samples to be taken of the entire lacrosse team, even students who were not present.  When the test results failed to connect any team members with Mangum, Nifong had additional tests done at another laboratory.  The results of the second battery of tests were distorted and suppressed by Nifong and the lab director, Brian Meehan.  Nifong informed the court and the public that DNA had been found from only one male, Mangum’s boyfriend.  This was a lie.

In fact, the lab reports showed the DNA of at least four or five unidentified males in Mangum’s pubic area, rectum, and underwear.  Nifong knew this at the time.  The DNA report given to the students’ defense attorneys was incomplete and misleading, in that it contained no information about the exculpatory evidence.  Prosecutors have an ethical duty to disclose exculpatory evidence to the defense.  He suppressed this evidence.  Meehan later admitted that the doctored DNA report was against his lab’s regular policy, but tried to explain it away by stating that he and Nifong did not want to “involve” any other persons.


By this time, an army of attention-seekers, race-baiters, demagogues, guttersnipes, clowns, and knaves had begun to pontificate about the case.  The Duke students were subjected to harassment, vilification, and outright threats from all quarters.

The arrival of “journalists” at the sites of the latest scandals-du-jour are so routine by now that we could almost write their boilerplate editorials and speeches in our sleep.  Almost all voices were united in condemning the students, who were assumed to be guilty.  Journalists, almost all of them feminists, white knights, and manginas, worked themselves into a red-faced, froth-mouthed frenzy in attacking the “culture of privilege” supposedly displayed by the Duke students, their “frat-boy mentality”, and similar imagined social bugbears.

In April, 2006, two lacrosse players, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were arrested.  In May, David Evans, a former player, was arrested and indicted.  The charges included forcible rape, sexual offense, and kidnapping.  With blinding speed, and sensing the way the political winds were blowing, the institutions that could have stopped the railroading—the school, the hospital, the police, and the city—stood by in silence or actively helped to serve the students up to Nifong’s prosecutorial meat grinder.

In a civil lawsuit filed in 2008, after the criminal case had collapsed, the students alleged (in a two hundred page civil petition) a shocking litany of collusion and corruption between Nifong, the medical center, and Duke University.  Defendants named in the civil suit were the school, the hospital, the police, and the city.  The suit was settled this year (2013), but the terms have not been disclosed.

As the summer months of 2006 ground on, and as media attention reached a frenzy, the falsity of the entire case began to become more and more obvious.  Mangum’s story had so many inconsistencies and incredibilities that even Nifong’s double-talk and stammering in front of the news cameras could not conceal them.  The photo identification process used to help Mangum identify the “perpetrators” was exposed as a sham, as the officers conducted it improperly.  An alibi witness for one of the accused students was also apparently intimidated by police.

The superb lawyering of the students’ attorneys was instrumental in cutting through the lies and obfuscation that Nifong, Mangum, and their enablers had created.  In motion after motion, holes and inconsistencies in the case were highlighted.  Nifong refused to relent.  He dismissed the rape charges in December 2006, but kept the other charges.  Probably desperate for some sort of plea deal, but lacking the moral courage to abandon a fraudulent prosecution, he kicked the case upstairs.  He removed himself from the case and passed it on to the state’s attorney general.


Prosecutor Mike Nifong.  The arrogant smirk on his face would soon be wiped off.

But by this time, the tide had turned.  And so the wicked are ensnared in the traps which they set for others.

Like many such conflagrations in history, the kindler of the fire was himself consumed by the flames.  Nifong’s public statements showed a contemptuous disregard for the rights of the accused, and a disrespect towards the defense attorneys whose job it was to represent them.  The state bar of North Carolina filed ethics charges against Nifong, who was described as a “rogue prosecutor”; after an extended ethics inquest Nifong was disbarred for “dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation.”  He was also convicted of criminal contempt and spent a day in jail.

The revelations that came to light at the ethics hearing can only be described as shocking:  here was detailed a pattern of abuse of power, collusion with various authorities, and a level of skull-thumping stupidity as has scarcely been equaled in the annals of contemporary American justice.  Charges against all the accused players were dismissed, and the students were declared innocent.  Nifong’s demeanor in the hearings was a textbook example of the “banality of evil” (to use Hannah Arendt’s phrase):  he was able to summon up crocodile tears for the accused boys whose lives he tried to destroy, but the overall impression given by his testimony was that of a government drone overwhelmed by the forces which his power-drunk avarice had set in motion.

Some may see the outcome of the Duke rape case as a vindication of the ability of the system to correct itself.  Truth won out in the end, some have said.  But in many ways, the conclusion of the case left much to be desired.  Nifong’s description as a “rogue” was too comfortable and smug; at every step of the way, he was aided and abetted by the media and local institutions.  Safely labeling him a wild-eyed rogue conceals the roles played by powerful institutions (media, government, education) in fanning the flames of anti-male bigotry.

Nifong was only abandoned by the establishment when the tenacity of the defense attorneys exposed the whole charade.  One may wonder what would have happened had the students not been able to hire competent counsel.  The case exposed just to what extent feminism and political correctness had rotted the souls of the existing institutions.  Like France’s Dreyfus Affair, the Duke case exposed for all the world the callous, wicked, and rotten nature of the contemporary American establishment.

And the mentality continues.  To cite just one of many examples, former Atlanta Falcons football player Brian Banks recently had a rape conviction overturned under circumstances that shock the conscience.  Banks, a star football player with a bright future, had been falsely accused of rape by a cynical and vicious teenage classmate.  Facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, he pled guilty for something he didn’t do, and served five years in prison.  His accuser and her mother proceeded to shake down the school with a phony lawsuit and got a huge settlement.  On his release, the girl contacted him on Facebook and offered to “help” him clear his name as long as she didn’t have to give the settlement money back.

Unbelievable.  He recorded the meeting and used it to help clear his name.  But he had lost five precious years of his life. Under Roman law, a person who wrongly accused another of a crime was guilty of calumnia.  The penalty for calumnia was for the lying accuser to be subjected to the same range of punishment as the crime alleged.  I like this old Roman law, and think it should be adopted today.  The deterrent effect would be enormous.

How many innocent men are rotting in jails today, due to their lack of financial resources?  How many men have been deprived of their livelihoods, due to the cowardice of a feminist-dominated system that throws them to the wolves immediately after accusations are leveled against them?  The lesson here is that no man can put his unqualified faith in the system or the government to protect him.  Institutions exist to support the prevailing orthodoxy.  And if that orthodoxy is anti-male, pro-feminist, and politically correct, an honest man cannot expect a fair deal.


Another vital lesson here is that the legion of manginas, leftists, tattooed hipsters, and assorted cowards who cheered on Nifong and white-knighted for Mangum were all men.  More harm has been done to men in the name of feminism by men than by women.  The worst enemy of the masculine, honest man is not the female feminist, but the male feminist.  It was men in the local establishment institutions who looked the other way or acquiesced in the feeding frenzy.  Mangum was a guttersnipe, of course, but she did not occupy a place of power or influence.  At any point, she could (and should) have been put in check.  This did not happen.  Those in power sat there and did nothing.  They only acted when the outcome was no longer in doubt.  No one was willing to stick his neck out and defend the men.  Almost all news outlets refused even to show a photograph, or to give the name, of the false accuser Mangum.

In a healthy society, a Crystal Mangum would be severely punished for her false testimony, which nearly destroyed the lives of numerous men.  As it happened, the state attorney who took over the case from Nifong chose to give her a pass, stating it was “in the best interests of justice” not to prosecute her.

And so she was allowed to continue harming people, over and over again.  In 2010, she was arrested on charges of attempted murder, arson, assault, identity theft, resisting arrest, and child abuse.  She was convicted at a jury trial of several misdemeanor charges, among them child abuse.  In 2011, she was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend.  He later died.  At the time of writing, the case is still pending.  Not one single feminist, mangina, or white knight has ever come forward to demonstrate for the rights of Mangum’s many victims.  There is only silence.  Where are they now?  Mangum has even written a “book” to try to cash in on her criminality.

Selena Roberts, a journalist who worked as a writer for the New York Times when the Duke case broke, was interviewed in 2008 about her afterthoughts on the case.  She had been one of the more strident voices in pre-judging and condemning the students.  But even in 2008, a year after the case had collapsed, she could not admit she had been wrong.  About anything.  Ever.  Her statements from the interview, recorded below, provoke fury in their callousness, cruelty, hatefulness, and insensitivity to the rights of the persecuted.  Read them and decide for yourself:

Q: Which column – over the span of your career – have you taken the most heat for? Why do you think readers were so upset?

Duke Lacrosse.  No question. Basically, I wrote that a crime didn’t have to occur for us to inspect the irrefutable evidence of misogyny and race baiting that went on that night. Not a popular stand. I received lots of hate mail, some of it threatening. I think the intense response came from Duke-player supporters who felt threatened when someone, whether it was me or another columnist, started poking at the culture of affluence and entitlement. We’re always dissecting the African-American and Hispanic communities – is it gangs? is it the rap lyrics? – when trouble strikes minority athletes. Obviously, some segments of the Duke lacrosse crowd did not enjoy the scrutiny of their world.

So, in Selena Roberts’s world, it doesn’t even matter whether a crime occurred or not.  To her, there was “irrefutable evidence” of “misogyny” and “race baiting”.  If anything sums up the mentality of the modern-day feminist Inquisitor or commissar, it is this way of thinking.  Facts, reality, and truth don’t matter.  What matters is my agenda.  The destruction of an innocent man means nothing to me.  What matters is my personal vendettas and axes to grind.  I have a right to use a fake case to make some bigger point about (in her words), “the culture of affluence and entitlement”.  Which is feminist code words for white men.  And notice also the nice little whiff of martyrdom she throws in there.  She actually tries to make herself look like a hero (“not a popular stand”), when in fact she was a willing member of the executioners’ squad against the Duke boys.  The rationalization would be shocking, were it not so routine.

Ms. Roberts even sees fit to lecture us on race.  Unbelievable.  She tries to portray herself as a defender of African-American and Hispanic communities by taking on the big, bad Duke twenty year old lacrosse players.  Since Ms. Roberts is so sensitive to minority rights, I’d like to ask her:  has she spoken out against the false rape accuser in the Brian Banks case, cited above?  Brian Banks happened to be black, and the Duke boys were white.  Well, have you, Ms. Roberts?  Or is there only “misogyny and race-baiting” when the falsely accused men are white?

Selena Roberts’s hateful, bigoted, and sickening comments should be condemned in the strongest terms.  She obviously doesn’t respect the legal decision in the Duke rape case.  And obviously she doesn’t care about truth or justice.  People should know her attitudes.  This is why I have quoted her here.

Make no mistake:  these people mean what they say, and will go to any lengths to hurt those they believe represent “affluence and entitlement”.  You are not safe from their cross-hairs unless you are fat, gay, a lapdog mangina, a simpering white knight, a listless loser, a tattooed hipster, or some other worthless person who endorses their worldview.  If you fit this description, they will love you.

They hate anyone better than them.  And this is why I have said before, and continue to say, that feminism is not just a threat to men, but a threat to civilization itself.  These people desire to extirpate healthy masculinity to make the world safe and prosperous for degenerates, freaks, monsters, and other human detritus.  And they are succeeding.  At stake is nothing less than the continued viability of Western civilization.  It is not certain whether men will rise to the challenge and combat these forces.

When the history of this age is eventually written, the mentality of people like this will be held up as the plague bacillus which helped to poison, corrupt, and destroy the foundations of a healthy social order.

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59 thoughts on “Revisiting The Duke Rape Case”

    Sadly, Al “I Hate White Man” Sharpton has yet to apologize for this case as well as Tawana Brawley from the 80s.
    When it comes out that history was written from the view of chosen oppressed, to highlight the wealth of whites for assimilation, not truth, it will be a different ball game. For white guilt will no longer exist. There were white slaves too, and because of African slavery, white men in particular have been under the heel of activists for many decades having to debase themselves or be dragged through unnecessary legal/disciplinary actions to clear their name. Just to be sure that they don’t hate black people, or have any sympathies. Once they have “proven they are contrite,” no one cares. Black people I have seen make these statements use these institutions like a club against unsuspecting white people they don’t like. Magnum for example. She knew what would happen, and like a witch at the cauldron added the necessary ingredients to conjure up some dark voodoo on some “rich white boys.” She got a book deal! Her last boyfriend is dead, domestic violence anyone, because of it.
    We face a littany of feminist inspired fools huddled like vultures over a fresh carcass in every institution. They are just waiting for a white guy to get accused, or even better, actually commit a violent crime with open race hatred. For then, the feeding frenzy really begins! Look at the Zimmerman trial, I don’t care if you think he was guilty or not, just the fact that the media saw his skin tone and last name; then jumped to conclusions to only go “OH SHIT, he is a Latino from his mom’s side?!” They were waiting, and then walked away when it was over and done rather than admit their obvious failure; and bias, and hatred. Where was their hatred when Shabazz from the New Black Panthers was outed? “Oh, he is just a crazy black supremacist, Zimmerman is racist.” seems to be the attitude.
    Again, when it comes to light that there were white slaves here in this country for the longest time, not just indentured servants. Also when it is finally highlighted that the reason those country bumpkins of a low education could only go with their dilapidated slave vessels, and outdated rifles, to Africa and grab slaves because the proud “warrior” nations of Africa had captured their neighbors for sale was the only reason these dumb assholes could get slaves in the first place. You won’t hear Africans or Black Panthers, or even most African-Americans talk about this!
    The gravy train, like their feminist counterparts, is too lucrative off the back of white males to be allowed to discontinue. Off to the cubicle with you white boy. “Didn’t you hear, I’m “oppressed?” they say.

  2. Whether by hook or by crook, the Cathedral will fit the facts to the Narrative, which features a male (preferably white, wealthy, & Christian) as The Oppressor and all others as his victims.
    The scariest part of this is not that it happened once (hardly surprising), but that the Narrative has survived and persisted, and perhaps become yet more widely accepted, despite instances like the Duke case (and the Banks case, and the Strauss-Kahn case, and the Bryant case, and..) which demonstrate the danger of putting the conclusion ahead of all evidence.

  3. When I click on the link for “Read More: 3 Signs She’s Making A False Rape Accusation” I get a login box.

  4. “The penalty for calumnia was for the lying accuser to be subjected to the same range of punishment as the crime alleged.”
    That’s awesome. We need a constitutional amendment for this.
    And of course Nifong and his cronies were never really prosecuted for their blatant and total disregard of the constitution to serve the PC orthodoxy.
    Oh yeah, and Selena Roberts is the same bitch that outed Alex Rodriguez for taking PEDs. Now as a fan of baseball I’m not defending that particular act, but those records were supposed to be legally confidential. Roberts showed that she didn’t give a flying fuck about the law as long as it would help her agenda. Oh, it’s Alex Rodriguez, so it’s OK. Gotta fight the culture of affluence after all. My PC dogma matters more than the law and the constitution.

    1. “The penalty for calumnia was for the lying accuser to be subjected to the same range of punishment as the crime alleged.”
      That’s awesome. We need a constitutional amendment for this….”
      Liberals will fight it bitterly, because the law of calumnia appears in the Bible:
      If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong;
      then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before the LORD, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days;
      and the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother;
      then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.
      And those which remain shall hear, and fear, and shall henceforth commit no more any such evil among you.
      And thine eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.
      Deuteronomy 19:16-21
      May the Lord bless the practice of His word.

      1. QC: have you considered forwarding this link to roberts? that fat beast would learn a thing or two from your writing….

    1. This guy Curtius is a treasure. In the future there will be academic debates about his real identity…

  5. “Journalist” Selena Roberts’s hateful, hurtful, and sickening attitude about the case are found in this interview here:
    Readers should know her opinions, and express their disapproval. Apparently she still writes for Sports Illustrated. I think she should disavow her statements, and publicly declare what the Attorney General of North Carolina declared: that the men are innocent.

  6. Always a good reminder yo never talk to the police. Anything you say can or will be used against you, but not for you

  7. Women continue to get away with murder. Thanks to a White Knight government and Feminist Media outlet, I doubt this will ever stop. How many men will the court system allow to go to jail for false rape charges coming from batshit crazy women. This case reminds me of the Mike Tyson and 2pac cases.
    No evidence of forced entry
    No evidence of Semen
    This resulted in vicious character assassinations by the public(manginas) and the media.
    I felt sorry for the Duke students reading this as their intentions were to have a little fun with some girls, probably in celebration of winning a game but no, this blew up to a full blown rape charge, with political and media involvement.
    Chrystal Mangum(Probably not even her real name)
    2.Drug addict
    3.Mentally unstable(batshit crazy)
    4.Abusive to children
    5.Murdered her boyfriend
    Why did they believe this whore again?

    1. Under the prevailing orthodoxy, you are not permitted to call out a woman for anything. Anytime. By definition, women in America are immaculately conceived from birth, in a pristine, pure state.
      The end game of feminism is to silence even the thought of female badness. Even to think that they might do something wrong would be Thoughtcrime.
      And they are trying to expand the legal definition of rape to basically make it whatever a woman says it is.
      I hereby call on Selena Roberts, the Sports Illustrated journalist mentioned in the article, to retract her offensive, appalling statements. She obviously hates the truth. And this is someone who writes for a magazine whose readership is majority male.
      We should boycott Sports Illustrated until she apologizes for her despicable statements, quoted above.

      1. Not being permitted to call out a woman is actually enshrined in law. Thanks to ‘rape shield’ laws, accusers can avoid any scrutiny of their character or actions, especially their sexual past.
        It’s horrifying to consider what these laws protect ‘victims’ of rape against. In some cases, emails and text messages proving consent have been kept out of court. The rationale being that having them exposed may embarrass the ‘victim’ and make her feel ashamed of herself. That’s right, the court’s number one priority is to ensure that women’s feelings aren’t hurt.
        In the cases I’ve read about the ruling was repealed when this was found out, but it raises the question of whether or not some courts have gotten away with this. Even irrefutable evidence that sex is consensual may not be enough to save you thanks to rape shield laws. Still better than nothing, I suppose.
        Even if these laws weren’t applied so monstrously their existence is a slap in the face to any civilized justice system. The rationale behind creating the laws was that you shouldn’t scrutinize the past or character of a ‘victim’ because it doesn’t disprove a possible rape. Did you catch that? The defendant is expected to disprove the accusation, not cast reasonable doubt on it. Rape shield laws subtly shift the burden of proof onto the defendant.
        Despite all this, ‘feminists’ have the nerve to go on about ‘rape culture’ when the entire justice system is geared to aid women at every turn in a rape case, and men accused of rape routinely have their name dragged through the mud at best and are beaten and killed by vigilantes at worst.
        I would say we have a ‘false rape culture’ personally.

    2. If I recall correctly, you are correct. Crystal Mangum is not her birth name. My memory on this point is quite vague, but when the whole story was going downhill fast, I recall reading something about how that wasn’t her birth certificate name.

  8. Quintus,
    thank you for this gem of an article. I have forwarded it to 10 of my closest
    friends. A well written piece such as this exposes the sad state of affairs in
    many of our American institutions while having the real power to save the lives
    of innocent men. You have done the community a great service. I recommend the
    book The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die by Niall
    Ferguson for a supporting view on the subject.

  9. “Another vital lesson here is that the legion of manginas, leftists, tattooed hipsters, and assorted cowards who cheered on Nifong and white-knighted for Mangum were all men. More harm has been done to men in the name of feminism by men than by women. The worst enemy of the masculine, honest man is not the female feminist, but the male feminist.”
    This is so true and makes my blood boil. Why are these men betraying their own kind? For what?

  10. “They hate anyone that’s better than them.” I’m starting to think that THIS statement is the real and whole truth of this thing. It seems to transcend race and gender in almost every situation. I’m in my late 20’s now and I’m at a point where I have no debt, make good money, am able to enjoy all of my hobbies, and enjoy more success with women than I have ever had…Consequently, I’ve never been more hated in my life by co-workers, old friends, some extended family members, etc. Every single thing red-pill I have been seeing on these blogs is right.

    1. And sadly it’s only gonna get worse as you’ll age (the older you are, the less accepted it is for you to enjoy women without commiting to one, having hobbies, etc.).
      Don’t let them take the great life you’ll have away from you.

  11. It’s amazing the power that a false accusation of sexual assault has. Julian Assange creates Wikileaks and the only way to nab him is of sexual assault charges, so he is holed up in an embassy.
    Even consensual sex can bring powerful men down. Clinton went through impeachment for getting a hummer in the oval office. Cory Booker messages a stripper on Twitter and the universe explodes. And Anthony Weiner engages in some sexting but remains (as far as we know) monogamous and faithful to his wife and he, too, is vilified. Even if you’re a liberal in the US, if you have a dick and want to use it, you’re somehow wrong.
    To me the genesis of all of this is how men wanting to get laid for the sake of getting laid is somehow spun as shameful, whereas when women do it it’s empowering and positive (though would anyone *really* care if Hillary got eaten out in the white house)? What’s the point of becoming a powerful man if you can’t use your dick? False allegations and shaming of men is another form of castration that our institutions are using to change society, and even though we are lashing back, the fact that there have been no real consequences to people like Mangum where this is no doubt the accusation was completely made up only proves that the anti-male agenda exists and is encouraged.

  12. I’m going to side with Angry Harry regarding charging women for making false accusations. You don’t want to put up any barriers that prevent the truth from coming out. You will never find a woman who has the integrity to turn herself in and face years in prison after fucking up an innocent man’s life. At least some of these women -eventually- come clean.
    Bit of a rock and a hard place.

    1. Putting up evidence-less prosecution for attacking white males is another form of “preventing the truth from coming out”.
      There is no rock and hard place here. Punish those who lie and damage the lives of other people as a result.

  13. During the investigation, I expressed some sentiment like, “it’s curious to me that we can settle guilt or innocence based on the evidence of our narratives, rather than evidence from the scene. I don’t know what happened, let’s wait and see.” This made me a rapist. And a racist. And a victim-blamer.
    The fact of the matter is that affluent, white, jocks had [black] strippers/prostitutes come to their party. For most people, that’s guilt enough whether or not anything else occurred. They *ought* to be punished for wanting to look at naked girls and fuck sluts, or making one of these sluts angry or resentful. Our beautiful angels are not to be objectified, fucked, or enraged; anything that does pose such an affront to our gentle female companions ought to be suppressed and punished.
    Funny how a woman’s anger is supposed to be some kind of indicator for the justness of her cause. That little gem inside of us that says, “protect the women” is ignited and then all hell breaks loose.

    1. Dickwipes are republicans, why democrats keep owning them by tricking them into fighting their battles for them. Think abortion and women’s rights.
      The democrats are the pussy wipes, for that is what they are. They are not usually the ballers or military types. They are the college educated, and their strategy reads like a Yahoo answers how to guide on how to eat your political opponent alive. The fact that this is lost on republicans, only serves to steel my resolve to hate both parties, one is smart but evil and corrupt. The other is stupid and corrupt, but at least they convince themselves they are honest.
      Good riddance to both.

    2. Julian Assange has stated, and I agree with him, that the libertarian-wing of the Republican party is the last best hope for America.

  14. Great article, very well done.
    If Brian Banks’ alleged victim had been white, he’d probably have garnered support from the feminists and race hustlers. She wasn’t, she was black, so the feminists let him have it.

    1. Agreed. It’s amazing how they just play whatever shell games they want with their so-called “principles”.
      The frantic hamster-spinning from Selena Roberts is a wonder to behold. It’s like a perpetual motion machine, defying the laws of physics. She actually believes SHE is a victim.

  15. Very good and important article.
    The race baiters, feminists and white-knight manginas need to be exposed for their lies and distortions time and time again and shown that they are enemies of fairness and truth.

  16. “If you want a picture of the ideal future for feminists, imagine a boot stamping on a man’s face—for ever.”
    Slight modification to Orwell.
    The collapse is coming soon. Better jump ship early

  17. Excellent article, well done and one of the best I’ve read here. Any informed man NOT supporting organizations fighting this “Man bad – Women Good” legal presumption is a worthless P.O.S. in my mind.

  18. How sad it has come to this in our society. A simple rational thought and argument will get one dispelled, hated, and exiled from the cliquish echelon of American society. The manosphere is a godsend for younger guys who don’t fit in with the program because we are able to argue and discuss without persecution. No matter the assholes who piss and pout like 2 year olds about the manosphere and try to close it down, the more active it is, the more young guys swallow the red pill. Fuck crystal and her sadistic gang of sociopaths, they’re detriments to the real values of ‘Murcia. No person should have the right to literally fuck someone’s life and get attention. It’s fucking unamerican. Thank god those duke guys got away, but they’ll never be looked at the same thanks to her.

  19. Quintus, I just want to get give some props. All your articles have a sort of timeless to them and i appricate the insights you give.

  20. Great article QC…
    Kobe Bryant too….
    This is why women make poor scientists. They don’t seek the truth…it’s all about other nonsensical crap. So what if there was misogyny? So what about privilege?? Fuck race /gender/ sexual orientation it’s about guilt or innocence. Right or wrong. It is funny how CLUELESS how lawyers are on how dysfunctional our legal system is.

  21. Absolutely great analysis!
    BTW, the handling of the civil suits has been a travesty, also. Nifong was permitted to delay the proceedings for ten months by claiming bankruptcy–asserting he had $180 million in liabilities (even though he had as yet no judgments against him; and was at the same time arguing to the court that as a DA he was immune from judgment.)
    The judge (the honorable James Beaty) took three years to make up his mind deciding a motion to dismiss; during which time he prohibited the taking of depositions. Two witnesses died in the interim and Durham now claims it may not be able to find its emails for the relevant period; and the remaining parties are scattered all over the globe.
    Finally–not the last, but certainly imho the greatest abuse–came when the judge ruled that laws permitting plaintiffs to sue government officials for violating their civil rights, do not apply to white people (or Asians or Latinos or Native Americans, for that matter); only African-Americans have that right. (That’s not what any of the pertinent laws say–they grant that right to “every citizen”; but hey, what’s a judge for except to interpret away the law?)
    Trying to sue powerful entities like Duke and Robert K. Steel? Good luck. The playing field won’t be level; you’ll face a modern Bleak House; and in the end, a few unfriendly judges can rule your case out of order. Your story–what you wanted told and aired in open court–will be shut down before you begin.
    Great system…
    (all MOO, of course)

    1. Yes, I heard about some of that. Thanks for giving those updates. When Nifong filed for Chapter 7, a few of his creditors hit him with an adversary proceeding objecting to the discharge of certain debts. Under the bankruptcy code, an aggrieved creditor can ask the court to prevent his debt from being discharged in certain situations.
      I was thinking about doing a follow-up post on the civil suit against Nifong and the other parties (city, school, hospital, police). There seems to be enough interest that ROK readers would care about it.

  22. Very nice article.
    I don’t know why you hate on tattoos though~ tattoos can be an exquisite and meaningful art-form, and traditionally throughout AAAAALLLLL of human history have been markers of masculinity, male power, strength, toughness and/or spirituality.

    1. Yes, of course. But the problem is that no attorney (and no plaintiff) would want to name her as a defendant and go after her. Why? Because she has no money. You would easily win, but then all you’d have is a judgment against a dirtbag who will never be able to pay anything. That’s why the students sued the school, hospital, city, and police.
      But she could have been criminally prosecuted, which is what should have happened. Unfortunately the prosecutors thought it would be better to leave it alone.
      And as for Ms. Roberts, I agree with your description of her.

  23. Selena Roberts has been a bigot through and through. To this day she can’t admit her part in the frame up and won’t let facts get in the way of a liberal creative writing story.

      1. Selena? I haven’t visited her Twitter, I don’t want to give her the traffic. GREAT article, keep up the great work! I’ve blogged on the Duke sites for years. Check out and

  24. I love it. Many people have the same view as this reporter Selena Roberts. They feel as though equality actually means ‘payback time’ and not true equality.
    Yes, it’s funny how she spoke up against the Duke players but had nothing to say once the true evidence surfaced that they were not guilty (maybe an apology?).
    Feminism, today, means – if the man did it then he must have deserved it but a woman is always the victim.

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