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ROK’s sponsor for November is Girls Chase, a site that teaches game. Here’s the description:

Girls Chase has been online since 2008, founded by Chase Amante, a guy who’d been cold approaching on his own for a year before he found the pickup community in 2005 and trained under some of the top instructors of the time (Sebastian Drake, Vin DiCarlo, BradP, etc.). The site focuses on both uncomplicating and vastly fleshing out the seduction and relationship process, getting men who want to improve with women practical, actionable advice delivered in intuitive, easy-to-digest ways, with a special emphasis on getting down the fundamentals of being an attractive man.

There’s a LOT you can do with both appearance and behavior that makes you more attractive, and they’re arguably a lot more important than the words you say. There’s also a large amount of emphasis in the material on Girls Chase on having a good process and moving quickly through that process, because you’ll almost never lose a girl by moving too fast but you will consistently lose girls (to the competition, or just to boredom / her giving up) by moving too slow. We sell a handful of products, but the bread and butter of our business are website content subscriptions, which motivates us to keep the content value and engagement levels high and the content publishing rate frequent (we have almost 1 new article up a day right now).


We’d like to thank Girls Chase for their support. If you are interested in becoming an ROK sponsor, visit our sponsorship page (we will soon have an opening for February 2014). You can also drop a couple bucks in our tip jar.

22 thoughts on “Girls Chase”

  1. For the sake of a positive differentiation, it seems that what you are offering to companies is, not just passive advertisement or sponsorship Roosh, but an endorsement.
    You’re the business guy, but I just wanted to make sure you know that your offer is greater than what it seemed.

    1. I didn’t see any thing that sounded like an “endorsement.” It’s pretty obvious this is a paid advertisement.

    1. no its not, but i thank them for their patronage towards ROK, which elevates their status, much like a rennaisance era prince recieves honour for the work that their patroned italian artisan does.

  2. Glad to see the sponsors are coming around…
    It’s quite a deal for them, given the number of eyeballs the site gets — and that many of the readers/commenters will seriously consider the products being advertised here.

  3. Obviously, as a GirlsChase author I am biased on this, but in my opinion it’s one of the best pick-up and relationship sites on the entire internet. I’m glad Chase decided to sponsor ROK. Two of my favorite sites combining forces is not an everyday event.

    1. This. I started my pick up career there and frankly, it still has some of the best material out there.

    2. i agree, the content you get from chase’s site is pretty top notch. Nice long articles that really flesh out good concepts…free. Though i think theres a limit to how many posts you can read in a given time period.

  4. Just another dating site for typical beta losers who can’t get a date. Look at their ad. Girl not bad looking but the real females who you get to date are fugly dogs.Show some real pics and not the model you use in the ad lol

    1. The very thing you said about real girls being fugly, well the girls you get, just makes you sound like a pessimistic beta with low self esteem… Sure there are ugly girls out there, a fuck ton of them, but if you have any game at all those won’t the ones you’re going home with.

      1. The fast majority of Americans are plain looking at best. However they can increase their looks score by a point, possibly even 2, by upping their health, hygiene and grooming game.
        The question is: will they?

  5. been following a number of pua coaches for years. its a good site, one of the few i actually find good practical tips from. simplifies things, an eye for efficiency.

  6. Other than being a paying customer, I have no affiliation with girlschase, and I think it’s a great site. Lot’s of practical information, presented well. Clear-eyed, but affable toned–not a lot of the scorn I’ve seen on other PUA sites.

  7. I had a 1 on 1 PUA session with Chase Amante himself. Costed me $1,000. We went clubbing in Washington DC…

      1. He was cool. I was too new to PUA though to be doin 1 on 1 coaching. Kinda like buying a violin and then asking Yo Yo Ma to come teach you the same day.

      1. Well…you just take the number “100” and then add another zero at the end, like this: “1000”…that way you get ‘a thousand’. Understand? $1000 to me is like $100 to the average nobody.

        1. And yet above you write it was basically a waste of time and money for you…. at the time.

        2. Nah…I got a kick out of it. I’m white and I had him out there advising me as I hit on black women…

  8. I think it’s great to get sponsors, especially pick-up and relationship ones (i.e. what I would say started the manosphere). I like some of the information that he provides, but dislike other parts. I would say it’s generally pretty solid stuff, but I wouldn’t totally agree with it.

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