9 Tips To Maximize Your Effort With Day Game

With the time spent in our society working, seeking self-improvement, sleeping, training, developing personal projects or learning, one soon realises that days go by fast. The more you become aware of the many things you need to improve in your life, the busier your timetable and the more cluttered your mind gets.

Day game has a few core principles but everyone will agree that regularity is one of the first that you have to master. You cannot reach acceptable results if your time devoted to day game is being replaced by other pressing.

I am still not as efficient as I would to but I have done great progress in the last few years and applying the following rules helped me approach more girls or of a better quality even if I devoted less time to it.

1. Know where you are going

Be the man with a battle plan. Stick to the areas that you know are populated and will have girls strolling around. I have usually two areas of choice: a square or a park with exits where a huge crowd can pass through in just a few minutes and a shopping center if I feel that there is something off with the previous place or it starts raining.

Do not get too adventurous trying to explore new areas constantly. Use thoroughly the few areas that you know before replacing them by new ones, if you feel that the crowd has changed with time or you have spent enough time at your regular hangouts and you feel that venturing into a new territory is the thing to do.

2. Do not go out when you are full

You just had a nice big meal, you’ll take “just a few minutes to digest” and finally you will never go out. I know it all too well. The combo gym + big post workout meal, AKA the Motivation Destroyer, is a sure way to ruin both day and night game.

You feel heavy and lazy because all the blood and energy you have is used to process the food instead of making your brain more efficient or your legs walk faster.

Have a light snack before going out or eat on the way. I feel that going for a day game session on an empty stomach is sometimes better than eating at all, as it keeps your mind sharp and makes you interrupt the activity in order to have a break, resume or do something else.

3. Game less but more often

Let’s say that you want to spent 3 hours of your weekend doing day game. You work all week then Saturday comes so you go out, ready to smash it. It starts raining. You are not in a good day or maybe the girls are not receptive. You get angry after 2 hours and empty-handed, you decide to call it a day. Your week’s worth of game is wasted.

Hence dividing the same amount of time into smaller chunks, let’s say four sessions of 45 minutes or three sessions of an hour each. I don’t think that “resting days” in between make much of a difference.

4. Be efficient when you number close

There are two elements that I make sure to use when I take a girl’s number:

  • Call her right away: With a line like “I will give you a call now so you have mine too.” They rarely object to it and you see immediately if she gave you a fake number. Better knowing it on the spot. It also allows you to have her number in your log if you delete her details accidentally.
  • Write down her name (if you care), add a physical trait or the place you met her with a number (how much do you want her on a scale of one to five) or the day’s date. That way you will not confuse “Daniela Tram Stop 4” with “Daniela Big Tits 11.3”  and it is particularly useful in countries with a traditional culture where 80% of the local girls will have the same seven or eight names.

5. Respect your program religiously

DECIDE AND COMMIT! Know when and how long you will go for some day game and STICK TO IT.

No “OK, it’s 14.33, I will go at 15.00”. It is the worst move where you are just being tempted by the devil of procrastination. And it hurts your efficiency in game just like it hurts a day’s work or a gym session. Procrastination is perhaps the worst enemy of game, before modern feminism and cockblocking.

I am still not perfect but it helped me a lot to realise that I, just like everyone else, live on borrowed time. It is important to take the same decision in that field as if it was health or work related. We are talking about your physical well-being here.

6. Find your “always on” mindset

Every opportunity must be converted. It cannot be stressed enough: in game, mathematics are on your side. Transform all occasions into approaches. Limit distractions: turn off the mobile data on your phone. Don’t browse the Internet. Do not sit down and day dream. Read a magazine in a shop only to wait for the cute blonde to finish her phone call before you catch her on her way to the exit.

Even if you are hungover, go hunt. The walk will improve your mood and the post-alcohol buzz will give the careless attitude you need. All or nothing, push every interaction until you succeed or the girl leaves.

But as pugnacious as you must be, know when it is over. Don’t cling to a dead prospect. Do not waste your time trying to repair a mistake or save a lost cause. It is more efficient to create a new opportunity instead.

My colleague Troy Francis wrote an accurate article on the key principles of that mindset.

7. Avoid the “cruise mode”

The “always on” (where your mind is sharp and you focus on the task at hand) must contrast with the “cruise mode”, where your mind starts to fill up with thoughts that trouble you and have nothing to do with approaching girls. Your brain imagines thousands of scenarios and solutions and you suddenly find yourself a half a mile further than you were and you can’t remember walking that distance.

Exactly like driving for a while on a familiar road then your mind drifts away while your body just follows the road without thinking about it. Your waste the time that you were suppose to spend day gaming.

Without paying attention or being aware of your environment, you could miss that sexy girl passing in front of you. You could also miss someone stealing your wallet or a speeding car while crossing the road.

8. Develop the habit of the “little stroll”

It seems counter-intuitive for a man that supposedly “has no time” to go for a walk. But on the contrary, this “day game stroll” will be greatly beneficial.

Walking will clear your chaotic mind, give you some of your daily dose of Vitamin D and will calm you down if you are under stress. 30 to 45 minutes (This is why it is called a stroll and not a trek) can easily rake in four to five “good” approaches (number/instadate close once the peak of the interaction is reached).

It is not a surprise to discover that Aristotle allegedly founded the Peripatetic school of thought (from the ancient Greek peripatêtikos, which means “given to walking about”) through talking and debating with his students while walking at the same time.

If you are still watching TV (you should not), intend to browse funny and uninformative videos on Youtube or just stay indoors and do nothing because you think you deserve it, go for a stroll instead

9. Reach “peak performance” fast

Game is comparable to sports in the fact that you need to warm up before going full force, especially if you are rusty and you have not done it for a while. Perhaps your “game muscles” are cold or you have spent your day at work staring at a computer screen and not talked to anyone for hours. Not everyone can go from this to chatting up a cute girl five minutes later.

Use what you need to reach that mood. Meditate, lift some weights or watch some comedy to develop a pleasant social mood. Then get out there. Get a few approaches out of the way or start some small talk with shopkeepers. Get your mind right and you will feel it. The words flow effortlessly, you are smooth, your posture is better and you escalate with the girl physically like it is nothing.

You have reached “peak performance”, you ARE more attractive and now you must maximise that effect in our time frame.

L’efficacité est une question d’équilibre et d’engagement

Set your priorities straight. It is important to sit down and decide of the importance of day gaming in one’s life. It is crucial to have realistic expectations and find a balance. You cannot let the physical need of sex impact the quality of your life. If it pollutes your thoughts and slows you down then you must act.

You also cannot lose sight of the other goals in your life by chasing girls more than you should. Forfeiting hours of profitable work, delaying progress in your personal projects or not achieving better results in the gym by procrastinating through hours of loitering and calling it game is not a viable solution

Each man has to do this himself. Each man must take an honest decision and make every hour count.

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45 thoughts on “9 Tips To Maximize Your Effort With Day Game”

  1. All excellent points applicable to any number of disciplines. Of course, that makes perfect sense, because game is a skill and a discipline just like lifting or programming or martial arts.
    I wonder how many of us on the path toward such mastery consider the principles of hypnosis, which cover a lot of these principles from a slightly different angle. For example, the hypnotic frame says that you use words like “I am doing” or “I am going” or “I do” or “I am” to subconsciously shift from a desire mindset to an action/being mindset. Even if it may sound crazy to you right now, you can look at successful and charismatic people and notice how often they speak from that perspective.
    There’s also a theory that the ability to assume a state is distinct from the action that brings on the state. Maybe you get “in the zone” while writing or training – when you know how to get into that state, you can learn to translate that process of getting into state into disciplines such as day game. This is fantastic, because it allows us to translate that special something that gives us power in one field into another field.
    It might be something you want to consider, looking into hypnosis. Even if you don’t want to be hypnotized or think it’s garbage, you will find some interesting ideas about how your brain works that could improve your successes.

    1. Somebody here should write an article on Mikhail Csikszentmihalyi. His idea of how a state of flow produces happiness is spot on.

      1. The state of flow is, interestingly enough, actually a hypnotic state, as meditation is also a hypnotic state.
        When we think of altered states of consciousness, we usually think of these sorts of states where the subconscious mind is brought to the front. All those conscious objections and perceptions that can limit us are removed, and we are simply a being in the process of action. And, unlike the state of being drunk or otherwise intoxicated, you actually maximize your faculty instead of limiting it.
        Anyone who meditates regularly will tell you how it makes them feel better. The same is true of the few who regularly and willingly enter the hypnotic state. It only stands to reason, then, that the undirected methods for achieving that state would similarly produce happiness.

        1. All psychology is hypnosis induced by a rationalisation of biology.
          In short biology determines the fitness of your hypnotic states, in response to local stimuli, ie a womans pair of perk nipples …
          The better your biology, the more aggressively the calculations & more rational the stimuli response, created by your hypnotic states.
          In short the more fit your biology, the more rational & reasons you have to, to over write your primitive & habitual response, ie day game, & approaching. Because you can generate far more rational convincing hypnotic states, thanks to a fitter biology.
          Thus annhilating stuff like approach anxiety …

        2. There may be a few places in there where “subconscious” would most reasonably replace “hypnosis”, but otherwise excellent insight.
          Your body and your mind are bound together. It may sound obvious, but it’s true. If your body feels like crap, so too will your mood be crappy. If you have mastery over your body, mastery over your mind is all but inevitable.
          Diet and lifting, folks. Once again we boil a seemingly unrelated topic to proper diet and an intense physical regimen.

        3. You cant replace subconscious, the subconcious is the computative part, hypnotic states are a filter, filtering the data we respond to generated by the subconcious
          This is why you can hypnotise ppl, you merely change the filter of the infinite data stream the person responds to.

        4. Also we have a subconcious, because we dont have a high enough atmospheric pressure to increase the bioavailability of oxygen, to allow us to process the subconcious in a waking state, or conciously

      2. I for one will NEVER volunteer for trying to spell that alphabet soup of a name for any reason.

      3. That was a great book. After that book, my career really excelled. I learned my flow state triggere and became really skilled at a lot of crafts.

    1. They usually only wanted to pick up boys ………
      “For one night, young man, the things I do to you will not be in moderation, bring plenty of lube”

      1. PJ, breaking your own rules, man. Busting out a gay joke. Fucking funny of course, though.

  2. I agree that procrastination is by FAR the worst enemy on your way to transform yourself.
    Same shit with business, gym and the worst game.
    Set yourself strict deadlines and punish yourself if you fucked it up.

  3. The author is making a mountain out of a molehill. Unless you’re independently wealthy, the best way to daygame is just to integrate it with your daily life. Don’t “prepare” for it; don’t make a “program” with “goals”. It’s not supposed to be stressful.
    I daygame, on average, one woman a day without even thinking about it. And I don’t even bother to number close, though I easily could. (I have a gf and a busy schedule; no need to overcomplicate life at the moment.)
    Enjoy life.

    1. It’s very much a beginner article. Of course it is better to “be” than to “act” (that is, be the kind of person who naturally games women instead of the person who has to make an effort).
      But if you aren’t that person, you have to act it out in order to learn to become it.

    2. For once, when it comes to women, I agree with almost everything you say here. The one part I disagree with you on is that you only day game one woman, though having a girlfriend I guess you are already committed. Having some kind of plan, as you rightly point out, preparing, making a program, setting goals, really a bad idea and counter productive I think. As a simple rule I use the following: If I can reach a woman then I am chatting her up. No exceptions. Waiting to cross the street at a red light and there is a pretty girl. I talk to her. Elevator with pretty girl? I talk to her. Subway? Florist? Café? Casket shopping? It doesn’t fucking matter. If she pings my radar as a WB I am chatting with her. This doesn’t mean I will get or even ask her for her number, but I will make small talk, I will flirt and I will sexually escalate the dialogue for 100% of the WB category girls that are close enough for me to touch.
      I have noticed 3 things with this. 1) Almost all women are receptive to being smiled at and at least making small talk 2) It makes my day more pleasant 3) It leads to quite a lot of sex.
      Here is a simple example from last sunday.
      In line at grocery store notice girl in front of me who is pretty hot getting frustrated. Start talking about the line. Maybe the regular instead of the express might have actually moved faster. Next move, groceries. She had a big thing of soup and a half dozen fresh squeezed OJs. She ran out to get it because she feels something coming on. I was coming from the gym and she noticed my bag and asked me what gym I go to. Boom. Same gym. I literally chatted about the quality of produce then told her, and this is just about word for word
      me: we should talk about produce over a drink sometime when you are feeling better
      her: well I am kind of seeing someone
      me: sweetie, you are sick and in a grocery store by yourself buying orange juice and soup…you really think this is going to last?
      She laughs
      I give her my card and tell her to call me when her relationship ends
      Her: (still giggling and now touching my arm) you are too much. Maybe I will run into you at the gym
      Me: That would be nice”
      Her, do you want me to wait after I check out, we can walk out together.
      We walked out together. Will I ever bang her? I don’t know. Will I ever even see her again? who knows. But I do shit like this day after day week after week, year after year and the rate of return is very, very high. So maybe in a few months I will run into her, we will joke about how the guy is gone and I will tap it, maybe I will never speak to her again. Either way, my day was made markedly better simply by the exchange. Why did I chat with her? Because she was someone I WB and she was standing close enough to me for me to do it.
      Forget a set number, my advice….100% of the time you are near a girl who you wouldn’t mind seeing naked then you are flirting.

      1. For once? So just this one time my insights are valid? Everything else I type is garbage? lol
        Yeah, we have the same philosophy. I see daygame as being social first, then pickup second. It’s just an expression of abundance mentality. And it can lead to a lot more sex. Roosh himself uses his canned “Where is the pet shop?” opener, but I always improvise because this here silver tongue wants to dazzle. I find myself often saying “I bet you’re going to…” and then improvising off something that she’s looking at. It’s really to amuse myself, more than anything.

        1. don’t be absurd! I would never say that everything you type is garbage. Just most of the stuff about pLOLotics. I think the area I separate myself from Roosh (though who knows, maybe he is the same way I don’t know the guy) is that it is about more than simply abundance mentality for me. I genuinely enjoy little flirty interactions, even if they lead no where. I don’t need it for practice or potential, though those side effects are nice, for me it is an end in itself…..it makes me happy.

        2. New York will bring that attitude out of you. There are so many gorgeous women in NY from all over the world that you can have all sorts of adventurous in under a minute. One of my funniest came from me wanting to protect my gaming system from water damage, which led to an interaction I still remember almost 10 years later. New York has that beautiful air of freedom about it although, it might be creatable anywhere else.

        3. Yes, you are correct. I can’ speak to long term success anywhere other than new York. However, I have travelled a good amount of the world and I have always flirted with every woman and it always had good results…sometimes just a smile, sometimes a lay, but nothing bad.
          I will tell you a great story from the legendary Paternal Grandpa Knee.
          At the lovely age of 91 he took the entire family to Disney land. Now I am the eldest son of an eldest son and my father had 7 siblings so all the kids were of Disney age. My sister and I not so much. The whole family went wandering around epcot one day and Grandpa Knee, one of the toughest SOBs you ever see in your life, got sick and had a slight accident in his pants. The park called a courtesy car and I, being the loving grandson I am and total desirous to get TF out of epcot and back to the hotel to get drunk pool side, offered to go with him. The driver of this courtesy van was a Swedish 9. A solid 9. Like she was a 9 in her khaki intentionally unsexy Disney courtesy driver outfit. Now grandpa knee spoke a dozen or more languages with native fluency and there he is in the courtesy van sitting in his own piss and shit, literally 70 years older than this girl and he is talking to her in Swedish and she is giggling like a fucking school girl. When we finally got to the hotel he went to give her a 50 from his shit and piss pocket and she politely declined. He said something in Swedish and she giggled and took the money. I asked him later what he said he told me he said “sweetheart, it’s wrong of you to refuse the kindness of a love struck old man….especially when his wife is back at the park and he has a hotel room to himself” This is a nonagenarian in his own filth hitting on a early 20’s fucking bombshell and the look one her face was of absolute charm. I learned a lot from Grandpa Knee….but one thing is that there is never an excuse not to turn on the charm.

        1. “You met her at a funeral?”
          “Yeah, I’ll throw in a wedding every now and then. But funerals are insane. The chicks are so horny, it’s not even fair! Grief is nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac.”

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      2. That’s the way. It’s situational. As I said earlier, you can’t stop in front of a girl that’s walking on the side walk, wave your hands like a retard and blurb your stupid line. That’s harassment imo.

        1. Your opinion is important but not as important as what is actually the law.
          For example, there is a form of game called “Armageddon game”. Basically you walk up to a woman, look her straight in the eye and tell her to come to your place and fuck. Those who can do it swear by it.
          However, in certain countries this can land you in jail as it is illegal. Best to check the local laws.

  4. This sounds remarkably similar to that they taught me as a missionary doing street contacts. Main thing….OPEN YOUR MOUTH! a missed opportunity is no opportunity.

  5. What you do is this, you pay for a movie YOU want to see and bring the cunt along with you…then afterwards you tell her to fuck off home…and you will go home alone, as this motion set’s in place…expect epic shit to happen.

  6. You seen, the problem is in most of Europe and North America you only get what is available locally – meaning mostly garbage women – obese, messed up in mind, lazy and most likely with a few STD`s. If you are fishing in a polluted river, you will only get polluted fish that could possibly kill you – whether you use a makeshift equipment or an expensive one, the results will be the same.
    I found it was much easier to travel and find decent women elsewhere. Little day game was needed – all I needed was to be a man, reasonably good-looking, have a steady job, show some interest in her culture and get along with her parents.

    1. Yes I’ve certainly found my local bar is not the place to pick up quality women.I think the problem is western women have been conditioned by thirsty betas and cultural Marxism to think they don’t have to live up to any standards for men. The look on women I date faces when I blow them out for unacceptable behavior is priceless. It’s like they’ve never had a guy put their foot down before, and often as a result they seem to get even crazier for you. But damaged goods is damaged goods.

  7. “Whether they give or refuse, it delights women just the same to have been asked”
    This sentence, if i may, could be the basis for a number 10 on the list: approach, tease, seduce…and women will love you for it, day or night.

  8. Game contributes to our gynocentric society as men mold themselves around the needs and wants of the woman. All woman has to do is spread her legs and fake an orgasm.

  9. I think the best way to do this is be aware as you go on about your life. We pass so many opportunities every day without even knowing it. You have to look at people, and I mean LOOK beyond what the eyes are relying to you. Think about what you are seeing.

  10. I put PUAs firmly in the beta pile. LIving your life playing games to get a little pussy.
    Note to women: I am what I am, and if you don’t like it go fuck someone else.
    I’m a man, and I’m going my own way!

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