What American Women Watch On Netflix

We live in an age where everyone is connected. It merely takes a few keystrokes, a click, and a scroll to get the low-down on someone’s life, interests, location, education and job history, contact information, people they hang out with, places they go, and generally the type of person they are. This can all be done without ever having to meet a person or speak to him at all. You no longer have to spend time with people to understand them or see what their true wants and desires are.

The kind of media people consume is often very telling of their aspirations and inclinations. I find that observing the kinds of books, movies, or TV shows a person enjoys is often an indication of the individual’s inner propensities and view of one’s self and the world around him. You can draw conclusions about a person’s emotional state, self-esteem, self-consciousness, world views, and a number of other cues about an individual by what the person chooses to absorb into the meat between the ears.

I casually dated a girl off and on for 6 months a couple of years back. She was an unscrupulous, flaky, opportunistic, selfish, masculine, and generally very textbook American 20-something female who we all know and love. Tons of tattoos and piercings, #singlegirlproblems, being single and trying to “find herself,” at the bars every weekend riding the carousel, loves cats too much, abruptly chopped all of her beautiful hair off, etc. She was a solid 8 before she cut her hair like a little boy and started to gain weight after her and I parted ways, but I digress. During our tenure, she added her Netflix account to my Playstation 3 and never changed her password or bothered to remove my device from her account. I enjoyed free Netflix steaming for well over a year and a half. Thanks.


We are talking about a typical single American girl living in an apartment with 1-3 other typical single American girls all in their mid-20’s. Needless to say, between the booze, dick, and drama, they watched a decent amount of garbage on Netflix. I was able to glean candid information on these girls’ interests, desires, and mentality from the content of their “Recently Watched” list, as well as the categories and projected ratings that would pop up. The bulk of this data can be lumped into three primary categories.

Sexually Deviant Movies and Documentaries

This honestly made up the majority of recently watched and recommended titles. Countless documentaries about porn, prostitution, sexual fetishes, obscure and graphic gay and lesbian movies, etc. It was abundant. The dashboard was rife with “Raunchy Gay & Lesbian Films,” “Women & Sex,” so on and so forth. I was blown away by how interested these girls were in the degenerate underbelly of the sex industry and stories of shameless promiscuity and indignity.

From this it was obvious what these sluts had on their minds. A case of narcissistic, emasculated, debaucherous girls unable to get or keep a good man around (generally by choice) starting the “Sex and the City” lifestyle early. I learned that a small group of average white single American girls, who grew up in nice neighborhoods with good families, cared far more about sex than romance. I hardly ever saw a romantic comedy or critically acclaimed tear-jerker on there.

These girls were independent and sucking up the indoctrinated feminist life-style just as they have been programmed too. All of them in and out of community college chasing worthless degrees in fruitless and unprofitable majors as they try to “find themselves.” Out partying and bar-hopping, bouncing from dick to dick, living life in the fast lane of a dead-end highway with the wall fast approaching. entitled, shallow, and shameless.

But wait, it gets more stereotypical…

Rape/Victim/Independent-Female Lead Movies

A close second on the list of frequented movie genres that these uncouth thirsty broads would eat up was movies about independent females being victimized. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “Last House on the Left,” “I Spit On Your Grave,” the list goes on. An obvious tell of submissive and domination complexs. Of course these women get off on rape fantasy and jarringly violent sexual encounters – and what strong, independent, I’m-a-tough-bitch-and-proud girl doesn’t enjoy tails of masculine female heroism and revenge?

These are movies where women get to have their cake and eat it too. They get to live out brutal domination or rape fantasies and simultaneously experience enacting a vendetta on all the men that they feel “took advantage” of them so they can feel powerful, self-reliant, and socially immune.


This tells me that single women want to be fucked raw and treated like filth by bad-boy miscreants, but they also want to make these men suffer for not showing them respect and honoring their strength and independence. These stories are relatable to American women because rape culture, female independence, and the image of strength-through-adversity in women is huge in narcissistic Western culture. These movies are always about some woman being alone, often times under some form of emotional duress – like most American women.

Trashy Reality TV

“Teen Mom,” “16 and Pregnant,” and that whole bit, peppered with “Family Guy” and other staples of shallow American television. This sort of thing is obviously not surprising in the least. Contrived drama to satiate their desires for surface level emotional stimuli. These women are damaged goods and thrive off of the negative energy of seeing disgusting people making poor life decisions and getting into shit so they feel better about their own lives.


Women love this garbage. Immature conflict they can criticize in contrast to their own lives to feed the ego. Couple this with a steady stream of attention-whoring Facebook posts and pictures of them and their friends drinking and looking empowered, and you have a potent cocktail of self-validation and feigned independence.

Rough sex, independence, and drama. This is the steady diet of today’s American woman. It goes without saying that the supplied media is right in line with current social norms – this is a catch 22 paradox. Are women watching this stuff because the underlying ideology is pushed on them, or is this content popular because it is what women want to watch these days? Likely a steady mix of both. The American media machine is well-oiled and meticulously designed to pluck the strings of the sociopolitical instrument.

She has since changed her Netflix password so I was obligated to breakdown and pay the $7.99/month for my own. As far as I know, the rampant narcissism, you-go-girlism, attention-whoring, actual-whoring, and consumption of audiovisual tripe still goes on in that apartment, as it does in countless other dwellings of white, middle-class female 20-somethings. Bears still shit in the woods and sloots still gonna sloot, as they say.

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  1. No “Girls” and “the voice of a generation”? Shame on her, shame on her.

  2. How is this relevant? You obviously chose poorly, just because your ex-whore watches teen mom does not mean they all do. Shit, the fact she can afford the netflix account is 50% better than most of ’em.

    1. “16 and Pregnant” is a breakaway hit for MTV. It’s aired for four seasons, now continuing into a fifth, and has spawned three commercially successful spinoffs (the “Teen Mom” series). More are in the works.
      Lots of girls are watching this crap. It’s part of the zeitgeist. Why minimize it?

    2. Yes they all do it. When 95% do it, its enough to say “All”. I bet a modern western woman has perhaps read 2 or 3 books on her own.
      They are close to retarded.

      1. First of all retarded is not a kind word to use when you think about the mentally challenged (my little brother with down syndrome would not appreciate it) Second of all, Do you read anything beyond crap internet articles? Have you ever read anything?! Most women I know are big readers and proud of it, Please grow up and learn how to get facts before you argue. Except the facts you find would prove your point wrong, so I guess you better just be quiet

        1. You are a dick, I just mentioned that it is a rude term to use because it is a medical term and i effects tons of down syndrome and autistic children and adults. Try to think about someone other than yourself bug.

        2. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than being shocked, just shocked that people are rude on the internet?

  3. Having access to an American woman’s Netflix account, I can say without a doubt that all American women are as you described.

    1. Having access to this comment, I can see that you are a bigot and have no respect for women.

        1. You will never earn my respect because of your comments towards my gender, they are rude and unfounded by science. Please dont state pseudoscience or any articles from this website.

        2. Just do what most other wanderers do when they stumble onto this website….pretend it’s satire, and reread the article in a silly voice (my personal favorite is reading it in Eric Cartmen’s voice). It actually becomes fantastic after that; like Fox News with a riff track.

        3. It’s good for a laugh if you don’t take it too seriously.
          And keep in mind…these guys are a small…small…small minority of people.

        4. Let’s be perfectly honest here – If someone were to link you to a long, thorough, scientific, peer-reviewed scholarly journal that proposes and analyzes data to support a claim that you are against – you know you wouldn’t read it. You just want to keyboard jockey because you disagree with the statements that the article claims.

        5. Are they really? They probably arent really like this either in public. I just know that I have faced people like this when I tell them that I am a scientist and the work I am doing, and I am getting sick of it.

        6. Lets be honest here, Quit being a condescending person for a minute and try to find an article written after the 1950’s and yes I will read it. I welcome the challenge. Because you are oh so very superior you will be able to find one, no?

        7. Man, I am really sorry for stating some facts and trying to help you guys see another person’s point of view. You, boy, are a rude, bigot, Sorry for trying to help ya out.

        8. Honey, people don’t have a gender. Words have a gender. Our comments about your sex and the behaviors that result from, which is a product of evolutionary selection. You clearly do not understand what the word “science” means.
          The amount of data on the topic is actually astounding, so much so that a famous evolutionary psychologist is going to be starting up a whole website just to help men understand how and why females behave as they do!

        9. Get the fuck out of here with your harping. You are a fucking cow. You are not welcome here.

        10. Sorry , I should have typed women instead of my gender, But that does not invalidate my point, As a biologist we focus mainly on sex, male or female, and that is how I tend to think, I do not normally channel my inner psychologist, I hope that you are n so narrow minded that you cant see past one word

        11. How’s this for basic manners?
          You look like a pig (no seriously, get a fucking nose job. It’ll help you get a man way more than your useless degree) I wouldn’t even fuck you with my worst enemy’s dick. Now show some tits or get the fuck out of here. No women or faggots in the comments. Didn’t you read about this site?

        12. How is this for manners, ” I wouldnt have sex with a fat girl even though I am overweight because they are fat beasts who do not deserve to live.” Now grow a brain, and get a life, and try to spread your idiotic views in public and see how people treat ya

        13. bre, can you picture a guy talking like these guys in public and getting any girl,,,enough said

        14. True, It just gets frustrating being treated like this. People Need to learn that women are not to be objectified.

        15. Go away you evil bitch, go away you evil ho. Your scientist ass will never be anything else than a receptacle. Enjoy the cats you old slut.

        16. I will tell my fiancee about the cats, which is great we both love animals! So thanks for that tip! 🙂 Why dont you go away and learn how to properly treat women you asshole dick.

        17. Have I had you before? I remember blowing a load on a red head slut named Bre. That fiancee of yours needs to check your HOFAX.

        18. Why am I a slut? Because I am calling you out? because you are an ignorant asshole? Answer me

        19. And there honestly isn’t much you can do in the way of changing their mind. If you frequent a site like this in any serious capacity, it usually means you aren’t too interested in hearing a differing opinion. It’s all just an egotistical circle jerk, echoing what they’ve already heard a billion other times to give them some form of comfort.

        20. I feel that when men say horrible stuff like this, they need to becalled out and try to learn some respect. If I were to say any of this about men they would be crying like babies saying “western women are so mean because they stand up for themselves Boo hoo.”

        21. No we lie to women, drive nice cars and leave fake bank account statements out with extra zeros in it. I guess you missed the article about how the movie Gravity represents women in science. They stumble around when faced with challenges affirmative action didn’t test them on. Kill their co worker with their incompetence. Destroy/consume vast amount of recourses to maintain relative position. Almost drowns when no one is there to tell her not to swim in a space suite.

        22. how so?
          Not every woman reacts logically or rationally,they tend to act with emotion. If this wasnt the case domestic violence wont be an issue since the will pick the “boring nice guy” then the “abusive bad boy”. Plus many of us got lame advice from say our mothers of female friends and it just ends terrible.
          But learning from the player friend the results are much better. Understanding womens nature can be frustrating to understand and who likes what and do what. But when you start getting experiance there are alot of common behavouirs that just dont seem to be acceptable and seems rather childish and manipulative.
          These “insults” are more directed at westerners as oppose to foreigners like say in russia or china whom tend to be more rational and actual do what they say. For example she will value a man for being a gentleman, good paying job over his looks. But here in the west youre better off being the good looking loser despite her claims of a “nice guy” which is rather vague and misleading. Here we are narcissistic bunch but much more with women thanx to social media creating a princess complex.
          honestly you sound just like em.”im offended and im not like it cause im a speical snowflake”. But if we were to meet you in person youd be similar to other girls chances are.
          THis is just the cultre we think highly of ourselves for no reason thanks to the “ur special campiagn”.
          ill give you an example if ask anyone “do you think you are funnier then most people”, 96% will say yes. Which is impossible since only less then half of people are really truly funnier. Same could be said about being smart,good looking or a “better nicer person”.

        23. Fuck you. Show us your tits. On second thought you have boobs like tennis balls and a muffin top. Put it back on and kill yourself, you gross bitch.

        24. You will never earn my respect because of your comments towards my gender, they are rude and unfounded by science.
          That’s because you don’t know how to give. Your friends never taught you properly.

        25. You tell your friends. You and your friends tell your female companions.
          People already know.

        26. Sorry is a type of gesture only women use. In the animal kingdom never, as a biologist you should know.

        27. You’ll be suprised what educated people think: now go to bed and tell your friends in the morning that you have learned something.

        28. Well, I certainly hope not in the same way they think of this site, that’s for sure..

        29. Why you want to be proven wrong? Stand your ground woman.
          If i had the capability to prove something, i would ask myself why everything has to be repeated a billion times. There’s another billion needed to even break this wall of female confidence based on a thin layer of narcissistic media fed, overwhelming ignorant complaining. If there are women with any responsability, they should hurry and try stop the blubber caused by the dumbest individuals that lead this gender to it’s own ruin.

      1. I have no respect for western women because you openly condone and support crimes such as perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse being committed by women against children.
        You can read all about this in my books. I published all the documents associated with my family court case. The only man to do so. You western women are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9%+ majority and this is now a proven fact which we are telling the younger lads.
        If you want to improve the world? Start with your own kind. Western women. Because I can assure you that you could well do with a great deal of improvement. I have two former daughters. The world would be a better place if both of them were dead. That comes from a man who had great hopes for them.
        Their mother so corrupted them and installed such disgusting characters in them that they are worse than useless. They are a liability on the face of the planet. A disgrace. You might do well to wonder how disgusting a woman has to be that their own alleged father says that the world would be a better place if the woman was dead.

        1. If you would read your essay, you would realize that you are overgeneralizing, Not all women act the way you think they do, And men are the cause of many crimes as well. I may read your book and come back and argue with you then when I have all the information you think is true. How do we “condone” crimes, I see men condone crimes such as rape and murder by making jokes about it and getting less jail time than they deserve. You see western men are idiots and cannot think for themselves, because they lack the compacity to create good arguments. 99%+ of men could not survive without a woman telling them what to do (I can make up statistics too) To threaten anyone is a crime, and It is awful to wish someone dead.

        2. Sweetie,
          you are welcome to read my books. But talking to you is a waste of time.
          “I may read your book and come back and argue with you”
          Why would I waste my time “arguing” with you? If you want an argument you are just going to have to pay for it. Arguments are not free you know.
          (And if you do not know where the “you have to pay for an argument” sketch comes from you are just too young for me to bother with.)

        3. Dear One, I will read your books, but I will never buy them to support the likes of you. It is wasting my time trying to get you to understand basic facts. Come on, you are ridiculous! Do women let you treat them this way without putting up a fight? Honestly

        4. Sweetie,
          if you want to know where the stupidity and arrogance of women has gotten you? Try reading this article.
          You can also read our forum on men killing women. Men are killing women in rapidly increasing numbers. They are doing so because you are so stupid and so arrogant that you think you can commit crimes against men with impunity.
          Even after I posted HUNDREDS of such articles to PROVE to women that your criminal abuse was getting you killed more often you refused to listen. Talk about winners of the darwin awards.
          Men are going to have to keep killing women until you are prepared to surrender unconditionally. That is the only end to this unwanted war you brought against us. And you are so dumb you do not even realise it was a small group of men who incited you in to your war of aggression against men.

        5. Pancake Darling
          Wow, This is the most horrible offensive argument I have ever heard! So It should be legal to rape women if they do not offer sex to a man? It is horrible for any one to kill another be it man or woman, I can not believe that you would even suggest such a thing is a woman’s fault. This is the most horrible thing I have heard all day. I am so glad that not all men are like you, Because otherwise I would have to be a lesbian to have some intelligent conversions. We will never surrender, because of human being we are not SLAVES to anyone and are not forced to do anything. You are the scum of the earth. I hope that you never plan on murdering a woman, because if you did, I am sure they would go for the death penalty. I still cannot believe that you are saying that women killed by men is a good thing! You ignorant rude, victim blaming ass hole!

      2. Roosh please ban this bitch, she’s shitting up the entire message board with her hamster wheel nonsense. I can’t even read the intelligent comments from other men on here without running into her nonsense.
        And guys, please ignore these nasty Western women when they come on the board to shit things up. Don’t feed the hamster, just as you don’t feed the troll.

        1. One parting comment before I completely ignore you: You are nothing to me. I look at you and I don’t see a woman. I see a self-serving, androgynous meat bag.
          The future belongs to those who will be there. Feminism will be extinct in a few generations, because the women who are pushing it, mainly Anglo American women like yourself, will die out. Just look at a demographic breakdown of who is reproducing and who is not. Clue: Feminists and highly educated women are FAR below replacement level.
          Biologically, and you should know this, your views are unsupportable in the long run. You do not want equality, which you already had, you want superiority. It’s your hypergamous instinct run amok.
          I welcome that future. You entitled (and let’s not forget, demographically sterile) Western women can’t fade from the face of the Earth fast enough for me.
          Tick tock. Which clock is it? Your biological clock running out? Or the countdown to your extinction as a breed?

        2. One more comment before I try to forget people like you exist bucko. I do not see you as a person, I see you as a bigoted preschooler who needs to learn some respect and be educated. There are hundreds of great women throughout history read about them if ya can. I neversaid I am a feminist, i simply want the likes of you to quit posting rude things about women, Is that so hard? Apparently. And my views are supported by any intelligent person. Everyone realizes that both genders are entitled to the same rights, except you apparently. I hope you never breed and you go extinct, you are a shame, I hope your mother knows how awful she raised you.

        3. “i simply want the likes of you to quit posting rude things about women”
          I’m clairvoyant and I see…………….disappointment in your future.
          You don’t sound half as dumb as you’d have to be to believe you’re going to make any difference here with your troll marathon. 25-some posts in just a couple hours and still counting – this IS a *forum*, you know, not a chat room. But as we all know women will never use 10 words to make a point when they can use a 1,000. As a general rule, they just don’t know when to STFU.
          Oh, OOPS – did I just say something rude about women?? I should be more careful when dealing with the truth.

        4. Within 10 years, males will be stripped of their right to vote and own property. Within 15 years, they will lose all their rights and be nothing more than thralls. Their brute strength and brawn will make them exceptionally fit for hard labor and servitude…and their tiny brains will never let them understand how girls enslaved them…or how to extricate themselves from a predicament that will last for centuries.

  4. I found Ken Burn’s Documentaries recently on Netflix. The good ones, from the 90’s.
    Needless to say, whore won’t watch them.

  5. I swear, Western women are the dumbest creatures on this planet. They are void of any talent, any skill, any knowledge about anything important.
    They don’t have any ambition or important goals (other than go girllism) because why ? no matter how poor and ugly they are, some smuck’s gonna save them anyway.

    1. Wow. Really now? You truly believe this. Your mother was stupid and useless when she raised you? (well maybe I can see this, if she were a good mom she would have taught you to respect women) And women are scientists and are working to cure cancer as you say we cant. As a woman I am full of ambition and have many goals in the scientific field, I am a wild life biologist and loving every minute of educating the public. Would you say I am a useless person?

        1. I mean protecting species that are essential to out environment today. If you want to know more I would be glad to educate you as well 🙂 And I do not work for the government I work for an independent agency who works mostly with children and teaching them to protect the planet and not littler and what not. I really am a horrible person.

        2. Who decides which species are essential? I thought that was up to evolution / natural selection. Or are you one that asserts that humankind is not natural?

        3. I believe that every species is a necessary part of the cycle from the mosquito to the bobcat, each serves and important purpose in the environment and needs to be saved from humans encroaching on their habitats. Namely, there need to be rules about building houses so that there is enough free space for the larger animals, It would be a shame to see any more animals go extinct like the Carolina parakeet or how the buffalo used to be so numerous and now they are a smaller population.

        4. Of course they are, I included them in the cycle. I thought you would be able to see that.Sorry for not being clear enough

        5. “needs to be saved from humans encroaching on their habitats.” So do we save deer from cougars? Who are we to decide who wins and who loses?

        6. Did I say we need to save deer from cougars? No, I said we need to make sure there is enough habitat for the animals to live in. Can you read?

        7. Clearly I can not read. “I believe that every species is a necessary part of the cycle from the
          mosquito to the bobcat, each serves and important purpose in the
          environment and needs to be saved from humans encroaching on their
          habitats.” I was using deer and cougars as an example, not an absolute.

        8. “Narrator: I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches I’d never see. I wanted to breathe smoke.”

        9. No you did not. But what is the diff between me building a house that kills 100 deer, and a cougar killing 100 deer?

        10. There is nature, and then there is man made, while we need to leave open places for the animals to live, one should not interfere with nature. I believe that if more houses were built every day there would not be enough room for these animals to live. A cougar kills to eat, a housing development takes away land and food. I think that there is a difference.

        11. So you contradict your own point. You believe that humans are not part of nature.

        12. No, I do not, I believe that humans have the potential to interrupt nature more so than other species

        13. Nature can not interrupt nature. You are still making humans either super or sub natural.

        14. So buy building a housing complex on top of what used to be a swamp they are not interrupting nature?

        15. Is a cougar eating a deer interrupting nature? Is a beaver building a dam interrupting nature? Is an asteroid hitting the earth interrupting nature?

        16. Does the cougar ruin and entire ecosystem in a matter of hours and take up all space for the other animals to move or adapt? I think not

        17. So you do not even believe that trying to use resources responsibly is a good thing? We should just all do what we want and pollute what we want?

        18. Define ‘ruin’. I bet from the deers perspective that cougar ruined its ecosystem, seeing as it killed and ate it.

        19. Wrong: An ecosystem is a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.

      1. “I am a wild life biologist and loving every minute of educating the public.”
        Really? Wow. Just wow. Is this satire? Again, your cis-ontological prejudices are offensive to wildlife and otherkin. Stop hominidsplaining. Just because you have opposable thumbs, a large prefrontal cortex, and language does not mean you understand the struggles of oppressed woodland creatures. Check your privilege.

        1. Now this is satire. Im sorry for trying to make then environment a cleaner place and making sure that water quality can sustain life and be clean enough for human consumption, Will you please forgive me?

      2. You want to make the world a better place? Learn how to be a good wife.
        “And women are scientists and are working to cure cancer as you say we cant.”
        Cancer is a fungus and can be cured with bicarb of soda. But your guvmint won’t tell you that. They want to scare the hell out of your women with “breast cancer awareness” and cut your breasts off rather than let you find out bicarb of soda will cure breast cancer.
        THAT is how dumb women are. They run to people for handouts who have adjusted your diet to give you more breast cancer and hidden the cure so that you live in a greater level of fear. That’s pretty dumb.

        1. Really? It is a fungus? Im really sorry Ill have to go change all , of my biology text books and internet articles and scientific studies out there. You are pretty dumb if you believe that! Im sorry to say, you are the craziest boy I have met here! Why dont you learn how to be a good respectful husband? Learn how to deal with kids and cook. At least cook, because you will be alone for a long time with an attitude like that

        2. Sweetie,
          ” Ill have to go change all , of my biology text books and internet articles and scientific studies out there.”
          Who do you think wrote those text books? Might it not be the SAME PEOPLE who benefit from you not knowing cancer is a fungus? It is caused primarily by candida overgrowth.
          If you read something in “mainstream science” you can be pretty sure that it is a lie….or part of a lie.
          Nothing is as the textbooks tell us. But hey, you are a woman, and I am merely a man, and so you must know better than me, right?
          You are probably one of those moron women who think feminism is about equality! LOL!! Women are so dumb they think feminism was invented by women and is about equality! LOL!!
          Try reading my books sweetie……if you can actually read that is.

        3. Honey Pie, (you condescending prick) Who do you think studies cancer? Just about everyone from every country as well as personal biologists who are friends of mine. I think if you were intelligent enough to look you may understand. Do you have a degree in medicine? Or just a youtube video. Try getting your head out of your ass, that is if you arent too deep in bubba

        4. Bre, what’s up? Are you just bored or what? You talk to ( and about) these guys like they’re retards. Clearly, you’re not getting through to anyone here. Stop wasting your metaphorical breath here and enjoy an evening w/ your fiancé. Have some wine, grab some supper … maybe catch an ol’ fashioned pussy-eating. You don’t like these fellows and they don’t like you. You seem alright ; why bother?

      3. A Wildlife Biologist who educates kids on the importance of maintaining the spotted owl’s habitat…does not a scientist make.
        I have heard a number of women attempt to carry the mantle of “scientist,” knowing the connotations and “barriers” it breaks down for wymyn, only to come out with some phony degree program in the next breath. The hard sciences rarely have any babes in them, and any man who attempts to point that out, as Lawrence Summers of Harvard attempted to do, gets a cacophony of bitching directed their way.

        1. A masters in science? Oh man, Im so lost, Poor you. You are so caught up in your narrow minded bigotry you cannot see the obvious points I am making

        2. The points you are making?? Please, you are not doing any favors for your gender here. Did you buy that MS from Lane Bryant?
          Only PhDs can really be termed scientists. My friend has a Bachelors of “Science” in Biology. That does not make him a “scientist.” He went on to get his MD. He’s a doctor now. But he still wouldn’t be a scientist until he did a PhD thesis and was engaged in real research.

        3. One can still do Science without the degrees,the way it was done since science began.
          It’s basically the academics who insist on PhDs titles.
          However with that said,what this Bre-Bitch does is not at all science,she merely spreads enviro-whining propaganda(“educating” the public) using her MS as some sort of authority.

  6. what an absolutely hypocrisy these women have in their minds. They want to be dominated and fucked brutally by powerful men, to furfill every perverted desire they have, then afterwards they will seek payback for feeling so powerless around the men they desired. wtf?
    all women are biologically programmed to submit to a suitable man when the time comes, to me that makes sense, but the seeking revenge part because he destroyed your sense of independance and empowerment? pfft. i can see through that facade. to me that whole independance and empowerment just seems like another shit test. it just doesnt work out. you game a girl right and she will submit. you cannot fight your true nature.

    1. This phenomenon is called cognitive dissonance. Its her true nature vs the status quo
      True nature-rape fantasy(the most common sexual fantasy of a woman)
      Status quo- ‘strong’, ‘independent’ woman.

    2. Not all women want to be dominated. Not all women are the same, personally I have no desire to be dominated because I am an EQUAL. We are not here for your convenience or your pleasure. Im sorry if I am the first person to tell you that

        1. How? Do you want me to show you test scores? Show you my running times? Anything right now. You are not better because you have a dick

        2. Ho, I will out squat, bench, and out run you. GTFO you empty headed fucking monkey. You’re like a nuclear fart that will linger for ever.

        3. Man, Thanks for this helpful comment, You are oh so very intelligent bubba! Of course you can outrun me, At least that is what you say. Nice of you to show a pic of your overweight ass. You are an idiotic man boy who hopefully never breeds

        4. You are not better because you have a dick. He’s probably better because he has the decency to ask you something.
          You on the other hand are answering yourself in a way that comforts you.
          That’s how female friends connect and is not working here.

        5. You will probably breed with a man who’s lying to you and will tell you everything you want to hear.

        6. Hey cunt, what’s up? I’ve seen a lot of stupid shit you said above and I just want you to know that women do need men and vice versa. However, this site is geared toward men and their ability to use women as they wish, as women, perhaps in an attempt to construct a relationship, will allow themselves to be used by a suitable partner. Years ago, women couldn’t be used so easily because they didn’t allow themselves to be used; they generally didn’t have sex in order to solidify a relationship. But now that they do there is a problem. And, no, women and men are not the same if they are promiscuous. It is in man’s nature, truly, although language and civilization have established a monogamous custom, to be polygamous beings sexually; to have sex with as many partners as he can; as he can since he does not undergo pregnancy and therefore is sexually available at a constant. A woman is designed to be the passive and nurturing creature–this is not a subordination but a necessity. You women seem not to be able to respect that blatant logic because you think your design makes you subordinate; it does not. It’s interesting to me that women’s attitudes began to change when wars with large death tolls in the developed world ceased to occur. Back then, I’m sure you would have been happy to be a woman, and thus to have bypassed conscription for any one of the strictly male-experienced and very dark and gruesome 20th century world wars or foreign conflicts such as Korea or Vietnam. In this hyper-liberal society which is very far removed from reality you women do not pay heed to history; you do not pay heed to what forces have brought society this far. And instead of counting your blessings and working toward progress constructively and individually you assume the role of the victim and blame “man” or the “patriarchy” for your problems. Let me ask you, am I that man? Am I the man who subjugates your freedom as an entitled woman who sees not the realities beyond the developed world? No, I’m not. I’ll tell you right now, it is the oppressed who oppress themselves. And if being a woman to you means being disfranchised or marginalized, you will never be whole. Thanks for entertaining my rant. I hope your vagina feels okay.

      1. That makes as much sense as comparing apples and oranges.
        Men are not equal to women, Fathers are not equal to sons, Mothers are not equal to daughters. It is in men’s nature to desire sex and for women’s nature to desire attention. Women *are* here for men’s pleasure and men *are* here for women’s comfort and security.

        1. Um no, Women do not need men and vice versa. It is possible to live life with just friends and be fine, men are not entitled to sex, and women do not all need comfort and security. We can take care of out selves thanks.

        2. “It is possible to live life with just friends”
          Being friends => comfort and security.
          Friends are optional for men but not for women.

        3. They are not optional for men, I know plenty of men who fully rely on their friends. And Also let it be known that women can only have women friends and be fine, or women can have no friends and be loners and be fine as well. PEOPLE ARE ALL DIFFERENT BUT DESERVE THE SAME RIGHTS AND RESPECT! why dont you boys understand that?

        4. women have girlfriends and boyfriends, if you’re not fucking her you’re her girlfriend. Im no bitch’s girlfriend so tits or GTFO.

        5. Man, You are just so depserate! You really cant find a woman to have sex with you? I wonder why? Oh yea! You are a misogynistic asshole!

        6. People deserve respect according to their virtues, and receive “rights” in return for obligations they fulfil in their role. Good fathers and mothers receive respect from their children, when the children grow up. Single mothers and single fathers who do not fulfil their responsibilities receive less; Men who are effeminate and avoid fulfilling their masculine role will have trouble attracting feminine women. We’re all human beings and we all have roles that are given to us. It is virtuous for a human being to fulfil the obligations that come with these roles (each come with different kinds of rights), and receive the corresponding respect. You can only compare whether you personally like one role better than another, but that is only a subjective preference.

        7. Exactly! Men and women must both work for them, but you automatically treat women poorly without giving them a chance. Read any article, You say we should not get an education, should care extensively about how we look, should work for a man. Effeminate men attract tons of women, I know that for a fact, maybe you dont attract women, but that is for another reason.

        8. Leading a woman is not treating her poorly. When you go on a date, wouldn’t you rather the man be able to come up with suggestions about what to do, rather than him constantly asking you “What do you want to do next?”?
          “Effeminate men attract tons of women” But he doesn’t get to have sex with any of them, so that’s moot.
          “You say we should not get an education” Return of Kings is a website with tons of authors. Not everyone support every view. Personally I think it’s fine for women to “get an education” as long as she focuses on what should be her fulfilling her obligations first – as a daughter, wife and/or mother. An as a wife, she should indeed look good for her husband, just as a husband should present himself properly as a man when out.

        9. No I wouldnt, I would rather the man ask me so we can come up with ideas together. We do not want to be bossed around. Can you understand that . We are not children! How do you know about that kind of man? Do you really, Most girls I know like guys like that because they do not act like you, they are more caring, just like my fiance. A woman does not have any obligations to anyone but herself unless she chooses to have some. I can chose to become a wife, and a mother, but I am not forced to be one. And a man needs to fulfill his obligations as well before going to school, shouldnt dads be a big part in a childs life? Men are not better, and they are not the “head of the household” This isnt the 1920’s.

        10. You’re free to disregard the roles you’re given, but it only means you would no longer benefits you’d receive had you fulfil obligations of those roles. A woman who does not have kids does not receive her children’s love. A woman who is promiscuous will be viewed as promiscuous by other women. A woman who focuses exclusively on her career will have difficulty finding an attractive, masculine man for marriage later in her life. A beautiful woman is attractive to masculine men. If she does not care for benefits from fulfilling those roles, she does not and should not care for fulfilling obligations attached to those roles.
          A mother receives respect as a mother, and a father receives respect as a father. The two are not equal. Neither is better than the other.
          I’m just explaining reality. You’re free to believe otherwise.

        11. Do I need a childs love to be fulfilled? NO! I do not! Men who are players are just as bad as promiscious women. It is the same thing, a slut is a slut be it man or woman, and it is OK as long as it makes them happy. AND MAYBE WOMEN DONT WANT TO GET MARRIED! My life does not revolve around the roles you assign me. You boys are not masculine, you are bigots trying to justify antiquated views

        12. Not quite sure what you hope to accomplish railing on everyone on this message board. So you want an egalitarian relationship. Great. Life has tradeoffs, you can have a “modern man”, you’ll just have to live with the fact that he isn’t much of a “man”. You can have a masculine man, but you just have to know that he expects your subservience. It’s all about who you are and what you want, so why rail against masculine men for preferring feminine women? You are free to be as “egalitarian” as you would like. Lord knows there are enough emasculated males to choose from.

        13. “Um no, Women do not need men”
          Have you ever heard of a man named Earl Haas? He invented the modern day version of the tampon you cram up your “strong, independent, I don’t need a man” vagina. Do you ever stop and take inventory on the shit that you type? Seriously, take your stumpy little dick beaters off your keyboard and think about this shit for a second. Women
          don’t need men? You would be getting chased by a fucking grizzly bear and getting scraped up by your ingenious tree bark tampon if it wasn’t for men you fucking semi-retarded swamp donkey.
          “We can take care of ourselves thanks”
          You can’t even invent your own feminine hygiene products. Take care of yourself? Bitch Please.
          Ban this bitch mods.

        14. And I was just talking about how women see Angelina Joelee jump up kick 8 gun wielding men to the ground before she lands and think its physically possible, and poof you appear.

        15. actually feminists put out for misogynistic assholes. Just like men cant tell the difference between shades of raspberry and folic, women cant tell the difference between confidence and boorish, mean, cruel, rude and a holish

        16. Please get onto wikipedia and research logical syllogisms.
          “Some men need friends, therefore all men need friends” is just not valid reasoning.
          I mean: you may be right, but your reasoning is rubbish.

        17. He is not “automatically” treating women poorly. His poor treatment of women is *after* the fact.

          False. This is a community of men who seek to be as our masculine forefathers were. We don’t seek to regurgitate contemporary society’s weak, idiotic, inclusive, gender-neutral, mentally soft, feel-good bullshit. Why don’t YOU understand THAT? Oh, I know– because you’re a half-witted mental midget who thinks her having a vagina and an ignorant opinion nullifies any dissenting opinion from today’s groupthink horseshit.
          Fuck off cunt. You’re out of your league. Go back to playing with barbie.

        19. “maybe you dont attract women, but that is for another reason.”
          Typical. Dumb cunt has a dumb argument, and at the end slips a subtle insult in. We know you are stupid and incapable of understanding, but perhaps you should invent some new insults.
          Is there any man you disagree with who isn’t bad with women/a social pariah, who doesn’t live in his parent’s basement, or doesn’t have a small dick? I’m seriously wondering.

        20. Men who are players are just as bad as promiscious women.
          Two wrongs don’t……..
          You boys are not masculine, you are bigots trying to justify antiquated views
          And yet you are here, this site didn’t assign you.

        21. This is exactly why I would have to send my daughter(s) to an all-girls boarding school (for college as well) or even better a Catholic Convent for Nuns; because the alternative would mean, they would end up being back-talking, whorish, dim witted, Miley Cyrus-esque sluts. You couldn’t beat them, unless you want some Marxist upholding mangina cop arresting you in your own home. If, I do have children, may I be so lucky as my father to have had all boys. People keep talking about how Western society sucks for boys, which is true, but if you’re the father of a Western girl, you’ll have to face the inevitable fact, that she’ll be a slut if raised in the same conditions as the other vapid Western sluts.

        22. Nobody said he was looking, yet you’re searching for answers you already answered yourself.

        23. “This is exactly why I would have to send my daughter(s) to an all-girls boarding school”
          I dated a girl from an all-girls school. Got to know her friends as well. They’re just a slutty if not more so. The school would have to be completely isolated from society, lol.

        24. I wouldn’t give a shit if she did that for her husband, but if I have a daughter and she does nasty shit with more than 3 men, she’s a whore in my book. I would consider myself having failed her. It’s not the fact that she’d be getting pumped, it’s the fact that with every man that pumps her, it decreases her value as a woman. This is why I am a firm believer in arranged marriages, especially if I could marry my daughter of to a gentleman from a well known family and who’s established himself. My daughter should only know her husbands dick.

        25. As much as I like the idea of having my own kids someday; it’s a terrifying prospect- especially a daughter. I honestly have no idea how I would raise her properly. There would be too much outside interference to my teachings. Things like personal accountability, hard work, strong morals, knowing your value, legitimate skill sets, critical thinking, knowing your limitations, and long term/long range planning can easily be replaced by a few interactions with #YOLO crowd. It’s going to be hard to say, “Listen girl, I’m right” when TV, internet, friends, parents of friends, and the education system are all preaching the whole “fuck it, do what you want” attitude. Who knows how bad it will be in 15-25 years from now as well. This shit sandwich isn’t getting any tastier.
          I’m a success oriented person and having kids that turn out to be turds would be, without a doubt, the biggest failure I can imagine. Society doesn’t have our backs as fathers. It’s
          a daunting uphill battle and I don’t know if I could ever take the plunge. I would like to, but I can feel my blood pressure going up just thinking about how hard it would be.

        26. Move to the right country. have a traditional woman. Send kids to strick buddhist or katholic school. case closed.
          Your wife will be a God send help instead of a blodsucking leach. No reason to fear that.

        27. Don’t reply to me, female. Agree fully with that last sentence. Relationships that work well, the men and women are “equal but not”. Also, at Bre, sex isn’t a treat and the other half isn’t a dog to have it witheld.

        28. My man is head of household, he’s got the last word, yes he listens, but he’s not just some weirdo repeating my opinions in a deeper voice. I like being told what he wants, when he wants it. I love it when he’s telling me what to do. He always says we’re equal in important decisions, we discuss things, but he also expects me to do as I’m told when he says. He’s caring, but he’s still in charge. I’m not thick, and he knows the things I like doing, but I like him in control. Why argue with the men that want to provide that to women? For every woman who wants what you want, there’s one who doesn’t. Don’t dissuad them from it, there’s already enough thin metrosexuals out there for all the women who like that. Don’t try and speak for us all, thanks.

        29. I will keep my daughter in a tower with one window and no door. She’ll have to stay until her hair grows long enough for one brave soul to climb up it.
          Not sure how they’ll both get down though.

        30. One of the best things you can do is present a good example of a man for your daughter to strive for. Your approval will speak volumes to her.

        31. I’m attracted to gentle sensitive guys. Even if he is effeminate, I would prefer that to these walking dildos/drones most men are these days.

        32. Don’t reproduce, you worthless piece of trash. Your misogynistic hatred shouldn’t be passed down to any future generations. Trash like you should be banned from even being near women in general, let alone “raising one.” Though the porn industry wouldn’t exist if worthless woman-hating garbage like you didn’t abuse and hate their daughters, thereby pushing them into a life of sexual exploitation, which coincidentally, is your only source of sexual gratification.
          Good thing is, nobody wants to fuck you so you’re not getting anyone pregnant anyway. “Your daughter” won’t exist because you’ll probably die after you kill yourself, shortly after you go on a mass shooting at your local mall, movie theater, or kindergarten.
          Don’t pray for sons (though you’re not fucking anyone soon). Pray that when you finally snap, you shoot yourself first and not innocent people.
          Now get back to World of Warcraft. Trash like you is why we need to bring the draft back. You should be looking for IEDs in Afghanistan, not running your worthless hole on websites while sitting on your 400 pound rear end.

        33. Males are doing a great job at fatherhood, not just in America, but around the world. I would say Syria and the Congo are probably the two places where males are excelling (feminists haven’t ruined things there like they have in terrible places like Denmark or Norway yet).
          Good thing trash like you won’t reproduce either.

        34. Ooooooooh, so masculine!
          Are you going to start burning women at the stake for being witches too? That would be super masculine.
          As you play Call of Duty 12 hours a day. You absolute winner you. I wonder why nobody wants to fuck you, it’s a mystery. On top of that, I’m sure you look like a young Brad Pitt.
          Never seen better arguments for the reinstatement of the draft in my life.

        35. A man should value your opinions and ask for it but he doesn’t have to agree with it and you are NOT his BOSS. He is YOUR boss. Women make BAD decisions especially when they are emotional which is most of the time. Femininity is beautifully and should be celebrated snd protected. Sadly women like you mess it up for everyone

        36. Hahaha thats a joke. I can handle without my.man if I need yo but only because he expects me to if god forbid something ever happen to him. But he definitely takes care of me and I’m grateful to him ever minute of the day.

        37. Bre- I know you can’t reply since you’ve probably been banned by DoucheV, and I’m a bit late to the post, but I just want to say that you’re my HERO for what you’ve written on here.  Way to stand up against misogyny and speak the truth to these losers.  These dudes get their panties in a wad when their pathetic, anecdotally-based opinions that women “want to be dominated” and told what to do are challenged.  It is so refreshing to hear from another woman, one who is actually SPEAKING THE TRUTH about what women think (we are, after all, human beings) instead of the convenient narrative the weaklings at ROK want to believe wherein women LOVE rude douchebags (bc that would make it SO much easier for them since most of them seem to have a severe case of anti-social personality disorder).  Just wanted to give you props and say awesome job!!

      2. Girls like you are fun to mess with. While I’m over here talking to you in a dominant voice, turning you on with my cocky jerky ways, your “independent” side of you is fighting with your vagina. You don’t know what to do with yourself, you want to giggle but no, you can’t because you are an empowered womyn. You try to act like a little girl who is mean to the guy she likes, all the while your vagina is dripping. You want to be in control but at the same time are attracted to the way I make you lose control. It’s a shame because it would be so much easier and fun for the both of us If only you could accept that you want to be dominated like little defenseless kitty. It’s a shame that you let men know you more than you know yourself.

      3. Bre has “someone is wrong on the internet” syndrome with a side of “Last-worditis”

        1. Haha! I meet chicks like this in real life, and it gives me great satisfaction to just blow them off, ignore the hell out of them like they don’t exist, all while they flip out.

      4. Sucks for you. I love being dominated. It makes me feel submissive which I like because that makes me feel feminine. True femininity the gentle kind loving female who will get her hands dirty for her man if hr needs her too. A man who dominates and takes what he wants is SEXY and makes me feel SAFE and LOVED. The truth is you’re NOT equal to a man. Get over it.

    3. Women want powerful strong men, not abusive ones. It is unfortunate that so men can understand the difference.And yes, women like to see other women who’ve been abused seek revenge. It is cathartic. This is really not that difficult to understand.

  7. This sounds like it’s informative but it only ‘sounds’ that way. The author overlooks the backhanded stalking of the past. Let it lie son. while it might give you info you can use in the short term, the long term costs are to high in it’s acquiring.

    1. What? “Stalking?” Do you even use netflix? The “Recently Watched” section on the app version is all but impossible to ignore.

      1. Logging into an account that isn’t yours without the other person’s knowledge or permission, keeping tabs on what you find, and then writing an article about your findings? Yes, stalking.

        1. To nutjob feminists, everything is stalking or rape. If you want to smear the author, at least try to be more creative.

  8. Dont compare ‘family guy’ to ‘teen mom’ and some sort of that shit..
    But the rest of the article is 110% true..

  9. Ah, well surely the author must’ve backed this up with some kind of study, or research article or…
    *It’s all completely anecdotal*
    Ah. I see we’re just gonna dive right into the over-generalizations based on stereotypes I see….

      1. Oh, I don’t mind a differing opinion, even if it is completely out of the ordinary. But if you’re gonna make a statement that lumps an entire group of people into a stereotype, you better back it up with more then just anecdotes. Otherwise, you’re just speaking out of your ass.

  10. Even the allegedly smart ones typically watch shows from the bottom of the reality crap barrel. Celebrity gossip stuff, poverty porn, mentally ill people paraded around, they’re modern freak shows. It’s half of the cable programming for a reason, though, women watch it sometimes exclusively and they get pissed when you point this out. Call it “entertainment shaming”.

    1. Not all women watch this and some men watch it too, Boy men are dumb watching hunting and fishing shows all day! I mean come one! They arent doing the sport what is the point? They are wasting their time when they could be working out or building something. GET BACK TO THE GARAGE AND BUILD ME A CAR!

      1. HAHA,,,,,,,,NAWALT, “Not All Women Are Like That” stupid argument…..
        Stereotypes/Generalities never are universal, but they are made for a
        reason. For instance, I can probably say something like “men love steaks and/or blow jobs,” and I’d be right for 99% of men. But there’s probably some dude out there who’s just outright against both of those things. So I suppose not all men are like that.

  11. ” . . .what strong, independent, I’m-a-tough-bitch-and-proud girl doesn’t enjoy tails of masculine female . . .”
    Quite a number of them.

  12. I got lucky, I got to see the perfect example of all this through my childhood via my mother, sister, and just about every woman I have ever had any dealings with. They watch these shows because it makes them feel better about theirr own shitty behavior. Sadly, these are all the same women that tell me I should go out and get hitched to one that acts just like they do. No thanks, I’ll pass

    1. I honestly dont think a woman would take you with your misogynistic and bigoted views. Your gonna grow old with a thousand cats bubba

      1. A wise man-and only a wise man-understands that no company is better than evil company.
        Get your head out of your ass, Bre.

        1. A human that is able to accept others as equal are a lot smarter and move farther in life. I hope that you learn to respect others and realize that you may be a man, but having a penis does not make you better than anyone else. Get your dick out of your brain

        2. “A human that is able to accept others as equal are a lot smarter and move farther in life.”
          LOL! People who accept others as “equal” based on nothing but be-LIE-f are idiots.
          We are not equal. We are different. Only women are so stupid to claim that the most deranged of rapists, murderers and paedophiles are EQUAL to the best of honest men of honour and integrity.
          Every time you say “we are all equal” you encourage men to be criminals because you are telling them you give them no credit for being honest men of honour and integrity.
          You women are so stupid it beggars belief.

        3. Yea, that is not what it is saying at all, It is saying that women can do the same work, have the same education, and have the same amount of political power. Did I say people who are criminals are equal to people who follow the law? I dont think so buddy. But even then, people can change, thieves, some murderers and rapists come to feel guilty and try to make up for what they have done. You men are so stupid and in love with yourselves you cannot see the truth.

        4. We’re not equals. There is no such thing as different and equal. By your logic, 1 & 2 have the same value. Equality is basically a way for people like you to bring everyone else down to their level instead of improving yourself.

        5. That is so not true! By equal I mean that we deserve the exact same rights and the exact same pay and the same opportunities. We work just as hard as men if not harder, because we are forced to, especially in science, we are not recognized as intelligent because we dont have a dick. So please try to see anoither point of view

        6. Problem with people like you is that you act like you’re entitled to respect and free handouts on the grounds that you have a vagina.

        7. “and have the same amount of political power.”
          There is not a single woman in politics in the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia or New Zealand who will say “women should have equal punishment for equal crimes and I am prepared to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court to make it so”.
          And if you had read my books you will have read that I have talked to Theresa May (Head of the Home office in the UK), Mary McAleese (President of Ireland), Julia Gillard (Prime Minster of Australia).
          Oh, and I will also mention that another woman, Angela Merkel, is refusing to obey the rules of the Geneva Conventions on claims for Political Asylum as she is obliged to do according to the constitution of the federal republic of germany.
          There. I just gave you 4 women who are very high up in the political spectrum who are man-hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots in that they openly support women committing crimes against men.
          They are beneath me and beneath contempt. Just like you are.
          I am teaching men that they are best advised to do what I did and rescind their consent to be governed by any organisation that allows women to hold delegated responsibility or authority because when men delegate authority or responsibility to women the women exhibit the characteristics of man-hating, sexist, discriminatory bigots….AND ALL THEIR WOMEN CONSTITUENTS SUPPORT THEM IN THIS.
          You were the one who mentioned women and “political power”. And women have demonstrated beyond all doubt that they are unfit for political power. And their constituents have demonstrated beyond all doubt they are unfit to have the vote.
          So men should LEAVE any system that allows women a vote or allow women any delegated responsibility. That is what I have created. The place for men to go to where women hold no political power and have no votes.
          Well done. 40 years of feminism has proven western women are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9%+ majority and it is all in my books and videos.

        8. Have I ever said anything like that? The problem with people like you is that you make assumptions and are narrow minded and bigoted

        9. Yes there is! Women should get the same punishment and everyone knows that! I cant believe you would evensuggest otherwise. That is total bullshit. Any sane person, does not want a murderer on the street be it a man or a woman.

        10. You didn’t have to. Your comments speak for themselves. Since you feel that women automatically deserve respect, on what grounds then? Women are people too is not a good enough answer

        11. “Did I say people who are criminals are equal to people who follow the law?”
          “A human that is able to accept others as equal are a lot smarter and move farther in life. ”
          Yes. You did. You placed no qualifier on the phrase “accept others as equal”.
          Do you women even bother to read the garbage your write?
          You want us men to accept that we are “equal” to rapists, paedophiles, wife beaters and child abusers?
          No. We do not accept that men who are such low life scum are our equals.
          No. We do not accept others are our equals merely because of their existence.
          We accept others are our equals WHEN THEY ARE OUR EQUALS AND CAN PROVE THAT.
          Further? We demand that we are shown the respect we have EARNED across our lifetime and if that respect is not VOLUNTARILY shown then the person who refuses to show DUE RESPECT is NOT OUR EQUAL and is unworthy of ANY respect him or her self.
          You are NOT MY EQUAL and you are UNWORTHY of my respect because you have not shown me the respect I have EARNED.
          You are a hate filled shrew…and I am so glad I do not live among your type. No eastern european woman would ever disrespect me like you do. Not even one.

        12. Do men automaticly deserve respect? That is what you are saying, they automaticly deserve to be the master of the household even if they are abusive. Shocking I know but a member actually said this to me. Men are not people anymore, not after meeting you boys, YOU ARE NOT MEN

        13. Im sorry, I thought that your pea brain would understand that unless a person is a criminal or insane they deserve the same rights. And some men are rapists, and child abusers. And they are equal to you boys, becuase they believe the same thing, that they get to overpower women because theyare entitled to sex. How do you want me to prove i am equal, I have asked before and have received no answer
          Youa re an idiotic bigot who has mommy problems, and I hope that one day you get what you deserve

        14. Nobody deserves respect on the grounds that they exist. You have to earn it, but since you have a vagina, when have you ever earned anything.
          So basically, if we’re not worshiping the ground women walk on, we’re not men? gotcha

        15. “It is saying that women can do the same work, have the same education, and have the same amount of political power.”
          I used to believe that too. But levelling, equality of outcome, its just a manipulation. The world is asymmetrical. Men are sometimes vain, but you’re wrong in thinking this is a product of vanity. Most of us would believe in equality if we could; if the redistribution required didn’t somehow strip us of all we have, denuding the culture and fracturing society with it. We have simply woken up to the fact that what we have been told about equality, that it’s about fairness and creating a richer society, is a lie. Many of us are here because we questioned our beliefs. Would you be capable of that with respect to the views you are espousing on this forum?

        16. We work just as hard as men if not harder.
          Exact same pay for the exact same job doesn’t mean men and women like the same movies.

  13. Stupid Western whores. Why can’t they spend their time expanding their itty bitty wimmin minds with nobler material, like sports, the Saw movies, or Top Gear? Because men alone are capable of deep and complex introspection. Obviously.

    1. I was about to get annoyed then I saw your satire, Thankfully 🙂 My fiance is named Kale so I was about to get really frustrated

  14. Women watch Oprah and Dr. Phil….enough said.
    I remember when I was little….about 5. I had to visit my nanna for the day. She watched “Days of our lives”. I watched this show with her and it looked very boring to me but she seemed to enjoy it.
    Over the years I had to stay with my nanna a few times and she always watched “days of our lives”. After a while I began to realise what an empty meaningless vapid soap opera it was. I was very sad for my nanna that she could possibly find this entertaining.

    1. Men and fishing shows and golf , enough said, they watch them for hours and barely any action happens. My uncle used to watch them all day and sit inside quiet, and even at a young age I was able to realize how stupid it was to care if a ball went into a hole or a man caught a fish. But he seemed to like it. So I guess that just shows how men are lesser than women

      1. Is that the best an adolescent, bitter, angry, irrational, shrill, virginal cunt like you can do?

  15. As long as we are on the topic of movies. I recommended the two following recent films:
    300: Rise of an Empire – Badass ancient Greeks kick ass once again but this time on the ocean. Naval battles are sight to behold. Eva Green’s teddies on full display.
    The Counselor – Extremely bleak and nihilistic. A future cult classic. Awesome experience in the vein of ‘Requiem for a Dream’.

  16. Who’s the fucking WIGGER in the pic. He needs to fucking die or burned with cigarettes until he isn’t White anymore.

  17. Women have proven themselves to be blank canvases for whatever dominant group paints their canvas at that time. It just happens that the dominant group in the United States are the Cultural Marxists, so that canvas just happens to be painted with shit as of the current moment. Once upon a time, society possessed good and wholesome Christian morals and despite infrequent deviations a woman knew her place was either as wife or whore, and society never blurred the two, making it simple for us and them. Today, women simply want to be men. They believe they can be whores, wives, mothers, CEOs, soldiers yadda, yadda. Even though women as a group tend to be programmed by the dominant men of society, it must be told to the average American man, to stay away because by the time you get that canvas it will be covered with shit, and no matter your numerous attempts and cleaning the shit off the canvas, it will be in vain, because no matter how hard you try, there will always be trace elements of shit on the canvas. Until the media and culture masters of the West are summarily executed for the parasitic culture destroyers they are, Western women as a group are a no-go for the thinking man. Woman is the canvas and man s the painter, and the Western canvas is filled with shit. Look elsewhere… Go East young man, go East.

    1. Lance,
      Yep. I strongly support your comment. Well said. I am so glad more men are willing to speak out. It was pretty lonely 6 years ago when I started speaking out about the poor character of western women. It warms my heart to see young men speaking out like here in RoK.
      Just for new readers as there are so many.
      I date eastern european women and I find them to be just lovely. One of them helped me save my life back in April of 2008. No “western” women helped me. Another woman was also kind…born in poland and raised by her polish parents in the UK..not western.
      The story of my fav#1 is here. I have only good things to say about her. You simply will not meet a woman like this in the west. I only know ONE woman in the west that is cut from the same cloth as my fav#1. How sad is that? I also included a post she allowed me to make in her name. I also included a piece on my fav#3 who was the sweetest woman I ever met. Really. Just the sweetest personality on a woman I ever met. I have never met a woman like her in the west in my entire life. Not even one.
      Eastern Europe gives a lad a chance at meeting some decent women who might make good wives. Until the mess of the west is cleaned up. No woman can be relied on to be a decent wife as she is just as likely to “change her mind” down the track.

    2. But not TOO far East. Japanese girls are almost as bad; perhaps even worse, depending on how you look at it.

      1. They are bad, but they are worse towards their own men than they are to foreigners. At the very least, the right kind of foreigner can have a harem with minimal effort and shit genetics.

    3. Females just do and believe as they are told by any authority basically. Which is why they so fucking irrational and stupid.

      1. Oh yeah, so true. Asian women love white men. However, when I’m in France, Spain, or Germany, I meet a plethora of women who love me. I think men should gravitate towards what naturally suits them in the sex pool. I would have to say out of all the places I’ve been, France is the best for me. French women tend to prefer brown and black men these days, especially brown men. Black men (dark skin) such as Jamaicans do extremely well in the UK, and believe it or not get the most pussy in GB as far as I’ve noticed. With that said, I wouldn’t want an English woman, no fucking thank you! French women for the most part still relish in cooking and they are passionate lovers.
        But Asia is for white men. The mother of my children will most likely be French. South America is great, but given that I only speak French and German, I would need to learn the language (Spanish). South America is fantastic for prostitution but I don’t think I would put forward the effort to bag a South American chick, unless we were talking about an Adriana Lima type. I’ll stick with “les femmes francaise.” I think there is no one sphere that is suitable for all men, it’s pretty much relative to the country you get the most attention and sex.

        1. Avoid Asian American women, they are just as worse if not worser than their White American counterparts. Is it me or is the average American woman’s voice annoying as hell? It sounds like a high pitched screechy, whiny dying animal. Not to sound ignorant but I can’t really tell the difference between Asians except some are lighter and darker than others, with Japanese and Koreans being the lightest.

  18. When you say “I spit on your grave” are you referring to the original 1978 version or the remake in 2010?

    1. Judging by the fact that those broads are in their 20’s, I’d definitely say the 2010 remake.

    1. “The Cunt Who Didn’t Know Her Place.” – A drama set in 2014 America where an empowered woman seeks the validation and attention of strange men on the internet. It’s hardly groundbreaking television, and the main character is mostly a caricature without any real depth, but it’s a story as old as time that’s been updated for the modern age.

      1. Wow that was uncalled for. What a rude boytoy who isnt getting laid anytime soon. Poor baby :/

        1. Listen, Act like a real human or GTFO, so some decency. Why would I show you anything after you acted so ignorantly and rudely to me?

        2. You might want to focus on finishing Jr. High school and getting a job first before commenting again.

        1. Yea, name calling is such a great argument technique! Im so glad I have you guys to teach me 🙂

    2. cartoons, stuff about cars, or how it’s made. we can even convince girls to watch Archer with us (animated spy comedy)
      me and some baseball players on my college team are watching Star Wars the clone wars right now.

    Note that it’s build ME a car, not build A car. The force of entitlement is strong in this one.
    I’ve done petrol, alcohol, electric and could do LPG if I saw a good reason.
    Show me the sammiches.

    1. Then build me the car and I will pay you in a sandwich. Why should I make you a sandwich? Why are you entitled to that, why are you entitled to have a woman be subservient to you? Answer that moron

  20. Bre – “Why should I make you a sandwich? Why are you entitled to that, why are you entitled to have a woman be subservient to you?”
    Thinks she should just get free shit from men because if she has to pay a fair price for it she is being “subservient” to men.

    1. That is what you are saying to me though, Youa re saying that women owe men sex simply for existing, I have read many articles on this site and each one is more ridiculous than the next. I Did not say I should get free stuff from men, I said that We should be the same and pay the same amount o use your analogy, Please read my argument

  21. Wow, I was wondering who in their right mind would watch those shitty movies on netflix.
    The final puzzle piece is in place; it makes perfect sense.
    There needs to be some way to be able to disqualify a girl by figuring out what she watches on netflix.

  22. The piss poor level of entertainment loaded up on the Netflix queue by the average western female would almost be forgivable if the books-to-read queue wasn’t seven thousand percent more atrocious and/or non-existent.

    1. So women dont read now? why do I have a library then? Why Do women pass hard classes then?

  23. Top Gear, American Dad, Dragonball Z, Breaking Bad, Bar Rescue, West Coast Customs, Blue Mountain State, Archerz
    I don’t think I’m that much better. I probably just watch less frequently.

      1. What about a “feminist spam filter”. Every thread containing “wow..just wow” or similar ?

    1. I formally apologize Roosh. It was a hanging curve ball that begged me to put it in the bleachers.

    2. my bad. But looks like well need more moderating now this site is getting more famous.

      1. I don’t get it. These women obviously hate RoK but if you check out Bre’s feed, literally all of her comments were made on RoK or websites referencing RoK. If Bre hates RoK so much, why even acknowledge it’s existence? Her inability to recognize basic irony only lends credibility to what’s discussed here.

      1. That’s not super chubby, that’s morbidly obese. She’s a french-fry away from a heart attack.


      1. If you were intelligent you would realise that people aren’t threatened by your imaginary group of ‘hard’ homosexual friends, and you would take your caps lock off. Fair warning to other posters: I’m female, as my name confuses some, but this article is true. Live in an all female house, I don’t watch tv, more interested in being with my OH, but I’m aware that half the household watches Hollyoaks, and spends most of the time talking about people who have name I think they’ve made up. The other two, myself and a girl not dissimilar to myself, spend more time reading. Beowulf and LotR for her, LotR, faery tales and whatever the OH wants reading to him, for me (he’s not overly literate, but he’s not stupid).

    4. duly noted. Those evil sirens will dash us against the rocks if we listen to their song

    5. Shame on every man who breaks his noble code.
      The incident of men replied to Bre itself shows what afflicts men today when it comes to women: complacency and lack of self regulation.Both which contribute to loss of authority, which immediately devalues a man in the mind of women.
      We men can’t complain that feminists and women in general dominate men today. Because we are complacent about, and don’t honor the rules that we create ourselves. We undermine our own authority with our weak wills.
      The greater problem are the weak men, the manginas, the white knights, the “explainers”. Men who replied to Bre themselves showed how weak they are.

    6. I cant even read this thread. All these pathetic faggots replying to that slimy cunthole. Especially this Eric fuck.
      Roosh, you wanna tell me why the fuck one of your mods banned me a week ago? I went back over my comments and couldnt find any reason. Unless it was my comment on the gay beyonce article.

  24. I lived with some roomates for a time. I used to fuck with them by watching the weirdest shit when they were out just to mess up their feed. It was hilarious.

  25. Discussion on The Militant Baker
    Bre • 7 minutes ago
    This is a horrible website full of bigots and misogynists who are not willing to argue their point, but simply resort to name calling once you try to tell them a fact different from the false one ingrained in their mind
    Awwww…. she told on us. 🙁

    1. The militant fat cunt is talking shit about the manosphere, and following in jizzballer west’s footsteps, doesn’t surprise me.

  26. Well done article!
    For the muff-lovers out there, the original “I Spit On Your Grave” has lots of fantastic 1970’s mother-earth-bush shots in it. Good stuff!

  27. American Women watch so much vapid nonsense on Netflix. American reality television is the most disgusting scum ever. Couldn’t have said it better.
    Not really sure if it makes a difference if a woman is watching “sexual deviant” movies. Are you unable to handle a woman with a sex drive? Also, fuck romance comedies and “tear-jerkers”. It’s low that Rok would be promoting that shit to anyone, especially women. Rom coms fill womens heads with bullshit about prince charming and fairytale weddings. You promoting white knight culture yet condem it?

  28. Those woman were degenerates, but lets not forget that an awful lot of men love watching hardcore violent facial abuse porn of the kind that Belle Knox of Duke University loves. Maybe we are all becoming degenerate?

    1. The popularity of violent porn is reflective of the increasing hatred (or strong dislike, at the very least) men have for women and their shitty attitudes. I find that kind of porn hilarious personally.

  29. “Sexually Deviant Movies and Documentaries”
    Women are more sexually deviant than men.

  30. The question I have is…..
    Why the hell would you keep a woman like that around in the first place? There’s enough women out there that it’s easy to replace her with one who doesn’t bring all the drama.
    Hell, last time I got dumped it only took me a week to have her replaced.

  31. Women watch everything. If it’s good, they watch it. If it’s bad, they can say they “ironically” watch it, which makes zero sense, but why would it?
    I remember in my transformative blue pill days, I was doing the long distance thing with a girl. We got done banging, so we’re watching TV, hours before she had to take me to the airport. She put on “Cougar Town”. By the time the second episode cued up, I asked myself, “Why am I paying money to come see a girl that thinks this shit is worth watching?” It was the worst show I’d ever seen.
    Before I could breach the breakup talk, she beat me to the punch. She was livid when I accepted wholeheartedly without putting up a fuss.

    1. I’ve never watched that show but it cracks me up how much men hate anything indicating that women do not in fact shrivel up and die after 30. The gendering of “the wall” is a myth. Men and women hit it at about the same time and the only thing that can really save you is money.

  32. I watch a lot of sex documentaries, sexually deviant movies, anime, and breaking bad, and my family constantly harangued me for it, what can I say sex interests me.

  33. The big question is: why did you date this girl for so long? One or two dates would have been enough to know who she was or are you slow on the uptake?

  34. Modern dreck is so bad that I only rarely watch something modern on Netflix. Breaking Bad was ok. Can’t find the first season of The Vikings. Other than that, the last thing I watched on Netflix related to movies was Boondock Saints (great flick, btw). Modern movies have become such shit that it’s basically not worth my time any longer to even care about them (this from a man who tried his hand at writing screenplays). They’re all feminist bullshit these days, it’s everywhere.
    Wish I could say that watching dreck was restricted to women, but lots of so called men are every bit as addicted to this Grrrrl Powrrrr crap as women. It really is like a deep viral infection in our culture.

    1. iCulture.
      IMO, this stuff was pushed on us, and since the media industry has become steadily consolidated over the years (cabal, monopolistic) its been able to be co-opted by various political agendas that understand how to leverage propaganda. The good news is that men don’t have to endure this crap anymore and if the media establishment thinks we’ll take our medicine even if they disenfranchise 1/2 the human population, well, they’re delusional. Right now, Netflix is a part of a larger and growing whole that is disrupting the media supply chain. Eventually, content production will decentralize and diversify away from the singular source it is today. That’s excellent news, because, in the near future, the technology is there to, for instance, just view male only competitions in the olympics.
      Check out FPS Russia on Youtube…this guy IS making the equivalent of a TV show over the web. I presume that he’s making a nice living too as the show is just him shooting various rifles and guns. That said, FPS Russia IS the future and it is a perfect example of why iCulture is going to be the new way of consuming media. Ever wonder why we have this silly meme of zombies in our culture right now? Could it be that certain legacy institutions and their crony connections to the state are effectively dead, yet, they’re still “alive”? The media is one such zombie because they hold onto their power via state cronyism as well as road-blocking the inevitable iCulture. This can’t and will not last forever, in fact, the Men’s Movement (MM) will likely be the first group (1/2 the human population no less) to firmly embrace this. Why? Well, on top of all the other crap men must endure how long will we continue to watch shows and ads that demean us, especially, if better alternatives exist.
      Also, there is a process to this…in that, big media still controls content creation, to be fair, but consider 1. content sucks and 2. its hostile to all men. That helps us because it will drive men (and other people) to elect iCulture. And as that happens more people like FPS Russia will create new and better content and it will be very targeted, in other words, the content creator will understand his or her demographic almost perfectly (they’ll have analytics to show the exact profile of viewers). Among many other things that knowledge plus the freedom afforded by the web means less political correctness or none at all. In terms of female viewing habits etc, let them view “strong female roles”…truth is women are followers. When the day comes (very soon) when they collectively realize that the men around them have never seen or are completely oblivious to some charlies angels remake…they’ll gravitate towards to new male-centric culture. Will they take it over? They can’t, the web is too powerful. For instance, shut down FPS Russia and he’ll be back at it with FPS Russia2…its that simple.

  35. I don’t have netflix simply because I got rid of my television 5 yrs ago. TV rots the mind and I don’t regret my decision.

  36. Does anyone else find it hilarious, that ‘Bre’, the biologist, has yet to figure out the fact that men and women are biologically different? Keep at it Bre! You’ll get there!

  37. Who would have thought that a girl queueing your netflix with romantic comedies was a keeper!?
    Great article. I would have thought the 1-2-3 would be reversed, but you had an odd case of delinquents in your field study I guess.

  38. When sex and the city came out I thought I was a comedy about 4 dirty sluts trying to be men. I didn’t think women where so dysfunctional to believe this was an acceptable way of life and bought into it! After the 90s, finding a decent woman became the way of the dinosaurs.

  39. Lol well you’d be fooled by my Netflix history then. I watch a lot of things from the romance movies, chick flicks, and political dramas. I am definitely an independent woman that sees men as options, not necessary for fulfillment. Women who watch those movies and think that men are that romantic, caring, sweet, attentive? Absolutely naive and stupid. Just one visit to this website would prove that you aren’t.

  40. Gross….why does anyone watch that trash! I hate reality TV. I have never watched it and never will. People get shitty with me on a regular basis when I roll my eyes when they start talking about this garbage! Do they seriously have no brains what-so-ever? I won’t even stick around at someone’s house if they have that kind of crap on their TV. What ever happened to intelligent people, especially women? Sure there are plenty of idiot men out there too but most of them don’t care enough to go out in public and make the rest of us suffer their presence. It is truly sad how many idiotic females there are out there these days. I am ashamed and embarrassed to have to be lumped in with such pathetic excuses for human beings. Ugh…and what’s worse is people that watch those God awful daytime trash shows. I will literally go to the desk every time I am at a Dr’s office and that crap is on & ask them to change it. What part of hearing “dat aint ma baby! he don even look like me!” and “I aint never cheated on her skank ass” etc. over and over again is even the slightest bit entertaining to these women? Women like this should be shamed. It is just disgusting.

  41. From what I have read some where or other, and who knows how accurate the information is, but from what I have read, women are the primary consumers of male on male sex video

  42. Y’all worry so much about women and the way a “blue pill man” does this and a “red pill man” does that and how it makes them appear in a woman’s eyes. This dedication to talking about, lamenting over, complaining about and analyzing women, down to their NETFLIX PREFERENCES is just what keeps us men down. Meanwhile the women are taking over.

  43. What if we turned this around and did similar for ourselves?
    I ask because I have some favorite TV shows (Game of Thrones and Continuum), and it occurred to me: many of the MALE leads, even, are “victims” of circumstances.
    Now, I COULD turn off the TV completely and be better for it, no argument. But why not also turn a critical eye to ourselves, as a separate series? After all, how many guys here watched or do watch South Park and Family Guy and Futurama? (and/or being interchangeable.)
    Just thinking we should examine ourselves as well, and a critical eye might lead to more discussion and more discernment – exactly our purpose in coming here.
    And eventually, we move away from the shallow tripe because we’re busy preparing for a Spartan race or such, and that’s got its own beauty – but only so many hours in a day, better to prepare for the race than watch the tube! 🙂

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