Black Propaganda In Feminism

To those who do not know, black propaganda is information from a source that is not what it claims to be. It can be used in nefarious ways to manipulate movements and people. It is usually the domain of sophisticated intelligence agencies and media companies. When it is done by ordinary people and has an actual effect, it is quite interesting. It is also hilarious when it exposes the stupidity of its intended audience.

I was recently informed of such an operation. If this operation is true, it shows the ease in which a clever person can create divisions within feminism. It also show the stupidity of the rank and file foot soldiers. According to the operative “Bavarian” there is an operation dubbed “Lollipop” directed at the fissures in the feminist movement.


Quoting from the email that was forwarded to me from “Bavarian”:

I was told you are interested in my group’s (Codename: Lollipop) ongoing operation against the PoOs (People of Oppression). My group poses as feminists on twitter. We bait other PoOs into agreeing with us as we subtly move them more and more to the extreme. The purpose is to make moderate feminists turned off with the movement, as well as cause infighting within the group. As some of our operatives have been compromised, my commander has given me permission to make some of their conversations on twitter public. We want to let the PoOs know that we have infiltrated them so that they begin to accuse each other of being Lollipop operatives.


Reading this first paragraph piqued my interest. It reminded me somewhat of the Kurt Russel remake of the movie “The Thing” where everyone accused everyone else of being the alien. I could see how this would upset a few true believers in the feminist movement. Reading further, I had a few more giggles:

We manly pose as women of color and argue with white feminists. We “check their privilege” to the point that they are fed up. For example, if they say “it’s not our time to talk, white ladies, it’s our time to listen,” we say “the last time white women just listened, George Zimmerman walked free.”


While I do not subscribe to racism, this use of it could be very corrosive to the cohesion of the feminists. I can only imagine the dissension this would cause in their ranks. I then continued to read the email. To paraphrase the late night infomercial, “but wait there’s more”:

This group started when the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen started trending. It referred to an incident where the feminist Hugo Schwartz [sic] [Schwyzer] had a mental breakdown and revealed on twitter that feminism was a fraud. He further revealed that WoC were incompetent and only got in the way of the movement. Some white women offered him sympathy and told him to get help. The WoC got angry and started the hashtag.

It seems Return of Kings’s perennial favorite white knight  Hugo Schwyzer provided the spark to this “Operation Lollipop”. If so, those tears would be delicious. “Bavarian” has also provided select twitter screenshots and a tumblr for those who would want to see the “declassified” tweets. I noticed one of the accounts is followed by Vanilla Ice, which elicited another chuckle. Apparently this operation is ongoing:

The declassified tweets can be found at Start at the bottom of the page and work your way up. I apologize that these aren’t the best tweets we have, but we need to save our best material for future conversations. I’ve also attached some tweets to this email.


I can only imagine the chaos such an operation would wreak upon the feminists. I look forward to seeing how it all works out. Maybe it will cause the level of mistrust to skyrocket to levels that would hinder the feminist machine. Maybe it will give me more things to laugh at on the internet. All I know is this concept is quite dastardly and funny.

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63 thoughts on “Black Propaganda In Feminism”

  1. Next step is to get those real feminist tweeters fired from their jobs because of the racist and oppressive comments made on their tweet feeds.
    Why, that is being tried with hbd, mra, mgotw, free market etc blogs.
    tweet tweet tweet…
    Tweet away, men, make the twats tweet themselves into dirt

    1. It seems they almost managed with one. I saw it in /pol/.
      They traced her down and emailed her company to tell her company she was permanently on twitter whilst at work.
      I love how the left always attacks its own. This is my take:
      This other article is good catch up reading:

    1. No… it adds a level of mistrust within the feminist movement… and they start bitching at each other. Pretty simple stuff.

      1. Indeed: for all we know there _is_ no “Lollipop” operation at all. Just someone who has decided to point out the blazing insanity of feminist “thought” by claiming some of it is actually evil male oppressor lies. It’s wonderful!

  2. Ironic that the group who started it all will get toppled by the people they tried to drag into it. Proves that like any extremist group, they’ll rip each other at the seams until one group achieves total dominance.
    That’s why radicalism can never work. And they should never be given power. Ceding to radical groups has been the downfall of every political movement.
    I can see why cultures were hesitant to give women the vote. Politics + feminism = dissension.

  3. Amazing what PsyOps do to people. I don’t know if this is real or not, but if it isn’t, I think there are enough men on this site that it can be done. Essentially, Tweet Raid them.
    Just be careful, the reverse is also true, they can Tweet Raid us to.
    Read what the German Actress turned American Spy did to the German Soldiers in WW2. She made false news broadcasts claiming German Officers in the “Fatherland” were banging the soldiers wives at home. LOL
    Just to cause dissension in the ranks. Speaking of which, you could pretend to be black women telling white women that their men like their smooth black sin better anyways, and then pile it on shit those rabid versions of feminists say about themselves anyways.

    1. The reverse is NOT also true, there is a difference. It is easy for the manosphere community to do an undercover attack by pretending they are feminists, then it is the otherway around. The main difference is their community responds to irrational emotional ploys such as “I am offended”, while this community responds to reason. For example: a fake twitter account can be created, say of a black feminist, who then actively goes after real “privileged” white feminists by accusing them of latent racism. This would create a divide in their ranks and also make the white feminists, and their white knights counterparts, less vocal over time. There is not an equivalent example of an attack they can perform.

      1. Never assume, there are plenty of male “feminists” who can use enough reason to attack us at least temporarily until we see through the charade.
        If we are going to win, we cannot assume it is in the bag even if it is. Best to assume you are behind and pummel your opponent until there is no time left. No freebies, no mercy rule.

    1. Off-topic, but what’s with women swearing all the time? Major turn off. Once in a while is okay for effect, but I can’t stand a sailor-mouthed woman.

      1. It’s cool for men to swear, so since men and women are no different, it must be cool for girls to swear too

  4. This is why I’m a MGTOW, Feminism continues to be fueled by hypocrisy, paranoia , psuedo intellectuals,propaganda tools(Media/Social media) and self-righteous white knights.
    I prefer to be in my red pill cocoon then partake in the madness of feminism

    1. I’m MGTOW as well. But I support efforts to create confusion in the enemy’s ranks. I do not equate MGTOW with defeatism.

  5. A somewhat entertaining result, but I’d advise against using this approach overmuch. As gratifying as they can be, I see tactics like these as ultimately the province of feminists. I’m not saying that launching sting operations on twitter or whatever can’t be used to good effect, but I’d caution against falling to far into the sneaky, dishonest, backbiting way of fighting. That’s how women fight, not men. You don’t win against a feminist by simply being more of a bitch than her, but by relying on your unique strengths as a man. I’d levy the same caution against the MRAs, who try to advance patriarchal values by appropriating the feminist-coined “victim status.” I’m not saying we can’t dip into that as needed, but we also need to understand that they have their playbook, and we have ours. The Roman legions didn’t conquer the barbarians by becoming like them, a shrieking, frenzied, unorganized rabble of fighters, but through discipline, order, and strategy. The same goes for us.

      1. I’m making an analogy, friend. No one’s arguing whom guerilla tactics were invented by. My point is that you don’t necessarily fight a war against an irrational, intellectually bankrupt opponent by becoming like them any more than the legions would break ranks and start running amok once they encounter someone that does the same. Where better than that, and we have more going for us.

        1. The Romans legions also were part of a separate society that did not have lots of rules hindering, constraining, and shaping their efforts. We are part of the same society as the feminists – make sense to engage in similar tactics to them to make said tactics null or reap less consequence from acting against the feminists in any vein.
          Secondly – who says one cannot do both?
          I do not dismiss your view out of hand – rather – I believe it is incomplete.

        2. Uh…you must not remember the Vietnam War, son. That’s EXACTLY how you fight such an opponent.

        3. Actually, that is the only way to win against feminists. They don’t understand logic, crush them morally and emotionally, without getting worked up.

        4. While leaving our air cavalry, green berets, and agent orange at home I take it? We won militarily in Vietnam precisely because we didn’t fight like the Vietcong. They’d lay an ambush, we’d burn their jungle; they’d hit and run, we’d demolish them from the sky. This isn’t a game of tit for tat, my friend. Same thing with the feminists. You’re a fool if you think the best way to fight them is to limit ourselves to only playing as they play. You never allow your opponent to set the frame or make the rules. You never submit to playing on their turf alone. This twitter trolling, using sneaky, behind the back use of “gotcha” tactics might be useful to a point, but at the end of the day, it’s how women fight – by out-bitching each other. We’re men, and we don’t win a conflict with a woman by trying to beat her in a catfight.

        5. Ultimately, my friend, it is about being pragmatic, aka doing what works. To sum up your argument: this is a feminine way to fight, we should fight like men, because we are men. Two points of contention: 1) this tactic is not feminine, 2) and even if it is, who cares, if it works. I think this community reached a point where it is ready to start presenting actionable ideas against feminist ideology. If you have a more “masculine” actionable idea, present it.

        6. No, you don’t try and ‘out bitch’ them. You plant the seeds of mistrust, stoke the embers of envy and ego that are already smoldering and they consume themselves.
          By removing their sense of unity of cause and breaking down to tribalism you achieve the ever effective divide and conquer.

    1. Do not agree with this. Psy-ops is a high art used by every country to defeat an opposing country’s people and army and minimize actual conflict. This is not getting in the ring with feminists and trading insults (which WOULD be a waste of time). This is using subtle social engineering and agent provocateurs to derail them completely. This is hitting them without allowing them to hit back. It is genius.

  6. The irony is that the manosphere engages in this kind of internecine race baiting bullshit all on its own, no agent provocateurs required.

    1. That may well be so, but it seems we don’t give a shit.
      If we were a body it would simply be too hostile for any outside bacteria to set up shop in so we actually stay healthy as a result

  7. Even without this trolling protocol, this “feminism is for white women” meme is very real and a source of real conflict. Mostly because there is something to it; Judgy Bitch has pointed out how feminist executives can only do battle with the menz by hiring brown women to babysit their kids. The Lollipop Guild doesn’t need to do much to push it; it will push itself. It’s trended on places like Feministe and other bloggers over there have picked up the topic as an issue of concern.
    The most vicious emeny of the true believer is a fellow true believer in the same group who is convinced the others are not pure-hearted enough and engineers a purge. This is how the second wave of feminist activists was cut to pieces by more radical activists within their own group, thereby crippling their movement for decades, perhaps permanently.

    1. #solidarityisforwhitewomen
      It’s like Stalin vs. Trotsky. Place your bets.
      Um, which one’s Stalin?

  8. This is some high level stuff! I could always imagine being a white feminist on the streets these days. Haha.

  9. the jewish elite invented feminism and white guilt to separate white women from white men , now the decades old campaign is almost complete, whites have been so thoroughly compromised that they offer no resistance to the common jew enemy, indeed they do not see the jew as an enemy at all. looks to me like its time for another jew created fratricidal war amongst whites, and/or war against muslim civilization which the jews have formented through massive muslim immigration into white lands.
    *race war, class war, sex war, religious war–they all serve the jew cause.

    1. Do you blame them after WWII, diaspora and having their homeland surrounded by murdering psychopathic barbarians?
      It’s smart to ally with the strongest financial and military country, and have a strong lobby to convince Yankees to defend them.
      You’ve bought into the stupid commie psyop. The real enemy is Marxist socialists like Russia, China, Arabs and the libtards that are useful idiots.

    2. gee, if the “jews” are that smart and capable as you say they are then, I think i want to join that wining team. lol….

      1. You can’t. The “goyim” will never be anything but cattle to them. The only membership in that particular secret club is by blood.
        Also, define “winning.” What happens to a parasite that kills its host?

      2. June 25, 1982 rant of Prime Minister Menachem Begin:
        “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet.
        We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.
        In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals,
        cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our
        destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be
        ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet
        and serve us as our slaves.”

    1. I must write an article about this. What you are doing is called counter-subversion.

      The subverters are those lefi loons that are trying to bring ordinary young people into the far left. The far left has a history of self hatred and loathing, and will turn on themselves at the drop of a hat.

  10. I find it hard to take any of the crap spouted on here seriously. Women who know their worth will not fall for the propaganda. They bide their time for men, religion and overall stupidity to run its course.

    1. Women not falling for propaganda? LOL
      Is it hard to type responses under the rock you live in?

    2. “Women who know their worth will not fall for the propaganda.”
      So you’re saying all women are worthless?

  11. This is brilliant; the one thing feminist can’t defend and deflect on is race and privilege.

  12. CIA – rockefeller – socialists and other sycophants unleashed the beast, brave men will cut his (her) head off. good luck and have fun guys!

  13. Great job blowing the lid off this. I’m sure we’ll see this linked all over the place now, but hey great content for your “manosphere” blog. +1 rep to you faggot

  14. Another tactic: Create a fake profile as a white feminist, and then call out white knights at every opportunity. The general attitude would be “By you [white knight] coming to our defense is your attempt to perpetuate the patriarchy and your privilege.” The intended result is to shut up and embarrass white knights from white knighting.

  15. I don’t know if this site has many feminist visitors but is it such a good idea to make public announcement on internet of these tactics if you support them?

    1. Feeding the flames of paranoia.
      They don’t just keep going without a bit of fuel now and then.

  16. African-Americans should go sigma and expatriate. No use working against a society that undervalues you. Africa is booming,so you should help it.. bring American game with you and you will demolish.

  17. White Liberal Women & Blacks, a great disease outbreak that results in fat White-trash druggy women.
    You know the old saying, “Once you go Black, YOU GOTS DA AIDS!

  18. Nothing is fixed until fiat legal tender is abolished. The establishment is only stronger the more ‘we’ are balkanized. The turnover in pawns is no matter for them, but that does not mean I would not take some satisfaction from a drop in the quality of life of strong and independent flowery parasites. I just don’t think it is the correct focus. Better to live your life if you can change the fundamentals of the power structure.

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