7 More Misleading Leftist Concepts That Pretend To Be Positive But Are Not

Years ago, when I struggled to get rid of my own leftist conditioning—such as automatically considering “equality” as good and such-and-such-“isms” as bad—I noticed a rather peculiar phenomena: every time a SJW talks, he or she always uses the same words and repeats the same catchphrases like mantra.

“As we live under masculine domination…” or “machismo kills, feminism doesn’t”—which, by the way, are both untrue—appear every time in their posts, at the beginning of everything they say. Post after post, they always use the same semantic gear. “Patriarchy”, “privilege”, “gender”, “heteronormative”… Those people seem completely locked up inside their own discourse.

For a moment I almost pitied them. Then I realized how much they foster and are responsible for degeneracy.

A motivated, organized, intolerant clique among a disorganized and divided society is a timebomb. Members of the wimpy majority will rather negotiate and surrender, especially over small things, than risk getting bullied by the aggressive clique with no one around daring to defend them. History of the last decades follows closely the maneuvers of these vanguards in a permissive environment. Muslims managed to make everyone eat halal, as the slaughterhouses would rather do everything halal than two separate slaughter tracks. The same way, SJWs pushed their crazes and framings in the mainstream: they may be locked inside their own perspective but also succeed at locking us in it, too.

To stop aggressive leftists from helicopter guiding people and culture, we have to not only show the falsehood of their pretended issues or the reality and legitimacy of ours, but to dismantle the very frames they brainwashed us with to condition our views. Last week, I briefly did this with “equality”, “social justice” and “open-mindedness”—the way they use it—, and now we’re tackling some more.

1. “Tolerance” or “toleration”

Initially, tolerance means the capacity or habit to put up with something unpleasant or unlikable. One tolerates something on the grounds that one cannot act on said thing without creating greater problems, so tolerating is the least bad outcome available, or that one cannot act on said thing at all. In other words, tolerance means resignation.

When it comes to religion, culture, or politics, a plea for tolerance is an intimation of passivity. When X asks Y to be more “tolerant”, he is asking Y to let him do more while also implicitly accusing him to be “intolerant.” If Y falls into the trap, Y will defend himself from the accusation despite the fact that he hasn’t actually done a thing, will remain passive and insecure, whereas the one who pretended to be victim of “intolerance” and asked for “tolerance” will have more room to further his own interests.

Historically, Y is the one who loses. In the course of the eighteenth century, so-called Enlightenment intellectuals repeatedly asked for more tolerance from the Catholic Church whereas they were promoting irreligious ideas that rejected both the throne and altar. The cultural bath they created allowed for the emergence of a violent upheaval, the Revolution of 1789. Thus was the “tolerant” and weak Ancien régime shattered in blood by aggressive, noble- and divine-hating Sans-culottes. In all likelihood, had the Catholic Inquisition been a real thing, the secularist Revolution would have never happened—it would never have gathered the forces and opportunities to topple the social edifice.

Dispossession, passivity, and being bludgeoned into “toleration” all go together. No one asked the feminists or BLM activists to be “tolerant.” In the name of fighting intolerance, Leftists have always been the most aggressive and intolerant of all political factions. It is a perverse game where the one who holds, so the speak, the sword of “tolerance” can do anything while accusing his victim of “intolerance.”

2. “Antiracism” and “diversity”

When Boasians and other biology-denying leftists took over the colleges, whites got punished for having gathered a thorough, scientific anthropology. Boasians demonized relevant issues around heredity and screamed “racist!” at anyone thinking there is more than environmental effects in men’s nature. “Racism”, then, was attributed to whites only, making the race card a purely anti-white thing. Conservatives have so much internalized this they sometimes still talk about “reverse racism” when they notice blacks attacking white people on the grounds of their skin color.

“Antiracism” is, basically, anti-whiteness. It does not exist outside the Western world. Africans can be Afrocentric, Asians are allowed to identify with their countries, and only the West is condemned to the melting-pot boil. “Antiracist” leagues and personalities constantly ignored anti-white prejudice, attacked those who denounced anti-white racism, supported race-baiters and sometimes openly gloated about the population replacement we are undergoing.

Of course, like most other leftist framings, “antiracism” covers a consummate hypocrisy: if whites are so “oppressive”, why insisting to live in white countries? And what is the problem with whites having their own interests? Everyone has. We have legitimate interests and rights too. Isn’t deeming our interests intrinsically “oppressive” the kind of essentialism that leftists pretend to reject in the name of antiracism? Pseudo-antiracists stay because they are only too happy to steal and destroy what we built while also nourishing their own wicked righteousness.

3. “Minority”

Just as “equality”, this one originally had a quantitative meaning. When citizens choose between two candidates at an election, their choices pile into two sets, and the candidate with the greater set wins. The more numerous are a majority, the less so are a minority. Nothing more. Some thinkers, from David Hume to Simone Veil, noticed that the enshrining of divisions into permanent political parties cut at the very root of sociability, as parties tend to muster activists, thus dividing the population into rival factions.

Nowadays, a “minority” refers to an identity built on the model of the Marxist class: a “minority” is a purportedly dominated or “oppressed” group with specific interests. The minoritarian identities have been mostly built by skilled agitators: women did not think of themselves as a separate, not to say antagonist group before mentally sick lesbians and other misfits spun it to them. It is crucial to distinguish between minoritists—seditious agitators who pretend to speak in the name of a particular social category—and purported “minorities”—that mostly existed in the imagination of minorists before they were engineered at a mass scale.

Minoritarian identity is inherently accusatory and conflict-prone, as it is based on purported wrongs that ought to be avenged repaid. No “minority” can exist without dividing society as a whole and harming general sociability, the same way than a class in the specifically Marxist sense finds its identity into asserting a separate interest at the expense of the other members of society. Does it not speak for itself that Have-It-All™ fat, overrated, pampered women in power suits complain about bogus issues or invent a “rape culture” out of thin air when more and more men struggle for less and less?

4. “Youth”

When the baby-boomers were young, they celebrated themselves as different from and cooler than what had been before. Now, the baby-boomers are quite old, but the mainstream culture keeps reflecting their views. One of the strains of said culture seems to follow a “youth cult”, and if you look closely, the cult is rather strange: “young” is the thuggish, pro-graffiti, hip-hop culture, “young” are leftists even when they are actually old, “young” are the cougars. Only conservatives and former nice guys are not young.

“Youth” is for the baby-boomers and their appointed ideological heirs. “Youth” is what they define as such, not what is actually young in age. “Youth” cultists have indeed no problem deriding the young who don’t fit their warped definition of youth. 15-year-old 4chaners are “losers” without age and 35-year old hipsters are fresh.

I have noticed a related phenomenon: cunning old men doing a big show of exhibiting signs of youth, such as sporting a leather jacket and tattoos, conversing about rap and video games, then either using their own superior sexual market value to pick up millennial girls—at the expense of millennial guys—or remembering they are older to justify lecturing us about the life conditions of today that they mostly don’t know.

5. “Undocumented” immigrants, “refugees”, “cultural enrichment”

These are all positive words whitewashing people whose presence is at best an embarrassment, at worst an act of aggression. Illegal immigrants are so because, by coming or staying without authorization, they disrespect the law and commit a crime. Eventually they try to get rewarded for their crime by getting regularized. Then, they

  • commit other crimes, especially theft and rape
  • take much more jobs than they could ever create, and accept a low wage, thus lowering most people’s wages and increasing the competition to jobs, just as they do with the European women they try to notch
  • earn welfare, either directly as money, food, shelter… or indirectly through free subsidized services, of course paid by the legal citizen
  • become a cultural and demographic threat, replace the native population with the help of traitorous urban elves who despise their genuine and legitimate co-citizens.

All this is put aside or downright denied by wishful thinking. I suggest we push for the truth by simply calling them what they are—invaders, criminals, unfair competition, illegitimate replacement.

6. “Inclusiveness”

Another buzzword that covers at the same time an immature, pathological view of reality and a lot of hypocrisy. First, the existence of limitations is normal and consubstantial to the world we are living in. Limitations suppose differences, exteriority, and ultimately exclusiveness: only a finite set of beings are inside, the rest is outside. The problem came with modernity refusing boundaries as if they were evil, either through a capitalism that would force reluctant countries into globalized trade or through a socialism that pretended to convert everyone to its own notion of “justice.”

The rejection of all boundaries, the desire to blend everything with everything, shows a child-like view. Mature adults accept the existence of limitations, if only so that they can focus on the interests of their own instead of balancing between ruthless selfishness and self-identification with some fashionable “cause” from the other end of the world.

Second, when the Left argues for inclusiveness, they are as hypocritical as when they ask for tolerance. Their notion of inclusiveness means including shades of Leftism, urban groups, professional victims, celebrities… and do as if it was “inclusive” when the majority of Westerners are actually pushed aside, thanks to globalization and anti-white charges. Ultimately, the pseudo-inclusive Left excludes swiftly and silently its non-members while accusing them of being responsible of their own exclusion, so that it can maintain its pretense at “inclusiveness.”

7. “Emancipation”

In the aftermath of the 1789 Revolution, the German philosopher Immanuel Kant came up with the word “Enlightenment” to sell the loose intellectual fermentation of the eighteenth century as a positive phenomenon. “Enlightenment”, Kant said, is about emancipating oneself from higher supervision. Following the usual eighteenth century narrative, this meant freeing the merchants and bourgeois from spirituality and nobility. Of course it wasn’t long before later thinkers like Karl Marx took up the idea and applied it, not to the third caste—the free, self-owned producers—but to the fourth—the servants unable to be trusted with owning their livelihood.

“Emancipation” in the early Leftist thought was the rejection of a traditional caste order, the desire to smash down all boundaries. “Emancipationists” pretended they acted in the name of “justice”, “progress” and other feel-good words, but in truth their views ushered in a jumble impossible hopes, tyrannies—as one’s boundaries are his neighbours’ landmarks—, passes for envy and greed, self-complacency, utter disrespect for traditions and cultural identities, professional victimhood and blackmailing, not to forget the Have-It-All™ lifestyle.


Judging by the comments under some of my former critical pieces, it seems like all of us do not tackle the problem from the same point of view. Some are unwilling to recognize the importance of such or such actor in the chaotic metapolitical struggle of the twentieth century. Some seem uncomfortable with the traditional point of view as it is associated with castes groups. Whatever our disagreements, I think the main if not only enemy is cultural Marxism, and we ought to focus on dismantling it, here, on social networks, on the media, in mainstream culture… in other words, everywhere, until it collapses under the weight of its own past credibility.

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397 thoughts on “7 More Misleading Leftist Concepts That Pretend To Be Positive But Are Not”

  1. Tolerance – Praising of everything non-white and non-heterosexual
    Antiracism – Hatred of White people
    Minority – non-whites and degenerates
    Youth – Non-Whites and degenerates
    Refugees – Non-White savages (we don’t need refugees from Ukraine or South Africa)
    Inclusiveness – Accepting everything non-white and degenerate
    Emancipation – Disregarding rules made by conservative males
    Are you starting to get it ?
    Do you see what progressivism is really about ?
    I think there was a name for this phenomena, but I forgot what it was … Maybe you can remind me ?
    Something to do with United Nations conventions …

        1. Yep. It is happening. Called White Genocide. Eradicating the European, Christian, White minority from the face of the Earth. Long term Jewish plan, using colored masses as proxies.

        2. pretty strange, I don’t see White Christian people being herded into camps, forced starvations etc

        3. I did. Look for pictures of the Holodomor, for forced starvation. Or the Gulags for camps.
          My own country was under Communist rule for more than 40 years.
          All this done by the same people: Liberal-Bolshevik Jews, who are doing the present White Genocide.
          In the past, they used the proletariat to gain power, and the Red Army as their proxy for killing. Now they use women, colored people, and gays to gain power, and the Islamist migrant masses as their proxies for killing.
          What is the difference?
          It is a step-by-step process, like it was. It never starts with camps.
          As they say, there is no one so blind than those who refuse to see…

        4. Liberals whitewashed their genocide by socialism & communism out of history.
          They’ve done such so well people like you refuse to remember it happened.

        5. The problem with people like you is that you are not able of abstract thinking because your IQ is one of the lowest.
          Genocide does not necessarily mean being herded into camps, it’s defined by the replacement of an ethnic group and that is exactly what we are seeing in the western world.

        6. Generally I’m on your side, but white folk won’t be herded. Instead, we’ll be convinced that we’re doing wrong and will do anything, anything to make it right. Our altruism has been weaponized against us. Feminism/marxism/socialism are the tools being used to destroy us, and they are a bit more elegant than simple herding and shooting. And they’re far more effective.
          Birth rates in Europe from the native populations is well below replacement rates. We’re going extinct.

        7. They’ve been perfecting their sick techniques for generations. They are now ready for the final showdown. But they are going to lose terribly.

        8. I wouldnt say going extinct. European population is declining certainly but you will eventually reach a new equilibrium of birth/death ratio. Sure the population will be lower but you wont be completely gone.

        9. Read the UN convention on genocide. No camps required, nor total annihilation. Those methods don’t work that well usually anyway.
          Within three or four generations the population of the target group can be reduced by 90% or more just by reducing fertility below replacement while importing other groups and promoting miscegenation. The genes exist in mixed form, but the group is dead as the aurochs.

        10. Kill (or disable) the men impregnate the women.
          That’s how lasting conquest works.
          The Romans completely destroyed my Celtic race. In another century, red hair and green eyes will be gone from the gene pool.

        11. And that makes you what? Better by default?
          There is a striking resemblance between you and leftists.
          They like to overidentify with a victim group as to gain more privileges and to pat their ego.
          You like to overidentify with an apparent superior group as to pat your ego.
          All whilst putting all the blame for a failing civilization on kikes so you don’t ever to do or face anything.
          Truly, only the naturally weak walk such paths. Have you not been beaten enough, you little shit?
          I’d rather be a man with no legs and arms and a completely messed up gene set than to be you.
          What you were given by sheer luck only matters in the extent in how you can utilize it to achieve greatness.
          Anything else is null. You are null.

      1. White men are to thank for every privilege we have. But you wouldn’t know that from listening to MTV…

        1. Derek & The Dominoes. Great fuckin album. Used to listen to that one in the White House while tripping up liberal faggots. Let it rain, commie bastards.

        2. The little birdie-sound Duane Allman makes with his guitar, at the end of Layla, is delightful.
          “In 1970, the recording engineer Tom Dowd brokered one of the most auspicious meetings in rock history — between guitarist Eric Clapton and the slide-guitar master Duane Allman. Clapton was working with Dowd at Miami’s Criteria Studios, attempting to shake off the bitter demise of Blind Faith with a new group that included keyboardist and singer Bobby Whitlock. After a few days of what Dowd describes as “getting sounds and breaking ice,” Allman called, curious to see the British guitar legend in person. Clapton’s group went to watch the Allman Brothers play instead, and afer the concert, the musicians partied all night, eventually repairing to the studio the next afternoon. Dowd: “We turned the tapes on, and they went on for fifteen, eighteen hours like that. I went through two or three sets of engineers.”
          Those jams — furious marathons based loosely on blues songs (Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killing Floor”) and simple riffs — set the stage for Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, a multidimensional rock landmark. Clapton was, according to legend, at loose ends durng this time: He’d fallen in love with Patti Boyd, the wife of his best friend George Harrison, and was deeply troubled — a pain evident not just on the celebrated title track he wrote with Jim Gordon, but also such apt covers as Freddie King’s sorrowful blues about messing with a friend’s wife, “Have You Ever Loved a Woman.”
          Fueled by cocaine, heroin, and Johnny Walker (“It was scary,” Whitlock recalls, because “we didn’t have little bits of anything….We had these big bags laying out everywhere”), the group went from open jamming to developing actual songs, among them the beseeching “Bell Bottom Blues.” The basic concept was rock, pitched at the whiplash frequency of Memphis soul. The band worked up nontraditional approaches to old blues (this “Key to the Highway” has a searing energy that far outstrips Clapton’s more scholarly later blues), and then recorded the masterpiece “Layla” as a suite, in stages.
          Inspired by the Persian poet Nizami’s romantic fable The Story of Layla and Majnun, Clapton wrote lyrics that expressed a worshipful devotion, and surrounded the verses with a guitar phrase, authored by Allman, that endures as a rock and roll anthem. Then, when things can go no higher, comes the postcoital cigarette — in the form of a reflective elegy, written on piano by Gordon, that allows Allman and Clapton to have a more leisurely discussion. Their combined mojo takes everyone to church, where the impassioned whirling-dervish embrace of two swooning, imploring guitars leads to a state of illuminated bliss. Transcendence-wise, this is as close as rock gets to Coltrane’s quartet collectively hitting the rafters at the Village Vanguard, or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan singing in an unshakable trance, or…
          -Tom Moon, 1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die, 2008.”

        3. Great pun. I will inflict it on some deserving other as the opportunity presents itself.

        4. Yes, some people held on to their AR turntables and speakers, plus the Dyna tube amplifiers. But it never did enough for me to justify the trouble. I want to get digital, digital…

      2. By White man, do you mean Slavic white, Latin white, Scandinavian white,Celtic white, Germanic white, Anglo-White?
        Didn’t the Mongolians(Khan dynasty) have a civilisation? The aztecs? Chinese ?, African kingdoms(Kushites, Nubians etc), Pretty strange no white people in those areas , must be a glitch in the matrix

        1. These are civilizations all right.
          My very own White people, the Hungarians, came from the steppes of Asia. We Hungarians are the descendants of the Huns of Attila, and we are immensely proud of it.
          Still, White, Christian, European, is OUR civilization. The others are not ours.
          It is that simple.

        2. “We Hungarians are the descendants of the Huns of Attila”
          You do know they were considered less than human by the Romans?

        3. Pray, where are those Romans? They should come and tell it to my face like it is, or else they can shut it!

        4. Didn’t the Mongolians(Khan dynasty) have a civilisation? The aztecs? Chinese ?, African kingdoms(Kushites, Nubians etc)

          1) Where are they now?
          2) You really want to live in some of these civilizations?

          Pretty strange no white people in those areas

          Pretty strange how a lot of people outside of Western Europe and the Anglosphere want to migrate to a Western country (that is, civilization founded by majority whites, especially of those of the Anglo-Germanic-Scandinavian type), risking life and limb to do so.
          Also somewhat strange that there is no reverse migration.

        5. yeah, I dont think I’d count the Huns among the “civilized”. They basically just stole shit.

        6. Actually you aren’t. You’re the descendents of the Finn-Ugaric tribes who are not Indo-European. But you’re still white.

        7. I never claimed that they are European.

        8. To these guys, being the first to industrialize and start the process of globalization=first civilization. It’s actually the Marxist “phases of history” theory at work in their minds.

        9. There are civilizations, and there are civilizations. And some civilizations are better than others. There’s a reason the language of commerce is English.

        10. That’s what first the Hapsburgs and later the Communists wanted us to believe, so that’s what their paid professors wrote in the history books.
          But we know it better. 🙂

        11. So a bunch of thiefs nearly conquered half the world? There is a little more in that story, trust me.

        12. No, the Huns and the Magyars were never yellow, slant-eyed folks. They are the former Scythians. The old Roman descriptions of Huns and Scythians is that they were White folks. That region of Asia where all of these people originate is White.

        13. “Didn’t the Mongolians(Khan dynasty) have a civilisation?”
          I seem to remember that the Mongols didn’t even have a written language before Ghenghis. According to wikipedia the secret history of the mongols is the oldest mongolian language work. Basically they were a somewhat uncouth people who united under a great general and pretty much conquered the world, absorbing culture and killing (and not exactly in that order) as they went along

        14. Germanic and Celtic are the same (probably Anglo as well), Latin … you probably mean Mediterranean race.
          The only real whites are the Celtic and Nordic.
          Everyone else is a nigger or sub race.

        15. Going from horse and buggy to landing a rocket on the moon in less than 100 years is one of those objectively fucking amazing things isn’t it?

        16. they won quite a few battles without even drawing a sword. Ghenghis would have a few of his own put on the gear of slain soldiers, then have them go farther west to the next city. These soldiers would spin horrifying tales of their lose to the Mongols; your own chance to survive would be to surrender.

        17. Tarantino should have added that little nugget to Dennis Hopper’s monologue in True Romance.

        18. He was a bit of a trouble-maker. Just imagine the retrospective child support claims that could be made against him

        19. I can’t decide whether I admire or just despise them. For the most part they were little more than a plague of locusts who destroyed great cities and civilizations – Samarkand, Baghdad …. the list is long. On the other hand as military strategists they were probably unsurpassed and in their own way they adapted to that part of civilisation they didn’t destroy.

        20. Agreed, people voting with their feet reaffirms daily the Supremecy of White Civilization.

        21. I’m American but my parents were both born in Finland, and that’s where most of my known ancestry comes from (although I’m also partly Russian). I regard myself as a White Eurasian, based upon the results of DNA analysis of the Finns such as the link that you have provided. The prevailing Y-DNA haplogroup in Finland is indeed N, which seems to have originated somewhere in Asia tens of thousands of years ago. The parent haplogroup of N is NO, which split into N and O: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_NO
          Today O is the dominant Y-DNA haplogroup of East Asia, while N stretches across northern Siberia and northern Russia into Finland and Scandinavia and dips down into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. But this presents a mystery: why are Finns and Estonians today among the most blond blue-eyed people on earth, if more than half of Finns have an East Asian paternal lineage? My own theory is that NO split into N and O before the Europoid and Mongoloid physical types had developed into their modern appearance, and that if we could resurrect an ancestral NO specimen, we would have a hard time classifying him as Europoid or Mongoloid by appearance. My theory is that the early N-haplogroup people retained this original NO appearance as they spread north into Siberia. Then those who spread east from there mixed with Mongoloids while those who spread west into Europe mixed with Cro-Magnon and Nordic types to form the modern Finno-Ugrians of Europe. So, as I said, I regard myself as a White Eurasian. No one has ever mistaken me for anything but a European, and in fact I’ve been told that I look “typically” Finnish, Scandinavian, Nordic, Eastern European, Slavic, Russian, Prussian and German. I’ve also been told that I look like “very old nobility”, a “Prussian Juncker” (my ramrod-straight military posture might have something to do with that), “one of Hitler’s boys”, “an S.S. man” and “a German tank commander”. Several people have also told me that I look like Christopher Walken or Clint Eastwood.

        22. Civilization is the art of living in cities. The Mongols had no cities of their own and destroyed many cities of other peoples. The Aztecs had cities, but also had mass human sacrifices, fuck those guys. The Kushites and Nubians invented nothing of their own, and I believe the former are/were about a third Semitic genetics. The only decent civilization you list was the Chinese and they degenerated for centuries before giving up their civilization and adopting ours
          By “White” in modern times we mean primarily descended from Western Europe inside the Hajnal line, and only secondarily of Europeans outside (E.E., Iberia, Southern Italy, etc.), and only as a figure of speech for modern Caucasoids from elsewhere. Ancient Whites are defined as the ancestors of today’s Whites going back to at least their invention of the wheel. “White” is not a binary category, there are degrees. The final test of Whiteness of a nation beyond its ancestral location is how much it contributed to Western Civilization. Albanians, Turks, Arabs, Mongols, Africans and Dravidians are not our peoples, never were, never will be.

        23. I read a book years ago called “the devils horsemen” it said the only reason he attacked Samarkand was because they killed his emissaries that he sent wanting to establish trade rights and that actually kicked off his western campaigns. Another awesome side note was that all of their soldiers were required to wear raw silk shirts underneath their armor because if they got hit with an arrow it would pierce everything but the silk and then they could slowly back out the arrow whereas everyone else would push the arrow all the way through. It had a bunch info on the army that was pretty amazing for being a “backwards people” so to speak. It even said we base our military organization off them. It’s a short book and worth a read.

        24. a blip on the timeline….
          Their failure to build or hold anything of value is why they no longer exist in the form that ‘conquered half the world’. Hell, even rioting savages in American inner cities have been known to ‘conquer’ for a tiny period of time.

        25. As I said, their descendants built a 1000 years old Christian kingdom in the middle of Eastern Europe: The Hungarian Kingdom. The House of Árpád were the direct descendants of Attila.

        26. I will check it out. I did read a book on ghenghis by john mann, which was a more generic history of his life.
          Didn’t know the background to the obliteration on Samarkand. A scorched earth approach can obviously be effective, but it does raise the question of ‘why bother if you’re going to destroy everything you conquer?’ I think the answer to that was that these were nomadic people who had a great deal of use for territory and fairly little use for cities as places of civilisation and learning. Grazing land for their horses was probably more valuable to Ghenghis and the later golden horde than the wealth of cities, although from just briefly reading around the area, it seems international trade based around the silk road became very important to the Mongols. As you suggest they manage to be complete barbarians and unschooled philistines one moment only to almost redeem there savagery the next. Still as a civilisation they didn’t exactly last, probably because they never entirely were a civilisation (except through assimilation to occupied peoples)

        27. There is a great line in the good shepherd where Matt Damon is a New England old money wasp Yale legacy and an original member of the CIA and he is talking to a mob boss played by Joe Pesci about killing Castro
          Pesci says “us Italians we have the church and our family, the Irish have their homeland, the Jews have their tradition—even the niggers, they have their music. What do you people have”
          Damon looks st him and says “we have the United States of america. The rest of you are just visiting”
          It was such a great scene. On several occasions I was in a situation where my Italian heritage simply made me a slightly more civilized nigger despite having blue eyes and very light brown almost blonde hair

        28. shouldnt you be drinking right about now?

          Tuesday flight.

          How do you numb yourself into dealing with the TSA, then?
          I prefer staying up all night so I can run convincing ‘sleep deprivation’ game on the gate agents and ‘airline security’ (insert profane description here).

        29. Them Tatar Mongold were fucking barbarians. Killed off half of Christian Hungary in the 1240s.
          Ok, I have to admit that we Hungarians, before taking up Christianity, were rouges as well, went to raiding the Christian West during the times we call “The Adventures”.
          But we are proud of them , too, they are our ancestors, not just the Christian ones. That is what national pride is about, being proud of your ancestors, no matter what.
          That is why Brits should be proud of their colonial Empire, or why Germans should own their Nazi elders. Being a “bad boy” is something masculine to be embraced even on a national level.

        30. I don’t mind the TSA. What’s the big deal really. I mean they are slow and annoying. You show up early, get in line, go through the ex ray, smile and it’s over pretty quickly

        31. What’s the big deal really.

          This is strictly my opinion, but most foreign airport security treat you with more human dignity, even accounting for cultural differences.
          TSA is like lining you up for the cattle cars in comparison.

        32. I mean it isn’t exactly fun, but I’ve never been mistreated. Maybe I’m lucky. I get in line and wait (I fly early like 6 am so not as many people) empty pockets, walk through x ray thing, put shoes back on and that’s it.

        33. Like I said, it’s just my impression. It’s just one of those things I have a strong opinion; don’t get down. 🙂
          Have I out nihilisted the nihilist? 😉

        34. Nah lol. I guess it’s just that I haven’t had an experience worse than “kind of long line”

        35. And yet they (the Romans) adopted the hunnish style of dress which we know today as the coat and tie. The tie part came from Yugoslavia, as adopted by Louis the XIV. The Slavs from that region believed that a knot of silk at the throat would ward off blows to the neck. The trousers and jacket part came from the Huns. Before that the Romans wore togas and so did the elite of the entire west.

        36. Same with the Mongols. They conquered the largest area of any empire in history but continued to live in yurts and live a nomadic existence. They created nothing and did nothing except extract tribute at the point of a sword. When they were over thrown it was as if they never existed. The same can not be said of western empires.

        37. Nope, that pretty much is it. Horse nomads that mastered horse archery at a time when the western world was militarily and economically weak.

        38. It is fascinating how those certain elements of the right are very akin to the left with their over-identification to certain groups, isn’t it?
          Why put in effort to achieve something when you can simply get gratification by over-extending a part of your identity?
          Clearly these individuals haven’t experienced enough pain in their upbringing to bring about personal growth.

        39. Damn, I need to see that film, it’s been highly recommended. Hey we all got a little savage in us, esp. us Bog Nogs, it’s all in how you harness the beast.

        40. I have to say, it doesn’t get great reviews but I am a fan

        41. Cubists made a point of admiring African art. I make a point of despising Cubism.

        42. How about Singapore? One third the population is expat, and many are registered as Permanent Residents (PR). Lee Kuan Yu seems to have built some thing that will endure.

        43. How about Singapore?

          The sidewalks are so clean you can eat off of them, but most American would probably describe the laws as ‘draconian’ and would not tolerate them.

          One third the population is expat, and many are registered as Permanent Residents (PR).

          I don’t know about Singapore specifically, but PRs are not citizens, and probably would not have political rights (for most countries).

          Lee Kuan Yu seems to have built some thing that will endure.

          Because he understood the following: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

        1. The Sumerians were Indo-European, from the Pontic steppe. Same people that founded modern Europe, Persia, India, and most other great civilizations. The people who were in Sumeria in 2000 BC are not the same Arabs that are there now.

        2. And you realize that Indo-Europeans were the COMMON ANCESTORS of these groups, and not “white people,” yes?
          And is there evidence that the Sumerians were Indo-Europeans? I thought their language was currently unable to be categorized.

        3. That sort of semantic argument doesn’t seem incredibly valuable in this case. The Indo-Europeans certainly had traits that resembled a modern “White” person”. That is problematic though, in the sense that even “White Europeans” in 2000 BC are even slightly different than “White Europeans” now. You see, your statement creates a semantic mess. The Indo-European related haplogroups are the majority haplogroups in Europe. Indo-Europeans are White, because they are the ancestors of Whites. Sorry if that seems jumbled, but you realize the mess you create when you say Indo-Europeans aren’t “White”?

        4. “The Indo-Europeans certainly had traits that resembled a modern ‘White’ person.”
          Like what, exactly?
          “The Indo-European related haplogroups are the majority haplogroups in Europe.”
          You know there’s a clear east/west Europe divide as far as haplogroups go, right?
          “Indo-Europeans are White, because they are the ancestors of Whites.”
          That’s like saying all modern people are Africans because all humans share a common ancestry in Africa.

        5. fucking heeb is obsessed with trying to “prove” that White people aren’t actually White! LOL!!!

        6. I’m waiting for the proof that the Indo-Europeans were white.
          So far, all I’ve gotten is a bunch of mental gymnastics and your usual trademark brand of making a complete and utter fool of yourself.

        7. It doesn’t matter rat boy – we know who is white and who is not, and you will NEVER be part of the club.

        8. The semantic argument is incredibly valuable to him because he’s a jew, and that’s all he has to work with. He is desperately trying to confuse people with a slight variation of the absurd “race is a social construct” trope.

        9. And exactly as I suspected, no evidence. Yet you, Andre, Jewseph Curwen, and your fellow morons will continue to mindlessly pat one another on the back and engage in your mythmaking.
          Please tell me again how the Aryans were a blond, blue-eyed people, even though they really look(ed) like Roosh.

        10. Interesting. I’d ask this regardless of context, but, no question you spend equal energy explaining to other ethnicities that they don’t belong to anything, right? I mean, you go to Zionist websites and tell Jews how they are nowadays related to a lot of different ethnicities, I’m sure, right? You’ll strike out to websites about Africans and inform them that Egyptians are semitic and that their rulers were Greek and that sub-Saharan Africa never came into play, I assume?
          I went under the assumption that you’re a normal dude for a long while, but you do seem rather….focused…in your posts as of late.

        11. When did I say anybody didn’t belong to anything?
          If some Afro-centric came along and started spamming how the ancient Egyptians were black and there was no one proving him wrong, I would jump in, but I haven’t found myself in that particular situation on this site. Likewise, if Jews were coming along saying they weren’t related to Arabs, which they are, I would say otherwise.
          I don’t see how this is relevant to this particular conversation, however. You of all people should understand that the Indo-Europeans were ancestors of (most) white Europeans, but they were not what we now refer to as white Europeans.

        12. The R1 MtDNA, carried by females and passed on to all her offspring, started in the Caucasus mountains of northern Persia. Hence the term “Caucasian”. The R1A in Eastern Europe/Persia/India and the R1B in western Europe are known as “clades” and descend from the original ancestral R1 group.

        13. “Like what, exactly”
          Colored eyes and hair, for example. These specific traits can be observed throughout the Middle East and India. If you look at “Bollywood” actors, they are often fair skinned with bright eyes – traits inherited from the Indo-European ancestors.
          “You know there’s a clear east/west Europe divide as far as haplogroups go, right?”
          R1a and R1b Haplogroups are indicative of Indo-European ancestry. That map you provided proves my point perfectly.
          “That’s like saying all modern people are Africans because all humans share a common ancestry in Africa.”
          Not quite. One has to be reasonable and establish some sort of method so as to mitigate the validity of this “regression argument” (muh Afrikuh). One way we can do this is with Y-Haplogroups. I mean, we also all came from single-celled Protozoa, but I wouldn’t suggest that I belong to the same ethnic group as a eukaryotic bacteria.

        14. 1) Pure speculation on your part. We have no evidence on what the proto Indo-Europeans looked like. And phenotype is not genotype. Punjabis may look similar to Persians, but genetically they are more closely related to any other South Asian ethnic group, including dark skinned Tamils, than they are to Persians or Europeans.
          2) Yes, it shows that they share a COMMON ANCESTOR. I don’t see what is so hard for you to understand about this.
          3) See Dominus Antonius’ comment on the origins of the R1 haplogroup and its distribution throughout the world.

        15. Which only further solidifies my point, that these populations share a common genetic/cultural ancestry. There is, however, no evidence showing that the proto Indo-Europeans were a “white” population. That is alt-right mythmaking.

        16. Race is determined by genotypes, not phenotypes. For example, dark skinned Viets and light skinned Koreans have different skin tone phenotypes, but are part of the same race. Why? Because they share the same MtDNA O haplogen genotype ancestor. Grouping humans by phenotypes was started by an Afrocentrist idiot named Diop who tried to claim Egypt as negroid.

        17. Are you trying to argue with me or are you agreeing with me? I think we’re on the same page here.

        18. It is incorrect to say “We have no evidence on what the proto Indo-Europeans looked like. We certainly can deduce a fair bit about what they looked like from how people look now who carry their genetics. There is a consensus among anthropologists at this point that the Indo-European R1 haplogroup originated in the Pontic Steppe, before immigrating into Europe and east through Central Asia.
          You seem to want the burden of proof to be on me, but I’m simply reciting the scientific consensus. How, then, do many Yazidis have blonde hair? Why do many people in Persia and India have colored eyes and such? Do you have a theory that holds up against the Kurgan hypothesis?

        19. Do you not understand what you’re saying? The R1 haplogroup, as you say, is believed to have originated somewhere in central Asia, which then DIVERGED into 2 different sub-clades, R1a and R1b. Ergo, this common ancestor was not a modern white European , or Iranian or South Asian for that matter.
          And what part of phenotype is not genotype do you not understand? Australian aboriginals look black. Morons like John Freeman would say that because they look negroid that means they are negroid. In reality, genetically they are more distant from Sub-Saharan Africans than any other population group. Some Indians and Iranians may look (to you) “white,” but genetically they are South Asian or Iranian.

    1. “we don’t need refugees from Ukraine or South Africa”
      Canada rejected refugees from south Africa, white refuges of course. But when the country get rid of the whitey and turns into complete shit with famine and war, then they will accept black refugees.
      The UN give preference to Muslim refugees in Syria but not a single yazidi or christian syrian refugee get a refuge status.

      1. We will take Canada over by force after we purge our traitors and our invaders. We’re coming for you fucks. Join our side and help us. Together we will rule all of North America.

      2. “not a single yazidi or christian syrian refugee get a refuge status.”
        Can you evidence that? If that’s true it is appalling.

        1. From 2012 to present, there have been about 271 non-Muslims admitted from Syria, including 47 Yazidis and 216 Christians of various sorts.
          There were 19,703 Moslems admitted over the same period, of these, 45 were Shiites and 19,388 were Sunnis (ISIS and allied factions are entirely Sunni).
          Total Syrian refugees from 1/1/2012 – 3/1/2017: 19,997.
          So 97% Sunni 1% Christian, 0.24% Yazidi.
          (Those are arrivals – no data on who gets refugee status.)

        2. thanks. That answers my question, more or less. Those figures do of course raise many questions, including about the over-representation of Sunnis. Having said that Assad himself is a Shia so it is fairly unsurprising that Sunni’s are the majority of those fleeing. I also quickly checked Iraq (for the last 15 years) and as far as I can tell it’s more even there. With regard to Syrian refugees what might need looking at is if politics i.e. an anti-Assad bias is contaminating a fair assessment of the case for admission: i.e. were those admitted genuinely in fear of persecution or were their applications simply expedited because they fitted the politically desirable category. The West’s argument is that Assad is persecuting his people (well some of them) so for that reason alone if such people turn up asking for asylum in western countries admitting them as persecuted refugees fleeing from a vicious regime can be seen as bolstering the case against Assad. There could well be more to it than that, but the above seems like the most obvious explanation

        3. I’m Canadian. It is mostly true. The Christians that are brought over as migrants is an extremely infinitesimal number compared to undocumented muzzie invaders.

        4. Assad is an Alawite, which is considered a heresy by the Iranian Shiites even though they’re both Twelvers. Being so close actually makes the Alawites almost more hated by the Iranians than they hate Sunnis. Assad hasn’t gone after Sunnis for being Sunnis, but the rebels have been ethnically cleansing anybody who wasn’t Sunni as well as insufficiently devout / sufficiently inconvenient Sunnis. The rebels are often of non-Syrian origins and have committed all the atrocities (aside from some aerial bombing and artillery collateral damage). The reports of the Syrian Army using gas have turned out to be false.
          Hypothesized main reasons for the preponderance of Sunnis: they lived where the fighting and breakdown of services was worst, they’re Sunnis first and Syrians second, and they were encouraged by their fellow Sunnis in the West and assisted by NGOs promoting the invasion of Europe. Other sects are discouraged from joining by the Sunnis in the West who hate them, as well as by the NGOs who don’t want the invading army to start warring among its factions. Assad is no doubt happier about Sunnis leaving than the other groups, but he has little ability to prevent those who really want to leave from doing so. It could also be that other nations just aren’t taking those from the government-run areas of Syria as refugees.

        5. thanks for your reply, which is informative. I wasn’t aware of the Alawite Shia / Iranian Shia tension. If that results in the Iranians hate the Syrian Alawites, does that necessarily translate into political tension – I am not that familiar with the regional politics but it’s normal to see Assad and Iran as on the same team – is that just because of a common enemy in the West etc?
          “Hypothesized main reasons for the preponderance of Sunnis: they lived where the fighting and breakdown of services was worst, they’re Sunnis first and Syrians second, and they were encouraged by their fellow Sunnis in the West and assisted by NGOs promoting the invasion of Europe. ”
          A lot of that makes sense. The more I think about it, the more it seems like an issue that would be worthy of further investigation, particularly with regard to the role of NGOs. It does make sense that most Syrian refugees would be Sunni, but equally it fits the anti-Assad narrative a bit too well. The more pertinent issue though is whether these Sunnis have any kind of jihadi background. Not sure about the US, but in Europe, it’s not very clear how they are vetted

        6. The more I think about it, the more it seems like an issue that would be worthy of further investigation, particularly with regard to the role of NGOs.

          You might as well say “Soros” and/or “US State Dept” instead of NGOs.
          Russia banned them, and I think that Hungary is banning them too (or at least told Soros to take his $ and stick it where the sun don’t shine).

        7. One other thing since you mention the Twelvers I understand the Mahdi is an important end-time figure. I keep hearing this or that guy is supposed to be the Mahdi or a false Mahdi or something, for instance some considered Erdogen’s nemesis Gulen might be the Mahdi until that failed coup last year – do you think such prophesies have any bearing on regional politics over there (i.e. how people think over there?).

        8. As far as I can tell It’s like the US Christians who think they’re going to get raptured before retirement. There are many like that among the Moslems, but they generally aren’t in charge. The mainstream theology is that Allah will do as he pleases, nothing can alter fate, yet predicting it is forbidden to anyone today since Mohammad was the last prophet. The Mahdi thing has a history of dozens of failed predictions and resulting losses to supporters. The imams that matter today aren’t going to go for any Mahdi that doesn’t literally walk on water. I’m sure the CIA and others have looked at the idea of creating a Mahdi and not gone forward due to it being impractical. A caliph is about as high as they find it worthwhile to go.

        9. thanks. I need to read up on islamic theology and it’s variations. It’s interesting that you think that Imam’s would be resistant to the idea of a (false) Mahdi. Yes, rumour has it that Gulen was a CIA asset of some kind (and it would make sense given presence and status in the US in exile) although the claim that he was about to be put forward as some kind of Mahdi figure that would unite Islam could be fanciful – assuming the idea wasn’t just conspiracy theory (which it might be) what reason would there to be to think he would unite rather than divide? The Caliphate is another matter of course. It’s difficult to know what to think here. Since Trump and Tulsi Gabbard etc it’s almost mainstream to attribute a US / CIA role in the creation and / or subsequent history of the Islamic state, yet the allegation that the US might have sponsored or supported ISIS insofar as they could be used as a weapon against Assad for instance is quite different from the suggestion that it might serve US / western (etc.) interests to promote the growth of an Islamic caliphate of some sort in the middle east.

  2. This all an attempt to destroy the western political model and replace it with an authoritarian regime. The leftists know they can’t come out and say what their true intentions are, so they have to hide them under the guise of “compassion,” “tolerance,” and “open mindedness.”
    Think about it, what traditional institution that has been present in this country since it’s founding that hasn’t been directly assaulted by the left? They have waged a war on traditional values and tried to destroy anyone in their way.
    They made the Christian man, and his American values out to be an oppressor while imposing real oppression on us while we were too busy trying to live a good life.

    1. Nothing new under the Sun.
      All Uncle Joe Stalin wanted was world-peace, and improving the living conditions of the proletariat world-wide.
      Or so he said…

  3. […] us, the millennial generation.
    I think the entire readership here was just (if indirectly) referred to as millennials. That’s gonna raise a few eyebrows. 😀

      1. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week but, umm, it’s not quite enough. I think we’re going to need some reparations, too. How much money do you people have?

        1. What’s this some sort of millenial crypto-speak nonsense? Do I put that in the Atari? You kids get off my lawn!

        2. I’ve had the same TV for 25 years. Radio? 25 years. Now you tell me after 5 years I need a Atari? Preposterous! That will never catch on.

    1. Outside of a few true old timers (not me) I think that this is a GenX/Millenial venture. The manosphere I mean.

  4. Equality is a myth, it exists nowhere in nature. Racial “equality” is as mythical as gender “equality”. At this point there are no non-violent solutions remaining; race war and revolution are inevitable and necessary! 14/88!!!!

    1. Gas The Kikes – Race War Now!!!
      Ethnic cleansing is the way to go, and I do not relish it, but what can we do? The die is cast, there is no way back.

      1. That’s been tried over and over. It doesn’t work. Its like saying “get rid of crime” or cockroaches….
        Perpetual vigilance is the key. Identify, isolate, and stamp out problems as they happen. There is no one-time fix-all.

        1. That’s why it’s called the FINAL Solution. Only a fool leaves a small number of cockroaches or termites living in his house, on the grounds that just a few won’t hurt. You have to stamp out every single last one. Personally I’m for expulsion but I know they won’t go for it, so that kind of narrows the options, right? You are talking about a people with so much chutzpah that they will never even yield a millimeter of ideological ground except under brute force.

        1. Makes you think if it was pre-planned by them, probably aiming and war-profiteering…

      1. Even that’s not true. We are born with vastly different intellectual and physical potential, due to our genetics. Can’t we just say we are born with equal OPPORTUNITIES? Well, no we can’t because that is false as well. A man with an 80 IQ is not going to have equal opportunity to succeed in a world with 110 average IQs. That’s why separation is the only long-term solution.

      2. Did you know that black children don’t even recognize themselves in the mirror until they are 4 or 5 years old, and white children do at 2 years old?

      1. Let’s wait until they become Nazis like Pewdipie, that’s when you know things are getting better.

    Stop the presses right there!
    Your turn will come, Millennial guys, but your will-be ladies only started attending high school. Nobody is picking up any girls at your imagined “expense”.
    It is always the 30-40 age group of guys who fuck the 20-30 age group of girls!
    No ifs, not buts, no whatever.
    Nobody cares that you are young and Alt-Right and cool and hip and edgy, that you are the new counter-culture, and how better you are than any previous generations combined. Wait your fucking turn!
    If you think yourselves soo Red Pilled young cunts, you will get the concept, surely. If not – well, tough.

  6. Progressives like to talk about “reclaiming” certain fields for women or minorities. I saw some idiotic commercial where this lesbian Euro hag was being uplifted as a model for women in the EDM industry by some African people.
    They always speak as though there is some grand conspiracy to suppress female or immigrant talent; in truth they just suck.

  7. This isn’t exactly related however-
    I have noticed the republicans lately, I’ve been voting for them for years because there’s no way I’m ever voting democrat. They always say,”we are the party of limited government! We are the party of lower taxes! We want to cut the budget!” During the latter half of the Obama administration they voted like 40 times to repeal the ACA. They knew it wouldn’t happen, it was just a smokescreen. Now they have a president willing to sign off on it and…..nothing. They have a president who introduces a budget with REAL cuts instead of fuzzy math and….nothing, they are running from it like ghetto dwellers running from jobs. They talked for months about the American Hearing Protection Act(removing suppressors from the NFA) now they have a president who would probably sign off on it and ….nothing.
    This shit isn’t going to straighten out until we decide to take charge and I don’t see that happening.

    1. The votes for repeal were merely symbolic, since they knew it had no chance to pass (President Obama would have had to sign it ffs). But now that actual change is possible, the Republicans suddenly realize they have to answer for whatever results come of their actions, so they are much more hesitant to step forward. It is much easier to vote for something when it has no chance of passage rather than a precedent with rather volatile consequences.

      1. That’s what I’m saying, they are just fronting, telling people what they want to hear but, not doing it.

      1. They are certainly now being exposed for the fakes they are, democrat light.

    2. I agree; Republicans don’t have an alternate plan in place and ready to go (after 8 years?!), because they thought they’d be able to keep whipping-up artificial avarice and blaming the Democrats for something that’s working very well for the Big-Money Makers, all around.

      1. “whipping-up artificial avarice and blaming the Democrats”
        So forcing me to give up my $278/mo insurance and forcing me to pay $512/mo so Mammy Jemammy can bring little Jamal for “pediatric dentistry” is artificial???
        BTW, why do pre-schoolers need any dentistry? Don’t those baby teefus eventually fall out anyway?
        Just another way to bleed y-t…

        1. AutomaticSlim; you know how difficult it is for people to understand what you’re saying when you leave your teeth out; Fixodent and Forget It, so you can contribute to the conversation.
          I wish President Trump and Vice-President Pence would’ve backed the Republicans pushing to repeal the law immediately; without simultaneously approving an alternative: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/obamcare-conservatives-repeal-replace-234983
          And while President Trump has tried to do us a favor (?) by not rejecting tax-returns that do not address the health insurance mandate: http://reason.com/blog/2017/02/14/irs-blow-to-obamacare-individual-mandate
          I am not pulling out of my horrible High-Deductible Plan just yet; while there won’t be a legal mandate, Health Insurers will be able to tack 30% more onto the cost of Health Insurance for people who do not maintain continuous coverage (I was going to pull-out and pay the $2,600 maximum penalty, until I started reading some of the fine print…)
          There’s a reason why the Health Insurance Industry and the Hospital Corporations were the first 2 groups to come out against repealing the ACA; and it’s the same reason that Republicans don’t have an alternate plan in place and ready to go (after 8 years?!), because they thought they’d be able to keep whipping-up artificial avarice and blaming the Democrats for something that’s working very well for the Big-Money Makers, all around: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/06/business/health-insurers-obamacare-republicans.html?_r=4

        2. I’d start the cuts by making nursing a minimum wage job again.
          Paying cunts a fortune to change bed pans and bandages does nobody any good.

        3. “I am suspicious of all the things that the average people believes.”
          ― H.L. Mencken

        4. “In the 1930 edition of Treatise on the Gods, Mencken wrote:
          The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of.”
          Not entirely a bad bloke then!

        5. Remember the Candy Stripers? You’re right, this shit used to be an after school job for High School chicks. And their male counterparts were flipping burgers at the A&W.

        6. “Monogamy, in brief, kills passion — and passion is the most dangerous of all the surviving enemies to what we call civilization, which is based upon order, decorum, restraint, formality, industry, regimentation. The civilized man — the ideal civilized man — is simply one who never sacrifices the common security to his private passions. He reaches perfection when he even ceases to love passionately — when he reduces the most profound of all his instinctive experiences from the level of an ecstasy to the level of a mere device for replenishing the armies and workshops of the world, keeping clothes in repair, reducing the infant death-rate, providing enough tenants for every landlord, and making it possible for the Polizei to know where every citizen is at any hour of the day or night. Monogamy accomplishes this, not by producing satiety, but by destroying appetite. It makes passion formal and uninspiring, and so gradually kills it.”
          ― H.L. Mencken

    3. That’s why there’s an alt-right. Those worthless fuckers are every bit the traitors that democrats are.

  8. I had to listen to a prof call Trump a moronic buffoon yesterday in class.
    This prof didn’t seem to understand the irony of calling Trump a moron when DJT accurately described radical Islamic terrorism as a threat to the West.
    There was an attack on Monday in London that killed 5 and injured 50, and this professor gets off insulting the only politician who has had the balls to call it what it is.
    Marxists are childish scum…

    1. To the leftist, it’s America’s fault these atrocities have happened. They blame us for poverty and other ills in the world. According to them, it’s our free market greed that has stolen the resources from the rest of the world.
      This is why Obama was so radical and did everything he could to bring us down a notch. We needed to pay for our thievery.

      1. So for how long exactly is it ok to kill white people and destroy their culture?

        1. I don’t know, but if I had to guess, they would probably answer “until there are none left.”

        2. Or maybe until there are only enough White People left that we can be safely displayed in cages in zoos for the entertainment of the swarthy low-IQ masses. Either way, a grim prospect that we must prevent from happening.

    2. The prof that is supervising my bachelor thesis told me yesterday that ‘The Americans are poisoning themselves with that orange retard’.
      Well, we could have talked about what happened just 20 hours before in London but of course Trump is the problem and Merkel is our glorious feminist marxist leader.
      And because I’m dependent from him I can’t even call him out on his BS.
      I’m so glad this horror story that my college life is (living in a small leftwing migrant-filled town in the west of germany, studying at a technical university with over 90% males/cucks) is over in 3 months.
      I will head to a EastAsia trip immediately after I graduated.

      1. Profs in Germany are telling their students that Trump is bad and Merkel is good the same week that Muslim terrorists are killing Europeans…
        Says it all right there…
        That Frau old hag cunt has set the world up for a century of Holy Wars and these idiot liberals can’t even sympathize a bit with right wingers.
        I’ll tell you now my man. All this shit going on has inspired me to look into WW2 history, and frankly I think Hitler and Mussolini were the good guys. Shit might have gotten out of hand, but at least they loved their people.

        1. These globalists are afraid of nationalism, what they don’t get is they are the reason it’s on the rise again.

        2. Yeah, I totally agree.
          In 2014 I was a liberal. I wrote an essay on the promotion of polyandrie and donated to Amnesty International – that’s how cucked I was.
          In 2015 at the climax of the migrant crisis I got redpilled hard (actually not in the topic of Islam at first, but in the topic of women because of Ester Vilars ‘Der dressierte Mann’ (‘The manipulated man’)). But after a month I was completely redpilled with one exception: the JQ. That came in August 2016.
          Since then I’m a fascist.

        3. Well, except for the Dutch who folded like a line of storm battered deck chairs when it was mooted that they would be seen as “Nazis” by Brussels if they voted for the conservatives. How sad, when one travels across Holland it is to see empty cathedrals and the sight of packed Islamic “gathering places” with their alien towers permeating the skylines of Rotterdam and the Hague.

        4. There have been many civilizations that have fallen throughout time, but I’m not sure there has been one like the west that has so willfully cut its own throat.

        5. It all depends on the color of money! But, yes, I’ll never be ruled or subjected to the rule of Marxists of Islamist ideologists as they are anathema to the spirit of what made the west great.

        6. Damn right, you see the same patterns happening all over again. And you hit on something – they won’t show even a SHRED of sympathy or understanding – even on the day after a major terror attack. They simply will not allow themselves to see the perspective that these migrants may be a threat. And all the while they lecture us about being open-minded, empathetic, and considering alternative viewpoints.
          I’m done with the fuckers. I’m livid. Even in my own family – if they insist on still being liberal at this late stage, they are cut. It’s way past time where we could pretend that being a leftist simply meant you cared for equal rights and the environment. This is attempted civilizational suicide.

        7. It’s always been a self-fulfilling prophecy with Jews. They are paranoid that others will hate them, so they do things that make others hate them. Then they point and say “See! They hate us!”.

        8. A liberal to a “fascist” in less than 2 years?
          How did the muzzies “red pill” you?
          Just curious. Did you have a female relative in Cologne or something?
          BTW, you are most likely not a “fascist”, just a sensible conservative who recognizes that people have a right to their given homeland.
          Do you believe in individual liberty? If so, then not a fascist. Hitler & Mussolini were fascists (especially Mussolini). They most certainly did not believe in individual liberty.
          I am what I like to call a “conservative libertarian”. I find Social Darwinism very appealing.

        9. Hitler was one of the good guys and also a great man. The Jews destroyed German national pride using the same slippery tactics they use today to destroy US national pride (shaming historical figures, telling lies in the news media, etc.) In Mein Kampf Hitler describes how Marxism and destruction of national pride will eventually lead to a catastrophe. It will be a kill or be killed situation. The Jews have a deep history of organizing protests only to create bad blood between groups of people without ever offering a solution to their “problem.” Hitler didn’t hate the Jews when he was a young man. He knew they were hated but he approached them with an open mind because he wanted to form his own opinion of them. He realized they were very crafty with their twisted thinking, circular conversations, nonsense arguments and very quick to dismiss facts and easily verifiable data much like the liberal disease you see today.

        10. Individual liberty is SHIT without a solid religious framework. The proof is in the pudding.

        11. Sure. The honor system is absolutely required.
          That is implied. Christianity provides that framework. Buddhism/Confucianism seems to as well. As a westerner I prefer Christianity, but I see merits in the Eastern stuff too.
          But religion is not enough. Takes culture, and, even more importantly DNA as well. Nigerians and Kenyans can call themselves “Christians” all they like. Does not make them civilized, and never will.

        12. BTW, for me anyway, survival of the fittest trumps “turn the other cheek” and “love thy enemy” every single time.

        13. Agreed on all counts. And I’m not particularly religious myself, but I support Christianity as the civilizational foundation that works best for my people. I’m fine with it being the official religion, and with putting a little bit more God back into society. But I’m with you, different religions have their own merits, and some work better for other peoples.

        14. And there has never been one that came so close either. So close to working out a good model for humanity. If it all goes up in flames it sets the world back 1000 years.

        15. They keep removing the film “The Greatest Story Never Told” from JewTube because it reveals the truth about Hitler the man, and about the rise of the Third Reich. It humanizes him instead of making him a cartoon villain like all jewish productions do. And it is extremely eye-opening for the bluepill normie.

        16. May I ask of what specifically you mean by good model. I have no doubt that the west has provided the best model, only curious as to which model or variation of models you refernce. Greece, Rome, Medeivel Europe, US at its founding, one or all fascist nationalistic 20th century states? Or a combination and variation of all these?

        17. Rome in antiquity , imperial germany, napoleonic empire, poland,magyars,ancient greece, sumer, ancient imperial china, fascist italy and nationalist 21st century east europeans.

        18. only a german could achieve such accuracy in narrating his ‘bildungsromans’

        19. When I am idealizing Western Civilization at its zenith, I am usually imagining 1950s America, with a Cadillac in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, and smart men working out how to get us to the moon. The era that feminists and other leftoids can’t stand.

        20. I would say “lucky man” but I’m sure you went through a little hell to get to your slice of heaven.

        21. Yes, Christianity. A SEMITIC religion created by JEWS worshipping a GALILEAN JEW named Jesus.

        22. Any would do. I myself am partial to the Holy Roman Empire and would gladly accept Habspurg rule tomorrow. This is, of course, with the entire weakness of the church, past and present, in mind.
          Besides all this, Freeman has provided the only realistic goal short of a natural or man made disaster of awesome proportions.

        23. The most realistic and easiest restoration for us. 1950s style America with a heavy focus on the constitution. By this I mean no female voting. Only land owners, owners of significant rental properties, business owners, and military members can vote

      2. I feel sorry for you bro. I am going crazy being stuck in America with all these walking zombies. I don’t know if I could mentally survive Germany. Hang in there man, hopefully there is a black swan event that pushes people over the edge.

        1. I feel like Germany needs a Black Swan every day to wake up.
          When muslims kill more than 100 people per day thats when german cucks are getting it.

      3. And because I’m dependent from him I can’t even call him out on his BS.
        Sounds just like US universities. …But then West Germany has been occupied by the US since 1945. And sadly 95% of Germans don’t care.
        P.S. “abhängig von” = “dependent on

    3. Wow, I didn’t read your whole comment before I made my comment, just the first sentence. You made the exact same point about London. On the exact same day. To a professor. The similarity is creepy.

      1. and rode out of town on a rail….and probably banished to a trailer park full of redneck republican voters…..WITH GUNS!

        1. horrors!
          (and pity for the leftists when the rebs and yanks realize they were fighting the same enemy all along….)

        2. The south and the midwest along with a few other rural counties are going to have to invade the rest of the country lol

        3. …and liberate us doomed suckers in the coastal Soviets?
          Some of us will welcome you with open arms!

        4. Theoretically it would be easy since the coastal areas and Chicago already gave up their weapons and spend their time waiting on someone to do everything for them.

        5. I live deep in the enemy territory that is one of the coastal People’s Republics and I can tell you that there is a huge underclass of overworked and underpaid White working-class and lower-middle-class men who keep everything running for the wealthy Liberal and Cuckservative elite who utterly despise us. We can hardly wait for the day when your army comes to liberate us, but we won’t be mere passive spectators of our liberation – we’ll be active participants. Most of us are legally armed in spite of the prevailing anti-self-defense attitude of the coastal elites.

        6. I have been under the impression that the huge underclass you speak of is part of how Trump got in office. I think a lot of union people who have voted democrat forever because they were in the union but, disagreed with democrats on every other issue jumped ship.

        7. All true. There are also a lot of non-union workers around here, and the trend among employers is to hire contract workers. This creates a very stressful sense of insecurity.

        1. I’m done in a month.. Already paid off the degree and got a job lined up so it hasn’t been a waste.
          But I am completely disturbed at how completely Marxist universities have become.
          These are supposed to be intellectual elites, yet the institution has to be a “safe space” to protect them from ideas they can’t deal with.

  9. Its true that the boomers have appropriated “youth culture” for themselves. Us Xers were never allowed to be young and have lost the chance forever. (We had a brief moment in the mid 90s that they allowed us, but it died when grunge and alternative gave way to Brittney Spears.) And while Boomers have considered themselves teenagers for 50 years, they’ve kept the millennials as children. And current SJWism is the result..a child-like desire for protection from all things uncomfortable.

      1. of course not. don’t be obtuse. the point is that grunge and alternative was completely ‘ours’ and not theirs. And they hated it for that. And as we started exploring and trying to create our own youth culture they pushed it down and replaced it with things like TRL and Nickelback and Britney Spears. It was every bit as coordinated an effort as the “Gamers are Dead” thing was when gamergate started. Except back then we didn’t have anywhere near the access to alternatives as there are now thanks to the internet.
        Ultimately what I’m getting at is that there was a few years in the 90s when ‘youth culture’ meant Gen-X. But once it was clear that it was becoming a rejection of all things the Boomers stood for, the trend setters jumped right over us and focused on the millenials instead.

        1. Ok, I can relate to that.
          Grunge music though….if I was stuck hearing that all the time I would hang myself :)…..it’s much better than Britney Spears and rap music.

    1. That’s right. Boomers stole our fucking future right out from under us. And they rub it in our faces instead of feeling guilty. We’re the first generation that got actively fucked over by our own parents.

      1. Quite so. The boomers suck our lives out through a straw and Millenials don’t even bother to help because they’re too busy being ironic.
        Exceptions for exceptional people of course.

        1. Even “The Onion” referred to the boomers as such: no other generation has profited so much from the one before (as well as after)its own.

        2. Even the HuffPo busted out an article this week titled “Are Boomers Sociopaths?”.
          Part of what makes them so insufferable: they steadfastly refuse to admit any wrongdoing. They also try to do the whole “you can’t group all people together” shuck and jive, and then out of the other side of their mouths they talk trash about other generations being lazy.

        3. $20 trillion debt says it all.
          The Boomers wrote themselves a nice big check that they expected everyone who came after them to pay for.
          The proof is in the numbers, no emotion necessary.
          And you know, I’d be happy to help them pay down that enormous debt, had they not also borked our economy in their typical salt-the-earth fashion.

        4. It’s like if someone was kind enough to lend you their vacation cabin for the summer, and then when they came back for the keys in September they found that you had taken out a second mortgage on it for $500,000, and skipped down to Costa Rica.

        5. To be fair, what annoys me most about boomers is that they are all in love with negroes and multiculturalism. It is annoying as hell.
          That alone makes them annoying.

        6. And they could not keep that perverse “love” to themselves, they had to inflict it on the rest of the nation at gunpoint. Terrible cunts.

  10. After the recent attacks in London many Marxists/Media types have tried to tell us all how the attacker who killed 8 people was the “real victim”. This is how perverse and diseased these peoples minds are.
    They only way to confront these people is DIRECTLY. Don’t hide your contempt and despise for these rotten frauds under old fashioned manners- do don’t deserve it- they need to be shamed for their perversity.

    1. Well, in germany women are raped right and left by muslims.
      Now watch this german ad from Deutsche Bahn and how they portray the german guy as the bad intolerant nazi.
      The Deutsche Bahn is a national disgrace in general with all its delays. They should focus on building a better train infrastructure instead of making cultural marxist propaganda. Just take a look at the downvotes and the comments, even the german cucks dont buy this BS. Please leave a downvote.
      The titel of the video is “Tolerant time” Deutsche Bahn connects more than just A and B. I will give you a translation.
      The guy thinks: *Why is she wearing the hijab? Does she have to? Does she want it? Is she forced by her husband to wear it? Well, she is not that old to be married. But muslims… What is she reading? The quran, heh? What else. I dont care. Tomorrow is anatomy exam, I must focus.*
      Then he asks a question (thinking out loud) and the muslim woman suddenly knows the answer because she’s genius n shit. End of story.
      Btw: Take a look at the girl. She’s just dressed up as a radical muslim women. Piercing?

      1. Yes, the cultural Marxists in our countries can never give a credible answer as to why these women are subjected to such medieval privations by their husbands and Islam’s customs, can they? Their rank hypocrisy is only equal to their cancerous dishonesty.
        Your country has become an enfeebled pseudo nation under the tutelage of Merkel. Unlike the British you’ve no soul or spirit- Germans are ashamed to Germans- how sad and disappointing. An Englishman knows his own home and land and we’ll never be dictated to by foreign cultures or customs.

        1. No offense meant here but, one of, if not your largest cities has a Muslim mayor?

        2. Let’s not go getting all haughty now, Britcucks have been, ahem, royally fucked by the Giant Muslim Schlong, and your White women and leftists are some of the most contemptible on the planet.

        3. You’ve no idea of restraint in the British sense- publicly agreeably- privately disdainful of all those whom are not our tribe.

        4. The stiff upper lip made Britain what it once was- a world power- need I say anyhting more!

        5. I do have an idea, but it needs to be followed by action. Which rarely happens now in the U.K.

        6. Restraint was a central virtue in the “dull” roman philosophers cannon in what we commonly call our current civilization. However, this is not the same as Marxist equality which is something quite alien and obscure to the white man’s soul.

        7. We voted our way out of the EU leviathan. That’s action in anyone’s lexicon, British or otherwise.

        8. Great, so….are you out of the EU yet?
          I admire the vote, btw.

        9. I’m English, my wife took my home and land off me in divorce.
          England is probably the worst country in the Western world.

        10. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the British people. I’ve always been a bit of an anglophile. That’s why it breaks my heart to see what’s happening. If I were there I’d be hooked in with Tommy Robinson.

        11. Without losing my home in the UK I would still be banging a 60 year old woman. Having an Asian wife half my age, living in a tropical country, and shagging 20 year old’s on the side isn’t the worst outcome for an elderly white guy.

        12. I haven’t been following him since he split from EDL cause I thought that was a bitch move. But then, he’s the only one willing to get vocal and aggressive about the issue in the media.

        1. I confronted a manager about that not long ago. I answered a corporate question “wrong” and he asked why I thought that diversity doesn’t make us stronger. I asked why he thought that it did. He gave me his answer and I asked “what does that have to do with skin color”. He went stone mute. In the end, I got out of their trap.

        2. That trap sounds like a big hole full of doo-doo dipped punji sticks.
          I have yet to hear a believable answer to the question, “why does diversity make us stronger?”.

    2. No people or news organizations are portraying Khalid Masood as a sympathetic character.

        1. You said “no people…are portraying…”
          Yes, they are, on FB and Twitter. In other words, the general consensus on the Left, as reflected by the plurality of social media content, is that terrorists are sympathetic victims.

  11. I am a minority and I feel that terms like “white privilege” and “racist” are bullshit in nowdays. I mean unless you sport a nazi tattoo and point a gun in my face, you’re not a racist

  12. Do these industrialist banking fools and pseudo-jews really think that once the white masses are gone their lily liver asses will be safe from the hordes of orcs they have released upon the world?
    Every white person who can’t wake the hell up and see this coming fate deserves to be punched and dunked in ice until they understand the reality of their people’s existence.

    1. We have a stark choice: deal with our traitors, by force, or allow them to take White genocide past the point of no return. We only have a couple years left to decide, if that. Tick Tock White Man.

  13. And here we have the story of how Jews took over Western society and fucked it in the ass. While good White men were busy in the fields and factories and laboratories, hard at work developing important cures and time-saving technology that improved quality of life, Jews were busy studying human psychology, learning and fine-tuning all the tricks of psychological manipulation and mass persuasion/propaganda. They emerged as masters of these dark arts, while the credulous, salt-of-the-earth, good old boys were stuck in their simple, down-home ways. We all know what happened from there. The only mystery is why there are still people who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge these circumstances. It’s so obvious that I am running into teenagers, daily, who are more red-pilled on the subject than the average adult RoK reader.

    1. “It’s so obvious that I am running into teenagers, daily, who are more red-pilled on the subject than the average adult RoK reader.”

      1. north central Ohio for me. I don’t speak for John.

        1. So these kids are openly spouting “gas the kikes, race war now?” I exaggerate, but you get my point.

        2. what does red pill have to do with that?
          You should have specified alt-right. But you didn’t.

        3. You’re trying to conflate terms. If you’re going to be intellectual, then exercise the intellect. Feelings no longer work.
          I hear red pill a lot here. A lot. From young men. Do I hear alt-right. Sometimes. But mostly it’s red pill.
          They are different.

        4. Yes. You will refuse to believe it…
          No seriously jz I’m the canary in the coalmine trying to warn people what’s coming. I’ve always seen four years into the future, at least.

        5. I work for Ezra Levant at Rebel Media. He keeps me on a tight leash but on Friday nights I’m allowed to blow off a little steam. We’re meeting for bagels and whitefish tomorrow morning as a matter or fact.

        6. JQ is the ultimate Redpill.
          Therefore Alt-Right are the totally redpilled by nature.

        7. JQ is the ultimate red pill (that we know about anyway), but many on the alt-right are stubbornly refusing to address the issue, and trying to form alt-light splinter groups that shunt newfags away from the JQ. The more they steer people away from the truth, the more fame and exposure they are granted by the (((media))). Till they become a full on basic bitch like Therno.

        8. Buddy, whatever drugs you’re on must be pretty good, considering how far removed from reality you are.

        9. To be honest, this only further proves my point.
          The “alt-right” is largely an online phenomenon, and a “movement” that ridiculously overestimates its own size and importance.

      2. Being redpilled consists of three major factors:
        Being hip to the IQ question/HBD/EvoPsych
        Being hip to the rightness of patriarchy
        Being hip to the JQ
        From these core tenets flow the belief in Nationalism and racial consciousness (the exact thing your Tribe fears the most).
        From there, most people progress to the final redpill of embracing fascism/national socialism as the only real workable government model that benefits the folk. It takes a while to get there.
        I’m still learning myself, unsure where my final destination will be. I believe that if you had a strictly homogeneous and religious society then a lot more individualism and freedom is permissible. But the more diversity you have, the more control and authority becomes necessary – which is why elitists and cosmopolitans love diversity.
        A lot of the readers here have been learning a lot over the past couple years, really advancing in their views, and I’m happy to see it. But many are stuck in an intellectual rut. Either way, it’s a good site for its purpose.

        1. Yeah, because fascism worked SO WELL the first time around.
          Oh wait, that’s right. It failed. It led Europe to a destructive world war, and directly set the stage for everything that is happening now. It led to what will probably be the destruction of the nation of Germany, and perhaps the Islamification of Europe.
          Hitler should have stayed in Germany. If he had, maybe he would have been remembered as a great leader. But that’s not how it worked out.

        2. Sure, that’s the easy argument to come back with. And I believed those lies for a long time like the other goyim. Then I picked up a few “diverse” history books and really started educating myself on the complexities of WW2. I emerged from that experience a much different, and wiser man. I’d advise you do the same, but your tribal blinders prohibit anything but shrieking “muh shoah” while you hold the gate open for 30million brown invaders.

        3. “I emerged from that experience a much different, and wiser man.”
          Seems like you lost a few IQ points along the way.
          Then again, you are a leftist, so…

        4. For example, why would you not read the Russian experience of the war? Why would you not read Mein Kampf to learn the inner thoughts of HItler? Why would you not read Solzhenitsyn? Why wouldn’t you study Poland, and Danzig? Why wouldn’t you look at counter-evidence to the holocaust narrative, like the work of David Irving? With an event of such great importance, and so much incentive for parties to distort the truth, why would you not take in all these sources before making up your mind? Yet 99% of all Westerners read only the few chapters in their sophomore history book. Pitiful.

        5. and what of the Balfour Declaration, the secret deals with Churchill, the carpet bombing of German supply lines, and of Dresden, shit there is so much to study in that war but we’re only allowed to see (((Schpeeelberg’s))) tired one-dimensional narrative.

        6. And yet the “wise man” shuts down all debate by calling people he doesn’t like names, like a child.

        7. What’s really amazing though, JZ, is that all that goyim blood was spilled on behalf of International Jewry, and they were handed their own country on a silver platter, with free round-the-clock military protection from the world’s major superpowers.
          And how did (((they))) respond?
          Well, they made it their mission to break the back of the West forever, and usher in a new era of Globalist Communism, under their rule, by systematically sabotaging Whites until they became powerless in their own countries!
          Done yet?

        8. I’m just teasing, if you debate like a man I’ll treat you like one, But you’ve got to stop it with those stupid genetic charts. Nobody cares about that stuff. White is white is white.

        9. Still waiting on the proof that the (proto) Indo-Europeans were white.
          And the Sumerian language is a language isolate, as in we can’t find any similar languages, as in there is no proof that the Sumerians were an Indo-European people.

        10. But I’m not some gene geek so I don’t give a shit about any of that. We know that Whites in general are people from Europe, with Honorary White Status being awarded to certain people from Russia, the Baltics, the UK, Persia, and the Mediterranean. The only hard and fast rule is that semitic and negroid lines are NOT included. Sorry Moishe!

        11. “Whites in general are people from Europe”
          Only those of Celtic and Nordic descent count as white.
          I don’t include Slavs and the Mediterranean race as white.

        12. I’m sure you are technically correct. But I’d rather raise a larger tent for Whites because we are all under attack by the same forces, from Greece to Romania to Scotland to South Dakota. I’m leery as fuck but willing to give it a go.

        13. Gene geek here. I’m about to provide you with ammo for your argument…..
          The R1 MtDNA, carried by females and passed on to all her offspring, started in the Caucasus mountains of northern Persia. Hence the term “Caucasian”. The R1A in Eastern Europe/Persia/India and the R1B in western Europe are known as “clades” and descend from the original ancestral R1 group.

        14. some fucking amazing country they got on that “silver platter” didn’t they?
          a tiny piece of land – vast parts of which are covered by malaria swamps and desert. surrounded by countries populated with millions of unfriendly population. attacked by five of those countries right away. wars and terrorist acts non-stop for decades. shitty sweltering weather. prices on everything are through the roof. mandatory 3-year military service for everyone – including women. then reserve duty – sometimes every year. over half of the population are non-white (skin wise). etc etc.
          i mean isn’t it real fucking paradise? only the real rulers of the world can have this kind of amazing life. a dream of every “white” person struggling in the oppressed rotten “western world”.

        15. “Being red-pilled is all about accepting HBD and genetics, but only about groups I don’t like, so HA HA.”
          This is literally your argument, or rather lack thereof.

        16. Suppose Romanian, Greeks and Slavs are not pure huWhite. So what ?
          White enough for me. As a general rule, if it looks white and acts white it is White.

        17. That’s my attitude as well. I will sure as hell be keeping an eye on those squirly Greeks and Romanians though.

        18. Yo, beggars can’t be choosers! And besides, they chose the location!
          Man, I just can’t believe your attitude – but if you’re Jewish, it’s exactly what I’m talking about. A total lack of gratitude and a bizarre pathological hatred of those who saved your people (by killing their own racial brethren).

        19. I’m proud Meditarranean.
          If Europa is at stake, we stand together.
          You guys can figure out who is 100% pure Bavarian phenotype and build rocket ships when this is all said and done.

        20. you missed the point. the point is: you claim that Jews are some powerful rulers of the world who, using their dark arts of psychology, destroy the life of poor credulous naive “white man”. this narrative doesn’t jive with the situation on the ground where Jews get some shitty deal in Israel where they lead rather mediocre existence while relying on US help. and you yourself calling them “beggars”. doesn’t look like powerful rulers to me.

        21. Me too.
          As proud as I can be of my Mediterranean/Southern European/Catholic heritage. And yes, I’ll stand with the Nordics if it ever comes to that, no matter how many names they call me. The west would never have existed without the foundations our people laid down.
          Just one question for you though. When did Krypton become part of the Mediterranean???

      1. I think I realize the issue with you.
        Not enough of this when you were a teen.
        Would have done you a world of good!

      2. You forgot that I’m a virgin with a tinfoil hat living in mommy’s basement.

        1. You forgot the comments about living in a trailer park and/or lack of education. These faggot liberal beta males and feminists don’t have a shred of originality. Insulting us with the same few, stupid stereotypes over and over and over.

        2. Nothing, to normal people. But here in America, especially if you hold pro-white views, liberals who know nothing else about you will try to insult you by claiming you are uneducated, live in a trailer park (or just a trailer), *must* be a loser, and “hate” because you’re jealous of others.

      3. Are *any* of us regulars here going on your type of leftie/feminist/multiculturalist websites and forums, where we’re not wanted, and trying to stir up trouble?
        No? Then why are you invading our space here, woman?

        1. I, BlueEyedDevil…Member in good standing of the He-man Woman Haters Club…do solemnly swear to be a he-man and hate women and not play with them or talk to them unless I have to…And especially: never fall in love…And if I do, may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours or until I scream bloody murder.

        2. If I fall in love do solemnly swear to pump and dump her like all the other Whores I used.
          Women aren’t worthy of a man’s hate, they’re just another hole to cum it.

        3. “A boy that is sexual abused understandably distrusts both the sex of the offender as well as the parents or adults that did not protect him from the offender…Men often try to cope with the pain of sexual abuse through acting out…In such a relationship, the partner who was abused as boy learned to survive the experience and the feelings by disconnecting from sexual emotions, so sex became an experience of having an orgasm and nothing more.” https://myost.com/shedding-light-on-the-sexual-abuse-of-boys-and-the-men-they-become/

        4. Female Jew posting constantly on a white male supremacist site ….. what exactly are you hoping to achieve?

    2. The mystery is solved once you understand most peoples refusal to even consider they dont understand ‘macro’ level things. Combine that with effective brainwashing at all levels, and there you have it.

  14. The Enlightenment promoted several projects; the one based on studying and applying principles in nature has more or less worked in giving us modern science, engineering, medicine and economies of relative abundance.
    The the other main project about transforming man’s nature through “reason,” by contrast, has failed, because you can’t reshape man’s nature like clay into the arbitrary configurations demanded by the Political Correctness of The Current Year.
    Ironically the Enlighteners, following John Locke, kept saying that we derive all of our knowledge from experience, yet they advocated radical social experiments sweeping the world, like democracy, emancipation, equality, etc., where they lacked experience to know if these would work. It they had thought more like scientists, they would have run experiments in small European countries while keeping the neighboring countries as controls, and run them for more than one generation to determine the long-term effects of these reforms. They would have had to set up and fund institutions for longitudinal studies, in other words. If they got good results in the experimental country, they could have advocated expanding the reforms gradually to other nations.

    1. Very good point, the worst thing about the Left is their refusal to judge things by standard objective criteria. Their schemes go on for decades unopposed even though they can’t show a single tangible benefit or result. Take HUD for example. Shouldn’t they have been required to test the whole idea of housing projects out in a smaller area first and then only proceed if they were a great success? But no, they rolled this cancer out across the whole country even after observing disastrous local results. They plagued us all with these seething pits of criminality and despair, occupying some of the best urban real estate. They have now trained an entire generation of ‘urban yoots’ that they are to be hand-fed from cradle to grave and kept like pampered princes by the pig-ignorant White man.

      1. Which, I might add, led to the suburbanization of America, which in turn led to the freeway gridlock commute nightmare that millions of people suffer through today, and which cause so much unnecessary environmental damage. All to escape the negro. Nobody wants to ride public trains, tubes, or buses either, for the same reason.

  15. Love that pic of Stallone in the ads up there. That is some first class Photoshop Clickbait. Then we’ve got Ivanka’s enormous boobs, and Tiger with his Mudsharking Traitor, smiling like he hasn’t in 10 years. Good stuff.
    What — you didn’t whitelist this site on your adblocker? Shame on you.

  16. Racial sensitivity to the point of draconian enforcement of being polite
    “Ain’t you never heard of the emancipossum locomotion?”

  17. Just like the economy, the current social construct must and will collapse under its own weight (actually it will collapse when it attains victory). It is the red pill men who must be sitting silently, waiting for the oppprrunity to reassert themselves. Doing so right now IMO is foolish since all you’ll accomplish is losing your job and depending on “hate speech laws” get thrown in jail. Society is currently fuckered beyond all recognition and hope. Sites and articles like this are important fir the recruitment and mental training of tomorrow’s alphas but it is absurd to think that things can be changed at the moment. When the feminists and leftists are starving to death, then it will be the time to strike.

    1. Hehehe. Hey Brad, my theory is that this all goes back to Y2K. As a geezer, from the days when my mobile phone was a CB radio, here’s the story (if I don’t bore you).
      Back in the mid-90’s, I was mocked for my views as a “taliban” member and the feminists shrieked about how women in middle eastern countries were oppressed and this, get this, justified more privileges for affluent white women in the states. So they would go like this: “In the middle east, women are beaten up if they try to vote so that’s why we need free daycare and affirmative action in America!” Yeah, these chicks basically PIMPED OUT third world women’s suffering for their own benefit. Like Elizabeth Warren. Without shame.
      Then… a miracle happened! In Y2K, GWB won the American presidential election by a super thin margin and the left were trying their usual shenanigans to win (by “finding” missing votes) and after the first legal recount was finished, they wanted to order more and more. GWB had a legal case and the Supreme Court backed them up and they made the narrative that Al Gore had won and they were sore losers about it.
      And then… after 9-11, GWB went not only to one war, but two. So now the USA economy sucked, money they wanted for welfare programs went to war and GWB won again in 2004 because of a war situation.
      So angry about this, the left decided to become friends of his enemy: Islam. Until 2002, most feminists used the Taliban as a stick to criticize western men. Now, they claim that only SOME Islamicists are bad (but us men? We’re ALL potential rapists, of course 🙂
      In the meantime, the Islamists rarely attack “red staters” because red staters tend to be well armed so they attack the feminists and blue staters that welcome them in. And rather than concede and admit: “Hey, we probably ought to have not done that?” because it invites criticism of their other policies, they double down and cover it up in the media and overuse the invective “racist” at those who bring it up only requiring more doubling down, etc.
      So when Trump basically hit that hornet’s nest, they exploded and they’re still now in spaz mode. They didn’t just kill the golden goose, they went out and killed as many as they could and brought in wolves. Right in their own henhouses.

      1. Fantastic post. Yes, it is indeed funny how muslims went from being bad guys to leftists to being poor victims.
        It leads to interesting observations …

        1. The left hanging onto a white male bashing narrative towards a political goal (to take down the USA’s right and then be able to achieve a worldwide commie agenda) even after the commie agenda has become moot reminds me of this joke (sure you heard it, but hilarious in this context)
          A guy’s ship sinks and he winds up a desert island (yada yada yada) and there’s only a goat on it. He gets horny and tries to f*ck the goat and it bites his ear off. He ties the legs down and the goat still manages to bend around to bite his other ear off.
          A beautiful woman washes up ashore and says to him: “I’m starving and will do anything for you” and the man replies:
          “Great. Can you hold this goat’s head for me?”
          So now the left are a bunch of desperate goat f*ckers who have long forgotten the reason why they ever felt a need to do it in the first place.

  18. All of these words are plastered all over every wall and spout from every mouth on a university campus. They’ve started to make me ill. One word I’d add. Its a new one, I think: “Woke.” FFS.

    1. Hahaha the irony is theyre so asleep in their sheep mentality it is beyond irony. Their “woke” causes are the direct social engineering from old men in suits. They are a bunch of fkn mouth breathing viruses

  19. Feminism is just vulgar, degenerate, Marcism, with a global change and replace of the ‘proletariat’ with ‘women’. The rest is left as a mechanical exercise for the reader.

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