7 Criteria A Girl Should Pass To Enter A Relationship With You

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Well, more of a hunch–but keep reading, and see if you agree with me.

HUNCH 1: Most men do not start to learn game so that they can bang hundreds of girls.

HUNCH 2: Most men start to learn game because they want a girlfriend.

HUNCH 3: Sometimes, men get really good at game and then end up banging lots of girls.

FINAL HUNCH: Often times, that desire for a girlfriend resurfaces, or just never went away.

There’s nothing wrong with relationships. But, many men are now are very “anti-relationship,” and I see why. It’s because most girls are not worthy of a dinner out, much less a commitment. If you want something serious, you have to learn how to screen girls and be ruthless about it.

The few that are worthy of it are often taken. Those girls who are not worthy of it need to be screened out and moved aside. Sure, keep them around as casual flings.

But a relationship? Something you invest your time, energy, money, and soul into? Only a very select girls are worthy of that. And yes, you are far more likely to find this kind of girl in a place like Russia than you are in the West. However, it’s important to remember that game is universal. Learning how to screen a girl properly, before you get sucked into an LTR with her, is one of the most important skills a man can have.

1. Evaluate Her Feminine Side


This is a broad subject, so let’s start here. Generally speaking, the more feminine a girl, the higher quality she will be. You will get along better with her—this assumes that you’re a masculine and confident fella.

Does she rest her head on your shoulder and look up to you? Are you her pillar of strength? Feminine girls are by nature, more fragile. This does not mean high-maintenance. A feminine girl derives her strength from your presence. Just being in your arms makes her feel safe and secure, no matter how rotten her day has been.

A girl who chooses to be in a sour mood over her bad day, and pushes it off on you, is not a feminine girl. A feminine girl looks merely for your presence for her comfort.

2. Her Domestic Skills

Does she cook?

Does she clean?

Those are signs of wanting to please you, as well as unselfishness–both of which are positive. However, not all girls have these skills–and that’s okay. Perhaps their moms were masculine ball-busters who failed to show them a feminine side. However, if she knows that you appreciate those kind of domestic skills and then makes the effort to learn them, then you may have one worth keeping around.

When it comes to how to screen a girl, her domestic skills often go hand-in-hand with how feminine she is (see #1).

Most men will be far happier in life building a business, making decisions, and dealing with the “manly stuff” of the house (changing oil, mowing lawns, etc.). Leave the kitchen and cleaning to the ladies.

If she’s happy with that arrangement, everybody wins.

3. The Way She Looks At You


Admittedly, this requires you to have a reasonable amount of past experiences with girls.

But think back to past relationships, or casual flings. There is often a feeling of just going through the motions–when those girls look at you, it’s just normal. A girl who is falling in love with you and is a high-quality girl simply has this look and glow in her eyes every time she sees you. It’s a mix of passion, respect, and well—love.

It should feel like a bit like there is just you two and no one else in the world. It’s very difficult to explain, but when you see it, you’ll know.

It’s simple: many girls today are simply unable to bond. Especially in the West (not so much when you venture to other places). The copious amount of dick they have taken in their life have rendered them against this. Their “new” nature stops them from giving you “that look”.

They are simply not able to feel something so deep. But when you see it, you’ll know you have a quality girl on your hands.

4. What Do Your Friends Think Of Her Personality?

If other men are impressed with your girl from a personality standpoint, you are heading in the right direction. All friends are going to tell you if your girl is hot (assuming she is), but if they rave about who she is at a person, it’s gold.

Bring her around your friends and see how she acts.

Needless to say, if she gets hammered drunk and shamelessly flirts with them, that’s your sign. However, if she’s able to keep a conversation going, say a few clever things, and doesn’t cave to the social pressure—you can feel good about your choice. If they scream that she’s a gold digger and a red flag, listen to your friends. They’ll usually be correct.

5. What Are Her Interests And Hobbies?


I’ll make this one real simple.

A girl who is passionate about having tequila shots done out of her belly button is probably not a high-quality girl you want to get in an LTR with.

A girl who is passionate about feminist rights and marches in protest with her tits hanging out is not a girl you want to get in an LTR with.

A girl who is passionate about twerking to rap and hip-hop music is probably not a girl you want to get in an LTR with.

So what hobbies are good?

It’s important not to throw a blanket statement on this one.

Generally speaking, hobbies that are superior alternatives to the ones above include: reading, artsy stuff (painting, poetry, writing, singing, knitting), cooking or baking, fitness activities, nature, animals (a genuine love for them, not activating for PETA), or simply spending lots of time with her family.

As a side note, tread carefully with the girls who claim to have masculine hobbies like watching football. For whatever reason, there’s usually something a bit “off” with them. It’s still a better alternative to tequila belly shots.

6. Her Family


This one is real easy, simply observe her family. Are they a traditional family unit like you’d find in a place like Ukraine, or a new modern-age bunch?

What are her parents like–does her mom walk all over her dad? Does she have a healthy respect for her father, or is she reeling in daddy issues? It should be noted that, especially with younger girls, she may not “like” her dad (at times). The respect is the most important part.

The funny thing is that this is probably the easiest way to screen a girl of them all. But so many men ignore the giant sign that says, “ENTER WITH EXTREME CAUTION.”

If she shit-talks her dad, or worse–has no relationship at all with him–it’s almost always safe to assume that she’s going to have some issues, and probably isn’t a girl who is worthy of an LTR with you.

7. How Does She Stack Up?


Remember what I wrote in the beginning of this article?

HUNCH: Most men do not start to learn Game so that they can bang hundreds of girls.

HUNCH: Most men start to learn Game because they want a girlfriend.

HUNCH: Sometimes, men get really good at Game and then end up banging lots of girls (that’s more or less my story, heh).

FINAL HUNCH: Often times, that desire for a girlfriend resurfaces, or just never went away.

Assuming you have gone on the path of learning Game and still want a girlfriend–simply ask yourself how she compares to the other girls that you’re either dating or have dated.

Now, if your past includes a stripper and a heroin addict, then that’s not a fair measuring stick. You can’t screen her based off of her being higher quality than them. However, assuming you have dated a couple of normal girls, ask yourself who the cream of the crop is. Does the one you’re screening go above and beyond what the rest of them do?

Does she meet the criteria laid out in this article?

If not, it may be time to say goodbye. Remember that the eyes don’t lie.

Want to learn more details about screening for high-quality girls? Check out The Harem Handbook. For more travel, game, and digital nomad advice, take a listen to my podcast Troublesome Radio.

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208 thoughts on “7 Criteria A Girl Should Pass To Enter A Relationship With You”

  1. You can learn all the game you want – which is nothing more than tricks, basically – but if you aren’t supremely confident in who you are, and what you can bring to the table, it doesn’t mean anything. Sure, you might bang some good-looking girls, but your frame will be weak, and in time, most women will see right through you.
    Achieving all of your personal goals (without fail), being in great physical shape, and possessing totally independent financial power – these are the three pillars of creating supreme confidence in oneself.
    Without all three of those things, you’re merely a lamb, and when the right she-wolf comes along, you are going to get slaughtered. With all of those things, you truly won’t give a fuck about any woman, because you will know that you can have virtually all of them – and the women will know it, too. And that’s the difference.
    Game without rock-solid frame is pointless. Take a couple of years off from chasing pussy, if you aren’t getting what you want in the female department, and focus on nothing but achieving personal goals while getting in physical and financial shape. When the time comes that you return to the hunt, you’ll be an infinitely more confident, much more powerful man.
    And keep taking breaks periodically, solely to work on yourself. Rinse and repeat. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you stick to your guns, your guns will get bigger – and in time, you’ll outman the competition. And this is the ultimate goal, of course.
    If you don’t do this, you’re going to spend the rest of your life settling for whatever you can get (due to habitually following the very weak, “fake it till you make it” game plan), instead of taking whatever you want (due to being a true alpha who never fails to get what he’s after). And that is the crux of the matter…

    1. Game isn’t tricks. It’s skill and is a version of sales. I was getting laid plenty long before I had financial independence. Know cake from icing.

      1. I get more play when I’m broke than when I’m flush. I think its because I go all narcissistic/manic when I’m broke. When I’m flush, I start doing beta provider bullshit

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        2. Lulz more dates when was homeless ( late teens ) simply cause needed place to sleep. Only time was juggling multiples…cause was out of mind acting a fool. Lesson got from that forever stuck with me, yes asshole strung out bad boy has no worries…outside who has the most cash and dope to boost from house and purse. I’m a nice guy now.

        3. “I get more play when I’m broke than when I’m flush. I think its because I go all narcissistic/manic when I’m broke. When I’m flush, I start doing beta provider bullshit”
          Intetesting and certainly can make sense – though it might be an age thing. How old are you? I ask because there have been previous articles that stated that older men will require financial incentives to get chicks – wheras younger broke guys do not.

        4. In college my friend and I would challenge each other to get girls while “handicapped”. That practice helped us stay in the right frame, no matter what.
          I remember I even had to wear this eyepatch once… at first it was a serious mindfuck, but then once I got in character the bitches were dripping for me.
          Eventually pulled not 1, but 2 girls. On the way home I stopped to get gas and a cop driving by pulled me over for nothing.
          The girls were so turned on by that. I absolutely wrecked those girls that night. And they loved it.

        5. The guys who sleep with the hottest women are the guys with money. Sure you can sleep with fat and below average girls if that’s your goal, Just take a look at who the Victoria Secret models are dating. All of those guys are financially powerful

        6. There’s a difference between who she’s dating and who she’s banging. I guarantee those models are banging some regular broke dudes on the regular. The guys are probably extremely good looking but being rich is not a requirement for banging any girl. Of course they’re going to latch on to the guys with money for trips, dinner and prizes.

        7. with younger guys it is more about financial potential. During the summer, I tell a girl that I throw lumber at a sawmill, I get one response. During the school year and I tell a girl that I am taking several engineering classes, I get another.

        8. Nope. You are confused. VS models are not the hottest women around. You have a fetish. Celebrity starfucking is for chicks.

        9. Reminds me of the George Costanza Method. I mean that respectfully and in all seriousness.

      2. Agreed game isn’t fake it til you make it. Game is decoding female social programming to one’s advantage.

      3. Big difference between getting a bit of fluff from time to time and living with a woman long term…. enormous…. and yes it needs not just game or even frame, but physical, emotional and financial foundations and a professional pursuit and personal life that she cannot invade and undermine.
        In time any woman will demand more time that you really want to or should give up. Weekends lying around doing not much are tempting when there’s lots of sex on offer but even that can be detrimental.

        1. The good news is you get older and your sex drive slows down. It is a good thing.

    2. This really. Solely relying on game is one thing. Being as powerful as possible and unapologetic for it will get women to approach you. Normally sloots. Brush them off and approach the girl too nervous to even look at you. It’s like their falling into your (massive) arms.
      For best results, leave the west.

    3. The ship has probably sailed on this discussion but that’s a really good point.
      When I was 21, living in my Mum’s spare bedroom, broke, but chasing pussy with good success, I was merely a confidence trickster and the right woman would inevitably see through this shit and take me down.
      Of course this is the real reason many players burn out. The cognitive dissonance realising we’re full of shit is powerful.
      Yes, it’s better to play the field than wank yourself to death in a basement. But don’t mistake the designer clothes bought on credit and leased, mid-range sportscar for anything real.
      Real has to be earned through effort, failure, then more effort

    4. “Achieving all of your personal goals (without fail), being in great physical shape, and possessing totally independent financial power – these are the three pillars of creating supreme confidence in oneself.” …TRUTH!!!

    5. Great advice.
      I’d recommend to all those living in the west to skip the hunt. It’s just not worth it!
      If you have a successful and happy life a western woman or a woman in the west will likely take away value (time/money/stress/drama) rather than add value to your life (i.e. helping you achieve more success, raising truly successful family to bring light to a world of darkness, actually caring about you and the things that matter to you instead of what she can extract).
      Serious ask what value could a destructive being prone to emotional fits, guided by what feels right instead of what is right, believing in lies, having a maturity halfway between a man and a child, add to your life?
      Before the 20th century when labor was manual and life was harsh marriage was economically and socially useful. This is no longer the case, and without marriage LTRs serve nothing more to a man than filling an empty hole or need (sex, affirmation, validation, companionship, etc.).
      There’s fantasy and there’s reality. Those who can discern, seek, and walk the truth will be the ones who will have true peace and joy in their lives.

      1. During most all biblical eras, a man could have as many wives as he could afford, and as many concubines (sex slaves) as his sword could capture. There were no laws preventing a man from beating and raping his wives, kids and slaves. Women were a man’s property their entire lifetime. A man could sell his daughters into slavery (exodus 21:7) or pawn her off on a groom he chose, often choosing on the basis of cost (the man who asked for the least amount of livestock was the one who usually won). In cases of divorce, women had no right to custody or visitation since the kids were the man’s property. Men felt no obligation to be faithful to the wife. Brothels were far more common in biblical times than today. Adultery and rape were property crimes against the man who owned the woman. Deut 22 says a rape victim was required to wed her rapist and never divorce if the rapist failed to pay 50 scheckels to the father who owned the girl. http://www.evilbible.com shows how barbaric the Bronze Age bible really is. Nobody should rely on it for morality. And fortunately, nobody does. Otherwise, we would be selling slaves, stoning women adulterers and non-virgin brides to death, stoning all gay men to death, and chopping off the hands of sinners. ISIS is the only one following the old scriptures precisely.

        1. ISIS (or al Qaeda)…helping realize Greater Israel by removing unrighteous Gentiles off their lands one deception at a time.
          Wahhabi “Islam” was founded in the 1700s (in approximately the 4th decade) by a Jew, Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahab.

        2. He was friends with another Jew, Muhammad Bin Al-Saud (name sound familiar? Now we know why KSA has always been a fan favorite of the west). And why Mecca is a cesspool of consumerism.

  2. I tried to set a standard for myself that each girl i dated was a step up from the one before. Never downgrade! They don’t have to be hotter (though that is a reasonable goal too), just a better fit for what you want in a relationship. Don’t sell yourself short, better to be single than in an unfulfilling courtship.

    1. “Don’t sell yourself short, better to be single than in an unfulfilling courtship.”
      Etch that in stone and hang it above the door.

  3. Here’s a good litmus test: Does she prioritize you? Does she arrange her time for you? Is she giving? Does she seek to add value to you? Does she do small, thoughtful things for you?
    I’ve found that it speaks volumes if a girl spontaneously decides to cook a meal for you while you relax.
    On the flip side, if everything is a negotiation, if you feel like you’re competing for her time then pump and dump only. I would say dump immediately, actually, to free time to find a better quality girl. The pumps with low quality girls just aren’t worth the time imo.

    1. this is probably the most important factor for me, the way she prioritizes her time with you vs other people (friends, family, coworkers, other guys). if you are not the most important part of her life, dump her and find a girl that puts you on top of her values scale. we all know here that women can’t think logically and can’t foresee the consequences of their actions, so the only way to measure how important you are for her is to constantly evaluate her emotion-driven decisions and actions. if she regularly chooses you over the rest, you are good, it looks like she could be a loyal partner. if friends/family/work/herself are regularly more important to her than you, dump her. loyalty is the most difficult thing to get from a woman, albeit her most important asset for family plans

      1. They probably can easily see the consequences of their actions which is why some guys are never a priority.

      2. The simple statement of this is, never make a person a priority if they look at you as an option.

          Back in my bad old blue pill days I would ask girls out and actually accept it when she said “Yes, but let me confirm that day.” I was blinded by thirst.
          One of the first game principles I learned was NEVER accept a “maybe date.” She’s just using you as an option or she plans to cancel later. You debase and degrade yourself by accepting this kind of shit treatment. It also guarantees you’ll never bang her.
          Instead, I learned to say “Sounds like that date is no good. I’m also free on [this date].” If she gives you more runaround then “No worries. Take care.” and leave it there. Soft next her in your mind. Maybe you’ll contact her again, maybe you won’t.
          The reality is this: “If a girl is interested in you she will make time.” Simple as that.
          When I was new to game I spent a way too much time trying to turn flakes into bangs. I succeeded sometimes, but ultimately discovered it just wasn’t worth the time and effort. It’s far better just to next the flakers and girls who aren’t into you and use the freed up time to meet more girls. Screen screen screen for good attitudes.
          [Game tactic: When arranging a date use the “Option Close.” You say “I’m free on X or Y days/times. Which one works for you?” Your frame is you assume she will accept one of those times. Never ask if she wants to go out with you — just assume it. This is a sales technique I use in my sales job. Works great with prospects. Game is just another form of sales.]

      3. Your last nails it. Loyalty from a woman is the most difficult thing to get, but the most important for family plans.

      4. My logical and rational mind has always served a great advantage to me as a result of this truth. I think like a guy but act and look like a feminine woman.

    2. “Here’s a good litmus test: Does she prioritize you? Does she arrange her time for you? Is she giving? Does she seek to add value to you? Does she do small, thoughtful things for you?”
      But I think it will be difficult these days to find any female that has cooking skills today.

        1. What kind of grown man wants a woman to cook and clean for him? Adults should be able to look after themselves.

      1. My wife is a good cook. My Italian ex was an amazing cook (funny story, she married another American guy who doesn’t like her cooking and would rather eat Taco Bell). Neither are American, so there’s that.

    3. “if everything is a negotiation, if you feel like you’re competing for her time”
      sounds like she’s a feminist or had issues about mens/ her dad.
      indeed, pumping and dumping is the best option with this kind of toxic people !

      1. The best option is to turn your back and walk away without a backwards glance. Giving any attention to these women only produces more women like them.

    4. Clingy, disordered girls will make you the center of their entire life, so be careful with this criteria. Lonely, desperate girls have nothing to do but chase penis around.

      1. The fact remains that he has a product out there when all I see are two jokers that have nothing more than their dicks in their hands . Anybody can be a detractor. After all, a jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one . Show us your superior product, or any product at all, and I will give a fuck about what you have to say putting Kyle down .

    1. You nailed it ! Damn obvious ! Couldn’t find anything unheard or new or exciting or whatever, in the article !

    2. Gotta be honest, something about “Kyle Trouble” has irked me from the start. Short looking baby face dude offering all this pay-per-view advice. I miss the days of Law Dogger and Billy Chubbs.

        1. I fail to see how that impacts my statement in any way. I miss their writing, not the fact that they were or were not around before you.

      1. I like Kyle just because of his transformation from video-game-playing loser to guy who’s out there in the world doing game stuff. He’s ahead of at least 90% of American guys. Do miss Billy Chubbs though. I wonder what happened to that guy.

        1. Billy Chubbs’ “My Beta Daydreaming” was probably the best ROK article I ever read.

        2. You don’t need to be a “game genius” to pick up chicks in countries like Ukraine. All you need is to be a normal guy and possess an American passport. The girls there automatically see American guys as high value. If Kyle’s “game” was so great he’d be hooking up with Playboy playmates in Los Angeles. Not have to flee to poorer countries like Ukraine and Slovakia

        3. Well said. There is absolutely no NEED of any game(s) ! Mere fact that you are from the West (US, UK etc.) is enough to be seen as high value.

        4. True, it’s pretty easy to get a girlfriend in Ukraine. At least it used to be when I lived there, 15 years ago or so. Roosh claimed that it’s much easier to get a girlfriend there, and much easier to get casual sex in the US. Strikes me as true.

        5. This is what I find wrong with Americans. Always praising the pulling from bootstrap self-worth shit. This guy is 24 years old and is charging $199 for his “advice”. Only Americans would pay for that shit.

      1. What idea? While I suppose there is nothing wrong with his generic advice, there is nothing ground-breaking about it either. And 24 IS young. It’s like getting parenting advice from a guy who has just found out he knocked up a chick.

        1. I’m surpised by the use of the word LTR many people do in ROK/RVF. “18 months LTR”, “1 year LTR”, or even worse “multiple LTRs”.
          It is ridiculous.

        2. Ad hominem fallacy and simile… Calling the general population idiots… where have I seen this pattern of behavior before?

    3. Terrible idea to take advice from a guy who went through every stage of the game, left a great job to move abroad and is completely location independent at 24.
      Terrible terrible idea.

        1. Let’s go ahead and consider “successful LTR” as what I meant.
          Notice I haven’t given any marriage advice. Guy below me is right.

        2. What does successful LTR mean if you are only 24? For how long have you been with that girl?

        3. Considering that you probably have been dating for 8 years or less, I really don’t think you have much to teach anyone, unless they are in college.

        4. 8 years of dating is not bad at all.
          I’m in my fourties and my LTR-count is still ZERO lol…

      1. Man, I’ll admit that location independence is a decent feat to achieve, and it may appeal to some. But why do you so frequently market it as your magnum opus? You’ve not really set yourself up for life, or made a mark in a creative or meaningful field etc. You peddle the same hedonistic cycle that Roosh has already started to admit he’s tired of himself. I think that’s what irks me. You offer nothing new, yet you’re so sure of yourself.

        1. Set for life? Course not. Getting there. As far as making a mark in a creative field, that’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it.
          I only share the stories and lessons I’ve learned and share them. If you don’t take value from it personally, that’s okay. I hope you can still be entertained.

        2. Then don’t call yourself 24 y old “retired” computer engineering. Too much pedantry for so little achieved. Which is your longest “LTR” ever?

        3. This location independent thing is scam. It is just an internet business item that some folks keep selling it to stay as internet nomads and profit. RVF is plenty of former location independent burnouts ranting about their host countries. It is pathetic. “Thanksgiving sucks”. Said the internet nomad.

        4. I get that vibe from Kyle. I’m not suggesting he’s acting fraudulently, but I don’t think he’s got knowledge worth paying for.

        5. That knowledge is freely available on the internet. Anyways, good luck for him.

  4. I remember dating a girl in undergrad who was very into me, but who became unstable and possessive over time. I cut that off, took a few years off to pursue my ambitions, and only recently re-entered the LTR market (Off of it again but under better circumstances).
    I’m definitely thankful for sites like ROK, since they helped me get a better handle on game. That said, I only have a few insights to add here:
    1. Once you realize that relationships are side dishes at best, you will automatically do better.
    2. Screen them based on what they do for a living, intelligence, and/or ability to articulate an argument using more than emotions.
    3. Pay close attention to their social media presence: if she has 2,000 “friends”… probably not a good pick. If 3/4 of those friends are guys with weird names from all over the place, not good either. If she takes multiple selfies with the EXACT SAME EXPRESSION in each: might as well run far away!!!
    Bonus points if she likes guns and hates fads like pokemon go.

    1. Articulate an argument? Thai’s pretty unrealistic to expect. If you want articulate, hang out with your buddies.

      1. If you pay close enough attention. I said the ability to use more than emotion when doing so. Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty rare, but there are a few who can.

        1. I was married for a long time to a woman who probably made more money than most people reading this site. She was a sales executive at a large corporation. Outside of her narrow field, she could not articulate anything. She was dump as rocks and always fought from an emotional point of view. The big mistake is that you think will find a woman who is your intellectual equal. This is not what you want. Just get one you like to fuck and is a good person and can raise kids. You dont need an intellectual equal, that is what your buddies are for.

        2. I agree with alot of that, I think the only caveat here is that the ability to articulate something does not necessarily that they’re an intellectual equal. It just means that maybe they aren’t as dumb as rocks.
          The one I’m with is knowledgeable in her field (medicine), has politics I can work with (right wing but not borderline alt right like me), and the other items you emphasized.
          I would never enter an LTR with someone who can outshine me in everything (especially intelligence).
          That’s the 1st law of power for a reason.

    2. I second that, about the presence on social networks and number of friends she have. too much of them = whoring for attention

  5. One thing I would add here is “Her sexual history.” It’s important not to date whores, and to remember you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. I don’t have to remind the seasoned readers here of what happens to women after too many cocks have been inside.
    Many here, myself included, intend on marrying virgins; I wouldn’t date someone I wouldn’t marry. So it’s something that I’m going to evaluate about a girl I’m looking at dating.

      1. False equivalence. You may want to look up pair bonding and what sex does to it in women, and not in men.

      2. I’m flattered you would ask really, but I don’t care much for meeting girls online.

      3. That’s not a fair question. Men will eventually short circuit their souls with skanks and meaningless sex, too. Just takes a lot longer for them to get there than it does for women.

      4. men don’t take mental damage when they have sex with many women, women do take mental damage when they have sex with many men.

      5. There is a reason why men can spread their seed whereas a woman’s seed comes to fruition but once every nine months. Nature builds in the template for how one should behave.
        That said, intelligence is determined by the female chromosome so you don’t want to spread too much seed in too many fertile fields or you risk providing the opportunity for dumbing down the gene pool and more than likely responsible for paying for a bunch of dolts. I couldn’t imagine a lifetime of hard work to support disappointing idiots.

        1. The welfare state exemplifies this on the macrocosm as a form of seed germination in society, using legislation as the rationalizing tool and expanding militarized statism as the enforcing arm.
          They want more low intelligence voters to vote in programs to support idiots having kids with idiots and the smart hard workers paying for it through social programs.
          The smart minority gets shafted with less and less resources available for them to properly raise their own brood, which is fine with the low IQ liberals who promote population control for the smart minority and unfettered support of the idiot dolt populations – the latter don’t have the brain capacity to grasp the implications – they just appreciate the free handouts. Amazing the liberals don’t see rape in this form.
          We are racing toward Idiocracy at light speed.
          Unfortunately greedy multinationals,majority owned by the billionaire and trillionaire classes, want the resources under the feet of the world’s less intelligent populations so they disrupt their homelands – mostly by funding and supporting terrorism – and cause mass emigration of their populations to the richer and more intelligent counterpart nations whose own populations are targeted for elimination. Then the social programs in those nations warmly welcome them because all governments are controlled by those elite framers. The liberals are their moronic pawns (who ironically hate who they perceive as the rich, who are really the middle class who fund it all with their taxes…talk about dwindling resources…).
          It’s definitely a coordinated program amongst the upper echelon elites and the “educated” liberals who can’t see past the nose on their own faces.
          When the inspiration crowd is gone all that will be remaining is the perspiration crowd and nobody to support them. They should just be left alone in their own respective countries to live as they see fit with simplicity.

      1. They do lie but the proof is in the pudding. Lay it on strong and feign love; a good girl will see through it, a slut will spread her legs despite the words coming from her mouth. A good girl has strong qualities and unwavering and immovable delay mechanisms to the momentary “feel goods.” Actions not words. 😉

    1. VERY good point… high notch women tend to pendulum …er branch.. swing between betas and alphas and depending on the intensity of the swing will engage in these Suzie Homemaker behaviors.

    2. sory for my bad english first of all im not native speaker!)so y mean y wont date non virgins girls?neither marry them?well that s sth ideal but some say that is she has some few experiences shes more mature.im asking cuz is an issue that always makes me think about it.thanks for answer on behalf!

  6. What are her parents like–does her mom walk all over her dad?
    Assuming, of course, her male-by-birth and female-by-birth parents are still married to each other.
    Nowadays you really have to discriminate with precision.

    1. Is her father normal body weight and is her mother fat? If her mother was normal weight and then became a land whale the chances are the same will happen to her.

  7. She should be able to string a sewing machine. If she can’t, then being able to hand stitch means she’s at least smart enough to learn. Get her a Singer table model and call it her desk.
    RUNNING- If she’s too fat to run, she’s too stupid to read up on physiology/diet and too lazy to control her urges. Her laziness to exhert herself will cause her to spread her legs for the first guy that provides her a cheeseburger if you try to force diet her. Fat/stupid women cannot intrinsicly understand any oath. Her mental lethargy or slowness is the only thing keeping her in your proximity.
    Aside from dexterity with the hands and body, virginity is a big issue. You can’t tell a thousand cock stare apart from a hundred or fifteen or four sometimes. Think about it. She’s fucked four different guys multiple times each. OR TWO NOTCHES? What if her notch count is two? She transitioned from one guy to another, propably having instances of screwing both of them back to back on the same day. OR ONE NOTCH? The fact that a woman fucked the same one guy multiple times pretty much cured and tanned her saddle leather. Her holster belongs to one guy’s gun but she flaked. She spewked on the guy. Maybe the guy was a bank robber. A good loyal woman still abides. Her value goes down to 2% after one cock (sucking/anal included). She’ll have stories and more stories and excuse herself but the fact remains SHE’S USED GOODS. The eyes of a one partner defector aren’t much different from a common whore.
    – THE EYES –
    OBSERVE the thousand cock stare:
    The eyes are sad looking. I rack my brain trying to find consistency in ‘the look’ of a whore. How can you tell virginity vs slut with the eyes? It seems most female eyes, many pretty ones even, belie their sluttiness. Is there really a thousand cock stare? Maybe it’s a peculiar sad look. Now I guarantee THIS is the look of a virgin in the west:
    Just for the sake of learning how to spot virgin eyes that have the uncorrupted and innocent virgin energy, focus on the eyes only. They’re not sad. No one would prey on her but maybe a demon infested creature from a halfway house, but you can tell those eyes are clean and innocent.
    BUT HOW do you divine the same accurate reading of innocence from a normal functioning girl’s eyes? How do you separate the true zero cock stare from the rest? There should be an article on divining the zero cock stare.
    Finally this vid shows many sad eyes. Try to ball park guess the notch counts if you can. They could be way hi or way lo but none zero.

    The eyes don’t look evil or sinister, a taint of regret or devious maybe, since we know that all women will manipulate and lie out the ass for not knowing better. They know not what they do. It’s all female nature whatever they do, good or bad, loyal or flake. They lie about their notches and they lie over the phone to you as they’re quietly getting ass fucked.

  8. Or you don’t put any “citeria” on anyone you want to date or get into a relationship into, wether you’re male or female…

    1. But, there must be a reason you *want* to date someone.
      That shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

  9. “A girl who is passionate about having tequila shots done out of her belly button is probably not a high-quality girl you want to get in an LTR with.”
    Send them my way Kyle I’ll straighten them out. lol

  10. I’m just happy had enough brains to target quality and enough backbone to make it happen.
    Advice from my younger self. Don’t gloss over red flags and gut feelings. There are exceptions, but not for you. Soon as you bust out some mythic pro / con just walk. Soon as look for not perfect faults in yourself justifying her lacking walk. Trust the random person that comes up to you and drops some reality, don’t let getting laid tonight over ride your bloody brain.
    Game is weak to me, when I read the ROK five alpha male types and first was ho chaser then subculture lifestyles marketing hobby tool…was like WTF. Then got to conquer and all was right in the world. Respect to any man doing what wants and getting his. Just…never been impressed pulling tots or buying skate boards.

  11. Hey there
    #1 is her sexual history.
    The writer’s exclusion of it just shows how effective feminism has become at normalizing female promiscuity. This nonsense has even worked it’s way up to the royals.Diana was a virgin, yet Kate was sloppy seconds. All Hail the cuck prince Harry.
    ROK writers really, really should know better.

    1. Agreed, though I’ll give Kyle the benefit of the doubt simply because it was implicit in a couple of points.

      1. Explicit is an implicit requirement of advice. After all This is about the readers not the writer.
        And Female sexuality is so core that it needs to be first and its own section.

        1. In the west assume any female who isn’t ugly has disturbingly high notch count, even the average looking women these days. And they all have smartphone with male “friends” who will be there for her after a few text messages when your game slips.

        2. I ran into a girl last year that was celebrating her 18th birthday. She was already up to 8 cocks. You really don’t even need to assume. She or her friends will divulge with very little incentive. It’s that bad.

        3. All it takes now is snapchat exchange with a few pics, and they all sleep with their phone by their bed. Cracks me up to read comments here of so called red pill parents in denial. If they only knew how much cock their disney princess had by 18.

        4. So true. As chris rock once said. A dad has one job…. keep his daughter of the pole. Of course he meant both types. And yet he’s blue pill, and still knows better.

        5. 2s, 1s and zeros aren’t unfuckable. They’re desparate and are often on disability. They are known to offer up free room and board to homeless guys who in turn run simple errands for them.
          Unfortunately the turnover rate is high and the risks are obvious, but the free room and board is like a dangling twinkie for some guy freezing on the sidewalk. Still she racks up notches. Low down women dependent on the nanny state are also known for calling out the pigs to remove a guy that outlives his usefulness to her or who pisses her off.
          The point being that ugly women rack up notches too – with low tier men. Vivian at the golf club meanwhile is playing her orbit rotation in sequence with Bif, Chad and Buffy, all within her tier. Whoring across the board is really like a disease. Family patriarch men should teach their children that whores and the motherfuckers that fuck them are diseased. Princess Diana was no less a diseased leper that the fat bitch above.

        6. Good point. Why do you only see homeless men on the street and not homeless women? Because homeless women can be cheap whores.

        7. Which raises the point of HOW MANY decent men, betas a lot of them are smug and confident they’ve got a good woman at home? She doesn’t work and pretends to do the demestic bit. Maybe she whines and complains about her ass ache being reason she can’t do domestic duties frugally. If she were without man provider, she’d be the same caliber as a dysfunctional wino. But the provider man never sees it. She whores around irresponsibly with the paper boy and the garbags man and she pushes the card. She’s nothing but a bottom tier house bum. The staggering number of lazy entitled house bum slouches on the verge of divorce raping their cow is so staggering, it exceeds the male bums on skid row. She’d sell her ass for nickel pops if the rug were pulled from under her.

  12. Most women are caring and nurturing. However a lot of guys are expecting to be loved, worshipped and obeyed WITHOUT having put any work into the relationship.
    Those are dumb expectations. All anyone deserves is decency and everything beyond that has to be earned.
    The woman is not going to automatically care about you if you act entitled, try to tell her what to do all the time, and judge her. Be a quality guy yourself. That means caring about her, helping around the house, cleaning up after yourself and being capable of meaningful conversations.
    Respect is commanded and not demanded. And do not assume that every girl wants an LTR just because she is a girl. No guy is that special.

    1. Boy I wish I lived in your fantasy world. Nearly 100% of western women are anything but caring and nurturing. I know because I left the west and found out what those terms really mean in a woman. You will not find them in any western woman

      1. Well.. Depends on what you mean by caring and nurturing. Today it is everyone for themselves. Most men are just objectifying women, calling them ‘game’ and then feeling sad that these women are learning to return the favor.
        So.. If you treat her well she ll respect you and nurture you. If she doesnt then leave. But dont live in a fantasy world where you think that every girl MUST care for her boyfriend even if he has not earned it.
        Also guys mistake being treated like a meal ticket (all the mothering and fawning) for care and nurture. A woman who allows you to be independent in the home and supports herself financially actually shows you more care than the one who massages your ego and takes your money.

        1. Most western women have been brainwashed to hate men, men are the enemy, and having children is being oppressed. Most western women (nearly all) are actively trying to make men suffer for all the past oppression over the past 10,000 years of male dominance. How does caring and nurturing come in?

        2. From 61 years of living in the US. From having six sisters and four wives. From actually believing my lying eyes.

        3. A man once went to the doctor complaining that all his body parts that he touched hurt. She told him his finger was fractured.

        4. Do you pay any attention to what is being said and discussed in the real world? The hatred for men is palpable and constant. The screaming on college campus about all men needing to be trained not to rape, that America has a rape culture, and that all men are violent abusers is well documented. Have you examined the Duluth model (used by almost all police and other government agencies) wheel of power and control? It makes anything a man does that a woman doesn’t like as “abuse”. They are pushing that even a man requiring his wife to constrain her sexual activity to him is abuse. You must be a troll because no one living in the US, or the west, could possibly be this oblivious to the facts.

        5. Men SHOULD be taught that rape is a crime. Whats wrong with that? Would you rather they are taught that they should rape women? They get those messages from media anyway.
          Men justify cheating on their wives as ‘natural’. Then why do the same men demand that wives not cheat on them?
          Other stuff, maybe you have a point. Maybr not.
          Men have got themselves into this and it is up to them to get out. The answer doesnt lie in victimising women. That will only make them hate you more.

        6. “They are pushing that even a man requiring his wife to constrain her sexual activity to him is abuse.”
          lol’d hard at that..
          Husband : Now that we are man and wife, I want us to be exclusive both physically and emotionally.
          Wife : That’s an abuse for my human right!

  13. Great article.
    I am planning to use similar criteria to find my future wife.
    Last time I bothered touching a woman is more than a decade ago due to bad experiences here in the West.
    Now I am in my fourties with no LTR experience, low notch count and not sure about my game skills, but my self-confidence and determination are going through the roof.
    I hope my life experience will compensate the lack of notches.
    In a few months I will relocate to Asia to look for a wife and to start a family.
    Not planning to ever come back.
    In the West too many things are F’ed up.

      1. Not sure about that.
        Too much corruption and drug related violence to my liking but I might be wrong because I haven’t looked into it very much.
        Asia is good for teaching english.
        Cost of living very low, very nice food, high salaries for teachers…

        1. I married an Asian woman. If you are looking at Asia as a permanent home there are quite a few caveats. First, drugs are everywhere. Meth is worldwide and really hot in Asia. In Thailand it is called Yabba. In the Philippines it is called Shabu. The women love it because it causes them to get or stay slim. So you see these gorgeous girls that are lively and fun, then you find out they have a $100/day meth habit. There is no difference between Asian and Western drug dealers when it comes to violence. Being in a criminal enterprise with tons of cash and a total disregard for human suffering it comes with the territory.
          The second is that Asians are racists to the core. You are not Asian so you are less than human to (most) of them. In fact, if you are not their particular type of Asian you are scum. Asians disrespect those from other Asian countries almost as much as they look down on whites (and especially blacks). If you move there you will always be an outsider. If you marry a local woman, you will be an outsider in your own family. This is also true in many cases with Latinas (was married to a costa Rican woman once), only there it is if you are not a fluent Spanish speaker (which at least is something you can overcome).
          Corruption is endemic in Asia and not only tolerated, but expected and respected. Political violence is also endemic, as the crooks are willing to kill to get their noses in the trough. Most Asian countries have a ruling class that is 100% above the law, and you can never be in that class. The dream of every Asian woman is to marry into that class. That means she will be settling for you.
          My Asian wife is from a politically powerful and well known family in her home country. They were not thrilled with me marrying into their family and taking her out of the country. Her father was the head of the city council and she had run as a candidate for councilman on at least one occasion (so has her mother). She has expressed an interest in returning to her home town and running for mayor. I asked her how the last mayor left office. She replied that he was shot to death in his office. Her accountant cousin barely avoided going to prison for cooking the books for one of the city mayors (strings were pulled, she was guilty as hell and the proof was there).

        2. Thanks Mike.
          That was a very interesting story…
          I don’t like Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia and am more interested in countries like Vietnam, Laos and South Korea.
          Some Asian countries seem to have bigger problems than others with drugs, violence and prostitution.
          Vietnam and Laos seem more conservative and less westernised to me.
          I want to flee western culture and find a better alternative in Asia.
          Any suggestions or ideas about the countries I just mentionned ?

        3. South Koreans are extremely xenophobic, incredibly arrogant, and the cost of living is very high. The Army considers it a hardship tour because the costs are so high. Koreans (and many other Asians at the moment) consider Koreans to be the top of the food chain in Asia.
          Vietnam is a police state, so yes, non-governmental violence is reduced. Don’t cheat, steal, maim, or kill as the government hates competition. Corruption is very high because the government has their nose in everything and can come down on anyone like a ton of bricks for no reason. The party rules and that means there is no rule of law. The population is intensively money driven and coldly mercantile. What little charm and civility they had leftover from their French occupation they have trashed.
          I’ve heard some good things about Laos, but most of my caveats apply everywhere in Asia.
          Let me add one important point. In all these countries you will be subject to all kinds of visa harassment, even if you marry a local, because basically they don’t want you there. The exception is the Philippines, where, if you marry a Philippine citizen you are given immediate permanent resident status.

        4. What do you think about the current political situation in the Philippines ?
          Looks chaotic to me.
          Vietnam looks reasonable stable and decent to me, but I know there are issues.
          They desperately need english teachers so I think if you teach english they do want you there, so that might be a safe bet…
          I think Asia is my only hope if I want to have a family.
          As a European I am not sure about South America and I don’t like eastern Europe.
          I’ve got some skills but no degrees or diplomas.
          I could get a CELTA certificate and teach english in Asia.
          As I am in my fourties already my options are rather limited…

        5. I have traveled to both locations, but much more to Latin America. The latin women are much more beautiful and sexier. They are culturally more similar (unless you are asian-american). There are many teaching opportunities in LA, but will probably not pay as much as the jobs in China, South Korea, etc.

        6. Most Asian countries have had bad experiences with non-credentialed English teachers. You need the certificate and some kind of a degree in most places. I have several degrees, and teaching experience up through the University level, and would still have to have the certification. I think this is a good thing.
          Duterte had a long (20 + years) and very successful run as the mayor of Davao. It is the cleanest and safest city in the Philippines, also the third most populous. He has an approval rating above 90% in the Philippines, so I don’t know where you are seeing unrest or chaotic conditions. He ran on a platform of doing exactly what he is doing. The people are all for it as the corrupt officials and the drug lords (often the same people) have been terrorizing them for a long time. Of course there are political opponents, as there are in any democracy. And there are people that generally are in support that oppose some aspects of his agenda (specifically his rejection of American influence and his turn to China). I expect those items will be moderated in the give and take of political negotiating.

        7. Maybe I should take a better look at the Philippines then.
          I did some research on Vietnam;
          They desperately need 6000 english teachers.
          CELTA or TEFL required, having a degree is a plus, but there’s a lot of schools that don’t care about the degree.
          If you are Caucasian and not overweight it is easy to get a job.
          Most people find a job within days on arrival….
          Don’t know about Philly…
          Are they looking for teachers ?

        8. Nope. They have nearly 100% English fluency and take classes from kindergarten on. Plenty of homegrown English teachers.

        9. Exactly…
          I don’t have any diplomas or degrees that matter so it will be very hard to make a living over there.
          I am fluent in 3 European languages and employment services is willing to finance a CELTA course so it makes more sense for me to relocate to Vietnam instead.
          I’ve read that the cuisine in the Philippines is not that great…
          Do you have an opinion on the matter ?

        10. As previously stated it is almost entirely bad. Mostly it is just bland gunk. Lots of stew like dishes with questionable ingredients.

        11. I am addicted to healthy delicious food.
          Can’t be happy if the food is mediocre or worse.
          Some people on a forum compared the food on Philly with dogfood.
          Others said it is the worst in Asia.
          I’m not surprised with the spanish cultural influences.
          I find Spanish food pretty disgusting.
          Never had any Vietnamese food yet, but many people seem to like it very much.

  14. another criterias worth to avoid :
    – feminist or defining herself by *something* sexual (bi, sapio, non binary etc.) : warning toxic alert
    – she has only male friends because she can’t stand other females : be prepared to see a lot of betas orbiting her or coming to your house regurlarly. Or she’s oblivious about how social dynamics between men and women work or she’s manipulative.
    – she has 1 or + kids from 1 or + fathers : don’t waste your time with this kind of girl who can’t use contraceptives or can’t keep her legs closed
    – vegan or animal right activist : if you’re not part of her fight, be prepared to arguments about food regurlarly

    1. I would qualify your #2; most really feminine girls will only have one or two girlfriends and they generally are in competition with other women. They would much rather go out on dates with men and they know how to flirt.
      If you find a girl that all the other ladies gravitate to and consider a role model, she is probably an alpha female. The alpha female wants to run your life. You want to avoid alpha females. They are the worst.

      1. I dunno who’s the worst, the alpha bossy female or the the one surrounded by betas (and who won’t change that, regardless
        if they are in couple or not). Both of them impose their views to males.

  15. The article is a good read but IMO you could shorten it to two basic things:
    1. don’t get emotionally involved
    2. get a vasectomy ASAP

    1. That’s good advice for immature men who are looking for a hedonistic self-centered lifestyle and don’t have the balls to bear the reponsability that comes with parenthood…

      1. Thanks, but do you really advice young men nowadays to start a family? Idk if lacking “balls” has anything to do with rational thinking.
        Think about being stuck in a sexless marriage and a damocles-sword of getting divorce r*ped over your head. No thanks, not for me.

        1. I advice young men to get the hell out of the West and move to a country where children have the obligation to take financially and otherwise care of their elderly parents.
          This solves almost all the problems concerning women’s behaviour.
          Do your research and you will see for yourself.

        2. “Do your research”? Cmon bud name me just three countries in which your criteria fits AND you can have a somewhat decent living. Because having 20 kids with four wives in Togo won’t be what I am aiming for.

        3. Men get divorce-raped because the State made it possible to do so.
          In some countries women that file for divorce won’t get a penny from the State so leaving their husband means leaving their source of income and no government dole or anything to replace it.
          In those countries women think twice about leaving their husband.

        4. Most countries outside the West are like that.
          Divorce rape can only flourish when government hand-outs are plentiful
          and divorce is socially acceptable.
          In most countries men shun divorced women.
          Divorced women most likely never find a new partner.
          It’s only in the west that things are so F’ed up…

        5. If you want one example of a country where you will never get divorce-raped ;
          In the Philippines divorce is outlawed.
          According to the law marriage is for life !

        6. Well I think living in a state where a guy like Duterte is ruling isnt exactly what I think of as “decent living”. Whats next? Colombia? Venezuela?

        7. I fully agree with you on that. But lets be honest – You will hardly find a place on earth that has a good and safe(!) living standard without the fkked up laws that make starting a family impossible or highly risky.

        8. At the moment I’m considering Vietnam.
          The economy is booming, Saigon is modern and westernised but other parts of the country are still very traditional and conservative.
          Population; buddhists, taoists, catholics and protestants etc.
          Great ethnic diversity (hill tribes)…
          Great work ethic, good moral values (Confucianism dominates the culture)

        9. Honestly I don’t know much about South Korea (I think it’s kinda west-influenced today) and Laos, but as these countries also are kinda strict when it comes to immigration plus the hard to learn-language it doesnt sound very appealing to me. May be peaceful south-american countries like uruguay and argentina might be a solution, but idk

        10. you are fucking right!!! In Mexico after the divorce everything is split in half, House, car, money in the bank, but after that, NO ALIMONY!! She can take half your shit but after that is her problem, here women will file for divorce only when they have a safety net, better know as the other guy ready to support her. The Cheating wife are common here. They can´t leave their husband because it would be an inconvenience. But SHhhhtth.
          In Mexico there is a myth that the Mexican guys are chauvinistic (machistas machos) but int reality Mexican guy are the most pussified guys in Latin America. So here there is a macho guilt where Mexican millennials virtue signal their gender equality, rejecting everything macho and manly. Being macho is a sin. If you don´t like the ginocentric impose laws they will shame you with the worst insult, “machista”, Here SJW call you machista is the equivalent of “You are racist” in America. Look I´m sooo progressive I´m not machista, hurr hurr dur. And you wonder why cheating wife is rampant in mexico (Mas de la mitad traen los cuernos en la cabeza)

    2. I’m not sure about that. every important and genuine relationship involves both people emotionally. How do you expect building a bond without that ?
      and the vasectomy… Geez, you don’t want children ?
      Choose wisely before committing, that’s all this article wanted to teach us.

      1. I am 30 years old, work as a physician and meet a lot women who are way out of my league. Basically because I am a guy with “status”. Do you really think I fall for that trap?
        And no, I do not want children. Its terrible to see what has happened to modern society. I could not stand the thought of throwing an innocent life on this planet.

        1. Well… what can I say….
          You fell for the globalist gospel;
          “The world is a horrible place and overcrowded with evil humans that are destroying the planet.
          People should stop putting children on this planet because there is already too much suffering in the world.”
          I’ve got leftist social justice warrior friends that repeat exactly the same mantra.
          Do you realise that most people on this planet don’t fall for this bull$hit ?
          The refugees in Europe surely don’t and they are outbreeding us.
          Western culture is dying rapidly because the globalists managed to program the native population of western countries not to have children.
          Don’t fall for it !

        2. I would use your “status” or whatever you want to label it. Its still just as much a part of you as a man as any other attribute. Why shouldn’t you date a couple notches higher if you can? That doesn’t mean you get emotionally (or financially) invested in women you date. It just means take advantage of what you’ve worked for. You gave up your party years in college when you could have got laid and instead crammed for bio-chem exams. Now enjoy some pay back time.

        3. Much of the alt-right bullshit is just as much a joke as the leftist bullshit. A man only has children because he wants them. Not because anybody in society tells him what to do.

        4. I don’t think it is alt-right bull$hit.
          Statistics don’t lie.
          Birth rates of native europeans are below replacement levels.
          Those of the immigrants above replacement levels.
          Do the math…. no ideology involved.. just numbers.
          Parenthood is part of the rich human experience and extremely natural and useful.
          Refusing parenthood seems very unnatural selfishly stupid and illogical to me.
          Only demoralised, indoctrinated, damaged people don’t feel the desire to procreate.
          Relying on government pensions and retirement homes to take care of the elderly is a western concept and doomed to fail when economies collapse.
          Parents bring up children and children take care of their elderly parents.
          This is the logical and natural failsafe cycle.
          Relying on third parties like governments and businesses to do it is setting yourself up for failure and it’s a great way to destroy culture and civilisation.

        5. Then do your duty to western civilization and have few extra children for the rest of the manosphere.

        6. I am trying but I can only so much.
          My leftist friends don’t want to have kids because this responsabilty would severely mess up their hedonistic sex drugs and rock’n’roll party lifestyle.
          Some of ’em are healthy but lazy and on the dole for more than 20 YEARS !
          What a bunch of selfish irresponsible airhead parasites….

        7. Well yes I do use my status. But I aint no fool to say it like Mr.T. I am still very young looking as I was in my teens and back in the day women did not care for me. Now I am ten years older and date women in the 18-22 range.
          But of course I know that they wouldnt date or have sex with me if I would be a janitor. (No offense to janitors)

        8. Okay I get your point. But you cannot compare muslim family structures to modern european society. I had arabic collegues who were asking me why I wasnt married.
          They were surprised to hear how men are cut short of their rights in the west. In their culture women divorce is nearly non-existent.
          The risk of losing a lot of money and ending up with a demon of wife in a sexless marriage is just too high for the sole benefit of having children.

        9. All men use what they have to maximize their social options. The man who spends 10 years in the gym to get jacked, or the doctor who spent 10 years in university. You worked for it now enjoy the benefits that come with it. As physician with status just don’t get overweight, don’t have stupid haircut, don’t be boring. You aren’t going to find any woman who isn’t going to see you as beta bucks, so you game them a different way.

        10. So you’re morally superior because you are running a puppy mill. Think of it that way if you want.

        11. Gender dynamics are completely messed up in the West.
          The globalists have used scientific methods, with feminism, Hollywood, the media and education as their tools to socially engineer Western society in order to mould it according to their evil political agenda.
          They have used our human weaknesses, some are specifically male or female, to mess up relations between men and women so marriages fail and broken families will be the result.
          Divide to weaken and to control the population with greater ease.
          You are right not to get married with a brainwashed manhating western gal, but don’t give up on marriage completely !
          It’s like job hunting…
          It you are looking for a decent job and none are available in your neighbourhood / city / region / country… you pack your bags and you move to greener pastures elsewhere !
          The alternative is staying put and complain about the situation so you become a frustrated bitter old man…
          Try to be smart and get the hell out of the western $hitholes if you want a decent wife.

        12. It’s not about moral superiority at all.
          It’s about being pragmatic.
          People that systematicly rely on government hand-outs are not free, but slaves of the government.
          It’s all about freedom and taking responsiblity of one’s life.
          If you are too dishonest intellectually or just too stupid to see my point I can not help you.
          Having children so they can take care of you later when you are too old to provide and take care of yourself is extremely pragmatic and natural.
          It makes a lot of sense and has worked perfectly well since the dawn of humanity.
          Relying on third parties to take care of the elderly is dehumanising, stupid and irrational in so many aspects that I don’t even know where to start.

        13. Well I am here to learn…what advices can you give me? I truly don’t believe in monogamous relationships and love til death 😉

        14. well, you need to look how she behave with others. look if she is bitchy a feminist or if she follow what is popular (dress style, way to speak etc) in society, it’s generally indicate that she is a sheep who can be influenced and untrusworthy. you need to observe her to know if she is trustworthy if she have her own personnality.
          it’s a little complicate to explain, it’s something you learn when you date a lot of women and analyse them

        15. Boy i am nowhere near america and definetely will not have any offspring to serve whitey’s quest for demographic leadership

  16. One thing you did not mention, and far surpasses any that you mentioned. Ethics.
    You cannot enter into a relationship with anyone you do not trust in private or business, let alone who you marry.
    While dating, I probably could have pulled a 8 or better, I had red pill wisdom, a healthy lifestyle, a civil engineering major. My wife is about a 6 or 6.5, but I chose her because she had stellar ethics. She insisted 10 o’clock curfew, although dating several guys, at the time I was her first kiss (it took about a year of keeping her on the dating rotation), virgin on wedding night…..I think you get the point.
    It paid off. We have a happy marriage with six kids. She does her best to fulfill her responsibility, as do I.

    1. On my final wife and the long ride through the women has proven these points to me. My current, and final, wife ticked all those boxes.

      1. If you are talking about the 6 boxes that the author mentioned, I would agree. They are important.
        Femininity, personality, her love towards you, that can ebb and flow a bit. We hit a lull about our second year, but we changed some things up and things are now better than ever.
        Domestic skills can and will be learned. Starting out, it was cheese sauce on macaronni or stir fry for awhile. But as time went on, her skills improved. She is now doing things like making dresses for our daughters.
        Interests are immaterial, you do what she likes, and she does what you like on occasion. Interests change as you grow.
        Her family is telling, how they act is a strong indicator on if you can trust her. As long as you are not living in her mom’s basement, it really isn’t too important if you get along though. She becomes your wife, you don’t become their son.

        1. I was referring to your list. My 25 year old virgin bride confessed to me two weeks before our wedding that I was the first “boy” she had ever kissed. All our dates were chaperoned, and I had to live with her family for a week before they would let me date their daughter. My wife did have 0 domestic skills as she had always had servants to do all the cooking and cleaning. The biggest cultural shock she had was that we had no servants. When she called to complain about being expected to do yaya’s (maid’s) work her mother told her, and this is a quote, “You are married now, rollup your sleeves, get off your ass, and get to work.” I really appreciate my mother in law. Her other important advice to my wife was, “Keep his balls drained; if you don’t the woman down the street will.”

        2. Our first kiss was horrible, she puckered up like a blowfish and we bumped teeth. I thought it was quite endearing. About a month later, I proposed at the same spot.

        3. I will add evidence of that. When she told me I was her first kiss it was completely believable because her inexperience was palpable. She had never been allowed to even cross the street without a male family member to escort her. She was also incredibly body shy. Of course, 9 years later, most of that has gone away. One thing that has stuck is her upbringing conditioned her that public displays of affection are just not proper. The door to the bedroom has to be closed and locked and distant enough for everyone and anyone that they can’t hear. Often the TV has to be on and loud.
          I will add that due to my many bad experiences I was screening hard. I wanted a long good look at her, her family, and most importantly, her mother. I took two years to take the plunge. Her family took the same attitude about me.

        4. About 6 years ago, my wife bought this book called “And they were not ashamed” By Laura Brotherson. It is for religious couples where the wife is uncomfortable about her sexuality. We read it out loud for about 15 minutes each night together. It really helped her get past the uncomfortable prudeness. Although it is geared towards women, it is worth reading with her, and there are some good pointers in there.

        5. I made a rule right off the bat that it was naked in the bedroom. That and other things got her over the prudishness in private. Unfortunately over time, I have come to regret this rule. We live where it is quite cold in the winter and often I am quite comfortable in my flannel or fleece jammies. Then we go to the bedroom and she says, “Naked in the bedroom.” I try to say that rule only applied to her, and not to me. So far that has carried no weight.
          As to prudish about sexual matters, that is not part of the Filipino culture. They are remarkably open about sex, it is just totally restricted to marriage. My wife says sex is holy, within marriage. I had a friend whose Filipina wife caught him in flagrante, and was considering divorcing him. She discussed it with us and, in the end, said she couldn’t because then she could never have sex again. Marriage is once and done in the Philippines, and sex outside of marriage is taboo.

        6. I like your story because I am planning to apply the same strategy.
          Find a girl from a very conservative and traditional background and check out her family.
          I like the whole chaperone thing, it’s excellent…
          No premarital sex… I wouldn’t have it any other way.
          Just perfect !
          Congratulations you lucky bastard !

        7. Haha. My mom always said you don’t want your man digging on the neighbor’s trash- keep him well fed. They were married 52 years before he died….cancer.

  17. I think these criteria are fair and a good indication of how invested a woman is in you. Some will develop overtime, but others are instant like the way she looks at you. Most girls are very deceptive of how much interest they show because they do not want to stick their next out and get quickly hurt. But I’ve noticed a few girls recently in my life change the way they look at me when I’ve exuded confidence as well as how I’ve carried myself in public.

  18. These were preached over and over on ROK. It’s so… generic and common. I’m around your age, and even I think this is bland. It’s so generic it feels like a re-post of previous articles. You were just listing things. You didn’t come up with something new. You didn’t “trigger” readers’ curiosity. You didn’t give them food for thought; something to think about.
    Doesn’t mean to disrespect, Kyle. I say it as it is. Take it as a constructive criticism and positive feedback and use it to improve your next articles in the future. You can do better, man. Cheers.

  19. this is a very meh list. terrible article and some of it simply is not true like:
    “but if they rave about who she is at a person, it’s gold.”
    sorry….this is a flat out lie. guys will yes tell you if she is a bitch when she isnt around but plenty of times they will say her personality is gold. she is awesome especially because according to the blue pill minded souls, all girls everywhere shit gold constantly. so this is a horrible standard
    you also didnt touch on her college degree or time spent in college or her financial situation….for instance i am avid dave ramsey fan but one area where he is completely fucking stupid as hell is encouraging husbands to bail out their now stay at home wives 100k student loans…..like fuck no….im not marrying a 100k student loan. this should be one of the top priorities….what are her finances like.
    i’d also give her a political questionnaire too. and ask her what she thinks about God.

    1. politics are pretty huge, especially now where there are no “red pilled” democrats as it is just not possible given how far the regressive left has fallen from true liberalism.

  20. I’d also add her financial status to this list, especially of you’re looking to play the marriage game. Domestic skills, femininity, and girly hobbies don’t pay the bills and no matter how great she is otherwise, if she is reckless with her own money then your relationship is going to fail.
    You’ll be able to spot this almost immediately. Does she have a jillion pairs of designer shoes? Does she always show up with a different yet equally overpriced status handbag from the likes of Gucci, Coach, etc.? Is she obsessed with expensive, designer brands?
    Remember, women are incapable of acting on anything other than impulsive emotions. This includes finances. They’ll quite happily throw down a grand on some hideous handbag to show up their friends and will have no problem spending $30 a day on just Starbucks alone rather than be fiscally responsible. The last thing you’re going to want is to get into an LTR and possibly marry a woman with fifty grand in credit card debt and a Mercedes that she is one more late payment away from reposession.

    1. I agree whole-heartedly. My wife earns decent money and repairs her clothes. It liberates so much of my time that would go slaving to buy crap.

  21. 8. Is she a virgin?
    (virgins have a much higher % of marriage success)
    9. Was she raised outside the anglo-west?
    (the cultural depravity here in the states is extreme and no one is left untouched)
    10. Does she drink?
    (Seriously what have the chicks who frequent bars and clubs done in their time? How much does the chance of cheating increase with a woman that drink?)

  22. This is an excellent article. I really like the part where you say:
    “However, if she knows that you appreciate those kind of domestic skills and then makes the effort to learn them, then you may have one worth keeping around.”
    In my experience this is very true. If a woman is willing to learn and genuinely open minded, then she can often grow into a wonderful partner. If she’s stuck in her ways, then she better be stuck in good ways or she’ll be a waste of time.

  23. Generally agreed, especially the hobbies part and the part about her relationship with her father. Those are two very strong correlations.

  24. question, is it worth getting divorced if you think the woman is too far gone on the blue pill? i.e. herself and family members making comments of me being white/conservative, even though they are all part white mixed black? i cant stand the idea that the country could have headed down the hillary path (more immigration, islam coddling, white blaming, neo-feminism, etc) and her and her familys support for that horrible failure turned me off like crazy. kids will be part of what they are raised with and that fact has made me realize how damaging ideological differences can be. what are your thoughts on this. she has “the look” but also fails the domestic tasks bullet point

  25. Wow. This is the first thing I’ve read on here that actually makes complete sense.

  26. The football thing is a red flag because she will usually be the only girl soaking up all the male attention in a group of guys watching the game. In other words, an attention whore.

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