Mike Pence Spanks Hillary Running Mate Tim Kaine In Vice Presidential Debate

Via Breitbart:

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) lost badly to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate — despite having home field advantage in Farmville, Virginia — raising new doubts about Hillary Clinton.

Those doubts are twofold: first, about her decision to choose so weak a candidate, who seemed unable to answer basic policy questions; and second, about Clinton’s health, since if her medical troubles are as bad as feared, Kaine may be taking over at some point if she is elected.

Kaine could not stop interrupting Pence, at times sounding high-pitched and shrill, at times whining and defensive. Pence was cool and even-tempered — presidential, in other words, while Kaine seemed to be playing cable news pundit.

The Democrat was often unable to suppress the juvenile impulse to shout campaign talking points, even in the middle of his opponent’s answers. At one point, he interjected: “Our plan is like Ronald Reagan’s plan from 1986.” (Note to Democrats: the Reagan plan failed.)

Later, when the moderator asked why Putin would respect a Trump-Pence administration, Pence answered: “Strength.” Kaine, unable to restrain himself, blurted out: “Business deals.” His smirk betrayed his conviction that he had just scored points, even though the moderator had to instruct him — for the third time, at least — to wait until it was his turn to speak.

Kaine seemed not to understand how un-serious he looked. Pence responded with a steady, and appropriate, put-down: “That’s nonsense.”

Pence also beat Kaine over the head with the Russian “reset,” Clinton’s email scandal, and the Clinton Foundation. Moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News stepped in to protect Kaine, especially when it came to the email scandal (though, to her credit, she at least asked about it, unlike NBC News’ Lester Holt in the first presidential debate).

There was nothing in Tim Kaine’s performance that showed he could act like a president. Pence aced that test.

Now the hard questions for Hillary will begin.

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190 thoughts on “Mike Pence Spanks Hillary Running Mate Tim Kaine In Vice Presidential Debate”

  1. I only heard a brief snippet of the debates from another room and assumed it was Pence being interviewed by a news channel. All I heard was whenever Pence began talking, he would inevitably be interrupted within 10 seconds. Very rude, obnoxious behavior from who I now realize was Kaine.
    Kaine looks like a soft, goofy-looking chump unfit to be VP, let alone POTUS.

    1. pence probably did more to further his own case for presidency in 2020 than help trump in this debate. how kaine was in this debate was very much like how trump was against hillary in r1. why cant trump learn to just stfu and exude poise like pence! i dont get it.

    2. He actually comes across as kind of homo-pedo to me. I’m not saying that because I despise his politics, he just has “that look”.

      1. Yep when she first anniunced him I looked him up and as soon as I heard him speak I knew he was most likely a giant feminine pussy of a man

      2. I thought it was just me who thought that at first glance. Face of a pedophile if there ever was one.

        1. Holy crap, the Onion is tearing lil’ Timmy (Tim-eh!) a new asshole if you scroll down on that page. That’s great!

  2. Trump and Hillary both gave us a clear eye into their respective hiring abilities.
    Pence dominated enough to possibly move the needle.

    1. The (((scientific polls))) will have to over-sample democrats even more to keep that needle on the side that’s paying them.

      1. The levels of fraud occurring in this cycle are going to cause shock waves – destroy much of MSM.

        1. The Dems may have to commit voter fraud simply to make it look like she didn’t lose by very much.

        2. It’s like they are banking everything on, and pulling out all the stops to support, a Clinton victory.

    1. i cant believe a man is VPing for a woman. that is what this world has come to. irreversible until the world blows up and then start from scratch again.

  3. why dont people get it – interrupting for ANY reason comes across awfully, no matter how offbase the other person is in their accusation. instead, you simply sit there poised, confident, respectful, and wait for the other to stop speaking before you respond. doing that alone puts you in a different stratosphere compared to other political debaters

    1. In the split screen, I liked Pense’s shaking his head ‘no’ and frowning smile compared to Trump’s perpetual scowl and Hillary’s ‘can you believe this nonsense’ laughing smile.

  4. No doubt pence easily win, and I was someone that believe trump didn’t do very well at his debate. Trump better kf actually watched and learned this is how u attack a clinton ticket, dont let them trip u up, attack that bitch

  5. I think it’s great that the Democrats were the first to put two women on the ticket for president and vice-president.

  6. Kaine’s social speaking pattern strongly matches that of women.
    Listen to women talk in a group. They interrupt each other, talk over each other and ten of them are jabbering at once. This is in normal conversations, generally speaking, and I think we’ve all seen it a bajillion times. This is how Kaine is operating, he’s literally (Hitler) speaking in Woman Speak.
    Men, generally, in a group speak in turn. Again, just generally and in normal conversation. This is how Pence speaks.
    Interestingly enough, when men get mad and verbal with each other, their conversation mirrors that of women, that is, they get loud, aggressive, talk over the other and both speak at the same time. Women, on the other hand, when they get mad at another woman, speak coldly and in complete sentences and neither interrupts the other as they try to out Ice Queen “that bitch”
    As a sidebar observation, I think that these general observations explain, to me anyway, why women get so mad at “mansplaining”. When men speak calmly and in turn it is literally (Hitler) perceived by women as anger, because this is their default mode when they get after “that bitch”. Just a hypothesis.

    1. Just saying, you’re talking about men talking like women?
      Have you ever heard Justin Trudeau speak?

      1. So what is he saying, he’s not a he? He’s “gender-neutral”?
        “Right-Hand-Man” is oppressive shitlord patriarchal speech now?

    2. Women resonate with the mantra of whiny beta SJWs like Kaine. Which is just more proof that women should stay in the home most of the time, where they can inflict as little damage on society as possible, due to being so freaking malleable.

      1. Since we, wrongfully, extended the vote to females the entire political landscape has turned from “let’s rationally consider XYZ” (even if they came up with the wrong solution) to “feeeeeeelllllzzzzzz!!!!!! 24/7”. While there were appeals to pathos when only men had the vote, it was only one of many rhetorical tools in use. Today it’s the *only* rhetorical tool in use, because it’s the only thing women understand.
        Of interest, there have been rumblings about instituting gun control in Switzerland. The franchise was only extended to women in that nation in the 1970’s.
        Drop microphone. Walk off stage.

        1. If you play a sad melody in a minor key, behind any video montage, women will do whatever is required of them. They’ll donate money to the cause, or cry at the movie, or buy the worthless bottle of snake oil in the hopes of shedding weight. Women press for equality, 24/7. But a person has to be equal, to expect equality. They are not capable of rational thought; thus, they need to stay out of anything that requires critical thinking or rationality. Giving them the vote was full-on retarded, but giving them political offices? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…that’s like giving an emotional drug addict the keys to the local pharmacy.

        2. Couldn’t agree more.
          And as far as music, as I’ve said before, we should only play banjo music for political commercials. Who can be whiny and weepy to the happy joyful sound of Foggy Mountain Breakdown?

        3. Yeah, no doubt. These social engineers know how to utilize music in tandem with their propaganda, just like a good politician can use a soothingly calm voice, and drone on and on, in a melodic, pleasing way. Some politicians are so good at it (like good salesmen are), that they can hypnotize most listeners, and at that point, they can say pretty much anything, and the listener will buy into it. “We’re going to take away all your freedoms, and put you all in cages…for your own protection. Because we care.” Etc. Women, most especially, will nod and say, “Doesn’t he have the greatest voice EVER???? He is, like, SOOOOO sexy.”

        4. Not to mention if you put any picture of an animal, sickly child or a famous person with “God” printed in a sentence and put type this and like share, they do it without a second thought. Even if its (Literally) Hitler with a koala on his back wearing a WWJD tshirt badly photo shopped on it.

        5. “(…) Ludovici argued that woman differs from man in mind and function as yin differs from yang. He challenged the view that woman was merely “a peculiar sort of man,” seeing her main, adaptive roles in society as bearing and raising children. Women who abstain from sex for long periods and do not carry out their biological functions of regular pregnancies, childbirth and breast-feeding encounter all manner of physical and psychological problems.”
          Revilo P. Oliver talking about the works of Anthony M. Ludovici:

        6. At work, I got called “too rational” and “not human” by the secretary. I guess thats why she needs me when her printer stops working or whatever problem happens.

        7. I haven’t read that one, but I have read a lot from Ludovici. In fact, right now I’m translating into my first language ‘Nietzsche His Life and Works’; and already have two editorials interested.

    3. Mansplaining. Verb. Definition: when a woman is so cuntarded that she is completely lost and thinks an ordinary explanation is an insult aimed at her sex.

      1. Additionally: When a woman’s misbegotten feelings, emotions, and victim signaling are corrected by ironclad facts and logic, often by a man.

    4. Virtually every allegation re: DJT was hugely out of context. The classic is that “mexicans are criminals and rapists” when the correct quote was about how illegal immigrants are typically criminals and rapists. That’s…quite different.

    5. Nailed it! Kaine is like a little bratty bitch with the maturity and restraint of a middle school gossip. Not even females are attracted to such behavior.

      1. If Clinton gets elected and dies in office, given her health issues, that snarky MF-er would be President!

    6. Trump reacts like an incoherent woman when he’s wound up by Hillary in debates- it’s a form of inversion whereby the sexes often take on more of the opposite sexes psychological features beyond mid life. The steely, cool and calculated public speaker like Hill dog and the emotive and reactive Trump.

      1. “The steely, cool and calculated public speaker like Hill dog”
        That’s not because she’s smart. Its because she’s a sociopath.
        This was Trumps first 1 on 1 debate. Hillary has been in at quite a few now, as she is a career politician.

      2. You’re calling her hill dog, and praising her, and calling trump the irrational woman?
        I don’t think the term stupid faggot covers it.
        You irrational little bitch.
        When men lack brains they lack balls as well.
        Silly little bitches like yourself are the irrational and pathetic men.
        Silly little bitches like yourself shouldn’t be voting.
        And I bet you’re pushing fifty too.
        What a waste of a sperm.

        1. now, now sugar tits, not my fault that your dumb all GOP can’t put up someone who could be elected. Fuck, it was all for taking, you yew blew it like a bad whack job.

      3. But really faggot, being a stupid faggot is one thing, but praising hillary, and at this stage, warrants some kind of correction.
        You should have your (small) balls stomped on.

    7. “Kaine’s social speaking pattern strongly matches that of women.”
      “They interrupt each other, talk over each other and ten of them are jabbering at once.”
      so then by this standard this also describes Trump? got it thanks for clarifying that up

  7. Explain this:
    Pence backed the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, which Trump vehemently opposes. He blasted Trump’s proposed Muslim ban last year as ‘offensive’. Also backed the Central American Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA, which Trump wants to repeal.
    Trump has compared the TPP to ‘rape’ and blasted trade agreements as unfair to U.S. workers

    1. Damn. It’s like they’re two individuals with different opinions.
      Holy shit dude! Sound the alarms!

      1. Those are fundamental difference for very important policies. It’s not deciding what’s for dinner.
        You’re trolling on my posts again.

        1. They are fundamental differences, no question. But they’re differences that many Republicans have with other Republicans. If Pence had been some baby killing, pot smoking socialist, then your attack of him would be correct, since those topics are generally the opposite of the general GOP base. The trade stuff, isn’t.
          So, big deal.

        2. Explanation dismissed, you’re just trying to rationalize what is a bad decision like some women do.

        3. Oh you poor child. Do, please, for the sake of everybody’s sanity, put me on Block again. This time I won’t mock you for being the thin skinned nearly insane ninny that you are, since I’m requesting it. Do be a good lad now, hit “Block” next to my user name.
          Thanks in advance.

        4. No, I’ll keep it as it so that everyone can see your style of debate – personal attacks, ridicule and near zero substance.

        5. Great. I figured that you were getting tired of getting between 0 and 2 replies on a thread once you put me on block.
          I gave you a reasoned response and you gave me effeminate snark. Now you’re projecting.
          You are one funny little psychopath, Timmy.

        6. Oh, this means war and I think you should pull out the big guns. Find a beautiful woman and have her have sex with fatherofthree. I mean, what crueler fate could you possibly force on someone than the physical agony of sex?

        7. To add insult to injury, I could find such a woman in a….(((casino))).

        8. Oh, I assume fatherofthree has you on block LOLKNEE. Here’s what lolknee said, fatherofthree.

          Oh, this means war and I think you should pull out the big guns. Find a beautiful woman and have her have sex with fatherofthree. I mean, what crueler fate could you possibly force on someone than the physical agony of sex?

        9. Deciding what is for dinner has nothing to do with ones opinion, unless one is a woman.

        10. I am pretty sure that that is what they were doing down in Gitmo at camp x ray….forcing people to play blackjack and have set with beautiful women. shudder.

        11. yes, but trump owned a casino which makes him a jew and he had sex with beautiful woman which makes him a sadist.

        12. it literally (hitler) makes him a sad jew….but facts is facts…anyone who has owned a casino is a jew and anyone who likes to have sex with beautiful woman is a sadist (because sex with women is physically painful). Everyone knows this.

        13. Aye. Be wary of those (((Indians))), I say.

        14. I have no issue with that. I would have a fetus smoothie every morning for breakfast. But, as everyone in the world knows, having owned a casino makes him a jew and sex hurts

        15. Rub your schlong with some manischewitz and think of mom like a good jewish boy and you’ll find sex quite enjoyable .

        16. you are right…everyone here gets their own casino and bar mitzsvah when they turn 50

        17. Wrong. The replies you and you buddies generate are useless chatter I’d rather go without. Blocked.

        18. Don’t forget, every time you have sex with a woman, you’re leaving magical DNA in her, along with the rest of her partners, that will mix together with whoever gets her pregnant, and create a hybrid of her and all the people she’s ever had sex with.

        19. You’ve said that before. So did we warrant being unblocked, or were you just lying? You’re nuttier than a fruitcake, and you can’t stand being challenged on your beliefs.

        20. Are you saying that basic sex is how Dr Mindbender made serpentor

      2. Not quite, Pence has a 15+ year record of being diametrically opposed to literally every plank of Trump’s platform.
        He voted in Congress for the very sort of deals that that Trump opposes.
        If Trump were, heaven forfend, to kick the bucket then the resulting Pence presidency would be identical to that of Paul Ryan or Hillary Clinton.

    2. What’s to explain? Pence simply agreed to either support (or at least not stand publicly opposed to) Trump’s agenda. 100% ideological compliance isn’t the only test – nor is it necessarily the most important test – to be selected as a running mate.

      1. Right. In fact, it’s quite rational in order to bring everybody back into the same tent. It’s not like the office of VP does anything except fly over disaster zones and go “Wow, that sucks” anyway.

      2. So maybe then Trump and Hilary run together, forget about their ideological differences, right? LOL

        1. I doubt anyone has forgotten about their ideological differences nor has anyone suggested they forget. Rather, they reached an agreement on expressing their differences for the sake of creating a stronger ticket.
          In the case of Hillary pairing with Trump, their ideological gap would be too wide for either to agree to support the other. Some things are close enough to be bridgeable, others are not. You’re trying to compare, say, two people who are 85% in agreement with two people of 15% agreement. I would never suggest the same outcome could be achieved in these two circumstances.

        1. It is a sucky thing, no question. But it’s something that some GOP endorse and others don’t. It’s not central to the GOP platform, was my point.

        1. Urban myth. Black babies are not made by spitting out coffee.

        2. I just spit out coffee and I’m not even drinking coffee! shame on me for not making time lately to come here and spar with yous guys.

    3. The only explanation is that “TPPence” was picked because he’s opposed to everything that Trump stands for.
      Taking him aboard the Trump Train caused Priebus and many of the chief RINOs in the GOP to warm to The Donald.
      Sadly, given how the GOP is still sabotaging Trump, I doubt it was worth it.
      It’s Reagan/GHWB all over again, only Trump is far less ideologically aligned with his VP than Reagan was.

        1. So long as Pence doesn’t stab Trump in the back like GHWB did.
          There’s a pretty strong precedent of Presidents who pick ideologically-opposite VPs getting screwed by it.

  8. Notice how Elaine the mod asked the question about preemptive strike if NK launched nukes and didnt even let Pence answer the question, then immediately gave Kaine the next question? Notice how SHE interrupted Pence after not controlling Kaine’s incessant rude faggoty interruptions so Pence couldnt even finish a sentence? #RIGGED. I hope people are going to see through how Hillary already controls the media.
    Pence missed some chances to really zing Kaine, for example Kaine’s “octopus” comment about the Trump foundation’s far reach should have been turned around on him referencing the Clinton Machine controlling the media, rigging debates, rigging primaries, people “mysteriously” ending up dead, even scaring Julian Assange into backing down, and the “homegrown terrorist” discussion should have been hammered down as a reason to not import any more of these dregs. The USA a nation built on immigrants? Yeah EUROPEANS who came here to make a better life and work their asses off in the land of opportunity, not arab muslim terrorists who aim to destroy us from within. False narratives and non-correlations abounded. I hope no one is stupid enough to not see through the god damned lies.
    Has it occurred to feminazis and the rainbow crowd that Islam wants women subjugated as sex slaves, butchered and mutilated and tortured, and fags thrown off the tops of buildings, and Hillary takes mega-millions from countries who perpetrate these acts and she wants to import these same pieces of shit in astronomical droves? How can any liberal or leftist support this woman and claim to be pro-female or pro-LGBT, are they completely fucking braindead hypocrites?
    I could not sleep last night after watching this debate, I tossed and turned worrying that the USA is about to be taken over by these 2 cunts.
    Also WTF are we doing cutting ties with Russia like crybaby tantruming bitches? isnt it time we put on our big-boy pants and keep an open dialogue with them at all times, since we could mutually incinerate the world if things get out of hand?

    1. Russia is currently a rational actor on the world stage. I begrudge them nothing in their policies over the last couple of years. The U.S. is being run by an effeminate, temperamental, snotty little punk and our foreign policy reflects this, both through his actions and the actions of his appointed surrogates. We are literally (Hitler) acting entirely irrationally on the world stage, almost continuously these days.

      1. So many times I have facepalmed/shook my head in shame as I agreed with Putin more than our own POTUS and watched Putin make a chump of Obama on the world stage. I dont believe US leaders are simply not “learning from their mistakes” regarding overthrowing dictators who are the only thing keeping psychotic deathmongering muzzies from metastasizing, I think they deliberately want to destabilize the region and the world for their nefarious globalist agenda.
        Russia is in the right about this and our “leaders” stubbornly insolently insist on being diametrically opposed to Russia rather than combining our efforts to destroy a mutual enemy and make the world a safer place. People are so stuck in their “Us vs. Them” cold-war mentality theyre gonna get us into some major shit when we should be collaborating with the Russians to contain and destroy Islamic terrorism, rather than posturing about “taking out the big bad dictator and installing freedom and democracy for all”.

      2. Related.. What is it with the left’s inability to understand that Putin is actually a strong leader? As best I can figure, they seem to be playing some kind of semantic game insisting “leader” has some intrinsic quality of “being good for the USA”. Kaine repeatedly tried to make a distinction between ‘leader’ and ‘dictator’ last night, but this entirely misses the point of Trump’s assessment of Putin.

        1. Dunno. What’s funny to me is that they sneer “Dictator!!!!!!!” at Putin, who has given your average Russian more or less autonomy over his own life, while at the same time they swoon in a big huggy love fest over Uncle Joe (Stalin).

        2. I’ve thought about this a lot. The only thing I can come up with is that Putin’s personality is masculine and patriarchal. He locked up Pussy Riot, which are the equivalent of SJW freaks. He is religious and decisive, which goes against their Philosophy of the Feels. That, and he’s an alpha male, which is like kryptonite to a feminist.

        3. In this debate and in the Clinton campaign commercial posted elsewhere on this thread they are claiming Trump/Pense said Putin is a ‘great’ leader, when in fact they said ‘strong’ leader. Big difference. ‘Strong’ applauds his leadership abilities, especially in contrast to Obama; ‘great’ implies you approve his goals.
          (Personally I’m generally pro-Putin.)

      3. If Russia were keeping its political aspirations confined to its corner of the world then I wouldn’t begrudge ’em but Putin, despite being almost as broke as China, has somehow found the money to meddle in Central and South America.
        Trump does need to slap Putin upside the head with the Monroe Doctrine; “My side, your side!”

    2. (I’m late to the party since I just finally watched the debate today.)
      That mod was totally unfair. I was wondering also what happened with the NK question. She was always limiting Pence’s time and actually criticizing him for interrupting.
      Pence could have done a better job of rebuttal about some of the BS anti-Trump talking points. He did get out that Trump’s statement criticizing Mexican illegals included that some of them are good people. There was a case recently in which a thrice-deported Mexican illegal murdered some people. This happens all the time; they should use this. The judge who Trump criticized was in La Raza, an anti-American, racist organization. Also, just because Trump criticized some women he is against all women? The remark about arresting women for abortions was an answer to a (trick) question about what would he do if they were illegal. He was just supporting the rule of law, anyway he backtracked later upon further reflection.
      I was disappointed in Pense’s remarks on Russia and Syria. Trump has come out against Obama/Clinton nation building: In Ukraine, it’s well know Obama supported the overthrow of the elected government in favor of a more anti-Russian regime. There’s that tape of Nuland saying “Yats is the guy”. Can’t they use that? I seem to remember a Trump tweet that we can’t be in the middle of a civil war and fighting both sides (supporting the moderate rebels against Assad and Isis [at least nominally]). He’s said we should work with Russia against Isis.

    1. That picture.. ha ha ha ha…
      I went to a party this weekend where the host told me how he was getting cucked and didn’t mind it one bit. This kind of stuff may be humorous to ROK readers, but it really is not that abnormal in the “real world”.

      1. How fucking pathetic. “9 Ways to Make Your Little Testicles Spew More Goo While You Watch Her Get Tag-Teamed”…I was just kidding about this stuff. Jesus H. Christ, I guess I need to get out more, or less (SMH)…

    2. Is this week’s issue the Cuckold Yearly issue? Kind of like SI had their Bikini issue?

  9. I can’t watch garbage like this because the stupid questions they ask are so ridiculous. “Imagine North Korea is firing nuclear missiles at us. What, as president, do you do do about it?”
    It’s such an absurd question, and the only correct answer is the one that shows the most bloody, violent, and crazy retribution. North Korea has no viable ability of developing such a rocket program, and while it might make for a good plot to an action film, I’d far prefer to hear what my presidential candidate is going to do about crime, the economy, the deficit, entitlements, balancing the budget, fixing the infrastructure, and resolving the real day to day problems which I’m faced with, none of which ever involved Korea and the last time I thought of that nation is when I saw the comedy flick with Seth Rogen.
    The mainstream media *LOVES* foreign policy questions, because they are at heart, globalists. And they want to distract from any sort of real leadership or policy that candidates might offer to change the lives of Americans. Fuck those guys, and fuck these two career politicians as well.

    1. What he said, times 10. With this caveat – I know it’s a shitfest (politics), but I want Trump to be elected, if for no other reason than to keep the U.S. from being a total laughingstock around the world. A woman president? Next it will be a tranny, or a gay man…no…just, no.

      1. Idiocracy was way off. President Comancho was a macho, masculine, buff male. In the future, we will WISH we had a President Comancho.

        1. Macho, masculine, in shape, rides a motorcycle while drinking a beer and fires off an AK-47 at press conferences in order to accentuate his speeches. I’d vote for the man in a heart beat compared to what we’re offered today.

        2. Judge wanted to make some anti Trump commercials using the Comacho character; Terry thought it was gonna be goofy, non partisan in tone, when he found out, he refused to make them. Gotta give him credit for that

        3. It may have only been for five seconds, but Terry Crews is my favorite Batman (after only Adam West, of course).

        4. In the future? Fuck man, I would have taken Comancho any day during the past eight years!

        5. I’d like to think that in the future the women with Triggly’s lack of brains will at least have bodies much more like President Camacho’s Attorney General.

        6. If we’re being punctilious, it’s “President Dwayne Elizondo ‘Mountain Dew’ Herbert Camacho”.

    2. “If there was an alien invasion, and Jeff Goldblum was unavailable to hack their computers, what would you do to save the USA?”

      1. When the virus gets out of hand that creates zombies, how do you intend to defeat the zombie threat without resorting to allowing the world to fall into the hands of a Sheriff from Georgia and his son?

      2. Interviewer: Mr. Trump, if we were attacked by radioactive zombie puppies from outer space what, as president, would be your course of action
        Trump: I would have the army kill the puppies
        Next day headline: Trump Wants To Use Army To Kill Puppies

        1. Secretary Clinton, same question except if during said strike your Pizza ordered before the puppies invaded is delivered without olives and you clearly stated that you wanted Olives, As President, do you send the pizza back? Or take it as is and tip the pizza boy…..or girl?

        2. Clinton: I would tip the pizza person and then have them killed by my henchmen
          Headline in paper: Clinton Good Tipper

        3. $100 bill found in dead pizza guys pocket (apparent suicide), said to be tip from Clinton due to Franklin being drawn over to look like her.

    3. “Imagine North Korea is firing nuclear missiles at us. What, as president, do you do do about it?”
      Best Answer – “Wake up from the dream I’m having.” The only response that should be given to a question as fuck-all stupid as that is an equally stupid and derisive answer.

      1. Best honest answer would have been, “protocol is already in place what would be done, but it is unfortunate a former democrat administration gave the North Koreans the technology to make such a scenario possible.”

        1. Good for a sound bite, but the US Military is the weakest they have been since before the outbreak of WWII. Most Americans don’t know that. Yet.

    4. Bonus points – your last paragraph is good, but don’t forget, they also love foreign policy questions because it is an areas where they can play inside baseball. Domestic issues are easy enough for the common man to understand and talk about because he likely has some exposure to them. So how do you keep “rubes” out of contention? Say that you need foreign policy expertise, which can only be gained in one place, and much of which is classified. Luckily, people are so fed up with politicians that this ploy isn’t working well this go around. It doesn’t hurt that Hillary is complicit, if not outright responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and if she gets her way Russia. I think a lot of people see right through that shit and are sick of pointless war.

    5. Foreign policy, i.e the war business, is the very reason these criminals stay in power. Bombing civilians gets more views than a crumbling economy and half a population on food stamps.

  10. If I’d been Pence, I would have said something like this after one of Kaine’s outbursts – “Twat is the top-lick of dick-suction?”

  11. I’d love to be the moderator/questioner for just one Trump vs. Clinton debate –
    “Mrs. Clinton, was it a difficult process to arrange for exclusive business deals with full government backing, for most of the rich people who contributed to the Clinton Foundation?”
    “Mrs. Clinton, did you know that many of those sweetheart business deals you negotiated for rich contributors to the Clinton Foundation, would dramatically drive up the cost of goods and services for the world’s entire population – such as the deal you negotiated for corporate lime-growers?”
    “Mrs. Clinton, did you know that your Blackberry was tethered to a private server in the basement of your New York family home, while you were conducting business with it as Secretary of State – and if not, how could you possibly not know about it?”
    “Mrs. Clinton, will you and your husband stop murdering whistleblowers if you’re elected president?”

  12. Mike Pence looks like a football coach, Tim Kaine looks like a rump ranger.
    P.S. Not the kind of football that considers 3 as a high score.

  13. It’s about time that TPPence did some good as the man is ideologically opposed to Trump’s entire conservative agenda (which is why he was selected, an “olive branch” between Trump and Priebus).
    So when the spineless amnesty, “free trade”, work visa & Common Core loving Mike Pence completely screws us, there’ll at least have this VP debate to look back to as the one time he actually did something positive.

  14. This is brilliant. Hollyweirdos release “go vote leftist” video. Regular people release this on Youtube (though clearly a Trump campaign video).

  15. I think it is better said that Gov Pence allowed Kaine to embarrass himself, and the moderator didn’t know how to stop him from doing it. What a feminized pervert!

  16. Mr. Kaine was not chosen for his political savvy, but rather because Hillary Clinton needs VA to win the Presidency.

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